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My grandmothers s****rs sneakers and boots

My grandmothers s****r has always been close to me, I have been able to talk to her about everything. She knows everything about my fetish and we have talked allot about it, she seems to be quite curious about it. Lets call her Ella. She is 37 years older than me, she is blond with a fit boddy and everythin. She has shoe size euro 41, I have been borrowing shoes from her manny times. She doesn´t look a day older than 40, I prommise!

When I was 19 I was going to her at her house, she lives about 20km from me all alone and has 1km to the nearest neighbor. She has a huge garden and I really un... Continue»
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My New Neighbour (part 5)

Sorry about the delay in writing part 5, had to drag myself away from all the inspiring pictures and videos of the sexy CD's Tgirls, fembois young and not so young.

"You may begin Princess, Daddy has been waiting all day for his little sweetheart to suck his cock, can't you see how excited it is to finally meet you? it is positively drooling in anticipation already." My cock was practically jumping out of her hand as it twitched uncontrollaby, causing her to grip the shaft even tighter which made the head of my cock bulge even more as she drew back my foreskin, the big purple bl**d ... Continue»
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Slave Story

The slave knelt naked to the waist in the center of the room. Her hands were bound behind her back, forcing her chest outwards, offering her full naked breasts in supplication. Her dark nipples were stiff and pointy, erect from the thrillingly cool air...or was it the anticipation of her master's touch?

Long blonde hair fell in cascades around the slave's head and across her shoulders while a deep blue silk scarf covered her eyes, the knot hidden beneath her hair. Black nylon stockings covered her legs and stopped at mid-thigh, the garters holding the straining fabric against her supple thi... Continue»
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Gangbang Maria

Pervert and a group of 4 friends were at the beach, drinking some beers and talking about women. They were all really horny since every story spiced things up even more. They all had a thing in common, they liked to take advantage of girls in parties, either by getting them d***k, d**gged, or just k**nap them and screw them over without their consent.

They always got away with it, giving fake names to girls, fucking them at parties really far away from home, these girls either didn't remember them for being shit faced or d**gged, or simply because they didn't know their true identities.

... Continue»
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How my Niece became my Fuck buddy PICS INCLUDED! ;

REAL PICTURES ---------> http://bit.ly/1sYA9dz

I decided to trade in my 2008 Ford truck in and get a new 2015 as the body style had changed. My step niece, Hannah, went with me to look at the new trucks. On the way back from the dealership she told me she wanted the wheels and tires off my old truck before I traded it in. I had bought some nice custom wheels and tires about a year back.
She is 18 and damn cute. I had already made up my mind to trade tires with her. I mean hell why not they won’t give me anymore if I leave them on and she has a 04 that they will fit on, but they won’t work ... Continue»
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Grandma's butterfly tattoo

Me Jon, Peter and Davey were yakking it up, and - as it always does - it got round to sex. The question was "who was the oldest you fucked?".
The best was Jon. 23, not bad for a teen.
"No way!" we said, and he told us about a girl he'd met on his last vacation with his folks. She'd been in the next chalet at the resort, with a bunch of girl-friends.
And he'd flirted with them all.
Or, at least, THEY'D flirted with him. The way a gang of older girls might.
And then, one day just one of them was in the room and she invited him in and fucked his lights out.
Just once, and then sent him... Continue»
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detained in dention : 1st period

He was ready to strangle that boy...once Johnny turned 18 he was gonna follow him to the parking lot and tell that little smartass twice the first time. How did he even get himself talked into picking up the detention shift NE ways!?! He'd pulled his last stunt in his classroom that's for sure he'd caught the little punk trying to light a firecracker in his desk. Needless to say Johnny would be sitting at the front of the class next to his desk for the rest of the year. He was awakened from his rant by a mournful sigh, irritated he directed his gaze to perpetrator. Front row the new girl Emma,... Continue»
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Guys into group play, gear, ParTy, and uninhibited

I had been partying, edging and cruising online for a bit of time when I got hit up by a guy hosting a group! He said there were a few guys there, but a handful more were on their way. They wanted guys into group play, gear (leather, jock, spandex, or uniforms), were versatile and uninhibited. Hell Yeah! I threw some trackies over my chaps & red mesh N2N jock strap, stuffed a bunch of my gear – jockstraps, bikinis, leather, rubber, gun oil & Elbow grease in a gym bag -- some more favors, a black tank and my Treasure Island Media ball cap and bolted.

It was quite a drive to the house ... Continue»
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Moving up in the world

Looking at my life from the outside in you would think that I lived a life of frustration being locked in chastity only let out very rarely and then denied a full orgasm teased then locked up again for months on end but nothing could be farther from the truth after many long years I finally had the body I had dreamed about I looked and felt like a women and could have full mind blowing orgasms just through being penetrated. The day all of this sunk in started like any other get up get dressed do choirs wake my Mistress up etc. As I was putting a pair of nylons on my Mistress that morning I bec... Continue»
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The Black Man’s Attraction For White Women:

In 1967 a white man in Virginia, named Loving, sued the state of Virginia for the right to marry a Black woman. Since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down anti-miscegenation laws nationwide, in the aftermath of the Civil Rights & Voting Rights Acts, Black men, in the United States, have married outside of their race more than the men of all other races combined. To what do we owe this unique attraction that the male descendants of ex-slaves have for women with whom had they been caught 75 years ago would have resulted in instant lynching? Asked another way, why do Black men choose not to marry t... Continue»
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The Slave Market

I found myself sitting on the floor in a large room one hanging light was directly above me shining down, My hands had been tied behind my back, my ankles had been tied together in front of me and a gag had been securely fastened over my mouth. Looking round the room was too dark for me to be able to see anything other than the small area being illuminated by the light above me, but sounds could clearly be heard of other people crying and whimpering the number of people here I couldn’t be clear on. Then suddenly more lights above flicked on until every light in the room was beaming down on all... Continue»
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Velvet's Fall from Grace

I gave up porn during my pregnancy and after giving birth to another baby boy, I became a housewife for about 4 months before accepting a job doing old man fetish porn in Europe. Mikey stayed in the US as I toured France, England, Germany and Russia, fucking old men that ranged in age from 65 to 85 for the next 6 months. It was the only steady porn job I could get and my addiction wouldn’t let me turn it down. I shot over 120 different films during that short period and returned home pregnant again. Many of my films were internal cream pies and my lack of condom use and oral birth control led ... Continue»
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Hockey buddy and his wife - 1

I play on a men's league hockey team. A guy named Pete has been a teammate for several years. Pete and I are both former college players. We are both small, I'm five feet eight inches tall and Pete is a couple of inches shorter than me and we both payed division three hockey. We shower after games and I have noticed that Pete has a small dick, like really small. I am not huge but it is above average at seven and a half inches.

Last month after a game, Pete invited me to his house for a drink. This is a little odd because we usually hang out as a team in the parking lot and have a beer befo... Continue»
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Helped A Girl Get Revenge On Her Cheating BF (True

This story is based on a picture I had posted to my galleries named "I Helped Girl Get Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend". Many people asked me to share the story of how my load ended up all over that girl. So due to the amount of requests for the story here it is. It won't be a very long one I am sure you will still enjoy.

I was sitting at home on a Friday night bored out of my mind. My girlfriend Sarah had other plans so I decided to go to the bar for a couple hours. I got dressed and walked down ten or so blocks to a little b... Continue»
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Sexy club encounter

++ Written mostly by a fan with input from myself. All consensual and enjoyed ++
++ http://xhamster.com/photos/view/3236529-53865569.html Imagine this is what i'm wearing ++

I'm going to get you d***k and pull off your panties in the middle of a club. I will slide my hand up your dress as your ass rubs against my hard cock as you dance up against me. I slide my fingers across your dripping pussy, you push your ass into my cock harder. You want to feel it between your ass cheeks. I slowly slide two fingers inside you and you moan as you feel me teasing your g spot. You bring my other hand u... Continue»
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true experience of stealing freshly worn tights fr

this happened about 14 years ago now in my old workplace. it was a large building and had various deparments and teams over 3 floors. one particular day i had to spend most of the day on a different floor doing some training. on my normal floor where i worked in my team was also a team who spent some time in the office doing paperwork but also some time spent out of the office on the road doing various projects. one of the ladies in the team who was prob in her late 30's early 40's was blonde and slim and quite tall. in the morning when i first came into work i noticed she had a skirt on with ... Continue»
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Granny leather

While this is not my personal story or experience (but how I wish it was). I had to share this wonderful story.

my first experience with the more mature lady was whilst I was sifting through charity shops in my local town,i was looking at the books and whilst engrossed in one particular book, I did not see who was stood behind me, as I stepped back I felt my foot crunch down on something soft and quite a loud yelp in my ear,as I turned around I discovered I had stepped on a ladies foot.......I could not apologise enough....all I could see was the top of a grey haired head,bent over rubbing ... Continue»
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Chapter 1: A New Beginning

I can’t see anything. It’s pitch black. I think someone put a blindfold on me or something. My hands are handcuffed. I started calling for help for what seemed like hours but no one came. I think I was k**napped but I don’t remember a fight or anything. I was at home taking a shower and then I’m here all of sudden. I hear something. Is it someone coming?

“Oh my! She’s gorgeous.” I hear a woman’s voice.

“Hello?” I shout back.

“I think we should let her see where she is, don’t you agree?” says the woman.

Another woman answers. “Let’s leave her here for a bit longer.”

The women wa... Continue»
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Discovering My Love of Cock Part 3

In this episode I meet the teen girl from the neighboring farm.

A few days later things got much more interesting. I was in the garden pulling weeds, hot and sweaty with my shirt off, when I heard gramps calling me from the tool shed. I was so hot I was happy to take a break. When I walked into the shed he immediately barked at me "take your pants off!".

"But I"m not done in the garden" I began to argue.

"Boy don't get smart with me, get your pants off now". I bent down to unlace my workboots and do as he said. In the meantime he went around the corner and came back carrying something... Continue»
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