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Molly the Manager: Part 6 Happy New Year 1983

these events actually happened. Names have been changed. Geographical locations have not, as it ads to context.

The week after Christmas, 1982 up to New Year 1983. Those were some of the happiest years of my life up to that point.

The week between Christmas and New Year was a busy one for both of us. Molly, being a manager spent, literally, opening and closing at the return/exchange booth. I on the other hand, was dropped to 25 hours. My saving grace is people that had purchased new televisions wanted a little more than rabbit ears on that nice set. Remember, most large ... Continue»
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I was feeling a little melancholy. I had been pretty busy since moving from my small town in down state Indiana to the north suburbs of Chicago. I hadn’t had a lot of time to get lonely but tonight was different, it was my 31rst. birthday and I had no one to celebrate with. Everyone I knew, including my ex-wife of 3 years, was back in Indiana. I decided to drown my sorrows in a couple of cold beers and left for a little dive I’ve seen a few miles from my house.

I had been there about an hour and had decided to finish by 2nd. beer and go home when a beautif... Continue»
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Andy tried not to be obvious about it: but it was hard not to notice that there wasn’t another white person in the entire restaurant. He’d let Mr. Asad pick the place of their lunch meeting. Maybe that was a mistake. But he wanted to make sure everything was to the black man’s liking. Andy hadn’t landed an account in months so when he’d been contacted by a corporate “headhunter” he’d been surprised—and relieved. As the fiscal year was drawing to a close, Andy suspected that his boss Mr. Baumgarten was about to cut division losses by giving Andy the axe.
... Continue»
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Don't You Just Love Happy Endings?

Having a full-time job along with being a wife and a mother can be a bit stressful at times - so I now make time to take care of myself and get regular massages. I've been doing this for over a year now - always at a respectable establishment, always handled in a completely professional manner. I've had masseuses and masseurs - I'm not terribly picky. I swim a lot and sometimes can really use a deep tissue massage to get all the knots out. I've been asking specifically for male massage ther****ts lately because they tend to be able to give me more of what I need. No - that was NOT meant t... Continue»
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my first foot experience

you know...having a foot fetish can be annoying if you don't get to actually experience it. Don't get me wrong, porn is ok but sooner or later you're going to actually want to actually get to touch and fuck women's feet. I use to be shy and embarrassed about my foot fetish until the day I met this lady who just loved it. She was a friend of my s****r....my s*s asked me if we could go get her one day (before we started dating) and bring her over to the house. I said sure. We get home and we were chillin, laughing and stuff...I was on my computer listening to music, kinda in my own world until..... Continue»
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Picnic in New Forest

In 1980 we were deciding if we should move back to the U.K and took an extended holiday to decide, though our f****y lived in the north we were looking to live in the Dorset, Hampshire area. While trying to decide we stayed in a hotel in Southampton for a week to check out the New Forest area, looking for houses that might suit us. One day we set out taking with us a picnic lunch supplied by the hotel at a cost I thought should have included a waiter.
We drove off towards the New Forest with a map, a list of Real Estate for sale and the names of local beauty spots of course we got lost not lo... Continue»
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Brett Comes to Visit

It had been a couple years since I had last seen Brett, but yet I thought about that weekend almost everyday, it was some of the best sex I had ever had, and according to Sam, it was the best sex she’d ever had. So when I got the news that my aunt and uncle, and Brett would be coming down to visit I was really excited. Well a few days before they were to be heading down here I got a call, from Brett.

“Hey Jordan.” Brett said

“Uhh hi Brett.” I said, unsure as to why he was calling me.

“Well we’re gonna be down there in a couple of days, and you can't expect me to go a whole week witho... Continue»
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Back Seat Mommy: A Long Hard Ride

You don't really know how much stuff you have collected in your life until you move.

With our last son going to college, we did two moves in one. We were moving to a condo only a few miles away, while we were driving Cory sixteen hours to college. Because we had to put all our items in storage, we didn't get title for three more weeks, we were going to do a two week road trip after we dropped Cory off.

As we packed the car with both Cory's stuff and our suitcases for the almost three week round trip, we realized we had a major predicament. By the time the car was loaded, there was only... Continue»
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f****y Carjacked

I was cranky when I first got in the car, having been woken up early to go to a stupid confirmation for my cousin. Having to dress nice and endure a long car ride with my parents and s****r didn't help my mood, nor did the lack of good music on the radio. But I tried to make the best of it and pass the time by sneaking looks at my older s****r sitting next to me in the back seat. I would never admit it to anybody else that I thought the nineteen-year-old Ashley was hot, especially to Ashley herself. I suppose we had a typical older s****r - younger b*****r relationship, getting on each other... Continue»
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How to Totally Emasculate a Man

1. Compare him unfavorably to other men (his lovemaking skills, his endurance, his penis size)

2. Make fun of him, tease him, and belittle him… especially in front of others (like your girlfriends, people you meet in public, his friends and f****y)

3. Let them know that he’s not necessary, and irrelevant.

4. Let another man be your hero. And your cocksman.

5. Fuck one of his friends. Make sure he finds out about it, but not right away… give it a few weeks or months. And don’t tell him who it was. Keep him guessing.

6. Lock up his little penis, and c... Continue»
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sl**ping Violation?

You know those nights when you have been trying to fall asl**p for what feels like hours and you reach that moment where you're still wide awake even though to anyone else you look dead to the world?
It was then that I felt the covers move, the bed buckle under the extra weight of him climbing in. This was something new as I'm always fast asl**p before he comes to join me, keeping different schedules always means going to bed at different times so feeling him next to me, his bare leg pressed against mine was surprisingly nice.
I was stretched out on my back, completely naked but this wasn't... Continue»
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Nancy's trip to the Adult Book Store

Nancys interest in adult book stores began when she read a seedy novel about gays and couples going to adult book stores and playing in the video booths, and the description of gloryholes..The book described how a woman would frequent a particular book store and would lock herself in a booth with a gloryhole,,She would undress and let men fondle her through the hole..and eventually would perform varous sex acts on strangers.. Nancy would get aroused reading about the womans exploits,, and fantasized of doing the same.. Nancy was a attractive woman,, mid 40's With a slim figure.. her breasts we... Continue»
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My alarm awoke me at 5:30. I walked into the bathroom and examined the damage.Okay, not bad either I’m Dorian Gray or my youth is still hanging on. I lathered up my face and began scrapping two days growth off. Then I showered, toweled off, put on my underwear and went out to the kitchen. I had a quick breakfast of black coffee, whole wheat toast, half a g****fruit and cereal. Experience had taught me that it is better to eat in my shorts than change clothes after I dripped something on myself.
I finished dressing having selected loafers, gray socks and slacks, a light blue b... Continue»
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As he entered the flat she turned and pounced on him. Gripping him by the throat she drove him backwards against the door forcing it closed with a clear and definitive 'snick'. His heart was hammering as her fingers dug into his jugular and carotid. Physically she was no match for him, but this wasn't about the physicality of either of them. With her petite 5' frame pressed hard against she eased the f***e from his throat. He snatched a grateful breath then she drove her hand forwards again and clattered his head off the door. With her other hand she reached beneath his open jacket and t... Continue»
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Mother-in-law is bad and sexy....

Over the years, I have spent my share of time traveling on business. During that same time, my wife was not always happy about it, because she was the jealous type and thought that I wasn’t always behaving myself when I travelled. Although I was always on my best behavior, this year turned out to be quite a bit different.

About three years ago my mother-in-law moved in with us after the passing of her husband. She seemed very lonely and depressed all the time. I think she was also lonely because she moved away from her friends out of state to be with us. During the time that she’s lived wit... Continue»
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A night to remember

The night it all happened

I had been making a plan for a couple of weeks and tonight was the night it was all going to happen. I had been getting ready most the afternoon and was very excited. I knew my husband would be home from work soon and was getting a little nervous about telling him. I thought this is what he has been telling me he wants so I'm just going to tell him it's going to happen tonight, then I thought, should I just surprise him? Should I tease him? I'm just going to tell him, he is going to know something is up from how I'm dressed up. I see him pull up and now I am really... Continue»
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The Discrete Beach Exhibitionists

How far do you think you could go, I mean sexually and I mean right out in there in the public domain…how much do you think the people would tolerate regarding open but discrete sexual expression before the line was crossed…before someone would be offended, before it would just become a lewd exhibitionist act…before the cops or someone would intervene…well we had discussed this many times (Layla & I (Slowhand)) and decided to test the waters and explore the boundaries…push the envelope by engaging in a tasteful discrete sexual act in an adult public setting…Layla agreed to give me a handjob a... Continue»
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Sissy finds real man on bike ride

James had always had a secret bi side, he had a girlfriend but had never been with a man before.
He always fantasised about being used and abused by a real older man, someone that would use him as the sissy he was.

He'd had lots of offers online but never had the courage to actually arrange a meet.
James LOVED to secretly dress in women's underwear, he would wear his girlfriends panties almost everyday under his work trousers , he loved the thrill of knowing he was wearing them while in a room full of people , sometimes he would pull the waist band up higher than his trousers, it excite... Continue»
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losing my virginity

I feel that I must share my first experience with you all, I was just 16 at the time and like most 16 year old guys I was constantly horny, I had always had a very flirty relationship with my stepmom who was very sexy and in fact it was her who gave me the talk about the birds and the bees, She was a brunette with the sexiest feet you could imagine they were so well kept and silky, We were talking about relationships one night when I plucked up the courage to tell her about my foot fetish she simply replied with "Ok well that's nothing to be ashamed about, its very kinky" I told her most girls... Continue»
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Pozed at the bookstore part 3

Part 3
I had never been fucked by more the one guy at a time and now I had just received my fourth load of cum up my fuck hole. All bareback. And even though I had been led to believe they had all been tested negative for HIV I was informed after the first load that they were all poz loads. And there were at least a dozen more poz infected cocks that we're going to breed my negative ass. I had just fucked a poz infected ass that was full of toxic poz cum and had shot what was probably going to be my last negative load.

As my softening dick slid out of the poz pit I had just fucked ... Continue»
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