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fantasy cum true

To this point my stories are all true...tis one is a fantasy of mine...

My girlfreind is a sexy red head fitness nut killer muscular feminine body nice big melon sixe tits, flat hard abs tight ass and legs that could squeeze the life outa you, nice and shapely from doing lots of squats.....green eyes bright red full lips, and bisexual nymphomaniac. I as well am a fitness nut at 6 feet 210 of ripped cut muscle short dark hair and a thight ass that likes a big solid cock as well...Im bisexual as well, but I havent told Heather yet. Most women get turned off at the thought of bi guys and sh... Continue»
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Females Prerogative, Sara, Myself, and her Son

I was visiting my friend Sara last month and witnessed something that quite blew me away. Sara never married the man who impregnated her, according to her, he was just a cock in a hole in a wall, a 'Gloryhole Father'.

I sat a little dumbfounded at her expression, 'You do know what a Gloryhole is Mariel', she said a little exasperated.

'Yes', I retorted, 'but you're a beautiful woman, why'?

Turns out Sara was a closet back-door girl who frequented places with known 'Glory-holes', 'I like to blow men', she said, 'I think you learn more about a guy when his dick is in your mouth'.

Ma... Continue»
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S****r Has a Secret Part 2

Sarah moaned as Hope sucked her cock. Sarah's tongue was buried deeply in Hope's pussy, her moaning causing a vibration that caused Hope's own moans to vibrate her mouth around the cock inside it.

"Oh fuck," Hope moaned softly. "You're tongue feels so good."

"So does your mouth," Sarah replied.

Spurred on by the encouragement they gave each other, Hope and Sarah began to pleasure each other more feverishly. The sounds of the sucking and slurping filled the room loudly. It was almost deafening to the two girls causing the sounds.

Sarah started to feel a tingle welling up in her ba... Continue»
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Wife Is Used By A Stranger

My wife is 52 years old and slim. She has a nice figure for her age and still loves sex. She does most things I want – oral sex on demand and she takes it in the mouth and swallows. However one thing I have not been able to do is to have sex with another guy while I watch. I know she would love to be fucked by a young, fit guy but she has some moral hang-ups to do with marriage I guess.

Several weeks ago we took a holiday to a resort in the South West of England and as usual spent a lot of time doing things like walking, eating at decent restaurants and drinking too much alcohol. On one... Continue»
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Way too long.

It had been a few months since I last saw Rachel, and in all honesty it was a good thing. My ex-girlfriend was the last person I wanted to see, for various reasons. She was a lying, gold digging bitch who used me as her personal piggy bank, so much so that I had to go back to living with my grandma for a few weeks till I could get on my feet.

My grandma was a sweet lady, but I knew she wanted me out as soon as I could get the cash. It wasn't that she was hard on me or anything, it's just that... Being without sex for half a year had made me a bit vocal when I finally released it, and that h... Continue»
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Horse Cock Girl Part 2

Amy woke up around dusk, based on the amount of light coming through her bedroom window. She'd fallen asl**p, her new horse-cock still hard and inside her best friend, Lucy.

Lucy was awake, watching Amy sl**p, and apparently enjoying the cock that was still inside her and hard again. Lucy was bouncing slowly and gently on Amy's cock and smiled when she noticed her friend had awoken.

"Good evening, sl**ping Beauty," Lucy said, in a slightly strained voice. She couldn't keep her pleasure out of her voice.

Amy smiled and pushed Lucy off of her, rolling on top of her and kissing her nec... Continue»
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first night trying to be romantic.

This Is my first story Ive ever posted Hope it isnt to bad.

One day when we are living together. You just get off work and when you get home and walk through the door. You noticed I have cooked us dinner just me and you...scott is gone for the night On the table i have the food set out with a bottle of wine for us also. After dinner you tell me you want to shower up I tell you ok and that im going to clean up dinner. While you are in the shower I clean up a little bit and set up a surprise. You walk out of the bathroom and im no where to be found, so you walk in to our room. You open the ... Continue»
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The Man in the Woods

The Man in the Woods

This is a work of fiction. It is much like all my fiction which has many autobiographical elements. Much of this is pure fantasy. But, when it comes right down to it, aren’t our dreams the fuel for what actually happens in our lives? I certainly hope so. If the dreams are so wonderful, we must endeavor to make our lives just as wonderful and fulfilling.

So, here’ s my latest offering. Enjoy. xxoooxxx

What to wear? What to wear? It’s the same question every day. So many choices. Let’s see, stockings of course. I think I’ll wear the black nylons with the th... Continue»
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Peter, his s****r and her dog

Strangely, I didn’t feel bad about being with Peter. I wasn’t with him a lot, but enjoyed the sessions when I went to see him. He was always glad to see me. One evening, I visited and found him as usual in his bathrobe but he had obviously been wanking himself because his cock stood out like a flagpole.

He invited me in and said he had been wanking over the photos he had shown me earlier except he had far more of them this time. He then said that he liked big women in their underwear and that he would like to dress me in some undies and then fuck me as if I was a woman. I nodded to indicat... Continue»
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d***k abroad

d***k abroad / part 1

I was drinking and relaxing after a long day of walking about 4 months ago in a small local pub, while traveling on winter time in the mountains, i was alone having a glass of wine to warm myself up, after walking in the blistering winds out side. the pub was full with people, young man and woman on holiday, the old folk of the small town and some groups of people who came to ski.

Around midnight or so the pub was almost empty, a few old d***k man, 4 guys ware sitting in the back, the bartender and me, I kept having this feeling like someone is looking at me,... Continue»
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Oi pessoal, meu nome é Paulo tenho 18 anos e fui amaldiçoado com o corpo meio delicado, tenho 1,62m 49kg,calço 37 e meu penis mede 8cm (duro) e cabelo liso no ombro. Essa historia aconteceu no reveillon de 2000. Bom, meu pai e minha mãe precisaram viajar pro Canada pois um amigo do meu pai ficou muito doente e como são muito amigos meu pai e minha me foram pra lá, e pra nao passar o reveillon sozinho fui passar com minha tia e minhas 5 primas(minha tia é divorciada). Fiz minha mala e fui pra casa dela aqui em sampa (dia 28), pus a mala no carro dela e entrei, quando estávamos saindo el... Continue»
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Na Segunda parte Susana propôs a ser minha senhora. Aceitei e viemos para Belo Horizonte. Minha prima não gostou da coisa e pós a boca no trombone tive que sair de casa e passei a morar com Susana . Nesta ultima parte eu contarei a vocês como foi a minha transformação. Depois do meu adestramento no interior eu voltei para Belo Horizonte. No meu serviço as pessoas notaram que eu estava diferente. Dizia que estava tomando um remédio que alterava meu metabolismo. A maioria das pessoas acreditaram na estória que eu havia contado. Toda semana eu ia para o interior atras da minha dona pois não con... Continue»
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Aquela noite ia ser diferente!" Exclamou minha Dona, uma mulher maravilhosa e com um charme inigualável. Estávamos de carro e minha Dona ordenou-me que fossemos a um certo endereço pois encontraríamos alguém mais para participar de nosso encontro. Chegamos ao endereço, minha Dona ordenou-me que fosse ao encontro daquela que seria sua escrava. Perguntei se minha Dona iria me dispensar naquela noite e ela respondeu: "Não escravo, ao contrário, tenho muito planos pra você hoje...."Toquei a campainha e fui recebido por uma morena simpática e bonita que logo me perguntou se eu era o escravo e lhe c... Continue»
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Um casal muito interessante

Dia seguinte, sol quente, e às 10 horas da manhã com nossos respectivos maridos ainda dormindo. Desço para a piscina e já encontro Marla tentanto recuperar o bronzeado perdido em muito tempo na Dinamarca . Ficamos ainda algum tempo reclamando alegremente dos nossos corpos doloridos e trocando impressões sobre a noite anterior como se fossemos amigas a longo tempo. Trocamos mil confidencias a respeito de nossas aventuras sexuais , dentro e fóra do casamento, e logo nossas risadas nervosas indicavam a excitação voltando a tomar conta de nós . Ambas vestíamos sumarissimos bikinis que mal cobriam... Continue»
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Sempre tive um tesão enorme pela minha irmã, desde os tempos de infãncia ela já dava traços da vagabundinha que seria no futuro. Em meio as brincadeirinhas quando tinhamos 10 anos, ela pegava no meu pau, me mostrava a calcinha, deixava eu brincar com a bucetinha dela, tudo na maior inocencia..eu já me mostrava todo tesudinho querendo uma bucetinha. Ela ficava por horas me mostrando (e vestindo) as calcinhas que pegava na gaveta da nossa mãe, que por sinal é muito gostosa..e coisa que fui descobrir também, que adora uma pica e transa com vários homens além do meu pai e já se insinuou pra mim ta... Continue»
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Já anoitecera, tive meus pés e mãos acorrentados para que não pudesse correr, apenas caminhar com dificuldade e lentamente. Puseram-me uma venda nos olhos, em seguida escutei a voz dela:
- Vamos escravo!
Fui conduzido lentamente para o interior da casa. Podia escutar perfeitamente mais vozes naquele lugar. Subi três degraus e escutei sua ordem:
- Pare aqui inútil!

Em seguida ela retirou minha venda. Estava de pé sobre um pequeno palco montado no centro de uma sala grande. Em volta dele estavam sentadas pelo menos umas quinze pessoas entre mulheres e homens... Continue»
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A Sexy House Geust

This is a true story that happened to me back in the late 80’s. A friend of the my folks, stayed with us for the weekend. She was in her early 20's and attractive, she would wear sexy outfits. She stayed in the guest room, and would go out to local bars at night. Saturday evening, she got ready to go out again. I took noticed of what she wore and was excited by it. It was a different variation from the night before. A silk blouse, a stonewashed denim miniskirt, 4” black open toe D'orsay stiletto's with an ankle stap, and shiny suntan pantyhose. As she left, she said that she would be back late... Continue»
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Ass Station by Dmnoid @ Literotica

"Good thing we left early. We need gas," Angela told her husband, Kurt. He grunted, not happy with the announcement, but taking it in stride. He was nervous. His k** b*****r was going to propose to his girlfriend tonight, and he'd invited the whole gang out to witness it. So, they were on their way to a posh drinking spot - formal ware required. So, Angela was in a beautiful blue silk evening gown, and Kurt was in a fancy black tie affair he'd had to rent.

She pulled into the gas station. It was really more of a truck stop then a gas station. At any rate, the store was closed at this time o... Continue»
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Danny and my secret, wet relationship

My name is Mike, which is short for Micheal but most people still call me Mikey. It's my last year in high school and I turned 18 a few months ago. My boyfriend Danny is also a senior at the same high school I go to. It was his 18th birthday today and we wanted to make it special. After school we headed over to my parents house and as we walked, we talked about things that we would do once we arrived. You see... Danny and I secretly have something in common, other than the fact that we're gay. We both enjoy all kinds of kinky sex and the wetter, the better...

I opened the door to my parents... Continue»
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the breeder vampire

this vampire is just as powerful as the common vampire with only exception.this vampire doesnt want your bl**d.he
wants your fertile pussy.his power is to breed with any and all females that are fertile.this passage will tell the
tale of how he lures women with his eyes.he controls them with the tone of his voice.women can not resist.this
vampire can not be stopped.he will not stop.his power is to breed.
a long long time ago at the age of thirteen a young male c***d,while in the shower discovered he could cum.this
feeling felt so good he would do it over and over again.little did h... Continue»
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