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One Husband's Humiliation

Losing my job devastated me. All my life I'd learned that the man must support his f****y. Any man who can't be the breadwinner is not a man; he's a loser - beneath contempt. Being a stock broker only made this worse. I was used to pushing around lots of money, of being in total control over people's lives. Now I'd lost control of my own. I could push anyone around: a multi-national company, a millionaire client, my wife. For weeks, I woke up every morning wishing I could just crawl into a hole and die. I really hated myself. Even though my wife Stephie tried to help, she only made my fe... Continue»
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The game begins

"Ohhh baby, baby, baby, , , harder baby yes FUCK!"

wait what? "FUCK"

This word from my wife rang some bells that got rust all over them in past eight years of relationship I had with my wife.

Yes I come from a conservative society where husband and wife are to be formal with each other. In past eight years I never heard my wife say Fuck while we were making love. It was always silent or only moans. I have to admit that my wife moans real good and at times only her moans can get me to spray it inside her that she describes as the best feeling she craves for :). So this word got me to s... Continue»
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Date Night. My Descent Into Slavery

Date Night. My Descent Into Slavery.




Tonight was "Date Night" and as usually was the case, I'd spent
the day in a high state of anticipation. My wife, Chris, and I had
created the "Date Nights" several years ago to merge our divergent
sexual desires into a mutually satisfying relationship.

My sexual tastes ran to the more exotic side of the spectrum:
bondage, f***ed oral sex, prolonged sessions, feminization and role
re... Continue»
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Hands-free quasi-orgasm in college

I always got a kick out of the idea of cumming without oral, genital or even tactile stimulation from a female. Just the turn-on of being with her, seeing her nude. I have to admit, it hasn't happened often to me, but I'd like to recount one such type of experience.

I remember it like it was yesterday - I met a girl named Valerie who was two years younger than me at a fraternity party in 1998. We went back to my apartment and started hooking up like crazy. I think it took about 5 minutes for us both to get down to our underwear. So when I took off her panties and she spread her legs there... Continue»
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Dominance and Submission

Dominance and Submission

A young man learns the pleasures of submitting to "Aunt" Shelly.

"Dominance and Submission"

On my 15th birthday I went to live with Shelly. Shelly was a f****y friend who agreed to adopt me indefinitely. She was a beautiful 28 year old and quite independently wealthy. We got along well - I gave her no cause for complaint and respected her for letting me live with her. I did everything Shelly asked and in return she was like a big s****r to me.

After I had lived with Shelly for a week, she began to reveal her true intentions. After dinner, during ... Continue»
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Tied 2

Tied 2
Your eyes are dancing in anticipation as I tie your right wrist with a velvet cord ever so gently. Then I tie it to the bed post. As I walk around to the other side of the bed , I look at your beautiful nude body laying there in front of me, you are gorgeous and my heart starts pounding faster knowing what I have in store for you.
Then I tie your left wrist with the velvet cord and then to the bed post like before.
You are smiling and giggling that sexy giggle of yours. That turns me on some more.
Now I tie your left ankle with the cord and to the bed post. As I walk to the other si... Continue»
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The Chair

He had never sat in the lounge like this before, both nervous and excited.

Rather than being reclined on the sofa with the TV on as usual he was sat in one of two upright wooden dining room chairs that where facing each other at each end of the long room. The empty chair in front of him was only partially illuminated and mostly in silhouette by the light from the fire crackling in the fireplace, otherwise the room was dark but for a couple of candles

It had been a long time since he and his wife had played out a scene. They enjoyed the occasional snatched sexual moment in their busy li... Continue»
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my bestfriends girl

lisa is a slim and petite brunette,she stands at about 5'5".She has a chilren to my best friend donald,they have been on and off for years but they always get back together.i met lisa through donald,we would have drinks on a friday night together and myself and donald would work out during the week.she would always find an excuse to watch me work out as donald had gotten lazy and prefered to be in her company and have a drink instead of working out.

i would be working away lifting weights sweating and grunting and her pale sleek figure would slip into the room as if she were looking for som... Continue»
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k**napped by an Alien Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Susi had just kissed her husband good-bye and had closed the door. She was wearing a black top, short black skirt, black panties and bra and high heels. She was hoping they would have time for a quick fuck before he left, an attempt with her attire to seducing him, but this meeting was very important and he was too rushed to even think about it. It had been this way for the last couple of days, the pressure of work overcoming his desire for her. Maybe she would get on the Internet and e-mail Catherine. She always seemed to excite her, making her wet with her words. She turned to w... Continue»
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Voluptuous pantyhose girlfriend again.

On my next visit to your house, I let myself in as you have instructed me. I walk through the house which seems deserted and find a note telling me to help myself to a drink and to get comfortable. I drink my drink and undress down to my sheer to the waist crotchless tan pantyhose. I sit on the sofa wondering what will happen when I hear a noise coming from one of the bedrooms and get up and walk to the door and listen. I can hear noise of movement and opening the door I step in. My cock springs instantly to attention at the sight which greets me. There lying on the bed with her legs and arms ... Continue»
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A bull's experiences with cuckolding.

In 2012 I answered an ad on craigslist by a married woman looking for something on the side. I'll call her Ginger. She was in her mid-40s and I was 27 at this point. I love older women so the age difference was an immediate turn-on for me (I love being the young stud who satisfies the older established woman with a lacking sex life; it's a very hot dynamic to me). We exchange a couple of short emails before I'm given a phone number. Turns out that it was actually her husband who posted the ad. He works a lot, doesn't have much time for her, and can't please her in bed: after 25 years of marria... Continue»
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The wedding now the divorce had come through, was arranged for Barry`s birthday, mid march, they felt it was his rebirth, and significant.
The day dawned grey blustery and cool, the tiny party arrived at the registrars in good time, a happy bride, her groom her ex husband looking perhaps a little pale, and the grooms only nurse Audrey, the last two as the necessary witnesses.
It was a short service, the bride given away by her ex, that to them seemed appropriate, they adjourned to the surgery where they raised a glass of champagne before the nurse ... Continue»
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Cum loving husband and wife

It all started one night as me and the wife was lying in bed having kinky sex. We had been married about two years and I had cum in my wife’s mouth maybe twice, Sarah always said She didn’t like the taste of cum. I was begging her to suck my cum down her throat tonight and Sarah was refusing to do it so I made a suggestion that if Sarah would suck the cum out of my cock Sarah could keep it in her mouth and didn’t have to swallow it She could give me a big kiss and feed my cum back into my mouth. Well Sarah looked up at me and I could tell She liked that idea.

Sarah ask me, how could I kiss ... Continue»
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3. Sussex Wife [A]

3. Sussex Wife [A]
It was a Friday, nothing special, the weather girl on telly had said that the weekend would be wet, turning worse on Saturday night and Sunday to a full blown Gail.
That ruled out a roll on the downs then she thought sadly, knowing her hubby`s love of outdoor sex, Holly knew it would mean it would be a painful weekend again as his indoor hobby was BDMS!
She awaited his return from work, with a heavy heart, she enjoyed a little bondage, mild pain was fair enough but lately he had been adding a tweak here and a tweak there so that it had taken her a full week last time ... Continue»
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Cat in Heat

With best regards to my roommate Catherine, visit her profile:

I sat on my room working as I did most days, concentrating as I typed, a soft clicking sound filling the quiet afternoon. I glanced out of the corner of my eyes and saw the girl crawling out of the door. A sigh escaped my lips. Cat had been incessant this morning, pawing at my for food, circling in and out of my feet trying to get attention and now, I was sure, she wanted a specific type of attention. It had to be the cooler weather that was making my little cat so frisky. Frustrated... Continue»
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What Started Out As A Fetish, Has Become An Obsess

First off I will tell you a little about me. I am a Married White Male 65 years old, 5'10" Tall !65 lbs and am totally addicted to sex of all kinds with a few bounderies which include s**t, Minors, Anal Sex with males, and Pain of any kind. Whenever it comes to Women, I just can't say no. Now on to the Good Part.

I guess it all started whenever I was about 9 years old. My Parents had gone on a weekend get away and left me to stay with the neighbors next door. That was fine with me, as their son and I were best of friends. It was about maybe 10 PM and I decided to go take a shower and put o... Continue»
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Sharing my girlfriend with an old man

Sarah and I had been dating for five years at the time. We were 23, and she was about 5'3", had beautiful, natural, perky DD breasts with tiny pink nipples and a plump ass that bubbles out. She has beautiful long black hair with bright blue eyes and is a bit pale but she looks good. She's a curvy girl but by no means fat. And a well-kept bush that is thick and gorgeous. She's very submissive in the bedroom and likes being ordered around which was all knew for me but I love it.

Sarah and I had been together for a couple of years when I started having these fantasies of sharing her with ano... Continue»
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A discovered fetish

My fetish began when I was probably about eleven. I was brought up in a strict household in a small town, and as puberty struck, I had very limited access to any members of the opposite sex, either real or fictitious. My mom and my teacher were the first members of the opposite sex I noticed. As I did my chores at home, I quickly started noticing the lingerie my mom wore, although looking back it was nothing special, but the different materials and styles compared to my own underwear began to spur my imagination. I would often sit in school wondering if my teacher wore similar lingerie to my m... Continue»
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The room was still in darkness when I awoke. It took a few moments for me to realize where I was. There was one thing for sure, I hadn't been dreaming.I was in a cage, so I must be at Master Dieter's place. Minor cramping in my gut kept reminding me thatI needed to have a bowel movement.I hoped someone would be along soon.

My mouth was dry and I was very thirsty. That Pilsen crap didn't quench the thirst it only made it worse. I had not been permitted to brush my teeth so my mouth had a terrible taste and my teeth were coated in goop. My bladder was calling and I wonde... Continue»
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Frat Boy Master

Frat Boy Master

I go out to the bars once in awhile. Usually it's a waste of time but
sometimes I get so horny I'm willing to throw away a few hours for the
chance at some hot sex. This was one of those nights. I took a shower and
checked myself out in the mirror. I thought I looked pretty damn good for
35. 6'2" and a lean, hard body. A nice thick cock and big, hairy balls.
Six pack, long hairy legs. Hell, I was starting to get hard just looking
at myself. I turned around to check out my ass. It's always been one of
my best features. High, tight and totally smooth. I pulled... Continue»
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