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How I became a humiliation junky

Tanya had one of the best asses I'd ever seen. She was a little heavier than most, but she had all the right curves. From the moment I saw her wide hips, and her juicy ass bulging in a pair of skinny jeans I wanted to bury my face in it and fuck it at the same time. She was definitely cute, but something about the nerdy way she dressed and her initial shyness made me think she must be a recluse that preferred the company of books than of men.

I've been with a 5 or 6 different women myself and I've been told that I was well endowed. I even had one girl tell me not to stick it in all the way ... Continue»
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Party Favor

She called me, early in the afternoon, "Can you do me a favor, I'm having a party tonight and I wanted your help to serve and tend bar, Please say you will?"
"Okay," I replied. We'd been friends some time, and I never minded helping out with things like this for her.
"Thanks, and one more thing, would you wear the catsuit, you know which one I mean, it's a "special" party..."
Thinking, I did know which catsuit she meant, I had only just gotten it, and had modeled it for her on cam the other day, so she knew what it was like. But if it was a party, it might be a bit risque to show off all of... Continue»
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The Open Door.

There is nothing so erotic, as the opening of two legs, no matter what they reveal, to get the juices flowing and create that volcanic feeling, that an eruption is due to be created.
So much of foreplay is eroticism, expectation, fantasy becoming reality and the anticipation of excitement, that will be better than it has ever been before. Just simply the brushing of two hands, lingering to squeeze for just a second, a twinge that says - I'm here.
The hello kiss on the cheek that takes a second to become a brush of the lips on the long slender neck, which bristles... Continue»
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You’re Mine

I was quiet as we walked through the busy streets of Atlantic Station. I had been all day, you looked up at me with concern etched on your beautiful features wondering at my sullen mood. Twenty minutes ago you wouldn't have been able to wipe the smile off my face with dynamite, now I looked as if I would kill the first person who looked at me wrong. Luckily everyone on the street was too busy enjoying their weekend to notice the one person not having fun. I thought back to our fun a few minutes ago when I had fingered your hot wet heat under the table of our chosen restaurant. I was smiling th... Continue»
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John's Spunky Panties!

I clicked, "Enter" and the page changed to my email, Mmm, about 20 or so mails, most were the usual junk, so tick those and delete, some from friends keeping in touch, and then a new one from someone I hadn't heard from for quite a while.
I clicked "Open"
It follows ---

Hi Annette.
Hope you're ok long time no hear. i just wondered if there is any chance of another pair of your spunk stained panties to play with. I will pay you for them. Any chance of a couple of days wear and wet when I receive them. If I get some panties and spunk into them would you wear them wet to work?
I ... Continue»
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gloryhole trick

Me an Zoe love reading erotic stories but one I like to read is glory holes an adult theatre's. so one day I decided that I would make a glory hole at home and persuade Zoe to try it as a fantasy role play. a few days later I finally finished it in our spare room it had glory hole with a sliding door so when Zoe was ready she could open it. I made it big enough to put a chair an a TV in playing some porn I told Zoe the idea an what I'd done she was all up for it. she went to work and later that night she came home telling me she been thinking about it all day an was so horny I was glad to hear... Continue»
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Lesley part 38

"I'll tell you a little story, Sylvia" Big Al Mcpeevie, said to the cock sucking senior nurse. "When I first met my Mary, she was an office clerk where I was a newly qualified staff nurse.....keep fucking sucking, bitch......yes, that's better. Now....where...oh yes. She was 20 years old and was...just like you....a wee slut! She'd been bedded by a4 or 5 of the men in the ward I was working on in Glasgow. Of course in those days I was a not more...streamlined..ha! As soon as I'd had her....she was mine. Over a period of two years we got to know each other's likes, and we found that an open re... Continue»
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Hijab muslim woman - Fahima

Disclaimer: I did not write this story. It was written by someone named tuhahkhan on Literotica.com. Great story just had to share it, but I had no part in making this story at all.

Some Useful words to know before you read the story:

Hijab- A head covering worn in public by some Muslim women. Essentially a scarf.

Burqa- A outer garment worn by some Muslim women that covers their whole body when in public.

Kuffar- Arabic for "Non-believer".


Fahima Begum sat in front of her bedside mirror unable to concentrate as she struggled to fix her hijab properly. Lately her mind h... Continue»
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My fun night at the sex club

A few years ago, I met a woman on-line who also lives in Arizona and she wanted to meet me at the sex club where my photos were taken in the folder “At the sex club”, IF they ever finish converting and uploading.

She was a stunning, long haired brunette with long, sexy legs that were displayed to their best by the short skirt and stockings she was wearing with a pair of black boots, (I had told her previously what kind of clothing really turned me on). She had seen my pictures on-line so she already know I had a big cock. I am what they call “a shower, not a grower”, so I don't get any bigg... Continue»
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Sarah's Revenge

This story is 100% true and has just happened just over an hour ago, on this day Tuesday 13th October 2015

I have been fucking my neighbour Sarah for just over two years now, it started not long after her and her husband moved into our street, she was out her back garden one summer day and caught me standing at my bedroom window masturbating while watching her hot body, one thing led to another.......but that's a different story.

Sarah's husband knew I fucked her from time to time and was completely fine with it, she also knew that I was bi-sexual, and was fine with that also, in fact s... Continue»
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My Friends and My Milf Mum Ch. 02

Mom and friend have more sex in front of poor son.

My mom had sucked off one of my friends, then spent a loud and passionate night with my friend Blake before making him breakfast wearing nothing but an apron and giving him head under the table. And I was there for the whole thing! It was a pretty intense and upsetting day for me, and going to school after that was weird.

Everywhere I went, different people would stare at me. Whispers of "slut mom" and "milf" followed me around. One guy showed me a picture on his phone of my mom's tits covered in Blake's cum. The sch... Continue»
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Double Date

A double date turns into a threesome, with one man cuckolded.

Before dinner, Jessica jerked me off onto her tits. I had spent all day in the office and my balls were swollen, so when she took off her top and started pumping my cock, I came pretty quickly. Like a good little vixen, Jessica kept stroking every drop of cum onto her chest, even sticking out her tongue and licking the tip of my cock for a few more morsels.

Dinner was at IHOP with Jessica's friend Melanie and her new boyfriend. Melanie was a slut and a cocktease, and had a reputation around town as an easy... Continue»
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Feeding Mum

Mom's gulping down black man's cum but who here is punished?

I get why everyone says my mom is smoking hot. She's young, and with all the money my dad makes, she doesn't have much to do all day except work out, tone her body, and look nice. But what most people don't get is how much of a bitch she can be.

I was in the middle of a videogame with my friend Jon when my mom came home carrying some groceries. She must have gone to the gym beforehand, because she was wearing just her black sports bra, skin tight pants, and looked sweaty.

"Drew, can you help me and get t... Continue»
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My Friends and My Milf Mum Ch. 01

Hot mom loves son's friends' cocks, to son's humiliation

"So, yeah, everyone says Chad's mom's a milf."

"No way, I fucking love milfs, what's she look like?"

"Black hair, pale skin, curvy waist and the nicest pair of tig ol' bitties you've ever seen."

"Fuck, man, I can't wait for Chad's party, thinking about his mom is making me hard already."

"Tell me about it, I went to his house for a pool party once, his mom was out there sunning her double d's by the side. I put that image in my spank bank forever, jerked off to it tons of times."

I heard my friends ... Continue»
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What the girls from the bar never knew.

Sloppy Seconds…

AKA: What the girls from the bar never knew. ( Well, one of the things anyway! )

So if you’ve watched my videos or read any of my stories, you know I was a freak in bed. I fucked and sucked, and mostly ass fucked my way through at least 18 girls over the course of 2 years or so back in the early 90’s as a bartender.

At some point pretty early on in this, and due to an accident with Laura the MILF, I became obsessed with each of these girls getting a “taste” of each other.

This all started like I said by accident with Laura the MILF. I was currently fucking seve... Continue»
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Black Pantyhose Story

I'm laying naked under the comforter in the dark watching tv as you come into the room. You just got back from a girls night out on the town. I watch you as you slowly strip out of your clothes. You take everything off except for your black pantyhose. You sit on the edge of the bed by me and you lean over to give me a kiss. I kiss you back as I wrap my arms around you. You put your hands on the bed as you lean in closer. You feel my tongue slip into your mouth. As we continue to kiss passionately, you slide your hand under the comforter. Your hand slides down my stomach to my cock. Y... Continue»
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Keith comes clean

Keith is a good friend of mine, he had I go to the local titty bars together every chance we get. He doesn't know but my wife has told me how he comes over when I'm at work to have sex with her. On this evening he and I were setting at a placed called the Hot Spot on Piedmont Rd in Atlanta. We talked about how hot each of the ladies where that night. Out of the blue he said your wife could dance down here. I asked him if he thought her body was good enough. He had been drinking just enough to say what he was thinking. He said are you k**ding? She is hot. I tried to put him on the spot and I as... Continue»
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The doctor

I was on my way to the doctor. Not that there was anything wrong with me, you will understand faithful reader that I am fairly healthy. Fit too, I like doing a fair few sports. Sport is a good way to have fun and keep fit and well at the same time. Anyway, I am diverging here, I was on my way to the doctor not for her to see me but for me to see to her. Her was a doctor of a certain age already, a mother I'd like to fuck or milf if it wasn't for the fact that she didn't have k**s. She had a husband though so some might say she wasn't very faithful but I don't see it like that. She loved her hu... Continue»
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On the Mountain

I came home to get you on my dirt bike I pull up and you come running to me, we hug and kiss long and deep, you jump on behind me and grab my waist we drive away and as we start heading up the trail you undo my pants and slip your hands down to pull out my dick it sticks straight up past my belly button already half hard and there is some precum on the tip, with one hand you message my balls and with the other one you lick your fingers then you rub my head under my foreskin it is nice and slick thanks to your spit and the pre cum, you do this the whole drive up the mountain driving me crazy. ... Continue»
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Insides humiliation

The beautiful ebony lady was now bent over his knee getting her rear end seriously worked upon. He had not appreciated her refusal to wear his collar and he was making sure she was getting her priorities right. Despite being a proud young lady she soon was reduced to tears, more from shame than pain but the pain did help along the way. In any case she was now much more receptive to the idea of wearing the said collard. He even had her putting it on herself, just abdicating altogether. Once the collar in place he put on her hands a pair of gloves with all the fingers tied together so has to ren... Continue»
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