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The poetical justice of feeling owned, can almost leave you feeling inebriated or stoned.
'Twas an evening of pleasure, one that only the partaken can treasure.
She, my Mistress had arranged some clothes, to dress in for her, from head to toes.
With guidance and a that helping hand, she told me to erectly stand.
Over my legs became a nylon feel, pantyhose or tights, sheer appeal.
Over my hips up to my waist, the dressing was done in a passionate haste.
Over the black tights yet more nylon was placed, white hold ups this time that shone in my face.
Mistress lifted her long velvet skirt, ... Continue»
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Handjobs Under The Table (By Jenna2222)

I am a 19 year old female, full-time college student and part-time assistant at a local bank in my area. This past summer I attended a young businesspersons forum expo out in Arizona, that consisted of 3 days worth of nothing but lecture seminars. While some of these seminars were interesting and fun, others were downright long and boring.

Most of these seminars consisted of 200-500 people sitting in a room listening to a bunch of college professors up on stage, sitting at a banquet table talking about the various themes of each seminar.

On the 2nd day of the event, I was in the middl
... Continue»
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Domestic Femdon with my Wife and Mistress

This is a story of my life at the moment. I would say i am enjoying sexual and domestic femdom, me the slave, my wife the Mistress! I am sub by preference and would be hanging around my wifes arse as much as possible, i have asked her to let me worship her chubby arse many times and it never used to be her her favorite so i rarely got to practice, The more power she understood it had on me the more it became part of our relationship. I get in the shower last and its my job to pick up her dirty knickers off the bedroom floor and i love this as i get a nice sniff and lick of the gussett while s... Continue»
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My First Submissive Experience

I was a dominate most of my life or so I thought. After a great BDSM time with what became my wife we both moved on to different lives. After a couple of tough years I finally met someone who said she shared the same interests that I did. I finally figured out that she was not into the fetish at all but she said she would try the dominant role and see if she enjoyed that. I started to train her on how to be a dominate and at the same time I was collecting some women’s clothes such as a bra and garter belt and fishnet stocking as well as spike heel and a wig. I proceeded to make our bedroom a ... Continue»
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By Karen Flynn

It was approaching Halloween. My girlfriend and I were trying to
figure out some good costumes. Halloween was the only time of the year that
I was allowed to venture out of the house crossdressed so I always tried to
make the best of it. We were sitting at home watching TV when I saw my
costume. I got a smile out of Debbie when I said "That's it I am going to
be XENA." Much to my surprise Debbie said "Ok, I will be Gabriel."
Let me give you a little background on myself. My name is Andy I am
thirty-two years old. I have been a cross dresser since ... Continue»
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Masturbating in pantyhose again

A few days later I get a text telling me that my new friend will be at the car park in the woods later that day. All that morning I am hard with anticipation. I take a shower to refresh myself and dress again in a pair of my favourite tan coloured sheer to the waist pantyhose. I pull on my trousers and tshirt, slip on my shoes and leave the house. I drive to the wood and entering the car park I see several cars parked including my friends. I pull up next to him and wind down my window so we can talk. He tells me that he thinks most of the other cars belong to people walking their dogs so we si... Continue»
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"nobody's ever called me a liar for an e

I had put in most of the day at a BusinessLand downtown and was beat. I had parked at an underground garage that locked up at 8 pm, so I could avoid the rush hour traffic and unwind at a popular bar across the street. I got a seat at the bar behind a group that was on their way out, so the seat next to me soon opened up.

A woman in a business suit and short blonde hair took the stool next to me, and we struck up a pleasant conversation. We discovered to our amazement that we had some friends in common, and had both actually attended the same out-of-town wedding a few months earlier.

We... Continue»
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First threesome with my ex and bestfriend

This is a true story i'm about to tell of the first threesome i had with my ex girlfriend.
(Names have been changed for privacy.)

My name is Alec i'm 21 6ft4 with an athletic build a good looking guy all in all.
My ex's name is Charley she is 19 5ft1 with blonde hair and gorgeous pale blue eyes she has a toned body with a firm round ass and perky c cup breasts her pussy is tiny and very tight which she keeps shaven basically shes stunning.

Charly's sex drive was insatiable needless to say she was a slut who is very confident and has a ridiculously flirtatious personality.
I loved that... Continue»
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My Best (Black) Friend and his Wife

My Best (Black) Friend and his Wife.

My name’s Jack and two decades earlier I was invited to enjoy Dave’s wife.

Dave and I are best mates and this event occurred some years earlier while we were in our mid-thirties. Our families mixed socially and I have to say Dave’s misses is gorgeous. Her skin is an incredible shade of chocolate. Carol has c***d bearing hips, something Dave says he enjoys holding as he pounds her nightly – lucky sod. Her ass is well-proportioned but her tits are outstanding. They must be 38 DD on a petite frame, certainly more than a handful for any man. His teen... Continue»
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My lovely Miss Elecdtra

I have this dream ,forming in my mind ,I see a beautiful transsexual living in Germany wearing a sexy dark skirt and a tight top matching she has lovely flowing hair and a wonderful smile that seems to light up very brightly when I am talking to her ,I am her friend a tall well endowed ultra busty Cross dresser ,Elecdtra makes Angel's panties get very full & tight with excitement when I think of holding her in my arms ,I stand in front of my floor to ceiling mirror daydreaming of her I look at my self in the mirror wearing my biggest bra a huge NNN cup custom made to hold my custom extra super... Continue»
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Both Sides of a Cuckold - My Filthy Whore of an Ex

Around 10 years ago, I was involved with a woman - let's call her "Carol". Carol and I were together for three years. The sex was incredible, the best I've ever had before or since. In less than a year, we were living together in an apartment. We worked opposite shifts, mostly, although there were times our hours coincided, and we of course had weekends.

Now, to be honest, Carol had... issues. She had pretty serious emotional problems. Realistically, I should have left her long before, but I thought I was in love, and thought she would change. And, as I mentioned, there was the sex. ... Continue»
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finally some foot fun with hot blonde in tights/pa

so today i got a message online from a female who i am quite friendly with who is in her early thirties and i have bought lots or pairs of tights and stockings and panties and lingerie items from her before on numerous occasions (a few pairs of worn tights that she has wore for me then took off when i went to her house and saw her in them). she has also let me take pics of her legs and feet and arse with the tights (which are in my galleries on this site) on also but i've never managed to have any foot fun with her as she usually has her k**s in so we have to be discreet when i've taking the p... Continue»
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Fran and the Burglars

Your master had been very pleased with your behavior at school. The boys also must have
been satisfied with their little slut toy, otherwise known as ‘Fran, the teacher’; at least, you didn’t
receive any complaints or punishments. You don’t have any classes to teach for the next ten
days and, while you are not able to forget about the experience, at least you manage to behave
normal around your f****y during the following days.

Until one evening, six days after your ordeal in class, you receive the phone call you’ve been
dreading and, at the same time, hoping for.

“Hi Fran,... Continue»
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Weekend Slave Pt. 1 (Repost)

Reposted from old profile

Weekend Slave Pt. 1
Master dropped his innocent wife at the airport, kissed her goodbye and wished her luck on her job interview.
As soon as he left the terminal, he texted slave and informed her that he would be there to pick her up in an hour.
When he arrived, they chatted as she finished gathering her things. His eyes explored her familiar body. He could tell that she was not wearing a bra or panties under her sheer black dress. Just like he liked it.
The drive back to his house was filled with more idle chat and light innuendo. He asks her about her husb... Continue»
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The scent of a woman - two spirits just touch

A woman in a meeting in a suit, tall and lithe, very elegantly dressed but you never see her face. You see her leave the meeting room and enter the Ladies, going into a stall. Reaching up her skirt she pulls down her panties, takes an envelope from her purse and places them in it. (Cut to a shopping mall then into a car with the woman driving.) She goes into an indoor parking structure and pulls up by a column in an unused portion of the lot. She opens the door and places the package by the base of the column. You see her back in the car and texting.

You see a man at the wheel of a car. You... Continue»
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first love

I thought that I was pretty much normal, interested in girls, but too shy to make a move on one. I had no idea what gay or bi was in those days. A guy who liked other guys was a queer, and society did not except homosexual behavior in any form.

We swam naked, but thought nothing of it. I had been going there for years with my friend Joe, and knew most of the guys that went there. The older boys (which included me) would sometimes horse around and have a circle jerk, sometimes even giving each other a helping hand. Still, all this seemed normal, and none of us thought otherwise or made any ... Continue»
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Had a dream last night about my friend Harrybush 1. I stayed over her house and was sl**ping in her guest bedroom. In the morning she must have opened the bedroom door to see if everything was ok and while I was sl**ping I must have kicked the covers off of myself.

When she looked in she noticed that the covers were pushed down by my feet and came in to pull them over me. As she was walking up she noticed I was laying there on my back nude and my cock was hard and laying on my leg.

She stood there staring at my engorged manhood fantasizing how she would love to play with that rock hard ... Continue»
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In the woods

I've always hated wearing clothes, every chance I got I stripped off everything. I wasn't an exhibitionist, I wouldn't go out in the front yard naked, but many times in the backyard. I'd drive my mother crazy. She'd tell me I'll get arrested for running around nude, and they'd lock me away. There was a large wooded area about a mile for our house. All the k**s would play there. They'd play cowboys and indians, army, robin hood. There was an area where hardly anyone went, and that's the place I would go.
I go in, look around, and climb a tree to see if I could spot any body. Seeing no one, I'... Continue»
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Anita and a different afternoon with Jerome

Anita and a different afternoon with Jerome

Friday late evening Anita came back home after a hard sex session with Jerome, her favorite black lover and found me relaxing on our deck, enjoying the warm weather. She kissed me and said she was thinking about letting Jerome fist her the next time they were together.
Ana said he had been asking her to let him put his fist in her cunt for some weeks.
I asked her if that were something she would enjoy and she replied that she would love the feeling of being full stretched. I asked her when this was going to take place and she replied on Sund... Continue»
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k**napped by an Alien Chapter 4

Zorg was pleased with the creature Susi. She had taken the fist up her cunt very well. And Catherine was correct, the singing of her screams were most pleasing. He would attempt to do the same thing that she did, make her scream. As he moved between her splayed thighs, her pussy dripping wet, his kock moved outward, now almost at a right angle to his body. It seemed to be harder then usual. Maybe he was like Catherine, female’s screams making his kock hard.

Catherine stood next to Loren’s head, her whisper heard by her. “Look how big his kock is, Susi, it is over twenty inches long. Have yo... Continue»
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