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Three Big Boob Short Stories

Buck’s Big Boob Bed Time Stories…

Three Big Boob Short Stories

– The Birthday Present, At The Drive In, Wal/Mart Mom & Daughter

1st Big Boob Story

The Birthday Present….

It was my 18th birthday party. My parents let me sl**p in, while they prepared for the party. I wanted just a small party, nothing too crazy. I invited some friends. My parents invited there friends. I knew a few of them. My party started just past noon. I was wearing a black batman t-shirt and some tan cargo shorts, that hung just below my knees. I had on some black flip flops on, as I combed my... Continue»
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Helping the wife recruiting new cuckolds

All this started when one night I shared my fantasy with my wife. Being married to a five foot four one hundred pound blonde hair and blue eyed spitfire with perfect thirty four b cup tits caused it all. I told her that I'd like to watch her have sex with a well hung guy. She always dresses to please and for years I have witnessed my friends and strangers seeking looks at her body.

At first she thought I was giving her a hard time, but when I convenienced her I was serious she said she would think about it. I know she is aware of the power she holds over me but being the true sweetheart she... Continue»
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Fucking Melissa's Hairy Pussy 2

I woke up at 6:00 am to find Melissa had gone. I could still smell her on the pillow and sheets. My cock was hard and my head was spinning remembering the hours that had preceded. What started out as a casual end to a long work day ended up with me on top of Melissa balls deep in her fat hairy pussy. While I was fucking her she grabbed her phone and called her husband and told him what I was doing to her.

She had him on speaker and he said the he was going to have him and I both fuck her when we got back and that he wanted her to send him pictures of the aftermath of me fucking her. ... Continue»
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in the car park

The Car park

One rainy evening I escaped the storm and found myself in a small back street Irish pub, so thought to myself what the hell stay for a few hoping the storm would die down soon, after a couple I slipped to the alley for a quick smoke,I noticed a young lady she was hot, I mean wow, she stubbed her cigarette out and walked back to the pub, I finished my cigarette went back inside and ordered another drink and there she was, luscious looking; long black hair like raven's feather, smooth skin like you wouldn't believe, and those hot small tits? Mmm she served me my drink and asked i... Continue»
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Early Morning Horniness

Early Morning Horniness

At three-fifteen one cold morning in mid autumn, Janet Krunkle awakened with a steaming cunt and an itchy clit. By three-thirty that morning, her teenage pussy had dripped so much sex-juice that the bedsheet under her pretty ass was all wet and slippery. Damn! she thought if she'd only waited up for her three b*****rs to get home, she wouldn't be in this horny mess right now. She should know better by now than to miss her bedtime fucks. She struggled up out of her warm bed. She couldn't lie there another second.

"Brrr!" Janet said. The room was frigid, and she wa... Continue»
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House Party with my wife

House Party with my wife

I am Anil , an engineer by qualification and profession in a reputed company. I had few sexual encounters during high school and college life. Two of them were co -students from neighborhood. I enjoyed with few call girls also.
I got married at age of 25 with a 22 year young attractive girl ,Divya. She was very fair, tall of 5’5” , well proportionate figure , at time of marriage her vital stats were 34 x22x32 but after two years of marriage her bust ,waist and hips increased to 36 x 24x 34. I was insisting for a baby but she wanted to wait for some time. After 2 ye... Continue»
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Sometimes there is a moment in your life in which you know at once and for sure that it is a very special moment, a turning point in your life. Bad things can happen in these moments but also wonderful things.

For me it was the moment I first saw Alice. She wasn't 'just' stunningly beautiful, well built, clever, sexy and social. She was far beyond that. She seemed from another planet, a planet with people so far ahead of us that we even couldn't imagine how far. Intellectually and physically superior. Unreachable. But not arrogant or something like that. Friendly, kind and attentive.... Continue»
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Kinky Black BBW With Surprise

I don't know what's come over me lately, folks. I seem to have been bitten by the freaky bug. I used to be a normal man. In fact, I still am, in most ways. My name is Jamal Jenkins and I am a young black man living in Boston. I attend Emerson College and I am studying Criminal Justice. I want to become a police officer someday, just like my father. When I'm not at school, I work as a Security Guard for the Hellfire Club, one of the city's hottest night clubs.

Yeah, I love my job and I love my life. Lately, though, things have been somewhat freaky, man. It all started when my sexy black girl... Continue»
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The Girl With Green Eyes. A Fantasy.

My name is Ashleigh I’m twenty three a student at university and part time model the cash helps pay the fees and gives me a little extra to give myself a treat now and again.

It was just a normal day the weather was warming up at last summer had arrived so I decided a trip to the shops for some decent summer gear after all I had some spare cash I had recently been paid for a modelling job

I hit the shops at opening time being mid week they were fairly quiet I had been in two or three seen a few things but I like to do all the shops then work my way back buying as I go, anyway it was abou... Continue»
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Sperm Treated

Mistress Valya led me to her special room and I saw at once that there was something new in it.
"It has just arrived," she said to Miss Christie who was visiting, "I had it assembled here yesterday. Let's try it out, we'll use K here."
"But isn't he one of your breeding stock?" Miss Christie queried.
"Yes, but it is not permanent, well it shouldn't be so we can see. There is no point using it unless it is on particularly fecund testes after all." said my Mistress enigmatically.
She led me to the sturdy wooden frame of the equipment. My wrists were fastened to the sides and my ankles to the... Continue»
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A Tale of Two Male Slaves

Well here I was, on my knees, naked of course, my wrists cuffed behind my back, my penis enclosed safely in a neat and closely fitting chastity device and with a tight collar around my neck. The lead attached to it snaked upwards towards a young dark skinned woman who was sitting at the table above me. On my collar I knew, although I could not see it, was a brass disc which had my name 'K' engraved on it.

The yoing woman at whose feet I knelt I knew as Mistress Raven for I had been taken to her that very afternoon by my Mistress Annalise. While I was left standing before the two women, I wa... Continue»
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Ken Pt2

"Ken" and I had another get-together the other night and since everyone wants to hear more.....here's what happened.

My wife had to work a late night possibly over night job so I emailed "Ken" just after she left and asked if he was free for the evening. He answered an hour or so later saying he was as long as i brought 'something extra to wear'. We agreed to meet at his house after I got the "clearance text" (a text from my wife letting me know that she and her co-workers had made it to their job location). While I waited for her to text I got ready. I was just getting out of the showe... Continue»
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Colleen by Candlelight

Lying there on soft sheets, her beautiful body slowly writhes in pleasure as her delicate hands glide sensually over smooth curves. The light of many candles flickers nearby, dancing over her sexy body like a lover’s careful touch, as if this light exists for her alone. She is absorbed in the rapture of her fantasy and the ecstasy of her hands, unaware of my presence and my hungry, lustful gaze. I know it’s wrong, I’m violating her; but I cannot turn my eyes away from this goddess of light and ecstasy. But no, I see the subtle smile at the corners of her lips and the almost impercepti... Continue»
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My real s****r asked me to draw her naked

My s****r loves the movie Titanic, I guess she was watching it recently because she texted me last weekend and asked me for a favor but only on the condition that I agree beforehand. I was a...bit..skeptical at first but when she told me I realized it wasn't because the favor was something I wouldn't want to do...but because she was testing my dedication, obedience, love..and affection, testing if I would do anything for her no matter what.

Her request was to, like in the movie, draw her naked. I'm a halfway decent artist, doing digital art professionally and what not. I began to wonder if... Continue»
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My Ex Girlfriend's mom, Sarah

I hadn't heard from Cindy for 2 or 3 weeks, I had left messages, had not received any call backs. Sarah, Cindy's mom had tried at times to get Cindy on the phone with no success, Cindy just would just say "Tell him I am not home!". Sarah finally asked me what was going on? I told her that Cindy had more or less broken up with me over some crap reasons that I didn't understand. Sarah tried to get me to talk about it, but I wasn't going to be the one to open a shit can on what she was doing! Several times Sarah dropped by my house because she was in the neighborhood, she knew I was hurting abo... Continue»
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Summer Job

It was supposed to be a summer job. Easy money for when I went back to college in the fall. My father knew the guy, old connections from when he was in college. Introduced himself as Mr. Donaldson. He seemed nice enough, always smiling and laughing. I figured, why not. Couldn't be as bad as working fast food.

Mr. Donaldson was probably in his early 50s. An inch or two over six feet, salt and pepper hair and a nicely trimmed goatee. He had a bit of a beer belly that jiggled a bit when he laughed, which was fairly often. Always immaculately dressed, he seemed like he'd be a good boss to work ... Continue»
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I was staying at my s****r's apartment for a week while my new
place was being finished. When Keri had heard me tell her over
the phone that my boss had decided to open a corporate office
near her, she was delighted I was going to be transferred there.
Since as b*****r and s****r we had always been close, she
immediately invited me to stay with her in her small apartment
until I could find a place to live.
Keri had a high-powered job in a legal office, and didn't spend
much time at home, so I had the place to myself most of the time.
I noticed she had a hard time keeping up with... Continue»
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wife takes a vacation without me

This is a true story
My wife is a hot little number, like I've described her before she is five foot four and weighs one hundred pounds. Her natural hair color is mousey brown but she bleaches it blonde. She has beautiful blue eyes and her skin tans a wonderful brown.

When we first married neither one of us knew much about sex. Oh we knew how to fuck but that's about all. I had a lot of mixed up feelings about showing off her body. I loved her small thirty four b cup tits and perfect legs , I often talked her into dressing to show off. But if any guy starting paying what I thought ... Continue»
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Kate and Alice - f****y Jewels

"Pete, have you seen my...urgh" When the door had fully opened, Alice stopped dead in her tracks as she saw her b*****r Pete on his bed, naked. On top of him sat her best friend Kate, just as naked, smiling broadly at Alice, while she enthusiastically bounced away, riding Pete and obviously enjoying it. Seeing her b*****r blindfolded, with his hands tied to the headboard and his feet tied to the foot-end of the bed astonished Alice even more.
link with video when kate and alice fisting each other: http://qwiklnk.com/7juY

"Pete, have you seen my...urgh" When the door had full... Continue»
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Pantyhose on a plane

One of my friends at work had quite the pantyhose experience last week. He is in his mid forties has been married over 20 years but isn't sure where it's going as they have fallen apart and he often complains his wife never wants to have sex and at one time would even enjoy wearing pantyhose for him sometimes as he has the pantyhose fetish like the rest of us.
So last week he had to fly on a business trip. As he got to his seat in the back there was an attractive blonde woman probably in her early fifties sitting in the seat right next to him. As he sat down he couldn't help but notice her le... Continue»
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