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In Hell Part 2

Catherine and Jennie were too busy being horrified to pay any mind to the demonic pimp. They could see it in each other's eyes, clear as a c***d's guilty look. The desire to get through the deal, to avoid an eternity of prostitution but, most of all, to make the other stop being so fucking annoying. Jennie, usually so adept at poker faces, simply couldn't hold back a contemptuous look, nor could Catherine disguise her excitement at the idea of turning the girl into her porn character. For all the halcyon days spent together, they knew that, in a single gaze, their friendship had lost all meani... Continue»
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Phoning a Stranger to Masturbate With

'From small acorns, grow large Oaks', or how about, 'Sowing seeds of despair'.

Sounds like an opening line from 'Gardeners World', but there is an earthiness about this problem I have had since my c***dhood, and it is mired with sex.

'Self abuse', my old priest once said during a confession, 'You were the man in my dream Father', that small statement from a girl of eight, spoke volumes of the woman about to emerge from her first decade on this earth, I had confessed about my masturbatory habits to a supposedly celibate man, not that I was truly 'Dipping my Fingers' or 'Polishing my Pearl... Continue»
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A question

I have come up with a little challenge and would like to see some answers take a minute to read this and answer

The challenge is below

This is listed in several languages here:

1. English

This is a little fantasy of mine

If I give myself to you for a full 24 hrs what would you do?

Use your imagination nothing is to taboo ( keep,in mind it's a male)

Please people answer in comments (everyone's view points welcomed I look forward to reading answers)

I now challenge people to post the same and see what answers they get back might be fun

----------------------_--------... Continue»
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Not Just Another Gradual Change Story - PART ONE

As I write this I am sitting at the computer wearing a summer dress that's pretty damn short. I'm about to go out again because yesterday was so fun...

As we all know, certain unnamed stores in the not too distant past (stores that were already very LGBT friendly) decided to start allowing people to choose the bathroom they want to go to regardless of what their birth gender happens to be. As a closeted bi guy who loves to dress up on occasion, I realized that this must also mean that the store policy is not to harass people simply based on them wearing clothes that may not match their bi... Continue»
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Happy Birthday Hubby

It was Audust 3rd, my birthday, and I had planned on a nice relaxing day watching some sci-fi shows and having the occasional beer. I was going to barbecue some chicken and put onion and potatoes with butter in foil on the grill. My wife, Jenny was out buying stuff to make a salad and strawberry pie for dessert.

As one of the shows had just finished I saw my wife pull into the drive and a car that I didn't recognize follow her. She got out of the car and waited until four men got out of their car to follow her into the house. I was confused as I didn't recognize any of the men.

As they... Continue»
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Strap-on Treat for Him Pegged

Fantasy is easy but making it a reality is a bit harder so we decided to take things into our own hands.

I bought her a sexy little strap on number. This was not the leather type but a lingerie style that clings to her oh so cute ass. One night after a couple of drinks I suggested that we should play with our new toy. She excitedly agreed and we headed back to our house. While she freshened up and put on her new equipment I decided to turn up the heat a little. I grabbed my lacy boy shorts that drive her crazy and slid them on. My cock was rock hard with excitement. Positioning our liberato... Continue»
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Jail Changed My Life

  I was working for a manufacturing firm where i met my wife. She worked in accounting. One day after work she confessed to me that she ad been taking money from the company for some time and the auditors had discovered the money was missing. She cried and said she didn't know what to do.
I couldn't believe she might go to jail but decided that I had to protect her. I told her that I was going to confess to taking the money but she would have to give me all the details of how she did it and agree to say that I had been helping her with her accounting work on the weekends that that is how I ha... Continue»
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My Bi Lusting, as my Husband fucks her.

I should make it clear from the onset that this story is from my mind, it's how I think and imagine, and as a woman, I draw parallels from friends and my own experiences, but this is pure fiction, it's how I wish it were, it's a woman's idea of sex, which is usually different from male writings, it's from the receiving end.

Please enjoy my sex, and kind remarks at the end, I am a woman and you are a man, we both are here for the same reason, so lets use the available space to form an online relationship, that starts with a kind comment after my story. :) Love Emma

My Horny Pregnant... Continue»
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Mandy's First Black Cock

Hello, my name is Mandy. I am a happily married white woman. I am 34 years old, I have natural brown hair, both on top and bottom, a slightly olive colored complexion, and I am somewhat slim but I did put on a little extra weight after having a c***d. As a young girl I have always fantasized about black men, even though I knew I would never date one, and I had always wondered if what I had heard about the size of their cocks was true. On my first job after high school, I began having daily contact with one of the black employees that worked in the warehouse and he began flirting with me every ... Continue»
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From stud to submissive

I wasn't the biggest guy around, I wasn't the best looking guy around, I wasn't the most charming guy around.  But I was close.  I was a solid B in each category, which was very, very good.  I didn't date "A" woman, but did very well with "B" women and "C" women (who were maybe a little chunky) loved me.  As long as I surrounded myself with appropriate women, I was kind of a stud.

That all changed when I met Wendy.

Wendy was a co-worker of mine, and she was a big girl.  Not fat, she was actually as tall as me.  Not super cute, but she had a devilish, wry smile that I found very appealing... Continue»
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It's been a horny week. Loads of cock sucking sluts wanting to friend me on my sight. Yet I was only interested in meeting a slut craving a cock down there throat. So I posted this interest on craigslist and got 2 reply. Followed both up and over loads of e mail back and forth, finally got to exchange mobile numbers and the hunt was on.1st up was a bristol woman. Who's interest was anal but said she knew how to suck cock, as she had been doing it since the age of 14. Now in her forty she recond she could take most cocks. I found out later she e****ted on the side also. The second was a ho... Continue»
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Black Cock for Him and Her Pegged and More

I was slightly nervous but when I opened my eyes, no-one was paying us any attention; in fact we were one of loads of same sex couples there that night. Jay pulled me tighter against him; his kisses were quite rough and I felt like the submissive; this strong black man could do whatever he wanted to me. Jay broke off the kiss and whispered in my ear, "Would you like to suck my cock?" 

I said, "Yes", when suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and Katie was there. 

"Who's your new friend?" she asked and I made the introductions. Katie later explained that she'd noticed Jay and me and given ... Continue»
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Cone-Shaped Cock Society, part I: Origins

Author's Note:
My multi-part short stories tell the exploits of a special society: The Cone-Shaped Cock Society. Membership in the CSCS is exclusively by invitation. Invitees must be a male with a particular anatomical feature:

When erect, their penis must be more than three times as wide at the base as it is at the tip.

Very few men qualify for membership, but those who do share their bedroom exploits with each other in this Society - online, sharing short stories, usually accompanied by explicit photos.

This fetish isn't for everyone. It's for men who like seeing
... Continue»
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Let Him Cum Oral Training

If the idea of blowjobs or taking some nice warm cum on your face offends you, this is not for you. For me blowjobs are a beautiful thing. Slow, romantic, rough, submissive, dominant - there's so much to blowjobs it'll be impossible to write everything down in one go - so this is about the rough type. Girls, you'll need to be submissive to enjoy this fun.

This isn't about you teasing him, you being in charge or anything of the sort. This is about him grabbing your head and ramming his cock repeatedly down your throat while you gag and splutter on it.

First: all women can deepthroat. Me... Continue»
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111 The k9 learning curve

111 The k9 learning curve
This story is based on an e mail I received from a “friend” who swore it was a true episode, her husband of two years, she reported as being; a “ half empty oil can and a brick short of a full load as well!”
As a blush saving exercise we will refer to him as Nigel and her as Tina, they live in a modern brick semi detached suburban estate, known locally as filofax ally, full of bottom rung wanabee stockbrokers.
He, Nigel came from well bred stock with money, and had been sent to the city to learn a trade, probably to get him away from home, not bright enough to driv... Continue»
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It was my birthday and it was to be hers the following week, we always celebrated both together on the weekend between the two! Perverse sods you may think but it`s what we have always done....it`s not the only thing that we do that`s perhaps not what some vanilla people would call “normal”.
Each year a month before our “birthday” we each write down on a postcard whatever fantasy we have invented or read about or are turned on by this year, and want the partner to receive.
Then if it`s a possibility the partner arranges to do sexually whatever i... Continue»
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Cheating girlfreind 2

I have been a bit dim at times and not really chosen anyone decent to be with but my first proper boyfriend i lived with wasn't very good in bed, he was 32 and i was 19, but i was good in bed so it didn't matter too much.

Anyway about a year of me being on top, and only me giving him oral sex i complained to my boyfreind that our sex life was pissing me off.

That night we planned for him to go on top (yay missionary had never seemed so exciting) and give me oral sex for a change and tbf i did enjoy the difference in sex but he wasn't very confident - or maybe selfish? - and he ... Continue»
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Marrying a cuckodress.

So it's my wedding day, i look at my future husband as i walk down the aisle and see his smile, then i look at his best man and wonder if i'm rally doing the right thing getting married.

It wasn't that Alex wasn't a nice guy, he totally was and he was the sweetest guy i'd ever met, but i was just used to being with dickheads, a lot of dickheads , and didn't know if someone like Alex could handle a woman like me. I knew he was very inexperienced, although we hadn't actually done anything much sexual yet. I wondered if he even fancied me? He didn't seem to be that hot for me but i wanted sta... Continue»
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Cheating girlfreind.

"You know that i love you?" I say to him as he looks through profiles on some fuck site.

And i mean it now too... but it wasn't always this way.

We used to have great sex when we first met, we were always all over each other and couldn't get enough. We fell fast and we fell hard, and after a few years we had fallen deep too.

But eventually, a few k**s, bills, jobs, and a mortgage later, all that had petered out. We didn't prioritise each other any more, i started to feel neglected and so did he. Instead of investing in each other we started looking outside of the relation... Continue»
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Hot MILF Creampie, Pegged

I was thinking about the time I fucked my first big black cock, I had trouble with my car so I went to the local repair shop were there was a young man by the name of Ben. He was a big black man about 10 years younger than myself. I got so horny that when Ben was bent over looking at the engine I couldn’t resist running my hands up the back of his ass, feeling his firm ass.

Before I knew it I had wrapped my fingers around his hard cock right threw his pants. It was as hard as a rock and I whisper in his ear how bad I wanted him to fuck me. There was nobody else in the shop so I led him by h... Continue»
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