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Naughty Night at the Movies

Late on Saturday night, the local movie theater plays old black and white B movies on a loop, for three dollars a person. You and I are sitting on the balcony all alone, way in the back where someone ‘forgot’ to change the bulbs in the safety lights. I had never seen the movie before so I often squeaked in fright, while I hid my face in my hands or turned into your shoulder for protection. You would just wrap your arm around me closer. After a little bit, you began pointing out how lame the movie was, helping me get over my fears. Things like the archaic special effects and the zippers on the ... Continue»
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Wish this happened to me.

I was helping a friend move not long ago. The three of us (me, him, and his wife) had been working all morning, packing stuff and loading it onto the rented truck. He'd just left with a full load, headed to the new house across town to unload and grab some lunch. She and I stayed to keep packing and stacking.

Their laundry room was in the bathroom, and I'd gone in to start packing things in there. On top of the dirty laundry basket was a light blue pair of panties, obviously soaked at the crotch. She was at the other end of the house, so I decided to risk a quick sniff. Her scent was glorio... Continue»
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My Four Legged Whore

Lester adopts a dog, but not for long.
Disclaimer: This has not and will not ever happen in real life! I'm a strict vegan, but have a taste for writing disturbing material. Anyone doing this to an a****l in real life should be severely published.

You wouldn't think I'm this fucked up. I look like every normal man you see. My f****y is wealthy, I have a good job, and I'm polite to everyone. As they say though, looks can be deceiving. Anyway, I usually start my day off by reading the classified ads in the paper. I do this to find my next victim. A victim of my perversions e... Continue»
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A lonely mom that becomes obsessed with curiosity and her son
This one’s a little lengthy. A lot of background, lead-up, and “Explaining”, as most of my 1st chapters seem to be. I feel it’s kind of important to know what the characters are thinking, where they're goming from. For those of you that just want to get right to the sex……Sorry. For those of you that, as I do, think it makes for a better story……Here ya go.

Chapter one:

My name is Cathy. I’m a 43 year old widowed mother. I have a 21 year old son named Brian. I’m a rather tall, slim woman; five foot ... Continue»
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Eddie's Cock: An Atrocity of Nature

All I could think about is those tits on Yolanda, so I wasn't expecting to get much done. But, I went up to the stable anyway, crawled up to the loft where all the wiring boxes were in the loft, and proceeded to start tracking down the conduit that had been installed up in the rafters. It was going to take forever. The stable must have been built 100 years ago, long before anybody ever expected to be running phone cables!

Suddenly, I heard the front stable door slide open, then closed again. Somebody was in the stable and I was about to call out, but instead just looked over the railin... Continue»
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The Black b*****rhood Club

(Note, translated from the German, original blog by tanjamami.)

Again and again I had heard and read about how great Black men were in bed and that a white woman who has had a black, will never want a white man anymore. I could not quite imagine this. I felt as if I was alone in the big city eager to find out where to find a black man, with whom I can go to bed. I was eager to learn - the only thing missing was the man.

One day I met a pitch-black African at a party. I had been invited by the b*****r of a dear fellow student, He was as dark as the guy I met but neither had ... Continue»
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Phone Sex

“I'm sorry... I have to take this....... Business you know....Ok, talk to you soon.... Yes, kisses...Bye.”

I switch over to the other line. “Hi,” I say in a breathless voice, excitement curling through me. “Hi,” a deep male voice responds.

I giggle before I say, “I told my friend that I had to take this call because it was business.” I giggle again.

“Mmmmm.... What kind of business were you thinking about doing?” you ask in a seductive tone.

I bite my lip, as heat pools deep inside of me, at the subtle innuendo. “I don't know.....What did you have in mind?” I settle more comfortab... Continue»
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The Boy's Story - another chapter (17) Soundi

It is about 4 years since my last chapter and over the years my Master and I have enjoyed our sex together. Sometimes we just cuddled and fucked and other times we got into all nighters with our stimulants.

About 18 months ago when my Master was unpacking his bag I noticed a small zip bag about the size of a large 'man purse or travel wallet) and asked him what it was. He said "You will see". I thought nothing of it and we got down to our business as I have described in other chapters. He enjoys inserting dildo's and anal plugs into my arse hole, he loves pissing on me and I just love t... Continue»
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Workplace Medical Examination

This story happened on leaving school and starting my first ever job back in 1980.

It was a Friday and I was close to finish my first week as an employee at a small printing company, I was given a few duties between departments. On the Friday I was helping out in the accounts department, which consisted of two women in their late fifties Margaret and Muriel, also working there was Tracey who was in my year at School and to be honest I had a crush on her for as long as I could remember.
I was just about to go to lunch, when Margaret told me that I would have to have my staff medical when... Continue»
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Being a good bitch a FURRY Story

Being a good bitch

“Hey Bunny. do you like what you see?” Samantha, a hermaphrodite kitsune asks standing in front of the rabbit. A smile curls hir lips as shi strokes hir ten and a half inch cock. Pre-cum making the red flesh glisten.

“Yeah, I'd love to play with a cock that big.” Bunny says licking his lips at the sight of pre-cum dripping from the tip of hir cock.

“Well then, come and get it. on one condition. You're my pet until I'm satisfied.” Samantha says with a smile and milking stroke of hir cock causing a large dollop of pre-cum to pour from it.

“Of course. I'd love to b... Continue»
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Caught by mom and my aunt

Mom and dad divorced when I was about ten, it wasn’t a very amicable divorce, so when everything was finalised me and mom ended up living in a small 2 bed apartment near town, and I only got to see my dad about once a month, and on birthdays and holidays.
About six months after we moved in to our apartment Aunt Paula moved in with us, to help mom out. For the last five years she shared a room with mom, so I could have my own room. I recently discovered she’s not really my aunt, and being only just sixteen and a little bit naive, only realised why she moved in.
For my sixteenth birthday, dad ... Continue»
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Emma's sissy fantasy

sissyqueerpooh, 36
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I hope you like this....

I like both men and women, I love a woman's beauty and grace and love to worship them, but I need cock the bigger the better, I be been fucked in the ass before but have never had anyone cum inside of me, which I would just love!

My biggest fantasy that I have is for me to be a live in sissy slave for a dominant married couple. They would pick my up at a bar, d**g me and take me home, when I wake up I find that I am tied up in a dungeon naked and all of my body hair has been removed. I don't kn... Continue»
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The Fishing Trip

A broken boat motor extended our five day fishing trip into one of idyllic isolation.
I woke up to the sounds of my father having a bad dream, he was huffing and grunting as if he were fighting or working hard; it scared me because I never heard it before. I listened as he moved around on his bed for a few minutes, restless with the dream then he groaned a long sigh and fell silent. I laid awake on my side of the thin wall for a few minutes until I decided his dream was done then slowly the worry ebbed and I drifted back to sl**p.

The next morning as I poured his coffee I a... Continue»
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a night away

I was on secondment to a local authority for 12 months and the team I was working with had a conference someone had to attend providing a promotion stand. For various reasons none of the permanent staff were able to attend as it meant an overnight stay, so Sarah my boss and I were the delegates.

We arrived at the hotel late afternoon, went to our rooms to clean up and agreed to meet in the bar for a pre-dinner drink.

Showered & changed, at about 5, I wandered down, Sarah arrived only a couple of minutes later.
“I feel better for getting the days grime off” she declared, as she sat down.... Continue»
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House Party

Julia and her b*****r recount events from their past. Brittany adds something different to their existing dynamic.
House Party -

Hi. I'm Julia. Julia isn't my real name.

The story you are about to read is one of mine, from a few years ago. My b*****r thought I should tell it instead of him, but he did help me with some of the details. Bryan thinks I'll do it justice. So, here goes nothing.

It all started one night at a party my b*****r Bryan was hosting at his house. All of our friends were invited and he of course invited me since we shared the place. I put aside my ... Continue»
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A Night To Remember

Teresa and I had only been together for a few weeks, just long enough for us to be confident in our feelings for one another. Even in public, I could barely keep my hands off her, and Teresa delighted in teasing me when I was least able to take advantage of her slim and inviting figure. This became a game between us, and she took every opportunity to drive me crazy with subtle touches and playful innuendos.It was a Saturday night and we were enjoying a nice dinner at one of those brew house restaurants that offered good drinks and loud music along with the meal. While we sat and enjoyed each o... Continue»
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A little fun for the Wife

The night after I played with judy in the office I got home and was relaxing when my wife came in from work. She started undressing to go in to take a shower and I told her what had happened. She looked at me with a little smile on her face and said I thought you told me the office was off limits. I told her it was but when judy asked to see me do it I don't know what came over me but I wanted to let her watch me again. My wife stood there undressing, then looked at me and started to asked if I enjoyed it but stopped when she looked down at my cock and saw I was getting hard again telli... Continue»
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Therapy for Cheri

Therapy, Part 1

It was my medical doctor who suggested that I should speak to a counsellor, or ther****t about my sexual fantasies, and how they had started to overwhelm my life.  At first, I was not particularly interested in talking to anyone about this, but obviously my doctor felt that a counsellor could help me, and that not seeing one could eventually harm me.

I booked an appointment for two weeks ahead, thinking that this would give me some time to get my shit together, and I could call the whole thing off.  It didn't, but I kept the appointment, not knowing what I was getting mys... Continue»
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Friends old Aunt

This is not my story. It was told to me by a male friend and it is a true story. It is written by him so that it is his words and not mine. I wanted to post it because he introduced me to this woman and we had our own experience which I will write about also.
While at a retirement party for a friend I was introduced to an older woman he said was his Aunt. She looked to be maybe in her mid to late seventies with a slim build. She was your typical gray hair older woman and was dressed very eccentrically. She had a wild outfit on. Short heels, a very colorful silk skirt that fell a... Continue»
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Friends old Aunt and me

My friend Tom called Aunt Rita to see if she would be interested in meeting with me for some fun.
I got a call about 2 days later from Rita herself.
She said " hello dear I am Rita the perverted old "lady", and I use that word loosely, that Tom told you about."
I laughed " well from one perverted old lady to another, hello."
Rita said " so you want some of this old pussy do you?"
I laughed again " well I just have to meet you after talking with Tom. He said that you are quite an interesting lady."
"There's that word again" she said " I am no lady honey."
I said " well I can see why To... Continue»
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