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She fucked me in the street while it's rainin

- This was a while back , I was walking with someone i knew near the University compound in Alexandria , Egypt , and this girl was supposed to have no interest in anything sexual ! Anyway i can't say her name or where were we before we arrived near the university.
-After we walked for sometime by the sea and walked towards the door of of Law School , it started raining so we went to hide under the building across from the school but she started running in the middle of the street under the rain playing and laughing , I ran after her trying to get her out of the rain but she started joking and... Continue»
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slut for big black cock

and here is yet another of my stories I've experience in my life as a slut for cock...

Like always, I was horny for some dick but this time I really hoped to get my ass filled with cock instead or just sucking out a nut so I posted an ad on the local website looking for someone that was in need of some ass. I got a couple replies but none of them interested me until I got one from a local black man that was looking for some booty to stuff. Mmmmmmm, I do love being a slut for black cock so of course I was excited to return his email and eager to set up a fuck session. There was one proble... Continue»
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My first time dressing

So after he let me be done with him my dick was so hard poking out of the panties he had me wearing and he knew it.Can't hide a thing like thaty when wearing panties lol.Well he told me to sit on the couch and stroke it while he watched.I remember feeling so embarressed doing this cause I had never done that in front of another guy.But id never been dressed like this either and my cock stayed so hard.I sat there stroking myself slowly for several minutes while he just watched me.Then he got up to get a drink and I'm still sitting there stroking and all of a sudden someone tried to open the doo... Continue»
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My Boyfriend Be Trippin'

My Boyfriend Be Trippin'

You'll Give Me A What? If I Drive You Where?

Take it from Frankie: You can love a whole category of women, and I most definitely do: Hookers. I could give you a hundred reasons why I love 'em, one skillful blowjob in the front seat of my cab or one quick hot fuck in the back seat at a time. But this isn't about "love" in the way I love big dogs and baseball and homemade lasagna. It's about Love with a capital L. Stupid Love at that. It's about Kat.

I'd just driven Kat from Geary, the street she was working, to the motel in Oakland where she was living,... Continue»
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My New Man

After the park fuck I was feeling like plenty of black dick, it somehow outdoors made me really horny and I was playing with my clit in my pants looking at some new guys on my contact site. I teased a few lads online and then in the end made my choice. A young fit rasta boy, he is 22 yo, over 6 foot and not too experienced. I usually don't do so young as they may get clingy and want more love than I can give..lol. Got to leave old Mick something!!!
Anyway James fitted the bill for a good deep fuck in my randy pussy. He had shown me his manhood on his web cam and it was what this Lady demands... Continue»
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Monster mexican load of cum

I decided I'd share some of more memorable sex stories in which I was a total slut for cock for you all to enjoy. I can swear all of my stories are 100 percent true and this is one of my more interesting ones I can still vividly remember....

Last year I was visiting Denver and I decided while in town I'd post an ad on craigslist looking to suck some cock and have some fun. I had always loved watching porn where the guy would unleash just a huge load of cum so I was very specific in my ad that I was looking for someone that was a big cummer to hook up with. I got several replies from guys... Continue»
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Becoming Madison_cd,s Daddy

We had an unexpected power cut at work SO AT 1.30PM the boss told us to go home which was nice it would allow me to spend some time with madison.
I drove on to the drive at home and saw that the curtians in the living room were drawn we never draw the curtians in the living room could we have
someone trying to rob the house .
I decided to sneak thru the back door and try and suprise them. As i came to the living room door I could hear groaning it was coming from the TV I
slowly quietly as a could opened the door and there was the back of Madisons head on the couch.
I co... Continue»
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Sharing Her II + III

He was at the bar as I’d hoped. It was our regular hangout, and I was hoping for an exciting night. We had talked more about getting together again, but hadn’t made it happen for quite awhile. The evening was pleasant, he and I were dressed casually, but nicely. My wife was wearing a dress, heels and sheer pantyhose. She often does her nails in red, and wears red lipstick with it. There is something about the red color that arouses the primal in men, it’s like a sexual neon sign saying “Come fuck me”. She enjoys being looked at, appreciated, desired. I knew he would find her desirable, he had... Continue»
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horny fantasy

as chat through emails secretly with out your boyfriend knowing you decide that you want to meet up you ask me where i like to go i reply with maybe we could just for a drive so you make up reason to get out of the house for a bit you tell your husband your popping to your s****rs for a couple of hours he goes okay babe so you get in your car an set off but as you get to the end of the road you notice that your boyfriend is following you but you dont pay much attention to it you see me an pull up i jump in saying hi an give you a nice kiss on your lips we set off driving up by the country side... Continue»
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Sharing Her

Sharing Her
  The first time I kissed her I knew she was incredibly hot. She had had some bad experiences with men before our dating, and had been celibate for several years. What a waste!  I was recovering from a really bad marriage, and the two of us hit it off. After sl**ping together several times, I decided to test her limits.   In a club I'd stand behind her at the table (they were about as high as a regular bar) and finger her from behind, making her cum.  We would drink and dance until time to go home, then go to the car. Sometimes I'd tie her up in the car, and we would role play th... Continue»
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First time creampie couple

I was recently in Montreal on business, and I took the opportunity to find two fun couples online in hopes of a hot bi three way. The first I'll tell you about is a married couple (not married to each other) that are actually coworkers who registry fuck at work. They sent me several a pics of them having fun at work, her flashing him her pussy under the desk and even some creampies.

We emailed back and forth on what we'd like to do, and my goal was set to enjoy her freshly creamed pussy. He was very excited by this and had never had any male interaction before. On the day we planned to mee... Continue»
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Becky' s After School Surprise

I drove slowly up to the stop sign looking up and down the road for traffic. The bus passed in front of me from left to right, it was empty and the driver probably wanted to be at home or somewhere else other than the country road he was driving down. He was probably just as glad to be rid of the crowd of brats her had to drive around every day after school. The red tail lights disappeared over a rise in the road, just a swirl of rain and mist behind him.
It had been raining all afternoon and I waited for the wet mist thrown up by the bus to c... Continue»
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The guys were all jealous. Kelly had been described to me as a girl with a great personality and a lot of fun... so naturally, we all assumed the worst. When I met her, I discovered that she was also absolutely gorgeous, with big brown eyes and long dark hair. Her body was astounding -- 5'7", great legs, cute butt, and nice big breasts. The guys drooled all over her.

Unfortunately, so did I. Because what they didn't know was that Kelly -- fun, beautiful, smart Kelly -- was about as interested in sex as she was in the fluctuation of the Japanese yen... not very.... Continue»
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She is in her mid 30`s, married woman, mother of a c***d. Her husband has a job that keeps him at least 7-8 months per year away from home, abroad, so she doesn`t really get any. Plus, even when her husband is home, she is not very interested in having some with him, since she doesn`t feel attracted to him anymore. The only sexual stuff she lets him do to her is lick her in her pussy and give her a little bit of oral pleasure, and she sucks his cock too, rarely (maybe once in an year), and never lets him cum in her presence, when the load is about to come sending him to the bathroom to finish ... Continue»
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F/M He Deepthroats my dildo!

“Eric, kneel down before me” I command.

“Do you want to swallow this cock?” before Eric has a chance to utter a word i grab a handful of his hair and jerk his head back exposing his long slender throat. A small breath of air escapes his lips. Almost a like a small moan of pleasure. I put a hand over his whole throat. “Swallow Eric, i want to feel that apple bob!” His throat struggles a bit to make a complete swallowing action, as his throat is totally stretched back. Little sounds of squish from deep within the throat sound like music to my ears. I kiss the side of his neck, just where two ... Continue»
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my first time dressing

Since people keep asking here it is....
When I was a teen I would do chores for a neighborhood guy,he was much older than my own dad.Was probly after a month or two when he made his move on me.He began to wrestle around and tickle me and at this point I was comfortable with him and played along.It was normal at that age to play that way.Then all of a sudden he put his hand down my pants and started stroking my cock.I had a instant erection..I always had an erection at that age.Sometimes just walking down the street my dick would be hard and id find a place ... Continue»
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New Toy Glory Saddle

A husband comes up with an idea for a sex toy that his
wife is interested in introducing during one of her
girl's nights that she frequently holds at their home.
And he gets to demonstrate it to her and her friends.
(M/F+, oral, glory)


My wife loves to have her home based businesses. She's
sold cooking items, candles, decorative signs and bags.
For all these adventures she's had parties at our home
with groups of women coming to see what the latest craze
in her home based businesses is all about.

But the one business I was most excited to have her try
selling ... Continue»
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Pussy Glory

I'm having my morning coffee and scanning the Sunday newspaper; she comes in all wrinkled after her sl**p BUT FRESH and in her nightie. She bends over a bit and gives me the morning kiss. I kiss her back grabbing her waist with my left hand, lifting her nightie with my right and sticking my head inside her nightie; she smells GOOD. I kiss her stomach softly and smell the sweet smell of her still naked pussy. She's clean shaven with just a bit of pubic hair on her pelvis.

I'm not letting her go and just ask her to play along. I'm moving aside my empty cup and newspaper, push back my chair a... Continue»
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The Classes Day Trip to HIS Dairy!

The Classes Day Trip to HIS Dairy!

It was spring time and the c***dren of Lory's class were supposed to go
on a nature day outing.

All the class were excited about it and they desired to visit Lory's

They all remembering the cool exhibit that Lory and her DAD put on
earlier in the school year.

Ms. Appleton's sudden departure afterward had necessitated her
replacement by Mrs. Gunther, but no one blamed that on Lory.
p**o files are everywhere, who would of guessed.

So Lory's FATHER arranged for a luxury bus and one of his drone's
to be th... Continue»
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Ruined sissy slut - a night of fisting.

I took another long and luxurious sniff of the poppers, held it in for the count of ten and exhaled.

My bl**d quickened, my heart seemed to move, closer up into my head, as her gloved fingers started slapping my hole.

Again, another deep huff.

My head was like a big bass drum, overwhelming me, intoxicating me, as she slathered the minty vapour-rub over my cunt.

Three more times I sniffed, hearing her liberally apply the j-lube onto her hands.

A devilish sluttiness took over me and I started thrusting my butt back, clenching and unclenching my hole, wanting desperately to be... Continue»
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