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A Walk in the Park

It's beautiful night out as we walk through the park together arm in arm. We have just finished having a great evening out together including dinner, wine, and a stunning lady sitting across the table from me. As we are walking home together I can't help but admirer your sexy body and how amazing you look tonight in that short skirt. My mind drifts to seeing your wet pussy under that skirt and how I wish I could just take you right here in now. The sound of your voice pulls me back to reality as you lead me over to a park bench. We have a seat as I put my arm around and hold you close against ... Continue»
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Clay Comes to sunny Southern California

After my trip I got back home and into work, the gym, the new guy who moved into my complex, and frankly, kind of forgot that Clay had wanted to visit. He had never told me any specifics about when he would be coming to town, if his Dad, Nate or Coach were also coming. One afternoon as I was leaving the gym after a great workout and rough spin class, I was starved, and got a text from Clay saying that he was at the college, went to some classes, got a tour, and was going to work out with the team until around 7, and he would be over after that. He ended with an apology for short notice, ... Continue»
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Mature Sexy Wife Gets SWAPPED PART 1

Having a rather sexy mature wife (55) has its advantages and of course some disadvantages. A size 12 with a sexy look and a fucking slut in the bedroom. If you like the loud, vocal, screaming type then my wife is the one for you. About a year ago I was pounding her pussy one night and she could not get enough. I was on top, then she was on top. I fucked, pounded, fingered, ate that horny sexy pussy for about 45 minutes and she wanted much more. I unloaded in her pussy while she was on top and after filling that pussy with all kinds of hot Italian cum she looks at me and says " How hot would it... Continue»
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Two good friends... (Barbara) Part 1

(This happens to be a wet dream... it is a work of fiction.... )

I arrived to her house early enough on a Saturday morning, rang the bell and got her answer.. "who is it? is it my lover?"

I said, "no it is the plumber, I came to check some pipes..."

Then the main entrance opened with a buzz, and there she was in the house entrance "come on in, the problem is in the kitchen" smiling at me.

Barbara is a 6'1" slim brunette, with a lovely set of 34 c boobs and a nice size 7 panties. Very long legs complement her great body. She is a widow for now 7 years and has two boys. She and... Continue»
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Public pantyhose masturbating again.

After the last wanking session in the woods with my friend where we had the added excitement of being watched we decided that a third person in pantyhose watching us and joining in would be even better. How to find that third person? The answer? Xhamster. I checked out lots of people's profiles who seemed to live in a reasonable distance of us and finally settled on one who seemed to fit the bill. After exchanging several messages and some private pics he agreed that he would like to meet with us, so we arranged a date and time. The day came and I dressed as usual in my sheer to the waist tan ... Continue»
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The Massage

I'd spent 4 days at the gym after work and my muscles were so, so sore. I had seen a massage place in Osborne Park and thought I would go a get some help. It looked like any normal massage place and when I went in they led me to a room that was much larger than any massage room I'm used to. It had a couch, beautiful lighting and amazing music playing. I took my clothes off, I'd just shaved every where so my balls and cock felt amazing on the towel as I laid down.

The door opened and shut quietly. I had my face down on the massage table so I couldn't see anything. As she walked past though I... Continue»
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Cocksucker Blues

Cocksucker Blues
By Linda Laving

It was open mike night in the club, and I was in the closet that passed as a
dressing room on my knees as the owner, a 30-something Italian guy, grunted
and I felt the warmth flood my mouth as he drained his thick musky cum onto
my tongue.
I sucked out the last few drops when he was done and swallowed down the
mouthful, which joined the previous four I'd already consumed that evening
and felt it sliding down my throat on the way to my stomach.

I was already dressed for the show in a black leather mini skirt and black
leather knee length boots wi... Continue»
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When did I realize I enjoyed sharing?

So I've been asked a few times over the years by friends, girlfriends, and other guys that have gotten to enjoy my girlfriends exhibitionism from time to time, "How did you get into this?" or "When did you realize you liked watching your girlfriend pleasing other guys?".

I think the first way I should answer that to let you know that I have always been a sharer. If I had something that other people liked or wanted or enjoyed then I enjoyed sharing it with them. Even when I was a k**. I grew up in the Nintendo era, and as k**s we would always trade games with the other neighborhood k**s I wa... Continue»
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#muse...#moments....#creativity ....#words

It was with the familiar mask of warmth that buffeted her pristine features that she began to stir. The morning rays of sunlight had crept through her window and infiltrated past her curtains, shining onto her beautiful face and basking it in a glow that almost made her look like divinity. Her eyelids began to flutter open, quickly blinking away the blurriness of the deep sl**p that took her whilst her spine contorted and arched into a lazy stretch underneath the covers. She felt the deliciously soft fabric of her covers rub over her flesh, prompting a sl**py grunt to rush past her luscious li... Continue»
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More of Sarah (My Girlfriends Mom)

In my favorite overstuffed chair in the living room thinking of what has transpired the last week with breaking up with Cindy and the new found relationship I have gained with Sarah, Cindy’s mom. A week ago we had made love so many times I couldn’t be sure on the count? I had sequestered myself between my house and the boat I needed time to put the situation in order in my own head! The phone rang bringing me out of my day dreams, with no one else was home I had to get up and answer it. It was Sarah asking, would it was alright if she came by to visit? I said it was OK, she said about a half ... Continue»
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Used in Public pt. 1

"They were staring at me... the whole walk home..." She was still blushing, her gaze only lifting from the floor to his every so often, unable to maintain the eye contact. She was sitting on the edge of the couch, her mostly bare legs pressed together tightly to keep herself from squirming, her arms folded beneath her breasts. Her arms pressed them together, framing them in the dangerously low cut shirt, accentuating her cleavage. The same shirt he'd had her walk home in, spend her whole day in.

"Oh? Did anyone say anything..?" He was smirking, but his voice was soft, and she could... Continue»
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On the Playground

I locked the doors to my work and headed out for what would be a night to remember. This was the first time that I would be able to see a band that I had loved so much for 5 years. There was a slight chill in the air as the wind rushed past my face, but otherwise it was a beautiful night. I was slightly embarrassed, I did not have time to change for the show, and I had worn something that I felt was conservative enough for work but ok enough to wear to a show.

This would be my first time ever going to a concert alone, and I felt nervous. My friends either had to work or didn’t have enough m... Continue»
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Russian Woman


d***k, horny, older lady. A woman with brown eyes, a thick accent, short black hair and beautiful saggy handfuls of breast. Smoking outside the local pub drinking some whisky and she recognizes me. We chat for a while, small talk. I had recently broken up with my ex whom tore my fragile emotions of love .. However, it's not all doom and gloom.

I walk her home and she invites me inside, it's very utilitarian and quiet. She'd lost her husband some years prior and I think she needed some hot, manly, rough love. I ask her if she's okay, she replies "I wouldn't mind some compa... Continue»
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Husband become a slave

I had my husband tied to the bed, as he claimed he loved to be. I timed my
bobs to correspond with his thrusting hips. John's cock, purple with need,
slid in and out of my wet, red-lipsticked lips effortlessly. My fingers
encircled his shaft, stroking in time with my mouth and urging him to cum.
"Oh God!" he cried. "I am gonna cum!" My response wasn't spoken, because
that would require me to break suction from his cock. Instead, I hummed a
pleasurable sound that conveyed my willingness to accept his sperm. I felt
his cock swell as cream flowed through the shaft, and knew that it w... Continue»
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I worked nightshift in Chicago as a doorman and bouncer at a local bar. The nights were usually eventful enough that you noticed a lot of what went on on the streets. One of the local legends was a bag lady named "Mailbox Mary".

Mary was only about five feet tall. She looked to way about ninety pounds. Her age was not easily guessed, as she was so jaded with age and dirt that you couldn't really make an accurate guess. At first glance, you could guess her as anywhere from 35 to 50. She was that far gone.

On each Wednesday, we at the door gathered our money for her nightly visit. She'd ... Continue»
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Degraded Sissy

fondamaid asked: Hi. Sorry it's been a while. I haven't dressed and I felt a little odd sending you a note while in men's clothing. Today I'm dresses, corseted, and locked up. I'm just not sure how long I'll keep myself locked up. I did finally get baby oil to use though and the cage is more comfortable because of it. I thought lube would work fine, but I was wrong. Now I'm all sissied up and wondering what I should do. Part of me thinks I should practice pleasing real men.

I hope that, when you are dressed in mens clothes you are always wearing stockings or pantyhose with panties undeneat... Continue»
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Compulsive masturbators

Anonymous asked: can any man be turned into a sissy, even if at the start he really doesnt want it

I don’t know. I suppose it all depends on their mental fortitude. But I imagine after prolonged f***ed chastity, the male mind will grow weak to influence and suggestion if it means the reward of sexual release. If the influence and suggestion at the time is that of feminization and bi/homosexuality, combined to exposure of related erotic images, video, and art, I’d assume that even the strongest man has a breaking point. Testosterone is a funny thing. Considering everything it represents to m... Continue»
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The best surprise

Ever since Todd had learned I have dated other women he has been hounding me to have a threesome. I am into the idea but neither of us knew any women who we would want to join us. We have talk about getting an e****t but just nothing has come of it yet.
Well looking on our local Backpage I was always drawn to the TS ads. I've always thought trans women were beautiful and alluring. The combination of the femininity of their curves and the masculinity of their cocks is just so incredibly sexy. I would often fantasize about having a threesome with Todd and a Trans woman.
The idea of watching hi... Continue»
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Barebacked By Older Pervert named Vinicius

Hello Xhamster.
Long time I do not post stories.
I hope my English has improved and have more time to post more fun experiences.
A lot has changed since my last story, I work full time and travel a lot inside the country.
In these travels, I have the chance to be slutty without worrying about a person from my city discovering.

So I am in Fortaleza, in the north of Brazil. I arrived Monday and will return to my home city on Friday. After a very long Monday, arriving in the hotel late, I decided that I needed some crazy fun last night. After work, I went to my hotel, took a shower and pu... Continue»
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My favorite memory with my ex-wife.

My ex is tall(5'10") with long legs, very skinny(110lbs), small breasted(small B cup) dirty blonde with very big feet(size 11 womens, I love a woman with big feet). Just the way I like my women. The only negative thing I will say about her body is she has a flat butt. I do like a little shape to the butt, but she has everything else I love physically in a woman.

We had been married for about 6 years and it was the mid 80's. Once in a while she would dress up in a pretty dress, garter and stocking with seams down the back. She would put on a tall pair of white pumps which made her even tall... Continue»
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