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The Party

Let's go back in history. It's important to know some few historical facts in order to appreciate this story. We are talking about St Petersburg 1991. The Soviet Union had just crumbled and construction plans for the new Russia were on the way. I'm running a security detail in Russia's second city. it's a large hotel project and I live in a small building on the building site, inside the fenced perimeter. The actual physical protection is done by the Russian militia, the local police department's own security branch.
Now, the Russian police were by then corrupt, very corrupt, and they had bee... Continue»
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Panty story found in web

I was house sitting my girlfriends (now ex girlfriend) f****y house for a night while they went to see f****y. I had to work so couldn't go with them...

Bit of background first: So my ex gf had a s****r that was a couple of years older and very attractive. I'd also heard from rumours that she was a slut although she was good as gold with me and nothing flirty or anything ever happened until one time... I ended up seeing her on a night out and both d***k, we went over to each other and started chatting about things we shouldn't (Can't remember what was said exactly)and it got a bit flirt... Continue»
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kate Wednesday night

I got home and carried out Kate's instructions
Kate phoned and said she might be late, but sally would be coming round to drop some stuff off,
What are you doing she asked,
Just watching telly I replied,
OK I shouldn't be long just a late appointment
I watched telly for a hour, the bell rang
It was sally, I invited her in and made her a drink
Sally put down two carrier bags and we went into the garden and just chatted
She was wearing her work uniform, a black skirt , grey blouse with yellow piping round the collar,she had black tights and flat shoes
She lit a cigarette and crossed... Continue»
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Cuckolded sissy slut

My partner was a really kinky bitch. I remember going to her house and having wild sex all weekend; sucking on her tits and pussy, and fucking her all weekend long. On the Saturday night she stuck a finger in my arse and I was suddenly changed. It all escalated from then on in.

That first finger had hit the spot, causing me to crumble. My legs were spread as she fingered my hole.

'Get up,' She said, and I did.

She guided me so I was facing away from her. I was watching her in the mirror, as she proceeded to finger my hole whilst she jerked me off, looking directly into my eyes.
... Continue»
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CDSISSY first time sucking&fucking

It's was my first time alone at home, I got some weed from my friend.
Smoke a big fat bowl got so high start to clean my room,so I start in the closet
I spot a gym bag so open it and in side was some girls pantys & bra's
Plus stockings, min skirt, dress ,and some sexy hot l(ong)
I start to get horny my dick got hard as I look at those girly clothes,
I site down on my bed pull at my hard dick grade a red hot panty's
Stock my dick god it felt so good,
About that time something in side my mind seid hay put on the pantys
So I did,and i felt good the I put on the red bra at went with t... Continue»
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My first meeting...

After some persuading I had agreed to meet with Len. He was going to be on holiday in Spain, and I was there with my yacht.
We agreed to meet at the marina bar and see what happens.

When we eventually met up, I knew all I wanted was his cock, but I needed to be in control, and as he has a severe stockings fetish, I was wearing the right clothes to entice him into my way of thinking.

After a quick chat and few drinks we went back to my yacht, as we started to kiss and just as we got into the bedroom I grabbed some used stockings from the floor. The first I placed over Len’s head. Nex... Continue»
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Finding Out: The Hard & Fun Way

bisexual - dildo

I woke up early and there was a blizzard out. My wife was away at a meeting in California. I was back home in New Hampshire. There was four feet of snow. I made a fire so that I could keep warm. Fortunatly, the power was on and I started up the computer and began to read some porno and chat with some people on Literotica.com. The phone rang, it was work saying that they closed down for the day. Meaning that I had a four day weekend because that Monday was MLK Jr. Day. I knew my wife wouldn't be back until Saturday afternoon, if she was lucky, meaning the storm would ... Continue»
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The Maltapost girl & her little Ass

I’m a coffee addict, everybody knows that. What they don’t know is the amount of effort I put in online purchases to try keep my Maltese teeth stain free. Any toothpaste with whitening on it. I don’t really know what the post lady thinks, whenever she delivers her packages which to be honest is quite often but I don’t really care. She’s been on my mind for weeks. Something about their lean hard working no bullshit manor makes me grow in places. The type of bitch who just wants to cum quickly so she can get on with the rest of her daily boring route delivering undesired’s. The seed had been pla... Continue»
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Bikini Boy

boy in panties – bisexual threesomes - bisexual lust – s****rs' panties – boy on boy sexfest – crossdressing pleasure – luscious girl on girl sex – secret lingerie stash

I was the boy my father had hoped for after 3 daughters before me. Life in our suburban middle class two-story house was as normal as anyone else's. My dad was a loving father bringing me up and doing the things a father likes to do with his son – baseball, fishing, camping, working the garage. Then came the divorce. The fights, the yelling & screaming about the "other woman" resounded through the house & the k**s tr... Continue»
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Ein halbes Jahr im Leben eines Dedektives

Auf meinem Schreibtisch türmten sich die Rechnungen. Es war ein Fehler
gewesen, in dieses Büro zu gehen. Es war sehr Schicki-Micki, und viel zu
teuer. Ich hatte mir mehr davon versprochen, Aufträge von einer besseren

Und ich wollte diese Überwachung von Ehemännern loswerden, denn das war
fast ausschließlich mein täglich Brot gewesen. Im Auto stundenlang vor
einer Wohnung zu sitzen war nicht unbedingt das, was ich mir als
Detektiv erträumt hatte.

Meine Sekretärin war ich mittlerweile los, weil ich mir das Gehalt nicht
mehr leisten konnte. Statt dessen jobbte eine Jura Studentin bei ... Continue»
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Cat Burglar Part II - The Next Morning...

(Note- you'll have to read the first part to remind yourself where we left our couple...we'll start with the very end of the last scene)

With that, he abandons all resistance. He lies back as she lowers her mouth onto his raging, fevered manhood. He clutches her hair desperately, winding his fists in it and holding her there, as if still afraid she might try to escape. He could reassure himself by pushing his fingers into her hot, wet, needy pussy. She’s going nowhere but down on his big stiff cock. But he's beyond that now, he's helpless, unable even to think about dominating her. She suck... Continue»
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Slacking Off

Kelly rolled out of her bed and looked at the clock. “Oh no,” she gasped. “I’m going to be late again!” She then waved her hand at the clock and chuckled to herself. “She’ll never know. I’ll just go in the side entrance, just like the last ten times I went in late.”

She took her time getting ready. Fussing with her hair in several different styles. Then she opened up her laptop and watched a couple dozen silly cat videos. She watched one in particular several times of that Japanese cat Maro trying to squish himself into a tiny little box again. She looked at the time and finally de... Continue»
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Transformed Into A Shemale

crossdresser – leather – virgin – shemale – lingerie – thrusts deeply – clad cock – tight denim

I was 18 when I first had sex with a man. This is the story....

I am a very hot looking guy. I say that knowing that some may consider me vain, or arrogant, but over the years I have had so many women and men tell me how fine I am, that I know it is true. I am 35, blond and blue eyed, 6'1," 180lbs, with a tan athletic body and a 7" beautiful cock. I have been dressing up as a sexy girl ever since I was 18 years old and had my first experience with a man. The following is how it all star... Continue»
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Susanna Francessca photoshoot

Thanks to Mark for this story about his photoshoot with Susanna Francessca, which shows what a fantastic exhibitionist she is…..

“It’s great to see so many pictures and videos of Susanna Francessca on your channel, Kevin. I did a photoshoot of her at her studio in Warwick, several years ago. Now, I like shaved pussies. Not just the girl’s pussy lips, but totally shaved. A friend told me about Susanna and her studio and gave me her mobile number. I phoned her up and asked her, if I paid her a bit more, if she would shave her pussy completely for me. She was up for it, no problem, so I... Continue»
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My hot times with a huge SSBBW

This is a true story of my multiple hook ups with a sexy ssbbw.

I met a super sexy SSBBW girl on a dating site named Kelly and we started chatting. I love big girls and she had a beautiful voluptuous body with long red hair and I instantly had the hots for her. She had nice big tits, a big sexy belly with soft rolls that made my cock turn rock hard thinking about running my hands up and down her body while squeezing and licking those rolls. Her thighs were so thick and soft, which drove me crazy thinking about spreading her juicy thighs apart and wedging my hips in between them to g... Continue»
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My hook ups with a sexy SSBBW

This is a true story of my multiple hook ups with a sexy ssbbw.

I met a super sexy SSBBW girl on a dating site named Kelly and we started chatting. I love big girls and she had a beautiful voluptuous body with long red hair and I instantly had the hots for her. She had nice big tits, a big sexy belly with soft rolls that made my cock turn rock hard thinking about running my hands up and down her body while squeezing and licking those rolls. Her thighs were so thick and soft, which drove me crazy thinking about spreading her juicy thighs apart and wedging my hips in between them to g... Continue»
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Couldn't cum with shaved gal, came hard with

When I was in college in the late 1990's, pussy shaving, at least as far as I had noticed, had first become an 'in' thing for females to do. I had hooked up with some of these 'pioneers,' and while I never preferred them to their full bushed counterparts, I was able to perform. My junior year I lived at a popular college apartment building. Kind of like Melrose Place, where the guys and gals all got to know one another and there was a lot of messing around. One night, I got together with a gal on my floor, Carrie. She was cute and though she was technically older than me by about 4 month... Continue»
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Anal Sex, after giving birth, with a stranger

Six weeks was the prescribed timing after giving birth, obviously due to the healing process for my internal vaginal health.

It kicked off when I was breast feeding my daughter in a small room down the corridor, when a young guy entered and watched me feed.

He was dressed like a porter and I assumed, was in the employ of the hospital. I watched him as he busied himself around me, and wondered if he should be in there in the first place, but deep inside I was excited, knowing my breast feeding was turning him on, and at one point, when my daughter made a slurping sound he turned and I pu... Continue»
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Fun Contest

Written by PM on 07-09-2015

07-06-2015 20h:

I'm come back from pool ...
Another fun time !
I edge in cubicle before going to shower (I have a big spot on swimsuit ... LOL ... but nobody see it ...)
With my red swimsuit, I catch attention !
Two guys (+/- 20y) ask me if I work here. I say no but I know well the mouth to mouth (bouche à bouche / réanimation in french), with my best slutty face ... They turn red quickly ... We talk about. They don't have girlfriend, so I propose to have fun with them.
We go to the toilets (a big for handicaped), and to make them hard, I ... Continue»
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Frat's Bitch II

I felt so vulnerable. He came and ruined my life in under 40 minutes. I had nightmares about having to stare at his cock. Nightmares about when he rubbed my spit and his cum all over my face. When I had to lick his hairy balls. And just the thought that he's got it all on camera, made me sick to my stomach. I was praying, hoping that that's all he wanted me to do, that maybe I would just have to buy him shit if he asked or something. I didn't see him for a week, I gave up going to the frat meet ups, I didn't want to be apart of it any more. I was trying to cheer up by playing some games when I... Continue»
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