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Black Nylons & High Heels

The first time that I remember, is that when a friend of my mother’s had come over to the house to give her a permanent. She was in her late twenties, single, medium build, a pair of sexy legs, red full mouth and I was horny and in a constant state sexual arousal . She kept smiling at me and licking her lips while giving my mother a permanent. I think it was because I kept staring at her sexy High-Heeled legs. She was wearing a very Tight Fitting Red Sweater, Black Form Fitting Skirt, Black Nylons and Ivory Spiked 4+ Inch High Heels. Karen (a fictitious name) knew she had me as a captive ... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 6

Xena was kept in her cell for forty eight hours, always chained and receiving repeated healing treatment. She was amazed and mortified at how quickly the cruel weals disappeared, preparing her flesh ready for yet more punishment. On the next day, Xena was loaned to Flavia for the day... for her entertainment. Venetia was only too happy to do this for the pretty young Courtier who had suffered so cruelly when Xena had been on the throne. In the usual fashion, on all fours, with chains attached to her nose and nipple rings, Xena was led to Flavia’s quarters. She had been told where she was going... Continue»
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Michelle the maid

As michelle awakes bound in her bounds for her sl**p. She had slept with a vibrating plug on all night, chastity and ballet heels.
Mistress carmen walk into the room, "i hope your ready for you day today my sissy slut you got a big day today." Mistress unbuckles michelle bounds. "Now slut we need you to get changed and prepared for master and house duties. In the bathrom will be your outfit for the day."
Upon walking into the bathroon struggling with her ballet heels michelle sees a maiden uniform laid out for her. She get changed into her latex maiden uniform. When michelle had finished get... Continue»
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Cum Eating made easy (CEI guide with no acrobatics

This post is dedicated to all of those, like me, that have fantasized about eating their own cum. This kind of fetish is something really, really hot and kinky, and I know that most of you are already excited and in... mmmh tension, I guess. And I also know that most men who indulge in such a fantasy have often chickened out as soon as they experienced their orgasm. All lust gone, all desire of a thick load in their mouth gone. Of course there are already an awful lot of CEI videos out there that have methods to ease the balance between desire and the act itself.

[image]http://ep0.xhcdn.com... Continue»
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First time with father (Fiction)

This story is fiction and wasn't written by me.

Melody pulled on her bikini, even tho her pussy was still dripping with her b*****rs cum she was extremely horny. She left the room and returned outside to the pool, enjoying her b*****rs stickiness between her legs. Even though she had just had some of the best sex of her life she wanted more. But her b*****r had passed out from enjoyment, and her mom was gone. So she sat by the poolside horny with no one to fuck. She looked around and seeing nobody she pulled back her bikini to see her b*****rs’ jizz messily sticking to her, and it tu... Continue»
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The Annual Black Friday Party

For sometime now they have labeled the day after Thanksgiving "Black Friday". As it is defined, it is the day where retail merchants get out of the red and back into the black as sales and profits go up due to start of the Christmas Season.

Well, friends of ours we met in 2012 started a tradition of their own with an annual Black Friday party. There is nothing about this party that has anything to do with retail merchants or money. This party was originated for like minded people to get together dressed only in black attire to have some really sexy fun. As I stated previously the one ru... Continue»
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Never Saw His Face The Game crossdresser fantasy

never seen his face the game

here i was sitting parked in my car at my destination it had just gone
one am as i looked at my phone waiting for it to ring five minutes went
past then it rang i answered to a low quiet voice thats me entering the
high street go to location il be there in five minutes i hope your be
ready gave me a few extra orders
i opened my car door picked up my bag got out and closed the door and
got out thinking to myself how did i get here and was it really
happening remembering how it all starting from the begining

it was a sunday afternoon and i was looking th... Continue»
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Steve & Stephane

For as long as Steve could remember he never knew where this fetish came from. There was a part of him that thinks it was growing up in a house full of women. Being the only male made it rough but at least he had his own room when he got older. His three older s****rs had to share because they were at least the same sex.

Living with Stephanie made it all the harder for him to do this, but he found his ways. Thankfully sometimes they would work off schedules so she would be at work and he would have the apartment to himself. Today was one of those days. He was off and she was going to work. ... Continue»
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Wife caned for Husband's mistake...

My lovely Wife and I were invited to a Halloween fancy dress party by our good friends Danny and Judy, now I love my sexy little Wife Emily but I have to say I've always fancied Danny's Wife Judy, she's a beautiful bubbly blond babe, who always gives me the glad eye when she's had a few...too many...

My togder was tingling with excitement watching my Wife Emily dressing up in her sexy little 'naughty' St Trinian's school girl outfit, she pretended to be annoyed every time I flicked her short swirl skirt up and copped an eyeful of her lovely round curvy scantily panty clad bottom but I knew ... Continue»
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How I was made a sissy. True story

I've been dating this girl for about two and half years now. I haven't felt her tight pussy on my dick in about two years though. See, the problem is I have a tiny dick. About 4.5 inches tiny. When my girlfriend and I started having sex, she was nice about it. But the first time we had sex wasn't fulfilling for her, and it just got worse from there.

Our First Time

We were in the living room watching TV at my house. She changed the channel and one of those late night NC17 pornos came on. She said, "I love these, they are so stupid but we have to watch." I instantly became aroused. After ... Continue»
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Couples massage (part 2)

Continued story...

When the massage was over I walked back into the mens locker room to shower and change clothes. Totally naked I turned around to see the woman who didn't complete my massage glaring at me. "You know....you've got some nerve!"

"Excuse me?" I replied.

With her hands on her hips and her face red she made herself clear: "You heard me. I'm a professional, licensed massage ther****t and not some cheap bimbo at some seedy underground establishment. And you're wife was even in the room, you lowdown cheater."

I chuckled and looked her over, walking towards her in all my ... Continue»
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A Christmas Present

I work the evening shift, so I do not see much that goes
on in our neighborhood. Last Wednesday, when I got home
from work, Sally, my wife, said, "We have to go see how
the neighbors have decorated for Christmas."

I changed my clothes and we started walking the
neighborhood. Some had lights on timers, and they had
shut down for the night, but on the next block, our
friends Jenny and Tom still had their lights on, and
they were standing on their front porch.

Sally and I looked at the lights and went up to the
porch to talk to them for a minute or two. Tom hugged
Sally, a... Continue»
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The Chain Trick

• A length of chrome-plated ¼” proof or stainless steel coil chain
• Rubbing alcohol
• Dish soap
• Lube
Caution: If you use chrome-plated chain, be sure it is chrome-plated and not galvanized and is new; do not use old chain. Do not use nickel-plated or anything other than chrome-plated or non-plated stainless steel. Run your fingers over each link and look for welds that are not smooth. Reject any length with flaws. Rinse off the residue of the manufacturers oil with dish soap. Sterilize with alcohol but rinse it off before it comes into contact with her delic... Continue»
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Responsible Master

What makes someone a responsible "Master" (Dominant, Daddy) who inspires a "slave" (submissive, girl), drives a slave toward excellence, holds a slave accountable, and instills a sense of respect and trust?

Here are some things, as an "s" type, I feel makes a responsible "Master":
Self-control. A good Master has to become a master of self-discipline and self-control first! If you don't have control of yourself how will you ever control someone else?
Follow through. Although time consuming, you must be disciplined enough to be where you need to be, when you need to be there, whether you... Continue»
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The First Time

(This was taken from a story I began in text messages on a smart phone. I have included it here as it was written)


Maybe just a light finger ran down your neck?

I let my left hand move up the base of your neck, my fingers sliding into your silky hair, while my right hand is sliding down your back with just the slightest touch on your smooth skin.

As my whole left hand is moving through your hair, you give a slight shudder and in that moment I lock my hand with a fistful of hair and pull hard snapping your head back. You cry out as my right hand now at your lower back thrusts... Continue»
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My first strapon experience

I was a 20 year old college student who had broken up with my girlfriend of a couple years. We started talking and I had decided it was time to finally come clean bout my love for fetish. I told her I have had a dream that she was wearing a strapon and was fucking me and we both loved it. As time went on she got really into it and I told her my love for feet and my own cum. A week later and she was sending me pictures of herself wearing the strapon and playing with all the new toys she bought.

We haven't seen each other for about a month, so we made plans for us both to come home that w... Continue»
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Slut parties with a gang

Slut parties with a gang:

I remember quite vividly the time I met up with a guy that Liz and I had threesome with. I bumped into him whilst on a works night out and ended up in one of his friend’s flats with that same guy; two of his friends and the taxi driver….They gangbanged me in every hole like the filthy slut I am….I had been out acting my usual flirty slutty self... The crowd I was with were starting to disperse, I’d cockteased a few of the guys in the crowd earlier and had a few French kisses while the guys sneakily rubbed my tits and pussy through my clothing…though I did let one o... Continue»
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My Big Fat Farty Friend 3

Hello lovelies, it's Danni here again just in time for Christmas...though there's no way you could fit me down your chimney hehe!

I can't believe how much you all love my silly little anecdotes, but I'm so glad you do and I'm happy to share them here via my lovely mate.

So, when I last left you I was talking about the time I was trapped in a lift and how I stunk the place out before getting rescued by a very hunky very dishy fireman.

I'm going to tell you what happened next.

It was a couple of nights later when Brendan, that was the fireman's name, rang me. I'd just got in from wo... Continue»
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My Big Fat Farty Friend 4 : Festive Farts

I love Christmas. I love the presents, giving and receiving, I love catching up with folks and friends, I love lazing in front of the TV watching movies I've seen a dozen times before already and all the festive specials, but most of all I love the food.

Christmas Day saw me blitz everything on my plate. As is tradition I go back to the folks where mum lays on all the trimmings; turkey, roasted potatoes, mash potatoes, carrots and turnips, stuffing, pigs in blankets, parsnips and of course sprouts.

Not many people like sprouts. They kind of endure them for Christmas because its tradition... Continue»
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Whitney's Torment

Standing before the mirror Whitney marveled at her new more youthful self, her body miraculously restored to the firm toned sexy figure that had once caught the eye of the world’s premiere bondage and fetish photographers in the early 1990’s. Smiling Whitney pulled up her t-shirt and gleefully cupped her full firm breasts, which unlike the rest of her youthful figure still retained their impressive 38 DD size but without the aid of implants.
Sensing Whitney’s overwhelming delight at the sight of her restored youth, Lady Jenova’s ghostly envoy smiled with amusement as he allowed her a moment ... Continue»
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