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flashing my cock

I love to show women my dick. That's all there is to
it. Show me a woman, and I'll find a way to get her
to glance at my cock. I love it. It turns me on.
Especially if I'm hard, and they smile, or lick their
lips. I love the looks on their faces when they see my
cock, and then look away they pretend disapproval. And
when, after just a few seconds, they look back, and
squirm, I know that the disapproval is only for
propriety sake.

This story is about one of my many experiences at show
off my dick. This is about one of my most enjoyable
expeditions into exhibitionism.... Continue»
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Ex-wife had a fantasy P 2

We never followed up on the anal sex because we were divorced a few months later. We remained friendly after our divorce though, and after a couple of years, when neither of us were in a relationship, we'd get together occasionally for sex. We had better sex on these occasions than we did during most of our marriage.

I hadn't forgotten her fantasy and I had a similar one of my own. I wasn't interested in allowing some guy to put his cock into me. I was intrigued, however, by the thought of letting Tracy do it. Being taken anally by a woman had interested me ever since the episode with the... Continue»
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First In The Rear

You sure this won't hurt?" Mary asked again.

"Absolutely. All you have to do is push back, like you are trying to go, and relax. Things will be just fine. I slide in a little, let you have time to get used to it, and take it easy. You'll love it." At least he hoped he wouldn't hurt her. He had used enough K-Y. If she were too tense, it would hurt. If she relaxed and wanted to enjoy this, it wouldn't.

"God I hope so. I've heard about this enough."

"Girlfriends huh?" John said as he moved closer and smeared the lubricant all over his hard and ready cock.

"Yea. A few said there was no... Continue»
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Bit Rough

My previous sexual partner was a bit, shall we say, fragile. She talked a big game but whenever we had sex she would quite often split and it was quite painful for her.

After we split up and I started dating Jess, I was still used to being as gentle as humanly possible during sex that I didn't even realise that she wasn't enjoying our encounters as much as she could. Sure she orgasmed, always during foreplay and often from penetration, but I didn't realise how much better it could be.

One night we had been out at a friends and I had d***k several too many Stellas, I was a little wobbly a... Continue»
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90 Seconds of Lust

We walked into the elevator with a crowd of other people heading to the theater on the fifth floor. You stood in front of me, and I could smell your hair. I moved my face closer, noticing your luscious bare shoulder, and neck, and had to bite my tongue to stop from sinking my teeth into your flesh. I breathed the scent of your hair in deeply, and my cock surged and began to press against my jeans hard.

Everyone's eyes were glued to the numbers as we went up floor by floor, and I said to myself, 'Fuck it,' and slid my hand up over the waist band of your jeans, and slowly down towards your a... Continue»
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Shared Husband's cock with friend...

Dont feel shy...come on... hold it....feel it in your hands..It wont bite you.... " I was telling Reena, my close friend--- to hold his twitching cock and feel it...I had opened the zip of his pants and pulled out his cock from his briefs for her.......The young cock had already gone stiff, hard and was bobbling up and down in my hands...
Reena was my close friend. She was newly married but her Hubby was unable to penetrate her as his cock was tiny...She wanted to see how a strong virile cock looked...So I had invited her to our house and briefed Hubby in advance as to why she was coming to... Continue»
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Friends made me attend school with the egg vibrato

. Me, Rahul and Roy were good school friends...We used to share almost everything between us...We used to move together most of the time...
They used to take me to theaters and make me sit between them...As soon as the lights went dim, they used to play with my boobs and pussy and made sure, others watched...It would give me a strong kick..They used to place my hands on their young cocks and make me stroke them ....I loved their young cocks twitching nicely in my hands...And most of the times, the stroking of their cocks would f***e the cocks to spurt their cream.....I loved doing that... Continue»
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My Faggot Husband

This is how Marlon fucked my hubby last time… on his back, with his legs up, whimpering and wiggling underneath like a little bitch. Johnny always takes him from behind… he doesn’t want to see his face… but Marlon favors this position, which is perhaps more intimate.

The other difference… Marlon likes to grab my hubby’s penis, and jack him off, and is almost always considerate enough to let my husband fully ejaculate. There are times, though, when Marlon fucks him, and my hubby gets a little boner and spurts all over spontaneously without Marlon ever touching him. Is that a prostate thi... Continue»
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My fantasy for the perfect girl

   I want to make love to you, hard and long!  I want you to look into my eyes and no where else.  As we explore each others entire body we never close our eyes or look away.  The light is not too bright but they are on enough to see each other and our expressions.  I begin to work my way around you body with my hands, gently massaging your ample breast and supple ass.  I slowly remove your shirt and unclasp you green bra, looking up at you the entire time I begin to caress, lick and suck on your breast.
     As your shirt falls to the ground I lay you down,  as we continue to play and kiss y... Continue»
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The Home Cuming

Clive look around the room pleased with the results, chair positioned in the centre of the room with rope hanging from the back, gag and blind fold on the seat, second set of rope with pre tied loops hanging on the door handle to the room. Camera setup in the corner to record the subsequent action.

Sarah had been away for a few days visiting friends but they had keep in touch via Whatsapp, every night they discussed what they would get up to when she returned. Clive liked his new found freedom but the thought ... Continue»
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C-Bob grinned at himself in the bathroom mirror. Shiny teeth glinted in the yellow light and he narrowed his eyes in what he imagined was a steely, piercing and hot squint. Looking good, he told himself for the fifteenth time since he started getting showered and dressed. He couldn't resist looking downward at the heavy flaccid tube dangling between his thighs. It looked very realistic, thick veins coursing along the fat shaft, a bulbous dark-colored head bobbing several inches from perfectly spherical balls in a tight cockring's embrace. He shifted his hips and checked for slack in the s... Continue»
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David's punishment

David has always been a little odd. He never was good at expressing himself and his girlfriend Daphne was always really understanding of this fact. One day David made the mistake of dumping Daphne during a fight that was his fault anyway.

Well we all know how the saying goes; you don’t know what you have untiu’veu’ve lost it. David became really depressed and had noticed what if felt like to be without her. No one could make him feel like Daphne had, no one made him feel whole. So one day he got the courage up to talk to her again, and this is where our story begins.

David had first tal... Continue»
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Penny's First Day

It was Penny's first day at an exclusive finishing school for sluts. She proudly wore her new uniform and thought it made her look stunning, showing off her pretty cunt and her beautiful bare arse that could be just seen beneath her short pleated skirt. She paraded in front of the mirror admiring her new uniform and anticipating the day ahead with excitement.

Her journey here started some time back. She came from a well to do f****y, her father was a radiologist and her mother was an executive for a large software company. They had a nice home in the leafy suburb of Turramurra on Sydney's ... Continue»
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k**napped by an Alien Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Susi shifted her weight, moving her knees together. She felt the cold draft of the room on her exposed bottom and pussy. She saw Catherine grab another small chain and attach one end around her left knee and then bring it around her back. She brought the other end around her right knee and began to attach it. Catherine pressed a small lever on the chain and the slack began to pull on the chain behind her back. Susis knees began to bow outward. She tried to fight it, but the chain dug into her flesh, pulling her knees open.
“AAAGGGHH, no, don’t do that,” she begged, looking down a... Continue»
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Trophy wife

A story I wrote on another site:Trophy Wife My husband is a successful business man that is working more on his career than his wife. But he loves to use my olive Asian body as arm candy that he loves to show off at his business parties. My 34a breasts don't need a bra and wearing a thong, there are no visible lines under my tight black dresses. Prior to one of his parties I received a peculiar email: "I know your neglected. I see it in your eyes. I want to take that neglect and make it lust. I hope to see you at the party. The things I would do to you..." It was signed "Steven". I read and re... Continue»
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The sunbed shop chapter 1

This story is made by inspiration from lovegirlswhosuck's gallery about him owning a sunbed shop. Can you guess which girl it is?

The sunbed shop
Chapter 1

What should I do this weekend? I thought to myself, while sitting at a local cafe. I take a sip at my cold drink trying not to stare to much at the hot girl sitting a couple of tables from me. I love blondes especially those with big tits like she has. Her tiny top is super tight and gives a nice view of her cleavage too. Unfortunately she is not alone. Across from her is what appears to be her boyfriend, so no way I can ask her out... Continue»
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kate monday evening continued

Paul was really reluctant, but did what he was told ,
He turned and face me and started kissing me ,
Cuddle each other sally said,
We both responded
Kate stood up and placed hand cuffs on Paul's wrists, he didn't resist, he knew his objections would fall on deaf ears
Kate looked down ,
Why aren't you hard Paul, is it because girls are here , would you rather us leave so you can fuck Chris?
No I just want to leave Paul wimpered
Oh but you was OK sniffing our knickers, you had a hard on then, sally take your dirty knickers out of the bag
Sally passed the knickers to Kate
She held... Continue»
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18 SANDY a sluts day out

18 SANDY a sluts day out

Got to Germany around 11am, I was wearing a denim skirt white vest with jacket, G string in black and my black bra with my high heel flip-flops. Our host, Ralf, picked us up, made me sit in front of the car with him, no sooner had I shut the door, than he started kissing me.
Steve, really surprising me, by telling Ralf; “Go for it matey she begging for it!” This made my mind up straight away so peeled off my G string and I opened my legs Ralf took no time in sliding his hand up my leg and rubbing my clit as we kissed his tongue deep in my mouth for what seemed l... Continue»
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Well about 2 months ago, we made a friend on here a lady in Germany, who provided services we were looking for, money was high but after a few chats .we decided to go out there, she had advised me not to wash my pussy for at least 2 days before going.
Hubby and I flew over and were met by an older woman around 55 or 60, in tracksuit bottoms long jumper big tits her hair tied back dyed blonde with grey coming thru, rose tinted big sunglasses her name was Bridget, and she took us to a tatty old Volvo and drove us to an area a bit like Norfolk, flat wit... Continue»
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15 Advance to the a****l,

15 Advance to the a****l,
I have a friend, not everyone can say that, but I do and I met the lady on hamster. She refers to herself as a “total slut” which I don’t agree with, but there if that`s what she wants to be known as, fine by me.
Friends on hamster are a misnomer; I have registered on my profile 50 odd “Friends” one or two very odd as it happens, but only two I have that I think of as real friends, one a cross dresser in the USA, with whom I can share any inner thoughts and I hope he with me, this lady with who I have shared more than one climax, and another more of an acquain... Continue»
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