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A Deal is Struck

'Aw, I love my little bitch,' She said, as she ran her hands down my pink chemise and stockings, 'Do a spin for Mistress.'

Humiliated, but extremely turned on, I spun for my Mistress.

She clapped her hands, 'Very good! Now curtsy. Yes, very good sissy,' She grabbed me then and revealed her power by jamming her tongue down my throat. She grabbed my buttocks and squeezed them.

She pulled away and admonished me, 'Sissy! Put your arms around my neck like a girl when I kiss you!'

I did and she stuck her tongue in again, her hands spreading my cheeks uncomfortably.

When she had e... Continue»
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Toms camper

My heart pounding, I blushed and wanted to cry. No one has seen my private parts except my mother when she use to wash me. now I'm laying here my dick stiff in front of my new friend. "I'm sorry" I told him," it just does that". Tom smiled,"it's ok, I won't tell if you don't". He said." I started to feel better. " maybe I can help it if you want" he said. "Really" I said. I wiped my eyes. " can you make it stop hurting" I asked. He stroked my head,"I can try, so you mind if I touch it" he whispered. " ok, but you have to promise not to tell anyone". I told him. He kissed my forehead and said" ... Continue»
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written on 2015-08-08

Maybe one of my best experience.

To refresh the context. On this period, with my best friend we have try some things.
My last acquisition was a magic wand and a full lycra hood (total obscur).

She love playing with me. And I'm in total trust with her

We have not play again since some month (I was on couple in the meantime

We are at my flat in the evening.
The deal is if I refuse to do whatever, I will not have the right to cum tonight.
Nothing to eat, so we order pizza.
Waiting, we talk, and she want I show her some t... Continue»
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Unorthodox Fertility Clinic

Interracial, BBW, Cuckold, Impregnation, slight use of racial slur

Sally desperately wanted a baby. Unfortunately, Tom had limp swimmers. They tried everything, but didn't have success.

Her friend, Latisha, suggested a very unorthodox method. Her friend had a "clinic" that boasted a 80% success rate. While not exactly great numbers, Sally was willing to check out.

The clinic was not what she expected. But then again, there many things that would happen in the next few days that was unexpected.

As she entered through the back door of a two story house, she was led downstairs to... Continue»
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A Night On The Town

It was an oddly warm friday evening when I arrived at Mr. W's house. Mr.W is a 29 year old man of average height, has smooth milk chocolate skin, and when i got to the door and knocked he opened the door with a smile on his face that grew even bigger when he saw the anckle length trenchcoat I was wearing,"how was it?" Mr.W asked looking right into my eyes, "how was what?" I asked back genuinely curious about what he meant, "coming all the way over here, on the bus, wearing just that coat?" Mr.W asked reaching his hand over and tugging at my coat while still looking into my eyes, "embarrasin Si... Continue»
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Alex Sucks Cock for the First Time

As promised, here is what I wrote about Alex’s first ever blowjob.

I can say that he has gotten better since, but the first time was pretty amazing – gotta love breaking in those str8 boys!!!

I left off yesterday just as Alex had listed the things on his sexual bucket list.

Alex was still sitting down on the other side of the breakfast bar so I couldn’t see if his cock was rock hard but he couldn’t definitely see mine and there was no doubt that I was excited about where this conversation was going. I suggested to Alex that we start at the top of his list and get him sucking some cock... Continue»
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A flower for my Mistress

'What do you think you are doing!' Shouted my mistress, as she barged into the bedroom, her boots clumping on the wooden floor.

I was just milking my prostate for the second time when she busted me.

'You dirty little slut!' She exclaimed, pulling my hand away from my cunt, 'How dare you disobey Mistress. How dare you.'

I kept my head down, not daring to look at her. She walked over to her toy chest and pulled out a riding crop.

'Look at me,' She demanded.

I slowly looked up, my face burning. She stood towering over me, the riding crop coming down hard on the palm of her ha... Continue»
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Boy Dominates Sexy Mom 4

I spent the whole rest of the day frustrated after my retarded father walked in the house and ruined things. Mom was spread out on the floor in front of me and about to make herself cum with her vibrator, but had to run off before my dad caught us both jerking off in the living room. I was so close to seeing her have an orgasm it was almost painful to think about.

That night, just as I was about to turn off the light next to my bed and rub one out, there was a light knock at the door. My mom came in and closed the door softly behind her. She was wearing her big terry-cloth robe and pajamas... Continue»
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Mother and I having Sex with two boys

Mother was a strange creature of habit, and I have had to wait almost twenty years to write anything about her, mostly to make sure I got my facts right, but also, the mood and the words that would go into making her somehow acceptable, in light of what she is, and more so, what she instilled in me, her daughter, and my quirkiness when that little three lettered word, sex, is mentioned or enacted.

My earliest memory was on a Winters night, when all hell was loose outside our house, and inside, the fire blazed and the candles burned, as I sat quietly and watched her bathe my b*****r, on the ... Continue»
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Dressed up as a Soldier...

A few years ago I was invited to a friend's fancy-dress birthday party, and we had to dress up as someone from "The Village People". With the type of guy I was and the physique I had at the time I couldn't see myself as anything but a sailor. My friend, whose birthday it was, wasn't so sure about the idea, and suggested I should go as a soldier instead, because apparently there was a soldier in at least one of their music videos.

Alright, so I went out to an army surplus store and got the whole outfit together: trousers, shirt, beret, dog-tags, etc. Some green smudges on my face and a toy ... Continue»
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Death of the Hero

A Hero's death need not always be literally. As the old saying goes, you either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villian. But in doing so a Hero is dead anyways. Gone are the morals and the justice. No longer are they a role model for the youngsters. Often they don't even maintain the same appearance or name. So in essence they are dead regardless. And this is one such story. Our Hero doesn't meet her life's end, but her no beginning as something not quite what she used to be.

Our Hero is Scarlet the Speedster. She is the fastest woman alive which is horrible for h... Continue»
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wife likes

My name is Chris, this is a true story that happened to me and my wife Maria a little while back.

I had a few friends due to arrive one day to watch football, the normal kind of thing , a bit rowdy and a few beers.

Maria has no interest in football, so she arranged to meet a friend to do a little shopping and have lunch and a few drinks.

I was on the balcony just as Maria left, and my friends arrived loaded with beer cases just as she was walking down the driveway to her car.

My friends didn't notice me, but they sure noticed Maria, all turning to watch her walk away. When I looked... Continue»
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Turned my Mistress

I woke up, groggy, in a world of bright lights and fuzzy shapes. I couldn't move properly, my arms slopping about like sticks. I turned my head, trying to focus on the world, but it just slumped to the side.

'Good, you're awake,' Came a sultry voice.

I heard loud clicking and out of the corner of my eye I saw a hazy black shadow tower above me. My mind wanted to say, 'who are you?' But all that came out was a few slurred noises.

A hand ran its way along my body until it held my face, tilting it upwards. 'Don't worry sissy. We are nearly there; one injection to go.' With that, My le... Continue»
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Legal brothel

When I was in my early 20's, I got a chance to travel cross country working as a mover. The money I earned sucked but I got to see all kinds of new shit, partied and had a blast. One of the cool things I saw was one of the few legal brothels in Nevada.
At the time I was sexually in my prime, and I had a smoking hot petite girlfriend at home. I usually only played with skinny chicks if I could help it. When I walked into that little hole in the wall, I immediately thought it wasn't for me. The driver I worked for asked me if I wanted to go try it, but when I saw all the fat women working there... Continue»
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Karada Night

Written on 07-01-2015

Hello !
Fun night ...

So, 21h15, naked, I make the harness (karada mode). I've already make it, so I know the good rope to. A 10m white 6mm coton rope. Before I put the balls in. Next, the harness, I pass the rope between my lips, and make the only one knot on my back. It's tight, but not too.
I put on the swimsuit. I have to arrange some ropes to be hidden (the suit has a high legs cut). All ropes are hidden.
When I want tu put the egg, I have a pb with the ropes. So I pass the ropes on the sides of my pussy. This make a more bulge. So the egg take his place on... Continue»
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The Casino - Laura's Story

Where to begin!! Last year my mate had dared me to go back to a casino in a revealing black chiffon– he has a clothes store and had asked me to browse, but he would choose. He picked me up at 7 pm , discussed the ‘rules’ for the evening. We made our way into town, parked round the back of his shop and made our way through to the store room. He put the kettle on. He cut open one of the boxes by the back door and took out a couple of dresses. They were just Gorgeous! He seems to have really good taste and had bought some lovely stuff. I picked out a thin black chiffon one. He liked my choice bu... Continue»
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My GF Nicole's Wild Night

To start let me describe my girlfriend Nicole for you. Shes 5'2 130 lbs not big but not skinny just right. She has DD tits and the most amazing massive ass iv ever seen. She has a sexy belly that is pierced and the sexiest feet iv ever seen. Small smooth feet. She is a brunette with brown curly hair and a pretty face. She hasnt bin around shes a goodie girl and my favourite feature is that she creams when pleasured right. She also has the hottest most attractive asshole in the world. She has 2 fetishes one being anal play getting her asshole licked etc the other is she likes giving footjobs an... Continue»
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visiting my friend

When I was young I had a friend that had a pool. I would go over to his house nearly every day to swim. His dad had one rule, shower before getting in, and shower afterwards so we wouldn't smell like bleach.
I was getting out the shower one time and his dad walked in the bathroom. I was standing butt naked drying my hair when he came in. "Well, I the water must have been cold" he said laughing. I dropped the towel and covered my little dick. I look up to see Mr. Franks smiling. Confused about what he said I just said it was ok, picked up my clothes and ran to Jeffs room to dress. After dres... Continue»
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The Roommate Pt. 03

sissification – sissy – feminization – transformation – transgender – slow transformation – domination – blackmail – prostitution – blowjob

Normally the walk to the subway is boring. Cars go past, people walk by, and on the subway I sit and read a book or listen to music quietly. I avoid eye contact, and everyone else does the same. Not this morning though.

The second I walk out the door, it feels like eyes are on me. Not in a creepy way though, more like I'm a celebrity. I can see passengers in cars turn their heads to look at me more as they drive by, and men turning around to g... Continue»
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Playing with Grandpa's morning Woodie

My first sexual compromise was made at 10:30 am on the Saturday morning just after our parents left for town to do some shopping.

I had just looked at the big 'Westclock' on my dressing table, as the door shut behind them, and my younger b*****r poked his head around my door to see me lying in my thong.

I knew he was there without looking back, he always was, whenever we were left alone together, and I knew he was touching himself, jacking-off to my nudity, as I flicked each page of my magazine, in a nonchalant manner, not really reading, lying face down, but propped up on one elbow, so ... Continue»
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