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Some Things Aren't Taught In School by loyal

By day, Ginny was the prim and proper first grade teacher at the local elementary school. By night, she was his nasty whore.

Maybe it was because no other man in town could bring himself to defile their c***d's teacher. Or maybe she was just sick of dealing with a daily grind punctuated by innocence and Sesame Street.

He didn't care. As long as she kept his balls empty, and did what she was told, he was happy to give her what she wanted.

Several times a week, she would remove her skirt and flouncy blouse uniform for him, and he would make her beg him to do really bad things to her.... Continue»
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African Customs prt 1

African Customs prt 1

I met Anne when she was 22 and I was a couple of years older. We quickly recognized each other as lifelong partners and married after only three months. Our plan was to delay starting a f****y for at least five years but, near the end of our first year of marriage, we went on holiday in the wilds of Scotland and, due to me forgetting to pack condoms decided to take a chance, with the consequence that our twins, a boy and a girl, were born nine months later.

When I fell in love, Anne had a strikingly beautiful face but her figure was very slim (my parents used the wo... Continue»
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African customs Part II

African customs Part II

The Official Makes a Deal

After several minutes with them just out of earshot, apparently gazing out the window, Anne turned and stood looking at me with a strange expression on her face.Before I had chance to consider the implications of this, The Official moved directly behind my wife, snaked an arm over her shoulder, and plunged a hand down the front of her blouse to blatantly fondle her breast. My head exploded, without thinking, I launched myself at him only to be brought to an abrupt halt by the tether securing my arm. I found myself face down with an al... Continue»
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My Sweet Clairette 1 by loyalsock

I had just come close to having a second woman drink my piss. So close that I could - well, almost taste it. She told me she was more than willing to suck cock and drink everything I gave her. Though I wasn't really attracted to her, I found her willingness to drink piss irresistible. In fact, I was practically on fire to see her do it along with whatever else might come to mind. Unfortunately though, my desire for her rested heavily on her commitment to act as my personal urinal. Complicating things, she seemed to feel that it was also important that I should find her attractive too. Personal... Continue»
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Wife Used By Two Strangers

My wife is 42 years old and slim. Her face is deceptive, being rather young in appearance and most people would guess her to be in her mid-thirties at most. She has a nice figure for her age and still loves sex. She does most things I want – oral sex on demand and on occasion she takes it in the mouth and swallows. Best of all, she cums easily and I always know when it is happening, because she lets me know.

However one thing I have not been able to get her to do is to experiment and maybe have sex with another guy while I watch. I haven't come right out and said that I want her to fu... Continue»
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My girls thong Reveals huge lust secret

I've been with my girlfriend for awhile now and things are great. It'll be a year soon and I've never been more committed to anyone else in my life. My girlfriend is short roughly 5'2 with a flat stomach, a nice juicy ass and to top it all a 38DD bra size basically a porn stars body . So she is stacking for a short little white girl.

When we started dating. We let everything out and told our past and who we dated. She informed me that her first was a black guy. Kinda made me feel weak inside because my girth is only 5 1/2 inches. She also told me she dated a black soccer player who was fi... Continue»
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The gorgeous widow Ms. Leah

The gorgeous widow Ms. Leah

This is not a true story but written for a sexy older friend at her request, this one is primarily fictional, and the name Leah was suggested by her.

This starts out on an internet dating site with me trying to find people to get to know as I was off working away from home for what would be a year or more.

I've always had an affinity for older more mature women, not sure what it could be, maybe their experience, maybe it's that they just carry themselves in such a dignified and reserved manner, or possibly it's the natural, classical sort of beauty they h... Continue»
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Caught and made into a sissy slut

It was for real this time. No fantasy. Reality. I was dressed up in red: fishnet stockings, g-string, and a babydoll. I was wearing a metal chastity cage that was pulling my clit down, and it was a clit, it only half filled the cage. I had a new cock too - a black face dildo which was double-ended. In my new role, I had to jerk it as I was fucked in my pussy and I was being fucked. She had fucked me so hard that I was completely submissive to her, sucking on my gag with wild abandon, a true sissy slut.

It had started earlier that day when I had been caught jerking off to a mixture of cuck... Continue»
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An Old Friend

**My High School Days**

From the time I was a young boy, I was drawn to friendships with boys
who exhibited some kind of dominance. It wasn't something that I
consciously did, but I often remember being asked by f****y and friends why
I would hang out with friends who bullied me. To me it didn -(TM)t feel
like bullying in comparison to the alternative, which was to have friends
who were more like me - meek and passive, and end up bullied in a far worse
way by the stronger boys in school. Maybe I sought the protection of
stronger boys or maybe I looked up to their strengt... Continue»
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My Birthday Present

It was Saturday, the best day of the week and it had also been my birthday at the beginning of that week. I was doing what I normally did on those weekends when I had no football which was to go round Melissa’s house. We’d been together for nearly a year and both shared a love for football going most times when our team was at home and then saw each other each Saturday they were away. Melissa was three months older than me and in the year above me at school so we didn’t see a lot of each other during weekdays but we saw each other whenever possible in the evening and at weekends.
Although we ... Continue»
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Swimsuit Fuck

The warm early summer sun caresses your skin as you climb dripping from the pool. The water glistens on the black fabric of your favorite one piece swimsuit. You know how sexy you look in it as it hugs your curves.
You leave damp foot prints behind you as you stride towards the showers. You can’t help but notice a man admiring you his rigid cock strains against the thin nylon of his trunks. The damp material hides little, you can clearly make out the rounded head of his manhood.

Knowing he is hard for you stokes the fire growing between your thighs. Damn you’re hornier than you thought. As... Continue»
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Nicolette Performs at the Whipping Post

Chapter One

The week has gone by so fast. It has been another good week at work. I have been able to organize Rachel’s office. It’s Saturday and Rachel is due back from her business trip today. Mark, Rachel’s husband and submissive, is asl**p beside me in my bed. I have been left in charge of his care while she’s been gone. It has given me the opportunity to work my Domme skills that Rachel has been mentoring me on. Except for the first night, he has gone to bed with a very sore backside. Rachel had told me before she left, that she wanted me to do a demonstration at the Whipping Post w... Continue»
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Porn Star Roadtrip with OHGirl, Velvet and Denise

I spent the week finishing my work demands and packing my things for the road. I’d be staying at a hotel with my mom and grandma as we traveled and that included while we were in LA, my hometown. My boyfriend, Ryan, and I had a great round of sex before I stopped to visit my dad and siblings to let him know about my new gig. He had kept up with me via texting, so he knew the story, but it had been a while since I had been home. I spent the evening visiting and then drove back into the city to join my newest porn star road partners. I hadn’t seen much of my mom, since she was visiting her many ... Continue»
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The car pulled into the driveway, the sound of gravel crunching beneath tires heralding his mistress' return. Edward parted the curtains cautiously and watched her as the car door swung open and she disembarked the vehicle. She was an absolute vision despite having just returned from the gym, and even though she considered herself unpresentable at such a time, Edward was still smitten with her.

Freya was wearing a designer sports bra that exposed her trim, flat midriff and black compression leggings that hugged her robust figure and complimented her firm, toned legs and curvaceous arse. Her... Continue»
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Surprise Suck At Photo Booth by loyalsock

Finally, I was going to get a vacation. My damn boss never gave me any time off, but since I'm self-employed I had only myself to blame.

I run a small electrical contracting company and business is quite good. Having been through slow times before, my motto was "Never turn down work." However, I've been going for nearly two years with little more than a day or two for kayaking, or hiking, or taking Stephanie to some exotic location like an abandoned stable to show her new ways to use ropes, or maybe a jacuzzi suite at a nearby hotel. Due to her college course load and the fact that she ... Continue»
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Have to tell you about an event that happened yesterday

I am 44 I live with my partner as husband and wife we have been together 14 years is boring and stale now was great once her son and his wife came to stay for a few days when in area OMG she is a total babe got a hard on first time I saw her petite nice tits gorgeous hair figure nails teeth etc etc a real trophy wife

They were all planning to go to Ayr to visit a relative and as I work from home I was looking fore-ward to being left alone in the house with her soiled panties god I was excited the moment I heard the plan !!!

I ... Continue»
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Spanking a wet Kitty - Part 1

For Kitty...

But in my version of this video, I wouldn't be playing with your pussy so soon. I'd spend much more time playing with your tits and pinching your nipples. Maybe slap your big tits and watch them jiggle around. Pull on your nipples, lifting your tits up. Then I’d either put some clamps on your nipples or maybe small suction cups to make them real hard and swollen. Since it's not a full on punishment, I’m gonna let you cum as often as you want and can. BUT we're gonna work on getting you to squirt, unless that's something you're able to do already.
So after you've had a nice o... Continue»
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The Preacher's Wife - Part 5

At first this was just going to be a playful romp about a fling with a preacher’s wife. It is a fantasy that I have longed to live out! But now with the fifth installment, I can only say the story has taken on a life of its own!! Julie, the frustrated preacher’s wife who has not always been an angel and the associate minister’s wife, the Philippine born Sarah have both teamed up to show me the perverted side or repressed women in the church. They have sent me off to work where my boss, Sherry has also decided that while my wife is gone, I might be fair game! What other new twists are goin... Continue»
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Punished At St. Sades by loyalsock

I went to boarding school at the Convent of St Sade where rigid discipline was very much at the centre of life. It was a "crammer" for 18 year olds who had failed their A levels. No-one knows more about punishment than nuns and correct behaviour was enf***ed by pain and humiliation. All of us girls came from the sort of home where our school hols were spent under the watchful eye of our parents and there was definitely no opportunity to meet boys during term time so I am fairly certain we were all virgins. I know I was. Of course I knew the mechanics of sex and where he put his horrible thing ... Continue»
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s****r Aquinata;)... A Nasty Bitch by loyalsock

Outside the door s****r Aquinata carefully adjusted her nun's habit. It just would not do for a woman of her station in life to look careless – ever. The priest/monk in the deep sl**p of sexual afterglow was her sixth conquest...so far.

"One never knows when one might meet her next victim, does one?" she thought to herself, subconsciously sneering.

A little unsteady from such a hard fucking s****r Aquinata walked down the open hotel corridor gazing at the moon slowly blinking past the stone arches and columns of the covered walkway. Her occasionally wobbly 6 inch heels echoed on the bei... Continue»
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