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A raunchy monday...

Hi everyone….I am Rajeev from Chennai…just finished my Eng and waiting for my placements….this is my first post in Iss-hope you like it….I am a big fan of Iss for a long time and I love the site for its simplicity and no-strings attached service…great work guys….keep it up… Some intro about myself….I am 22yrs old….stay with my parents in Chennai…only son…prototypical middle class guy :) the incident which I am going to share now happened two weeks back….

I had just finished my grad and like my most of my peers, have about 6 months on hand before i can expect my call letter from the comp... Continue»
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Out of Town

Angel eyes is my wife's newest cunt lapping bitch. Angel eyes is 32yrs a body that would give a 80yrs man a hard-on. she was in a dress shop buying a new dress for a party for her husband' new job. Kim my wife seen her go in and up to her old tricks acted like a sales clerk and soon had Angel eyes naked in the try-on room, Angel eyes never had a chance and soon was eating her first pussy. Kim keep her well fucked over the next two months they were together three days a week. Kim and her 11" strap-on pounded Angel eyes to orgasm after orgasm. they would go out to eat then our house to fuck or t... Continue»
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My new girl

My Redhead Tammy

Entirely fictitious. Not my story but had to post.

Tammy was just seven when her mother died. It took a long time for both of us to adjust to the void in our lives but it also brought us closer together. We became more than just father and step daughter, we were best friends. Now, at 17, Tammy was becoming a beautiful young woman, slim and redhead like me but with her mother's quick smile. She was even beginning to show signs of her mother's voluptuous figure.

A few weeks ago I took Tammy to shop for her first formal gown. My business partner, a man she loves and c... Continue»
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Denise: Third Generation Whore


I spent most of my time with my newborn baby boy at my own apartment. My mother’s husband had set up my living arrangements in the states and I began fucking in films within only 4 weeks of having my son. His name was Hiriko and I had named him after his father’s great grandfather. I had found out that my son was the offspring of my mom’s husband, when the DNA results arrived, so he didn’t mind paying for my expenses, as long as I stayed in the US and continued to work for him. I was still doing extreme porn, but now it was mostly rough, dominant kink and gangbangs. My specialty was... Continue»
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Snowy eek-end

6:00 Saturday morning, my Master called me for a weekend in the mountains, I had an hour to prepare for his taste and cancel my plans. At 07:00 happen to look at me with a "surprise"!

I quickly shave me sex and underarms, performed my ablutions, smear me the body of my lotion "Angel scent", redid my nails of hands and feet, make up on me and I donned in the Hollywood style of the 40's, pulled my new white corset, silk stockings and my and my long-sleeved sheath dress in crossover neckline rubans. still preparing a small suitcase with warm clothes and necessary to address the requirements of... Continue»
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Laura and Jim

Laura and Jim are a married couple in their late 30's. Jim works as a clerk at the local home improvement store. His wife Laura was going back to the local community college to get her paralegal degree. Jim has a foot, nylon, and leg fetish and loves it when Laura dresses up in the bedroom wearing sexy nylons and high heels. He'll spend hours worshipping her feet and legs and sometimes he gets so excited, he'll cum on legs and stockinged feet before having a chance to cum in her pussy.

Finally, when Laura graduated, she got a good job at a prestigious law firm downtown. Much to Jim's delig... Continue»
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The Prize

“Tonight, I thought I'd spice things up from our usual poker game.” Duncan announced to his friends. “We will play poker not for money, but for the opportunity of the lucky winner to spend the night with my beautiful wife, Cheryl!” As he said her name Duncan pulled back the curtain concealing his wife.

Everyone's gazed focused on her. Cheryl was standing in one corner of the room. Her wrists were bound and tied to a rope through a hook in the ceiling. She had to stand almost tippy-toed to relieve the pressure on her wrists and shoulders. She was wearing a light cotton top and matching skir... Continue»
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My best friend fucked my boyfriend

Thought I'd share something that my ex and I tried that was hot fun.

When I was with my ex, once, I had him go online and talk to a best bud of mine who I thought was hot and would have my man tell him that I was out of town and that he shouldn't be meeting anyone, that we've always been monogamous, but that he was horny and asked him to come over and hang out. Of course, my best friend, knowing that it was his best friend's man he was talking to and had met before at a get together, he was hesitant and said 'well Scott's my best friend and I probably better not'. He did think my man... Continue»
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Asked to Flash (cont 5)

After teasing the neighbors son I told the wife we should cool it for awhile. She reluctantly agreed and for the next couple weeks everything stayed pretty normal as far as I knew since I was busy at work a lot. One evening when I got home from work the wife was sitting on the couch relaxing. I relaxed a bit then told her I was going in to take a shower, she said she would make some dinner for me while I did. I was getting undressed and heard some music playing from somewhere. I stood listening and realized it was coming form outside, I stepped over by the window and noticed some light u... Continue»
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Brooke Comes to Visit

Today was a long and stressful day and I just couldn’t wait to get home to unwind. The entire drive home all I kept thinking about was what I am going to dress into when I got home. I guess it was typical thoughts a girl makes like what skirt to wear, with what top and which shoes. I really love the look of short denim skirts. I also love the way they feel on my legs with stockings. Plus, with the mary jane shoes. Maybe add the knee-high white socks. I was getting so overwhelmed with these thoughts running through my head that I started feeling a tightness in my panties.
I quickly went upsta... Continue»
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Life is full of little surprises (part 1)

I am sitting on my bed watching Jan. She is face down into her pillow with her bum high in the air, her knees drawn up underneath slightly apart. She is fingering her clit while I push a large dildo, much larger than my natural erect prick could ever be, deep into her arse. When it hits bottom she gasps, so I draw it completely out again – admiring the deep, black, round hole of her expanded anus that stays wide open, ready for the next intrusion. So we go on, her fingers flicking faster over her clit as her climax nears, the dildo in my control pushed deep in, then drawn out, my rhythm s... Continue»
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a****l Skin (Pussyboy Farm Breeding Stock)

a****l SKIN

It's Friday night, I'm feeling fucking horny and want some ass abuse. I
get myself kitted up- 20 hole rangers with red laces; my favorite bleachers
nice and tight with a rip up the ass seam; red braces hanging down framing
my ass nicely; white Fred Perry and my green MA1; quick check in the
mirror, yeap lookin good off down the pub.
I get me first pint in while I checking the talent, not bad but nothing that
grabs me by the balls, but it's still early yet so I ain't worried. I get
myself another pint and chat to the barman for a bit, when, about halfway
through my pi... Continue»
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I cant believe it!

Today I got home earlier from work.
Once inside the house, I heard the music a little bit loud, like when my wife is cleaning, but she wasn't. I went upstairs and heard my wife. I cant believe what I saw. She was fv3king another guy in my bed. I got Fvk1ng angry but decide not to get in the room. The door of MY room was completely open. She was telling him, take me home hard babe take me home. He responded, you like this big cock? OOO yes fuck me, I love your big cock, stretch my pussy, I like to feel full inside my pussy. I never heard her saying those words. He pulled his cock out of my wi... Continue»
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A big side effect (Sissy Story) by YKN4949 Part 2

Chapter 4: Not Alone Anymore

It only took me a few minutes to make it to the doctor's office. I parked and walked in but I already knew that the doctor wasn't there yet. Her car wasn't into the parking lot and neither was the nurse's. When I made it inside I saw that the only person there was the receptionist. She was a 90 year old woman who thought she was everyone's grandmother.

"Oh Mina!" she said smiling widely, "The doctor said you were going to be coming by today."

"Hi Mrs. Napier," I said.

"I'm sorry dear, the doctor isn't back yet. She told me she would be in by five," she... Continue»
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Yeah, I'm a nice guy but I still want to hurt you.
I'm a nice guy, of course anyone can say that and it doesn't mean jack shit. I will say it as an absolute, because I know that's what I am, but of course it's always going to be subjective and up to the person who meets me to make their own determination of what they think of me.

Recently, I've had to revist in my mind, why I would want to hurt someone I may get in a relationship with. For some, my desire to hurt them would be a huge turn on, for s... Continue»
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I read this on fetlife

The whole world seems so enamored by extroverts – the people we know who just want to be around people all the time. While we introverts might not want that, it doesn’t mean we’re depressed or suicidal or anything wacky like that. There are some things you should know about us.

1. Small talk sucks.
We’re just not very good at it. We’re typically the big-thinking types. We like big ideas and theories. Small talk is uncomfortable. We don’t care about the weather or how your cat has been doing.

2. Being alone is fine.
Seriously, we’re doing okay, even if we hole up in our houses for a... Continue»
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Spening The Week At My Cousin's Farm With Thu

I have had MANY requests for a story like this and even though it may not be for some I have had enough requests to give it a shot. Enjoy

My name is Amy and I just recently turned eighteen years old. I live with my mom and dad not so you'd really notice mostly because they are constantly working leaving me at home by myself. I was excited to turn eighteen but once I did I realized that it was just like all of the years before it. I don't really have much of a social live but that is kinda by choice I guess since I am kind of a shyer person. I am around five foot six, blonde hair, blue eye... Continue»
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Fetish sex

I spent 20 years in the army with over ten in Europe. I arrived during the sexual revolution. Europe was wide open.

While there I dated this gorgeous little Danish girl. Tiny with a lovely figure. Snow white skin and pale blue eyes. Almost wolf like in quality. We did the turns of german and dutch sex clubs but she was saying they are too tame. Well, I took a leave of 2 weeks and decided to take her to Copenhagen.

Upon arrival and checkin she said lets go to the bar as we have to talk. The drinks came then she started telling me about this one club called The Black Cat. She knew I was su... Continue»
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Cuckolded by Her Big Dildo

My wife and I have not had sex for approximately six weeks because of medication she was taking and my continued impotence from prostate cancer treatment. The other unfortunate side effect from the surgery that removed my prostate was my penis lost both length and girth. Apparently, it is a well known occurrence among doctors, but it is rarely discussed with patients. Needless to say I was not only shocked, but profoundly unhappy. I was never well-hung, but I was satisfied with a little bigger than average at 7”. Now it is 5” long and skinny…. Finally, my wife agreed to stop taking her medicat... Continue»
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Very open and friendly f****y sex

Yes we all know it's a taboo subject. The Victorians fathered their c***dren in the dark with their pants on, and we talk about men's penises, as little boys 'Willy's', why, because we are all embarrassed to call our 'Naughty Bits', by their correct terminology.

I'm a tad different, I was brought up seeing my father ejaculate into a toilet basin, taught to touch and give my b*****r a wank, and my b*****r likewise with me.

My parents might be considered a danger to society by those who suppress our natural sexual feelings, psychologists and the like who have their own sexual agenda with y... Continue»
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