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her's Day Quickie

When I was ten or so, Father’s Day was easy. A silly tie, a hand-made
card, Greatest Dad coffee mug, and everything was taken care of. Now
that I’m twenty- two and a recent college graduate, it’s not so easy.
The past few years I’ve tried to come up with something new and original
but like Christmas presents, it gets harder every year. Of course he
says I don't need to get him anything, that he’s happy just being my dad;
but I see the look in his eyes when I do something special for him and
that makes it all worth it.

Now that I’ve graduated, I’m li... Continue»
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Sharing My BBW Wife.

My friend, Dan , was happily married but made so secret that he found my wife attractive, everytime he saw her, he would always tell me how he wished his wife would gain a few pounds cause she was so skinny, or that he would like to try fucking a thicker girl with “meat “ on the bones, or just flat out compliment me on how great my wife looked or how lucky I was.
So it wasn’t hard for me to ask him if he wanted to watch me fuck my wife sometime, to which he could hardly believe I would let him. My only condition was that she couldn’t know it was him watching and I was gonna blindfold her, ... Continue»
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Swimsuit fantasy sex #1

The title says it all... this is a fantasy and the events are totally made up (except my moms red/blue suit, that's real). Personally I think this is my best story so far.

In high school, I developed a serious fetish for my mothers one piece swimsuits. She had a large collection of them and I masturbated in them secretly at home. But I had never used one for its intended purpose, going swimming. If I was gonna do this it had to be the pool across the street from my high school. This pool is indoors, Olympic sized, and has few amenities. No spas, hot tubs or water slides... its meant f... Continue»
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My Gf's Gloryhole Vday Present (True)

This is the story of a couple years back when my girlfriend Sarah gave me the best valentines day present I had ever gotten. Enjoy guys and gals.

It was around the beginning of January when Sarah began to tease me about my valentines day present. Everyday she would smile and say "You are gonna love what your getting". Usually I was pretty good about waiting but as she teased me more and more I started to really wonder what it was especially when she gave me the hint "Its something you've always wanted to do with me". It was rea... Continue»
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Watching mom and dad

These experiences are from when I was a c***d growing up in the 50's. It was a more innocent time before the internet and cable. Sex was kept a secret and never ever talked about to the "c***dren" So what may be seen as total ignorance now was actually a way of life back then. You found out about masturbating by accident and thought you were the only one who knew about it. Voyeurism was a sin, a crime and you defiantly never watched your parents. But there were also some strange inconsistencies in what went on. My mom used to run around at night and sit on the couch watching t.v. with us in a... Continue»
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Pozed at the theater

Pandora's Box

Pure fiction!

I was on my way home from work one Saturday night, I hadn't been by my favorite book store for quite some time and was surprised to see the parking lot full.
I walked up to the counter to change my 20 for some ones to feed the video machines.
I approached the man sitting on the stool behind the counter to get some ones to feed the video Booths. He was stocky with a big beer belly and naked from the waist down. He was watching a video of a group of men fucking a guy bareback. He was stroking a nice big fat cock.
"Private party tonight, we're closed".
He... Continue»
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Sheila at the Park

Mistress strips me naked and puts handcuffs behind my back, then inserts a vibrating buttplug in my tight asian hole. She puts a 10" vibrating dildo inside my pussy. Then locks them both inplace with leather thongs (the vibs are remote controlled). Black stockings and 4" high heel boots are put on me along with a very short school girl skirt. She puts on nipple clamps that are attached together with a little silver chain. A small shirt that just barely covers my nipples is put on me, it does not cover the chain hanging off my nipples. My hair is tied into 2 pig tails and she puts red lipstick ... Continue»
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My wife Lucy started a new job today

My wife Lucy was started a new job today, cleaning in a local office, and before she left, we were in the bedroom trying to decide what she should wear.

She decided on jogging bottoms and a tight fitting camisole under a vest. The office was going to be empty anyway so she only needed to be comfortable.

5.30pm came and off she went kissing me goodbye.

I carried on with my evening tidying the house and making something to eat for us when she got home at 8.30pm.

Sure enough at 8.30pm on the dot Lucy came home and we spoke about how she got on with the new cleaning job. She told me th... Continue»
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Lucy's visit to the osteopath

My wife Lucy had a bad back recently and had to visit an Osteopath to have it put right.

When she arrives, she was shown to his treatment room where he began by asking about her health before asking her to strip down to her underwear so that he could check the alignment of her spine and hips etc. She was not expecting that so she was still wearing the kind of sexy underwear that she normally wears, but not to draw attention to that fact she decided to comply and duly stripped for him.

Off came her blouse and jeans to reveal a matching light blue bra and thong set made from a very fine la... Continue»
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This is a chapter from a larger story originally posted @ Literotica. It features taboo topics and fantasies that will appeal to some and shock others. I only ask you judge the story on its own merit.

By the time darkness fell, Jimmy thought he would burst with excitement. He had eaten and drank nothing since breakfast, taking his mothers advice to conserve his strength for the initiation: it only served to whet his appetite and when his parents came to tell him it was time, he was prepared for everything and stood silently while they d****d him in a thick, crimson robe edged with... Continue»
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Can you teach me ,,,,,,,,,

Mistress left for work and I quickly showered and dressed in lace panties, no bra, a pair of white linen trousers and a loose fitting pale pink top. Applied a little blusher and lip stick.
I was finishing the house work when the phone rang, It was Margaret, James's wife. Can I pop in for coffee, she asked. Of course I said, you'll have to take you as you find me I said. 10 minutes later the door bell rang and Margaret was on the door step, she was dressed plainly in a blue dress, with low wedge heels, come in I said.
Wow what a difference you look stunning she said. I blushed. I felt my nipp... Continue»
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The first day of your slut life...

It's early in the morning and Petros drinks his coffee while he watches on Xhamster a video,where a mistress deep fists her slave..After last night,Petros,walked into a new world he never knew about it until then.He had heard for a place,a dungeon as they call it,somewhere downtown,that it's roaster includes only proffesional dom women who learn you how to become from an A-male,an obedient slave,a slut as the like them to call their toy...Although,Petros is a goodlooking man,with high income,a sports car,counting a large number of women that had passed from his bedroom,he suddenly(ok not quite... Continue»
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Unexpected visitor.............

So Tony had left and I was a fully satisfied girl, although naked under my white silk robe with the exception of my black kitten heels I felt at one. Alexander, my wife's lover was coming for supper, I had all day to prepare. I poured myself a stiff gin and pondered where I had come in the last month. My transformation from software engineer to beautiful woman was slowly coming on. My breasts were small but pert, my weight loss accentuated their size and my hips although male were sufficiently rounded to be passable. The treatments at the spa had removed all unwanted hair, with eyelash extensi... Continue»
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Wendell and How He Got That Way, part 2, by ButtFl

Wendell was in the middle of a major disconnect with the outside world. In his mind, he made himself invisible, so that no one was there besides him and the dancers. He didn’t hear the crowd screaming for the girls to hurt him. There was no crowd. The only sound he heard was the bl**d rushing in his head. The only things he saw were the g-strings and legs of whoever was dancing in front of him. The laughing, abusive men were just background players in a movie: a movie starring Wendell as the man taped to the stripper pole with the everlasting erection.
His erection was his best f... Continue»
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Wax: The First Meeting

This is a story written by a women whom I have domed. While it is true, I am not necessarily the dominate in the story. If you enjoy it comment or message me.)

Wax the First Meeting

Wax is a very interesting addition to any play... in conjuncture with ice it can create all kinds of tantalizing sensations!! Little drips, big drips, a long splash! Wax on all the soft parts, or poured over the hard ;) Always a lovely sight.
*You do need to be cautious with the type of wax as human flesh can be burnt and permanently damaged if the proper care is not taken!

This is how I fell in lo... Continue»
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Anal adventures with cummy panties gag

Ready to get dirty? Let's start this with the lights off and just one dull lamp on. With her laying sitting up on the bed in nothing but her favourite panties and long white socks. Just got out of the shower so her hair is still damp but she feels refreshed and clean, but..... she wants to get so dirty that she needs to wash again. Start by climbing up on the bed and spreading her legs. I'm not going to even touch her butterfly rose until it's wet and ready. I run my fingers on the insides of her thighs and continue up her body as i crawl to her wide eyes. You don't need to see what happens ... Continue»
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My first times eating a cream pie

My first times eating a cream pie
My first time was with my first girlfriend so I can't mention my age. We'd had sex many times but I had yet ever eatin a pussy an I really wanted to. I was a really horny guy and could and often cum 7 or 8 times in a few hrs. and still be horny as fuck. My girlfriend was baby sitting one night and I went to where she was. We fucked several times and she said she was sore but I was still horny as hell. It was then I thought I'd eat her pussy. I remember how she tasted and smelled. I'd heard many guys talk about it saying that once you got past the smell you'd ... Continue»
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Larry and my Wife

My wife and I were never very adventurous when it comes to sex. I guess, that I would have to say that over the many years that we have been married, that it had become boring to both of us. I’m not blaming her at all, and I would assume that age has something to do with it. More so for me, than for her. She seemed to enjoy sex more as she got older, and because of some of my health issues, and the meds that I have to take, my desire has dropped considerably. So, I would think that I would have to shoulder most of the blame for what I’m about to describe.
My wife and I are in our 60’s, and ti... Continue»
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The Pool Party (Revised) NEED YOUR HELP TO FINISH

***Please follow my story line while writing the rest. I included it at the end of the text.***

By: WowImBig

Part 1

There I was, wading in the shallow end of the pool, with my fellow classmates at our senior year pool party; trying to act normal while I was hiding the biggest dirtiest secret ever. Last night, I was pumping my pussy with the monster pump cup I made... and I fell asl**p with it on me... suction was strong as ever. 7 hours later I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock, screaming at me to wake up for school.... Continue»
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I told Kate I was having a bath, Kate asked if I wanted her to wash my hair
This sounded nice so I said please.
She followed me up stairs patting my bum saying how cute It looked in her pink knickers
I run the bath and asked her to leave so I could have a pee, she said no she wanted to watch!
She had never seen a Guy pee
No I said,
Chris you said anything,
I stood in front of the loo and held my cock , she sat on the edge of the bath staring at my stiffening cock, I pulled back my foreskin
the head was covered in the final drops of cum ooozing from me,
Wow how long do you keep leak... Continue»
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