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Playing with Grandpa's morning Woodie

My first sexual compromise was made at 10:30 am on the Saturday morning just after our parents left for town to do some shopping.

I had just looked at the big 'Westclock' on my dressing table, as the door shut behind them, and my younger b*****r poked his head around my door to see me lying in my thong.

I knew he was there without looking back, he always was, whenever we were left alone together, and I knew he was touching himself, jacking-off to my nudity, as I flicked each page of my magazine, in a nonchalant manner, not really reading, lying face down, but propped up on one elbow, so ... Continue»
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sl**p play and online e slave

It's late at night I'm out walking the streets I see an open window on a house across the street where the stunner from the local pub lives. She's really hot but is also very shy and never really talks to me. Anyway back to the story I cross the road and jump the small fence to have a look through the window it's curiosity more than anything. There's a small lamp lighting the room there on the sofa asl**p is the girl she's in a short nighty her hairs a mess and she has no makeup on but she still looks hot. I walk away as quietly as I approached but something inside was telling me to go back. I... Continue»
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The Roommate Pt. 02

feminization – sissy – sissification – slow transformation – blackmail – femdom – anal – transgender – f***ed feminization – anal

It's been a week since Claire gave me the formula to change my body, and "turned me into her slave" as she calls it. I've been able to keep going to classes without much problem, too. I always was the quiet one so my voice isn't a problem, I've been wearing baggy sweatshirts to hide my new boobs, and I've been putting my hair into a ponytail. Nobody seems to even realize it's different. My biggest concern is my face. It is rounder, softer, and generally mo... Continue»
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Like Mother

It was no wonder Lori grew up to be a whore. She grew up listening to her mom fuck men at night. There would be a knock on the door and her mom would answer it and let him in and take him back to her bedroom and Lori would lay and listen to them fuck. Sometimes their was lots of dirty talk. She would hear a man tell her mom "Get down here and suck my dick" or "Spread your legs and show me that nasty cunt." "I am gonna shove this big dick in your cunt and fuck you so hard." "Stick your ass up here you dirty whore." Even "How do you like a big black cock?" Lori liked when they left the door ope... Continue»
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Male Sex Organ

You are fascinated by the male sex organ. All the amazing components that make up the male anatomy. In this case, the specimen before you is me. I let you lay me down on my back naked so you can examine my manly parts up close and personal. I have not had an orgasm in a full week knowing you were going to have this opportunity with me today. My prostate gland is deep inside me. My anus looks like a rosebud and is the opening of my asshole. My perineum is my cock's root, the area just between my asshole and testicles. My scrotum is the hanging sack which contains both my balls. My coc... Continue»
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Black Master, White Slave

You are my black master and I am your white sex slave. To try to makeup for my people's abuse of you in the past, I must worship your big black cock, balls and asshole. You make me undress you nightly and I have to give you a long deep full body massage. You make me join you in the bathroom so I can hold and aim your penis when you take a piss. I either shake your dick to remove any piss dripping, but sometimes you make me lick it to remove any lingering piss. You have me wash your body in the shower, but I can't use a washcloth. You make me use my hands all over you, to include when I c... Continue»
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She's been a bad girl.

You wake up in the morning to the sound of your alarm going off. You reach over to turn it off, but you can't you find that your hands have been firmly secured to the headboard. You can't see either as there is a silk scarf tied around your eyes. You try to sit up, but you can't move you start to panic and start thrashing only to find that your legs have been tied down as well.
I crawl up next to you and whisper in your ear “Shhh, calm down darlin I’m here, and it's time for your punishment. You have been a bad, bad girl haven't you?”
You start trembling with excitement. You’ve been waiting ... Continue»
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Rough anal Fantasy

Part 1 - My Lover and I
My fantasy begins on a dark summers night in a small house on Horny Avenue, not a mansion but home and a comfortable place for my lover and I. Working from home most the day meant I had plenty of time to myself if you know what I mean, my mind would often wonder in the day about the things I would like to do to She given half the chance. This usually meant I would wank a couple of times in the day thinking about all the things I would like to do to her, she was a bit sexually shy about herself (I have no idea why as she turns me on like mad, I get the horn for her ju... Continue»
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Cat Burglar - the Finale

...the finale of our little story...

It takes all his self-control to drag his throbbing cock from the sinking pleasure of her clutching flesh. Seven agonizing inches as her muscles contract, sliding and gushing over his fiery member. Her thighs are gleaming, slick with desire, and he thinks of how it would feel to douse his blazing lust in her wetness...but not yet. There are lessons to be taught.

She snatches at his thick retreating shaft, and without thinking he slaps her hand smartly. She withdraws, wounded and confused. His enormous erection glows purple and red, the skin so tight ... Continue»
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A Quick Transformation

I must be transformed into a raging feminine bimbo. I must feel my body begin to change and transform with the overflow of estrogen being f***ed deep inside me. "What is happening to me?" My nipples begin to darken and extend, I feel my newly budding breasts begin to spasm and swell outward into heavy melon sized lumps. "Oh no!" My hips wiggle and inflate until my jeans begin to rip and tearaway from my rapidly degrading man body. My butt bubbles up and out so it becomes hard to walk or even sit. "Oh my god! Oh sh*t! I'm becoming a girl!" I stare through dirty blonde strands of thic... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 13

„Yes, what is it, Kemal?“
The Turk bowed low before the supreme power of Quireme. He had asked for an audience of Princess Karina, hoping she would grant an extension of the period of ‘Pony Service’ for his two Top Honor charges, Black Beauty and Saucy Lady. Since the Princess enjoyed driving this team, he had high hopes.
However, his hopes were soon dashed.
„I’m afraid not, Kemal,“ replied the Princess when he had made this request. „Those two are required back in the Harem.“
Kemal bowed his head in acceptance. There was no question of arguing with Princess Karina. She had s... Continue»
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I Have a Dream...

This is Julie...

In college I'm studying Philosophy and Religious Studies. But for as long as I can remember I've always been fascinated by United States history and politics too. So it wasn't so surprising that the other day, as I was lounging nude on my garden chair, I began pondering about how we can have a better country and world.

The inspiring words of Robert F. Kennedy came to me:

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

And of course the epic speech of Martin Luther King was not far behind... Continue»
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Chris and Kim pt 02


When Kim got up it was already late, but his head was pounding, and as much as he wanted to get back to sl**p, he had to deal with that first. Throwing on a silk robe he headed out to the kitchen to get some juice. It wasn't until he got to the kitchen that he remembered that Chris had passed out on the couch the night before. He quickly belted up his robe to hide his nudity.

"Hey is that you? I'm dead, don't mind me" Chris croaked from the living room.

Giggling and pouring a glass of juice for Chris as well, Kim headed in to the other room.

"Wow someone is fancy... Continue»
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After show

It's been awhile since I posted a story keeping busy as it were.

It was quite an evening I did two stage shows across the city from each other both were great everyone involved had fun including the audience, it was after 1 am and I was heading out for my hotel room, I was met at the club door by a rather nice looking tall red head she had to have been 6'1" wearing those 3" spike heels or mules tan bare long legs dressed in a royal blue mini dress that barely covered her ass or her breast.

Not that I was complaining, she had a sultry voice said hello and asked if we could talk, I motione... Continue»
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f***ed by Shemale

After the shower I dried off and went into the darkened front room. Two dull red lights were lit, casting a warm glow around the room. She was sat on the bed as I approached, my little cock shriveled up and sitting on top of my tight balls. She smiled, stood, and sauntered over with a mischievous look in her eye.

She was the one that initiated the kissing. It was hard and f***eful: biting and pulling on my bottom lip, sucking my tongue hard into her mouth, forcing her tongue down my throat. I was passive, gently exploring her body, running my hand over her fishnets and up her silken arse. ... Continue»
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Inpregnation by BBC

I sit here in my panties, a cute litttle negligegh; and wig awaiting what my black bull will cum and do to me in the next few moments. His cock is large and my pussy is small. Oh how it will hurt before if feels so good and right. Last time he came by he ripped my hole and made me bleed. Its only been a week but i want more. I need more.

Its always bareback. Thats something you should know if you are new to BBC. They are going to fuck you big black and bareback. When they do, you wont be able to have it any other way. My bull has made it clear from the start that his cum is going in my ass ... Continue»
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The Roommate Pt. 01

feminization – transformation – sissification – femdom – blackmail – anal masturbation – cock worship – crossdressing – whoring/prostitution – sissy

I lean forward, staring at a big cock going in and out of a girl's tight ass on my computer screen. I'm jacking myself off so hard, and I can feel the thong pressing against my asshole, I don't know why it's turning me on so much right now. I'm getting close, and stare intently at how the cock rhythmically thrusts into her ass. Suddenly, my cock erupts cum into my hand, filling it and then some with a huge load. A feeling of shame washes... Continue»
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cuckold sex party

She lifted my chin off the floor and the flames from the fire glittered from the juices covering her chin. She pulled my mouth open and kissed me, passing me the seed from one of her lover's. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and I sucked it, causing my little cock to strain in its cage again.

'Lick my tits clean,' She demanded, lowering her black babydoll.

I licked away, moaning at the taste of the cum and her tits, as she fingered her well fucked pussy. She stood up and rubbed her pussy juices on my exposed hole.

'You ready for more Vicky?' Said Andy.

'In a minute lover,' S... Continue»
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A Surreal Encounter

Heaven had arrived at her hotel later than she had intended, due to some major concert in the city filling the streets as people arrived at that venue. She unpacked in her room but grabbed her work out clothes as the hotel had a gym. She had always maintained a habit of exercise since high school, only five years prior.

Once in the hotel's changing room she began to undress. She had worn a tight black dress in, and it clung to her curves, her tits were a 36 DD and she had always been called a PAWG, with a large tight round ass. Heaven took off her high heels, though without them she w... Continue»
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How my Femdom wife uses me

This is NOT my story but I read it online and found it very sexy. I wish one day I can post a similar one telling you how a woman dominated me.

My girlfriend and I were sitting side by side on the sofa in Her parents home watching TV, they were away at the time, and we had the house all to ourselves. At the advert break She got up saying She was going to the kitchen to get Herself a drink, and did I want one, I replied no thanks not at the moment. When She returned, She was surprised, and not a little annoyed to see me lying full length and face up on the sofa. Where am I going to sit She... Continue»
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