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A wet haircut

The tale set out on here is not fiction but fact. To be honest, apart from the memento that was handed to me, I find it hard to believe that it happened at, but it did. Whether the reader chooses to take it as fact or fiction is up to them of course.
My tale took place in August 2015. I had spent one month in hospital, and apart from the occasional chat with the female staff, for most of the time I didn't even think of women in a sexual way at all, I did get the occasional erection as all men do, but apart from a gentle and surreptitious tug under the sheet, nothing further happened.
While I... Continue»
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Hitch Hiker Part 3


Me rocking about on Jomo's big Dick was making me cum and then squirt. Jomo had closed my legs firmly together and was sat open legged. He knew in this position I was at the mercy of his weapon as I slid all the way down his thin but very long shaft, this time I was being deep drilled as the hot balls slapped into my ass cheeks. Jomo juddered as I squashed his sack full of his black seed, so I jiggled about on him holding onto his big naked thighs as I did.He took hold of me round my slim waist and rocked me in a circle motion, it felt so lovely as he stirred my ... Continue»
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Pleasuring Me - A Nylon Poem

Up in the morning and ready to dress,
Must have slept roughly my hair is a mess.

My nightie hangs loosely from shoulder to waist,
But juts out below, well I am in no haste.

A rub on the nylon, my prick feels so great,
Suddenly remembered I must not be late.

Out from the drawer comes a suspender belt,
Followed closely by stockings, which I should have felt.

There in the toe of the black nylon mesh,
Is some of my sperm, 'fraid it ain't fresh.

No matter to me, to the drawer I go back,
And a new pair of stockings with seams, yes they're black.

Out of the packet and up... Continue»
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Strap On (mfff, anal)

I heard the crunch of tires on stone as the car pulled in front of the house; my pulse quickened a bit, knowing who and what the car was carrying. Melia and I had made it to her bedroom by this time and had been standing together, kissing passionately; she picked up on my excitement and smiled through the kiss.

"This is going to be a night you will never want to forget, even if you could!" she gave my bum a playful pinch, and pulled me to the bed as the front door closed.

I heard padded footsteps of bare feet approaching the end of the hallway and did a double-take as two gorgeous young ... Continue»
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Monica (bi-male first time)

Monica and I lay in our bed, holding onto one another, our bodies slick with a sheen from the after-glow of our lovemaking. I was thankful to have a lover like her and even more thankful that she was my wife. Feeling especially close to her, I told her there was something I wanted to ask her. Seeing my hesitancy, when I didn't immediately follow-up with my question, she asked, "What is it? Is something wrong?"

"No, no nothing's wrong. I just don't know how to say this," I stammered and still wasn't forthcoming. Now Monica looked worried. I suddenly blurted out, "Would you be willing to play... Continue»
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Stella teased daddy, then left me to finish.

I and a few of my friends were fooling around in the kitchen when one girl unpeeled a banana, threw her head back and let it slide all the way down her throat.

When she withdrew it, we measured and she managed to swallow 9 inches. We coaxed to do it again, and this time she 10.7 inches, and held it for almost 2 minutes.

We cheered loudly, and then we saw her face fall, as she started at the kitchen door, my father had just witnessed my friend 'Deep Throat a Banana'.

There was a pregnant pause as we shifted uneasily, afraid to ponder what was going through my fathers staid mind.

He ... Continue»
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my dream come true

The day i'd been waiting for had arrived at last , my wife away for the weekend and time for anal fucking and prostate orgasms,, it began with a through clean inside as i do'nt like any mess on my toys and for a kinky change i raided the wifes sexy undwear draw and dressed in red and black basque ,red silk panties and red stocking and of to my lounge where four large mirrors are placed three behind one in front of pile of cushions and towels spread in front of a log fire ,my laptop signed into xhamster on one side of the mirror and a bucket of hot water and six different size jelly dildos from... Continue»
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I'm looking for non fiction erotic writers, I

Minimal research involved.

Unlimited work if you are chosen.

Must be prepared to be taught a simple formula to write and research.

Please contact me via private message and have ready any literary portfolio resume of works you've done.

I will always need articles, to the point you will always get work and never be out of a job.

It will greatly help if you have knowledge about pornstars and the adult industry, along with all other things adult.

Nothing you write about will be outlandish or even hard.

In order to qualify this blog post as an erotic novel and have it be see... Continue»
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Dr S gets Blackmailed ch 3

I could feel the girls tongue, finding its way into my pussy, that was wet from the situation, me being a well to do Doctor, thrown into a cell of the towns roughest toughest girls, who were taking me, against my will, but the excitement of this making me wetter than ever, not thinking that i liked girls was strange, my body knew more than me, but i knew the girls would not get any repayment from the pleasures they were giving me, the thrill of just being taken was off the scale for me, giving me new needs, and desires that only my body knew of, now these needs were pushing me to new limits, y... Continue»
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A moment in Taos

I recall another meet I had with another dresser who happened to live in Taos NM. Again I met her on-line and after exchanging a few e-mails we planned to meet. At that point in time I was like an hour and a half away from there. She offered to meet at her place and she told me to text her when I got closer. But I had somewhat of a dilemma. Since the drive was going to take a while, I was debating whether I should dress first or find a place closer to change. I’ve only been to Taos like one other time so I wouldn’t know of a place to change in a hurry and wasn’t going to stop at some gas stati... Continue»
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gameday/gamenight in public

i've come up with a nice little game to play we call it gameday or gamenight we have a few different variations of the game the way we first started playing the game was my wife would strip down completely naked and i took some sunglasses and sprayed the black so she couldn't see out of them, then she got onto the car again with nothing on and i drove to a minor league baseball park {when they weren't playing) as this was to have some fun and try not to get caught thinking we would have a wide open parking lot with no one around. I figured we would start slow to get her comfortable wit... Continue»
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The Transformation --- Prologue

I come from a very poor f****y of eight. My father is a mine worker who became very ill only a few months before the beginning of this story and got into early pension for a very small income. My mother is from very orthodox origins without any school and she can barely read and write so she was a housewife for her whole life. As the oldest male c***d from 5 s****rs and 3 b*****rs I had to quit school and find work to earn something so our f****y was kept fed. Our only property was our house in a very bad state so we had nothing to sell to get some money. If we sold the house we would have now... Continue»
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Super Market Pt.2

Super market trip Pt.2
After the events of my wives trip to the super market I was looking forward to her next trip out to get men’s attentions. It happened the following Saturday.

Getting up in the morning my wife told me she was off out shopping, the wicked smile across her face told me everything, she was feeling horny and was off out to show herself off to other men again. I asked if I could take my car and follow her as I would like to watch what she did, but she wouldn’t have any of it, saying this was her time out alone to enjoy herself and that she wouldn’t be long and that I shoul... Continue»
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Super Market Pt.3

Super Market Trip Pt.3

My humiliation reaches a new level.

One Friday evening after I return home from work, my wife informs me that we are going out for the evening to the local pub, and to shower and change and be ready to go within the hour, informing me she has left a pair of panties out on the bed that I must wear out tonight. I know what this means, she is feeling horny again!

So I shower and return to the bedroom to get ready, she is already dressed and ready to go out, low cut top, mini skirt and the boots she got from the shop (in Pt.2) she looks very sexy and I tell her so.... Continue»
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Super Market Part.4

Super Market Pt.4

So it’s the dreaded day we are due to visit my b*****r for diner (see Pt.3) I nervous am ready long before my wife is, who is taking longer than usual to get ready. As usual when I was getting ready my wife had laid out a pair of her panties for me to wear, a pretty pair of black lace panties with pink roses on. Joining me in the lounge she informs me that she had taken so long because she has been shaving her pussy and has been trying on lots of pairs of panties then viewing herself in the mirror to see which ones where the most see through to show her pussy of the best. ... Continue»
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Working Gurl

Working Gurl

My name is Danielle and I’m a working gurl . I started working in 1991 at the age of 20, my first job as a hooker was working out of an Adult Book Store North of Ft. Worth, Texas on I-35W South of the airport My boss was an older tranny named Jannice she ran the book store. On nights when she would call me in she would set me up in a booth in the video room. I never knew who or how many would come in to my booth. I was to service all that came to see me. Was I doing this for the money? Oh hell no I was in it for the cum. But the money was good too.
It was a Saturday night arou... Continue»
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Tom comes knocking

One evening after a few glasses of wine it becomes obvious that my partner is feeling really horny, I tell her that I have an idea for us to do something different for her. I tell to go shower and to put something nice on, which she does, returning to the lounge a while later wearing a thin blouse with no bra, her nipple clearly erect and visible through her top and her favourite miniskirt. I lead her up to the bedroom and tie her to our bed, arms and legs spread, she’s wearing very pretty pink sheer knickers and looks amazing. Next I blindfold her, I can see by her nipples that she’s very aro... Continue»
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mature big feet

In one my classes at the university, I met Dorothy,a beautiful woman in her mid 50s . She is big boned ,with a nice plump ass (that I later learned she has perfect control over) ,short dark hair and beautiful big feet, the veins show with her every movement, and she loves to wrap her toes around the desk and dangle her shoes. We sat next to each other and we begin making small talk. She was from New Jersey, had the accent, and cussed in such away it made me want her more. After class one day, she said " Lets get the fuck out of here , this fucking class needs to be taught by someone who knows ... Continue»
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Hitch Hiker Part 2!

............We set off now in the dark night from the Services and since Mick had driven about 15 miles to get here, that is the other side of the motorway, he wanted to know where our guest wanted to go to?
He asked my lover, 'Where to my friend?' 'Is gud Massa if you take me Leicester,' he replied. We were about 2 hours from there. Mick said .'Ok, what your name?'. My name is Jomo, mean Big Spear!', he said to Mick. This made me giggle out loud and Mick gave me a strange look in the rear view mirror!!! He had no idea where Jomo had just had his BIG SPEAR in! I reached over and said in a wis... Continue»
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How my wife tortured me

My wife is a beautiful blonde hair blue eyed spitfire. She stands five foot four and weighs an even hundred pounds. He thirty four b tits are perfectly perky and never need a bra. She is totally aware of how I lust after her body. She always teased me with short skirts or tight pants when we dated. After we married she had to ease up some on the sexy cloths but only due to daily life and work.

She has been cuckolding me from day one, she never hid the fact that other guys where enjoying her body all the while we dated. And even after we Wed she would have afairs outside our marriage. The o... Continue»
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