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Harry and the Grangers 2

Emma was enjoying her illicit affair with Harry. They had to fuck each other at night since during the day Hermione took up most of Harry’s time. But that didn’t seem to bother them since that made the nights more passionate. But one night changed everything. Emma was straddling Harry fucking him hard.
“You like that Harry baby” Emma panted.
“Yes Emma, you look so hot like that” Harry groaned.
“Only for you Harry” Emma said.
She then bent over and kissed her lover hard on the mouth before continuing her up and down movements.
“I’m going to come Emma” Harry warned.
Emma sped up her move... Continue»
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Cool For Each Other (Starring Demi Lovato)

Cool For Each Other (Starring Demi Lovato)

Codes: (MF, CONS, Oral,)
Disclaimer: This story is fictional. None of this has happened or ever will happen.

Today was the big day. Teen pop star Demi Lovato. Today was the filming of her latest (and without a doubt the sexist) music video for her single, “Cool for the summer”. I couldn’t believe my first job as a director in Hollywood was going to be a Demi Lovato music video. No one else really knew this about me, but to say I was a huge fan was a giant understatement. I have loved her since her career began on the Disney channel and I... Continue»
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The Enterprise crew

Captain’s Log: May 15, 2153. We are studying a Class 4 red giant. The crew is enjoying some down time and relaxing, except for my communications officer Ensign Hoshi Sato. I ordered Ensign Sato to sickbay and report to Dr. Phlox.

Hoshi walked into sickbay and looked around, when she didn’t see anyone she said, “Dr. Phlox, are you in here.”

Dr. Phlox walked out from behind a curtain and said, “You’re up late Ensign, shouldn’t you be in your quarters resting?”

Hoshi looked at Dr. Phlox and said, “I was on the bridge, the captain sent me down here because I have a bad headache. I am ... Continue»
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Ginny Weasley. For weeks leading up to the yuletide, mental images of her, of her red hair, flawless fair skin, had flooded Harry Potter’s mind. He wanted to kiss her, be with her. She was beautiful, one of the best looking young women he had ever seen. Yet, she was out of reach. In a broken relationship and also the s****r of one of his best friends. It was getting to him, distracting him from his day to day. His head was full of raunchy thoughts and desires all the time. He knew, of course, that Ginny wasn’t an object, but his body’s urges didn’t respect her like his mind did; his raging... Continue»
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Meet the Pornstars 2: Revenge of the Dominants

Meet the Pornstars Chapter 2: Revenge of the Dominants
by Ruchnids

Joey Brett had just had the time of his life with Sierra Devi, Janet Jade, and Miosotis Claribel the day before. He went hope a happy and lucky man.

The next day after work, he had gotten some mail with lipstick smeared on it. He opened the letter and looked at it.

Dear Joey,
We heard about your good time. Come meet us at the Marriott Hotel at the corner of Welcome Street tonight at 8pm. We have a surprise for you.

Yours truly,
Miss Deja and Vanessa Del

Joey couldn't believe his luck. So now two more po... Continue»
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kylie minogue

kylie by noj

Kylie relaxed as she let her boyfriend push her down onto her knees in front of him. Wearing thigh high black leather boots, a tiny black leather miniskirt, a tight boob-tube and a spiked collar, she was ready for her boyfriend to have at her. It was a nasty fantasy of hers, to have a guy use her like his own little whore and give her a throatjob she'd never forget. She'd tentatively asked her boyfriend, who'd happily accepted the challenge, already familiar with her deepthroating talents and relishing the idea to take it further and have full control over her, seemingly having... Continue»
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sable's last day part 1 by hail caesar

"Well that's it." thought Sable as she walked out of her backroom dressing
room, "no more of that degrading bimbo wrestling act for me. I'm free."

But she only made it two steps out of the doorway before she was pushed back
into the room by three d***ken thugs. One short, one tall and thin, and the
other was just plain huge.

"Hey Sable don't you want to say goodbye to your three BIGGEST fans?" said
the largest one.

Sable looked around confused, trying to figure out where her security guards
were. And the she remembered that thos... Continue»
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Super Bowl 50 with Queen B

I want to say in advance that english is not my first language so I'm sorry for any error .Enjoy it!

It was the halftime show at Super Bowl 50, I was one of the lucky few to be on the field under the stage .I was dreaming of seeing Beyonce live for ages, I was kind of obsessed with her .I didn't like her song much but for sure I liked her body and especially her big ass .Seeing her shaking it at like 15 ft from me was absolutely incredible .I was there with a boner just for seeing here dancing .I had always thought that I would not last more than three minutes with here but I couldn't real... Continue»
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Getting Even With an Old Enemy

Harry appeared whistling right in front of a posh looking door. The door belonged to a huge luxurious looking building surrounded by grounds all round. This place was Malfoy Manor and Harry was here on an errand. A very pleasurable errand.

Rapping his knuckles against the door sharply, he waited. In a few moments, the door opened to reveal a blonde beauty in a night gown. She was Astoria Malfoy nee Greengrass.

“Hello Harry,” Astoria purred, leaning against the door frame.

Harry grinned, “I see you are ready for our meeting, Tori.”

Astoria shrugged, “Why bother putting on clothes wh... Continue»
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Pool Party (Starring Anna Kendrick)

Pool Party (starring Anna Kendrick)
By LazyNinjas
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Following a long day on set of her latest film, Anna Kendrick was relieved to finally get to go home and watch some Netflix. She had been gone for a couple of months, filming different movies all over the world. The next month or so would be the only time she really got to relax this year.

The thirty year old actress placed her keys into the lock and opened the door. She stepped inside, took a big whiff of air and gently placed her bag on the floor.

“It’s... Continue»
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Tess' lesson plan changes

John teases the wet opening of my pussy from behind, sliding the tip of his cock up and down as my tongue continues to plunge into Tess. Sasha, near by strips until her perfect body is exposed and she crawls onto the bed...so many choices she has, but she reaches for Tess's face, pull shed up and presses their lips together.

Tess moans into the kiss, just as John finally pushes forward, his massive cock spearing me from behind. I fell my face pressing harder to Tess' ass as he pushes into me...he groans with frustration, pulls back slightly and plunges back in to me. His cock slides a littl... Continue»
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The Perfect Shot (Starring Victoria Justice)

The Perfect Shot (Starring Victoria Justice)

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I was nervous. Today could be a make or break day for me career wise. I've always dreamed of being a photographer for a magazine. I loved just flipping through the pages of a magazine, seeing all of the beautiful photos of various people. I decicated my life to being a photographer and today was my big day.

I have just landed my first photo shoot for my first magazine. Apparently Kode magazine got a hold of my portfolio and they were impressed . They got into cont... Continue»
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Notice me not

Hermione was reading over the notes she had taken from Professor Slughorn's lecture again. The 'Draught of True Invisibility' might not be as advanced as 'Felix Felicis' but it was still an advanced N.E.W.T. potion that only a few Potioneers could successfully brew, and Hermione was planning to be a member of that select crowd.

The small seventh year class had spent the last two weeks preparing the ingredients and today would be the day they finally could brew it, so she had to take this chance. After all, brewing it successfully meant an instant Potions N.E.W.T. and if anyone was goin... Continue»
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Harry Potter and the Unusual Medical Treatment

The war was over and though grief at the sheer number of those lost was tempering the enthusiasm of the victors, there was still an all encompassing sense of relief across the country. Voldemort was dead, permanently this time, and the general consensus was that this time around, his followers were all going to be dealt with appropriately.

No matter how great this news was however, none of it could do much to lift the spirits of one Ginny Weasley however. The cost of the war had hit her hard, one of her b*****rs and multiple friends had died in the conflict. Of her surviving b*****rs, two ... Continue»
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Tess' Piano Lesson

Teaching piano in my home was really only an idea to keep me from going crazy on the weekends! the money was nice, but not the important part. And, as expected, my students were mostly 10 year old girls who's parent felt they needed more music in their lives. The girls were not really motivated to learn and rarely practiced effectively during the week. So, come the weekend and the visit to my home for 45 minutes, it was really just time for me to endure this torture I brought upon myself.

I had decided that I would stop doing the lessons, that I would take on no more new students, but someo... Continue»
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8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughters

A favorite new tv show for me is 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughters. Kelly Kuoco, the blonde 16yr old girl on the show is incredible who plays Bridget. One of the early shows was one in which she obviously had on a little tiny string thong panty on under her pants. The sides, just strings were clearly visable as they rode her hips as she wore her low-rider jeans. I can only imagine every inch of her under those clothes and what that little thong panty was covering.
I am sure that most men in the world, let alone every teenage boy in the world would love to fuck this little petit... Continue»
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happy days

Joanie Cunningham had a crush on one Richie's friends Pottsie Webber. She was
12 and Potsie was 16. Potsie was always nice to her and he sang to her one
day while the band was practicing.

She went home that night and masturbated to a screaming orgasm thinking of
Potsie. She had masturbated a lot the last month.

Joanie wrote a few love letters to Potsie and the last one said she would
meet him friday night at 9 p.m.

Ralph and Richie were hiding to see who the mystery girl was. Potsie put on
the jukebox to a song that Joanie liked. The song came on and Joanie revealed
her... Continue»
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dr. who clara and amy

The Doctor had said to stay in the TARDIS, and for once neither Clara nor Amy had objected. He had intended to bring the two of them along for a casual visit to the famed Planet of the Ood and its breathtaking snow-peaked landscapes, but as usual, he had quickly detected danger among the tentacled aliens and had run out of the TARDIS to save the day. For the entire journey, Amy had been standing on the glass floor of the TARDIS, and Clara, feigning an interest in the Doctor's tinkering under the control panel, remained below decks. Truthfully, she was eyeing the beautiful redhead from below. A... Continue»
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First Kiss 10 - Fuffy #8

First Kiss 10 - Fuffy #8

When we both pulled back from the kiss, we were both grinning stupidly. We both looked like we won the lottery, I'm sure. It had been an accident... at first.

I was just walking around at the Magic Box, helping Giles out with sorting through the inventory. Faith was there, too, being no help what-so-ever. She was sitting at a table with her feet propped up on the table, and was polishing a wicked knife she had bought a few days ago. I was walking past her with this big heavy box Giles asked for. It was heavy, even with my Slayer strength.

My foot... Continue»
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Totally Chesty - Prologue

(NOTE: This is a crossover between Totally Spies and Art Wetherell's Treasure Chests. All characters 18+ and all rights reserved to the ones who own/created/produces/distributed/broadcasted them. I am doing just for fun and not for money intentions


By Victor2K and Sgt. Snake



A seaside town, just an ordinary town at the coast.

That kind of place where everything seems peaceful and even boring at times.

Why a city like this might get the attention for a story written about it?

Because Steelport was the per... Continue»
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