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Very Brady Sequel Alice learns a lesson about tat

As Mr. Brady's car pulled into the driveway, Alice ran out side. "Mr. Brady, Mr. Brady" she excitedly yelled. "You won't believe what was going on while you were gone!" she exclaimed, waving the photos at him. Mike Brady told Alice to calm down. He began looking at the photos that she held in her hands. There was his beautiful wife, Carol and his son Greg fucking like rabbits. Another photo showed Marcia with her face buried between his wife's pussy. Mr. Brady's cock became quite erect as he checked out the pictures.

He didn't quite know how to handle the situation. He looked at the pics a... Continue»
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friend somehow arranges a housecall from Lucy Lawl

"So, you have the house to yourself for the weekend, right?"

I nodded, "Why? You think I should throw a party?"

"Nah," answered Lucas, "I was thinking of repaying that favor."

"Don't worry about it, man. Friends help friends move."

Lucas suddenly gave me a serious look, "No, seriously. Do you still like that actress Lucy?"

"Lucy Lawless? I think that she's still pretty damn hot, and a great actress, if that's what you mean. Remember Xena?"

"Yeah, whatever. So how would you feel if I told you that I could get her to meet you in person?"

"Is she visiting the city or somethin... Continue»
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Summer job leads to an encounter with Olivia Wilde

My name is Troy Burns and I'm the guy who flies under the radar, all through school I had only a few friends, but I mostly chose to be a loner on my own. Most of the troublesome things that some of my peers were getting into never interested me. I recently graduated three months ago and decided to get a summer job to help out my mom who's a single parent. I knew she needed the extra help and now that I was finished with school I had the extra time to do just that.

Of course, I didn't tell my mom that it was the reason why, because I knew she would try to stop me. After a month of searching,... Continue»
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Thank You from Jessica Simpson

As a free lance writer, I pick up jobs wherever I can, and one of the things I most like to do is write for television shows. The money is good, and it tends to be fun, and there are some great side benefits sometimes. A few days ago, in collaboration with my sometimes writing partner, Duane, I worked on a variety show. I like working with Duane. As an African American man in his early forties, he often sees things from a different angle than I do, and I like having him join me in some of those side benefits. .

The featured guest that evening was Jessica Simpson, and we wrote a comedy segm... Continue»
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The Fan Girl

This story, unlike my blog posts, is purely fictitious, although is it heavily inspired by a certain hunk of a guy with a gorgeous cock who knows who he is lol
Enjoy ;)


"Oh my god, I can't believe I finally get to taste him!"
I thought excitedly to myself as I made my way to the hotel room.

I was alone walking through the quiet lit up hallways, and it was starting to get late. I had manage... Continue»
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Love at Cannes Film Festival 2015

In May of 2015 I had managed to get an internship at a production company for film in France. It was quite a good job, but it turned into a fantastic job, when I found out that we would be working on A indie film movie called A Tale Of Love And Darkness.

I had seen Natalie Portman in "Black Swan" not long ago on DVD/Blu-Ray on my Spare time, but that movie featured her in a lot of makeup and eloborate costumes so I wasn't prepared for the amazingly beautiful young woman I would meet on my second day at lunch at the Cannes film festival in Cannes,France
"Hi, I'm Natalie."
There she stood ... Continue»
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Buffy A.S. (After Sunnydale)

Buffy A.S. (After Sunnydale)

[This story transpires several days after the final episode of the series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It involves Buffy and Faith on vacation in Mexico attempting to relax after the destruction of the Hellmouth and Sunnydale.]

Buffy stepped out on the balcony after she and Faith returned from dinner and enjoyed the breeze. It was quite warm and the crash of the waves on the beach was very relaxing. Buffy took a deep breath and exhaled slowly wondering if her life still had any purpose since the Hellmouth was destroyed. She felt comfortab... Continue»
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Dawn’s Confession


Dawn’s thoughts of the last week

I had hid my feelings for almost a year and just as I got the confidence tell Faith she was the object of my desire, she was being rushed to the hospital with a nasty stomach wound, caused by my s!ster. I hate her for trying to kill my possible girlfriend before I could even tell her how I felt, I hoped that Faith loved me as well. I just wanted to confess my feelings to her but before I could Buffy had gone into Faith’s apartment so I made my way towards an open window and overheard Buffy say that she would give Fai... Continue»
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Lauren and Taylor

This story is for my friend LaurenFunTimeXXXtrem:

One day Lauren called me with some big news. I told her to come over and she could tell me what is going on. She told me she got backstage passes to a Taylor Swift concert. She asked me if I wanted to come with her to the concert, but I wasn't sure if I should go. She talked me into going and we both got ready. Lauren came back over in a Taylor Swift tee shirt, blue jeans and sneakers, while I had on a regular shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. We got to the car and started heading to the concert. We arrived at the concert about an hour or so b... Continue»
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Killer Tuna Redux - Chapter 5

Killer Tuna Redux - Chapter 5: Jeddie

Freddie was thoroughly disgusted with himself and angry beyond belief as he walked down the enclosed pathway to head out of the apartment complex.

He had been so lonely after the last seven months that the first hot girl that threw herself at him, he readily jumped on her like a dog in heat. He saw himself as a pretty upstanding, maybe even a noble kind of guy, particularly when it came to girls even if they never seemed to reciprocate, but not something like what had just happened. The last few minutes he seemed like a man possessed in... Continue»
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One night with Kaley Cuoco (and Penny)

I went to comic-con for work and it was no fun at all. My bosses had kept me too busy wasting my time to actually enjoy anything, then dumped me off at the hotel once they had scored tickets to some movie studio party. Up in my room I felt useless and abandoned. I drank a couple of the small liquor bottles from the mini fridge before I decided to go down and drink in the bar like an adult.

A while later I was a few drinks deep and feeling pretty high when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to find a pretty blond smiling at me. Just beyond her I could see two well groomed guys dressed fo... Continue»
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Jennifer Lawrence and an old high school friend go

Dominic Bryan sat down in the log cabin hidden away in the Los Angeles countryside. His ears picked up as the sound of a car rolled up the drive, collecting gravel in its treads as it went. He stood up and moved away from the desk, peering out of the large window, Dom saw a big green SUV slow to a halt outside of the resort. Two people got out of the vehicle and walked to the back of the car. The larger woman opened the back of the car and hoisted a large bag out of the back.

That must be the Hollywood star that Dom was going to have to look after for the weekend. He ran a hand through his... Continue»
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Avril Lavigne at a club

I didn't really want to go to the club tonight, but I had promised Crystal that I would be there. I was tiered and a bit depressed as my life wasn't going in the direction I wanted it to. Crystal knew this and that was precisely the reason why she wanted me to go out tonight.

So when 10:00 pm hit, I put on my tight jeans and grabbed a shirt from my laundry pile (not a really good one because this club was mostly teenagers, so there wasn't a dress code) and then I got into my rust mobile and drove the few minutes there.

As was normal for this time of the year, there was no line up and no ... Continue»
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A sexy morning in with Eva Green

December 2013 - Ireland

Naturally, I slept through what could have been the night of my life. Even if she was still with me in the morning.

The she in question happened to be film and TV siren Eva Green - familiar to some of you from "Casino Royale" "The Dreamers" "Camelot" "Dark Shadofws" and the upcoming "300" sequel and Showtime horror series "Penny Dreadful" I probably should have led off with that.

While I'm at it, I can also add that she's been here in Ireland, filming that aforementioned Showtime show for the last three months. I've seen her and talked to her off and on for the... Continue»
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A lone Human finds 3 very odd Elves

My name is Dalas. I grew up in a poor f****y in Southshore, and as soon as I was able, moved immediately to the great city of Stormwind to try and make a future for myself.

I had never been very good with arms, nor had I felt the calling of the wild or the light, so that only left me with one choice; magic.

The only question was, which kind would suit me better? The path of the Mage, who follows the "goodly" path of magic, or... the path of the warlock, controller of dark, ancient, powerful magic and demons?

The answer would come soon, as I later found out. One night while drinking an... Continue»
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Nerd learns of his space bound destiny

"You're joking... Please tell me you're joking!"

"Jacob, I'm sorry," said a mildly sympathetic voice from the opposite end of the phone, the owner of the voice's attention firmly on the last minute touches of her up-do hairstyle.

"No, Courtney, you're not. You call me an hour before prom to tell me you're going with your ex instead? You know what? Fuck off!" As Jacob put up a strong front he was broken on the inside.

He threw his phone across his bedroom and ran downstairs. In his moment of rage, he began to realize the positive aspect of what had just happened. At least his parents ... Continue»
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A ranger meets an elf in the wild

Sitting on his bedroll in just his trousers, Thanir watches as the first rays of the morning sun broke through the trees. He glances quickly at the smoldering remains of last night's fire but decides against rekindling it. The next town, and a real meal in a tavern, is only a few miles away so there was no need to cook a breakfast. Rubbing the last of the sl**p from his eyes, the young ranger stands and stretches.

Just as he begins to roll up his bedding, a series of sounds jerk Thanir's attentions to the east. Dropping the bedroll, he grabs his sheathed sword and runs off in the direction ... Continue»
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Married With c***dren: The Camera

Peg Bundy was sitting on the couch, eating bon-bons and
watching Oprah on television when the doorbell rang. It
was her next-door neighbor Marcy D'arcy.

"Hi Peg," said Marcy flopping down next to her on the
couch, "I just needed somebody to talk to. I'm so lonely
without Jefferson."

Marcy's husband Jefferson, along with Peg's husband Al,
had supposed gone off on a week long "fishing" trip at a
remote lake in Wisconsin. Peggy suspected that they were
spending most of their time at a nudie bar near the

"I don't know if I can make it a week without...you
know," sa... Continue»
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Adventures at the Bundy House

It was a beautiful morning in all of Chicago. The sun
was slowly starting to come up, the birds were singing,
and Al Bundy was enjoying his favorite part of the day,
his sl**p. It was the only time where nobody bothered
him. In his sl**p, he could think back on how great of a
football he was.

Also, he continuously fantasized about the girls in his
favorite magazine, Big Uns. All those hooters for his
disposal in his dreams, it was perfect. Even though his
wife, Peggy, had pretty nice tits of her own, Al only
liked other women whom he felt didn't set out to destroy
his li... Continue»
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Al Bundys Afternoon Delight

Al Bundy hurries home from work to watch the Cubs play
only to find Peggy and Marcy in the way of the
television. (MFF, orgy, oral, bi, sitcom-parody)


Al Bundy has just finished working the Sunday afternoon
shift at the shoe store, smelling fat women's sweaty
feet all day. Driving his Dodge down the freeway, Al
listens to the Cubs game on his AM radio... hoping he
can catch the last couple of innings on TV when he gets
home. Al hurries into his humble house and goes
straight to the kitchen, where he grabs a six pack of
beer out of the fridge, not noticing the commot... Continue»
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