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A great day

Daniel Jacob did not have an easy life to say the least. Brought up in a strict, religious household that used faith as an excuse for hatred, he objected strongly to the beliefs of his parents and strongly refused to go along with their lifestyle or the idea he should continue the f****y ways of supporting and being a leader in the organization.

Despite having good grades at school and the potential to make something of himself, he'd shown potential in the school choir and shined during musical lessons, he was left with little alternative than to escape the toxic f****y life and run away fr... Continue»
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A good day p 2

Not too long ago, Danny Jacob was a handsome but unfortunately homeless man attempting to scratch together a living by busking on the streets of New York in between less and health-and-safety conscious jobs. Then, by complete chance he was plucked off the streets by the global pop superstar singer Taylor Swift who gave him the opportunity to change his life forever. By being her personal fuck buddy.

A woman of high sexual needs, regardless of being in or out of a relationship, she needed someone to fuck to keep those cravings under control, but not have the baggage of a relationship that co... Continue»
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The Fan Girl

This story, unlike my blog posts, is purely fictitious, although is it heavily inspired by a certain hunk of a guy with a gorgeous cock who knows who he is lol
Enjoy ;)


"Oh my god, I can't believe I finally get to taste him!"
I thought excitedly to myself as I made my way to the hotel room.

I was alone walking through the quiet lit up hallways, and it was starting to get late. I had managed ... Continue»
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A Sexy Lesbian Experience 2

A Sexy Lesbian Experience Part 2

By: James Stryker

"Maya, Riles! Whoa, what the heck? Why are all these clothes on the floor?" A mysterious voice asked.

Riley turns off the shower and stepped out of the shower with Maya to see who was in the apartment. Riley dried herself off with the pink bath towel and wrapped it around her body while Maya wraps the white bath towel around her body. Before she could step out of the bathroom, Maya felt Riley's hand on her arm as she starts to pull her back in the bathroom.

"Maya, don't go out there. A burglar might be in the apartme... Continue»
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fox slots

I had a dream last night i was fucking nicole koglin of fox 6 news

’uhhhhhh”sh emoaned’ohhhshit fuck..fuck fuck me dmanit..you’re way too big for me, omigod’

Then god burst into the room

”i am tired of you disobeying my commandments” he said”thou shall not lust after thy married woman”

Nicole’s hair was messed up she just stood there dazed and confused

”god, you know what? She said”I haven’t been fucked this hard by a dick this big before, just let him do his duty, he’s helpin me put together a news story”

“he is sinning” god said”this man is having sex with you in his mind”... Continue»
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Home sweet home

I had a dream last night this guy named blitzkiten was fucking lori leland of home shopping network behind the counter

“how long is it gong to take me to get my order shipped to my house? He asked

“you’re order is on its way to your house as we speak’ lori gasped “free shipping and handling on all orders”

Blitzkiten was fucking lori good he had her legs up in the air his long blitzki cock just ramming away at lori’s tight pussy

”ummmmmoohoof” lori moaned omigod im gettin fucked behind the counter of my own show”

“lori” the camerman said”we’re live on air”

“i’m not gonna s... Continue»
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Sarah Michelle Gellar her premature assistant.

I’d been Goddess Sarah’s personal assistant for some time. Keeping track of her schedule, making sure that whenever she arrived at a film set or a movie premiere that everything she needed was in order and ready for her, things like that. She had expensive tastes, wherever she went she demanded the finest wine, expensive jewellery and designer lingerie available to her on a moment’s notice. If only her fans knew that each time she stepped out on to the red carpet that she was wearing the sexiest bra, panties and garter imaginable under her dress. I was in a privileged position, knowing things ... Continue»
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A Sexy Lesbian Experience

Girl Meets World: A Sexy Lesbian Experience, Part 1

By: A.N.T Farm Lover 205

“I'm home!” Riley called to her f****y. Hello? Anyone home?

As she strolled around the house she noticed a note taped to the fridge.

Dear Maya,

Your father and I have gone on a date night. We left Auggie at grandma's and won't be back until around 12:00am.

I want the bathroom cleaned and the kitchen floor swept. You may go to Maya's house or she may come over.



Looking at her watch she saw that it was just past 10:00 am.

Sweet 14 hours to myself[... Continue»
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Curabitur sodales ligula in libero. Sed dignissim lacinia nunc. Curabitur tortor. Pellentesque nibh. Aene... Continue»
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My Elite sex e****t work experience

I always got a lot of questions from people I know about my previous job… When I answered, they just asked more questions. On that basis, I decided to write the story about that in the format of interview, despite of fact that I had never been interviewed by any magazine.

How and when did you first got into the sex industry?

When I returned to Canada after my graduating from Princeton University, finding a job was very difficult, even for a good university graduate with the Master’s degree in Psychology. I've been getting rejections, usually with the words that I'm too good for the job, ... Continue»
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Hot Tub Time Machine: Sexy Racquel Darrian VS Butc

Hot Tub Time Machine: Beauty and the Butch 

Starring: Racquel Darrian and Lily Cade

Lily lay in bed trying to sl**p. She tossed and turned restlessly, wearing only a pair of white briefs. The traffic outside her window was louder than usual. The freeway construction was making life pretty unbearable. It sounded like two freeways were merging because that’s pretty much what was happening.

She gave up, stacked her pillow against the bed’s backboard and had a smoke. Lily had been watching the comedy Hot Tub Time Machine that evening and now wondered what mischief she could get hers... Continue»
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Racquel Darrian's Ultimate Fantasy Part III

Racquel Darrian’s Ultimate Fantasy III

1999: Racquel has been waiting at a street-corner off of Sunset Boulevard for almost half an hour. Pervs have been driving by slowly, eyeing her as a street-hooker – it is 9pm after all.

Her pussy has been getting wet thinking about the quick money should could shake off the street when her limo finally pulls up.

 Racquel is dressed in shiny, black latex boots that extend above the knees with a very short matching mini-skirt. She has a tight-fitting white top to show off her tits. 

The limo’s side window drops down with a whir. Los... Continue»
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What Happens in Vegas... with Jennifer Hawkins

My work as a segment producer on “The Great Outdoors” had always rewarded me richly with beautiful women and various exotic destinations from around the globe, but with that said nothing could compare to my last assignment to the States. As it turned out, it would be one of the greatest highlights of my entire life and a night I’ll never forget.

It all started one fateful February morning when I was delighted to learn that I would be traveling to Las Vegas with the newest member of the crew, 2004 Miss Universe winner, Jennifer Hawkins. It seemed someone higher up in the office, in all their... Continue»
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Lindsay Gets Freaky

Working as a Hollywood casting agent is hard work, but it has its perks. It was 2002 and I was casting the movie Freaky Friday. A mother and daughter switch bodies. Stupid stuff, but it was work. I knew we wanted Jamie Lee Curtis as the mom. I remember seeing her huge tits back in Trading Places. We needed to find a teenage girl with the same…attributes.

I had auditions scheduled all day long. Teenage girls would come in, read the same few lines. They had to act, but they had to look the part. After they read for me, I would ask them to remove their top and bra so I could see if they would ... Continue»
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f****y Guy: Chance Encounter

The skies were clear and blue as Kaizer walked down the sidewalk, the sun was shining, birds were singing and the day seemed very relaxed. Within a suburban neighborhood he was surrounded on either side by middle-class houses, many with garages and all with neatly trimmed lawns. He wasn't entirely sure where he was but Kaizer didn't care either, this little walk had no specific destination in mind, he just wanted to get away from things for a while. Today he was even dressed for a casual occasion in a pair of open toe sandals, tan cargo shorts and a rather tacky blue Hawaiian shirt. Hands in h... Continue»
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Progressive Insurance

The clock on the wall read 5:30, it was only a half hour until the insurance office closed for the day. Behind the counter Flo steadily typed away at the computer filing away insurance claims, payments, and other mundane paperwork while customers milled around the aisles. Many people found the large, bright white interior of the building to be offsetting at first, but business was still good. Almost two dozen people were looking at the various insurance policies available to them. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary and Flo continued to tend to her various duties. As chipper and cheerful... Continue»
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Jennifer Lopez Ass Fucked

I'm well aware that JLo thinks of me as having saved her life, and it's quite possible she's right. One day I found her stranded on the side of an almost deserted road in California's Central Valley. Jennifer's car had broken down and her cell phone no longer worked either, and I gave her a ride in my van. That day was one of the hottest on record and, had I not come along, she might very well have died of heat stroke or dehydration, and she has been grateful to me ever since. Personally, I thought of my actions as giving normal assistance to a person in distress, and nothing out of the ordina... Continue»
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Taming the Fox

It was a warm sunny day outside. John was a professional photographer and was finally living his dream. Taking pictures of a scantily clad Megan Fox and Hayden Panettiere. So he got to the shoot location, which was a brightly lit Studio with a dozen or so people working at the same time on this shoot.

John spent a few hours setting up his cameras and making sure that the lighting was perfect before his stars arrived.

"They are ready," One of his assistants said.

Megan Fox came out first she was wearing tight little lingerie that accented her perfect breasts right and sweet little pus... Continue»
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Peach and Daisy's Day Out

It was a normal summer day in the Mushroom Kingdom, things were quiet on the political front and Princess Peach was spending the day with her cousin Princess Daisy on a private beach. It had been close to a month since they had been able to visit each other so this was a welcome respite for the both of them. On the beach of golden sand and salty sea air Peach took in a deep breath enjoying the sound of the crashing waves, she smiled broadly before a beach towel smacked her in the side of the head knocking her crown off. Quickly pulling it away from her face Peach looked over to see Daisy grinn... Continue»
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Banging Big Time is no Theory (Part 1)

Amy’s slumber party

“I can’t thank you and Bernadette enough for this, “Amy said to Penny. “The only slumber party I had growing up was with my teddy bear ‘Isaac Newton’, my cat, ‘Madame Curie’ and my hamster ‘bubbles’. It was a truly torrid affair, ‘Madame Curie’ wound up eating ‘Bubbles’ and got sick and I wound up in bed with ‘Isaac Newton’, needless to say my mother never let me have another.”

Unaffected by the names of Amy’s pets and bear, Penny replied while fixing the pillows on the couch, “we are more than happy to Amy, I must admit after the day I had, staying in and getting d**... Continue»
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