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iWant To Kiss #2 - iRealise

iCarly - iWant To Kiss #2 - iRealise

[After an iCarly segment that wasn't fully thought through, "just friends" becomes nearly impossible for the girls.]

Freddie couldn't help but smile at the girls' dancing routine. At one of the rehearsals earlier that week, they had decided that Random Dancing wasn't as random as it could be. Hence the duct tape binding their ankles together, and the pillows for the many times they fell over. In Freddie's opinion, it was an improvement, and not just because Sam missed the pillows at one point.

But like all good things, it had to come ... Continue»
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iSummer, chapter 12

iCarly - iSummer, chapter 12

When Carly arrived at the Groovy Smoothie, Melanie was already there, waiting on her.

"I see you got my text." Carly shyly said as she sat down at the table where Mel was sitting.

"Yeah." Mel replied with a smile as she nervously shifted her weight in her chair.

"So about last night." Carly started. "It was great." She whispered. "It was the best night of my entire life."

It was the words that Melanie had been wanting to hear but she could sense that "but" coming next.

"But I'm so confused." Carly admitted with her head down.

"I d... Continue»
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BtVS: Girl Least Likely

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Girl Least Likely

Dawn had three classes on the day Faith came to visit her, and Faith followed her to each one. Every time the doors opened and the students streamed out, carrying thick books and ragged messenger bags, lighting up cigarettes, Faith meant to get up and find Dawn in the crowd. Instead she stayed put, leaning up against the wall or sprawled out on a concrete bench, and watched the girl with an outsider's eye.

She still looked like a model, tall and skinny as hell, with narrow hips and perfect hair, but that prissy high schooler's pos... Continue»
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Disney Girls Don't Have Sex – Part 2


"So, what's wrong?"

Blinking a few times Demi Lovato awoke from her thoughts to see her best friend and secret girlfriend Selena Gomez reflected in the mirror that the younger girl was sitting in front of.

"Nothing," Demi said unconvincingly.

"And by nothing, you mean?" Selena questioned as she pulled a stool up so it was behind the one Demi was sitting on, thus allowing her to sit down and gently slide her hands around her girlfriend's stomach.

Demi closed her eyes and relaxed into the gentle embrace. She could still remember when these gent... Continue»
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BtVS: The Key’s Shaft

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Key’s Shaft

Dawn stood surrounded by bedrolls in the attic of the Summers’ house with her jeans around her knees. With so many of Buffy’s small army living there she rarely had the opportunity to closely examine the changes to her body since ch*ldhood. Not the attractively firm breasts, widened hips or thickening dark pubic hair that declared her a woman rather than a k*d. Her elder s*ster’s friends all had long fake memories of her arriving in Sunnydale alongside Buffy. Dawn had been created from an ancient dimensional energy key, and inserted in... Continue»
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Miranda & Jennette - Another Year Older

Miranda Cosgrove & Jennette McCurdy - Another Year Older

Her birthday wasn't really until tomorrow, but the iCarly cast and crew seemed adamant about throwing a special party before Miranda went home for the weekend. Granted it meant free cake for everyone but Dan, who actually shelled out the money for the cake. It was fine with him though. Miranda was their big star and a sweet k*d so no one really was against giving her a pre-birthday party or spending money on her.

There was music, lots of it. Loud and fun, the whole crew dancing about and making fools of themselves jus... Continue»
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Disney Girls Don't Have Sex – part 1


"Are you serious?" Selena Gomez asked, finally breaking the silence which had seemed to last for an eternity.

Miley Cyrus had been hoping against hope that somehow Selena hadn't heard her slip up, or that she'd only imagined herself saying something so stupid out loud.

It wasn't that she didn't trust Selena, they had been friends for years and Miley knew there was no way Selena would betray her trust like that, but this was a delicate matter she hadn't really planned on seriously discussing with anyone. But, since she had let it slip.... Continue»
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iWant To Kiss #1 - iHave Second Thoughts

iCarly - iWant To Kiss #1 - iHave Second Thoughts

Sam Puckett was up early that day. It wasn't like her to show up early, let alone the earliest, but today was different. Today, she couldn't wait to get started. In fact, she'd gone to bed fully dressed the night before just so she wouldn't have to waste time on that this morning. Five minutes of freshening up, and she was on her way to the best place in the world: somewhere other than her house.

"Freddie! Hey, Fredwardo." Shouting didn't work; punching did.

"¿Qué está pasando?" asked the boy whose bed she was sitting on.... Continue»
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Cat Is Carly's Antidote

iCarly/Victorious: Cat Is Carly's Antidote

The Victorious and iCarly gang have just finished singing 'Leave it all to Shine' and are all going back to be what they were doing before their little karaoke section. Andre went back to chasing the panda with Keenen Thompson, Beck, Jade, Spencer and Sikowitz went back to the pool to finish there game. Trina went back to trying to find Lane's k*ds before she got into trouble, Robbie went back to hand with some Northridge girls with Rex, Freddie and Tori went to spin a few tracks together and Sam devoured the snack only two left were... Continue»
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Spencer Gets Cornered

iCarly/Victorious: Spencer Gets Cornered

Trina was wandering around Keenan Thompson's house looking for Lane's k*ds because she brought them to the party on leashes and never realized k*ds can undo Velcro and buckles. She wandered outside and saw Beck, Jade, Sikowitz and someone she recognize.

She made her way over, "Hey Beck."

Beck looked over and was going to say something but was cut off by Jade, "Leave slut."

Beck tried to calm Jade down while Sikowitz quietly left like he did when things got heated or awkward. The stranger spoke up, "Hey that isn't nice. Do you n... Continue»
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iSummer, chapter 11

iCarly - iSummer, chapter 11

Sam had text Freddie to find out where he was. He replied back to say he was in the old iCarly studio. He had went there in time to meet Carly as she was leaving the building and spoke briefly with her before going on up to talk to Spencer. But Spencer was getting ready to go out on date with this girl he met at the museum so Freddie asked if he could hang around for a while. After he left for his date, Freddie walked on up to the studio and sat down on the blue bean bag chair.

It had been almost a year since they last did iCarly and the studio ... Continue»
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Victorious: Catorade

Jade West sat on her bed, crying. This was her first Valentine's Day in three years she spent alone. She made it clear to everyone that she didn't care about Valentine's Day, but secretly, she liked it. Beck went out of his way to do things he normally wouldn't do for her and to actually show here some form of sentiments. She was stuck at her house while her parents were out on their date.

Meanwhile, Cat and Tori drove up to the West residence with the biggest grins on their faces. Jade had confessed to Cat over a text message that she was actually ups... Continue»
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iSummer, chapter 10

iCarly - iSummer, chapter 10

Freddie and Sam both woke up about an hour later around 10am. Sam woke up because her phone was going crazy and Freddie woke up because Sam fell on top of him trying to get to her phone while she was still half asl*ep.

"What's going on?" He sl*epily asked as he rubbed his eyes.

Sam groaned. "I have like a million text messages from both Carly and Mel." She said as she scrolled through her message directory.


"They both want to talk to me."

"I wonder what happened."

"I have no idea but Carly says she is at the gym and Melanie... Continue»
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Birthday Surprise!

Victorious: Birthday Surprise!

On the day of her eighteenth birthday, Tori Vega awoke to darkness.

She frowned, slowly bubbling to consciousness, raising a hand to swat at the material covering her eyes, only to realise her other hand was jerked up with it. Tori lay still for a moment, mind working. She flexed her wrists, silky material twisting over them. So she was blindfolded. And bound. She knew that much. Maybe this was some kind of birthday prank or s... Continue»
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iSummer, chapter 9

iCarly - iSummer, chapter 9

As rain began to fall on the bedroom window that night, Carly Shay and Melanie Puckett both lay in bed looking at each other. They had made out on the couch until they heard Spencer unlocking the door. They quickly regained their composure and were sitting upright on the couch, appearing to be watching TV to the seemingly unsuspecting Spencer. Spencer knew though but didn't say anything, he could tell by the looks on their faces that they had come to an understanding in their little predicament. He spoke briefly to them before announcing that he was... Continue»
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Lilprincess's slutty story

The tale of this sexy insatiable cumslut starts on a night that she had no idea would end in her filled and covered in cum.

On the night in question she attended an evening out with her hubby NuNu who had taken her to the cinema followed by a nice meal at their favourite restaurant. She had expected to be heading home after they had eaten, so found herself a little confused when they arrived outside a local hotel after leaving the restaurant but became curious to see what else NuNu had planned for her.
They check-in and make their way to the penthouse suit, to her excitement they... Continue»
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iSummer, chapter 8

iCarly - iSummer, chapter 8

Carly Shay paced the floor between the couch and the table until she heard a knock at the door.

"It's open."

When the door opened, Melanie stood in the frame.

"You wanted to see me?" She asked, without moving and while making a note in her head about how hot Carly looked in the blue jean skirt and white blouse she was wearing.

Carly approached her. "Come in."

Melanie slowly made her way inside the apartment. Carly shut the door behind her.

"So where is Spencer?" Melanie asked.

"He's down at the museum, filling out forms to get o... Continue»
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Mrs. T & The Sales Girl and Me - Dressing Room

Upon Mrs. T request

I read her this story as she stroked my cock

she did not let any leak out her sexy red lips

I love to shop. It always better to go shopping with someone else. There is nothing more fun then going shopping with Mrs. T. We always seem to have fun. On some occasion we have a little too much fun. I usually buy her what ever she wants. On most shopping trips she buys everything with her husband credit card or cash. She likes to make a game out of shopping sometimes. She likes to make a game out of just about everything. She loves watching Wheel of Fortune. We play t... Continue»
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iSummer, chapter 7

iCarly - iSummer, chapter 7

"What's up Carls?" Sam asked as she came into the door.

Carly was sitting on the couch. She turned to face Sam and patted the couch where she wanted Sam to sit.

Sam took a seat next to Carly.

"Mel keeps changing the subject to just making up some excuse and leaving whenever I try to talk to her about her and me." Carly blurted out.

"Oh." Sam said. "So?"

"So?" Carly asked as she quickly stood up. "Sam, I'm trying to talk to her about something serious."

"Maybe Mel doesn't want to talk about it. Think if it were you. What if you told... Continue»
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Natalie Sawyer - Breaking, Entering and Fucking!

Fan fiction that may contain content not suitible for people under the age of 18. Be Warned.

Celeb - Natalie Sawyer (Anal, MF BJ, FINGER, RELUC, SPANK, SQUIRT)

Natalie Sawyer is a 35 year old Sky Sports News presenter and she had just finished her shift on Sky Sports news HQ. She was wearing a red dress... Continue»
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