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Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

I’m going to make you feel so amazing baby,” Harry purred as he grasped her thin bikini and ripped it from her hips with no appreciable amount of effort. Next the Rider’s trunks were ripped from his body, earning a hot moan from the witch at the display of power. “Are you sure you are ready?” The mage probed, restraining himself with no small exercise of willpower from ravishing the gorgeous redhead straddling him.

In answer Ginny grasped her man’s tool and, rising up on her knees for a moment, positioned the prick and then lowered herself slowly back down on it. Ginny’s hands flew to H... Continue»
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Harry Potter and Susan Bones 2

Susan collapsed forward onto the bed as the last spasms of her orgasm left her. The full weight of her mate was atop the buxom Hufflepuff as she felt his still stiff prick finish unloading inside of her.

“That was wonderful Harry,” Susan whispered as she tried to catch her breath.

The two magicians were in Harry’s bed in Gryffindor tower.

“Mmm…yes it was,” the wizard agreed with a purr as he nuzzled the sweaty side of his partner’s head, grazing his teeth over her ear.

“Harry,” Susan said with a throaty hum, flexing her vaginal muscles around his prick.

“I think it’s time I e... Continue»
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Harry Potter Hermione Granger and Nymphadora Tonks

Harry lay naked on Nymphadora’s bed waiting for a very special present the Hufflepuff had promised him. A partial sense damping charm did not allow the wizard to see, hear, or smell. The mage could of course reach out with his magic but chose not to spoil the surprise. Suddenly Harry felt something warm and soft slide around the tip of his prick.

The sense dampening charm was dispelled and Harry did not quite understand what he was seeing at first. A gorgeous witch crouched over his erect prick held in Tonks’ grasp. The crouching witch had brown hair and looked like a younger version of E... Continue»
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Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks 2

Harry withdrew his quite hard dick from Nymphadora’s well serviced snatch. The witch had just had her sex thoroughly pleasured by the wizard’s staff. Nym stood with her hands braced against a tree in the clearing that she and Hermione loved to come to in order to be shagged by their favorite warlock.

“Come on Harry…put it in my arse,” the female shape-shifter urged as a surge of anticipation coursed through her cunny.

Ever since Nym’s first time being taken up the bottom shortly after Hermione had given their boyfriend her butt virginity the Hufflepuff prefect had loved having Harry P... Continue»
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My first adventure

Eirc was my first. First in my mouth, first in my hands, and first in my tight virgin ass. It was the most exciting and nerve racking walk through a hotel that I have ever experienced. My heart raced and the bl**d pounded in my head as I walked up to the door my soon to be lover had designated as his. I took a deep breath as I knocked on the door. I was greeted by a rather dower looking hairy bear type. Ginger hair covered his shirtless chest and back. His pants were already half-undone and I could see what I though was a semi bulging in his khakis. This was it, the point of no return. I s... Continue»
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The Mixologist

The Mixologist

I’m in mixology school because I love helping people with their problems. Who do they go to? Their bartender, of course. That’s me. Or it will be, very soon. And you can make good money, if you work in the best clubs. The problem is, I’m a nervous person. And I sometimes lose my head. I forget myself when I get nervous.
As a result, the mixology students treat me like shit. They’re so impatient and arrogant. I do my best. I’m slow, ok, because I’m trying to be deliberate. They should try to be cool, but they can’t keep their mouths shut. They don’t try to hide their nast... Continue»
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Ashley's first time pt. 2

I woke up late on a Saturday afternoon, it was chilly that day so i grabbed my robe and wrapped it around my soft feminine body before walking to the bathroom to turn on the heat and hot water. letting the tub fill i started to check myself out in the mirror, rubbing my hands up my legs to my ass before gripping it tightly. i bent over to add some lavender scented bubble bath. i climb into the tub and get to work. I start with my legs, lathering them up before i shave them silky smooth. i just sat there in the tub admiring them and how sexy it felt to have my legs so smooth and femi... Continue»
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One Rainy Evening

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Sorting out the complications, Staying at the State Park and the Deflowering of Bobbie.

When the three got back to their cottage they busily set about making their dinner. There were smoked pork chops and chicken breasts, potato salad, hot rolls and iced tea, in addition to myriad pastries remaining from the visit to The Grecian Table.

After all were full, they put away the remaining food and sat down around the table to begin discussing plans with which to proceed with their lives.

It was quickly agreed upon to liv... Continue»
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Debbie, 40th birthday treat, fucked by 2 guys in D

A few years ago, I answered an advert on fastflirting to meet with a couple. I was picked up around 8pm outside "The Globe" bar in the Westport area of Dundee by the guy, who was much older than me, and we headed off for Dunfermline to meet his woman. He told me on the way it was her 40th birthday and I was to sit in the back of his jeep when we got there. We arrived, and he sent her a text, I was sitting in the back, when the door opened and in climbed a very pretty blonde, about 5ft 4", slim and cute. Her eyes met mine and I just pounced on her, sticking my tongue down her throat, and pressi... Continue»
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On my stomach.

We walk into her bedroom and she shuts the door. My heart is beating faster than normal. I'm nervous and excited. I've fantasized about this moment for years.

"Strip", She says with confidence and authority. It sounds louder than it was in the quiet.

I immediately take all my clothes off, my cock quickly filling with bl**d. I put the clothes on a nearby chair, and then stand next to the bed. She walks next to me with her front facing my side. I feel her lean into me. Her clothes touch my bare skin. My nakedness becomes highlighted by this. She is clearly in charge.

I'm startled by the... Continue»
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Dish not on menu.

She was a small girl. 4' 10" and perhaps 100 lbs. But really cute in the face with a wide smile.

Olive brown-skinned...perhaps Hispanic, maybe Italian or Greek. It was an Italian restaurant she worked in, and I'd been a regular customer at for several years. Now here she was, busting tables and adjusting blinds and catching my attention every time she wandered out from the kitchen. Shy in manner, cute ass under those black jeans, perky tits.

Late teens, early 20's? She'd caught my eye, and mine hers. She smiled upon seeing me, becoming used to my presence once a week or twice a month a... Continue»
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Hairy big titted milf Jo-Anne's pub adventure

"I cant believe she's just been sitting there for the past hour opening and closing her legs at us the dirty fucking bitch" said one of the guys!
"It's a fucking jungle down there I can tell you" quipped another!
It was just another late night out in town and the local pub was the destination!
A trio of guys had gone into a well known watering-hole that had a bit of a reputation for being a great place for those just looking for a casual fuck!
After ordering their drinks and sitting down they noticed a solitary woman sitting opposite!
She was a brunette in her mid-forties dressed in a ver... Continue»
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Some friends fucked Ana at home

Some friends fucked Ana at home

That summer weekend Ana had invited two young friends home for a barbacoa at the back yard and a nice swimming in the pool.

Both guys had come together. They were Jack and Willy.
As the day went on I noticed that Ana was paying a lot of attention to both of them. She was looking very sexy in her light brown bikini. That color really popped next to her dark tanned skin. The top was the triangle style and I noticed she was sliding them farther apart exposing more of her nice tits…

Besides her top, her small bottom cloth sometimes was going into her butt... Continue»
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Tricked into being a SubSlut

I was 22 yrs old and was living with my gf, I had been out drinking with my friends and was wasted. I came home and my gf started a fight and told me to get out. I started walking down the road and didn't see a soul. I looked at my watch 400am, shit I will never get a ride at this time of the morning. after walking for what seemed like forever, I seen some car lights. I put my thumb out to hitch a ride. the car stopped and the passenger window rolled down. a man voice asked if I needed a ride? I said yes and jumped in. the guy seemed real cool, we talked and laughed. I explained that I had got... Continue»
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A quick stop in the middle of nowhere

A quick stop in the middle of nowhere

One evening Anita and I were driving in the highway, coming back from a rock band concert out of town, when she asked me to stop at a rest place.
She got out of the car and asked me to follow her. She whispered she was so fucking horny that night…
I fucked her in one of the stalls in the ladies room. It was pretty cool, especially with other women coming in and out of the restroom the whole time. We could hear them doing their business and talking to each other.

After we were finished, we went back to our car. Even though we had just finished fuc... Continue»
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Taken and liked it...

I was in the locker room at school, just got out of the shower when I heard footsteps...i stopped cold and listen....not a sound. My heart was racing, pounding so hard I could swear it echoed through out the locker room. I took a breath and a step...again the sound of footsteps.
Fear gripped me as I hurried to my I bent over to grab my shorts...the locker door slammed shut...I fell back over the dressing feet went up as i fell, the towel that was wrapped around my waist rose exposing my gentiles...
Struggling to see who or what slammed my locker, I saw one of the p... Continue»
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Four guys for me in the ladies room

Four guys for me in the ladies room

After completeing my exercises in the gym, I went to the ladies room and took a nice warm shower. Wrapped on a long towel, I sat down on a bench and looked for my panties inside my bag.

Suddenly I was surrounded by four huge guys; all of them Young and muscled; all wearing a towel at their waists.

“Guys, I think you are in the ladies room” I said; my voice shaking a little.

"What's your name?" One of them asked. I answered telling my name.

"Well, Ana, my name is Tommy. My friends and I watched you taking a shower. You got such a sexy beautif... Continue»
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Crossdresser Dominated Part 2

Sorry to everyone that this took so long to finish but i really wanted to try and make it a good setup for future stories. I already have the next part in mind so hopefully that will cut down on the time. Hope everyone enjoys. <3<3<3

Chapter 2: Day One with Jake

“Hello?” Bill said answering his phone
“Hi Bill, it's me.” I said hoping he would recognize my voice sounding more girly then it was.
“I was wondering how long it would be before you caved in and call me. So you ready to be a part time sissy bitch?
“Yes, I was born ready.” I replied
“That’s what i like to... Continue»
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My company finally transferred me back home from our operation in Thailand. It had been a long two years away from f****y and friends but I made the best of my time out of country… both in business and in my personal life. The special person I introduced to everyone upon my arrival was my new wife… my beautiful Sada.

The k**s in the f****y instantly fell in love with her. She was so petite that the k**s felt like she was already one of them. Sada was incredibly beautiful. Her smile was like warm sunshine after a summer shower. Her eyes were large and dark. Her skin was creamy... Continue»
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gfs father round 2

Hey guys back again to tell you about me and Jim my girlfriends father and our hot sex relationship.

So last week after the football my girlfriends dad fucked me and now I can't wait to be his little sex toy again.

He messaged me the other night asking for round 2 and told me that there was a game of football on the tele he wanted to watch and his wife was away for a few nights on business. So if I wanted a piece of cock then he was up for giving me it.

I told him that I would get home after work Nd shave my ass and all that area so I was nice and smooth for him.

I told my girlf... Continue»
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