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Granny Pool Party

Five years I retired and moved to Oro Valley, Arizona near Tucson. I joined a senior over sixty social group and I never knew my life would change like this. You see I discovered Grannies, single ones, divorced ones and married ones and my sex life has not been the same since. Right now I must have eight different grannies I am fucking. Some I make love to two or three times a week others about once a month. I am one of a few unmarried physically fit males (54 yrs. old, 6’ 2”, 220 lbs., 8” cock) in this retirement community of mostly 60 and 70 years old. I like classy, attractive, preferably... Continue»
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Blonde & Brunette

written for rachel_a85

So I went to the daycare to pick up my 3yr old daughter and walked in and saw this beautiful blonde bombshell sitting with my daughter playing and i paused for a bit just checking her out and needless to say i started getting hot. She was wearing a short sundress that showed off her amazing 34dd clevage and beautiful long toned legs and she had this amazing long wavy blonde hair with deep blue eyes. She saw me and stood up now im 6'2 and she was just bout and inch shorter than me and I introduced myself, hi i'm sasha its a pleasure to meet you and with that s... Continue»
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"Η συνάντη&am

Αυτην την φορά η συνάντηση με το μωρό μου θα ήταν ακόμη πιο συναρπαστική γιατι θα κοιμόμασταν και αγκαλίτσα όλο το βράδυ! Ηταν Παρασκευή μεσημέρι όταν μπήκα στο δωμάτιο. Ο παίδαρός μου με περίμενε έτοιμος με το γκαβλί του σκληρό σαν πέτρα. Μόνο που τον αντίκρισα αρχισα να στάζω ολόκληρη... δεν αντεχα ούτε να ξεντυθώ. Έπεσα πάνω του και τον έπαιρνα τσιμπουκάρα ενω ταυτοχρονα προσπαθούσα να βγάλω τα ρούχα μου. Αυτή η γεύση του, αυτά τα ζουμιά του με τρελαίνουν, με γεμίζουν γκαβλα. Χωρις δεύτερη σκέψη ανέβηκα πάνω του και άρχισα να ξεσκίζω εναλλάξ τις τρυπούλες μου. Έχυνα συνεχόμενες φορές και συ... Continue»
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I lost my virginity to a teenage Milf

When I was in high school there was this girl who I met in my sophomore year, we talked a bit and we became friends. Everyday I sat by her in lunch and I actually liked her, but I found out later she had a boyfriend and she was later pregnant with his k**. I didn't see her that much in Junior or Senior Year, but I still said "Hi" to her once and awhile but we kinda lost contact with each other for awhile. I saw her at graduation with her sexy black dress she had, I talked to her and asked her how she was doing and she said "Everything was good." I thought that was the last time I would talk to... Continue»
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Getting back in the game

This story contains both bisexual themes, as well as unprotected sex and oysters. If this is not to your liking, go enjoy another story!


Being young and having kinky fantasies is a lot of fun as we all know. But sometimes it may come back and bite you, almost literally, in the ass.

I had been starved for sex for years, and my case of blueballs was intense. My divorce had left me an emotional wreck, and unlike some lucky fucks who just go out and shag everything in sight, I had ended up in some sort of weird mind-lock where I just couldn't do it. Another problem, as y... Continue»
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Open House

It’s the summer and just for the fun of it I decide to go to a real estate open house for a garden apartment in a newly renovated brownstone. It’s beautiful place, everything is brand new with a landscaped garden in the back. The owners have paid someone to stage the apartment with new furniture.

You are there in sun dress and you’ve been showing the apartment for the last two hours; the open house is coming to an end and I and another guy are the last two people there. Just as we get ready to leave the sky blackens and the rain comes pouring down. It’s so hard that you can’t see out th... Continue»
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Fun in the sunshine state

Fun in the Sunshine State
My wife(Mary) and me always hear and want to go to Flordia, go to Dayton Beach Bike week beacuse we had heard great time and would be our chance to go to Flordia. So off we went to Dayton Beach to final be in Florida and get to see this bike week. We arrive at our hotel for the week, check in and get luggage to room when Mary say" Let go check this Bad Ass bike week out, see some of the sights." I say "ok"! We start look going through the tent t- shirts for the even... Continue»
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Wonder Woman

A guy who occasionally works as a Labourer on the farm, and it was his step sons 18th birthday party, fancy dress. We have talked a bit and he invited me along. So I managed to get a costume together, Wonder Women. I had some high red boots already and managed to make the rest from some of my gym clothes, I never use them now, they where a little tight especially the shorts, but I tippexed some stars on them and they looked pretty good, I trimmed the sleeves of a red top and used a little but of yellow paint t paint on an eagle. I had a loop of yellow clothes line for my lasso and a wide gold ... Continue»
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Wonder Woman.

I thought some of you might like to read this. Enjoy.

A guy who occasionally works as a Labourer on the farm, and it was his step sons 18th birthday party, fancy dress. We have talked a bit and he invited me along. So I managed to get a costume together, Wonder Women. I had some high red boots already and managed to make the rest from some of my gym clothes, I never use them now, they where a little tight especially the shorts, but I tippexed some stars on them and they looked pretty good, I trimmed the sleeves of a red top and used a little but of yellow paint t paint on an eagle. I had a ... Continue»
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Daddy and a friend in WeHo

I wasn't done getting fucked by my Daddy. I wa in CA seeing my father and I went looking fir Daddy, I went to the area of town I knew he lived in and the second bar I walked into there he was. JOE!! DADDY, I FOUND YOU!! Cockslut what are you doing? Wanting your cock, Daddy. My friend will be here soon and I've told him all about you. He really wants to meet you. Yaaay, Daddy. He came in right then. Daddy greeted him and he came over to our table and sat down. Daddy introduced us. You're as hot as Joe said. Daddy asked would you like fuckiing him? I asked can I call you Dad... Continue»
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Ana playing all night long

Ana playing all night long

That Friday afternoon Anita called me from her office, telling me she could hardly think at work. She had been locking herself into the restroom and masturbating wildly during the whole day.
She begged me for some more fun on the weekend. I asked her what to do and she answered whatever I could arrange it would be nice for her….

So I set up one of my favorites, a small group gangbang, with at least three black guys.

Saturday evening passed and about midnight the doorbell rang. Ana went to answer and came back holding the hand of a nice looking young black m... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch 9- Theater Play pt. 1

Trust me- its long, but super hot... enjoy and comment!!!

A good night at the theater can usual ease my naughty cravings. Of the cities I play in three have full size adult movie theaters. One city has a big screen TV theater in a large dark room and another has a mini-Cineplex of carnal delights.
My favorite theater is an old classic theater with a number of personal side theaters and an arcade called The Grande (sic). It was the state of the art in about 1948. Over the years it was modernized, but the surrounding area just stopped attracting theater-goers.. The owners sold i... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #23: Nikita-4

Nikita is bent over my hot 'horse', tightly tied at her wrists and ankles, as well to a sexy 'saddle'
She is as afraid as excited about what Professor Peter will do to her on this specially chosen day

Nikita is wet and hot from wanton and erotic expectation for her sexy second time with his virility
She submissively follows his orders for the inauguration rituals of her enormously erotic encounter

Nikita has to cross borders she never ever dreamt of:
Nikita can't go to the bathroom, so very embarrassing

Nikita nicely is in position bent over my hot horse all warm weekend... Continue»
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First time with a guy ever

When i was about 21 years old (i'm 23 now) i really wanted to fool around with a guy, i have always wanted to for a long time but i never did because i was scared and didn't think i could actually do it. So i got my ass onto POF and talked to a few guys and got talking to one for a while and we eventually exchanged numbers. We decided to meet up at a hotel and play around and see where things went. We stopped at a bar for a bit and got some drinks to loosen us up and to see if we actually wanted to do it, i mean the guy already saw my hard cock from a few pics and i saw his. So we go up and he... Continue»
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My wife doesn't like anal sex, but then again

Well that went much better than I thought. When Cathie got home from work Friday night, I showed Cathie the conversation thread we had been having the last few days. Rather than getting all huffy, she laughed and said “ you boys”. Sounds very promising to me. But you still owe us photos and or videos well before we get anywhere near there. What do you say???? Just do it already!!!

The night got better, after tea we had a spa, in which I like yo use a penis pump in it, nice and warm. I’ve grown my old fella, over the years from an average 5.7” too an impressive 7”. Anyway a... Continue»
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Neighborly Payment

I’m your neighbor and you knock on my door and ask me if I can help you put up some shelving in your apartment. I get my tools and within an hour the job is done. You ask me how much you owe me and I tell you not to be silly. We’re neighbors.

A few hours later I hear a knock on my door. I open it and you are there in what looks like a long t-shirt with a scoop collar. You are barefoot and holding a bottle of wine. You tell me that you wanted to stop by and compensate me for hanging the shelves. You hand me the bottle of wine and smile. I put it on a table by the front door and then ... Continue»
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Surprise Anal Sex

As all my stories are, this is 100% true.

I have been married to my wife for five years. She is a kinky slut and we have a great sex life. I've banged her in every spot in our house and quite a few public areas. We've done every position we can think of. We have even posted her nude pictures on my profile page. Tell us what you think of her. Ever since we first started dating, I've wanted to put my dick in her butt, like all guys do. She told me this was the "no fly" zone. I asked a couple times while we dated and a few times after we got married, promising I would go slowly and if she did... Continue»
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Pate's evening out

Pate was in a really slutty outfit, no bra or panties for our evening meal in a restaurant
We sat in a booth and I would take the ice from the drinks and slide it into her pussy and one into her asshole... Then sit back for a few minutes and watch her squirm. As she squirms I can see her nipples get erect as can the waiter who is ogling her magnificent tits. We order some wine and I spill a little while helping he drink which stains her blouse, we look around and I ask if she wants to please me, and she nods and slides under the table. Take my cock out of my pants and starts to blow me, afte... Continue»
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Helping Amanda and Tessa continues!!

This story picks up where the story "Helping Amanda and Tessa with their electrical needs" leaves off. It just gets hotter too! Bryan never saw this cumming, but cum it does... over and over again!!

I hope you do as well!!!

There was far too little bl**d going to my brain due to it all having been working so hard in other parts of my body for me to even begin to respond in any rational way. I grabbed a corner of the bedspread and threw it over myself and began to yell at my daughter Melissa. Amanda put h... Continue»
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Fantasy of the Mind

The room was quiet and cool…the hum of the air conditioner buzzed in the corner. A typical small inexpensive hotel room. The bed had the pillows in a ’T’ shape. Also some of the covers folded to create and complete the ’T’ shape with a slight gap in it, the other bed almost bare except for a sheet. Something shiny sit on the counter beside the bed along with a cup of what looked to be ice water. Multiple ropes was on the bed also.

He instructed her to disrobe. Not strip, but to disrobe. Quietly, she did as instructed. He approached her from behind…placing a blind fold on her…it was soft…alm... Continue»
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