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My Swimming Hole Adventure

I met a 40ish couple at a nude swimming hole last Saturday. There were quite a few hot cocks around that day and I had some fun with them up in the forest that surrounded the water.After getting my ass fucked twice I went down to the water for a nice swim and to nude sun bath. As I relaxed this couple approached me, said hi and laid out a blanket sitting next to me. They had a cooler with them, popped a couple of beers, and stripped naked exposing two beautiful bodies.She looked about 5'7" with very little fat on her, I'd say 130lbs max. Nice big breasts, completely waxed or shaved pussy and l... Continue»
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My Bus Journey Part 5/6

When I woke up a short while later, I realized SS was not in his seat next to me. He came back a few minutes later from the bathroom. I also got up to pee as I had d***k a lot of soda. The entrance to the short alley leading to the bathroom was covered by a thick curtain, matching the curtains on the windows that gave the interior of the bus a cozy look and feel. This Curtain was right next to our seat, in between our seat and the seat across the aisle. Past the curtain, once in the alley way, the bathroom was on the right. The good thing was that not very many people were using the bathroom t... Continue»
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Life was okay before I lost my Mom I was a teenager and in my final year of high school I liked to play soccer and was on the team and it was when Mom was coming to pick me up from practice that it happened a d***k driver ran a stop sign and smashed into the drivers side of her car she was killed instantly I found out all this later when after a long time Jerry who was Mom's second husband showed up he looked bad and had been crying I could tell he said something bad happened to your Mom she was killed on her way to pick you up a d***k driver ran a stop sign and now shes gone! I was in shoc... Continue»
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Her Turn

**Reading "All-You-Can-Eat Buffet" is a good idea, but not a necessity.**

I double-checked all my calculations. She had her period three days before she left a week ago. She should have been off of it for five days, and not back on it for about two and a half weeks. I had a morning-after pill, and even a morning-after-that pill, just in case. She was almost always good with taking her birth-control pill, as we mutually decided we weren't ready to reproduce yet, but, I wasn't taking any chances, considering the nature of the undertaking.

She had driven to the conference in a neighboring s... Continue»
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How Mom became my SLUT Chapter 2

Chapter 2

As I sat in my room thinking how wonderful the day turned out. I couldn't believe that now I was forcing Liz to be my slut. Part of me felt guilty as I love my dad and I know this would kill him and probably him kill me. The other part told me you lost your virginity and you have someone to fuck anytime you want. What more can a guy ask for I thought. As i was going downstairs Candy passed me and I stopped her and asked where she was going.
"I got homework and a lot so mom said I gotta go to my room and get started" she said.
"Okay well do you need some help" I have always he... Continue»
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Sexy Fairytale part 6

Kristen had been right, the pleasant weather seemed to have melted away, and she was quite sure that it was going to be cold enough to snow by the time the sun was completely down. Naked, she ran through the woods, trying to heat up her body. When she saw a light through the trees, she immediately went towards it, heedless of where it might lead to as long as she could be warm and inside.

The wind picked up as she found herself standing in front of a huge castle, an iron gate swinging in the wind. Teeth chattering, she hurried up the stone walkway, banging on the huge double doors.

"Hell... Continue»
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Sexy Fairytale part 7

Kristen awoke, her arms aching from being tied above her head. She was in some kind of dungeon setting, but when she tried to scream... she couldn't from the gag in her mouth. Standing mostly upright, she found that her ankles were tied apart, so that her thighs were spread and her pussy and her ass were vulnerable.

Then suddenly, the b**st stepped in front of her and she stopped struggling... he was huge! At least six and a half feet tall, with broad, strong shoulders and muscles that rippled with every movement. He was also totally naked and between his legs swung a very large cock. Krist... Continue»
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Me and my stepmom part 2


After the first time we fucked we couldn't help but feel more than the stepmother-stepson love for each other. We'd look at each other with joy and love, knowing that the next time we were alone we'd have fun with each others body. One day while my dad was at work, Sarah walked in to my room and said "hey sweetie wanna take a shower? I looked at her and realized she was already naked *instant hard-on*. I told her to walk over to me, so she slowly/sexualy walked towards me ... Continue»
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dirty cleaner

i am a cleaner and i recently got a new house to clean. His name is liam and is about 30. He is good looking, got a great body and looks after himself. I am 22 so its nice to have someone a bit younger to chat to as most of my customers are a bit older. Liam had broken his leg a while back so was off work when i first met him. He was getting better and better each time i saw him. I fancied him and i could sense he liked me back. One day in the summer i went there and he had recently got out of the shower and only had his shorts on. He had really sexy abs, i couldnt help but look. He asked me t... Continue»
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Hai friends i am nico 35 year from Sacramento california , am working in softwere company ,i am white my wife is arab from syria she is 26 year, i given my wife to my boss...... my companies effect economic crisis , my boss protect my job, he is 48 year old man ,4 week befeore he saw my wife in my office and he told me, you ara a luky man you got a beautiful arab hijab wife ,and i am realy like ur wife, iam realy wanna meet ur wife and dinner with her ,ididnt say nothin,because of my situation , he told me these words evey day , I know that boss have some kind of sexual fantasy , didn’t talk a... Continue»
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Me and Step Daddy 's little Secret (fantasy)

My step Daddie was a horny ass young dude! ! After he and my mom split up we became more like drinking buddies than father/son.
When I was 18, I went to visit for the weekend. We had a few beers and he gets a call. Turns out it was his neighbor’s girlfriend he had been banging for some time. The old man started telling this chick what he would do to her if she would come over. I know this sounds crazy, but I was getting kind of horny just listening to their phone sex.
She told him her boyfriend was out of town and was not expecting to be back until early the next morning. He mentioned that... Continue»
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Double Fucked Friday

It was a Friday after a long week at work when my room mate and I decided to go out to the local pub for a few drinks. I'm 24, 5.5 chubby with big fat tits, I have shoulder length light brown hair I'm not Barbie but would be considered cute. My room mate Kendra is 22 5.9 wide hips with a bit of a belly with Big Full Tits and long dirty blond hair. We've never had any trouble getting men and we both love sex. After a while in the pub these 2 guys came over, chatted us up. Chris was a 21 year old student he's 6 foot athletic build with blond hair & blue eyes. I was really taking a liking to him ... Continue»
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dark desires at the brothel

makin’ money is never a problem when you have my particular skill set. Don’t get you too many movie watchin’ panties in a bunch, I’m rated to operate any make and model of crane. Been doin’ it since my friends dad gave us the hook up for construction jobs fresh outta high school. but that’s not what this is about, my job has never gotten me pussy. Only one thing has ever gotten me pussy, and that’s money…

The yellow Clam was originally a brothel for Chinese workers when building the railroad. Over the decades the residents have changed but the name stuck, it’s kinda a historical landmark, e... Continue»
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My Bus Journey Part 4/6

After a few minutes, the bus stopped at gas station / restaurant and driver announced that we will have a 30 minute stop over for food etc. As we were disembarking the bus, SS asked me if I needed to use the restroom. I told him I needed to pee. He asked me to meet him first at the last stall in the very back of the restroom and went ahead walking briskly ahead of me like he had to use the bathroom in a hurry.

When I got to the stall, he was already in there. He locked the door behind me. In our country the toilet stalls were covered from the floor up, so no one can see the feet under the... Continue»
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Annie & Geff Part 2

Robert when was in a bay that had 6 beds in it but as Annie walked she saw that only 3 of the beds were actually occupied and she smiled as she saw the three men all in a row with her husband at the far end, she said “it looks like the 3 wise monkeys in here!” and one of the men smiled and said “no it is just 3 of your admirers” Annie laughed and replied “Well hopefully two he doesn't really count does he” looking towards her husband! The third guy looked Annie up and down and said “Hey Robert, Annie is even more attractive in real life than in those picture you have shown us!”

Annie gave h... Continue»
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Share the love

Share the love

It had been a long day, Stan had come up from Devon and we had all enjoyed a day doing the tourist bit around Windsor and finishing off with a barbeque in the remains of the evening sunshine. I was my usual naked self and even convinced Stan to do likewise though Steph still remained dressed though ony in her underwear (which wasn’t hiding a lot).

The wine had flowed quite well though no one was more than merry and the conversation ranged from world politics to the usul sexual inuendoes that I do love so much. By 10 o’clock we had cleared up and continued our chat in the l... Continue»
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my arab hijab wife with my boss

Hai friends i am nico 35 year from Sacramento california , am working in softwere company ,i am white my wife is arab from syria she is 26 year, i given my wife to my boss...... my companies effect economic crisis , my boss protect my job, he is 48 year old man ,4 week befeore he saw my wife in my office and he told me, you ara a luky man you got a beautiful arab hijab wife ,and i am realy like ur wife, iam realy wanna meet ur wife and dinner with her ,ididnt say nothin,because of my situation , he told me these words evey day , I know that boss have some kind of sexual fantasy , didn’t talk a... Continue»
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Long Distance Cr*!gslist Charity

Through the stresses and demands of everyday life, I had found myself becoming evermore restless being alone after loosing Frank. It was coming up the five year anniversary since he passed. I had been looking on Cr*!gslist infrequently in search for a possible new partner. Often find men who are married seeking a play toy on the side, or those who want a gurl with a dick to suck, and bend over for. While in the world of alternative love, passion comes in far more than 32 flavors- that's not what I'm seeking. After realizing that the local ads are little more that the same handful of horn... Continue»
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France, Here I Cum!!!

This is a fantasy of fiction with three beautiful girls I'm friends with. I can only dream that this would really happen.
This is for Sabine, Céline and Kristina. I hope you enjoy and same for anyone else.

I've been friends with these three French girls for a good year and a half now. Sabine 20, Céline 19 and Kristina who is 18 are lovers who also love cock. I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail on how they look. I'll leave it up to you to use your own imagination.

I originally met Sabine under a different account on here. It didn't take long to realize this girl is not only be... Continue»
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OHGirl's Daughter Velvet: Pregnant Again

I laid under Mikey, his cock filling me with more cum. I was in heaven, experiencing more than 9 orgasms during our marathon session of sex, after I had flown in from Miami. I had only been home for a little more than a day and we had made love three times and I wanted more. After two weeks in Miami on my current promotional porn tour, I was now home for two weeks and a little relaxation with my daughter and her father. I had fucked so many different men, since I had begun my new tour, that it felt good to be back in the arms of my lover, Mikey. He knew how to turn me on and even tho... Continue»
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