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Paradise Lost

True Story
first attempt doing story forgive my grammar BTW its a sad story

It’s a dark raining night I sl**p in the room just next door to Nikki as I lay in my bed listening music I can hear a slight moan coming from Nikki’s room. I lower my music and place my head agents the wall my “Oh my god is she really?” I can’t believe my ears she’s masturbating. Nikki and I have had a long story between us or I like to believe we do. Freshmen year of high school me and Nikki sat next to each other in math class we also had the same PE class together she looked so beautiful her sligh... Continue»
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أنا وزوجتي لصديقي

أنا وزوجتي لصديقي

القصة حقيقية وتدور أحداثها في بلد خليجي ولم اذكر الأسماء ولا الأماكن حرصا على مشاعر أبطال القصة
البطل طفل ثم شاب مخنث و ديوث
الشخصيات الثانوية
1 جارة اكبر منه
2 صديق جاره أكبر منهم
3 زوجته الفاتنة متفجرة الأنوثة
أنا وزوجتي لصديقي
كنت في سن السادسة كان ابن الجيران اكبر مني وفي احد الأيام دخل معي الى البيت ولم اعرف الجنس قبل ذلك دخلنا بيته وكان جميع خارج البيت بزيارة عند أقربائهم وبعد أن جلسنا نلعب مسك زبي وصار يلعب به وطالع زبه كمان وأمسكته فانتصب زبه وكان طويلا
ورفيعا لكن زبي لم ينتصب وكنت العب بزبه مد يده على طيزي يتلمسها وترك زبي وقال لي شوف زبي صار ك... Continue»
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Naughty minx explores her sexuality with two men

This is the story of my first threesome with a couple, based on real events. Enjoy and comment!

I had been chatting online to a girl of my age, who was on the lookout for a decent man to join her and her husband in bed as they were looking to take their first steps into the swinging lifestyle. They lived in another town an hour away from me, which was all a part of the plan because they had the intention to take a day off to escape their usual surroundings, book a hotel somewhere else, and experience something new and exciting in an anonymous environment.

She was a slim, incredibly fit ... Continue»
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Irmão Truculento

Ronaldo era um menino de 18 anos e ja sabia o que era. Ele era mais novo de três irmãos, Diogo , mais velho foi fazer faculdade em outra cidade e Caio, o do meio tinha 15 anos. Os dois estudam no mesmo colégio no turno matutino e a tarde, ficavam em casa sozinho, seus pais trabalhavam até tarde, eram sócios numa loja de um shooping. Sendo assim cabia a Diogo a responsabilidade de cuidar de Ronaldo. Os dois costumavam fazer tudo juntos, inclusive tomar banho, que ate então era algo normal. Ronaldo passou a olhar Caio de uma maneira diferente, seus hormônios estavam começando a se manifestar. Em... Continue»
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Anal Seduction by loyalsock

Brian and Sue had known each other for little over a year after meeting at a party at a mutual friend of theirs. They hadn’t seen each other for about six months when they ran into each other at the supermarket and decided to go have drinks together afterwards. Neither of them expected things to get so hot for the both of them at the bar. Sue couldn’t help feeling a bit lusty seeing Brian’s shirt just dr****g off his broad shoulders.

Brian really liked Sue’s confidence and the way her ass fit into her tight jeans. After getting back to her place, they pretty much d***k-fucked each other for... Continue»
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Braces in a hotel part 3

So the conclusion of my adventure. I had just fucked Heather in her sweet ass and came all over her face. She barely made it back in time to clean up.

Though I came a lot, seeing her cute, just-pounded ass scurry along, getting caught by maids, and nearly having customers see her cum-covered face, really got me hot. I stood in the lobby as a few more sets of customers checked in. I stared at her face, seeing the glossy sign of the cum too hastily removed. Some people noticed it, some didn't. That, and i stared at her cute smile and ever-sexy braces. I was hard.

"Hey Heather," I sa... Continue»
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Sissy's Breaking out (My first sissy experien

My name is Nichole and IM laying on my stomach thinking only one thing...the name Wayne. and feeling a deep ache that brought a smile to my face every time i feel it when i move or cough. You see I have just been taken by an athletic, well hung BBC. As i get up and head to the bathroom i think of how crazy it was that this just happened, where had it all started though?

My girlfriend had cheated on me with a cook from a restaurant that I worked at, and i was absolutely devastated. My ego was destroyed, i had given my life to her, and she was still looking to get dicked down by somebody else... Continue»
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Introducing Granny To Anal Sex

Introducing Granny to Anal Sex
I sat by Dawn’s luxurious backyard pool overlooking the city of Tucson. I looked down at my 66 year old granny lover Dawn as she emerged from the pool, she was dressed in a black two piece bikini swimsuit which highlighted her small breasts and supple thin body and long grey hair. I laid back on a chaise lounge as Dawn approached me and went down on her hands and knees and crawled to my awaiting cock. It was only three weeks ago that I had taught Dawn the fine art of fellatio, plenty of practice and a lot of videos had made her quite a talented cocksucker. Dawn... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #18: Susanne-2

Susanne and her sexy sibling tasty teen twins celebrate their birthdays at my sex studio in Amsterdam.
Susanne is a woman since her last visit at me and she advises her elder siblings the same sexy recipe.
Susanne is the youngest of them three. She leads them though in her bi-sexual experience thanks to me.
Susanne is the one to open the show riding me, to show her elder siblings how to take a mans manhood!

Susanne is the youngest of three siblings, all fine friends of my great granddaughhter pretty Petra.
Susanne recently seduced me to take her cherry. She also lost her rose... Continue»
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mi padre se culeo a mi novia (relato real)

Bueno, antes de empezar la historia en sí, voy a contaros un poco cómo somos y esas cosas. Yo me llamo José Sandoval y tengo 22 años, mido 1,75 y hago deporte de vez en cuanto, no soy ningún adonis. Mi novia se llama Mabel manriquez y tiene 20 años, es muy guapa, mide 1,65, pelo moreno tirando a castaño, con una 96 de pecho. Es simpática, divertida, suele vestir bastante provocativa y es bastante activa en la cama.Nosotros llevamos ya juntos casi dos años y tenemos planes de boda, pero por motivo de estudio y trabajo no veo a mis padres casi nunca y en las últimas Navidades Mabel no pudo ven... Continue»
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Braces in a hotel part 2

So, for those of you that didn't read part 1, i was in a hotel in Florida and the concierge was a sexy innocent-looking girl with braces, which i decided to cum all over while my girlfriend slept.

So part 2. The next night, i snuck down to see Heather again. She immediately smiled, with her sexy braces, and said "No."

"What?" I asked. "I didn't say anything"

"You want to spooge in my mouth again. I was late getting back from my break last time," she said. She was still smiling though. "And even though they didn't say anything, I'm pretty sure some of the customers noticed the spe... Continue»
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A hooker for my husband

I was enjoying a lazy relaxing morning, doing not very much at all. I’d showered, but not much more. I was sitting drinking a freshly made coffee, reading the Financial Times. I heard the door, and then my husband walked in. He looked serious.
“You’re home early, I wasn’t expecting you until at least seven! Coffee?” I asked.
“Please,” Hubby replied.
I poured him a coffee, strong. Black. I placed it in front of him, lightly kissed him on the cheek. Then re-tying my silk wrap, the only thing I had on, I sat back down. I waited, he’d tell me what was up, when he was ready.
“I’m on my way to... Continue»
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Sandy revisited AGAIN

I didn't want this thing with Sandy to become a full blown affair, I was more than happy with my wife. After all I got everything I wanted sexually from Suzy and there was no good reason to spoil that. But I am a guy and when your sack is full and you are shown a little interest from a good looking woman what more can you do than fuck the ass off her!
Sandy wasn't a problem, she was just a bit frustrated with the ordinary sex her and Ted had been doing for years, she had been awakened by the 4some and the fucking I had given her after that. She was excited by sex again for the first time in a... Continue»
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My bear daddy fantasy

No bullshit. Straight to it.
You're naked sitting on the bed. I kneel before you and stick the head of your cock in my mouth. As I work the sides of my lips around the awesome girth, I try to get the head as wet as possible and start to suck it in. As I accomodate the size in my hungry mouth, I began the slow suck in and squeeze out technique I've perfected over the years. I'm rock hard as my face gets buried in the fragrant bush of hair surrounding your luscious cock. When you start pumping my face and breathing hard I back off. Not yet.
I lift your knees up and plunge my face between your ... Continue»
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Topped by a tranny: tiny anal virgin.

I was in college busy trying to get my degree like we are expected to now a days. I was working part time and other than that had a lot of free time. I was always horny. I jerked off almost any time I got free. One day I got tired of the alone action and wanted more fun. I always had a fantasy of being fucked so i decided to try and find someone to break my anal cherry. I wasnt very good with meeting people and trying to meet someone to do that to me was def hard to think of how to do. I turned towards craigslist. I sent out posts for women with strapons, guys... Guys were all fat or gross n n... Continue»
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3 some adventure

Hubby used to have barbecues at home with all of his friends...and one of his co-workers always stared at me..and he was always making comments to my hubby saying..."you are a lucky man, you have a hot wife" time hubby and I were cleaning and talking about the night...all of the sudden he asked me if I had noticed how "this guy" always so friendly with me and when I walked by he stares at my ass. He asked me if I would like to have a 3 some?...after a long talk and going to the pros and cons...we decided to go for it...

Ok the first time the 3 of us met was at some bar and g... Continue»
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Fucking her teen Ass for the first time

She was on the bed. Naked. Her ass up in the air. She looked back at me with a mischievous grin.
She knew how much I adored her asshole. But she’d never allowed me to fuck her there. Oh sure, she’d let me finger her tight little ass a couple times. I even put my tongue deep inside it. She’d enjoyed that. Especially when I rubbed her clit with my thumb while doing it.
But she’d never let me fuck her ass. Not until today.
At 19 years old, she was 10 years younger than me. I’ve always liked younger girls. And she seemed to like ol... Continue»
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Gloryhole And More

I just got back from the adult book store where I let
a guy stuff my ass full of his cum.

I rode all the way back up here from there with a butt
plug in my ass so this guy's cum wouldn't ooze out.

I had sucked a big load out of this guy's cock, so I
knew how great it tasted and I wanted to save some for
later. I had taken the butt plug with me because I knew
that I would let a complete stranger fuck my ass hole
if I could find someone with the right sized cock.

When I first got there I went into one of the small,
single booths that had a glory hole in the wall. The ... Continue»
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Chance meeting with an Ex


I was in town one afternoon, Donna was at work, when I was minding my own business when I heard my name called, I looked round to see a woman stood there she said “You don’t recognise me do you?” I said “No” she said “It’s Mandy”. Mandy was the girl I was once engaged to years before I met my wife, we’d split up under a cloud and I hadn’t seen her for 30 years.

She said “Do you fancy a coffee” I said “Get one to go and we can talk somewhere away from town” she agreed. We got a couple of coffee’s and she said “I’m working at ******* school, we can go up there as it’s... Continue»
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The BBC that owns my ass

Made the changes to the form that everyone recommended.

I’ve always insisted that I meet guys somewhere private, behind a locked door so no one can catch us that was until I agreed to meet the guy who owns my ass now. He sent me a message on A4A saying he wanted to **** me and make me his bitch! That was a month ago and he meant what he said. Three days ago he sent me a message telling me to have my asscunt douched out and my stomach empty so he cause it was time for my weekly breeding. I did as I was told, made sure I had shaved and cleaned out for what I know will be a hard deep fuc... Continue»
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