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A Young Man's Memorable First

The young man trembled as he lay naked on the exam table. He knew what was coming, and he wasn't quite sure if he wanted it or not. Hands stroked his naked thighs, stopping under the curve of his ass. He wasn't sure how many other men were in the room with him, but since he felt three hands caressing his bare flesh, there had to be at least two of them.

He was laying face down on a special table made just for this occasion. His hands and legs were tied spread-eagle to limbs of the X-shaped table. The ties were leather cuffs with fur lining in them. He wasn't being punished, and the men want... Continue»
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21st birthday

It was my husbands 21st birthday, a few months before or first daughter had been born, so i was still breast feeding, 3 of his army buddy's came over in the morning, we had planed on going to the lake for a few hours, then back to our place for a BBQ, we all had a quick cup of coffee then jumped on our bicycles and headed over tot he lake, we set up a nice place under a tree with shade and sun,

we had a great time until i excused my self to go pee, I walked to the restrooms as i did i had to pass through the FKK or nude part of the lake, I entered the restroom slipped down my bikini botto... Continue»
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The Wait by isleofmiguel*

I couldn’t wait any longer. He said he’d be here by 4:00, so I left the door unlocked on this blustery winter day. And as I walked through the house to the base of the staircase. I looked out the windows and watched the snow swirl around and make small drifts in the street. I head up the stairs and take off my clothes as I enter my room.

I turn on the water and it doesn’t take long for the steam of the shower to fog up the windows and mirrors. I step over the edge of the tub and absorb the hot water as it pours over my sore muscles. I pull the curtain closed and bend over to pla... Continue»
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The skate park pays off (part II)

As time went on Mary (the doc) became a bit more demanding and possessive. I was servicing one of her business/medical associates at least once a week.
Many of these ladies were still attractive but after my stint with Brit, I really preferred young pussy, especially Brit
I was having interludes with Brit about once a week also. She is unpredictable. I would park in the lot by the skate park at least three times a week but she would only come to the car about once a week.
When I am with Brit I’m in heaven. I love her cute little young body and her rebellious attitude. She made a habit of sp... Continue»
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Some people say that Jennifer Lopez has a really beautiful ass, that is, it is delightful to look at. Well, they're right; she does have a gorgeous ass, big and voluptuous, wonderful to ogle and to lust for and to masturbate over. But, if those people think that is the only thing it is good for, they are sorely mistaken. I am one of the few men who are lucky enough to know better, and I found out last summer.

It happened in August when I was driving in my van conversion along a deserted stretch of highway in California's Central Valley. The temperature was about 120 degrees in the shade, if... Continue»
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How Kenny got his promotion.

For the last 15 years I have been working in the same boring office and as a result I have actually worked my way up to quite a high up position, my own parking space, my own office, all of those benefits you get, and as part of my job I am responsible for and have to support the work experience fellows we have that do general admin duties and sorting out mail, there's very rarely any complications.

One day I'm just finishing up some paperwork and can't wait to get home as I have a nice a lovely bit of pulled pork steaming away in the house, when all of a sudden a work experience boy comes ... Continue»
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She was untied and brought up naked to the master. He was a tall and controlling man. He had several slaves in his dungeon. They were all beautiful and obeyed and loved him. He could be cruel or loving depending on his needs and mood. If he knocked them up they gave birth alone chained in the dungeon and the c***d was taken away and sold. Today the young blonde stood before him. He ran his hands over her face and then her tits. He grabbed each nipple and twisted and pulled it. Then he grabbed her full tits and squeezed them hard and rough. He had a fondness for large tits and all his slaves we... Continue»
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Help Wanted could call him nervous. After all, he’d been employed at the same job in the same building for 12 years now. He was making decent money, living a decent life, then, out of left field with no warning, “Sorry, Kevin, but the company has been f***ed into bankruptcy and we gotta let ya go....”

So why the nervousness now? Well, he hasn’t been on a job interview for the last 12 years and it’s been even longer than that since he was interviewed by a female. Women with power intimidated him...but turned him on at the same time. He didn’t know what this woman looked lik... Continue»
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Neuro submission transmitter 8

I awaken to the feeling of naked flesh against my back and figure Maggie has decided to join us. I turn over, wrap my arm around her and open my eyes. Light from the living room makes her face almost a silhouette, but I can see enough to realize it isn't Maggie. It's my s****r, Susan!

"Surprise!" She says, kissing my lips and running her hand down my body, gripping my soft cock. "I missed you and figured..."

"What are you doing here?" Nicole says, leaning over my back and staring at Susan. Although, Nicole knows all about my relationship with my s****r, she's as surprised as I am to see... Continue»
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Donna me and the Chemist Assistant


A few months after enjoying an hour with Rukia, I’d been at the surgery and with another prescription had to visit the chemist again, this time Donna was with me, and we’d been served in the chemist when Rukia came over smiling to say hello. Donna and she were talking when she announced she was on a half day, Donna invited her up to ours and she accepted.

Twenty minutes later I’d driven into our drive and Donna and Rukia were sat in our kitchen drinking coffee and chatting about nothing in particular. Rukia was dressed in her work clothes, blue top and blue pants. A... Continue»
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Patricia is fucking my brains out tonight pulling out all the stops her body soft but demanding I could barely keep up with her and that usually only means one thing she is going to ask me to do something I probably won't enjoy doing and this is compensation sex not that I am complaining mind you Patricia's compensation sex is always unbelievably hot and especially dirty she'll do things she normally doesn't ask for but knows that I like!... Tonight she wants to be tied up spanked and then ass fucked right away I know somethings up but I went along with it hey I'm not stupid I'll take all the... Continue»
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Our Public Image

I went off to my studio, having snagged a quick shower and a much-needed change of clothes. You, Nicole, had laughingly offered to wash my body, but I just give you a peck on the cheek. Right before I left, I pull you to me, one hand around your waist, the other sliding under your robe. Using that sexy bedroom voice, I request that you cum all over my fingers so I could smell you all day. What woman can resist a request like that? Of course you obliged and then spent all day imagining me surreptitiously sniffing those cream coated fingers.

You clean up around the house, but your mind isn'... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #13: Lisette-5

Lisette learns love lessons as a sexy submissive tasty teen in Professor Peter's secret sex studio

Lisette learns lessons in love for a long warm weekend, where every day starts by intimate inspection
I insist on proper presentation, clean cute cunny and ass - open for fresh offers in erotic education
So sweet submissive slave tasty teasing teen lovely looking Lisette has her enema after our breakfast
Every erotic sexy session starts same slave, do you remember my love lesson from yesterday evening?
Try my best dear Professor Peter! Do you like how my hot holes warmly wel
... Continue»
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A Letter to my friend Keith

Keith, I'm going to try to tell you everything that happened between myself and the Englishman. So before the date, as I told you, I spent considerable time telling him about my sexual needs and desire. I throughly explained to him my burning desire to suck his cock, at my leisure, and without his instruction. I just wanted to explore sucking him in different ways and I wanted to see how he would respond to different things. I must have gotten him super excited because he was a complete chatter box. He was so hyper. We went to a bar in Kent to have drinks, dinner, and to play darts. On the way... Continue»
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Horse Cock Girl part 4

It had been nearly a year since Amy, Lucy and Scarlet had begun living together for their college studies. In that time, they'd all grown closer together. They effectively had a secret, three-way relationship going.

Amy had, the year before, grown the large cock of a horse by a freak accident at a lab on a field trip with college. She had told her best friend and classmate, Lucy, who had immediately started thinking of uses for it. It had scared Amy, at firsts, but soon after they started, she was enjoying their lesbian relationship.

They'd opened the spare room in the flat. Lucy had... Continue»
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Sugar Daddy for an XH Nymph

I have long wanted to meet a sexy young woman from Xhamster for some fun. The girl in the picture is not the one, but... I love the look and sets the tone!!

Anyway, I had a dream that she finally agreed to meet and this story attempts to convey what not only the dreams was, but what I hope to some day share with.... her.

Maybe it is you! What would you say to this kind of meeting? Guys, does this sound better than going to an auction on a Saturday morning? Gals, would you .... you know!!


I had told Les... Continue»
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My Daughter Jennifer's Ski trip

Hi I am Jennifer and I am Catherine's Daughter. As in our previous post Mom became a BBC slut shortly after getting married. I became a BBC cum slut in college. Read our previous stories to catch up. Anyway this is my story about my recent ski trip the North Carolina mountains. Since I have graduated from ASU in Boone NC I have missed my friends and the frat house I used to love to go to for some really great BBC fucking. I told mom that I was going back up to Boone to get in a little skiing since the weather was right for it. She would have told me to behave but as she knows I love BBC. So I... Continue»
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PART 2 whith My Friends Uncle

On the way to his place Bill kept looking at me, and when we got to a spot that I had been to before with another man. Turning to me bill said I was turning him on and as his new girlfriend he need to do something about it, I smiled and he automatically took this to be an agreement as he moved closer to me, and kissed me still with the seat belt tight around me making me helpless to repel his advances on me, which I found rather exciting. Soon I was at Bills mercy as he lifted my frock and pulled my panties down and proceeded to lick then suck my boy cock and with in minutes he'd made m... Continue»
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Watching my room mate fucking!

Do you have any idea what it’s like to live in a students dormitory? Lots of sex, fun and sex, so let’s get back to the times when we were students and have fun…

It was when I was going to college. I lived in a hostel: it was a big free level building with several sections. Dozens of students from all over the world lived in this place: Indians, Latinos, guys from Saudi Arabia, Russian chicks, several guys from Europe etc. Actually, it was very international community, where everybody was rushing somewhere, where different speeches were heard almost in every corner. It should be noted that ... Continue»
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Mistress Viagra torture part 3

My new mistress and I headed downstairs from her bedroom to meet her Mistress for dinner.
I practiced wiggling my ass as I walked keeping my hand bent straight and moving front to back as I walked.
When we arrived in the dinning room My Mistresses Mistress was seated at the end of a long dinning room table big enough for 12 people.
At the other end of the table was another woman I had not met yet, she was very pretty with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a perfect figure. I was introduced as Nicole, the girls new slave, and mistress told me the other girl was Tiffany, her husband. Tiffany ... Continue»
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