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First time ass played with (Fuc***)

Ok so one night my wife calls me an tells me she wants to try something an that it will be a suprise, so she gets home an i am in the living room playing a game. She grabs the controller an puts it on our chair. She then grabs my shorts an underwear an yanks them off me, an immediately seeing my cock she puts it in her mouth. My cock starts hardening as she is sucking my dick. She moves her finger close to my ass, an just pushes on my hole as she goes down on my cock, almost instantly my cock is hard as ever an pulsing. She says hmmm you do like it huh baby. She pulls me down a little off the ... Continue»
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Kelly and I work together at one of those punk/rock clothing stores. We seemed to hit it off right from the start which was a bit of a surprise at first. Although I did pretty well at work I wasn’t exactly the type of person that wore the clothes we sold. I did my best to dress the part but always felt like a bit of a nerd faking it. Kelly on the other hand looked the part. I guess you could say she’s a bit of an emo. Slight build, tight little body, jet black hair that always seemed to fall in front of her eyes. She could even pull off the black lipstick/black clothes death rocker thin... Continue»
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Christmas & New Year's Japanese Anal Sex

Once I am ready, I will post the pictures and video of the following true events......

About six months ago I started talking to two Japanese girls, one was 32 and the other 26, these girls are cute! Anyway, the 32 yo old lives in Osaka, Japan while the other lives in Tokyo which works out if one doesn't come through. Since I've already got a couple of "safe -- STD tested" side chicks, there was no need to rush into getting these girls into bed.

After about a month I asked the two to get checked up at a medical facility since sexual health awareness is not taught well in Japan. Not sayin... Continue»
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New Rapper & Femme Bottom

Lachelle Green hung up the phone with the video producer and checked her youngest two c***dren’s math homework. The woman in her early 30s was not only a single mom & homeschool teacher, but she was also the manager for her oldest son’s increasingly successful rap career and a powerhouse negotiator. She had her first when she was s*******n. While most would have written her off, she went about arranging for daycare provided by her grandmother and graduating as her high school class’s salutatorian. From there, she had a full ride scholarship to Cal State – Fresno and obtained a degree in busine... Continue»
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Face Down, Ass Up

While my husband was working, my girlfriend came over to spend the day. We love to fuck each other, so we watched porn and ate each other out. She ended up with the strapon and fucked me senseless throughout the day. Something I wanted to give back. Didn't care who, just wanted to fuck with the strapon. She left before my husband arrived and said she'd come back soon.
My husband came home and went to take his shower after work. I went in to check on him and starred at his ass. "Now that ass looks good enough to eat". He laughed it off, but I asked him to spread his cheek so I could see his pu... Continue»
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I was on a trip to Berlin and and as usual had booked a room
with a mature divorced women who advertised one room in her apartment.
I had found around Europe this is common. Most women are looking to generate some extra money
but quite a few enjoy being fucked by a young stud as a bonus.

I rang the doorbell and Greta a 60+ year granny open the door
She had short blonde hair.She was wearing a tight fitting black mini dress with white stockings
and black high heeled shoes.
Her big tits bulged and her tight arse stuck out in her tight short mini dress
I got my familiar tingling in my co... Continue»
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Bookstore Meeting

I could not stop staring at this guy at the bookstore. He was a well-built b*****r, in his 50’s about 6’2” and was looking a ladyboy magazines. I asked his name and he answered “Rob”, talked had went to the bar a few steps over and had a few drinks. After getting to know each other some we caught a cab back to his place. As soon as I opened the door he smacked me on the ass when I went past him. We sat for a while then he started stoking his dick through his pants. I told him I wanted to see it, he said once he takes it out it’s not going back in. I said okay, he told it out and damn that was ... Continue»
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Dark Nights (Dark story)

It was a late Friday night when Lisa had just finished her work at the local store. She hated working late cause it meant she couldn't go out with her friends, but tonight she was glad that she was working, she really couldn't be bothered putting up with their gossip and weekly slag of others.
Getting home took an hour with having to wait for the train, the actual walk to her apartment took only 10 minutes. On the train she got her book out and started to skim through it with ease after all it was her favourite book - 'The wasp factory' by Ian Banks. Out of the corner of her eye she couldn't ... Continue»
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Mature Extreme Tranny Prostitute Part 2

"Yes, but I'm not messing about. If you would like to come then follow me now. I will explain what will happen when we get outside. "
The folder was quickly passed around the five of them, each of them looking at each other- silently asking - should we or shouldn't we?
Dave stood by his car knowing that at least some of them would come.
Eventually, one by one they emerged and started to walk over to Daves car.
I moved the sofa into the centre of the room. It was now facing directly away from the entrance door to my front room. Just as Dave had requested. Everything was in position, I j... Continue»
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The education of Ruth & Sam - Part 5

This will make more sense, and be more enjoyable, if you read parts 1-4 first, which can be found on my profile.

Part 5.

Over the next two weeks, Ruth and I didn’t see much of each other; I was working in my normal day job at a tea warehouse and Ruth had been working nights in her job as a production assistant at the BBC Bristol Natural History Unit – something to do with filming Badgers. Over the middle weekend I had been dragged to a cousin’s wedding near Grimsby.

bl**dy Grimsby! No offence to the residents of Grimsby, ... but bl**dy Grimsby! This was in the 70’s. The whole town and... Continue»
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I Knew I Was A Sissy (Part II)

For the next months I kept serving Nick at his will, usually every Saturday morning. It was convenient as his parents would go at the Super Market for shopping and I could use studying as an excuse.
We would meet at his place (not the garage anymore but his room) and I would give him a blowjob and let him fuck me. He kept his part of the deal (not spreading the news about me) and I kept mine.
I was enjoying it to be honest. At the same time on every chance I would go over my s****r’s room and “borrow” some of her thongs and stockings and dress up. My cock was getting hard every single time... Continue»
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My first fuckfriend

It was back in college when it all started. I was having a hard time having a girlfriend back then and all my friends were telling me about how they've fucked already.
She was 2 years younger, I'll call her "A", and lived in another city, 2 hours drive. We started talking on the internet, we liked eatch-other, and started dating.
At first I went to visit her, but than she came and visited me in my city.
We were starting to live a nice love story, talking for hours at a time, but we didn't get to hang out that often.
After not seeing eatch other for about 3 weeks, my friend,"S" broke up wi... Continue»
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Slut on a mission (part one)

Slut with a mission:
My Husband has always taken delight in having me show off my very curvaceous figure at every given opportunity. I openly admit that this has delighted me also, often with me actively playing my role, wearing extremely tight clothing in a variety of sexual materials. I am the proud owner of a multitude of skin-tight mini-dresses in an assortment of materials. Black vinyl mini-dresses, Skin-tight Lycra dresses in various colours, Wet look dresses and leggings. These are always accompanied by outrageously high heels which accentuate my long legs. Standing 5 feet 5 inches in ... Continue»
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My first time. Please excuse the grammar.

The phone rang out it's message tone, shrill but welcoming at the same time. I picked it up and looked at it. It was from him. I thought about ignoring it, my nerves getting the better of me at last, as I was a nervous wreck about this whole adventure.
Several weeks ago I had met a man who suggested that I should sell my body for much needed cash. I laughed at first but the seed of the thought grew with every passing day. Should I do it? Well, I put an advert in a website specializing in e****ts from all walks of life. Shit! What was I thinking? My advert wasn't very good and I hoped nothing... Continue»
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Secretarial Duties 4 - Entertaining a Client

“Todd, hold my calls,” Patricia walked quickly into her office, trying to hide her excitement. She set her purse and briefcase on her desk and sat down. She was still flushed and trembling. What an exciting morning! Patricia rocked back in her chair, reflecting and trying to calm herself. She couldn't believe she'd actually done it! Just thinking about it gave her butterflies.

“It must be Dr. Schmidt's influence,” she thought. “The hypnosis. He's made me bolder. I like that. I'm having more fun because of him.” She smiled. She remembered flashing the workers, holding her blous... Continue»
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Snatched: off the street

Never take a shortcut you aren't' familiar with was what I was taught as a young k**. 'Don't go down dark alleys.' 'Always walk where other people are, in a crowd or something'

Well this time I didn't listen to that warning, and cut across some train tracks to save some time going home in Brooklyn, NY one night. No one was around, late afternoon, so I thought, why the hell not. I was walking down an empty street lined with trailers left behind by trucking companies that closed for the day. When this man seemed to come out of nowhere, and asked me for a cigarette. I said "I don't smoke sor... Continue»
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Filthy slut 4 years ago

When I split up with my wife and got divorced 6 years ago, I had to rent somewhere to live, a friend had a flat that was furnished and was a stones throw away from my old local pub, an area I grew up in, so it was nice to back in my old neighbor hood.

I had my fun for a year or so, doing what I wanted when I wanted, and fucking whoever paid me attention.

Then I walked into my local one day and there was a new barmaid that had just started, a 23 year old who had a body to die for and was single, she would have no interest in me because I'm in my forties, or so I thought!

Over a few wee... Continue»
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My experience as a webcam model

I was finishing up my freshman year at college when I was approached by an attractive older woman as I was leaving the gym. She asked if I had done any modelling. At first I thought she was joking and kept walking. She caught up to me and handed me a flyer. She seriously thought I had what it took to model. We continued walking to my dormitory. When we got there she asked if we could talk some more in my room. We got several looks as we rode the elevator to my floor.

We got to my room. She sat down on my bed and continued talking about what kind of money I could make and it would be flexibl... Continue»
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He ejaculated in my ass on the train

I was on E train during the morning rush... it was probably the most humiliating and degrading moment of my life. That day the platform was extra crowded because of delays, and so to avoid being late, I had to squeeze on behind this large lady. I barely made it on myself, so I was irritated when, as the doors were whooshing shut, this young man shoe-horns himself in behind me. His body was plastered against mine, and I could feel his junk crushed against my behind. But I thought it was an accident. When I craned to look behind me, he was a nicely dressed, pretty good looking white guy who didn... Continue»
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it ended up 3 of them..

Jane was begging me to continue our adventure with Karl but i was a bit cautious, she promised that she would never leave me cos our love was to strong and without me she would not be happy cos we have everything we want and more. so i agreed and rang Karl the next day. he answered the phone and i said it was Luke, he said sorry he didn't know a Luke, i said Claire from the other week and Jane my Wife, straight away he said Hell yes i remember. hows tricks he asked and he wondered if we had considered his proposal??

i replied yes we have both agreed to it but once again i say what goes at ... Continue»
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