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profumo di dafne da mistress a schiava 5

Profumo di Dafne pensava che non avrebbe avuto problemi a res****re alla castità forzata praticamente era il regime sessuale coniugale a cui era sottoposta prima di trasformarsi prima in mistress e poi in schiava, ma non aveva fatto i conti con il suo corpo, con la mente e con le perfidie a cui aveva pensato Master Jack.
Il primo giorno scorse abbastanza tranquillo nonostante l’abbigliamento con cui era costretta a lavorare, ma ormai si era abituata e non ci faceva più caso e fino alla fine della giornata lavorativa tutto ad andò tranquillo, troppo tranquillo pensava Profumo di Dafne.
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b*****r and s****r Fun…..II

Eric and I were watching TV when mom and dad came home. They went
to their room to change before coming in to see us. Dad went to
the basement to check our work while mom questioned us about our
day. We told her that we worked all day on the basement to get it
looking good. Dad came into the room telling us that he was proud
of the job we did. He told mom to go check it out. When she came
back she said that because we did such a good job on that chore
we didn’t have to do tomorrows job. Eric and I smiled at each
other. I was guessing that he was thinking the same thing that I
was. I... Continue»
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My first time with a guy.

It was summer of 2012 when I wasn't able to stop the urge to be with a man. I've met a guy on his early 30s on facebook, I was 22 yrs old back then. As much as I liked being with girls, I've always had the fetish of dressing up as a girl and getting fucked like one by a daddybear. After long talks and gaining mutual trust, we've set up a meeting at my place. I was so excited as it was going to be my first time with a guy. I wanted to look really slutty for him, I put on a tiny black thong and a pink silky minidress along with fishnet stockings. I put my make up and my red heels. I was so nervo... Continue»
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Lesley part 15.

After her recuperative bath and a cup of tea, Lesley headed for home. She thanked Rob for a wonderful day and night, and giggled when she told him she was all 'sexed out'. Rob laughed at her, and said she had done well.....'for a beginner'.

"Don't you forget, sexy Lesley, you're going out on the town tonight....find a young buck, some young stud!...haha"

"I know...I'll phone a friend at work...see if she can go out with me."

" on your'll be fine, I'm sure that in the first bar, Prince Charming will be there to whisk you off to his palace. Hahaha. I'm right you ... Continue»
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Emmy's First Gangbang

Emmy’s First Gangbang.

Emmy’s first gangbang happed a few months after we me Stephan. I had been back from Georgia for about 2 weeks when Stephan came over while Emmy was at work. He told me he had a surprise for Emmy that night. He instructed me to stock the fridge with beer, and take her out and get her d***k. After 2 months of fucking her while I was away Stephan Learned quick that Emmy got super wild when you got just the right amount of alcohol in her.
On the way back to our apartment I knew she had the right amount when she pulled my cock out and started sucking it. She was wearing... Continue»
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Rex and Jill had been married a long time. Sex was always good between them and kinky. Jill had given Rex six c***dren and her FF tits now sagged but he still loved the huge jugs. When the last c***d left home they began sprucing up their sex life with young girls. She had to have huge tits and a big ass. Liz was their newest toy and she was a live in maid. She had firm DD tits and a big round ass. She cleaned during the day and was the sex toy at night. Tonight after dinner she was cleaning up the kitchen and standing at the sink when Rex got behind her and put his hand up under her shirt and... Continue»
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First time fucked by a shemale

I repair computers, often "on site"--in people's homes. I got a call from a woman asking me to come to her house to fix her PC. She told me her name was Shandra. We made arrangements for me to show up there Saturday afternoon.

I showed up at the appointed time and was surprised when I saw her--she was taller than I am (I'm 5'11", she had to be at least 6'2") and fairly stocky. She looked like she could kick my ass in a wrestling match, but had an unmistakable femininity.

Her hair was dirty blond and loosely curled, and her face was quite beautiful. She was wearing makeup, but it was und... Continue»
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The Deal

At 18 Josh was broke and needed money. He was cute, 5ft
7, 110 pound, blond with large brown eyes, small frame.
He was offered a 'job' by Bob Jones a millionaire. Josh
wasn't keen on doing what Bob wanted, but the money was
too good to pass up. Bob offered to give Josh a sl**ping
pill if he could hire his body for just a few hours.
(Mm-teen, reluc, 1st, oral, anal, d**gs)


Josh who was 17 and cute, he had been cleaning Bob's
cars and cutting his grass for 3 years. Bob was made of
money and always paid Josh well.

During the summer Josh finished cleaning Bob's Jag.

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The degradation and the extasy part 1

I started the same as anyone else dressing up in private, i soon moved on to make up and wigs and within a few months i was just so turned on i joined a swinging site it was for guys and tv/cds and it was fab!
I got message after message telling me i was beautiful and how much they wanted me how id made there cocks hard etc, I loved the attention i wasnt going to meet i always said and they would beg but i never did.
After a week i got an email unlike any other " you are just a filthy fucking whore" was all it said i looked at the profile and went weak at the knees his profile picture was on... Continue»
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Couples mmf Independence part 1

So, last night the birthday of freedom for America was was celebrated in a hot and intense manner. I am a regular blue color guy, after work Friday night, wife informed me that she had to go up north for her f****y member was sick and I was to work on the 4th. So, we awoke got ready and she headed up north and I to work. Well, there was a mistake and they did not need me and I went back home. I called wife and she said there was no reason to come up, just relax and celebrate the day. So, I got on the computer and was looking up usual sites and of course led me to porn, lol, I am a guy. A... Continue»
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Alex's craigslist adventures Ch2.

Local business owner fucks my brains out, (after hours in his shop)

My name is Alex, I'm a 28 year old Bi guy who more than occasionally meets guys. I have a thing for older tops, and am always glad to please. I hope to share more of my true stories in the future.


Joe was another of the random guys I've met on Craigslist, but this story is a little special. I've hooked up with guys before, mostly at their place, some times in their car, even outside (that one was pretty hot). But this time was different, Joe owned a local shop one town over. We set up a time I could visit... Continue»
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crackwhoreblues -42%

Transmission # 97
Standing at the edge of the cliff, gazing thoughtlessly down into the septic tank of our soul... High heels and lip-stick, cocaine enemas, we beg the Whore-Goddess to fuck us with her fifteen inch throbbing cock, to be her slave....

Bouncing up and down, playing pogo on your cock, tightening my sphincter, milking, teasing, squeezing your throbbing shaft so deep inside. You pull my legs back, speeding my asshole, gape-r****g me, making me scream as I lose control over my body, spasming anal-orgasmic ecstasy. Face fuck me, electrocute me, your trannytweakerfuckslutslave... Continue»
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The Stool

I have to tell you, I'm not really into bondage, but every once in a while I indulge hubby and let him tie me up. While I admit my tits are big (36D) they aren't big enough to be tied with ropes, but I have large nipples that are made for clothes pins and other clips. It was Friday morning and don asked me to wear my red garter-belt and stockings to work. On top of that request, he asked that I go commando, or without any panties. I work in a professional office so the thought of being so exposed really made me wet. I couldn't believe the amount of love juice I was producing at the mere t... Continue»
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Doing Jessica and Getting a Big Surprise

The story of how I Fuck Jessica and Get a BIG Surprise!

She was really good looking, her bikini barely covering her big amazing tits and drop-dead ass and legs. She was sunning by the pool, her skin slick with oil and sweat. I had been watching her, trying to not let my hard cock show like a tent pole in my bathing suit. Apparently I failed, because as she turned over from her front to sun her back she noticed me, and gave me a big smile and wink.

This was many years ago, before I was married. I worked for a firm that conducted conferences around the U.S. so I got to travel fairly... Continue»
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How I make complete gay

hello is all this is my 100/: true stroy

i am born in pakistan .and i have is one cousin is near to my house is boy .i am is 9 years old .he may be 15 years old .i don't know what is gay sex .

because i am very young age .my cousin is boy .i am go to sport with my cousin. i am playing sports with my cousin .and another boy.when game is finish .all boy going home .and my cousin not going home .he say just wait after going .i am say ok .he put hand in my body .and slowly slowly .he get cock .and than take my paint .he put cock in me legs .when he finish he say ok go home .

and when i am... Continue»
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When will normality return...

Having been caught and transformed into my wife's house keeper, the initial excitement wore off. We now slept in separate rooms and I was continually being told what to do. My wife often came home late from work and whilst serving her supper I was convinced I could occasionally smell another man. Part of me didn't care as I was living out my dream of being a full time transvestite. Less than a week had gone by and my breast development was coming on well. I was close to out growing my bra and suspected I would be going up a size soon. I was ordered to remain dressed each day and to never wear ... Continue»
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New Sexual Friend

Gosh, after all this time I was finally able to have an adventure that it was hot and that is cool but could not ended with cum, it was matter of time. but let me tell you what happened on that day, last Saturday; so my f****y went out to visit some relatives they were coming back later at night , I tried to be off from work as soon as possible thinking that I wanted to find someone and have an adventure.

It was little late when finally get off from work, so I was going back home since I was alone, in the Transmetro (public bus) there was a guy looking at me, I knew this guy was looking f... Continue»
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My Bangalore hot Boss's wife Anal Ahaaaaaaa

Hi I am your Raj . I’m 24 years old and I’m here to share with you my long waited sex experience with my boss’s juicy wife, Lakshmi. She is 37 years old, sweet looking face, fair complexion and about 5’6″. I have been working in this office for about 10 months now and I saw her for the very first time in the very first month at office. She greeted me saying “Hello” and went inside. I also wished her back and got back to work.

She used to visit our office very often and the office set up is such that its just besides my boss’s house. Its in fact 2 buildings inside the same compound where one... Continue»
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Born to Be a Girl: M***rs' Choice

DISCLAIMER: This story is solely a work of fiction. Any similarities between people living or dead is purely coincidental. No a****ls were harmed in the writing of this story.

Are you familiar with those stories where the f***r raises his daughter as his son, because he is desperate for at least the appearance of a male heir? This is one of those stories, only, it isn't.

My m***r had already raised a son, birth to adulthood, when she became pregnant with me. She was determined to have a girl, come hell or high water. My m***r, by the way, essentially ruled our household. When I was b... Continue»
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What's a young guy to do? - An Adult Story

It was the first hot day in a very long time. I had only been at my friend house for ten minutes. Paul Thomas lived down the street from my house. I was more than happy to come over, when he called earlier. Paul was cool. We had a few classes together in high school. He was into video games and his computer. I was into working out and being on the football team. Before I forget, Paul had the hottest Mom around. She was to die for. I would do anything to come over and try to see her.

Missy Thomas was about 5ft 4. She had a huge round ass the size of Kim K’s or on par with J’... Continue»
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