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Losing a bet to my girlfriend

"Full house," I said triumphantly, laying down three kings and two tens.

"That's very impressive, dear," she said. "But I've got three aces and two jacks." I stared in disbelief as she laid her cards on the table. "Let's see, that means that I've won three hands, and you've won two. Hmmmm.... What shall I do with my winnings? I wonder...."

I laughed at her attempt to play coy. We both knew what her winning this tie-breaker meant: For the rest of the day, she would have total control over my body, and any disobedience on my part would result in some form of punishment, and if I really got... Continue»
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First Milf Trophy Wife to Trophy daughter

A little background. In my younger years I was a all around bad guy. A criminal among criminals. Anyway I took a job working nights closing a store. I worked with a lot of people but it was only took two people to close so on occasions I would work with this girl Sara. Now Sara was your typical suburban college girl. Skinny blonde paris hilton type but not as tall innocent to the city way of life. She never showed interest in what I did or who I knew outside of work. One day she invites me to a party her folks is having a sort of annual event. I kept saying no but she insisted saying I was... Continue»
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My Anal EX-GF

Let's begin with my story ...
... Since my Ex-Gf introduced to me the pleasure of anal sex , about six years ago , i became obsessed with anal ... It all began at one hot summer , when i was at her place . I was horny , so i asked her to give me a blowjob ... Funny thing is , that she had more experience in sex than i had , she had at least five boyfriends before me , she was two years older than me and she tried everything , but hated to give oral sex - blowjob ! I know , it sounds strange , but that's how the things were ... So , i practically begged her to suck my cock , but ... Continue»
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Livraison à domicile

Annie vient de se lever, elle sort de la salle de bains le corps enveloppé dans une serviette quand on sonne à la porte.
Intriguée elle regarde par le judas, deux hommes en costume gris patientent devant sa porte.
"Oui ?"
"Bonjour madame c'est pour une livraison"
"Ah mais je n'ai rien commandé."
"D'après mon bon de livraison il s'agit d'un cadeau. Pouvez-vous nous laisser entrer pour que nous puissions effectuer notre livraison ?"
"Euh oui, une seconde."
Elle ouvre la porte et les deux hommes entrent directement dans le salon.
"Nous venons vous livrer un sandwich de la part d'un de vo... Continue»
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Bad girl??

I'm on my way to a store in town when i feel a familiar feeling in my pants. So i go into the changing room and pull out my handy 10 inches black dildo and begin to pleasure myself. After about 5 minutes of doing what i do best i begin to wonder, "Why waste all this sweet cum?", so i took out my phone and called my favorite fuck buddy who has the sweetest dick i have ever seen. "Where are you?" i ask, "I'm downtown come get me" i say to him. Twenty minutes later, there he is at my feet with a monster erection because he knows whats coming next. He then takes me back to place and without wastin... Continue»
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The Party

You came in from a long run. It was really hot and humid outside, so the run exhaust you. Hot and sweaty. You head straight to the bedroom and strip out of your soaking wet clothes and lay across the bed too tired and wet to put on clothes. I come in bringing you a glass of water. "Oh, No. Don't come in here. Go. Everyone is right in the next room and I'm still out if breath from the run”. I don't listen and lean over and gently bite your nipple. "STOP!!. I don't have the energy to move" Still I don't listen. With that I pinch and pull your other nipple. Again you tell me you have no energy... Continue»
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A real surprise

I was checking my email one day, when I received an instant message. I didn’t know who it was, but figured I would say hi. We had been chatting for a while about life in general, then he started asking me about my sex life. After answering a lot of his questions, he sent me one that said I am a dominate top looking for a sub bottom to worship my cock. My jaw dropped when I read it. I wrote him back telling him he had the wrong person. He wrote back that he didn't think so and that I would make a nice sub slut. Then he sent me a few pictures. When I opened it I could not believe my eyes the fir... Continue»
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Anal Piss Enema Sex with my wife

This occured 11/22/14, Saturday night, real story, no embelishment. We had this special night planned, my wife owed me one, and this is what I chose. She always likes me to talk about it before hand, and that started first thing in the morning while we were still in bed. I put my hand under the covers and slipped my fingers past the elastic band of her shiney blue panties (see them in this album -
My fingers slide right between her big fleshy cheeks straignt to her asshole. I poked my finger ab... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves #15: Tamara-3

Tamara and I teach the three sweet sexy slaves a lesson of dear dedication

Tamara is a talented tasty teen and in full control of her pussy's muscles
Tasty teen Tamara succeeds in sucking some smoke of hot pot from my joint!

Tamara gets a special sexy tasty treatment in bed that sweet Saturday night
Tamara gets a creampie first which leaks all down to wet her tight sphinxter

Tamara is so horny hot and high she can not stop coming with all her might
Tamara milks my member by both her hot holy holes for my erotic explosions

Tamara sets an example for the three tasty se
... Continue»
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my s****rs boyfriend

The first time I met my s****r's new boyfriend I didn't think much, I just said hello and nice to meet you really he seemed nice enough, the second time I met him was the night he stayed over for the weekend, we had all watched a movie that evening, me, my s****r and josh, her boyfriend, they shared the couch he sat on the end and she laid her head on his legs, I sat on the chair in the corner, and we watched the film, during the film I noticed him looking over at me a lot, I didnt think much of it, I just thought I'd gotten in his way of him spending time with her, the film was pretty bori... Continue»
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Prison Bitch (for all my little sissy fag boys)

I'm sure many of you have seen a number of movies or television programs based on prison life behind bars. Having recently spent some 29 months in an undisclosed New England State Pen, I’ll now share with you first hand, some of the wildest and most unbelievable sexual experiences one could ever imagine. While still on parole now, I will change my name here and not mention the state facility involved. Other than to substitute a few names for some of the real ones involved, all of what I'm disclosing here actually happened between late July of 2001 and December of 2003. My work release program ... Continue»
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He's Taught a HARD Lesson at Summer Camp

First of all, I'm kinda freaked out about what I did that summer and of what I had

become and was made to do, by the time I finished summer camp. This is a true

story and I swear that everything I'm confessing actually happened to me and might

happen to you if you so desire!

I was pretty young and had just gotten my drivers license.
Being inexperienced at almost everything I was a willing student, but as far as

sex goes..absolutely NOTHING had ever happened to me without using my own

hand if you know what I mean..LOL!

My mom and dad were going to the mid-east for
... Continue»
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The babysitter fucked by big b*****r

I was gone for the night … and when i got home i noticed a girls bicycle by the garage. When I entered I remembered that tonight there was a babysitter for my little s*s, who was already asl**p judging by the time . So I decided to get inside silently not to wake her… and I found the babysitter watching a rather ‘hot’ movie on tv…. Instead of saying hello, I spied on her … and saw the young body shake from orgasm as she fingered herself watching tv in my place …

Just after she cummed I coughed … so she knew I watched her and she felt caught and blushed … and tried to close her jeans and cl... Continue»
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Pappis boy

One of the best stories, not mine

From: Tyler S <>

My name is Juan. I am 18, 5-6 with
a very petite build, brown eyes, shaggy brown hair, cute bubble butt and
feminine features with soft red lips. I am Mexican American, my mom came to the
US with me when I was 8. She recently married a citizen and now I am on my way
to becoming a citizen as well. The man she married is an older white man named
Dave. He is 48 tall, heavy set and
balding. My mom, Lupe, is 30 and drop dead gorgeous with a curvaceous body and
ample breasts. She probably could have
done a lot bet... Continue»
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Beach Bunny Boff

“Go ahead, one more Jason,” I nodded at the bartender and owner of Jason’s Beach Hideaway.

Yeah, not a too imaginative name for a bar but that’s what it was. One of the few ramble down dives near the resort area on Eleuthra the locals called home. Old bar stools, older and more scarred bar, and unremarkable reggae type music blasting in the background. My kind of joint given the mood I was in.

Jason gave me a squint-eyed look, seeing the collection of empty shot glasses I had stacked up into a little pyramid.

“No amount of drink buries the heart, mon. Shit for your writer’s block too... Continue»
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to many cocks to choose from

I had heard about this hotel that men went, apparently it was a sex place for men, and I wanted to go see what is was all about I didn't know where it was but then a friend of a friend told me a few weeks later, he told me when it was and where, he said he had been a couple of times before and enjoyed it, then he told me he was going again and said I could go with him if I wanted, I said sure and we both went together.
We got in the car and he told me all about the place on the way up there, the rules and stuff like that, it all sounded good and I said, should be fun, it didn't take long ... Continue»
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Backyard Exhibition!

I realized I was bi-sexual when I was 12 and it was around the same age when I realized I was an exhibitionist/naturist as well. Since then I have been exploring my bi side and expanding my bi-sexual and exhibitionist experiences. I’m going to share an experience I had many years later in my own backyard.

It was a typical Southern Nevada summer day, blazing hot with most people staying indoors enjoying the comfort or air-conditioning. While I appreciate the modern convenience of air-conditioning, I prefer to cool off by skinny dipping in my pool. I have neighbors on two sides with the o... Continue»
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My first threesome part 2.

I am not sure what to call this story, but I know that it's related to my first story which happened to me 8 days ago, I am grateful to all of you who read it and commented and gave me advice, truth be told, I am completely confused and clueless as to what's going on in my life, for those of you who didn't read it I'll be brief in updating, basically Friday 11/14/14 I broke up with my fiancee a long time of lies and 2 years of his financial struggles which led him to gamble the money I had been saving for our wedding. One of my best friends "K" came to my rescue and dragged me out that night f... Continue»
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Tim's Company picnic

As stated in my Previous stories I am Catherine a BBC Cum slut and my hubby is Tim. This is the story of one of Tim's Companies picnic. Tim started out as a small town labor worker but soon moved up in his company and eventually saved enough money to buy his first business. As time went by he had grown that business into a large success. He sold it for a large sum of money and then started another then another. His Success gave us the money to buy the house of our dreams on 40 acres of land. The house was 5 bedrooms with a larger pool in the back complete with a waterfall grotto feature model... Continue»
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The Perfect Woman, Plus (Part III) - Happy Rear En

The 3rd and last part of the Perfect woman, plus story... Hope you enjoy it!

When I got home from my second steamy assignation with Amber, the sultry blonde she-male “girl of my dreams,” I found out I’d won ten million dollars in a magazine contest! Of course, I didn’t believe it at first, but when I phoned the company to confirm, they said I was indeed the Grand Prize winner!
My first thought was to call Amber and let her know my good fortune. I called the number she’d given me, but I got an answering machine. Then I remembered that she’d told me to say my name and she’d pick up. She ... Continue»
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