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After a long day at work I began my long journey home, the day had been filled with laughter, and flirtatious fun with male and female work colleagues, which had got me me slightly in the mood. Unfortunately my then partner Kelli (35) I knew would have been asl**p at that time, so it was a case of rushing in, showering and then off to bed. Little did I know though what was about to greet me. The time was about 02:00am which was about my normal time on returning home, on closing the gate I could hear through door without even opening the back door moaning and the sounds of squelching. Kelli by ... Continue»
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Ben had his own business and he made a lot of money. He was a male dancer and stripper. He only did private parties right there in Hollywood. On his website he had many photos of different parties he had done but also his pictures showing him in a banana sling and also nude. His stage name was Big Ben and the nude pictures left no imagination as to why. He was long and thick. A perfect stripper body. The rich women he did private parties for had lots of money and they loved a sexy stripper. The wilder the better. Last month he did a party for several married women and one of them pulled his sl... Continue»
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The neighbor boy and I used to play with each other from a young age. When we got to be a little older we learned how to play like adults. I really loved sucking his cock and he was a great pussy licker. I still love sucking cock more than I should. Gil still lets me suck him any time I want but I want a nice big cock with big balls to suck and get a huge load of cum to swallow. Gil and I self taught ourselves sex by watching porn in the computer when our parents were away. He was fifteen and I was f******n when he stuck his cock in me the first time and fucked me. I loved it and we then fucke... Continue»
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What happens in "DEGA" stays in "DE

My husband and I decided to take our RV to a race in Talladega Alabama. It is about a 12 hour drive from where we live in Oklahoma. I already had it planned that I was going to do everything I could to turn my husband on and to keep his cock hard for that 12 hour drive. I wanted him to be so HOT and BOTHERED when we arrived that he was just going to rip every shred of clothing and fuck me until I was week on the knees. Well, that is exactly what happened except for my husband turned the tables on me and fucked that HOT and WET pussy for the 12 hours. After hours and hours of hot sweaty awesome... Continue»
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the next morning

i woke up to this hard thick pole sticking me in my butt. i turned around and Ben's dick is hard as a rock so i moved down to his dick i pulled down his sweatpants and start lick his cock through his underwear after a couple of mins Ben woke up and he got out of bed and went the bathroom. i think he didn't even notice me so i went back to sl**p a few mins later i feel something rubbing against my lips i wasn't to sure what it was but i had an idea so i open my mouth and stick out my tongue and can taste this salty flavored dick so i wrap my lips around it and start sucking on it he then shoots... Continue»
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Megan becomes vicky at a gloryhole spitroast.

I was 19, and i had decided to go to a local gay sauna for one of their crossdresser nights.
I only had a cheap french maid costume,some kitten heels,black lace thong and fishnets and latex gloves, with a dark brown bob wig.
I stuffed it all in my bag and got the bus,sat in the front seat on the top deck watching crossdresser porn on my phone to keep myself hyped up.
Get there and i can hear my heart pounding in my ears, and after half an hour nervously pacing past the door, go in.
pay my entrance fee and get told if im dressing i can change in the back room .
Go in and i'm the only on... Continue»
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going to my new found friend

it was long day and i was bored so i open my text up and the guy from the adult store texted me his name was Ben and he sent me a pic of his dick it was long dark shaft with a pinkish tip and round balls with a little hair on it. it was hot so i text him a pic of my ass and he responded. he wanted to meet up so i ask him where he said his house so i got on some panties and some skin tight jeans and a nice shirt and got in the car and went. as i pulled up to his neighborhood it was a nice looking place i got to his house it was a level house painted dark blue. i walked up to the door i was nerv... Continue»
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my first time all the way

i am a white chubby guy who looks nice and has a nice ass from what guys have told me.
on night i decided to go out to my local adult store for a little fun mainly just watching porn and watching other guys do it i normally don't. i put on a plain shirt and a pair of panties and leggings. i got there and got a few tokens and went looking for a semi clean booth sometimes i find used condoms on the floor or just a lot of cum on the floor or seat depends on the day. as i was walking around looking for a good booth this tall dark guy comes up behind me and he puts his hand on my ass and starts f... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 7

Chapter 7
A Chance Meeting

On Tuesday morning Joie dressed as effeminate as possible without giving away his true desire to dress as a young gurl entered La Galerie. As the weather was cool he was wearing a pair of spandex leather like texture curve-hugging scuba leggings which showed his pretty round bum and boi cock very nicely when he looked in the mirror. To hide his lovely looking cock and sweet bum he wore a white oversize zip front sweater, which was a combination of a poncho and a cardigan with short Dolman sleeves with a hi-lo hem giving it a dramatic silhouette. It was the poncho... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The Cruise Part 2

Daniel and his entourage were seated in the main dining area and were enjoying a light lunch of salads and steamed sea food. The conversation was light and relaxing when the ship's Captain stopped by and greeted the group especially Terri as he knew her from a previous cruise.

While chatting to the group Captain Connors took particular notice of the young Italian boy as he conversed with the foursome at the table. Daniel smiled and displayed his effeminate boyish look when introduced to the Captain who noticed the slim legs which were being crossed as he l... Continue»
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I found your xhamster account honey

I am only postng this now we have reached a good point in our relationship, I found your login details to xhamster jusy over a year ago and I have been trying to find the right time and way to tell you.

When I found your account I was really upset and angry with you, looking at all the pictures and videos you had on your account. You were even chatting to some of the women and couple on here which I just counldn't understand. You were going away for a week with friends so I thought I would wait until you got back to tell you. I was planning on what to say, writing it down when I thought I w... Continue»
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fucking my best friends girlfriend....

i start this story by saying i had no satisfaction in fucking my friends girl, i was just fucking the woman in front of me!!. in saying that i would do it again within a heartbeat, but i believe that my a****l instincts were too strong and my cock too hard in this matter and i blame her for this, as you will soon find out... so i have been friends with my mate for a good 10 yrs and his girlfriend has only come into the picture the past 3 or 4 yrs... anyway we don't see him that much anymore due to her having c***dren and her not liking him going out in case of finding other girls (which is wha... Continue»
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boots bound all day

Boots bound all day
In my pursuit for sexual satisfaction i was looking for some fun and tried a local dating forum, i was advertising myself as a sexy cross dressing sub who is disabled, i had a few hello’s and some who were curious about me and my disability, i had 3 pics on the site, one of just my high heel boots and the two others of me in my spandex leggings,boots and gloves and fetish hood.

I had a couple of messages from this guy called simon he was a straight guy nice and slim, and he wanted to have fun with me, we talked and shared a lot of stuff, he knew my levels and was happy,... Continue»
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Her Pleasure

Ray was naked and laying on his back with his legs spread wide as Sue sucked his cock. She had been sucking him for over an hour and already got one big load of cum and was still going to get another. The one thing Sue liked was a lot was cum. She liked Ray as he had huge loads of cum and a great taste. Ray also loved how good Sue was at sucking cock. She licked and sucked and used her tongue and she could make him jerk when she sucked his huge balls. The first time he got her naked and she began to suck him he knew he was lost. She also loved to lick and tongue fuck his asshole. Sometimes he ... Continue»
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All night

Lucy was twenty years old and was laying with her legs spread wide as Russ who was sixty two was licking and sucking on her clit and tongue fucking her cunt. He had been eating her for over and hour and his face was covered with her cum. He was always pussy hungry and she loved him for that. She liked sucking his big thick cock and swallowing his cum. Lucy loved cum. Two nights ago she woke him twice and sucked his cock till he filled her mouth. The sex between them was wild, kinky and never ending. She was just sixteen the first time he licked her cunt and tongue fucked her. Then he put his c... Continue»
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Mike and Kate's First Time.

One night while Kate was at work Mike decided to go out for a drink with his friends. He met up at the bar with his usual fellas but there was this new guy John who happen to be a mutual friend of someone else. Everyone was laughing drinking and having a good time, but as it got later people were leaving until it was just Mike and John left. Mike asked John if he would like to come over for a few more drinks and to keep talking. John was down with the idea but was way too d***k to drive, and so was Mike. So Mike texted his wife Kate who was just leaving work anyway to come pick the two of them... Continue»
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Bi-fantasy: tied and being fucked

This story is the result of a chat with Ron2632. Together we built up a horny fantasy. Check my profile if you want to see my pictures. Love to read your comments!

Ron and I have arranged a meeting a hotel. I always have fantasized about having sex with a man, but so far I have no experience at all. So when I knock on the door I’m a little bit nervous about what will happen. Ron told me he likes bondage and that he is a dominant type.
When Ron opens the door he is only wearing a bathrobe. He orders me to also undress, so I take of my clothes. Except for my shiny wetlook boxer short.... Continue»
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Nicole was in her late 40s but looked much younger. If you've read my previous stories you'll know how we met but for those that haven't I'll briefly explain. I'd been fucking a mature slut from work following a works Christmas party. The woman in question was the filthiest woman I'd ever been with, there was nothing she would say no to. After a couple of wild nights we had extended the invite to a friend of mine and the three of us enjoyed a threesome. The following week Christine asked that we do it again only this time she'd bring a friend and i invited a third guy to join us. The friend in... Continue»
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Playing Uncle with an Xhamster Nympho and her Bull

Chatting with a girl the other day she said, “I have this fantasy of having a big black man fuck me. A stranger. The thing is, … I want someone else in the room that could stop it if things got out of hand. You would be the perfect guy… if we lived on the same continent!!!! I would just tell the guy you were my perverted uncle that wanted to watch!”

That got me to thinking…. So what if one of my “nieces” around here wanted to try……

I looked over at Steph and wondered which of us was more scared. We had talked ab... Continue»
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Surprise Surprise III final part

"There are enough guys for us here for now" Nicole said "next time we'll invite more. Besides, where would we get more from now?"

She was right. I was so turned on that i would have loved to see how many guys these sluts were prepared to be fucked by, but it would be difficult to arrange for more to come at this time. It was 2am and the girls had arrived just after 11pm. They'd each taken well over 6 loads each, the majority into their arses but their faces had also been covered in our cum too.

Despite knowing there would be no more guys tonight I couldn't help but wonder how many Chris... Continue»
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