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Sex with Betsy Vannatta

Betsy was in her office getting ready to drive to Cincinnati on a job site, I knew Betsy liked me. I asked betsy could I ride along with her, she said yes! We went to Betsy's car Betsy drove to the gas station after she got gas, she ask me to drive while she drink her coffee. I was driving while Betsy was talking to bill on the phone, if her husband knew I was driving his car, he who I was driving his car Bill whorls kill us. When Betsy got off the phone, I asked Betsy do Bill make her happy? She told me no. She's in it for the k**s. That's when I told Betsy she should have a fuck Buddy. ... Continue»
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black ex girlfriend Part 2

Many of you who read the first story are probably wondering what happened next. At one point I fell hard for this girl so maybe it wasn't all for revenge. As many people probably think, yes there was more hot and steamy sex between us, we were like when we first met but it was ten times better. It lasted all for about a week though and this happens...

So I wake up alone in my bed, the previous night we had sex for about two hours and fell asl**p together. Naturally I figured she was getting ready for work or something of that sort. Little that I knew when I walked out of my room, I found h... Continue»
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The Holiday Pt 2

Jon fucked his wife, over and over, in every conceivable position. His lust couldn't be abated. Exhausted, they finished and went for food. In the lobby, he spied Dean and gave him a deft nod.

"Who was that?" Anne asked.

"Oh, just some guy who bought me a beer earlier. Nice guy, harmless." Jon assured his wife.

the following morning came and Jon awoke with a raging hard on. His wife, having taken care of it, made her way poolside. He joined her for a while, until he noticed Dean in the bar chatting to another holiday maker. After 10 minutes of watching, he saw them both get up and le... Continue»
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Becoming the neighbourhood slut - Part 3

Read Part 1 and 2:


"Hello guys" I said quietly as I finally reached the living room and entered it. I stopped at the entrance, my gloved hands were on my tiny leathered waist to model my body for the men and to show them exactly how slim and vulnerable I am.

My eyes were tracing the room to see the guys. Everything was like it was happening in very slow motion. At first glance I was looking for Mark, but I couldn't see him. One guy, second, third, fourth... fifth... SIXTH... SEVENTH... EIGHTH... and finally Mark. Yes, a total o... Continue»
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getting used by many

I had been talking with Kevin now for about a month online. We kept talking about getting together, and he wanted to know how far I would go. I had told him that I was a total slut and loved to be used, abused and humiliated. He said that I would be perfect pig for him, and if I was real and not just someone online looking to tease he would take care of all my desires. Kevin said that he would set the ground rules that I must follow for our upcoming encounter, and I said I would.

Kevin told me that I would be picking him at the el stop after he was done work which would be around midnigh... Continue»
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old beggar make me pregnent

now i want to share my real story happen in my life,i am living in small town and my schooling and plus two also completed in my home town only,after completion of my graduate i got a seat in mca in my home town and my f****y are very happy to get seat in my home town i studied very well and iam class first student and i have gud structure i am 5.8 height and gud structure and good skin tone,many of boys in my college and out side boys praposed to me but i did't have intrest in love my world is only study...days are pass... Continue»
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How my wife became a BBC slut part 3

So my wife got a taste of bbc, literally, and was already planning on how to set up the next time. She was hooked and needed black cock on a regular basis. She text Byron and Peter a few days later but they were both at the bar with some other girls. She was disappointed and jealous. It was great lol. She was desperate to have their bbc again. She got all dressed up to go to the bar they were at. I asked if that was a good idea since you don't know the girls they're with. She just shrugged her shoulders and kept doing her make up. I drove her there and we both looked for a place I could hide a... Continue»
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Prostate vibrator

Hello all I'm on a quest for strap on sex. Although I have asked the people in xhamster to help I have not found anyone to help me. So I did the next best thing I went to the porn store to buy one. This was very brave of me I'm a shy guy and have never been to one of these stores to buy a toy, I have naught in the past did,s lube but never a strap on for mass. So I walk in and of course the two girls working in the store couldn't have been two days older than 21 and so cute. Now imagine I'm walking in to buy a strap on wow and two hot woman what would they think of this 40 something chubby guy... Continue»
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Charlie Paterson, Private Investigator

Charlie Patterson ran a private investigation service. His reputation for discretion was well known and many of his clients were Hollywood elite. He saved a lot of actors and actresses from the shame and embarrassment of a public scandal and for that, he was well paid.

Charlie was just getting ready to leave for the day when his secretary came in and said that a man outside needed to speak to him. He asked her to have him come back in the morning but she told him he insisted that Charlie saw him right away. He told his secretary to show him in and sat back down at his desk.

The man e... Continue»
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A Summer Night With Arlis, Part 2

I was wanting much more.
I wanted to feel him inside of me, I wanted to feel him in both my mouth and my ass. I wanted it all!
He kept his fingers moving in and out and his mouth moving up and down. My whole body was gyrating with intense pleasure. I reached out and pulled him towards me so that he lay atop my body, and as I did his mouth came off of my cock and his fingers came out of me. I held him close and tight as I tried to catch my breath. He then put his mouth on my mouth and slowly parted his lips...making my mouth open. He then, very slowly, slid his tongue into my mouth ... Continue»
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Black ex girlfriend

I haven't had a chance to move out of an apartment with my slutty bitchy ex girlfriend yet and she loves to piss me off. She eats my food, takes forever in the only bathroom, tells me how big her new boyfriend's cock is compared to mine. So I got even on this one particular day. She took about a hour shower and another fourth five minutes in the bathroom doing nothing. She went to her room. The phone rings and I pick it up,its her boyfriend telling me to let her know he's not coming over. I knocked on her door and didn't get an answer. Then slowly creeped inside to find her with her earphone... Continue»
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He Took My Virginity

I was about 16 and still a little chubby. It was around 11pm and I was walking home from a party. The bus has stopped running and I had a couple mile walk home. A older gentleman pulled up to me and asked if I needed a ride, normally I would say no thanks but it was damn cold. I got in his car and he turned up the heat; so I too off my gloves. He asked me my name and I gave him a fake name “Mike.” He told me his name but I didn’t care I was just happy for the ride and to be out the cold. He told me he owned a painting business and I was lucky he had to go back to the shop because he forgot som... Continue»
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Ocean Part - Part 4

I was ready to get some fun myself so I stood up in front of the sofa and began to untie my long board trunks slowly. Eagerly, Travis jolted and sat up on the sofa with his face leveled with my crotch. He removed my hands and quickly finished untying my trunks. As they fell on the floor, they revealed my half-hard, average-size dick.
Without hesitation, he grabbed my thighs, opened his mouth and began sucking on my erection. Less than a minute of fucking his face, my cock was glistening and totally solid. I was ready to ease his urge.
When Travis saw how hard I was, he detached his li... Continue»
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My First Gay Experiance.

So normal night for me, laying watching porn. I accept my requests and respond to messages and get to it. Well instead of of watching porn I start talking to this older man talking about porn and what not. Ya know, the fun stuff. We both kinda get into the topic of meeting up. At first I didn't really think it was gonna happen. He gives me a location, a gas station. I'm really thinking to myself. "Wow what if I drove an hour and he doesn't really show up, waste of gas." So driving and what not and finally get there. I'm waiting, he says he'll be there in 5 minutes. I see this big red SUV pull... Continue»
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My Perfect Transsexual Bitch

My Perfect Trans Bitch

I met the proto-bitch in a nice little kratom bar I occasionally patronized
when I wanted to unwind. Clean, Old West style bar, dimly lit but not dark.
Christopher (later Chris or Chrissy) was sipping some green variety so
I ordered her a better, more expensive red vein Thai with pollen.
(I found out much later that she was paying the owner for food and kratom
with sex. (She had to wrestle with me until I listened to her good advice
to not rush back there and end up in prison.)
I never really got high from kratom, just relaxe
... Continue»
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dawn etc.2

As she slowly opened her eyes Willow found herself in a strange bed facing another bed with a brunette woman bent over it, her ass hole gaping obscenely.

In moments the daze of just waking up faded and memories flooded back to the redhead, her old awkward self threatening to return full f***e with super long babbling included, but then she forcibly reminded herself if she was going to save her friends, not to mention her own ass, from the brunette bent over the other bed she needed to be firm and in control.

So after taking a soft breath to push down the urge to babble and possibly even ... Continue»
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Victoria Finds a New Career

Victoria Justice was devastated. The nude leaked photos of her were having a negative effect on her career. Her concert tour was indefinitely postponed and she was not getting any callbacks for auditions. On top of it all, her friends made up excuses for not meeting up with her. The worst came when her boyfriend dumped her for being a whore and told her he didn’t want to be seen in public with her but she could suck his cock anytime, as long as she didn’t tell anyone.

She had been locked up in her condo for weeks, drinking and getting stoned. She even bought some coke and started snort... Continue»
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On night in Sydney brooks beeler's Butt.

The night before Sydney and Jody's wedding, I saw Sydney out at the club with her friends. I Walked up to Sydney she gave me a big hug and a kiss and she still got that fat ass! We talked about her sucking my dick in the restroom back in college. Sydney told me, she was getting married to Jody. Jody really don't care for me because I fucked his girlfriend and Sydney gives me anything I want. I asked Sydney can we fuck before you get married? Sydney looked at me and smiled and said , yes! One last time before I get married. Sydney asked me where we going in the restroom? I said sydney you don't... Continue»
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Our first threesome

My beautiful wife Krista,

Realizing that our marriage may need a little spicing up, I decide to do something a little crazy. I ask you to think of a date to take an afternoon off and begin to set up what will be a new page in our story.

We decide on a date and book a room at the Thompson hotel. We arrange for someone to watch the k**s after school and I tell you that we are going to the city to get a room for the afternoon for some wild sex and pictures. I tell you to bring lingerie, heels and a blindfold and explain that the deal is that you must do everything I ask you... Continue»
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Georgina - A Slut Is Born

Georgina was so tired as she finished her shift at the Hardintown General Hospital. She had moved to town a few years before when she moved away from her f****y. She had a brief surge of mixed feelings as she remembered her b*****r.

There was jealous as she thought of his sexy wife and how many times she heard them fucking half the night. Then there was sexual arousal as she remembered how her b*****r had taught her about sex when she was so young. Finally there was anger when she remembered how her b*****r had turned her into ... Continue»
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