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The Anal Olympics - used at a sex party Part 2

This is part 2 of a story (check out my page for the other parts, and some pic/vids to help your imagination along ;D)

I’d had threesomes before, with two girls, and a guy and a girl, and two dudes, but I’d never been in a gangbang before. An unintentional whimper escaped my lips.

My Mistress laughed.

‘Hear that, everyone? Sounds like you’ve frightened him!’

At this everyone laughed and I felt myself blush. Immediately my mistress was kneeling besides me.

‘Go to the centre of the room and present yourself properly,’ she spoke in such a manner that I didn’t dare disobey. M... Continue»
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Thief caught in the act

It was a average day at my hardware store when I see a hot 20 year old stuffing co2 tanks in her purse so I go and confront her a Nd say how old are u and what are u doing she said she wasn't doing anything just looking around so I said i saw u steal I'm going to have to call the police and she said no this is the third time I've been caught I'll do anything for u not to call the police I don't want to get in more trouble with them then I said what are u going to do for me not to call she said I'll blow you if you don't call so I close the store and she pulls down my jeans and begins sucking a... Continue»
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Business trip with him

From last few days i did not get time on bed with my lover, as he was busy with his business trip. So i asked, rather convinced him take me to his next trip and after a lot of argument he finally agreed to take me.

So i was very excited and packed a bag with the cloths and panties he likes to see me in, i thought i would relax him after his meeting everyday in the hotel. I did relax but not him.

So we reached the hotel early in the morning, as soon as we reached he had a meeting scheduled so he had to leave. I was sl**py and kissed him and said goodbye and then i went to bed. After fini... Continue»
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First gay experience

I was 19 when it's happened I was a virgin and I was very horny I was also curious about what it was like being with another guy. I went onlime and met a guy a few cities away. We talked and I said I don't have much time, he gave me is address. I got dressed quick putting on easy to remove clothing. When I showed up he says "up the stairs". When I entered his guest bedroom we got straight to business. Me nervous but willing I took all my close off quick, e was still getting naked so I laid on the bed waiting then he got on the bed too and reached for my cock. He jerked it for a second and star... Continue»
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One night of passion

One night in passion.

My Ex wife was a full figured woman except she had small A cup tits with very puffy nipples. The nipples were a mouth full of soft flesh that were very sensitive to any manipulation. At a early point in our marriage she had implants put in. To my surprise they were D cups now instead of Bs that we had discussed. I never gave it a thought that those wonderful puffy nipples might get wiped out by the stretching of the skin. To my surprise and glory they remained but widened just a little bit. It was hard to fit the whole nipple into my wide mouth. Now they were ... Continue»
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Kinky curious coed

when I was 21 collage me and my 22 year old study partner in psych were at my dorm studying sexual outlet's and fetishes when Kayla my study partner turns to me and says she actually wants to try every fetish so she isn't sexually frustrated later in life so I said he'll I'll help u out and we both laughed. But weeks later we started dating and it was getting serious and we headed back to my dorm to see were things lead. Then we got their and started getting ready to fuck when she says we can have sex but it has to be fetish sex. So I said OK what did you have in mind. Then she said how about... Continue»
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Straight Boy Bottom: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Alone at Last

So in the last chapter you learned how it all started. My girlfriend Gwen
had a thing for taboo sex, and as it turned out, so did I. After
introducing me to ass play, she started to use a strap on on me. I would
be lying if I didn't say I loved it. after awhile she convinced me to let
her friend Nathan fuck me while she watched. I would also be lying if I
said I didn't love that.

So there I was, a straight (I swear) guy who had just been fucked in the
ass by another dude and loved it. I didn't know what to do or think.
After 2 weeks of semi-norm... Continue»
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Young Wife’s Ass Too Small For Anal

One of the reasons my wife Cindy married me was my healthy nine inch cock. Cindy and I enjoyed a great sex life and we wanted to experiment with new things. But it turned out that anal sex was out of the question. Every time I went to put the head of my sizable organ into Cindy’s small tight ass she screamed in excruciating pain. I understood why, her asshole was so small in comparison to my huge cockhead that I knew there was no way I could assfuck her. So we just decided to rule out anal sex. That was before we met our neighbors Tony and Carol, we soon were having group sex together but n... Continue»
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Awesome Experience With Married Woman

Dear friends, I am not mentioning names here(confidential). We respect each other a lot. I respect women & feelings.

Hello i am shadowpndt

Married lady is from sainikpuri, secunderabad… gorgeous, lovely, she maintains structure well, 5.6 in height, 38 32 38 awesome boobs, with big ass anyone would love to die for her.. She has no k**s.

The sex story starts here… we started with chatting at yahoo messenger for hours and started cam chat we use to see each other in cam, liked each other very much.. She asked me whether I have girl friend or not … I told her I use to have & she got marri... Continue»
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My first time with a man

I had been dressing privately for a number of years and never
been with anyone while dressed up. That is, until I discovered
this support group for other CD/TV and TS girls. I joined
the group, which held meetings once a month about 40 miles
from where I lived. I quickly made some friends and after
the first meeting Emily asked if I wanted to go to the local
gay bar and hang out. I had never been to a gay bar before,
or even out dressed other than the meeting site. There were
about 12-15 of us "girls" at the bar and we had
taken over 2 or 3 tables and just talked and got acquainted.
... Continue»
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My latest man session in our lady`s undies.

My latest man session in our lady`s undies.

Another meet with G.. this time we wore undies which was a nice sensual experience sadly his were bought for himself, I thought he'd borrow his lady's undies which makes it more sexy knowing her pussy has been intimate with the undies, they were a funny choice of colour yellow they were lacy see through matched with black opaque hold ups, I wore my lady`s sheer black hold ups with the red velvet detail (that I laddered in proceedings, oh! dear)
and sexy satin type red french knicker style briefs.

We put our undies on and rubbed each other thro... Continue»
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The Layover

On Monday, February 7th, I got an unexpected email. It was from a guy I
had chatted with online a couple of months ago. His email said that he
was in town for an overnight layover and that he was at the Embassy
Suites Hotel at Logan Airport and he would be leaving early in the
morning. John acknowledged that it was short notice, but gave his cell
phone number and asked if I wanted to hook up.

Though the email had come earlier in the day, it was around two thirty
in the afternoon when I saw it. I thought about it for a good half
hour before deciding what to do. I called my ... Continue»
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Caught in the woods

After the first time Chris M*de me give him a blowjob in the hay loft he had used my mouth almost every day. It was summer and since he lived at the end of the road and both my parents worked either they would send me to his house or he would come over to my house to take care of me while they were away. The back half of my parent’s property was wooded and backed up to someone else’s property. While we were out exploring Chris and I had found and old club house looking thing in the middle of the woods, there was a bunch of blankets and even an old penthouse magazine inside. Chris loved to ... Continue»
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Doing what I love

This is a true story that happened years ago. I hope you enjoy it.

I have been cross-dressing for several years. Long before I met my first wife, we had been married for about four year. One day my wife came home early and caught me dressed up as a woman. We had a long talk and at first she liked it me dressed as a girl. We would walk around in panties and tee shirts in front of our two k**s, a daughter 3 and a son 2. They kind of liked it that they had two mothers. My wife and I would go out dressed together and pick up men. We would take them home when the k**s were at their grandparent... Continue»
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public island

It had just rained, she took me by the hand and walked with me, climbed up on one of the smaller islands in the archipellago. We left the boat behind, walking deeper into the island. It was a very small island indeed, and yet you could see it from miles away.
She started to undress, showing nothing but a perfect figure, her blonde hair blowing in the wind.
I had forgotten my swimming clothes, and so had she. It was surprisingly hot outsite, so i decided to also take of my clothes.
Her, now fully undressed stod there infront of me smiling and telling me to hurry up. She then again grabbed m... Continue»
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Apartment next door

Gail was 24, ( I was 41 ) when this took place. As her 2nd floor neighbor I would help when the car she had didn't start, T.V. went on the blink , washer stopped working, etc.

She had a nice job as a bookkeeper and very steady hours. She was 5'10", slim and nice looking, she did not date a lot.

She was waiting for me at my front door, seemed the doors were locked and she needed the spare key she kept at my place in a secure lock box.

After she opened the front door, she said I should come over for some pasta and a salad in a hour.

We had eaten on the main balcony a few times ... Continue»
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Sex Toy Shopping 3 sum Manchester

I, like many people enjoy the use of a sex toy now and again so last weekend I decided to go shopping to find some new toys to spice things up. So it was Saturday morning and I was showered shaved and all ready to head out. I got on the car and made my way to the Trafford centre for around midday. After looking around a couple of clothes shops and picking up a few bits I made my way to Ann Summers.

While in the shop I was just taking a look around all of the naughty items and imaging using some of them and wearing some of the sexy outfits. As usual it was quite busy with young couples all ... Continue»
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The Boy With The Dragon Tattoo – Confessions Of A


Shylaja woke up, opened her eyes. She was finding it difficult to remember anything happened so far. Only thing that bothered her was the the huge headache she was having, like her head will burst open now.

Slowly slowly her headache was disappearing and she became more and more aware of the situation. A chill went through Shylaja’s spine when she realised that she is no longer in bed but tied and hung from her hands and what was more disturbing was
... Continue»
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First meeting off a dating site - true story

I had been talking to this lady on a dating site for about a week and it came to the part about meeting up. I was very keen to meet Meryl as she sounded great and she looked good in her photos.
Right, you had better have a description of her before we go further! Meryl is 49 years old and is about a size 22 but she does look good for her size. She is 5ft 1in tall and her chest is a generous 42HH, all natural. She likes tattoos and has a variety of them all over her body, most in view but a few not! She also has piercings, one of which I know about as she had her tongue pierced and a few other... Continue»
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Priyanka’s Sex Journey – Chapter 1 – The Beginning

Hi I am Priyanka. I belong to a very conservative f****y and the incident I am penning down is a total fiction but a fantasy of mine.

You can connect me on for doing a role play chat.

This incidence took place when I was 20 and was enjoying my college life. My father died when I was just 7.

My mother decided to marry her boss who was quiet younger than her. But the step dad denied to accept me in the f****y. So they kept me a hostel for my studies but never came to meet me. Even they denied to
... Continue»
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