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Caught and made into a sissy slut

It was for real this time. No fantasy. Reality. I was dressed up in red: fishnet stockings, g-string, and a babydoll. I was wearing a metal chastity cage that was pulling my clit down, and it was a clit, it only half filled the cage. I had a new cock too - a black face dildo which was double-ended. In my new role, I had to jerk it as I was fucked in my pussy and I was being fucked. She had fucked me so hard that I was completely submissive to her, sucking on my gag with wild abandon, a true sissy slut.

It had started earlier that day when I had been caught jerking off to a mixture of cuck... Continue»
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Dominant Sex Therapy

I had to go see a sex ther****t because I was addicted to jerking off. Little did I know she had a surprise waiting for me when i got there. I sat down and she got right to the questions. "So how long have you been jacking off" She asked. I said "about 20 years now" She nodded her head and asked " Do you watch porn when you jerk off?" I said "Yeah every time" She said "Good. How many times a day do you jack off" I said "all depends sometimes once, If i get a really good scene I try to break my mind from cumming too fast so it can be, 4-5 times a day." She said "Wow that's a lot of masturbat... Continue»
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An unfortunate blowjob incident(with a great prolo

A long time ago, in a college apartment not too far away....

I'm a dominant man in bed. Because of my foot baller physique, I've always had an aggressive, but passionate way to love making. Something about my girlfriend f***d to do whatever my perverted mind drove me wild. I turned most of my submissive girls into anal cumming, gagging sluts. I stretched one's asshole to accept a fist (never got past the wrist, but it was so exciting stretching her nontheless). I loved hearing the sound of a woman gagging on my long cock, but they could never take it all the way down their throat. I'd... Continue»
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My Anal Virginity

We stood in the small shower facing each other, both of us soaked; our long hair plastered to our backs, and both of us completely naked. Our cocks were exposed but not hard, each hanging innocently between our legs, brushing up against the other in a casual way that gave no hint at the desire burning beneath the surface. We were two smooth, hairless twinks taking a shower together.
We stood close, not even a foot away from each other, yet we were not kissing. Our heads were turned slightly to the side of the others, our clean shaven cheeks sliding along the others. Each of us could hear th... Continue»
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The Guest

Lila just got out of the shower and was naked in front of the the full length mirror as she put lotion on her body. She was a beautiful girl with a sexy full body. As she rubbed her body with the lotion she thought about the sexy man that was their house guest for a few days or maybe weeks. He was mature and muscular and had such a sexy look and he kept looking at Lila like he wanted her. She smiled and knew she also wanted him. Just then the door opened and the handsome sexy man walked in naked. He stood behind her and put his arms around her cupping her tits. He whispered "Your f****y is gon... Continue»
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Home Alone

Home Alone

You find yourself looking around to determine what next to do. Everthing seems to done and there nothing to do till dinner and so you have a few hours to kill. Wow, it’s been so long since you had the house to yourself. You turn on some music and sit on the couch daydreaming, you end up falling asl**p. Sweet dreams begin.
In your dreams you smell lavender and you get this feeling that someone is with you, but who? This dream is peaceful and you find yourself relaxing. This person with you has soft hands, you think to yourself, “don... Continue»
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Two Friends Having Sex

I was at my friend's house, and my friend and I were watching TV. I drive my wheelchair around his house because i never been at his place before, so I checking it out. His house was small, only two bedrooms, a bathroom, a little kitchen and a living room. And in one of his bedroom was a big box with a door. The box looked kind of like a stander with a paded door with a hole where somebody's ass. My friend saw me looking at it and asked, "do you want to get in it?" I said, "OK." He came over to it and got a key off of the table that it's next to it and unlock the door and open it.... Continue»
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Night Hike Part 1

We agree to meet each other at the bottom of the trail late in the evening, it's already dark out I'm sitting in my car waiting for you to get here.
I see some head lights pull up, you drive up next to me.
We both get out of our cars, I grab my backpack with the needed supplies, as I'm reaching down you come up behind me and run your hands down my chest.
"I can't wait, I want your throbbing cock in me right now"

Your hands pull down my shorts, exposing my cock to the air, I spin around, you drop down to your knees and suck my cock into your luscious lips, slowly I feel it getting hard... Continue»
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The Perfect Sunday by loyalsock

It was 2:00 in the afternoon, we were in bed all morning, all I wanted to do was to stare at her perfect Angel body, I know I know, I hate that cheesy bull shit too, but she was different, her plum lips, "blow job lips" my friends called them, her blackish brown eyes, she hates them so much, most guys would fantasize about blue or green but I told her they reminded me of the night, my favorite time of day. Her breasts, C cups, hers are possibly the greatest pair I've ever seen, they were largish with tiny nipples, it was like art, I mean seriously they just looked good in everything , not too ... Continue»
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Just A Girl by loyalsock

"Mina. Come in here, please."

Although he was in the next room, his tone was soft and low, as if he'd been standing beside her. He'd called her to the living room with the same words numerous times by now, and she was almost always apprehensive. So often, it seemed she'd done something wrong and he'd recite instructions with soft patience while she stood before his easy chair in whatever state of dress she happened to be in. Lately, he'd taken to calling on her late at night, like now, as she was wearing the sleeveless, cotton T shirt she'd taken to sl**p in from his dresser drawer, and spe... Continue»
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Still A Virgin? by loyalsock

"You're still a what!" Sue asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"You heard me," replied Linda with a smile. "I'm still a virgin."

"You're telling me at twenty two you haven't been fucked yet. Bullshit."

"I never said I haven't been fucked, I said I'm still a virgin," smirked Linda.

"You got me confused girl, explain."

"Tell you what, since you're my best friend, how about I show you." Linda said in a nonchalant manner.

"Now?" Sue replied.

"No, but later tonight," Linda said.

"Well, I guess I can wait that long. But I still don't follow you," Sue said with a very confu... Continue»
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Full Anal, At Her Request by loyalsock

"You know what I want...?" she said.

I had lost track of how long we had been laying there, on the bed, kissing. She kissed well, taking the probing of my tongue - sometimes gentle, sometimes urgent and f***eful - and returning my strokes with her own. Now and then she bit my tongue as it danced between her teeth and I loved it, how she swirled her tongue around my own, flicking it teasingly in fluttering snake-like motions. I knew that she liked to have a cock in her mouth and really, this was what I was giving her with every stab of my tongue. A small, wet, probing little cock that penetr... Continue»
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Nun Gives In To Lust by loyalsock

s****r Joanne was consumed. She had upheld her vows of chastity for 19 years only to succumb to a middle aged man who maintained the convent buildings occasionally. But these past 10 days she had given in to lust, abusing herself so many times with the fruit of the garden, and been intimate with two men. What was more concerning was that she wanted more.

The 37 year old nun was becoming obsessed by her desires. Despite her own advice she still knew that she needed to see the painter another time. There was something about him. Yes he was moderately handsome, and he had that strong physique ... Continue»
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Freshman Girl by loyalsock

I decided to stop by Blondie's room for breakfast. That way I figured I could assuage any grudges she might have. A half hour spent now could prevent difficulties later. The look on her face when she opened the door told me I had made the correct decision: she was definitely not happy to see me. She held the door like a shield, her pale blue eyes a mixture of fear and doubt.

"Hey babe, how you doing?" I smiled pleasantly. "You wanna get some breakfast?"

"Uh, no, thanks...," she resisted.

"Come on," I cooed "most important meal of the day!"

She was very reluctant, but she was just ... Continue»
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Andy The Boss by loyalsock

It's been a month now, with Carly working as a personal assistant for Andy at one of the office locations for a bank. Andy was exactly her type: blue eyes with smooth brown hair and a chiseled jawline that sometimes would be scruffy from not shaving after a long day at work. On top of that he had a body of a model. Carly would stay up late at night just imagining herself running her hands across his flat set of abs, down to his crotch which she dreamt was huge.

On a day like any other, she hustled around taking orders from her boss and any other employees that needed help. She was usually r... Continue»
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college BBC pounds my white ass two nights in a ro

Well first off let me say a little about myself, im 28 white very straight acting and looking male. Im kinda pale, short dark brown hair and eyes short beard and mustache. Ive got a few tattoos as well. Im 5 foot 11 inches tall. And Im 160 lbs. Im bisexual now and this story is about my first BBC. It was a Tuesday night I was off work having a few beers and checking out the scene on grindr. Id never had any luck yet on there to that point but tried anyways, im glad I did. I found a young black male who was a college student at a local university and he only lived about 2 minutes from my plac... Continue»
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Homeschooled by loyalsock

Becky and Ben's parents stood off to the side, proudly watching as Ben knelt down on one knee. A flutter went through Becky's chest. They'd only met a little over a month ago, but she'd known this was coming. It was the way things were done in their church, and her parents had homeschooled her and kept her mostly shut away from the rest of the world. Sure, they'd let her keep up her classes even after she'd gotten her equivalent of a high school diploma, but they'd expected her to get a job with someone connected to their church - if she got a job at all. They considered themselves highly prog... Continue»
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Mother/Step Daughter Anal

For a forty year old couple Carol and I are pretty sexually active. Carol even said it was OK with her if I fucked her twenty year old step daughter Angie. No late night TV for us. Instead we still liked to hit the local bars where we trolled for fun loving couples like us. We met Kate and Al at a local singles bar and they introduced us to a local swingers group they belonged to. We had been to several “parties” and Carol loved to fuck around especially with the younger guys. Carol had no trouble getting men and an occasional lady. On this Friday night it would be no different. She was a peti... Continue»
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Poziv da provedem 10-tak dana godisnjeg odmora kod kumova u Bg-u, sa zadovoljstvom, sam prihvatio To je bila prilika da ih, nakon 2 godine, vidim, cestitam rodjenje djeteta i zamijenim skype razgovore neposrednim kontaktom. Oboje su u ranim tridesetim godinama i veze nas jako dobro prijateljstvo koje smo razvili kroz decenijsko poznanstvo.
Dane smo ispunjavali setnjama, dugim razgovorima, dobrim raspolozenjem, hraneci se po restoranima. Sve mi je govorilo da imaju skladan, harmonican brak i da su se jako dobro snasli i pozicionirali u novoj sredini. Medjutim, u danima koji su uslijedili, dosa... Continue»
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Spanking a wet Kitty - Part 1

For Kitty...

But in my version of this video, I wouldn't be playing with your pussy so soon. I'd spend much more time playing with your tits and pinching your nipples. Maybe slap your big tits and watch them jiggle around. Pull on your nipples, lifting your tits up. Then I’d either put some clamps on your nipples or maybe small suction cups to make them real hard and swollen. Since it's not a full on punishment, I’m gonna let you cum as often as you want and can. BUT we're gonna work on getting you to squirt, unless that's something you're able to do already.
So after you've had a nice o... Continue»
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