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Awakening at Flamenco Beach - Part 3

And so it was yet another Monday morning. Back to work. Ugh!
Not only the week at work resumed on another tedious and hot day at the treatment plant project, but also my special friends Gwenn and Hank had departed during that weekend. No longer would I have our furtive plays at night, and neither there was any sign of the stranger I had met at Flamenco Beach almost a week back.
The week at work passed uneventfully; just the usual meetings, arguments with labors and filling the required report forms. And as expected, work was dull through the rest of the week but those late-afternoon minu... Continue»
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Fiery Heat - an anonymous piece of fiction

Fiery Heat 01

Damon stood in the foyer of the Thomas Mansion staring at the spectacle before him. Tristan Thomas, Caleb Thomas' son, not only had his tongue down the throat of a curvy young lady, but had his hand under her blouse as well, obviously feeling up her tits. At this time of the day? Seriously?

The girl moaned loudly and suddenly tried to push Tristan off when she caught sight of Damon.

"There's someone here TT." She managed to get out breathlessly. Tristan cursed and turned around to see who it was, drawing his hand from under Amber's blouse.

"Damon Reid." Tristan... Continue»
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Chapter Three - The Price We Pay

My head hit the wooden bar so hard that I saw stars.
I felt one of them move up behind me and the wind was pushed from my lungs as he slipped himself inside my pussy and began to pound my ass furiously.
Within a second there was another one in front of me. He grasped me by the throat, his huge hands wrapped all the way around.
I couldn't move, he had pinned me over the bar, ass in the air.
A third approached and before it even registered, stuffed his dick in my mouth.
I gagged as he proceeded to fuck my face.
The whole length of his cock dissapeared deep down my throat.
He drove it i... Continue»
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Schoolboy Love

It was 1992 and I was for teen and on a school trip to Germany. I was at the time a keen amateur boxer, tall, lean and well muscled. During the trip I was given the task of looking after the new boy, Stuart. Stuart had recently arrived from Australia he was small for his age about 5ft 3 tanned and a little chubby with really dark eyes and quite long chestnut coloured hair. He was getting bullied, k**s had started to call him fat ass because he had what is called these days a "bubble but". I was to sit with him on the coach and look after him during the trip.
On this particular day we'd been ... Continue»
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Unconventional Wife

I never thought I would be unfaithful, especially not
with Lory, Bob's wife. Bob, Lory, my wife Kathy, and I
often go to dinner or attend events together. So, the
consequences seemed daunting, and I thought Lory was off

Kathy and I had recently been going through a dry spell,
meaning no matter how much I pleaded for the last few
weeks, she refused to have sex. During this dry spell,
Lory unexpectedly showed up at my work and asked me to
have lunch at her place. Bob was not home and I asked
Lory what was the occasion.

"I have something I want to talk to someone a... Continue»
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What A Kiss Can Lead To


It was Jan's 40th birthday and her husband had invited
my wife and me to go to a small Italian restaurant
along with two of her other friends to celebrate her
birthday before she had a party the following Saturday

When we met I gave the birthday girl a kiss on both

The meal was great and service very good one of the
waiters was very attentive to Jan she liked the
attention she was getting.

Strangely not much was d***k that night, I had to
drive so I drank mineral water, Jan had a couple of
small beers, the only person who drank heavily was
... Continue»
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Young Toms

To begin with, my husband, Ted, has a twin b*****r Fred
who is married to Susan and they live near by in our
small town where it is difficult to do anything without
someone else knowing. With all that said, we have the
usual evils in our little town, the bars where men hang
out looking for women and women hang out looking for
men. Of course some of the women make a living off the
men. Each of us couples has a teen-age son and they
were born in the same month and the same year.

All four of us went to high school together and dated
together and even were married in the same... Continue»
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date night - pure fantasy

It's been a nice night . The two of you had dinner and drinks at one of your favorite restaurants. Now you are on your way home ,or at least you thought so . This isn't the way, you realize . Then he pulls into a local hotel . Instead of checking in he takes you directly to a room . He must have arranged this awhile ago .
You enter the room and are schocked at the way the furniture is set up. The beds have been removed and everything else pulled to the side . In the center is a strange contraption set up over a tarp. It seemed to be something similar to a stockcade. 2 poles holding up a padde... Continue»
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Doctor Anal Exam

It was time for my yearly ob/gun exam. I was lead into exam room by a nurse and told to disrobe and put on the gown and sit on the exam table. I had just trimmed my pussy because this was my first time with the new younger partner of my doctor who I had been with for years. He entered and talked with me before examine me. He asked about my issues if any. How was my period,?breast tenderness was my only issue sine it was just ended the week before he told me I was probably ovulating now. I told him my nipples were tender, probably because I hd sex the night before and my hubby had really wo... Continue»
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my visit to aunt normas house

In this occasion i want to tell you a story about when i went to visit my aunt Norma
i haven’t seen her and my cousin's in 3 years.

last time i saw here i was 5 so when i went
to see her i was 8 so i was excited and nervous at the same time..
i had never slept over anyone house but my parents thought it would good for me to go visit after all and although i was skeptical inside about the whole idea ultimately i wanted to go. I just never traveled on a plane either its harder being in a wheel chair but I was very excited

my parents called my aunt to let her know she sounded excited a... Continue»
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Bitten off more than I could chew

Some good friends of ours their son’s friend wanted to come down and rifle through my CD collection, so this particular day, a Friday afternoon, whilst the wife was at work, he came down. Darren or Daz as he liked to be called, knocked on my door. He came in and sat down in the lounge, I’d already got most of the discs out ready for him and he began looking through them.

He was a good looking lad, 5’9” and he had an innocent look about him even though he was 22 years old he looked a lot younger. We were talking about music and stuff and he was saying although he’s out of work he doesn’t wan... Continue»
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a fantasy

Just a short story of a fantasy I would like to experience. I may add to it and would like any suggestions you may have. I hope you enjoy it :)

I arrive at the address you texted me. I walk up to the door and notice something hanging on it. Its a pink blindfold and a note, the note reads " Hi slave I want you to put this blindfold on, open the door, walk in and close the door behind you. Then you are to take 4 steps forward and remove all your clothes, but the blindfold stays on. Fold your clothes neatly, and set them on the floor behind you. Then kneel on the floor knees apart and arms cro... Continue»
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Thank god for craigslist

I usually am just a looker when it comes to online hook up site like craigslist or grindr,but one night while I was feeling particularly horny I thought it couldn’t hurt to post an ad and see if I got any responses.I went on craigslist and i started to type my ad.Within 20 minutes it was up and all i had to do was wait,and wait I did.Most of the responses i got fell through and i had almost given up hope when I got an email from Jeff.Jeff was a scruffy looking man with a bit of a gut,but not to bad.What really turned me on was his flawless Seven inch cock.Not to big not to small but just right... Continue»
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Sandy thanks a neighbour

Sandy thanks a neighbour 2,256wds
Sandy and I had been conversing on hamster for some months, she was a strange mix as was her husband, he loved to watch his wife be used and she loved being used in the worse possible ways.
At a word from him she would remove her clothes and allow herself to be used
by anyone he decided was to use her, assisting them in any way he could he would film her, photograph he, secure her so she was ready for using, Hold her hand or be her lookout should they be performing outdoors, anything so she could feel the used slutty woman she thought she was, and s... Continue»
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Johnny satisfies his lust

Hi, I’m Johnny. I’m your average White boy 18 year old that’s good at math and play Tennis for my high school team. My future seems to be very bright with the options to either be a doctor or a dentist. What I didn’t realize was in my future would be cocks. Not mine, but other men’s. Like most boys in high school, I was mesmerized with anything that had tits and a vagina. I had plenty of girlfriends and never thought I would ever “bat for the other team.” Porn is easily available so I spent most of my nights jerking off to girls getting banged or having phone sex with whoever I was dating. I k... Continue»
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Growing up

When i was fifteen i started to get very curious about sex.I would watch porn for hours on end and jack off maybe five times a day.I usually watched straight porn but one day i stumbled across some bisexual porn.As i watched it i couldn't keep my eyes off of the two men.It made me hornier then i had ever been watching regular after my first experience with that i would search and watch gay porn as much as i could.One day while watching a very hot twink porn I saw an ad for a gay sex dating site.I clicked it and the screen showed in bold letters YOU WILL GET LAID!!!!Thats all it took fo... Continue»
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My 18yr old sex slave - pt2

Continued from part 1
She beamed with delight at the thought of more of the orgasms she had just had, reached into the box and took out a leather collar with a D ring and lifting her hair out of the way, excitedly put it around her slim neck and fastened it at the back"Now I am yours to do with whatever you want to do" she grinned, slid off the sofa and kneeled at my feet.

I smiled at her and nodded “Good girl, I hope you are good at following clear instructions because if you don’t then you will be taught the error of your ways.”. “Oh I do hope so” she laughed.

“Well, first things firs... Continue»
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Curious 1st Timer

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I stared at my laptop for a few minutes, contemplating whether I was actually going to be doing this. The email on my screen read:

“Ok sexy, see you when you get here.”

I’d been emailing “BlackStallion281” since 7pm. I’d always been curious about what it would be like to be with a man. Since high school, I’ve read and seen erotic material about gay sex on the internet. It always gave me a hard on. But this was it, I’m 21 and a man and I can do whatever I want. We’d been emailing each other after I found him on Craigslist. He seemed like a nic... Continue»
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Back in my early age it seemed older men were attr

I was only about 16 years old at this time. My mom, me and 3 s****rs moved over to the east end of this city. It was sort of a welfare building, your normal row housing. On welfare, you can't afford that much, especially with a lot of mouths to feed.
I wasn't doing to good in school at this end of town. I had a bad habit of playing hookie from school. Naturally I was skinny and had very little clothing that fit me properly. I just couldn't consintrate in class, with my stomach rumbling all the time.
I used to go down to the docks where all the k**s hung out on the weekends. I felt that was a... Continue»
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The Hot Affair

Tossing and turning on the bed; she found that sl**p would not come to her, as her mind was full of vivid memories of the days fun they had just enjoyed. A smile came across her face as she remembered each detail of their Anniversary dinner. Choosing a more private affair than most they had decided to go to the local park with a blanket. Once there she realised there was no food. Arching an eyebrow questioning at him he had laughed, pulled her down onto the blanket, lifted her skirt and started to lick and suck her clit. Every so often lifting his head to insert a finger into her wet pulsin... Continue»
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