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It all began when i went to the grandparents house in village.,I was a young boy and had till then little sexual experience.Mostly with girls around my age.I went this time just like other times in summer there.This time i noticed a older lady that lived with her mother and her son.She had the body of a real woman,things i couldn't find on younger girls.She had wide hips with a big round ass,and big saggy tits.The first moment i saw her i knew i would love to make her my lover. Since the first day she began to watch me and invited me to play with her little son and talk to her.She used to wea... Continue»
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Pervert Patient Described in Doctors Exam Notes

I accidentally saw a patient's examination notes on Dr.Singh's desk and read every word of it!

Like every doctor's appointment I went from the waiting room only to be told to sit and wait for the doctor in the exam room. Like many of us waiting for what seems like forever for the Doctor to come in, I passed time by looking at the various medical posters, checking my phone and this time picking up a fashion magazine laying on the doctors desk. To my surprised, there, underneath the magazine was an open folder with what was obviously the doctors own examination notes about a previous patient.... Continue»
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Butt Fucking

My boyfriend and I both LOVE anal sex. And when I say we love it, I know that I can’t get enough of it and he’s an anal enthusiast to say the least. I’m not submissive, I just adore a big, juicy, hard dick in my asshole. If I had my way, I could take a dick in my ass every day, twice a day if I had the chance. Gregory, on the other hand, likes to keep a little variety in our sex lives so he has me on anal restriction. I can only get butt fucked twice a week so I have to ration it out until I’m desperate for it and I can’t take it anymore.

Gregory can always tell when I when it’s “m... Continue»
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Pt. 3 Blacked out

So my wife takes a nice long shower as I'm checking out the recordings and those guys are just resting.

My wife then asks me for her drink and purse so I take them to her and she swigs down her drink and has me get her another one.
I bring her another one as she is getting ready to put her makeup on?"why are you doing that I ask her, Its like 2-4am . figured you were going to bed."

{No honey, you know I always get ready and that's what I'm doing, }K then, she takes another swig then starts applying her makeup.
"looks like you had fun, you were getting off so good { your sick, why w... Continue»
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The reparir man!

I had the house to myself and was looking forward to a long day playing with myself. I put on a pair of sheer tan pantyhose with some black stockings over top. I then put on my purple satin thong. I immediately got hard and couldn’t wait to get down to business.
I sat down at the kitchen table and began stroking myself while watching some videos on my computer. There was a knock at the door. With an election a week ago my door has been inundated with campaigners knocking on it. Assuming it was another one I ignored it and continued stroking my hard cock through my pantyhose. The knock ... Continue»
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Craigslist hook up

I'm not ever going in chronological order with any of my stories that are true or partially true. Everybodies over 18 by a damn sight.
I had some experiences in my youth playing with guys, but I considered myself only slightly bi, and even then only secretly.
My most successful sexual relationship with a female was when she occasionally fucked me in the ass with a strap-on. I had hot girlfriends from time to time but I had a hard time ever making relationships work. The few encounters I'd had with guys were usually mild disasters. I had fucked around quite a bit in gloryhole booths in my 20'... Continue»
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Spending the afternoon with Helena

Spending the afternoon with Helena

I was alone at home that Saturday afternoon; Victor was visiting some friends out of town. I was feeling really horny and I had touched myself many, many times since morning. I called my girlfriend Helena and explained her how my fucking crazy state of mind was…

Helena laughed and invited me to visit her, because she was also alone at home. When I arrived her home, she kissed me deeply and said that I needed a shower, because I smelled like nasty sex…

When I got out of the shower, I found my clothes had been gone.
I came back to Helena`s bedroom wr... Continue»
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Cross-Dresser Delight

As a cross dresser you feel like such a woman when you have on your sexy panties and bra, and other feminine unmentionables. Sometimes you just wear them underneath your boy clothes. But sometimes I like when you have a dress and even high heels on too. I get to look at you, a beautiful and sexy woman. You get to tease and titillate a guy like me with your sexy body. You make me so horny and hard when you prance around the house looking so pretty. You always wiggle your sweet ass when you walk by, and you often find something on the floor to bend down and pickup in front of me. My eyes j... Continue»
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Annie's new boss

Annie was pleased to find that the man she had recommended for position of accountant for her firm had actually got the job, she had worked with Mark at her previous firm and although he was 20 years younger than her they had always had a good relationship and flirted together and had the odd 'snog' at Christmas time.
As she showered to get ready for work on Mark's first day in charge she thought about him and gently stroked between her legs in the shower her fingers found her clit and she went weak at the knees as she brought on her own climax. She went back in to the bedroom and found that ... Continue»
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Krazy for Black Kock

So I had a little mental melt down and wound up in a state hospital when I came out of it I could not believe where I was wow what a scary place this is strange people wandering around talking to themselves gesturing at the ceiling I was uncomfortable as hell the doctor assured me that after my evaluation in two weeks I should be able to go home... Last night I was visited in my bed by a big crazy guy I was asl**p in my bed and then suddenly I realized I was not alone there was a huge black guy there and he was naked and had a huge hard on it stood out from his body like a ram r... Continue»
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A Night Out

This is a short true story about me and my wife Kate. Nothing too crazy but I don't have a whole lot of people to tell my sexual adventures to, so now that I have a site I can share with I thought I would put this one out there for your reading pleasures.

So one night me and Kate were out bar hopping together a few counties away from where we live. This way we can act a little more crazy than we do where we live and not have to see people we know again in public; at least that was the plan.

We started out at a bar where all the local college k**s went on the weekends. My wife sti... Continue»
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Young man seduced on a plane by an older woman

> As I wait in line for my flight to Mykonos, I spot a shy young man looking unsure of what to do. It looks like this might be his first international flight. As I approach him to offer my help, I notice how well built his body is, but how young and innocent his face looks. I wonder whether his mind has caught up to his body yet.
> "First time overseas?" I inquire. "Anything I can do to help?" He turns around and smiles at me sheepishly and responds "Yes, ma'am. I was wondering how we get our seat assignments?" "This airline let's you chose your own. Why don't you sit by me an... Continue»
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Wife invited new female workmate to dinner

We were getting ready for our occasional date night at home. It was something that we both enjoyed allowing us time together in the midst of hectic schedules. Linda ws last to get ready as usual and was wearing a new dress, evening gown style would be my best description. Sexy in that there were big panels of material coverin gher ample breasts, although as it was backless, there was obviously no bra! It was then that the door bell rang and Linda said that will be Pam. I looked at Linda and she said, she is the new woman I talked to you about from work. She always seems to be at a loose end at... Continue»
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The Gas Station Bathroom

I was sat in my car at the gas station when I saw her going into the bathroom.

She was wearing a grey track suit and running shoes. Pretty face with long dark hair tied up. Hot curvy body with a nice full ass.

I watched as she closed the door behind her.

Time went by and she didn't come out. 10 minutes. 20 minutes.

I thought I'd better go check if she was OK.

I got out of my car and went over to the bathroom.

I knocked on the door. "Um.... hi, are you OK in there?"

"Yeah I'm fine" she said. Sounding a little surprised.

Then I noticed that the door wasn't closed properl... Continue»
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At the swingers pub!

I'm in the swinger scene since I discovered it. I use to meet couples, to play with some of my fuck buddies and other couples, and to go to swingers clubs.

Something interesting happened 2 weeks ago, when I tried a club I've never been to. I went alone this time, as any of my too few friends involved in this things were available. As I arrived there, I started looking at the people, making eye contact, but specially looking for diferences with other clubs I know well. The structure was the same, functional and what anybody in the scene expects: a bar to just see people around, private rooms... Continue»
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A Threesome (the story behind the poem).

My girl at the time used to fancy some middle east guys who ran a shop nearby. Our relationship was on the way out. She used to tease me that one day I might come back and the guy she was pointing at in the shop might just be giving her one doggy style on our bed. She would tease me that she bet his cock was bigger than mine and that it would be like my cock f*cking her tiny bum hole compared to his in her pussy. I came home from work one day and she came downstairs looking flushed, I thought he had been at the house. She put a large dildo on the kitchen worktop and said to me "that's just how... Continue»
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Angela, Richard and Me


An old friend, Angela, got in touch after a good ten years, she’d been married and her husband died 4 years ago, and she asked me if I wanted to go to some gigs again. Years ago we used to go and see live Rockabilly music around the County, but that was it. I shagged her in 1976 when we were both single but not recently.

This particular Saturday she rang me and asked if I fancied a concert 40 miles away. Donna and I discussed it and she said “Go if you want she’ll probably be gagging for it”. I rang Angela and said “Ok” “I’ll pick you up”. She picked me up in a 4x4 ... Continue»
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First anal experience.Első anális él

Szeretkeztünk a párommal és egyre jobban elkezdte újjal izgatni a lyukamat nekem meg egyre jobban tetszet.Éreztem ahogy elazulnak a záró izmaim és egyre beljebb tudja tolni az uját.Közben egy kis időre néha bekapta a farkam és a heréimet felváltva hogy jól megszívja ekkor még jobban elazult a záró izmom és beljeb hatolt.Majd az uját bekapva nyálazni kezdte persze ez is izgatott nagyon hisz nemrég még a lyukamba nyuljált és mosta meg nyalja.Majd újra elkezdte a nyálas úját feldugni.Amikor már nem ment bejebb le ment a lyukamhoz és nyalni kezdte és éreztem a meleg nyelvét ami isteni volt. Mindez... Continue»
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Wife finally joins the fun!

For years I had hidden my bisexual fantasies from everyone - especially my wife. She was always grossed out by the idea of 2 men having sex, or 2 women lezzing out for that matter, so I never thought to enlighten her about my true desires. That has all changed and now my sex life has gotten extremely exciting off of a sudden. It all started a month ago on my birthday. We went out for some drinks with some friends to a patio that over looks a very busy beach. There was lots of sexy guys and gals swimming, sun tanning and playing volleyball. There was an extremely good looking guy i noti... Continue»
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Jan met Rex in the bar at her hotel where she was staying. In less than an hour she had him in her room naked with his hands cuffed behind his back. She sat him on a lounge with his legs spread and she stroked his cock easy from top to bottom and then rubbed his balls. When she had his cock hard and pointing in the air she then began to kiss him giving him a lot of tongue deep in his mouth as she rubbed his nipples. She told him "Just sit there and enjoy. When I touch you how you really like it say "yes" and I will give you more of that. Tonight you are going to get the best sex you have ever... Continue»
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