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Raynard And Teshawn

I just got home from work, my plan for the night was to enjoy a glass of Cognac or two while I sat on the couch and watched the new episode of one of my favorite shows King’s Tower Haunting.The first thing I did was to go into the kitchen and I poured myself that drink then headed into the living room, I put my glass down on the small wooden coffee table in front of the couch and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. I started my show and was just about to sit down when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a backpack on the side of the TV.
Confused; I stood there looking hard at the bag t... Continue»
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My Cousin Jenn - Part 2

My Cousin Jenn - Part 2 (See part 1 of this story here..)

The next morning we awoke and didn’t say much as we got dressed and ready for the final day of the f****y reunion in this sl**py little Texas town. It was going to be another hot day in shorts and we would be checking out the next morning and heading home. We arrived at the gathering and had a good time, but in the back of my mind I wondered if she was going to at any moment come tell me that she regretted what happened last night or simply that she would be sl**ping elsew... Continue»
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A Rough Night: She gets some rough handling

I sat on the edge of the bed, biting my nail and ruining the smooth polish I had applied earlier. The red of the digital clock illuminated the dark room and my lashes fluttered as the clock display switched to 10:38. On February 14th at 10:38, I finally admitted to myself that I would spend the entire day alone.
I should just go to bed.
I sighed.
I thought of the last time we had been together as I pulled open the drawer to the nightstand. I thought of how he had slowly stripped my clothes off, how his hands had felt on my body, and how he had fucked my brains out on this very bed.
My hand... Continue»
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Boy LEARNS from a BIG HARD COCK neighbor

I was at a party with the cool and horny people from SwingingBiCouples. They are a balst and after we had all fucked each other and I had a few large loads of cum pumped inside me, we started talking about our past experiences. After I told them this story, they said I should write about it and have it posted here on Hamsters so here it is!

First of all, it's true story that many of you can probably relate too. I was young of course, curious about everything and not really sure about my sexuality, one way or another. I knew my little dick would get hard whenever the wind blew acroos it
... Continue»
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Wife swinging turned into cuckold part 2

Back to reality, Reality was... i had been tricked and my wife was now getting fucked in front of me. As he fucked her from behind ,he had full control of her body and was rubbing her breast as he was slowly fucking her with steady thrust, he moved his hand and started rubbing her clit as Adriana was moaning and forgetting I was even there. They fucked like this for a couple of minutes and he laid on his back pulling her on top of him so she could ride his big rod. She wasted no time getting on top of him, grabbed his thick cock and guided it inside of her as she lowered her... Continue»
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Sex on the Beach (MFM)

This story is an adaption of a wonderful conversation I had with Thomas, an incredibly sexy and passionate man whom both Clyde and I truly adore. Some of these words are mine, and some are his…

We recently took a few weeks’ vacation to visit Sweden, staying at the home of our lover, Thomas—our time together filled with delightful days enjoying the country, and our nights filled with passionate lovemaking. The three of us are always of one accord, and Clyde and Thomas’ b*****rly affection only serves to enhance my attraction to them both. They remind me of twin golden gods…so similarly bu... Continue»
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My virgin ass first time fuck by pervert man.

The names and locations on this story is hidden for privacy. This is a true story.

It all started when I was late to get back home, around 11:30 pm. The suburb I lived was in a different city that was 3 hours away from my friends house, I stayed too long playing video games with him.

I wore a tight t shirt, sweatpants and it showed off my round ass. I was chubby at that time and also playful with a hint of naughtiness. My thighs were thick and I had man boobs, I was hairless, had a spotless skin, smooth and glowing. I stood out at the winter cold, almost near midnight for a taxi, shi... Continue»
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The (Poke Her) Poker Game

Poke Her (Poker Game) Party

I decided I needed to earn some extra cash for some unexpected expenses. I was talking to my friend about this issue. She knew everything about me and my openness with sex. I decided I might try being the " party favor " at a secret sexual party for men. That way I could enjoy all the sex I wanted and earn some money at the same time. I told her how I wanted to earn the money and she had a suggestion for me.
She agreed that is was a good and fun way to earn some extra cash. She said that she knew someone who could set up special parties for a small percentag... Continue»
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School Head Mistress Loves It Up Her! Part 2

She was getting some nasty shit done to her now as why she had two up the cunt a very long dildo got rammed up her arse around 13inch’s with it getting slammed in & out fully so fast you could hardly see it! It was around 15inch or so long & now only the tip of it was sticking out the Fuckers ass but more was to cum for it as Colin got on top of her & just plunged his dick up her ass! Jesus look at this I said as there she was with two up the cunt & a Dildo & cock in the arse! We were really fucking the shite out the fuckpig’ I grabbed the Dildo then kept pulling it out around 10inch then back... Continue»
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Strap-on Threesome with our New Sub

We've fantasized about sharing our bed with a stranger, and even talked about how exciting it would be.  I've been talking with several subs online to try to select the perfect one.  He must be submissive in nature and body language, yet be sexually experienced enough to actively participate with us in bed.  I'm attracted to subs who have athletic bodies without a lot of hair who have a sweet, vulnerability about them.

After talking to one online, we arrange to have him come to my home late one Friday night.  He comes to the door with his head bowed and I answer the door in my black peignoi... Continue»
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Sissy Swallows corrected

For years I have lived life as a heterosexual man who enjoyed the diversion of dressing and acting like a girl until I met a man at a rest stop that treated and then used me like a girl. He gently seduced me with kind words flattering me with feminine pronouns and adjectives and then he started touching me gently and intimately slowly increasing the sexuality of his words and physical contact. While trying to recapture the intense feelings I experienced, I started cruising for sexperiances with more men. Sometimes I scored a hard cock, but mostly I fell short. I decided to wear cute cloth... Continue»
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Dethroned 2

"How did I get outside in the rain", the young queen wondered as she awoke to very warm rain splashing on her body and face. It was odd as she didn't recall falling asl**p in the gardens. The last thing she recalled was... Her eyes flew open as the memories of the previous day came flooding back. It hadn't been a nightmare after all, she was still in the dank cell beneath the castle, died semen still caked her forehead as well as her very tender pussy and down the crack of her ass. She spotted the source of the "rain" standing along the far wall of her cell, the fat jailor and two of his basta... Continue»
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This time I had a hot adventure with 3 guys, all of them top guys lucky me yay!! I met one of them like a month ago, we had an adventure together; after that time we wanted to experience something hotter so he planned a gangbang for me, we meet at his friend’s apartment who was not there that day.
The guy I met a month ago became my friend with benefits (fwb). He invited another guy 19cm cock and with us was the guy who rents a room in the same apartment. (the tenant). Ok so now that I have them identify I can tell better the story about what happened that day in this adventure. ... Continue»
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The Beginning

Although I was a happily married straight guy, with a nice car and a good job I spent far too many hours looking at pornography on the internet. I don’t know why but I was always attracted to the BDSM type of websites and would download image after image of people helplessly tied up in various different types of bondage.

One night, while surfing the net I stumbled across a Female Domination site that dealt with ‘f***ed’ feminization. Instantly I was hooked. The idea of a respectable, straight male being f***ed into female attire and made to perform sexually with another male turned me on mo... Continue»
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A Changed Man

Part One - Beginnings

It had to happen one day I guess. I had such a collection of porn on my hard drive, that it was inevitable that one day my wife would stumble across it. It wouldn't have been so bad if it was average, everyday porn, but my collection consisted of more 'specialist' images. There were pictures of shemales with big hard cocks dressed in suspenders, pictures of submissive men bound and punished by a Mistress and even some pictures of out and out gay sex. Then there were the stories which I had downloaded. Tales of men being enslaved by strict Mistresses and turned into... Continue»
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a lesbian reunion

Only a few days passed since they saw each other, but Emma felt like if it had been years. She tried to focus on other things such as work or gaming while she had nothing else to do. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get Sara out of her mind and was always pushed by her naughty nature to play with herself while thinking of her.

Whenever the desire for Sara was to strong, Emma would go to bed, where she felt right at home as it was the place they spent the most time with each other. Emma would remove every piece of clothing she was wearing and undo her hairdo letting her long jet b... Continue»
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The Intern

My name is Gary, I’m 45 years old and I live in Maryland with my wife and three k**s. My wife is 39 and we’ve been married for 14 years. For a couple married as long as us we are a happy couple and I can’t complain about her looks or our sex life. That said, I’ve been known to have some late night fun on business trips and to fuck a girl I meet at a bar. Until last month that had been the extent of my cheating.

I’m a senior executive at a high profile consulting firm. Every summer we have a new stock of interns and most of them are college students or grad students. But a couple of spots ar... Continue»
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My Intern

My name is Gary, I’m 45 years old and I live in Maryland with my wife and three k**s. My wife is 39 and we’ve been married for 14 years. For a couple married as long as us we are a happy couple and I can’t complain about her looks or our sex life. That said, I’ve been known to have some late night fun on business trips and to fuck a girl I meet at a bar. Until last month that had been the extent of my cheating.

I’m a senior executive at a high profile consulting firm. Every summer we have a new stock of interns and most of them are college students or grad students. But a couple of spots ar... Continue»
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The Anal Olympics - used at a sex party Part 2

This is part 2 of a story (check out my page for the other parts, and some pic/vids to help your imagination along ;D)

I’d had threesomes before, with two girls, and a guy and a girl, and two dudes, but I’d never been in a gangbang before. An unintentional whimper escaped my lips.

My Mistress laughed.

‘Hear that, everyone? Sounds like you’ve frightened him!’

At this everyone laughed and I felt myself blush. Immediately my mistress was kneeling besides me.

‘Go to the centre of the room and present yourself properly,’ she spoke in such a manner that I didn’t dare disobey. M... Continue»
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Thief caught in the act

It was a average day at my hardware store when I see a hot 20 year old stuffing co2 tanks in her purse so I go and confront her a Nd say how old are u and what are u doing she said she wasn't doing anything just looking around so I said i saw u steal I'm going to have to call the police and she said no this is the third time I've been caught I'll do anything for u not to call the police I don't want to get in more trouble with them then I said what are u going to do for me not to call she said I'll blow you if you don't call so I close the store and she pulls down my jeans and begins sucking a... Continue»
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