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My bear daddy fantasy

No bullshit. Straight to it.
You're naked sitting on the bed. I kneel before you and stick the head of your cock in my mouth. As I work the sides of my lips around the awesome girth, I try to get the head as wet as possible and start to suck it in. As I accomodate the size in my hungry mouth, I began the slow suck in and squeeze out technique I've perfected over the years. I'm rock hard as my face gets buried in the fragrant bush of hair surrounding your luscious cock. When you start pumping my face and breathing hard I back off. Not yet.
I lift your knees up and plunge my face between your ... Continue»
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Topped by a tranny: tiny anal virgin.

I was in college busy trying to get my degree like we are expected to now a days. I was working part time and other than that had a lot of free time. I was always horny. I jerked off almost any time I got free. One day I got tired of the alone action and wanted more fun. I always had a fantasy of being fucked so i decided to try and find someone to break my anal cherry. I wasnt very good with meeting people and trying to meet someone to do that to me was def hard to think of how to do. I turned towards craigslist. I sent out posts for women with strapons, guys... Guys were all fat or gross n n... Continue»
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3 some adventure

Hubby used to have barbecues at home with all of his friends...and one of his co-workers always stared at me..and he was always making comments to my hubby saying..."you are a lucky man, you have a hot wife" time hubby and I were cleaning and talking about the night...all of the sudden he asked me if I had noticed how "this guy" always so friendly with me and when I walked by he stares at my ass. He asked me if I would like to have a 3 some?...after a long talk and going to the pros and cons...we decided to go for it...

Ok the first time the 3 of us met was at some bar and g... Continue»
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Fucking her teen Ass for the first time

She was on the bed. Naked. Her ass up in the air. She looked back at me with a mischievous grin.
She knew how much I adored her asshole. But she’d never allowed me to fuck her there. Oh sure, she’d let me finger her tight little ass a couple times. I even put my tongue deep inside it. She’d enjoyed that. Especially when I rubbed her clit with my thumb while doing it.
But she’d never let me fuck her ass. Not until today.
At 19 years old, she was 10 years younger than me. I’ve always liked younger girls. And she seemed to like ol... Continue»
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Gloryhole And More

I just got back from the adult book store where I let
a guy stuff my ass full of his cum.

I rode all the way back up here from there with a butt
plug in my ass so this guy's cum wouldn't ooze out.

I had sucked a big load out of this guy's cock, so I
knew how great it tasted and I wanted to save some for
later. I had taken the butt plug with me because I knew
that I would let a complete stranger fuck my ass hole
if I could find someone with the right sized cock.

When I first got there I went into one of the small,
single booths that had a glory hole in the wall. The ... Continue»
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Chance meeting with an Ex


I was in town one afternoon, Donna was at work, when I was minding my own business when I heard my name called, I looked round to see a woman stood there she said “You don’t recognise me do you?” I said “No” she said “It’s Mandy”. Mandy was the girl I was once engaged to years before I met my wife, we’d split up under a cloud and I hadn’t seen her for 30 years.

She said “Do you fancy a coffee” I said “Get one to go and we can talk somewhere away from town” she agreed. We got a couple of coffee’s and she said “I’m working at ******* school, we can go up there as it’s... Continue»
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The BBC that owns my ass

Made the changes to the form that everyone recommended.

I’ve always insisted that I meet guys somewhere private, behind a locked door so no one can catch us that was until I agreed to meet the guy who owns my ass now. He sent me a message on A4A saying he wanted to **** me and make me his bitch! That was a month ago and he meant what he said. Three days ago he sent me a message telling me to have my asscunt douched out and my stomach empty so he cause it was time for my weekly breeding. I did as I was told, made sure I had shaved and cleaned out for what I know will be a hard deep fuc... Continue»
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Jo takes control

Jo takes control by dfx 4 jay 2/16/15

I had a dream last night. A hot sexy dream of me and you. When I woke up early, before the sun came up, I had a hard on that I had to stroke reliving what I had dreamt. . .
. . . You were sitting on the living room couch when I walked in from the summer heat. I didn’t think much of it at the time but you seemed to have a slight wicked grin on your lips. “Your all sweaty baby, go in and take a shower okay. Be sure to clean up real good. I might have something planned for later”. I say, “Really, I like the sound of that. Are you going to join me”? Ge... Continue»
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Office fuck--true story!

I actually posted this in a newsgroup some time ago but thought you might like it here.. it really IS a true story, ALL the names were changed, of course...

I'm not the best at telling these stories, but thought you might enjoy this true
experience that happened to me some years ago while I was in San Antonio running
my own company. It was a small firm, only one secretary with four or five sales
people who stayed on the road all the time. My secretary, Jaime was a very
cute, but not beautiful woman with brown hair, blue eyes, and some of the most
shapely legs I've ever seen. She w... Continue»
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How I became a slut pt 2

hey! so here's the second part of the I said, I was 14 when I was sent to a new foster home here in Las Vegas. My new foster parents were a little uptight. There were other k**s there, April was a black girl my age then there were 2 black b*****rs, Marvin who was 16 and Will who was 17. I was the only white foster k** there but everyone was pretty nice.

I had my own room upstairs there and I started masturbating every night, thinking about Juan (The b*****r of the last f****y I was at) fucking me everyday. I missed the taste of his cum and him fucking my pussy and ass. I would... Continue»
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Early Morning Heat

Christopher Pierce

How did I wind up getting jerked off by a total stranger in the garage of my apartment building, praying that none of my neighbors would walk in? How did someone as shy as myself end up with my shorts pulled down, rubbing my crotch against another man's anxious butt?
Who could say? It had all started normally...

That morning I had gotten up at 5:00 AM, which was normal.
It was cold outside, which was normal.
I had gone to the gym and worked out at 5:30 AM, which was normal.
I had driven home at about 7:00 AM without my shirt on, which was al... Continue»
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wedding fun.

The first time that I ever had a black cock was when I was 18 and on a trip to Africa with my new husband Ben. We were on the 2nd week of our Honeymoon when one night in the hotel bar, Ben, my husband who is an anthropologist and is 43 years old, was talking to a group of old black men about their tribes and customs etcetera.

It was very warm, no, very HOT. So I was wearing a bikini top and mini-skirt, no panties or stockings as I was longing for a cool breeze to waft up between my legs and cool me off. I was having a miserable time just hanging around waiting for Ben and drinking when th... Continue»
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Greenhouse Cruising

Christopher Pierce

I was laying on my back on the ground, my legs in the air, a sizzling hot cock reaming my butt. My vision was filled with the sight of the gorgeous man above me. He smiled down at me as he fucked my ass better than anyone else ever had.
All I could see around him was the green of plants. Huge tropical leaves dripped with moisture, voluptuous blossoms sagged sensuously on their stalks and tall tree trunks disappeared into the bright sunlight above. A tangled orgy of vegetation surrounded us on all sides.
It was so real-looking, it was hard to bel... Continue»
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I didn't want too...

'...OH MY GAWD, WHAT HAVE I DONE????...' was all I could think of as I felt Mitchel's humongous mush-roomy head press against my tight little bung hole. No matter how I tried to relax, I knew that I could not accommodate his huge penile gland.

It was the night before our home coming game, I decided that it would be the thing to do to show I was a team player and be apart of the festivities. Thomas and Mitchel had been hanging around me all evening, picking at me saying things like '...sissies are out's nice to see my favorite sissy here...stick with me and we'll get some siss... Continue»
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Realising i was bi. Pt 3 (the morning after)

This is a continuation from the two previous posts. All true except names. (see our blog).

It was about 8am when i woke up. I say woke up, i was actually awakened by John rimming my ass. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks so he could get his tongue in my ass nice and deep. I was still wearing my stockings from the night before, i thought they would've fallen down but no, they were still in place. Not surprisingly, my cock was soon hard and John didn't take long to start stroking it while continuing to lick my asshole.

John started to gently finger my ass rubbing some lube into ... Continue»
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A strange voice in our bedroom

A strange voice in our bedroom

I remember that warm afternoon at L.A.
I could get off work early so I thought I could hurry home and surprise Anita going a night out. It had been a good day although it was so warm, so I was in a good mood.
I pulled into the driveway and barely noticed the strange car parked alongside Ana’ car. It was just a friend of her I guessed, so I paid it no further attention and headed inside, opening the door slowly.

I gently set my keys down and made my way through the dimly lit house. As I got closer to the bedroom I could start to hear voices from within... Continue»
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When I met Annie

It's my first try and pure fiction
One of my c***dhood friends invited me to his birthday in some campingsite on seaside. I was surprised, I had lost touch with the guy years ago. First I though I won't go, venue is in the middle of nowhere, I'd lose all weekend and probably won't know most of the people in there. Then I had busy couple of weeks at work and really needed a break. So what the hell, I'll go and give it a try
I was one of the last to arrive, I reckognised few faces, said hellos, had a toast with birthday boy and settled down with a drink. There was loud music coming from the di... Continue»
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Night time

I grew up sharing a room and bed with my younger s****r. She was three years younger and loved pussy. She could not wait till we got in bed and she would finger and lick my pussy and tongue fuck my cunt most of the night. One night she was sucking on my nipple as she had three fingers in my cunt fucking me hard and I had two fingers in her tight cunt fucking her and she was covering my fingers with her cum. I took my fingers and wiped them across her lips then let her suck her own cum before I began cunt fucking her more. Some nights I finger fucked her so hard and so long she would get sore a... Continue»
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The Right Touch (Threesome, MMF, Bi-sexual, First

I wanted to get a massage for some time and picked Liz's ad at random out of the local newspaper. I called and talked to her about her hours and the fee. After a bit of chatting I made an appointment for the following week. Liz was easy to talk to and was a bit of a flirt over the phone. I got the directions to the spa from her and told her I was looking forward to next week.

When I arrived at the spa for my appointment I was really disappointed at the condition of the place and began to wonder about my decision. I told the very attractive receptionist my name and what I was there for and s... Continue»
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The Stud--2

Mike a big HS football star and got every girl he wanted in bed but he screwed
up when he picked up a young girl a party and went to her house to fuck her. He had
just ripped her panties off, opened his pants and told the girl to suck his cock
when her mother walked in! He tried to up and run but his pants at his feet tripped
him up. June the mother said she knew who he was so running was not going to get
him out of this mess. June told him her daughter was only 15 yr old and was calling
the cops. Mike begged her not to call it would destroy his future ! June didn't care
till Mi... Continue»
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