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Paying My Daughters Debt

I had been at a spa weekend with the girls, a present from my adoring and loving husband. There were massages, mud baths, wine, and of course oggling the pool boys. Not that any of us would ever stray. We were your typical suburbanite housewives, married to our high school or college sweethearts, living in what people like to call McMansions outside of Detriot. My husband was a consultant, and had been very busy with work lately. I decided for his present I would treat him to a nice surprise. I had my auburn hair done at the salon, I had gone out and purchased a very tight, black, short ... Continue»
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MY wife Phil and I were packing for our holiday in Benidorm
We have gone there many times over the years and found it great for swinging and orgies
mainly full of fellow Brits of all ages looking to fuck
I selected Phil's lingerie lots of see through blouses dresses and very very short miniskirts
With dresses and mini skirts the simple test was could you see her panty's and bra and
her juicy cunt hole and nipples and of course her tight arse hole

We arrived at Alicante airport and collected our hire car and drove off to Benidorm
We quickly unpacked in our hotel room and changed into... Continue»
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my monster experience

I must admit this story is hard to tell. I've told it before only to be told I'm lying, fantasizing, or daydreaming about an experience I had involving the biggest cock I've ever faced. I can understand why people are skeptical since if I wasn't there I probably would question it as well but since I was there and my ass hurt for days after being ruined by a huge cock I know it to be true. Anyone that has had a cock that's in the double digits can testify to the fact that such men that are packing extremely large dicks do exist and not only in porn. This is my story of me finding just such... Continue»
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From Russia with love

I always saw myself as a str8 man. I had a few serios relationships with girls. I was in love a lot of times, and everything was normal until i met her. It was summer of 2007. We met each other at the beach. It was warm night, moonlight, calm sea, the most perfect moment and we fell in love. She was a russian girl. Tender, beautiful blue eyes, blond hair, feminine curves...In the begining it was a long distance relationship. As the time went by we had a lot of skype sex calls. We masturbated together very often. During this calls something strange started. We both slowly got bisexual fantasies... Continue»
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Elle Fanning Goes Undercover

Lt. Dan Michaels and his d**g task f***e arrived at the house sometime after midnight. He’d been tipped off by reliable informants that the quiet looking suburban home was actually being used by a d**g gang. With search warrant in hand, his team entered the home and began arresting the occupants. He had about twenty men and women lined up in the living room when one of his men called him to a back bedroom. When he entered, he saw the reason. There, lying on her stomach and tied to the bed was a thin, long legged blonde girl. She looked to be about 17 or 18 and she was completely d**gged ... Continue»
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She walks out of the bathroom as pure perfection. Her long back hair is pulled back tight in a ponytail. Her bright blue eyes surrounded in smokey dark eye shadow. Hooker Red lipstick on her perfect cupid ' s bow mouth. She has on a black latex catsuit complete with opera length black gloves and thigh high boots with six inch heels. He can see there's a zipper on the crotch if the catsuit for easy access, and little ones on the nipple as well.

She had a red pvc purse that he knew was full of toys and her cigarettes. She sat down on her stool and straightened one leg out as far as she coul... Continue»
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I now live in a cute, one bedroom house outside of Atlanta. My boyfriend, Daniel, owns it and invited me to live with him. We have dated for a couple of months and we have become close. We almost have not stopped having sex since we moved in. I am a little bit of a slut (or so I like to think) and he is always wanting to try something new.

After a few days things have gotten a bit normal. I heard his alarm, when he stopped it, he rolled over and wrapped his arm around me. I could feel his breath by my ear. I turned my head to him, he caught my lips quickly. Enjoying that kind of early morni... Continue»
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Another Sunday Morning

It’s early Sunday morning. It’s still dark outside and our radio hasn’t even come on yet. I’ve been sl**ping on my side with my back to my wife, but now she’s snuggled up tight behind me, so we’re like a pair of spoons. She reaches around me and begins to stroke my cock. She whispers into my ear: “Wake up and fuck me.” She’s often horniest in the mornings, especially on Sundays before we go to church.

Still half asl**p, I turn onto my back, grab the back of her head and push it down into my crotch. Her mouth goes right to my dick. She loves, and I mean loves, to suck cock. I keep my hands o... Continue»
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HK visits London (Continuing Story)

Over dinner, my girlfriend stated that the hosts of the HK beach house party in HK were going to visit London on the way through to the US and wanted to catch up. The hostess apparently had been in touch via my mates girlfriend and the stopover was arranged for next weekend.
We prepared for the visit to my somewhat smaller abode with her cleaning and tidying up while I restocked the beer wine and fridge. I arranged to collect them from the airport and on arrival the woman planted a heavy kiss on my lips while her husband asked how the girlfriend was. No great drama on the way home, however, s... Continue»
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Zoe - Part Three

Part Three

Zoe lay back exhausted as all the men slowly left the room. Her head was buzzing and her body was still occasionally vibrating in her post orgasmic state. She wasn’t quite sure how long she remained there, legs spread wide, spunk slowly dribbling out of her sore pussy, but suddenly she heard Stacey’s husky voice.
“Come on now, let’s get you cleaned up.” She took Zoe’s hand and helped her back to the changing rooms. She led her through a connecting door into a private shower room where all her clothes were hanging up. There was a hospital trolley against one wall, two chairs, a b... Continue»
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fantasy scene

for the record, the characters are loosely based on 2 friends of mine who (sadly) would probably never fuck given their preferences, but this is my fantasy damnit and in my mind it would be super hot if they did, so here they go. this is fiction, and some of the events and general style is loosely based on some personal experience laced with some stuff i just thought facilitated the story. the action gets going about 2 "word" format pages in, but i felt it needed some backstory and foreplay. no more explanation for you, story good times sex, enjoy fuck now! lol.

She sat on the porch, ir... Continue»
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Ana picked up in the street

Ana picked up on the street

That Friday would be my third night home alone. Victor was in a long business trip and he did not even when he could be backing home.
On late afternoon I went to the local mall; some shopping would calm me down for sure. I felt really horny; my desire of fucking a good cock was keeping me on fire. But there was nothing I could do than wait for my loving Victor’s coming back home…
When I was on my way back, I met a black man on the street.
He stared at me from head to feet and I did the same. He was a handsome man, athletic and muscled, ebony giant really.
We... Continue»
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Boy Slut Confessions

I love older men. Always have, always will. Older men tend to love me as well if only because I look younger than I am. I helped matters along in that regard once my pubic hair grew by shaving it right off, as I didn't like the look of it. Luckily, the rest of my body hair was very fine, so I didn't have to worry about shaving my legs. I left my armpit hair for appearances sake.

Keep in mind that I had begun shaving my cock and balls even before I lost my virginity. I already knew I was gay at that time, and knew I had a thing for older men using me, having fantasized about it regularly. It... Continue»
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Sexual Fantasies 001

One of my sexual fantasies is what I call "f***ed anal orgasms" or "anal ****"

Everything starts with a date with a shemale scort. I arrive to her flat and a 185 tall woman, dark skinned and with a femenine figure, opens the door. She invites me to get inside with a toothpaste advertisement like smile and a long curly hair. She takes my hand and gides me to a room with a king size bed with black sheets.

She sits me in the bed and starts asking me
-What would you like to do, honey? Do you want me to start blowing you and then you fuck me in all fours? Or would you like a girlfriend expe... Continue»
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Becoming Madison_CDs Daddy Chapter 2

"Madison I know you enjoyed that didnt you, you little faggot" I said as I reached the bedroom door.
" Yyyess daddy " he whimpered
" Tomorrow I want you completely shaven use your mothers hair remover and shave your cock dont let me down , understand ."
I shut the door and went to bed .
In the morning I went downstairs for coffee and waited.
I finished my cup showered then knocked on Madisions door and opened it.
He was there in his bed with his covers over his head.
I walked to the bed and pulled back the sheets.
There he was naked and smooth from the neck down his shaved cock laid ... Continue»
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A Loving 'F amily' Part 2.

The story continues a few hours after I had sex with my m other-in-law.

So we're in the private Hospital room we had and I sat next to Gill holding her hand,as her mum sat next to me! I wondered what it felt like for Joyce to have a cunt filled with her s on-in-law's sperm,as she sat there talking to her d aughter! It was all very civilised,and Joyce and I having sex was never mentioned..although when she visited Gill alone tomorrow when I was at work..guess they'd both compare notes! Joyce had told me about Elizabeth (Lizzie) she was a widow of 55 with 3 c***dren,2 grandc***dren and all he... Continue»
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Jilnar Jardaly Just Loves Surprise Fucks

جلنار ​​جردلي Jilnar Jardaly Just Loves Surprise Fucks

Just call me Chopper.

I had an experience with that sexy Arabic newsreader slut Jilnar Jardaly you losers would not fucking believe!

I'm here in Dubai, from the States on contract work. The pay's good but the real reason me and my work buddies are over here is because we love fucking those hot Arabic chicks! So what? You think us all-American, working men come over here for the fucking culture? Haha! Get real!

It was almost midnight and I was diving back into the city after dumping some stuck-up Saudi bitch a few ... Continue»
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The Setup

Justin Bieber looked up at the large black man in front of him and trembled in terror. He knew he was going to get his ass beaten and he was scared. The black man grabbed him by the throat and pulled him out of the chair. “Listen up asshole. You owe me a lot of money. Did you think my d**gs and girls were free?” Justin pissed his pants just as the man pushed him back onto the chair. He started to laugh and said, “Look at that boys. The little pussy pissed himself.” The other men in the room all laughed at the pissed soaked creep and then, without warning, they all started to beat the ... Continue»
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Debbie from Dunfermline

A few years ago, I answered an advert on fastflirting to meet with a couple. I was picked up around 8pm outside "The Globe" bar in the Westport area of Dundee by the guy, who was much older than me, and we headed off for Dunfermline to meet his woman. He told me on the way it was her 40th birthday and I was to sit in the back of his jeep when we got there. We arrived, and he sent her a text, I was sitting in the back, when the door opened and in climbed a very pretty blonde, about 5ft 4", slim and cute. Her eyes met mine and I just pounced on her, sticking my tongue down her throat, and pr... Continue»
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I didn't know I liked heavy mature women 2

In case you haven’t read part 1 of this story yet, I suggest you do that before reading part 2. (part 1)

She had her full weight on me. I could feel her enormous belly and heavy breasts press down on me. I had trouble breathing and I was afraid that the weight of her body could crack my ribs or even break my back. I had never felt that kind of pressure on my body before. And by the way she was breathing, I could tell that she was loving it. I don’t know how she did it, but she had removed my pants and my boxershort while stayi... Continue»
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