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Prison Ain't So Bad

"I can't fucking believe it, not too long ago, to this day, I was living a good life, I was drinking champagne with my girlfriend Alexis, not the brightest of girls but damn she had a nice body, that night we drank until we couldn't and fucked until the sun came up, now look at me, travelling on this bus heading to prison, all because I was stupid enough to commit fraud".

The bus pulled up at the prison and instantly the convicts gathered by the fence, I could hear them all screaming and yelling, even managed to hear a few things being said, "Fresh fish!", and "Welcome to hell!" were the on... Continue»
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2 intruders

It must of been the middle of the night. I was in a deep sl**p in bed. I thought I heard a strange noise from the living room but I coulda been dreaming. I dose back off when al, of the sudden the overhead light goes on in the room. I'm startled awake and look up and there's 2 black men in my doorway staring at me. They both were about 6 feet tall the one has a shaved head the other one has short dreads and both look tatted up. I jump out of bed immediately as these 2 men approach me. After just coming out of sl**p I can't quite comprehend what's going on. As they move towards me I try to clim... Continue»
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Chad and Michelle

Chad and Michelle were two friends. They had been talking on the Internet through an online dating site for a year and a half and discovered they had a lot in common. Chad is 25 and has blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses, is 5'9", an average body type, and a Very BIG, THICK cock. Michelle on the other hand is 23 with a slim body type, brown hair, hazel eyes, 5'4", with small perky tits and a very firm ass to die for. Despite having so much in common, Chad and Michelle had yet to meet. Chad was always busy and lived in Indiana. Michelle lived in Ohio, was a busy college student, and was somewhat s... Continue»
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A three way behind the pines

There's a beach nearby where I live which is famous for it's dunes and pine forest where people can fool around. Even if now it's not as easy and hot a it used to be...

I was on holidays so I decides to have a try and look for some fun behind the bushes. But I was to early so there was not many interesting people there. i decided to go to the shore and lay on the sand for a few minutes just to see who was there. I took everything off, yes it's a nudist beach. And like ten minutes later I saw a guy walking towards his bf, just a few meters from where I was lying. They were they kind of sexy ... Continue»
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Filming My Wife And Her Girlfriend By The Pool

Filming My Wife And Her Girlfriend By The Pool Part 1
I was in my hotel room on a business trip and I turned on my laptop and stared at the screen. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, there was my brown haired, beautiful petite wife Angie sitting on the edge of our pool. She was topless and might have been totally naked. The look on her face revealed that she was in the beginning throws of an orgasm as she fondled her small breasts. A women’s head was between her legs and it was obvious that her lesbian lover was sucking her fine pussy. Then it struck me, the women pleasing my wife was her... Continue»
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shopping with her.

Me and you are walking around the grocery store. You had asked me to come along and I was just sitting around, so I figured why not. We are walking through the fresh produce section when you ask me to go over to the fruit and get you a bag of apples while you are looking through the veggies. I smile and nod, saying sure and walking away to go fetch them as you watch my ass in my pants as I go, unable to help yourself for a few seconds before going back about your business until I return with the apples. As we make our way out of the fresh produce section you stop and push your cart off to the ... Continue»
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Hockey Buddy and His Wife - Part 7

I had not seen Pete or Katie in over a month because one or the other of us had been out of town or not well. I was looking forward to going to their house after the game. We were in the shower after the game and I was looking at Pete's little dick in the shower. “Are we on tonight?” I asked. “Absolutely.” Pete replied. I was starting to get semi-hard thinking about what might be ahead so I finished quickly and headed out from the hockey rink.

I arrived at Pete and Katie's house before Pete. Katie handed me a gin and tonic with a light kiss on the mouth. Her hair was damp and she was in a ... Continue»
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Naza's Kinky Adventures:Chapter 1

Naza's Kinky Adventures: Chapter 1 - Dirty Drive-In

"N-Naza-chan! We... shouldn't be doing this right now!" I try to whisper while being firm, but I look down to see she already has a grip on my cock. I look around the drive-in theater and see my car surrounded by others with no way to hide what was going on. I try to remain calm and act like I'm just watching the movie alone. You see, this would be a great moment for most guys, but there was just one problem... Naza is my little s****r.

"Oniich... Continue»
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The Office

Jon called his secretary into his office. It was after work and the staff had gone home for the day. When she entered he told her "Shut the door and lock it." As she locked the door he told her "Walk to me nice and slow with your back arched." She walked to him as he watched her tits strain against her tight top. She came behind the desk and stood beside him. He slowly unbuttoned her top and opened it showing off her huge globes. She knew to never wear a bra for him. His hands reached grabbed a tit and he rubbed them and played with the nipples. He had hired her because of her huge jugs and he... Continue»
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mr_ed0950 meets Angel Buxom

this is a dream or what id think would be if I were to have an encounter with mr_ed0950 who has the biggest cock and largest balls & ball sack in the world.

Being a horny BI sexual cross dresser I was always very horny when I dressed ,my seven inch clit would constantly throb while dressed ,id usually dress very top heavy busty with huge tits that stuck out over eighteen inches in front of my flat boi chest and were so huge that they bulged out from my sides by a good foot ,then id wear a sexy top that stretched over the huge NNN cup bra and hugged it so tight the bra seams were quite visib... Continue»
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Amy the Teen Anal Slut 3

Amy The Teen Anal Slut 3

By DirtyOmni

I felt so excited as I stood in front of my neighbour and his friends. I had worn one if my brightest outfits a set of bright green stripped stockings that went up to my thighs with white five inch heels. This was my new favorite shirt, which said cum dumpster in big block glittered letters on the chest. I pulled my hair into two tight pig tails and used bright green hair elastics to hold my hair back and out of the way. No panties just my naked pussy already dripping
Chief was the first to greet me “well look at you Amy, you look like you are he... Continue»
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Meeting Granny's Friend

I looked down at my lovely Granny Dawn’s supple back as she stood on all fours on the edge of her bed. My cock looked like a piston entering her ass cheeks. I was buried halfway inside her ass as I methodically sodomized my Granny. I withdrew it halfway and then I thrust forward all the way implanting my cock deep into her ass. Dawn had been getting fucked like this for about five minutes which is about all her ass could withstand. I knew she would be tired soon, so I increased the tempo and depth of my thrusts. My lovely Granny let out a moaning grunt every time I f***ed my rock hard cock int... Continue»
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How To Please A Fine Granny

About four years ago I got divorced at 49. I dated a bunch of women in their late forties and all I heard about was there ex’s or their screwed up k**s. Then one day I was in an upscale bar in Tucson and noticed a group of about twenty-five well dressed and obviously wealthy older men and women talking and having a great time. I went over and discovered they all belonged to a singles-over-sixties group and I was shocked!!! These women looked great and I would fuck any one of them.
This began my five year adventure with my “grannies”, I have dated and fucked over thirty women over sixty, short... Continue»
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We are now a couple. You have moved in with me permanently as you used to crash here a lot when were just friends. One day I get a call from my friend Cheryl, she is feeling a bit down and has asked to come and stay with us. She and I used to have fun when we were at university. And when I say fun we used to fuck on occasion. I ask you if she can stay and you say “of course, she’s your friend and she needs you” but I haven’t told you that her and I used to be intimate. You know that I have fucked a few girls in the past but you don’t know that she was one of them.

When she arrives at the f... Continue»
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My job allows me to work from the house from time to time. It was one of those days and it was almost over. I was getting pretty bored so I had opened my favorite tranny sex site and was watching a hot video and getting turned on. Just then there is a knock at the front door. I wasn't expecting anyone, so I was a little surprised. I hurriedly shut the web site and walked to the front door. I hope whoever was there wouldn’t notice my hard cock bulging in my pants.

I looked thru the window to see who was there and let out a chuckle. I smiled and opened the front door and in walked my h... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #5

iCarly/Victorious: Blame It On Me #5 – The Anniversary 3 – The Demon’s Brunch

The duo slept soundly through the night, neither one waking until the bright morning light had made itself known. Their bodies had become a big mess of flesh as Freddie was spread over a good deal of the King size bed and Jade lay on top of him, covering his body with her own in a tight embrace. The two had not fallen asl*ep this way, but the magnetic attraction they felt for one another certainly had transferred to their unc*nsciouness as they began to move together.

Jade woke up first, and for t... Continue»
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Anita's secret drawer

Anita’s secret drawer

After having a few drinks at a local pub, I drove home late. I wondered to myself if Ana even cared that I was getting home so late. When I got home she was resting at bed. I didn’t blame her.
After the fucking she had just received from that giant black cock, it would be hard for anyone to stay awake. I crept silently into the bedroom and inspected her body closely. There was no evidence that anything had occurred. She was dressed in a pair of cotton panties, and a tight little pink shirt. The covers were thrown off her, as she usually gets hot at night. She was ... Continue»
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Surprise waiting for Leo at home

This is an original fictional story, this takes place around 8pm, Diana is about 23 and Leo is 25.

Diana had always loved to surprise her boyfriend, Leo. She had been horny all day and decided that she was going to fuck him good tonight. She slipped on her favorite set of lingerie, a lace thong with matching bra- both light lavender. She grabbed her white satin robe and left it open. She started to hear Leo pulling into the driveway; she ran to the door and stood in front of it as Leo opened the door. Stunned at the sight in front of him he dropped everything. She grabbe... Continue»
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Lodgers Surprise part 2

I fell asl**p in my cum soaked lingerie and dreamed of Mike and Jenny.
I woke up to see Jenny in my room. She was smiling and told me that I was going to have some fun over the next few days and learn about being a real tranny. I smiled and told her I was in her hands. She took me to the bathroom and ran a bath for me. She then told me I had to lose my body hair and once I was naked she put rubbed cream onto my skin and once I was ready removed my hair. I looked at my hairless cock and smiled. It looked great. Once that was done I was bathed by Jenny who played with my cock but held off letti... Continue»
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Life of Getting Freaky

If you have read any of my other stories you know that I love wild adventures when I crossdress. I'm getting horny right now and figured I would add to them by starting this series of short stories for your enjoyment and mine. Please let me know what you think and friend me if you wish.

Well living in Las Vegas during the 80's and 90's might have added to my wild side and even though I had been married just a few years I still could not feel my need for crossdressing without her knowing. On this day I was so in need to just dress up and play around with my hidden stash of toys and magaz... Continue»
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