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Stretched again!!!

Well after being apart for over a year I finally had the chance to see him again!! I had butterflies all day knowing I was going to see him. I felt like it was our first time all over again. I've missed him so much. His firm touch, soft skin, sexy smile, and soft lips. My stomach was flipping as I knocked on the hotel room door. He opened the door with no shirt on and a smile and he took my breath away once again. His chest and arms were so much thicker then I remembered, man I never thought he could be more built then he was. I felt my bl**d getting warm and my face getting red. I leaned ... Continue»
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first sex with a guy and being nude around guys

I am not gay -- not that there is anything wrong with being gay. If I were born gay, I'd be just as happy. However, as a straight guy, I must admit I enjoy being nude around other guys -- comparing their penis size to mine, are they circumsized or not, huge nutsack or little nutsack etc.. I just enjoy my penis being out and about. :)

Like at the gym, some guys wear their underwear, towels or robes until they get into the individual shower stalls. Actually most do. But I get totally naked right away. It's just more convenient that way, less hassle, and it feels good to have my junk sw... Continue»
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Two Cocks for a Good Girl Turned Bad

She moved her lips to the long glistening rod, taking the thick head into her willing mouth, feeling him twitch in pleasure as she ran her tongue over the slit of his cock eye. The feel of his broad cock was intoxicating. Its newness creating a heady swirl of pleasure and sinfulness that coursed through her. Her hand stroked the handsome man’s thigh as she bobbed her head up and down, lips making slurping sounds. Her other hand stroked the familiar cock of her husband, Jay, the broad shaft slippery with her saliva.
As her mouth descended on the strange new cock once again, she glanced at Jay,... Continue»
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Sex Clinic #3 - Both Banged

I have hot holiday with two tasty lovely ladies - the brunette wants a baby, the blonde only me

I am at a hot holiday with two tasty great girlfriends in complicated relations between us three
I just secretly agreed to try to impregnate the shy sweet submissive brunette beauty as my slave

I know she is virtually a slave to her slim blonde beauty best friend who always dominates her
I promise my shy doctor to try to make her a baby in return for being completely my submissive

I get back to our apartment with my dear doctor for our first fuck in private as we both hope
... Continue»
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Surfing a4a led to my first gay encounter.

I am 6' 4'' 250 lbs bi-curious married black male who love wearing female lingerie (I have quite a collection) and has been fantasizing about sucking cock for a while now. I don't know if there is a better feeling of a thong wedge between my butt cheeks or sexy lacy female boy short hugging my bubble butt. Then wearing some lacy bra to accentuate my tits (my tits looks like a teenage girl just starting to develop and nipples get hard when I am horny).

One day I was looking at gay videos on xtube and started viewing a video title a4a encounter. Curious about a4a site, I started browsing ... Continue»
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Jo's Story (Just a Dream)

Joe was raised in foster homes where he was sexually abused most of his life. In one home he was made to sl**p each night with the man and woman. He ate pussy and sucked cock before he fucked the cunt of the lady while the man rammed his big cock in Joe's tight ass. This was mostly a nightly event. He also was used daily any way they needed to use him with themselves or their friends. They loved to bend him naked over a bench and tie him and as the men fucked his ass he was to eat the women's pussy. Some nights he was fucked over a dozen times by the men and ate just as many pussies. A few men... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XVIII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XVIII

“Darko and Vic Gets Their Bottom”, with Darko and Vic (both OCs) and Sergei Vitaiev (from ‘The Girl From the Steppes’, Hugdebert)

Sergei: and

A morning at Darko’s mansion…

A pleasant morning of a Saturday at the spring…

A perfect morning to do many pleasant things and enjoy the sunlight bless the ones who are awake and asl**p, helping them to see that the day would be good and summer was about to come…

And what was going on at ... Continue»
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Unfaithful Slut

Unfaithful slut

It was coming up to our tenth wedding anniversary and my husband and I had discussed various ways of celebrating the event. Restaurant with friends, House party with friends, and the list was endless.
As we were in the middle of a glorious summer, we both decided that we would have a Barbeque party and we could give it a theme to make it a little more fun.
The idea would be to hold the event late afternoon right through to late evening as the temperatures dropped and would provide a relaxing ambience to the event.
We both enjoyed fancy dress and a lot of our friends we... Continue»
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I confronted Janice after she got off the phone with her grandmother. "Why did you fill her in on all the stuff going on around here? Your grandmother is really prim and proper. I don't want any trouble from her or your grandfather"

Janice's grandfather had his own energy firm once. He was constantly on the road, mostly overseas. We seldom saw him, even for holidays and I can count on one hand the number of birthdays he's attended. Our interaction with him was primarily thru her grandmother, Margaret. She has always doted on Janice and they have remained a close, often telling each other ... Continue»
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Just What She Needed

Just What She Needed

She watched the slow rise and fall of the sheet, admiring the slender curve of the sl**ping woman’s back. The tanned skin contrasted with the crumpled white sheet, short, dark hair tasseled messily on the thick pillow. The line of Chinese symbols started at the nape of the woman’s neck, disappearing beneath the sheet half way down the muscled back. Bec knew the line continued right to just above the gentle v-shape made by the woman’s toned butt cheeks. That butt. The memory sent a tingle of desire through Bec’s naked body. She felt the familiar tug of need ebb within ... Continue»
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Taking My MIL's Ass...For The First Time!

The warm night was finally winding down at my in-law's house. We were visiting for a few days. My father-in-law stayed out at his "buddies" drinking and said he wouldn't be home tonight. We all knew his "buddies" was really code name for his cute little girlfriend. And so did his wife. My mother-in-law, Cindy, knew all about his exploits and had long given up on caring. She is nice woman, 5 ft 7, around 160 lbs. Shoulder length blondish gray hair with big tits. I suspected she had long given up on sex.

But her curves were well rounded, almost like a sculpture. Cindy's skin was beautifu... Continue»
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Going to the pool hall with micky

It was a Thursday, Karolina had a couple of days off work & I finished at lunch time. So we decided to go out for lunch, i could see from the effort Karolina had put into her appearance, she wasn't planning being home to early.

She had a figure hugging short black dress, every inch of her beautiful body seemed on show, black stocking's stood in her, what she calls ( her slutty shoe's ). Her long dark curled hair, fell over her naked shoulders, christ, i had a hard on before we went out.

We had lunch, with two bottles of wine, then sat at the bar for an hour, drinking vodka with diff... Continue»
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b*****rs Part 3 - very very perverted!

Read part 1 here.
and Part 2 is here -

I do not accept invites unless you have left a comment on the story

Andy's stirring woke her up. It was dark outside. They must have slept for at least a couple of hours.
She looked at his back as he swung his legs down and sat up on the bed.
She reached over and caressed his naked back gently, letting her hand drift down to his smooth, creamy butt.
Andy looked over his shoulder.
"Do I have to?" he asked
She d... Continue»
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Shopping with My Step-daughter.

Shopping with My Step-daughter.

I get a call from your mom saying that you are going to a party and you need help picking out a new outfit. Being the guy I am I tell her I don’t want to go shopping. She begs and pleads until she say that I can pick out something special for her to wear just for me. Now how could I pass that up. So I say yes and tell her that I will pick you up after school and will go from there.

I pick you up, and you lead me to shop after shop looking for the perfect dress. Until finally I tell you its time to take a break from looking at dresses and time to find t... Continue»
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My dirty threesome

I show up at the door, like I do on every Tuesday night. I meet up with this couple I met at a bar. To my suprise, they're already naked. They pull me in and start to grope me. Doesn't matter, I was already toying with myself on the drive there so I'm ready to go. We all tumble into the living room and we hold down her boyfriend on the couch. We start to talk dirty to him, moving down to his waist. "Mmm I love how big his dick is" I said. "Oh what's wrong Hun? You're getting hard already?" She said as she starts to lick his dick. As it starts to get harder I spit in my hand start to jerk it. ... Continue»
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The Sissy Gene: The Ceremony


The Ceremony
We waited back stage until the principal called us out. First he would talk about the school year, then introduce the Alphas, and then the Sissies last. I was so nervous and super cold, there must be no heater in the back, and wearing a micro bikini wasn't helping. Kevin had the smart idea to huddle together so we did. Our tight bulges would sometimes touch but it was worth it for the warmth. On the other end of the stage I could see the Alpha males. They were warring matching dre... Continue»
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Strangers in a Dungeon...

It was a cold, dark November day when I got the call from my Master. It was a complete surprise, and I didn’t have long to prepare. I was required that evening for a dungeon session with 4 other Doms and a slave girl.

I bathed carefully and carried out all Master’s instructions to the letter, shaving all my body hair especially pussy, and then I started to dress. I had chosen a black pvc under bust corset with suspenders and lace topped stockings. I wore a plunge bra and no panties under my short black skirt. Master likes me to feel the cold air on my pussy, as he knows it makes me very ... Continue»
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Excerpt from the story, "The Fetishist"

Yes My Lover and Fetish-Loving Mistress, you planned this one good...

I walk in the door and I see a note that says to meet you outside. As I'm walking out to you a see a light and I notice it's you toasting up your cigar. You stand there with a big smile on your face, while you're completely naked except for a pair of stockings under your patent leather, thigh-high fetish boots. I walk up to you and kiss you deep, asking what you have got planned for me. I pinch your nipples and pull on them a bit to turn you on even more. I reach between your legs and I noticed a freshly waxed pussy, warm... Continue»
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I entered the room with low expectations for satisfaction. The profile that was given to me was not that of a woman. But of an ssbbw, foul, and ugly creature with a cunt. However in order to fuck the beautiful super model in the next room I had to make this fat cow bitch cum. I pushed the door to the side only to reveal my worst nightmare. A fat white female wearing only a huge pink thong. Her huge belly drooped down all the way to her knees. Her navel resembled a huge crust filled crater. Her ass was humongous sloppy and riddled with dimples. Her thighs were also huge and flabby like wrinkled... Continue»
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Supprised developement

I remember going back to the early 70's when a friend of mine named ken had the hots for a girl called Jane. We lived in a terrace street in those days so it was a close knit environment. Ken who was just 16 at the time I being 17 were in his front room looking out onto the street. He kept going on about Jane and how he would like to fuck her. This made us both quite hard. I said lets play rude and it didn't take Ken and I long to strip to our white Y fronts. We were both strutting round his front room sporting hard cocks trying to break out of our white underwear. I then noticed Jane c... Continue»
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