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Sex Studio Secrets #19: Hakima-3

Hot horny Hakima and her tasty teen twins sexually serve their two gentlemen, who talk in French.
They discuss plans for a new series of films under the title 'Emmanuelle', but this time hard-core.
No acting! Amateurs having real sex here at Bali, best some local lovely looking girls in the cast.
Soon I start to fill in the plans of the producer, my friend Nono whom I met there by sheer chance.

Hakima serves as my second while I conduct conversations in several tongues, in Dutch to her.
She translates my wishes into English first for the tasty teen twins and repeats it in Bahas... Continue»
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Everything For Female Boss

Daniel knew that his gorgeous female boss sometimes locked her private office door and got herself off to watching wicked man-on-man porn on her computer, whenever there was a happy lull in the workday. And she knew that he knew. He was the only one she would have trusted with that dirty little secret.

She held one of Daniel’s secrets as well - that he was an active bisexual, playing with both men and women at will, sometimes even in groups. That little detail, in this company, could have had some less than stellar consequences with their narrow-minded asshole of an uber-boss.

Daniel wo... Continue»
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First big cock.

So I'm deciding to post a story about an experience I had about a year ago. Ill start with a little background about me, I'm a bi crossdresser 22 years old 5'8" 140lbs, newly exploring bottom, very passable crossdresser. And extremely selective.

I tried an online dating site and eventually met a white guy in his 40s well built professional that likes to top. I told him that I was a beginner at being a bottom and that I thought he was really handsome but his cock was just way too big for me to have sex. We became friends and chatted all the time. Until one weekend he got a hotel room and sa... Continue»
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Hope's stratching day

Story Codes: (F/F, toys, reluct, size)


Part 1

At 5'4 and 112 pounds, Hope was a petite, dirty blonde sex kitten. She had many boyfriends in her time but none were very satisfying sexually for her. She heard rumors about a secret sorority that specialized in satisfying its members sexually and... Continue»
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How im going to dominate you and make you my anal

You are very eager to please.
By the time I'm finished with you.
You will be taking massive cocks in all your holes at once,
You will fuck like a porn star and be left cum drenched on the floor beging for more...
Stick out your tounge and lick the tip of my Dick. Then slowly take the head in. Your lips w****d around the head of my cock and your tounge running over it. I f***e it in slowly at first. Makeing you take the full length. Gaging on it, saliva running down my hard cock has you choke on it. I pull your hair hard and really begin to face fuck you. Each time going faster and har... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #16

iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #16 – Chapter 3

As Freddie opened his eyes with a start, he had to squint against the bright light of morning, and took a deep breath. A dream, he thought. That's all that was- I just imagined turning Jade and Sam into a total Jekyll and Hyde case. He felt over himself and found he couldn't move one of his arms. He looked down at the wave of dark brown hair lying upon his chest and smiled, happy to be exactly where he was. Freddie turned his neck a bit to kiss her head, so thankful to be in her bed and holding her close.

Just as he ... Continue»
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In Therapy

Tim looked at the shiny plaque outside the door and his heart sank. He was pretty pissed that it had come to this, that his wife had sent him here of all places. He supposed it was to do with her strict catholic upbringing that she just didn't understand him - or even tolerate him - at all anymore. It wasn't always like that, she was fun once and liked to try new things, but after the birth of their son things changed. She was distant and never wanted to touch him let alone have sex.

He sighed and walked in, gathering all the positivity he could muster, and addressed the receptionist. A pl... Continue»
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Girls Night Out

My s****r, Ashtyn, and I got all dressed up. Make up perfect, cleavage to the max. tight, short skirts and of course, no panties. We piled in my convertible and as we sped to the club, Ashtyn's blouse got caught in the wind. Three buttons popped open barring her breast completely. My s*s took full advantage, leaned over and lovingly licked her nipples. The sight of it moistened my exposed pussy and the wind rushed up my skirt. We got to the club, found a place to park and got our clothes in order.
The doorman was obviously enjoying the view of us walking by. His pants had a distinct bulge tha... Continue»
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The night I found my slave was a starry one

One night, in the summer of 2013, I was at home planning about my training for the following day and resting from the one I had that very day. A couple of weeks later I had to attend at my first challenge ever of triathlon. I only wanted to sl**p but, around 11 pm, a few friends of mine came to my house and invited me to spend with them. I had just had my shower so the question was: do I put on my boxers or my jeans and a shirt? I chose the jeans.
I joined up my friends at our usual pub and I noticed that there were also a few girls. Four girls and three guys. Of these, 2 guys (included me) ... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #1: Alessandra again-1

Alessandra lacks respect and shows no gratitude. High time to teach her a lesson she'll never forget.

We set up a ploy to take Alessandra into our power. We visit her town and I ask Petra to contact her.
Petra meets her for a walk and a talk in first early spring nice sunny weather. I wait at the corner.
We easily overpower her and take her with us to Amsterdam. In the train she does not dare to escape.
Petra ironically invites her, only I get her sarcasm: Welcome back blonde beauty at our sex studio!

We first clean her Petra. Give our guest a cold shower. Present her next be... Continue»
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Gay fantasy coming true-II

Hi guys! Ashu here again, narrating the second part of my story. Hope you liked the previous part.

So, it was about 4 in the morning when Raj and Manu's movements woke me up. Manu reached for my limp cock, and Raj already had his erect cock at the entrance of my butthole. I gave the most wicked smile ever. Raj started to move his cock around my asshole, and then jammed it along my ass crack, and I squeezed my buttocks to hold it there.

Manu was stroking my cock and it was erect in seconds. Manu then kissed me, and started to suck and pinch my nipples. The excitement started to rise again... Continue»
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Singapore guy Fantasy

You've seen my videos, u know what i'm into. Every night I must have something filling my ass before I got to sl**p.

I fantasise that I would meet a guy here on xhamster with a really big cock. That we would meet up at a budget hotel for a bit of fun. We met up at an mrt station and when I saw him was I in for a treat. He was this big buff indian guy wearing a tight shirt. Thoughts already started running through my head like how big is his cock, could I even take his cock in my ass in the first place. We checked into a budget hotel and as we entered our room he said he needed to bathroom. ... Continue»
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First time dressing

I do not claim to be a grammar expert and as such you will find some grammatical errors in this story. The errors can be the switching of tense, spelling errors, or typos. I ask if you find an error please send me an email so I can correct and make the story enjoyable for others.

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are u******e

II did not know I had a disorder did not know I had a disorder
I am not sure if I should b... Continue»
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my girlfriend wants to see to men go all the way

I do not claim to be a grammar expert and as such you will find some grammatical errors in this story. The errors can be the switching of tense, spelling errors, or typos. I ask if you find an error please send me an email so I can correct and make the story enjoyable for others.

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are u******e
First time anal
Each person remembers their first time for the major events in their lives s... Continue»
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the movies

Jay was at the mall the first time he saw Ann. He noticed her because she had a fresh look and huge tits. She also looked very young but adult. He walked up to her and began to talk and then asked if she did modeling. He asked if she would like to be in a movie? She smiled and said "Maybe." He offered to take her to his studio and show her some of his stars and a few movies. She agreed and they left together in his car. At his place he had many pictures of young girls nude but very beautiful all framed on his walls. As she looked at the pictures he got behind her and put his arms around her an... Continue»
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Baby Sitters Secret

The story that I am about to tell you took place on a day that started out very ordinary, but would end up as the least ordinary day of my life. Until that particular Winter day, I thought I knew who I was. I was Peter Fuller -- respected educator, devoted husband, loving father. I had never cheated on my wife, I had never lied to a friend, and I had certainly never slept with a girl that young before. All of that changed within a matter of hours. But you know what? I wouldn't change what happened for the world.

Years ago, I moved to the small town of Emberton, Rhode Island to take a job ... Continue»
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My First BBC

It was not long before I told my wife about who I really am, that I was having serious desires to be taken by a real man. I have / had no true preference, but something about getting pounded by a cocky and arrogant black guy really turned me on. But I wasn't looking for some thug or prick to just have me. I wanted a man!!! A black man.....a BBC man!!! One who had a hot bod, aggressive demeanor, and of course a huge cock. So I had my expectations, and I was anxious for this experience.

I had been dressing in full for a while at this point, but my wife wasn't actually aware. Porn was... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch. 8 Caught by the Motel Manage


I love sleazy places. I feel at home and strangely comfortable. The motel I used in my home city was comfortable. I guess it was too comfortable.
One day about two weeks after the Levonne whore-fest I went to the same motel with a wonderful afternoon of phone sex, porn, masturbation, and perhaps random strange cocks planned. There was a possibility that a guy I met in an arcade would stop in and fuck me.
I dressed in my usual- all black slutty clothes, the strappy heels, the thigh-high stockings, the waist cincher with six double-attaching points, my spandex panties, the sa... Continue»
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Baby's Surprise

Baby's Surprise

After a long hard Stressfull month at work I came home Friday and Lisa was not home and had left a note
(Hey Baby unwind and take a shower I left somethings on the bed for you wink wink, See you in an hour xoxo Lisa)

I sit down turn on the stereo and get loaded, I get up and go to start the shower and take a shower and shave
all over and clean out. Lisa's wink wink is a hint to shave and clean out back there she wants to play.

Back Story 10 years ago Lisa and I ventured into Strapon's and then one night as she was using the Strapon
in Me she said Hey Baby I want yo... Continue»
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The Car Park

Sam was just getting in his car when a small girl with huge tits tucked in a tight flimsy top came up to him and said "Want to fuck me?" She then reached down and rubbed his cock through his pants. He pulled her top up over her tits and ran his hands over her huge jugs. She wore no bra and he guessed she wore no panties either. She was pretty even though she was cheap looking. He pulled her skirt up and looked at her naked shaved pussy. He shoved her back to the car and sucked on a tit as he finger fucked her cunt right there in the lot. Her cunt was so wet. He three finger fucked her as he su... Continue»
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