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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 3

Chapter 3
The Date
The next morning, a leisurely Saturday at 9:00 AM Adrian was seated in the Café Metropolitan in the business district. Most of the early breakfast tourists had already finished and were off to their tours and explorations for the day. He sat outside alone at a table in the middle of the café enjoying the morning sun and a coffee as he read the morning newspaper. He looked up and saw a smiling cute blonde boy wearing an orange/yellowish beret over his curly blonde hair which came down to just below his ears. The cute boy wore a stylish white form fitting chemise and very t... Continue»
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19 year old Nigger fucks her first Big White CocK

I'm married to an attractive White woman I'm a horny bastard I fuck her til she cums her asshole quivers everytime she can only take so much of me so I do tend to look elsewhere. I live in a predominantly black neighborhood. I'm an attractive middle aged man blonde hair and blue eyes the black chicks hit on me often. I am selective about which ones I choose to fuck I have my Pride. This one I could not resist. I fucked the black preachers daughter she was 19. A fine piece of ass a perfect 10. She was about 5'9" had big firm tits small waste and a huge ass. After fucking her ruining her hair we... Continue»
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Accidental Gangbang

wife – anal – slut – gangbang – orgy – submissive – cum

It seemed like a good idea at the time...that is what I said to my fiancé four hours later.

The wedding was in two weeks, on December 30th (a strange time, I agree, but with lots of f****y coming from great distances, it was the best leaving all the snow for Hawaii was a great honeymoon compromise).

I had no doubt become bridezilla with all the problems the past month. I won't get into the details but that old adage 'anything that can go wrong will' was proving true right before my eyes.

My bitchiness had... Continue»
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Black cock for husband and wife

My husband had gone to Salt Lake City a few times for work, this time he asked me to come with him, we wanted to spend a short vacation in the rocky mountains, we had a nice hotel downtown, it was a nice warm summer, I spent my days by the pool or shopping, on the afternoon of the 4th day I was in our room after the pool, I had just gotten naked to shower when the door to our room opened, I heard my hubby's voice so I walked out into the room naked, and stopped dead in my tracks, along with my husband were two black men in the room, I stood there for a minute or so then reached for my robe.

... Continue»
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Hot time with young black guy from Ghana at bus st

I was about 80 miles from home on business and forgot some crucial material for a meeting. I had a package sent via a busline as it was the only way to receive it on time. I got to the station and found out the bus was running 90 minutes late. I was rather perturbed and went to sit in the near empty waiting area which had about 5 people sitting in an area that could hold several hundred people. I spotted a thin, cute, very dark-skinned black guy sitting by himself near the entryway. He was SOOOO pretty and had a very smooth, hairless body. He had shorts on and his shapely legs were beauti... Continue»
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Blacked Mailed Into sex

I was sitting in the bleachers, watching the football squad practice, two class mates came and sit on each side of me and started to talk to me. 'David, we know that you are a fuck boy and have been told that you can suck a good dick.' I looked at the young boy that was talking and recognized him from passing in the hall on my way to class.

The other boy said 'I heard that David has good boy pussy, and will fuck like a fish.' I looked around and noticed that no one was paying attention to us sitting in the bleachers. I said, as I stared out at the team, 'some times people will lie, so you s... Continue»
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Always owned by MD 5

After our missed date of the last chapter I was lost. I felt angry with MD, disappointed, lost I didn't want to feel angry but she had left me out in the cold without even a txt. Standing me up had left me alone and feverish. Standing me up had meant I was left all dressed with no one to use me. Standing me up meant I had jerked a cock through a hole in the wall and it had cum all over me. Standing me up had made me a complete slut.

I resented her so much for forcing me to do that alone. I didn't want to be a part of this anymore. I needed her, I knew that but I couldn't do it anymore. I c... Continue»
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First bi vacation with the wife

My wife Cindi and I had taken several European vacations and we were ready for some fun in the sun. One evening when I came home she showed me a small island resort she discovered. It was in the Caribbean, about 5 miles in length and very private.
Each villa was very excluded. There was an outdoor shower for each villa and complete privacy. Residents could have meals served by their personal staff or walk to the common building on the island.
We reserved a week in the sun. As we read more reviews we found out the staff usually offers a second week for a discount when the first week is closin... Continue»
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Mayberry, the Black Goddess

tranny – shemale - cocksucking – anal – spanking – domination – submissive

Another lonely night led me to walking down the dimly lit street and wandering into the sex shop. There wasn't too much adventure to be seen there, very comparable to my apartment.

I was looking at toys. Specifically, butt-plugs. Not that I didn't already have one; in fact, I was wearing one at the time. The little bell above the door rang.

I looked at the cashier, she stood there- blowing her bubble gum. I couldn't see who just came in. I was curious. I continued to look at the toys. I squatted to get o... Continue»
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A walk in the woods

A few years ago I went for a walk with a relatively new girlfriend called Samantha, That turned out to be a lot more fun than I realized it would. She was only about 18 although I think she was nearly 19. But I was a lot older about 32. we worked in the same office where I worked as a Surveyor, there was lots of really pretty young girls that worked there, but her stunning beauty stood out from the rest by a long way, she was just that one in a million, well she was to me anyway.

We got on really well and started taking our breaks together, I had joked about being a bad mister as you do wh... Continue»
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My First Cock

femdom – anal – male submissive

When I first met Jeanette, I thought, what a wildcat. She was beautiful and wild. Our very first night together I felt like she fucked me rather than the other way around. She made it clear that she loved being on top, and truth be told I loved it too. She aroused some deep passion in me, and I never wanted a woman more than I wanted Jeanette.

One night after foreplay that I wished would never end, Jeanette began bringing out a number of silk scarves from a drawer, saying, "I want to tie you up. Will you let me do that to you?"

She had already ca... Continue»
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An Interesting Night...

Interesting night…

One of the guys, in his 30’s, who’s been bringing a few different younger guys here to fuck stopped in earlier in the evening. He didn’t even try to start a conversation but greeted me then made a sign (the obvious one) for fucking. He then pointed at me.

Just to make sure I pulled up a video from you-know-where and started it then moved it forward to where they’re going at it. I then asked him to come behind the reception desk and look…he did.

He made some sounds of approval then said ‘yes, yes, very good’ in Vietnamese. He was standing/leaning right up against me ... Continue»
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The Long Road To My First BBC part six

It's about 11am. I've have lots to do before my big cumming out party tonight. I undressed and got in the shower. I very carefully shaved every inch of my body. No hair on my ass or clit. Then still in the shower I applied lotion to my entire body. I felt so smooth and sexy. I patted myself dry. I decided I was going to the Gurl shop in nothing but sweats and tee shirt. I'll wear flip flops. Absolutely no panties. At the last minute I decided to re insert my butt plug. It is so big. It went in a little easier than I remembered. Still very tight. Not much of an urge to push it out. I also de... Continue»
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Sex Tourism - for Jon

I'm bemused with the mainstream idea that women don't like porn. I love it. I browse all the most hardcore sites and use one in particular, xhamster which is easy to use, a gateway for talking to like-minded people, and a place where you can download your favourite videos.

I started chatting with a guy called Jon. I live in the north-west, he lived down south. I thought I was pretty safe from 'having' to meet up with him, the distance being a good excuse.

But unexpectedly we hit it off. We talked on-site, and then we started Skyping which I'd never done with anyone before. We mastu... Continue»
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crossdressing at techno party been fucked by 3 men

Some years ago i whent to a gigant techno party
I dicide to go and dress as a bitch
Well i was there dancing in the trance floor i was so happy to get to this place and dress sluty .
I was dancing at the back of the dancefloor sudently 3 men where getting closer to me and we finally dance togthere and having fun.
One of the guy whent to get drinks for all of as , so we drink all toghtere that was my mistake !
The guy have droped some d**gs in my glass after 30 minutes i started to feel strange . I left those guys to go to the toilet
But one of the guy followed me to the toilette when... Continue»
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Crossdresser getting TRAINed

I was home alone when i got a call from a friend that is train driver / railroad engineer. He is 40 years old and spend most time alone driving a train. He asked me if i could not come over, because he is feeling alone. I had nothing better so i visited his flat. So i put makeup wig and some tight dress with thong and heels. I wanted to put stockings but already had heels so i decided just to go with my smooth legs, it was hot that day anyway.

He already had prepared some beer and drinks. We talked about his boring job while watching television. After a while he started rubbing his p... Continue»
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Мой первый мужчина

Привет. Я расскажу реальную историю о том как я стала женщиной. Сейчас мне уже почти сорок лет, но события того лета до сих пор свежи в моей памяти.

Мне было 18 лет и я был высоким и стройным юношей. Но широкие бёдра и узкая грудная клетка отличали меня от моих атлетически сложенных ровесников. Я был романтичным и нежным и в отличии от них не интересовался футболом и мотоциклами. Я любил читать и смотреть мелодрамы и любовные истории, а на красивых и сильных мужчин смотрел с замиранием сердца. Так как я с детства считала себя девочкой, то повествование буду вести именно так.

Один такой м... Continue»
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Girlfriend Makes A Discovery

strapon – turned gay – ass fuck – femdom – male anal sex – feminized

She came in holding papers I recognized as the one I ripped from my ex’s diary describing our sexual exploits in great detail.

She waved them in the air with one hand on her hip, “Why would you keep this from me?” I didn’t respond.

After a few awkward moments of silence a smile broke across her face. She wagged her finer at me in mock severity saying, “You’ve been a bad boy (punctuated with a girlish giggle) and I want to know all the dirty little details!” and with that she jumped up on the bed and snuggled... Continue»
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Worship my Manhood!

I love to have my cock and balls and asshole worshiped teasingly and slowly until I erupt like a volcano! When YOU do it, start with me in the doggy style position and you kneeling down behind me. Open my asshole to see my most private and sexy area. Study my anus and see the wispy pubic hair around my shiny pink rosebud. Open me up further and inhale deeply to smell my manly odor and essence. Sniff all around my asshole, noticing the fragrance get stronger as your nose moves in closer to my anus. After smelling me out for about 5 minutes, you get to taste me. Start by licking the top crevice ... Continue»
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Voluptuous Cici

Voluptuous Cici

Cici thought of herself as fat. However, anyone who had ever seen her thought differently. Even strangers thought of her as beautiful, voluptuous, and sexy. Yes, she was heavy… but her face was incredible: peaches and cream complexion, wide bright blue eyes, thick heavy lashes, perfect little nose, high cheek bones. She had a wonderful smile with full pouty lips, thick golden hair with natural curls, and breasts that were large, high, and perky. Her ass was big and perfectly round. She was an arm full; she was two armfuls; she was a dreamboat.

She was 18 and had alre... Continue»
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