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Sissy's first time at a busy gloryhole

So i have had my fair share of hookups before, most from craigslist or something like that. But i had not until recently ever been to a gloryhole. Well, the other day i was super horny and didn't feel like waiting for responses online or something, so i decided to give it a try.

I put on my little plaid skirt and pink stockings ( its sort of my favorite outfit lol. Maybe i should get some new stuff... hehe) and i put on a white long sleeved victorias secret dallas cowboys shirt. I honestly don't care either way about the cowboys, but i 'earned' the shirt and some panties and other clothes ... Continue»
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Hot Fourth of July Pool Party

My Fourth of July

My boyfriend and me were having some problems. Well, I was having a problem that he wasn’t turning me on anymore. I liked him, but I didn’t want to be with him anymore. There were so many hot guys that I wanted to play with. I wanted to play with others and him, experiment with fetishes like leather, BDSM, lycra/spandex, web camming, etc. And, he thought I was sick and pervie. He wasn’t up for it at all, so when I got a call from a buddy inviting me to a pool party on the 4th of July I jumped. My boyfriend was out of town with his f****y so I got to have some fun. ... Continue»
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Massaging a man I got horny

'You can undress in here', I gestured with my hand, pointing to the small cubical, sufficiently sized for a man to strip nude and await my services.

My name is Amber, and yes, before you comment on it, I know it's a very online feminine sex name, and it'd for that reason, why I call myself it.

My service is mainly for girls, as I am a qualified sports doctor, a sports masseuses, and now adding intimate waxing, to my listing of extracting money from willing people.

I am in my mid 20's and unattached, an athlete in my own rights, a qualified downhill skier, and gymnast, so I practice wh... Continue»
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Busting my virginity ( my first anal fuck!!)

I've always had a bi sexual side! It was in my teenage years that I developed my first taste of appreciating the same sex!! I was always straight acting and never ever revealed my hidden 'secret' that I do like guys too!! What kick started the whole ball rolling was my frequent visits to my then best friend and we would go out together and do everything mates do! I'd often stay over at his for the night and it just happened one night that we were talking about sex and before we knew it we were both fondling each other! The experience took my breath away! To cut the long story short,after a few... Continue»
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parkservice Sunday June

I had better finish June as we are going to spend a week in July (starting soon) and I do not want to fall behind.

First let me say, we do work in the park, sometimes very hard work (no pun here) and we do not include the times we work there and never see each other nor have any sexual contacts, some week ends are truly all work and no play.

Sunday of our 3 day weekend in June.

I woke up in the dark to hear grunting and moaning. It seems that Clay had returned and my wife was in the Doggy position with Clay pounding into her. I must have slept through a lot of this because it was ver... Continue»
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A new game. (working title. rough draft. based on

(questions? comments? constructive criticism? all feedback is welcome, this is my first short story, please let me know what you think.)

I have the coolest best friend. his name's Mitch. he likes movie going and videogame arcades as much as me. It seems we instantly built a friendship on those common intrests, and we would bump into eachother regularly on our way to see a new movie or arcade release. He would say things like "hey there", and "you again?" with each encounter. I'd just smile brightly and stand there and wave to him briskly as he tried to make small talk. He did all the... Continue»
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Neighbors Hear Moaning as Girlfriend Gets a New To

I was in the midst of a separation from my first wife and had been seeing a FWB from work for a few months now. I was her supervisor when we first started fucking and I have to tell you, that added so much excitement to the relationship. We had sex all the time, we even fucked a few times at work. She was amazing, so responsive, so dirty, and I loved the way she would talk sweet and dirty. She was a smaller BBW with curves in all the right places. She was built for sex, five foot six, 40F breasts that were magnificent and dense for their size, a big tight ass, barely a tummy even after two k**... Continue»
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I typed:
She was about your height, 5’ 4, and it was her brown skin that first caught my eye. She looked like she was maybe Filipino. Around 40 I guessed, but it was hard for me to tell. Not that mattered though, because her body was …snatched. She always wore these spandex tights because I guess she worked out a lot. Mmmm…she looked like she would be fun. One day I came to the gym to play racquetball and I didn’t see her at the office. I didn’t think anything of it and went to the court. On my way I saw her working out , doing bent over rows and damn… her body wasn’t just tight, it was scu... Continue»
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All Hallow's Eve in the Land of The Creeps

This is what happens when an ordinary horny guy and his voluptuous wife decide to take a relaxing little weekender wandering the twisted world, such as it is and will be in the fantasy future mankind....

We set up our Halloween eve's camp at a clearing deep in the so-called "haunted" woods, 'cause we weren’t scared of shit, and mainly 'cause we were horny as fuck for each other and couldn’t wait. We tore our clothes off, tossing our packs and gear everywhere in our haste to be in each other’s arms. My eyes were blissfully closed while I basked in that familiar wet warm feeling of my cock g... Continue»
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I decided to do a scene with Both my Trainer Ian and one of my best friends( and fuck buddy, when neither of us where in a relationship) Richard. They as Dominants and me as Submissive.
All of my other friends decided I was completely out of my mind or had a sudden lapse in rationality, since they both were possessive and sadistic. And always competing against each other in anything and everything.
I would be lying if I say I wasn't nervous about it, but I wasn't about to say no to a new experience. So here I was in front of Ian's dungeon, with a rapid beating heart ....
As if
... Continue»
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The Woods Chapter 1

This story is totally fictional more of a fantasy

First time I have attempted to put pen to paper please be kind

The Woods

Chapter 1

The sun broke thru the early morning mist early that morning so I decided that a walk in the woods would make a pleasant change from work so a quick call to work claiming terrible stomach pains got me the day of.
The drive to the woods only took ten minutes and when I got there only one other car was present,a big black merc with heavily tinted windows making ... Continue»
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Gawd... you wouldn't believe what my mama made me do this past summer. There it was, the first week of summer and my mom ships me off to my grandfather's farm out in the sticks! And not for just a week visit or anything, but for the whole freaking summer! I had been soooo looking forward to being home all alone while Mama was working and free to do all those things that I like best, like staying in bed, sl**ping in late and messing around with the neighborhood boys. I was also looking forward to spending some quality time with Mama's boyfriend, Ronnie. He has such a nice dick and he r... Continue»
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Best sex ever

Oh my days, I just had the best sex of my life and it was with a straight guy. I was chilling in the park after work minding my own business (checking out xhamster on my tablet) and these two black guys came and sst down next to me; lets call them Big and Bigger. There are no other people in this part of the park, which is why I like it, and I think it a bit weird they have sat next to me, but I have been craving big black cocks recently so I don't mind. They were great eye candy both of them. Big then produces the stinkiest weed I've ever smelt and says he is selling. I don't smoke so tha... Continue»
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My best friends

Ok, this is my first shot at writing, so bare with me. The events in this story are 100% true.

It was last year March when I was at my flat with my best friend Rocky waiting for our other friend Tasha. We were planning on going out that night so we started drinking early by dusk we were stumbling around but feeling okay because of the cold shower we had, I removed the door to the toilet because the hinges broke, and from the lounge you could see directly into the shower, we all showered quickly by the time Tasha showed up from work Tasha decided to shower, on one condition. We dim the light... Continue»
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Jens Wild Night

I had just finished my shower for the night and decided to check my
email, when I heard a knock at my door. Not thinking about how I was
dressed, panties and a long t-shirt, I went to see who it was. I opened
the door and saw it was HIM! I opened my mouth to speak but HE quickly
placed HIS hand over my mouth and spun me around, clasping me to his chest
before I could move. He shut and locked the door behind us and walked me
into the living room with his hand over my mouth. He then reached into his
pocket and pulled out a bit gag and f***ed it into my mouth, tying it
tightly. H... Continue»
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Jens Ordeal

Jenny's Ordeal

I was feeling rather horny today so I decided to drop in on a little
submissive slut I had dated for a few months. Her name was Jenny. She was
38, about 5' 8", and 140 pounds. She was pretty with long brown hair. A
little bulge around her waist, but a luscious, tight, and round ass! I
visited her off and on, per her desire to keep seeing me, even though I
felt a long term relationship wasn't viable between us. Don't get me
wrong, the sex was great, but there was a spark missing for a deeper
I picked up my bag of toys as I headed out the door,... Continue»
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The hard end of porn and loving it

In the late 70’s and early 80’s I was involved in some porn. I was living in New Jersey and found myself out of work; I answered an ad in an adult sex magazine for ‘actors’ in adult films. It was simple enough to get involved, the interview was pretty straight-up with some very sleazy looking guys who wanted me to do a screen test right there and then.

I’d thought about things beforehand and was ‘prepared’ to do whatever it took to get the job. It took about an hour. For me it was no big deal; I got in a ‘set’ bed, was pawed-over for a while, gave the guy a good blow-job to get him hard as... Continue»
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Episode 52: Jenny and her Dream Dog

Jenny didn’t usually remember her dreams when she awoke next to her boring husband John – but this one was special. Jenny rolled over trying to suck some life into his limp prick – but the warm bed and with two fingers exploring her warm, wet cunt she fell back into a deep sl**p:

Jenny was jogging along the nude beach, her faithful Great Dane Toby trotting beside her – head raised to crotch height, breathing in her musky cuntal perfume. The pale blue bikini bottoms were soaking wet – not from the lake – they hadn’t been swimming yet – but from Toby’s tongue. Every time Je... Continue»
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Cheating Italian MILF

I've always had a thing for older Italian women, and as soon as I saw Ava at the bar I knew I had to have her. She teased me to the point of insanity, then threw a wet blanket on things by talking about her badass trucker husband. I've been in my fair share of situations with a cheating wife, and know I can hold my own in a fight, but don't see the need to tempt fate for a piece of ass. She said he would be home in mere hours, but after she gripped my cock through my pants there was no way I was missing this chance. We hightailed it to her place and despite the ticking clock she insisted on li... Continue»
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Ganged up on

My wife and I have always been discrete when it comes to our sex life. We live in a HOA neighborhood where all of our neighbors are professional type of people. Lots of I.T. offices in the bonus rooms and that sort of stuff. My wife plays tennis with a couple of the wife's once a week and she has started getting buddy buddy with one of them. Mandy is her name and she is the typical modern trophy wife. She is a five foot seven ,long blonde haired goddess. Her augmented breast stand out firm on her beautifully tanned frame. She weights about a buck and a quarter. In her tennis skirts those long ... Continue»
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