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Divorced s****r ki chudai

Ye didi ki chudai kahani kuch din purani hai mere ghar relatives aaye the jisme se ek meri cousin didi bhi thi, unki umar 29 saal hai magar unka diavorce ho gaya hai jiske kaaran wo apne parents ke saath rehti hai, wo dikhne me sundar hai aur unki figure bhi mast hai ek dam patakha, jisko dekh kar kisi ka bhi dil oh i mean lund dhadhak jaye ;) unka naam hai kavita. Jese ki mene batay wo log humare ghar rukne aaye to humne din ke samay kaafi masti kari aur khoob baaten kari unhone mujhse meri girl friend ke baare me bhi poocha magar mene bhi ek alag kahani sunai kaha ki mera breakup ho gaya hai... Continue»
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A girl's 1st time sex

She was late, 30 mins already, her stepfather would punish her again. She was in for a spanking. She was supposed to be at the library, but she had been to a party. It was a st trinians and she was dressed very sexily. She had on white sheer panties and a white push up bra, a size to small. Her white blouse was tied up under her breast making them look very voluptuous. Her pleated red skirt was short. She had long over the knee socks and high shoes. Very daring but she loved to dress to cause a stir. Her pussy lips where still swollen and her panties were damp from the fingering that J had giv... Continue»
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The best aunty

As an early teen prefect at school I was allowed to leave school at a lunch-time, I used to go to an aunts for my lunch, usually just a sandwich or just a snack. During one time my aunt was having some building work, new kitchen extension to include a new bathroom upstairs. It was one lunchtime when I was desperate to visit the toilet for a pee, “ You’ll have to pee in a bucket” my aunt said. No problem I thought, until she brought a bucket out and held it and said, “Go on, it’s not if I’ve never seen your willie before”. “No I can’t do that in front of you” I said. “Don’t be shy, you may enjo... Continue»
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My first time getting fucked by a man

When I was young, I had often found myself in situations where friends and I would see each others cocks. Whether that was playing around pressing them against each other or just showing them off. Well that stopped before I even hit puberty but I still had an underlying craving.

This is the true story of my first time having sex with a man.

I was about 20 and was curious enough to troll the old yahoo chat rooms. I ended up in one that was a gay sex room filled with the usual 'what are you into' IMs from random people from around the Country.

After some random chat, I ended up tal... Continue»
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A Different Kind of Colonic (Finale)

Fancy that! One day you go for a colonic and the specialist somehow winds up balls deep inside you. Then you give him your number and what's supposed to be a date (of sorts) turns into a private session of marijuana and pink champagne before you find yourself on his bed being all but fisted and fucked with a vibrator.

Well, if you've read the last chapter you're well aware of what comes next...

Besides you and anybody else turned on by the story so far!

The head of Danny's cock pushes in through my slippery hole and stops right there before he goes any further. I swear, I don'... Continue»
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Lesley part 8

The twins were playing football in the garden, giving Lesley time to sit down and relax. It had been a day of mixed emotions and she needed some quiet time to try and clear her head. She had a cup of tea and a biscuit and went upstairs to her bedroom and stripped off the now dirty uniform and through it in the dirty basket. If that garment could talk if would have a serious tale to tell.

She went into the bathroom and ran her bath, returning to the bedroom to get a load of washing ready. She went into the k**s room to pick up any debris and quickly made there beds. There wasn't a lot of me... Continue»
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Henry came in naked to see if Lily was ready for the game. She was his best young slut yet. She was tied to the table with her arms down and her legs spread wide and up in the air. She was totally controlled. He looked at her nude body and walked to her. "I love to see you naked and ready for my game. Tonight I have a special plan for you. You will enjoy it as I will enjoy watching. He is like a raging bull for you." He then ran his hand over her tit and pinched on a nipple then down to her pussy. He rubbed her clit and then pushed a finger in her cunt and pumped her twice. He pulled the finge... Continue»
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While the Girlfriend's away...

While I was stationed in Korea, Chuck, a guy I worked with, was living with a Korean girl named Haijin, a dancer from one of the clubs downtown. Haijin was about 5' tall, probably weighed all of 95 pounds fully dressed and sopping wet, with long black hair and brown eyes (like all Korean girls). She had nice-sized tits, not too big, but bigger than average for a Korean, and a truly gorgeous ass.

Chuck used to rave about what a good fuck she was, and how she gave great head. One night, while we were out drinking and carousing, he told me that she was the only Korean girl he knew who really... Continue»
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Mother is my whore

My mother Uma has been a deeply religious lady(at least I have believed so far) until yesterday. What I saw shocked me. My father works in USA in a big form and I live with my mother in our big bunglow. My dad comes once in three months. I am Rahul, a second year student, aged 21. I live in hostel and visit my mother once a week. Uma Devi has her own temple in one part of the house. In this temple she prays and worships God and often has great Gurus and Swamis visiting her. Yesterday I came home and found mother and her Swamiji. Mother asked me to touch Swamiji’s feet and I did. Swamiji was an... Continue»
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more than one cock at once part 1

One day when me and my mate was out going to our den where we always made it every year. He had his new cousin with him as his mum had just re married. There was a little walk way leading to it you could walk past and not realise it. We crawled in between the bushes which hid it and got in there we'd placed loads of hay around it so it was comfortable. We was just laying there when my mate started talking about what we'd been up to. I looked at him in shock and said that we was meant to keep this to our self's. His cousin looked at me smiled and said "that's ok as he'd told me alot about it la... Continue»
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No pude evitar ser seducido por la hermana travest

Ah, finalmente es viernes", pensé, mientras me estiraba en mi oficina, unos minutos antes de la hora de salida. El teléfono sonó. Era mi novia Leticia, con quién había estado saliendo apenas hace un mes. Ella trabajaba en el mismo edificio, pero en otra empresa. Yo me sentía afortunado pues había sido ella la que dio el primer paso para conocernos, escogiéndome a mi entre un pequeño ejército de esclavos encorbatados.

- Hola Robert, acuérdate que hoy es el concierto.-Me dijo contenta cuando descolgué.- Y tenemos que pasar a mi casa para que me cambie.
- ¿Eh? ¡Ah! Si. Le dije, no muy entu... Continue»
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Nuestro ultimo encuentro.

Yo todavía no lo sabia que seria nuestro ultimo encuentro, pero fue divino, yo havia sido su primer mujer y el mi primer marido, teníamos casi un años de estar teniendo relaciones sexuales, aunque yo soy un hombre maduro y me encanta vestirme d e mujer a solas, nunca me havia culeado un hombre y ra lo mas que deseaba a solas en mis noche solitarias vestidas de mujer, y Dixon llegaba a hacerme los mandado y me fue facil seducirlo e iniciarlo en las relaciones sexuales me daba unas cogidas de padre y señor mio con unas eyaculadas copiosas y eso me encantaba que me dejaba toda llena de semen y lu... Continue»
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Ahora que llevo una doble vida me siento muy muy v

Ahora que llevo una doble vida me siento muy muy vivo, todo se lo debo a Carmelo, soy un hombre de 32 años, aunque eso de hombre, es relativo, pues la mayor parte de la semana soy un hombre, soltero que vive solo con su trabajo, de un metro ochenta y nueve, 75 kilos delgado, pero desde hace un més cada vez mas asiduamente esta semana pasada 3 veces incluido desde la tarde del sábado hasta la tarde del domingo, soy Pau o Paula, para Carmelo.

Si os contara el principio, pues al menos yo no lo considero tan fascinante ni placentero como lo saboreo, en estos momentos y cada encuentro aún mas, p... Continue»
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My best friend Anjali and her mother c*********ed

My name is Manu, having a lot of friends in my college. Anjali is one of my college friends who is 22 years of age. I share everything with her and same she does. She is 5’5 tall, white and great plumb body that attracts everyone. To be precise she has 34 28 34 figure and her ass is so great that whenever I see her ass, I just feel like grabbing it or simply fuck her. Once I tried to comment about her sexy body but in reply she got angry on me and warned me not to say such dirty comments about her. However, I can't stop looking at her sexy ass and her cleavage occasionally when she bends down.... Continue»
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encounter with a horny indian maid full version

In my late teen with no one home a guy will do what hes ment to do watch porn in the living room.
I use to njoy my porn with a little sound but never realised that, it was being heard by someone.
that someone was my maid.
Sheena name changed ( mid 30s was lean with long hair, always energitic and loud while talking,always smiling,she had figure that would turn anyone on, dusky black beauty)
But i never noticed so much ,as i never thaught about her , until this incident happend and i observed Sheena close and verryyy close ....

So i was watching my porn
(on my vhs film was carless..... Continue»
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The New Step s****r's Sex Party

Lydia was excited about Saturday. First it was her turn to host the party. She was going to have her girlfriends over for a pool party and the best part was her mom and new stepdad were going to be gone until Monday. This would give her the opportunity to host her first orgy.

Lydia remembered how her friends had introduced her to the teen swingers club. Since her first orgy she had come to love the lifestyle of swinging. She had sex with dozen of guys and girls and frankly could not imagine just being with one guy for more than... Continue»
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Joe massages his busty mom

Joe is a teenager, young and full of thoughts about sex and fantasies. One thing occupying his mind is his mother Gina's luscious body. Her big bubble ass and her over sized tits measuring 75 F with cups as big as his head. He often brings one of her bras when he jerks of his growing cock, thinking of how he it would be to fondle them or even better suck them like when he was just a bejby. A moment he loves and also brings him a lot of sexual tension is when mommy asks him to massage her shoulders and back late in the evening when his younger s****r is asl**p - more about her later. Mommy's he... Continue»
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Doggy Style

TV Dogging

Sophie Tyler is a 57 year old quite shy male to female transvestite, she doesn't see herself as convincing but nevertheless loves being dressed as the girl she loves being.

It was approximately 10pm on a summer's evening and the daylight was drawing to a close and giving way to the darkened skies that will cover a multitude of sins throughout the country. Sophie was driving home from a group meet of girls, she turned off a main road, though enjoying her journey dressed she felt conspicuous whenever stopping at traffic lights and other cars pulling up next to her or by pedest... Continue»
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daddys little girl

I was secretly sl**ping with my friends daughter. She is a cute naughty little 16 yr girl in her last year of school. He long suspected she was having sex si he set up a camera in the hall way to see who went in her room.
I would sometime drop her to school in the morning on my way to work. She would dress all respectable when leaving home then change her skirt from a much shorter one in the car. She always had a pair of shorts on so when changing I wouldn't see much. However one day I watch her change then after she slipped the short off and went to school with no knickers on. I made a poin... Continue»
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A Different Kind of Colonic (part 2)

I’d been curious for a long time now about what it would feel like to be fucked by a real cock after years of pleasuring myself with dildos and vibrators. After a colonic session with the new specialist, the painfully good looking and unapologetically gay Danny, things took an unexpected turn and he gave me a taste of things to come. After that I gave him my number!

The phone rang at 7pm. It was none other than the man I‘d been thinking about all day after his cock suddenly found its way up my freshly cleaned colon. God, what had I gotten myself in for? I was in two minds wondering i... Continue»
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