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Curious WM 30 Ch. 06

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The sun light warmed my body as I performed for Angela. It was as if I was on a stage illuminated by a spotlight; almost floating in mid air. My exhausted legs hung over one arm of the chair; my head over the other making me look like a rag doll a c***d has tossed aside. With my left hand I casually stroked my chest and ribs cupping first one tit and pinching its nipple and then lazily moving on. I was engaged in solitary foreplay. My fingers would lightly brush the skin from my chest to my pelvis, pl... Continue»
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Cougar Nurse Sheila

Cougar Nurse Sheila

Mickey had his slender dick in his younger (by nine minutes) b*****r’s ass. He would go slow and then speed up. Then return a few minutes later to slow and deep. His little b*****r was so tight and hot inside. Roger had a perfect little hole between his ass checks. Mickey made his b*****r’s ass jerk and shake. When he looked down, his b*****r’s muscular little butt cheeks reminded him of their mother’s breasts.

Mickey leaned forward, placing his hands on Roger’s back. Mickey started to rabbit-fuck his b*****r as hard and as fast as he could. Roger’s little chec... Continue»
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Cum Diaries: Fucking on ecstasy during the Village

It leaves little to the imagination the title of this escapade. Fucked and wasted drinking all day in the sun, hyped up on x drenched in beer a corner away from the brass band churning out march anthem after march anthem, whilst getting sucked off from a 50 year old squatting behind a kiosk. Her maxi dress was pulled up to her hips squatting as if she was pissing. Looks however may be deceiving as she was actually chin deep with my entire dick shaft. Arm outstretched holding on to the mobile food shack no... Continue»
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First Time

I was working with this guy in a night club, he was friendly we got on well together. After some time he invited me to dinner at his place, lots of good booze and food. Well I accepted, great night, great food and much wine with coffee and cognacs after. I was going to leave and he said you have had a bit to drink why not stay the night? I said so you have a spare room, he said no but a king size bed and I promise I wont bight. So we took of our clothes and I hopped into bed in my jocks.

The lights went out but I had this tingling feeling, couldn't settle, feeling what if he touches me, fe... Continue»
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A holiday of firsts

Not long after the events mentioned in the previous story, my sweety and I found ourselves heading into Germany for a well-deserved, and more importantly, nice and private vacation near the beach. The idea of having that small brown canvas love nest to ourselves for slightly over three weeks was almost unfathomable. Next to already being a couple of permanently horny adolescents, the prospect of having the other to ourselves for almost a month had kicked things into high gear to say the least. Hardly being able to keep our hands off each other was one thing, but as we sat at her parents breakf... Continue»
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Curious WM 30 Ch. 05

oral – anal – cum slut – cream pie – cfnm

I sat in my car trembling with excitement. I wanted to stroke myself but Angela had ordered me not to cum. She wanted me to save my cum for tomorrow! Tomorrow would be one week since I met Phil; one week since I first sucked his cock and started down the road to becoming their slut. I wanted to jack-off but Angela wanted me to wait.

My fingers idly touched my mouth and felt the cum that was still on my lips and chin. Angela had let me leave their office with Phil's cum on my face! I looked for a tissue but I didn't have any so I tried to r... Continue»
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Transformed Into A Shemale

crossdresser – leather – virgin – shemale – lingerie – thrusts deeply – clad cock – tight denim

I was 18 when I first had sex with a man. This is the story....

I am a very hot looking guy. I say that knowing that some may consider me vain, or arrogant, but over the years I have had so many women and men tell me how fine I am, that I know it is true. I am 35, blond and blue eyed, 6'1," 180lbs, with a tan athletic body and a 7" beautiful cock. I have been dressing up as a sexy girl ever since I was 18 years old and had my first experience with a man. The following is how it all star... Continue»
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Jamie's Descent Part 2

Chapter 2

'That's it, baby,' Vanessa purred as she snaked her hips forwards and
back, gently sliding the strapon in and out of my mouth. I could no
longer think rationally, as any self control I still had slipped away and
trance like, my eyes closed, I sucked the rubber phallus in and out of my

'Baby, you love this don't you?' Vanessa's voice took on a hypnotic
tone, gently encouraging me to take more and more into my mouth.

I was too far gone with lust and desire to even register the question
let alone give her any answer.

'This is what you want, isn't it? You w... Continue»
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Dulce Para Ti

"Candy for you" was her user name. True story, I will keep this story short.
I met this lady in 2004. I got relocated for a job a state away and a rented a room from a guy I met online. I got bored quick so I signed up to AFF (adult friend finder) webste. I chatted with few people mostly girls. Then I got a like on my page from a 59yr old lady her handle was "Dulce Para ti" which is Candy for you in spanish.
I read her page there was not much said with a picture if her legs crossed over on a nice white flowered skirt and a little of description of her, it said:
59yrs Caucasian blond,... Continue»
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Anal Sex, after giving birth, with a stranger

Six weeks was the prescribed timing after giving birth, obviously due to the healing process for my internal vaginal health.

It kicked off when I was breast feeding my daughter in a small room down the corridor, when a young guy entered and watched me feed.

He was dressed like a porter and I assumed, was in the employ of the hospital. I watched him as he busied himself around me, and wondered if he should be in there in the first place, but deep inside I was excited, knowing my breast feeding was turning him on, and at one point, when my daughter made a slurping sound he turned and I pu... Continue»
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First time fuck with SIL set up by my Wife

My SIL has always made me hot she's a cute big girl average to borderline small tit size and a sexy fat round booty. I've known her for 14 years since she started dating my wifes b*o and constantly but discretely stared at her ass when she was around really wanting to fuck her. I never made comments about my little crush to anyone including her even though I badly would have loved to so not to cause drama. About 5 years ago they seperated her and my wife were still close maybe closer afterwards and over the following years she would drop an occasional compliment or dirty comment to me wow did ... Continue»
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Mysteries of the Universe

So, I'm at this part with my friend Jim. It seemed a little stuffy and the girls seemed a bit up-tight.

"Hey, Jim," I say, "got any leads on a good hookup?"

"Well," he said, "there are a few nice girls. Do you know Taylor?"

"Not really. She's the tall girl, right? Brown hair, likes wearing plaid?"

"That's the one. She's great. We hookup 3-4 times. If I wasn't with Sandy now, I'd totally go for it again. Times like this that i wish i was single." I knew he wanted her bad.

"Think she's in my league?" I asked.

"Dude, she totally puts out. And I'm sure you will apprecia... Continue»
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The Day i met Amy the cum Queen.............

back in 2007 i was lucky enough to meet Amy, a super hot babe of 26, with big red lips & a thick mass of long blonde curly hair she was a small girl, just five feet tall, & very slim with large tits for her size, with big long nipples that stood up proud & perky..... Amy was the perfect girl friend, a total babe & a total slut! with a fetish for dressing up & role play & old men ! i first meet her in a sex shop in the next town to where i lived. i was in the shop one after noon looking at porn mags, there where about a dozen men in the shop from 40 ish up to 60 + when the door opens & in ... Continue»
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Wishing to watch Ana having a black dick

Wishing to watch Ana having a black dick

The night had started out as Ana had agreed to let me watch her being fucked by a black stranger. I was aware she had many black lovers, but she had never let me be there to witness how she got fucked by those huge black dicks…

Much to my surprise, Ana said she would be willing to try to seduce a black man for sex on our anniversary weekend out of town.

On early evening we drove out of town nearly two hours and finally checked in at the chosen hotel we had rented.
Once in our room, Ana had a warm shower and dressed for the night.

She dr... Continue»
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Ana gangbanged on her Birthday celebration

Ana gangbanged on her Birthday celebration

My sweet wife Ana wanted something special to celebrate her Birthday.
We reserved a suite in a very nice hotel nearby.
I brought her some red roses and later we went on our night out. We checked into the hotel first. Ana put on a simple black dress, her shoulders mostly bare, with thin straps holding it on, that went about halfway down her thigh making her legs show up nice atop her high heel shoes. It wasn't too revealing but very sexy, showing off her curvaceous figure.
We then went directly to the restaurant. The music was soft and it made ... Continue»
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Waking up wet part II

I finally figured out the mystery of why I was waking up wet. My s*********r, Jimmy, was sneaking over to my bed while I was a****p, sucking my cock, and getting slobber all over the front of my underwear. The second time I was awake when he did it I made sure he knew I was aware of what he was doing, and eager for him to continue. We didn't speak about it, but I made sure I welcomed him into my bed each time after that. I also became much more affectionate toward Jimmy during the day. When my folks took a picture of us once I casually put my arm around him jokingly, but when I saw the picture... Continue»
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Francesca's Extreme Anal Diary - capt.1

This is a story of pure fantasy, any resemblance to any place or any person,living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Let me start at the beginning. My name's Francesca, and I'm an anal slut. I love the feeling of something slipping and sliding and slamming in and out of my ass, the bigger the better.

I had the most intense punishment last night; it was so amazing I had to put pen to paper while I let my rectum recover, it needs it!

First, for those who'll read at some future time, l... Continue»
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Elders Meeting – Moses

Elders Meeting – Moses

There was a bit of a crisis in the Upland Rustic Church. Pastor Daniel and the two church elders had been making plans for months for their annual Elder’s Retreat and the Pastor’s assistant had just gotten pregnant. Who was going to take notes and run errands at the Pastor’s cabin in the mountains? It would not be seemly for the Holy men to look after themselves.

The Pastor’s assistant, Lily, was unmarried and just turned a teenager and those facts cast a big shadow over the church and the Retreat. Who was the father? The possible list of boys was so very shor... Continue»
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A threesome

Firstly, this poem is based on truth and fantasy, the relationship happened many years ago. Now it’s over and I found it in an archive on my computer. No harm in sharing here.

A Tryst, Just Fantasy

He sits there waiting, just outside
The car is silver, old and bland
He looks however, fervent,
Nervous glances over here,
Up to the window above my head,
Glancing for movement, seeking motion.

I know he wants to come inside,
I know he wants to come,
Inside the house,
I look deep in, into his eyes,
He fails to look back into mine,
He searches out for someone else.

I know he wa... Continue»
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My first shemale experience

so i've read plenty of stories on this website and thought I would share my own with you from 2011

For years I had fantasised about being with a ladyboy, but didn't know how to go about it as I didn't want to pay for an e****t.
I found a ladyboy dating website and created an account, it cost $30 for the month but was still cheaper than paying for an e****t and slightly more classy.
After about a week of sending messages to compatible matches, I finally got a response from an Asian TS who was visiting from Malaysia. She said she liked my photos and wanted to meet with me that weekend, so w... Continue»
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