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My road to womanhood (so far....)

Quick Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be or think of myself as anything other than a student of humanity and so I claim no stance on my views or words being considered academic or certified for anything relating to gender or my view of the world, simply sharing my experience and hope that I accurately convey what I thought at the time and what I think now. I’ll frequently move between arguments of masculinity/femininity vs male/female gender identity vs biology/genetics (strictly-physical world view) vs sexual attraction, etc so please don’t try to correct me or overanalyze the specific words I u... Continue»
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Best of both -the last day

Scott awoke on what was his last full day at his parents, early tomorrow morning he will begin the long drive back to university. The past week has flown by, days a nights had been filled with sexual exploration with both his parents mainly at the same time although each parent had receive a little one on one time when the other was absent. Scott could never remember a time when he woke with his cock so hard from the dreams he'd been having. He eagerly made his way down stairs, it had come to amaze him just how much "special" motivation his father required to do the most menial of tasks, not t... Continue»
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A story wrote by my friend gutak72 with input by TANG

Something is shoved into your mouth to stop you from screaming and a dark hood is brought down over your head, many strong hands take hold of you and you are bundled into a vehicle that takes off at speed, you are lying down on what feels like a cold metallic floor! The vehicle stops after some time and you have no idea where or how far away you are! The unknown men drag you out of the vehicle and you can hear birds chirping, dry twigs are breaking underfoot and there's a scent of woodlands!

You are pushed down o... Continue»
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Son's wife Mallory rides with me to a wedding

The night continues... Bryan is driving his son's wife (Mallory) to a wedding and half-way there the car breaks down. They have to share a hotel room... and wind up sharing a lot more! When we left off, they were both a mess from a marathon of hot sex and it is after midnight. You would think they would be done, but...

I walked into the bathroom and grabbed a wash cloth and threw it in the sink, while turning on warm water to soak it. I then turned and closed the drain to the tub and started the hot water pouring into the tub and steaming up the room.

... Continue»
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Son's wife Mallory rides with me to a wedding

I posted a different version earlier, but for whatever reason, XH has taken more than 72 hours to post it, leading me to believe it has been rejected.

So I rewrote the last part of that evening with a different twist! If they both get published, you can let me know which you enjoy more!!! LOL

I walked into the bathroom and grabbed a wash cloth and threw it in the sink, while turning on warm water to soak it. I then turned and closed the drain to the tub and started the hot water pouring into the tub and steaming up the room.

When I turned to the sink I... Continue»
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Spa visit continued to home

So my first experience at the spa was quite good. Had taken ther****t’s number for long weekend. So called her on Friday afternoon but no response. Tried calling her after couple of hours but still not response. I thought I ran out of luck and it’s going to be dry a weekend. Out of curiosity left a text message saying "As decided can we meet for weekend". Got a call back from her at about 10pm in the night. Had a little bit talk around and she mentioned "they are not allowed to answer phone during work hours".... strange, but I let it go. Then came to main topic, she started teasing me over th... Continue»
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My s****r's Bottom

I’ve always been a ‘bum’ man. Not that I don’t appreciate the other soft and seductive parts of a woman’s body. I like firm and pert breasts and long shapely legs. A smooth, shaved cunt that opens like a flower when I part a woman’s thighs and is wet and ready to be fucked is pretty close to heaven. But for me there’s nothing quite as luxurious as a woman with a perfect rounded arse. Fit, firm, full and prominent cheeks, a teasing little valley between them and a lovely brown, star-like anal pucker just asking to be stroked and kissed – heaven!

I don’t know if I was born with this passio... Continue»
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Tax Day

I would love to hear your thoughts on my story. If you like it feel free to check out the other stories I have posted. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it!

Tax Day

Hannah hated tax time. She worked hard as a waitress to support herself but was living paycheck to paycheck with little left over. She had been saving since January so she could get her taxes done but then the alternator went out on her car and she had to use every penny she had squirreled away to get it fixed. Now it was down to the wire and she didn't know what she was going to do.

Hannah’s boss, Kevin, had told h... Continue»
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A Few Firsts

OK this time in my life was turbulent, as far as sexual relations developed, with here I am at the beginning of the Sexual Revolution, Vietnam Protests, Protests in general, Peace Love Dope, Flower Power, Flower c***dren, Acid Rock, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Timothy Leary, even the dawn of Gay Rights. That plus I had a head start in knowledge. I was torn between what I was taught was proper and paths others led me down. My girlfriend, which I was taught was the normal thing, I thought, where she was quite the deviant. BJs I had received from her, our developing relationship, how things like ... Continue»
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Kimmie_Tim advance to vaginal sex.

Picking up from about the time that our older b*****r
caught us. I, Kimmie had to service older b*****r's
dick for about 3 months with oral sex. I also
was dped by Tim and older b*****r on several days.
Not in my pussy, just in ass and mouth.

The first time he wanted to put is dick in my
ass (Kimmie) I was so scared, nervous and
excited all at the same time. He was a lot
thicker than Tim at the time. I thought Tim
was going to punch his lights out when I
screamed in pain. It hurt so freaking much and
burnt like fire at the same time. He was not
at all like Tim, in that h... Continue»
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My first gay sex

***This is my first story. None of the events are true and it is purely fictional***

I'll start off with a bit about myself. I'm a 20 year old male with an average build and average height. My cock is about 6 inches long. This is a story about how I found out I liked cock and my first gay sex experience.

I was staying at a mates place because we went to the footy that night and it was just too late to take the hour long journey home and I hadnt seen this particular friend for a good year or 2 so the catchup time couldnt hurt. For the purpose of this story we will call him Sam.

We had... Continue»
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bi friend

Tom started to undress and of course he had no underwear on, normally that wouldn't be a problem but tonight we were sl**ping in the same bed. He was walking around with his cock flopping all over the place, Tom has no modesty and I could resist taking a few glances when he was looking. I noticed that Tom had a nice cut cock with a large mushroom head probably about 7 inches. His cock wasn't real thick as opposed to mine which is also 7 inches but extremely thick and uncut. Well I started arguing with him that he better not get to close tonight in bed and hit me with that thing, he got me so m... Continue»
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a true story about how a girl finger fucked an ass

so its a kinda funny story im dying to tell someone but i cant. cuz hear me out.

it happened about half a year ago when im in a foreign country on working holiday trip.
i was working as a massagist n as a female in that industry i constantly been asked m i do the 'happy ending' stuff. n btw i dont. n u would be surprised how many men like their ass be rubbed. like... everyone. seriously. too many men even asked me to go 'inside'. i was like wtf u mean inside wt hell? go wash ur dirty bum first then ask me that weird n offended question. it smells n not in a sexy way!

so theres a day my ... Continue»
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Εγώ και η μ&

Ήμουν 19 χρονών τότε, έκανα παρέα με μια κοπελίτσα στη γειτονιά την Λία ένα χρόνο μικρότερη . Είχε έναν αδερφό τον Τέλη 18 χρονών που όταν μέναμε καμια φορά οι δυο μας κατι έβλεπε στο κινητό και χάιδευε τον πούτσο του. Μια μέρα περίμενα την Λία να τελειώσει τα μαθήματα και καθόμουν με τον Τέλη στο σπίτι της γιαγιάς τους που έφευγε κάθε άνοιξη μέχρι το Σεπτέμβρη στο σπίτι στο χωριό . Ξαφνικά ο Τέλης κατεβάζει το παντελόνι και αρχίζει να τον παίζει και να βλέπει τσόντες στο κινητό, μου λέει "θές να δεις;" απο περιέργεια πηγαίνω δίπλα του και βλέπω μετα απο λίγο αισθάνθηκα το παντελόνι μ να φουσκ... Continue»
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Charlie, Bruce and Daniel had gave me a deal I was foolish to take, but if I did they would not m***** me for the rest of the year. I was to service their friends in the old boat house that was at the closed end of the lake on the next Saturday.

I had met Charlie and was lead to the boat house and told to conceal myself in a corner and when I heard the phrase there any fuck birds in here...I was to come out and do what ever I was asked. Of course Charlie had to sample the goods first. After Charlie was satisfied he left, I didn't have long to wait...I could plainly see a guy in his ... Continue»
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Toilet sex

I was just getting out of the shower and was about to dry off when the feeling came. The movements in my stomach told me everything, I had to shit really bad. Not really caring that I was still dripping water, I put of the toilet seat and sat down. If you had that "I really got to go" feeling, than you know how it felt when the fist bomb dropped. I was on the toilet for about thirty seconds when I heard a loud knock on the door. "Babe, are you done? Hurry up I want some food" the voice said. I knew that it was my girlfriend Leanna.

She was a drop dead beautiful blonde girl. If you mix all ... Continue»
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Layover with Lauren

Traveling for work isn’t it’s all that it’s cracked up to be. I was stuck in Denver trying to fly home but the weather canceled all the flights. I was standing the necessary line to get my hotel voucher and this beautiful woman was behind me arguing with her boyfriend. She hangs up and sighs; I can see she was more angry than hurt. I glanced and saw an engagement ring on her finger. I just lean over and say – Guys, right…” She looks up and smiles.

The line wasn’t moving and so we talked for a good hour. She mentions her name was Lauren and we ended up finding out we were in the same indust... Continue»
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A nice pick up at the pub

A nice pick up at the pub

When we moved to Oakland, Ana told me she had noticed too many black men in the streets.

My fantasy had always been to watch my sweet wife fucking a well hung black man. I had mentioned it many times when we have both been having sex; she was happy to use it as a fantasy, but that would be it and she had admitted that it would turn her on to have someone watch her having sex, especially if it was me.

One evening we went to a party in a local pub. After so many drinks I could not remember most of the night there; the day after, while nursing a massive hangove... Continue»
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giving my anal cherry away..

I am no stranger to gay sex. I have sucked a hell of a lot of cocks. Saunas,dogging spots, toilet gloryholes, you name it. But I have always been scared of being fucked for the first time. Scared but intrigued..
I remember being fingered properly for the first time and it hurt. Then once at the cruising spot I go to in the forest, a nice old man lubed my bottom IP really nicely and gave me a loving fingering. That was very nice..
Still scared though, I always thought about what it would feel like. Having a real pulsating hard cock pumping inside me. I have masturbated over the thought of tha... Continue»
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some things never get old...and some people too

it's been a while since i've written anything, and something

happened this weekend that's very much worth writing about.

i'm sure we all have that ex who did something special in

bed. a couple of my exes gave great head, one had a pussy

that fit like a glove, but there was this one who was pretty

much an all around freak. she gave great head and would ride

me like a rodeo queen, then next thing i know she'd be

sticking my dick in her ass and riding even harder. the type

who'd show up at my door wearing nothing but a coat and some

thigh high boots...a true la... Continue»
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