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Married suck and fuck

This is an expanded version of a chat i had with a friend. Such a horny tale i had to share it.

I'm a happily married man. I love my wife. I love my life. Yet, there's always been this itch in the back of my mind to try something else. See, my wife and I have a very diverse sex life. About a year ago, we bought a strap-on for her. There's no feeling like being taken by your wife. My legs are tossed up, crossed behind her back. Her big tits bouncing in my face as I get fucked. I'll write stories about that sometime...

But this story is about where it took me. One weekend, she was away vis... Continue»
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Friends s****r Liked Me From c***dhood

Here I am tany(name changed) a normal guy with 5 feet 7 inch height and literally I am a normal guy not like hero’s of other stories and the heroin of the story is super sexy she is obviously my friends s****r.

Now without bothering you guys much lets come to the point for obvious….her name is laboni she is the relative of one of my best friend whom I visit regularly. From the fast day I have seen her I was in dream of her because of her frank nature and specially because of her smile which was more than attractive than a
... Continue»
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Cubicles heels and dirty men

It's 730am..Tuesday morning and I've just spent the last hour and a half inside a toilet cubicle. .x dressed and hooded with my favourite 2" diameter  dildo for company was my fifth visit in the last 6 days.. This time what with it being so early I was alone throughout and simply laid across the toilet seat on my back which then made my stockinged legs reach vertically towards the toilet ceiling. .with my red soled black Mary Jane platform heels high above me I felt very dirty yet very dripping ass ,stretched and beautifully ruined was feeling happy with what it had taken re... Continue»
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my interracial daddy

one late afternoon i was lying in my bed with my phone next to me and i went off so i look and i was a text from old billy. old billy is an old black guy i met at a adult store he is in his 60s and is taller then me and has this nice big black dick. so i open up the text and it is a pix of his dick semi hard with a text saying i'm lonely here come over and service my cock he needs a little love. so i text him back i love to come over what do you want me to wear. he text back wear a tight black shirt and a pair of panties and black tight leggings i want to stain it in cum. i texted him i come ... Continue»
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stranger's cock

one rainy evening i decided to go to my local adult store. i am white chubby with some nice legs and a nice ass from what i was told.
so i put on a pair of panties and leggings and a loose shirt because i like the feel of panties and tight pants. i got to the place and it was packed with cars. so i go in and the store has two areas one filled with booths and the other is toys and movies. i got a couple of tokens and went into the booth area. it was low lit and had 20 or so booths with curtains. there was a lot of guys there walking around most of them were older but a couple of younger guys l... Continue»
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My Model Friend Turned To My Personal Slut

My Model Friend Turned To My Personal Slut

Slut, whore, bitch, fuck toy…. For some women, this is the best thing they can hope for. Amazingly, some of the most sexy and beautiful women I know have met turned out to be the best sluts I have ever used and abused! This story is about one such beauty. Born with incredible good looks, grown into a fantastic body and filled with the knowledge of how to turn the head of even a blind man, she was my friend. Then she got d***k; made a confession. Now she is my slut, Jade.
... Continue»
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A nasty Auntie at home

A nasty Auntie at home

My old girlfriend Susan had asked me if her eighteen years old son could stay with us a couple days; until he could get a room downtown. He was coming to L.A. to start studying at the Medicine School here.

My loving husband Victor said it was fine for him, because he was leaving for a long business trip those days; then I could stay home not so alone during his voyage.

Mark was a very nice guy; Victor and I had known him since he was born.

On the second afternoon at home, I was in the bathroom taking a shower.
I had left the bathroom door open; really I h... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman Chapter 7

Chapter 7

As Francis was having a wonderful time exploring and meeting older men and classmates a few other chubby freshman students were not so lucky. William and Richard were two students who were experiencing the same needs as all other guys their age. The two gravitated together in a science class as lab partners because it seemed all others in the class seemed to know each other.

Richard was shorter and plumper than William a second year student who was had a better built as a result of being a wrestler in high school but no longer continued to practice that sport. When the two were... Continue»
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Young Wife Learns To like Anal

My wife Karen is a petite 5’2 gorgeous brunette. When we met when she was just 23 a recently divorced young mother of two who apparently had been married to a guy who knew nothing about sex which was fortunate for me. I got to teach Karen everything about good sex and her own body. She had her first orgasm after I had fucked her for about half-an-hour. After that she was hooked, she was a former ballet dancer in high school and she knew dance moves that she used during sex that would drive any man wild. When we first met I was teaching her how to give a blow job and she asked “what do you do w... Continue»
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the meeting

It had taken some time to get over my divorce, not that it had been particularly messy or sordid, quite the contrary as we had settled everything in a business-like and polite manner. It was simply that after 15 years of marriage, I found the transition back to bachelorhood to be difficult.

I had always thought myself to be fairly open and friendly and enjoyed meeting people and good conversation, but now I was conscious of the fact that I was treated with some degree of scepticism. I could almost hear people questioning my motives if I started to chat to their wives and girlfriends and fin... Continue»
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Adventures of Carl Part 2

Carl was enjoying the time he was spending with Mary. They would get together two or three times a week for hot steamy uninhibited wild sex. Mary had even fucked Carl with a dildo and a strap on. Carl was realizing it had been over 6 months since he had tasted a real cock or had one in him.
He decided to go to the bath house about an houra drive away. He spent the day relaxing reading and watching some porn to get himself more worked up. He then prepped his ass for good fucking he was hoping to get. He got in his car and headed to the bath house. He arrived there paid his admission for a lock... Continue»
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Two Grannies Fuck Me Till My Balls Are Blue

I’m Tim a 52 year old guy who loves his GILF’s especially when they are over sixty, then you know you are getting a genuine sex-starved Granny. I belong to a Senior Single’s Group and because they aren’t many younger guys in the club, I have my pick of the best looking MILF’s and GILF’s. That’s my dilemma, at any one time I am screwing three to five different GILF’s. My answering machine is always full. Most of my stable of GILF’s know about each other; but some don’t and that’s where I got into serious trouble last Saturday.

Well my bad habits finally caught up with me. Two of them Granny... Continue»
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My dream affair

With the success of my first story here is another story. So this happened to me a few weeks ago. Things were going kind of bad with Amber for about a few months there was a lack of sex even talks of divorce. I joined a particular forum for advice on these things and found Jess. Jess was 42 bisexual and was drop dead gorgous. I messaged her just a simple hello and since Amber was working I masterbated to Jess's photos (I'm a married man but Jess was that hot) she responded and we started talking I sent her pics of my wife and of myself and made it clear from day one I was looking for a plutoni... Continue»
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That's a Good Boy!

My boy is sitting on my lap sideways, with my hand rubbing his back. We're both totally naked, and my hard cock is sticking up between his pale white thighs, not far away from his soft cute little dick. I start kissing his neck and ears and then we start kissing. He sucks on my tongue.
I whisper to him, asking if he's ready to try it, and he replies that he's scared. I promise him he'll have fun, and he pursed his thin red lips, and nods. My good boy.
I held the bottle under his nose, simultaneously holding one nostril closed, and listened while he snorted. I quickly put the top on the bottl... Continue»
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Miss Kim

It was the middle of the summer, and Shirley, Marsha, JJ and her s****r Claudia and Claudia's two daughters were taking their annual 2 week vacation in North Carolina at her parent's house. This left me all alone, a bachelor again. Claudia lived in Northern Virginia and had driven down Saturday so that they could pull out Sunday morning. After they had left I spent the rest of the day laying around munching on snacks, sl**ping, and just doing whatever I wanted.

The week was going mostly the same way, I would get home from work, strip down to tee shirt and shorts. I would lay around enjoyin... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Francis continued to explore cafes, restaurants and art galleries in search of mature men who he could have sex with. A week after his encounter with his classmate Harris the chubby student went to an exclusive gay club which he found out about while chatting with a man on a site for chubby men and chasers. When he entered the club he was dressed in his usual preppy style with a sweater hung over his shoulders and looked around the club. He saw a dance floor and men of all ages either dancing or socializing while standing or sitting at tables. He also saw some young faggy gay guy... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 11

Chapter 11
The Exhibit

A week after the meeting with Donna and Tom Joie was being interviewed by the local media at the gala opening of the exhibition of French African and Parisian art which was being presented in a local museum. The event was being attended by various dignitaries made up of local government officials, representatives from the arts community and officials from the French Consulate. The interview was broadcasted on local television news and in print in local newspapers with a photo of him.

Joie was wearing a classic preppy style, indigo colour, Italian made slim fit... Continue»
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I was gangbanged in front of my husband

I was gangbanged in front of my husband.

One warm summer night, my lovely hubby Victor dragged me to a nice bar.
He said it was a classy place; but soon I discovered by myself, it was a swinger bar… Besides, I was unaware he had arranged a surprise for me.
That night I was wearing only a dark green low cut dress; no bra nor panties at all, but a sexy “fuck me” stiletto heels…
Victor loved that outfit, because he could fondle my pussy anytime…
We sat at the bar enjoying some margaritas and the music. I soon noticed some of the couples dancing were getting pretty naughty with each othe... Continue»
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whats up everyone ! i just wanted to share another epic fender bender story of my interesting life and chronicle the events that have happened over the last 48 hours while everything is still fresh. i never write short stories.. i like to reminiisce about each detail as i remember it

life is like a box of chocolates.. you just never know what your going to get!!

first off... if you are reading this .. you can check out my profile page AZNSWAG, remember to read the requirements if you plan on adding me. i was an uploader but recently got the dreaded 3 strikes... Continue»
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Adult booth

It was around late afternoon I decided to go to my local adu,t store to watch some porn. I got there, bought some tokens. As I walk into the back I saw a curtain slightly open with some people in it. A guy and a girl, guy black about 6 feet 5 inches and had little bit of a belly the girl was light tan skinny with big boobs. I saw her sucking his cock then she took his cock out and rubbed it between her boobs for a bit he cummed between her titis. She got up and bent over and pulled down her pants. I could see her black lace panties as well. The guy shoved his cock right into her pussy and star... Continue»
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