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The Billiards Room

The billiards room of The Water Poet is, using the British system, on the first floor of the building. There are only two doors in the room and one of those is a janitorial closet; the only entrance in or out is the one through which I push you after we've ascended the old wooden staircase, my hand in the small of your back guiding you the entire time.

It is an old room, one of the few not to have had a significant makeover when the pub was refurbished a few years past. The wallpaper has been updated, a not altogether unsuccessful attempt to eradicate a century of cigarette smoke ingraine... Continue»
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مناطق النشوة عن الست

اهم المناطق الحساسة في جسم المراة والتي تثير شهوتها
أمـــــاكن الإثـــــــارة الجنســــية :
خلف الرقبــه
وراء الركب
الأفخاذ الداخلية

. الشفاه
( الشفــــــايف ) : الشفايف مركز البدايــــــــة للتأثير الجنسي من خلال التقبيل واللعق والمص فالقبلــــة مفتاح يتدرج فتحـــــه الي أن يصل اعلى إثارة جنسية بواسطة الشفايف واللسان والأسنان وخاصــــة عملية المص للشفاه العلويـــة والسفليــــة والقبلة رمز العاطفـــة المطلقــــة.

قبلها قبلاً خفيفة متسارعة ومن ثم الطويلة العميقة ، التقط الشفتين كاملتين في فمك ومصهما وحر... Continue»
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Nymphomaniac 3

My body answered that question almost before I could formulate it. I could masturbate. In fact, I HAD to masturbate. As the voice had said to me, the more sex I had, the hornier I became. After last night, I knew that I would now be on a VERY short fuse, and that short fuse had been burned away by my male mind seeing my preposterous female proportions in the mirror.

I must clarify something here, just so a reader (if this document ever finds one) won't think badly of me. I'm not one of those men who think that bigger is better, without a limit. If I had met a girl as a man with breasts the ... Continue»
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Nymphomaniac 2

The walk back to my dorm was not an easy one. The dildo buzzing away in my soaking pussy made it possible for me to appear in public without r****g every guy I saw, but it had it's own downside. Simply put, it felt too good!

Being that I went to a large state university, it took me almost a half hour to walk from one side of campus, where my class was, to the other side, where my dorm was. Inside of that half hour, I came three times. While I had been sitting in class, I had had only four orgasms in three hours. The difference was the extra sensation of walking. As I said before, it made my... Continue»
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I Can't Make It Without Mom's Ass

My hands were shaking. The knot in my stomach was a constant reminder of what I had to do if I was ever going to be sane again...

She, who is my mother, was sitting on the couch reading one of her many romantic novels, oblivious to my pain. Before I get into my problem allow me to describe what has been torturing me for the past five years: My mother is what I would call cute and pretty. She's a natural beauty who never needs more than a little make-up to enhance her beautiful hazel eyes or her plump, red lips. Her straight, chestnut hair has blonde streaks which makes her look younger than... Continue»
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the hike

Here is one just for you .We decide to head up north to go hiking on the rim we take my truck we talk and joke on the way up but I keep checking you out you notice me you smile I give you a cocky smirk . we get to the trail head we decide to go to one were there is not as many people we grad are water some trail mix and sun screen. The sunny is just right not hot and some cloud cover I lead the way as we head up we can see out over the rim and the pine country and red rocks stopping a long the way we see the elk and blue jays . As we get to the top of the mountain we see a hot spring so we go... Continue»
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Slut t's first visit with the neighbot

It was a Friday night in early fall and she was texting me while she sat at her neighbor's by his fire pit with a nice fire and drinking beer. As the evening progressed she began telling me once again that she really really needed a hard cock in her pussy. We joked back and forth a bit about different ways she might approach the neighbor about fucking her. I could tell from the content of her texts she was getting very worked up - when he had gone in for more beer she had pulled her panties up tightly between her lips so that they were rubbing her clit, pussy and asshole. When she did this I w... Continue»
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Happy Anal Anniversary to Jilly

My son is banging a neighbor house full of sluts. Trying to get back in his wife's good graces he drafts me.... Hang on for what happened next!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About two months before their third anniversary, my son called and asked if I would be willing to help him surprise his wife by helping him build a deck on the back of their house.  I agreed and over the next few weeks we measured, made plans and I even pre-made the railings and a few other features for it in my shop.
So last Saturday was 3 days before the anniversary and he had managed to get her to go shopping with her mother... Continue»
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call from the ex

A few hours ago I got a call from my ex, haven't talked to her in years.
I guess my ex step son was heading to Florida and now has trouble with his car.
luckily for him he wasn't too far from where I lived roughly about a 45 min drive for me.
I agreed to see if I could help him seeing he didn't have much money and what he did have was for gas and a two day stay at a hotel She gave me his number and I gave him a call. Chris was now 25
and said the car was running fine then just quit. I said with the time of day and it being the weekend he wouldn't get much help where he was at. I took a car... Continue»
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Playing Housewive

Things with my boyfriend Joe were going really well, so when I got kicked out of my apartment because it was being demolished, Joe insisted I move in. In the same month, the bar I worked at closed and I was left unemployed. Joe didn't seem to mind, but it bugged me not being able to help with rent. I tried to carry my weight by cooking, cleaning, and even doing some gardening on Joe's tiny yard. His house is small and a little dated, but has a lot of charm. The first day I moved in, we made a point to fuck in every room.

After our initial honeymoon phase of living together, things were a li... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #9: Beth-3

Blonde beauty Beth wants me to make her a baby like I tried in her sight with my Princess Petra

Blonde British beauty Beth comes to awesome Amsterdam to come often on camera in my sex studio there
Beth sees how I impregnate her lesbian love partner pretty Petra, nota bene my own great granddaughter

Beth asks us permission to live a bit longer as guest at our studio at a small backside canal in A'dam
Beth is warm welcome as she is as yummy as young as my pretty Petra and as eager for my mighty member!

Beth is open on her ideas how to spend time with us I also want you
... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #9: Beth-2

Beautiful Beth and pretty Petra in sexy sixty-nine remind me of foxy friends in pervert Paris

Slender sensual sexy sweet British blonde beauty Beth tops tasty pretty Petra my great granddod
She enormouly enjoys the sexy sixtynine munching her mouth through the thick brown bush of doddie

Both are lost in their daisy-chain of orgasms and lovely looking lesbian pure passion of love
Both are unaware of my mighty assault on all offers open for my big brown banana saluting them

The tale of six sexy holes on offer was a love lesson offered by my former friend beautiful Betty
... Continue»
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This slutty girl named Tiffany (True Story) and ou

This is a true story, I've wrote it off and on over the period of a week or so. There is a little bit of inconsistency because some of the details I had forgot. Names haven't been changed, I just didn't use my own name.

When I was 19, I was fortunate enough to land a really good job through a f****y member. Although I wasn't much to look at, it didn't take long for girls to start noticing me (or my money) - where I live, good jobs are hard to come by and even 8 years later most of my friends from high school are still unemployed including the ones that went to nearby universities (Universit... Continue»
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A very quick one in thye restroom

A very quick in the restroom

I was making just a little bit of jogging close to the river bank and had to stop for getting a drink and a bathroom. A middle age black man and a beautiful black woman were sitting on a bench near the restroom.

She followed me into the bathroom and made a light talk through the walls of the small cabin. She asked me about running, the best shoes for running, stuff like that. When I finished and came out of the stall she was right next to the sink. She had this weird look on her face as she watched me wash my hands.

Suddenly, she said, "You are a very sex... Continue»
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What might have been

This is a work of fiction based on a fantasy envisioned after seeing someone at a gas station...

I pulled into the gas station on my way home from the gym. As I pulled in I happened to notice a somewhat petite man who was in the process of pumping gas into his VW Jetta. What had caught my eye was his pants. It looked like he was wearing gray suit pants, but they were of a feminine cut and showed off an attractive bubble butt and what appeared to be quite shapely legs underneath.

Having never been attracted to men, I found my sudden interest and obvious attraction to be disconcerting t... Continue»
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Different Strokes - featuring Princess Tori

I’ve had several relationships with women, have had flings, & have had one night stands. I would consider myself your typical twenty something guy. One night, my friends & I went to a bar to flirt with some girls & see if we could get lucky.

We flirted around & at some point during the night, my eyes found this girl . .

She looked relaxed but not quite still, burning with energy, giving the impression that 24 hrs in the day weren’t enough for her. She was dressed in tight blue jeans & a black leather jacket. Her thick wavy blonde hair flowed beautifully down to her toned shoulders. She ... Continue»
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A visit to my anal slut Ex-Girlfriend with friend

I received a call from a close friend that he was bummed out from a messy break up he had with a girl he had been with for years. I told him I'd swing by and we could hang out and he could bend my ear for a bit about his problem. I got there and he talked for nearly an hour about his girl, I tried to seem like I was interested, but secretly I was becoming bored. He was saying that he was used to fucking almost every night, and now it had been almost 3 weeks and he had only jacked off to porn. I mention my EX, Renee... I tell him all about how I took her to two different gangbang parties each w... Continue»
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Anal Discovery

Looking back I guess I was very sexually reserved as a young person. But by 18 I was beginning to feel more relaxed about have sexual desires and fantasies.

I didn't start masturbating until I was 19 but it soon became a very regular thing. I would often think about touching myself during the day and I thought I was terribly sexually liberated because I knew I was going to act on it that night.

I thought people would be astonished to know that I touched myself sexually. I now know that I was doing nothing out of the ordinary, but at the time I thought I was a real wild one.

I was stil... Continue»
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My f****y are Gangbang Bitches

I was a fairly typical 19 year old, which is to say that not only did I watch a lot of pornos, but that they had got more and more hardcore and interesting as I had gone on. Where once I had enjoyed the sight of a girl fingering herself, now what I liked to watch was a pretty teen white babe being fucked every which way by a gang of huge and well hung hard black studs. I never expected, however, that watching this kind of thing would lead to something even kinkier, naughtier and, therefore, much more arousing.

One day, I, as usual, began to search the net for whatever hot, steamy, interraci... Continue»
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The Engineering Club

Chris invited me over to his house to help out with the engineering club he was mentoring. He told me to come over a couple of hours before the meeting and he would go over how a typical meeting would go. He said the college k**s were the type that were really smart, but didn't have much experience with girls, so they were a little shy. Chris said that since I was an engineer that I could help them with some of their problems.

When I arrived at Chris' house, he was dressed really casually, wearing only a pair of swim trunks (that were kind of see-through) and a tee shirt. He told me I was d... Continue»
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