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Wife and I Discover a new Desire

Couple try kinky sex (foursome, bi-sexual)

My sexy wife and I had just finished having sex. Many nights after sex, we would talk about what turns us on. For years, I had been eating my own cum. My wife loved to watch me eat it. I loved to eat it. Tonight, after filling my wife's shaved pussy, she sat on my face and I cleaned my cum from her bringing her to an explosive orgasm. My wife loved having me suck and lick her freshly fucked pussy clean.

Tonight, she asked me if I had any new fantasies. I have for years fantasized about watching my gorgeous wife being fucked by at least 2... Continue»
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Happy Marriage #1 (bi-male, first time)

Couple realizes husband is more than bi-curious

Over the years of our marriage, my wife and I have been very open sexually with each other. After 15 years of wedded bliss, my sexy wife and I have come to a mutually satisfying understanding. I am sexually submissive and bi-curious, while my wife is sexually dominant and loves to humiliate me like I so desire.

In the last few years, we've really enjoyed more and more experimentation. Lately, my wife loves to watch me eat my own cum. For the last year or so, whenever I orgasm, my wife is finding ways for me to eat it. It started ou... Continue»
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Finally (bi-male, first time)

Wife sets husband for first gay sex

I have been happily married for over 10 years. My wife and I are sexually adventurous and open-minded. We have always openly shared fantasies. My wife always makes an effort to realize all of our fantasies. My wife, Anne, is a beautiful woman who takes very good care of herself. She is a natural blonde with natural 36 D tits and firm, muscular legs. Out in public with my wife loves to tease. She and I enjoy noticing most men and even some women checking out her nice figure. Most men would cum in their pants if they knew what a kinky, sexual women... Continue»
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My sexy s****r in law

I was out in the evening having a few drinks with mates in Canterbury
There was plenty of girls out wearing not much, I love walking through packed pubs and clubs as you can rub yourself up against some sexy girls, some hate it , others like it :)
I'd had a good skinfull this night and made our way to the club, it was heaving . So we made our way to the bar , got a drink and headed to the dance floor for a dance and a grope. Not much luck other than a squeeze of a blondes tits and ass. I was thinking about getting a cab home when I couldn't believe it when I saw my s****r in law , she was w... Continue»
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Two Plugged Asses (FMF, bi-female)

Matt and I had always enjoyed ass play. Fingering, eating, fucking, you name it. We both loved playing with each other's asses and now that we had a girlfriend to share, we were very excited to have another tight little asshole to play with.

Amanda was 18, and although she wasn't a virgin, she hadn't had any ass play until she entered into a polyamorous triad with Matt and I. We started her out slowly, licking and fingering her ass and letting her lick and finger mine (who would have known she loved to eat ass so much) but after a month or so, Matt decided it was time that we start taking ... Continue»
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Josh is smiling to himself, just leaning against the wall and appreciating the familiar full feeling. A nightly occurrence, or at least every night they had a show. They're on in a couple minutes. Dan is standing next to him, drumming absently on the wall.

"Ready?" Dan remarks, and Josh nods.

"As always," he says. Josh nudges up against the wall, feeling that nice press, and he sighs. Dan notices. He grins. He slides over closer, turning to face him, and backstage is busy so nobody sees Dan's hand reach around Josh's back to his ass, feeling for that little PVC rectangle, the base of the... Continue»
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Victoria's Russian Ordeal

When Victoria Justice woke up, she found herself handcuffed and blindfolded. Her ankles were also bound and she had something in her mouth that prevented her from speaking. The last thing she remembered was doing a photo-shoot for a magazine. She had finished for the day and went out to get in her car when everything went blank. She started to move and then heard voices, men’s voices, but they weren’t speaking English. It sounded like Russian. She also realized that she was in a plane. She was sitting on the floor and it was cold. As she struggled against the handcuffs, she heard one o... Continue»
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....just me being a slut

I whimper and moan with lust as your fat veiny cock slides in and out of my well trained slutwife asspussy.
i push my ass out to get as much of you into me as i possibly can, my cunt wants your whole cock.
you slap my ass with a loud smack "you lovely little whore, you cant get enough of my cock, can you?" you laugh while manhandling my body "NO, I want your cock all the time" I gasp from your hard and deep thrusts "I need to be filled all the time!" you yank my head back even further shove 3 fingers into my mouth and hold my mouth open not missing a beat plunging deep into my bowels. Your ... Continue»
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The one thing Joe loved in life was the whores in Vegas. He made a trip there once a month to spend some time in his favorite whore house. The girls there were pretty, sexy and nasty. They all had nice big firm tits and large round asses. Tits and ass were a big attraction for him. He usually chose a different girl each time as he did love a variety. When he walked in the girls were all in the gazing room naked for the men to see and choose. Tonight he chose a young blonde that had triple D tits and a huge round ass. Looking at that sexy ass made Joe's cock throb. As they walked to her room Jo... Continue»
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Last weekend

I had arranged a meeting with a new gentleman lover.

I was excited about being naughty.

Knowing I was going to fulfill my craving with a big new cock to play with made me bulge in my panties as I drove to his place.

I arrived at my new friends place a little early.

He answered the door in a dark Tshirt and jeans that hugged him in all the right places.

There was a little chit chat, but we both knew what we wanted. He wanted to fuck me and I wanted to feel a hard cock fill me with why delay the fun!

After kissing me, his hands found my tits and pinched my nipples. ... Continue»
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BBC losing virginity to fat older woman

Ever since I was a young boy, I have had a condition where my dick would suddenly get hard and grow like crazy. Some days it would only happen once a day and other days it would happen up to 4 or 5 times a day. It didn’t really bother me at a young age. Sometimes my dick would get so hard that it did hurt a little bit, but it would never last for very long, so I never had to pay to much attention to it.

It started getting worse when I was 14 years old. I don’t know what triggered it, but I can remember that it was starting to become a problem at that age. I had my first “real” girlfriend wh... Continue»
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A Night At The Opera

I took my seat in the opera house looking...hoping...and aching to see if my companion was attending the opera that night. For the last two months, I and my wife had seats D2 and D3...and seated next to us were another couple. She was simply the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her beauty was amplified by my own dying marriage. My wife and I already had the divorce papers filed. Perhaps I was k**ding myself, but the woman seated next to us seemed to pay extra attention to me...and it was clear that her companion was bored and not interested in her. His loss...she had long blond hair...gre... Continue»
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Dave and Sally (MFM, bi-male)

I occasionally write stories for publishing on internet websites, and in response to one that I wrote that was actually true, I received an email from a guy named Dave, who had a wife named Sally. They said they enjoyed my true story so much, that Sally wanted Dave to suck my cock, and have sex with me, similar to what transpired in my story, and that she wanted to watch. They went on to say that my story turned them both on so much that Sally would blow Dave as he read my stories out loud. They asked if I was interested in meeting up with them. I rarely even respond to my emails, but one of m... Continue»
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Crosscountry - Zach and Casey

Exhausted, I pushed forward through the winding dirt path of the trail. Only one other runner in the race ahead of me, a teammate and my friend. Zach was the fastest runner on the team. His hair is short and blond, his skin white but not pale; he had a nice tan that proved how much time he spent outside running in the summer heat. His arms were perfect, not too bulky, and not too thin. Zach’s chest is pretty broad considering how skinny he is. His legs, long and muscular were perfect and were key to him winning every race over the cross country season.
I was close behind him as we lead the h... Continue»
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hindi hindu muslim chudai

Ayesha badi khushi mai ghar aaye. Jab woh gaye thi tab ladki thi lekin Rajesh ne usse aurat banake bheja tha. Ayesha koi pata bhi nahi tha ki uski zindagi ek raat mai itni badlegi. usake dil-o-dimag mai ab Rajesh kaka bus gaye thay. Woh janti thi ki Rajesh kaka ke liye woh kuch bhi karegi. Apni beti ko itni khush dekhke uski maa Fatima begum ko bhi accha laga. Ayesha ka baap hardum jaise tour pe gaya tha usaki maa ne bataya ki uske daddy 4 din ke baad aanewale thay. Rajesh kaka ke plan ke mutabik Ayesha ne uski maa ko baar-baar bataya ki kaise ek ajnabi ne usse train ke safar mai madat ki aur ... Continue»
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Brian My Cruel Master

Brian my cruel master

*note this is fiction based loosely on fact

I met Brian early one Spring evening when I was 20.
I was out for a walk, no job, no school, just aimlessly
walking about.
He was standing there on the sidewalk of the
pleasant, tree lined neighborhood with a younger friend
so I walked up to them and introduced myself.
Hell, I had just moved into the area, I was bored and lonely
and wanted to make a buddy or two, nothing more.
The conversation went something like, “I live the next
town over and I saw you standing here and figured,
what the heck, you look l
... Continue»
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Vacation at Hawaii

Vacation at Hawaii

That cold December Victor and I had decided to run away from the New York winter for a while and we had planned a little vacation in Hawaii; just three or four days.

After checking at the airport, I put my eyes on a giant black man, very handsome, muscled, with a nice strong torso and of course, well hung, as it could be seen through his white trousers. It seemed to me that this black man would be in our plane…

When we entered the plane cabin we had another unpleasant surprise: somebody had sold us different seats on board. Victor would seat three places behind me. ... Continue»
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Mae was rich and in her fifties. She was still very sexy with nice big firm tits and a great looking ass. She made her money in the adult movie business. She ran away from home when she was just fifteen and found out the only way to survive was to fuck for a living. Older men loved sex with a young gal and that was the most of her business. She also loved fucking the men and sucking on their cocks. She gave these men just what the wives would not. She even loved the feeling of a big hard cock filling her asshole with his warm cum. She even had men that loved her fucking their assholes with her... Continue»
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Me and the older security guard liam(A TRUE STORY)

I work at a office and i am 161cm, C91-93 chest and have a big nice ass and is 23 years old. All man of all ages loved me even the 61 year old security guard liam. He gave me a love letter one day and i was mad and disgusted i told my manager. my manager scolded him and gave him another chance. A few weeks later i felt sad and guilty when i found out he was leaving alone and had no one. so i understand why he did it. So to apologize i found out his address and bought a small watch to give him as a gift. i went to his house and gave him the watch. He said thank u and forgave me and the wa... Continue»
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Holiday Fun in the Caravan Part 2

We were not to see Jamie for quite some time. His parents became pleased that he was making new friends and seemed far less shy than he had been. They were a little puzzled that that had seem to happen while he had been in their caravan on his own. Chris suggested that he might have met a young lady while he had stayed down there. We both laughed like drains when they had left.
That week when Jamie had been on his own, I left him deliberately alone with Chris. I had been told about a local nudist beach and wanted to check it out. A sandy beach led back to sand dunes, topped with tufts of gras... Continue»
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