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Rare chance

I needed to go into work to complete a project, on a Saturday, expecting to be the only one in the building. When I got there, I was the only one there. It was a single story building ad the windows were closer to the ceiling so no one could see in or without climbing on something first. It held only two separate businesses, one related to advertising and one was for insurance.
I had worked for about an hour when I heard a knock on the door. Since I was alone, I asked who it was. And it turned out to be Jeff, one of the younger Insurance agents next door. I opened the door and Jeff was sta... Continue»
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fucking for money

This story was shared to me by one of my friends. She is a tall busty blonde, she has a nice ass and a pretty face.
She was f***ed into marrying someone she did not love for financial profit. Her father established that she'd marry one of his business parteners.
She found out this about a year before the wedding. Her parents left her to finish her studies and even gave her total fredom.
At first she was just partying with her girlfriends but one night she met a guy. He was a rich guy, a "bad boy". She knew hes bad news but she insisted on getting to know him. She tolk me that in the same n... Continue»
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butt rub

I had always been helpful to my neighbor, Mrs. S., a widow thirty years my senior. She would have me doing things that she couldn’t handle herself and couldn’t afford to pay for. I was glad to be of service. I was middle aged and she was really up there. As people often do, we often talked about ailments, aches and pains. One day when she sensed that I was holding back, she insisted I tell her what was troubling me. I finally told her. I had been troubled for months by an itchy butt, that at first I wiped myself too hard, then, later wiping was not enough. I would often have to get up... Continue»
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The Internet Acquaintance

After being gone for more than six months, I was looking forward to being able to relax and lounge around the house, naked as always. The wife and k**s had all left and I was finally alone. I quickly stripped off my pajamas and enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being naked. I walked into the computer room and sat down, anxiously looking forward to playing online and stroking with privacy once again.

I logged onto the computer and quickly went to my favorite websites, including this one. I was planning on getting on Yahoo and doing a little webcamming as well, but I figured I’d surf for a... Continue»
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video booth takes a turn

This happened when I was in college and changed me forever. My girlfriend at the time was a virgin and never finished me off. After spending all night dry humping her to frustration, I would visit the local A.B.S. and get my dick sucked by who ever was there. The gloryhole was great because I didn't have to interact with anyone. (just their mouth) As soon as I blew my load, pants were up and I was out of there. I wasn't interested in small talk or reciprocation of any kind. One night when I arrived, there were two large guys standing in the hall outside my normal booth. I decided to go down ... Continue»
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True Story Mostly: Sivi

True Story Mostly: Sivi

If I remember right Sivi and I fucked the first night we met. Pretty sure meeting either at Cousins or E/Js. Around the same time I was still connected with Brittany/Roger but barely. I know it was really because I’d get her high but, what the hell. I was going to get high anyway why not share. I remember slipping off the futon and situating myself between Sivi’s legs so smooth and dusty chocolate brown. Just enough licorice stick and shaved cock and balls I was in heaven. We do it doggy style with me half off the couch wiggling my skinny ass as I love... Continue»
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Never Bet On Sports

Carrie Underwood sat back on the sofa and stared at her TV. It was a little after 1am and the game just ended after double overtime. Suddenly she yelled, “FUCK!!!!” at the TV and then threw her glass at it, knocking it over and shattering the screen. She knew she was in deep shit. She just lost another bet as her losing streak continued. The phone startled her when it rang but she knew who it was. “Hello? Yeah, I know. I KNOW!” she said to the caller. “OK, I’ll be there. YES! I said I’ll be there.” She turned the phone off and sat back. She was glad her husband and k**s were away ... Continue»
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how did i lost my virginity

The storie start like that i was always goving to a secret place during day off and week ends for crossdressing and taking sunbathing
For many years i always go to this place and i never so anyone there !

But this time when i entered the forest i forgot to look behind me and this was my mistake and i will pay the price for that mistake !

So i walk true my secret place but a guy was following me but i didont see is
As usual i arrived t8 my place so i open my bag put a blanked on the floor and sited down and started to dress slutty and makeup sexy !
I was ready for my sunbathing so ... Continue»
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stuck up s****r in law pt2

Having fucked Shelley in her kitchen I retired to bed feeling quite pleased with my self, getting to fuck that big titted slut in her own house, In bed I climbed in next to my d***ken wife, Her totally unaware that not ten minutes earlier I had fucked and slapped her s****r around the kitchen. I slept soundly awakening with a ragging hard on from the previous nights activities. I rolled over and lightly rubbed my wifes firm nipples feeling them stiffen, mmmmm was the slight moan from her lips. I moved my hand down to her neatly trimmed pussy, as I slowly stroked and teased her pussy she slowly... Continue»
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Stuck Up s****r In Law

Although my wife and i have been happily married for quite a few years now, it hasn’t stopped me playing around. It was some five years after I married her that I had my first conquest with her older s****r. In fact she has two older s****rs but I will come on to the other later.

Di, my wife and I were invited to a Christmas party at he s****rs house. Shelly and Tony had been together for four years and at times she could be a complete bitch, a right stuck up cow always superior and putting any one down with a flippant remark

Half way through the evening I happened to walk past the front... Continue»
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Scott and Beth

I had met Scott a couple of times and had spoken to Beth on the phone as she watched me jack off on camera. Strangers we hardly were. However, the last time Scott and I had gotten together didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. I intended to change this soon.

After getting back from being gone for 6 months, I was extremely horny. I also was still desiring something that I hadn’t yet had. Unfortunately, I was still an anal virgin. I had played with toys, but that was not the same. I was definitely wanting something more real.

I got onto Yahoo Messenger and was hoping Scott would log... Continue»
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A Warm Sunny Day. Part 1

My name is Josh, I'm 18 years old and had just returned home after my first term at university ,tired and ready to unpack and catch up with a few friends later. It was a warm sunny day, my parents had left earlier for a few days at the coast and I thought that I would do a spot of nude sunbathing in our well screened back garden letting the sunshine warm and rejuvenate my tired body.
I stripped off quickly and lay down on one of the two side by side sunbeds. I could feel the warmth of the gentle sunshine on my naked body. I had brought my MP4 player out with me, I selected some tracks and ... Continue»
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Hook ups in Destin in the 90's part 1

I had the pleasure of taking up in Destin, FL. I actually ended up working in the bar and restaurant. So I will be sharing some of my great times in the 90's . One evening I was closing the bar at a restaurant I worked at and it was the beginning of a the summer. In came a couple regulars that would come in when in town, this time they had 3 collage age girls with them, I soon foun said they wanted to thank med out that one was there daughter and the other two were college friends. They asked me if I was planning on going out and if so would I kind showing them the nightlife? I said of course ... Continue»
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Beautiful yet Ugly

Was feeling a need to fuck a tight pussy one day when I noticed a profile on a guys dating site. A CD with a sleek, rounded ass on top of some very nicely shaped legs. A cute outfit said he cared enough to try, so I flirted and got an invitation to join him. I left work in a hurry and headed to his playpen, he had an RV which was set aside for playtime. I got there, horny as hell. As I approached him, the butt-ugliest face I have ever seen looked out with a scared, almost haunted look. I nearly turned away, but remembered that ass. So, I grilled and went on in.

Ok, his face was ugly, pock ... Continue»
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My partner Phil her teenage daughter Sue and son Sean and I lived in Brighton
We are both bi and love all kinds of horny sexual adventures
When we got together first Phil confessed she loved young cocks and cunts
Her great fantasy was to be fucked by a group of blacks with big cocks
but she had very little experience as her ex husband had dominated her
I told her I loved the same as her as well as older women virtually anyone who fucked well
Philis a tall thin brunette with small pert tities .She has a beautiful arse with plump arse cheeks
and dresses very slut... Continue»
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A surprise at the party - Part 1

I was sitting at my desk, writing, when Ronnie called. She asked me if I was coming to her party and I said no, again. She persisted, saying quite a few of my friends would be there, and tried to convince me to come. I said I would gladly do it some other time, but mentioned I was just barely going to make my deadline. She said she had a surprise for me, but it was not something that could change my mind. So I refused again and hung up. Ronnie was a great reason to attend the party in her own right, divorced and very sexually open, but I had made the choice to focus on work.

It was a good e... Continue»
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Jason grew up in what he thought was an over bearing f****y.
He felt nothing he did was good enough.
The k**s at school made fun of him.
He has always been skinny and slightly shorter than the other k**s.
He has always had a face you want to smother in kisses & a personality you could just hold.
No matter what he did to bulk up nothing seemed to work other k**s were jealous of this and quite often made fun of him.
When Jason reached his teens his cock & balls seemed to grow so there was always a bulge showing in his trousers, the rest of his... Continue»
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she wants it (my first ever part lesbian, part str

I?m James and this story started with an argument between my wife Christy and I about going to Houston for the wedding and reception of her girlfriend Janice. Doesn?t sound so bad except it?s a 6-hour drive each way and personally I think Janice is a bitch, and always have. Well after saying ?NO? a thousand times Christy finally said, ?I?ll make you a deal?. Whenever she says that phrase, I always listen up, because that usually means something will work in my favor involving sex. She said, ?I will be your slave for a night if we can go for the weekend to the wedding.? She knows that I?ve alwa... Continue»
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Cuckold Teen

He got in touch with me and asked me to help him with a fantasy that he had. I replied back and explained that I was straight, but asked him to explain the fantasy, I mean why would a 19 year old lad contact a 40 year old straight guy?
The next message explains it, he is in a relationship with a young pretty 19 year old girl, but he has this fantasy of being cuckolded.
He explained that he wanted me to take his girlfriend, tie her down, punish her physically, or hurt her emotionally by teasing her about how pathetic he was.
Make her desperate, then reward her with pleasure, pleasure he coul... Continue»
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Birthday Present

My birthday came round only three or four weeks after I'd started seeing Ray. We'd slept together a few times but at best that had been ok, nothing special. I didn't think things were going to go on much longer, he just didn't stimulate me enough. Perhaps sensing that I wasn't all that interested he promised me something 'really special' for my birthday. I told him I didn't want him spending a fortune. He smiled and kissed me gently. "It's not expensive," he said, "it's going to be a special present, something personal. A special experience."

Very late on the night in question we g... Continue»
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