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Night time

She was walking down the street late at night when he grabbed her and pulled into the alley. He pushed his hands under her top and cupped her tits with his huge hands. Even his big hands did not cover her large tits. He whispered in her ear "I love those big jugs and especially when you don't wear a bra." He squeezed her tits tight then grabbed her nipples and rubbed them between two fingers. He licked then kissed her neck. He kept one hand playing with her nipple as his other hand lifted her skirt and put his hand on her pussy. He told her "You must like my hands on your titties as that pussy... Continue»
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Beth and Pam working Late, in the Office

Beth and Pam found themselves working late one Friday night in order to catch up with some tasks that absolutely had to be completed by Monday morning. So rather than come back in over the weekend the two women decided to stay as long as it took tonight.

Beth was a 27-year old beauty with long dark hair, a firm body with large, firm boobs. While totally satisfied with her own body, she often caught herself looking over to Pam. Pam was a tall attractive girl, with shoulder length blond hair and a stacked 38-DD bust that caught the attention of men everywhere she went. Beth knew that Pam was ... Continue»
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Gay Sex/Straight Sex

This story is FAKE.

On the night of 4/12/10, It was a silent night, Home alone. I get a call from what I think is a telemarketer, As everyone one else would say "No thank you" Then hang up, I did this. I call over my Girlfriend, Taylor [Current Girlfriend in real life], I ask her if she wants to hangout at my house, She says "Sure baby!". So after 10 Minutes she is there, We walk up to my room and we start playing games and stuff. After 3 Hours of that boring crap I hear another knock at the door, It was someone to fix the house, My parents did tell me ... Continue»
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I Witnessed a Gang-bang...

As I wondered through the back paths of a wooded area, I heard something that seemed rather strange. I stole my way to the area as to where I believed the sound to be coming...

It was under a thicket of a weeping willow tree that I witnessed the gathering of five well built young men. In their midst was one very young and thin boy that was bowed over a fallen tree trunk.

He was naked from the waist down and his feet spread wide apart, his butt crack smeared with a glistening substance. One of the bulging hulks was stroking his massive flaccid penis, with a smile of fulfillment on his ... Continue»
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Just another Night at the Adult Book Store

I went in and there was no one around or at least I thought so. Then hearin' a thumpin' in one of the booths I went in the one next to it. There were two in there playin' and suckin' each other. Both with out cloths on and both with nice size cocks. The must have wanted to be watched or they would have closed the door on the side next to me. The both had about 7 thick one cut and the other not. One had shaved balls and cock hair the other was like a fur patch that you could hardly see his nuts. Both strokin' and suckin'. It was hot just to watch. I did a bit of strokin' to myself.

... Continue»
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Making a movie with mum

Me and my mum both have open sex relationships and both enjoy watching porn together, we share our profile on here and regularly flick through pics and watch videos. We have touched each other and watched each other but we never do full sex. One weekend mum was feeling horny and I said you should go to town and get yourself a young guy to have some fun with.

The following night mum got dressed up and hit the town by herself and I went to the pub, a coupe of hours later I got a text telling me to go home and get the video camera ready, she added she would be home in 20 minutes.
When she tur... Continue»
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My Night Of Being A Dom

Hello, This is my first story. This is a true story of an experience of mine, that happened to me a few years ago and I will write it, as I remember it.
And of how I fell in love with and bacame a dom.
I have changed the names and how we met to respect him and had his permission to write this.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
(Please comment and let me know what you think, the more who tells me, the more I will write).
Thank you

I was at home one day, feeling really horny, so I went on the internet. I went on a site that, I almost always get a meet and said h... Continue»
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Intentionally Naughty

She adjusted her clothing or what little of it there was before she separated the two doors to this pub. Her short dress was slipped up a little higher and her low cut top was pulled lower to reveal two ample heaving breasts. Her breaths deepened and her heart pounded. She pushed the doors in and took in the view inside. The smell of beer and aftershave hung in the air. She knew she was in the right place. Her nice round ass swayed as she moved towards the bar. Her buxom bussoms bounced too. Her long dark hair fell upon her right breast and she lifted it with her slim fingers and threw ... Continue»
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Hot and Fast

It’s a gorgeous day out and we are out driving.  The music is loud and we have lots of open road in front of us.

We are just chatting, and you are watching the road, but I am watching you and I am getting hot. I am wearing a short cargo skirt and a tight tank-top and I'm idly moving my fingers along the bare skin of my upper thighs as I watch you..  The road is flying by as you drive, and I'm sitting beside you, undressing you with my mind.

You glance over and see me looking at you through lidded eyes, biting my lower lip.  My nipples are hard and ready...  You know I'm thinking dirty th... Continue»
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A Good Time in the Woods

Yesterday, after several crap days, the sun was out and the wind had finally dropped. I felt brave enough to go out in t shirt and shorts, and because I was at feeling a bit horny I also wore my favourite jock strap underneath my shorts. At the last minute I put on my steel cock ring. As I put it on I could see a bit of pre cum drying on my cock, there from my porn watching earlier

Soon I was outdoors and in the nearby wood. At last – a really nice day. I was thinking of last year when I enjoyed getting nude outdoors: it was almost warm enough for that today. I could feel my cock hardening ... Continue»
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Continued....My first gay sex

It gave me an amazing sensation, I guess I've never had before as Mark kept pressing on my hard cock. I could feel my hands shivering on his back. I had never thought he would let me...even at my first attempt to seduce him. Encouraged by his response, I started pushing my cock against his back. Our bodies were in direct contact now. I began to caress his neck slowly and lowered my head to his. I guess he could sense the warmth of my breath. I bent and gently touched his neck with my hot and trembling lips. That gentle kiss ran through him as an electric shock and as he sat he grabbed my neck ... Continue»
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Sara's Awakening Part 3

In this part we go back to Sara's point of view. Sara is still remembering the events of the past three weeks since the night she almost caught her dad Mark. This is the morning after and Sara is trying to figure out what is going on with her. She also discovers the real reason for the internet... porn of course. Hope you enjoy!

She finally crawled out of bed at 11 o'clock and made her way to the kitchen for some breakfast. As she made her toast she thought about the night before. The reaction her body had when she felt her dad's body against her's. The way she felt when she kissed him. Wha... Continue»
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In Private

In Private

Margaret lived at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. Her life followed the same routine most weeks, 2 mornings helping out in the local charity shop, Wednesdays coffee and cake in town with her friends, and on a Sunday she attended the 9.30am service at Our Lady's. Nothing ever really happened, life just passed by pleasantly. However, recently things had started to change for Margaret. She had been married 31 years, and although comfortable with sex it had always been with her husband. A husband who didn't like to upset her by expecting to much in the way of, lets say unusu... Continue»
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My first 3 some.

When i was 18, and a senior in high school, I was dating this 19 year old named Amanda. We met at a pep rally, but I'm gonna skip to the good stuff. We had been dating for a year, and she wouldn't put out for me. I was so patient though, and i know she respected and appreciated that. We went to an after party for homecoming together one night, and i thought that would be my chance to get some pussy. There was another girl at the party that i was very attracted to as well, her name was Amber. She was Russian, very little in height and body size, but she was adorable. We started to hang out, dri... Continue»
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She was frustrated.

He’d been very specific with his instructions. She was to drive to the Metro station that night and take the train to the end of the line. Then she was to get in Car 26, stand in the far corner with the broken overhead light, holding the pole, and return to her stop. And she was to wear a short skirt, a sheer cream blouse and no bra or panties.

She’d gone along with it, excited by the adventure and dressing in such a provocative way. When she got on the train her tits had swayed freely, nipples visible to all. It made her feel sexy as hell. And she’d gotten a... Continue»
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amazing night

It’s a typical night at our house, I’m knitting in bed, Chase is watching TV, but we both know whats coming as soon as we decide the k**s are in a deep enough sl**p that we won’t wake them…finally the time comes, and Chase turns off the TV and rolls my way. Immediately he attacks me shoving his tongue deep down my throat and kissing and nipping at my bottom lip while his hands graze up my stomach and knead at my breasts before finally pulling lightly at my nipples, making them both rock hard. Eventually he can’t take it anymore and pulls my shirt up revealing both of my tits, and sucks at ea... Continue»
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Leon and Chris...first time...

Leon and Chris grew up together, living on the same street and playing together most of their c***d hood. They did most everything together, went to the same elementary school and high school. During their summer vacation they would spend time down at their favorite swimming hole.

It was just a tributary that split off from the main river channel and maybe a mile down stream it pooled into a ten feet deep pool. There Leon and Chris would spend most of the day swimming and diving off the bank.

Leon was a better swimmer than Chris and would oft times dunk Chris into the pool and swim aw... Continue»
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Devina in trouble

Devina's in trouble.

I woke up with a start and leaped out of bed.

"Oh god I thought, my Wife is due back tomorrow, and I better clear up
this mess before I go to work today."

The mess was actually quite a lot of womens clothes spread across the
bedroom floor. You see I am a cross dresser, in private I loved to dress
in Womens clothes, slutty tarty clothes, I loved to be dressed as a
slutty whore. But my biggest fetish was to wear Macs and raincoats, all
sorts, any kind, but especially PVC Macs.

Before I was married I used to dress and occasionally go out dressed as
Devin... Continue»
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Tina 3

Just wanted to recap... If you want to know the whole store, read Tina 1 and Tina 2
Tina and I went to a dancing palace with some friends. It was actually Annies (friends) birthday and she had visited the place when she was younger, but nowdays they hardly went out at all. We had stopped in a bar before arriving and I was feeling a bit d***k. The girls and Andy was up to speed and laught and talked a lot. I am not a particulary good dancer and this place seemed to be place for left overs. The guys were old and the girls looked even older. We were probably the youngest couples on site.

I we... Continue»
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Taking It All

Lying naked, spread eagle on the bed. Restraints on his wrists and ankles attached to rope tied to the bed posts. He was blindfolded, but not gagged; she wanted to make sure he could beg. He barely felt the clips on his nipples. He was focused on the throbbing of his balls with the rope wound around the base of them. Mistress was stroking his already hard cock very slowly.

He moaned as she ran her nails across his tight balls, still stroking. He wasn’t sure he could take much more, but knew she would not give him release until she wanted to. He felt her drag her nails down past his balls an... Continue»
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