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Anal Virgin, But Not For Long

I've always been open to trying new things when it comes to sex. I see it as, you don’t know you don’t like it unless you try it. The one thing I have always been against is anal sex. I have never been interested in trying it. There are many reasons why I haven’t. I just don’t see the reason to.

My husband and I have been married for six years, and I want to finally give him the one thing I've denied. That of course is access to my ass. I've put a lot of thought into it. I have even done some reading on it. If done right, it can be just as pleasurable for a woman, as it is for a man. I wa... Continue»
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my diary 3

My Diary, 3


After quite a busy/sexy week I decided to relax this weekend,
so first thing this morning after showering to get rid of the dried cum hubby left on my boob’s I did a quick check on my son-in-law’s room (David ) when he left to go to his mate’s. On the floor next to his bed was my best black wonder bra and by the sticky white mess in the left cup it was obriouse David had been jerking his big cock into it and near filled the cup, it was still very thick and wet and I just had to have a little taste. You can tell he has ... Continue»
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My Son Is My Wife

This is a story I made up so I hope you like it.

Hello there and welcome to my story on how my son became my wife. First let me tell you my name and it’s Sam White and I'm 46 years old and as i said in the beginning I live with my son/wife and his real name is James White but his new name is Jenny White and he is 26 years old and we are happy but that wasn’t the case ten years ago when his mother found out his secret and mine. She found in my son’s room a box of women's clothing that I brought for him when I found him in his mother clothes at age 11 and saw me looking at him when was dress... Continue»
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My first sex with a boy ! Still remember the joy!

I was 16 when basketball team of my school went for a tournament in the next city. We stayed there for three days. A friend of mine was also with the team. We were very fast friends. At night we were chatting, sitting on his bed. It was cold so, I slipped into his blanket. I felt he was erected and rubbing his dick. It made me hard too. After a few minutes I pretended as if I were asl**p and put my hand on his penis. Both of us were shy and reluctant due to our friendly relations. He let my hand on his dick and very gently started moving hither and thither. I slipped my leg into his legs. Ah... Continue»
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Taking what I want

You catch my eye from across the room; we have been looking at each other all night.  I make for the door throwing you a glance over my shoulder, and you get the point and follow me out.  We make our way up the path, your about 30' behind me.  I duck of into small grove of trees, and wait beside a big tree.  As you follow me into the darkness I grab you and push you hard against the tree, my hands going under your coat, my mouth hard on yours.   You respond with ferocity.  I'm pressing up hard against you breathing hard and I move my mouth to your ear and growl into your ear, “I have been watc... Continue»
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One Big Dick Slut...

I had just returned from my even run and was heading to the showers from my dorm room. As I entered the shower room, I heard one of the showers going, figuring that I would know who it was i quickly entered the shower area.

There to my surprise was one of the new students from sub-Saharan Africa. He was turned to face the opening and had soap all over his head and shoulders. Between his legs hung the most massive piece of man meat I had seen in some time.

It wasn't very long, but was as thick as my wrist, uncut with a reddish head poking from under the foreskin. I don't know what took... Continue»
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A day of building

Last weekend me and 3 of my friends decided to go on a road trip. 4 guys in a mini van, hotel rooms, and booze for 3 days. Chris, Tom, Jesse, and myself (Tim). To give you some info on them Chris is 41 and is a retail manager 6' and around 200. Tom is a teacher and is 5'10" about 220 and Jesse is a IT guy who is 6'3" around 220. I am of course Bi and a bottom cum lover.

We got on the road about around 8 a.m. on Friday and planned to drive 9 hours to the Florida line. Chris was driving and Tom in the passenger seat with me and Jesse in the back. Jesse being the IT guy had his Ipad ou... Continue»
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5 women pt 2

The following morning when Penny woke I was fast asl**p to be woken by Penny wanking my now thick hard cock she straddled me lowering her tight slit onto the b**st feeding it in slowly as she would have full control, she moved up and down slowly grinding her hips as she did, Penny started to moan as she gasped she was Cumming I grabbed her hips pushing her down so she had the full length and thickness in her, she started to shake and then cried out as she cum she carried on for a few moments as I moved onto my side and Penny falling onto hers I twisted her onto her back and started to thrust m... Continue»
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Back In The Day

I’m Kamal; Back when I was only 1X years old there was this boy Ryan that lived across the street from me he was the same age as I was and we were good friends, we played together, we laughed together and he and I hung out most days, but the truth was that Ryan and I were more than just friends. It was just my Father and I, I didn’t have any siblings and Ryan had both parents and an older b*****r, but when Ryan or I would myself our houses to ourselves, (most Friday nights) when my dad worked the late shift at the hospital or whenever his parents and b*****r were out, we would do more than jus... Continue»
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big city nights

It was the summer of '93, there's a reason I remember it well It was very hot that July and sbout to get hotter!!

I was dating Jessica and 20 year old nymphomaniac, who was open to anything. Jessie is bisexual, witch was great cause I'm bi as well. Jessica Very hot, nice tits, great ass, shaved pussy(Or cunt, as she would call it)for such as beautiful woman she she had such a dirty mouth when we fucked, nothing was taboo! She gave me awsome bj's sometimes a smoking blow job(my previous story). I'm average cock size. 7 1/2 inch but she made me feel like I was 10 inches. she always talke... Continue»
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One experience with two blak men!

Hello again this is EvA…I am a 40 year old tranny. I do not consider myself a cross dresser anymore, because I am doing that for so long that I have been transformed to a very sexy and feminine lady boy. I have been taking also hormones for 4 years, on and off and I already saw many changes…my boobies are growing, becoming poutier and have sensitive nipples. My skin is sooo soft and my hips are getting bigger giving me a pear figure… I also see changes in my feelings, being more sensitive and sometimes I cry when I watch a romantic movie…haha. One of the biggest changes also is that I am alway... Continue»
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Visiting shemale goddesses

Sexy hung shemales have long been a favourite of mine and over the years i have had several sexy encounters of all kinds. As ive got older it has become more appealing to have these beauties top me if possible. Most ive met have been quite abrupt and arrogant and have suited the top position well. Not every experience has been nice. However my last one was a really nice suprise.
I was in Amsterdam working for a week and had a 3hr slot early afternoon to amuse myself so took a short walk around the red light area. I am a nicely dressed and reasonably decent looking transvestite so find the she... Continue»
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Seeded by BBC

Hi there this is an honest, very explicit account of how i first got hooked into loving and adoring black men. If anyone is interested i will follow this post with my later varied experiences of how this has further developed.

Firstly i am a 40 year old plus transgendered person living in a female role and have done most of my adult life. At the time of this experience i was a very slim size 10 and always spent hours preparing to go out socialising or dating.
Over my adult life I had tried various types of relationship with varied genders and age groups but never felt fully comfortable in... Continue»
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shemale adventure

I was at the bar for the night. relaxing, putting down a couple drinks. I had started talking to another guy at the bar. we had a lot in common. after a good couple of laughs, a woman came up and joined in. we were suprised, she was really hot! we sat around for a cpl minutes, talking and laughing. as the bar was closing, me and my buddy needed to find cabs to get home. the woman offered to give us a lift, and we saw no problem, and agreed. on our way back, she said she wanted to drink more, and I said I had some beer at my place. so we all decided to go there for a little bit.
as we get set... Continue»
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Night time

She was walking down the street late at night when he grabbed her and pulled into the alley. He pushed his hands under her top and cupped her tits with his huge hands. Even his big hands did not cover her large tits. He whispered in her ear "I love those big jugs and especially when you don't wear a bra." He squeezed her tits tight then grabbed her nipples and rubbed them between two fingers. He licked then kissed her neck. He kept one hand playing with her nipple as his other hand lifted her skirt and put his hand on her pussy. He told her "You must like my hands on your titties as that pussy... Continue»
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Beth and Pam working Late, in the Office

Beth and Pam found themselves working late one Friday night in order to catch up with some tasks that absolutely had to be completed by Monday morning. So rather than come back in over the weekend the two women decided to stay as long as it took tonight.

Beth was a 27-year old beauty with long dark hair, a firm body with large, firm boobs. While totally satisfied with her own body, she often caught herself looking over to Pam. Pam was a tall attractive girl, with shoulder length blond hair and a stacked 38-DD bust that caught the attention of men everywhere she went. Beth knew that Pam was ... Continue»
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Gay Sex/Straight Sex

This story is FAKE.

On the night of 4/12/10, It was a silent night, Home alone. I get a call from what I think is a telemarketer, As everyone one else would say "No thank you" Then hang up, I did this. I call over my Girlfriend, Taylor [Current Girlfriend in real life], I ask her if she wants to hangout at my house, She says "Sure baby!". So after 10 Minutes she is there, We walk up to my room and we start playing games and stuff. After 3 Hours of that boring crap I hear another knock at the door, It was someone to fix the house, My parents did tell me ... Continue»
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I Witnessed a Gang-bang...

As I wondered through the back paths of a wooded area, I heard something that seemed rather strange. I stole my way to the area as to where I believed the sound to be coming...

It was under a thicket of a weeping willow tree that I witnessed the gathering of five well built young men. In their midst was one very young and thin boy that was bowed over a fallen tree trunk.

He was naked from the waist down and his feet spread wide apart, his butt crack smeared with a glistening substance. One of the bulging hulks was stroking his massive flaccid penis, with a smile of fulfillment on his ... Continue»
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Just another Night at the Adult Book Store

I went in and there was no one around or at least I thought so. Then hearin' a thumpin' in one of the booths I went in the one next to it. There were two in there playin' and suckin' each other. Both with out cloths on and both with nice size cocks. The must have wanted to be watched or they would have closed the door on the side next to me. The both had about 7 thick one cut and the other not. One had shaved balls and cock hair the other was like a fur patch that you could hardly see his nuts. Both strokin' and suckin'. It was hot just to watch. I did a bit of strokin' to myself.

... Continue»
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Making a movie with mum

Me and my mum both have open sex relationships and both enjoy watching porn together, we share our profile on here and regularly flick through pics and watch videos. We have touched each other and watched each other but we never do full sex. One weekend mum was feeling horny and I said you should go to town and get yourself a young guy to have some fun with.

The following night mum got dressed up and hit the town by herself and I went to the pub, a coupe of hours later I got a text telling me to go home and get the video camera ready, she added she would be home in 20 minutes.
When she tur... Continue»
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