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Her "white bitch" (true story)

A little history to set this up..I'm a married guy who's wife is pretty vanilla when it comes to sex. I thought I could break her of this but to no avail!! So I've had to take matters into my own hands so to speak to satisfy some of my less than vanilla desires.

In my younger years I experimented quite a bit with sex. I tried guys, girls name it! I developed quite a fetish for ass play no thanks to my first wife...But we weren't together long enough to go all the way..And while hooking up with guys was fun, it just isn't quite as hot as having a woman fuck you with a strap on.... Continue»
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...not today...

You come home and walk in the front door and find me in thigh-high boots, a thong and a corset. I let you shut the door behind you and command "On your knees, Slut!". You look down and in one swift move, you grab me by the throat, startling me and instilling even a little fear. You see it in my eyes and I feel your thumb stroke my jaw bone, letting me know, I am safe. You pull me by my throat to you and whisper in my ear "Not today, Bitch." You walk behind me, switching your grip on my neck, but not letting go. I feel you push up against me from behind and you pull my head to the left, as yo... Continue»
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I send you a text and you don't even answer. What kind of a Slut are you? You tell me you are going to be begging me for a story, because your d***k ass has chosen Jim Beam tonight? Like it is only tonight that you want me to call you a sissy-ass bitch?! I don't believe that for a second. As a matter of fact, if I were there with you now, I would wake your pathetic, passed-out ass up, and make you strip down to nothing and dangle a pink thong in front of your nose and watch your dick get rock hard. All I'd have to do is talk of putting you in a skirt and fucking you in the ass and you'd be re... Continue»
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100%'s been a long time...

We are finally alone, after so long. It feels strange... unfamiliar even. We lay down together and hold one another, trying to find closeness. I want you to kiss me... yet I know you don't enjoy it as I do... I kiss your neck instead. You seem to enjoy it... I touch your chest, avoiding your nipples, I know you don't like that either. I rub down your stomach and feel the waistband of your boxers at my pinky. Your skin is still damp from the shower... my t-shirt is the only barrier keeping our skin from touching. I like the feel of your arms around me, but want to be naked with you. You stare u... Continue»
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...making a train... of sorts....

I come home after work. You are seated on the couch, not even getting up when I come in the door. "Wow, can't even get up to greet me? Give me a kiss?". You get up off the couch and walk over, planting a half-assed kiss on my lips. I slap you across the face. "Get on your knees, whore! I just get home from work and THAT is all I get?! I don't fucking think so!" I look down at you, looking back at me, eyes wild. I grab my usual fistful of hair and pull you face to face with me. "You will treat me better, you stupid cunt!" I lick your cheek. "You even taste pathetic! Get naked, Slut." As you und... Continue»
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I'm not sure why... but here you go....

I text you to tell you that I am on my way and to be ready. You trim, you shave and by the time I arrive and let myself in, you are kneeling in the middle of your bedroom, head down, like a good slave. I go to your closet and go through your clothes. I pick out a tank top, a thong, a skirt and a pair of heels and tell you to dress. As you start to put on your thong, I remind you, sissy bitch, to bend from the hips and do it provacatively. You stick your ass out and then sway your prissy little hips as you continue with the skirt and heels, feeling feminine and enjoying it. I sit you down and p... Continue»
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... damn game....

I come home and find you in your usual spot on the couch, playing your game. You are so into it, it seems to be an effort for you to say "Hey" when I walk in. I go upstairs and to my closet. I choose a corset, my strap-on and knee high boots. I will have your attention. I grab the lube, the mask and the handcuffs and proceed back downstairs. I tuck the mask into my corset, drop the lube on the floor, just before I get to the TV. I stand right in front of the screen, allowing the cuffs to drop from my hand, catching them with my finger... allowing a familiar 'clink' to capture your being. You p... Continue»
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...I was waiting for you to come home...

I am at the apartment, waiting for you to come home. You walk in the door, finally, and I command you to your knees. You drop the tools you hold and do as you are told. You want to argue, but cannot. You were looking forward to coming in and having a beer before dinner, but my appetite differs from yours this evening. You have the notion to yell "Ball", but your buzzing asshole keeps you from doing so. I go to the bedroom and get the blindfold. I bring it into the door way where you kneel and place it over your eyes. I make you stand and I take off your shirt. I run my fingers down your naked ... Continue»
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Living with Uncle Jim pt. 4

Monday morning I woke in Jim’s bed still in pain, more so after what he spent hours doing to me the night before. After taking me to see Johnny and making sure I had taken the morning after pill and putting me on a regular pill he told me I would be spending the night in his room. Finally at 4am I was able to go to sl**p so now I was aching all over and really sl**py. I climbed slowly into the shower making sure to wash every inch of myself at least three times before I felt barely clean enough to climb out and get dressed.

"When you get home you will come to my room and wake me." Jim tell... Continue»
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We had now left the hotel and as the road from Davo to CDO was pretty good as far as traffic and weather problems were concerned we made good speed and Renelyn sat as close to me as the front seats would allow for and just made sure that her new mini skirt was showing as much leg as she could manage without me seeing her new pink panties too LOL I was doing my best NOT to become distracted by the way that was sitting? but it was difficult to say the least.

Her hand was running up and down her right legs and I could see that every so often it would go right up under her mini skit then rest t... Continue»
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My Kimmy..

I wrote this as a blog entry for Kimmy, but after reading it, thought it made a good story so posting it here too:

We met and the first thing that struck me about Kimmy was her big eyes.. and short blonde hair. We had talked about our fantasies and what we would do if we met, and decided that we would make our fantasies come true.

She arrived at my place and we were polite and slightly nervous as we got over the first moments of meeting. I saw her pictures online, a young hot girl of 19, and now I knew I was going to get that chance..

After a while of chatting, I decided to end the c... Continue»
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Dirty sex in an alley

This story was inspired by a cyber fucking I had last night...xxxx

we are in a night club on the crowded dance floor. I'm dancing my ass off, in a clingy dress, my bra is showing, im sweaty. the drinks have been flowing all night as its so hot in here. I take my water bottle and pour some on my chest to cool off. Showing my very ample chest for everyone to see, I have my back to you grinding my butt against your crotch. i can feel your cock growing againts my ass cheeks, your hands are caressing my hot sweaty body. I feel your hands move around your waist as you kiss and bite my neck. ... Continue»
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Old man thomas

It was just a normal story day, me and my s****r sunbathing in the front garden letting lads ust stair at us, felt good, the next door neighbor came up hes about 50-60 plus walking his dog wearing joggers and a top, any way my s****r and i was talking to him saying we look sexy and that then i noticed that in his jogger pants he was getting hard, i was inpressed and i couldn't blame him for that, but what got to me the most is that it never stopped growing i mean it kept getting harder and it came down his pants, i mean it was serious length, so i whispered to my s****r kayleigh and told her b... Continue»
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Girls night

So I have to share what happened last night. It started out like every other last Friday of the month, girls night. Every month on the last Friday, my wife invites a bunch of her girlfriends over to hang out, watch movies, and drink. I also look forward to these nights because I get to go out with the guys to a bar and don't have to worry about what time I come home. I also like it because my wife has some really hot friends.

My wife is about 5'2" and very petite. She has a great rack and an even better ass. I have been wanting her ass since the first day I saw her! My wife has fri... Continue»
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Happy 2013 Newyear

by Peter Leo.
approaching the door of our suite, with key in hand, i think with a frown how late business took me and that you’ll be fast asl**p. so knowing my fate, with the stealth of a cat burglar, i quietly slip the key into the lock of the knob. pushing the door open i enter soundlessly. wanting, but not wanting to wake you. i listen in hopes that you aren’t sl**p. but as i make my way into the darkened room, i see your cloths strewn over a chair near the bed. making out your soft steady breathing, that of someone lost in dreamland. “damn”, i mumble.
... Continue»
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Anl experience 5/27/2013

The night all started when i decided I was gonna play with my self. His Strict word was I AM NOT ALOUD UNLESS ITS HAND. I tough i would test him. First he decided to Duck tape me. Witch After i decided to struggle alil bit i was able to get my hands out of it. He decided to cuff my hands behind my back. I behaved at that point. I feel asl**p and he got some of his thing done that he need to do. When i woke up, I can say I decided to be a brat and try to use my foot to play. It seemed like he got a lil frustrated, He chained me down to the bed on my belly arms apart and feet together. What i di... Continue»
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3 Some with cuz and GF

So it starts off like this...

My cousin (whom from previous stories ive had sexual relations) needs a place to stay for the night and ive asked my gf if she can stay. Now my gf is wary as she is well aware of went on before due to my cousin phoning me one night demanding sex and talking filthy to me. After persuading my gf to allow her to stay the night we agree we would meet her half way at a sporting event i was participating in. I look over and i see my cousin and my gf standing side by side chatting away getting to know one another. The event finishes i get changed and ask them if they ... Continue»
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Заказал в сексшопе несколько пробок,разного диаметра для своей попки. Все они были довольно маленькими, с вибраторами, присосками, пупырышками и т.д. Потом заказал пробки большим диаметром, и прыгал на них в любое свободное время, получая чумовое удовольствие!

Со временем растрахал свою задницу и привык к пробкам настолько что практически не вытаскивал 8сантиметровую в диаметре штуковину из своей попки. Ездил на машине гулял и практически все делал с ней! Несколько раз знакомился с девушками, но все заканчивалось при первом сексе, когда я просил погладить или засунуть одну из игрушек в мою... Continue»
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Beautiful Brunette - Sexy Start - Fast Forward
One night, completly unexpected, cute Kristina wrote me a message: "Do you like tee girls?"
T-girls? ... "If it's teen girls you mean, yes please dear! Why do you ask me here, now?
How did you fish my profile out of this ocean of weirdos? You know, you make me curious!"

We started to talk a lot, like a hundred hot lines in two hours time. I like her honesty.
As always with all girlfriends, I do most of the messaging. She reacts fast. I like that.
In between she uploads a few more photos to a gallery of five photos I started to comme... Continue»
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Sable In The Stable

I'm in the house taking a small break. I happen to go to fetlife and read that Sable, my sub, read and interesting story (about texting while driving and being punished for it) and commented that she speeds a lot and does text while driving! I also see she was texting on fetlife. As we all know the text is much smaller than regular text messages. Thus making it harder to drive correctly! I am NOT pleased.

We live in a beautiful house with many acres of land. I have some farm hands that I've sent to fix some fencing on the outskirts of the land. So I can have some uninterrupted quality time ... Continue»
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