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Mary has a friend

Mary was often bragging about me, my cock and my abilities to her friends. I would often hear them saying things and giving me the eye. One of her co-workers seemed to live vicariously through Mary. Linda would ask Mary daily at lunch about her sex life with me. One day Linda was questioning the truth of Mary's story. Mary suggested to Linda that she should just fuck me and find out just how good I was. Mary made the offer just to shut Linda up, but to her surprise Linda took her up on it.

They talked some more over the next few days. Mary wanted to be there, but Linda said no to that. She... Continue»
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Case #27 "b*****rly Love"

*Every two weeks I hold a Group Therapy Meeting,for people that had sexual experiences when they were young. This story is based on case #27. Only the names have been changed.*

"Hurry up,or I'm gonna be late!" My little br-other urged me.
"Here. Let me help." He whispered,then shoved my hand aside so he could wrap his lips around the head of my cock as he jerked me off.
"Mmmmm,thogoood! ILubit! Mmm,Ummm,UMM! NOW!" He said,and yanked the front of his underwear out so I could shoot my cum all over his stomach,little pink dick and ball sack.

He was panting almost as hard as I was,as I emp... Continue»
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How i lost my virginity part 2 !

Allright let's continue and get it to the good details :)

The stranger was kneeling behind me and spreading my asshole, he just spitted in it and good feel his warm spit inside of me. I loved that feeling, it make me forget that i was actually going to have a guy in his 40's fuck me up the ass. It didn't matter anymore at that point , i was way too horney and got passed the blockade in my mind.

Stranger : Can i finger him a bit ?
Esther : Sure no problem, he's all cleaned up.

The stranger gently touched the middle of my gape with his finger. It instantly got sucked in and it made ver... Continue»
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my best friends pregnant friend

so just moved in to my new place not even a week has past and i am laying in bed and i get a text from my best freind steph asking can i do her a major favour
so i reply sure, within seconds i get a text back can me and a freind come over?, again i reply sure no probs and text her my new address, i get a text back saying we
are close by so wont be long, shit i think best get dressed so i throw on some shorts and head to my front room to wait for em.

5 mins passes and then there's a knock at my door, i go to the font door and open it standing there is my friend Steph wearing what looks l... Continue»
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The Silent Threesome

You have come over to my house expecting some dinner, hanging out and some sex. We have a nice gourmet dinner that I have cooked, a good bottle of wine and are feeling mellow. There are no lights in the room but the fireplace and candles We take our brandy start to cuddle on the couch in front of the nice warm fire. I tell you to get undressed ”I’m going to give you a massage” .I lay down a couple of sheets in front of the fireplace and bring some scented oil, warming it over a candle. I ask you to put on a blindfold so you can concentrate on nothing but the feeling of the massage. You la... Continue»
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A night of suprises. PRT 1

I lived in Leeds for a few years back in 2000. One night I went on a gay chat line. I was feeling extremely horny and wanted some cock fun, if that could be sorted. Within minutes of recording my introduction message I had a few replies.

One in particular got my interest and we started swapping messages. He was a white top with what turned out to be a thick/throbbing/veined 9.5 love muscle! We arranged to meet up. He said he would take me to a men only sauna here in Leeds. I didn't know there was such a place in Leeds.

Martin picked me up at the appointed time/place. We made small talk ... Continue»
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Losing my anal virginity part 1

Another story that will get you in the right mood :) I'll tell you abouthow i actually got a thing for being assfucked and who helped me with that.

A few years ago i met this red-headed chubby chick (chubby in the good way) that was pretty kinky. I knew had loads of gay friends and people claimed that she was was bi.She had her tongue pierced, a few tattoo's, double d breasts and a big round butt, even tho a little fat very popular with the guys and i felt very lucky being able to lick her pussy and ass on a daily base. She was a dominate lady and the sex went real far, we experimented with... Continue»
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Favor for my neighbor, Part 1

*This is 100% fictitious*

I had just gotten home from work when I saw my neighbor, Karen. Karen is 43, with chestnut colored hair and matching eyes. She's probably 5'5", and in good shape, she has 36D breasts. She was just coming out of her house as I pulled in my driveway. I got out of the car and went to the mailbox, she made her way over to me. After a few moments of small talk she asked if I could hook up her entertainment system. Since her divorce she has asked me to do some odds and ends around her house, mostly I think she's lonely. Her daughter just finished her freshman year of col... Continue»
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Annual Physical

"Right this way" a pretty blonde nurse tells me as she leads me from the waiting room into an exam room in the doctor's office.

"Ok, everything off except your underwear and the doctor will be right in." she says.

"Alright," I say and begin to strip when she closes the door to leave.

I pull of my shirt, jeans, shoes and socks. I think I'm a nice looking guy, not fat or skinny just pretty average body covered with hair on my chest, legs and groin. The typical blonde, blue-eyed twenty six year old boy next door.

I sit on the padded exam bed and wait. And wait.

"This doc sure ... Continue»
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Exchange student...continued

Omagelia said something in his native tongue and they all laughed, Omagelia translated for me '...I told him not to choke you to death, we want to enjoy you all night...' Omagelia slid his humongous shaft back till only the mammoth head was in my bung hole than would slid the entire length of his man hood back till his pubic hair was pressed into my buttcrack.

The pain was immense and I thought that each time he did so I would pass out, if not from the pain from lack of air. Omagelia spoke hastily and the guard in my mouth pulled his tool from my aching lips and stepped aside, the other g... Continue»
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I know what i am!

Hi i wanted to get a story onto this site and i am afraid i have fast tracked a bit... the story is true and it is one of mine, but i first wrote it to post on another site. I have just lifted it from that site and reposted it here, so if you have read it before i do apologise....... if you havent read it then i hope you enjoy it and i would love to hear your comments!

Hi , I am linda, alot of you will know me from the chat rooms and maybe some of you have read some of my stories on here already. i havent written anything for a while , i have been trying to put something together that has b... Continue»
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The Husband

She was late getting home as she had spent the whole afternoon with the young boy next door. She loved his young sexy body and fucking him was the high light of her day. He also loved her natural big tits and round ass. She loved it when he licked and kissed her ass then spreading her wide open and fingering her pushing four fingers deep in her ass before he rammed his cock deep in her sexy asshole. Today she covered his face in her cum as he ate her pussy for the longest time. Then he laid on top of her as he licked and sucked on her bald snatch and rammed his cock down her throat. She loved ... Continue»
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Teen Butt Fucked and USED like a WHORE

This is a story about when I was just starting high school and didn't know any

I still wasn't old enough to even get a learners license to drive a car and had

never really had any sexual experiences at all except by jerking off in the

bathroom at my mom and dads house. I would take a couple of copies of my

dad's porn mags, go in the bathroom and jerk off to the pix. One time, I even

tried eating my own cum just to see what it tasted like...LOL!
Anyway, one day, I was at the house and heard some strange noises coming

from my neighbors house who lived right
... Continue»
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Crossdressing at the cinema

I placed an advert on Craigslist as I fancied something new. I'd been crossdressing for a while and had met a few people for fun but wanted to try something a bit more exciting. My advert was looking for someone to meet in public for sex with me dressed in lingerie.

A few replies came but the one that caught my eye wanted to meet in an adult cinema in London near city road. I heard of this place and fancied trying it out. We agreed to meet at 11am in a coffee shop nearby and go to the cinema together as we thought it would be relatively quiet.

On the day I decided to wear my white hold... Continue»
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Exchange student...continued

My hands were at his thighs trying to push him away as he pulled my head to him. Finally, Omagelia moaned and held my head still. I thought that he was going to blow his load, but instead he slowly pushed my head back as I greedily closed my lips tightly around his throbbing member. I opened my eyes and looked up into his smiling face as Omagelia said '...we go to bed now and consume our friendship like true friends...'

As we left the bath, Omagelia walked behind me his elongated members head nestled in the crevice of my buttocks, I was trembling with anticipation as we moved across the f... Continue»
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Free Surgery

Jan looked in the mirror at her naked body. She needed some work done if she was ever going to get into porn movies. The studio told her she needed bigger tits that her size C. Also that puffy pussy lips were what the men liked to see now days. She knew she needed some work but had no money. She decided to talk to Dr. Ron Smith to see if they could work out something. She called his office and made an appointment for the next day. She was hoping this would work and she could get some plastic work done.

The next day in the office he asked her what she needed done and she told him "I want to ... Continue»
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How To Fuck A Dirty Whore, Like An

Carl lay on his back on his palatial bed. He was lying naked. His body freshly oiled and taut after the workout. His big thick cock was erect and throbbing. He had a glass of champagne in his hand and was sipping it gently, savoring the dry fruity taste of and the sight in front of him.

Standing over his naked body was An, the dirtiest, nastiest whore in the world. She was a cum hungry nasty slut whore who loved to get fucked like a pig. And that of course made her Carl's most favorite girl in the world. He just could not get enough of this bitch. He wanted to fuck her and lick her and suck... Continue»
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Exchange student...

It was my junior year of high school, there was an exchange student program between our school system and under developed countries. I was summoned to the front office and introduced to a student from nation of Liberia.

He introduced him self as Omagelia Ado, it was his first trip to the USA and his second out side of his country of origin. I was to show him around the school and have him back at the office no later than the start of the last class. There was a car there to pick him up and transport him back to his embassy.

The next day I was to take charge of Omagelia, and get him ba... Continue»
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My friday night sub training. Who else wants to se

My Friday, 26 July 2013

It was set. I had agreed to push her hard. She believed she'd fuck me silly and leave me broken while she remained horny. I laughed. She'd underestimated me and had assumed my abilities to make this strong willed woman my sub were all talk. I looked forward to breaking her.

She met me as arranged at the designated time. Our conversation was comfortable, yet formal. Perfectly civilised to any of the numerous people watching or walking by. And they were watching. She is a milf. A very pretty blonde one at that. Who dresses to accentuate her assets. And they are wi... Continue»
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Hot To Trot Mary Meets Her Pool Guy

NOTE: (This fictional story is based on a chat session I had with “HotToTrotMary” and based on her comments and fantasies about having a “pool guy”. This is told from her point of view.)

My honey and I just got married after he came back from Afghanistan for the last time. He only has a couple of weeks left in his current enlistment; then he is all mine. To celebrate our wedding, instead of a fancy wedding, which I didn’t want anyway, he bought us a really nice house on 1 acre of land with the forest on three sides. Besides not having next door or rear neighbors, the best part of the hous... Continue»
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