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Straight Guy's Gay Fantasy - Swimming Pool Sh

Let me set the scene. This story takes place in a public swimming pool and involves Jake and Greg. Jake is a young gay guy, medium height and skinny build. Greg is a young straight guy, tall and stocky.

It was late on a summers evening, Jake and Greg were swimming in the local pool. It was almost closing time, Jake and Greg were the only people remaining in the pool. As Greg stood at one side of the pool catching his breath, he noticed Jake getting out of the opposite end. Jake was wearing tight swimming shorts which left little to the imagination. Greg starred at Jake who seemed to be get... Continue»
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sissy fucked by two big men until i was sore and m

I got to know these two guys at work, they were sporty and worked out. I used to listen to there talk on a Monday about the girls they had fucked over the weekend. I thought they were a couple of macho strait guys into girls and that was it. All the time, under my trousers and shirt and tie, I was wearing stockings, pink satin sissy panties and a lacy bra. Im a sissy! What more can I say, when I get home I take off my trousers and horrible black socks and shoes and put on my blue satin Alice in wonderland dress, white sissy ankle socks and pretty black high heel shoes! I put my wig and make up... Continue»
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about 2 months ago, after 15 years of being bi-curious but not just curious I knew I wanted gay sex/bisex lifestyle in short 2 months ago finally got guts went to spa excess in Toronto, and got to suck my first cock in gloryhole room, 2 months have been shy to try again

Last night I finally got guts went back to spa excess in Toronto again, totally unaware it is pride week. I got to spa excess around 7pm, place was getting busy. I feared getting caught so quickly booked/rented a room on top floor next the dark gloryhole room where all the action happens top floor!

I got to my room fast i... Continue»
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My Teen Hitchhiking Experience – Part II &nd

I spent pretty much all weekend just getting high and jacking off and thinking about last Friday night. I did go shopping and buy myself some clothes on Saturday since Mark had given so much money and I usually spend all my money on weed. I kept looking at the card in my wallet with Mark’s gate code on it and I wished it was Friday night already.

Finally Friday night had arrived and my mom tried to get me to go out to dinner with her, but I told her I had plans to eat at my friends Jason so I managed to leave by 5:30 so I could make the short walk to Mark’s townhouse by six. I arrived and... Continue»
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My Uncle Showing Me How Beautiful I Am, BBW

This is another fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

My name is Ashley and I have always been the quiet type of person because I have always been very sensitive of my looks. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a pretty face from what I am told but I am fat and as much as I try to diet and exercise the weight seems to not wanna go away. I had asked a couple of boys from school out on a date but I always got a "No" answer so it got to the point where I just stayed at home in my room trying to avoid the outside as much as possible. My mom and dad wanted me to get out of the hous... Continue»
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She Took His Cherry....Twice

david had been in chastity for roughly two weeks, and overall Mistress Malice was pleased with the results. He was more focused and compliant than when his training began; however, there was one thing that she viewed as a negative aspect of retiring his penis. He was now enjoying anal sex a bit too much because that was the only sex she gave him.

Mistress Malice was the one who took david's cherry on their first date. He didn't like the idea at first, but she got him d***k and by the end of the evening he was willing to try anything. She was gentle and used a small phallus, but david d... Continue»
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Out of this world Part 3

Out of this world Part 3

As we approached Kemon II, I saw the ruins of Kemon One for the first time; the planet was
completely destroyed. Orbiting the ruins of Kemon One, was the Earth sized space station, Kemon II.

‘Wow Kemon II looks a lot like the space station in Star Trek Deep Space 9’ I though to myself, as we started our final approach for docking.

“Welcome to our home,” Nookumick said as our ship docked with the Kemon II.

“Follow me, I’ll e****t you to your stay room for your stay with us,” He said with a smile on his face.

“Wow, so this is what it’s like to be at a d... Continue»
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Step Daughters First Anal Experience

I have been fucking my step-daughter Angie for about two months now. He mother, Carol knows it and it is fine with her as long as I have time for her. Now to tell you the truth I have grown to prefer Angie over her much older mother. After all, Angie is a very hot sexually charged twenty two year old. The best way I can begin to describe her is to mention her fabulous tits. Her breasts were huge in comparison to her slim 110 pound frame. Angie knew it and was always flashing her set of 34C’s by wearing low-cut or tight outfits that accented her cleavage. This combined with her thin body, perfe... Continue»
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"Nightime Action" Part 2

Part 2:
The morning after I met Greg, I woke up alone in my apartment hoping that somehow he would be there lying next to me on my bed. I knew that I had to see him again, so I went out to that club we met in later on that night. I made sure I had on my extra short mini skirt and a tight top which pronounced my nearly perfect, plump breasts being held up by my sexy looking, silky bra. From behind, it was easy to get a peak at my thong which allowed a seemingly unrestricted view of my bare ass from underneath my skirt while I walked, each cheek wiggling up and down. My ass was just barely cove... Continue»
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Home For The Holidays

The light brown hair slid down off of Sondra's back, a little more with every thrust. Her white blouse contrasted with the hair but it was so nice to see as it slid off of her back and shoulders exposing more of her white blouse. Now it just hung on the right side of her head like some kind of weird colored rope. Her blouse was slowly sliding down to her shoulders exposing her white skin. It was a very beautiful white and every once in a while a round brown mole like an island in the middle of the great pacific ocean. Her back spread out before me curved down to towards the mattress as she tri... Continue»
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Who would have thought

We sat there naked on the couch trawling through the porn. The conversation was light and fiull of innuendo . We both had semi-erections and enjoyed the young lovelies appearing on the screen but then up came a young guy with a nice stiff cock and slim, tanned body.

I could feel the bl**d start to surge in my cock. Oh no, don't do this I thought and tried to fight the erection. Then Roy chose another of the same guy, from behind this time, his balls hanging nicely, his hole begging to be poked. My cock stiffened as I thought about my tongue on his arse. No, no!.

And then another, from th... Continue»
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Taking my Anal temperature, with Daddies Cock

I was a girl of menstrual age, in the bloom of my youth, with barely a hair on my pubis, a tantalizingly thin fleshy line, curving between my thighs and ending at my buttocks, my back-door, as daddy explained, 'Not one that could be unlocked with a key, my sweet darling', he whispered into my nervous ear, as he smeared his cock with oil, and my anus with butter, 'No daddy', I replied, resigned to my duty, holding my pert cheeks open, and burying my head and teeth into my pillow.

I was the oldest daughter of three girls, both my s****rs equipped, like myself, to pleasure that part of men, of... Continue»
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The Hot Nurse

I had been in the hospital just over a month now. Up until this point I drifted between conscious and semi-conscious. I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Then she spoke, so sweet, so kind. We carried on a bit, I had a bad habit of tormenting my nurses once I started coming around. As I thought about her later that night my cock grew hard. Even though I had a catheter in I stroked my cock a bit. Before long I had sticky pre-cum oozing out around the catheter tube. Not knowing what the consequences might be I decided against cumming with it in. I licked pre-cum ... Continue»
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My Teen Hitchking Experience

My Teen Hitchhiking Experience

It was my freshman year and I already I sold pot because of some of my s****rs’ older boyfriends gave me good deals since they wanted to fuck my s****rs. My mom went out of town for the weekend and left me $60, and we had already made a trip to the grocery store so I had plenty of food.

I called my dealer and told him I was on my way after I take a shower. He told me I had to hurry since he has to go to work. I had just come from running and I was wearing only a pair of shorts and my gym shirt since I run track after school even though I am not on the tra... Continue»
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Girlfriend on Loan Part Four

Girlfriend on Loan
Part Four
The Dessert


Cumming inside someone else’s girlfriend has that extra little sense of naughtiness that makes it feel that little more dirty so it’s even better than normal and she certainly isn’t complaining, her hot body sprawled out on the bed, I can see her ribcage rise and fall like a pair of bellows as I gently pull by shaft from her hot wet embrace. “Oh no! Stay!" Such a tight fit that I feel it twang as my head pops out... Continue»
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Hate Fuck

I told myself that I wouldn't. I promised myself that I was done with
her. This bitch-this lying, manipulative, emotional, seductive cunt-had
ruined my life. I was done with her. My life had been okay before her.
Meeting her had shattered my illusions of happiness and brought me to a
place lower and darker than I ever thought possible. She had ruined my
love life, my friendships, my connection to my f****y, and my career. But
she was irresistible.

Alexis wasn't beautiful. No one would ever mistake Alexis for a model.
Alexis wasn't my type. Everyone who knew me and... Continue»
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A Girl's Story (aka: A Slut's Story)

So... the guy I'm with really liked the idea of sharing me and seeing me fucked by a group of guys. I'd never done anything like that before, but thought of it alone made me soak my panties, so after talking about it for a while, we decided we would try it. We didn't specifically decide on when or with who or anything, just sometime in the near future. He decided to surprise me. Two of his friends loved the idea of gangbanging me and a couple of days later, they came over to play some games and hang out. I didn't know what he'd planned, but I noticed them eyeing me like a piece of meat the who... Continue»
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Lizvette chapter: Denver, first night, part 3

I pried Lizvette's warm, baby smooth ass cheeks apart with my tongue and tasted again her musty sweet flavor. My mouth watered so much that my saliva rolled down from between her crack and puddled on the blanket where her little ass rested. "Daddy... Go deeper," she said. She lay on her left side with her legs tucked up against her tummy and her hands between her thighs. I put my hand on her hip and with my thumb lifted her top cheek to reveal her puckered little asshole, dark and smooth and wet, slightly open and waiting for my tongue to dive in. With my nose pressing against her top cheek an... Continue»
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Chapter One

I had been sent out of town to work out some problems in another office. When I my flight arrived I was met by a woman from the local personnel office who introduced herself as Nicole. She explained that she would drive me to my hotel and then to work the next day. After a tour of the office she was show me to the furnished apartment that had been arranged for me. Then we would pickup a rental car and she would turn me loose to buy some groceries and get settled in.

I was single and perpetually horny so I naturally sized her up. She was okay looking, not really pretty but ok... Continue»
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Divorced s****r ki chudai

Ye didi ki chudai kahani kuch din purani hai mere ghar relatives aaye the jisme se ek meri cousin didi bhi thi, unki umar 29 saal hai magar unka diavorce ho gaya hai jiske kaaran wo apne parents ke saath rehti hai, wo dikhne me sundar hai aur unki figure bhi mast hai ek dam patakha, jisko dekh kar kisi ka bhi dil oh i mean lund dhadhak jaye ;) unka naam hai kavita. Jese ki mene batay wo log humare ghar rukne aaye to humne din ke samay kaafi masti kari aur khoob baaten kari unhone mujhse meri girl friend ke baare me bhi poocha magar mene bhi ek alag kahani sunai kaha ki mera breakup ho gaya hai... Continue»
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