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Chapter 1 - The beginning

After turning 18 I wanted to tape myself with my bf at the time. We had been fooling around before of course but turning 18 is so dramatized that I felt I had official permission to be a slut. No need to hide behind closed doors, behind foggy car windows, turning off the lights and hiding. I hated hiding my sexuality. I hated hiding the fact that I wanted cocks to slap me on the face. I hated hiding and wiping all the cum that ran down my face, my thighs, ass and pussy. I was tired of hiding.

After celebrating with my girls, I decided to visit my bf. I called but he didn't answer. Assumi... Continue»
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Celebrity Sluts: Part 1 - Jennifer Lawrence and El

Celebrity Sluts:

Part 1- Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks

Jennifer Lawrence became an international star overnight, earning universal critical acclaim, winning an Oscar and making millions. There were some downsides to this fame and to being in the public eye. Especially her private life becoming public... and her sex life.

Jennifer was on set filming the last part of the Hunger Games series. After filming finished Jennifer returned to her hotel which was luckily close to the set. Her room was directly next to her co-star's room; Elizabeth Banks. Jennifer knocked on her door afte... Continue»
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Wife gangbang - fantady

We have been married for 12 years and with one c***d it is hard to get alone as often as we did when we were first married. We had been spending more and more time apart so much so that my wife believed I was having an affair as I was always home late from work and always seemed tired. Although she had no real proof I have to admit that she was right. Well it wasn't exactly an affair but I had ended up fucking a work colleague which I must admit I felt really guilty about but I guess the thrill was exciting but I knew it was wrong. I felt that we would have to do something about our distancing... Continue»
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CATHLEEN. PART 4 . by special request

CATHLEEN. PART 4. By special request.
It was Colleen who had delivered the message herself. After she put the note on my desk, she bent down and whispered in my ear “I miss you”. Even though it was not loud enough to be heard by my neighbours, it was a dangerous and crazy thing to do. I gave her a frozen smile.
The other female clerks suspected what was going on but they couldn’t do anything, especially since I didn’t receive any special treatment or rise in salary.
The note said to call Alanis. At break, I used a phone in an empty office. Alanis just said Helen wanted to see me badly and ... Continue»
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Vacation ing with two friends.

This past summer my wife and I took a couple of days off and headed to Panama city Beach. We got checked in and decided to lay down and relax after the six hour ride. I woke up after about a two hour nap to find out I was alone in the bed. I had a piss hard on and headed to the bathroom. I pushed the door open and there in the tub was my wife and she was relaxing with her eyes closed.I started pissing without first speaking thinking she was asl**p. She spoke to me with opening her eyes. She asked if I felt like going to eat. I said yes I'm hungry , lets hit Harpoon Harry's. She agreed she love... Continue»
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RoadToGlory: MilfHunt - Marise (57yr) [Chapter 1]

This is my first time writting a story, so i hope you enjoy it. I do appreciate comments and feedback!

This is a short story about giving a kind mature lady for what she deserves.

Note: Name has been changed in the story.

Name: Marise
Age: 57
Height: ~175cm
Weight: 48kg
Breast: A cup
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

I've first met Marise a few weeks after starting my new job. She was introduced to me as an admin staff that will be handling all the paper work in the office. Marise was a rather mature lady but has... Continue»
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Getting to the Point.

Like anyone I can have my ‘bad’ moods. In my case, being a little conflicted and gender confused, it popped up once too often. A few months after Jack and I started dating – actually it was a true relationship by then – there was a period of adjustment needed; I didn’t see it but he did and, being a man, acted to put things back on track for us. It wasn’t the last time…

We’d gone out for a nice dinner and I’d been a real bitch from the very beginning. I was just having a bad day and took it out on everyone. We had gone to our usual nice place and I was even being hard to deal w... Continue»
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Donna Gets Delight

I'd just become newly divorced after twenty four years of marriage. I let my husband keep the house. I just wanted out and far away from him. I moved to Houston, Texas. My two k**s were all grown and on their own. I needed a change, and a new man.

My name is Donna, just an average looking gal. I'm five foot five, brunette, have 38C boobs, medium build but not flabby. I started a new job working in retail as a saleswoman. I found me a nice small apartment that I could afford. Six months after my move I only had one date, and it didn't go well. I really hated being single at that moment.
... Continue»
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Husbands Panties Lead To A Surprise (Panty, Butt p

This weekend actually took place about 4 months before Steve's business trip to Las Vegas. It was suggested by someone on Literotica who likes to read about the panty play that my husband and have enjoyed together for almost the last year. This all started with a funny idea and a single pair of panties I bought Steve on a shopping trip together and it has turned into a part of our daily routine (a very good part).

Steve was wearing panties everyday of the week at this point. We had shopped for panties for him together a couple of times, I had sent him on a couple trips to the mall with ord... Continue»
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The Look-a-Like

I was out walking when i say this girl that i had seen around a lot lately. She happens to look exactly like my wife's s****r Claire. About 5'8, ratty brown hair, heavy/stocky, same style glasses, pudgy cheeks, big nostrils, ample boobs. My wife is better than her in almost ever regard except one: Claire has a huge, sweet, fat, butt. I have to check myself not to slap it every time i see her.

"Hello," I said to the girl as we walked past each other. I introduced myself and explained she looked like my s****r-in-law.

"Well, that's useful. Mind if i walk with you?" she asked

"That... Continue»
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The training begins


My friend Al called round this morning. We'd been fuckbuddies off and on for a few years but the snatched hours we had had were always filled with quick, crazy, messy and dirty sex leaving  little time for exploration of our fantasies. Now I'd split from my long term boyfriend, Al seized the opportunity to cheer me up a little. We'd never discussed anal sex in any great depth before but we both knew that arse fucking was something he had longed to do with me and vice versa. Last night I told him I was so fed up and frustrated I felt the only thing to shake me out of it would be a... Continue»
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Finally Wearing His Panties Again (Rimming, Dildop

For the past sixteen months, my sex life has been scaled back to what I would call "ordinary." My husband and I moved to Hong Kong with our c***dren for a temporary assignment with his company that ended just two weeks ago. We decided before we left home that it would be best to leave our fetishes behind because we would be closely "supervised" by our host country. That's not to say the sex was not good, but it sure didn't reach the levels of pleasure that we had discovered in the previous three years. For those of you who have read some of my previous encounters, you will understand exactly w... Continue»
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Serving the Mistress

The phone rang four times.

Hello can I speak to Igrid please.

This is Ingrid, a well modulated sexy voice replied.

Ingrid, you have a bridal gown advertised in the newspaper, can you tell me
something about it.

Yes, its very beautiful; The top is satin and quite tight to mould to your
figure. The sleeves are very puffy at the top and can be worn on or off the
shoulder. They have a little ruffle tied with ribbon that hangs down. I wore
the gown with tight elbow length gloves, cut away at the fingers and
trimmed with lace.

How about the skirt, He asked consulting... Continue»
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Husband's Horny Ass (bi-male, MMF)

"Would you like some ass fucking?"

"Well yes," I said, "I didn't think you wanted it."

Jane gave my ass cheek a little squeeze.

"Dave, I think you've got it backwards," Jane said. " The ass fucking is for you."

"No, I don't roll that way," I answered her.

"Dave, are you sure?" Jane answered, "because someone with as horny an ass as you have should try it at least once."

Jane is my wife of 5 years. She is so beautiful and sexy. I'll try to describe her and do her justice. Jane is 31 years old and is 5' 9" tall. Jane has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wears her ... Continue»
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New Panties For Him With A Twist

Almost two months passed before my husband Steve and I had any appreciable amount of time alone since his business trip to Las Vegas. We have been married for years, but just last year, we discovered his love of panties and other sexy pieces of women's lingerie. Yes, he loves it when I dress up in a little babydoll and matching panties, but what really turns him on is when I turn the tables and dress him up the same sort of skimpy lingerie.

He's been wearing panties exclusively for the last year and our sex life has never been better. I had him organize all of his panties last night before ... Continue»
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Happy Marriage #2 (bi-male)

Well, our marriage just keeps getting better. My wife and I love that I'm submissive and that I was bi-curious. I say I was bi-curious, because my wife set me up to realize I am truly bisexual. After begging her to use me like a sissy slut with a strap on, she not only treated me like a slut with her strap on, she happily watched me with another man.

She set me up with her best friend, Kathy and her husband Tom. On Halloween night, my wife watched as I sucked Tom's cock, swallowed his sperm and then got ass fucked while she made love to her girlfriend. The whole time I was dressed in slutty... Continue»
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The real me..

Finding the real me

I live in Perth, Western Australia and go to a place called Perth Steam
Works. It's a small building down a side street and not much to look at.
It's a place where Gay men can go, it's clean, discreet and unobtrusive.
I don't consider myself gay as I have no interest in men that is until I
am dressed. Is this the same for all like us?

I have been there a few times with the sole purpose of getting it off
with men. Normally I take all my gear with me in a bag and change there
but it's difficult because there are no changing rooms, or none that I
have seen, an... Continue»
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NO STOP...please, put a condom on my cock!!!

Have you ever said no to sex? Have you ever been afraid of sex, but still had an erection? Have you ever been dominated by women who were literally stronger than you are?

Well… I have.
I had no idea what a group of 5 women were planning to do. I had seen them the night before, during a party of a female friend of mine. They caught my eye because they were a strange looking group. Five female bodybuilders. I was quite scared of them to be honest. Every single one of them was at least 6’2 with big fake tits and biceps bigger than the average male bodybuilder. All of them had a fake tan. The... Continue»
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The Adventures of Peter and Louise – A memor

In the days before I ever met my lovely Louise, when in my twenties before married to my first wife... in the early 80’s I travelled quite a bit with my work, and this gave me a chance to make contact with couples looking for single guys. Mainly I would meet people through the contact section of esteemed publications such as Forum and New Direction, now both sadly gone.

I at the time was still coming to terms with my sexuality and becoming less guilty about my bisexuality (that’s what a strict Catholic upbringing does). However I still did not want people to know because of my job and so I... Continue»
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**** fantasy I wrote for someone.

We pass each other almost every morning walking out of the apartment building. I have never asked your name but you always glance at me and I can't help but to stare at your ass as you walk away. I can't bring myself to even say hi but I can tell you like me from the passing glances.

I sneak behind you one day just to find out your apartment number. Days then months go by and we always glance but we have still never spoken. Finally one evening I see you in the lobby and I muster the courage to introduce myself and invite you over. You decline and say you are too busy that day. I ask a few ... Continue»
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