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A Great Day At The Office

Pulling into a parking spot, Lucy checked her make up in the visor mirror. She wanted to be certain everything was perfect when she surprised John at his desk. Especially the deep crimson on her luscious lips. Pleased with her appearance, she stepped out of the car, letting the cool Autumn air rush over her for a moment.

Getting into the office building and making her way to John’s cubicle was simple enough. Dressed as she was, she fit right in, almost. A tight, white short sleeve blouse, black skirt and matching heels were proper office attire. Though, the blouse had one too many b... Continue»
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It was just another high school day classes homework blah blah blah but that was all about to change!
I was walking down the back hall taking a short cut to the cafeteria for lunch when suddenly an arm shot out and grabbed me I was pulled into a supply closet and the door slammed behind me I heard a lock click and heavy breathing then big hands were all over me he told me not to say anything I heard some sort of an accent it had to be the janitor he was a foreigner of some kind but I couldn't be sure I heard him unbuckle his pants and then strong hands pushed me down onto my knees "SUCK IT" h... Continue»
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Wife Fucked By My Cousin

This is the story of my wife rittu whom I got fucked with my cousin dimpy. I got married to rittu in 1996 and before my marriage me and my cousin dimpy who was 3 years younger to me was very frank with each other. In fact I taught dimpy how to mastubarate in our teenage years….it was I used to hold his dick in my hands and used to stroke his cock and he often used to cum in my hands. Dimpy also stated jacking my hard cock and in fact we used to rub our cocks with each other until we came together. We only used to pkay with our cocks and never did any sex anal. Once I blowjobed dimppys cock and... Continue»
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A hot week with the ex gf. 2/5

I have found out the name of that monster fucking thing, its called a Cocatrice dildo and its fucking awesome. I ordered a small one for my gf today(the one that doesnt cum)

Right so i had just stuffed the head in her and her pussy was read and raw, but A was in a state of deliriousness just having cummed and her pussy was probably a mess aof pain and pleasuere. She was just drooling and panting heavily so i decided to be a nice guy and i licked her pussy, licked all of her sweet sour juices off her legs, ass and stomach and i made her cum again. Just before climax i roughly pulled out her ... Continue»
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The Real Workout Part One

It was a Tuesday night, and as such it was on my schedule to head to the 24 hour gym where I have a membership.
I was 17 years old at the time, and a senior in high school. I was involved in a lot of sports and extracurricular
activities, and as such I could only make it to the gym during some of their least busy hours. Although it was
usually late at night when I could get a chance to get in an extra workout at the gym, keeping my fit form was
important to me, and so I did what I had to do to make it work.

Although only at an average height, about five feet and 8 inches, I had worked ... Continue»
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Shower fuck.

A few months back, my boyfriend and I went on a weekend getaway to the beach. I always get a little frisky when traveling, but this was my first trip with my new boyfriend and I knew I was in store for a lot time on my knees sucking cock and getting my ass plowed. I was feeling particularly hot and bothered and I could tell by Joe's hard-on bulging in his pants during the car ride, that he was too.

I met Joe online, but we're a good fit. He works in insurance and would be totally boring if it wasn't for his huge cock. Joe acts straight, but once he's in the mood to fuck all he wants to do h... Continue»
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When She Ask Him, “Did You Fuck My Husband?&

A 15-year High School reunion brings back together two male high school fuck buddies. After fucking his wife in the bedroom, he got fucked by his buddy on the front room couch of a resort cabin outside Denver, Colorado U.S.A., with his freshly fucked wife in the other room. After his boy shot his load in his ass he went back to the bedroom with his wife. When the wife discovered cum in his ass hole, all hell broke loose!

When She Ask Him, “Did You Fuck My Husband?”

Tom and Brian were High School football team leaders whom also had a covert, saucy gay, “boy-love,” affair for a c... Continue»
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A taste of the new, one for the boys!

It's just an ordinary day out on the piss, nothing new there, two lads out having a laugh. Pint after pint going down easier every time. After six hours we're spent, time for a take away and crash at yours, the same as every month, except this time is going to be a bit different.

Slumped on the couch zoning out in front of the tv I can see your eyes start to close, and I know I have to bide my time .... When you're out you really are out, you'd sl**p even if a bomb went off, especially after a drink, so I know I can have some fun. You snore lightly as I move in closer, my hand sliding up... Continue»
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Cam Girl

Lori was at small one hundred and two pounds with DDD tits. She worked at a strip club and was extremely popular. Her private dances were always booked. The men paid $100 per thirty minutes. In that short time she quickly got naked let them suck and lick her huge jugs and she would suck their cock and let them fuck her. Then she sent them home with a snap shot with her holding their hard cock. She loved sex and began fucking when she was merely a teen as her fathers best friend was the first to stick his cock in her virgin cunt. From then on she loved fucking many of his friends and as her tit... Continue»
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.......Mt Frist Train

My First Train
There are so many sex terms used today it is mind boggling and each term has different meanings to different people. For example, “Gang Bang.” To me it means a women or a transsexual whom of their own free will copulates with three or more men. When a woman or a transsexual services seven or more strangers, she is having a train pulled on her. This is the story of my very first train.
A year after my wife found out I was a male-to-female transgender and I became her cuckold we both had a few new lovers. One of the guys I was fucking pretty regular call me up one evening an... Continue»
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LISA #3: Love Lasts Long

LISA LOVE is the love of my life: most dear, pretty, tasty, sexy, sweet and completely dedicated
Lisa Love is a blonde beautiful baby - she looks like my dream of life come true, I am intoxicated

I feel twenty years younger with this best intoxication which ever happened to me in so many years
I feel often like she is already living with me now, as talking every night makes us feel so close

Lisa Love is as smart as slender - like me Lisa speaks several languages next to her mother tongue
Lisa Love loves to write with me - longs to join me as soon as she possibly can, which takes
... Continue»
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I love to play with words and You!

I love to play with tasty tongues and also with You

I love to play with languages and I love to play with you
I love to get you on your wrong foot and drive you mad

I love to mix my many languages and twist your tongues
I love drive you really mad - Ich treibe es hier mit Ihnen!

Ik drijf van pret in bed met mijn mooie blote blondines

I drive them as mad as wet while they trib their pussies

I love to lick long and feel their tasty twats before I fill them
Ich liebe lecken und sie zu schmecken die geile Schnecken!

Four foreign tongues in only fiv
... Continue»
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The Cafe

Mac loved young girls. They had to be of legal age, barely, to keep him out of jail but his pleasure was in big titted horny youth. Today he was meeting a young gal at the cafe. She was told to wear just a tank top and short skirt. As they took a table to the rear of the cafe, he sat beside her. He looked her over loving her big firm tits in the tight top. They got their drinks and ordered and her ran his hand over each tit making the nipples pop against the thin fabric. He slid her chair closer to him and spread her legs showing that she wore no panties as was asked. He rubbed her leg and the... Continue»
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A hot week with the ex gf. 1/5

So in a terrible moment of weakness i decided to invite my ex gf to visit me when my current gf was away on a business trip. I asked my x if she would like to visit me and ill play tour guide for the whole week and well have a good time like we used to. So she said yes and lucky she was free this week too so she said yes.

My gf left and tomorrow A would arrive by train. So being filthy of mind i planned our week with great attention. I went out to buy some gifts for us to enjoy. First i went to a designer outlet and i bout two pairs of high heels for her to wear as its winter and she proba... Continue»
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Older women are freaks

It was october when i went to visit my father down in louisiana. I was 18 and fresh from basic and AIT, at 5'10 and about 185 with short black hair and a boyish face. My Father owns a bar and after seeing him and celebrating together i started noticing this women at the end of the bar. She was short maybe 5'5 ling blond hair nice D cup tits and nice tight looking ass. she wore this tight green dress and cowgirl boots. She was much older then me, i would have to say around 50. My father looked at me and said "you dont want to mess around with her, ive heard some stories." but being young i didn... Continue»
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My love.

Well, seeing as you can't be at home with me I'll come to you. When everyone goes out I'll lock us in your office. Seeing as you so subtly hinted you'd like me to strip for you. I could probably sit on your desk, slowly taking off all of my clothes. I'd have your favourite red underwear on and surprise you with new stockings. After that if you haven't already started touching me, I'll start until your big hard dick wants more.

Well I'm going to guess that you want to watch me so I sit on the edge of your desk right in front of your chair. I tell you to come closer, spread my legs and balanc... Continue»
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Sex With My Wife and Teens

Chapter 1 My Wife and I on Sex Spree

My wife Phil works part time in a big council estate with single mothers.
Phil is bi sexual and loved consoling the horny single mums.

One day I came home and went upstairs to go into our bedroom
But when i got there Phil had hung a pair of her red pantys on the knob of bedroom door
I smiled it meant she was "breaking in a new mum" while green pantys meant I could go in and join the fucking party
She always kept a pair of green pantys under a pillow on the bed
If she waved them it would be my signal to go into the bedroom and catch them fucking
... Continue»
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My Sex Fun with My Landlady and Others

Chapter 1

My first job I stayed in a guesthouse in Brighton
Diane the landlady was a big tits blonde 40 yrs old and I was 18
Diane wore very short mini dresses with stockings and suspender belt
I was just starting the fucking scene and had mainly fucked young schoolgirls
I found myself watching Diane all the time and when she bent over I got a clear view of her lacy see through pantys. She had a bushy cunt and a lovely tight arse. My cock hardened every time I saw her
An older guy about 50 used to leer at her and tell me he would love to fuck her.
Their was a young girl at work Amy wh... Continue»
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An After School Encounter...

It was a late fall day as I left school mixing in with the gaggle of students you would see at any inner city high school. Terrance, a student from my history class caught up with me '...Hey David wait up...' I turned to see Terrance coming through the crowd and wondered what is it he wanted.

Terrance caught up with me and explained '...Ms. Wilson, our history teacher, said I should try and get with you and ask you to help me with my history assignments...' I looked at Terrance rather quizzically as he continued. '...Ms. Wilson says that you have an uncanny way to deal with your history a... Continue»
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I got off early

I got off work around one in the morning and hit the closest gas station on the way home. I had some green at lunch with the boss so I was hungry and thirsty... chocolate milk I thought. I went to the cooler and of course some guy was partly blocking the door. Dave was black, looked a little older than me, shorter but pretty stocky about 230lbs. Big beard, big hairy arms, big hairy muscles, big hairy ass, big and hairy all around and a bit of a gut, but mostly muscular. I gave him about two seconds to decide before I reached past him, excuse, myself and opened the door grabbing the biggest jug... Continue»
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