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and the next time...

So...I had just had an orgasm like I had never experienced on my own before and Tom was now sitting on the bench in front of me, his hard cock pointing up and oozing pre-cum steadily. I also had at least 2 people watching every move I made through the gloryhole... My heart was pounding as I leaned in to work on this cock in front of lips parted as I grabbed the base of his cock and my tongue instinctively flicked the twitching cockhead in front of me taking the precum off easily in one quick swipe. It was sweet and sticky and I ter that I just lost myself in making Tom enjoy this. In t... Continue»
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MY MD Had A Eye On My Wife

This is my experience after marriage where my wife was had by my MD.

My name is Arun and I’m 43 years old, 5′ 8″ tall and 70 kg. My wife Anjali is 38 years, 5’3″, 36-28-34 with C sized boobs and 58 kg. She is beautiful and being an extrovert she makes friends easily specially with men.

I work with a big multinational and our MD is Mr Anil who is about 50 years and very tall and active guy. Then I had a feeling that Anil was after my wife. I had noticed him exchan
... Continue»
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Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy

We had just finished chatting . I had to take a shower after work. All hot, dirty and sweaty. I was a bit disappointed that I had to shower alone but sometimes, that’s life. As I got undressed, I thought about you, Joy, and how nice it would be to share the shower. As I opened the door to the shower, I heard the water running and the steam was leaking out. How is this possible?
Imagine my surprise when I saw you standing there under the stream in your glorious nudity. You saw me with my mouth open with astonishment and beckoned me to come in. So I did. You guided me under the h... Continue»
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I Know Where He Lives.

A good mate of mine works in the building trade. This summer, his company were renovating a number of old flats in a tenement building, gutting the insides, putting in replacement windows through a contractor and sandblasting the stone exteriors.
As a lawyer, I've done some legal work for him in the past, and I agreed to go round and cast an eye over some paperwork for him - as usual charging him only "mates' rates" for my services - late last month. His office is out of town, and we agreed it would be simpler for me to go round to the vacant top-floor property at the weekend and look at the ... Continue»
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picking up a stranger

one night i was driving down a quite highway. i was wearing my pink panties and some tight black leggings and a black shirt. i saw this guy walking and i felt bad so i slow down and asked him if he needed a ride, he said he was going about 15 miles down the road and had plan on walking there. i said to him get in the car i'll drive you there it is to late out to be walking. he got in and he was older black man wearing a pair of jeans a white t-shirt. he gave said keep driving down the road and i'll tell you where to turn. we had stopped at a red light and i notice him scratching his crotch and... Continue»
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First time...

I am excitingly waiting for you to arrive, the day has finally come. I have barely slept and I been fixing myself up, tried to make myself extra sexy and attractive. Nervous and bit shy, hope that I won't disappoint you.
Wearing a nice dress and underneath I wear a corset and matching panties with stay ups. I have my hair up and more natural make-up.

Time seems to go by slowly and finally I see you arrive at the “Arrivals”, I can't contain myself and hide my smile and I feel how I start to blush.
Can't stop all the thoughts about how we told each other how we would want to pounce on ea... Continue»
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Hitch Hiking in Scotland

This experience actually happened to me !

My name is Lucy, and at the age of 22, I was hitch hiking in Scotland in the summer of 2015, seeing what it had to offer. To cut down on costs, I was thumbing lifts from passing motorists, and on one occasion, a small red car screeched to a halt, just a few yards away in front of me. The passenger front door was opened, and a young man who looked about my age jumped out, smiled and offered me a lift in the back, which was gratefully excepted, as I had been standing in a remote spot on one of the islands off the west coast for quite some time, wi... Continue»
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Life Changing Getaway

I was an ever eager worker at my company & climbed relatively quickly to a great position, but of course had far higher goals. I went to school, got degrees & certifications, even worked as a handyman to gain more experience to make me over qualified for almost all positions at hand yet every slot that opened up I got passed by so I went on holiday. A day here & there, maybe a week max at a time, but never planned a full month far away. For some odd reason I felt the desire to go to Texas, perhaps for some Texas Steak, or Texas air perhaps was always meant to end up there. After clearing the t... Continue»
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When I was 18 part 4 The final Chapter

Please read When I was 18 parts 1,2 and 3 first!

It was the end of May and I had been working for Mike for almost a year now. I have had sex with Mike or with someone that Mike had set me up with over a dozen times in the last almost year. I have learned so much sexually and had so much fun! I'm sure I came more in that time then most women do in a lifetime ! Well I was in for a few more experiences before my 19th birthday We had to attend a meeting in a city 40 miles away It first started at 6:30 that Tuesday evening. Mike said we would ride together and would take his Bronco II The meetin... Continue»
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Malcolm, and his big cock

Malcolm and the biggie

I was 19, and working for a UK Telecoms giant. A colleague, Michele, had been given a huge promotion, and with it a budget
to fund a leaving do of biblical proportions.

Yes, a very nice big package, but more of that later.

We were assembled in The Malthouse in central Birmingham, by the canals, the pub where Bill Clinton once had a pint, if you're

It was not later than 10 pm, but we'd been there for four or five hours (of free booze) by then, and most of us were hammered.

I was wearing a Chinese style dress, the sort with a mandarin co... Continue»
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An evening of public pleasure

Well, the first thing that has to happen is set some rules.  I expect you to be showered and clean as whistle head to toe inside and out. Smelling sexy and feeling soft. I want you to wear the panty and bra set or pantyhose and bra combo that makes you feel like the dirtiest whore but in a great, I'm sexy as fuck and beautiful, kind of way.  When I come over to your place, you grab a bottle of whatever we're going to drink and you will put on heels or thigh high boots and a long raincoat. Any toys or other things like Popper's or d**gs we might want, bring those in the pockets of the coat.
 ... Continue»
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A Weekend Getaway To Crossdress In Public – Part 1

Hi All, I am 32 years old married guy without any c***dren living in California. I believe I have had the bisexual urges since my early c***dhood. But I somehow developed a new fantasy to cross-dress in last couple of years. Since then I have been thinking about it pretty much all the time and been trying to explore it.

Couple months ago my wife went out with her friends for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. I figured it would be a great time to try some of my wife’s clothes. I immediately went to our bedroom and searched for her clothes in her closet. While going through her clothes I found ... Continue»
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Wife's pussy came in handy

Saturday I had finished my weekend chorus and was headed to the shower to wash off the grass clippings and sweat. My wife came in the bathroom just as I turned on the water and asked me what I was going to do today. I turned around to answer her and saw she was wearing her shortest denim mini skirt and a pale yellow tank top, her nipples easily seen due to she was braless. I told her I was going to look at a 1931 model A Ford body I found for sale. She asked if she could come with me? I told her yes.

After I had dressed I went to the kitchen to grab a cold water and I saw my wife in there. ... Continue»
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The tale of Tina; ( the cleana )

In my early teens, I used to like to treat myself to all the latest things that a young girl could possibly buy. However; this required cash, a commodity that I never ever seemed to have enough of. So I looked in the local newspaper for a weekend part time job, as my full time one was just not paying enough to keep me in all the trappings that I was accustomed to. The employment situation in my area was dire, all I could find that was remotely suitable, was for a cleaner, up at the old mansion I reluctantly applied for it.

After the interview it transpired that I was the one ... Continue»
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Wife is all business

We had been apart for a few days with Linda being away on business, we had been through a bit of a lull sexually since our vacation. For me the time apart had given me time to reflect on how good a time we had been through. I again took time to groom, shaving all the essential areas prior to her return.

It was late when Linda arrived back home and I was already in bed although not asl**p. Linda asked if she could show me a new dress which she had picked up while she was away. I agreed so she turned on the main light before dressing in the walkin wardrobe. When Linda appeared she was weari... Continue»
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My Awakening - What Happened Next

If anyone has read “My Awakening”, this is what may have happened later. It didn’t but I still wanted to have more of my mother

Nothing happened between my mother and I until my b*****r had left home for university. I had continued to touch her tits whenever I could but these opportunities became few and far between. There was always someone else in the house which made it difficult, and I had started dating girls my own age. However, an opportunity arose as my father had heart problems and was admitted to hospital. My b*****r had come back from Uni to visit him but then returned a couple o... Continue»
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Hairy and Wet Encounter with a Security Guard

My wife & I have always enjoyed a vibrant sex life, we’ve always had an open relationship, we love ass fucking and piss play especially. Often I would arrive home to find my wife with her face buried between her best friend Kelly’s legs, eating out her hairy cunt (Kelly is very hairy, just like my wife). Or they’d be out by the pool drinking each other’ urine from a champagne flute (I would occasionally join in, but that’s another story).

However, unlike my wife’s long term attraction to the same sex, I’ve only just recently started fucking men. I have played with dildos all my life, I’ve a... Continue»
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Australian Beach Sex

Finally the weather is warming up here and it is time for Kip to spend some more time on the beach in his speedo.

So yesterday Kip and I got stuck into some work early, then packed up the car with the usual beach stuff, beer, towels, sunscreen….. but we also packed other stuff like condoms and lube. Before we left I got onto Grindr and updated our profile saying that we’d be at Birdie Beach, from the carpark walk south a couple of kms and we’d be there.
If I was on my own I probably wouldn’t give such an open invitation but it was two of us and to be honest I didn’t think anything would co... Continue»
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Big Man with Little Room (story)

The rain continued to pour down overhead, the wind lashed against the shoreline and the skies lay gloomy and dark as I watched from a small beach house window. It was a quiet day, and walking on the beach generally is a place I could feel at peace. My life is quiet empty at times, it can be quiet lonely, but here... when I listen to the waves I feel a sense of comfort.

but the beach remained deserted for the most part; the heavy rain was picking up as flat roof was buffeted by bullets of rain, the wind howling heavy like banshee's on occasion. The car was two pier's away and for the most ... Continue»
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Officer Dan responding to a call from Angela (a police dispatcher), saw them in front of the alley, congregating again.

Jesus, these hookers are like cockroaches; you just can't get rid of them he thought to himself as he turned on the red & blue lights of his patrol car.

Dan thought about calling it in, but decided against it; he wasn't very well liked by his fellow cops these days. Nothing good would come from mentioning this to dispatch.

Officer Rosita, his former partner had just been assigned desk duty, pending an investigation thanks to testimony that Officer Dan had ... Continue»
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