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Monica's Plot

My girlfriend wanted to know a kinky fantasy of mine.....this is the text message gone story I sent her.
This is my first time ever posting something like this, I hope someone enjoys!

We're going away for the weekend and the main point is to have uninterrupted sex, and be as
naked and kinky as possible, within our limits anyway. We want some erotic time alone and
have all kinds of ideas. There's a place to nude sunbathe and sex there is never really frowned

Before we arrive you decide that you're going to push the limits this trip, and you have the
craziest thing in mind. You ... Continue»
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All I Wanted To Do Was Go To sl**p!

I was so fucking tired. I had gotten off a plane at JFK at 7:30 am that morning after working on the plane all night, spent hours with clients in meetings, fucked the girl whose tuition I pay at Columbia to use when I'm horny in NYC, and just made the flight back to London. All I expected, all I wanted, was to go to sl**p and dream about how my Columbia girl, Elana, and I ravished each other for two hours before I had to leave. She had finished herself off by straddling my tongue---I could still taste her---I purposely didn't shower because I love her scent so much.

Easing into the rear ... Continue»
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My Mum, the model - part three.

Part 3

The morning flashed by, a pure lingerie shoot, I lost count of the different bra and panties I’d worn. Mark was on hand, clipping and un clipping my bra, pulling my knickers down on occasions, buckling shoes, un buckling shoes. It was glamorous. I loved it. I loved it, but I couldn’t but help think of the afternoon to come.
“Sorry love,” I said to Mark, “those are a bit wet.”
“You need to stop thinking about this afternoons shoot, and concentrate on this mornings,” Mark said.

Linda handed me the pair of purple knickers she had just taken off, there was a wet patch in the gusset.... Continue»
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Madges Visit

The last week has been a roller coaster of emotions for the wife. I’ve needed to take care of her needs some physical some physiological and in return she has once again become my cock slut.

The arse fucking over the breakfast bar lifted her spirits and she started to get her act in order. Starting with the constant stream of people fixing waxing and generally buffing her, first fixing the chipped and lost nails returning them to former glory long and red and they look great around my cock working the shaft, cupping my ball sack, with my spunk over them or in and out of her cunt covered in ... Continue»
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A New Slave

A new slave

CHAPTER 1 – Daniel gets k**napped

I have never considered myself as straight or gay, I just don't know. I
guess I just go with the norm, you know, it's expected of you to be with
the opposite sex.

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Daniel. I'm about five foot
six inches, eighteen and very skinny and always have been. I have fairly
short brown hair and some people say slightly feminine looks. I'm extremely
shy around just about everyone and don't have many friends. I'm fanatical
about star wars, dungeon and dragons and Marvel comics. Yep, you guessed
... Continue»
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The Adventures of Peter and Louise A memory from

After my marriage ended I separated, and found myself now free to explore my bi side. To most people and friends, I gave the impression that I was dead straight! well kind of, I had gone into public toilets and wanked while reading the naughty stories that would be written on the walls in those days, I would also toss off at some of the gay stories and letters published in Forum.

My breakup had not been easy and my ex said to me “ be honest with any girl in the future and tell them that you are bisexual.” I understand that now and it was advice I followed and pleased I did.
So I w... Continue»
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I got a raise and so did my boss


I’d been away on business for a week and I knew Donna would either be gagging for it or would have satisfied herself with someone whilst I was away. I rang her as the taxi neared our house and I could tell she was gagging for it. Tim, my boss, was with me and I told Donna that he’d be calling in for a chat about the trip.

As we walked in through the door Tim and I made our way to the conservatory as Donna made some drinks, she was wearing a black skirt and a white blouse, the usual no bra, had me all worked up as soon as I saw her, as she knew it would. I left Tim a... Continue»
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Oops...wife came home early.

I had plans to meet a guy I met on a bi/gay hook up site for a little Friday afternoon fun. The guy was looking for someone to come over and just lay back, relax, and let him give them a long, slow blowjob. I usually like to meet someone that is looking to suck & be sucked, but there wasn't a lot of guys looking for fun on a Friday around noon, so I agreed to go to his house. When I got there her opened the door wearing a white housecoat. "Come on in" he said, and I followed him inside. His house was very well decorated, clean, and I could tell by the pictures on the wall he was married... Continue»
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Andrew and Friend

Three months after Andrew and I had had relations I was close to his house and decided to pay him a visit, knocking on his door he answered it and greeted me like a long lost friend. As I walked into the lounge there was a young Asian lad sat on the sofa, they were playing video games. As soon as I walked in Andrew said “This is Ansa” we nodded and said hello. I sat next to him.

Andrew made me a coffee and turned the TV off, we made small talk and Ansa worked at the supermarket where Andrew worked, I asked him the usual rubbish and he was pleasant enough, he was 19 and waiting to go to Coll... Continue»
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Wake-Up Call

So, my girlfriend Beth works as a nurse and is currently working night shifts 7pm-7am. She gets back to our flat usually 7:30-7:45 and usually goes straight to bed trying not to wake me if it's the weekend. This morning however (Saturday) I woke to find more than my usual early morning wood going on. I could feel my cock getting some attention and woke up to find Beth, wearing nothing but her bra and panties, licking my shaft and kissing my bell-end.
Looking up at me, she smiled the dirtiest smile you ever saw. "Sorry, babe, did I wake you?"
Returning her smile with one of my own, I nodded... Continue»
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My Mum, the model - part two.

It was two days later, when Mark called up the stairs. “Mum, are you up there?”
He walked through the open bedroom door, as I sat painting my nails, wearing just a silk dressing gown. I crossed my legs, and the silk fell away reveal my thigh.
“Gerry rang. He wants to know if Linda wants to do some more modelling?”
I said nothing for a few moments, but noticed that I was no longer Mum, but was again the model. Linda.
“He wants to do some more? Wow, I thought it was a one off.”
“You must be joking, you were fabulous.”
“When does he want to see me?” I asked.
“This afternoon.”

“Hi Linda,... Continue»
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Him and his wife

Ok so I met with a guy
When I got to his house his wife was there to
She said I hear you are going to give my husband a blow job
I said that was the plan
So she said ok well I'm playing to dropped her dress then got me naked Told me to stand looking at the wall why she used her tongue on my ass hole she made it so wet
Her husband was stroking his cock
Then she told me to go to her husband and crawl so I did
She followed me over but as I got half way she said stop so I did and she went mmmmmmm! Then I felt her finger push deep into my ass!
She said carry on crawling with my finger i... Continue»
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Pain Slut

Here is where we got to after some time. We use to love to party, get naked and read or watch BDSM,fetish etc stories often giving the stories we liked to each other. She would shave her cunt and I would shave her ass. She liked me shaved to, I understood why because she liked it better when I would be pulling on her hair face fucking her, or forcing her to tongue fuck my ass(she loved that). She also knew that she was my cum slut and I often shot my load on her face then amusingly smeared it all over her face with my cock. She loved being a slut slave.
I would tie her up with rope or cuffs ... Continue»
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Out of town on Business

I was in San Antonio on a business trip, bored out of my mind and not really wanting to hang out with the coworkers I traveled with, so I decided to hit up a “friend” I had only met online who I knew lived in the general area. We emailed back and forth for the first couple of days I was in town, but the week was drawing to an end and my curiosity was killing me so I decided to invite him out for dinner and drinks. Unsure at first and somewhat hesitant, I convinced him to just meet me at the hotel where we could have a couple of drinks and eat at the restaurant inside the hotel.

Well, I go... Continue»
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My wife entertained my friends

Friday I was on my way home and my cell phone rang, it was my wife and she asked me to stop and pickup four cases of beer. What I asked . She said just bring home some beer and she hung up. I thought that was strange, I don't drink much and she never drinks beer. I picked up four cases of Budweiser and headed home. When I pulled onto our street I noticed several vehicles parked in front of our house. I grabbed two cases of the brew and headed into the kitchen. I could hear the stereo playing sloftly from the den. I didn't see anyone right away. As I was bringing in the last two cases one of my... Continue»
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Peyton List is all Grown Up

Peyton List couldn’t wait for her parents to leave. They were getting ready to go to a resort spa for the weekend and after much begging and pleading, they finally agreed to let Peyton stay at home alone. It was the first time she was given the opportunity to prove how grown up and mature she was to her parents. What they didn’t know is that Peyton had some plans of her own for the weekend and they didn’t include her parents or a chaperone.

She stood at the end of the driveway and waved goodbye as they drove away. Once they were out of sight, the pretty teen actress jumped up and down a... Continue»
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Hotel Quickie

“So, are we doing to fuck or what?” he asked. Dove Cameron thought about for a second and said, “You can’t ask any nicer than that?” Charlie looked at the pretty blonde and smiled. He said, “You were the one that asked me up to your room. I assumed you wanted to fuck but if all you want to do is talk, then I’ll just go back down to the party and find my fucking wife.” Dove quickly stepped in front of the older man and blocked the door. She looked up at him and put her hands on his chest. “Don’t leave. I do want you. More than anything. I’m so horny right now.” Charlie reached down ... Continue»
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Dark Secrets

Chapter One - Naomi

Everyone has dark secrets right? Take Naomi for instance. She’s a bright girl, young, attractive. She’s married to a hardworking man, Buddy. They live in a nice house, on a large ranch, right along the Trinity river in Texas. There’s a horse barn and some cattle. Naomi loves to ride all over their property. Probably the only thing that she doesn’t have is the company of her husband. You see he works in the oilfield and is rarely home. When he does finally make it there, he’s dirty and exhausted. Bubby works as a spinning chain and makes a lot of money. He’s been working... Continue»
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Sex with coworker

My 15 year marriage ended in divorce. Of course I gotbinto another relationship right away that ended after about 3 months. A work convention was the last place I wanted to be. Past conventions had been boring and uneventful. Upon arriving at the hotel the first day the "team building" exercises (getting d***k) were underway. The small bar in the hotel was filling up quickly as the night went on. Met some people from another dept in the company and we decided to get a big booth. As we all sat down I noticed a beautiful woman in a tight shirt and short shorts and another guy walking towards the... Continue»
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Work Slut - Afternoon

The work slut had enjoyed our encounter and although initially embarrassed about letting me fuck her up the arse in the heat of the moment soon realised there was no need to be embarrassed at all. It was now clear to me she was an absolute slut but nobody but the two of us knew that and neither of us regretted what we'd done.
Things progressed over the following weeks and we began spending lunches parked in secluded locations in her car. Some days she simply suck me off, other days we'd do the best we could at fucking in the passenger seat of her car. Whilst neither of us had any complaints ... Continue»
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