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DP by 2 Black men, I asked them to do me.

We pulled over and parked our 4X4, while my husband got out and went to the check-point with our passports. We were in Nigeria, on the outskirts of the city, and the heat was unbearable, as I sweated profusely, suddenly my lack of underwear made me very uncomfortable.

Men were walking past the car and staring in, and my mind wondered what it was that was flashing through their minds as they eyed me up and down, their looks more menacing and leering, even the guard with his rifle, besides me, shifted uncomfortably, his eyes always on the expanse of bare thigh, I tied to cover, but the hem wa... Continue»
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Stacey's holiday stories pt1

Contains lesbian themes only

My good friend and casual 'fuck-buddy' Stacey had just come back from a fortnight's holiday abroad and was visiting to give me the low-down on what happened and a souvenir of her trip!
After grabbing a drink we settled down for some 'show&tell' about her holiday!
Stacey is a pretty brunette who is a very chunky BBW in her early twenties! Her sexual appetite and desire to experiment has always blown me away and never failed to impress me!
So it came as no shock as she told me about what happened going through customs apon her arrival:-

-I was walking throug... Continue»
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Ass Whore Part1 - the mother who worships her son&

"Bzzzzzzz", my cellphone vibrated. I rolled over and grabbed it to look at the new text message.
I knew who it'd be from. I was expecting it almost an hour ago.
"How was it? - Mom" 
Her face on the top right corner beamed back at me with a broad smile.
I smiled and typed with one hand, while propped up on elbow of the other.
"Ok. I guess." I sent it.
"Ok? What do you mean okay? - Mom"
"I am tired" I typed back trying to end the conversation.
"Tell me, you asshole. - Mom"
"You can ask her.  I am too tired."
"Put the bitch on phone - Mom"
"I am serious. Put that fuckin... Continue»
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Flirtatious Slut

Flirtatious Slut

We have been together just over five years which is broken down as two years boyfriend girlfriend and three years husband and wife. My wife Colleen has always been the friendly flirtatious type and she has the face and figure to drive men wild, which I always assumed was her objective when she was teasing and flirting with guys. She has always dressed immaculately but somewhat conservative except when we would be going in to town dancing or heading to a party somewhere. Then she would pull out all the stops wearing something very tight or very revealing, and always with ext... Continue»
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Alex's Craigslist Adventures Ch. 3

Vito loves the taste of my ass

My name is Alex, I'm a 28 year old Bi guy who more than occasionally meets guys. Lately I've been sort of lazy and have been doing my best to find guys close by, because when I want cock, I don't want to wait. I hope to share more of my true stories in the future.

I was lucky enough that Vito answered one of my ads. It was a late night, last summer when I got his response, "Hey, I live in the same town, and have my place to myself." His roommates where out of town and he had the house all to himself. Since he lived in the same town he was a sh... Continue»
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A college experience

This particular story happened last year on a cold, December Thursday night in New Jersey.

I was in my dorm alone for most of the day. As I'm sure most of you know, that could get anyone's hormones rushing. It was around 5 pm and I felt myself feeling extremely horny. At around the same time, I found that I had been matched up with someone on Tinder. He was a pretty good looking 19 year old freshman. (As a side note, I was a Junior) We started talking and I learned that he lived not too far away from me on campus.

That night, I was doing my laundry; I had told him (Steve) that as soon ... Continue»
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My initial impression of Mr. Saito was: This is a big teddy bear of a man, a big Japanese teddy bear of a man. Shaking his hand confirmed a suspicion that he probably did little in ways of manuel labor in his life as the hand I gently clasped felt like a marshmellow. There was something distinctly feminine about the man that made me believe that he'd only exist in the most specific of conditions and that he'd be culturally arrested for the remainder of his life.
He seemed a pleasent enough man. I estimate his age to be about mid to late forties. His hair was trimmed quite short and was alre... Continue»
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Latex Rubber Extreme Full Coverage

This is not so much a story as it is a description of a full coverage latex catsuit that I once made. I thought that you people who have a latex fetish, as I do, and just can't seem to get enough, might find it interesting.

I am gay, a Bottom and have a steady Boyfriend. I have only had a couple long term relationships where we progressed to the point of ditching the condoms and going bareback. This is about a suit that I made during one of those past relationships with a rubber loving partner.

I love wearing full coverage latex catsuits, on their own, or under other rubber clothing. ... Continue»
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2015 continued 5/5

June 23rd Just moved into my new flat and finally had a little bit of privacy. I'd been talking to a guy online for a few months and had agreed to let him do me. Thing is, he wanted to tie me up and I wasn't sure at first but eventually I came round to the idea and agreed to let him have his way. The idea was.. He would tie me up then make me cum right away as fast as possible. After i cum and lose all interest in sex, pretty much like all guy's do . But I'd be bound to the bed tightly,unable to undo myself, completely at his mercy. He was then going to fuck me nice and slow however he liked... Continue»
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From the bathroom window

Carrie stood in the bathroom toweling herself off. She could feel the air conditioner blowing a crisp breeze from the floor vent straight between her legs. Goosebumps popped up all over her body and her clit tingled with excitement. She'd just gotten back from a business trip and was agonizingly horny. She thought about how she was too tired and busy to take care of her self while in Colorado. She had hoped she would be able to get someone off of Craigslist or Xhamster, but she ended up going to bed 4 nights in a row, horny, tired, and frustrated. The worst night was when the couple next door ... Continue»
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I'd finally made it.

Years of hard work, making a name for myself in the advertising industry had finally paid off. As the youngest Senior
V. P. in the agencies history I was way ahead of the game. Combine that with a move from dreary NYC to LA as a successful, highly paid bachelor and it's easy to see why all was well with my life.

Every day seemed like another day in paradise. Beautiful weather, a commute in the company helicopter from my home in Newport Beach to our offices in LA, membership in the best tennis and golf clubs...perfect. And the women. Nowhere in the US are the... Continue»
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The following substances, all widely i*****l unless stated otherwise, are here listed by order of world-wide popularity:[14] The Drinkers by Jean Béraud, c. 1908 alcohol – Most drinking alcohol is ethanol, CH 3CH 2OH, produced by the fermentation of sugars by yeasts to create wine, beer, and distilled liquor. In most areas of the world it is legal for those over a certain age (typically 18–21). It is an IARC 'Group 1' carcinogen and a teratogen.[15] tobacco – Nicotiana tabacum. A legal d**g contained in tobacco leaves, which are either smoked, chewed or snuffed. It contains nicotine, which cro... Continue»
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What Did You Do Last Weekend?

I guess I'll use the story section to share my real life stuff with you! Anyways, what'd you do last weekend? Wanna know what I did?

Most girls get all dolled up for parties, putting on huge heels, sparkly dresses, tons of makeup, doing their hair; I do quite the opposite; I wear absolutely nothing.
Besides the fact I can honestly say I hate clothes, I love being the only one naked everywhere I go. Walking around town topless or in my underwear at least is very common, but thats another story for another time.

Last week I was invited to a decent sized get together- over 500 people I th... Continue»
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Slut at the beach

She pulled up in front of me on the sand a couple of weeks ago, she had average looks and was hanging out with a dude and another chick. I was laying on a towel and did not pay much attention to her, I mean, the beach is full of fuck tarts after all. A couple of hours later I noticed her camel toe, she had on a bikini bottom, close to a thong that was a size too small for her petite frame, and I could clearly see the outline of her puffy lips and could tell she was clean shaven. I got an instant hard on, I instinctively looked up to see how the top was fairing, and my cock got even harder. Her... Continue»
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The Other Daddies Pt. 1

My wife helped me pack all of my gear into the truck for an overnight camping trip I was going on with some buddies. I went into the house to say goodbye to my little girl.

"I'm going to be gone tonight," I said,"but I'll be home tomorrow."

"That's ok," she said,"the other daddies will come over."

"Other daddies?" I asked amused. "There are no other daddies."

"Yes there are." she said skipping away

Puzzled I went back out to leave.

"She has quite an imagination," I said to my wife as I climbed into the truck. "She says her other daddies will come over."
I could see my w... Continue»
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The best leaving party

I must tell you about this that happened. I have just left my job to go self employed as the money is a lot better than the normal paycheck. So, I handed my notice in. A hastily arranged leaving party was arranged and as I had already moved, it was suggested I stopped at my regular work colleagues house. We had worked closely on projects for over 5 years and we acted like an old married couple - arguing and bickering about nothing in particular.

Louise was 2 years older than myself. She worked out and looked nothing like a woman and grandma in her late 40s. She had a lovely apple shap... Continue»
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my first threesome part deux

Paul and i had both came looking and looking rather pleased with ourselves Sarah said we'll i hope i get to come too since you both have and let out a cheeky laugh, of course we we both said in unison then sarah said but you sucked him dry there's nothing left for me! i then said to Sarah well there's still some in my mouth and grabbed a hold of her kissing her passionately driving my sum covered tongue into her mouth tasting my juices and Paul's cum at the same time was bliss then i felt paul's hands on my ass i assume then same was happening to Sarah then paul led us all up to the bedroom.
... Continue»
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Minister's Daughter

This was a favorite of mine that went missing from this site, so here it is again with pics

I arrived at Dan's house in the mid-afternoon. Dan was a good friend of mine. He was the pastor at my church. And he'd invited me over for the graduation party of his daughter Kimmy. It was a hot May day. And this was to be a pool party, but I'd decided I'd refrain from all that business and had left my swim trunks at home. I figured I'd rather just sit around and mingle, and have a good time.

I don't know why I was that surprised when I saw Kimmy in her bikini. She was a pretty girl at 18 years ... Continue»
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Popping the cherry

Ok I'll set the mood. It's the middle of a cold winter night in front of the fire place. You walk in wearing only a towel after a shower, with your hair so wet and and skin so soft. I've prepared a few things for some kinky fun but you can't see just yet. I'm trading your towel for a blindfold and some rope. I've got a coffee table in front of the fire that i want you to kneel in front of. I'm spreading your legs and tying your thighs to the legs of the table while you bend over the top. I'll take your soft wrists on either side of the table and tie them to the other legs. I go to get my first... Continue»
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ice cream truck lady

there is this lady that owns a ice cream truck that passes by my house. she is a hottie. mature old lady big tits nice ass omg i get hard thinking of her. a while back i went to go get a cone and when she was serving it she tippy toed to get some thing n her shirt went up and her pants went down a little and i saw her thong. any tips on how i can like flirt with her and get her to fuck???

ima copy n paste so it can be seen

there is this lady that owns a ice cream truck that passes by my house. she is a hottie. mature old lady big tits nice ass omg i get hard thinking of her. a while back... Continue»
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