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The night I fucked Liz Leach in her ass!

One day Liz and I was working at the Bristal and she was sitting in her office on the phone, Liz didn't know I was standing behind her looking at her beautiful ass my dick was rock hard!!! So I unzip my pants and I pulled my 10 inch dick out and I start to jerk off behind her hoping I wouldn't get caught, I was just standing there jacking off on my boss ass and she did not know it! I jacked cum off all over Liz's ass all over the back off her pants! I thought Liz was going to feel my cum hit her ass but she didn't notice it. I was afraid some one would walk in and say Liz u have cum all over ... Continue»
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57 The Mayflies. Part 3

The Mayflies. Part 3
The train whisked them away, it was now Wednesday, Tuesday had been a blur of doctor`s visits and the like, collecting prescriptions and all that sort of thing and they had been to there solicitors to sort the house sale, then a funeral directors to pay for two funerals on one of those give us your money now and we will bury you when the time comes (that`s if we haven’t gone bust first) policies. Finally when they got home he had placed both lists on the inside of the bedroom door, saying that each time they would cross something off when they had completed it. He then we... Continue»
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Chapter 5 of Helen’s Slutty Cunt

This final chapter sees Dan’s slutty wife and her wet hairy pussy turned over and restrained on all fours. Against Helen's will my intent is to lubricate my hard cock by dipping it into her wet hairy fanny then to give her an anal creampie… However, Helen might have something to say about me ruining her tight arsehole....find out in this Chapter how my intent to fuck her tight puckered fuck hole goes! Not for the feint hearted! Helen and Dan can be found at:

Chapter Five of Helen’s Slutty Cunt: Bumhole fun
I pulled my cock out of her... Continue»
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Hit & Run

I had posted on Craigs List looking for an open minded couple that enjoyed "Hit & Run" encounters. These are purelThis y sexual encounters where there are no names known and very little talking. Just pure, sexual need where you can live out a fantasy with people that don't judge, because they share mutual needs. I am bi and love playing with couples that both enjoy taking care of their partners fantasies. This couple responded and said they had a special fantasy that they had talked about for several years. She wanted to be aggressive and he wanted to top another male. She wanted this to be a... Continue»
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Laura's no limit..

Enjoy it :)

Fed up of Beth and all her lazy bullshit, Laura had muttered something about going to the shop and hurried out of the house. She didn't know quite where she was going to go until she got there, but she wasn't at all surprised to find herself at the Hyperbowl alley. It's not that she was an avid bowling fan, she didn't even like it that much - it made her fingers hurt - but there was a guy who worked there. Kristian. With a "K".

Spiky hair, earrings, tattoos, he was hot, but he ... Continue»
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Wifes Slutty adventure before marriage while away

Before she met me my wife was in California for some classes she found out that her crush from High School was working in the same town. She quickly got in touch with him through an old friend and met up. She had sex with him multiple times during the week she stayed out there and did things she never thought she would do. This was her first time swallowing cum, being fucked in the ass, and a MFM threesome over the course of just a few days. She found a few pictures left over from the set that he took of her. She said unfortunately he has the copies of them actually engaged in the some acts  ... Continue»
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Women I have had the pleasure of pleasuring Part:1

After years of stroking my dick as a teenager, I finally was set to loose my virginity at 19. I chatted with a local lady, who I never met in person before, on Yahoo. She was about 10 years older than me and she agreed to service my virgin cock.

I met up with her at a local park. She was decent looking with long brown hair, big breasts and a little extra padding making her quite the nice bbw. I recall greeting her and we quickly moved things along. We got in the back seat of my car and began kissing. Everything about her felt so soft: her lips, her tits, and her hands as she groped me thro... Continue»
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My first day at work

Yeah, I knew I was stud, but didn't know I was a pansexual Hedonist! I was six feet, weight 176 and hardly any body fat. I also had a thick 7" cock that seemed to stay hard. I also had a very firm bubble butt. So, on my first day at the bath house I lost my clothes in a locker. donned a bath robe and met Jerry's partner and older boy toy. Both gave me the grand tour as they explained my duties including sex with Jerry and boy toy.
The place was dimly lit, but expansive and nicely decorated. At first we walked down a hallway with small private rooms and then through some double doors to the po... Continue»
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Chapter 4 of Helen’s Hairy Slutty Cunt

Chapter Three see's Dan's wife, Helen, bound, tied-up, blindfolded and helpless with a nice deep spunky creampie suprise flooding her soaking wet hairy horny pussy. In Chapter Four, Helen assumes now I have had my wicked way with her I will just unbind her and let her go so she can go pee. Poor Helen, with her tied-up, blindfolded and spread-eagled in front of me and her hairy pussy leaking her juices and my cum . . . and her now needing to pee, the very last thing on my mind is letting her go!

Chapter Four of Helen’s Hairy Slutty Cunt: P... Continue»
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Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick was working her way through the crowd of party guests, making small talk and smoozing with some of the most powerful people in Hollywood. She hated these parties but tonight, she was on a mission of sorts. She’d heard that her old friend and costar George Clooney was going to be there and she was dying to see him again. It had been years since they made their movie together and she remembered how big his cock felt in her tiny ass. One thing George was known for was his love of fucking his female costars in the ass and Anna was no exception. She spotted Matt Damon talking to ... Continue»
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gym Jock Santiago

I know its been a while since my last story was posted, truly been busy, haven't had the chance to sit and write about my hot stories, do i decided to make up for it and prove my stories are real by uploading pics and a short vid of it ;) i hope you guys ( or girls) like

Ive been going to this gym near my apt with my roomie who happens to be a local, so he knows a lot of people there and introduces them to me, im the new boy in the neighborhood so don't really know many people, i act very straight nobody knows i like boys, except for my roomie he knows but doesn't care. One of our work out... Continue»
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Curious Daughter’s First Ass Fuck

Amber bounced to her room. She was so happy! Her mommy had a date with Sara's daddy that night and was excited about getting fucked!

Life had changed so much since her f****y started having open sex with each other and their friends. Tonight would be good too since it was going to be her night with her daddy alone. Sex with him was special! She was already getting wet when her cell phone buzzed. It was her friend Beth.

"Hi Beth! What's happening?" She asked hoping for the latest gossip

"Amber you have to see this video I ... Continue»
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the $1,00 watch

This one is true

This is a story about me being away and my wife comes dressed as a hooker.
“Absolutely not,” I yelled at my wife. “You don’t need a $1,000 watch.” I said as I walked out the door.

That was the angriest I ever left my wife. She wanted to buy a $1,000 watch and she didn’t have any money in her bank account. She expected me to buy the watch for her. That’s why we have separate accounts. We each have our play money and I wasn’t going to use my money to buy her a watch.

I did call her on the way to make up. I was on my way to a project about 2 hours outside town. I was go... Continue»
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Late night craigslist BBC

I had been looking for a low key way to feed my lust for some hot action and found myself on M4M on Craigslist. I was 21 at the time and an athletic build so I posted an add looking for someone similar to my age and down to have a good time with NSA.

I got plenty of emails from willing suitors but none caught my eye. Finally I got an email from a guy who said he wasn't too far from me and could pick me up and take me back to his place, he wanted to exchange pics but was skeptical because he wasn't out yet either. It was perfect, someone just as paranoid as me about people finding out my li... Continue»
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Wife and boss weekend away with group sex.

"I'm going away next week with Darren to a trade show" Ruth casually told me once. "Only for four nights, we'll have to leave on Sunday so as to be there bright and early for Monday". Not an unusual event, she had to go away now and again and basically managed the stand while they were there. Eye candy of course, and Darren (her boss) loved having her there as they had been having casual sex for quite some time. "Guess you'll be taking all your best lingerie then" I teased her. "Hell yes, and the video camera" she replied.

She text me on the Sunday night. It read "I'm about to call you but ... Continue»
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Georgina & Daddy

Georgina groaned Mike pounded her ass hole. She was really beginning to enjoy anal sex since she had performed in the anal gang bang video. The producer seemed to think that there was even more money to made for the sexy half black half white woman.

She felt him grip her shoulders as he really fucked her ass with hard deep thrusts. Georgina could feel another orgasm developing and grinned as her partner fucked her.

Mike stopped by at least a couple of times a week to discuss a new role for her. Each time she would end up lik... Continue»
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Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson was busy filming the new Avengers movie. She was back in the role of Natasha Romanoff aka The Black Window, a role she loved. She insisted on doing most of the stunts herself despite the objections of her agent and producers. She felt it added more realism to the part and since she was in fantastic shape, she knew she could handle just about everything. Today she was filming a particularly difficult fight sequence which involved multiple explosions. They were into the third take when she was hit in the head by a piece of flying wood. She went down immediately. The d... Continue»
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The training of Jo - Part1

I need to start this story not about Jo but her mother Kay first to set the scene so to speak.

I had met Kay several years before. Kay,when I first met her was used to vanilla sex shall we say. She was not inexperienced in anyway but lacked what she felt was the real type of sex she was born to do or give.
As I got to know Kay it became clear that her true calling was being a sub to a dom who could really use and abuse her the way she really wanted.
Over a number meets I trained her to take my cock in her mouth perfectly, take it in the ass at a drop of a hat and other submissive acts a... Continue»
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Submisse the Weekend Whore

Pat the Weekend Whore

My husband/pimp has rented me out for the weekend, to himself. I am to be his whore for the weekend, starting Friday at noon until Sunday at noon. He has instructed me that I will do things I have only fantasized about, and that I will be nastier and sluttier than I have ever been. My pussy is dripping just thinking about it. He knows how nasty I love to be.
Friday morning, I start getting ready for my weekend job. After a nice long shower, and shave, I put on my sluttiest makeup. I then put on my whore clothes, black corset and hose, red leather skirt, sheer red blou... Continue»
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Renee Becomes Daddy's Slut

"Welcome to Hardintown!" Daddy said as we pulled up to our new house

"It looks like a nice place! I hope I can make some new friends but Daddy I know we both needed a change so this will be good." I said as we got out

I watched as the movers unloaded our stuff and put in the house. I could not help but be a little sad. You see my mom was killed by a driver who was too busy texting to notice her riding her bicycle. Now it is just my dad and me and we decided to move to a new town and make a new beginning.

The mover's had j... Continue»
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