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Малка и глупава

Бях малка и глупава, когато в единайсти клас леля Поли – колежка на майка ми – реши да ми разясни как точно “стоели нещата между момчетата и момичетата”, и що е то онова толкова сложно и желано за всички възрастни нещо, наречено “секс”. Мама беше учителка по български и литература, а леля Поли пък беше математичка и всяка седмица ходех у тях, за да решавам задачи, понеже хич ме нямаше с уравненията.

През един прекрасен, съботен следобед пак бях у леля Поли за поредния урок. Днес обаче някак си усещах, че нещо не е наред, че нещо ще се случи – сякаш витаеше във въздуха, натежал от хубавия, т... Continue»
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Couldn't Have Planned It If I Tried

OK, well, and don't think less of me, because this was an all time low for me......

the setting: a uncontrollable horny morning where nothing will work but a tight pussy or warm ass or mouth at a minimum.

a CL ad surfing that wound up finding a hot college guy while was out Friday morning (19, almost 20 that wanted to try it with an older man....I know, I know, don't say it).

a chance meeting at his house while his dad was out of the country and his step-mom was playing tennis with the ladies.

a murphy's law thing where if it can go wrong, it will, but then correct itself......
... Continue»
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Slave Wife Tanya For Rent and ****

Slave Wife Tanya – Weekend Slave for Rent

The men could hear the roaring engine long time before they could actually see the car. The road meandered through an isolated mountain area and the nearest neighbors were many miles away. Finally they watched the Range Rover take the last turn and drive up towards the hunting lodge. The dogs began to bark but were quickly silenced by their owners. It was Friday late afternoon and the heat was intense.

The car stopped in front of the group of men and out stepped a very large and completely black man with an aura of great authority. “He loo... Continue»
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Our first ass licking.

We met online using a dating app on our phones. She said in her profile that she had a disability. That meant to me: I am missing a foot. Or it meant:I’m on Welfare. Her cute little face did not lead me to believe that she was that kind of girl, so when we got to chatting I went for it. I asked Laura out for coffee. I never brought up her disability and neither did she. I thought it would add tension or make it awkward so I just left it alone.
I waited in the coffee shop while she was running about half an hour late. I heard her come in through the door. She was in an electrically powered wh... Continue»
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Truck Stop Rendez-Vois

“I’m not a slut.” Or so I thought. However, at the precise moment of thinking that I had a thick, veiny cock between my lips, and my tongue probing the inside of a complete stranger’s foreskin in the middle of a public restroom. So yeah, I guess I can now be defined as a slut.

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Jeff. A 36 year old trucker from Pennsylvania. I like doing what most guys like doing: I drink beer, watch football, eat steak and love to fuck women. And now men.

I’m what you would call a typical trucker. About 6’ 1” (without my trusty baseball cap!), I have thinning hair, with... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 15

After having seen my teen daughter getting fucked by two guys I spent the next few days hiding in my office to try and avoid having any awkward conversation with her.
Then one afternoon I ventured out and as I strolled along the lane I was met by Henry Sucking wearing a suit.
"Peter thank god I found you, I need your help" he said
"What is it?" I asked
"Well my s****r is getting married"
"Congratulations" I replied
"In an hour"
"Okay shouldn't you be at the church?" I asked
"Yes I should and that's why I'm here, as I said I need your help?" he then grabbed my arm and started to guide ... Continue»
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Sitting at the table our hands touched, the electricity generated was almost too much to take.

When my future wife first introduced me to her best friend Kirsty the chemistry and sexual wanting was instant. She was not what you would call call the classic beauty but she was striking; with high cheekbones, short dark hair, pouting full lips, sensational breasts that you could tell homed the most suckable nipples and hips that could move you to cum in seconds.

She was ridiculously sexy.

As the years passed and friendships were built between husbands and wives nothing was said, nothing ... Continue»
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I Fear There's Nothing I Can Do....Yeah

Anyone who has ever received an emergency text, knows the feeling of being concerned that something bad has happened, especially if the text was as vague as this one. "Come ovr. @ home. Need ur help!" was all the message said.

The text was from Sally's friend, Julia, who also happens to be my wife's parents' other daughter. I was concerned, as I said before, so, I hopped into my car, and drove the eight-or-so blocks to Julia's apartment. When I got there, her front door was open. I closed and locked it carefully, so that whoever was in there would have a little more trouble getting out. It... Continue»
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my sissy

This is a total fictional story, and any names, and places are from my imagination.

My name is Roger Jarnic, or RJ for short. I am 32, 6', 220lbs. I was on my way home from my mundane 9-5 job, when I came acrossed a car with it's hood up on the side of the road. It's hood was up, and a skinny, jean covered ass was sticking out from under it. I thought to myself that I should stop, and see if I could offer some assistance.

So, I pulled my chevy over in front, parked, and as I was getting out, I saw a twentyish looking young man turn towards me. He looked almost like a girl, s... Continue»
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Welcome home treat

It had been a long 6 months away from home with work, and I couldn't wait to get back home and get in my own bed for the night, the journey home was a nightmare with plane delays and then road closures, it had taken me 11hours to do a 6 hour journey.

Once I had finally gotten home I threw my belongings in the lounge, locked the door, stripped off and headed for the shower. I noticed my bedroom door was ajar as I walked past to the bathroom, I just assumed I hadn't shut it before I left.

As I was showering I heard the door creak open slowly, I thought an intruder was in my home, I ripp... Continue»
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Ana and the black janitor

Ana and the black janitor.

That Tuesday evening I was working late at my office. The place was not much crowded. I headed towards the washroom. The day had been warm and I was wearing a black skirt which was reaching almost my knee and a light white shirt.

As I was washing my face, some strange shadow moved on the mirror.
Then I saw Manfred, the black janitor, standing behind with a weird smile. When I turned to leave, he pinched my buttocks. I shouted in surprise and turned and slapped him hard. Due to that slap he became very angry and just caught my hand and dragged me into a washroo... Continue»
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Damsel in distress

It was going to be an interesting call out for me. We were turning out to an incident. It was dark; the weather was wet and horrible. When an enquiry was made to the front of the cab, the print out was passed to the crew in the back. On the tip sheet were the details of the incident, this was eagerly scrutinised. Along with the address & other information it contained the details of the type of incident. Person trapped…
Could this be one the favourite cartoony scenarios where the Fire Brigade turn up to a c***d stuck in some railings or a lovely young woman in a bath with her toe stuck in... Continue»
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Georgina – The Gang Bang

Georgina's mind whirled at what had happened. Her ass still felt stretched after being used by Mr. Moore. Then when he blasted his sperm on her face, she had been so excited as he smiled at her. Then he told her that the job was hers but then he told her about the fifty black men who would use her!

"I need the money!" She told herself as she cleaned up and put her clothes on

Then she tried to imagine letting so many men use her! Use her ass! She felt absolutely desperate as she stepped back out of the bathroom after cleaning... Continue»
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The best friend that's out of your league.

Have you ever hard a best friend that was incredibly gorgeous? That you wish you could fuck the life out of but she wouldn't give you the opportunity to? Well this is the story of how I finally fucked my best friend Simone. She's 19, 5'3", 36" 26" 30" body measurements, tattoos everywhere, lip, tongue, nipples (small sexy gumdrop nipples), and pussy pierced. Has the most beautiful big brown eyes you will ever see and her lips would make any guy hard to have her suck his dick. I mean from head to toe flawless and the sweetest person in the world. I wanted her badly.

So, we were watching t... Continue»
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Ally's Club 3 - Bull and Sub

Thursday morning and I am putting the mower in the shed. Dee waves and comes over.

"Say I was wondering if we could get together again soon."
I smile, "I would like that very much, but I am really tied up right now. Perhaps next week?"
"Can we do Monday morning at 9, sexy?" Dee smirks at me.
"I think that will work." I am getting hard just thinking about having her again.
"Oh can you come over to my place? I want to use my toys."
"Sure, I look forward to it."

That afternoon I get a txt from Allen. He txt'd me their address, so I can meet them there at 7.
I better get ready for anyt... Continue»
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Meeting a couple

A few weeks ago me and my wife were having a special night out it had been a while since either of us had cum. We were planing on going to an adult store and getting some new stuff to try to give us an extra boost in the bedroom I usually keep a hard on but we were going to try some other stuff to make me shoot loads of cum.

When we got to the sex shop we did a lot of looking around we had been there before but we never really looked around. As we were looking around we bumped into a white male mid 30's thick but not fat build he was by the supplements who introduced himself as Ron .we bega... Continue»
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Sex, Lies and Conquest

Summary: In years long past, Jianna's f****y had ruled over the rich and plentiful lands of Quilan before being ousted by the conquering f***es of the Highlanders. Since that time, Jianna has led a life on the run and was raised by a handful of her bodyguards who groomed her to retake her throne. Now she leads a rebellion against the Highlanders and is on the cusp of a major victory, and she will not let any barrier, physical or moral stand in her way.

Chapter 1- First Strike:

The two guards on night patrol were truly an unlucky couple. One had welcomed his first c***d in... Continue»
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Studio Slut

“Oh yeah baby, just like that. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Make me cum.” Olivia Holt heard herself and couldn’t believe what she was saying. She just met this guy an hour ago and here she was, upstairs at a party letting him fuck her. The gorgeous 17 year old blonde had never done anything like this before but she was really into it. The guy, who had to be in his twenty’s, was slamming his 8 inch cock into her tight coochie and was about to get her off. She’d had orgasms before but never during sex, not that she was that experienced, after all, she’d only had two boyfriends and this was t... Continue»
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Sammi Gets Carded

Sammi was so excited. She had been waiting all week to go to the new dance club in Hollywood. She had heard about it from her s****r Danielle and decided to check it out. The only problem was that it was 21 and over and she was only 19. That didn’t bother her though because when Sammi set her mind to something, there was no way she was going to give up until she got her way so she “borrowed” her s****rs driver’s license and made plans to go to the club that Friday.

She spent the entire day getting ready. First she went to the salon and had her long brown hair done up with blonde highli... Continue»
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Best feeling ever - Banged her, finally!

I allow the hard-on while staring at the screen, just imagining circling my tongue in her pussy.

Let me describe myself first before getting to her.
Age <30. Virgin brown guy, with an accent. Short yet sweet. Smile on my face - all the time. Love the place of work. Even better is the place because would love to bang many ladies here.

But this one is just beyond description. She is very tall - about 6 feet. about 35 years young. She's married to a hulky guy. She also had a baby recently. Blonde hair, beautiful pearl ear rings. Picturesque face, beeming smile and a tight ass. Oh, she dr... Continue»
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