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Short meeting with Mistress M - how it really went

You might have read my blob entry - soon a couple of hours with mistress. This is the real story how this meeting went.

the days and hours before our meeting have been a buzzing of messages back and forth. i was supposed to take several of my thongs with me, my leather cock ring, my butt plug and my vibrator.. all that was just prepartaion.. the night before Mistress M wrote me to travel with the black thoong with one whole in it and the leather cock ring arond my balls and cock. furthermore i was supposed to travel with the buttplug inside me until i arrived at the airport in my mis... Continue»
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My Naughty Dream

On nights like these when I'm horny and all alone, I'll find my cutest skirt and top, my favorite toys, and sometimes a nice naughty online video. I'll sit back, close my eyes, and work myself up.....touching and rubbing all over. I'll slowly massage a finger tip of lube into the very outer edge of my tight hole. Gently I'll work it in so that my fingers eventually slide deep inside. I get to the point where I absolutely need to feel someone or something deep in me, fucking me hard while I submit my entire body to my passionate lover. But then sadly, I hear a noise and my eyes open. I th... Continue»
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Great Grand Mother’s Brothel Diary

This is a different story format, is historically correct, uses real Western lanquage. and grammer. Hope you enjoy reading it.

I always heard stories about how her f****y was one of the first families to settle Durango Colorado. Well my Grandma Putnam finally passed and my mother wanted me to go through all the old f****y papers and heirlooms. I started rummaging through a trunk and found an old leather binder entitled “Madam Patricia Putnam, Business Diary 1875 – 1895”. It must have been Great Great Grandmothers diary.

Well I opened it and after one page I burst out laughing, the “Bu... Continue»
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Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin sat in the outside office waiting to see the producer of Dancing With The Stars. The pretty blonde former c***d actress had been invited to be on the upcoming season of the very popular show and was asked to come in and speak with the producer. She’d been waiting for about 10 minutes when the door opened and out came Mischa Barton. She looked up and couldn’t help but notice the large wet stain on Mischa’s silk blouse. Mischa hurried past her and then the secretary told her she could go in.

“Good morning Jodie, please, take a seat” said the man behind the desk. Jodie close... Continue»
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a night with Master

As instructed I stood in front of the correct door, slightly early (definitely not late!!), my entire body waxed smooth and feeling more than a little bit exposed on account of wearing a super slutty outfit specially selected for me by daddy.

Nervously I knocked, hoping my appearance would be pleasing for daddy, and heard the words which made my heart skip a beat "come in"

Once inside I was ordered to kneel and thank him for the honor he had bestowed upon me by starting at his feet and kissing my way up to his rock hard cock, (which filled me with joy knowing that using me turned him on ... Continue»
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hubby loves to be sodomized

First I'm 5'5" and i weigh 108lbs, Nice tits and a lovely bubble butt , I have long dark brown hair and hazel eyes, I dress very feminine and wear high heels.
He's 5'9" 200lbs chestnut hair and hazel eyes.
I enjoy fucking my man's ass! Each time we have sex, i fuck his ass! He's a real anal whore!
I started this 2 years ago because he was always asking to fuck MY ass! So i turned the table around... I bought a normal sized strapon and i surprised him. time passed by and now he's totally analy mine.
He now takes a huge 12" BAM in the ass which by the way i made him ask for himself ... Continue»
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Super Bowl 50 with Queen B

I want to say in advance that english is not my first language so I'm sorry for any error .Enjoy it!

It was the halftime show at Super Bowl 50, I was one of the lucky few to be on the field under the stage .I was dreaming of seeing Beyonce live for ages, I was kind of obsessed with her .I didn't like her song much but for sure I liked her body and especially her big ass .Seeing her shaking it at like 15 ft from me was absolutely incredible .I was there with a boner just for seeing here dancing .I had always thought that I would not last more than three minutes with here but I couldn't real... Continue»
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My story (Part 6) "Marriage as a male disaste

Marriage as a “Male” disaster

At a stage in my life I have doubts that I had a problem of being such a slut and wanting to be a women. So I decided to stop and try be normal, for sometime I could overcome my desires and so on. And thought I was cured, but actually it was all an illusion.
So I decided to get married and try to live a normal live. After sometime I got married to lovely decent lady that I really liked. But it was not love or anything of that. We got married after half a year. My first impression was that she was ver traditional sexually, and thought that the man does everythi... Continue»
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My story (Part 7) "Medical Lab Encounter"

Medical lab encounter

After I started taking hormones I met online a human laboratory doctor. I told him about taking the hormones and that I want to make full analysis for a Transexual and that I also want to take a prostate liquid sample. At first he thought I was not real till we set a date to meet at the lab he works in.

When I arrived at the lab, I walked directly towards the receptionist and asked for my Doctor friend. He called the doctor on the phone and told him their is a Sherry here asking for you Sir, then he asked me to sit a couple of minutes and the Doctor will come to me... Continue»
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My journey into crossdressing.

The following story is 100% true. Only the names have been changed.

About 11 years ago, when I was 28, I met a 40 year old single mum of 2 called Michelle.
We met through a mutual friend. The relationship was purely a sexual relationship. I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 3 years, and she had been single for 7 years after splitting with her violent ex.
The first day we met, we ended up sl**ping together. As we lay in bed afterwards, we started talking about what we liked and didn't like in bed.
She told me that she liked to finger a mans anus while she sucked his cock. I wasn'... Continue»
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Horny at the Bar (M2M)

When I was 28 and after my divorce, I had a bit of a sex drought and was feeling pretty horny and felt that I would go try my first M2M action since college. I had a couple of drinks at happy hour with my work counterparts and when they left to go home I decided to check out an anything goes bar down the street.

I was quite nervous as I paid the cover charge and entered the bar. I entered and noticed it was obvious that it was mostly gay and guys there. I walked in and being a bit shy I avoided eye contact as I sat at the bar. After ordering a drink, a nice looking man sat next to m... Continue»
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Sauna part 2

Emerging from the steam room covered in sweat and cum which was covering my
chin I went to the showers, dried off again and then went to have a look
what was going on in the other rooms.

It was still early so fairly empty and the normally busy rest-rooms were
virtually lifeless but somebody had to get this party started and with my
attitude today it was definitely going to be me. Today I wanted them all,
every man in there. I wanted filling with cum at both ends, dribbling down
my legs from a thoroughly used ass, I wanted pain when I walked and my
insides pounding and throbbing fr... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XXI

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XXI

“A Woman, a Man and a Toy”, with Billie (based on a Rebecca art) and Ramon Novara (from ‘Lady Travel’, Chris)

Ramon Novara: and

Billie and Ramon Novara were married for about seven years or so. Seven years, the famous ‘year of the crisis’, as everyone says. It wasn’t that they weren’t the happiest couple, they were of course. Billie was getting close to her forties and was still with the... Continue»
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My sweet Betty

About Betty I told you when I and a guy fucked her for a modelling job for a Danish pornomagazine. We answered on an advertise for appear in a photosession for pornografic production.. After we had finished the shooting we stayed overnite with Betty. And had a greatfultime. A few weeks later The phone rang and there was a guy in the phone. He introduced him as Bettys husband. We were talkin a shiort while. When he suggested me to meet up with him and Betty. I began Think whats goin on. I dont know if this guy are nuts or not Why does a hubby call a guy that in profesion fucked ... Continue»
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My incredible granny experience

For some reason I’ve always gravitated towards older women. For example, when I was 21, my girlfriend was 37. Sadly, we broke up because she was ready for something more and I, still being young with a libido in overdrive, wasn’t. So it was really no surprise when I met Phyllis shortly after our breakup and I was so glad I did.
I was home on leave from the service visiting one of my good friends. We were enjoying some beers at his local hangout, when this older but very attractive red head sat next to me.
I introduced myself, “Hi, I’m Joe.”
“I’m Phyllis, it’s very nice to meet you. What do ... Continue»
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(Gay) Dick Fun in Durham

Hi lads.
Thanks for reading my last story! Highest amount of comments so far. Thank you all.
Again, true story, only names changed to protect other people.
If you like it, COMMENT, LIKE or FAV to help grow my fan base. As always, all friend requests accepted.


£7.50 for a return ticket to Durham from where we live. Arriva. Or an outrageous price via Darlington on the train.

Either way, I absolutely adore Durham. Student city. Strangely enough, no cinema. Still, definately one of the nicest cities I've been to in the North Ea... Continue»
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My (almost) first fuck

I remember one of the few times I let someone fuck me. He was Russian, we met in a bog and he invited me home to his place. I was hoping for a good oral session and, believe me, he was VERY good but he had an ulterior motive. His cock was the largest I have ever seen outside of a porn film It was thick and it was long and it fascinated me. He asked me to let him try to excite me enough to let him put the head into my almost virgin bum.

There was something about this guy, he was just turning me on. He promised to stop at any time and that he would be very slow and very gently and I believed ... Continue»
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(Gay) Newcastle Train Station Toilets

Hi lads.
As normal, all my stories are true and I'll only change names to protect identities. Don't forget to comment after reading if you enjoyed it :)
Happy reading guys.


Another boring day in the North East. With money to burn, me and my friend (lass) decided to get the train from Darlington through to the Metrocentre. If you've done this trip, you know you have to transfer at Newcastle.

Newcastle station itself is a dull dreary place, loud and unexciting. But there was one constalation: the toilets.

Since there was a 35 minute transfer time inb... Continue»
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I felt his cock pressed tight against my ass and he felt huge I could not budge and inch as the subway car was filled beyond capacity and as the car bumped and swayed along I felt my short skirt riding up on my ass now I have a really nice round bottom and great hips from all the aerobics and work outs I do to stay in shape and that cock of his was nestled between my cheeks rubbing up and down up and down I began to fantasize about it what it would feel like in my pussy or even my ass OMFG I was getting myself horny and the bastard smelled great too which turned me on even more...Then I felt ... Continue»
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The Morning After

Over Halloween I thought it would be a fun time going to the “The Closet” for their annual Halloween party. It was a safe club, friendly to gay, straight, lesbian, crossdressers; you name it. I decided to go as a sexy librarian. I wore reading glasses on a chain, black short skirt, white low cut blouse, fake bra, hair in a bun pulled to the top and 3-inch heels.

I partied there and had a great time, it was crowded and I didn’t even mind the sudden gropes here and there. The time had really flown bye, next think I knew the bartender shouted that it was closing time. One of the men I was han... Continue»
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