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Her Boyfriend Left Her Alone Suddenly

Hi, this is the first time I am submitting a story, so please ignore any mistakes.

So, this happened around 3-4 months back. I had to give an exam and the test center was very far away from my house. I thought that since my friend lives near by, I will drop by at his place. Since he was my best friend, I didn’t think that I needed to call him.

I reached there and he was shocked to see me. I said that I had to give an exam the next day. He reluctantly let me e
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Her Boss

Leon was a successful business man that worked from home in his office. Amy was his live in maid. Her job was to cook, clean and fuck him any time he needed it. And Leon needed it a lot. She was only allowed to wear a short silk robe and nothing else. She had her own room but slept with Leon every night. Not much sl**ping went on as Leon was an all night fucker. Amy had huge firm tits and a great thick ass. Leon was hung like a horse and needed sex often. After fucking her most of the night this morning he had her bent over the table and was licking and fingering and tonguing her cunt and ass.... Continue»
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After Church ass fuck leads to more fun

So this story is one of those you happen to come up on, and well who walk way from this one.
So I recent been checking out some churches. I have visited many different versions of them, each being interesting. The latest one caught me off guard and left me with a feeling to come back.
It was a Sunday morning, around 10, and I was pulling up to a church that moved around a lot. It is one of those places that changes location because they don't have a building yet. So the set up was at a church that was not running anymore. It was small chapel next to a school building. Anyways, I walked up ... Continue»
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Sucking the salesman

Hi I remember when we had to sell my mamas house as she had passed away. I was to meet a sales man at the house for valuation and my b*****r had arranged it all. When the guy turned up he was nicely dressed in a grey suit shirt & tie. After our introductions he asked me fine could use the toilet before he started. I said no problem and showed him the door tote toilet. He left the door slightly ajar and proceeded to take his cock out of his fly hole although he wasn't too big he was certainly adequate. He made no attempt to cover himself whilst he urinated and I could quite clearly see hi... Continue»
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Energizer Bunny

Energizer Bunny

There has been a nice young Vietnamese guy staying her for the past 4 days. He’s 25, a little on the ‘fleshy’ side but not fat, I’d say medium height and build. He’s alone and using the dormitory. His English is pretty good and he is friendly. Yes, I was attracted to him after the first day and started quizzing him on his life.

Things have been a little slow and we haven’t had many guests in the past week; that gave me more time to spend talking with him. Being my normal horny self I kept a video cued most of the time and open on the PC just in case. The time presented it... Continue»
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Mrs K Pt2


I woke up after a short sl**p of an hour or so. My head had moved from its resting place against her big soft breasts and was now against her tummy. Mrs K was stroking my face; it felt good. Better still was my memory homing in on what had happened.

"Hello sl**pyhead, looks like I wore you out," Hazel said, laughing, and then smiling broadly.

"Hello my beautiful lady," I replied.

I wriggled up her body and we shared a deep kiss. Then I gently nibbled her ear-lobes, kissed her neck and moved my mouth down over one of her huge pink nipples and sucked. It hardened beautif... Continue»
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Mrs K Pt1

Do you find that in this sometimes painful sometimes wonderful world of ours that life's pleasures are best enjoyed when they come unexpectedly? I do. That's how it was with me and Mrs Kellerman. Unexpected, and fine, very, very fine.

I met Mrs K when I was staying at my aunt's house one summer. At the time immediately before I met her, I was in a kind of down-hearted frame of mind. Shortly after I met her I was flying high on my own personal cloud. Now, I have a precise, precious memory of this beautiful, curvaceous woman of, I'd guess around her mid-fifties (it is rude to ask I've been to... Continue»
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A sissy story

From the time I was very young, I've known I was "different". I was fascinated with women's and girls' clothing and shoes. Like all little sissy-boys, I loved girlish "dress-ups". But I didn't have to sneak my mother's adult-size clothing, because I had a s****r who was my same size -- my fraternal twin. And she didn't even mind when I tried on her things! I'm Christopher, by the way, and my s****r's name is
Andrea. I usually went by "Chris"... but when she and I were alone, and I was being girlish (which was often), I got a special thrill out of being called "Christine".

Looking back on ... Continue»
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Jessica and the strong man

This story carries on with some of Jessica's naughty adventures as she delves deeper and deeper into becoming a cross dressing sissy slut. You can read the previous two part story of her first meet on my profile.

After that first meet with "John" at the hotel, Jessica was doing all she could to meet people and get more experience sucking and fucking cocks. She'd managed to get a few meets, nothing special but it all counted on the learning curve. Then, one night while sitting online and chatting in one of her usual chat rooms, a private message popped up from someone called "musclefck". Nev... Continue»
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Anatomy Lessons - Part Two

Anatomy Lessons - Part Two

By billy69boy

My heart skipped a beat for several reasons, but I didn't spend any time contemplating them. I was more interested in my early morning guest floating around in my pool. I wondered how long she'd been there.

"Hello, Kendra, and a good morning to you," I responded, trying not to sound too excited.

"I hope you don't mind me being here so early. Actually, I came over as soon as mom left for work." She explained, answering my question before I asked.

"No, no dear, as I said yesterday, you are welcome here anytime."

"You left so abruptl... Continue»
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"A Night to Remember"

It had been some time since I had a hard cock in my anus, it was all by choice, I decided to go straight and see what the world was offering.

I had met some friends and was very sociably accepted, my friends had girlfriends and so did I, not anyone particular. Was always at the best parties and get together s and having a ball. Until this one time that I went too far.

How it exactly started I have no ideal, just a bunch of guys messing around at a swimming hole was all I could remember. Wine and drink was flowing freely and so was those little roll your own smokes.

High, yes I wa... Continue»
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“I want to suck your dick”

Eileen was hired as the office manager only two weeks before I was hired as an analyst. She also doubled as the secretary for whoever happened to be our office’s director at any given time. She was married to a wealthy real estate developer, and she was just working there so she’d have something to do since her youngest daughter went off to college. Over time, she also assumed the role of head rumor monger, frequently spreading rumors about who in the office I was screwing, none of which were true. She was in her 50s while I was in my 30s, one of the few young men in an office full of retired ... Continue»
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Virgin orgasms during first Gyno exam

> > Setting:
> > 1950, Iowa, A Women's Only College
> >
> > Today's my first day as the general practitioner physician for a small exclusive women's college in Iowa. I think the quiet, rural town with its mid-western values is going to be a big adjustment for me after living in NYC. My first patient of the day is an 18 year old female in for her annual exam. An attractive, but not beautiful, girl with ample hips and bosom walks in shyly and sits down. She has alluring green eyes and plump pink lips and a full face. I can tell she is shy and lacks confidence in her femininity by the w... Continue»
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when I was 18 part 3

If you have been following my stories you know that I worked at an Investment Firm just after I turned 18 and Graduated from high school. The man I worked for was 59 year old Mike. Sex with Mike started when I was 18,(which I explained in "when I was 18 part 1 & 2") It was in early August of 1982 when we started our affair. I had been having great sex Mike and others which all of the encounters had been set up by Mike Mike had gotten me on the pill 8 months earlier Since being on it I went from 110 lbs to 125lbs but it seemed like most of the weight I gained was in my boobs ! I went from a 36B... Continue»
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Cooling Off Gets Hot

A warm sunny day as I take slow walk through the woods I find a beautiful pond.
I take off my shoes and stockings padding in the water too cool my feet off. Enjoying it's cool water I walk further towards the centre.
Feeling the cold water on my pussy I put hand up my short skirt rubbing my clit and fingering my tight hole. My breathing getting heavy with quiet moans then heaver and loud moans as I feel my hot cum run down my fingers.
I start walking again the water is up to my neck, floating on my ... Continue»
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As the wine and beer flowed the bbq starts to wind down. Im still wearing the red satin and lace underbust corset, nothing else. MM has fucked a few ladies and i have licked everybody clean. I have not fucked as MM has not given his permission.

Im walking indoors when MM grabs me kissing me with one hand between my legs fingering my pussy. Everyone saw me being fingerd which turned me on more than i can say. MM picks me lowering me gently on to dinning room table holding my legs apart.

"Desert is served, welcome everyone. I know you will enjoy the creamy pudding that is her pussy"

Som... Continue»
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Used by a perfect stranger

Used by a perfect stranger

That spring night I had attended a party with my loving husband Victor.
His boss had invited us, to celebrate a new anniversary of the company. Victor soon started to chat with all his colleagues and he forgot me…
I was feeling too much warm inside the house; so, I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. The cool evening spring air had an immediate effect under my short dress and a similar effect on my nipples, now hardening to the drop in temperature.

Being there in the darkness, I heard some footsteps behind me.
“Excuse me”. Was all that stranger man ... Continue»
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Pokemon Go footjob!

Soo today around 12:45am i rode my bike up to a Pokemon Go Pokestop near my house. As i rode up, a chick rode up right behind me and we sat down to chat.
She was meeting a dude friend up there and that she had just gotten off work as a waitress.
She then started taking off her small black sketcher running shoes and exposed her feet, she saw me look at them and kinda put her shoes near me. Close enough to smell. 15 mins of chatting went by and she was really into me complimenting my hair and clothes.
The longer the chat went on the more personal it got. At one point she apologized for her... Continue»
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Craziest Gay Fantasy

I was horny very late one evening. I was jerking off to porn while chatting with a guy who lived across town. He was much older than me, a retired professor, at the time ( just a sophomore in college). We were in serious roleplay, I was a late night jogger and he was hiding in the bushes. I would run by him and he would jump me. I would be f***ed to having sex with him up against the tree. The conversation was pretty graphic....enough to get me to cum twice. I was going to call it a night when he thought we should do it for real. I was tired and thought we should try it another time. He pleade... Continue»
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Guy time

I was just about twenty years old when I wanted to give another go with guys. I had no girlfriend and found myself questioning my sexuality since I was obsessed with gay porn. I had been experimenting with anal beads, dildos, and sounding. I lived in a two bedroom apartment and my roommate was gone for the summer. We didn't have AC so I usually was naked inside my apartment.

I jerked off several times a day to gay videos and porn. I created several gay profiles and posted hundreds of pictures and videos of myself using my toys. Before long, it consumed my day interacting with several unkno... Continue»
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