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Sex Studio Secrets #13: Lisette-2

Lisette likes sex best in a red velvet boudoir with many mirrors and knowing she is on camera

Lisette is extremely enthousiatic about coming on camera in a real sex studio for the first time
I even wetted your mirror, I never knew I could come squirting so fast far and hard, dear Peter
Suddenly I long to ride my boyfriend seeing myself pole-dancing his prick by my tongue and pussy
Especially banging my boy as a cowgirl must be very hot to see, how he handles my tight titties!
Tasty titties indeed dear, but my studio is like my sex-shop downstairs only available to ladies[
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It Happened in Vegas

Linda was happy that conference was finally over!

Linda had agreed to come to Vegas to represent the company but her real intention was to have sex with good looking stranger that she would never have to see again and certainly would never have actually be in a relationship with. You see, Linda had recently finalized her divorce and she had no intention of ever being in relationship again.
There was just one problem; sex had become an obsession for her since her marriage broke up. There were men who wanted to date her but every t... Continue»
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The wifes first time

This takes place during the summer where my wife of 10 year had her first BBC.

In july, our freind who lived across the street invited to a pool party. I was happy to go cause it have me time away from work and the chance to relax with wife. I was wearing board shorts a s a t-shirt and flip flops and my wife, well she is 35 with a nice set tits that are 34 c and being she works out everyday she has a tight body. So she isn't going to pass up a chance to wear a bikini that is easy on the eyes. It was a metallic pink string top and bottoms that matched. She also wore a white see throug... Continue»
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Dr. Kelly - Breast Milk Exper

I was just pulling my car into the trailer park. The dust from the gravel came up over the top of my hood. I looked around. There were quite a few trailers as I pulled around to the last one on the left. It had pink siding going down the double wide. I can't believe I spent 6 years going to college, just to make house calls or should I say trailer park calls. I had no degree. The money ran out before I got kicked out. I had a few jobs ever since. I just happen to stumble upon this one. You could say it just dropped in my lap.

I had a neighbor at my apartment complex. She was close to being ... Continue»
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true story about marlene

"Where are you going marlene?" the ‘leader' of the pack asked me, winking at his mates as they all eyed my body.

"I just need to get home, I had enough for one night," I shrugged.

"Oh I think you've not had anything like enough yet SLUT!" he laughed, indicating to a couple of his stockier friends to take hold of me. My terror made me stand still, feeling muscular hands gripping my arms, pulling them behind my back, pushing my breasts forward against the flimsy material of my top. "You've been teasing us all night with that sexy body of yours," he raised a hand to stop my protest and cont... Continue»
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Meeting my Ex for a game of snooker!

Vicky was my girlfriend briefly about 12 years ago and was a dirty little slut back then, she had been about a bit and had a reputation for fucking anything.
Well she got in contact a couple of years ago and although everything started innocently her talk soon became very flirty, now I'm a red bl**ded male and found this hard to resist so started responding.
Things started to heat up when Vicky one evening sent me a message saying she was bored, and did I want to play snooker? I said I couldn't as it would be awkward to get out, the wife bec would find this odd me going out at 10pm.
The ne... Continue»
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Neuro submission transmitter 6

"Oh fuck yes!" I hear my mother yell, as I open the front door to Uncle Harry's house. He's been dead for over six months, but I still think of this as Uncle Harry's house. I quietly follow the sound towards Uncle Harry's bedroom, which mom and I have been sl**ping in since we got here.

"Ohmygod!" Mom screams, as I move closer to the open bedroom door and peek inside. Fuck! The t****ze bar is back up over the bed, with some sort of sling type harness hanging from it, supporting my mother! The sling is about a foot wide and wraps under mom's stomach, much the way that k**s sometimes lay acro... Continue»
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Just another job???

Mmmm,slipping my fingertips slowly under the waistband of his clean, white boxers with a deliberate, almost theatrical motion I lifted the material off his flawless skin then after a moment it dawned on him and lifting his arse up off the bed allowing me to calmly ease them down.

I lay between his parted legs,my lips brushing his belly, tongue moistening a damp trail heading deliciously south of his navel.I used that waistband to restrain his straining manhood until it could no longer hold him back from springing bolt upright and quivering like an arrow that had just struck the tree trunk.... Continue»
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Mistress B's House of Fetish

I'm pretty sure it was early on in the semester when Mistress B thought it was a good idea for us to try some chastity. She had bought a device for me to wear and one Monday morning before we went back to school, she decided to put it on me. She would wake up a good 2 hours before me Monday mornings, as I recall being woken up and her asking me if I was ready. Before I knew it, the device was firmly attached to me and she put the keys around her neck on a necklace. It would be 5 long days I'd spend in chastity before we saw each other next.

The device wasn't that noticeable, but every ... Continue»
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The last night with Mistress B

We have been doing pegging and all kinds of fetish things for well over a year now. Again, we got a in a huge argument and the one thing that always brought us back together was sex. I forget what got us back on the topic, but I was sending her all kinds of strap on videos with big strap ons and had said I want a bigger one being used on me. Well a few days later I get a text message of the new dildos that had arrived at her house. I have not seen her in about 2 weeks, so we made arrangements for her to come over to my apartment.

I was getting so excited that I had had the double we own... Continue»
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The Sauna

The Sauna

My girlfriend had always been keen on sex, often instigating lovemaking and suggesting new things to try even asking if we ever had a threesome with another guy would I want to share him with her. These conversations either ended up in fabulous sex or if we were already fucking then an extra special hard on for me.

After she asked if I could be persuaded to make it with another guy and share him with her that I told her of the gay sauna I’d been to before we met. She kept questioning me, asking what it was like etc and found that they did mixed nights as well. That was it, she... Continue»
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The Castle (part 2)

"You Guys go ahead..Olfa's taking Henry out for a walk around the grounds and He'll walk us home!"

The boys staggered to the door and with a chorus of 'See Ya's' it slammed shut with a loud clank ,as a puff of cold Northumbrian air stopped us in our tracks.

I'd slid my hands down Nicole's thighs and she started to move away.

"Don't let me stop the fun!" whispered Sarah suggestively, and the two women laughed .

Nicole stayed standing and reassumed the position she took before. I tentatively moved my hands back to her bum.

"Aren't you gonna undo her belt?" Sarah asked, and reache... Continue»
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The Pack and a Girl

"Kristy, honey, could you get the Peterson file for me?" Daddy asked, looking up
from his desk.

"Sure," I grumbled. I hated working for my dad at the kennel. All my friends got
to run around after school. My dad, on the other hand, thought this would be a
positive experience for me, and insisted that I spend some hours after school
and on the weekends working in the f****y business. I figure he also had a
secondary motive. Puberty was beginning to influence my eight teen year old body, so
my pert titties and rounded hips were just beginning to swell to womanly
proportions. I t... Continue»
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Lara lived at home till she was eighteen then she got a job at a diner and moved into her tiny apartment. She felt free and very adult at her young age. What she did not realize was how sexy she was and how the men noticed her at work. She was slim and petite with huge tits. Brad came in every day and sat in her area and got to talking to the sexy girl. After two weeks he asked her to go to dinner with him. He was older and very handsome and she said yes. She did not know he had big plans for the sexy youth. At dinner they talked a lot and he learned that she came from a very sheltered life an... Continue»
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Mistress Viagra Torture

mistress Viagra torture

This story is 100% pure fantasy. None of it ever happened. If you are offended by stories of a mature nature containing references to bondage and humiliation, please do not read.
This is fiction!!!!!

I had been chatting with a new online mistress for a number of months and during that time she had me buying all kinds of sexy woman's cloths, new sex toys and various other implements that she would have me send her pictures of once I had purchased them. Mistress had me buy several extra large dildos and extra extra large butt plugs and would instruct me via S... Continue»
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The Indian Interracial gay threesome

“Aaaaahhhh Vijay…you are just sooooo good!” I moaned. Kneeling on the bed on all fours, Vijay was fucking my ass slowly with smooth, long strokes. The sheer friction of his cock against my ass was driving me mad with pleasure. In front of me, Ravi was kneeling, facing me with his hands on his hips. My lips were wrapped around his smooth cock. With every thrust that Vijay was making, I was being pushed forward onto Ravi’s cock with my mouth. It was the height of pleasure that we three were getting. After my super hot session with V... Continue»
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Schoolgirl Gets Gangbanged

(This story is part two of “Schoolgirl, Black Coach & the Water Boy. If you are not into interracial or cuckold this not for you. The previous story can be found on my profile)
It was Saturday night a Rob drove his daddy’s car over to Melissa’s house to pick her up. His mind raced as he remembered the sex session he had watched and participated in the previous week. He could see Melissa on her knees sucking the coach’s large cock and then seeing the coach pumping that monster in and out of Melissa’s tight pussy. He remembered seein... Continue»
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My Crazy Dream: "The Model Railroader"

One day, I was building my train layout when a knock came on my door. I opened the door when all of a sudden my jaw dropped to the floor! "Hello" she said, "I was on my way to a photo shoot when my tire on my car exploded and my cell phone died! Can you help me?" I responded, "Sure, you can use my phone! Wait a minute, you look familiar!" I let her in to my place, she picked up the phone, called who she wanted to call for help, then her face became sad as she hung up the phone, I asked her if everything was ok, she shook her head no. She said, "they said that the earliest they can get here is ... Continue»
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Last Weekend's Flake Becomes This Saturday�

This was the second date I'd arranged with this young gentleman. The first had, unhappily, fallen to pieces even before the evening of - and while I'm not usually given to providing flakes second chances, I was in enough of a charitable mood (and let's face it, I was definitely in need of some action) to arrange a meetup for Saturday.

When he arrived it was already dark out, and cold. I'd left my door unlocked for him,so the first I knew of his arrival was the tinkling of the chimes as he opened the door. I was waiting for him in the livingroom upstairs, dressed as he'd requested, all in ho... Continue»
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A Walk in the Park

I had just had a row with the wife and I was pretty wound up and decided to go for a drive, I ended up in another town about fifteen miles away. I parked up in a secluded road next to a park where there was an ice-cream van, after had one I was sat in the car smoking, as it was a lovely summers day I had the window open, suddenly this boy appeared and asked me if I had any change.

He gave me £5 and I changed it for him, I could see he went to the ice-cream van then walked towards the park. I locked up the car and followed him. As I caught up with him he was sat on a bench alone, I sat next ... Continue»
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