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a sex slave

Several hours later, and Deborah was rudely awoken due
to a strange and rather painful sensation at her butt.
At first she didn't know what it was, but slowly, as she
got her senses back, she realized what was happening.
She was lying on her side, with her legs slightly pulled
up and her back turned towards the man that held her
captive since last night. She could feel his hands
holding her firmly by her waist, and she could something
probing in her anus, it was the man's rigid dick. He was
about to ass-**** her!

Instantly she was wide awake. Her eyes were
wide open from... Continue»
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fun day at the park

I have a hobby that sometimes proves to be more then what it is. I do a lot of walking to keep in shape and in doing so I started picking up aluminum cans since there seems to be so many of them along the roadways. There is a county park not far with a nice lake and many shelter houses for picnics and gatherings s**ttered throughout the park. One Sunday morning early I decided to drive around the lake and check the trash cans for aluminum cans. No telling what one finds in those trash cans. I have found money and cameras and one time I found several gay porn DVD`s. Needless to say I spent many... Continue»
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She was horny for anal

My name is Kendra, I am a 28 year old brunette with 38DDs and a good figure if I do say so myself. I am married to Alan, we have been together for 10 years and we recently had one swinging session with another couple we had met on a cruise ship. I wanted more, Alan has a big dick, but he does not have the sexual appetite that I have. We have sex three times a week and always on a Sunday morning. I have always fancied anal sex but Alan does not. He is not convinced he would like it, so it looks like I am going to remain an anal virgin. My birthday was coming up and I told him that I wanted some... Continue»
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Tranny gang bang

It was pretty dingy in here, the sunlight came through a old dirty high window and a single fluorescent tube did little to lift the overall gloom. An oppressive smell of stale piss also hung over the whole place.

What was I doing in here? In truth I did not know but I was 16, horny and wanted to find out about the rumours about sexual activity.

I was still a virgin and although had messed around wanking at home, I was very naïve.

I walked into the last cubicle, shut and bolted the door, took my trousers down and sat down to relieve myself. As my eyes became accustomed to the gloom, I ... Continue»
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The Business Trip

I've been in your town for a couple of days now. I've went out several nights with the ladies that I came to the conference with. So finally both our schedules allow us to meet up. It's raining out so we decide to have dinner at the restaurant in my hotel. We sit and make small talk during dinner, both anticipating what's to come later. On the way out I suggest a drink at the bar. I've had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, so one more should do the trick! At this time I'm a little more open and forward. We sat at the bar just a few people around, your turn towards me with your legs open... Continue»
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How I caught my girlfriend cheating.

This story is 75% fiction and 25% true.

It all happened on July 16,2013. I'm at my girlfriend's motel room to see if she was doing ok. During the week. I haven't seen her to the fact I was working 16 hour days. So, I go in the motel and get a copy of her room key from the owner. The owner was cool about it since I did computer work for him in the past.

So once I came in her room,I immediately put up pinhole cameras in the smoke detectors, the lamp above the bed,and the picture facing the table. After I did that, I left immediately and remove all the traces of my work.

So at 3pm,I see... Continue»
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This story, and the one's that follow, have a grain of real life experiences in them, but I've elaborated on them significanty so they really are little more than fiction. But I hope you enjoy reading them.

The usual warnings apply. This story involves sex between consenting adults. If you're not over 18 or it is i*****l to read this where you live, then please do not continue any further. You have been warned.

Fisting. The word alone seems to instantly divide gay men into two camps. Those who do or are interested and those who don't. Some simply aren't interested and leave it at that. B... Continue»
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something I wrote for my ex-Master

the new greek slave

He had bought a slave, a female greek valuable slave. His excitement let him pull her quickly into the house. His first slave. And he was now the first slave owner in his f****y.
What to do with her next? He looked down at his new purchased property, her long dark hair, her beautiful face with very sensual lips, and her curvy body hidden in an old rag of a dress.
She kept her eyes down and her body was slightly tensed. She smelled of the dusty road, but it seemed she had been allowed to clean herself before the auction as her smell was quite lovely and fresh... Continue»
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An offer I couldn't refuse.... final part.

June led me to her bedroom. There stood a huge four poster bed, before it sat a chair with a high back. On the back legs of the chair were leather cuffs, on the high back of the chair in the middle was fasten a neck collar.

June saw me looking at the chair, ''It's for sissy boy, I'm going to tie him there and he can watch us fuck our brains out. When we're finished he will be made to lick your cum from my pussy and ass. Yes Peter you're going to claim my virgin ass tonight and clity boy is going to have a ring side seat for the show.''

There was a knock at the door and June said, ''Com... Continue»
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With my Vietnamese Accounting partner splitting with me over an argument and taking most of my clients I was facing financial ruin but I saw an opportunity to get into the new lucrative Indian student market and went into partnership with Arupama, a 43 year old , dark skinned, pock faced, 36C 33 37, portly 127 pound 5ft 4 Calcutta woman. On a whim to see if it could be done I had seduced her. To put it mildly I had found a Bengal tiger who now wanted to work through my previous lovers fighting or sexfighting them in front of me before she fucked and branded my wife. After defeating the Filipin... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #8: Sub Tamara's Trial-2

Tamaras comes five times for me from playing her pussy bent over deep her legs wide for good view

Tamara's prize for fulfilling my warm wishes very first time really deserves her promised prize
Tamara can express five wishes for this lovely long warm weekend and her sweet sexy submission

I like to be tied up by You and spanked before You fuck my tightest hole without any lubrication!
I like to try to deep-throat if You know any way to teach me how to munch all of Your mighty manhood

I am curious to find out how hot humiliation is for me in sexy situations of my sexy s
... Continue»
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for my Daughter

About three weeks ago I got a hold of my nineteen
year old daughter's phone. She has been so protective
off it I knew she had something on it. What she does
know if I know the pass code she uses.

So while she and her mother were busy I casually pick
it up and put in her code. A few years ago when she
was sixteen caught her sex chatting with other
people. All graphic with the guys leading it. One
caught my eye because he had her call him daddy. This
got my cock hard because I have had a secret desire
for her ever since she was three.

I never acted on those desires but a... Continue»
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Fuck Buddy - the fun continued

So after our first session where my friend was f***ed to walk along corridors naked (amongst other things), it was pretty clear that she enjoyed being submissive and was open to try new things. A couple of days later i saw her and she said she was keen to meet up regularly. I couldnt see her for any sexual encounters for a week, so set her two tasks to do for my enjoyment. The first was drive to work with her ti*s exposed - not to much as i didnt want to distract other drivers causing an accident and to send me a pic. Which she did. Now she has fabulous ti#s - 36 dd with nipples to die for, s... Continue»
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Double your pleasure 2

"Well, good morning, you two," Brittany said as she entered the kitchen the next morning to find her two c***dren having breakfast.

"Hey, Mom," Bart said. "How was your party?"

"Oh, fine," she replied, u*********sly tightening the sash of her housecoat tighter around her waist, a slight blush suffusing her cheeks. "I hope we didn't wake you when we got home."

"No, no, I didn't hear a thing," Bart replied, struggling to keep a straight face.

"I can't seem to find it," Brian said as he came into the kitchen. "And it's not in the car, either."

"What are you looking for, Dad?" Beth ... Continue»
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She make Wrong

Authors note: This is a little darker than I normally write but as always, it is a story meant to satisfy adult fantasy and nothing more.

Cindy shrieked as the firm male hand grasped her arm tightly and pulled her through the front door, locking it behind him.

At 27, Cindy was the highest grossing insurance agent for the firm. Her boundless energy, determination, and product knowledge produced the highest sales figures; and consequently the
highest bonuses of every quarter.

But it was Cindy's appearance that really won everyone over to her. She stood 5' 10” with hair... Continue»
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Double your pleasure 1

Beth Higgins propped her foot up on the soap holder on the side of the shower and very carefully slid the razor over her pussy, making what was already as smooth as a baby's ass even smoother. She rinsed herself, then looked down, pulling her outer pussy lips upwards and outwards, affording her a perfect view of her pussy, her inner lips furling outwards beyond her outer lips, and her clit, fat and throbbing, peeking its head out even from between her pussy lips.

Turning off the water, she reached for a big bath towel and languorously began to dry herself, watching herself in the mirror the... Continue»
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repost : a night to remember

it was a late summer night and I was at home watching TV. The weather was hot and humid outside, so I got the idea to go for a swim in the backyard pool. I changed into my swim trunks, grabbed a towel from the closet, and went out to the yard, being careful not to wake my parents. I slipped quietly into the water, it was warm, but still very refreshing in the heat.

After swimming around quietly I just started to float there looking up at the stars in the sky. Figuring no one would be coming around at 3 in the morning, I decided to take my trunks off and float around naked. It felt gr... Continue»
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New Job, New Life.

Must say didn't hold out much hope, been made redundant as an engineer, 53 and limited opportunities but to go out on my own and do this has been a dream for years.

I applied to several companies and websites but not much response but one from a small company gave me an interview and was interviewed by a very stern and buxom woman, but I reckoned I held my own and she said she let me know.

Anyway a week later she needed a job doing fast as she been let down, she asked if I had the relevant tools and certificates now, I had, so she gave me the address to go.

I arrived at a new build ho... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #7: Super Sub Bianca

Bianca tells us about how she discovered pleasures at her pussy from fine wriggling at school

Bianca is by far the prettiest in both her lovely looks and radiation of readyness for sex experiments
Bianca is by far the sexiest of my four fine invitees for intimate interviews and some sexy inspection

Bianca starts her tale as she sits stark naked with her legs wide spread in front of me for interview
Bianca starts to tell about her first sexy memories of feeling fine tinglings in her tight tasty twat

Bianca remembers her time at basic school and the school yard with some w
... Continue»
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We had been driving down PCH1, open top Aston Martin.. We had pulled in to Big Sur for some refreshments...
Leaning up against you, your arm around me
We chatted for a while, the surf hitting the beach, the sun was just starting to set....the ambience was perfect, the company exquisite ...
We did not have to say anything, we just knew the time had arrived...
We looked into each other eyes, the eyes always tell the truth.. We had the look.
I knew of this beach hut/house hotel, we left the car, we walked hand in hand to the hotel. You stop, pulled me gently back.... We kissed
It was our fi... Continue»
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