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A HOW-TO not just for men: Sparkling Orgasm


Please note, that English is not my first language. So the following might be full of misspellings and horrible English ;)


Why not try something new from time to time? That was what I thought before fucking with my first xHamster user last month. She was great! But that is not what I want to share with you today...

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Grannies at Teen Party Part 1

My wifes niece Katie was visiting for the weekend at our home in Brighton
She was invited to her girlfriends Mias party in Hove so I said i would drive her there
and collect her later at 1 am,
Katie was a young short haired brunette schoolgirl with small tits but large erect nipples
when sexually aroused
She was slim with a lovely pear shaped bum
Mia was a young blonde schoolgirl with lovely big tits and a curvy figure
with round bum with a tight arse hole begging to be fucked

Katie came down the stairs dressed in a white see through white blouse
and a very short white mini school s... Continue»
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Hailee Steinfeld

“Get your ass over there and bend over the end of the bed” he said, looking down at the young girl kneeling in front of him. She slowly got up and bent over and said, “Please, not again. My ass is so sore. Can’t you just fuck my pussy?” “Shut the fuck up and spread those cheeks. I’m paying your manager a lot of money for you and I’m going to get every penny’s worth. Now spread em’.” Hailee Steinfeld reached back and spread her ass cheeks, opening up her well-fucked anus one more time. “I can’t believe you’re hard again. You’ve already fucked my ass three times” she moaned. He pushed ... Continue»
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Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 03

tranny – bisexual – anal – strapon – busting cherry – lingerie – mmf – seduction – first time – threesome

I was in a deep sl**p dreaming about Jessica and Chris, our naked bodies intertwined. I wanted to play more but the ringing in my ears kept getting louder and louder. My eyes flew open as it registered that the phone was ringing. I sat upright in bed and fumbled for the phone on the nightstand.

"Hello?" I managed as I put the receiver to my ear.

"James did I wake you again? My timing is perfect isn't it?" A smile crossed my face as I heard Emily's voice.

"You did, but it... Continue»
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Frannie's Femboy

Gay - cross dressing – femboy - feminization – blow jobs – anal sex – hand job – lingerie

When I was finishing high school, I did a lot of different jobs to raise money. I mowed grass, worked part-time on a construction crew, and pumped gas, all to raise funds for college. I had been accepted to the college of my dreams on a partial wrestling scholarship, but my parents weren't going to be able to help with the other expenses. While I hoped to eventually turn the partial scholarship into a full one, I was doing everything I could to raise enough money to avoid missing a year.

In a... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 03

mmf – bisexual male – anal – strapon – dominatrix – first time – submissive – femdom – creampie

It's been over a month now since my wife took on the dominatrix role in our relationship. Since then I have eaten my own cum, took a strap-on dildo up my ass, shaved my body, and dressed like a sissy cum loving slut. I love getting fucked in the ass so much that I actually cheated on my wife just so that I could feel a real cock deep inside my boy pussy, a secret I have kept from her. As if my life hasn't changed enough, now I find out she has offered our spare room in our apartment to h... Continue»
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Grocery Store Fun part 2

I went back to the same grocery store the next day to see if Suzie the cashier or Jake the produce guy was working. After the previous night all I could think about was how hot the two of them were. I was walking down an aisle when Suzie approached me from behind. She asked me if I wanted to go to McDonald's (which was right next door) with her for her lunch hour. I said sure, because I couldn't stop thinking about her tits. We grabbed our lunch and sat outside at a table. She apologized for running out on us like that last night, and she felt bad that I didn't get to finish. I didn't ... Continue»
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 02

Bisexual male – strapon – femdom – first time anal – dominatrix – gay first time – nipple – submissive – sissy – roommate

It's been about a month since we started to spice up our sex lives. The sex was getting better and better as Carol honed her dominatrix skills and I became more submissive and compliant. We didn't always play 'the game', but when we did I was getting more and more into it.

One night, after a great bought of sex, Carol was spooning me from behind, slowly grinding her strap-on cock in my ass and rubbing my nipples, when she started to tell me that before school s... Continue»
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Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 02

Tranny – boyfriend – bisexual – anal – strapon – step daughter – transexual – panties – crossdressing

I can't believe I am walking down the hall, wearing a black leather corset with matching panties, after my step daughter just fucked me in the ass with a dildo. I entered my bathroom, turned on the hot water in the shower, and slowly stripped out of my sexy clothes.

I stepped into the shower and soaped my body down. I poured liquid soap in my hand and rubbed it all over the cheeks of my freshly fucked ass. I ran my soapy hand down the crack of my ass and felt it still a little ope... Continue»
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Naughty guest


I will tell a short story that happened to me not very long time ago.

I have a girl that often calls me for a night of sex at her place when she is alone and horny.One night she called me and decided that i will spend my night with her. Usually she stays with two other girls in a nice 2 bedroom apartment. This time the two girls were away for a couple of days so she proposed me to stay with her the morning.She told me that she will have to leave for a couple of hours in the morning and won't wake me up when she leaves.I was OK with it. More sl**ping for me.

So i wake up when sh... Continue»
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Exploring My Husbands Sweet Tight Little Ass

Several months back my husband & I were having some intimacy issues & we just weren't connecting sexually like we used to......but that all changed over night a couple weeks ago. We had decided that this rut we were in was going to end one way or another & so we made plans for the upcoming weekend & booked an expensive 5star suite at a hotel for the entire weekend. Well we still had to make it through the week before our little get away. So we went about our normal routine getting up in the morning & going to work & then coming home & eating dinner know all that normal every... Continue»
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The time my girlfriend set me up

You'll have read in a previous story about my girlfriend having sex with an older man in front of me while we were on holiday in Majorca. This seemed to open up a new side of her that I hadn't previously thought she could even comprehend.

One such night ended up with me being part of the fun.

It wasn't a special occasion we just decided to have an evening away in Manchester. We decided that we would go to a nice restaurant for some overpriced food and then head out to some bars for drinks. Everything was going smoothly and the food although priced way beyond what I would normally consid... Continue»
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This doesn't make me gay right? Part 2

So after my experience with John in the tent things got a little weird. He obviously knew that he enjoyed shooting his cum in my mouth but also knew that what we did was against everything that society had told us was normal. It was really awkward.

A few years later when I was 20 and he was 21, I had been out in the pub and he had come in. We stayed away from each other because we both clearly felt strange about what had happened.

When closing time came about I stood outside and had a cigarette (a terrible habit that I'm proud to say I'm over now), he came out and asked me if I had one. ... Continue»
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Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 01

panties – bisexual – strapon – submissive – stepdaughter – bi sex – caught – dom – crossdressing – nylons

I went through forty-five years of my life as a single man, no one to answer to but myself. I watched my friends marry, have c***dren, and get divorced. I kept hearing the same old stories, 'money problems', 'she wasn't the same in bed after the k**s came', 'we are too tired because of the k**s', and the best of all 'we fight too much over money and the k**s'. I would just listen and laugh in my head at them. Then I met Emily. Emily was just your average sized woman on the outsid... Continue»
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Craigslist Chronicles Ch. 02

Bisexual male - strapon – double anal – thong – pegging

Cindy wrapped her legs around my head forcing my tongue deeper into her pussy as she screamed in pleasure. "OH FUCK YES ALLEN!! MMM EAT MY TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY!" In response I slid a finger into her ass and continued eating her out. This caused another her to moan again and beg for more, a request which I gladly obliged.

As I slid a second, then third finger into Cindy's tight ass, I felt something at my own ass. I knew it was Tom who had probably just gotten home from work and was definitely very horny. I wiggled my ass in ant... Continue»
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A Close Encounter Of The...

Two guys hook up with shemale.

Bisexual male - anal – threesome male – transsexual – shemale – shemale oral – shemale anal – blowjob – tits

Another great tape and another great yank of the crank. Yea, she-males were pretty hot, Tom thought as he hit the eject bottom on the tape deck, but where on earth would he really find one? He had little doubt that if he did find a place where they hung out that there would be more than a few with a serious case of ugly. The chances of finding one like the ones in the video taped he had just been watching was pretty slim. But, he knew if he n... Continue»
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Dreams of Kellykins

I have been a member on xhamster for quite a while now and have quite a few people I chat with occasionally. Being an older man I do love to chat with the younger woman when I can. However most of the young woman on xhamster get bothered with endless private messages so I don’t get many responses. The few I do get responses too I try not to bother them too much as most don’t have much interest in an older man. One woman whom I chat with when she is online is Kellykins. She has graciously chatted with me on many occasions even indulging me with some sexual banter. This young vixen is quite be... Continue»
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It was a beautiful sunny day and I decided to have my coffee and cigarette outside, as I sat there minding my own business I was looking across the road where the neighbour was having some work done in their house. I saw an older man about 40 plastering a wall and his younger assistant, probably about 20, was helping him.

Then the older guy pushed him against the wall and started to kiss him, his hands were somewhere else as the younger man had his arm across his shoulders and his head in the air, I was transfixed with what was going on, then suddenly there was a loud band and they both loo... Continue»
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Experiences Of A Crossdresser

This is an introduction to my crossdressing experiences – touching upon highlights along my journey. I will write more about these, and other encounters in detail, in time. These really are all true stories, no embellishments whatsoever.

I had always been fascinated with women's clothing, specifically tights (pantyhose) and anything silky and sheer, like slips and sheer blouses. I would typically be drawn to anything black, but did have a fondness for nude tights and white slips, also.

I usually liked the 'mysterious and seductive' look. I wore mostly black – tight dresses or skirts, of... Continue»
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Bi Business Trip with my wife.

If you've read my previous posts, then you already know that we are both Bi, but have the mutual respect for one another so there's absolutely no jealousy whatsoever.

Late Thursday night I was packing my clothes for a conference this weekend in Las Vegas. Having a glass of wine with my baby, when out of nowhere she asked if she could join me for the weekend.

Let me think about it, Uh Yeah.
There's going to be horn guys and girls everywhere, and as I mentioned we're both very bi. Seems like a no brainer.

We finished up packing just after midnight, we polished off the bot... Continue»
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