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My First Erotic Massage

As a career woman, I have a very stressful and demanding job. It doesn't leave a lot of time and energy for a life outside work. So I get a massage and a professional stretch every Friday. As I walk into the Spa, I notice a muscular, well-defined man man with rugged good looks and bright blue eyes standing by the counter. I look him up and down admiringly while his eyes are averted. My breath catches as I view him from behind while he walks towards the back of the spa. He glides down the hallway, his ass looks so great in his tight black jeans.

As I check-in for my MST massage/stret... Continue»
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John Skype idol

I have lived a hetrosexual life for all my years but when I struck my thirties my curiosity began to nag away. When much younger, I had lived in Amsterdam for a while and frequented the red light district often. At first, the excitement of the women on view drew me in but then I became aware of the gay scene and in particualr the S&M scene. I became absorbed in watching films, videos and flicking through magazines portrayig extreme gay S&M but never ventured further. Worrying for me was that most people thought I was a pretty boy and it was a tag I neither liked nor courted but I guess wit... Continue»
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Closet Sissy step Son Made Into step Daughter 2

My steps****r had just come out of the closet with a handful of clothes and told me to take off the swimsuit. She laid out a pair of white cotton panties with cherries on them and a matching bra. A short pleated plaid skirt and a white button down shirt. She also laid out some white thigh high stockings and some black Mary Jane platform shoes. She said this one was mine.

She laid out a nearly identical one except that her plaid skirt was green whereas mine was red. She told me to get dressed... Continue»
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You Took My Cherry!

I've only had 3 M2M experience's and they stretch out over a 20+ yr. span.
The last of which was over 10 yrs ago. Each occasion was simply a one and done (2 protected-Me Totally on Top. One with me as the Bottom-unprotected).

My first time with a man as a Bottom:

I was 19 and going thru "C-school" in the Navy. I was a knave country boy and easily got along with any and everyone.

I was a natural "Ladies Man". I was young and fit and had an ass the women seemed to love to pinch and squeeze. MANY women would often compliment my ass. When I wasn't training or in school... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Cruise Continues

Terri and Fabio accompanied the two young men Harris and Ben to the disco. En route to the disco they learned that the two young men were not a couple but friends who were exploring the idea of gay cruises. They were young professionals who had met on line as neither one of them were out as gay. Harris was a nautical engineer working for a large firm with a very busy and long work week. Ben was a busy partner in a small but successful law firm working 70 hours a week and no time to develop any social life or relationship. They both were looking for private... Continue»
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Nick and Sue were friends all through school. She was a petite blonde and he was a good looking black guy. In high school Sue developed a nice set of tits and she and Nick went out several times. She would let him take her shirt and bra off and suck her huge globes but no further. She planned to go to college and did not want to risk any unwanted babies. Nick stayed content sucking the big boobs. Then when school was over they both went to different colleges and had not seen each other for about five years.

One day Sue was in the bar where she was at a convention and she looked up and ther... Continue»
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One for the Books...The Share Holders Meeting, (pa

It was just your average day at the bookstore, the girls were all buzzing about the latest Twilight movie, I was sorting books in the back because truthfully ..I wasnt in the mood, I had been kinda bummed every since Joey had quit, he got a chance at a better job, great news,right? except he had to move to his grandparents , hours away.
I was into my fourth box of novels when Nick walked in,

“ There you are! I was wanting to see if you were up for a little ride, you seem a bit....down, bored,sad, or some shit lately”

“ Im fine....and Im sure of the ride youd like me to take, ( I smirke... Continue»
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One for the Books...The Share Holders Meeting, (pa

The sun was shining brightly through the curtains of my room when I woke up late the next day, I came down stairs to find the cabin for the most part, quiet..I found David in the living room, cursing loudly at the soccer ball game he had playing on the big screen,

“ Where is everybody?” I ask,

“ The ladies have went shopping” he said with a smart ass tone, that did nothing to alleviate my fears that he had heard us all last night.

I decided I was going to go for a trail run, I wanted to avoid any conversation that might lead to questions, I didnt know how to answer.
It was a beautifu... Continue»
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Catching the Big One...

Sometimes the smallest of things lead to big moments of our lives, a conversation...or even a fishing trip, or this is how it was for me...

Mark and I had been friends for a little over a year, not that we really had a lot in common, Im about five foot six, slim frame, very much into movies, games, and scifi of all kinds, Mark? He is pretty much everything Im not, a true redneck type, into fishing, hunting, all things macho , years of construction work has left him pretty well cut and built, makes me a little jealous if Id admit it, we became friends because we were hired in together at the... Continue»
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One for the Books... The Hard Earned Bonus

Well, almost two months had gone by since I started my new job at the bookstore, but I was getting no closer to my Camaro, between gas, and dating I just wasnt being able to save money.
I was quickly learning, getting what you want is a mixture of who you know, what you know, opportunity.......and leverage.
Maybe its time I got in the game...instead of watching it, hey, they say luck favors the bold.

I entered work the next day, on a mission, I informed my boss as confidently as I could pretend to be that at his next convenience, I would like to talk to him about my position here at the... Continue»
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One for the Books...On the Job Training

It was yet another day at the bookstore, my life was actually going pretty well, my new Camaro was lookin sharp, I had just had the windows tinted and bought some hot looking new rims, all was going well.....or so it seemed.
I entered work and the girls were all giggling and jabbering excitedly....I stopped Lisa ,

“ Whats all the commotion? Whats up?”

“ Nick hired some new guy, starts tomorrow”

“ What are you talking about , there arent any positions open?”

“ Well I guess he made one, hes over there”

I stood there stunned, this guy?? Across the store he stood , talking to two o... Continue»
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gangbang sissy

Back in the eighties I used to frequent an Adult Theater in DC. This was one of the places I frequented where I could dress openly as the woman I had always known I was as far back as I can remember but ever so tried to live in my pretend world as a man. They had a huge theater with a runway down the center for the many drag performers as well as the guy strippers. The movies were always decent and the performances awesome. So over the years I had enjoyed both the movies as well as the many sexual encounters I had with those that came and sat close and showed an interest in me. I also enjoyed ... Continue»
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No name cleaner

Currently I am a temporary IT worker, I tend to work long hours meaning I can be the last to leave at night. The office where I work is cleaner by contract workers mostly the same people. I have noticed an Indian lady probably about 35 years old medium height long black hair tied back. She is slightly tubby with an amazing pair of large tits. I always try and speak to her and try to make her laugh as she has a beautiful smile with lovely white teeth. I have invited her out for a drink several times once she finishes with no luck, however one night she agreed to come for a quick drink at a bar ... Continue»
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Neighbors wife part 2.

It was about 2-3 days before I saw Kate again. It was very early on a Sat. morning. I was drinking coffee and reading the paper out on the deck, and hoping she would come outside. She was letting her dog out, and must have just gotten up. She was wearing blue panties, a white t-shirt, and her hair was messy. She smiled, said hello, and asked how things worked out with El. I said "come have a cup of coffee, and I'll tell you all about it". I was thinking she may clean up and come by when she said ok and went in, but she walked around the front and came out to the deck through my house.

I w... Continue»
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CUM DIARIES: Venice & all its beauties part 3

I jolt up, my body as if falling down an elevator shaft. As I catch my breath, quickly I come to the realization that this girl is keeping my occupied during the day with her company and at night in my dreams. I hit the snooze button and swipe my phone to log into my app and see what’s been going on in other timezones as i scratch the crumble in corner of my eyes. Satisfied with the early morning finances it was time to satisfy myself. Being in the hotel of the prospective person I’d ... Continue»
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A great day

Daniel Jacob did not have an easy life to say the least. Brought up in a strict, religious household that used faith as an excuse for hatred, he objected strongly to the beliefs of his parents and strongly refused to go along with their lifestyle or the idea he should continue the f****y ways of supporting and being a leader in the organization.

Despite having good grades at school and the potential to make something of himself, he'd shown potential in the school choir and shined during musical lessons, he was left with little alternative than to escape the toxic f****y life and run away fr... Continue»
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Cuckolded My Useless Husband

. I am working as nurse in a multi specialty hospital and in charge of master health check up programme. i have to go to hospital by 8.30 and my husband Peter has gone for duty by 6 AM and he is working in the same department as accountant.

Me a very horny girl and wants a dick 24/7 in my juicy cunt and my husband can’t cope up with that and hence he accedes his defeat and let me go loose in sharing bed with others and hence I fuck other males some time with his knowledge and most of the time without his knowledge and he never minds about that.

I allow him to fuck me once a mont
... Continue»
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Cross Dressing

It was the early 80's and I was over my friends house who's dad had a ton of porno mags in his laundry hamper in his bathroom. We used to look at it while his mom and dad were at work. We loved the looking at the hot girls but what got me the hottest were the guys who dressed as girls. When we couldn't take it anymore we would jerk each other off but I was the only one willing to give head. At 18 years old these guys would explode down my throat. What really got me off was when I would go home and lube my finger and fuck my ass while jerking off. The explosions were massive.

The images... Continue»
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Public Bathroom Sex With Stranger

My name is Swathi aged 23 and am from ONGOLE in ANDHRA PRADESH. I finished my engineering and I was doing a masters course in a reputed college.

Well coming to my body I have nice big boobs of 34 size and a waist of 30 and a big ass of 35. All this happened when I was travelling from ONGOLE to another place in a bus. Usually the journey takes 8 hours to travel so I was in ONGOLE on a holiday as my college was declared holidays for 4 days… after four days I reserved a ticket for night and got ready to go.

My dad dropped me in the bus stand and the bus was ready to leave. I got into
... Continue»
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Five big black cocks for me again

Five big black cocks for me again

I had met this huge black man named Marcus in a plane, several months ago.
He had led me to a black gangbang with some of his friends; Victor agreed and I had enjoyed a nice night with all them, using and abusing my mouth, cunt and ass. They really had given me a screwing like I could never forget it.
One of them was named Jones, who had a monster black cock so huge that I could not stand him in my asshole during that gangbang.
Jones got in touch with me after several months of absence. I met him in some different motels, every time Victor was on a busi... Continue»
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