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A fantasy for hubby

We’ve rented a nice hotel room and are getting it ready for a visitor – mmmmm – who could it be? You and I are laying out a few things, a little oil, some wine that’s all we really need.
There is a nice Jacuzzi in here – we need to get all steamy and clean – she’ll be here soon Terje – my present to us together – hmmmmmmm – you are wondering. We hop in – washing each other – soaping each other – feeling each other – mmmmmmmmm you are nice and hard – allllll ready – I massage your cock under water – slippery and warm – I dip under and take you in my mouth as long as I can hold my breath – circ... Continue»
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Startled by the windowcleaner

The wife was meeting a friend in town for lunch so I'd just got out of the shower and was drying off, I was laid on our king size bed feeling randy, I started to feel my cock and get in the mood for a good wank, I had my wife's vibrator in my hand and I was licking her juices off it, closing my eyes I let it wander over my anus, feeling the vibrations I was as hard as a rock.

I started to slowly pull my cock and run the vibro round my ass, when all of a sudden, and it took me by suprise, there was a knocking on the window, there stood our window cleaner, he was tapping on the window and poi... Continue»
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Friends 9

Lisa sucked Jen's long tongue into her mouth, her first kiss with another woman had her very excited. Jen's smaller perky breasts mashed against her 34 C cup tits. Their hard nipples like hot darts pressed together. Finally Jen raised up from the kiss and Lisa licked and sucked the warm sticky cum from her face. It had been so long since she had tasted another man's cum and she had never tasted a black man's cum.

Jen moved down licking and sucking Lisa's hard nipples, flicking her tongue over the quivering rubbery flesh. Then moving down kissing and licking her smooth flat belly, before sli... Continue»
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Threesome with Girlfriend and Mistress

This is a sequel of my previous story 'Caught With the Mistress'.

When my girlfriend Sarah had found out about my mistress Melissa I thought that it would end our relationship but it actually was the opposite, it turned out to be a major bonus for our sex lives, or, at least for me.

We now made regular plans for a three way. Whenever Sarah had a spare couple of days away from the office she'd ask me to call up Melissa, who was usually free and very much into the thing. I had called up Melissa and she came around in no time and when she arrived Sarah gave her a cheeky kiss as she invi... Continue»
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Me and my gardener's second time (plus bonus

So if you read my other story about my first gay experience you will know that it was with my gardener Jose. This story is about the first time he came back to my house since our encounter...

The minute Jose had left my house after my first experience, I sent an email to my boss letting him know I would be out of the office the same day next week. The night before he was to come back to my house I had decided that if everything went well I was going to let him fuck me. However, I was worrying about "being clean" and didn't want to embarrass him or myself. I have never had anal sex before an... Continue»
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Wrong Club, but what a night - conclusion

Handcuffed to a chain hoist in a bar full of men. A cock in my pussy, another up my butt, an occasional pinch, slap, or lick from those watching. Now a guy standing on a table a foot or two from my face stroking his large, vein laced cock, until it squirts cum on my face, neck and tits.
The guy in my ass pushes deep and spills his load. The guy in my pussy grabs my hips and pulls me down hard on his shaft as the guy at my rear exits. Causing a rush of hot cum to ooze from my ass. My wrist are at their limit, as my cunt is filled with another guys spunk. The devise is lowered and I'm on my sto... Continue»
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Nailed the son's new girlfriend the wedding

As the afternoon went on Sandra was telling me how horny she was getting rubbing my leg she wasn’t the only one, I arranged to meet her in the grounds of the hotel, and do us both a favour, looking for Tommy and Lucy I came across a room hearing plenty of moaning and groaning, slowly opening the door and peeking in I could see Tommy fucking Lucy from behind and Lucy sucking off the best man, I closed the door and went in search of Sandra. Finding her near a opening to the forest, we went for a short walk, turning her round we started to kiss undoing her dress it fell to the ground bending her ... Continue»
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Fantasy (First person POV) Part2

-Discloser: Read "Fantasy (First person POV)" first, this is part 2 but please know that I didn't know I could not edit the story after I uploaded it to xhamster. Minus some typos and some harder to understand sentences I feel I did an awesome job capturing the fantasy. However, I will from now on be editing and posting more solid final versions (especially if I have an audience asking for more). Enjoy!

Sharing and showing our lust for each other we kept pressing our bodies hard against each other as we jerked and twitched while our orgasms started to slow. I never knew the intensity of mu... Continue»
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Me and my cumslut in MF action

I'll relish the moment my tongue first tastes your wet sex and when my lips tug gently on your pussy, making you squirm and shudder. When the tip of my tongue brushes against your clit, your head rocks backwards and your eyes close to savour the intensity of your most personal pleasure Then I'll stand in front of you, watching as you slowly remove my briefs and un-curl my pulsing length and draw it towards your mouth. You lick your lips and look me straight in the eye as my cock head disappears inside your mouth and your lips clamp around it.

I pull back but you suck harder. You grab my as... Continue»
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Tony's Bitch Pt 1

I had given Tony my number but I didn't get his. He didn't offer it and I figured asking questions didn't fall under the category of obedient. I did have his e-mail... should I use it? No. He said he would call. There's no way I can live with fucking this up. Obedience. It had been four days since I had turned Tonys throbbing member into a sloppy mess and I was still drooling over the faintest idea of it that crossed my mind.I had jerked off so many times at night. I would find myself playing with my dick, knees in the air, spread eagle. It was only natural that I had started playing with my a... Continue»
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Community: Fundamentals Of Law

It was now Jeff's...or as he would be known to his students as, Mr. Winger's second day of teaching. Even though Greendale was a rundown, fairly crappy joke of a community college, Jeff had to admit it had done a lot for him. Not only was he able to complete his bachelor's degree and able to actually become a lawyer, he had also gained a core group of friends that made him a much better person.

Greendale wasn't done with the tall, good-looking man just yet though. After a failed attempt at becoming a defense lawyer again, though this time for people that were innocent, he needed a job. The... Continue»
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Missed Opportunity - not this time.

Missed Opportunity part 2.

I was down there again the next day, same bench, same coffee, same paper. Pretending to read behind my shades, but really keeping a watchful eye for the youthful Adonis who had approached me the morning before.
My mind was made up that I would take him to my room if he stopped again. I had chosen not to wear boxers under my shorts today; it added to the frisson I was feeling.
And then.... there he was. Still in those tiny speedos, sauntering along the boardwalk. A beach-bag dangling from his shoulder.
He swayed his hips as he walked. Even from the front I co... Continue»
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Dancing With Granny

Last week I met one of the most sensous grannies in my life. Jane is a thin blond, with very small breasts, but she makes up for with the shapeliest legs and nicest ass of any of my grannies. Jane loves to dance and it is amazing to see her sensual movements on the dance floor. She is such a good dancer she will go out with a group of older grannies. Because of a shortage of men, sometimes a group of them will get on the dance floor and just dance with each other. This is where I first met Jane, I watched her dancing by herself on the dance floor in a flowing dress moving sensuously to the s... Continue»
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How mom made him state champ pt 7

acob's Grandparents had a beautiful lakeside log cabin tucked in a private little cove. The f****y met there every year for their annual reunion.

It was pretty spacious inside the two-story cabin, with more than enough room for everyone. Jacob slept on an air mattress in his Grandma's sewing room on the second floor. Exhausted from his activities the night before, it was nearly 11am when he finally woke up.

After laying there for a little bit, listening to the birds outside chirp, he sensed someone in the doorway.

Michelle smiled at her son as she struck a cute little pose in the doo... Continue»
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Second Time Around With pornprincesswannabe

I remembered the last time that I met Maya, AKA pornprincesswannabe, very fondly and I ached for her mouth around my cock so I got in contact with her again and she agreed to meet up again.

I arrived at her place and she seductively invited me in. I've enjoyed jerking off to her pictures but she was way better in person, she was hotter than her pictures showed and she was great at sucking my cock.

As I entered she turned to me and came up close and she wrapped her arms around me and she came up close to my ear, "Come into the bedroom" she said, "I have something different to try" and sh... Continue»
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Wrong Club, but what a night.

I was on a business trip and made arrangements to meet a client at a club near the hotel I was to stay at. My boss told me he loved sexy dressers, so I bought a tight black skirt with slits up both sides. A white thong, that didn't hide the small patch of hair above my pussy. A white blouse that had adjustable straps just below my breasts, and long see through sleeves. Let's just say with no bra, the girls were on full display. I ate in my room and then headed to the club. When I got there, the guy at the door asked if I was sure I wanted to go in there? I said sure, why not. He opened the doo... Continue»
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Helping my boss in the business

threesome anal

I helped my boss in the business, I seduced a client, fucked with him
and then my boss caught me./

It was around 12.30 A.M, and I was in my bed. I was lying on my back
totally naked, and my boss’s cock was inside my pussy. He had been
fucking me for the past few minutes, and he was ready to cum any time
soon. I was moaning loud, asking him to fuck me harder.

The relationship between my boss and me started a year ago when I joined
his company. After a month of working in his company he started showing
his interest in me, and I also got attracted to this good looki... Continue»
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Obsessed with Older Men

THIS IS NOT MY STORY. I found it sexy and wanted to share it.

I knew early on that I was different from the other guys. While they always talked about tits and pussy, I wanted something different. Something I couldn't talk about. Internet porn was just getting big then, and like a lot of boys, I would surf some XXX rated sites when my parents weren't around. Unlike the others, I was more interested in the big cocks than the big tits. This wasn't something I wanted everybody to know. It was tough enough in high school surviving as a 5'7" 145lb Asian k**. It would have been impo... Continue»
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glory hole dressing

I had the night off and decided to go down the block (WeHo) to a local book/video store. I got dressed into my sexiest short skirt and slinkey top (with my latex boobs) wig,makeup and "cleaned up" below.

I walked the the store and a few jaws dropped as I slowley looked around. I picked out a small butt plug ,some lube and went to the counter and paid for my items...and asked for 5 dollars in quarters,winked at the cashier then strutted off to a booth in the back.

At first I just wanted to watch some movies,but I got so hot I placed a drop of lube on the plug and eased it in slow...POP...... Continue»
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Sex Dream (pretty messed up, hope you like it!) Ye

So this last night I pretty much had the best sex dream EVER!
It went something like this:

I was working in a research lab. On another planet. That's where I met my partner, a beautiful slender humanoid young female. She had an almost elf-like figure, long legs, and Latin skin which had a slight green glow to it.

So there we were in our lab, eyeing each other curiously.
She suddenly got up, and came close to me, putting her hands on my crotch, she whispered in my ear "I know a place...". I was intrigued, so I got up and followed her across the room, out the door, and into the hallways... Continue»
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