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My second visit to a swingers club (true story)

This is a true account of my second trip to the swingers club. There are a couple of pictures that came out like shit and a short video that is too dark to see anything but you can hear me moaning and sucking dick. I’ll post those even though they are disappointing.

I rushed home after work, showered and grabbed my outfit. I wore a black mini-skirt, a sheer black blouse, and red 4” heels. I was told not to wear a bra so my breasts were plainly visible through the blouse. As we walked out of the room, He turned to me... Continue»
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Lucy Bruce and Janie (and me) Pt5

She came back in with her phone stood at the end of the bed and immediately snapped a pic.
"No.. don't!" I closed my legs. Bringing them up so that my cock was hidden from view.
She snapped another.
Damn. She's taken a shot of my ass with the end of the butt-plug visible. That was worse than just me with my junk out.
"I'm sending these to Janie." oh no! Her best friend. The one I had wanked off to on more than one occasion. Imagining fucking her.
"Please don't! I don't want her seeing me like this."
"Just her? I don't want HER seeing? Not, I don't want ANYONE seeing?"
"Of ... Continue»
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Kitty on the bus

This happened 5yrs back when I was 19 yrs old and was studying in college. If you have read my other stories then you know that I never had a manly physique. I was more like a girl. I have what they call male breast and I usually try to hide them by wearing loose shirts and t-shirts. My breasts are such that you can easily grab, squeeze and play with them! I also don`t have almost any hair on my body! Now in the mid break I decided to go to my uncle`s place. It was an over-night journey on bus. So I boarded the bus at 9 pm. I was given the last seat. Now on reaching the last seat I realized th... Continue»
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caravan holdiays

When my husband came home and told me he had bought a caravan for our holidays I could quite easily have rung his neck, oh the thought of being cramped in a small tin box for a week or two had me shaking with rage so much so that when he slipped his hand between my legs in bed that night i just pinch his finger and made him remove it even though i was gagging for sex.
Anyway eventually the holiday came around and on that first Monday morning three I knew all my friends were flying off to Spain, Portugal or other exoctic places I also knew my holiday was going to horrid and therefore decided t... Continue»
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What I do :)

See, I desperately like being fucked. I love being naked in front of other men. I guess I pretend that I'm their woman, and after he's had a hard day out working to buy nice things for me, then the least I can do is lie back and spread my legs for him.

I want to look all nice for him, so I'll shave myself so that I'm completely smooth, legs, chest, armpits, balls and butt crack. Then I'll want to warm him up. So I get down on my knees in front of him. I pull down his trousers, and let his cock hang out. I'll kiss his limp cock and thank him for working hard for me. I'll gently begin to str... Continue»
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One night at a train station

I knew about a restroom on the Platform no.1 of a local train station that was used by men for sex. I had even sucked some cock there and shot a few loads, myself, down a willing throat or two. I was feeling froggy one night when I was there, and I checked out the place. There was a guy in a stall, so I decided to take a risk. I got into the stall next to him, dropped my pants, and sat down. The dividers between the stalls only have peepholes, but they were enough for me to see that he was jerking his cock.

He was a medium-skinned man, looked middle-aged. I stroked a bit, myself, and then t... Continue»
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A Different Kind of Colonic (Complete)

There comes a time in the lives of many men when their doctors send them to the hospital for a camera up the butt. It's a daunting prospect and sometimes traumatic even if, like me, you're used to having foreign objects probing around in there!

For years I enjoyed a frequent afternoon or evening of douching, lubing and riding a good vibrating dildo, often wondering what the real thing felt like by comparison, but then having a camera up there left me cold and feeling violated.

After I got the all clear, knowing I was in good health, I was resolute in staying that way and took to colonics... Continue»
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By The Pool (Complete)

We do some crazy shit in the heat of passion, don't we?

I've had so many d***ken conversations with my best friends about the things we get up to with our girlfriends. And then there's the things you'd never own up to in a million years.

Like I've talked about how I don't have a foot fetish but if I'm screwing a girl and I find out that sucking her toes drivees her mental, I'll get used to it just to have her bouncing on my cock like a deranged horse racing jockey. I found it funny how people reacted to that in disgust without even thinking twice. Women have some useful little but... Continue»
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Kitty's Roommate

Let me just start by saying that before my final year in school, I had never even really thought about being girly or sissy shemale. I mean, I might have thought about it but just like something that might have gone through my head, not something I really considered doing. I was doing just fine with chicks (less and less with passing days) and cocks (more and more with passing days).

I was about 5'6’’, with head full of jet black hair, deep dark eyes...oh yeah, I'was slim and petite…always. So anyway, I was scoring enough the first two years in college; then I actually moved out of the dorm... Continue»
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dawn etc..4

Flying solo, how does it feel?” Tracy Strauss stood in front of Elle Bishop and flicked a speck of imaginary dust from the younger guard’s leather halter-top.

It didn’t feel like she expected if Elle was being honest. She had expected a fanfare of trumpets, a big speech, possibly some cake and champagne, but all that had happened was that Lilah Morgan has accosted her as she’d come in and told her she was patrolling on her own. That was it, her first solo patrol, recognition that she trusted and capable and it was marked by the Governess briefly popping her head round her office door and cl... Continue»
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Jade and the pro-bono lawyer

Jade was recently incarcerated for shop lifting. With no time to prepare to getting a lawyer and the public defender failing her miserably, she received a sentence for sixty days. Due to overpopulation she was sent to a maximum security women prison. Within the first week she was already feeling about to break inside the prison cells and then it happened. An officer called her out of her cell, cuffing her hands behind her back as standard procedure. Jade was scared asking the guard, "what's going on? Where are you taking me?" The stiff brute was practically dragging her forcing her by her arm.... Continue»
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The break in

IMPORTANT: * All Writing credits go to hilary74 (only came up with initial idea)*

The door was not quite closed, leaving a crack for me to look through. I could hear voices, male and female, too soft to make out what they were saying. The female giggled more loudly and the male said the name, Lucy. The girl answered more loudly, "I don't want to do that, Harry," so now I knew their names.
I adjusted my mask and took out my gun, a very realistic automatic. I kicked the door open, and shouted "Nobody move!" The two people in the room saw the gun and froze. Behind my mask, I smiled. The man w... Continue»
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Малка и глупава

Бях малка и глупава, когато в единайсти клас леля Поли – колежка на майка ми – реши да ми разясни как точно “стоели нещата между момчетата и момичетата”, и що е то онова толкова сложно и желано за всички възрастни нещо, наречено “секс”. Мама беше учителка по български и литература, а леля Поли пък беше математичка и всяка седмица ходех у тях, за да решавам задачи, понеже хич ме нямаше с уравненията.

През един прекрасен, съботен следобед пак бях у леля Поли за поредния урок. Днес обаче някак си усещах, че нещо не е наред, че нещо ще се случи – сякаш витаеше във въздуха, натежал от хубавия, т... Continue»
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Couldn't Have Planned It If I Tried

OK, well, and don't think less of me, because this was an all time low for me......

the setting: a uncontrollable horny morning where nothing will work but a tight pussy or warm ass or mouth at a minimum.

a CL ad surfing that wound up finding a hot college guy while was out Friday morning (19, almost 20 that wanted to try it with an older man....I know, I know, don't say it).

a chance meeting at his house while his dad was out of the country and his step-mom was playing tennis with the ladies.

a murphy's law thing where if it can go wrong, it will, but then correct itself......
... Continue»
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Slave Wife Tanya For Rent and ****

Slave Wife Tanya – Weekend Slave for Rent

The men could hear the roaring engine long time before they could actually see the car. The road meandered through an isolated mountain area and the nearest neighbors were many miles away. Finally they watched the Range Rover take the last turn and drive up towards the hunting lodge. The dogs began to bark but were quickly silenced by their owners. It was Friday late afternoon and the heat was intense.

The car stopped in front of the group of men and out stepped a very large and completely black man with an aura of great authority. “He loo... Continue»
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Our first ass licking.

We met online using a dating app on our phones. She said in her profile that she had a disability. That meant to me: I am missing a foot. Or it meant:I’m on Welfare. Her cute little face did not lead me to believe that she was that kind of girl, so when we got to chatting I went for it. I asked Laura out for coffee. I never brought up her disability and neither did she. I thought it would add tension or make it awkward so I just left it alone.
I waited in the coffee shop while she was running about half an hour late. I heard her come in through the door. She was in an electrically powered wh... Continue»
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Truck Stop Rendez-Vois

“I’m not a slut.” Or so I thought. However, at the precise moment of thinking that I had a thick, veiny cock between my lips, and my tongue probing the inside of a complete stranger’s foreskin in the middle of a public restroom. So yeah, I guess I can now be defined as a slut.

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Jeff. A 36 year old trucker from Pennsylvania. I like doing what most guys like doing: I drink beer, watch football, eat steak and love to fuck women. And now men.

I’m what you would call a typical trucker. About 6’ 1” (without my trusty baseball cap!), I have thinning hair, with... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 15

After having seen my teen daughter getting fucked by two guys I spent the next few days hiding in my office to try and avoid having any awkward conversation with her.
Then one afternoon I ventured out and as I strolled along the lane I was met by Henry Sucking wearing a suit.
"Peter thank god I found you, I need your help" he said
"What is it?" I asked
"Well my s****r is getting married"
"Congratulations" I replied
"In an hour"
"Okay shouldn't you be at the church?" I asked
"Yes I should and that's why I'm here, as I said I need your help?" he then grabbed my arm and started to guide ... Continue»
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Sitting at the table our hands touched, the electricity generated was almost too much to take.

When my future wife first introduced me to her best friend Kirsty the chemistry and sexual wanting was instant. She was not what you would call call the classic beauty but she was striking; with high cheekbones, short dark hair, pouting full lips, sensational breasts that you could tell homed the most suckable nipples and hips that could move you to cum in seconds.

She was ridiculously sexy.

As the years passed and friendships were built between husbands and wives nothing was said, nothing ... Continue»
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I Fear There's Nothing I Can Do....Yeah

Anyone who has ever received an emergency text, knows the feeling of being concerned that something bad has happened, especially if the text was as vague as this one. "Come ovr. @ home. Need ur help!" was all the message said.

The text was from Sally's friend, Julia, who also happens to be my wife's parents' other daughter. I was concerned, as I said before, so, I hopped into my car, and drove the eight-or-so blocks to Julia's apartment. When I got there, her front door was open. I closed and locked it carefully, so that whoever was in there would have a little more trouble getting out. It... Continue»
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