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The Day i met Amy the cum Queen.............

back in 2007 i was lucky enough to meet Amy, a super hot babe of 26, with big red lips & a thick mass of long blonde curly hair she was a small girl, just five feet tall, & very slim with large tits for her size, with big long nipples that stood up proud & perky..... Amy was the perfect girl friend, a total babe & a total slut! with a fetish for dressing up & role play & old men ! i first meet her in a sex shop in the next town to where i lived. i was in the shop one after noon looking at porn mags, there where about a dozen men in the shop from 40 ish up to 60 + when the door opens & in ... Continue»
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Wishing to watch Ana having a black dick

Wishing to watch Ana having a black dick

The night had started out as Ana had agreed to let me watch her being fucked by a black stranger. I was aware she had many black lovers, but she had never let me be there to witness how she got fucked by those huge black dicks…

Much to my surprise, Ana said she would be willing to try to seduce a black man for sex on our anniversary weekend out of town.

On early evening we drove out of town nearly two hours and finally checked in at the chosen hotel we had rented.
Once in our room, Ana had a warm shower and dressed for the night.

She dr... Continue»
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Ana gangbanged on her Birthday celebration

Ana gangbanged on her Birthday celebration

My sweet wife Ana wanted something special to celebrate her Birthday.
We reserved a suite in a very nice hotel nearby.
I brought her some red roses and later we went on our night out. We checked into the hotel first. Ana put on a simple black dress, her shoulders mostly bare, with thin straps holding it on, that went about halfway down her thigh making her legs show up nice atop her high heel shoes. It wasn't too revealing but very sexy, showing off her curvaceous figure.
We then went directly to the restaurant. The music was soft and it made ... Continue»
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Waking up wet part II

I finally figured out the mystery of why I was waking up wet. My s*********r, Jimmy, was sneaking over to my bed while I was a****p, sucking my cock, and getting slobber all over the front of my underwear. The second time I was awake when he did it I made sure he knew I was aware of what he was doing, and eager for him to continue. We didn't speak about it, but I made sure I welcomed him into my bed each time after that. I also became much more affectionate toward Jimmy during the day. When my folks took a picture of us once I casually put my arm around him jokingly, but when I saw the picture... Continue»
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Francesca's Extreme Anal Diary - capt.1

This is a story of pure fantasy, any resemblance to any place or any person,living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Let me start at the beginning. My name's Francesca, and I'm an anal slut. I love the feeling of something slipping and sliding and slamming in and out of my ass, the bigger the better.

I had the most intense punishment last night; it was so amazing I had to put pen to paper while I let my rectum recover, it needs it!

First, for those who'll read at some future time, l... Continue»
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Elders Meeting – Moses

Elders Meeting – Moses

There was a bit of a crisis in the Upland Rustic Church. Pastor Daniel and the two church elders had been making plans for months for their annual Elder’s Retreat and the Pastor’s assistant had just gotten pregnant. Who was going to take notes and run errands at the Pastor’s cabin in the mountains? It would not be seemly for the Holy men to look after themselves.

The Pastor’s assistant, Lily, was unmarried and just turned a teenager and those facts cast a big shadow over the church and the Retreat. Who was the father? The possible list of boys was so very shor... Continue»
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A threesome

Firstly, this poem is based on truth and fantasy, the relationship happened many years ago. Now it’s over and I found it in an archive on my computer. No harm in sharing here.

A Tryst, Just Fantasy

He sits there waiting, just outside
The car is silver, old and bland
He looks however, fervent,
Nervous glances over here,
Up to the window above my head,
Glancing for movement, seeking motion.

I know he wants to come inside,
I know he wants to come,
Inside the house,
I look deep in, into his eyes,
He fails to look back into mine,
He searches out for someone else.

I know he wa... Continue»
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My first shemale experience

so i've read plenty of stories on this website and thought I would share my own with you from 2011

For years I had fantasised about being with a ladyboy, but didn't know how to go about it as I didn't want to pay for an e****t.
I found a ladyboy dating website and created an account, it cost $30 for the month but was still cheaper than paying for an e****t and slightly more classy.
After about a week of sending messages to compatible matches, I finally got a response from an Asian TS who was visiting from Malaysia. She said she liked my photos and wanted to meet with me that weekend, so w... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 3

Chapter 3
The Date
The next morning, a leisurely Saturday at 9:00 AM Adrian was seated in the Café Metropolitan in the business district. Most of the early breakfast tourists had already finished and were off to their tours and explorations for the day. He sat outside alone at a table in the middle of the café enjoying the morning sun and a coffee as he read the morning newspaper. He looked up and saw a smiling cute blonde boy wearing an orange/yellowish beret over his curly blonde hair which came down to just below his ears. The cute boy wore a stylish white form fitting chemise and very t... Continue»
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19 year old Nigger fucks her first Big White CocK

I'm married to an attractive White woman I'm a horny bastard I fuck her til she cums her asshole quivers everytime she can only take so much of me so I do tend to look elsewhere. I live in a predominantly black neighborhood. I'm an attractive middle aged man blonde hair and blue eyes the black chicks hit on me often. I am selective about which ones I choose to fuck I have my Pride. This one I could not resist. I fucked the black preachers daughter she was 19. A fine piece of ass a perfect 10. She was about 5'9" had big firm tits small waste and a huge ass. After fucking her ruining her hair we... Continue»
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Accidental Gangbang

wife – anal – slut – gangbang – orgy – submissive – cum

It seemed like a good idea at the time...that is what I said to my fiancé four hours later.

The wedding was in two weeks, on December 30th (a strange time, I agree, but with lots of f****y coming from great distances, it was the best leaving all the snow for Hawaii was a great honeymoon compromise).

I had no doubt become bridezilla with all the problems the past month. I won't get into the details but that old adage 'anything that can go wrong will' was proving true right before my eyes.

My bitchiness had... Continue»
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Black cock for husband and wife

My husband had gone to Salt Lake City a few times for work, this time he asked me to come with him, we wanted to spend a short vacation in the rocky mountains, we had a nice hotel downtown, it was a nice warm summer, I spent my days by the pool or shopping, on the afternoon of the 4th day I was in our room after the pool, I had just gotten naked to shower when the door to our room opened, I heard my hubby's voice so I walked out into the room naked, and stopped dead in my tracks, along with my husband were two black men in the room, I stood there for a minute or so then reached for my robe.

... Continue»
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Hot time with young black guy from Ghana at bus st

I was about 80 miles from home on business and forgot some crucial material for a meeting. I had a package sent via a busline as it was the only way to receive it on time. I got to the station and found out the bus was running 90 minutes late. I was rather perturbed and went to sit in the near empty waiting area which had about 5 people sitting in an area that could hold several hundred people. I spotted a thin, cute, very dark-skinned black guy sitting by himself near the entryway. He was SOOOO pretty and had a very smooth, hairless body. He had shorts on and his shapely legs were beauti... Continue»
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Blacked Mailed Into sex

I was sitting in the bleachers, watching the football squad practice, two class mates came and sit on each side of me and started to talk to me. 'David, we know that you are a fuck boy and have been told that you can suck a good dick.' I looked at the young boy that was talking and recognized him from passing in the hall on my way to class.

The other boy said 'I heard that David has good boy pussy, and will fuck like a fish.' I looked around and noticed that no one was paying attention to us sitting in the bleachers. I said, as I stared out at the team, 'some times people will lie, so you s... Continue»
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Always owned by MD 5

After our missed date of the last chapter I was lost. I felt angry with MD, disappointed, lost I didn't want to feel angry but she had left me out in the cold without even a txt. Standing me up had left me alone and feverish. Standing me up had meant I was left all dressed with no one to use me. Standing me up meant I had jerked a cock through a hole in the wall and it had cum all over me. Standing me up had made me a complete slut.

I resented her so much for forcing me to do that alone. I didn't want to be a part of this anymore. I needed her, I knew that but I couldn't do it anymore. I c... Continue»
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First bi vacation with the wife

My wife Cindi and I had taken several European vacations and we were ready for some fun in the sun. One evening when I came home she showed me a small island resort she discovered. It was in the Caribbean, about 5 miles in length and very private.
Each villa was very excluded. There was an outdoor shower for each villa and complete privacy. Residents could have meals served by their personal staff or walk to the common building on the island.
We reserved a week in the sun. As we read more reviews we found out the staff usually offers a second week for a discount when the first week is closin... Continue»
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Mayberry, the Black Goddess

tranny – shemale - cocksucking – anal – spanking – domination – submissive

Another lonely night led me to walking down the dimly lit street and wandering into the sex shop. There wasn't too much adventure to be seen there, very comparable to my apartment.

I was looking at toys. Specifically, butt-plugs. Not that I didn't already have one; in fact, I was wearing one at the time. The little bell above the door rang.

I looked at the cashier, she stood there- blowing her bubble gum. I couldn't see who just came in. I was curious. I continued to look at the toys. I squatted to get o... Continue»
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A walk in the woods

A few years ago I went for a walk with a relatively new girlfriend called Samantha, That turned out to be a lot more fun than I realized it would. She was only about 18 although I think she was nearly 19. But I was a lot older about 32. we worked in the same office where I worked as a Surveyor, there was lots of really pretty young girls that worked there, but her stunning beauty stood out from the rest by a long way, she was just that one in a million, well she was to me anyway.

We got on really well and started taking our breaks together, I had joked about being a bad mister as you do wh... Continue»
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My First Cock

femdom – anal – male submissive

When I first met Jeanette, I thought, what a wildcat. She was beautiful and wild. Our very first night together I felt like she fucked me rather than the other way around. She made it clear that she loved being on top, and truth be told I loved it too. She aroused some deep passion in me, and I never wanted a woman more than I wanted Jeanette.

One night after foreplay that I wished would never end, Jeanette began bringing out a number of silk scarves from a drawer, saying, "I want to tie you up. Will you let me do that to you?"

She had already ca... Continue»
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An Interesting Night...

Interesting night…

One of the guys, in his 30’s, who’s been bringing a few different younger guys here to fuck stopped in earlier in the evening. He didn’t even try to start a conversation but greeted me then made a sign (the obvious one) for fucking. He then pointed at me.

Just to make sure I pulled up a video from you-know-where and started it then moved it forward to where they’re going at it. I then asked him to come behind the reception desk and look…he did.

He made some sounds of approval then said ‘yes, yes, very good’ in Vietnamese. He was standing/leaning right up against me ... Continue»
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