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Daddy's sneaky fun

"Mmmm, ohhh yes" the cries the man heard from his daughter's bedrooom. He knew his daughter wasn't home, so who was that making those noises? He began to open her door, but realized it was cracked open enough to see in. The man saw his daughters best friend making love to her own pussy with so many toys. The man stood in the door way just pushing the door open a bit further so he can get a better view.

He watched the tall redhead rub her large nipples with her hands, then working her hands down her torso to just barely rub the opening of her clit. The girl found a dildo and stroked i... Continue»
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Son tied Mangal Sutra on his Mom neck

I never thought I can give this kind of present for my son from me on the new millenium. My son Ramesh is working in US and returned home for the millenium. As usual I was very excited to see him. He has been living in US for 5 years now and he comes home every 2 years. He arrived on the Christmas day as myself and his dad went to the airport to pick him.
Ramesh was very excited to see us both despite his jetlag and just kept talking. Since we picked him up in the middle of the night we went to bed soon even though Ramesh wasn't keen. In the morning after the breakfast we sat down to op
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Savita getting Trapped

Hi this is Savita just mailing what happened to me so you can understand what happens to a
women when is taken in to a different world. I married Manohar who was small time worker
in MIDC Pune and we come from a very poor f****y. I never used to wear bra too even after
my wedding so my breasts are smooth and big after I had my first daughter. But that doesn’t
mean I am so beautiful. I am 5.4 brownish complex and normal looking girl.
The second stuff is that I too worked in a net café as my husbands earning is not that much so
to help him I started working at a nearby net café keepin
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My Wife Blackmailed and Used in Front of Me

Yes, it is attractive, isn't it? The setting is 22 carat white gold with an uncut diamond centre. It's actually quite unusual and, although quite expensive, I'm sure the lady will like it - Hey! Excuse me - what the hell are you doing?"

I turned my head to follow the salesman as his attention was drawn to my wife. She had been caught red-handed slipping a gold engraved bracelet into the pocket of her jacket. My heart dropped and I looked heavenward in exasperation. Annette stood before the salesman, eyes down looking at the floor, there was very little she could say in her defense. I cou
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Son became husband of her lovely mother

It was six in the morning. Anand awoke and saw that he had a partial hardon. It was much firmer than normal, and the young man attributed this immediately to the i****t stories he read last night. Automatically, his hand reached down under the sheets to grip his lengthening cock. In his mind's eye, Anand replayed every last lurid detail of the i****t stories over and over, squeezing and rubbing his hard, young cock until it was in a state of full, throbbing erection.

He had married last year and his wife Mala had become pregnant and had gone to her mother's house for delivery. He had not
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Blackmailing of a Cheating Mother

Ramesh started to walk to his home after he got down from the bus. He is a programmer in a computer consultancy. He normally works longer hours but today he finished work earlier. His father is a business man and is always on trips. He is away again and his mother is alone at home.

As he approached his house, Ramesh noticed a moped parked outside his house. It looked like his Uncle Venkat's. Venkat is his Dad's best friend and a f****y friend. That's why Ramesh always called him Uncle. He works for state government and has
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The BEST Doctors Visit Ever!!!

So this story happened a few years ago. I was 18 at the time at the doctors office for my yearly physical. I was sitting on the table naked all but the gown with no back coverage. The doctor was asking the routine questions and he asked, "are you sexually active"? All i can do was smirk trying not to smile when I replied "No". He continued asking me questions then had me get off the table for routine check ups. When he was done checking everything it came time for the spinal test. He told me to stand up straight then slowly bend over as far as i can and touch my toes. Something about it in the... Continue»
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Future sissies

I was born a Class A citizen 22 years ago on June 13th. As a Class A citizen, I have certain privileges not afforded to others. Before I go any further, let me explain. There are three types of citizens. Class As, like myself, are males that have been designated at a young age to play the dominant role in society. These are the politicians, athletes, manual laborers, etc. We are chosen based solely on masculinity and certain physical features, such as height, strength, facial structure and physical health. These males tend to be the most driven and aggressive. Before I get to the second class,... Continue»
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Guys for a girl

Standing at the bar she was fed up. Annoyed at being stood up, her friend was notoriously unreliable, but this was bad even for her. No text, no warning, just didn't turn up leaving her all dressed up with nowhere to go in a bar full of loud people.

She felt frustrated - she had needed this night our for a long time, to let her hair down, have some fun, catch up on gossip. She should be going home, but her big empty house was not a tempting prospect. She looked around, embarrassed, wondering how many here were thinking a guy had stood her up. Her skirt was a bit too short, her cleavage ... Continue»
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Me, My GF, and my Cousin

A few years back, my girlfriend and I discovered that we really enjoy threesomes. There are many stories to tell since then. Check out my profile for the tale of how it all started. This is the story of our second experience.



Over a year had passed since my and Carrie's crazy week with her best friend Danni and I'd assumed that our threesome adventures were behind us. Which was perfectly fine with me. Most guys don't get tha... Continue»
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Visiting The Bookstore

So when I was married to my first wife I went through a period of serious curiosity of my sexuality. Now, I had "experimented" with men on more than one occasion. Once I had admit to my wife that I was sexually attracted to men as well as women, a flood gate opened in my mind. I had sexual urges and didn't have a man to act them out with. I had told my wife that I wanted to fuck my boss at the time but wasn't sure if he would be interested and wasn't about to just ask out of fear that he would fire me. (10 years later I reconnected with him and confessed my attraction. He told me he had the ... Continue»
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Sissy fate

For a long time I have known that I was not like other guys. My first gym shower showed me that, the black guys cocks the size of grown men at age of 17. I sat and watched, trying not to stare as they walked past me cocks swinging from side to side huge balls, my God huge fucking balls mine looked nothing like these cocks. My first contact came by accident I was playing basketball with a couple of black guys, trying to guard this guy he dunked on me his big dick smacked me in the face as the ball went through the hole, I could hear girls laughing. The guy looked at me on the floor placed his... Continue»
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Good Old Days

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, trying to find a position in the
hard wooden desk that wouldn't cause my ass to go numb. Just five more
minutes. Five more minutes and then my weekend could begin. I hated
friday classes. They always seemed to drag on, and this one was no
different. And to make matters worse, this particular lecture took
place in the oldest classroom on campus, complete with hard wooden
chairs circa 1904.

I put my pen down, clenching and unclenching my tired fingers as I
continued to listen to Dr. Cross's rousing lecture on skeletal muscle
physiology. Glanc... Continue»
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Vegas Sissy

So me and my girl friend Michelle split up, we'd been going out for 2 and a half years but the arguments just got too much for both of us. Unfortunately we'd booked a holiday together to go to Vegas, something we'd planned for a while. After compromising with other things I ended up getting the holiday to Vegas, I was still hurting from the split but I also thought about all the hot bikini clad women that were gonna be around the pool. I thought it would be great for me and one of my mates to go and try and pull some American women but I couldn't get anyone to go. I had a free ticket but no on... Continue»
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Meeting My Boyfriend's Parents For The First

My name is Sarah and I have always kind of been of confused on whether or not I ever really enjoyed the fact that I was an only c***d. Yeah It was nice to get all of the attention but on the other hand there were many moments where I really longed for someone to play with and just someone else to have in my life. I was always good growing up, got good grades in school and never really got into any trouble. My parents were especially nervous when it came to boys becau... Continue»
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Carol The Cum Dump

One night I was out down one of the bars in town having a few drinks with some friends, when I bumped in to Carol, she used to be my neighbor and we were fucking regular without her man knowing.

She was out with friends and her man and was a bit wasted and horny, so I decided to get some from her seeing as I was also horny and it had been a couple of days since we had last met up for sex, she was well up for it as I took her to a place along the river in the dark.

She was quit wasted so it didn't matter what I did to her she didn't care at all so long as she got a fucking and a cum depos... Continue»
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Gary,Bobby and I

I was between his legs sucking his thick,throbbing penis.My fingers were touching his very hairy body, I touched his chest his hair was so soft.As I sucked his penis and without touching myself I shot a load over the bed.
Gary though it was funny that I came without being touched. My mouth was sucking his thick cock, sliding up and down his shaft. Gary was moaning and I knew he was close. I tried to get all of his penis in my mouth when it happened. Gob's and gob's of Gary`s tangy cum filled my mouth. I swallowed all I could, watching his face as I did it. Gary was very pleased I did not loos... Continue»
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My wife's fantasies

My wife and I have been married for about four years.

She slept with about fifteen guys before we met, but was always a one-guy girl. She has never had a threesome. We don't talk about threesomes and, usually, never role-play about them. To the best of my knowledge she doesn't want to be with anyone else and expects complete fidelity from me. She has never been with another woman in any way, and has always said she doesn't fantasize about or have desire for other woman at all.

Her fantasies tend to involve acts that demeaning or disempower her. Before we married we occasionally tied her... Continue»
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A story of a rubber slaves's training.

Note: Not from me but i would love to be treated like this. Anybody wants?

I followed Alan down the steps into the dungeon. We both wore jeans and t-shirts and I began to feel nervous as I saw the various rubber suits and restraints hanging from the walls, and the cage and sling and rubber bed in the semi-darkness of the room.

“This is where you’ll live for the next month or so – or however long it takes me to train you as my rubberman” he said slowly and deliberately.

I was beginning to have misgivings. Should I have really signed that piece of paper that gave him complete control ov... Continue»
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Jerkin’ game! Cum Slut or Pee Whore? Choose

Game details.

Time Span: One week or to make it harder extend duration as much as you wish

Jerkin’ allowed: as much as you want

Edge Breaker: Yes

Blue Balls Modality: Yes

Cum Games: Sissy lipstick, Loser/Sissy cum eating position, Sissy Anal lube

Cumshots Allowed: twice over time span choosen

Cumshots Type: in your face and your own mouth, make sure to lift those legs over your head

Pee Games: Golden Lipstick and swallowin’. If you do not like pee, substitute it with your own cum.

The Game
Over the t... Continue»
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