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art model

My first experience was about a year or two ago with an older man I met through craigslist (safe play of course). I put out an ad with me in panties which I've done often but never get the courage to meet anyone. He responded and asked if I would do erotic nude modeling for him to draw me and maybe more if I wanted. I was pretty flattered and decided I'd do it. I went to his studio a few days later. He was probably in his mid 50s, handsome, hair beginning to grey. He asked me to undress and sit down, he sat across from me at an easel and asked if I would masturbate for him. So I began t... Continue»
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"You can make love to me," she whispered

I was thinking back on the first night that I slept with Kathy (not her real name for privacy purposes). I had recently relocated from the Mid-South to northeast Florida and started working as a computer technician in a little shop in a small town. There weren't too many people in the area that did computer work in those days and the shop at which I was employed did the I.T. work for the city government. One of the people who worked in one of the city offices was a secretary who bore a striking resemblance to Shannon Doherty. She was about 5'4", slender build, had jet black hair and a really f... Continue»
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Disgraceful soft sex with my cousin

This is not exaggeration, this is based on my story of 1993. I feel
ashamed, cause she my cousin s****r. I shouldn't have done this to
her. I am from South Tamil Nadu.
It was in my semester vacation of my first year, and she was studying
Ninth Std. It all started from this point, in the night before my
s****r's marriage, she looked as if an angel. She is a medium
complexion, but...but really beautiful mean it. She was wearing silk
blow and the bottom (pattu pavadai). I was instructed to look after
the k**s who were playing on the Marriage's hall terrace. I saw my
cousin s****r play
... Continue»
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Meeting a stranger

I was flicking through the channels on tv when i found a gay dating channel. I watched for a while then text an add to them. After a while of watching and not seeing any adds from where i'm from i found somthing to watch. I was almost ready to go to bed and my phone vibrated it was a repy to the add i sent. It was from a guy called paul, he said he was 29 and able to accomadate a meet that night and asked what i was into and up for. After an initial pause i text him back. I waited a few minuets and he replyed. He said he was very keen to meet me and asked if i wanted to meet him now. I text hi... Continue»
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Mary's Secret Lover

older first time anal sex
I want to lose my viriginity

My name is Mary and I'm eighteen. I’m kind of shy around my peers, and
have not really ever had a boyfriend before. I just get real nervous and
start to sweat a little around them. I love school and do really well in
my studies. I’m in my last year of high school and will be attending
college in the fall.

I have long brown hair and green eyes, and I am five foot five inches
tall. I’m one hundred and ten pounds. I have long legs, and I’m a 34 B
cup size. I’m still virgin, but I ache to know, what it is like to have

My... Continue»
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My Dream Girl

My name is Elisabeth Macleod and I'm a sex ther****t. I don't look like it, though. I'm a six-foot-
six, bodacious dame with long blonde hair, pale green eyes and alabaster skin. Yeah, I'm a tall
woman. One of the tallest in the Boston Area. And I am proud of it too. Just call me the Scottish
Giantess. People come to me to help them solve their problems. Especially those that are of a
sexual nature. No, I'm not a prostitute. I'm a ther****t. Very little distinction between the two but
whatever. That's cool because I'm a problem solver. Helping ordinary people lead better lives is
w... Continue»
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Banging a co workers wife at Office party

(True story) At our company's Annual end of Summer party I observed my co workers very attractive wife getting d***k as hell on the liquor that was flowing during the party. I must've admit I found Marie very attractive blond blue-eyed late 30s.. they were typical yuppie couple, very conservative .. He was bit arrogant & she bit stuck up, but she was definitely getting hammered and I was watching her as she got plastered. By the time the party was starting to die down I had noticed that Marie had left and made her way to the restroom on the next floor up. I took the opportunity to follow of he... Continue»
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My First Encounter With Jennifer

It was late and the evening air in south Florida was warm and muggy, and the club was teeming with co-workers out blowing off steam after a long day of meetings. I was wearing shorts, one of my favorite Nat Nast shirts, and flip-flops, and in spite of my dress, I was still a little sweaty. I was squeezed in between folks, leaning over the edge of the bar trying to get the bartender's attention, and next to me was an attractive woman, with a come-to-me-big-boy smile and a twinkle in her eye. The club was very loud, and I practically shouted out "Hey, I'm Dave, from San Francisco."

She sa
... Continue»
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The Transformation part III

Since Mistress Anna had left me to sl**p with a vibrator shoved in my sissy hole It took a great deal of time before I decided I had had enough of the pleasurable sensation. It was long after she left that I actually slept. Despite the handcuffs and lease I found I slept amazingly well. Surprisingly being locked away in chastity was far from my mind. Then I woke up.

I felt someone step onto the couch where I was laying. When I opened my eyes all I saw was black and realized my eyes were covered. My head was grabbed and I felt a hand guide me to a lowering pussy. The taste said it cle... Continue»
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Neighborly fun part 2

As me and my boyfriend lie in bed i was horny as hell and trying to get him to fuck me or atleast let me go down on him he keeps saying 'later, not now, or my favorite stop being a slut' so i got up and went downstairs to get a water i see ernies lights still on so i slip out the padio door and walk over to his place. Im in just a pair of black lace panties and im standing on his doorstep its a little chilly i ring his doorbell he answers after bout 5 minutes i walk in and lead him to his bedroom which is right across from ours i turn on his light and open the curtains. I figured if my boyfrie... Continue»
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Anita goes Black

Anita goes Black

My husband Victor and I lived many years in Atlanta, a place where a white woman can find a black man to fulfill her wildest fantasies.
I never told Victor about my hidden wishes, but started to investigate some places in the net where well hung black men offered their “services”.

One day, after coming home from work, I checked my email to find one reply from a guy - a black guy.

"I read your advice. I'm a black male, well hung, looking for a white woman. If you're interested, reply." The first thought in my mind was not sending a reply to him, but I didn't delete ... Continue»
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Young and Fucked

I was about twelvish or more when this experience took place...

I lived in a small village like town and with boys from neighborhood I was already participating in regular "jerk off" sessions and watched porn whenever one of us had a free house. We were in possession of a few porno magazines as well as 2 VHS tapes.
Most times a few of us would gather at one of those brand new houses that wasn't completed yet and we have managed to obtain two mattresses as well as a couch, table and chairs that some older generation left before.

We had those sessions very often that usually turned into... Continue»
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R-a-p-e Lum in sports suit(Uursei Yatsura)

(this is got from some chatting content and you can see yourself as one of the two guys,and "we"are two guys waiting hiding at park intending to **** Lum..)

Suppose she's out jogging at night, normally she would do that in the morning but it late at night, midnight at least.

We would notice she would be wearing white tanktop without no bra and tight shorts without any panties and her jogging shoes on.

And she was sweating from jogging as she nears home by the park which was the biggest mistake she ever made..

Her body was drenched in sweat as her big tits with plump nipples
... Continue»
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cleaning the pool.

the wife and i were on holiday and the lady we hired the villa off said that it will be all cleaned out ready for us the only thing to do is clean the pool,the man who was doing it got hid dates mixed up. that's ok we will just visit the beach until its done..

we arrived in Miami for our dream holiday and it was great to get away from the hustle and bustle of work,we got to the villa and it was stunning even the pool looked great but we decided to wait like the lady said it would be done soon. the 1st night we decided to just stay in the villa and relax and plan our days out and where to go... Continue»
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He had his 18th Birthday and wanted more than just

He was now on the prowl to satisfy his curiosity about sex. His biggest quest was to investigate and act on his bi-curious urges. This young man I have known since he was born. I was someone in which this teenager would go to for advice and trusted me to ask about anything without judgement or ridicule.
This is what i am guessing lead to an unexpected encounter. He was over this day to mow my yard. Of course this was the perfect day for it. The sun was blazing hot. He wore a pair of cutoff shorts and no shirt,with a pair of old tennis shoes. As he rode around on my mower i could see the swea... Continue»
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Kim Kardashian's Ultimate Footjob Experience

Kim Kardashian's Ultimate Footjob Experience Part 2: Featuring Kourtney Kardashian

Part 4

- Kimberly and Kourtney Kardashian, the famous Hollywood s****rs, strut out to their in-ground pool/jaccuzzi like two visions of pure Armenian beauty, shaped like hourglasses. Kourtney has on a priceless ivory silk bikini, while Kim wears a flashier red top that shows off her massive, natural jugs nicely with a leopard thong wedged up deep in between her enormous, rippling asscheeks. We both have our butts arched out as... Continue»
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Silly things I have done in my teens

My dad is a very keen gardener, as is our neighbour and his and so on, in fact every summer we all compete against each other for the best in show garden.

It's a competition my dad would love to win, but he never does, that honer goes every year to the same man, our neighbour, he just appears to be ahead of everyone, and every year he walks away with it, my dad just goes ballistic.

Last year was something of an obsession in our house, as dad plotted and schemed to do his utmost to usurp the old man, his sworn mortal enemy.

One day I came home from school to find the street with polic... Continue»
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Wrong stop in the Highway

Wrong stop in the highway

My husband Victor and I moved to the west coast and lived there many years.
In one occasion, Victor went abroad for one week and I had plenty free time to pay a visit to old friends living about four hundred miles from our home town.
I spent three nice days with these guys and then came back home.
Still I was expecting to be alone during another two days, but I wanted really to be at home as soon as I could; so, I tried to drive back during the night in a fast highway.

It was a warm October night and the highway was almost empty. I had plenty gas to get home,... Continue»
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The Ice Cream Girl

this is a story of how I got to have a good time in and ice cream truck with the ice cream girl.

after work I was feeling really tired and hot, mostly due to the 104 degree temperature outside. I look past my car and see the ice cream truck sitting there. I thought to myself '' I wonder if the hot ice-cream girl is there today? only one way to find out''. as I walk up to the truck I see her sitting there reading a magazine( Cosmo no less ;) ) and ask if I can have a fudge pop. she said I could and after I payed she handed it to me. I asked her how things were doing today. she told me in a ... Continue»
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Business and Pleasure: Seduced CD Pt. 1

It was a late dinner with clients in Zurich and I had been traveling all nigh on the redeye. By the time we got to the after dinner drinks, my head was swimming and my Ferragamo tie was loose. It was that dizzy jetlag and booze high where everything feels right as long as it's moving along. My clients were all well-heeled bankers and I sat in the middle of a large banquette able to survey the whole room. At one point a very distinguished gentleman at a tale near us who was with his knockout wife looked up at me. I assumed he was mad at us for being loud, so I smiled, expecting him to get ... Continue»
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