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Wife finds new desire

As with any couple I guess we had our ups and downs, times when we were more loved up than others. Linda used to shave her pussy completely for me for a while then one evening after a lull in our sex Linda said she had a little surprise for me. I waited with great anticipation as Linda appeared in a nice corset, stockings and platform heels, she looked exquisite as she walked towards me, laying me back on the bed, she had left a wide strip of pubic hair just above her fine pussy, it ran all the way up to where it would stop naturally. Linda asked, does it make you want to eat me more? I replie... Continue»
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The paramedic and my rectal temperature

The paramedic and my rectal temperature

I was alone that long week end; Victor had flown away from town and would come back on Tuesday.
By Sunday evening I felt my corporal temperature was burning me to flames; I decided to call a doctor to come home to check my warm body…

By midnight somebody rang the doorbell.
I stood up from the bed; I was little bit flimsy, but I made my way to the entrance. I opened the door and found there a young paramedic… a very young and handsome one.

I let him in and asked to go with me to the master bedroom upstairs. He followed me; I was sure he was e... Continue»
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kate monday evening continued

Paul was really reluctant, but did what he was told ,
He turned and face me and started kissing me ,
Cuddle each other sally said,
We both responded
Kate stood up and placed hand cuffs on Paul's wrists, he didn't resist, he knew his objections would fall on deaf ears
Kate looked down ,
Why aren't you hard Paul, is it because girls are here , would you rather us leave so you can fuck Chris?
No I just want to leave Paul wimpered
Oh but you was OK sniffing our knickers, you had a hard on then, sally take your dirty knickers out of the bag
Sally passed the knickers to Kate
She held... Continue»
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You are relaxing at home late one night when I call you into the bedroom. You walk in to find the room lite with candles and a present laying on the bed. I come up behind you, wrap my arms around you and start kissing your neck. Moving my hands all over you body, I slowly begin to strip you down enjoying every inch of your sexy body. Once I have you standing there naked in front of me, I whisper in your ear, "I think you have a present on the bed." You slowly move the bed and open the small box on your bed and pull out a pair of handcuffs. I walk up next to you and the handcuffs from you and b... Continue»
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Bikini Dreams

After I cammed the other day I put on my bikini with the intention of catching some rays from the sun we've just started to see again. Although it's supposed to be spring, it was still a bit too chilly to lay in the garden, so I opted to just to relax in the conservatory, warm and sunny but little chance of a tan!

I drifted off into that dreamy half-asl**p, half-awake state…

Laying on my sun-bed, purple bikini on, pert nipples pressing against the silky fabric and my boy-clitty tucked neatly between my legs, its tip nestling against my pussy, I imagined I heard noises nearby but thought ... Continue»
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Fucking Not My Aunt in Law

Fucking Not My AIL

*Some parts of this are true*

I'd always had a thing for my AIL Dana. She was so sexy it was crazy. She's in her 40s, short blonde hair, and 5'5" thick with big tits and a juicy ass. She was a total pawg. She'd always wear tight shorts and yoga pants to show off her big ass and low cut shirts to flaunt her cleavage. My cock would get rock hard anytime I'd see her. I totally fantasized about fucking her on tons of occasions. One night we had all gotten together to play poker. I was dressed up all clean cut because I was going to a birthday party afterward. I walked into... Continue»
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My First Three-Some

Some years ago, when I first started my education in aviation maintenance, I befriended a goofy fellow, let’s call him “A”, and over the course of a year we became really good friends; despite the fact that I was madly in love with someone and very committed to my relationship. Somewhere along the line however, I got dumped, and my good friend A became my “friend with benefits” or “fuck buddy”. For the first time in my entire sexual life, I was orgasming (full body, out-of-this-world orgasms) due to a combination of: his dick, the way he fucked me, the care he took into learning and doing what... Continue»
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Sally Company Slut Part 4

Sally Company Slut Part 4

Hi my name is Rob and this is the fourth account of my wife Sally. You may wish to read these however to recap she is 24, lovely long brown hair, pretty face and clear blue eyes. Her body is amazing and there is a picture of her on the writers profile page. Large firm breasts, slim waste, flat tummy and a very nice tidy pussy.

So far Sally has changed from being a shy retiring woman to a liberated sexpot, to be honest. With my full support she is fucking Private Wealth clients at the Bank where she works. Her boss Mr Stapleton is effectively her pimp and pays h... Continue»
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The New Addition

One thing I want to do is to have my own business. A few months ago I
finally decided to get started. It is a small distribution business. I
am mainly the middleman arranging products to be shipped all over the
country. I don't have much of an overhead. So I don't need an
inventory, just an office where I can conduct my business; a place to
hang my hat so to speak.

At first I worked everything myself spending most of my day on the
phone. I needed a client base. As the amount of my customers grows, I
notice I am spending more and more time in the office. Between the
phone calls solic... Continue»
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Michelle Settles My Poker Debt!

Michelle Settles My Poker Debt

It was one of those situations I had heard about but never believed. Three friends were over at my house playing poker, and I was down about $300. It was a string of bad luck, really. My hands had been good all night, but someone else always had something a little better. Now, I am sitting here with a ace-high flush, the other three guys have gone in, but I do not have enough money to match them.

"I am short, guys. Can I put in my watch? Its worth $200." "I don't know," said my friend Johnny. "I already have a watch?" "Well what can I do? I have to pl
... Continue»
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My Bi-Sexual Junior Year

In 1983, my roommate during my junior year in college was gay. Ronnie had come out to me and a few of our friends at the beginning of the year. At first, it was a bit awkward, partially because I was afraid what people would think about me. Although I had one day of torrid gay sex while in high school, I was straight. Girls turned me on. I loved watching them on campus. Guys did nothing for me.
Ronny would tell me how I’d be shocked if I knew who was gay. He claimed a number of guys that I knew were still closeted. I guessed correctly on a few of them and was way off on others. Ronny... Continue»
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Our Next Encounter

After that incredible session in her car we'd arranged a hotel meet the following weekend. What she didn't know was that we'd be joined by a third party. She'd confessed to me that her ultimate fantasy was a threesome so I asked around and found quite a few eager volunteers, even keener after they'd seen her pictures. When we arrived at the hotel we couldn't wait to get in that room and tear each other's clothes off,and we were about to get into a nice and steamy 69 when there was a timid sounding knock on the door. I opened it cautiously, and there he was, the lucky candidate, with a bottle o... Continue»
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Walking the Dog

Devin Dixon walked outside of his townhouse apartment. It was a nearing dusk on this particular March Saturday and the temperature was just a hair above 70-degrees. He was out walking his black and tan Manchester Terrier, named Duke. The dental hygienist wore a red tank top and a pair of black women's Canari Cycling shorts. The skin-tight bottoms showed off his gigantic booty. Devin had received his third round of ass injections four months ago. And, his derriere was something serious. He switched down the sidewalk behind his dog.

A couple of cars and trucks honked as they passed by him. Th... Continue»
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Office Party Gang Bang of co workers wife

(True story) At our company's Annual end of Summer party I observed my co workers very attractive wife getting d***k as hell on the liquor that was flowing during the party. I must've admit I found Marie very attractive, blond blue-eyed late 30s.. they were typical yuppie couple, very conservative .. He was bit arrogant & she bit stuck up, but she was definitely getting hammered and I was watching her as she got plastered. By the time the party was starting to die down I had noticed that Marie had left and made her way to the restroom on the next floor up. I took the opportunity to follow of h... Continue»
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Trying anal

Mari had been dating Rick for about six weeks and could only get him to have “normal” sex. She had hinted to him that she liked to experiment and he told her that he liked things just the way they were. He seemed to blush a lot whenever she brought up the subject of sex.

Mari would not give up. Rick was such a stud and had the biggest cock she had ever ridden. She wanted to experience that cock in more than just her pussy, which was the only place he would put it.

One evening, Mari prepared margaritas and made sure Rick’s glass was never empty. When he was feeling no pain, Mari snuggled ... Continue»
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Short Story

Sara had Carol naked and strapped into the armless chair. Her arms were bound behind the chair and her legs were tied to the legs of the chair with her pussy spread wide. Sara was naked and standing behind Carol rubbing Carol's huge DD tits and hard nipples. Then she rubbed each nipple between two fingers before she pinched them. She kissed the side of her neck as she pulled and twisted the puffy hard nipples. Then she pulled Carol's head back and bent over and pushed her tit in her mouth and Carol knew to suck hard. As Carol sucked Sara slapped her face then each tit. Even though the sex coul... Continue»
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Jessica Alba

Sheriff Jasper T. Long sat at his desk in the small jail he ran in the desert town somewhere between LA and Vegas. The town consisted of a gas station and several rundown trailers but he was the sheriff. He was also the mayor, justice of the peace and the owner of the gas station. He also ran one of the most lucrative speed traps in the country. The highway that ran through the town went from 70 mph to 25 without any warning and his deputy pulled over anywhere from 20 to 30 motorists every single day. Since he was the man that doled out the punishment, the fines were usually steep. Peopl... Continue»
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Vivianne another meeting

As Vivianne and I had not seen each for awhile. I decided call her up to maybe just see her or even jump in bed together. Just see what comes up next. I got her a saturday Before noon. But she was busy that day. But if I wanted to meet her She told me That I could pick her up outside the Place she visited and drive her home taht evening. We decided taht I was about to pick her up around seven a Clock.
I came with the car and did not see her outside were we decided meet up so I took a turn and got back 5 min later when I saw her step out of the door from the house she visited.

Hi she said a... Continue»
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At it again

After a heavy work out at the gym, I went into the shower area...there was at least seven guys walking around in the nude, their man hood swing back and forth as they parade around. An sent minded I watched intently as this one well built light skinned black guy came down the row my locker was on.

I was sitting on the bench as he approached and walked right up to me and said "sorry dude left my soap in my bag. As I raised up and leaned back he turned his back to the lockers and his man hood swung directly across my face. It was so close that the musky scent was so intoxicating I almost sw... Continue»
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Anita tries a second round after first massage

Anita tries a second round after first massage

The next day after the massage and the incredible fucking session that Markus had given to me, my cunt was really sore. During the morning the pool area was deserted, so Victor and I decided to lay out in the sun for a while.
When my loving husband went to the bar for some drinks, I saw Markus approaching me; he was smiling…

“Babe you look hot! Let me take you into the pool to cool off". He said laughing. I accepted and we dived into the pool.

As we played in the water the huge black man started touching my ass, but I grabbed his ha... Continue»
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