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A Chance Meeting At The Library

A Chance Meeting At The Library

I would say to you that when you think about picking up a woman, at the library does not come to your mind. But every now and then there is that special one that you find. I was in the library looking my next book to read when I saw this beautiful woman sitting in the corner of the library reading a book. I had read the book before so I knew about it. So I went over to her and said, “Hello Miss. I could not help but see the book that you are reading. I have read it before and it is a very good read.” She said back to me, “Really?” She was a beautiful woman. L... Continue»
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Commuter Nightmare - Bitch Slap

It had been a long week and getting stuck on the train for about 2hrs was the last straw. It was hot and my maintenance uniform was soaked with sweat. I borrowed a co workers shirt before I left. I am about 6ft 4 and 195lbs and I just got a buzz cut and had my roommate shaved my head bald the day before. My head was sweating bullets and my glasses were beginning to drop on my nose. I got of the train when the doors open and walked around the construction cones to the elevated level to catch the next train to my apartment in the city.

The doors closed and a sat down facing the entrance for t... Continue»
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I was in college when i met her. when i went to college, it wasn't the happiest of times for me. i thought it'd be a time of making friends and parties as well as broadening my mind, which it was for a while, but joy had become sadness and even though i had 50 roommates i was lonely. my grandfather had died a month before i left, my f****y and friends were away and hardly called let alone visited me. so i had known about "CL" but never thought id find an actual person and if i did it'd probably be an old horny man or a crack whore or something. so i put out my ad anyway and about 1hr later, i ... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #14: Simone-2

Simone starts sexy wrestling with me in her judo outfit and agrees that the winner will take all!

Simone looks lovely and sexy every time she bends forward in her judo outfit flashing me her boobies
In fact we both long for first touch-down there and we both know we know that, so the air smells sexy
My sexy sweet tasty teen recently quit her weekly judo exercises, one reason is to take time together
Only we know for the time being where she started sexy excersises at me instead of scoring some ippon
Nothing I know about judo which I never practised, I only know to keep balan
... Continue»
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Episode 44 - Jenny Fucks on the Plane

Hi I'm Jenny Cumslut's journal. Jenny loves to see her name in print, in the sluttiest stories imaginable. I live under Jenny's pillow, and she writes in me most nights describing her filthy thoughts. She just adores sex. Sex with men, sex with women, sex with an1mals. Her cunt is constantly driving her behaviour.

Jenny's latest entry is all about a trip to the Lake District in England to visit the Experimental Breeding Farm, and have sex with Sam, Amy, Lucy, Scarlet and the lovely young colt with the 42 cm cock she saw on Facetime.

Farm Visit
Jenny couldn’t wait to visit the Lak... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #14: Simone-1

Simone seduced to come on camera for the very first time as a start of many more first times for her

Simone is my muse whom I have known all the time already as a baby to a blonde sexy shy tasty teen
I remember she enjoyed to sit at my lap, hug me for being funny and giving her hidden compliments
Memories, making me long for her to be back at my lap and let me teach her some sexy love lessons
Only till the time her titties started to grow she showed no borders for fine grinding her bottom
Next she got suddenly sexually shy so I let go - followed from far her career at second
... Continue»
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My First ThreeSome

The couple are acquaintances of mine. I have met them on a number of occasions in a social setting but I know neither of them very well. And so, I was surprised when they invited me around for a drink one evening. But they are nice people and fun to be with and so I go. I arrived at their flat straight from work wearing an A-line skirt and shirt. He opens the door in what appears to be his gym gear; she is also casual, in jeans and a hoodie. They invite me in and as he goes to pour me a drink, she invites me to sit. I choose a spot on their sofa and they recline in two matching grey armchairs.... Continue»
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sex d**gs and a threesome

Hi, I am a white male in decent shape with a decent body and nice sized package. I have never told anyone about this little threesome i had and thought this would be the place to share it. This was 4 or 5 years ago and i was going through a divorce then and working on the road most of the time. I am a surveyor and i travel all over usa surveying for several large construction outfits.
I was in Texas when this happened staying at a pretty decent motel chain and they had an indoor pool and hot tub which i thought would feel good after working all day. I was partying quite a bit back then... Continue»
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Black Amazon with Strap-on

There is nothing quite as sexy as a beautiful Black woman wearing a strap-on dildo. The first time I saw one in a porn video, I was immensely turned on. Of course, it's not something I was supposed to admit. I'm a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Montreal, Province of Quebec. Even in Canada, the Black male's image is one of machismo, raw sexuality and danger. And most of us try to live up to it regardless of how we feel inside. My name is Armand Joseph. This is my tale of getting by in the city of Montreal while seeking to fulfill my sexual desires.

Yeah... Continue»
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Ex Jailbait

You, Nicole, are jogging around the track, sweating lightly. You are aware of the football team ogling you as your large (36DD) breasts bounce as you run and your short shorts soak through. Your long hair swings in a pony tail as you run. Your tight figure attracts more than just the young men's attention. With your stunning brown eyes and dark hair, you are a f***e to be reckoned with as a senior at this school. You have fucked a few members of the team, enjoying the feel of their dicks in your mouth and pussy, but you had turned eighteen last week. You are no longer "jailbait," and you have ... Continue»
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Taking her screen s*ster

A couple of weeks Brooke had been given an anal fucking for the first time; her on screen
s****r Helen Flanagan came to see me. I wanted to see whether she would mind the new storyline I had planned to make the show more pleasing for the male fans.I was planning on making Helen into a Lesbian slut with her on screen friend Maria Conner (Samia Smith)

She knocked, and came in when ordered to. She was wearing a black dress, cut above the knee, and low cut revealing some fine cleavage. I looked her up and down, and noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. I called her a slut, and she smiled and lift... Continue»
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A slight departure from Mandy.

As I said, I was preparing for a US trip for about 5 days before this last encounter with Mandy. Well something happened on the plane coming home which I would like to share as it is sort of related.
As is obvious by now, I have been writing about my adventures with Mandy. Well I wrote quite a lot of it during my US trip. So it was an overnight flight back from the US, I was sitting in the window seat of a row of three with a couple next to me. I am not sure of the ages, but I’d guess 40 something, but it doesn’t really matter. They both fell asl**p, or so I thought, but as I never can, I o... Continue»
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Threesome, Anal Strap-On, & Angela

I had just began to really find myself sexually by my 3rd year of university. I had found out that I love anal sex, especially with myself and my ever growing set of toys. I had found out that I am a squirter and I learned complete control over the muscles that allow me to cum over and over on will. And while I had not had very many men in my life I had begun to be more comfortable with the fact that men do in fact find me attractive. I had spent a long time being jealous of women with curves, breasts and big round asses as I thought that these were what made a woman a “real” woman and also wh... Continue»
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Online couple (Threesome, bi-sexual, MMF)

When it all started, when it was fantasy, it seemed like a fun idea. I had been single for a while, I had some unresolved desires and I'm young. All this lead me to where I was now, standing at the door, waiting for strangers to answer my knocks. I had met them online and we had spent the last few months talking about our fantasies and such. I thought about this moment a million times, but never in my fantasies was I this nervous. The seconds ticked by like hours, and the thought of running off, getting in my car and forgetting this whole thing kept getting more and more enticing. I was on the... Continue»
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Wife with older staff member and me with her daugh

I was making the bed after my wife had left early to her florist business that she owns. I noticed
stains on the sheets which was not there the morning before and we had not sex since then.
Was she having it off with another. I needed to know even though my wife and I have a good sexual relationship.
I retrieved a mini digital wireless camera I bought to protect our house when we are away on holidays. I then powered up the recorder to tape any movement in the bedroom.
Two days latter after she went to work I downloaded the video of the day before.
Was I surprised when I saw her with the w... Continue»
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UK feminized experience

Here i am on another business trip for England on my first night in a new city all alone iמ a local bar drinking my bear just before i leave to the hotel.
suddenly a tall lady come in and sitting next to me she looks very tough and she just caught me looking at her glowing high heels.
then she was staring at me and i immediately looked away , do you like my high heels honey? she asked.
i couldn't open my mouth just thinking for my self that she caught me.
what happened honey do you afraid i will find out the true...
i already know. she came and whisper in my ear.
i was still unable to sp... Continue»
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A Young Man's Memorable First

The young man trembled as he lay naked on the exam table. He knew what was coming, and he wasn't quite sure if he wanted it or not. Hands stroked his naked thighs, stopping under the curve of his ass. He wasn't sure how many other men were in the room with him, but since he felt three hands caressing his bare flesh, there had to be at least two of them.

He was laying face down on a special table made just for this occasion. His hands and legs were tied spread-eagle to limbs of the X-shaped table. The ties were leather cuffs with fur lining in them. He wasn't being punished, and the men want... Continue»
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21st birthday

It was my husbands 21st birthday, a few months before or first daughter had been born, so i was still breast feeding, 3 of his army buddy's came over in the morning, we had planed on going to the lake for a few hours, then back to our place for a BBQ, we all had a quick cup of coffee then jumped on our bicycles and headed over tot he lake, we set up a nice place under a tree with shade and sun,

we had a great time until i excused my self to go pee, I walked to the restrooms as i did i had to pass through the FKK or nude part of the lake, I entered the restroom slipped down my bikini botto... Continue»
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The Wait by isleofmiguel*

I couldn’t wait any longer. He said he’d be here by 4:00, so I left the door unlocked on this blustery winter day. And as I walked through the house to the base of the staircase. I looked out the windows and watched the snow swirl around and make small drifts in the street. I head up the stairs and take off my clothes as I enter my room.

I turn on the water and it doesn’t take long for the steam of the shower to fog up the windows and mirrors. I step over the edge of the tub and absorb the hot water as it pours over my sore muscles. I pull the curtain closed and bend over to pla... Continue»
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The skate park pays off (part II)

As time went on Mary (the doc) became a bit more demanding and possessive. I was servicing one of her business/medical associates at least once a week.
Many of these ladies were still attractive but after my stint with Brit, I really preferred young pussy, especially Brit
I was having interludes with Brit about once a week also. She is unpredictable. I would park in the lot by the skate park at least three times a week but she would only come to the car about once a week.
When I am with Brit I’m in heaven. I love her cute little young body and her rebellious attitude. She made a habit of sp... Continue»
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