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Cheating on my girlfriend with some guy in the loo

So yesterday I finally gave into my Bi ways, after bouncing up and down on my dildo whenever my girlfriend isn't home the craving for cock got to me.

Last week she and a few of her friends decided to go on a girls only holiday leaving me in the house alone for a week. Naturally I used these few days of having the whole house to fuck myself. After playing the dominant one for years it was nice to be able to take a dildo and have cute knickers on all the time.
This day i had a very nice pink thong on when i decided to go for a run (something i try and do every day ... sometimes), on my way b... Continue»
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Anita enjoys a wild BBC gangbang

Anita enjoys a wild BBC gangbang.

It had been a normal day at work. After office, Josie, a young black girl from my own working team, suggested me to go with her on shopping.
We went into the mall, had a nice warm coffee and talked for a while. The chat turned to sex and I confessed her that I had not had any in a few days, because my loving Victor had been so stressed and tired between two long flights outside of town.

My friend Josie laughed and told me it was time to go on shopping some brand new underwear…She started to send some text messages as we entered a lingerie store.

I wa... Continue»
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The next day, my wife and I came home from work. She was disappointed all day. She kept telling me that I was letting my friend use her and planned this out. But, I honestly did not plan any of this out. I tried to apologize to her, but she kept ignoring me all day. Then my friend Cher called me to apologize again. I yelled at him and said that he has fucked up my marriage. He kept apologizing and apologizing. I honestly wished my wife would let us both fuck her. I don't know why, but it makes me hard whenever I imagine Cher fucking her. Of course I'm not gay, but it just feel so good to see y... Continue»
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White women love black cock

My name for this story is J I played football and basketball for a local high school in rural Texas, we were pretty good we won our district a couple of tomes but never advanced to the state finals. During my school years I dated a lot of white girls as well as black girls from my school but I prefer the white girls. I am now going to tell you why I prefer white girls simple fact is they suck cock much better than black girls. With just a very few exceptions black girls don't like the taste of sperm where as white girls can't seem to get enough. This is my t... Continue»
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Master Ross

I had developed a curious fascination with Master/sub relationships. I being a submissive, longed for a Master. I had no luck meeting a real Master. It was becoming frustrating. It wasn't until I saw Master Ross' webpage and filled out his application. I had to include a detailed background report on my upbringing and sexual history. I also had to send pictures of me naked and clothed holding a sign for Master Ross' and the current date. It wasn't until about a week later he emailed me back. He had given me a list of specific instructions and a time to chat with him online. I went out and purc... Continue»
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Michelle's Mom Seduces Me (repost)

Michelle Helps her Mom Seduce Me

Michelle and I are sl**ping in her bedroom when her mom comes in to wake us up since it was almost 4pm..Last night we had sex on the subway Michelle got up and went to the bathroom."So you and Michelle must have had a wild night huh.! You both came home at 7 am."Her mom says to me."Why do you ask" I replied. "Because your cock is hard still. I see one of the reasons Michelle loves you r cock is pretty big”She replies as she pulls off the sheet exposing me naked. First before I continue let me describe Michelle's mom to you all. Her mom is Irish she has
... Continue»
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Michelle And I Have Sex On The Train (repost)

Sex on the train
This story takes place over 20 years ago

My girlfriend Michelle has very long dark brown hair brown eyes she is 5'10 150 and has 38D's 28 inch waist 40 hips very beautiful face. We met in high school we even lost our virginity to each other.

Here is what happend on this fateful night

Michelle and I were watching Risky Business on VHS starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay. When the movie came to the scene where Tom and Rebecca having sex on the el train Michelle whispered in my ear because her mother and s****r were watching too!
She whispered she wante
... Continue»
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Me, My Girlfriend and Her b*****r

I met my current girlfriend a few months ago when her f****y moved in a few doors down from where I lived with my parents. Once we met we hit it off right away and got pretty serious. And though she is just nineteen years old, she and I have been quite active sexually. Too often we have almost been caught by either her parents or her b*****r. But so far we managed to stay one step ahead of them and am hiding that fact from them. Or so I thought!

Just last month she and I decided to take a trip to a hidden beach area we found about 20-30 minutes up the road from her home. Late in the morning... Continue»
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Busted Wearing Panties Ch. 06

group sex – bisexual – tranny – strapon – harness – anal – nipple play – bdsm

We were having such a wonderful time sitting together on the beach and watching the sun begin to set. The weather only changes a few degrees between morning and night and the evening breeze brought in the fresh smell of the ocean, crisp and clean. We gathered our belongings and walked towards the house. I was holding Emily's hand as our arms swung between us with a lilt of happiness. Jess and Chrissy followed close behind. As we crossed the patio the smells of dinner quickly caught our attention and my stom... Continue»
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d***k at the biker club

the side of my face pressed to the wall, i could only see the hall leading to the back exit. i had already stopped protesting.

i'd spent the night flirting, teasing, touching the brute and his pack members. now i reap what i had sown.

it was all a big game for all of us. we were dressed up to get messed up. all three of us, we squeezed our hard teen bodies into tiny black yoga pants. courtney and carla wore tiny thongs of a neon shade beneath the undersized tights, drawing the beholders eye to firm high asses. i wore nothing beneath my tights.

now my tights were pul... Continue»
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If Carlsberg did dates ...

++ This is a true story, but names have been changed ++

The first time I used an adult dating site, I got chatting to a woman named Kate. I am a fan of a more voluptuous lady, so it was a BBW dating site, and Kate, in my mind, was the perfect BBW. a size 18 but with most of it on the bum and boobs, nice toned chubby thighs and a gorgeous smile. We chatted online for a few hours and then she had to go, so we shared mobile numbers and we texted a couple of times later that evening.

The next day Kate sent a text asking if I wanted to call her to arrange a meeting. I wasted no time in calli... Continue»
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The Hotel

The Hotel
Part one
Michelle was spending a few days away to do with work. Although she had found a master in the last few weeks she was missing her time with him. He was having a large impact on her and she relished her tasks that he was setting out for her.

Michelle had almost given up on finding a man who could take her and mold her into his submissive slave. Up until now the men she had contact with did not live up to her expectations of the master she wished for and she had been mulling over whether to pursue her dream or to try different avenues to find that which she craved for.

... Continue»
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My story (Part 1) "My Early Encounter"

My Early Encounter: sherryladyboy

I was 8 years old when I discovered my deep interest in women. It started by admiring sexy women bodies in bikinis. It was never a look of lust but more a look of admire or you can say envy them for their sexy body, wishing someday I could become as sexy and slutty as them.
With each day I became more and more interested in women and their details. Their body shape, the breasts and feet caught most of my attention. I started trying put on my mom lingerie infant of the mirror at that young age, and whenever I there was en... Continue»
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1st time at a sex club

Whilst working in England, I came across a 'sex' club that according to the website was in a house with many amenities and lots of othe sexually active crossdressers.
I sent them a message and got a reply with the next meeting date and a request for a 'donation' to help with the website/club expenses.
As a crossdresser I was promised plenty of sex from the other patrons - there were plenty of gangbang photos on the website:-)
The 'sex' day arrived and I prepared very carefully with an enema to ensure I was clean during penetration, did my make up really carefully and struggled into my pvc c... Continue»
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Every Man Is A Little Bit Gay

gay first time – blow job – tied up – gay husband – bisexual male – bicurious male

"They're doing cookery classes down at the local college. I think I might give them a go," Trish said, looking up from reading the Evening Gazette, our local paper.

"The last thing you need is cookery classes," I replied with some feeling. Trish is the best cook I've ever met; that's one of the many reasons I married her.

"I don't need to learn how to boil an egg but they're offering an advanced course on Mediterranean cooking. It will be fun to learn something new."

"I'm certainly not going t... Continue»
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Wife Friends Get Even When They Peg Me

Well what did I do to deserve this!!! Here I was tied up and blindfolded in my own BDSM playroom. So I cheated on my wife with our neighbor Carol, it was just a blowjob and after all; Carol was the one who asked to suck my thick seven inch cock. I did not deserve to be tied up to our bed and “ambushed” by my wife and Carol. My wife must have been really pissed; I got five lashes with a thick leather belt followed by being “pegged” by my wife in my virgin asshole. It really hurt at first, but after a while I got used to it and my ass relaxed. Meanwhile Carol straddled my face as I was f***ed to... Continue»
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Amelie part 6

It was Wednesday. Sure, Amelie had made a mistake at her new work, but that had to be expected. She had, after all, only been working there for1½ week! It was not a huge mistake, but one that her boss, Mr Bergman took very serious, and he called her to his office and spend several minutes telling her stuff like that they would have to let her go if anything like that ever happened again, and that she still was on her probation and could have her job terminated at any moment. In fact, Mr. Bergman was probably be supposed to do that!
She was busy, nodding her head at it all while trying to keep... Continue»
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Είχαμε κανονίσει με το μωράκι μου να βρεθούμε Παρασκευή και μάλιστα με την προοπτική να κοιμόμασταν αγκαλίτσα! Το περίμενα με απίστευτη λαχτάρα, ήθελα να τον δω, να τον νιώσω, να είμαστε χαλαρά... Όντως το μωρό μου πραγματοποίησε την επιθυμία μου και μάλιστα φρόντισε να μοιραστούμε τις μοναδικές μας στιγμές σε ένα απο τα αγαπημένα μας ξενοδοχεία με θέα τον Θερμαικό!!
Απο το πρωι σπαρταρούσα απο καύλα!! Μετρούσα ένα ένα τα λεπτά ... Ήταν πέντε η ώρα όταν ξεκίνησε το όνειρό μου!! Κάθε φορά που μπαίνω στο δωμάτιο και τον αντικρίζω νομίζω ότι θα σπάσει η καρδιά μου!! Με έριξε κατευθείαν στο κρ
... Continue»
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One Crazy ASS Night.

At 18 I was a senior in HS. The first day of class I discovered that my best friend who had graduated the spring before had been secretly fucking my ex girlfriend since February(we broke up in December). I was pissed, not because he was fucking her, but because my best b*o had lied to me. I couldn't believe he had lied. Anyways, the entire time they were fucking, we had still been sl**ping together irregularly so I still had stuff at her house.( She lied to him and told him that I had just never picked it up after we broke up) The day I found out about them was the day I was completely finishe... Continue»
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Jamaican Dick for Chub Bottom

Renald Gold drove his s****r’s blue 2012 Toyota Rav4 down the highway. The five-foot-nine, one-hundred-eighty-pound Jamaican had arrived in the U.S. only days before. He thought Texas was pretty cool for the most part. He was especially happy that a pretty young sissy had hit him up on Tagged. They conversed back and forth for the better part of the day.

Prentiss Lewis was at home in the bathroom getting ready. His parents both worked the overnight shift at their respective jobs. He was an only c***d. The five-foot-eight-inch, chubby, dark-skinned dude douched his boipussy out. Prentiss was... Continue»
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