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My slut SIL and my slut wife

So one day my SIL Pippa came to stay with us having been kicked out by her old folks. Marie felt sorry for her and we agreed to put her up while she looked for a flat, I got on well with her as did Marie who was about 6 years older at 25. I was soon to discover that they had more in common than just big tits.
Pippa was a good looking girl and quite different in looks to Marie, she was tall slim with long dark hair and had big tits, a good couple of sizes bigger than Marie and hers weren't small. She was a head turner, especially as she insisted on not wearing a bra!

She'd been with us a ... Continue»
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Sweet Cheese

My wife is Italian-American and proud of it. We are in our 40's and she has worked hard to keep the beautiful curvy figure she had when I married her. She aslo has a secret and that is the point of the story.

My wife has a beautiful pair of full breasts, dark brown hair, brown eyes and a beautiful, round bottom. She is sexy and outgoing and can be the life of the party when she is in the mood. She is smart, funny and keeps up on current events. We like to entertain and this fact plays into the story as well.

I am an unabashed ass man. I have loved women's ass cheeks and the dark, moist s... Continue»
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raised as a daughter III

My butt hole was numb after ten minutes of being fucked, and my jaw sore and my throat raw from Anns strap on.
Ann said "my turn. You're stretching her to much". She slid her plastic dick out of my mouth, allowing me to close it and try swallowing some spit. Rebecca sat down in front of me and kissed my lips and asked how I was doing. I was coated in sweat, my eyes glazed over, and my jaw was killing me, I nodded my head. She smiled and said" open up sweety, you're going to learn how to suck cock for hours". She picked my head up and pushed her rubber dick in my mouth slowly.
Ann climbed u... Continue»
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Ana and the movers gang

Anita and the movers gang

After four months living in L.A., Anita and I finally decided to move to a bigger house in the suburbs, with a nice back yard and a pool.
Ana called a movers company to help us. Early afternoon three young and muscled guys came in a big truck and quickly began to load all our stuff.
They were two huge black guys and a Latino type one.

We moved things for about two hours into our new home until almost everything was in. All of us guys sat on the couch in the living room as Anita finished unpacking some small things in the kitchen.

We talked for a while w... Continue»
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The beginning of my Homosexuality and my love to t

The beginning of my Homosexuality and my love to the penis - chpter (1)

I'm from Amman, Jordan I was born in 1960, we were means and my father was in the army and as I remember that my f****y was moving from house to house many times, in 1967 as I remember there was a man took me to a abandoned house it was close to our house as I usually play near it, that man undressed me and start kissing me all over my cheeks& lips, my body down to my ass then he rub his dick up my ass, I've given up and I do not know what he is doing to me, after a while I heard a sigh coming from him and felt hot l... Continue»
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Sissy Bachelorette Party

'You want it again?' She said, as she climbed between my legs, spreading them with the f***e of her knee.

'Yes Mistress.' I said, turning my head to the side.

Her gloved hand grabbed my chin and turned it towards her. 'You want to be my girly lesbian bitch?' She said, as she tweaked my puffy nipples with her other hand, the dry latex chafing me.

'Yes Mistress - I want to be your girly lesbian bitch,' I rubbed my horny cunt against her stocking clad leg, ignoring the pain, wanting, no, needing her inside me again.

'Well it's all that's on offer anyway.' She grabbed my cock insp... Continue»
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A cuckold evening out

Thursday evening at the dinner table to was telling my wife about a recent craving I was having to eat her pussy after she had been fucked. She smiled and asked if I had anyone in mind to do the fucking? I told her not really but he needed to be black. She wiggled in her chair and asked why does he need to be black? I told her that the black guys always shoot deeper inside her and their loads are larger. She said that she would work something out for tomorrow night.

All day at work Friday I kept thinking about our conversation the night before. I wasn't wearing a chastity device that day so... Continue»
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Light and Dark

One of the many benefits of heading up a company that creates erotica is that I can turn any and every business trip into a pleasure trip with a little bit of creative license. If I’m scouting locations to shoot new videos, I absolutely must stay in the best hotels with a spa because I might be able to use it as the site of my next couple’s retreat. If I’m doing a model search for new models, for fresh faces, what better place to do that than some sl**py little resort town in The Seychelles with pristine beaches, seafood that will make you question what the hell you’ve been eating your e... Continue»
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Grindr'ing Mr. Aussie Visitor

I am really happy that I was born at this point in history. If I was born lets just say 20 years ago....

I couldn't make a living doing what I do.

I couldn't be out to ANYONE.

Grindr wouldn't exist.

Yesterday I was sitting on my couch, wearing only a pair of white speedos and working on a super hot speedo photo set (if you are nice to me I will post some pics from that on here tomorrow). As you can imagine - when I'm hard at work, I am sometime 'HARD' at work.

I've had a Grindr account for a while but I don't use it much although I'd had some great times using it.

So instead ... Continue»
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Taking An XHamster Lover and Teaching Her PT 1

Taking An XHamster Lover and Teaching Her PT 1

Recently I have met a beautiful woman on here who has shared some amazing images of herself with me. While I am not at liberty to share either her user name or any of the pictures, I have taken what she has shared with me and written a story of what it would be like if she would just relent and consent to meeting with me for a night… or two… or four…..


For my vacation, I was riding my motorcycle out to Sturgis. That’s ... Continue»
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Sissy Fetish Gone Wrong

I like to dress up like a girl and act girly. I don't want to be a girl and am not looking for sex I just enjoy feeling girly and the thrill of humiliating myself. Little did I know that this behavior would slowly guide me in another direction. Most places I went I was yelled at and harassed so I kept looking for a quiet place to play dress up. one day I ended up at a rest stop and I went to the bath room to dress up and put on my makeup. As I was putting on my eye shadow a man walked in and stared at me. As he did so it made me feel good and feminine. He said I looked pretty and my ass loo... Continue»
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Step s****rs head

Kelly was my step s****r my parents met about 15 years ago and mum had 1 c***d Kelly who was fantastic, we got on from day 1 and we are very close, it was now coming up to my 18th birthday and Kelly asked if there was anything special I would like for a present, I knew she was only working part time so didn’t want to ask for much, I cheekily said wouldn’t mind a snap shot of her naked and laughed “perv” was her reply we giggled and sat chatting, I said whatever she could afford but I would like a card.

The following day I woke early and opened my cards, money. Vouchers, and good wishes, all... Continue»
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My Second time Bi Experience, the Second Hour!

Ok, I had just had my first Bi KISS and first CUM Kiss with Tom who was just as Happy as he could be. After our kiss, he said how much he was enjoying introducing me to the Bi life. So here we stand, my chest still sticky with the random cock's cum, my head spinning a little from what I had just done to that cock...totally naked except for shoes...with Tom who was Also totally naked as well. He said "Now, where were we?" and he took my aching cock in his hand and made me sit back on the bench again.His hand felt SO good on my cock and then even better his Tongue began to clean up the copious a... Continue»
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Ana in the back of the van

Ana in the back of the van

I came very tired from office, but my sweet Ana was waiting for me at home with a very nice dinner.
Later on, while I was sipping a perfect glass of scotch, she came by me and told me she was real horny and she needed a good hard dick inside her. Ana also told me she knew I was very tired to fuck her that night; so, she wanted my permission to find out a man who could calm her down…

My sweet Ana added she wanted me nearby to watch…

She wanted me watching at her spreading her thighs and taking another man's cock. She would have a strange hard cock nudging... Continue»
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playing with daddy

So after our last meeting daddy had forbidden me from cumming. For me this is very hard because I have a high sex drive especially since daddy was texting me constantly teasing me. I nearly lost it once Friday night when daddy sent me a pic of him cumming to a pic I sent him and commanded me to send him one of my soft clitty so he knew I was being good. Every five mins I delayed he said it was five more spanks(he had picked up on my love of being spanked). This nearly broke me I was so turned on and every time I almost got control of myself the message would come "You sissy whore that's five m... Continue»
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20 Nigro Men Gang-Banged Nandani

Hi I am Jericholic and am studied in Class 10th on Miss Public School. I got a Elder s****r and she also studied in class 10th in Miss Public School.

I saw people staring at her at school. Her description is as :-

Name Nandani
Colour Fair
Shape Slim
Height 5.1 Feets
Weight 38 KiloGrams.
Waist 24
Boobs 35 – 75

As you can see she is sexy. Her boobs are bigger then other girl in her class and that’s the reason all the boys in her class always stare at her.

I also get thoughts of seeing her nude sometime
... Continue»
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Forth of July surprise anal MMF again

We finally got some much needed play time after a 4th of July cookout (and a little during). We were at a big cookout at our friends house and the wifeys BF showed up for it too. We all had fun socializing and having dinner while we secretly eyed each other knowing what we were all really thinking about. Her BF and me would slip away to smoke and start talking about our fuck sessions while people weren't close it got me so horny and ready to watch and fuck my wifes tight ass. I found my wife after to tell her how bad he was wanting her ass. "You two could run to the store for a few" she asked ... Continue»
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Another afternoon at Helena's home

Another afternoon at Helena’s home

My sweet Ana had gone for a complete week visiting some friends in San Francisco; so, I was home alone to enjoy a good time with my loneliness.

On Friday midday I was cooking a light meal, when Ana’s girlfriend Helena called me.

“You still own me a second visit to my home, you little bastard…” She said.

I had had a very good afternoon at her home some time ago; when I fucked Helena and her friend Camila. Then I though both bitches were waiting for me again there for a new wild sex session… But I was very wrong…

My slutty Helena opened the door.... Continue»
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Helping a coworker

this starts at work in the post office years ago. I have worked there and with this women for over 25 years her name we'll say is D. She was Married I was a widower losing my wife five years earlier. D was always very friendly and touchy feely but she was a little depressed for a long while and after asking what was wrong at least a dozen time she finally told me one day in the parking lot. She said her husband was totally ignoring her after their daughter left for college and they work different shifts she was lonely. I told her if she wanted she could call me anytime if she wanted to talk a... Continue»
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Carl comes Back

Shirley has been wanting to see Carl again after her night of fun with him and Wally. I told her it was cool with me if see saw him again. So she called him and set up a diner date with him. She left home that evening and came home late that night.

I was in bed looking at tv when she came in the room. She walked over to the side of the bed and gave me a kiss, she took my hand and put it under her dress between her legs into her cunt. It was sloppy wet. She smiled at me and said that she was full of cum, and that she wanted me to add my cum to it.

Shirley told me to strip off my tee and... Continue»
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