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Hitch Hiking in Scotland

Hitch Hiking in Scotland

A True Story

My name is Azara, and at the age of 18 last year, I was hitch hiking in Scotland in the summer of 2015, seeing what it had to offer. To cut down on costs, I was thumbing lifts from passing motorists, and on one occasion, a small red car screeched to a halt, just a few yards away in front of me. The passenger front door was opened, and a young man who looked about my age jumped out, smiled and offered me a lift in the back, which was gratefully excepted, as I had been standing in a remote spot on one of the islands off the west coast for quite some ... Continue»
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"I'm too d***k to drive."

You offer me a ride home from the bar, since you see I have had too much to drink. On the way, I ask you to stop so I can pee real quick. I am standing next to the car and you can see my backside and when I slide my pants down a little, you are surprised to see me wearing a thong and garters with thigh high stockings. You get a good look and like the way my ass looks. I get back in the car and you keep smiling, so I ask why?.
"I saw your ass, baby, and it looks good....."
"Glad you like it." I say, a little embarrassed.
"Are you? Why? You wantin' to get fucked in that ass, tonight?"
My coc... Continue»
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Office Environment and Fast Anal Sex

Call me a modern girl, I like sex, teasing, drinking, sex, men, more sex, and of course those facials, the dirty kind I blogged about earlier.

In the office the other day, I was greeted with a glass of champagne instead of my Espresso.

Dave, the copier guy snucked a bottle in, and as we stood in the small coffee room and poured me a second glass, he admitted he thought about me, behind his wife's back.

That should have sent my feminine alarm bells ringing, but strangely it made my morning pussy twitch, something most husbands know that females are partial to a morning shagging, 'I hop... Continue»
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My hot Aunty

When i was teen, i was jerking off a lot and mastrubating my anal with 5 fingers because i did'nt have somoeone to fuck it so i started fucking myself.I had white BBW with Big boobs looks like melon and big round ass, when she walk her ass start shaking(SHE WAS HOT)

There is day, I was jerking off in my Bedroom after watching so much porn vids and my aunty was sl**ping in her bedroom where my parents were out and she refuse to go with them cause she is tired.So she wook and went to the bathroom before that she heard yelling of woman "Ahh...Yeah...Fuck"and it was me watching porn v... Continue»
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The Making of a Fuck Toy - 4

Chapter Eleven – Claiming Her Ass

The next several weeks went without much incident. Eric spent much time as he could at home teaching protocols and rituals to Cass. But there were still times when she was at home alone for her to practice. It went well for the most part. He gave her encouragement and praise when she accomplished a task well, and punished her when she made mistakes or breaches in the things she’d learned. They both fell into a smooth rhythm. Eric continued to be amazed with his Baby Girl’s enthusiasm and ability to retain as much as she had.

As she grew comfortable ... Continue»
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My s****r in law Diane and her daughter Michelle and son Gay came to live with me and my wife Lizl
when she got her divorce in Brighton .
I always fancied Diane a blonde with massive big tits and a very sexy arse
She dressed vert sluttily as did my wife Liz who was a very slim brunette with small pert tits
and a very pert arse .
Liz and I were both bi sexual and loved swinging and fucking young and old boys and girls
Michelle was a young blonde schoolgirl with developing tits and gay was her younger b*****r
and very shy as opposed to Michelle who was a big prick teaser.
Liz agreed with... Continue»
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Hijabi s****r fantasy

Spread this story. I know all you dirty fuckers will like it. Comment and enjoy

Hijab s****r fantasy

My hijabi s****r jamila is at home. You come to visit me, but I've gone out, but snuck in without her knowing. She opens the door for you and tells you Im out but will be back shortly. because she is so nice, she invites you in. You take this time to check her out. Her face structure is good, she's wearing mascara and lipstick.
She's medium height, curvy, big tits and a perfect round ass. She's wearing a black hijab, tight white blouse, black bra, long black skirt with brown boots... Continue»
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Hijabi sexy musalimah dream

Hijab s****r fantasy

My hijabi s****r jamila is at home. You come to visit me, but I've gone out, but snuck in without her knowing. She opens the door for you and tells you Im out but will be back shortly. because she is so nice, she invites you in. You take this time to check her out. Her face structure is good, she's wearing mascara and lipstick.
She's medium height, curvy, big tits and a perfect round ass. She's wearing a black hijab, tight white blouse, black bra, long black skirt with brown boots. Also you can make out her thong.
You take a seat on the sofa. She goes to get you... Continue»
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Didi Ne Pregnant Banaya

Hello everyone sex ni vaato and garo bane gujarati maaj maja ave so for all my gujju bros and my darlingbhabhis I m here for all of you….You can contact me on maro lodo 6.8 inches no che mare loko ni jem 9 inch no nathi lol

So ave story par auu

Hun baroda ma rahu chu mari ek cousin s*s pan tainj reh che ena mrg thaii gaya che ….Ena mrg ne 5 yrs thaii gaya hata pan e pregnant j nati thai….Toh badha test karaya toh khabar padi k jiju impotent che…And emna sperm count maa locho che…

Di ane jiju bane bauu upset rehva lagya and jhagda pan thava lagya pachi ek divas e... Continue»
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How I became a dirty anal cumslut

Looking back it's pretty obvious how I became such a good dirty cum slut.

Ever since that day at school when the principal called me into his office I have obsessed over cock. It was late in the year, close to graduation, and it already felt like summer. It gets so hot here. That day I had worn a short dress to school. It was an older one of mine, but a favorite, so I didn't mind that it was getting a bit small on me. And it was so hot that the short length felt good on my legs and ass, letting the air flow freely against my skin.

Now, I have to be honest. I was a naive young lady at 18.... Continue»
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Taming of Amy III - My Mother in Law

"Where is my daughter?" Asked Sandra as she pushed her way past me when I opened the door.

"She will be along in a few minutes, Sandra." I said to her as she glared at me.

"You are a good for nothing bastard! I told her she could do so much better than you! Yes I am really upset! I have been trying to call her all week and she is always gone or too busy to talk! I think you have done something to her! I should have just called the police!" Sandra said in her threatening and theatrical style that always made her the center of attention.

"Amy has been doing some part time work to take s... Continue»
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Une beurette Ce cachait en Moi

Hiver 2001 j'avais 18 ans je venais de découvrir le tchat sur internet je n'avait Pas d'ordinateur à la maison Alor j'allais dans un cyber quand J'avais le temps puis de fil en aiguille je me suis laisser aller à ce jeux de séduction sur Voila tchat avec de nombreuse filles et Pa mal de rencontres avec affinité et parfois seulement amical ma fois cela marchais bien .. Et un jour je me suis mis à me faire passé pour une fille arabe pour rigolé et la de nombreux Mec Me parlai et au final j'ai créé un personnage qui plaisais en Me disant que j'était ce personnage cela me fessais drôle et du b... Continue»
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Mum 3

It was half past midnight when I got in, tired, dirty and not in the best of humour.
Sunday had been going well. Mum had been out most of the day and Jen and I had the place to ourselves, so a leisurely lunch with a couple of glasses of wine saw us very relaxed and amorous. We almost went to bed then but by a sort of unspoken agreement we decided to wait until the evening when our anticipation would be so high we would fuck uninhibitedly. I was also aware that I would get additional excitement from knowing that my mother would be masturbating in the next room as she listened to us, someth... Continue»
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Bareback at the ABS

Sex with my wife has been on the decline for some time now. While my drive is still strong, hers is waning. So, with a dirty martini in one hand and my rock hard cock in the other, I was watching xhamster and edging to some hot gay videos. Homemade amateur videos, my favorite. Guys just like me having hot and nasty sex. Guys I can relate to. I had been edging for about an hour. and was on my second martini when I decided I needed to visit my local ABS for some anonymous cocksucking. This bookstore is old school and still has booths with glory holes. I looked to other men to satisfy m... Continue»
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A business travel to Lisboa

A business travel to Lisboa

I had a business appointment at Lisboa and then I suggested my sweet Ana if she wanted to come with me. It would be just three days, but I was sure it would be enough for her to enjoy a nice view of that beautiful city.
The first afternoon I was free and then we made a good walk downtown. After dinner I was a little bit tired and told Ana I would go to bed. She was still in a good mood and told me she would go down to the hotel lobby to have a last drink and enjoy listening a pianist playing there.
She came back at five o´clock. I turned on the lights when she ... Continue»
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Grocery Store Part 3

Suzie and I hit the hot tub again for a bit, then decided to go to sl**p as we were both exhausted from our day, and night of fucking. We both slept naked, and she laid her head on my chest as we drifted off to sl**p. I found myself dreaming that night of fucking both Suzie and Jake at the same time again. I feel like I dreamed all night long, dreaming of different scenarios and positions the three of us could get ourselves into. I woke up to the bright morning sun beaming into the window. My cock was hard as a rock, and aching to cum. I rolled over to see Suzie laying on her back, with ... Continue»
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Gay Encounters of the Sexual kind

Gay Encounters of the sexual kind by Phil McCrackin

It all started when I replied to a contact on a well known site for men looking to hook up. The advert was for a 18 - 20 year old who wanted to be restrained, and taken full advantage of by who ever happened to be there for the meet.

After making contact, I was sent an email about the encounter, and what was expected of me. A date and time of arrival was agreed to along with the address and directions on how to find it.

When I arrived, I couldn't help noticing that the house was painted pink

I entered the the unlocked door as... Continue»
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Episodes From My Nudist Life 02: Alone On The Beac

Episodes From My Nudist Experience 02

Alone at the beach

Though this story can be read as a stand alone, it is better to read chapter 01 first, so you can get the whole background.
This episode happened in the early 80's, before we knew about AIDS. PLEASE, always have protected sex, and do not forget to enjoy yourselves.

I called Ann to see whether she was able and willing to join me for a day at the beach, and got a happy, positive answer. I quickly packed some water and some food for the day, an old sheet to spread on the soft sand, a towel, a hat and a bottle of sunscreen. I didn... Continue»
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Exiting second time

After the first time had already passed, I decided to take some time as my ass still hurt a few days after my encounter. The guy I used to talk still had not sent me any message a 2 weeks after the events of the previous story so I decided to do something. After the pain went away I noticed I coul very easily play with my ass and I would not hurt at all! I went to the point that I could fist myself and it would rarely hurt.I played putting things in my ass and it felt awesome. I decided I was 100% bi and wanted to try something new, so I began crossdressing more seriously. I went to swimming l... Continue»
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GROUND f***e

Charlie and Alan had arrived early at the home they were going to make over and they were getting pretty tired of waiting for Tommy to turn up.

Alan showed Charlie the plan for the garden and decided that they could get their parts done while they waited and when Tommy eventually arrived they could then do the bits they needed him to do like the decking and the new fancy concrete path.

Charlie got her shovel out, and started digging the border, while Alan put in the new fence panels. Alan loved to watch Charlie digging away as she famously never wore a bra, and he was treated to a goo... Continue»
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