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Sari Shop Moms loss of innocence

TRUE STORY. My mom is a very simple, attractive, tall, 38 year old women who works at the college i attend as a teacher aid. In terms of sexual appeal, she has large breasts, and she often goes to the gym. In terms of what's going on in this story, we have to attend my aunts rehearsal dinner for her 50th birthday, and we also have visitors over that we have to take to the dinner.
Mum asks me to drop fua and fui to Rohans place. On our way there, fua asks to stop at the sari shop. We use the back entrance, and in fact it's a strip club with high amounts of weed. The girls there also have a do... Continue»
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Jan was home alone with her step dad as her mom was out of town for a few days. She went in and sat next to him and asked him "Would you take me to get a tattoo?" He replied "Where do you want it?" She smiled and told him "Across the top of my left tit. I want a rose on it." He looked at her tits which were a nice big size like her moms. He grabbed her arm and told her "If you fuck me I will take you." Jan immediately stripped naked without even batting and eye and began kissing him and tonguing his mouth. He could not get enough of her big tits and also her wet pussy. His hands went back and ... Continue»
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Gangland Gangbang Part 1

Gangland Gangbang

I had loaded up the bike in the back of the car and headed over to the darker side of town. This was an area I had scoped before. You would see black guys just walking down the street in groups of 3, 4 or even more. Oftentimes, they would be passing a bottle or a blunt around. I knew by driving through that there might be some opportunity for this sissy white boy to get filled with black cocks because on a few occasions when I was driving around looking for where I could ride my bike and get noticed they would yell out things, Like “Come on over here, white boy, we got som... Continue»
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2-Love at the Mall

I'm the type of gal who likes a little something in her ass, so I will frequently plug my butthole with the smallest size of buttplug when I go out for a few hours to go shopping or run errands. I don't wear underwear, and it gives me a thrill to think that no one else knows that my tight puckered hole is being stretched open in a sexual way just underneath my short skirt. Last weekend I decided to go to the mall to buy a swim suit and began looking for my smallest plug. I had recently cleaned house on some of my sex toys and realized that I only had a large plug that made my butt too bloate... Continue»
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Room Serviced.

I travel a lot for work. When I'm away from home I indulge my interest in cross-dressing. I don't ever leave my hotel room dressed, I just wear lingerie and fantasize while I masturbate.
Fantasize about being in the arms of a man, having him slide his hand into my panties... things like that.
As time has gone on, I've added a dildo to my activities. Started with a tiny butt-plug and have gradually moved up to the big black rubber cock that's up my ass as I write this story. It's held in place by my tiny panties when I stand up, but while I sit here... feeling it inside me... rocking my body ... Continue»
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Husband and Wife's FIRST TIME Swinging

My wife and I had been married for 10 years and she was so shy, she still made me turn the lights off when we had sex together.
She's very beautiful with long brown hair, nice mid sized tits, awesome pink nipples and an ass to die for. Her pussy is as tight as they day we met

and it tastes as good as it looks and he legs are long and slender and even her feet and toes are perfect!

Our suburban lives have been unremarkable and we, like everyone else, go to work, pay our mortgage, take a vacation every year and have sex a

few times a month. Our sex is pretty much missionary styl
... Continue»
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Hallo zusammen,
ich habe irgendwann mal irgendwo eine Story gelesen die mir sehr gefallen hat…

Sie hiess Vera und die Drachen.

Leider habe ich sie nie komplett zu lesen bekommen, wäre aber interessiert dies nachzuholen.
Zum besseren erkennen hier die Story soweit wie ich sie habe.
Ursprungsautor so meiner Information Erofant.
Damit zur Story, sie ist NICHT aus meiner Feder und wird auchNUR zu dem Zwecke gepostet damit jemand sie evtl identifizieren kann..
Sollte jemand die Story komplett haben wäre ich begeistert wenn er / sie sich bei mir meldet..

Vera und die Drachen Teil1
Di... Continue»
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Ich machte damals meine Ausbildung ihn einem kleinem Betrieb wir hatten nicht viele Arbeiter und die meisten waren tagsüber immer im Außendienst. Da ich der jüngste war und noch Azubi musste ich einiges im Haus machen. In dem Haus waren die Büros und die Wohnung meines Chefs.
Immer Sommer musste ich immer den Rassen mähen und den Garten pflegen. Eines Tages als ich wieder im Garten arbeitet sah ich die Freundin des Chefs die sich ihn der Sonne bräunte. Ich schaute ab und zu ihr rüber und betrachtete sie mir genaue. Sie war so ende 40, etwas kräftiger gebaut und hatte einen schönen Oberkörper... Continue»
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Annelore antwortet auf meine Anzeige Reife

Vorweg muss ich sagen, sie hat mir nette Fotos geschickt, auf denen Sie aber nicht drauf war, sondern eine Reife Dame in Strumpfhosen, die hier auch schon mehrfach veröffentlicht wurde. Aber die Fantasien hätte ich gerne schon live erlebt. So blieb mir nur die Geschichte zum wichsen.

Also gut, ich halte es wie Zuckerbrot und Peitsche. Mal lieblich, doch oft streng und rigoros. Ich stelle mir unser erstes Treffen so vor (oder so ähnlich): Wir treffen uns an einem neutralen Ort, ein Cafe oder so was. Nach gemütlicher Unterhaltung, lade ich dich zu mir ein. Wir sprechen über Dinge, die im Ca... Continue»
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The Meeting

It was the first time we met.

I was nervous and scared, with a small ball of anxiety low in my stomach. Once or twice I started to turn back, all the niggling doubts in the back of my mind rushing forward. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe this wasn’t what I wanted. Could I handle it? What if it was too much, too intense, too overwhelming? And the worst doubt of all: what if you were disappointed?

I knew I shouldn’t feel this way, you knew me better than anyone. All of the long chats, emails, phone calls, after the in-depth conversations about my hopes and desires, darkest fantasies you had teas... Continue»
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Chat between two mature bi men

That was three days ago, I had watched some videos on hamster, I was excited like a flea. I really needed to shoot my load. So I chose a sixty years old man in the list of connected and I contacted him

Me: Hello, want to chat?
Him hi, ok
Me: I'm bi, married
Him same for me
Me: hmmm I want to turn myself on with you
Him hummmm
Me: I have been stroking myself for a while ... I'm starting to get wet
Him hummmm, are you well hung ?
Me: normal, 15 cm
Me: I'm in underwear
Him: naked and me 11x4
Me: hmmm your wife is not there?
Him: no, she went to work
Me: cool
Him and you
Me: she... Continue»
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Woken in the night..

I had been to work all day and on arriving home the wife had left me a note saying she had gone out with the girls for a day trip and it would be a long one cos they were planing on going out straight after for a few drinks, i relaxed with a few shorts whilst watching a film. it was about 10 and i thought i might as well have an early night, i must have been a sl**p for about half an hour and there was a noise in the kitchen and then some giggling Claire must have come home and she sounded d***k. i heard her say Shush he will hear you, so in my head i thought she must have brought her friend ... Continue»
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"Don't get freaked out but my mom is a bit of a flirt."
This was my girlfriend Sandy's warning as we were standing out on the front porch. We had been dating for a couple weeks and she felt it was time that I meet her mother. This night she greeted me at the front door and offered me this little warning. She lead me by the hand inside and into the living room where her mother was seated on the sofa watching the television. She looked like something out any TV sitcom from the sixties or seventies. She was perhaps in her mid fifties with tousled blond hair which was liberally treaded with gre... Continue»
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Southampton St Marys st

Having just read the story about Southampton Common I thought I would tell you about my first bi experience which also occurred in Southampton in St Marys st. Back in the 80's I was a policeman walking the streets in the city centre with a pregnant wife. On nights one morning in Northam rd I saw a suspicious figure looking in the antique shop windows. It was dressed in female clothes but appeared to be playing with its groin area. As I crept closer it saw me and turned to run but tripped on the high heels it was wearing and fell to the ground displaying a massive hard cock about 9-10" long and... Continue»
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Naked Weekend

I lived several years in a large Midwestern City. While some people think of the Midwest as Bible belt backwards and dry, I found it anything but. In fact I probably had more sexual adventures and escapades there than almost any other place I have lived.
For a single guy in his early thirties, getting into the Swinging scene isn’t easy. Single men are in demand (lots of couples are looking for a second dick for the wife) but getting past the “screening process” is a bit tricky. First of all you have to be clean, pleasant, non-threatening, not pushy and reasonably well hung. (Truth: women are... Continue»
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Little tease

I'd been keeping my eye on you most days of the week. I couldn't help but notice you on the bus in that short dress. I could nearly see your pussy clearly but then you'd only tease me. I decided to follow you home. As you walked in through the front door of your empty house you didn't quite close it. I had my bag full of the rope I was going to tie you with it was now or never. I creeped in through the door closing it gently behind me. You where standing there with your head phones in looking at a picture on the wall. I walked up behind you grabbing your hands and quickly tieing them behind yo... Continue»
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Big Step for Roommate's Dad

Big Step for Roommate’s Dad

Devin, my college roommate, and his f****y invited me on a weekend trip to Six Flags Over Texas. We arrived on Friday night and checked into a hotel; Don and Betty in a room; Devin, Cindy, and I each had our own rooms.

On Saturday, we arrived at Six Flags before they opened and waited in line. One of the first rides we chose was a roller coaster with a water feature. As Don came off the ride, his wet shirt clung to his tight, hairy body. I could barely take my eyes off of him! We pretty much stayed together as a group, shopping and eating and riding toget... Continue»
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Mein erster Arschfick (Boys)

Ich hatte ein schönes geiles Gefühl in mir und war ein bisschen nervös

weil ich heute meine ersten Erfahrungen mit einem Boy machen sollte.

Bevor ich an diesem Abend losging, rasierte ich erstmal meinen Fickarsch

und zog mir einen sexy Slip an.

Mein Gastgeber hatte es sich auf dem Sofa bequem gemacht.

Zwei Gläser Rotwein standen auf dem Tisch.

Aber das war mir egal, ich wollte nur mehr verführen, mich meiner Lust hing... Continue»
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Please don't embarrass me!

Here is a post on my latest experience. Sometimes things just happen and you say the right things at the right time and this is what happened.

A few months ago I was shopping for clothes in a department store and the guy in the men's wear area was an obviously gay male in his 50's with the best handlebar moustache I had ever seen. He has a bit of a belly (like me) and a nice face so we chatted a bit and I continued to shop. I thought about him from time to time without ever thinking I would meet him again. Recently I read that the store had closed down and I realised I would probably never ... Continue»
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The "Five" part 3, Mistress Detour

Teri, Equals with a Mistress?

After Rachel left from her collar ceremony, around midnight, I checked my email. Tracy had accepted my date proposal for Wednesday night. This should be interesting. I had only dated one other black lady, and nothing physical happened, other than a simple kiss.

Teri, had asked me to meet her Monday at 1 pm. She said to not expect to be home until after midnight. I moved the start to two to give me more time to recover from the weekend events.

I drove my pickup to see Teri. My jeep is very distinctive, the go to vehicle for meeting someone for the first ti... Continue»
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