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Fridat Night Pt 2 Saturday morning

I awake with a moment of disorientation. Where am I? What is that noise?
Where I am, comes back quickly as I see Sara waking up next to me. The noise is my phone in my jeans. I get to it and see the number is listed as chubby blonde.
“Um Hi. I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m the girl from the club you told to go home?”
“Yes, I remember you were the pretty blonde who was a little d***k.” I look over at Sara as I say this. She doesn’t seem bothered that I complimenting some girl who’s just rung me.
“Look I don’t do things like this but you said you wanted to pick me up. ... Continue»
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My Real First Time with 2 Milf's at Once!

I have a major attraction for older women and always have. I think they are beyond sexy and I perceive them to be goddesses :). This is especially true of a MILF friend of mine, big boobs, and the most incredible big, fat, white mommy ass :) Me and her met secretly and played together a few times alone. She was just ending her marriage and I provided much needed friendship and served as a shoulder to cry on, it was just a bonus that I have a big cock.

One day I mentioned to her, that I have always wanted to worship multiple older women at once and be their Red Bull. She mentioned she had a... Continue»
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My first time getting fucked in the ass.

I think this is the first thing i've posted on here in a very long time, so i'm going to make it a special one, a true story about the first time i got fucked in the ass, it was when i was in collage (University here in the uk): I Walked into my friends room and he was having a wank (door unlocked, tut tut), i just managed to get a look at the tip of his cock as he slid it under the covers, now I've known I'm bi for a long time at this point, had one or two cocks down my neck as experience. But I wasn't sure what my friend was into, but the pc screen of the two hot guys fucking the hell outta ... Continue»
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Lucy's Journal

Many weeks went by and my mind was never far away from that journal I saw Lucy writing in. The titles stirred my imagination and I was about to get my first look within days. Lucy was going away on a training session for work with a few of her colleagues and I knew I could take a peek while Linda was at work. I stayed over at Linda's the first night knowing that I would have the place to myself once she had left for work the next morning. I was at the kitchen table when Linda came over and gave me a kiss. "Will you still be here when I get home ?" I turned towards her as she opened the door, "... Continue»
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Signed Sealed and Delivered

He watched her ass up in the air as she bent to put the file in the bottom drawer of the desk. His dick got hard instantly. He wanted to lick that ass until she screamed and begged him not to stop.
As he thought about how it would be to eat her then fuck her hard. He got harder and harder. He could not take it any more. He needed to fuck her. She was driving him crazy.
He walked up behind her and rubbed his hard on against her tight little ass. He heard a gasp then she looked back at him. He grabbed her hips and rubbed his dick across both of her ass cheeks. Then he rubbed it up and... Continue»
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Down in the sand dunes

Before my love of dressing en’femme I had already experienced the feelings and delights that another male could give me and that I could give to another male, so you will see that the ‘experience’ was there.

Near to my home on the East coast of England was a long curving beach with dunes along it. From the WW II there were a lot of old concrete fortifications machine gun posts and the like and I used to spend hours and hours exploring them, just the mystery of them I suppose. Sometimes I’d have to work for ages digging away the sand and grasses that had partially blocked the entrance of so... Continue»
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Neck Fetish (How it all started)

You have a neck fetish if you

Love watching a woman launch her head back in pleasure, and without even stroking your dick, you feel a horny sensation rise and gently soothe your body. Square jaw lines are definently my favorite, but I love the occasional soft supple long tender necks that black women have. I noticed that caucasion/ white women do tend to throw their heads back ALOT more then any other race, so if you have a neckfetish, you'd typically enjoy Caucasian women more. There are some rare instances of other races launching their heads back though don't get me wrong as proven in my... Continue»
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Mother/Step-Daughter At Swingers Party

My wife Carol and I have been members of a swinger club for the past several years, now we thought we would make it a “f****y” membership by inviting my step-daughter Angie to join the group. In the group new members were welcomed by invitation only and had to be screened by at least three members. Most of those accepted were usually were classy people with a lot of money. The group had about fifteen couples, three older men and a few single women, some of the women were bi-sexual. The group was very discrete and new couples were allowed to “collar their wives” until she got ready to fuck oth... Continue»
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Anonymous Encounter at the buffet

Anonymous encounter at the buffet

Kris had gotten hungry while he was out, and being a little indecisive about food, he decided the best thing to do would be to hit the buffet and just have a bit of what he liked the look of, and make life easier for himself. He didn’t really like going to the buffet alone. It made him feel alone, especially as whenever he went on his own, he seemed to be the only person there without company of one sort or another. But, as he needed to eat, he always pushed this to the side and just got on with it.

He walked through the door to the buffet rest... Continue»
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Little Pig Pt. 3

It was pretty cold outside, Lil Pig decided to stay inside. With new photos just sent to me, it was time to use it to his advantage. Armed with the newest pics in hand it was time to visit Mr. Arm. When Lil Pig walked up to the door Mr. Arm was servicing two average sized guys. One in front and the other behind. Lil Pig said sorry for just walking in & turned to leave. Before he could leave everyone said come in, and put the curtain back up. So Lil Pig went in and said he wanted to show Mr. Arm some new pics. But that he would wait. Mr. Arm went back to servicing the two while Lil Pig... Continue»
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Little Pig Pt. 5

Remember when I was telling you about the trannies with tits? Well we just had one on our unit and boy was it drama. He got everyone riled up. On top of that he kept snitching on everyone and everything. I stayed away from him for the most part because I didn't want any drama. It was almost like he felt everyone either wanted him or were competing with him. I say "for the most part" because every now and then he'd find a way to shower when I was in there. Which pissed me off because that's when Lil Piggy gets to view his options. Anyway he ended up crossing out the tall guy I was tell... Continue»
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Little Pig Pt. 6

Lil Pig is still being a Lil Pig. Recently Lil Pig had a one on one that brought back memories of when he was young. the guy he was with was a big bear type. All he wanted to do was lay down & cuddle with Lil Pigs ass against his cock. What happened next reminded Lil Pig of a time he stayed the night at his friends and his friends Dad did the sex act same thing. Mr. Bear rubbed his cock up and down Lil Pigs crack several times. Thinking Mr. Bear was going to stick it in Lil Piggy's ass, Lil Piggy scooted back some more. Only Mr. Bear started jacking off till he came on Lil Piggy's butt... Continue»
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Losing my virginity

This is a true story. I am writing it more for introspection that for you to get off...

At the time I was a 17 yr old young man... I was so shy I was afraid to even talk to a girl my age... I didn't date, had few friends outside of school sports. I was a competitive Diver and Gymnast. Looking back I know I missed out on a ton of experience and kick myself in the ass for not being more assertive then. I was 17, 6 feet tall with the muscles of a k** who did rings and highbar and the frame of someone that would do a reverse 3 1/2 from a 10 meter high board.. I didn't understand how good-look... Continue»
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Little Pig Pt. 2

This time of year seasonal cheer was in full swing, you also have those who aren't so happy. Case in point, the two white guys everyone refers to as Grumpy #1 and Grumpy #2. Both guys are in there 50's. They spend most of their time playing cribbage. Well with everyone, for the most part, going outside for yard time, Lil' Pig decided he was going to shower. When he got there Grumpy #1 was showering, with soap in Grumpy's face & his eyes closed it was the perfect time to take a peek. A peek that revealed a nice looking piece of meat. It was clean shaven with no hair.

Once in the sh... Continue»
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Sydney Brooks first butt fuck

Sydney came to me before her wedding day talking to me about anal sex. Sydney's ass is so fat! ever time I see her in those tight jeans my dick gets rock hard. when she bend over i can see the crack of her ass and her ass is cover with stretch marks. Sydney and I could talk about anything, so i ask Sydney before she gets married could I fuck her in her butt. she looked at me and said, I don't know I've never been fuck in my ass before not even by my boyfriend. and I've never have seen your dick. I said, Ok Sydney i'll show u now. I unzip my pants and i pull my 10 inch dick out. Sydney's eyes g... Continue»
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In the Dark

You wait next to the front door having just received a text saying that I am outside. You stand listening to the clock ticking straining to hear my foot steps. The world is dark to you behind your blindfold you feel so prone, your senses heightened by the loss of sight. Though only seconds have ticked by it feels like an ice age. Then your heart skips a beat as you hear the sound of someone opening your front door. You can’t help but blush as you imagine what you must look like. Stood there in your bra and panties and nothing else but a smile and high heels, blindfold around your eyes. Just as... Continue»
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A risky maneuver...

Yesterday I came to a realization...actually it was about three this morning. I was coming home and saw a young guy relieving himself against a dumpster. I stopped and walked back to where the young guy was, yeah he was still there so d***k he could barely stand by his self, his penis was still hanging out and rock hard.

I asked ' alright man...' he looked in my direction, but not at me and muttered '...suck my dick...' I looked around and quickly jerked him behind the dumpster and dropped to my knees and started to suck his dick. He moan slightly and cupped my head in his hands... Continue»
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How I got into YOUNG DUDES (21 - 29) at age 39...

After complaining to my BFF (a dude) about the men I was dating, he ask me to let him post me on few social sites, and I agreed. I’m thinking like, mocospace or blkplanet, (which he did use them too), but he also put me on xhampster, xvideos and a few others adult site. At that time, I didn’t have a computer so I really didn’t know anything about these sites.

We lived together for a few years, so he knows everything about me. We made videos and he took all types of pics of me, nude and dressed up. On the sites he posted a few pic and some of my likes, and dislike (nothing explicit). I was ... Continue»
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Nudist beach..

it was a holiday in Jamaica and it was our 1st trip there. we were loving the sun and the fullboard plus the waiters paying us loads of attention. the wife Dawn is a big girl and her tits are nice and big so the waiters were having fun looking at them whilst she sat there in her bikini top. it was out 3rd day and 1 of the waiters said why don't you try the beach down the track behind the hotel its a quiet beach and it mainly for our holiday goers and staff.

so the next day we decided to give it a go, as we walked down the path we could see that a few people were naked and then we seen the s... Continue»
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I Bet You'll Like It 3 by loyalsock

"Ooooh Greg, yes! Suck my titties, bite my nipples! Aahh harder, bite them hard like that! Uuhh god yes, finger my ass deeper, baby! Harder, faster, oooh yeeees!"

Her huskier and louder yelps as she slammed herself f***efully down on my pole, the shivers running through her slender frame and the broken urgency in her voice let me know just how close Judy was to her orgasm. Giving a long nibbling kiss on a puffy areola, I spread her round meaty asscheeks further apart and pressed a third finger at the entrance of her pliant sphincter. Judy trembled all over and gasped as her little rosebud ... Continue»
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