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The Couple; Part 3

Jake got up, allowing me to breathe freely for the first time since he had started fucking my skull. He walked off. I was whipped out. I had cum very hard, been deprived oxygen, and my inner thighs were bright red. I didn't notice where he went, nor resisted when he grabbed my ankles and pulled me fully onto the bed. Tammy wasn't done with me, she crawled over my head and firmly sat on my face. "Eat me out, slut! I'm going to cum all over your face". I obeyed as she ground her pussy back and forth across my mouth. Squeezing my head with her thighs. She then grabbed my balls in her hand, and ... Continue»
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The Day I Met Paris

It all begin my senior year of high school. I was getting ready to graduate early, so I can head to the University of Michigan, a semester early. One day in English, the English teacher assigned us our seats. So, he made me sit in the back, since I was 6'7. So, during the first 15 minutes of class, a very,very pretty, busy mulatto girl walked in. The instructor sent her to the back to sit next to me since she was 6 feet tall. She sat next to me, and said:"Hi, my name is Paris, what's yours?" I said: "Hi, Paris my name is Dave." I introduced my self to her, without staring at what can be DDD c... Continue»
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Granny Rents A Hotel Room

This is a continuation of my relationship with my 66 year old lover Dawn; we had just spent the night having dinner at a posh resort. To my surprise Dawn had rented a room and I had just finished our usual half hour love making session and I knew she must have been exhausted. I had only cum once and my 43 year old body was not done for the evening. I knew granny would be getting a second load of my sperm before the night was over.

Dawn was lying on her stomach with her head buried in a pillow. I looked at my lovely thin beauty and glanced at her tight small ass, I decided right then and t... Continue»
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The couple

Tammy was cute. Slim, short, with cropped brunet hair. Her ass was the thing I couldn't get out of my mind. But she wasn't into ass sex. No, that was where I came in, I wasn't really here for Tammy. I was really here for Jake. He was dark, hairy, and just 25. I'd seen his cock in photos, average length, with a pleasing curve to it. To be honest, I couldn't wait to get it down my throat! He had an insane desire to fuck ass, although he had not been able to fulfill his desire. Tammy wouldn't try that, although she was addicted to cum. Couldn't get enough jizz to eat. They had experimented... Continue»
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The Couple; Part 2

Tammy lay on the bed, fingers playing with her pussy, watching as Jake pounded my ass. His hands on my hips, pulling me into him, his cock deep in my ass. He surprised me, and excited me, when he pulled my hair, pulling my head back, and said "are you our little fuck toy slut?" "yes" I moaned.
He put his other hand on my throat, squeezing slightly. "I liked fucking your throat, slut! You will do that again! You want it, don't you?" His thrusts growing more violent as he spoke. "Yes, I do" I managed to squeak out. Tammy watched as my cock swung under me, Jake's f***eful thrusts causing it to... Continue»
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Interracial teenage gangbang

My names Sara and this is the story of how i had my first gangbang experience wit three white guys and one black guy. I was a freshman in high school. There was this one senior his name as mike, he always used to flirt with me, my best friend Carrie who was 16 was dating his younger b*****r Chris so we all spent a lot of time over his house, his parents were never home so we always drank and partied over there. Mike and his friends always brought beer for the parties, it was mainly mikes friends who were all juniors and seniors.

One night Mike was having a birthday party there and we were ... Continue»
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Harry loved sex and could not get enough. He had a huge cock that was always hard and ready for a wet pussy. He also loved tits and pussy as much as he loved fucking. Then he met Sara a homeless girl. She was beautiful and sexy and had a great body. She had big full tits and a sexy bubble ass. The best thing about Sara was she loved being with Harry and let him fuck her as much as he wanted.

She was sitting in the den and Harry walked in and sat in his chair and told her to strip naked. As she took her clothes off he watched her sexy body come into view. He told her to turn so he could see... Continue»
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Back home trip on a taxi

Back home trip on a taxi

We had attended that boring party, but it was really necessary for Victor. The company head was already gathered there and it was fine for a sure promotion on my loving hubby career.
I had chosen a black chiffon dress, a very sexy one. My back was bare and my legs well shaped by some five inches stilettos. I was sure I might have caused several swollen in the party that night.

Everything was going really boring, until I started feeling tired and exhausted from the days work. I asked Victor to leave. But he said he was not ain a good mood for a safe driving; too ... Continue»
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Reitstunde: Mutter reitet Freund der Tochter ein

In Anlehnung an eine wahre Geschichte:

Lena war 17, ich war gerde volljährig geworden. Ich würde mich als Spätzünder bezeichnen, hatte mit meinen ebenfalls 18 Jahren zwar schon ein paar Freundinnen, doch viel lief nicht. Mit Lena auch nicht. Sie war sehr selbstbewusst, die beste in unserer Klasse auf dem Gymnasium, nicht der Typ Mädchen, in das sich alle auf Anhieb verlieben, eher eine, die sich einsetzte für die anderen und die daher viele Freunde hatte. Sie trug weite Pullover, seit sich ihre Brüste dazu entschieden hatten, größer und größer zu werden. Sie hatte Ponys auf dem Hof ihrer El... Continue»
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A Father’s Dilemma!

My name is Rick and this is the story of helping my daughter to discover who she really is.
First a little background, my wife left me around eight years ago. This was just before my daughter, Rachel celebrated her ninth birthday. It was a painful experience for me as I was under the impression that our relationship was good. Unknown to me was the fact that my wife was actually very much a lesbian and had been since she was in high school. Please understand I am not opposed to women being lesbians. I believe that each person shou... Continue»
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Ode Anal

Ho asperso il budello con acqua di rose,
accorta è stata la mia dieta,
mi sono astenuta dal cibo piccante
che infiamma, e pure dall'afrodisiaco,
che eccita la pelle.

Questa notte ho dormito beata,
e ho trattenuto il tremore dell’emozione,
la speranza e il desiderio...
E la sera, lievi unguenti ho dedicato
allo sfintere per renderlo cedevole,
appetitoso e morbido.

Non è stato facile trattenere le dita:
sciogliendo le creme, trasmettevano calore...
e dopo il calore, la voluttà.
Il piacere di soffrire l’attesa, è stato più forte!
Devo farcela e devo aspettare:
aspettare e ... Continue»
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Valentine's Day Surprise

I had taken a part time cleaner job on Saturdays just for a little bit of income while I searched for another job in he mean time, and the job itself was pretty easy, I just had to clean up a woman's house for a few hours. Her name was Susan Bates, she must have been about mid 50's and she was quite slim and had a good well tucked body. Medium length brown hair, glasses, and had a good dress sense, which suited her age. Honestly she could have probably done it herself, she lived cleanly and she was an active woman, I guess she just wanted to help out someone with a little bit of income, as wel... Continue»
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A recent date.

Normally I don't use Craigslist because of the fakes, flakes and phonies but this guys add caught my eye and his pics did as well. I wrote him and we set a date for the following evening at 8:00pm sharp. I gave him the directions to my apartment and told him that I would be expecting him. I added a pic of the outfit that I would be wearing as a tease and to fuel his imagination. The next afternoon I started to prepare for the evening's activities. I shaved my face smooth to remove any stubble and then drew a hot bath with lightly scented oils. I shaved my legs smooth, paying extra attent... Continue»
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Mature Asian

An Asian f****y moved into our cul de sac and had been living there around a couple of months, they were Ok, practising Muslims but only on certain days otherwise they dressed in Western clothes and were the same as the rest of the families in the road. This particular Sunday they were having a party some of their relations were here from other parts of the Country.

The road was chock a block with cars and after been out I had to leave mine a distance away from my drive. After a few hours a space became available so I moved the car and got closer to the house. This Asian guy stormed up to m... Continue»
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Fiery Heat ch 4

Fiery Heat Ch 04


Damon laid Tristan on his bed and proceeded to strip him naked.

“Damon, the light.” Tristan said shyly. After all he was stark naked whilst Damon

remained fully clothed.

Damon didn’t answer him. He stretched out on top of Tristan and captured his lips in a

fierce kiss, a kiss that rocked his soul. Damon’s tongue pushed past his lips, pumping

into his mouth with slow, deliberate strokes, teasing him, making him groan in hungry

need as his cock became rock hard. Tristan wound his arms came around Damon’s

neck and kissed him back for a... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch 3


As I left the booth I was in heat. But first I needed to pay a visit to the rest room and finish my browsing, so I replaced myself wet and adjusted my clothes. I thanked him again and he thanked me and then complimented me on being hot. He closed the door and locked it behind me.
I turned right and followed the maze of booths to the restroom. I went inside and locked the door, remembering that night years ago when I had been all but f***ed to suck off a really big nasty guy who “made me.” It wasn’t cool at the time but it was a source of stimulation and fantasy ever since. On ... Continue»
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Miss Wet Dream Santa gangbanged

Miss Wet Dream Santa looked in the mirror and sighed deeply, her big tits heaved under her outfit. Here she was, the red-and-white top was cut so low that you could see most of her massive jugs, her slender but muscular arm were d****d in fingerless white gloves that stuck to her arms like glue and reached the elbow, her long athletic legs were d****d in red-and-white striped stockings that went all the way up to her tight little bum, in the reflection she could see her shaven wet pussy through the crotchless panties she wore. She absentmindedly stroked her melons, enjoying cupping them and fe... Continue»
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Retirement Home Visit

Every other month I meet a man on West Congress Street for a drink. He buys me lunch and then some drinks. The son bought me three shooters and minutes before we left I drank them all down real fast. Done. I follow him in my car to a retirement home three miles away to visit with his dad. The father is in his 70's and lives in a three room suite. The son takes me to his dad and then I go into the bathroom and wash up then change. Once I'm done I come out and put my regular clothes in an overnight bag then the son leaves.

I do this because over the past year i now like his dad and he enjoys ... Continue»
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Rachel Fucking to make a sale

Rachel Fucking to make a sale

Lauren, the intern that I’m training and I are in the great city of Los Angeles, meeting with a possible customer to make the biggest sale in our company’s history.

“Hello! I’m John Cooper, Vice President of ‘3-D creations’. I’m so sorry for making you wait.” He said walking into the conference room five minutes late for our meeting.

“Hello, I’m Rachel, and this is my intern, Lauren. Thank you for meeting with us. We have the product for you,” I said as Lauren and I stood up and shook his hand. “When we spoke on the phone last week you said that you ha... Continue»
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Een hels ritje......

***Een hels ritje....***

De 18-jarige Tony staat te liften bij de afrit van een truckstop langs een drukke verkeersweg, ergens in Frankrijk. Telkens als een truck de baan weer opgaat steekt hij zijn duim op. Reeds bij de vijfde truck krijgt hij 'n lift naar het zuiden. Tot hier is hij met de trein gereist. Om geld te sparen is hij uitgestapt om de rest van het traject te liften. Hij mag voor de eerste keer alleen op vakantie en zijn ouders stonden er op dat hij op een veilige manier zou reizen. Met de trein dus naar Spanje. Maar Tony had z'n plan al kl... Continue»
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