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Rest Stop

I was on a cross country trip back in 98. I lived in the Northeast and i thought that sense i was going to Los Angelas that going south and hitting 40 all across the USA. New england is where i am from so 95 was the easy way to 40 so i was on my way .Well construction got me all confused in New York and i ended up going through Pennsylvainia . I then was on 79 which went down through that state and into West Virginia On this trip i was going to see if i could save money and just sl**p in my car. The first night was the West Virginia welcome center. Not a real big welcome center but well lit i ... Continue»
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The one thing Fred liked was young girls and the taste of young pussy. He was fifty two and had no trouble finding all the the young girls he needed to satisfy his hunger. Today he was driving down the road and a hot young gall was hitch hiking. She had nice big tits in a tight short and she was sexy and pretty. He pulled over and she hopped in his truck. They drove a few miles and she said that she had just turned eighteen and was running away from home and then he put his hand on her leg and rubbed it and then he rubbed closer to her pussy. She did not seem to mind and he then told her "Why... Continue»
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Hotel break

I decide to take you away at the end of term as you've been working really hard and getting a bit stressed, which has caused a drop our kinky fun in the sex department. We spend the 2 hour journey through the countryside re-connecting, laughing, teasing verbally and chatting. After a while we're beginning to feel more intimate, as we've taken the train and it's not exactly private we start to swap quite a few sexy text messages of what we might get up to, whether the room will have a four poster bed for me to tie you to or a fire to light our erotic nights, time flys by and we're soon at our s... Continue»
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First Gay Sexual Experience at 18

My first homosexual activity begins with a detailed introduction which in my opinion makes the story.

Okay, so, you can notice through my videos and photos that I have a feminine body especially from the waist down.
I never grew or will grow hair on my legs. Many times I've been asked if I shave my legs.

Also, ever since I can remember I've always been targeted/flirted with, by friend's dads/alpha males and I enjoyed it.

Everyone had their eyes on me, and by everyone-I mean dad's, friend's older siblings, teachers, life guards.

(Especially pool parties, but ... Continue»
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monday night 2

Paul and Kate continued watching us
Sally said I have to go soon , mum is picking me up
Kate said OK , get dressed
Sally picked up her clothes and stood by the bed getting dressed
I stood up
Where are you going Kate asked
Nowhere I replied
Good suck Paul's cock
Paul laughed as I got back on my knees , I took his limp cock and put it between my lips , slowly
licking the head
Kate moved over to sally , who was in her bra and knickers , are you OK,
Sally laughed yes of course
Kate's mouth moved to Sally's , they began kissising Kate's hand pushed inside Sally's knickers her finger m... Continue»
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Female Friend Tricked Me and I Fell For It

Well I had known this girl for a very long time, we had dated very early on in our teens and then lost touch but we ended up meeting up again about 6/5 years ago and we hit it off well again on the first meet by having sex.

This story is when we just decided to be friends after a few sex meets and she told me that she had found herself a boyfriend and she knew I was bisexual so she was telling me that he had the biggest cock she'd ever had. I didn't quite believe her and she kept going on about it so she ended up one evening sending a pic of it and it must have been just over 7" and thick, ... Continue»
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Dedicated To Milf Jess - part 2

I moved forward my cock hard as iron and inched my helmet towards her searching tongue. I could see it was wet and slick with a little bead of spit hanging from the end and as it moved sexily in front of me I leant forward just a little more. Her tongue finally brushed the tip of my cock and electric tingles shot through me and Jess moaned. I moved closer again and her long wet tongue started licking slowly up and down the length of my engorged prick. "Ooooh I love sucking cock" she whispered "Fuck this cock sucking sluts mouth hard, go on slide your cock down my throat, I want to drink the sp... Continue»
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First Time With New Craigslist Guy

I'd been talking to this guy for a few months off and on, but we could never seem to hook up. I finally figured out, he just had cold feet, so I pretty much gave up. I'd tried to get him to meet me at my work before hours, but it never seemed to happen.

Then one morning, I see a strange car pull up about 30 minutes before I open, to my surprise, out gets this same guy from craigslist. So we exchange greetings and quickly head inside. He was bigger than me, his belly hid his penis a bit and I could tell in the pics that he was making his dick look bigger than it really was, but I didn't rea... Continue»
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Convenience Store

I’d called at a convenience shop on the way home for some cigarettes and the lad who served me looked really fed up, as I was the only one in the shop we had a conversation. It turned out that Richard was 20 and working in his parents shop, bored to death of his life, only had a couple of friends that he went to school with and was lonely.

As we talked he said “Thanks for talking to me I’m so bored” I replied “It’s Ok”, after he’d served someone else in the shop he turned to me and said “I finish here in ten minutes if you’re not doing anything today” and I replied “Ok I’ll be sat out in th... Continue»
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The Life Class

It wasn’t something I’d ever consider doing, but I was in need of some extra cash as I’d not been asked to do any porn shoots for a while. So when a friend told me that a local art group were looking for models for their life drawing class I decided I’d get in touch to see if they’d have me.

I went along to see the teacher, a middle-aged guy who was Professor of Fine Art at the local college and ran evening classes for amateur artists. I arrived dressed casual, jeans and a tee shirt, my long hair tied back, little make-up, pretty androgynous, but my growing boobies were fairly obvious under... Continue»
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She's Legal, so Why Not

She's Legal, so Why Not

By billy69boy

My wife died of cancer when she was young and in her forties. We never had any offspring, so I was pretty much alone. We lived in a small town, and a few of the neighbor ladies took to stopping by, bringing casseroles and generally caring for me. My next door neighbor, in particular, took a fancy to me. Beatrice was divorced and lived alone with her daughter Jessie who was quite the wild one growing up. She did all the things that parents dreaded, including dropping out of high school, drinking and d**gs, disrespecting authority and eventually ... Continue»
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Hotel sex - with an auidience

A couple of days ago, I was contacted by this european guy who had read that I like to meet up with strangers in their hotel room. He had been visiting the city for about a week with his American boyfriend, both aged around 40. With only one night left before their flight home, they where both eager to try a danish boy like me. They asked if I would mind being blindfolded, or if I only wanted to do it without being blinded. Since I've tried being blinded while used by a stranger at a hotel before, I accepted to try it again with these guys.

So, I went to their hotel, knocked on the door, tu... Continue»
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Moving in with Jim and Candy - Part 4

"The Pool Guy and the Plumper" - Fiction

Later in the summer, I had to work an overnight shift at the store. It was pretty dead other than the guys and couples that came in to play at the glory hole. When I got home, Jim and Candy were getting ready to go to work at their respective jobs. Jim smiled at me, "You look a little beat. Just so you know, the pool guy will be coming by this morning or this afternoon. He already has a key to the gate, so you won't have to get up to let him in. Just wanted to give you a heads up."

I yawned and stretched, "Thanks, Jim. Both of you have a good day... Continue»
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More than an Office bonus

Soooo, I started a new job a while ago and moved to a much smaller business. Before I'd work in extremely corporate environments where everyone was in business attire and there was a very serious atmosphere in the office. My roles have always been financial and quite straight laced. It's a go go go environment.

The new place however is very different pace of life. I still have a lot of responsibility and I'm semi senior, but we have some pretty high flyers because everyone is generally qualified in whatever field they are in. no one just has a diploma or standard qualifications, almost eve... Continue»
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Moving in with Jim and Candy - Part 2

"A taste of Candy" - Fiction

Jimmy smiled at Candy and said, "I think you should show him your secret, Candy."

Candy smiled wickedly, "I think you're right."

With that, she hooked her thumbs into the edge of her bikini bottoms and slid them down. She the reached between her legs and rubbed from her ass all the way forward, and her surprise flipped out. She had a cock! Candy was a hot, busty TGirl! She was definitely getting hard looking at us. Her cock was slightly shorter than mine, but was thicker at the base and had a tapered tip. Now the reason for them not getting married was a... Continue»
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Moving in with Jim and Candy - Part 3

Learning how to take anal play - Fiction

So the next couple of weeks with Jim and Candy revolved around us having various types of sex. Sometimes all three of us, sometimes just two of us. Sometimes two of us having sex while the third masturbated, sometimes all of us masturbating and watching each other. It was fun and hot. The one thing we hadn't done was me taking a cock in my ass, whether it was Jim or Candy. I guess the part of me that was scared was stronger than the part of me that was curious.

One day while I was working in the store, I had an older gentleman ask me for some "Pop... Continue»
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“Can I get some of that lube?”

Caroline and I shared a few college classes at night, and enjoyed each other’s company, but our schedules never seemed to sync up. I had a conventional 9 to 5 job, so I had my evenings and weekends free, while she was a waitress who worked evenings (when she wasn’t attending classes) and weekends (when her daughter wasn’t home from college.) We hooked up a few times on the odd occasions when our schedules would allow, but one or the other of us usually had commitments elsewhere.

I hadn’t heard from her in a few months, when out of the blue I got a call from her in a local hospital. I rushed... Continue»
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Boss man kiss

I had just graduated from college and got a job with a large company. My first assignment was with a small factory in eastern NC. It was my job to help increase production.
I was introduced to a young married man named Craig. He was a manger but I was under the main ofice and not to anyone at the factory. It was odd but worked out just fine.
I was not dating anyone special. I had a girlfriend in college but we went our separate ways.
Craig's wife was going to visit her parents. Craig asked me to go fishing with him. His dad had a small cabin on the lake. The only problem it only had one bed... Continue»
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Trying a Moroccan dick

Trying a Moroccan dick

It had been a busy day at the office.
Helena was absent, because she had had to take care of her mother, who was staying at the hospital for a few days…

However, my slutty friend called me in the afternoon, when I was driving home and asked me if I was in the mood to go out with her that night. Of course I was…

It was Friday and Victor was at home, but I knew he wanted to stay there and it would be nice for him to be alone for a while. I called him to tell my plan and he agreed…

After dinner I straddled my loving husband on the sofa and begged him to fuck me... Continue»
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Slut for fun: Part one

Slut for fun: Part one

I was gently awakened from my deep slumber as James’ lips softly brushed my cheeks. Turning my face to his, with my eyes adjusting to the daylight. He smiled kindly and whispered.
“Breakfast is served. I’ll see you at seven tonight and stick to the rules!”
He turned on his heels and strolled out of the bedroom, down the stairs and out the front door on his way to work.
Stick to the rules! What did he mean by that? I raised my naked body up the bed, adjusting the pillows and leant over to get the cup of steaming hot coffee and warm croissant he had placed on a tray ... Continue»
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