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My First Time

When I was 14 I decided to try to get onto my junior high school's cycling team, so I had been doing longer and longer cycles. One day I decided to cycle into the Halifax, but miscalculated the time it would take to get there, so I arrived after dark.

I always kinda new that Citadel Hill was a cruisy place for gay men, but never had the opportunity to to check it out myself. I knew for sometime that I was interested in men--when I trained at the Y I was always attracted to the older men's members: sneaking glances when I could. I'd masturbate alone at night thinking about the cocks I saw in... Continue»
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Whos the Boss

It always amazes me….the power of words, and the visual effects of a large cock can have on a sissy. Especially the power of a sexy curvy dominant woman has over a small penis submissive male. A woman with curves knows a small penis man can't satisfy her so, really he is just a toy for her to play with, an after thought if any.

Any variation of the above will strike a startling reaction mentally and physically in a male who is about to receive an old-fashioned shaming from a dominant female and her bull. when she fucked the first guy in our bedroom she kept looking in the mirror and later t... Continue»
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My hot gym work out

I recently turned 42 and my husband has wanted me to get back in the gym. Previously I had a personal trainer in the neighborhood but she didn't push me, and I wasn't getting anything out of the sessions to see results, so I stopped working out last summer.

A month ago I looked at joining a gym; my girlfriends wanted me to go join Women's Work Out Express close by but it's not for me so I checked out a new cross-fit gym. I immediately liked the cross-fit gym because there weren't too many members, the class sizes were small and they are serious about seeing results. I knew I would get... Continue»
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Bitch Boi for Blkjack0718

I admit I am a Bitch Boi to all black men. I was taught to submit by a black man named James years ago and once you do you accept it as the way its and it becomes a part of you. Once a niggers bitch always a niggers bitch.

Along came blkjack0718 who I met here. He's married but wanting what I was offering, a white boi bitch to use. I could not deny him because I know my place.

He got a room in a cheap motel in the hood near where he lives.I was given the room number and told to be wearing only panties when I got there.

I could see was definetly out of place as I pulled into the parkin... Continue»
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Owned Couple Part 2: How the couple became owned.

As I knelt sucking my owner's cock, I could hear my wife noisily rimming out his asshole a few inches away. He liked it to be noisy when he had his ass eaten. Liked to hear a lot of slurping. She was trained well and was going at it like a champ.

Our master had stopped over our house un-announced earlier that morning wanting "a little sport," with his slaves. Fifteen minutes later, my wife and I, both, collared, naked and plugged, were on our knees attending to our present task of oral entertainment.

We had played this game before. Periodically, master would snap his fingers, whic... Continue»
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Letters to my mistress...

Sadly i dont have a mistress or master anymore.. i like feeding so if you like what you read.. meassage me or comment.

may it will be a silicone fist, or may a champainbottle that i will ride until you come home. May i will blow up a pump-plug so big i cant hold still cause of the lil pain it creates.
my pussy will be, by the time you come home, pumped up and swollen, big, shiny and wet.. and you just can shove your hand in my asscunt to lead me somewhere. i will crawl, my boobs already touching the ground and my belly jiggling around while i crawl.

i need to sit down on a chair wich ha... Continue»
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Wife's horny boss (2)

After our first fuck, Kathryn and I sat at her kitchen table sipping coffee. We had both pulled our clothes back to a respectable state and sat face to face, both of us feeling slightly guilty because of what had happened but both knowing it wasn't going to stop there.
Kathryn finally broke the silence, "So was fucking me as good as you hoped?"
I smiled back and simply said "It was wonderful."
"And you want more?"
"If you are offering."
"Oh most definitely, I think you and I came can to some arrangement that keeps us both happy without your darling wife finding out, don't you?"
I felt a ... Continue»
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"A Soldier's Boy".

A re-posting of a good old British classic.

A Soldier's Boy.

by pete (

A young boy's first sexual experience encourages him to
find his real sexuality.

(Mb, 1st-gay-expr, oral, mast)


With acknowledgements to ‘RafSarge’

Chapter 1

I let out a stifled moan and took a man's cock into my
wet mouth, in one single graceful movement of pure
lust, for the first time in my life. I didn't even gag!
I must have been born a natural cock-sucker, I thought
wildly to myself, as my lips cl... Continue»
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Making Julia fuck her boss The first time I brought it up, Julia was set against the idea of fucking her boss. Her biggest argument was that by doing it, it could make things
incredibly awkward for her at work. But he was much older than him, and she wasn’t attracted to him at all. I dropped the idea for a few weeks,
but decided to ask her again. Persistence paid off. I guess she could see what this was something I really wanted, so she reluctantly agreed.
We decided to do it after her next staff party. She’d have a few drinks, get him to drive her home, and then invite him in. When they go... Continue»
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It was about 8pm one night and my partner had knocked off work. I was horny driving home and she was pretty keen to have my cock inside her also. We drove past a park which had a public toilet in it and a car park well away from the road. I suggested that we have some fun in the park, she was all for the change in scenery while we had sex.
We parked the car and started to get it on, she said that it was a little cramped and would be more fun if we had more room. We locked the car doors and went into the darkened toilet. Once in the toilet we started kissing, I pulled her top off and exposed h... Continue»
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lonely night with monster dildo

cumcraverbottom's Blog 

 Lonely night at home with a 2 foot dildo

It all started one night, my wife was working the seasonal 2nd job and she had been too tired as of late to service my cock when I needed to cum. I had dropped her off to her 2nd job and thought about stopping by the local adult store to look for a good porn movie to watch. I arrived at the store and looked over many good titles, finally settling on one with men cumming from monster dildoes shoved up their asses. Looking at the stretched asses on the box made me slightly hard. I moved on to the toy department and looked fo... Continue»
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The Farmers Daughter-In-Law , the Hay Barn, Oral,

I have been in the UK for a few weeks staying in my big caravan on a nice secluded Caravan Park on a remote Leicestershire farm.

Days have been nice a quiet yet one sexy young lady had caught my eye the Farmers daughter in law. She is about 24 five foot 6 size 10 with long blonde hair peachy arse pert tits (a nice handful) and finished of with a pretty smile and oh so sweet spectacles.

Over the weeks she has been seen around the farm always polite and a little flirtatious, and I have taken to her in a special way.

However things changed drastically this morning. I was up at the egg... Continue»
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Owned Couple:Part 1


I heard my phone buzz on the nightstand indicating an incoming text. I looked at the clock. It was 5:30 a.m. My wife was still sl**ping above me in her bed. As usual, I lay on the floor on my simple pallet. I knew who the text was from. Nobody but our owner would text before six in the morning. The only question was who did he want, me or her?

Sighing I reached over and grabbed the phone. The green text box glowed in the darkness. “Cumball for her. I leave at 7”

So there it was.

I rose quietly, but my wife stirred when my leash clinked slightly as I unhitched myself ... Continue»
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A wonderful monster had been unleashed inside of me. I became very observant of the bulges in the pants of some of my teachers and made me squueeze my legs together under my desk. Shannon and I had only a couple classes together and little time to talk. She too was visibly altered by the experience of that lovely night in the back seat of daddy's car.
One afternoon we were walking home when she confessed to having a crush on our gym teacher Ms Cox. She was a short woman in her late thirties, perhaps early forties, with powerful looking arms and legs and walked with a decidedly mannish swagg... Continue»
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The Voyeur Fuck

It was a Sunday night sometime around eight thirty and it was dark and already as myself and my fuck buddy Carol walked down a long alleyway between a row of houses on our way back from the garage where we had got some smokes.
As we walked along I noticed a woman in a window with the light on, so I pointed it out to Carol and we slowed down to get a better look.
The alleyway goes between two rows of back yard and then curves around to the front, there was a chain low fence that we were able to climb over so we were closer.
The owners of the house had built a small room on to the back of ... Continue»
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Honey poses for the Camera Club.

A fantasy of mine is to be the model for a Camera Club of older men. I would love to be the centre of attention as their point their stills and video cameras in my direction. I would first pose for some fully clothed pics and video - see through blouse, tiny mini skirt, stockings & suspenders and high slutty heels, lots of tarty make-up and trashy jewellery. Giving a flash of seamed stocking top, bending over and wiggling my arse, putting my finger in my mouth as I pull up my skirt to reveal tart red and black lacey panties bulging with my stiffening tranny dick. The sight of five or six older... Continue»
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My step Daughter Bday

When my wife and I went to lived in Espirito Santo (Brazil), we brought my step daughter Lillian and she grows there until eighteenth, before we
could come back to States. By the time she was twelve she could speak three languages: English; Portuguese and Spanish. My wife and I
would have to travel often for work, so we would take Lillian with us in order to be our interpreter, without foreign acents. During one trip my relationship with Lillian changed forever. We were in the Rio de Janeiro on business, just the two of us. My wife was dealing
with supplier issues back home. Lillian and I h... Continue»
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Moaning in next room by mine

That is fucking.... or sthrengtly a****l's copulation? Why...

It means that Sonia, a new plunder girl of my son, in spite of her innocent young woman face is horny and amazing womanhood.

Now I could to conclude that she is just one new sign in son's dairy collections of women fucked by him. He is young
student. My son lead her in our flat this evening, four or five hours ago. Now is 2 hour passed midnight or 2 o'clock in
early morning of new day. I couldn't sl**p, because they are contiounosly in fucking lustful and ecstasy streak. The wall
of room next by my room is tight
... Continue»
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Dixie - First Lesbian Analingus

Dixie woke up in her hotel room wondering what had happened the night before. Did she really spend the night with Yvonne the black, amazon women from the Doctor’s office. She had been dominated by Yvonne’s six foot four frame, large arms and fabulously muscular legs. Had Yvonne enjoyed her long tongue that so many other women had the pleasure of experiencing?
The night before Dixie’s tongue had explored every inch of Yvonne’s powerful pussy. She had devoured Yvonne’s athletic body and enjoyed every second of it. Her four inch tongue had worked overtime last night and her mouth was stiff fr... Continue»
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Step daughter final part

The evening carried on as though nothing had happened Patricia went off upstairs and Perry (Karen’s boyfriend) called nice pleasant young lad and they disappeared upstairs to listen to music, I decided that I would go into my office and do some paperwork and start to make plans for on how I was going to tell Sally I was going away, as I went upstairs I could hear soft moaning from Karen’s room the door was slightly open, I stood listening as the moaning was muffled I decided to take a look and there I saw Karen sucking Perry’s huge long cock and Perry with his head buried into Karen’s ass eat... Continue»
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