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Daddy tells son its OK to SWALLOW and FUCK

I was in school one day and the loud speaker in the classroom came on. The principal said that due to some bad weather, a forecast hurricane, moving into the gulf (we lived in Tampa, Florida) they were cancelling classes for the day. We were all really excited so I tried calling my dad on my cell but he didn't answer. I drove home and saw a car in the driveway that wasn't ours. I parked in the street and went in the house and noticed our burglar alarm was turned off. I could hear strange voices upstairs and I was worried that maybe someone had broken in. I quietly went upstairs and peeked d... Continue»
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I pimped her out

This is nearly a true story, parts are what actually happened and other parts are what nearly happened, you decide.
Several years ago my wifes half s****r got divorced and was left to bring up three c***dren, she kept the house but had to take on the remainder of the mortgage, it wasnt too long that she found herself in financial trouble. She and I were never close and although we lived within a mile of each other I only saw her when my wife and I would go together for a visit or if we ran into each other at the local shops. It came as a bit of a surprise when I got a text from her asking if ... Continue»
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My girlfriend got fucked by a friend

Sorry my english is not perfect. Its my first story, hopfully you enjoy it. haha

It was saturday night and my girlfriend (Mary, 25) and I were at home. We were pretty lazy because it was weekend so we just relaxed in our bed.
We were kissing and hugging a little bit and I petted her beautiful butt while she is stoked my dick.
Suddenly we heared the bell ringning..

Me „Fuck its maybe its Bob, I totally forgot we wanted to go out with him tonight.“
Mary, the good girl as she is, did go to the door and opened it. She weared only a white thong and a long shirt without a bra, whi... Continue»
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long saturday at the arcade

what you are about to read is a true and accurate accounting of a day I spent in a video arcade booth

its early Saturday afternoon, and i'm sitting here in an arcade video booth dressed only in sexy little bikini panties, training bra (for my little a cup puberecent like titties) and a white silky like full slip, I have left the door slightly ajar while I rub my little sissy clitty, which is confined in a tight fitting chasity devise, and tucked back between my legs, while watching a really hot gang bang video, hoping for some action. when I happen ... Continue»
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Mother in law fucked

I was going to yorkshire on business for a couple of days and was asked whether my mother in law could catch a lift for a school reunion she was going to in Halifax. My mother in law (Joan) has always been very good to us over the years and is always there for us if we needed anything so i was only too pleased to help her out with a lift.

On the way up the motorway she was texting and phoning old mates to arrange the night and then got a text back from the friend she was staying with to say that she was not well and was not going. I said she might as well stay at the same hotel as me and i... Continue»
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The Bus Home

~A sweet Fantasy of mines~

I'm Alexis, 24, not so ditsy blond, ice blue orbs for eyes. The works for the perfect body. A spoiled single c***d of a loveless marriage that ended up with me having to travel between my lovely states of California to Canada. Now I was spoiled, only because my dad made me that way. But that's a different story then this.No, this story is about my trip home from visiting my dad right before my big legal 18 birthday.

It was a late and tiring night for my Mother and I. We've were just leaving the bus port to home, back in the US. I sort of hated Canada in ... Continue»
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Macy's -- Customers and Coworkers Part I

In the early to mid 90's I worked for Macy's at Bayfair Mall in San Leandro, CA.. I was an "Area Manager" overseeing multiple Departments. During my three years with Macy's, I hooked-up with about ten girls, ranging in age from 18 to 48. At the time I was in my early 30's. The girls came in a variety of shapes and sizes with our encounters going from a short one week fling to staying FWB for years to come.

My first encounter came about shortly after I started. I was called upon to assist an upset lady who was in her late 40's. She was attractive…bleached blonde hair, well dressed and busty... Continue»
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Mary and John’s Fantasy comes true: First 3

We became friends on a couples website and John and I had been corresponding by internal email for a couple of months. We discussed there fantasies, which was a 3 some and possible DP. John also informed me about some of the things Susan liked, and we appeared quite compatible.

I have arranged to meet Susan and John in the bar of a local hotel where I am staying near their home in the UK. We have been corresponding for a while and they were interested in a threesome and maybe DP; they have agreed to meet for a drink and see what happens.

John tells me Susan is shy but has some fant... Continue»
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nadia877 takes a detour

"Damned Construction", Nadia thought as her GPS directed her to turn off the expressway. She already had a long day at work, as the project she left work a good four hours later than usual. The sun already set, and Nadia was looking forward to a quiet evening alone with a book and a long soak in the bathtub. She was so focused on dreaming about this evening of peace and quiet that she had obediently followed her phone's instruction to take the exit to get around the worst of the ongoing expressway construction project, even though the phone was navigating her into unfamiliar territory.

T... Continue»
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No more boundaries (A helping hand..)

Pete lay on his bed and reveled in the sexual head trip that had now become his life. The night before he had slept with Anna and it was the most utterly hottest and vile point in his life. He had given into his primal need and allowed his mother to seduce him. The sex was crazy and their time together fucking seemed to last an lifetime. The teenager just couldn't believe his luck and it was constantly on his mind that he could ask for more. More? Yes More - Anna was a freak of nature and he would only need to ask and she would willingly give herself to him in some kind of sick fantasy.

Yet... Continue»
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Wife and hot neighbor

The next day I told my wife how I had fucked christy that night ( we're very open ) she was pissed she wasn't there to watch. I never told christy i told her.The next Friday came and my wife didn't invite her s****r over . Instead she took off all day . So we laid around doing house work and playing all day. It's nothing for me to catch my wife washing her hands and come up behind her and jerk her panties down & knock a piece out . Then around lunch we had sat in the living room and smoked a bowl . I was feeling frisky again so I jumped up in front of her and plopped my dick in her face.  She ... Continue»
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Hard days work

Well then it'll start like this I'll come home from a long day of driving around and delivering things to people and it's a stinking hot day and I come home to a nice and cool air conditioned home to find you laying asl**p on the couch in a sweet summer dress with very flowing curves which makes it nice and breezy for you in the heat i see you laying there and start getting hard as one of your tits had fallen out of your dress and your nipple was erect which made me think you were having an erotic dream which made me hard, I take my shirt off slowly and gently pick you up and carry you to the ... Continue»
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Versteigerung von Sex-Partnern. 1

Das brachte sie endlich, aufzuhören.

Dadurch entspannte sie sich auch nach zehn Minuten und ich konnte meinen Schwanz wieder herausziehen. Dabei kam es ihr nochmals.

Wir lagen dann nebeneinander und ich fragte, ob es wirklich so schlimm sei. Ein Kind von ihre Sohn, den sie liebe, der sie liebe. Und das an ihrem 39 Geburtstag, ein schöneres Geschenk können man von einem liebenden Sohn doch nicht bekommen. Sie drehte sich zum mir, gab mir einen nicht mütterlichen Kuss und sagte "Du bist immer noch der alte Charmeur" Und dann "Danke für das ungewöhnliche Geschenk, denn das muss einfach kl... Continue»
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Läßt sie sich auf die "Spiele"

Da ich zur Zeit keine Geschichte fertig kriege, mal wieder eine alte. Diese ist von 2004. Ich bin nicht sicher, ob ich sie schon mal veröffentlicht hatte, aber wenn, dann im Greyarchive.

Mit der Kategorie bin ich mir nicht so sicher, es will eigentlich keine so recht passen, aber nach dem englischen „NonConsent/Reluctance" scheint mir „nicht festgelegt" am Besten.

Wer keine Beschreibungen von Sex oder moderate Gewalt mag, bitte doch woanders hingehen, das www ist schließlich groß genug.

An einem anderen Ort, oder zu einer anderen Zeit.

I stand at your gate and the song that I sing ... Continue»
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Nähere Begegnung mit der aus der Ferne angehi

Die Geschichte könnte auch unter BDSM stehen, aber das vorhandene leichte Bondage ist nicht das dominierende Thema, deshalb unter Erotische Verbindungen.

Das übliche: alles frei erfunden, alle über 18, wer explizite Beschreibungen dieser sexuellen Akte nicht mag, bitte woanders fündig werden.

Allen anderen viel Spaß.


Sie ist unglaublich.

Ich sehe sie jeden Tag, wenn sie an der Bushaltestelle wartet. Mit fünfzig Kilometern die Stunde an mir vorbeihuschend. Kastanienbraune Haare mit roten Glanzlichtern.

Ich drehe immer den Kopf, um möglichst viel von ihr wahrzunehmen.... Continue»
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Cat’s Curiosity

Sam & Cat: Cat’s Curiosity

[Cat doesn't mind when people find out about her 'friend'. Not a lot do, outside of her f*mily, and though Cat didn't come out and say, she doesn't shy away when asked. The first flashback will be how Jade found out, and the other flashback will be when Tori found out. Nothing sexual between Cat and Jade, but some small amount for Cat and Tori. The Jade flashback takes place during season one of 'VicTORIous'. The Tori one takes place early season four of 'VicTORIous', before Beck and Jade got back together.]

[Takes place during the e... Continue»
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Made to please...

Bruce, Charlie and Daniel guided me through the paths to their new 4uck room, fear gripped me as with each step Charlie would reach out and pinch one of my buttocks. Even though I had on jeans Charlie manage to pinch my buns hard enough to cause me to grimace and react to his assault.

As soon as we reached our destination, they pushed me into this damp moldy room, I was apprehensive as to the cleanness of the mattress that occupied the center of the room. Daniel secured the door as Bruce and Charlie begin to remove their clothes.

Charlie glance in my direction and admonished me to ' Continue»
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My hot neighbor 2

So after me and my neighbors wife christy 1st encounter . She would always have a reason for me to come over . She couldn't get her mower to crank, sink stopped up, she'd come up with something.  Sometimes my wife would go over with me but sometimes she wouldn't.  Christy would usually meet me at the back door all she was wanting was to give me a blowjob.  It took a while before she'd let me have pussy again.  One night her husband Alex was home we all got together for some drinking and card playing.  After a couple hours of drinking it was getting the best of Alex he said he needed to lay dow... Continue»
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slutty stars - mariah carey - ooooold story i wrot

It was a cold night on the streets of Paris, where sexy pop diva Mariah Carey was shooting the video for her new single ‘say something’. Mariah was currently miming to music in a shop for one of the shots, and was wearing an amazingly hot outfit.
It was an all on one goldish leotard type thing, tied around her neck and barely covering her famously huge tits and sweeping down to cover her pussy as well.
All the guys on the set were just staring, not at all concentrating on the job in hand, and with good reason. She looked absolutely stunning.
“Alright we’ll cut there” the director yelled. “T... Continue»
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Slutty stars - nelly furtado

Slutty Stars 1 – Nelly Furtado

The sexy half Portuguese babe Nelly furtado was just finishing shooting her new video. I was watching her on stage (being a camera man that’s pretty much my job), and she looked amazing. She was wearing the tightest skin hugging black Lycra cat suit you’ve ever seen. She was up there gyrating and it was driving me crazy, I wanted nothing more than to shove my cock right up her tight little ass, little did I know my wish was soon to come true.

“That’s a rap” the director shouted. Every body applauded Nelly on a good days work as she sexily walked off the sta... Continue»
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