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Consent 4

This chapter starts where the prior chapters left off.

I slowly wake up, stretch and roll over, Karen is gone, but Celeste is quietly sl**ping. I try to be quiet, but Celeste begins to stir. I lightly kiss her cheek and pull the sheet over her. "Go back to sl**p dear, you were wonderful, but rest.
I leave for my place, shower, and go to bed again. I wake the next morning about 11. Well, I guess two pussies can wear out a guy!
Karen calls and asks me to meet at her place tonight at 7 to talk. So I do my chores around my home until it is nearly 7.
At the appointed time, I ring Karen's door... Continue»
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Several times I tried Anal sex

He licked me, playing with my nipples, teasing and stimulating me. He controlled my pleasure in determining the pace and intensity. Heading excited me more and my pussy clenched and dripped with desire. "Show me," he said, "let me see You wet." I pushed to his feet , and he looked at me. I felt exposed and a little embarrassed, but wanted to follow his example. He reached out and took my hands. - No. "Show me," he repeated, putting his hands on my pussy. "Show me how wet you are". He looked me in the face as he said it, but looked at his hands as he led them between my legs and let them go. I ... Continue»
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Granny's ASS was the PARTY HOLE

Those of you who know me and are members of my site KNOW what a SLUT I am and that I always get fucked bareback! I love feeling those hard slippery cocks penetrate me and then the feeling when the guy shoots his hot cum in me, makes me cum every time!

One of my girlfriends, Amandaa, took me to a party where she and I were the only two girls going. There must have been 50 men there and we both knew that we were going to be fucked all night long! I love gang bangs anyway and the more cocks the better for me! We arrived to the man's house who was throwing this thing and after a few drinks
... Continue»
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1st Time Crossdressing To How I Became Danielle

It all started back in 2008 when I was only 20. I dated a girl named Melinda, whom I've been dating for awhile back then. We basically did everything together, shopping, hanging out and so on. One day as I was at her place I forgot my pj's. She said to me "thats okay, here try on mine." I really like the way they felt against my body. Soft, smooth and comfortable of course. I told her that I really like these and the way they feel. She told me that I could keep them. So I was like okay, Yay! As time went by, I told her about the pj's and how I love the way they feel. She looked at me with a sm... Continue»
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my friend wife

I am S***y 5.9 medium built fair, handsome, jolly. I had a friend who was not so close to me but we did met each other in the town’s restaurant for a small drink. Once during our drink session he asked me to come to his house the next week end for dinner but I refused and told him no, let us have dinner at a restaurant and it will be a treat to your f****y from my side and he agreed to it. Any way the next days passed by and on Sunday he called me and reminded of the treat. I told him I will be there on time.

Wow my cock responded immediately after looking at his wife. She was damn sexy I m... Continue»
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It started one hot summer night when I was staying at my friends house and I was sharing the room with his black friend Lacey one night I was sl**ping on my belly with just my underwear on no sheet to stay cool and suddenly I wasn't alone in my bed he was on top of me and was pulling my underwear down he whispered into my ear "Don't say nothing!" I just lay there I knew what he wanted he wanted to fuck me! I had never had a black man before the only cock I had had before was my best friend Steve and he was not real big at all Lacey on the other hand was huge I felt his big cock head slide betw... Continue»
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bang bang of aussie girl

This is not a story but a real life incident.I'm a dark, young, energetic, good looking male of Indian origin living in Queensland, Australia for the last 1 year and studying at Uni. During weekends, I used to sit with my computer and browse a lot. When I'm finished with my assignments, I used to chat online, particularly with middle aged women who were single mums or dissatisfied married women. I found that women here are very horny but broadminded and open to discussions on any subjects.Once while I was searching for a woman to chat with, I stumbled upon Lisa, an Aussie mum of 3 c***dren. Sh... Continue»
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life of elevator

Typically, my existence is not at all interesting. My doors open, one or more people step in, my doors close. I go up or I go down. My doors open, one or more people step out, one or more people step in, my doors close. I go up or I go down. Repeat ad nauseam.

The Humans who ride me are almost always adults. I have noticed that the females generally have partially-bare legs, and their feet are often set at an unusual angle because of a short stick underneath the back of each foot.
There are periods of time where almost no one makes use of my services. In those periods, I simply rest and wa... Continue»
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why i love adult booths

i am a guy who is young, white, chubby, and have a nice round ass. i also like wearing panties and tight pants mostly leggings.
one late evening i got on a black t shirt and my pink panties and dark grey leggings. i went out to my local adult store and i went in to the booth area. i walked around for a bit looking for a open booth. there were a lot of guys in there mostly older men. as i was walking by them most of them looked at my ass or just felt it some of them would even grab it. this one guy, older white, once grabbed my ass and started to jerk off his cock right there in the middle of ... Continue»
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be careful where you sit

to start off with i am a white chubby guy who likes the taste of cum and wearing panties and tight pants, also i have a nice round rump.
on a rainy evening i got my panties and leggings on and went to my local adult store. i walked in and went right for the booth area. i found a booth with a curtian open and went in and sat down. i didn't notice there was someone already in it and i sat right down on his lap. he was bigger then me and black he was wearing a dark grey t and jeans. he grabbed my hips and held me in place and said "come on boy and stay for a wile."
he held me down on his lap ... Continue»
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A b*****rs Debt (Saturday)

When I awoke the next morning April was still pressed up against me sl**ping, my arm was d****d across her firm teenaged belly and my morning hard on wedged in the silky crevasse between the cheeks of her glorious ass. I slid my hand up and cupped one of her soft young breasts, tweaking and lightly pinching the puffy nipple. She sighed softly as her nipple began to respond to my fingers. Moving down I cupped the mound of her sex. Pushing between her thighs I pushed a finger between the soft folds of her pussy, digging for her clit. Her body twitched involuntarily when I found it and her legs s... Continue»
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Saskia's Sweet Seduction #1

Saskia is a slender sexy sweet student, a shorthaired beautiful brunette with tasty tiny tits and boyish bums
As she feverishly fancies me, she tries to seduce me, showing off on occasion almost all of her private parts
She still keeps some secrets for me between her lovely looking legs, I know well how hard her nipples can get
Kind of weird that I kept my cool on those occasions, as she is awesomely attractive, wearing only a little slip
I am hot as hell as well for her, as she looks exactly like my erotic dream come true, but I refuse to seduce her
A scenario she thought up in her mo
... Continue»
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I’d gone to the airport to pick up a friend who was flying in from Germany, I got there 45 minutes early and after having a look around the shops and getting a drink I went to the monitors to find out if he was on time, his flight was delayed another hour, so I then went to the toilet feeling randy as fuck.

Finding the booths all empty I sat myself down in the end one and thinking from memory started to feel myself up. I was soon hard and was feeling my cock when I heard the cubicle next door, someone was in there. ‘Fucking hell’ I thought as I knew they were all virtually empty.

Knowing... Continue»
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Consent P3

This story picks up where Consent 2 ends so you might enjoy this more please read it and Consent first.

Shortly after Karen left, I showered and collapsed on the bed. I guess Karen was right, I was really exhausted from the past two nights. I slept like a piece of lead, but finally woke very refreshed, ready for whatever Sunday would bring. Just before noon Karen called with my instructions. Celeste is expecting me a 3:30, get her hot but do not have sex. Karen would arrive at 4 and she expected to see us both fully clothed. I take a very thorough shower, must be clean for the ladies!
So a... Continue»
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MFF Threesome - First Time

I love being a cruise social director because it enables me to travel all over the world and meet a wide variety of interesting new people.  This week we are heading to the Greek Islands surrounded by crystal blue waters and pristine white sands.  Greece is so much fun to visit because they are so open sexually as is evident by their phallic symbols peppered throughout their tourist shops.

My best friend Jessica, who is 10 years younger, and I like to tour the ports together so we can try the local cuisine, explore the sights and meet interesting new people.  We decide to take a private sno... Continue»
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A Surprise visit

I was home from college, my folks had went out to some function, I was left home alone and made a few calls to old friends and decided to shower and turn in early. As soon as I entered the shower the phone rang, since I was already wet I decided to let it go to voice mail.

Once I left the shower and dried off I went to my old room and laid on the bed, I remembered the phone call and tried to listen to the message, my folks had changed their password so I could not get into the voice mail. As I laid there watching the television I hear the door bell.

Aggravated I marched to the door a... Continue»
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ALL IN pt. 1 (revised) Adventures of Seamus and An

ALL IN Part 1
For more than two months now my girlfriend and I have lived in our camper-van exploring the country with our dog Bridger.

Annie is overweight, but solid. Her face is very cute and her smile is infectious. Even at 36 she has the unfettered optimism of a c***d. Her plain brown hair is cut in a bob with a large curl that perpetually wraps itself around her left cheek. Very cute. Her eyes a... Continue»
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I was on to get married

Have been talking to a man from India we got along very well he wanted me as his wife [[ my pictures you will see Y]]]] and he was going to buy everything my clothes underwear bra top and very short skirt I did not mind we was sending emails day /night he was ringing me at night about three weeks he sent me airplane tickets and invited me over with so I packed my suitcase and left four India he met me at the Airport and took me back to this great big house and he then took me around the house want a fantastic place then he took me to the bedroom and told me to dress in what was on the bed[... Continue»
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My Cancun trip... day one.

I had a horrible month, one of those that one can not take; Jean my boyfriend cheated on me with my best ex friend, not once, but for a whole year, I could not believe it. My job was so crappy I decided to quit, my f****y is a mess after my mom's passing, so I decided to take a trip away from Paris.

Ten hours later I showed up in Cancun had made a reservation the night before all I had was the confirmation number, 10 days away from everyone I knew.

I was tired and cranky when the front desk person welcomed me, he did not speak french, nor I speak spanish, so we tried to communicate in E... Continue»
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Consent 2

This story picks up where Consent ends so you might enjoy this more is you read it first.

"I will leave you two for now. I am sure you and Celeste have much to talk about. Celeste stay here and take good care of him."
"Yes Mistress Karen I will. I have never met a man quite like him before."
The front door shuts and Celeste pulls the sheet from me. I pull her to me and kiss her deeply. She sighs and lays on my chest.
"God did this all really happen? I have never been fucked like that before and now Mistress wants a threesome."
"Is that OK? Tell me about your Mistress, Karen."
"Share yo... Continue»
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