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My neighbor


I have a neighbor who is 50 something. Very successful in her career and very good looking. She is always wearing these shirts that are cut just low enough to show just enough of her breasts to get attention. Usually in tight jeans that show her ample butt.
She has this habit of always either bending over in front of me and letting her breasts roll almost out of their bra. I have seen just enough to see that she has enormous auras. Then other times she wiggles her ass when no one is looking especially if no one is outside.
So anyway my wife is away on busin... Continue»
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An offer I couldn't refuse ... part 2.

My head was spinning, full of all sorts of weird thoughts. I'd just agreed to fuck a man to please a woman. June was playing with my cock, purring like a kitchen as she told me how wonderful it was going to be to feel my beautiful cock pleasuring her long neglected pussy and her never before fucked virgin ass.
''Oh Peter it's going to be so good to have a real cock in my pussy. ''Yes I have my toys that I pleasure myself with, but it just not the same. I need a man. A man with a real cock. I want to feel flesh and bl**d in side me, not a plastic toy''.
''I'll do my best to make you feel ... Continue»
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It started with a like

I met this couple online, nothing serious, I just stumbled across their profile, watched a video, looked at their photos and left a comment or two.

But nothing is ever simple, and so there is more. My husband leans over my shoulder and asks what I am looking at, "facebook" I immediately respond, but hit the wrong key and there it is, Blowfish's Xhamster profile in all their naked beauty.

"oh" he says, "who's that you are looking at",

"just a profile I stumbled across"

"She is sexy" he whispers in my ear

"yes I agree" i mumble back as I open one of the galleries. He notices... Continue»
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One for the books....On the job training

It was yet another day at the bookstore, my life was actually going pretty well, my new Camaro was lookin sharp, I had just had the windows tinted and bought some hot looking new rims, all was going well.....or so it seemed.
I entered work and the girls were all giggling and jabbering excitedly....I stopped Lisa ,

“ Whats all the commotion? Whats up?”

“ Nick hired some new guy, starts tomorrow”

“ What are you talking about , there arent any positions open?”

“ Well I guess he made one, hes over there”

I stood there stunned, this guy?? Across the store he stood , talking to two o... Continue»
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Satisfied by a Glory Hole

Satisfied by a Glory Hole

I watched as the man in the next booth ran his fingers up and down his growing shaft. He must enjoy teasing himself. He wrapped his hand around his now stiff cock and slowly moved it up and down.

Up and down.

I felt my own cock hardening in my jeans as I watched him. I started to bulge, wanting to be released.

I moved closer to the glory hole and pushed my groin into the palm of my hand. I let out a small sigh at the friction.

The man's hand was now pumping harder -- the result of the porn that was playing in his booth.

I turned to watch my own vide... Continue»
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My First Time Cuckolding with an Old Girffriend

An old girlfriend recently contacted me over Facebook, just to say hello and keep tabs on how our lives were going. We struck up a renewed relationship, and things were going well, very cordially, although there was always something in the back of my mind that had me asking myself what it would be like to be with her again, despite my commitments to my current partner. Then, during one chat session, she asked if I would call her. I did. We spoke several times over a few weeks-- she lived in a city a few hours from mine-- and, eventually, decided to meet for coffee (I would be passing thr... Continue»
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My Roommates New Ex-Girlfriend Part 2

That night, I recieved a text from Mary saying she wanted me at her house by noon the next day. Unsure of why she wanted me at her house at a specific time, I responded that I would be there but wasnt sure as to why she wanted me there by that time, to which she responded "Well I will have a surprise for you." I went to bed that evening with a smile on my face and began wishing time would move faster.
The next day, I was getting ready when I heard Zach yell from the living room, "Hey Red, what time did that bitch leave yesterday?" Trying not to reveal too much about what had occurred after ... Continue»
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Threesome: Stephdaughter, Stephmother & Steroi

Katie was reading her homework, when she her screaming coming from her dad and stepmother’s room.
She threw her books away and ran as fast as she could up the stairs. Their door was open. She looked in and could only see the back of a man and her stepmother’s legs between his hips. She was moaning so loudly that it was a wonder the neighbors had not complained.

The man she was fucking was young. He must have been around 25, not much older than Katie. He had massive muscles. There was no way he didn’t take steroids!
He kept slamming his massive cock into her pussy. To Katie it looked li... Continue»
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Gangbang Maria

Pervert and a group of 4 friends were at the beach, drinking some beers and talking about women. They were all really horny since every story spiced things up even more. They all had a thing in common, they liked to take advantage of girls in parties, either by getting them d***k, d**gged, or just k**nap them and screw them over without their consent.

They always got away with it, giving fake names to girls, fucking them at parties really far away from home, these girls either didn't remember them for being shit faced or d**gged, or simply because they didn't know their true identities.

... Continue»
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xmas stockings

my gf worked as a hostess in a big fancy disco, they were short a hostess that night and it was going to be a busy one like all saturday nights, especially around the holidays. i'd been there many times so i knew what hostesses did, basically, look real pretty and make people feel welcome, show them around if needed, etc. so when she called and said, please, please could i fill in, and, to expect good money, i said sure, besides, i was planning on going there that night anyway, might as well make a little extra cash... and then there were all the hot guys that go there! i thought it'd be fun t... Continue»
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Victoria-72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 2

After my first encounter and fuck fest with Vicki, I waited three days to call her to arrange our next 'medical appointment." She said she was wondering if I ever would call her, but I assured her that I was a man of my word and how could I not meet with her again after our little tryst. We agreed to meet at her place two days later even though she said she didn't think she could wait that long to see me. She said that ever since I left she had had 'impure thoughts' about me and what she was going to do to me if we met up again. I assured her that I felt the same and I did have some plans for ... Continue»
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Tabby Cat: Sex KItten

This story was posted under my old profile, sluttycdprincess, and I'm reposting it.

OK. So, this is my first story on any site, and I'm finally pleased enough with it to post. Hopefully people will enjoy it and if so I will definitely be writing more. Leave me comments or PM me about it if you want, I would love the feedback. I plan on making this a series, with all of the characters making more appearances and being fleshed out more. I also would like to write the story of my character leading up to this point. Her Origin story so to speak. Obviously the main character is transgendered as... Continue»
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I Take Your Ass Virginity

I subliminally receive your message as though communicated through a shared dream in my half asl**p state, but I barely hear it through how turned on I am by last night's experiences, your proximity, and the raging hard on that is pulsing between your thighs. I can feel your already moist sex on the top of my throbbing member and can smell you through the sheets and it's starting to drive me crazy. All I have to do is pull my hips back and you feel the head of my spear slide into position against your naturally lubed pussy. I pause for just one second and feel your breathing stop as I slowly s... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly Fucks Santa Claus

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...

All except for Jilnar Jardaly, who had been tossing and turning in bed, restlessly, all night. It was only a minute till midnight, and till he would finally be here. She hoped he got her letter and was going to leave, under her Christmas tree, the present, she so desperately wanted. Jilnar loved Christmas and she'd been extra good all year, satisfying all her friends and colleagues most depraved, sordid and perverted sexual needs. She knew she'd been good because every single one ... Continue»
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The Second Cumming!

Here we were again. It had been five years, but finally we were here again. Where is here you may ask, the hot tub suite in a secluded motel on the lake is where. As we anxiously wait for Kent to arrive, I think back to the last time we were here. Emma and I were merely friends with benefits at that time and had decided to have her friend Kent join us for a kinky night of group sex. That night was forever imprinted in my mind and I'd been dying to make it happen again ever since. Now, five years later it was finally happening, but this time, it was going to be a little different. Emma and I... Continue»
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My Wife's Ex Fucking Her And I Like Whores

When I first met my soon to be wife Melissa at work I was instantly hooked on her because she was so beautiful, smart and funny. We hit if off and began talking until we both knew that we wanted to be with each other badly. One of the big things was that I was only twenty two years old and Melissa was thirty eight but she was one of the youngest looking thirty eight year old women I had ever seen. Melissa is not very tall only about five foot five, kinda chunky but but fat, blonde hair, green eyes and a pretty face. The second big thing was that she was still married to a guy named John who sh... Continue»
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Sexy club encounter

++ Written mostly by a fan with input from myself. All consensual and enjoyed ++
++ Imagine this is what i'm wearing ++

I'm going to get you d***k and pull off your panties in the middle of a club. I will slide my hand up your dress as your ass rubs against my hard cock as you dance up against me. I slide my fingers across your dripping pussy, you push your ass into my cock harder. You want to feel it between your ass cheeks. I slowly slide two fingers inside you and you moan as you feel me teasing your g spot. You bring my other hand u... Continue»
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ostre jebanie mojej córy przez komendanta p

no moze i miał racje ten stary komendant i jego kumple ze moja cora jest boska piekna ale do dzis nie moge doisc do siebie i brac lekow na nerwy i serce po tym co widzialem co wyprawialy z nia ta banda starych oblesnych i zboczonych policjantow u mnie w moim barze nad jeziorem pod lasem zachowywali sie jak zwierzeta jebali i kurwili ja tam cala noc jak by byla zwykla tania kurwa na tych krzeslach stolikach i bilardzie myslalem ze mi go polamia niedawno go kupilem za 10000zl a te stare chuje wlazly w 4 na niego wypiely dupska jak do srania a cora im je obrabjala od spodu do dzis slysze ich te s... Continue»
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Maid to Serve

I had answered an advert in a magazine from a mature guy who wanted to meet sub guys into spanking role play anal and oral... well I couldn't resist the temptation.
Graham was 65 years old and retired he was also a widow so as he implied in his advert 'He could now indulge in his fantasies' I had made contact several days previously to our meeting and he seemed a genuine guy just looking for some 'fun' as was I.....he mentioned that he liked sub males to be sissified wearing undies and stockings as it added to the sense of 'Naughtiness'and 'Submission'
I arrived at his home and met Graham wh... Continue»
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My neighbor picked up my tie

I bolted up the stairs of my apartment complex in the center of the gay neighborhood with the package in my hand. I had ordered some new underwear from ‘Oboy’ and I couldn’t wait to get my cock and ass into it! Saying the package is underwear doesn’t do the gear justice! I had ordered a Wildmilk love flier brief is red and yellow! They call it a brief but this gear is a bikini at heart.

I fumbled with the keys to the door with one hand and started pulling my clothes off with the other . Finally I was in, shucking my shirt and slacks, and pulling off my favorite jock – a Timeteo rugby... Continue»
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