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B'day Gift in Train by a Stranger

Hi, i am Sanju from Delhi, I am a regular reader of this website. I liked some of the stories very much and thus I decided to narrate you about one of my true and adventures story of my life which happened in a train some time back. I would try to narrate my story in hindi. Yeh baat last year (2007) ki sardiyon ki hai jab mai apne office se kuch dino ki chutti le ke apne ghar pe new year aur mere B’Day celebration ke liye jar aha tha. Maine 2 class AC Compartment mai reservation karwaya hua tha. Mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai who din, it was 30 Dec tha aur delhi mai aachi thand pad rahi thi. Meri trai... Continue»
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Me and mike after

10 days after Donna, Mike and I had had a threesome we were sitting round the pool when Mike came over and sat next to us, after the usual pleasantries Mike said to me “Will you come up to my room I want to show you something” I looked at Donna and she said “Go on then”, I stood up and Mike and I walked towards the stairs.

On the way up to his room I asked him “Where is your wife?” “Over by the pool she’ll be alright for a half an hour”, the lift doors opened and Mike walked towards his room, unlocking the door I followed him in, he sat on the bed and said “What I did with you and your wife... Continue»
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Swinger's Club: Beyond Debauchery Part I

For well over two decades my wife and I have belonged to an exclusive swinger's club on the Upper East Side. Working on Wall Street during that time had exposed me to some very rich and powerful people. One such gentleman in his early fifties had met my wife and I at a swanky party one night when I was just starting out at the firm at the tender age of twenty-two. I was a handsome young man back then and my wife and former college sweetheart was gorgeous. He took an instant liking to both of us, especially my young wife, and after many drinks suggested that we visit the "club" as he put it the... Continue»
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A little tied up


Donna and I were on holiday in Spain when over dinner she said “I want you to tie me up go away for a while then sneak back and fuck me”, as we had twin beds in our hotel I thought ‘why not’. The following day we’d been around the pool and as we headed up to our room she said “Now”, we’d had a shower as she laid on the bed looking sexy.

I tied her wrists loosely but firm to the bed poles, then her ankles to the bottom of the bed, she was laid there in her birthday suit, her thighs wide open, then I slipped her bedtime mask over her eyes. I said “I’m going for a cig ... Continue»
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Christian Girl Ellie

It was a cold winter, my friends were all in university as I was too poor to continue my music course. I had recently met Ellie who was a sweet 18 year old, Christian, curly haired, brunette with blue eyes. She had something about her, though we were nothing alike, it all started at a friend's house when she basically dry-humped me when no one else was around, then it went further on route to her house..

Me: "You sure you're ready Elle?"

Her: "I want you in my room so baad.. *she guided my hand to her jeans and slipped it down her knickers*"

Me: "Wow, you're so wet! .. Have y... Continue»
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The biggest cock !

Some years ago one of the many jobs I had was as a milkman, not your usual deliveries as it was a countryside milk round, delivering to villages and hamlets out in the country. A great job in the summer as I was on my own and the countryside was great, not so much in the winter though.
The last delivery that I had to make was to an elderly man named Tom who lived alone in a little cottage. He was a nice guy and as it was the last delivery he used to invite me in for a cup of tea and we’d sit there chatting for half an hour. Now and again I’d arrive at his door and as usual knock on the back ... Continue»
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Good Girl’s First Black Cock

My name is Nicole and I am 22 years old and I just moved into my very first place of my own!
I have always been a good girl. My mom and dad had raised me up to be kind and I always did the right thing. I was always modest and in my dating life I always dated only the most respectable of the guys from the private schools and colleges that I went to. I had one serious boyfriend in college that finally resulted in me having sex but it was only a couple of times and frankly I wondered why everyone made such a big thing about it.
Whi... Continue»
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"I Should Have Known It Was a Sat Up...."

Bare with me as I tell you this...
Miranda, is her name, she was new to the neighbor hood by two years. We all had watched her grow and blossom into such a lovely young voluptuous young lady. No she wasn't fat or heavy, but she was very well built, She stood 5'7" tall, and about 165lbs, eyes and a smile, with perfect natural teeth, that would melt a mans heart.

We knew each other and ofttimes intermingled with each other in the neighborhood, by that I mean she lives on my block and when there was a party on the block she would ask me to either walk her to the party or walk her home.

... Continue»
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Confessions at Priest Peter #1: Nadia-1

"O-O" is the verbal expression of the visual impression Priest Peter gets as Nadia shows him her sexy slit and how naughtily she has been sinning
Open orifices of her intimate parts show how recently nice Nadia has been sinning, or does it mean she is open for some more right here and now?

Priest Peter needs nowadays a secretary to book appointments for taking Confession, as the fame for his name in tolerance has spread so very fast
Priest Peter now gets the worlds worst women in sinning seeking consolation and unburdening their smeared souls from their bothering black spots

... Continue»
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Jade Sandwich

Victorious: Jade Sandwich

Jade was so sad after Prom. She had been humiliated in front of the whole school by Tori calling her names. Jade just wanted to put on a play she wrote. She spent days working on it and when she finally got to perform it Tori ruined it. To top it off Beck was still away so she was alone.

She was crying in the parking lot after pushing diaper Doug off her. He had tried to cop a feel and she made it clear that she would kill him if he tried.

Robbie was walking out of the Prom area after Cat wouldn't dance with him claiming she had a date. He walke... Continue»
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Telling D@ddy No

I looked at him and said 'D@ddy, I've been missing so long, I know i need a spanking. You need to order me to my room and make me put on my absolute favorite panties. Then you need to lift up my skirt and rip them off while i pout. You should f***e those panties in my mouth and bend me over your knee. Then I want you to spank me so hard you can hear me whimper. Once my ass is totally red you need to lift me up a little bit more so you can slap my clit until you feel it all swollen and ready for a good fucking.

He knew how bad I wanted to cum like a bad glrl, He started spanking my ass again... Continue»
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poolside sex

It was a hot and sunny day which made this day a perfect one for lounging at the pool. I texted my friend Emma if she would like to hang out at my pool for the day and when she said “yes” I became excited about it and pictured in my mind all kinds of sexual fantasies that could happen,

about an hour and a half later the doorbell rang and sure enough it was Emma and man did she look hot, she had her long dark hair down to her mid waist, short jean shorts that showed off her sexy legs and a loose black t-shirt which complimented her nice breasts. She smiled at me and say “hey you, wanna swim... Continue»
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The First Time My Ass Pussy Was Fucked

There's something about having my ass pussy penetrated and pumped during sex that makes me feel more feminine sexually. Perhaps it is the fact that the entering of me, the taking of me, the domination and seeding of me, that feels so right for a gurl like me.

Not too long after I started living as a gurl openly, a neighbor of mine at the small apartment complex where we lived introduced himself to me. He spoke British English which I find so charming and a bit arousing. We got to talking and found out we both had a lot of similar interests and backgrounds. I lived alone in my apartment,... Continue»
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Fantasy 1: First sexual contact with a man

As you can read on my profile, I'm a 100% straight guy, who loves women. But...
I can't fall in love with men, but the idea of having sex with another man really turns me on and I'm open to almost everything, but only as a bottom.
I've never had any sexual contact with a man before, and I'm really looking forward to my first time. To give you an idea of how I want the ideal first 'session' would be, I'll just discribe it for you.

I'm not very picky when it comes to the looks of my top, just not too hairy or too old. Everything up to an age of 55 is fine with me.
I don't really enjoy all ... Continue»
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Straight Guy's Gay Fantasy - Swimming Pool Sh

Let me set the scene. This story takes place in a public swimming pool and involves Jake and Greg. Jake is a young gay guy, medium height and skinny build. Greg is a young straight guy, tall and stocky.

It was late on a summers evening, Jake and Greg were swimming in the local pool. It was almost closing time, Jake and Greg were the only people remaining in the pool. As Greg stood at one side of the pool catching his breath, he noticed Jake getting out of the opposite end. Jake was wearing tight swimming shorts which left little to the imagination. Greg starred at Jake who seemed to be get... Continue»
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sissy fucked by two big men until i was sore and m

I got to know these two guys at work, they were sporty and worked out. I used to listen to there talk on a Monday about the girls they had fucked over the weekend. I thought they were a couple of macho strait guys into girls and that was it. All the time, under my trousers and shirt and tie, I was wearing stockings, pink satin sissy panties and a lacy bra. Im a sissy! What more can I say, when I get home I take off my trousers and horrible black socks and shoes and put on my blue satin Alice in wonderland dress, white sissy ankle socks and pretty black high heel shoes! I put my wig and make up... Continue»
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about 2 months ago, after 15 years of being bi-curious but not just curious I knew I wanted gay sex/bisex lifestyle in short 2 months ago finally got guts went to spa excess in Toronto, and got to suck my first cock in gloryhole room, 2 months have been shy to try again

Last night I finally got guts went back to spa excess in Toronto again, totally unaware it is pride week. I got to spa excess around 7pm, place was getting busy. I feared getting caught so quickly booked/rented a room on top floor next the dark gloryhole room where all the action happens top floor!

I got to my room fast i... Continue»
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My Teen Hitchhiking Experience – Part II &nd

I spent pretty much all weekend just getting high and jacking off and thinking about last Friday night. I did go shopping and buy myself some clothes on Saturday since Mark had given so much money and I usually spend all my money on weed. I kept looking at the card in my wallet with Mark’s gate code on it and I wished it was Friday night already.

Finally Friday night had arrived and my mom tried to get me to go out to dinner with her, but I told her I had plans to eat at my friends Jason so I managed to leave by 5:30 so I could make the short walk to Mark’s townhouse by six. I arrived and... Continue»
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She Took His Cherry....Twice

david had been in chastity for roughly two weeks, and overall Mistress Malice was pleased with the results. He was more focused and compliant than when his training began; however, there was one thing that she viewed as a negative aspect of retiring his penis. He was now enjoying anal sex a bit too much because that was the only sex she gave him.

Mistress Malice was the one who took david's cherry on their first date. He didn't like the idea at first, but she got him d***k and by the end of the evening he was willing to try anything. She was gentle and used a small phallus, but david d... Continue»
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Out of this world Part 3

Out of this world Part 3

As we approached Kemon II, I saw the ruins of Kemon One for the first time; the planet was
completely destroyed. Orbiting the ruins of Kemon One, was the Earth sized space station, Kemon II.

‘Wow Kemon II looks a lot like the space station in Star Trek Deep Space 9’ I though to myself, as we started our final approach for docking.

“Welcome to our home,” Nookumick said as our ship docked with the Kemon II.

“Follow me, I’ll e****t you to your stay room for your stay with us,” He said with a smile on his face.

“Wow, so this is what it’s like to be at a d... Continue»
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