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Hilary Duff Babysitting

“No no, don’t shoot,” Benjamin Jacobs pleaded, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Bang bang,” little Luca Comrie said.

“Oh, you got me,” Ben cried, grabbing his chest. Stumbling around on his knees, he made a show of gasping for air before toppling over and rolling onto his back. Coughing, he closed his eyes and let his tongue loll out of the corner of his mouth.

“Wow, impressive,” Hilary Duff said, laughing in the doorway.

“Mommy,” Luca said, rushing give his mom a hug.

“Were you a good boy?” Hilary asked Luca as she bent down to lift him up. “You killed your babysitter, so yo... Continue»
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Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff


“Oh shit.” Hilary cursed into her cell phone as her car quietly rolled to a dead stop.

“What? What is it?” Her s****r asked on the other side.

“Oh this fucking car just stalled, and I have no idea where I am.” She explained. She looked around
the dark street. The run down part of LA was far from where she was planning on heading, but she had taken the wrong off ramp, and wound up lost in the far corner of the city. “Look. I’m going to call you back in a bit. Okay.”

“YOu’d better. Be careful.” Her s****r concluded. Hilary hung up, and glanced at her phone.

She starte... Continue»
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Hayden Panettiere Learning a Lesson

Walking into the bedroom of his place, Hayden thought about what had just taken place, the role play they’d indulged in, him really taking control and dominating her, spanking and screwing her hard. As she contemplated it, she realised just how much she’d enjoyed it, so turned on her pussy was deliciously slippery for him to enjoy along with her youthful tightness. He followed closely behind her, focussing his gaze on her tightly toned arse as she swayed into the room, stopping to undress, starting with her long black leather boots, bending over at the waist deliberately to undo them, letting ... Continue»
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Hayden Panettiere & Hilary Duff

“How’s your assignment going baby, you look super stressed.” Hayden Panettiere asked her boyfriend Ryan who was sitting
at the old desk scribbling notes furiously. The desk was like most of the other things in their rundown apartment, old, dirty, broken or found in the garbage.

“It’s taking forever, what type of asshole instructor makes an assignment due a day before the midterm. Fuck!” Ryan McVeigh screamed as he slammed his pencil against his expensive textbook. His facial expression captured perfectly his mood at the time, which was one of complete despair.

“Listen up my McBaby. ... Continue»
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Hayden Panettiere & Kristen Bell

Kristen stood there, covered with cum on her face, nude as well as Hayden stood there looking at her as if she wanted something from her while both Jake and Derek are sitting down on the couch, completely tired as they fucked Kristen like crazy. All four were being silence as each one was waiting for someone else to break the silence. “So… was your birthday, Hayden?” Kristen asked, breaking the silence.

“Good, very good” Hayden told her.

“So… now that you’re here, what do you want to do?” Kristen asked. “Um… well I was hoping we could play video games or watch a movie but n... Continue»
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Routine of a slave

My name is slave. Sometimes Master calls me slut, whore, fuck hole, etc, and I love it. I love pleasing my Master. This is the sole purpose of my existence.

My master likes my asshole to be ready for his hard cock at all times. In order to do so, I wake up at 5 am, go to the bathroom, remove my night plug (it's fairly small, he likes keeping my asshole tight), and perform my daily enema. After the enema I wash the toy and put it on the shelf among other anal toys, I shower and kneel by the bathroom wall where an attached dildo awaits me. With little bit of lube, I do 200 strokes, after whi... Continue»
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Mind fucking Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere had returned to her New York hotel room after a long day. She enjoyed her work, helping promote the message of the Candie’s Foundation, which strove to reduce teen pregnancy. Still, the busy schedule did occasionally take its toll on her, with the constant public appearances, television interviews, and photo shoots the foundation asked of her, along with her work with other charities, not to mention her professional obligations to a multitude of studio projects. Hayden was just ready to relax, and so, she was now glad to be back in her room.
She kicked off her high heels, l... Continue»
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My hardest fantasy

My mistress was bored. I could tell by looking at her face while i was licking on her boots.
"How much time since i last released you, slave?" She asked
"I think it's abaout three months mistress"
"Well today might just be your lucky day!"
"Thank you mistress!"
"Wait before you thank me..." she grinned.. I knew she was getting some weird ideas, but i never would've imagined what she had in store for me...
Before taking off my chastity device she made sure i was properly tied down. She had me lie on my back and tied my hands away from my body on the floor. Then she spread my legs and pull... Continue»
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The Model

Mike had a great job. He photographed sexy naked women for a men's magazine. One of the perks was seeing them naked and also fucking many of them. This girl in bed with him now was so sexy and such a hot fuck. He rolled on top of her and she spread her legs and he shoved his big hard cock in her wet hole one more time. He had fucked her three times last night and wanted one more piece of that tight wet cunt. Yesterday had been her photo shoot and he knew he needed to fuck her so bad. She looked so good naked as he took all the regular shots of her tits and ass. He had her cover her tits with h... Continue»
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getting caught in my wifes panties in the gym lead

Part 1 - The Gym

I got my stuff together and headed out to the gym. I was feeling incredibly horny this morning, id been chatting online with a few guys and looking at some pretty dirty porn on my phone pretty much most of the morning since I woke up. Its a huge turn on of mine to dress and act like a girly slut when I get a chance to be alone, and a lot of the time I like to wear panties under my everyday male clothes. Today was one of those days. I decided to wear a little thong under my tight gym shorts, and a very colourful vest which hardly covered anything. Mmm I felt so horny. I got ... Continue»
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Date Night With My Wife pt 3

As we entered the bookstore we realized how late it had become, without noticing it it was already after 2 in the morning. That was OK since our favorite store is out away from towns and city's so it doesn't get more than trucker traffic and since it's the weekend there are not a lot of them out and about. Shawn and I were following my sexy wife Debbie around watching her tight ass sway inside that leather skirt just kinda of waiting to see what she had in mind. As we went up 1 isle and down another I could see her mind working, what's next in our night to remember!

As we were making our w... Continue»
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Mike's Sweaty Sluts starring Vanessa Hudgens,

Mike's Sweaty Sluts
| starring: Rihanna | Selena Gomez | Vanessa Hudgens | Stella Hudgens |

[told from the perspective of Mike's cuckold manservant, Tom]

It had taken months for me to put together... Continue»
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The Intruder

You are asl**p in your bed. You are covered by a sheet but are naked underneath because you always sl**p in the nude. That evening you are in a deep slumber so you don't hear the intruder come into the your bedroom. I slowly pull the sheet down your body. The night is cool and your nipples are erect. You stir and roll onto your side and I slowly walk around the bed and look at your breasts and ass and pussy. I take out some silk scarves and slowly tie your ankles together and then your legs just above the knees. You keep sl**ping. I pull your hands up over your head and tie them tog... Continue»
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Justine & The Truckers by loyalsock

Last weekend we (my wife Justine and I) had driven a long haul. We had finished up a two week road trip from Fort Worth to Virginia and back to Fort Worth. We drove the entire trip back from Virginia in about a day. About 10 hours into the trip my wife was just laying back in the seat listening to the radio as I rubbed her leg. She surprised me by opening up her legs and allowing me to rub her thigh. It felt so warm and smooth that I spent at least a half hour touching the inside of her firm thigh. She wore a very loose fitting pair of cut off sweat pants without panties (for travel comfort). ... Continue»
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Babysitter by loyalsock

It was a cold and damp night. I had just got home from work and

walked in the back door when, after calling for my wife, heard the small

voice of Dianne.

Dianne was the 19 year old baby sitter who watched the k**s when my

wife had to do any shopping or run errands. As I walked into the kitchen

she was standing over the stove stirring a pot of soup.

"Hi Mr. Morrell, how was your day?" she said as she continued to stir

the soup. She was standing there in a cut off tee shirt, which as she

leant over the stove gave me a perfect view of her small but very per... Continue»
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d***ken neighbor

I’ll admit it, I’m a horn dog. If she wears a skirt and over 18 years old, I’m interested in separating her from her underwear. My personal likes will take a back seat if it means getting fucked. But like all of us there are things that I like better than others.
The first time I saw my neighbor was from the window of my bedroom. I lived in an upper apartment and she was moving into the one across the hall from me. All I could see was that she had short curly hair and sounded like a bitch! She was skinny too and I have found that skinny women usually have ugly pussies. At the time I w... Continue»
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A meeting from my perspective

He was my friend, a man I had worked with for several years and then continued to see afterwards
for drinks nights and at parties and the like. A good looking guy with a way with women I was always jealous of.
Over time I began to notice a difference in the way we three - him, my Wife and myself got on socially.
It was always the 3 of us making arrangements to meet others. He'd call to see if we were going out
some place and if so he said he'd meet us there. At parties for example, we three would always be together.
Occasionally, he'd use his charm and leave us for a girl he'd met but mos... Continue»
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The Night of Five

My 18th birthday was looming, and I really hadn’t thought about driving much, but was put into a driver’s education class by dad saying, I am tired of being your taxi! I passed the class with flying colors, and I am now a High School Graduate, and summer is ahead; never again do I have to go back there. I started looking at more classes at Community College for the next step. Dad found me a little Ford Falcon, it was in good shape no rust, low miles $200.00. Oh to have that today! My birthday comes and goes, dinner out my choice, a few gifts, one of the neat things was permission to use the bo... Continue»
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Nate and his tranny neighbour

Part two of Nate's fun ; )

Again all feedback is greatly appreciated !

It had been three days since Nate's time with Jez. It was 12 in the afternoon and he looked out his window at Jez's garden. There she was idly busying herself in the garden, that gorgeous feminine frame hiding a delicious thick cock. His cock started to harden at the thought of her again, and he was desperate for another time with her. With his parents out for a while he thought maybe he could try a chance going over. He had showered and washed 'all' areas of himself should he be so lucky. He put a tight t-shirt on w... Continue»
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Sometimes you have to pay for the stupid things you do sometimes you deserve it sometimes you don't! I deserved what was happening to me...I was awaiting trial on a possession of stolen goods charge I had gotten busted with my no longer pal Larry who had lied his way into a job at this electronics warehouse store he then figured out a way to get inside after hours and steal stuff without anyone knowing he nailed a bunch of small stuff and got away with it but then he got greedy and wanted to go for a big ticket item a big flat screen television so he enlists the help of his dumb ass friend B... Continue»
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