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Used In A Booth....

I was in a book store out side of Atlanta, on the east side I believe, looking at some mags that had pictures of huge male phallus. Now I know only a very few men have penis that exceed seven inches and even fewer that has penis that exceed ten inches, but the thought of entertaining a man with a penis that extends twelve inches is enough to put me into a lust filled frenzy.

Lost in my thoughts, I was unaware of the man inching up to me, I was so absorb in examining the picture of a huge phallus that when the gentleman(sic) stood behind me and slide his midsection across my buns I actuall... Continue»
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First time with not mother

I was a 21 year old recent college graduate. Like most of my other friends, I was without a job which meant that I had to move in back home with my parents. I had been living up the traditional college life; booze, parties and girls galore. That all changed when I had to tell them I lived with my folks; not many girls want to fool around in your parents basement.

I was sitting on the couch one Saturday, my dad had been away on business for a few days and wasn't due to return until next weekend.

"I'm so bored," I said to no one in particular. Not realized that my mother was in the next ... Continue»
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I am retired and a few years back a good friend of mine stopped by the house just to touch base with me as we hadn't seen each other in quite sometime. My wife was a way working and I hadn't really had anything planned to do that day, so I was glad to see my friend and we sit down in the front room and chatted for a good while. We had gone to school together when we were younger and stayed in touch down through the years.

When we were k**s growing up I use to go spend the night with him or sometimes the weekend if we both had time. His parents were always there and always were pleasant... Continue»
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My alarm awoke me at 5:30. I walked into the bathroom and examined the damage.Okay, not bad either I’m Dorian Gray or my youth is still hanging on. I lathered up my face and began scrapping two days growth off. Then I showered, toweled off, put on my underwear and went out to the kitchen. I had a quick breakfast of black coffee, whole wheat toast, half a g****fruit and cereal. Experience had taught me that it is better to eat in my shorts than change clothes after I dripped something on myself.
I finished dressing having selected loafers, gray socks and slacks, a light blue b... Continue»
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Hardintown Glory Hole – The New Teacher

Sandy was the newest teacher at the Hardintown school district. She had only finished college the year before. Now she lived here in Hardintown where she was totally on her own which was ok with her.

She loved her job and everyone was real nice. She only had one problem and that was the lack of sex. Sandy has been very adventurous while she had been at college. She had both male and female partners and had also enjoyed group sex on several occasions.

Being the new teacher in the conservative town added the pressure that she ... Continue»
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Seducing Nelly, a TS erotic story

I first noticed Nellie on a Friday evening when my fraternity and her sorority got together to make a homecoming float. She had gorgeous blonde hair that flowed down to her shoulders, she knew exactly what she was doing with her eye makeup, lining them in black with a smoky finish. Once my gaze connected with hers I couldn’t look away.
I smiled, grabbed a couple beers from the ice trough, walked up to her and offered the drink. She smiled, accepted and introduced herself, “I’m Nellie” she said, I told her my name, we shook hands and both smiled. Her teeth were perfect, bright white surrounded... Continue»
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Fuck a Friend

Thad and I have been best friends since college. Consequently, I have had a bit of a lust for Thad since college as well. Since we were in seminary, my bi-curious tendencies needed to stay at bay. Not to mention that Thad was married and I was engaged. Nonetheless, I put aside my desire and focused on our friendship. I went into seminary as a little chubby, but quickly got on a health kick and lost my weight. Thad was already in great shape. He worked out and jogged with me. I guess that is how our friendship started.

Thad was a semi-ginger. He has fair skin, but could tan a little... Continue»
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Linda's Web of Seduction #2

So about ten years later, after having witnessed Linda fucking two black bulls, and after having fantasized over those images and sounds for nearly ten years, and even after having moved to another side of town, I was excitedly surprised to run into Linda at the store one afternoon. She was in the grocery store getting a few things and I was grabbing a six pack. We chatted like long time friends even though we had only limited interactions before, and Linda seemed genuinely excited to learn I wasn't married anymore. I learned that she was riding the bus (she had always rode the buses) so I off... Continue»
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Sissy finds real man on bike ride

James had always had a secret bi side, he had a girlfriend but had never been with a man before.
He always fantasised about being used and abused by a real older man, someone that would use him as the sissy he was.

He'd had lots of offers online but never had the courage to actually arrange a meet.
James LOVED to secretly dress in women's underwear, he would wear his girlfriends panties almost everyday under his work trousers , he loved the thrill of knowing he was wearing them while in a room full of people , sometimes he would pull the waist band up higher than his trousers, it excite... Continue»
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Well i can say this was an shock in woods run..

getting ready to head to the gym, so i decided to take run for a lil warm up. when i work out i dont wear underwear cause i sweat bad, so i wear black silky long shorts so they don't stick. i find this entrance in the brush so took it. pretty smooth but jump hear and there but no problem good for exercise, about a mile down there were stairs going down pretty steep i might say. I took my time down for cool down you might say. At the end were about knee high brush about half mile at least i a hill going up. I ran thru the thick brush and got to the hill, took a break it was thick.Good run cause... Continue»
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Pam Mark Hall

INTRO: If the intro looses you, sorry. This is a back story to put the times in context. In the days of analogue technology (i.e., records, cassettes, 8 Tracks), it was possible to eke out a living as a musician. People with a few hundred dollars could make a record, have a few hundred printed, placed in the trunk of a car and go on "Tour." Selling records as one went along. This was all in hopes of some large producer or radio station would notice the artist and the gravy train would start to roll.

Pam Mark Hall, at the time just Pam Mark was an eclectic recording artist
... Continue»
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Pozed at the bookstore part 3

Part 3
I had never been fucked by more the one guy at a time and now I had just received my fourth load of cum up my fuck hole. All bareback. And even though I had been led to believe they had all been tested negative for HIV I was informed after the first load that they were all poz loads. And there were at least a dozen more poz infected cocks that we're going to breed my negative ass. I had just fucked a poz infected ass that was full of toxic poz cum and had shot what was probably going to be my last negative load.

As my softening dick slid out of the poz pit I had just fucked ... Continue»
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My first proper bi fuck

So this is about the first time I was properly fucked, I had been fucked once before but being my first time it wasn't that enjoyable....

I had arranged for a local guy I know to come over one day, I was just supposed to give him a blowjob as I had on a few occasions before, but this time I had on some sexy knickers. I opened the door to him in my red thong and a t shirt and lead him into the front room, He was sat on the sofa and I had put some porn on the TV to help with the mood. He unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled out his cock, he was clearly excited as it was growing rapidly in h... Continue»
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AZNSWAG here in toronto , canada !

i dont even know how to start this .. because everything i can sense and feel is still so fresh .. and im by no means an author ..
this story is gonna be as raw as it gets lololol .. i think what happened this week will be stuck with me for the rest of my life.. im only writing this now because it is sunday.. and now it is time for me to recover and get some rest for what remaining time i have before i end up going back out for more debauchery.... but i also wanted to reflect and share what happened with me this week ..

i live in a luxurious condo i... Continue»
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Wishing it was humble pie i was made to eat :(

My heart was beating faster and faster as a sense of panic rose in me partly from being unable to move due to my bonds but really at the though, the revulsion I felt at what may happen. I kept telling myself this was all being done to scare me afterall if this went all the way then it would be ****, a serious crimenin anyones book. There's no way he would go that far nor would my Shells let him despite how angry she may be feeling and hurt too.She wouldn't stand there and watched me ****d.......would she??

He kept pushing his wretched dick across my lips smothering them in his seminal flui... Continue»
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Rancho del i****to

Rancho del i****to

I am Emanuel Luis Sanchez, the son of Cornelio Felipe Sanchez. My father was once a great man, being one of the richest and most powerful men in Mexico. Like most of the rich men in Mexico, my father had a beautiful wife and, like most of the powerful men in Mexico, my father had a rival. I don't know the full story behind it, but I knew my father hated his rival and wanted to see him dead. Unfortunately, it was my father's rival that was victorious.

I was only eight years old when my father was murdered. My mother and I fled our estate that same night. ... Continue»
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Lesley part 31

Lesley sat in the staff room talking to a delivery driver who was on his 30 minute driving break. He was a funny guy and he temporary made her forget about the pounding she had just had in Mcpeevies shower and then over his desk. He was telling her a funny story about delivering to a psychiatric hospital and being 'captured' by an inmate. She was sure it was made up, but it was funny anyway. She stood too refill his tea mug, and felt the tenderness in the cheeks of her backside, as she moved. Mcpeevie had given her a real pasting and she was sure her derrière was black and blue.

"Are you o... Continue»
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Daddy tells son its OK to SWALLOW and FUCK

I was in school one day and the loud speaker in the classroom came on. The principal said that due to some bad weather, a forecast hurricane, moving into the gulf (we lived in Tampa, Florida) they were cancelling classes for the day. We were all really excited so I tried calling my dad on my cell but he didn't answer. I drove home and saw a car in the driveway that wasn't ours. I parked in the street and went in the house and noticed our burglar alarm was turned off. I could hear strange voices upstairs and I was worried that maybe someone had broken in. I quietly went upstairs and peeked d... Continue»
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I pimped her out

This is nearly a true story, parts are what actually happened and other parts are what nearly happened, you decide.
Several years ago my wifes half s****r got divorced and was left to bring up three c***dren, she kept the house but had to take on the remainder of the mortgage, it wasnt too long that she found herself in financial trouble. She and I were never close and although we lived within a mile of each other I only saw her when my wife and I would go together for a visit or if we ran into each other at the local shops. It came as a bit of a surprise when I got a text from her asking if ... Continue»
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My girlfriend got fucked by a friend

Sorry my english is not perfect. Its my first story, hopfully you enjoy it. haha

It was saturday night and my girlfriend (Mary, 25) and I were at home. We were pretty lazy because it was weekend so we just relaxed in our bed.
We were kissing and hugging a little bit and I petted her beautiful butt while she is stoked my dick.
Suddenly we heared the bell ringning..

Me „Fuck its maybe its Bob, I totally forgot we wanted to go out with him tonight.“
Mary, the good girl as she is, did go to the door and opened it. She weared only a white thong and a long shirt without a bra, whi... Continue»
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