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My First Anal

My sexual appetite has always been strong. Being bisexual, I easily transition from men to women and back again. Years ago, I had an incredibly adventurous sexual relationship with an equally adventurous woman. She was game for most anything I wanted. We explored anal, bondage, sex toys, and even threesomes, both MMF and MFF (another story). However, my sexual desires were stronger than hers as I have a strong desire for homosexual sex.

I had an apartment of my own, but slept most nights at her place. One night after sex I wanted more, but she was too tired. I decided I would find
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kate tues night

I took the teas and clothes upstairs
Kate and sally was laying on the bed hugging and kissing
I put the teas down , Kate looked up thank you she said , leave us alone for a bit,
I left the room and went to my room , I put on some music, I could hear the girl talking and laughing, I heard sally scream as she cum
My imagination running wild with what was happen in the room,
After twenty minutes, Kate's door opened she ran upstairs' a couple of minutes later she came down with a leather bag,
Are you OK she asked
Yea fine I replied
She pecked me on the cheek , sally wants some time to ... Continue»
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The Creation of Suzy Slut & Her Cuckold (from

This story starts with events that really happened, and continues with what could have been. If you're not an adult into kinky things stop reading. Names are changed, similarity to real people coincidental, etc.

After dinner, couples who are close friends use deception to transform a model monogamous couple, the hostess and her husband, from a prim and proper wife, mother and matron to a cock craving gangbang slut and her unwilling cuckold. I hope you enjoy it.


The Deception:

Susan came from a small Southern town where everyone knows everyone else. She met her husband Bob at the ... Continue»
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How I became anal sissy

Anal Cherry

I was 13, and I had a relative staying with us and we loved to play together, one night we were sl**ping in the same bed and we started to tickle each other, and while we were doing so we undressed each other to find our self naked we laughed and then we kept tickling each other as I was giving him my back when he started to tickle my little dick that I found myself hard and he also got hard as he was spooning me, things turned from laughing to being quiet and he started rubbing his dick by my ass and when he pushed his Dick inside me holding my waist, I don’t think he inserted ... Continue»
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Out on the road again

So its Friday morning, and the white van man (me) is out on the road again, on behalf of his new employer. The van is loaded, the fuel tank is full, the sat nav is programmed and my small ruck sack containing such essentials as packed lunch box and flask of hot sweet coffee, is held on the passenger seat by the unused passenger seat belt. Sorted...

The only difference between today and any other day, is what I am wearing. Under the usual navy blue work trousers, I am wearing a thong and black tights, or pantyhose if you prefer to call them that.

Why, I hear you ask ? Because the route th... Continue»
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Tied Up Wife..

the wife (Claire) and i (Peter) went away for a weekend and it was just out the blue so no plans just got up on the Friday and booked a weekend in London. we got down there on the National bus stopping in the center near the eye. we had a walk around seeing the attractions stopping off in the pubs and having some nice food. the day passes quickly and we were back in the hotel room planning our night out, we were both tipsy and decided to stay in the hotel bar for a few and we sat in a corner just talking about life but when the wife is tipsy she talks dirty and her truths come out, for a while... Continue»
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Cinemas aren't what they used to be .

Many years ago in Cardiff there was a rather old fashioned cinema called the Prince of Wales, which I found one day while I was in the city shopping during a brief week stop over there. The ‘good times’ that I had there during that week and on subsequent visits made for some happy memory entries in my diary. So, I have brought them from the diary to the page so that others can enjoy them.
When I first passed the cinema I had to stop when I saw the films advertised, I cannot now remember what the titles were but they were definitely what at the time were classed as ‘adult films’. So, as I was... Continue»
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Slut meant for sharing

Slut meant for sharing:

My iPhone began to buzz, making my handbag shudder gently. Lifting the phone out of the bag I could see that Brian was calling.
Holding the phone up to my mouth, I swiped the screen and accepted the call.
"Hi Brian and what do I owe this pleasure?" I drawled.
"Can I pop round, there is a few things I want to discuss!" Brian blurted.
"Things you want to discuss or me you want to fuck?" I teased.
"Am I that transparent?" Brian giggled.
"Come round now honey and I'll wear something sexy for you and you can fuck me! Anything you fancy in particular? Stockings, boot... Continue»
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Sissies Make the World Go Round

"Hank," yelled Rhonda King. Her husband did not answer. "Hank," she screamed once more.

"Huh," the fifty-something dark-skinned man replied as he looked away from the 60-inch TV tuned into ESPN.
"I'm heading out to the salon. I'm picking up groceries after. Do you need anything special?"
"No, I'm good," answered the general practice attorney.
"What about some chocolate almond ice cream," inquired the fifth grade English and

Spelling teacher.
"That'll be good."
"Okay," she noted it on her list. "Would you like some tacos tonight or salmon?"
"I can go either way."
"Okay. Bye."

R... Continue»
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Türbanlı Yengem Seks Tanrıçası Ç

Ben Taner, Mersinde yaşayan kendi halinde bir gencim. Şimdi sizlere başımdan geçen çok özel bir seks hikayesini anlatmak istiyorum. Eminim siz de benim gibi bir fantezinin hasreti ile yanıp tutuşuyorsunuzdur. Benim seks fantezim ise tamamen türbanlı yengem üzerine kuruluydu. Yengem dayımın eşi. Onlar her yaz tatilinde bize tatile gelirler. Birlikte denize falan gideriz. Bu yıl yine geldiler. Biz ananemle aynı apartmanda oturuyoruz. Onlar geldiklerinde ananemle aynı evde kalacaklardı. Ama bu yıl farklı bi şey oldu ve ananem evi tadilata verince hep birlikte bizde kalmaya başladılar. Neyse... Continue»
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Our wives wanted us to become better friends... the problem was we were so different Jack and I he had been a high school jock good looking and built into sports not me I was just an average guy not big at all really I am slender I like to run for fitness and don't watch sports at all which Jenny likes as I have more time for her anyway Jacks wife pressured him into taking me camping they figured we would bond out there in the woods with no one else to talk to...I agreed to go after getting the pouting face from Jenny she always gets me with that face and I'm such a sucker for her anyway I try... Continue»
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The Lost Virginity on the Sand.

I will never forget Brighton beach. The nudist beach that is. It was that very beach in the summer of 2009 where my life changed radically. I was never able to live my life in the same way. I had just finished my A-Levels and to get over the stress it was my mums idea to spend a week away on the coast. Simply to get away from the hustle and bustle of books, school. Well London really. For a weekend we packed the car and headed down to Brighton.

The issue with Brighton was really that we were strangers there. This would be at our expense, namely because we ended up in the wrong place and the... Continue»
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My s****r Brooke (Repost)

Originally written by fotisampini

My s****r Brooke
I came home from class and heard my mother and s****r, Booke, yelling all the way outside. Brooke was on one of her rampages again. She is so spoiled. All she has to do is pitch a fit and she gets her way with anything. She wanted an iPad for her eighteenth birthday last week, even though she knew the folks couldn't afford one, but she pitched one of her fits, and they broke down and got it for her. This time it was about her field hockey tryouts. She's supposed to go to tryouts at a college a couple hours away this three day weeken
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First day at the office

Nervous. Quite nervous. Butterflies in the stomach, first day at work wasn't and will never be easy for anyone. My lucky suit. Don't know if other people believe in those things but I wear it anyway. Grey, mix of cotton and kashmir, my favourite one. Stand straight, look at myself at the lift's mirror straighten my tie, big smile and here we go. I was born for this. Making people feel nice and confident and selling houses. Being an estate agent is not easy. Lots of psychology involved and "reading" the minds of potential buyers. You just tell them what they want to hear in the way they want it... Continue»
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The estate agent

Inbox messages (1) : come on babe I'm waiting for you....ready, wet and on my knees as you want me to be.
Of course anybody that would read that kind of message would just stop anything he does and he fly over to his hun to fuck her insanely until the next morning.
But not me. No I have better things to do. For example right now I really enjoy going to the estate agent office for the third time this month because they wanted to tell me something important that obviously couldn't tell me over the phone.
Getting into the lift, pressing the button, hearing the same boring music that is suppose... Continue»
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Throwing Caution To The Wind

I'd been chatting with a few guys on the porn site and had several offers to meet up, which I declined. And then I got an offer which for some reason intrigued me. He was a five hour train ride away which promised an extra sort of anonymity. It seemed a chance to go and do something reckless. For once I actually started contemplating it.

We both talked about rough sex and shared the same tastes in the porn we watched. Just thinking of getting on that train heading south turned me on.

All of a sudden I agreed to it, against every principle I'd ever had. I'd go down there, get a hote... Continue»
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Penny's Second Day

Penny’s Second Day at Finishing School

Penny was very satisfied with herself and her first day. She finally got some real cock penetration but only in her arse. She thoroughly loved it, in fact, she was now an addict for anal penetration. She loved everything about it, the way it made her feel like a filthy whore, perhaps even the thought that she had probably gone a lot further than her mother ever would have. Perhaps it was some kind of weird Electra complex playing out but what she couldn’t shake was the idea that after every depraved thing she’d done, and had done to her, she was still ... Continue»
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Slut who loves to swing

Slut who loves to swing.

James and I have enjoyed the most sexually liberating year thanks to the involvement of my most recent lover, Mac, into our open relationship. We have been active swingers for more years than I can remember, and during this time I have enjoyed some savagely large cocks in my shaved pussy and almost all of them, in my full lipped mouth. James has had the pleasure of some delicious tight pussies and on a few memorable occasions, a very tight asshole to plunder! Sometimes we've enjoyed the pussy together, where I've put my busy little slut tongue to work on some writhi... Continue»
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For all the big dicked dominating alpha daddies...

i can imagine running into you at some filthy truck stop as i passed your see your hungry eyes staring me up and down, your head filled with uncontrolled lust,. id watch your cock grow in your pants, throbbing, as you imagined all the things you could do to my light 140lb frame. Seeing your hard bulge would make me nervous, but i wouldn't be able to look away. you'd catch me staring wide eyed at your hard cock, and now you know you want me, and you are going to have.

"where you going, boy?" you ask while you hungrily rub yourself, standing in front of me, fucking me with your eye... Continue»
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Finally enjoying his cock and cum!


"Fuck....FUCK! That's good." I saw him thrust, hard, into my wife. She took his >7" with little difficulty, and groaned back at him around my shaft in her mouth.

We'd met the guy on AdultFriendFinder about three months previous. He'd originally said he was part of a couple, but in chatting we found out that either 1. he'd lied or 2. he'd gotten out of the relationship.

Outward appearances, he was early 20's, a hair under 6' tall. He was heavier, I couldn't tell you his weight, but he was at least a few inches over my 36" waist. From the neck down, he was completely shaved. Hi... Continue»
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