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Introducing my ex to the life style with a bbc

My ex Amy was only 20 years old her first time she got a taste of the swinging life,meeting a couple online Tony and Jane we planned to meet on the weekend and they told us stories about this guy Jim they see for mfm fun and having his own place in the city its a great place to meet.
So Amy and I messaged him on the site we used telling him about our plans and about ourselfs. Now the couple were in their 40's so telling Jim a couple with a gorgeous 20 year old are coming over with Tony and Jane for a night of swinging and swapping made him very open to hosting. On Saturday afternoon we are ab... Continue»
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A true gift. pt 1

Christmas is always a festive time of year for everyone, gifts being exchanged, catching up with friends, also having a great time with the people you care for. This is what happened on Christmas eve and this made my festive time so much more special.

It was the day before Christmas day and I was like most other men out starting to buy gifts for everyone. Looking through one store after the other looking for the ideal gifts. After about an hour of shopping I decided to sit down and grab a cold drink at a local cafe in the shopping centre. I ordered a drink and sat down and watched as peopl... Continue»
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My First Time With a Guy - True Story

Hi, read previous post "about me" for some background information. Disclaimer - I am not a writer just a horny guy with a few good stories from my horny youth, names have been altered for discretion.

This is a story about my first time with a man, this set me onto a life of cock to which i have never looked back. I was in my mid teens at the time, i had been wanking for many years before that, began watching porn and playing with my ass for a while also. Had a facianation with cocks from watching porn and would try to steal a glimpse of any when ever i could: showers, t... Continue»
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i joined Her night out..

My wife Jane was having her night out with the girls and whilst she was getting ready she was telling me a story about her friend who made her husband dress up for her!! i said what like a sailor army police??? she said no a women in full dress fake boobs and everything, i said no way do i know him she said no..but she continued he goes out with her as a couple and get fixed up take a man back and she lets him fuck her whilst he watches in full dress but never gives on that he's a man he just stands and watches, i was like no way how does he get away with not talking?? and not getting asked to... Continue»
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My fantasy was to be taken...and he did.

I was high as fuck that night. My current boy-toy was fucking my ass as I was chatting with this older guy who had this huge soda-can wide cock on xhamster. Boy-toy and I had taken some ecstasy and smoked a little pot earlier in the night. He knows about my account on the xhamster porn site, in fact he's taken some video content for me. So here I was, bent over the back of my desk chair, with a cock in my ass trying to chat with an on-line guy I like. It was fucking hot.
Let me back up a bit and tell you about myself. I'm 5'6" with long brown hair and a pair of lips men have described a... Continue»
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My Future Wife Flashing Before Letting Me Have Her

Together, Carla and I found a townhouse in the city and decided to
take the plunge and move in together. We'd been dating for a good
eight months. Unquestionably, there was massive sexual chemistry
between us. But we continued to date and get to know one another
before rushing foolishly into a living situation that may have killed
our close physical bond. In time, we discovered that we had much in
common and we decided to go ahead and get a place together.

Still, the move-in worried me, not because I feared that I wouldn't be
able to get along with Carla, but that we wouldn't b... Continue»
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Watching Anita giving up her ass to Jerome

Watching Anita giving up her ass to Jerome

Sunday morning after we were up all night fucking, I was really horny and in the mood to see Ana fuck a black guy.
I told her my wishes and then she called her old black lover Jerome, who was in town for a few days and was delighted to taste my wife´s pussy again…

He arrived in less than half an hour and Anita was not quite ready, so he and me sat on the living room and enjoyed a nice glass of bourbon.

When Ana was ready she came out in a sexy black nightie that was very sheer, showing off her smooth, bald pussy and hard nipples. Jerome cou... Continue»
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Coffee and creampie

This tale is 100% fiction...

I met Jane and Tim on an adult dating site. They were a married couple in their late twenties looking for a bi male to join them for fun.

They seemed nervous about sex with another person so I met them in town for coffee first. Jane was slim, short dark hair and small but perky tits. Tim was also dark haired with a slim, toned body. From their tans they'd just come back from holiday, so sat in a quiet corner with a coffee each, that's where the conversation started and we all began to relax.

They'd been to San Francisco for two weeks and had spent the t... Continue»
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My Ebony Mistress

I met her at the bar across town. She was wearing all black leather from head to toe. Her name was Alisha, she was 5'8 with long shoulder length black hair, with big brown hypnotic eyes i could get lost in for hours. When i first laid my eyes upon her i knew i had to have her and i would do ANYTHING to make it happen. I walked to the barand introduced myself "Hi my name is james. How are you this evening?" She looked me up and down smiled and laughed then said "Hi i'm Alisha, i'm doing well thank you." I bought her and myself a drink then after about 20 mins of getting to know each... Continue»
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Office fantasy

We’ve hired a man from a temp agency to work in my office. A tall, thin black man that I can’t keep my eyes off of. He sits across from me at his desk and from my vantage point, I can look under his desk at his beautiful thick black cock. Now, I’m a shy lady and I would never approach him, but the other night while having some wine with my husband it sort of slipped out that I was attracted to his penis. This really turned my husband on because that night, we had fantasied about meeting him and having me suck his cock while the whole time my husband watched and taped the whole thing. Th... Continue»
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His Name Was Shaun, He Was My First

I was so tired and fuzzy.
I went straight home after a sixteen hour shift and took a shower.
I thanked Shaun, the blonde older gentleman who was my coworker.
I didn’t even remember him driving away after he dropped me off.
I wandered out of the shower…I had such long hair back then
I was finally full-grown at six feet tall, but so underdeveloped at one-hundred and thirty-five skinny pounds of soft, perfect skin.
Not a blemish on my face, chest, ass…
Shaun giggled from my ratty love seat I had found by the dumpster one cold and gleefully bug-free day (yuck).
A clean find, which was rare... Continue»
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Chapter 1 Auntie Ann

I came home from school and walked into the kitchen
Mum was sitting on a stool talking with my Auntie Ann

I was horny after watching my fellow schoolgirls in their short school minis and white blouses
teasing us in the playground by bending down showing off their colored lacy skimpy pantys.
Some were transparent which let us gaze at their hairy little cunt holes and tight little bum holes
We stroked our hardening cocks through our school trousers
Some of the girls opened their blouse buttons so that we could see their pert little tities
held in their lacy si... Continue»
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Big Booty Femme Gets Bossed

“What’s up, Unc,” the thirty-one year old, dark-skinned brotha said into his phone.
“You still wanna meet at the diner at nine o’clock,” inquired the man’s mother’s b*****r.
“Yeah. I’ll be there at nine. I just gotta make a quick stop to drop off some tools at a friend’s house and I’ll be right over.”
“Alright. See you then.”

Hadrian Woods walked out of his one-bedroom apartment and started his fire red 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck by remote. He drove slowly out of the gated community. It was a bit past 8:00 a.m. He turned right out of the complex. The music playing from his iTunes ... Continue»
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It was almost dawn and the sun was just coming up by the time Vanessa Hudgens left the party. She staggered her way to her car and when she sat down, the pain in her ass hit her like a bolt of lightning. It was the same old story for her. She’d gone to a party and ended up doing massive amounts of cocaine and tequila before finally ending up in one of the bedrooms to become a sex toy for dozens of men. Over the past several years, Vanessa was a favorite at these parties because everyone knew that they could use her any way they wanted as long as they gave her coke and booze.

When she ... Continue»
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Lovers bi another name

He is the sexiest man ever. He loves me much and I am so glad we have a f****y together.

But our love was never so simple. I was going through life trying to find the right person for me to share all my desires with. I did not want another relationship with someone I am not sexually comparable with. We met on the Internet and I drove to see him over a 100 miles away. I did not know what to expect but our conversation was so great over the phone.

After meeting Tony we went out and spoke but nothing sexual happened. We realized we were attracted to each other immediately but we lived so fa... Continue»
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Anita gangbanged in a storage room

Anita gangbanged in a storage room

Saturday night my company had arranged a nice formal dinner for potential customers and of course, I was present there with my sweet wife Ana.
Although it was supposed to be a very formal dinner, Ana had chosen to wear a very provocative and sexy outfit: a tight low cut black dress, strapless, very sexy really… As we sat at a table with two other couples, I noticed that my wife's nipples were erect and visible through the shear material of her tight dress. I knew she was not wearing anything underneath. Not even panties; just black stockings and a gar... Continue»
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Slut born to tease part 2

Slut Born to tease (part two).

Hubby drove the car into the city centre, heading for the car park we always used, quite near to my favourite dance club. The drive had been quite eventful as hubby sat in silence all the way as I regaled what I was going to do and how much I was looking forward to it.
I’d teased him incessantly on the journey that my hot lingerie and slutty dress were sure to grab the attention of the lounge lizards in our favourite club. I continued how most of the guys had now come to recognise me and felt comfortable enough to ask me to dance right in front of my hubby. ... Continue»
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Hitch Hiking in Scotland

Hitch Hiking in Scotland

A True Story

My name is Azara, and at the age of 18 last year, I was hitch hiking in Scotland in the summer of 2015, seeing what it had to offer. To cut down on costs, I was thumbing lifts from passing motorists, and on one occasion, a small red car screeched to a halt, just a few yards away in front of me. The passenger front door was opened, and a young man who looked about my age jumped out, smiled and offered me a lift in the back, which was gratefully excepted, as I had been standing in a remote spot on one of the islands off the west coast for quite some ... Continue»
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"I'm too d***k to drive."

You offer me a ride home from the bar, since you see I have had too much to drink. On the way, I ask you to stop so I can pee real quick. I am standing next to the car and you can see my backside and when I slide my pants down a little, you are surprised to see me wearing a thong and garters with thigh high stockings. You get a good look and like the way my ass looks. I get back in the car and you keep smiling, so I ask why?.
"I saw your ass, baby, and it looks good....."
"Glad you like it." I say, a little embarrassed.
"Are you? Why? You wantin' to get fucked in that ass, tonight?"
My coc... Continue»
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Office Environment and Fast Anal Sex

Call me a modern girl, I like sex, teasing, drinking, sex, men, more sex, and of course those facials, the dirty kind I blogged about earlier.

In the office the other day, I was greeted with a glass of champagne instead of my Espresso.

Dave, the copier guy snucked a bottle in, and as we stood in the small coffee room and poured me a second glass, he admitted he thought about me, behind his wife's back.

That should have sent my feminine alarm bells ringing, but strangely it made my morning pussy twitch, something most husbands know that females are partial to a morning shagging, 'I hop... Continue»
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