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Anal adventures with cummy panties gag

Ready to get dirty? Let's start this with the lights off and just one dull lamp on. With her laying sitting up on the bed in nothing but her favourite panties and long white socks. Just got out of the shower so her hair is still damp but she feels refreshed and clean, but..... she wants to get so dirty that she needs to wash again. Start by climbing up on the bed and spreading her legs. I'm not going to even touch her butterfly rose until it's wet and ready. I run my fingers on the insides of her thighs and continue up her body as i crawl to her wide eyes. You don't need to see what happens ... Continue»
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My s****r’s Friend Dakota Wants Me To Give H

Eighteen year old Dakota has had a crush on her friend, Samantha’s, b*****r, Preston for the longest time. The trouble is she never went for it because she was afraid of making her friend mad, and she thinks Preston would probably say no because he sees her as one of his s****r’s little friends and nothing more. She waited around until she was eighteen hoping the right opportunity would eventually come along, but one never did. She finally has a boyfriend that wants to have sex with her, but she decided to make one last ditch effort to get something started with Preston. She knew she would hav... Continue»
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Hong Kong Training a Slut part 2

I stayed in touch with my mate after his divorce and he moved to Hong Kong, picking up pretty quickly with a Pilipino who he was delighting in her tight twat and arse and adventurous spirit. We talked once a month and he always suggested we came over to visit. Well we decided to take him up on the offer. I had skimmed over some of the details of the week we had in Thailand so the girlfriend knew we had history of sorts.

Arriving in Hong Kong we got a taxi to his apartment building and got through security and found ourselves outside his apartment door looking like shit (the problem with ec... Continue»
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Katie’s Story - My b*****r Used Me!

Katie loved to tease her big b*****r! He was 25 years old and had just moved back home after finishing college. Despite the fact that he eight years older than her the two had always been pretty close or at least they had been.

Katie had been just becoming a teen when Shane moved away. He had spent almost six years going through undergrad and graduate programs at a school on the other side of the country. Now that he was back he seemed different.

One morning Katie walked down the hall to the bathroom and when she opened the ... Continue»
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Letter from Jelske


This is a letter posted to me from a chat gf I chat with on Skype. She's addicted to bbc, and this is her experience with one particular hung African stud from Ghana.

You wanted to know how it feels and how I experience it as I stroke and suck that enormous dick and get fucked by it. Every time when I grab his dick in my hands and feel it gently beginning to swell it makes me horny again. Even writing about it makes me horny lol. If I get the chance I grab his dick with both hands and I start to caress his dick with both hands to get it off. With long strokes up and down... Continue»
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My Boss

my boss is about 6 foot tall dark skin and he likes to flirt with me, its usually little things like groping my arse cheeks or slipping his fingers up my skirt but i guess i must have lead him on cause one week He asked me to see him in his office and he didnt look happy and i knew why i had been late to work every time this week I was worried when I went up and knocked on his office door he said take a seat lucy I want to discuss your position with the company I quickly said im really sorry about being so late this week it wont happen again I promise" He said he was quiet for a while and then... Continue»
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Eating Cum From a CDs Ass

This is a true story and the dirtiest sex experience I've ever had. I read online at (a gay cruising site I subscribe to) that two CDs were going to be playing that afternoon at my local adult theater (Paris Cinema in Syracuse, NY). I love men in lingerie, and knew I just had to be there. When I arrived it took awhile for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but eventually I spotted them in the back row of the theater where the seats are removed and there's room to play. The two CDs went by the names FeleciaCD and SmoothTV, and were both dressed to kill in black stockings and garters.... Continue»
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Sex with my boss?!

My job started out normally, id go in do my job and go home, it was like that for the first few weeks. At the end of every week my boss would call me into her office and ask how i thought the job was going, if i thought i was doing it well and most importantly if i liked it. Usually after these meetings she would give me my pay check and be done with it, but this time something was different. She seemed upset about something, she seemed to not care what she said to me once that door closed.

So i go in this one time a few weeks back and we both sit down, usually she presents her self profess... Continue»
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On the job (my Russian slut)

This story requires some back story. When I was 25 I worked as a porter in an old folks home. Our kitchen was under renovation for half a year so a temporary kitchen was build outside in what can only be described as a hut. Adjacent to this makeshift kitchen were 2 smaller huts which were used for storage. The cook went home at 4pm leaving me to heat up dinner and make the dessert for the 30+ residents.
There were many carers, a handful of them being around my age. A 21 year old Russian girl named Natalia was particularly flirtatious with me. One day she put her finger into a large bowl of s... Continue»
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old man made me a dirty wee slut.

This story is true and only happened 3 years ago. I was living in my first flat by myself at the age of 18 and had a couple of neighbours. Single mum with a few k**s and a older man around the 60 year old mark. He was such a nice man helped me with everything I needed. One night I was out with friends and got really d***k and headed up heading home I got to my floor and Barry opened his door he say erin are you ok I said yeah am great bit d***k but good. He then asked me to come into his for a wee drink and to keep an old man company because he was a really nice man I said yes. We were in his ... Continue»
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First time i sold my ass.

Seeing as my last story of a first time was so popular, I thought i'd give you all another first time for me, this time the first time i sold my ass (Though not for money).

This is set about 2 years after the last story (, i was in my last year of Uni (collage), By this point i'd had a couple of girlfriends and one or two boyfriends. It all started just after i came out of a 8 month relationship with a girl who wasn't into any form of anal (me or her), so i thought i'd console myself with some ass play.

So my story starts with me over my... Continue»
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Bi Curious: Part 1

Bi curious part 1:

... Starting since around the fifth grade I noticed when I looked at one of the boys in my class, I felt the same way I did when I liked a cute girl. I had a crush on a cute boy named Sam who was a new student and he had the most gorgeous long blond hair with blue eyes and even a few freckles too. I blushed when he looked at me, and I became super nervous whenever he'd try to have a conversation with me. I knew for a fact that I had the same feelings for those of either sex since at least the sixth grade, but yet I had only had a few "girlfriends" in my early life, mainly... Continue»
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Enslaving Robert

Enslaving Robert

Robert 5_1

By The Devil's Advocate


As I regained consciousness, I just laid on my back and stared at the
bars above me. I still had a bit of a headache but the main reason I did
this was that I was too scared to see who had captured me. The bars were
only a few feet above me so I knew I wasn't lucky enough to be in some kind
of temporary holding cell at the local sheriff's office.

I stayed like this for more than 30 minutes. I knew that the less I
moved the more likely ... Continue»
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Becoming His Girl

I should be ashamed to tell you this story. But for some reason, I have to do it.

My name is Billy. I had just broken up with my girlfriend, Wendy, and I was feeling pretty blue about it. It was the summer after my junior year in high school I had just turned 18, and my parents were taking me on a trip to see colleges in the southeast. We were staying at a very nice resort hotel near Atlanta, my parents had gone off to play a few rounds of golf. I was alone with my moody thoughts by the hotel pool.

I had been a swimmer in high school-- not a great one, but good enough that my coach h... Continue»
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Bi Female Naturist Massage

I decided that I should write about some of my sexploits after speaking to a likeminded gentleman I met on here (you know who you are) who seems to enjoy me telling him about it I welcome all feedback as this is my first time in writing x
So ........

I had been having my waxing and beauty treatments by a lady who was in her early 30's for a while there were numerous occasions where she had left her hand in intimate places or brushed my skin inappropriately, I just put it down to her still training and never said anything however it did have an effect on me ......

One day I had gone in f... Continue»
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Leanne's New Red Boots

Leanne's New Red Boots.

Leanne and I were off to the city for a trade conference and looking forward to a few days without the k**s. They were both pretty much grown up but still living at home so we didn't get a lot of private time in the house. We had a good sex life but having two almost adult sons in the house did cramp our style somewhat.
The conference dinner was going to be the highlight and we were looking forward to having a nice meal and a few drinks then getting back to the hotel room afterwards for an evening of fooling around. The dinner was in the function room of the hotel ... Continue»
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My Saliva used as lube

So yesterday I went back to sauna I used to visit, there were just few people but I was up for fun. They did some changes to the place and also to the Taparrabos: a piece of fabric to wear around your hips to cover at least a little, but the point is actually not to cover all so you are able to see other guy's cock specially notice it if they are hard mmmm just the way I like them. This new Taparrabos pieces have a small pocket where you can carry lube and condoms that they have for free on a tray that is on the bar area, the bar area is now in the second floor it was on t... Continue»
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My out of control gangbang

Hi guys, I haven't written anything in awhile, a few things have happened, but last weekend brought me to a new level of being a slut!

As you know, I'm a dancer here in Las Vegas and it's no secret that I love anal and big black cock too. I was working last Friday night at the club and a group of guys came in, 4 black and one latino. I was giving them all lap dances and as usual, I could feel all of their hard cocks as I rubbed against them. This always turns me on and is something I love about my work lol. Anyway, I was giving one of the black guys a dance and I could feel that he was fuck... Continue»
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Used and a sympathy fuck

Now I'm not stereotyping but.......
I've fucked a couple of barmaids, one was young, the other quite a bit older than me, and both were married. Most blokes probably have.
So in the early days of our marriage when Jane said she'd got a part time job as a barmaid, it was inevitable!
I had to accept she may fuck some guys, not that it bothered me too much, I loved her being a slut.
The problem was Jane would often only admit her affairs if I found out about them or actually caught her misbehaving.
Well these are two that she had to tell me about -

I came home after about 10 weeks away w... Continue»
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The Model

Ben was Sue's favorite model. She did sexual paintings in bare men. Ben was perfect as he had an eleven inch cock and nice huge balls. Today she had stroked him till he was rock hard and had then began painting the face of a woman with an open mouth showing her tongue to lick his long thick cock. She painted a young man and a young woman licking on his nipples. Down his torso she painted other people watching all the licking going on. She then took his cock in her hand and painted a rose across the tip. Down each side she painted ivy whicf wrapped all around his thick cock. She painted a row o... Continue»
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