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My Papa! Best Dad In The World

Hi, I am Shashi from Karnal. I am doing my graduation. I am 5 feet 5 inch tall and age is 21.I am little bit fatty but have adorable figure. My boobs are big as compare to my age girl.

My father is working in bank at clerk position. He is very caring and calm at home but at the same he is very strict on me .we are four s****rs and two elder s****r are married.

Now i am living my litter s****r and mom. Litter s****r always listen to me .Mom is most of time on bed as she is not well and suffer from knee join pain.

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My First Gangbang! How Hell Turned Into Heaven

This is Maaya. I’m 22 years old, Chennai girl who is married since last year. This is a real life story that happened when i was in my 2nd year of college. It’s about how i was f***ed by my boyfriend into rough gangbang and ended up loving it.

So, i was in a relationship for 1 year with a guy called Avinash and had been having sex with him for 6 months. Once my entire f****y went out of town for a week. I decided I can stay with my boyfriend at his guest house. So I packed and came to pick me up. I was wearing a short skir
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Got Full Marks In My Assignment

So I am 21 year old. I am fair in color & height is 5.2 inch & figure is 34D-28-34 just trying too losing some weight & the story which I am sharing now is when I was 18th it mean 4 year back from now & at that time I was sexually average So enough chit chat let’s begin.

I was in polytechnic final year in electronic & telecommunication branch .Submission was going on at that time & enough day were remaining to complete it.

I had almost completed all of my submission except Microprocessor and Interfacing because the sir ha
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Catching up with the biggest cock

Catching up with the biggest cock.

I have recently written with an account from my diary about the biggest cock that I’ve ever seen and someone saw the experience and wanted to know more as I had said that I met him a few times. So, I can bring that right up to date now because I have recently been to see him again. But let me go back again to the time when it was all happening……
After that first day I have to confess that I couldn’t get that gorgeous long cock out of my mind. Having been very much a submissive for many of my formative years I was fascinated by it and to be honest I wante... Continue»
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My first summer up at college was very exciting. I was having fun hooking up with people I met online. My most embarrassing moment came shortly after I met another college student who happened to be from China. We met online in a m4m chatroom and exchanged a few pics. We got into a private chat and jerked off together chatting about what each of us would do to each other. He was a bottom,like me, but willing to top me if I would do the same. We agreed to meet in public at the library on campus back in the secluded archives section known as the tiers. We also agreed on having oral sex after str... Continue»
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Preacher's Wife's & Jane visit Jonny

This is the continuation of stories with the minister or preacher* in the title.

Angela went home to cook the tea for Preacher John. She was constantly thinking about the butt plug that she was to try to fit in her ass hole. She wasn't sure how John would react if she went under the table, unzipped his trousers and took his cock out to suck it while he ate his meal. How could she do and and take a photo of John's cock to txt it to Jonny. Finally she decided that she would just have to be confident and go for it.

John came home and as usual went to the bathroom. That was his usual rou... Continue»
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Straight Boy Bottom

Chapter 1 - The First Time

It was all my girlfriend's fault. Before all this I was a pretty normal
guy. A little on the short side at 5'7", I had dark red hair and pale
skin, and bright green eyes. I was an avid runner and swimmer and so had a
pretty lean cut body, which was naturally pretty smooth. My cock stands at
about 6" hard, and pretty thick.

Like I said, pretty normal to look at, if on the attractive side. I got
decent grades in school, and went to college. I dated girls, and fucked a
lot of them. I mean a lot. By my sophomore year in college, when I
started dating... Continue»
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Sissy Slut For mistress

"Wake up" she slaped my face with her satin glove.
opening my eyes its darrk theres a bright light shining at me i try to raise my hand to my eyes and relise im bound. sitting on a lether hump my wrist and ancles are bound together. thats when i felt something in my ass. it felt big it was deep and i could barely move with it in me.i tried to speak but my mouth was gaged with a ballgag.
" its time for your training" she ran her hands all over me. the satin felt so sensual against my skin.
I tried to remember how i got here. as i stared at the woman in front of me straining to see against th... Continue»
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Fucked at the Gym

I can't believe it happened, today at the Gym he was there, the young guy from last week.

The gym was quiet today and as I entered the weight room there were only two other people in there. An attractive young woman in her twenties doing free weights and him the young stud from last week, he was lying back doing bench presses. My eyes went immediately between his legs, I could see his beautiful big cock nestled there restrained by his shorts. He nodded to acknowledge me, clearly aware of where I was looking. I positioned myself opposite him so I could get a good view of him as he wor... Continue»
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My first penetration. As always....very true.

If you may recall, many months ago (and in one of my other reports) I had let my suck buddy Dave rub my arse hole with his hard cock, and cum over my back, which excited me greatly, but never felt the desire to let him enter me.

Since then, I have had that niggling feeling of wondering what it would be like to have him deep inside me. I tried a couple of times to get some idea by using a courgette, trimmed and shaped to look like a cock, which had, shall we say, pleasing results, but my curiosity was getting the better of me, and I knew I had to at least try it once.

I went over to Dave... Continue»
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Ukrainian girls rough gangbang

[/user analadmirer]

Katya aged 18 and her s****r Andrea aged 20 moved to London to find work. They have been waiting on tables at a local restaurant and the owner has given them both Friday night off. They decide to go out clubbing for the night and are hoping to score. They dress up to look like teen sluts wanting to get fucked, short dresses, stocking and hi heels with no panties or bras. As they go to the door Katya says to Andrea " We look like a right pair of horny cunts!" With that Andrea pushes her younger s****r against the wall and starts kissing her pushing her tongue deep into h... Continue»
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We carefully hobbled back up the stairs in our high heels and then back into Samantha's bedroom. We then set up some cameras and Samantha expertly connected up the lights and set up their tripods. She then went out of the bedroom and from another room returned with, what looked like, an Art Deco chrome barstool. She placed it near the dressing table and giggled mischievously. Samantha then said to Penny calmly how about sitting on the stool. The stool had four chrome legs with a bar at the front to place your fe... Continue»
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How My Driver Made Me His Slut

My name is Kavya and I am 23 years old, originally from Kerala and currently working in Mumbai. The story that I am about to share with you is an true incident that happened 5 years back when I was 18, in college and staying at my aunt’s place with one of my driver. I was a student in my first year of engineering and was staying at my aunt’s place initially until I could find a hostel or a pg to move into. I was young, excited and new to the city. As for my physical appearance at that time, I was pretty much normal looking, ver... Continue»
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Sex Edycation

Prior to joining the Navy the only sex I had was with myself. I would go back into the woods behind my house, strip naked and pretend that I was captured by pirates or Indians and that I was to provide them with sexual pleasure. I had learned how to suck my own cock and I really enjoyed the taste of my own cum and I had also found some sticks on the ground that were very smooth and the right size for my ass. I had a very good imagination and if I closed my eyes I actually believed that strangers were using my mouth and ass for their sexual pleasure. Being that young I could do that 3 or 4 ... Continue»
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Pokémon Catcher......Get's caught.

The recent Pokémon craze has taken our planet by storm but this little story will make you all go checking your gardens at night time..
It was really humid last night and I was out in my garden as per usual smoking a big fat joint. Relaxing after the nightmarish day I’d had at work. There was this young girl who lived a few blocks away that I’d seen nearly everyday for the last 3 weeks and she was addicted to searching for Pokémon. She was tall with red short hair and a wonderful thick psychic. I’d say she was around 19 -20 years old. She was very flirtatious and cheeky and used her strong... Continue»
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I woke up, naked but freshly showered on a crisp clean set of sheets on a
large round bed. The events of earlier were sketchy at best. As the sl**p
left my eyes and I started to become more lucid, I started remembering how
I was a total slut for dozens of hung black tops. How they used my body
for their sexual pleasure and how I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I couldn't
get my head around that fact. I had never had a gay thought in my life,
and now a scant few hours later I was naked in a strange mans house
starting to wonder where all the hard cock that I had played with earlier
had... Continue»
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banged by the neighbors

I liked to share with you the best sex night I ever had. Jacinto is the man with whom I share my apartment. I like him. He is a hardworking and an honest man, but that for a slut like me, is not enough – He can`t satisfie my desires and sexual fetishes, so I see him as a good friend, that`s all.
I'm frustrated with their early orgasms as it is satisfied, and I get to boil. Already advised him to buy some Viagra thing, that make prolong sexual act, but it is so square that neither wanted to know nothing about the subject...
He doesn`t like to have fun and he is always frowning and tired from ... Continue»
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Uncut And Raw 6:27:2015

I am a man that is uncircumcised. Women think that if you are uncut that you are dirty. That you will tear the foreskin if you put it into a tight ass or pussy. That you cant feel it as well when they give you a blowjob. And the one I have just heard that you cant cum as much as a cut man.

This is the question I got from a little redheaded woman that worked in my office. She was hot. A plump ass, perfect breast and hips that flared out. She was a perfect woman. Little did she know there were many times I watched those bouncing breast or jiggling ass. Then I would have to jerk of... Continue»
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Asha – The Voluptuos Aunty

Asha was my friend’s mother with whom I studied in the college. Puneet, my college friend, and I met on the very first day of the college and became fast friends. We were in the same class and lived in the same area of Mumbai. We had never met before, but once we got to know each other in the college our friendship grew within days and we used to spend a lot of time together. One day Puneet invited me to his house to study and then play cricket in the evening. I got my books and headed to his house, I rang the door bell and wai... Continue»
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A Surprise visit continued

When Daniel was satisfied he stood and dressed, looking back as he opened my bed room door, Daniel said "...remember you are my Bitch. I expect you to service me every day you are home. So, I'll see you tomorrow..." I heard Daniel open the front door and I curled up in a ball crying as his seed continued to leak out of my butt and dry on my lips.

I was sl**p when my folks got home, the crack between my buttocks was caked with Daniel's dried male spunk. My butt hole ached, yet longed for the feel of Daniel's cock to invade it again. I slowly left my bed and found that I was wobbly on my f... Continue»
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