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Amanda: My Favorite Anal Queen

I first started corresponding with Amanda on Adult Friend Finder a couple years ago after using the site for about 6 months. She was a gorgeous redhead about 5 1/2 feet tall with a great, big tits with the most recognizable nipples and amazingly curvy body. Her nipples truly mesmerized me, they were thick and bright pink surrounded by somewhat small areolas compared to her breast size. Those nipples creep into my imagination time after time since our adventures between the sheets.

It didn't take long for us to meet up after we initially messaged each other. We had many things in common so ... Continue»
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I was out with cocksucking Caz in a bar, hopefully getting her wasted enough for her to let me fuck her in my car while people watched from outside. For what felt like forever I had dreamed of finally getting to fuck the girl widely known as 'cocksucking Caz'. She always flirted with me but was always just agonizingly out of reach. She was the sort who enjoyed attention from guys, but as soon as a guy thought he was getting somewhere with her, she would back off.

She was the epitome of a cockteas... Continue»
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My Ex and her Other S*ster

My Ex and her Other S*ster

Please read my story My Ex and her S*ster for a Background of who's who.......

Marie is Kat's middle s*ster. She's 30, married with 3 k**s. She is also the biggest slut I have ever met. I don't mean that in a nasty way but she has slept with at least 100 different guys in her short life maybe 200. She's around 5”5 short mousey blonde hair decent size tits and size 10. She like her s****r Emma lives in Scotland and comes down to visit Kat every few months and always has a good time. She normally sl**ps with different guys on Friday Saturday and Sunday so you can... Continue»
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Fucked my 8th Grade Teacher

It happened several years ago, but I can remember it like yesterday. You see when you get to suck and fuck your 8th grade teacher it’s something you can never forget. Her name was Amy Randouff, she stood about 5’'11"” tall, a perfect 38-25-26 build, blond hair, blue eyes and long legs and an ass you would die for. She spoke softly and was the kindest soul I have ever met. In class every time she walked by my desk my mind would envision bending her over and fucking her from behind. God she looked so fuckable.

She lived in the same small town as I in Ohio and I delivered her Sunday paper. On... Continue»
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My ass for my husband's friend

My ass for my husband’s friend

That Friday night Victor had invited his old friend Jeremy to come home and watch together a football game match.

I got bored during the match, so I made a light signal to Jeremy and he followed me upstairs, as Victor continued watching the football game in his favorite armchair.

"Well, Ana, how do you want it, babe?" Jeremy asked me as I turned to him when we arrived to the master bedroom. My hands had gone to his heavy, rock hard chest as I looked up at him. He was a huge man and was nearly looking straight down at me.

"Listen, Jeremy. I am so hor... Continue»
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Sarah's Revenge

This story is 100% true and has just happened just over an hour ago, on this day Tuesday 13th October 2015

I have been fucking my neighbour Sarah for just over two years now, it started not long after her and her husband moved into our street, she was out her back garden one summer day and caught me standing at my bedroom window masturbating while watching her hot body, one thing led to another.......but that's a different story.

Sarah's husband knew I fucked her from time to time and was completely fine with it, she also knew that I was bi-sexual, and was fine with that also, in fact s... Continue»
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Part Two: The Carpet Guys Koni Gets Ruined

Richard said something to Juan and they both laughed as I laid there in puddles of my own goo... my face covered in cum and stoned out of my sissy mind, I knew I couldn't get up. Richard pulled his pants up, leaned down and with his heavy accent, said, "chica our boss, Mike, will be here soon to check on our job... You'll need to tell him those big wet spots are from you okay? It's not our fault... " he stopped and snickered, "that you can't control yourself ya little slut." Both men laughed and went back to work. I couldn't get up. My body felt so heavy and sl**py. I didn't care who walked i... Continue»
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You Live You Learn

It was Sunday evening, the house was still and silent, as if empty, so much so that the doorbell rang audibly at the doorstep. The quiet persisted almost long enough to confirm vacancy, but was broken by the sound of stumbling as the hallway light flooded the porch. A timid looking Leah Jane appeared, peering cautiously around the slightly open door. Her fretfulness diminished on recognizing her visitor, though her expression remained uncharacteristically blank. The door swung open and her lips moved but failed to produce a sound, Mani noticed her bewildered and bedraggled, yet somehow still b... Continue»
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The back story of Kim from the bar.

Well, Here's a new one for you.

I met Kim right during the middle of my run as a bartender. I was in full stride by that time, fucking everything I could anytime I could.

To be honest I don't really remember much about Kim herself, other then that she was a College student, and lived on campus. She showed up at the bar one night with some friends and I managed to convince her to call me. She actually did! Anyway, As I was in my prime, I was already fucking 3 or 4 other girls at the time. The Waitress April was about a month in, Laura the Milf was on call about anytime I wanted, an... Continue»
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Η απόλαυσ&

Μωράκι μου η συνάντηση μας θα είναι μια απο αυτές που χαράχτηκαν μέσα στην ψυχή μου.....

Η απόλυτη απόλαυση .....

Το ραντεβού μας αυτήν την φορά ήταν κλεισμένο για Πέμπτη απόγευμα! Όπως κάθε φορά περίμενα με μεγάλη λαχτάρα να συναντήσω τον μοναδικό μου έρωτα!! Πέρασε τόσος καιρός και όμως όταν άνοιξε την πόρτα και τον είδα μου κόπηκαν τα πόδια! Αρχισε να με φιλάει στα χείλη μου, στον λαιμό μου, να με χουφτώνει τις βυζάρες μου κι εγώ να τρέμω ολόκληρη απο την καύλα μου!! Τον θέλω απίστευτα πολύ αυτόν τον άντρα..... Πέταξα τα ρούχα μου και άρχισα να τον τσιμπουκώνω ...ρουφούσα τα ζουμιά το... Continue»
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The back Story Of Lee From The Bar

The back Story Of Lee

In the time that I was a bartender, there were only two girls out of the close to 20 I slept with that I actually really liked. April was one, and near the end of my 2 year run Lee was the other.

As if a gift from the sex gods, Lee showed up at the bar right around the time I was getting ready to dump Sarah. If you've read Sarah's story, or seen any of her videos you know that she was a fuck machine. She'd complain a TON, but you could fuck her whenever or however. Well, at least until the last month or so. By then she was just a bitch.

So I had to cut her... Continue»
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My Favorite Night As A Bartender.

My Favorite Night As A Bartender.
Now, If you’ve read my stories or seen any of my videos, you know I had a LOT of fun as a bartender back in the early 90’s. I had the opportunity to fuck a bunch of college girls and 2 milfs during a 2 ½ year period of time. There were a lot of girls. There were a lot of nights. There was a lot of fucking. But there were 3 nights that defined my time as a bartender. The moment a Milf named Laura started to suck my dick the morning after I had had sex with April, The first time I got a girl on tape, and this moment… The single best night I had as a bartender,... Continue»
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The Back Story Of April A Waitress From The Bar

The back story of April a waitress from the bar.

If you've read any of my stories or seen any of my videos, by now you know that I was a VERY luck SOB back in the early 90's while working as a bartender and (sometimes) going to college.

I would like to say that there were 2 times that being the luckiest guy around in regards to pussy wasn't as great as it sounds. April was one of those times.

For a few brief moments during the 2+ years I was busy being a fuck machine, I did find two girls that were actually nice, the type you would like to marry someday. Unfortunately for me (and... Continue»
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A One Night Stand With Ann From The Bar

Ann, The One Night Stand.

First, let me be upfront about this. Ann was a bitch. I knew Ann from campus and from my freshman year in the dorms. I tried to fuck Ann all freshman year, but like I said, Ann was a bitch.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, this is the story of how I finally ended up fucking Ann.

She started coming into the bar at the end of junior year. I noticed her right away as I had tried to fuck her for most of my freshman year, before I had become a bartender. She was hot, had a really tight body with hardly a flaw on it. Great tits = Check! Long legs= Ch... Continue»
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The story of how this all started, and ended.

The true story of how I became a "pornstar" thanks to my pervert of a roommate.

So how does one go from being a VERY lucky bartender, banging lots of customers and co-workers, to a maker of many personal porn movies?

Well, in my case, it’s simple. My roommate. I'll call him Larry, because I'm sure if he's still alive, he will eventually find me on this site.

Larry was the perfect roommate for a guy like me, he was my opposite. If I was considered a party a****l my freshman and softmore years, he would have been the nerd. He was the perfect pick when I moved off campus mid soft mor... Continue»
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Keith comes clean

Keith is a good friend of mine, he had I go to the local titty bars together every chance we get. He doesn't know but my wife has told me how he comes over when I'm at work to have sex with her. On this evening he and I were setting at a placed called the Hot Spot on Piedmont Rd in Atlanta. We talked about how hot each of the ladies where that night. Out of the blue he said your wife could dance down here. I asked him if he thought her body was good enough. He had been drinking just enough to say what he was thinking. He said are you k**ding? She is hot. I tried to put him on the spot and I as... Continue»
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The doctor

I was on my way to the doctor. Not that there was anything wrong with me, you will understand faithful reader that I am fairly healthy. Fit too, I like doing a fair few sports. Sport is a good way to have fun and keep fit and well at the same time. Anyway, I am diverging here, I was on my way to the doctor not for her to see me but for me to see to her. Her was a doctor of a certain age already, a mother I'd like to fuck or milf if it wasn't for the fact that she didn't have k**s. She had a husband though so some might say she wasn't very faithful but I don't see it like that. She loved her hu... Continue»
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He had taken her way passed her comfort zone. But then, strangely enough, she felt safe and scared at the same time. Being an independent dynamic woman if anyone had told her she was to be spanked, slapped, sodomised and generally humiliated by her partner she would have thought them mad. Not that anybody knowing her would have imagined that possible either. Yet here she was, on her knees, her hands kept in her back and tears rolling down her cheeks. She was crying like a little girl no just from the pain of the slapping she had just received but from the humiliation of it all. She had been as... Continue»
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The Fat girl (the best sex of my life)

First please excuse my english. I originally speak german. But i want to write in english so more people can read my "best sex" story.

When i was 25 i had only had sex with regular sized or lets say skinny girls. i was just not interested in the bigger females, although they have stuff which i am attracted big boobs and ass.
One summer there was a big street party going on in town. I was on my way home from work and decided to get a beer before i go home. So i went to one of those tents where they sold beer. I orderd, enjoyed the live music which was playing and looked at the pe... Continue»
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my first taste of cock

I am married to a wonderful man and we have a great sex life. . I learned early in our marriage that my husband is both kinky and submissive. I loved being dominant in bed and making him do all kinds of kinky adventures. I never realized just how submissive and kinky Michael really was until this month.

Over the years of marriage, we loved experimenting with sex. We are both very open- minded and have tried many different kinks. We have evolved sexually to the point where Michael wears women's panties regularly, and is very submissive to me.

Michael loves oral sex, both giving and rece... Continue»
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