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cant help falling for hot sexy times with married

When i was younger i never got the pretty girls and never functioned down below well and soon became transgendered. I dont have the pressure to perform any more . I was still attracted to girls but one day saw a huge black man with 2 sexy girls and i began to wonder why so many females had black boyfriends. All of my female relationships ended with the girls going to black men so got intrigued.
One day i was out one night in Manchester and was asked by a very tall black man if he would be able to lick and kiss my feet. Instantly i thought that would be lovely. I didnt expect to see his m... Continue»
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Donna Me & the Chubby Teenage Chav

As luck would have it Donna and I were doing some shopping in town when we passed Amy, the teenage chubby chav, I fucked a couple of months back, in the street, and she stopped to speak to me as her friends lingered by. When we broke apart Donna asked who she was and as we had a coffee I was telling her.

I could tell she was thinking and after a few minutes she said “Perhaps we could take her home” “Now that’s a good idea”, as we walked on I got my phone out and rang Amy, she answered straight away and we agreed to meet up in town. As Donna and I walked towards her she waved, as we met she ... Continue»
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Transwoman or Sissy Faggot?

When a male decides to transition and become feminine she
may decide to be as womanly as possible, many are ladylike
and demand and deserve to be treated with respect.
Many are promiscuous to the point of being whores but they
still get treated like women because, frankly, they have tits,
very often big boob job tits.
But a whore is still a whore and gets treated like one.

Sissy faggots are lower on the respect totem pole than
trans woman whores though.
They usually have smaller or NO tits but they usually shave
off their body hair and feminize themselves.
They're somewhere bet
... Continue»
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Black Step Milf

Step Milf

I've been living with my step mother for about two years now. We've lived in the same house together ever since my dad pasted away. This is the story of the first day that I hooked up with her....

First off let me paint you a picture. My step mother is about 5'6, black, with dark hair, double D's, a big chunky ass, thick thighs, big luscious lips, a pretty thin waist (she has a little belly on her but she is far from fat), and a very pretty face. People say that she kind of looks like an older Serena Williams. I believe he is about 46 years old or close to it anyway. Now you kn... Continue»
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Several months ago, on another site I was chatting with Badpappy. He mentioned what a thrill it might be for us to dock with each other. He mentioned it again last month. As luck or good fortune would have it, my wife and I needed to visit Toronto. As Elvis would sing, "It's now or never!"
I did some research, found what I needed and emailed Badpappy his instructions:
1-at 2:00PM, June 12th, go to the Clarke Hotel on Dundas Street
2-rent room 416, it has a four poster bed
3-leave a key card at the front desk with instructions for it to be held for Bob Apple
5-lie nake... Continue»
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I finally did it!

This is all totally true. It's not a fantasy, at least not any more.

After years of jerking and ass play to t-girl porn, nurturing a fascination with cock, an xhamster user asked if would be interested in meeting. I replied, No, because at the time I truly wasn't interested in being with a guy. But it got me thinking... "Does it really matter if the person I'm with has tits or not, If they are feminine or masculine? How bad could it be? A cock is a cock, right?" After a few days I realized I was a little turned on by the attention. So I uploaded a profile photo in the hopes of getting more.... Continue»
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Used in a Booth 2..

The guy whose penis I was sucking kissed/sucked my nipples and licked his way down to my flaccid penis. Suddenly I was embarrassed by my flaccid three inches, he sucked my penile head and shaft into his oral cavity like it was a string of spaghetti.

Sliding his hands around my hips he gripped my bungs and pulled them to him and apart the guy behind me smeared my bung hole with a slippery slick substance and inserted a finger than another and still another. He begin to twist and pull my bung hole apart working it very roughly. The guy sucking my little member was humming a tune that I could ... Continue»
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Dicked Down

Chris felt the vibrator buzzing away in his ass, pressed tightly against his prostate. The vibrations rolled and buzzed up the length of his cock and were swallowed by Mika's pussy. She had come home with her s****r after being at the club all night and crawled into his bed in the middle of the night to fuck. She was d***k and smelled like coconut rum, cigarette smoke, and perfume. He remembered her climbing on top of him, straddling his waste and pulling her white dress over her head. She wasn't wearing panties or a bra. His cock was instantly hard and her wetness welcomed him in with e... Continue»
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Me n Billy

My friend 65yr. old Billy loves me....loves my 17yr old butt hole.....he loved jamming his fat dick in my butthole.....myself I was such the boy whore, that it got me off twice as much when he would fuck my pussy while all his older friends watched and rubbed there cocks and got the cum load ready for me the sexy bitch.......he loved inviting all his old mature gay friends over and in middle of conversation he would reach in my pants and pull my big dick out for all to see stroking it while he pushed his fingers into my front of at least 6 to 7 people old gay men with big gay dic... Continue»
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DPed in the office of the principal

“We’ve never done it there. And ya gotta keep it interesting, try new things, new places. Otherwise it just becomes crap. And ya know, the chicks want that too. Ya gotta find new places, places that’ll give ya a kick, ya know, places no-one would expect.”

“Alex, Principal Martinez’s needs a few people to help in his office. Will you come please? Thomas you gotta come too?” said Jed matter of factly.

The boys strode purposefully down the corridor, Alex struggled to keep up. They reached his office and Jed peeked in. His secretary wasn’t there and his office was deserted. “Come let... Continue»
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Helena buys a new bed

Helena buys a new bed

Helena called me that Saturday morning to go to her home. She had bought a new king size bed and the delivery was scheduled before midday.
She was home alone, being her nice husband outside of town. She told me she wanted some company now, so, I went to see her.
We were in the main sofa kissing and touching each other, when suddenly a knock at the door sounded past twelve o´clock. Helena answered, finding there two nice looking young men, very tall, athletic, muscled and very handsome. They were Andy and Keith
They brought the bed in, took it upstairs, removed the o... Continue»
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Synopsis: A slave is used by his new Mistress and her friend

I’d met her online, and four weeks later I was waiting nervously, naked in between the only two bushes in the parking lot. Cars drove along the main road lighting up my hiding place as they went past. I was beginning to think this was a really bad idea, when a car turned in and parked at the other end of the parking lot. It sat there idling for what seemed like forever then the trunk popped open. This was it, I ran as fast as I could hoping it was the right car and hoping no one else decided to drive past or ... Continue»
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Nye adventures with Mistress M – Par 1 - the

Its been a while since Mistress M and I played for real as I fucked things up a few months ago. After e few months break I took all the courage I had and wrote to her again. I knew she was frustrated and angry with me. But we managed to establish a good online communication again. Since then a few months have gone and we are playing online and sending pictures and chat dirty. I keep asking her if I have a chance to meet her in RL again and dream about it.. This I a short story how I would like it to happen if it does.. while I am writing this I stand at my workplace, wearing a thong with 1 hol... Continue»
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What a day.

This story is purely fiction, but it is the first time that I have ever tried to write a story in the first person. Feel free to make comments and maybe make suggestions for other stories. Enjoy my fellow perverts.

I can't believe the day that I just had. I woke up to a phone call from my girlfriend and she said that it was time for us to us to see other people. "We lost our spark." she told me. 5 years gone down the hole. I tried to get her back but she said no. I went to start my car before going to work and it wouldn't turn over. I couldn't take care of it right off the bat so I had to g... Continue»
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Lizvette in D Major

Teen mommy-to-be takes a licking from her best friend's Daddy on a secret vacation they will always remember.

I held Lizvette by her ass as she clung to me with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, covering my face with kisses. Her tight round little butt, so firm and soft in my hands, reminded me of something. "You know what, baby?" I asked.
"What, Daddy?"
"I didn't get my second dessert last night."
She had promised me in the shower the night before, as I washed her bottom, that I would have a s... Continue»
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MY younger aunt

MY younger aunt

This is the one thing that I really can not forget in my life because it provides an easy experience that I can not forget. On my 20-year old friend of mine has asked me to go home with it at Sihanoukville, it guaranteed a place to stay and a place to eat, but if the story is easy, it does not ensure anything if the desire is to find yourself, and I have not said anything, because I am supposed to play there to have been bathing the sea and eating seafood only. Think things seem too random for me, is this very thing that I'm not busy thinking about that. After holding with m... Continue»
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Molly the Manager: Part 6 Happy New Year 1983

these events actually happened. Names have been changed. Geographical locations have not, as it ads to context.

The week after Christmas, 1982 up to New Year 1983. Those were some of the happiest years of my life up to that point.

The week between Christmas and New Year was a busy one for both of us. Molly, being a manager spent, literally, opening and closing at the return/exchange booth. I on the other hand, was dropped to 25 hours. My saving grace is people that had purchased new televisions wanted a little more than rabbit ears on that nice set. Remember, most large ... Continue»
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How do I have sex with a dog?

When I get asked for advice it comes in two varieties:
How do I write a story?
How do I have sex with a dog?

Since having sex with dogs is a lot easier than writing, I'll answer that one first. This is something I wrote ages ago and let me say first off that it's based on an anonymous guide which was evidently written by a man, since it had zero information about women/dog liaisons. I rewrote it for some friends and a few websites adding the female perspective and editing the male specific information with assistance of a friend who is knowledgeable about such things. So this is not entir... Continue»
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My first strap-on

The evening started like any other, quietly watching tv on the couch, toying an teasing each other. The show we were watching ended, and we made our way to the bedroom, kissing each other and leaving a trail of clothing on the way there.
I threw her on to my bed and climbed between her thighs, kissing and licking every inch of her body, intentionally ignoring her pussy with the exception of brushing her clit on occasion. Driving her crazy before I had to taste her, my tongue dancing around her beautiful pierced clit. My fingers exploring her folds before pushing one inside her and then two, ... Continue»
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Jade's daddy is a sex addict

This is Jade:

At 18 she likes to go to the gym, keep herself fit and healthy and make sure she looks fit for all the lads. She hadn't passed her driving test yet so going to the gym she had to rely on her daddy to drop her there and pick her up. Every time she would leave the gym she would always be wearing her tight little spandex two piece out fit looking a lot like this...

She had been working hard a... Continue»
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