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The last time I was a slut for cock

This is an account from my diary about the last time that I was a total slut for cock, before I realised that there was power in being dominant.

Went over to see Peter yesterday, it was about 8pm when I left his house but I didn’t have to worry about rushing home.
It was nice being with Peter again, he’s taught me so much the past year and he loves me in feminine clothes but he wouldn’t let me take the dress that I’d worn for him home. He let me go home wearing the bra, pants, stockings and suspenders though, it felt lovely wearing them when riding my bike. I felt so happy having spent th... Continue»
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Should never have called her a slut.

It had been a while since the two of us had connected sexually. It was certainly more than two months, that was until one evening when Linda was getting ready for a night out and had just stepped out of the shower. Her body was still wet when she arrived into the living room wearing just a pair of platform heels. She looked at me and said, honey whatever happened before I just need you to eat it right now. I look at Linda as she moves closer to where I am sitting, her wet body shining in the light, Linda raises a leg over the arm of the chair and gives me a close up view of her bald pussy. Eat... Continue»
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Unusual Interracial Story

My name is Giselle Madsen O'Shea. I'm a plump, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed Irish housewife living in NYC. I stand five feet eight inches tall, thick, with blond hair and pale blue eyes. My husband Leonard O'Shea is always at work. Such is the life of a corporate raider. He's spending lots of time with his skinny mistress Leigh at the office these days. I know who she is. The skinny office tramp all the workers have fun with during their lunch break. I don't mind. The less time he spends at our mansion, the more time I have to mess around with my favorite stud. We have an arran... Continue»
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Kinky Black BBW With Surprise

I don't know what's come over me lately, folks. I seem to have been bitten by the freaky bug. I used to be a normal man. In fact, I still am, in most ways. My name is Jamal Jenkins and I am a young black man living in Boston. I attend Emerson College and I am studying Criminal Justice. I want to become a police officer someday, just like my father. When I'm not at school, I work as a Security Guard for the Hellfire Club, one of the city's hottest night clubs.

Yeah, I love my job and I love my life. Lately, though, things have been somewhat freaky, man. It all started when my sexy black girl... Continue»
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Male to female transgender. Had no idea!

This is a true story. This was a time in my life where I was sort of a bitter person. This story is geared more about the things that led up to my encounter. This was a result of a series of events led up to this point in my life. Let's begin with the basics. I was in the military. I enlisted because I had one full time job and two part time jobs and still had trouble making ends meet. I was seriously overworked and my wife refused to get a job. So logically, I weighed out my options and decided to enlist into the military. It would be one full time job with a slew of benefits. Once I graduate... Continue»
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Sandra (Part 2)

One Tuesday night during the week of mid-terms, my girlfriend, Rena, and I were taking advantage of my roommate being stuck in a long evening lab session to enjoy a nice, leisurely fuck. Rena was on her hands and knees on my bed, her head down in my pillow, while I moved in and out of her from behind in a slow doggy-style. I was getting close to coming, and had just started to pick up my pace, when someone knocked on my door. I froze for a moment, but Rena reached back for me and moaned into the pillow, "Tom, don't stop. Fuck me, baby." I held still for another moment, but then went back to pa... Continue»
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Mom & daughter / Sue & Colette

I had been seeing Sue for a couple of months, a lovely woman in her early 40's. Good looking & great body for her age, but it was her amazing sex drive that really excited me. She just loved sex, indoors, outdoors, public places, didn't mind what time of day, she lived for sex.
Sue had a daughter, Colette, I was meeting her for the first time, she was 19 & home from uni for the weekend. I went round to Sue's house early evening, as Colette was going out with friends. I sat on the couch waiting for Colette to come down , wondering if she looked as good as her mom.

I h... Continue»
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Demise part 3

Sylvia woke next morning from a dreamy sl**p. Her waking thoughts were of a summer walk in a forest, with a sexy man. She couldn't remember if it was Paul, her boyfriend or Mr Jackson her married tutor and lover. They had walked hand in hand through the warm trees, laughing and talking, kissing and cuddling. They had come upon a stream which upon inspection was quite warm. They had taken off there shoes and sat on the bank of the stream and let the water flow over there feet. Her memory then skipped to them being in the stream, naked, and being made love to by a really big penis. She was in th... Continue»
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Ken Pt2

"Ken" and I had another get-together the other night and since everyone wants to hear's what happened.

My wife had to work a late night possibly over night job so I emailed "Ken" just after she left and asked if he was free for the evening. He answered an hour or so later saying he was as long as i brought 'something extra to wear'. We agreed to meet at his house after I got the "clearance text" (a text from my wife letting me know that she and her co-workers had made it to their job location). While I waited for her to text I got ready. I was just getting out of the showe... Continue»
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My first outdoor sex

This is a story of when I was younger, and had fun with my friends little s****r. The name used in the story is not hers btw.
Tage was 8 at the time, while I was 16.

Tagens f****y comes over to hang out with my f****y (or f****y is close with each other). As we start to settle in, i see Tagen walk in and she is wearing knee high socks and a thigh high skirt.

Me and Tagen decide to go to the park to go play in the playground. Once we get to the park, we go to some dirt hills that I know nobody goes to. I lead her back and lay down on the ground. I have Tagen stand above me, her skirt o... Continue»
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Big boy

This boy that lives in my apartment building turned 19 last year and was going to graduate high school this year. He lives with his uncle, but his uncle's always at work. From time to time I catch this boy looking at me with those perverted little boy eyes. Staring at my boobs popping out of my shirt. Knowing he was looking at me, I'd tease him a bit. Bending down infront of him, Winking at him or blowing him a kisses. It's so funny because he's so shy. I bet he's even masturbated thinking about me before. I can only imagine what he'd do with me if I'd gave him the chance.

I was getting gr... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #32: Vivian-1

Vivian is my fine friend with big boobs, formerly from Amsterdam, where we were almost neighbours
Vivian is very famous in Japan where she resides now and paparazzi photographers follow every step

Vivian starts her career as teen in Prague and only lets men fuck her first few months for some money
Vivian switches soon to model only with other famous models, still she looks for love and satisfaction

Vivian is happy to get to know me as fan and friend, who helps her a few times from some predicaments
Vivian is happy to offer me special access, while her lovely looking Lilian looks
... Continue»
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I can't remember exactly when my s****r Nancy and I first began
masturbating in front of each other, but by the time we were in
high school, we would usually come home after our dates with
other people and tell all about what Nancy called "the juicy
details." My s****r is a beautiful brunette with smallish-sized
tits. I'd tell about dry humping my date in the front seat, or
touching some girl's tits; and Nancy would sit back against the
headboard of her bed and slowly bring her knees up, then open her
thighs. As she listened to me describe my sexual adventures,
she'd moan a little... Continue»
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Old friend to friends with benefits.

No, I do not know her exact figure at sight (which means this is indeed a true story) with my Old Friend

I’m sure she could’ve felt that I was trying my best to look at her. The reason for my attraction wasn’t exactly her looks but the constant sarcasm she expressed in a phone call she had just attended.

I wouldn’t say I was turned on, but surely interested in talking to her.

About myself, I do not feel like banging every other girl I see. I need to be attracted to her personality first, and this one, seemed to be quite something.

Since she was sitting just next to me at the metro ... Continue»
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The Devil's Pact, Cult of the Ghost Chapter 1

The Ghost is dead, but those women who he touched vow to bring him back.
The Devil's Pact, The Cult of the Ghost
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2015

Chapter One: Worship Orgy

Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this.

Monday, November 19th, 2013 – Deidre Cheshire – Paris, Texas

“It's true,” I said as I surveyed the room, looking at each of them—his lovers. There were almost thirty women and girls in the room. “The Ghost is dead. But there's a way to bring him back. If we're willing to pay the price.”

A great gasp went through the room. Grief painted their faces. We... Continue»
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me comi la verga de mi cuñado

hola que tal amigos soy su amiga bueno para los que aun no me conocen les dire que soy una chica travesty de 19 años, soy delgada pelo negro, piel morena clara, mido 1.67 y soy lampiña cosa que me ayuda muchisimo en estos casos.

en mi relato anterior les conte la primera vez que me dieron una riquisima cogida y ahorales voy a platicar la segunda vez que me cogieron y esta vez fue el novio de mi hermana.
en esa ocasion cundo el novio de mi hermana y su amigo se despidieron de nosotras despues de habernos cogido muy rico, mi cuñado al despedirse de mi me dijo al oido, cuñadita tengo que prob... Continue»
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Helping a man in need.

It was a cold winter night and for the seventh time I forgot to go to the supermarket. Because I was too hungry I really needed to go to a night shop. I normally don't go to nightshops but i guess you can make an exception. So I put on my pants and my shirt and go outside. There's a bit snow but it's not snowing, lucky for me. Though it's pretty cold and I can feel my nipples are getting hard due to the cold and me just being there in my shirt. The night shop isn't that far away but it still is about 10 minutes walking. I was walking down the street and suddenly I hear someone screaming. I can... Continue»
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A fucking hot threesome in the hotel. Annie part t

A text message pinged my phone into life. It was from Annie. "Meet me at the Holiday Inn. 10pm. I have a surprise for you." My body tingled in anticipation. Getting ready, I got there ten minutes early and sat at the bar, sipping a straight whiskey.

At 10 I saw Annie walking into the bar. She was wearing a short leather skirt and white blouse, through which I could see a black bra.  She was accompanied by a tall slim blonde with piercing blue eyes. Wearing a tight top which made the most of her large and pert breasts and tight leggings which showed her long and muscular legs, her lithe bod... Continue»
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Getting You Between The Sheets

It was just your average boring, quiet Wednesday night on the outskirts of town. By 9pm the pub had all but become deserted with the exception of a few regulars such as me and my friend Richie. Work had been rough that day. Nursing a few cold ones seemed the way forward and so by then I was numb enough to the pressure headaches not to care!

I had a day off after and planned to sl**p late, lounge around and maybe hit the gym in the evening after a couple of cheeseburgers. Nothing too strenuous, just looking to get my fill; which was hard going when you lived alone, worked odd hours and got y... Continue»
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Mac rubbed Kelly's thigh as they drove along. They had been out for lunch and were just riding around in the country. Kelly was rubbing his thigh as well. Mac could feel his cock begging to harden as the drove along. He glanced over at Kelly and smiled. Her nipples were beginning to harden, poking through the fabric of her sun dress.

Mac knew the area they were in. Having been a delivery driver years ago he knew this part of the county all well as anyone. He knew that they were coming up on a series of homes that would be the last for almost fifteen miles. The area was crisscrossed by, curr... Continue»
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