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my girlfriend found out my secret. (part 2)

Part 2.

I got down to my knees and grabbed his cock, his boner was gone now so I rubbed is cock a little and licked his balls to get him hard again, I opened my mouth put his soft fat dick on my tongue and slowly licked his helmet, hè started getting harder so i wrapped my lips round his fat helmet grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him towards my mouth, my girlfriend stood there watching me suck his cock and said to me, this is pretty hot, watching you suck cock is turning me on, and then as I pulled his cock towards me I felt it grow in my mouth and I gagged a little, his cock was ro... Continue»
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iCarly - iWant Her: Chapter 3

iCarly - iWant Her: Chapter 3 – iSecrets

Sam loves hanging out with Carly, but she feels slightly awkward around her, she makes her feel so strange. She finds out she's not the only one who feels this way when she goes over to Carly's house.
BTW-I still don't own iCarly, and my chinchilla is forever awesome


I was on the couch watching some show about a guy and magic hamster, eating ribs covered in Carly's favourite yellow blanket. She was probably talking with Freddie about how she made such a huge mistake, and must've gone completely insane. I sank into the co... Continue»
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Publicado por dany6969 el 13 de Dic, 2012

En la despedida de soltero del novio de mi hermana yo tenia 14 años.

Cuando mi hermana y su novio se comprometieron en matrimonio, en casa no se hablama mas que de la boda por todos lados lo unico que escuchaba era de los preparativos y no me quedaba de otra que estar siempre en medio de todo escuchando lo que se decia.

Cuando llegaron las amigas de mi hermana las vi que todas se fueron al cuarto a reunirse y yo las segui para escuchar lo que hablaban de... Continue»
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Slaying s****r

I had recently moved to San Antonio been there for about a year while i was on the streets,i started to get lonely after a few more months i started dating again and met my ex fiancee Deshaun now Deshaun was by far the most drop dead sexy girl i have ever been with she was black with short hair about 5.3,38 DDD,and had an ass so fat you cant miss it. After a few years we moved into an apartment with her mom and little s****r Tani after getting settled me and Deshaun decided to have sex in the apartment while the mom was on a road trip and Tani was at school. It all started after i came home f... Continue»
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The corpse was still cooling on the bathroom floor where it had fallen Vincent had left it there after his cock had slid out of the victims mouth he had already cum and made his cock sucker swallow the load which he happily did people liked to please Vincent he is a gorgeous Italian male late twenties I think he has so many passports with so many different names and birth dates its hard to keep tract but I'm his lover and the teller of his tale so I have a better idea than most though even I am not positive and truth is I really don't care as long as he shows up regularly and fucks me like he ... Continue»
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Sx E - Bbw pizza a domicilio

Avevano appena chiamato per farsi portare una pizza a casa, verso le otto di sera.
Decisi di avvertire il pizzaiolo, perché ormai erano già le 7:30.
Un quarto d'ora dopo, partìi per consegnare la pizza.
Arrivato all'indirizzo prestabilito, scesi dal motorino, e aprì la porta della palazzina.
Vidi che stava salendo le scale una ragazza molto carina.
Inaspettatamente, la ragazza si grattò un attimo le gambe, e nel farlo sollevò leggermente la sua minigonna, lasciando intravedere un bellissimo culetto sodo.

Era una cosa che n... Continue»
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what a sexy story 2

আমার নাম লাবনী, বয়স ১৪ বছর, ক্লাস টেন এ পড়ি। আমি আব্বু আম্মুর বড় মেয়ে। আমার একটা ছোট ভাই আছে, ওর বয়স ৫ বছর। আমাদের চার জনের ছোট সংসার। আব্বু একটা প্রাইভেট ফার্মে চাকরী করে। আমার বয়স ১৪ বছর হলেও এই বয়সেই আমার যৌবন ফেটে বের হচ্ছে। আমি ৫ ফুট ৩ ইঞ্চি লম্বা, দুধেরসাইজ ৩০”, গায়ের রং ধবধবে ফর্সা, কোমর পর্যন্ত ছড়ানো লম্বা কালো রেশমী চুল। যখনআয়নায় নিজেকে দেখি তখন আমিনিজেই অবাক হয়ে ভাবি আমি এতো সুন্দর। আমি যখন থেকে চোদাচুদি বুঝতে শিখেছি তখন থেকেই পর্নো ফিল্ম দেখি, চটি বই পড়ি। চোদাচুদির বিভিন্ন ছবি বইয়ের ফাকে রাখি, পড়তে বসলে বই খুলে ঐসব ছবি দেখি। তবে এখন পর্যন্ত কারো সাথে চোদাচুদি করতে স... Continue»
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So after returning from Brighton I settled down at home just the normal things really, work seeing friends and the like, I still very annoyed with Ken talking about my mother but dismissed it really on the count that he was just horny and couldn't wait to get home and watch the video of Alf and his friends fucking my s****r, still in was in the back of my mind to watch out for my mother who at 51 had kept herself in pretty good shape and she was at a low point that my father had walked out on us to be with another woman but she seemed ok and just needed to be looked after for a few weeks to he... Continue»
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Picking up a Stray

As has happened many times before the little woman and I had a

"domestic dispute" that ended with her telling me to "Get Out!!!".

Usually I tell her to fuck off and settle in to the couch for some loud

TV to drown out her bitching until she shuts up, but this evening was

warm and it had been days since my last blow job,,,probably why the

arguement started in the first place. I hit a couple of sleezy bars

where the blow queens hang out, you know , the sluts that will suck

cock for a couple shots in your car or the mens room. My phone kept

going off, the bitch jus... Continue»
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The Nude Weekend - Friday Night

Sharon stood out the front of the large sandstone Rose Bay home and slowly unfolded the piece of paper in her hand. She checked the number against those written on the piece of paper that had been handed to her three weeks earlier. With a wave over her shoulder the taxi driver pulled away, leaving her alone to begin the second stage of her burgeoning sexual development.

The Sydney sunset reflected off the stain glass windows and although expecting to hear music coming from the building, the silence, interspersed with the cackle of a gang of white cockatoos, was welcoming. Small puddles of ... Continue»
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Nick Baker held all the cards in this lawsuit. In his
early thirties, he was a rising star in the judicial
system of the Big Apple. Across the table from him,
Graham Gray sat with a worried look on his face. He
was an old acquaintance and the attorney for the
opposing side in the case. They had to travel to the
state capitol for today's deposition, and probably
would not be able to return home until Sunday morning,
but everything was working out just great.

The settlement in this case would involve millions of
dollars. Nick's fees and prestige from winning this
case wou... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #20:: Sasha and Ashtyn-6

Sasha and Ashtyn are a fresh couple so they are in each others arms all the time in my sex studio
Sasha's younger s****r Natalia has her eye on me, after my impregnation of her with so much love!
She keeps residence in my bed inviting pretty Petra and me to keep her company and make her happy
She is all natural and as honest as hot to us two: Please take me hard Petra and Professor Peter

I lay next to her and zap a bit my many cameras to see where Sasha and Ashtyn are making love now?
I watch them in a sexy sixty-nine while nice naugty Natalia munches at my member to m... Continue»
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Beginnings: My First time as a crossdresser (PT 1)

( Hi I am repostng because I want to string everything together for continuity ) Everything is connected so you should start at the beginning.) (This is a true story, the conversations in it are only as accurate as my memory can supply, as this happened Thirty years ago)
When I was 17 I was dating a girl from the local college. I lived in a medium sized college town in a western state and it was 1983. It was Halloween weekend and we were both drinking some wine coolers she’d bought, the drinking age was eighteen at the time and she was nineteen, and smoking some pot I had brought over. We had... Continue»
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Hotel meet up and fuck with a girl half my age.

It is not always easy to cheat when you are yourself. So my young lover and I have resorted to role playing to help facilitate our meetings. Last weekend I came home one day early from a job in Montana and got a hotel room on the business credit card since I go in on a flight that cost the company less. This is what played out once I hit the hotel.


I walked into the bar in the hotel lounge and saw her immediately. She was sitting at the bar, sipping... Continue»
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Friday night: more than she bargained with.

She came home from an evening out with friends and snuggled next to him in bed. He directed her hand to his cock and she wanked him. She asked him if he had the energy to give her arse a gentle spanking. She wanted to feel back "at home". His cock stiffened further. And then she got more than she bargained with...

He donned her cuffs in a flash and secured her wrist cuffs to her ankle cuffs. He instructed her to lay face down on bed. Arse up. Her hands by her ankles and legs spread. He spanked her arse repeatedly. She thanked him. He then reminded her that as her cunt is out of action he ... Continue»
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La nostra prima crociera

Era tanto tempo che avevamo deciso di fare una vacanza diversa. Non era mai capitata l’occasione, però. Partecipando ad un concorso a premi ho vinto una crociera sul Mediterraneo per due. Ho colto l’opportunità e Volevo che il viaggio sembrasse il più possibile quel viaggio di nozze che non avevamo fatto con mia moglie……frà due giorni saremmo dovuti partire.

E’ stato così che al porto, in procinto di salire sulla nave abbiamo visto salire Pino il suo ex datore di lavoro ed ex amante ,le ho detto che le davo il permesso di scoparselò quando e quanto voleva e di togliersi qualsiasi sfiziò. No... Continue»
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This storey relates to me and a time when my life was so good, that I thought o would put pen to paper and tell you good folks about an incident that happened to me back when I was being used by dirty old men for there gratification.

Ive told you all before about the 2 dirty old men that used me in various positions and the like over a 3 year period that I would never change in my life and is something im quite thankful for, well this incident is a follow on from them stories and involves the same people but with a little twist on that fact.

I was asked by Ken if would run him down to Br... Continue»
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Wife and I were Robbed

I was in the ensuite off the bathroom applying the last of my make-up to complete my transformation from Martin to 'Michele' when I heard the disturbance.

My wife Kerry was waiting for me in the bedroom nursing a gin and tonic. We had just returned from a boring party and I had convinced Kerry that tonight should be our 'monthly special'.

Kerry and I are in our mid 40's and she has known about, and tolerated, my crossdressing from early on in our marriage. She puts up with it because she loves me, and knows that I am faithful to her and in no way homosexual. Kerry permits me to dre... Continue»
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Hotel Fuck

After sitting for hours on the laptop sitting in Gaydar, Fabswingers and Fabguys about to give up hope, a message finally arrives in my ‘inbox’ asking me if I fancy meeting up?

After much discussion and asking the usual questions, I am in my car and driving off to the city centre to a Glasgow Hotel. The remit goes roughly like this, ‘open door, enter room, lying on bed with ass facing you. Insert you cock and dump your load’ no questions asked. Always so wary of such invitations I decide to risk it and I am delighted to say that it worked out well.

I entered the room, it was dimly lit... Continue»
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my girlfriend found out my secret. (part 1)

My girlfriend is awesome, she's hot she's dirty and she's pretty much perfect. There's only one thing she doesn't have that I want, and thats a big fat cock. I can't explain why but I love sucking cock and having my ass fucked, my girlfriend fingers it every now and then but its just not the same. One monday morning I got what I wanted, I was in the laundry room that our block of flats has washing some clothes when my upstairs neighbour came in, he was wearing just his boxers and a t shirt, I didn't really know him that well, we said hey when we walked past each other but thats about it,... Continue»
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