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Schoolgirl Gets Gangbanged

(This story is part two of “Schoolgirl, Black Coach & the Water Boy. If you are not into interracial or cuckold this not for you. The previous story can be found on my profile)
It was Saturday night a Rob drove his daddy’s car over to Melissa’s house to pick her up. His mind raced as he remembered the sex session he had watched and participated in the previous week. He could see Melissa on her knees sucking the coach’s large cock and then seeing the coach pumping that monster in and out of Melissa’s tight pussy. He remembered seein... Continue»
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My Crazy Dream: "The Model Railroader"

One day, I was building my train layout when a knock came on my door. I opened the door when all of a sudden my jaw dropped to the floor! "Hello" she said, "I was on my way to a photo shoot when my tire on my car exploded and my cell phone died! Can you help me?" I responded, "Sure, you can use my phone! Wait a minute, you look familiar!" I let her in to my place, she picked up the phone, called who she wanted to call for help, then her face became sad as she hung up the phone, I asked her if everything was ok, she shook her head no. She said, "they said that the earliest they can get here is ... Continue»
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Last Weekend's Flake Becomes This Saturday�

This was the second date I'd arranged with this young gentleman. The first had, unhappily, fallen to pieces even before the evening of - and while I'm not usually given to providing flakes second chances, I was in enough of a charitable mood (and let's face it, I was definitely in need of some action) to arrange a meetup for Saturday.

When he arrived it was already dark out, and cold. I'd left my door unlocked for him,so the first I knew of his arrival was the tinkling of the chimes as he opened the door. I was waiting for him in the livingroom upstairs, dressed as he'd requested, all in ho... Continue»
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A Walk in the Park

I had just had a row with the wife and I was pretty wound up and decided to go for a drive, I ended up in another town about fifteen miles away. I parked up in a secluded road next to a park where there was an ice-cream van, after had one I was sat in the car smoking, as it was a lovely summers day I had the window open, suddenly this boy appeared and asked me if I had any change.

He gave me £5 and I changed it for him, I could see he went to the ice-cream van then walked towards the park. I locked up the car and followed him. As I caught up with him he was sat on a bench alone, I sat next ... Continue»
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Secret meeting

She arrived home from work exhausted. After taking care of all the household duties and dealing with f****y, her mind and body were aching for relaxation. After everyone went to be she made her way to her bathroom and started the water running in the shower. She waited for the water to get hot enough to ease the tension her body was feeling. She stripped off her clothes, looking at herself in the bathroom mirror. She admired her naked body. Cupping her breasts she thought “Not bad for a 40-something year old.” She thought of him and how he would love to see her now. The thought of him ... Continue»
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Neuro submission transmitter 5

"God damn! That fucking bastard!" I hear mom yell from the living room. Jumping out of bed, I run in to see what's wrong. Mom's fuming as she walks back and forth reading a letter. She's wearing a short terrycloth robe that she must have slipped on to go out to the mailbox.

"What's wrong, mom." I ask, putting my arm around her shoulder and trying to read the letter. "What's that?" I ask.

"It's a letter from your father's lawyer." She yells, stomping her feet. "He says your father is entitled to half of the money from Uncle Harry's estate, because our divorce was never final."

"What do... Continue»
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Wife arranges group fuck for hubby – Part 4

A bit shorter, working on more now, thought I'd add what I had so far...

Nick slides his cock all the way in and I feel his balls pressed up against my ass. Joe's fresh load acts as a great lube and Nick is soon building up a nice rhythm as my wife and I continue sucking on Bills amazing cock. We are working so well as a cock sucking team you'd think we'd been doing it for years! As one of us was sucking on his knob and down his shaft the other would hold the base or his balls, or lick his balls, then we'd swap, or we'd both lick up each side and then kiss each other with his knob in betwee... Continue»
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The "Home Gurl"

An attempt to write a Cross Dresser/Trans story requested by a friend.

They called him "STONE". Steve Adams. High School athletic hero,Combat proven Military man, homeless and in jail. He had only one person who might help him since he had burned the help of f****y and most friends. He remembered a friend he turned his back once finding out he was gay, Cary Bishop. He called the only number he knew and got his old home. Cary had moved states away, but they said they would tell him. Four days later, Cary called the jail. They talked and Stone ate crow, desperately begged for help. Cary rele... Continue»
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caught in the backroom

Kevin Longquirt was supposed to be doing inventory in the backroom of Warden Automotive parts. Instead he was rubbing his cock through his jeans while thumbing through an old porn magazine. He had found the dirty magazine hidden in the bottom of a dusty old filing cabinet.

Kevin was a thin, sinewy 18-year-old with dark black hair and green eyes. He had played football on the high school varsity team and had developed a strong and lean body. What he lacked in bulk he made up in speed and agility. His right hand was down the front of his jeans when the door swung open and in walked Ke... Continue»
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Just a fiction story..............

Ken had three women he got from a mail order site. They cleaned and cooked for him and supplied him with all the sex he wanted. The girls were twenty, twenty one and twenty four. He was forty five. He had a high sex drive that was hard to satisfy so he bought all three girls to live with him. Each night he chose a different girl to share his bed but during the day he enjoyed who was closest to him. Mia was a petite Swedish girl with big tits and a great ass. Kim was oriental and used many sex lotions and d**gs from the Orient to make the sex intense and er... Continue»
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sissy gangbang

I am gay.
I'm actually not just 'gay' - I'm a faggot sissy whore.

Yesterday I went to this group thing and I turned out to be the group's slut - took three large cocks up my man vagina and got a whole fill.

It all started nicely and softly, with the first guy rubbing my dick while fingering my pussy, then taking up one of those double-headed dildos and inserting it deeper and deeper inside my fag's ass.

The thing about double-headed dildos is that they are meant to be used by two horny sluts and give them enough cock so that it doesn't end up in a fist fight - they are usually longer... Continue»
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Vacance à Cannes La Bocca

c'était au mois d’Août je passais de bonne vacance à Cannes La Bocca avec ma femme , où nous avons loué un appartement , le soleil , la plage , les visites de la région etc. et chaque soir au niveau sexe avec ma femme était un peu plat et j'avais d'autre envie d'autre désir sexuel et machinalement je consultais sur mon pc un site de rencontre qui s'appelle "Lieux de Drague" dont je recherchais des lieux de drague entre hommes à cannes et je suis tombé sur une annonce d'un lieux à Cannes la Bocca aux rochers rouge sur la plage pas très loin de la gare réputé pour cela à partir de 23H00 et je se... Continue»
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Nicole- my first girl

This happened a few years ago… the fucking weirdest weekend of my life… when I got fucking laid by the hottest young chick EVER!!! Not to mention, she busted my cherry- female-wise- and addicted me to women ever since!. Her name is Nicole, and even though there is another woman in my life these days (and different in every way!), she will always be my first!

I used to have this dumb-ass job as an attendant at a male sex club called MACK Folsom Prison… and yeah- that it is a whole different story! But anyway, I worked from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., seven days a week. I liked the job and I had be... Continue»
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A Threesome I'll NEVER Forget (True Story)

It was a Friday night last school year when I was bored and didn't have anything planned. My GF of the time wasn’t really talking about anything and was giving me a hard time about some bullshit, things I wasn't trying to deal with because she was bitching over nothing. I was horny, so I wasn't trying to hear all of that, plus she was acting like she didn’t want to get on skype and talk so I could ultimately talk her out her clothes and bust a nut J/O to her showing off her body. We were texting one another since we were in a long distance relationship. She went to a different school than mine... Continue»
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Life is full of little surprises (part 2)

(continued from part 1)

The door swung open, I saw a petite pretty woman looking quizzically at me. “This lady has had a nasty fall and it was my fault” - I could hardly believe what Scott was saying - “so Emily, can you please help her clean herself up and look at the nasty wound on her hand”. Emily smiled at me and replied “Yes Daddy”. She held her hand out, took mine, led me indoors and upstairs to a bedroom. “I'm a nurse” she said “now let me sort you out”. In twenty minutes or so I was clean and my grazed hand covered with a soothing cream. Emily let me repair my make-up and hel... Continue»
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The Affair pt 2


Julie had been away on a business trip for a few
days. We chatted briefly every evening around supper
time while she was out of town. It sounded like she
was having a good trip. She told me that the meetings
were rather involved and that they were wearing her

When she got home, everything got back into its usual
rhythm. We would make love once a week in our usual
manner. Yes, I was experiencing some guilt for having
slept with Diane but I did everything I could to hide
that fact.

A few weeks after Julie's trip, we were in bed
snuggling like we do e... Continue»
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Anita's First Time

I looked at Dave my husband and he just grinned at me
and gave me a little shove.

I looked at Ron and he smiled offering me his hand.

I could feel myself colouring up as I grinned and
took the offered hand. It was a large hand, I could
feel the rough calloused skin as he pulled me over.

You know I did not realise how big Ron was, I mean,
yea, I know he is a big guy; but when he pulled me
in, and I felt those strong thick arms of his wrap
around me and pull tight to his chest; it was then
that I realised just how big and strong he was.

When he pulled me in for that fir... Continue»
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A Date to Remember - 1

Gino answered the door, giving the timid looking
blond on the other side a once over. "Hey Lilah, glad
you could make it tonight. I've been looking forward
to our date" he said, opening the door wider so that
she could step inside.

Everything about her body language screamed
nervousness, from her slightly hunched shoulders to
the tension radiating through her body. Lilah looked
up at Gino with a small smile, replying that she too
had been looking forward to their date since they'd
made it a few weeks prior. Gino led Lilah over to the
couch, watching her carefully.

"L... Continue»
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A visit to a Glasgow Sauna

A visit to the sauna in Glasgow.

Paid in and got undressed and made my way to the sitting room with the television showing some crap daytime programme, I think it was Kilroy-Silk and his chat show, boring as ever and I was looking around the room to see what might be on the menu, so to speak. There was a really old guy, a fat guy, a couple of bearded muscular guys and that was about it. There was nothing for me on the menu but I knew there were others in the sauna – I just had to find them.

I decided to leave the sitting room and make way firstly to the sauna. Due to the heat in the s... Continue»
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So we received an envelope in the mail it was real fancy embossed in gold leaf and everything I looked at Patricia she looked at me and shrugged so I opened it the cover said “Your Invited!” I opened it up and there read “To our home warming party!” It was from our friends Tommy and Suzie Wong he had made a fortune in the market and had bailed out before it crashed only an insider tip had saved him from disaster so it seems they just moved into a new highrise building The Millennium Tower in San Francisco it showed a picture of this super posh residential building which happens to be one of t... Continue»
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