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Spanking a wet Kitty - Part 1

For Kitty...

But in my version of this video, I wouldn't be playing with your pussy so soon. I'd spend much more time playing with your tits and pinching your nipples. Maybe slap your big tits and watch them jiggle around. Pull on your nipples, lifting your tits up. Then I’d either put some clamps on your nipples or maybe small suction cups to make them real hard and swollen. Since it's not a full on punishment, I’m gonna let you cum as often as you want and can. BUT we're gonna work on getting you to squirt, unless that's something you're able to do already.
So after you've had a nice o... Continue»
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My post is regarding how I landed in bed with my aunt. She is in mid-thirties with wheatish complexion and figure stats 34-30-34. She has those typical brown aerola nipples.

Coming to the story. I never had seen her with such intention till one day that everything changed. It was in the month of MAY
I woke up late that day and I saw that my aunt was changing her clothes in the room with half eyes open I saw her change and the devil in me was awake. Those boobs had made me fall in love at first sight .since that day I used to take every advantage of being close to her despite the fact I was... Continue»
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Rear Ended by loyalsock

BAM! My van lurched forward with jarring impact. "What the fuck!" I uttered. Putting my service van into park, I stepped out of the vehicle angrily to assess the damage.

Behind me was a white Lexus SUV, its bumper and grill crumpled from the impact. The ladder on the back of my van was pushed into the doors, both of which were concave. My rear bumper seemed to have taken most of the impact.

I looked up at the driver and stared into a pair of large, circular dark lenses. Behind the sunglasses was a faux-tan face, its made-up lips twisted into an 'o' of surprise or horror.

I'm a big man... Continue»
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Soccer Crush by loyalsock

Great. I was late for class again. O well, I thought as I casually
strolled to the class I was 15 minutes late for. When I finally got
there, I managed to find a seat in the crowded auditorium way in the
back. Perfect. Maybe I'll get a chance to sit next to Teri. Teri was
gorgeous. She had beautiful brown hair with few blonde streaks. She had a
femininely athletic body, toned muscles and all. This was because she was
on the soccer team. Everything about her was beautiful. She was about
5'10 and weighed maybe 135. She was curvy in all the right places. She
had my heart and she didn't ... Continue»
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You led me there.

I am on your bed, facing down, lying flat. You led me there.

Eyes closed, I can hear you take off your clothes behind me.
I am almost naked. You get up on the bed and put your legs beside me. Your hands touching my waist, grabbing my pants - you slowly pull them down. I bend a little, arch my back for you and let the cloth gently swipe down my cheeks. You take them off. Sit on my thighs. You are warm. I feel you press against me. Your naked body against mine.
You are taking my arms to put them behind my back. Wrists crossed, you take a scarf, grab my hands and tie them together. I move ... Continue»
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My Intro to Sex 3

The next morning I woke up first and was re-living what happened the night before in my head. I have to say that it was a little intimidating to be lying on that bed completely naked next to a stranger who was also naked. I was kind of hoping that he would be able to teach me a few more things about sex but all of a sudden the phone next to his bed rang. All I heard was that he would be there in a few minutes. That was his boss on the phone and he had to go to work and he told me to get dressed and he drove me to a bus stop so I could go back downtown. It was like getting the bum's rush out o... Continue»
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Gary's Dressup Sissy

When I was a teenager I lived next door to a guy named Gary. We were friends for years but drifted apart as he was 3 or 4 years older than me, so when he discovered girls I didn’t see him for a while. However, one summer he and his then girlfriend had a fight, so being at a loose end he would invite me over to watch movies and play video games.

One day we were watching a movie, when Gary suggested watching some of his dad’s pornos. I eagerly said yes. So for a few days we would watch porno from about 10 am till 4 pm when his mom came home. His dad seemed to have hundreds of movies. One mov... Continue»
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Anal Exercises

Yes, it's probably true that I have the nicest ass in my college. I figure that's pretty good for a freshman, and I know some of the older girls are jealous of it, and of the attention it gets me from boys. Especially the older girls on my cheerleading team - they're practically green when they hear boys talking about my ass!

But I have to work at it. The important stuff never comes easy, Dad says. Like learning my cheer routines. Or memorizing where Japan is for Geography class (it's in Asia, which is near South America, I think). Or getting my bottom into proper shape. Of course, for that... Continue»
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Mom's friends

Brad enjoys his mom's highschool friends
Finally summer holidays had arrived! Brad had just finished his sophomore year in high school. He had even managed to raise that ever struggling geography grade so his parents weren't going to insist he worked on it during the holidays. This was actually a bit of a surprise, so for now the grand plan was to practice football and hang out with his friends and then relax as much as possible in between.

"My condolences .. yeah? .. oh? .. sounds nice! .. oh wow, that's kind of short notice .. I'm pretty sure Ted has to work, but maybe I ca... Continue»
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Used for an Evening!!!

This is a very true story that took far too long to tell. Names has been forgotten over the years matter of fact I don't think there was any names given. Anyway my name is David, yeah I reveal my real name, I'm not going to sue my self...LOL...

This was some year after I had been taken advantage of by my three(3), high school bullies and their relations. You see I was in the ninth grade and decided to cut class, our inner city high school was situated between two neighborhoods.

Bordered on two sides by busy streets or avenues, one side by residential houses and the back side sheltered... Continue»
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Brigantine Weekend Part 1

Nick and I got to the club about 1am and the place was packed. Summer weekends in Atlantic City meant lots of partying people looking for fun. I drove down most weekends to stay with Nick who worker there as a dealer and was well known and well liked by the people at the club. We went to our regular spot by the bar and within a few minutes Nick struck up a conversation with the two girls drinking next to him at the bar. One was a hot looking blonde about 25 and her friend was a plainer looking brunette with short curly hair and a short skirt that hugged her ample hips. Nick zeroed in on the b... Continue»
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The Neighbor

Sara was just f******n when she got a crush on the neighbor next door. He was single and very handsome and he was always nice to Sara. In a year she had developed full size tits and was getting quite sexy. Her mom and dad worked during the day and then drank till the bars closed leaving Sara alone all the time. She spent a lot of time with the neighbor and loved the attention he gave her. He was quite taken with the young sexy body. Sara liked to wear tight t shirts with no bra and he had noticed how full and natural her tits were. She also had a great shapely ass. She went to his house one da... Continue»
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Perfect kinky story

I would love to take u out and then get back here and pull your shirt off along with mine and grab your head and pull your lips gently into mine after looking deeply into your eyes. I would pick u up and pin you against the wall to make out with you aggressively pulling each of our heads side to side. As we are on the way to the bedroom we fall on the ground, and you are on top of me. I flip us over and start kissing you really slowly and passionately and start kissing down your sleek neck and slowly licking and kissing down your torso and stomach down to your pants. I slowly undo the bott... Continue»
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Taking Aunt's Panties

He knew he should not be going into her room. But he had seen something as she was folding her laundry that he just had to see again. He started opening the drawers of he dresser. In the middle drawer he saw what he was looking for, among other things that sent a shiver thru him.

It was the many colors and different types of her panties that made him breathless. But it was the red panty that his eyes were drawn to the most. It was the thin strings and sheer piece of fabric.

He put it in his pocket and closed up the drawer. He would look at it in his room where it was safe. It was time ... Continue»
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my gay sucking and fucking time

His soft lips kissed mine. Our tounges smacked on each other's as we passionately kissed. I pushed him on the bed. I took his shirt off to reveal is tight abs and muscular body. I kissed his neck, down to his chest and along his perfect abs. I removed his pants and underwear to reveal is hard perfect cock standing to attention in front of my face. I kissed the tip of his cock and then the shaft. I grabbed his cock in my hand and spat on it, rubbing my saliva in with my hand. I put his cock in my mouth and sealed my lips tightly around it. I started sucking his perfect 9 inch cock. My head was ... Continue»
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My best friend's daddy!

My best friend's Dad was always hanging around. He taught English, my favorite subject. Every day after school he'd drive us home and I'd stare at him wondering what he'd look like sweating on top of me. At night before bed I rubbed my wet virgin pussy thinking about what his hard cock would look like between my huge perky tits. I always caught him looking at my ass when I walked away and I always had to smile back at him. It makes my pussy wet just remembering!
When I finally turned 18 I decided I couldn't wait anymore.

One night when I knew Anita and her mother had gone out of town to vi... Continue»
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The last time I was a slut for cock

This is an account from my diary about the last time that I was a total slut for cock, before I realised that there was power in being dominant.

Went over to see Peter yesterday, it was about 8pm when I left his house but I didn’t have to worry about rushing home.
It was nice being with Peter again, he’s taught me so much the past year and he loves me in feminine clothes but he wouldn’t let me take the dress that I’d worn for him home. He let me go home wearing the bra, pants, stockings and suspenders though, it felt lovely wearing them when riding my bike. I felt so happy having spent th... Continue»
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Should never have called her a slut.

It had been a while since the two of us had connected sexually. It was certainly more than two months, that was until one evening when Linda was getting ready for a night out and had just stepped out of the shower. Her body was still wet when she arrived into the living room wearing just a pair of platform heels. She looked at me and said, honey whatever happened before I just need you to eat it right now. I look at Linda as she moves closer to where I am sitting, her wet body shining in the light, Linda raises a leg over the arm of the chair and gives me a close up view of her bald pussy. Eat... Continue»
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Unusual Interracial Story

My name is Giselle Madsen O'Shea. I'm a plump, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed Irish housewife living in NYC. I stand five feet eight inches tall, thick, with blond hair and pale blue eyes. My husband Leonard O'Shea is always at work. Such is the life of a corporate raider. He's spending lots of time with his skinny mistress Leigh at the office these days. I know who she is. The skinny office tramp all the workers have fun with during their lunch break. I don't mind. The less time he spends at our mansion, the more time I have to mess around with my favorite stud. We have an arran... Continue»
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Kinky Black BBW With Surprise

I don't know what's come over me lately, folks. I seem to have been bitten by the freaky bug. I used to be a normal man. In fact, I still am, in most ways. My name is Jamal Jenkins and I am a young black man living in Boston. I attend Emerson College and I am studying Criminal Justice. I want to become a police officer someday, just like my father. When I'm not at school, I work as a Security Guard for the Hellfire Club, one of the city's hottest night clubs.

Yeah, I love my job and I love my life. Lately, though, things have been somewhat freaky, man. It all started when my sexy black girl... Continue»
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