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Meeting Beth, part 1

I've met a few women off here and had, as I'm sure everybody has, some pretty weird experiences. There are a lot of crazy people out there, a lot of real sluts too. Well my god did I meet a slut last week. Her name is Beth - that isn't what she's called on here, but I reckon some blokes might figure out who it is once they've read this. We had been chatting on here for some time and I thought it was time we met. I've been working down south a lot and hadn't had time, but I was back in Birmingham to seal a property deal and knew I should have a day free, once we'd signed on the dotted line.

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The Student House

As Louise sat on the sofa, she really had no idea how she'd found herself in this predicament, although to say that she regretted it would be stretching the truth. The plan for that evening was for her and Claire to meet up in Reading where Claire had recently been undertaking a study course, and they were to have a quiet dinner out where they could catch up, perhaps get a bit tipsy and just talk and talk and talk until they fell asl**p, just like they'd so commonly done in college. Now it was one o'clock in the morning and she was in a house in the Reading suburbs with Claire and five young g... Continue»
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blind date and tongue bath

Dinner was fantastic, my date Dan was gorgeous and I loved his apartment. The evening passed quickly and the conversation fairly sparkled, Dan was both interesting and interested in me.
I had never done a blind date before but Sally had recommended Dan very highly, apparently he was just back from a period travelling the world and would soon be snapped up, me being single Sally had done some manoeuvring and here I was. I was nervous but Dan's attentions were getting me quite excited, he was quite special and my skin tingled and my breathing was slightly heavy as I tried to impress , sittin... Continue»
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A Black Cuckold Anthology

esus San Jose is the name and sexual wickedness is the nature of my game. I'm a young Spanish-Canadian man living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I stand five feet nine inches tall, slim and fit, with Black hair, light bronze skin and pale green eyes. I recently graduated from La Cite Collegiale with a diploma in Police Foundations, and I'm currently looking for work in my field. In the meantime, I work as a security guard to pay the bills. I have always believed in pushing the envelope when it comes to human sexuality, and I am happy to say that I have met some kindred souls who w... Continue»
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Polishing Mr. Cleans pole..

It was Sunday afternoon almost dark out. I was sitting in a Starbucks enjoying a coffee and thinking about what to do that night. I had not sucked a cock in a while and had a need for seed. I pulled out my iphone and opened my Craigslist app. I had had some luck looking through the personals before maybe this time something would come up.

I saw an ad for someone wanting a full body massage. He said he was 27,single and living alone up in the nearby mountain area. I responded back I would give him a really good massage. I really did not expect him to respond back since I am in my late 50's. ... Continue»
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Confessions of a cross dressing slut....1st BBC

So about 6 months after my first taste of cock, i began talking with another man on xhamster. He was dark, handsome and middle-aged.

He told me how much i turned him on with my pictures and how much he'd love to meet. The problem was, he was married and worked as a professional and couldn't be seen for the sake of his marriage and career. No problem. I told him we could be very discreet and no one would find out.

We agreed to meet in Manchester. He booked a hotel near the centre. I thought one outside the city would be better and more discreet but he said this one would be fine.
It wa... Continue»
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My Ex her 2 S*sters and Leeds Fest.

My Ex her 2 S*sters and Leeds Fest.

Please read my other 2 stories about my Ex and her S*sters for a background for this story...........

Comments and likes are most welcome........

Kat, Marie, Emma and myself ventured to Leeds Festival in 2014. The girls had gone out dressed up in sort of sixties hippy flower power clothes with sexy short dresses and flowers in their hair and other such get up. They looked great and got a lot of free drinks bought all day by lots of horny lads. We danced and d***k the day then night away and had a fantastic Saturday. By the end of the night we were a... Continue»
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(My Diary The Series) I'm not the one to blam

Last weekend I was over at my uncle's farm watching the MLB playoffs with the rest of my f****y. I got there Friday and ended up back home on Sunday night after a wild weekend.

I had a great time with my aunts and uncles eating, drinking, dancing and FUCKING.
My aunts always invite their friends over to our gatherings and most of them are married cougars/milfs so you know I was on the prowl to see if I can get some PUSSY without disrespecting my aunt in front of her friends.

Luckily I didn't have to because when a house is burning down it must be wrecked, or better yet demolished in my ... Continue»
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Showing off Submissive

Nate had come out of the pond near 3 guys. Two were not young and hot like Nate and Clay, but, like me, they looked great for their age. One was a young fraternity looking guy with ripped body, covered in all the right places with black hair. They had watched all of us across the pond, and though that I must have be crazy (well, I had been rolling with Molly) to have fallen asl**p next to Nate. I walked over toward them as the youngest guy was standing with his hands clasped together behind his head, feet widely spread, and there was Nate tracing his finger on the point where the tiny T-bac... Continue»
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Black Cock College Threesome (MMF, bi-male)

Part 1 - Prologue, and Extending the Invitation

It was my first year as an upperclassman, and I was finally the starter at shooting guard. Most of our players were upperclassmen; all of our starters except at point guard, where highly-touted freshman Marcus Washington was expected to earn the starter's spot. We had been a very good team last year, just missing out on winning our conference, and with most of our players from last year returning plus our addition of Marcus, we expected to win it this year.

I had finally finished my general education classes, and was working on the courses ... Continue»
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My First Candy Cane

College life was pretty crazy. Between classes, basketball (I was on a basketball scholarship) and chicks I was swamped. The hardest part was balancing the three. Because I an academically strong, I took a heavy class load (I was not on the road to the NBA...I was just using basketball to get my education for free), I was starting on the basketball team as a freshman (a rarity) and I had a few co-ed's who were usually more than eager to suck or fuck me.

I am not being arrogant, but I am decent looking, a good guy, funny, easy going and decently equipped.

I had never considered having sex... Continue»
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Mature Latina Hooker Bareback

I was working in South America and even if I had found friends, I used hookers when in between dating GF’s. At one point, I called the add in the newspaper and they said beautiful Latin girl, late 20’s and nice firm tits.
Made a deal with the e****t, that she should be there at 8pm. She knocked on the door and there stood a very lovely Latin woman, slender, big hips and thighs, firm tits and a smile to die for. A real Latina – with golden colored skin, long black hair and black eyes. She was late 30’s, so +11 years on me and was still smoking hot and being a mature woman, I knew I would fuck... Continue»
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Midsummer Night (Cuckold 4)

Sperm is leaking at the corners of her lips.

Silence wakes me up. It is total, abnormal. I feel the bed next to me: empty. Murielle is not there. Where is she?
I do not move.
I focus listening, but nothing, I hear nothing. Silence surrounds me from all sides.
The house is empty, that is why this silence. The old demons beset me. Strange sensations of abandonment, of immense solitude. Panic.
Where is Murielle? I get up and head with felted steps towards the door, being careful not to bump anything. It’s strange that I’m careful not disturbing the silence.
The door. The door is closed. ... Continue»
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Norman and Anastasia Part 2.

Luke and I follow Anastasia up the stairs. Her wrap round dress is tight across her big firm arse. Luke looks over his shoulder at me and grins. His eyes are level with that big swaying arse. She reaches the landing and opens the door to the bedroom. She hesitates a moment before walking in. She climbs onto the bed on all fours and Luke climbs up behind her. Her grabs the material of her dress and throws it over her back, exposing her arse God!! Where did Norman find her. On all fours behind her he buries his face into her crack and licks all the way up it. Reaching between her thighs he grabs... Continue»
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Sex Shop Swap Swinger Anal

A couple of suburbanites in the big city for a night of CW dancing. My wife was throwing down some shots and line dancing like there was no tomorrow. She even danced a two step with a couple of cowboys but I didn't mind cause her coochy was all mine lock stock and barrel. If anything it only made her friskier. She threw down one last shot and told me it was time to go. When we got to the car she was all over me. I got my hand down her pants and rubbed her clit and was driving her wild. I slipped my finger deep inside her pussy and while my wife is normally wet she was juicing up a storm tonigh... Continue»
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I Found The Right Girl Mff Anal Swinger

My name is John and I'm in my late 20s. I meet Tim and his wife Kathy at the rec center pool when I moved into my condo about a year ago. I became good friends with Tim almost immediately. They're in their 30s and Kathy is a very attractive woman. They are a very out going couple and have the best parties. While most of their guests are married they invite me whether I bring someone or not. Since then I've probably spend more time in their hot tub than the swimming pool although I do spend some time at the pool meeting other women at the complex being that I am single. And I have observe how w... Continue»
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Finally Letting Go Swinger, Group, Dp

There I was under a blanket reading again trying to escape from my reality of cleaning, cooking, refereeing and the constant frustration of being a stay at home mom. I was reading another sci-fi romance novel when I heard the rumble of my husband Ryan's car coming down the hill toward our house. It was the first day in a long time that the sun was out, it was winter in Seattle and sunshine was a welcomed change after months of overcast and rainy weather. I heard the door shut and Ryan's voice as he was greeted by both k**s and the dog. Our k**s loved to play with him and he was a good father, ... Continue»
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Bisexual Anal Party (Threesome MFM, black and whit

Traveling is a lot of fun. Indeed, it is an activity I will highly recommend. Who am I? Thomas Brown, a twenty-something Black man, recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts, and man about town who is doing some traveling in the wonderful cities of America. If you don't travel, you do tend to miss out on some of the most wonderful experiences which can be had. What experiences? If you care to find out, then please read on. Oh, and hold onto something because it's about to get hot in here. Don't say I didn't warn you.

My latest excursion into unknown towns took me to Jersey. I like ... Continue»
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my first time ( translate from ilk seferim )

i think it's gonna better if i tell the story from the begining. When i was born my father was very happy to heard a has ason. İ guess lmost he doesnt know after happens. From the time after some situation happened about somethings wrong but my parents prefer didnt talk about that until i was twelve. the year at the begining of effective my hormones top so my body was begining the transform like a girl. espicially my breast my booty my emotional situation not different from my body. İ feels like so hot and get turn on when i see naked man body at magazine or beach finally my parents made a dec... Continue»
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Carol And Her Two Doc's

I have worked as a nurse at a small doctor’s office for about ten years. My friends k**ded me that when you get into your forties a woman’s sex drive peaks. They laughed and said you will be as horny as an eighteen year old male. Well, I just turned 41 and sure enough I found myself craving sex with my two doctors I worked for. One was Pete (age 53) and the other was the much younger Kevin (28). I was never getting laid and it was driving me fucking crazy.

I was always attracted to Doc. Pete and before long I just couldn’t stand it anymore, my husband had been gone for four days and I
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