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From my first to my last

I've had several experiences with guy friends at various stages throughout my life, everything below is true, everyone involved was consenting and knew exactly what they were doing. My earliest encounter with the same sex was at quite a young age.

I spent almost every waking hour with my best friend Alex and neighbour Mark. We would do everything together and eventually discovered what our dicks are actually meant for. I must have been about 1 2 when we watched our first porno together at Alex's house. I remember a distinct feeling in my groin, and my first proper errection. Alex and Mark ... Continue»
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Ex love

I came out of mumbai airport on road at
6.30pm. I was searching my
driver. I saw him on next end of road. I went
there crossing the slow
moving traffic & sat inside the car. he said in
his local style "you
know about mumbai traffic, that's why I
coudn't take car near you". I
said "ok now come inside the car & let's
move". car joined the
traffic. I told him to take car at rushab's
house. Rushab is my school
friend. he got aranged married 2 days before.
I coudnt attend his
marriage because my companies annual
general meeting was at delhi on
day before his marriage & as a recount ... Continue»
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Рассказх моего препода..... Част 2

Смазка из моей молодой пиздёнки и слюна уже пенились от продолжительной ебли моего рта, губками я крепко обхватывала член моего классного руководителя и он долбил мой ебальник не хуже чем задницу пол часа назад, на миг вытащив, он позволил мне вылизать его яйца.

- Нравится тебе, Азель? Любишь быть давалкой?
- Дааа, выебите пожалуйста мою попочку ещё раз, она соскучилась по вашему хую, заполните её спермой, мне нравится как вы долбите меня раздвигая булочки попки в стороны!

Довольно улыбнувшись, взрослый мужик снова одел спермоприёмник школьницы на член и сделал несколько фрикций, ему нр... Continue»
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Gloryhole Switch

Great story which has been posted here before but is not available anymore. Not mine!

my girlfriend and I had decided we wanted to visit the local adult store to try out a little gloryhole fun. We had watched videos together and she always said she's like to see me getting my cock sucked through the hole, and who am I to turn down getting head, eh? She'd also mentioned that she wanted to try her skills are sucking cock through the hole, so this seemed like a pretty win-win idea.

Let me give you a quick overview of my girlfriend to bring you up to speed. She's 19 years old, 5'2", 115lbs, ... Continue»
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Musician, Paying his dues


The names have been changed to protect the insane but the rest of the story is true.
Short background on me. I am a musician, at the time I was the lead singer/keyboard player in the hottest cover band in our area. We had traveled about 40 miles for this gig to a little town with only one bar. It was located on the corner of Main and Spring Street so they named the place, “The Main Spring”....yeah, I know...Anyway when we got there it was a shotgun bar meaning the building was narrow and long, the owner told us “The place seats 150 people but it’ll fuck 300...You b... Continue»
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Taking Carol

Taking Carol

Chapter I The New Neighbor

Carol Sizemore couldn't think of anything her part-time neighbor would want to
meet with her about. She had known that someone had purchased the house next
door six months earlier, but hadn't seen or met anyone associated with it since.
She had been satisfied to see the lawn care company keeping it well maintained
every Wednesday, and didn't much care whether anyone ever lived there.

It was odd to have a complete stranger call her and insist that they meet on
short notice, and the woman's demeanor was unsettling. It was as though she h... Continue»
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My gay experience

I got in trouble with my girl and as punishment, she made me have a 4some with three very thick and long guys. I do small anal play, but they were about four times bigger than what i use. My girl had strapped me down so I was in a doggy style at the edge of the bed. She brought in the guys and you could easily see the bulges on their pants. they were massive! She had the first guy take his pants off and it hung there maybe 12 long. And I found out it wasn’t completely hard yet either. My girl got some lube and rubbed it in my ass and some on the guys cock. When she did, she jerked him off for ... Continue»
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The visit

The visit
When one is divorced and have business together one always have to maintain ties. When you are divorced and Zefa is your ex-wife is no different. My current wife knows this and one or two weekends a month I travel to the house of my ex to take care of common matters.
There I was on my way. I took the ferry. I takes almost an hour to arrive and when I got there Zefa was waiting for me at the exit. I noticed she got some weight. Her current husband wants her like that. But she’s still very attractive. A short pink dress, very sexy. Foreshadowed the absence of bra, as usual. The nippl... Continue»
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So it's been a year since the divorce which was a long bitter battle and I took the cheating bastard for all he had not that he didn't deserve it put him through medical school worked two jobs to support us while he studied but in the end it was worth it he became a doctor and got successful becoming a plastic surgeon at a huge very reputable hospital we were on our way to easy street but after a while he began to act funny working hours I knew he didn't need to work going off on so called medical junkets for days I became suspicious after finding sexy tweets on his phone I checked it out whil... Continue»
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First Time with a CD

I was having a drink in a pub way out of town when this beautiful girl started talking to me, she had shoulder length dark hair, wearing a blue top with a short white skirt and ankle socks, she had a small chest but she made up for it in the fact she was pretty. As we talked she came across as confident as well as sexy. It was time for me to go and she said “Can I get a lift” I said “Sure”.

As we walked towards the car she told me her name was Davina. We got in and I said “Where do you want to go” and she replied “Somewhere quiet if you want” and as I nodded she directed me to an old church... Continue»
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This was a club formed by a group of interested first/second year students at university in the 1980's
They decided it would keep the old fashioned discipline of Corporal Punishment and spanking alive.
They all had been humiliated by their Father's mostly at home. Their mother's gave the odd beating which some maintained was crueller than their father's especially if using the slipper or switch
All had tasted the strap/cane at barding school not just on their hands but their covered and uncovered bottoms
It grew out of four from different parts of Ireland who began making new friends, i... Continue»
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To anyone I have ever told this story to I call him the L'phant Man and not because of a deformed face but because his cock looks like an L'phant's trunk that's what I called them before I learned how to say the word and it was the scariest looking cock I had ever seen even in photo's or video's I had never seen a cock like this one! And I thought as he climbed behind me with it “This is going to HURT!”

So let me begin my story...It was a Friday night and I was bored I had no date there was crap on the tube so I thought what the heck I'd go trolling for cock maybe I'd get lucky hey y... Continue»
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Fucking the Maid of Honor

Weddings, a place of love and romance, and sex...well a lot of crazy sex. I have been to several weddings, usually with someone, and never had sex at or after the wedding, well intill now. See I was invited to be the best man at my b*o's wedding, and hell yes I would do it. The party for him was a combined party, both are straight edge types. Me I am John, who will dabble in the market but since my wife left me for another friend, I have played the field. This wedding look simple and nice. I was not expecting anything much of it. I knew the bride...Amy, who was marring my bud Brian. They seem... Continue»
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Penny's Third Day

Penny’s Third Day

Penny loved what had been done to her throughout the second day and was quite proud of her accomplishments so far. She was so thankful to her guide, Bridget. She made sure she showed it too! Whenever she had the opportunity she would always do what she could to help Bridget cum during the class activities. Bridget was the kind of slut she looked up to, and craved her approval. So when she was to be picked up this time by Mr Johnson she thought she might share Mr Johnson’s cock with her during the daily sponsor debriefing.

Mr Johnson arrived in time to see the teacher... Continue»
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In the back of the cab

Myself and my ex in the back of a cab !

I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself and my ex girlfriend at the time, we were both 20 she had long brown hair and a body like you've never seen, perfect pert tittys and a round scrumptious ass with a tattoo going down her left side from her ribs and stopping at her pantie line. And I'm 5ft 11 gym fit with full sleeve tattoos dark wavey sort hair, now to the good bits :)
We had been to a friends house for a few drinks and a take away on a summers evening we had been there a good 6 hours drink beer and eating good food, when jade came... Continue»
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We Found Pleasure in Her Pain

With pain, there would be pleasure tonight.

There was a time when I could not get enough of her. I loved her the way other people loved those special to them. She was beautiful--perfect in my eyes in every way--and then the lust went out of me. I could only think of dominating and humiliating her. Yet she still desired to pleasure me, so submitted to my will.

Three weeks, four continents, twelve capital cities; non-stop work. I had been without her company and with no other woman the entire time. The only thing I could think of was getting home to my penthouse suite and indulging my crav... Continue»
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want ad

I’m in the market for a slut that can pass for a lady in public when required. This will be a highly structured and disciplined, 24/7 live in arraignment for a three-hole slut only. I am only interested in anatomical females that were born anatomical females. The position will be one of working Ranch Wife on a real Texas Cattle Ranch. Age and size are flexible as long as she is capable of fulfilling her duties, is healthy, presentable and has good personal hygiene. The successful applicant will be honest, intelligent, submissive, an excellent communicator and eager to please and learn new thin... Continue»
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Slut! I will do what you want.

Slut! I will do what you want.
For a number of years I have enjoyed a strong, sometimes kinky, but always eventful, sexual relationship with a very, very sexy woman. She is still married to her husband, a guy who does not perform in the bedroom and is somewhat under endowed. His sex drive and potency is nonexistent which as much as she loves him it leaves her extremely sexually frustrated. After discussions with her husband, this has brought her to my bed for sexual gratification. She is a conservative dressing mom during her normal life, looking after her f****y and home, but when we get to... Continue»
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Dogging with TXLassy

If you have not read my other “Dogging” stories here is some back round info. I am a ex stripper and exhibitionist who loves to suck cock and fuck outside where there is a chance to be seen by others. Dogging combines technology with swinging, cruising, exhibitionist and voyeurism. To wit: Couples, single men, women and strangers watch exhibitionist couples who've met on the Web have sex in cars or outdoors in parks, hiking trails, forest, country roads and sometimes they join in.

We have been dogging in the daylight, dusk and in the dark of night.
We have been dogging outdoors in par... Continue»
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This Betty

Yea I told you how I met Betty. And there were more meetings. As I first meet her I answered an advertise to do a photosession with her for a Magazine. Well she kept my Contact info or at least her husbad did. Cause he tricked me to visit her again. But this time it was more different that I meet up with Betty.

The phone rang and I answered it was Bettys husband in the other line. Hi he said sorry to disturb you. Do yiu have possibility fuck my wife he said.. WHAT I said. He said you Heard what I say. Or shall I explain more? yes do that I said and then he began tell me taht Betty was signe... Continue»
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