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For several weeks, I was dating a girl who turned out to be kinky and aggressive. Her name is Lacey and she has introduced me to anal play, humiliation, and even used strapons on me. Never imagined I would enjoy this so much. After a month she started inquiring about expanding my horizons and my trying 3somes. I told her I had done FFM 3somes before and loved them. She told me she's always wanted a MMF 3some. I told her I might be interested if it was to pleasure her. She wanted to share him with me. Never had I considered the thought. I said no right away.

For about 2 weeks I continued to ... Continue»
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Breaking and Entering- Ch. 3

The saga continues... The third chapter in the tale... As with my Literotica posts, I retain copyright. Please enjoy!

The summer was in full-swing, and all the k**s had the days off. The hot weather lasted all day, and well into the night, making evening time a wonderful time to cool off, and the adults would gather with friends, and talk about the days’ events, plan for the weekend, or just plain socialize.

It was during the few times ... Continue»
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How I Became a Slut Part 3

ok, guys, it's been awhile, let me continue. I grew up in Vegas and was 15 and on my way to my third foster home (read my last two stories). I never realized how good I had it at the last 2 homes until I got to the third one. There was one other foster k**, a boy 3 years younger than me and really anti social, like he NEVER talked. The two foster parents were sooo strict. The first thing the fucking mom did was go through my stuff and take my heels. She didn't allow me to wear makeup but I'd sneak it at school and do my eyes and lips. She constantly yelled at me for wearing shorts that were to... Continue»
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The passionate gentleman’s tale in Quebec, I

I have been living in Amsterdam as a first class e****t for a couple of years now, and as most inverness e****ts have, I too have always had very pleasant experiences with all my business clients so far. However, there was this gentleman from a foreign land, who was quite a striking and good looking young man, and my experience with him has been one of my best so far. Even though categorically speaking, there are many favourites, every moment spent with this particular gentleman has been quite special for me since his looks, behavior and charming mannerisms were extremely amazing.

We met in... Continue»
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A Rainy Day

It was a cold, wet and dreary day, as Rain awoke alone in the big house. She would have liked to just roll over, pull up the sheets and go back to sl**p, but she moved herself to get ready for the day with a hot shower. As she got dressed, she contemplated what to do and nothing inspired her. She resolved herself to having a boring day. Neva, her mother was shopping, her live-in boyfriend, Peter, was at work, her s****r, Mercedes, was away on a trip.

She faintly heard the doorbell ring, but she chose to ignore it. It was probably just a delivery guy dropping off a package. But moments ... Continue»
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Mother and daughter

Recently while I was on a business trip for a few days I had what was a rather unexpected but delightful experience. I was staying in one of the new suite hotels and was traveling alone planning on spending my time at company meetings and watching tv in my room. I went down to the lobby to get a drink as the hotel offered free cocktails between 5:00 and 7:00 . As I had little to do and knew not a soul I began to wander around the lobby watching the people as
... Continue»
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Mrs. Brown gets satisfied

Mrs. Brown, the lady who lived next door to me for several years was an attractive woman in her early 40s. She lived alone and spent much of her time outdoors working around her house tending to her flower beds and the yard. She often hired me to mow her lawn and do other odd jobs to help her out. I never really paid close attention to her until I was mid puberty when my hormones were on fire, and I began to study her more closely and I found myself easily aroused in her presence. About a year passes and I'm ready to graduate high school in about a month and I've grown several inches taller, a... Continue»
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my friend from long long ago

Growing up I had a friend that I would get together with whenever nobody was around. He was the b*****r of one of my best friends. He was a lot younger then me but we did like the same kind of stuff so we would get together whenever nobody would see us and play doctor. This special game started one day out of the blue he came over and we started to talk and finally I asked him if I could see his cock. He took down his pants and I got in front of him took it in my mouth and sucked him for a while. He really liked it and so did I so we started to get together and I would suck his cock. One day ... Continue»
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Gramp and the Marine CD: Visit Two By Buck Jones

Gramp and the Marine CD: Visit Two
By Buck Jones
After Visit One, we exchanged a number of e-mails, mostly about getting to know what my bitch boy wants. He wants a wig. He wants an outfit. He wants a bukkake party. I feel the party can happen, but with the second visit, getting a group together is a little too early. I’m still getting used to being a daddy to an outwardly appearing masculine Marine cross dresser. Go figure!
Anyway, I purchase some make-up items and dig up an old black wig. I get a deeper red lipstick, some eye shadow, and eye liner. Also, I get a jar of Pond’s Cold C... Continue»
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Mary's human-kittypet adventures (2)

This part of the story takes place at the weekend, after Sam tried out the loveballs on Mary in his office. Topic is human petplay and don't rip my fur off, because you read it and notice it doesn't suit you. If you already know my stories about Sam and Mary, you can just go on and read this one. When you don't, I suggest to read at least Mary's human kittypet adventures (1), which can be found here:
It contains maybe some informations, which I will skip in this part.

As for all stuff I write: Typos are housewarming gifts and
... Continue»
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Scotty fucking with daddy's girlfriend

Scotty came into the shop yesterday to tell me about his newest fuck fest. I laughed when I seen his eyes glistened with the huge smile on his face. He told me about daddy's newest girlfriend, Louise. Nice big tits 46DDD's, brown hair that was shoulder length, a little on the plump side, about the same heighth as me, a few tattoo's one being on her lower torso headed towards her waxed pussy.

I asked Scotty how he knew all of this, knowing that I was in for a hot steamy story. Scotty said he had just left the hardware store, where him and daddy both worked. Scotty said that daddy had to ... Continue»
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Beatrice the Latina instructor

Well this story starts way back in 1980,(Actually was a long time ago), and i was a navy corpsman stationed in Norfolk Virginia , was married to a little Vamp from Missouri who was an insatiable horny lil lady , and we started experimenting with threesomes, so Melinda(wife) had became friends with this sweet lil Latina named Beatrice , we were in our early twenties , and our libidos were on freakin overdrive, well Melinda wanted to do a MMF first and i wanted a FFM first, so we hemmed and hawed over which would get their fantasy first, so Melinda was not choosy so we decided on FFM, we talked ... Continue»
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first time

[image]when i met horny couple
i was 31 year old and full of lust and passion.before it i had some gay action but not
very seriouse or strong . something was clear and true my body and face get care men to
eager play sex with me and i had eager too but i was no sure and little doubt about it.
one day afternoon in pool i was laying near massage who was my friend and he was performer
his job to a men . i notice a man looking to me more than half hr then he start to coming
to us.very easy and kind begin to speak around my sexy body and how much i can be effective
to make horny men with my... Continue»
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A Turn of the Tables During My Massage This Sunday

After designing a web site for a new and local Chinese massage therapy shop I worked out a deal with the gal that instead of her paying monthly hosting fees and maintenance she would give me a massage every Sunday morning at 10 AM. She jumped on that idea without a second thought. Later on I did a little math and she would have been better off paying me! Four massages a month is $240. The maintenance and hosting fees would have only been $55 per month. But I guess she liked the idea of using her talent instead of her money. That was just fine with me! For a couple of months now the massages ha... Continue»
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She Watched

Rick ran on the treadmill trying to forget is problems, he continued to have flash backs of his failure as a man, a failure as a husband. Rick continued to ran as fast as he could as he looked down at the minutes knowing he was nowhere near braking any kind of record so he hit the stop button with his head down in defeat he was snapped back to reality by his wife, you can’t run away from being a sissy boy Rick, you might as well come down he is not leaving anytime soon. Rick wife Carla was a sexy Cuban woman fully equipped with the curves, like a grown woman should have. She stood there arms c... Continue»
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Naughty Niece (2)

Having fucked Sarah I thought I would be full of regret and remorse, but in all honesty I couldn't wait to do it again. My biggest problem was trying to keep, firstly my eyes and importantly my hands off her the rest of the day when my wife, Kath & her Mum, Jean were about which was virtually all the time.
Sarah kept giving me sly looks all day, each one with a little smile as if she was going over in her mind what we had done just a few hours earlier on the kitchen table.
Within minutes of our first love-making session coming to an end we had heard movement up stairs and I had quickly adjus... Continue»
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You never know until you ask

I am 32 year old average guy that enjoys a good closet cock from time to time. I am in regional sales so I have the ability to frequent some porn shops and theaters out of town without my girl knowing what I do. Last week I was in the Atlanta area and had made my sales stops for the day and checked into my hotel around 5 that evening and decided to head out to the pool area. I swam for awhile and had gotten out of the pool sunbathing when a couple other people came into the pool area. One of the people that came in was a guy looked to be mid 20's and a little overweight (chub) and he sat a... Continue»
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Off the Pond Too

He finally broke the silence “I never have.” His eyes were open wide as if he were shocked by the question. I guess I was throwing a lot at him, I mean here he was a virgin, home from the service, and having screaming sex with a guy twice his age. I couldn’t help myself. His skin was pale and beautiful, and it was tight over his muscles. He wasn’t muscular though, just thin and tight. The only hair on him was in his armpits and a little tuft over his dick. Yeah, and his dick. It had a life of it’s own, I swear. Long and thick, sweetly veined and wonderful to taste and feel. I could have played... Continue»
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My first four times.

My name is Jonathan. Before my relationship went tits up, It was a raw, hot, and uninhibited time in my life. It started in high school, and that was when I saw Kelly. Her dark blond hair, blue eyes, full figured body. I thought of nothing else but to fuck her hard and good, like no man can. Cut ahead 6 years later....I see Kelly again, still pretty as a preacher's daughter but has a raw sexual energy that matches mine. In short, she's a freak in the sack. It started with kissing her soft lips, then foreplay, fondling her soft tits, sucking her nipples, and then she tells me, " Go down ... Continue»
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I.T and bording

Fictional story
Hi my name is Tim and I would love to tell you a story of a horny weekend I had I will fill you in on a few details first, I live with my girlfriend Debbie 23 who works in the city, she is beautiful, sexy, always horny, and very kinky, I work all over the place being self employed I have to stay away sometimes and Debbie knows I fuck other birds and she is cool with that. Well here is what happened.

I had just had the best weekend sex in my life with Debbie in all areas of the flat being blown and plenty of licking her sweet smooth pussy, I had to set off early on the Mond... Continue»
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