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Jack took Kim to the specialist and had size DDD implants put in his chest. He had injections to his nipples to make them larger. His cock was already nine inches and fine. He put the large metal rings around his cock and balls. A thick plug for his ass. He put heavy make up on his face then a dress that plunged to his naval showing lots of tits. His hair had already grown to almost waist length and he curled it for Kim. Jack put a thick coating of lipstick on Kim's lips and put him on his knees. He dropped his pants to his knees and pulled Kim's mouth to him to suck. He grabbed him by the hai... Continue»
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The Roommate Pt. 02

feminization – sissy – sissification – slow transformation – blackmail – femdom – anal – transgender – f***ed feminization – anal

It's been a week since Claire gave me the formula to change my body, and "turned me into her slave" as she calls it. I've been able to keep going to classes without much problem, too. I always was the quiet one so my voice isn't a problem, I've been wearing baggy sweatshirts to hide my new boobs, and I've been putting my hair into a ponytail. Nobody seems to even realize it's different. My biggest concern is my face. It is rounder, softer, and generally mo... Continue»
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I Always Wondered

threesome – bisexual – mfm

I admit it. I always wondered. Even before my first experience I thought about it more than once. Even though I thought about it I still tried to deny my desires, especially publicly. All guys have thought about it at one point or another. Many guys desire it but won't admit it. Only a few are strong enough to admit it and pursue it.

I had no idea how much my life would change when I came home from work that day. My wife and I had talked about expanding our horizons many times. We had talked about all the normal things open minded couples discuss. Threes... Continue»
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Like Mother

It was no wonder Lori grew up to be a whore. She grew up listening to her mom fuck men at night. There would be a knock on the door and her mom would answer it and let him in and take him back to her bedroom and Lori would lay and listen to them fuck. Sometimes their was lots of dirty talk. She would hear a man tell her mom "Get down here and suck my dick" or "Spread your legs and show me that nasty cunt." "I am gonna shove this big dick in your cunt and fuck you so hard." "Stick your ass up here you dirty whore." Even "How do you like a big black cock?" Lori liked when they left the door ope... Continue»
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Male Sex Organ

You are fascinated by the male sex organ. All the amazing components that make up the male anatomy. In this case, the specimen before you is me. I let you lay me down on my back naked so you can examine my manly parts up close and personal. I have not had an orgasm in a full week knowing you were going to have this opportunity with me today. My prostate gland is deep inside me. My anus looks like a rosebud and is the opening of my asshole. My perineum is my cock's root, the area just between my asshole and testicles. My scrotum is the hanging sack which contains both my balls. My coc... Continue»
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Rita's husband

Rita’s husband

When living in Los Angeles, I met a very nice black girl called Rita and we share good moments at the gym. Rita was married to a black man, but she confessed me she was also bisexual and she loved white women.

One afternoon, after our workout at the gym, we went together to the changing room.
I slipped out of my gym nylon cat suit and got under the shower; Rita did the same as she stood right next to me. I started to wash my hair with my hands over my head; so she had a good view of my boobs and erect nipples.

Then Rita said that I had some nice tits; I smiled and than... Continue»
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Blow my mind

As Chris watched Sally walk towards him, he licked his lips in anticipation, Sally was d***k and had decided to find out how big Chris was, they had been good friends for a real long time, always having a giggle and flirting but the flirting was getting more intense every time, Sally had just been given good news that, she had been given a job with a huge advertising company in the city, she had been nervous for about a month, since her interview, as they sat drinking Sally said she had always wondered how they had never slept with each other, there had been a certain chemistry between them th... Continue»
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Mia liked babysitting for Jon. He was handsome and kind and a single father. Tonight he was going out to have a few drinks with some guys and Mia was taking care of the k**s. When he got home she had the k**s asl**p in bed. They chatted for a few minutes then he got the money out and began to pay her. He stopped and looked at her and said "Want to earn more money?" Mia asked "How?" Jon told her" Take your top off for me." Mia laughed and pulled her shirt over her head. She was not wearing a bra and had just developed nice round tits. Jon looked her over and said "Now the rest of your clothes f... Continue»
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Rough anal Fantasy

Part 1 - My Lover and I
My fantasy begins on a dark summers night in a small house on Horny Avenue, not a mansion but home and a comfortable place for my lover and I. Working from home most the day meant I had plenty of time to myself if you know what I mean, my mind would often wonder in the day about the things I would like to do to She given half the chance. This usually meant I would wank a couple of times in the day thinking about all the things I would like to do to her, she was a bit sexually shy about herself (I have no idea why as she turns me on like mad, I get the horn for her ju... Continue»
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The lift

I had been on the road for just five minutes when a truck pulled up,I opened the cab door and was surprised to find a young woman behind the wheel. I climbed in and said my name was Jed and thanks for the lift, she told me her name was Mary and asked how far I was going and that she was delivering to Coventry. I told her I was making my way to Newark and that I was sorry it wasn't further, she laughed at that and the ice was broker making the following talk easy and pleasant.
I found out she had been driving for six years and the rig was her own bought and paid for,I thought she was taking... Continue»
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I was a glory hole virgin...

This is a true story of when I was living in a small town in the mid west for a couple of years. I had a part time job at a video store and and it was usually quiet. The owners of the store would put in orders for new movies and they had a large adult section that they would keep a good selection of films. One day they were doing an order and they mentioned a local adult bookstore that had glory holes in the video booths. I was only 20 at the time so I had not had much time in the adult store world so I asked what was a glory hole. They gave me a brief background on it and my cock jumped to at... Continue»
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My first bi experience...

Years ago, just after I was legal...but not really "Experienced" in the ways of the world, I was a horny 18 year old.I lived near a large city that had it's 'seedy side"...i.e. adult book stores, strip clubs etc. One Monday night I decided to head to one of the Book stores to visit the "mini movie booths" they advertised (Obviously, this was before the internet, when you had to Go somewhere for porn"!) Since it was a Monday, there was only 1 car in the parking lot (although there were many at the bar across the busy road out front. When I went in, the clerk acknowledged me with a head nod and ... Continue»
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Brittany, Arcade, and three horny nerds

Hi everyone. So my name is Brittany. I'm 5'4". I consider myself curvy with big 34E cup tits and a nice tight bubble butt. I'm a very shy nerdy girl with only a few guy friends I associate with. I dress very moderate so not to show off my curves although I'm as horny as the guys on this site. This is purely a fictional story. I'm just getting back into writing so don't bash me too hard please. FYI I love you guys writing stories about me too. So if you do. Post them or message me them. Huge turn on. Thanks

We had all just graduated high school and we were all going our separate ways. I only... Continue»
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My Freshman Year Roommate Part 2

I woke up the next morning with a hell of a hangover. It took a few minutes before I was able to get out of bed and get moving. What the hell had I done last night? I remember saying out loud that I was never drinking again. I wish I had kept track over the years of how many times I have said that, lol. I looked around the room and it was a mess. There were empty beer cans, a mostly empty bottle of Captain Morgan. I realized I was alone in my room. Where was Jason? I threw on some shorts and stumbled to the bathroom. What the hell had we done last night? I splashed some water on my face ... Continue»
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My Freshman Year Roommate

My first time. (a true story)

Growing up all I could think about was women. I never had any interest in guys. That all changed my freshman year in college. My roommate Jason and I both had girlfriends. We really didn’t see each other that much necause we were always out with one of them. One night he came back to the room all upset because he caught his GF cheating on him. It really tore him up.

Jason was a big strong guy. He played football in high school. It was so strange seeing him broken. He moped around the room for a week straight. Finally, I couldn’t deal with it. I told... Continue»
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The Roommate Pt. 01

feminization – transformation – sissification – femdom – blackmail – anal masturbation – cock worship – crossdressing – whoring/prostitution – sissy

I lean forward, staring at a big cock going in and out of a girl's tight ass on my computer screen. I'm jacking myself off so hard, and I can feel the thong pressing against my asshole, I don't know why it's turning me on so much right now. I'm getting close, and stare intently at how the cock rhythmically thrusts into her ass. Suddenly, my cock erupts cum into my hand, filling it and then some with a huge load. A feeling of shame washes... Continue»
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Art Class Ch. 02

bisexual - mmm - anal

The following week was a pretty much spent with the same naked abandon. David & I just loved being naked & hard together and loved our intense bisexual union. Jen loved to watch or participate whenever she was around. Matt was rather pensive and remorseful about the little incident on the previous Saturday, and kept his distance.

The next Sunday was my birthday and David & Jen wanted to take me out for brunch. We all ended up at “Le Mer Blanc” a nice waterfront restaurant. David had mentioned something before but it had slipped my mind when he introduced Beth... Continue»
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Staying with Friends

threesome – mfm - bisexual male – oral – anal

I had a bit of vacation time that the rest of the f****y couldn't join me, and our old friends from our hometown, Lori and George, invited me to come out and stay with them. They're a little bit younger than us and have no c***dren. They're both tall, slim and good looking. George is taller than me, blonde and good looking. Lori has the face of a model, is about 5'6, with short dark hair and small breasts that seem to be as firm as when I first met her 20 years ago. I know this because she often goes braless and I can make out her chunky ... Continue»
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Once Taken, Always Used

This happened about a month after my session with Bruce, Charlie and Daniel...I was down in the gym getting ready to go to my third period class. There was a confrontation between two guys that thought they both was bullies...only one was the bully.

I forgot how it started only that one guy I will call Mitch, slapped the other guy, I will call Thomas, upside his head. Everyone let out the same sound "ooooooooo" and all begin to exit the shower area..all but one stupid fucker me. I slipped into the locker area as every one exited and as soon as I saw Mitch go by I, for some unknown reaso... Continue»
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Gyno Chair

My customizable Gyno Chair has an option where I can remove the head rest and decline the chair down to be flat, like a bed. I lower the bed so that I can actually stand over, with it between my legs. I adjust the leg stirrup pieces so they are in the extra-wide leg spreading position. With this configuration, it allows me to do this to you. I get you naked , but with frilly panties and a garter belt on. I strap your legs in the stirrups and tie your body down to the chair's bed, on your back. Your head sticks off the chair so you have to hold it up. I start by undressing in front of you which... Continue»
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