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The stranger

After a day of shoping malls in Miami, I come home, as always I dressed with a simple little dress and no underwear, I love to feel the wind caress my pussy shaved.
By opening the door in the dining room, my husband talking to a stranger drinking a Jack.
Hello my love
you robbed Miami stores?
I present John is a former co-worker, he went to say hello.
He rises to greet me, it is great muscular.
he is dressed in a blue jogging.
yet a man who takes care of his body and making the sport.
Come and sit with us, you want to drink what?
Prepare me a Margarita my love.
I sit next to my husba... Continue»
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Watching through the glory hole

Watching through the glory hole

I had been on shopping that afternoon with my loving girlfriend Helena, but she had left me alone, because she needed to go back home early.

I was in my own way home, when I felt I needed to pee desperately. Two blocks away I found a gas station, but the ladies room was out of order.
Then I turned around a corner and saw the men’s room.

I slipped the door open and looked inside, no one was there. One stall on the right side was free so I slipped in to it; pulled down my panties, sat down and finally relaxed, feeling the river of warm pee flow free fr... Continue»
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Ana alone in a Brazilian beach

Ana alone in a Brazilian beach

That summer Victor and I had decided to spend some days in Brazil; later we could continue our trip to Buenos Aires, to visit some old friends and relatives…

On the fourth day there, Victor told me he was feeling sick, maybe he had eaten too much during dinner the night before…
But he told me he would have some rest at our hotel room and I could enjoy that last afternoon at the beach. I offered to stay there with him, but my loving husband insisted he would feel better if he was alone, knowing I was enjoying the sun…

I put on a tiny thong I had purchase... Continue»
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Uncle Jays Cabin

Many people ask me if I get hot writing these stories. My answer: "Fuck Yeah I get hot writing these!!" That's one reason it takes me months to follow up previous tails...errr ummm, tales. I certainly DO love this site and am happy to be able to contribute to it's content, upkeep and maintenance. So should you......Please donate to this free and lovely website so we can keep the cum flowin'........Thank you.

********************** "Uncle Jays Cabin" *************************

Uncle Jays giant, veined boner twitched inside me. I cooed girlishly as he hel... Continue»
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Fancy Dress (Fuck) Party..

My friend is in to helping people and he set up a charity night for the refugees in our town, his idea was for a fancy dress party to raise some money for them for warm clothing for winter, so he asked all our friends to come and ask others to post some flyers to inform others in the town. he hired the town hall and it was a go now so he went to the local refugee center and talked to the f****y's there and told them what he was doing and they were so happy he was doing it. they asked if some of them could come along. he said yes of course send as many as you want free of charge of course..

... Continue»
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A story with a young Chinese woman III

Most of her co-workers were leaving the office, when Bai Jie came out from the rest rooms. She said good bye to a few of them. Then, while waiting for the elevator, she pretended to have forgotten something in her tiny cubicle. She waited, and when they were all gone, she quickly walked to the staircase and began to climb it while she took some of her clothing off. She now had her light summer jacket over her arm. Her shirt was now in her handbag and her panties had disappeared when she had come back to her desk, after her brief encounter with Mr. Jones and Mr. Schmidt earlier the same day.
... Continue»
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Get Blowjob by Ex Girlfriend

This was about my Hmong Ex Girlfriend when we were still dating and this story was back then when she and I was still in High School. I went to different school and she went to a different high school but we are 15 minutes away. I'll explain how did this story goes. It was 2012 when it was almost her homecoming dance my ex-girlfriend and I made a plan that when the dance was about to be done we'll take off and go somewhere private for both of us.When I took her somewhere that there's no one drive there and just only two of us alone. We both were in my car by a park and we both were french kiss... Continue»
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evry day

Every Halloween my wife and I go to a private party thrown by one of her friends. Nan is a lady my wife met several years ago and after they discovered they both are into cuckolding they became best friends. The only thing Man's husband Mike and I have in common is we are both cuckolds. He is an I.T. guy and I own a automotive repair shop. They live in a hootie tootie gated community and my wife and I live in a nice older neighborhood.

Each year Nan gives away an award for the best costume and my wife wants to win it. We have fallen short every year so far but this year my wife has a sure f... Continue»
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hotel meet

Another story part true part fantasy

hi all had a nice meeting last week. i was away on business which happens very infrequently so i planned to make the most of it. i was away with my boss for two days of meetings and one night in a hotel in Birmingham. anyway by the Thursday lunchtime the meetings were going so well i suggested i stay an extra night and take the guys out for drinks. he readily agreed so i quickly posted an ad on craigslist for later that night.

5pm rolled around and my boss left for the station whilst i headed to a city centre bar with 4/5 of the guys for drinks. as ... Continue»
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Meeting up with an ex

Having run into her at the train station earlier that day, and having had her accept my casual offer to meet up at the bar for a drink after work that evening, I was looking forward to meeting up with my ex. It has been a long time, several years in fact, since our relationship that, if we are honest, centred around sex ended.
As our 6 pm meeting time drew closer, so too did my nerves. Was she as excited to see me as I was her? Would we have enough to talk about after all this time that we wouldn’t have any awkward silences?
As I approach the bar, I see her. She’s sitting on a table ou... Continue»
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Slave Yoni two

Sunday 25 June
today I woke around nine. I checked on Yoni immediately since I was feeling a bit guilty over last night. When I walked in she greeted me with a tired smile and the guilt was gone. I told her I was going to take a shower and that she should fix some breakfast.
When I came downstairs there were two plates of scrambled eggs on the table. She was sitting and waiting for me to sit down. I walked behind her and kissed her on her head, grabbing the plate and setting it down next to my chair. I explained to her slaves eat kneeling next to their masters and she was happy to do so. I ... Continue»
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Night out

It's been a long day at work & I'm finally free, looking forward to an evening out with my friend John, I haven't seen him in ages, just an evening in the local for a quiz but as I'm thinking if what to wear I hear my name called, I turn to see Roger, a guy who's been working in our office, he's so hot! 'What's up?' I ask 'I'm staying down for the weekend, thought we could grab that drink?'
My mind is racing 'um, I've got plans but I'm sure u could tag along' my inner voice is cheering me on 'won't your friend mind?' No, I say I'm sure he'll be fine; we arranged to meet at 8. I'm getting read... Continue»
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Two black men

After happened I saw that my wife was able to fuck with my neighbor and her son while I was in the kitchen washing dishes, I definitely has convinced she's really a whore addicted to cock. I got very happy with it and made it easier for her.
Really I did not care what people said. A very gossipy lady our neighbor had spread the news that my wife was a slut bitch. She told everybody saw men coming into my house when I went to work. She thought it was hurting me to spread this news, but she was wrong: many men who knew that news decided to knock on my door when I went out, trying to fuck my wif... Continue»
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Amy at the Movies

Amy fidgeted nervously with the back of her skirt. The wind was strong today and kept threatening to blow it around her waist. It felt great on her under carriage but the idea of being exposed like that terrified her yet thrilled her all at the same time. Still this was the first time she was out and about dressed to the nines to meet a guy so she wasn't ready for things to go sideways just yet. She marched up to the ticket booth confidently. She was happy she had been perfecting her heel work and it was paying off, even if the ticket seller wasn't paying attention enough for it to pay off. Sh... Continue»
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My first gangbang

So this happened near the end of my freshman year of high school, I had been getting fucked by my math teacher 2-3 times a day during the week and was fucking Austin and Alan (the guys I lost my virginity to in my first gay story) during the weekends during sl**povers but I wasn't getting enough cock during the weekends to match the fucking I was getting during the week so I decided to ask Austin and Alan if they thought two of our other friends, Matt and Michael, would be down to get in on this and make it a huge fuck session and they said probably since Michael had just broken up with his gi... Continue»
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First time gay

When I was younger 18 my friends told me about getting guys to suck there cock at the cinema.
So I went think this will be fun, anyway I went to the back row it was almost empty. After a while a guy came in and sat at the side of he said hi after a few minutes he opened his coat there was his cock not hard but big. I reached over and touched it, it liked the attention as it got hard it was was getting larger so I started to wank it moving up and down as I usually did with mine.
It was impressive a full 8" and thick.
He then placed his hand on my head and pushed my head down, I didn't know ... Continue»
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Speedo Sex on Grindr

Finally I have the house back to myself, I had a cousin of mine and her boyfriend crashing at my place for the last week and I apologize for the lack of posting.

My place is amazing because it is right on the beach but it is pretty small so I gave them my bedroom and I slept on the couch. I am able to work but without privacy there are something I don’t get to spend as much time on as I like. They were great fun though.

I’m not out at all to any of my f****y so there was obviously no hanky panky happening while they were here.

So today, I was really horny, I had the house back to my... Continue»
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Long weekend. Part 1 of 3 ( Fiction ) Bi, Trans,

Long Weekend This contains Bi male and Transsexual. ( Fiction )

It was Friday night and I needed to get out for a while. I headed to the Rave bar in town. It had been a long time since I had some Strange. When I got there the place was jumping and packed full. The night had a wild energy in the air and these people came to party. The dance floor was packed and every time the club opened another section, it was quickly filled. All four of the speakers were loaded with dancers. The lower speakers were lit from the top and the girls dancing there had light shining up through their ... Continue»
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Weekend with Alexia part 1

It was early, just after 7 am, when she let herself into the office. She had the entire building to herself, she knew that. No-one would show up on a Saturday, not unless there was a very special reason. Like a very important delivery that needed to be shipped or like the time when they had to implement all the new computers and be ready for work on Monday. But today was very different for a whole other reason!!
She had received a letter, an old-fashioned letter, in an envelope, with a postal stamp on it, hand-written, even her address. Send to her home. Inside the envelope there had been a p... Continue»
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Three cocks part2

After my first real fucking experience i was hooked, i wanted more, much more, be a total fuck slut sissy for any willing cock.
So just a couple of days after i went again to the porn cinema all dolled up in heels, stockings, tiny black string, mini skirt,blouse and even make up, lip stick, nail varnish and wig.
In the first open cinema booth was a large mirrow and i stood there and admired myself, i was pleases with what i saw, i looked like a cheap street slut ready to be taken by any willing man or men. It was possible to see the bulge of my hard cock on the shiny material of the skirt an... Continue»
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