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My New Friend

Today was a great day for me. It has been a long time since I was with another MWM and I was looking forward to it. We chatted over the past few weeks and found out he was the same age as me, retired military working at the Defense Center in Philly. Because of my work schedule we were not able to meet and when we thought we could something came up. Finally today it happened. I met him at the Navy Depot and we went to the cafeteria and just introduced ourselves and because of where we were we could not say a lot but at least we finally met. Now I have a person to go along with the voice. ... Continue»
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Restaurant Futa Fuck (Part 3) The Final Chapter!

A few days passed since my encounter with Sara and her enormous Futa cock, and I began to feel a familiar stirring in my nether regions. I texted with Sara a few times since we fucked, but our schedules never worked out so that we could have a repeat performance. I wanted to cum, needed to cum, but my hands wouldn't be enough. And then it hit me; the waitress gave me her phone number. She didn't seem to be a futa girl like Sara and me, but that didn't matter. She was incredibly sexy with a wide, round ass, and small perky tits. If she was around, and willing, perhaps the day would turn out bet... Continue»
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The Pet's Pet: Miri Ep 1

A jolting pain in her stretched arsehole made Luna's eyes open and awake from a pleasantly hot dream. She found herself, completely naked, still in her master's arms, her hips firmly sat on his now rock hard cock, her nipples sore after the clamp session she had endured just a few hours ago, so sensitive to the touch of her lover's chest it made her shiver.

Luna was a young woman with silky light tan skin and long waist length black hair, her breasts small for her taste were proud C cups and she had a round and nice ass, to match her curvy hips.

The greedy pet held a moan, her ... Continue»
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For Him

He was naked when he pulled the boy to him and began tongue kissing him and removing his shirt. As he kissed him he rubbed his nipples and pinched each one. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled the boy's jeans down with his briefs. The thing Ben liked was a big cock and especially on a young lad. This boy was hung like a horse and had huge balls. Ben pushed his tongue in deeper and then reached between his legs and grabbed the young guys balls and pulled on them. He liked the feel of the huge balls in his hand. Next he began stroking the big thick cock. He loved to feel a big meat stretch his... Continue»
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Thank You Gift

Thank You Gift
(MF, Cheat, Anal, Hardcore)
Copyright © 2016 by PhoKing77, all rights reserved. Originally and only posted on X-Hamster 2016.

True story, but the names and locations have been changed. It starts off slow, because it’s not a porno, but I think you'll find it rewarding to stick with. Please read and comment!

In the summer of ’92, I fell in love with the one that got away. I just graduated from college, and was about to move to another state; away from the college town where my fiancé and I were living.

It was the week after finals, and I was making my round... Continue»
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Birthday kinda...

Jack (my last long-term boyfriend) and I only had a few problems; the biggest one was that I was just a slut. An ordinary plain slut. I did try to control my urges but it didn’t always work out well. If he wasn’t around, just like an alcoholic, when there was no support, I’d occasionally fall off the wagon. This is about one of the times I fell off the ‘wagon’ and was caught by him…busted with a mouthful.

One of the other problems was his f****y who, years down the road, would eventually break us up completely. I could see this coming, did talk to him about it on and off but, he thought he ... Continue»
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Gym pegging

my world of pegging is only just beginning but every time I get pegged it gets me that little bit hornier. This is one of those events that sparked my addiction to taking cock from a woman and being her bitch

When I woke up this Saturday morning I was hornier than usual, but I had to suppress my urges in order to make a 5:30am group fitness class. I put on my normal workout clothes, Gray/ White Stripe Shimera Boyshorts panties, Nike loose leg shorts, t-shirt, hoodie, socks and New Balance cross trainers. I like wearing the boy shorts for two reasons, one- they are very comfortable and two, ... Continue»
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For Daddy...

As Daddy enters the room, I sit there on my knees with my hands in my lap. Looking down at the floor trying not to look at Daddy until he acknowledges me. I respect him too much to say anything until he speaks to me so I sit quietly biting my tongue and waiting. Daddy is loving taking his time to acknowledge me because he knows the moment he walks in the room, my excitement starts to build and it is a struggle for me to keep my place where I am kneeling.
Daddy still not saying a word, slowly unzips his zipper. That is the only acknowledgement that I need I know what Daddy wants and needs. My... Continue»
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Andrew’s Angel

Andrew always grew up feeling more then just a little different from the rest of the boys. He never felt sexually attracted to girl’s bodies but instead felt attraction for their clothes. He knew he was straight because he never liked guys so he just assumed he was straight.

This began his seventh grade year and followed him into his senior year of high school. He started off by reading sissy literotica and watching sissy hypnosis. He then began experimenting by trying on his s****r’s clothes that she had left behind when she went to college. It then progressed to putting tampon... Continue»
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I'd visited the park regularly after the night on the picnic table, it was still something I thought about and even jerked off to at times, being use by to hard cocks and my first time being fucked, remembering how good it felt,that cock exploding in my ass,pumping it's hot cum into me. Now it was what I wanted, every encounter I now had, ended with me letting myself be fucked,a few times buy more than one ,sometimes one was not enough,I liked cumming hands free and did what I had to to get satisfaction but it was getting harder.
... Continue»
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As a schoolboy remember my first time going to public toilet with my schoolmate Pancho
He was gay but I was bi loved all kinds of sex
Pancho had taken photos of his s*s in skimpy panty's and lacy bra and promised to show
them to me in the toilets
When we arrived we went in and he brought me into a cubicle
The ladies toilet was beside it and there were peep holes at the back of the bowl
and said if I peeped through the hole I might be lucky to watch a girl or women undressed
and on the toilet
Pancho took out the photos of his s*s
"OK Don here is the ... Continue»
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Good Times at Hy Vee:p

So, me and my lover had a Taco Tuesday & Margaritas date earlier, before it was rudely interrupted by a douchebag. So we hurried back to my place to have a quickie, which turned into a lengthy (it had been a week since I gave her head and I was still hungry for taco;) ) so we had a good session, missionary to doggy to legs up and back to doggy for my big finish. I had done laundry the day before, but had neglected to place sex towels by the I told her to drain the mess onto my hot watching our sex drip out!:p
Well she had to go and run some errands and deal with so... Continue»
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My wife the e****t

My Wife “The e****t Call Girl”.

My wife and I had been together for 2 years, we had met on a blind date arranged between two mutual friends and we hit it off from the word go, she was 18 years younger than myself I was 39 at the time.
We did everything a normal couple does and had a blast of a time, she got pregnant after a holiday on a Greek Island and of course 9 months later we had a lovely Baby Boy. It was after the birth of my son when she sort of changed a little in different ways.
Sex became even more frequent than before and it was pretty frequent before, sex in unusual plac... Continue»
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Her Boyfriend Left Her Alone Suddenly

Hi, this is the first time I am submitting a story, so please ignore any mistakes.

So, this happened around 3-4 months back. I had to give an exam and the test center was very far away from my house. I thought that since my friend lives near by, I will drop by at his place. Since he was my best friend, I didn’t think that I needed to call him.

I reached there and he was shocked to see me. I said that I had to give an exam the next day. He reluctantly let me e
... Continue»
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Sex on the Beach (MFM)

This story is an adaption of a wonderful conversation I had with Thomas, and incredibly sexy and passionate man whom both Clyde and ‘I truly adore. Some of these words are mine, and some are his…

We recently took a few weeks vacation to visit Sweden, staying at the home of our lover, Thomas—our time together filled with delightful days enjoying the country, and our nights filled with passionate lovemaking. The three of us are always of one accord, and Clyde and Thomas’ b*****rly affection only serves to enhance my attraction to them both. They remind me of twin golden gods…so similar... Continue»
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Her Boss

Leon was a successful business man that worked from home in his office. Amy was his live in maid. Her job was to cook, clean and fuck him any time he needed it. And Leon needed it a lot. She was only allowed to wear a short silk robe and nothing else. She had her own room but slept with Leon every night. Not much sl**ping went on as Leon was an all night fucker. Amy had huge firm tits and a great thick ass. Leon was hung like a horse and needed sex often. After fucking her most of the night this morning he had her bent over the table and was licking and fingering and tonguing her cunt and ass.... Continue»
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After Church ass fuck leads to more fun

So this story is one of those you happen to come up on, and well who walk way from this one.
So I recent been checking out some churches. I have visited many different versions of them, each being interesting. The latest one caught me off guard and left me with a feeling to come back.
It was a Sunday morning, around 10, and I was pulling up to a church that moved around a lot. It is one of those places that changes location because they don't have a building yet. So the set up was at a church that was not running anymore. It was small chapel next to a school building. Anyways, I walked up ... Continue»
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Sucking the salesman

Hi I remember when we had to sell my mamas house as she had passed away. I was to meet a sales man at the house for valuation and my b*****r had arranged it all. When the guy turned up he was nicely dressed in a grey suit shirt & tie. After our introductions he asked me fine could use the toilet before he started. I said no problem and showed him the door tote toilet. He left the door slightly ajar and proceeded to take his cock out of his fly hole although he wasn't too big he was certainly adequate. He made no attempt to cover himself whilst he urinated and I could quite clearly see hi... Continue»
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Energizer Bunny

Energizer Bunny

There has been a nice young Vietnamese guy staying her for the past 4 days. He’s 25, a little on the ‘fleshy’ side but not fat, I’d say medium height and build. He’s alone and using the dormitory. His English is pretty good and he is friendly. Yes, I was attracted to him after the first day and started quizzing him on his life.

Things have been a little slow and we haven’t had many guests in the past week; that gave me more time to spend talking with him. Being my normal horny self I kept a video cued most of the time and open on the PC just in case. The time presented it... Continue»
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Mrs K Pt2


I woke up after a short sl**p of an hour or so. My head had moved from its resting place against her big soft breasts and was now against her tummy. Mrs K was stroking my face; it felt good. Better still was my memory homing in on what had happened.

"Hello sl**pyhead, looks like I wore you out," Hazel said, laughing, and then smiling broadly.

"Hello my beautiful lady," I replied.

I wriggled up her body and we shared a deep kiss. Then I gently nibbled her ear-lobes, kissed her neck and moved my mouth down over one of her huge pink nipples and sucked. It hardened beautif... Continue»
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