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One amazing night with a married man

A few years before my dating (and sexual) life was totally relied on online dating (and porn) sites. As a result there were plenty disappointments; either due to fake profiles or due to members who presented themselves as courageous but didn’t dare to proceed on an actual meeting. As I am not that much into online sex (I do like some erotic chat but I totally hate cam sex) I was facing a long dry season.
I was about to give up that form of hooking up. Still there was a guy who was looking interesting. We had chatted several times and his replies were showing someone smart with a sense of humo... Continue»
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Polly and JT (Unitards)

(This is for the most part a true story)

A naked strapping bald mature man,six foot four inches in a hotel room looked towards the camera and asked if it was recording.
'It sure is, you hunk,' I replied.
He held the shiny red unitard in his hands and looked at it.
'I hope I can get my fat arse in this,' he said.
He sat on the edge of the bed and carefully pulled the unitard over his legs, tightly over his thighs and stood up to hoist the skintight lycra over his arse. He had some trouble at first getting it over his chest and with the straps over his shoulders but with determination the... Continue»
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Inter racial MMF


My good friend, George, had come to visit, he was a big Negro, massive but he was all muscle, worked in a gym and obviously used it himself, after saying that you couldn’t meet a nicer guy, he was so laid back it was unbelievable. He’d come down to ours to borrow some porn tapes, we used to swop tapes all the time and I had some new stuff.

This day he had his friend with him, shaft, a nickname he lived up to whenever he could, he was a Negro also but not as bulky as George was, even though he was still in good shape. I was going up the park with my boy and his frien... Continue»
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General Election 2010

As there was a general election due we’d had all the usual paperwork rubbish through the letter box, and as usual I’d ripped them up and thrown them away. This particular Saturday afternoon I was in the house on my own, the wife was at work, and I was settling down to enjoy an afternoon here on xhamster.

Then there was a knock at the door, ‘fuck me’ I thought as I went to answer it. As I opened it there stood a man, around 35 years old, dressed smart but casual, he was representing one of the parties in the election and could he rely on me for his vote, we had a bit of a conversation and h... Continue»
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Slut loves to tease

Slut loves to tease:

I’ve had a Facebook account lying dormant for quite some time, when for some strange reason, I decided to reactivate it and friend only Men who were total strangers to me. Facebook are quite strict with their upload policy of no nude photos etc. and I wanted to see, just for devilment, how far I could push Facebook's policies. I have a rather large collection of photographs taken by my husband and some taken by my secret lovers that showed me wearing various sexy outfits and raunchy lingerie in some very provocative poses, inevitably naked and even some showing various ... Continue»
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Slut and how I became one

Slut and how I became one:
My husband and I were enjoying our second wedding anniversary in a local restaurant when out of the blue he dropped this bombshell question.
“Do you ever think about fucking other guys?” He stammered nervously.
I put down my knife and fork, looked him directly in the eye and replied.
“What kind of question is that?”
“I mean when we’re having sex, have you never fantasized that it was someone else fucking you?” he squirmed in his seat as he asked his question.
“No I have not!” I answered in an abrupt tone.
“It’s ok babe, it’s just a fantasy. I’ve thought of you... Continue»
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i took the next door neighbour

I was suiting in my lounge watching my porn rubbing my nipples feeling my silky tits. My cunt is wet, I rub it up and down. A shadow approaches the large lounge room window which also opens up to the porch. It was my neighbour, the father of my young Asian gardener. He was dressed as if he was going out. Ironed trousers and business shirt, he was looking into the window, covering his eyes to block from the light to see in better. I could tell that he then noticed me, he looked down embarrassed then had another peek. I fixed my top up and opened the glass shutter and said " did U like what U sa... Continue»
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Boss's New Bitch

This was about 2 years ago and I was in need of some financial help. I took up a part time job near where I lived. It was a small IT firm with less than 20 people working at the office. The company was owned by a 21 year old who set it up right after he graduated. He was a workaholic and stayed at the office well after the the regular hours. My role was to be at the office after his regular assistant left for the day. I had to answer few calls and run some errands. Light work and decent pay. I took it gladly. Little did I know it was gonna get better.

Being a submissive bitch, I was trille... Continue»
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Oops Oh my the End?

Recap: I met Jen online, we started off friends but it turned into a sex partnership. I fucked her right outside my door, while the wife was sl**ping. We got caught by Sarah, the neighbor. In turn for her silence, we set up a fuck date. We just got done fucking around when James Sarah ex popped up for a visit.

As Sarah sucked off James, Jen kept on looking, licking her lips. I whispered to her to go join in. Jen crawled over to James. She got on the side of Sarah, and started to suck Jame's balls. Sarah let go of his cock and kissed Jen. Then Sarah grabbing James meat stick, stuck in Jens ... Continue»
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Friend Of Mine Fucking Me With A Strap On

This is a true story of mine based on the time a good friend of my girlfriend Sarah and I named Lisa fucked me with a strap on, Hope you enjoy.

It was a Friday night and I was bored as hell sitting in my apartment texting my girlfriend Sarah as she was working an overnight shift. On top of that I was horny and to make it worse Sarah was sending me some naughty pictures making my cock throb in my shorts. After awhile of teasing me Sarah told me to text our friend Lisa (Pic above) who lived in the apartment complex a block do... Continue»
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Becoming the neighbourhood slut

The following is a fictional story but mixed up with some real experiences and a few of my actual desires :)

The first real days of spring were finally upon us. This was extra cool since I would be alone for a week or so. I took a few days off of work too, so I can spend the time dressing up at home and possibly try to find some real fun too.

When I got a few free days I always did the needed grocery shopping in the morning so I have the rest of the day completely free to dress up and stay dressed up. I usually went to a shop nearby, grab the needed stuff quickly and go home.

I di... Continue»
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Nate and his tranny neighbour

My first ever story. Depicting sex between a man and a transsexual.
It is lengthy but personally I enjoy these best. Constructive feedback is greatly appreciated, so feel free to write to me. Enjoy ; )

Nathan (Nate for short) was an average eighteen year old boy; liked girls, sports, partying, and being on his summer holidays he enjoyed the time off school. With some exceptions to the average rule, he loved his kinky dirty thoughts and porn. Frequently watching shemale porn, gorgeous busty women with big tits, a pretty female face but a thick juicy cock to be pleased, not a pussy to be fu... Continue»
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Introducing My Russian Girlfriend to Group Sex Par

My Russian 45 year old girlfriend Sonya had arrived in the U.S. about a year ago, we worked together and I helped her adjust to America. Like most older inhibited Russian women she came to America and decided to adjust her lifestyle and try new experiences. By adjust I mean having me introducing her to all kinds of kinky sex (anal, oral, leather, and costumes). She may have been 45 but being a former ballet dancer she looked 30, Sonya was a classic Russian Nordic beauty.
Several weeks ago a friend of mine met us and invited us to this group sex party. I had taken one of my girlfriend’s to... Continue»
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Introducing My Russian Girlfriend to Group Sex Par

The sexually charged party atmosphere had slowed, I think people had had sex once and were having drinks catching their breath before the second round of festivities began. The only real action was going on upstairs where Regina, Kent’s wife was being ass fucked by both her husband Kent and his friend Jack. One could hear the noise from upstairs as Regina moaned loudly and occasionally commanded “not so deep” or “Jack, use more lube”. From the sounds it was more than obvious that Regina was enjoying those two men putting their cocks in her rectum. Soon we heard a loud grunt as Kent yelled “mov... Continue»
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Afternoon Lunch

We drive up to the mountains for an afternoon picnic. As we arrive you noticed that the place is a beautiful glen with a pond and waterfall. We get out and setup our picnic next to the pond. We take our time and enjoy our lunch. Afterwards we lye on the blanket and look up at the mid-day sky; fluffy clouds go past us as we guess which shape they resemble. After awhile I suggest going for a swim. You look at me with a face of uncertainty because we left our bathing suits behind. I grin at you and say "Don't worry, you can swim in your underwear, or go skinny dipping" with a chuckle.

You loo... Continue»
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Anita pays a bet again

Anita pays a bet again.

When we lived in L.A., my dear Victor used to play poker with friends on Friday.
That was Friday night and my loving hubby had promised me a romantic dinner outside to celebrate his new promotion in the firm.
So, I was in my bedroom thinking to wear a little black dress, a sexy garter belt and stockings with sexy high heels. My cunt started to get wet thinking a sensual night after the romance…
I was in the process of completing my hair and makeup when the doorbell rang.
I heard Victor going to open the front door and then the well-known voices of his poker buddi... Continue»
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Strap-on with Jan

Several years ago I met a lady through a coworker and after a week or so of emailing back and forth we went out to dinner. After the first date we realized we were both a little on the kinky side, and enjoyed several weekends of good sex, with lots of dirty talk.
One evening we were lying in bed after I’d eaten her out (to a good cum) and I asked her if she had any toys she could use while I watched. She gave me a look, then got up and pulled a cardboard box out of the closet, when I looked inside, there were several virbrators, one of which was large and purple, with a “jackrabbit” attachm... Continue»
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Le gars du sauna

Il y a un mec qui va toujours au sauna quand j'y suis, je pense qu'il doit avoir rien de mieux a faire, mais je ne suis personne pour juger. Il doit avoir les 45 ans passés, vu ma taille il doit faire dans les 170 cms, tête rasée et parfois aussi le visage. Cette fois là il avait laisse un bouc, ce qui lui donnait un air encore plus viril. Sincèrement j'aimerais être aussi bien gaulé que lui à son age, ses muscles bien marqués mais sans devenir trop, un cul bombé qui donne envie de passer la langue dedans et surtout une queue impressionante, droite, longue et belle. Je l'ai vu beaucoup de fois... Continue»
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Prison Sex With Kent

It is a common misconception that prison sex is violent, f***ed and brutal. Nothing can be further from the truth in most prisons. My lover Kent and I have been sharing the same cell in a minimum security prison in Wisconsin for two years. Our room/cell could pass as a college dorm room. We are deeply in love with each other. Homosexual relationships in prison are quite common; in fact the majority of prisoners are bi-sexual or become outright homosexual while in prison. The guards look the other way because allowing this activity keeps the inmates in order. In general homosexual couples are m... Continue»
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milf down the street

I have always had a fantasy about milfs, I don't know what it is about them. They just make me so hard. In my neighborhood third are a lot of single moms I only started realizing that as I got a bit older like around 18 years old. Always walking their dogs in the park where I was usually smoking a joint lol, well I ended up fucking 4 milfs around the area but that's a story for a different time.

This new woman moved close to my area and she was amazing a little bit taller than me (I'm 5'10) she had the most amazing legs and fat ass, big breasts and long brown hair.( She's Portuguese... Continue»
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