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''What's a man to do'' Pt

We reached the fun chamber and I unlocked the door and told the lady's to go in and get to know each other while I went and fetched some glasses and a two bottles of red and a bottle of bubbly.
I returned to find the girls siting on the edge of the bed chatting and giggling like two school girls. It surprised me that Elke hadn't this hot little thing between her legs licking her pussy out. Usually my wife doesn't waste time chatting when she has an itch that needs scratching.
I locked the door, not really because I didn't anyone walking in on us, after all it was a sex party, but because a... Continue»
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The Preacher's Wife part 2

Good girl, wife of preacher suddenly turns hedonistic slut when her husband boards a plane and she rides home with another man from the congregation!  This is part 2 of the story that reveals the preacher’s wife might not be such a prim and proper prude after all!!!
Julie led me into the on suite Master bath.  In truth, I would have followed that preacher’s wife ass of hers anywhere she wanted to lead me!  Walking behind her going up the stairs from the basement had allowed me to see just how unflattering the clothing she wore really was!  Her legs were perfectly prop... Continue»
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Kim discovers a new facination

To begin this story we will start with alittle bit of kims history. Kim grew up in a small town with a lone mother and three big sissters. In school the other k**s found him alittle nerdy. He was a shy boy who rather sank his mind into comicbooks and nature hikes as opposed to sports cars and girls like his male peers. He had a few friends, all of them female but as he grew older annd moved thru his teens he had never really kissed a girl, even tho he thougt it might be nice. But his female friends saw him more as a b*****r and with his slender build and bright blond hair he was more often tha... Continue»
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kim finds a new facination retry first failed? thi

To begin this story we will start with alittle bit of kims history. Kim grew up in a small town with a lone mother and three big sissters. In school the other k**s found him alittle nerdy. He was a shy boy who rather sank his mind into comicbooks and nature hikes as opposed to sports cars and girls like his male peers. He had a few friends, all of them female but as he grew older annd moved thru his teens he had never really kissed a girl, even tho he thougt it might be nice. But his female friends saw him more as a b*****r and with his slender build and bright blond hair he was more often tha... Continue»
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Totally Unexpected Lucy Continued........!!

.......a some action from Linda. Lucy's guy paused and went to pull out of her ass, Lucy reached back with her clit hand and grabbed his balls to keep him deep inside. She could tell he had started to soften while he questioned his friend about the interruption. "She'll only let me poke her while she jacks me off!" Lucy kept looking at the floor, waiting for his friend to go. "What do you want her to do?" asked Lucy's guy. Before he had chance to answer Lucy said "she was supposed to suck you off!" Both the guys looked at Lucy. "The deal was that I got fucked in the ass and she got her first ... Continue»
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Leslie part 3

A different hairstylist appeared am few minutes later. She was in her mid thirties and looked as though she was in a hurry.

Leslie was lying back with her head still in the sink where her hair had been washed. The girl who had performed that task was now preparing to do her tails. Lesley's heart rate was now back to normal and the dyke who had just fingered her had left. Rob also had vanished. The stylist then started cutting Lesley's hair. She didn't ask how she wanted fact she didn't even speak. She was grateful for the fact she had thrown a sheet over her before starting her ... Continue»
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eine sehr heiße Nacht

Ich heiße Michael, bin 55 Jahre alt und seit einem halben Jahr nach langjähriger Ehe, aus der 2 inzwischen erwachsene Kinder hervorgingen, geschieden.

Die letzten Monate hatten mich arg gebeutelt, Trennung, Umzug, berufliche Umorientierung, ich war mit den Nerven ziemlich am Ende und musste dringend raus. So hatte ich mich ganz entgegen meinen sonstigen Gewohnheiten last minute in einer Ferienanlage an Nordküste der griechischen Insel Kos eingemietet. 10 Tage all inklusive, so etwas hatte ich noch nie gemacht. W... Continue»
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Evil Souls Have No Limits


This is chapter one of this series. There will be several chapters. Also, this story will tie INS, coincide, and interact with another author’s story on this sight. I hope you enjoy it. It is just a fiction fantasy and do not condone the acts within nor should this be attempted. I will welcome all comments positive or negative. However, I do request negative responders to speak intelligently if you wish me to take you seriously. I am an amateur at this so hopefully I will get better throughout the chapters.
Evil Souls Have No Limits

I am looking down at... Continue»
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Caught by the High School Principal again

A Fan Fiction story based on the characters from the "Caught by the High School Principal" ( story.

Something I never told my best friend Tom was that Tricia and I had sex in front of Principal Collins again. It happened on a day that Tom was not in school. Tricia and I were hanging out in front of the storeroom that Principal Collins had caught Tom, Tricia, and I in on the day that he made us have sex in front of him. Principal Collins was walking by. "What is it with you k**s and that storeroom? Come to my office. I want to talk with ... Continue»
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Simone and I decided to take a long sailboat ride we had been having some difficulties in our marriage and we felt that we needed to reconnect and being alone together on the open sea might be just the thing for us...
We have a nice sailboat that we used to use all the time back when we were first married but it has been docked in the marina for a long time now so when we uncovered her and went over her bow to stern cleaning and making sure she was ship shape for our journey through the Carribean islands we had always meant to do this but somehow the time slipped away but now we were going an... Continue»
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Before We Met - Part 4 - More Background - short a

Wow – lots has happened the past few months – most good – still haven’t see my hotwife in action though – have heard her a lot with others. SD has told me to get back to posting her stories – she, her dad and her dad’s friends get a kick out of reading the stories knowing that I’m not getting any of my wife – that others are. I love it because it is what a cuckold does for his wife – anything she asks. Continuing my wife’s story of December 4, 1974.

SD’s in the men’s room of the Longbranch, naked except for her shoes and her blouse which is tied holding her hands behind her back – lef... Continue»
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The Back Alley by loyalsock

She walked down the alley into the shadows as she had been told to do. She could see nothing as the light slowly dwindled and the darkness took hold. She wondered, why here? Why had he told her to meet him in this filthy back alley? Of all the places they could have met, all the places that would have been...safer? Why did he want her walking down a deserted alley alone?

That's when she felt him there. She couldn't see him really, he was hidden in the shadows, but she felt him. His was a presence that was unmistakable. She stopped. She waited, she knew he would speak and reassure her and le... Continue»
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The demise of s happy marriage part 2

Sylvia felt like she was on an operating table and was being woken up after anaesthetic, she felt so woozy. She felt something underneath her bottom, someone was moving her leg. She opened her eyes, her mouth felt salty. She looked down and saw her friend Mr Jackson. Her memory came flooding back. His cock in her mouth, his tounge in her pussy. She looked down at him and wondered what he was doing. My Jackson mare you ok she asked groggily. Her body did not feel her own.

"Oh hello Sylvia I was just making you comfortable. Are you feeling ok? We both got a little carried away there didn't... Continue»
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Sissyboy Conversion Therapy

One The Problem

I know I have high standards, Doc, Matt Studley said to his ther****t, Dr.
Freudist. But it s more than that.

Dr. Freudist nodded and said, Um hum.

Can I be honest with you, Doc Matt asked.

They always ask that, Dr. Freudist said to himself. I ve been listening to
this guy ramble on about his issues for seven weeks, twice a week, and
NOW he s going to be honest

But Dr. Freudist merely nodded and said, Of course. This is a safe place.

And then he waited.

And waited.

Finally, Matt said, Ithink my real problem is sexual frustration,

... Continue»
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Black Lucky men in lanzarotte part 1

Ive decieded to tell you why im so obsessed with cuckolding and black men fucking my wife

This story is completley true and both of us have never spoke of it to anyone or each other since it happened.

This happened in Sep 2002 about 8 months after we had first met. We booked our first holiday together in lanzarotte , i was 26 and she was nearly 22 and we were still fucking like rabbits on our honey moon period , smoking weed and drinking loads . My wife had the typical curvy hipped bubble bum body of a fit 21 year old
We had been shopping for weeks buying new gear for our holiday , our... Continue»
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My Fucking f****y 2

My s****r had just come out of the closet with a handful of clothes and told me to take off the swimsuit. She laid out a pair of white cotton panties with cherries on them and a matching bra. A short pleated plaid skirt and a white button down shirt. She also laid out some white thigh high stockings and some black Mary Jane platform shoes. She said this one was mine.

She laid out a nearly identical one except that her plaid skirt was green whereas mine was red. She told me to get dressed but that she would help me with the stockings. "You know I have always wanted another s****r. "Someone t... Continue»
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my new love of adult bookstores

This is how I could probably get in so much trouble but as Iv'e heard that so called little voice in my head saying "if it feels good... do it". I guess my sexual urges got the best of me. I'm a sexy little sissy fem slut that loves to suck cock and take a nice long hard cock deep in my ass... There I said it. In order for me to live out these urges I needed to find a platform for me experiment with. At first I would dress up sexy and parade around my neighborhood usually very late at night when not a soul was around. Then I started to get a little bolder by driving around in short skirts, pan... Continue»
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loving little fag boy

So, here it is. The next 20 years of my life in California Institution for Men Correctional Facility, aka Chino State Pen. I had no idea what was to come, never the faintest idea. Personally I thought I would get killed within a week's time.

You see, I'm not really inmate material. I eventually did become one but not as you would think like into one big bulky muscled tattooed thug. Instead, when I first walked into prison I was a 19 year old, 5' 1", 130 lbs, fair skinned curly red haired Emo twink.

Now, what is a nice cute androgynous lace and fishnet wearing bi-sexual white boy Emo twin... Continue»
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''What's a man to do''...

After a long week in work I didn't really feel like going to the party we'd been invited to.
My wife said ''We have to go and you never know who might be there''.
I agreed reluctantly and showered and changed and we headed off to the party.

Now at this stage I must tell you these are no ordinary parties we attend. We're part of a group of people that like to play. Yes it involves swapping and doing kinky things with other naked people.

We arrived a bit late and so some of the guests had already shed their some of their clothing.
A few topless women sipping wine with men with bulges ... Continue»
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Helping a gurl out

Just to explain a few things, we live on an island in the irish sea between Britain and Ireland. T-gurls are rarely heard from, nevermind seen for fear of negative comments.

Vikki was a t-gurl that my wife (K)and i met via a swinging site and had played with on a number of occasions. She would visit the island with work and when done for the day would indulge in meeting anyone who wanted to fuck her.

Vikki arrived on the island on the Wed and we met her on the Saturday. As this was our 3rd meet with her we had all got quite familiar with each other and enjoyed a very sexy evening togethe... Continue»
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