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New Sexual Friend

Gosh, after all this time I was finally able to have an adventure that it was hot and that is cool but could not ended with cum, it was matter of time. but let me tell you what happened on that day, last Saturday; so my f****y went out to visit some relatives they were coming back later at night , I tried to be off from work as soon as possible thinking that I wanted to find someone and have an adventure.

It was little late when finally get off from work, so I was going back home since I was alone, in the Transmetro (public bus) there was a guy looking at me, I knew this guy was looking f... Continue»
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My Bangalore hot Boss's wife Anal Ahaaaaaaa

Hi I am your Raj . I’m 24 years old and I’m here to share with you my long waited sex experience with my boss’s juicy wife, Lakshmi. She is 37 years old, sweet looking face, fair complexion and about 5’6″. I have been working in this office for about 10 months now and I saw her for the very first time in the very first month at office. She greeted me saying “Hello” and went inside. I also wished her back and got back to work.

She used to visit our office very often and the office set up is such that its just besides my boss’s house. Its in fact 2 buildings inside the same compound where one... Continue»
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Born to Be a Girl: M***rs' Choice

DISCLAIMER: This story is solely a work of fiction. Any similarities between people living or dead is purely coincidental. No a****ls were harmed in the writing of this story.

Are you familiar with those stories where the f***r raises his daughter as his son, because he is desperate for at least the appearance of a male heir? This is one of those stories, only, it isn't.

My m***r had already raised a son, birth to adulthood, when she became pregnant with me. She was determined to have a girl, come hell or high water. My m***r, by the way, essentially ruled our household. When I was b... Continue»
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What's a young guy to do? - An Adult Story

It was the first hot day in a very long time. I had only been at my friend house for ten minutes. Paul Thomas lived down the street from my house. I was more than happy to come over, when he called earlier. Paul was cool. We had a few classes together in high school. He was into video games and his computer. I was into working out and being on the football team. Before I forget, Paul had the hottest Mom around. She was to die for. I would do anything to come over and try to see her.

Missy Thomas was about 5ft 4. She had a huge round ass the size of Kim K’s or on par with J’... Continue»
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builder fucks milf

This is a true story i am a builder in my mid 30 and recently work for a couple in there late 40 early fifty's who were renovating a second home the wife Lesley was fairly good looking but nothing special she was around 5 6" and average build with blonde bobbed hair.When i went to look at the job i met lesley at the specified time and had a look round i followered her upstairs and realized she had a nice arse she was dressed in tight slacks which made her arse her best feature i could not help but look and i think she caught me. On this visit she keep flirting with me but not in an obvious way... Continue»
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summer at home! pt3

What's it look like we did Bethany K asked sarcasticly! Are you upset I got a peace of your man? No mom but your married to his father that's cheating. Oh come on Beth it can be are little secret right Dallas! Yes K, right Bethany Okay fine. What is smell mom oh shit I bet the dinner is burnt better go check I told her. So she got up and ran to the kitchen, Dallas what are where you think Beth said as she walked over to me. Look I know it's kinda wrong but two sexy women wanting me in this house I'm not going to just not bang them. Look Dallas she said no one wants you with a smile, yeah righ... Continue»
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My wife shows me who I am.

Last night I was sitting at home while my wife was at her spinning class. She goes 3 times a week and will at least 1 time a week she will bring home some guy to fuck her brains out and let me clean her up afterwards. She came home around 8 and I was in the basement watching TV. I heard her talking to someone then they walked across the house to our bedroom. After about 10 minutes I went upstairs to see what she was doing and how this guy looked. I walked to the bedroom door and seen a older Mexican guy laying in my bed and my wife sucking his cock. He looked up at my a said who are you ... Continue»
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In the Parking Lot

"I want you to suck my big hard cock," you growl into my ear, as you rub your stiff member against my ass and your strong arms cage me against the car. I let a small whimper escape as I rub my butt against your prick, feeling it thicken and lengthen. "Or I could just fuck you over the trunk of this car." I gasp as one of your hands raises my short skirt and fondles my ass, gently skimming my black lace panties. You lean close again to place your tongue on my throbbing pulse on my neck, and cradle my soft butt between your hard thighs, pinning me against the car.

I moan again as you nibble o... Continue»
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Marissa on the Beach

My Niece Marissa

Finally a vacation and Marissa and I can get away together! With the long hours at work and the constant business travel I was spent. On my last overseas trip to Hong Kong I realized I needed to take a few weeks off. As soon as I landed I called my Marissa. Seeing as I had a gazillion airline and hotel points, I surprised her with round trip tickets to Mykonos, Greece. 2 days later we were jetting across the Atlantic. The day after we arrived I rented two scooters and we set out for a day at the beach. After a nice ride through the hills we happened upon a nice beach that w... Continue»
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Anal Alan

I was sitting by the phone and hoping that Alan would call me. The phone rang and as I picked it up i noticed that it was from Alan. I said " Hello ". I heard Alan on the other end say that he got the package that I sent him. I asked him the put it on and meet me at the park in one hour. He said okay and then i hung up.

I freshened up because4 i knew what will be happening this afternoon. I jumped i the car and drove to the park. I backed in and waited for Alan. There he was and he pulled in next to me. He got out and I went over to give him and big hug and a kiss. As I was standing... Continue»
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Anniversary Trip ch.1 - Our Tenth Wedding Annivers

Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Paula and I have already submitted two stories describing some of our more erotic adventures after my wife began to have sex with other men. We have enjoyed writing these stories so much that we decided to write a few more. After some discussion, we decided that we would write about the most erotic two weeks we ever had. This occurred during a vacation to Las Vegas that we took over our tenth wedding anniversary. In order to keep the narrative to a reasonable length, we're going to write about this two weeks covering a few days at a time. Sometimes I will be do... Continue»
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Trying to get home

Friday I was leaving Dallas on my way home around 10 pm. I was going to drive to about Memphis and rest a little then come on home to enjoy the weekend. I was on the middle of no where Arkansas when my car let out a huge puff of smoke and I was stranded on the shoulder of I-40 at 1:30 am. I tried to Google some wreckers on my phone with no one answering when I finally notice a wrecker pulling in behind me. I went back to the wrecker and he said they also had a repair shop so he could town me there. He loaded my car up on the wrecker and I climbed in the passenger seat. He was a friendly ... Continue»
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Hot Threesome

"Why are you nervous?" I keep asking myself, over and over again. Then I laugh at my reflection in the glass as the scenery passes by. "Girl, you are turning into one of those crazies who talk to themselves all the time," I say to myself and laugh again, because it's true.

I was going to meet John and Lina, this awesome couple I met through the internet. I was on the last leg of a four-state bus ride, and my nerves were more frazzled than when I had first gotten on the bus. It was like a whole cave of bats had taken up permanent residence in my abdomen, as opposed to the butterflies that we... Continue»
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Emmy's First MMF and More

Emmy’s first MMF and More

My flight had just arrive from Georgia, and Emmy was there to pick me up. She was dressed to kill. Hair and makeup done, tight black dress, stockings, and stilettos. It was Valentine’s day and I had made reservations at a four star restaurant in Indy. I had been gone since Christmas so needless to say it had been awhile. I got in the driver’s seat and before we were out of the lane she had my cock out, seconds later she was coating it is spit, forcing it all the way down her throat. While she was sucking me I pulled her little dress up to play with her pussy to dis... Continue»
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2015 sex so far continued 2/5

FEB 15th
Since I last time i hadn't been fucked or even cum and I was desperate for some cock. Using a website I'd found a guy who lived literally just a few minutes walk from me and we arranged for me to go round later that day. After showering and shaving my hole nice and smooth I spent an hour fucking myself with a dildo and by the time I set off I was absolutely gagging for it. Luckily it only took five minutes to get to his place and I knocked eagerly on the door. When he answered he was about 45 but I was so desperate for it I didn't give a fuck. He led me to the front room and I took ... Continue»
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The Boy's Story - another chapter (17) Soundi

It is about 4 years since my last chapter and over the years my Master and I have enjoyed our sex together. Sometimes we just cuddled and fucked and other times we got into all nighters with our stimulants.

About 18 months ago when my Master was unpacking his bag I noticed a small zip bag about the size of a large 'man purse or travel wallet) and asked him what it was. He said "You will see". I thought nothing of it and we got down to our business as I have described in other chapters. He enjoys inserting dildo's and anal plugs into my arse hole, he loves pissing on me and I just love t... Continue»
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His Trip

Ray always stayed at the Kingsman Hotel in Asia. The manager supplied the men with a whore of their choice each night they were there. Ray sometimes kept the same girl every night and then sometimes he used a different girl each night. He liked them young and naughty. He liked big tits and a big ass and she must be a great cock sucker and ass eater. Tonight he was wearing the hotel robe and nothing else as she knocked on the door. He opened the door and she was standing there very pretty and sexy. She wore a red tight knit dress. The front was cut low showing most of her huge tits. It was also... Continue»
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Helena tied up on the bed

Helena tied up on the bed

Helena and me were on a weekend holiday out from the town and of course, out from our dear hubbies…
We were having dinner during our second night at the hotel, when she looked at me with her beautiful sexy eyes and said:
“I want you to tie me up to the bed, come here to the bar, pick a handsome black man willing to fuck and return to our bedroom with him”.
“Sure, baby, why not” I answered really amused…
We came back to our room and she got laid on the bed in a sexy pose.
I tied her wrists loosely but firm to the bed poles, then her ankles to the bottom ends; s... Continue»
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My math teacher fucking my twink ass

So I'm a pretty smart person and I generally understand everything in school. My problem is that I don't exactly do homework. So I'll have an A-/B+ in tests and quizzes but an F in homework. This usually leads me to getting a D in the class since most teachers count homework as more important than tests/quizzes. The same was true for my freshman math teacher in high school. He was a big burly man who grew up in the midwest and went to Vietnam and was a hard ass who had been divorced twice and was just staying single. He never let any of us just slide by even if we were his favorites. So about ... Continue»
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Getting Fucked By My Hung Best Friend (True)

This is a true story of mine about the first time I had sex with my best friend Brent in college. Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

I first met Brent in high school and we instantly became friends. We had a lot of the same interests like metal music, tattoos and partying as much as possible. Brent is tall and thin with short brown hair and has some tattoos s**ttered on his arms and he has it lip pierced. We stayed friends threw out high school and eventually decided to go to the same college. We ended up getting an apartment together and quickly our place became the party spot where there was a... Continue»
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