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My aunt

My uncle came home for his 14 days and I limited myself to only using "Jean's" panties. I tried peeping a couple times to see if I could catch them fucking but somebody had moved the curtains. One day while they were out, I "fixed" the curtains again and that night I got to watch as they fucked. I watched my aunt suck my uncle’s cock and then watched her have a couple huge orgasms as he ate her pussy. They started out fucking in missionary then she got on top and rode him then they ended up doggie and that's how they finished. While they were fucking doggie I could see "Jean's" tits swinging a... Continue»
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Wife Reluctant To Be Naked etc. part 4

So there lies my wife Judy, her legs parted and allowing this strange man, a man we had met only moments ago, pierce her shaved pussy with his rather good-sized manhood. As he positioned the head of his cock right at her entrance, he was nice enough to inform her that he was indeed bareback. And she informed him right back that was not a problem for her. I picked up my lounge chair and moved closer to the upcoming action. I never in my life imagined that I would take pleasure in knowing another man would be fucking my wife. I guess all these years of us going naked and the fact that I am not t... Continue»
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my s****r fucked by old farmer part 5

hi,as part 4 was very short it was not accepted as a story and it is stored in my blog and if you want to read the full story series from part 1 then please go to my blog to read part 4.this is the 5th part of my s****r fucked by old farmer story i continue from the previous part.shahziya was now sucking both the old man's dick one by one.after sucking for few minutes she got up and began to kiss the old sarpanch jeevraj shinde.while prakask singh was kissing her back and pressing her boobs from behind.then the old sarpanch put her on her bed and and lay beside her and told her"shahz... Continue»
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Terri lay huffing air deeply as she said "thank you", as he walked away to take a shower. It had been nearly 13 years since she had last been fucked. She had been a young, dumb, mother of 2 boys when she was incarcerated. She was supported by her parents with the first c***d, but another accidental pregnancy put her on the streets with her new boyfriend. Shortly after the birth of son 2, conspiracy to robbery placed both sons Barry and Marty, in her parents care. With the years passing, her twin b*****r Ted raised them and maintained contact with her.

After the passing of Terri's last b... Continue»
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The Breeding of Chris

I wrote this fantasy for an online friend who gets turned on by big hard cocks and lots of cum. She also had a pregnancy fetish. She is a big girl too, which I love!

Let me know how you enjoyed it.


The Breeding of Chris

Being at the prime of your womanhood, we’ve openly talked about your
natural desire and cravings for getting pregnant. The insatiable urge
and need to be inseminated by a big hard cock in your fertile womb
gets you instantly swollen and wet. The thought of making this happen
for you makes my cock ache with desire and lust. This is an all or
not... Continue»
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My Teacher

I sat there transfixed on the sight before me. Mrs. Farr was leaning over talking to me and I could see right down her shirt, those large melons calling for me. I could see her nipples! This was not the first time for this to happen as she wore loose fitting tops all the time.
Mrs. Farr is no super model sorry to say. But for a eighteen year old k** that has always struck out with the ladies this is just as good. Mrs. Farr is average height, curly brown hair with some gray. Big warm brown eyes. Freckles, on her face and chest. A small pot belly and maybe her ass was nice when she was yo... Continue»
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First time going gay

I was in my late twenties, and had a huge circle of friends, mostly male. Everyone was straight, many of the guys having girlfriends or wives. It was a social group too; lots of barbeques, parties and get-togethers; we'd basically use any excuse we could to be together. Sports were a big part of our group; everyone loved the 'Vikes'.

I cared about most of the people in our group and I truly enjoyed our time together. I was one of the quieter members of the gang though I wasn't shy. I dated often, liked sex, but rarely let a relationship develop. I guess I'm good looking, sometimes overhear... Continue»
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First anal with a college freshman

This is a true account of the first time I had anal sex with anyone. For starters I am 6 foot, male, athletic (six pack etc.) and am pretty lucky size wise (7 inches and thick). I am still finishing college, and this took place my freshman year. While I was at school I regularly had sex with a girl who I will call Jess.

At maybe 4 am one Saturday morning I got a knock on my suites door, I had just gotten back from going out and was not tired yet. Opening the door, I found Jess waiting in what were obviously clothes she had been out in that night. I remember a black pencil skirt and heels we... Continue»
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Mac was a married man and his wife was knocked up with their sixth c***d. He loved sex and his wife loved having babies. Her mother had given birth to eighteen k**s and her grandma twenty two. She married Mac as he could afford her all these babies. Mac also loved to fuck. When he was not fucking his wife he was sticking his dick in young Sue. He first saw her when she was walking down a back road and she had on a tight knit shirt hugging a nice full set of tits and short shorts that showed an inch of her ass cheeks. He pulled over and asked her if she wanted a ride with big daddy and she smil... Continue»
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Torrid Young Policewoman's confession

We were put on short standby, as trouble brewed down-town. Fellow officers were out and reports were coming in that numbers were increasing, and our radios were alive as fights broke out, with colleagues calling in for reinf***ements.

I was a rookie just into my twenties, more a pin-up girl than a butch fighting feminine policewoman, in fact I was caught up between the sexes, with as many of my female friends as desperate for my attention, as male colleagues, during our patrols.

The high testosterone and oestrogen levels attributed to the nature of the job, then there was the power surge... Continue»
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Sissy Tom, Marsha, and Me

I had never been to Tom’s before, so I was please when he invited me over to his place to play. When I had arrived, he had stood at the opened door with his hard dick sticking out of his trouser fly. From that point I knew this was going to be a fun time. I was no sooner through the door and it was closed behind me that Tom kissed me full on the mouth. And then said, “Welcome to my humble abode.” The only thing i could think of was fuck his abode I want his cock. It was poking out of this trousers. It couldn’t have been a better welcome sign. I bent down and sucked his cock into my mouth. Oh,... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 8

We began to kiss again and I slid my hand between Claudia’s thighs and found a very slippery and wet pussy waiting. She began to moan and let her head fall back as I began to play with her clit and slide a finger into her pussy. I could smell her pussy and it was really turning me on.

At the same time Janet was beginning to deep throat Marcus very heavily and she was having a great time gagging on and spitting all over his cock which was now glistening as it was covered with her spit.

“Suck that cock…what a good slut,” said Marcus. “You want to be my slut don’t you?”

“I want to be eve... Continue»
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Friends meet to explore thier kinky desires. P4

Part 4 – Into The Gardens

Walking through the bar, beside each other...not the clichéd image of you walking behind me on the leash...what we are going engage in is not solely for some dominating pleasure of me treating you in a servile manner, or you surrendering control of yourself as a person...this is about mutual pleasures, in whatever manner they may come. And there will be submission and domination, but in a way we both acknowledge and accept is of mutual respect. However deliciously perverse and kinky our pleasures turn out to be when acted out, and there is always the testing and pu... Continue»
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the wifes friend.

So my wife Jenny went out Saturday night with her friends, she often did and I didn't mind cause I would go down to the local watering hole and a have a few beers with my mates, so all was good.
It was very late in the night when I wandered home and stepping inside the house I was surprised to see the lights on.
So I strolled into the front room to see what was going on and found my wife Jenny, a short brunette woman with nice fit body on the sofa kissing and fondling her friend Kelly, a tall stunning blonde with a great tan and a great slim body.
Not sure what to do or say I stood watching... Continue»
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Georgina in the library

9.37pm. The clockface of my watch stared back at me as I caught my breath. I was pretty sure all the way to the library immediately after training was not the requisite cool down that my coach expected, but this wasn’t the time for that. The glass doors of the library closed behind me. I had 23 minutes. I cursed my lecturer under my breath. Who gives an “open book” exam the next morning when the book is a restricted one that cannot be borrowed out from the library. What’s more, there was only one copy stocked. I groaned, hoping that I would be the only last minute mugger in the library before ... Continue»
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Twin Love - Parts 1, 2, & 3

As non-identical twins, Mark Goldman and his s****r Libby had always been close. They played together quite harmoniously, to the delight of their parents. One night they grew even closer...
Part 1

A teenager babysitter named Sheila was watching the kindergarten-aged twins while their parents went to see a concert. Mark and Libby were upstairs watching a movie when Sheila quietly let her boyfriend Steve in the backdoor. Sheila and Steve were both s*******n -- they were typical horny teenagers who'd been fucking non-stop for weeks now. Sheila was almost immediately naked and ... Continue»
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Susie's Gang **** Movie

Mark's wife agrees to be the star in a movie about a schoolgirl getting gang ****d!

Mark Collins lay breathlessly next to his petite young wife, Susie, his prick now deflating and oozing its last gobs of semen. He'd just deposited a huge load inside of her as she rode his prick to her own explosive orgasm. Susie flopped back onto the bed, her naked B cup tits bouncing. Long blond hair spilled onto the white pillow beneath her. She let her skinny thighs fall apart, exposing her puffy pink gash and the thin stripe of brilliant white semen emerging from her engorged lab... Continue»
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A teacher's favorite student makes his dreams come true
** This is my 1st story. Let me know what you think **

It was only 8am and Mr. Jepson was all ready to start the day. He stood at the window sipping his morning coffee while watching the growing flood of people coming through the gate.

Jon Jepson or JJ as he was known to his friends and colleagues picked up his plan for today as reviewed the work that was being covered when his eye was drawn back outside by the sight he was waiting to see.

Kimmi Stock walked in or rather flounced in through the gate without a ca... Continue»
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When daddy caught me watching

It was a typical weekend occurrence whilst growing up. Mum and dad would go out and I would be left at home with just the babysitter for company. One night as I lay in bed, I wondered what time mummy and daddy would return. I soon fell asl**p only to be woken in the early hours of the morning as was often the case. Mummy and daddy had arrived back home clearly d***k and still in high spirits from their night out on the town. The babysitter had left and as mummy and daddy finally quietened down I was able to get back to sl**p.

Sometime later I had woken again. I tossed and turned whils... Continue»
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(MF, 1st, prost)
Written by AB-2010

A story related to me by Jon B. (Northern California)

I'm a little over 50 as I relate this story. I have a good looking sweet wife and three lovely young girls that I love more than I can say. I've only made love to two women in my like, my wife and before her a German prostitute, who actually broke me in, and made me a man.

Back in the late 70's before the Berlin wall came tumbling down I was stationed in a large Bavarian city called Nuremberg. I was young and full of hormones and a complete virgin. And I was more ... Continue»
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