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Taking my first 'monster' black cock.

I’ve been a slut for most of my life. I had my anal cherry popped when I was nearly 11 after at least a year of doing other things with a friend. By then I was an accomplished cock-sucker and was ready for it. By 13 I’d had my first black cock and was hooked; that was the year that I also experienced my first little gang bang with some friends. My mother confided in me, later in life that, had I been a girl (knowing how much of a slut I was), I would have probably been pregnant by the time I was 12 (if not sooner).

When this happened I was 18 and the slut switch was stuck ‘on’. Although I... Continue»
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Surprise surprise

It was the early hours of Saturday morning and, not unusually, my wife was working away. I had been out for a few beers and almost immediately crashed on the sofa when I got in. I'm not sure how long I'd been asl**p when I was awoken by a text message. I jumped up, startled firstly by the loud alert and then secondly panicking who could possibly need to text in the early hours of the morning.

The number wasn't one I recognised and the message simply read "hey, you up?". Curious as to who it was I immediately replied "I am now. Who is this?". I could see they were almost immediately typing ... Continue»
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Committed, but Deprived - Follow Up

If you've read my post of a couple of days ago, "Committed, but Deprived," you know about Amy and me - a whirlpool and a soak - and shared masturbation in my hotel suite. You also know I informed her we could also share masturbation together on web calls.

Well, as promised, we did strike up a phone call after she returned home. She was alone, as her husband is gone a great deal. Her k**s are very active in social and sports activities, so she had the house to herself. I asked if she still wanted to create an account on a social web site, and she said "Yes - Absolutely!" With that, I directe... Continue»
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Picked up in the DIY store

The wife and I were looking for some shelving at a local DIY store, when this young man caught my eye, strange I thought. As we looked around the store, it took us around 20 minutes and then we decided to leave, on our way out he came up and slipped a piece of paper into my hand, when I got home it read ‘If you fancy meeting up text me’.

I must admit I was intrigued. A couple of months later he was still on my mind so I text him. ‘You doing anything tonight?’ about ten minutes later I received a reply ‘I finish at 8’. I told the wife I was going out with ***** a good friend for a drink or t... Continue»
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How to deal with bad neighbors

Leroy didn’t care much for the way his neighborhood was changing. When he had purchased his house it was a black neighborhood in the inner city, but a few years back one of the city’s universities began expanding rapidly. Now the neighborhood was full of rowdy d***ken college k**s. A fraternity even bought up the vacant lot behind his house for their frat house.
One day he looked out back and saw a confederate flag hanging from the side of that frat house. “Oh, hell no!” He thought to himself.
Leroy and his wife Ebony were upset that there in their own backyard was a confederate flag. ... Continue»
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Secret Watcher: Part 2 His Story

Note: Please read Secret Watcher Part 1. This two stories are meant to be read as a pair. The follow story is the reverse view and told through the eyes of the Secret Watcher's object of desire. Comments and ratings are appreciated. Enjoy!

Several years ago I had been on a business trip to Anaheim for the local trade convention. I was staying next door at the Hilton. They had just remodeled and the rooms were beautiful. One nice addition was that the windows had been increased in size. They were now floor to ceiling. I like to wake with the morning light and so years ago I started sl**p... Continue»
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Older Lover

Thick. Juicy. Delicious. The first words that come to mind when I imagine the woman I've been dreaming of getting my hands all over for the longest time. The thought of her lips wrapped around the tip of my throbbing cock with suction that would rival that of the strongest vacuum on the market. Her tongue wriggling and writhing like a ferocious snake on the under side of my shaft and head. The look in her eyes as she gazes up at me as I lay my fat, heavy meat on her beautiful face, my big swollen cum-filled balls filling her mouth, her eyes on either side of my shaft as she sucks and swallows ... Continue»
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Love Dress

As Bruce steps up softly behind me, he slides his hand around my side and caresses my belly as he pulls me back into him. As his other hand grabs my left side, his right one slides down the my bare leg where the slit runs almost to my waist, and he begins to pet my smooth leg under the leather. I catch my breath, then lose it again immediately as I feel his whiskers poke my bare right shoulder at the base of my neck, and he sweetly bites and kisses me there. I take a long drag off of my cigarette, inhaling deeply as my free left hand reaches back to find his stiffening bulge through his sexy... Continue»
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Old Cum Dump Gets Fucked For First Time.

After my first experience at a glory-hole, I couldn't stop myself from going back for more and more cock-sucking and being sucked off myself. I was now a total addict to this wonderful sexual activity. I was now a cock-sucker and remain so till this day. I have absolutely no idea how many cocks I have sucked, but it must run into thousands. And every one that cum in my mouth I swallowed.
A few months after finding glory-holes I met a guy there who was twenty-nine years old. he was there frequently for cocks and cum as well. We became friendly.
One night I arrived at the toilets and he was w... Continue»
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Ex Skank Continued

Ex Skank's Story Continued

Britt still touching herself staring at my glory with 1 hand and bottle in other wished she had a didlo. V whispered if he can give her 1, I nodded and wondered why he would have 1?  Does he suck it or slide it up his hott tight ass? Curiousity got me wett again! Walking naked back to room handing me porn box of discs, red dildo, and purple dildo unopened. Discs of 3 somes, fat ass chicks, but i put the black guys gang bang a white chick on. V said he likes seeing color contrast then sat next to Britt an lit another joint offering that and her new purple toy! Sh... Continue»
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s****r In-law (wife's s****r)

I really can't remember when it started. Somewhere in my 8 years of marriage, though, I had become infatuated with my wife's younger s****r. Twenty seven years old, with an athletic build and wonderful smiling eyes, Ginny was anyone's definition of a knockout. I was captivated by the beautiful shape of her ass, and I found myself stealing glances at it whenever I could. Wrapped in a skirt or barely hidden by a bikini bottom, my eyes were drawn to it like a magnet.

Six months ago, while expecting our third c***d, my wife and I went on vacation to the Delaware shore. On our second weekend t... Continue»
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Back to 1965, Danang, Vietnam

An Officer but no Gentleman

This is a follow-up to the Danang, Vietnam story of 1965; the one about getting the 2 big black cocks. Getting my ‘cunt’ stretched by them became a regular thing following the first time. Since the original story was posted I’ve found out just how small the world is; I had another guy contact me who was stationed there at the same time. He and some friends had heard the rumor that there was a younger foreign guy working as a prostitute at the Bamboo Bar. A guy that would take any sized cock and had taken 2 huge black ones.

I had only taken one huge one, the o... Continue»
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Relief... continued

He only worked for us for 4 days. (the continuation)

That night I’d given him a second blow job and there were 2 others. We just couldn’t pay him what he wanted (even with the other ‘benefits’) so he left. I was sad to have that happen but, he may stop by in the future for a little more service. There are some advantages to owning this place which have begun to show up over time. Being gay here is not i*****l but very frowned upon; it’s a very conservative small town. Like every other small hotel/guest house we rent our rooms hourly and pretty cheap. About the time that Tuan left we’d start... Continue»
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Young Lover in Hotel Room Seduction 3

This is the last installment of this series. I hope that you have enjoyed it, voted for it, commented on it and maybe even masturbated to it.
If you have, I’d love to know about it.
This is how the evening ended.

To say we were all tired would be an understatement. When I finally was able to extract myself from the limbs of Paula and Lana, they were both giggling. I asked what they found so funny and Paula told me that her aunt thought we were probably too much a mess to go out and get food, but if we eat much m... Continue»
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A Hot Morning At Work

Liv and me had been getting closer for months and it seemed inevitable that something would happen between us. I do some “care” work and one of my clients is Liv's adult bedbound son who I, in effect, watch over once a week while she gets a precious few hours to herself to do as she pleases. In fact I'm just a presence in the house as he is very often medicated and I rarely see him. As time had gone by it seemed that more often then not what Liv wanted to do was to spend time with me because her trips out became shorter and shorter.

Liv is a “rough diamond” and been given a lot of bad card... Continue»
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The Bet

I sat in disbelief-Kim just made a bet with these guys. The bet was Kim and would give hand jobs to all four if these two dude had the biggest cock we had ever seen. "Don't worry Lisa, look at these guys they are young, skinny, ugly, how can they have big cocks, they are white! We have this, don't worry." Lisa said with confidence. Lisa and I were out on a girls weekend get away. Our husbands and k**s were at home and we were at the beach for a short weekend of fun and relaxation. We had only had a few drinks and had been flirting and dancing with every guy in the hotel bar. Now we were goin... Continue»
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best pussy/ass I ever had

I'm shacked up with a woman now, so it's kinda cool to go down memory lane and remember the hottest/sexiest women I've ever had the pleasure of being with in a carnal way. :)

3 years ago I was single and a friend asked if I wanted to go down to the Outer Banks (North Carolina). His f****y rented a 3 story beachhouse there every 2 years for 2 weeks, and like 10 or so of his relatives would go there. I said sure.

We drove down there and the place was awesome. Walking distance from the ocean, its own private pool/hot tub, 2 kitchens. Anyway his mom's cousin was there. She like like 55 or s... Continue»
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Shota Cock Garden Party (story I found)

“Eh. He’s alright.”

Mrs. Lane hefted Timmy Smith’s hard cock, gauging its length and thickness. “He’s… I mean, he’s a solid seven, that’s not bad, but nothing compared to my William. There’s a reason I named him that, you know,” she said proudly, looking over to where three of the other mothers were crowded around her proud boy, admiring his fat nine inches.

“There’s more than size, you silly slut,” Mrs. Smith said fondly, stroking her son’s hair. “Look at his balls. There’s more and sweeter cum inside Timmy here than in any three other boys, no matter how big they are. And seven inches ... Continue»
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Today started like any other week-day. I got up, showered, got dressed and went into the kitchen to prepare mine and my wife’s breakfast. At six-thirty I went back to the bedroom and woke her.
We had breakfast, I took her lunch and dinner down to her car, (she has a class tonight and won’t be home for dinner) wished a good day.
It was like any other day until finally it dawned on me that it wasn’t like any other day. She wouldn’t be home until 8:30; this would be a party day. Party day after I did some deck staining that is.
I retrieved my dope form its hiding place and loaded up a bowl. I ... Continue»
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My Town's Story III

Becky pulled me down to her and kissed my mouth. My eyes remained fixed on the picture of her daughter Debbie. My mind was reeling as I tried to reconcile what had just happened.

Debbie Stewart was the girl at school that I wished I had the nerve to talk to. Like most young guys I had trouble thinking of anything to say when the pretty girl that I jerked off thinking about was standing there. Now I had just fucked her mother!

"Wait a minute! Becky's last name was Robbins! Maybe Debbie was not her daughter!" I thought to myse... Continue»
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