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At Mothers Window Again
We were horny young guys just past the cusp of puberty. It was summer
holidays and we were allowed to stay out far past the falling of darkness.
It was the late forties and k**s were safe in the streets, even in a
working class neighborhood like ours.
Women on our street all stayed home keeping house and raising their
broods while their husbands worked twelve-hour days to make a living. The
heat of July baked the houses during the day and kept the screened windows
wide open all night to attract the slightest breeze.
Throughout th... Continue»
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Goddess Wife and Mistress

This is a partial true story based on how a married man worships a living goddess and trained by a Mistress to continue married life with his wife. The names, places and occasions are completely changed as per necessity of the story.
Description of Characters
1. Ronnie: My name is Ranjit Agarwal: Aged 28 years
I am a MBA professional and working in a Readymade Garments Company located its office at Mumbai on a four storied building and my office room was too small in size. It is known to all that space in Mumbai is more valuabl... Continue»
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Babysetting the Twins

Leigh entered the kitchen and noticed Julie, his babysitter, talking on
the phone. She was soaking wet, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped about
herself. "Hi," he glanced her up and down.

"Oh my God!" Julie squealed, "I thought you were at a friend's!"

"It's after midnight! Didn't my mom tell you I have a curfew?"

"Is it that late already?" She glanced at the wall clock and sighed,
biding her goodbyes to her friend at the other end of the line,

"I"ll call you later. Un huh. Un huh. Yep. Cool. See you on

As she hung up the phone and glanc... Continue»
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Late night shopping

Late night shopping

So, Sue, "Needed" some new underwear. She's tried everywhere but nothing had grabbed her, until she saw this shop that hadn't been open for long but they were near closing so she had to hurry. As usual, browsing the displays takes longer than expected and Sue ended up rushing to the changing rooms with a thong and push up bra set and 3 pairs of regular hi leg knickers.

There's no one at the changing room entrance so Sue wanders through and picks a cubicle just inside. She's humming quietly to herself whilst undressing and doesn't hear the, "Were closing in 5 mi... Continue»
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Uncut And Raw ( Challenge #1 )

I am a man that is uncircumcised. Women think that if you are uncut that you are dirty. That you will tear the foreskin if you put it into a tight ass or pussy. That you cant feel it as well when they give you a blowjob. And the one I have just heard that you cant cum as much as a cut man.

This is the question I got from a little redheaded woman that worked in my office. She was hot. A plump ass, perfect breast and hips that flared out. She was a perfect woman. Little did she know there were many times I watched those bouncing breast or jiggling ass. Then I would have to jerk off ... Continue»
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The Agreement. Part One

The gloved hand turned the lever to lock the door.

"remember what I told you in the car."
She reminded me sternly.

"After I lock the door, you will have no chance to back out. No safe word.
I will have complete control over you, for as long as I need. How long I desire. You will cry, you will beg. Fear will flow, for as long as I need it to."

"Any questions?"

"No ma'am" with a quiver

"Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am"

She had her ravenous hair tied back tightly. The White blouse with the sleeves rolled up. Her right hand; a cropped black leather glove. Her left hand; a... Continue»
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So who won?

Patricia Lopez's junior year in the local college had been an epic disaster. Her boyfriend dumped her for another woman causing her grades to fall to a point of academic probation. Going home for the summer was off. She had to stay for the summer term to get her grades back up. She hated it at first but came to love how empty the campus was during the summer term. Her student housing complex was almost empty. She soon discovered the buildings exercise room and spa. It was such a relief to work out her stress of the summer term and frustration of her life.
It wasn't long before she had a regu... Continue»
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beat down by a porn star- Sally D Angelo

Beat Down by a porn star Sally D Angelo
By lilguy
Sexy Cougar teachers her cuckold boy toy a lesson

Inspire by porn star

Rita Daniels walked down the steps of her mansion. She was wearing a swim suit green, very tight showing off her milk tits that were like two ripe melon trapped in fabric. She was in her 50’s and still hot with medium length black hair. She had deep brown eyes and exotic feature. She had her big hat on that was green, with some roses on it. Her body was tanned from basking in the sun. Her eyes were brown and mysterious. Sh... Continue»
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my friend milly and her whore mother..

I’m Milly from Panjim aap sab janti he ki me collage me hu aur meri maa bahut badi randi he jo roj kisi na kisi tourist se chuudvati hai. mujhe apni maa per saq tha aur maine.. use chudte huve dekha use time per me 18 sal ki thi aur muje bhi thoda sa sex me intrest hone laga tha.
to me roj maa ki chudai dekhti rahti thi fir ek din mene maa se puch liya ki tum roj 4-5 panty ayr bra kyu badalti ho vo shock ho gayi tab mene usko bataya ki me sab janti hu ki tu mere school jane ke bad ghar pe kya karti vo dar gayi aur muje kahne lagi ki tere papa ko mat batana mene kaha ki me nahi bataungi ... Continue»
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Wife's s****r Shocked At What We Did 4

Here we are, my wife and I with her s****r Penny and her husband Harry, the four of us completely nude and, for the moment, I am between Penny's legs, my cock almost touching her pussy. What started out as a discussion, Penny wanting to know why all of the sudden my wife, her s****r, has become such a willing, wanton woman with other men. Judy has tried to explain it to her as best as she can, telling her she can't really explain it other than feeling overpowered with lust when she saw that our postman saw her naked through our window. "When I saw his cock ejaculate all that cum in his hand, I... Continue»
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Horny Soccer Mom

Mary sat in the stands watching her k**s playing soccer. As hard as she tried to concentrate on the soccer game she was having trouble. There was a tingling between her legs that had been nagging her since she had gotten that morning.

With a husband that was gone more than he was home, Mary was not getting the sexual attention she so dearly craved. It was getting to the point that Mary was thinking of alternatives. Masturbation only eased the need temporarily, but she need more than quick fixes.

Her fidgeting was drawing the attention of other people sitting nearby causing them to ask ... Continue»
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Yet Another Company of Women

Yet Another Company of Women
"This isn't happening," said Kyle, almost to himself, although Erika was sitting across from him at her desk. She was very attractive with her raven hair cut short, and a revealing blouse.

It was only his first week at the advertising company and twice he'd broken protocol used for filing of forms and memos. His boss, Alexa Martin, said he was careless and wasn't cut out for the job, but agreeing to spare him only if he were willing to massage and even smell her stinky feet. And the smell was potent. He knew because she'd taken off her shoes duri... Continue»
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Fourth Visit To The Master (And His Men)

The ritual of preparation on her arrival at The Club was the same as that of the first two nights. Fitted as usual with an eye mask The Master placed Gloria face down on a standard massage table. This time she was not bonded. The Master had decided, given her contribution to The Club activities, a small reward was appropriate. He told her so and she was grateful for his kindness. Again there were two viewing rooms on either side of the table. The Master had an additional sneaky surprise for Gloria. The person organised to give the massage was a bi female client.

The masseuse was a beautifu... Continue»
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Sindy meets Nina

As I landed in Berlin, I still wasn't sure whether the invite was 100% genuine. I was
a relatively innocent occasional cross-dresser in my 40s, I couldn't believe someone
as sexy as Nina would want to meet me.

I'd been chatting with Nina for a number of months now after we'd happened upon each other
doing simultaneous cam shows on a well known camming website. She was about the same age as me with
slim features, brown hair, a fit body plus a devilish sense of humour which became immediately apparent
from the first naughty comments we exchanged, intimately detailing what we'd do to e... Continue»
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Sally's Story

Setting: It's a Saturday morning, in a warm place, like around a beach. Maybe they live at a tropical island area. It's just Sally and her mother. It's also summer time, so it's nice and warm, even hotter than usual. But her mom has turned up the AC way too much, so it's cold in the house.
Her mom is also rich. Love da moneys!
(And yes, it is her first time, but she's prepared for it in her mind. Yeesh.)

When Sally Anderson, woke up that morning, she forgot where she was for a moment. Then her mom's head popped through the space between the door and wall. "Hey, honey. It's time to get up... Continue»
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Wife orders new dildo

Linda used to have a couple of dildoes but when we had moved house they got misplaced or as she said they really never got used so what were we missing. We hadn't had sex in a while either but one day just after dinner Linda said Honey I have somehting to tell you. i ask her what, with Linda continuing well you know we haven't done it in a while, I thought that l'd pick up a new dildo, maybe we could have alittle fun when it arrives. I was looking out for the post every day. I had't noticed any packages arrive and Linda hadn't mentioned anything for over a week.

After work a couple fo Frida... Continue»
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Fantasy 2: First BBC

In my first story, I described how I want my first ever sexual contact with a man to be.
The following story is written when I've already fulfilled my first fantasy (in real, unfortunately this is not the case). So I already have experienced sex with lots of men.

Altough I've already had sex with different men, I've never had a nice black cock before, and I'm really craving for it. When I'm watching some crossdresser porn on XHamster, suddenly a black stud sends me a message. When I check out his profile I immediately see he's als... Continue»
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iStartLife, chapter 5

iCarly - iStartLife, chapter 5

At a little pass 1pm, Carly and Sam met up for lunch.

"Jason Michaels asked me out!" Carly said upon seeing Sam.

"Great! Who's that?"

"A hot guy in my writing class."

"He asked you out with you looking at that?" Sam asked.

Carly frowned and touched her hair.

"You should marry him k*ddo." Sam said smiling.

They both sat down at the bench and Sam took out her lunch.

"What's wrong with the way I looked?" Carly asked, already knowing that answer.

"You look like you were late this morning. That's all." Sam said biting into a... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch 12. BBC Gang Fuck at Club F-Bl


Then, by chance one day my darkest fantasy came true. I got “used” by a large group of black men in the backroom of a club.
I was in town for work and decided I wanted to play one more time before flying out the next day. I’d had some visitors from c-list and the chat lines to my room several times over the week, but I wanted more.
I went from my nice hotel to a crappy motel and changed. Then I drove across town to an arcade that had been pretty fun a few years before. It was lame- nothing to play with but myself.
I decided to check out another place I had read a... Continue»
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The Chair Shoppe

The Chair Shoppe 1-4

Part 1

Kevin, along with several others young men, stood nervously while guests at the Hotel filtered into lobby where all the Shoppes were.
The first floor housed different Shoppes catering to the special items only found on the Femina Islands.
A PantyPets Shoppe, but unlike the others on Merchants Road, it dealt in very exclusive & expensive panties. Made from silks & other exotic materials from around the world & exclusive only to the Shoppe at the Hotel where rumor hinted of ... Continue»
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