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Deceitful Chocolates: Part 1.....


"Hey, baby," Shawn said to his girl as he walked into the bedroom. He quickly walked over to her then gave her neck his undivided attention. "Damn, you smell good," he whispered as his nose slowly ran up and down her neckline.

"Shawn," she giggled, "you know that’s my spot." Karen playfully pushed his lips away then continued to search through her jewelry.

"Baby, you're still going out tonight?" Shawn asked worriedly as he sat down next to her.

"Shawn, I told you ten times that all I'm going to do is go out with Chelsey for some food and drinks. I'll be back before you ... Continue»
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Your neighbor knows my name

"C'mon bytch. Hurry up." Connie screamed at her friend Lisa as she struggled with her luggage, dragging her bags up to the check-in counter at the Luxor Resort. She was a tall, lean, deep chocolate woman with high cheekbones, big brown eyes and a full gracious mouth. She had her hair done in short twisted braids. Lisa huffed and puffed as she came up behind Connie with her bags. She was shorter, thicker and caramel-skinned, with huge 46DDD breasts. She sat her things down, out of breath.

Both Lisa and Connie had three big suitcases with them. Their friends Stacy and Monique had only a small... Continue»
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Depression Era Survival

John heard Mary in the house vacuuming. Tipping down the hall, he stopped to peep around the wall. The vacuum stood alone as she was on her knees in a short sl**ping robe, reaching under the couch for something. She dropped to her shoulders trying to reach it, her ass poked high. Her panties were tightly stretched, legs spread wide with her cunt mound showing. It was puffed, filled with hair, over flowing out the leg holes. She pumped it up, down, back and forth stretching her reach. John's cock stood straight out as he quickly turned to tip back to the bedroom. In a minute, he heard her ca... Continue»
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A night out for dawn

A night out for dawn

a true story from dawn

Thursday, message while at work telling me to be in a certain pub at 8.30 on Saturday night, and to tell hubby I would be out with my master.
I replied ‘yes sir’ and noted that there was no request for special clothing, sometimes there is, and no answer or acknowledgement, so on returns home I told Andy my hubby and he just accepted it would happen ...again.
Saturday afternoon came and after tea Andy came to the bathroom, as I showered, washing my back, having a crafty feel of my body and generally getting me ready to go to my mas... Continue»
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Marine Zack meets new Daddy, Part 3

Part 3
Zack spends quite a bit of time preparing himself for the evening. He showers once and then decides to take a bath. He enjoys the warmth of the soapy bath water. He relishes the sheen the soap leaves on his skin as he splashes himself over and over again. Finally, he connects the wand to the shower extension and gets the water at the exact temp. He sprays his asshole and slowly places the tip of the wand next to his pucker hole, reveling in the sensation of the water spraying up inside him. He plays with himself awhile, filling and emptying himself several times, until the final ... Continue»
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I just hadthe BEST toy session

Today I decided to pretend to be a slut. So I put on a pair of crotchless fishnet stockings a jean micro mini skirt a push up bra and a corset over that and a pair of fuck me cowboy boots. Then I got my favorite toys out. An 8 inch curved dildo that I stuck to the wall, and 18 inch double headed dildo and a 6 inch vibrator.

I started with the wall mounted one. After oiling it up I turned and started rubbing it up and down m ass crack. After a few seconds of that I pushed the head against my tight little asshole. Pushing back it slid in fast until my ass touched the wall. God what a feeling!... Continue»
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Fantasy Week End

After jerking my cock to this fantasy for months, i have to write it down.

Me and my wife going on a week end trip to spend it with her lover.
We arrive first so we take the hotel room, and we hew a couple of hours till her lover will arrive.I already have a hard on from the excitement, but no play time for me as she wants to get ready and very sexy for him, so she is preparing and i can only watch and touch myself.

She took a long shower and i waited while jerking and trying not to come, and she just exit the bath, naked without a towel.
Wow, sexy smile,amazing body, sexy tits, hard n... Continue»
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Scenario from vegas777

We are sitting on bed, on a sofa or the floor.
You wear sexy Lingerie, a corsage and sockings ad a panty.
Maybe at first we would give us tongue kissess
while we caress and explore each others body with our hands,
i would touch your tits and pleasure your nipples with my mouth,
then touching your belly go with my hand down you sexy legs and up again on
your back side grapping your round butt and knead him, while your hand also
go over my body you lick my nipples and your hand works the direction
to my dick, you touch it softly throug my boxers, which you slowly pull down.

Now my hal... Continue»
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Locked Up

It was an old abandoned prison and every cell had a naked woman locked in it. The guards used them during the day and at night they brought a load of men from the prison down the road to be with them. These men were rough and fucked hard. Today Gina had been fucked twice by the guards and tonight a big black prisoner was pushed into her cell. He stripped off his jump suit and was naked with a huge black cock poking at her. He grabbed her by the hair and kissed her mouth shoving his tongue deep and his hands were grabbing and pulling and pinching her huge tits. She was used to the rough sex fro... Continue»
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My b*****r's Friends

My b*****r's friends liked to stop off at my room for a quickie on their way to my mother's bed. They started doing me when I was only 14 and a very curious, very horny young teen. I always leave my bedroom door ajar when I fuck them so my mom can enjoy listening and get herself warmed up as she does so. I'm dying to do a threesome with her, which she says will happen when I turn 18. I'm almost there and anxious to learn everything she has to teach me about sucking and fucking. But, most of all, I'm just desperate to eat her out and watch as she enjoys the taste of my wet teen pussy and brings... Continue»
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So I Had A Bad Day

My dark, glittering eyes surveys the room, flicking from body to body. My lips curl in a snarl of disgust. It has been a bitch of a day and all I want now is a quick drink, a hot fuck and a few hours of sl**p, preferably in that order. Too bad the only ones out on a Saturday night are the college teenyboppers. With a snort I remind myself that while they might look good, they generally don't know how to really please a man, how to take a good hard fucking and make him come back for more. All they seek is their own pleasure and if they don't get their rocks off, they became incessantly whiney. ... Continue»
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Lesley and Denny do a threesome.

Lesley and Dennis. True story!

My wife met Lesley at Primary school walking our boys to school, often walking there and back together. Later, I met her, then her husband Dennis. Lesley was not a very attractive woman, overweight, rather like a ball! She did not try to look good and had a huge chip on her shoulder about men in general.

One evening, we had a small party to try out some homemade beer I had brewed; my first! Dennis, my inspiration, had made it before and his beer is quite pleasant. The problem is that home brewing makes strong beer!

Lesley, on this occasion wore he... Continue»
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Unexpected Pleasure

The prospect of my first colonoscopy held some unknown trepidation. I had put it off for a few years and its time had come. I think my most anxious part was the thought of disrupting my digestion. However, as it approached I found myself preparing my body as if for a kinky outing. I trimmed back the hair on my legs and arms, tidied up my trim beard. Then on the day I shaved everything between my shoulders and knees. I usually keep my cock, balls, ass and thighs shaved, but I was feeling the need to take it a little further, for some reason. Also, I was driven by an un-described urge to mak... Continue»
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Fun with MILF Sue

Sitting at work one morning all my paper work completed and filed and waiting for further instructions I was surfing the I-Net and came across one of those "Meet Up" sites, After a few brief conversations with various women most from outside the area I got a message from this lady, Sue, We messaged small talk then over the course of the next few days we gained some intimate knowledge of each other, We made arrangements to meet at a local coffee shop not far from her house, I sat in the booth awaiting her arrival, From her description, I was looking for a tall short haired blonde in the mid fo... Continue»
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VACATION 2008 - Part 5


A couple of days after Donna had taken the 19 year old waiter’s virginity she said to me “I want to see you take his virginity also”, now this is the first time she’d asked me to do anything like this since the coffee shop incident some years before. Obviously I wasn’t keen but as she always points out she does other girls, even though she likes it, so therefore I should do the same, even though I don’t like it.

She said she’d arrange for him to come to our room so be prepared. That night after we’d eaten we were in the bar when Donna was talki... Continue»
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In Route to Captain Jack's Complex

Jeff Phillips listened to the purr of the Jumbo Jet and thought of last night. He and his son had flown to Texas. 19 year old Kurt would drive his Grannie Kate back to Jack's Complex. Kurt and everyone called her "Little Doe", her Indian name. She at 57, was still a bronze beauty. Shapely with silk straight, long black hair, streaked white around her face. She had raised Hurt until the age of 13, after his own mom had died. For 6 years, they had only seen each other during summers. Now they would share a leisure drive in the "goose". Kate didn't fly, she only trusted her old 'Road Master" ... Continue»
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Donna and her friend had gone out shopping for the day and I was sat in the garden reading. It was a warm summer’s day and I was minding my own business when out of the blue stood Judith, Barry’s wife. You remember Barry if not you haven’t read all my stories have you? She was stood talking to me but I couldn’t hear properly so I invited her in.

She came and sat in the garden we were talking and she said Barry had gone to a collectors fayre with their daughter and she was home alone and bored. She was wearing a white summer top and blue trousers, she was blonde a li... Continue»
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Working 9 to 5

A tribute to the lovely Nikki Nicole (

A nervous Nick walked through the office door. He’d been out of work for nearly six months but had finally found the perfect job for him. He’d now be working in an office as an IT expert. He didn’t have the training or background in IT so he’d been surprised when he’d been offered the role.

Whilst he’d been out of work he’d had the chance to explore his hobby of dressing up in slutty clothes, applying super seductress make-up and BIG hair. He’d even taken the opportunity to make a little money on the side by p... Continue»
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a birthday 3some

So it was 1982 I was fifteen and Julie was also fifteen she was petite with short black hair, small 32b breasts and no ass to speak of, and I was in love with her, partly because I was fifteen but mainly because she let me fuck her. She was an only c***d and lived with her divorced mother who had a Saturday night job as a singer at a local club so we always had the Saturday evenings to ourselves, we tried everything from oral to anal to dressing up (both in her mother’s lingerie, but that’s a difference story) to a little light spanking (which neither of us liked).
Well Julie had a best frie... Continue»
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An Older s****r's Confession

We shared a bedroom, partially due to the lack of bedrooms in our small apartment, but due to our ages.

Considered too young to recognise our differences might be a part, but as our f****y were naturist, and we had grown-up seeing each other, since early c***dhood, our parents might be forgiven in their ignorance as to allowing us to share a bed at night.

I was three years my b*****rs senior, and had recently started to discover the pleasures of my own sexual being, and that my b*****r, was on many occasions, having erections as he slept.

On the first occasion I was having what most m... Continue»
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