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Die Affären einer Familie 7

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Die Affären einer Familie!

Mehrere kleinere Orgasmen schüttelten sie. Sie zitterte, als würde sie frieren. Wie im Schüttelfrost klapperten ihre Zähne aufeinander. Ihr Körper zuckte.

Paul Oppenhaim keuchte, sein Schwanz schwoll auf einmal zu einer ansehnlichen Latte an, was Paul selbst am meisten überraschte.

„Paul!", keuchte Isabell, als sie es sah.

Simon spürte, wie es ihr wieder kam, sie brach beinahe zusammen, ihr Atem flog, wie nach einem schnellen, hektischen Lauf.

„Mein Mann... sein Schwanz... oh, Simon... du... Continue»
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Son Dominates is Slutty Mother

I got home from school and heard my mom laughing. The way she'd been acting lately this wasn't normal. I had no clue just how un-normal my life was about to get as I headed toward the living room to see what was up.When I turned the corner and saw my mom on the couch I got the strangest feeling--like my whole body suddenly went numb, except for a weird tingling in my balls. She was totally naked, her legs spread wide apart and she was pulling her ***** lips open so much that I could see right into her hole. It took me a second to realize there was someone else there. A naked guy was kneeling d... Continue»
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Mom Falls in to son's plan

"Damn it. Why can't you ever wait for me to cum? All
you have to do is be patient. Twenty years and you
still don't know how to get me off. Some husband I
married" my mother shouted. I hurried back to my room,
as my mother would certainly be headed for the washroom
after her weekly attempt at sex with my father.

I had been watching this routine since I was thirteen
and five years later I still can't get enough of
watching my mother having sex with dad. Every Friday
night at 10 PM they would head to bed and try their
best to get each other off. My dad was a hard worker
a... Continue»
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Episode 53: BJ and Alia

Jenny’s black daughter Baby Jane, known as BJ to all her lovers, looked absolutely stunning in her Prom dress. It was entirely backless, exposing a delicious slice of buttock tops, allowing anyone who dared to slide a finger down within inches of her puckered butt-hole. BJ had designed it herself, and her best girlfriend Ellie made it up. The fabric they chose was white chiffon, slightly opaque in daylight, but becoming see-through under the school disco lights. Ellie and BJ fucked each other senseless whenever she called round for a trial fitting. On the night of the prom BJ carefully trimmed... Continue»
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Cjeating Mother pt.2

"Ok mom, I'll put it away if that's what you really want." I challenged.

"It is, now put it away. You shouldn't be doing that in front of me."

"Prove it."

"Prove what?" Mom asked getting flustered. "I said I wanted you to put it away."

"So prove it." I repeated. "Let me touch your pussy. If it's not wet I'll leave right now and never bother you about this again."

"No! You can't touch me there. It's wrong."

I continued to stroke my cock, working it faster now as it approached full size again. Mom eyes bulged as she stared at it. She shook her head and tried desperately t... Continue»
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Cheating Mother 1

3 weeks ago I was supposed to go to the cinema with friends after work. I wasn't feeling well when my shift ended so I cancelled and had them drop me home on the way. Mom's car was at home but the door was locked. We lived in a pretty secluded area so the door was rarely locked when someone was home. I opened it and stepped inside to the low sound of romantic music.

I was surprised since Dad was away with work for the whole week, not that there was a whole lot of romance in my parent's relationship anyway. They didn't even have sex anymore never mind make love. I decided to investigate qui... Continue»
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Mom and dads video file

Last night I stumbled on a video that I can't stop thinking about, making it impossible to hide my raging hard on all day at school. All I can think about is getting home, releasing this bulge from my tight jeans, watching the video again, and jerking off until I unload my balls, covering my hand in hot jizz. Even for a sex-crazed 18 year-old boy I'm way hornier than usual. I've seen plenty of porn and a few teasing videos from girls at school, which I like, but this one? This one is amazing.

After my mom went to bed last night I went downstairs to use her computer. It's hooked up to the p... Continue»
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Mom Caught on cam

For some time, I had been going on camera so my son and his friends could watch me. They did not know who I was, but I knew them. I knew who each of them was and learned about the things they liked and what they enjoyed watching. I have written before about being online with them. This all occurred when they were in high school -- they were eighteen or nineteen years old.

I learned very soon that they also enjoyed seeing the "real me" when I got home from work. I usually wore skirts or dresses to work and always wore hosiery. I most often wore pantyhose. My favorite was L'eggs sheer... Continue»
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Caught knicker sniffing

As I have said in my other posts, these writings are all 100% true and I have only changed names and minor details to maintain anonymity!

A few months back we went over to Fuerteventura for a quick week break in the sun. On the hotel complex there was a naturist area with sauna and steam room, which is not uncommon in the area we stayed. In fact, we have been to the hotel next door and it is very similar.

Now, when we had stayed next door at the other hotel I had enjoyed a few visits to the sauna and had a few little encounters that are memorable, but nothing worth writing about, wher... Continue»
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s****r ordered me to sl**p with Daddy

I am 5 years younger than my older step s****r, Emma, from daddy's first marriage.

Last year he split from my mother and she, like Emma's mother, left both us girls with daddy, and Emma started to be sexually involved, when I came home and saw her on her knees sucking his cock.

We were not so close as step s****rs, as normal s****rs would be, Emma never really got on with my mother and was always in conflict with her, and at 16, started being sexually provocative, parading herself in front of father in her undies, and acting weird.

When mother left home, she slept with him, in his be... Continue»
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Bound but not gagged - very true story images and


I’m bent over a cold object but I cannot state what as the blindfold presses my eyes obscuring them to the sight and bringing abnormal levels of assertion to my other senses, I'm merely obeying the master’s commands. His coarse hands roughly stroking the firm buttocks I possess, I bite my lip as he smacks my arse in one motion a subtle burning sensation gathers on my right cheek, my eyes flinched shut which seems a task made pointlessly as the blindfold sits securely. “Lower!" he shouts. I lower my head and upper body as he simultaneously uses his upper body to push my... Continue»
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i****t monden

Proaspat ras, s-a privit in oglinda. Implinise 38 de ani fara ca anii sa lase urme: ochii verzi, parul negru, cu tunsoare moderna, se simtea la fel de tanar ca in adolescenta. Divortul de Corina ramasese in urma, de ce sa pastrezi amintirile urate? Prezentul era atat de placut. Cosmina crescuse. In primul an de facultate, se casatorise, o partida buna, si si-a manifestat dorinta sa locuiasca impreuna cu el. – Am stat o gramada de ani cu mama, ti-a venit randul sa ma suporti si tu, i-a zis fata, lipindu-se toata de trupul sau, intr-o imbratisare prelunga, plina de afectiune, dar si cochet... Continue»
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Orgasm total

Cat de important este sexul in viata de familie? Sunt casatorit cu o superba femeie. Dincolo de alcatuirea trupeasca fara cusur, Miriamin cucereste prin trairile interioare pe care si le exteriorizeaza fascinandu-i pe ceilalti. Ea este, deopotriva, naiva si cocheta, copilareasca dar frivola, are gesturi pline de eleganta, insa, subtil presarate cu parsivenie. Creaza, permanent impresia ca se simte, o doamna din lumea buna si, in acelasi timp, tarfa de lux. Deseori, amicii mei, dupa un pahar in plus, ma intreaba, salivand lacomi (Cum este la pat, o asemenea femeie?), iar eu le descriu scene fie... Continue»
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Posta in familie

Am ajuns amandoi, repede, la concluzia ca este mult mai excitanta viata conjugala, daca o combinam cu aventuri in afara familiei. Asa ca, fara sa abuzum si nici sa ne luam la intrecere cine inseala mai mult pe celalat, ne-am lasat in voia placerilor de a avea amanti si amante. Dar gusturile noastre difereau foarte mult.

MIRA. Una din primele dar dintre cele mai rascolitoare partide de sex, am avut-o prin Gusti. L-am cunoscut in sera cand ne-a sunat la usa, intreband de sotul meu. Un tip suplu, cu miscari de felina si priviri infocate. Facuse armata cu sotul meu, Sandu, si, intr-o delegati... Continue»
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curva curvelor

Aventuri cu cea mai curva dintre curve.Sotia mea.


A trecut o saptamîna de cînd eu si sotia mea Lili am fost fututi de Doru,un pustan super dragut .Am mai încercat sa i-o sug unui coleg de munca la care am fost in vizita dar era prea beat ca sa i se scoale.M-am multumit sa-i fut nevasta care toata noaptea, cît am stat la masa, m-a mîngîiat cu picioarele pe pula.Mi-a parut rau ca nu a venit si Lili .Aveam ocazia sa o vad în actiune cu o femeie, sigur fiind ca nu ar fi refuzat.Dar sa va spun ce m-a facut sa va scriu din nou.Ieri dimineata m-a sunat o vecina de palier si m-a rugat sa îi ... Continue»
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O noapte fierbinte (part. 1)

Eu si Alina suntem casatoriti de 10 ani. Ne iubim foarte tare, dar relatia noastra s-a transformat, in timp, doar intr-una de prietenie. Viata noastra sexuala a intrat intr-un fel de letargie. Am constatat acest fapt impreuna si ne-a cuprins ingrijorarea. Am cazut de acord ca trebuie sa incercam ceva nou, care sa ne aprinda din nou. In doi am incercat cam totul asa ca ne-am gandit la o relatie cu alte cupluri, cu atat mai mult cu cat amandoi aveam fantezii cu mai multe persoane. Am inceput cautarea unui cuplu pe internet, astfel am primit o gramada de propuneri insotite de fotografii. Precum m... Continue»
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BDSM Fantasy 2: She is beauty

On lonely nights when the TV does not comfort me, when music is playing on the radio which only exacerbated my loneliness; I sit behind my laptop. On the screen I see a young woman sitting on the edge of a bed. She wears sensual black lingerie and she stretches her shoulders back and forth so that my eyes are automatically directed to her black bra and her cleavage. She wears a black thong with red lace. The candy red, as does her lips have that same color. She smiles into the camera and waving to the strangers who, like me, are bewitched and expect a show. With her long slender fingers with r... Continue»
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poveste de familie


Ma numesc Ioan. Am 35 de ani si sunt casatorit de cateva luni cu Aura, o tanara de 24 de ani. Locuim in aceeasi casa cu sora sotiei mele, Daniela. Ea are doar 14 ani si e sora vitrega a Aurei.
Trebuie sa va spun ca sunt foarte indragostit de Aura. De aceea, aproape in fiecare noapte imi arat dragostea, futand-o la greu. Are un sex-appeal femeia asta… cum o vad - in camasa de noapte, cu chiloti sau fara - mi se scoala si trebuie s-o am…am facut sex in toate pozitiile, i-am penetrat toate gaurile. Dar… Nevasta-mea are o idee fixa: nu vrea copii. Nu-mi permite sa-i ejacul... Continue»
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Prima data cu o femeie de 34 de ani

Ce-ti poti dori la 19 ani cind vezi femei frumoase la tot pasul? Unde sa te duci pentru prima data cind te simti super-excitat de experientele erotice mai mult sau mai putin inflorite ale colegilor de serviciu? Oare ce trebuia sa fac? Doream din tot sufletul o femeie coapta, sa o am, sa ma ia si sa faca ce stie mai bine cu mine....Nu aveam decit 19 ani, ma masturbam din cind in cind, dar nu reuseam sa sparg gheata. Nu ma asteptam ca Mihai, prietenul si colegul meu de serviciu, un tip bine, la 24 de ani, casatorit si cu o experienta vasta-cel putin asa sustinea el, imi va rezarva o experienta d... Continue»
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Sunt o nevasta curva

Uneori, în viata ti se întâmpla lucruri la care nici macar nu te-ai fi gândit cu un minut înainte ca ele sa se produca. Spun asta pentru ca eu însami am fost în mai multe astfel de situatii. Ultima, si cea mai tare - chiar de Martisor.

Eram acasa în concediu medical. Nu ca eram bolnava, dar nu aveam chef de munca. Pe la opt dimineata, dupa ce fiica-mea a plecat la gradinita, mi-am facut dus si, numai cu tricoul cel lung pâna sub fese pe mine, m-am bagat în pat. Nu trec doua minute si aud ciocanind usor în usa. Crezând ca e fetita, sar si deschid fara sa ma mai uit pe vizor. În usa, Florin,... Continue»
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