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My wife and her s****r

After the firewood incident with my wife's lil s****r. It was a while before I seen her again. Alone anyway.... It was like a month later I worked in a factory at the time but it was a Friday and work was slow so I was at home k**s were in school and my wife was working. I was piddling around my house doing my honey do list. I usually watch porn when I'm cleaning the house folding clothes etc . Well I was sitting in my chair folding laundry when I noticed someone pulled in my driveway. So I turned the DVD player off and turned on regular tv. I got up to someone knocking on the door well t... Continue»
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The new "Girl" On the Boat, Part 2

A recap: My career was spent as the Captain of a 100' high-end charter boat in Alaska. I had a crew member leave the boat on an emergency, and my office sent up a new crew member for me. Normally I interview a potential employee before hiring them, but in this case I needed another crew member fast, so he was hired sight unseen by me. His name was Louie, and he was a short, slight of build young man in his 20's. It turned out that he was also a cross dresser, and when a 'woman' her name was Louise.

The first night we had sex was while we were at anchor waiting for a storm to end. Loui... Continue»
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Tarzan & Jane Kissogram

I got a phone call from my agency asking me if i wanted a kissogram job this coming Friday night, it was to be a double job with a guy and we were supposed to be Tarzan & Jane. I rang my boyfriend who told be to go for it so I rang them back to say I would do it.
I was working till 9 on Friday and we were booked at a local working men's club for 9.30 so they arranged for the guy that was to be Tarzan to pick me up from work and bring my costume.
Friday came and I left work and was collected by a really hunky guy in a nice car, , he told me he was Mark and that he was a model, he explained t... Continue»
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Flirtatious Slut

Flirtatious Slut

We have been together just over five years which is broken down as two years boyfriend girlfriend and three years husband and wife. My wife Colleen has always been the friendly flirtatious type and she has the face and figure to drive men wild, which I always assumed was her objective when she was teasing and flirting with guys. She has always dressed immaculately but somewhat conservative except when we would be going in to town dancing or heading to a party somewhere. Then she would pull out all the stops wearing something very tight or very revealing, and always with ext... Continue»
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Slut Stripper Fun part two

Slut Stripper fun: Par Two

Adam managed to fuck me to two glorious orgasms before unloading inside me as we waited for my taxi to arrive. I somehow dressed and cleaned up just in time as the taxi pulled up outside his apartment. He e****ted me to the door and said.
“I’m so looking forward to Saturday night when I will see you perform your sexy striptease for me and my buddies”
“Me too!” I proclaimed kissing his full lips softly “You know the rules; no one at work must know of this and make sure your friends keep their mouths closed!” I demanded as I slithered my tongue along his teeth.
... Continue»
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First time with a married woman(TRUE STORY) Part 2

I'm going to tell you a couple TRUE of stories that happened 15 years ago when I was in my early twenties. Few information: English is not my mother tongue, and this is my first time to write ANY STORY.

Link to Part 1:


I could not believe what a great day that was. I was laying in my bad, still trying to understand what happened. I was so excited because of what happened, and because of what will follow tomorrow.

The whole next day in the conference room I was trying to a... Continue»
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Memory of a friend with a dog aunt true story -1

Once when in my early twenties I had some "domestic" problems with my partner, David.

I walked out and went to spend summer with my Aunt on a smallholding in a remote part of South Wales. Meg was a widow aged around forty living on her own ever since my Uncle Dylan had been killed in a mine accident ten years earlier. I think the Miners Union obtained a decent compensation amount for her, she now seemed quite well off and she and Dylan having had no c***dren had always had a soft spot for me, her younger s****r's daughter.

She kept chickens, a goat, several orphaned lambs, a cat and two ... Continue»
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Memory of a friend with a dog aunt true story-2

The next day we went shopping down to Swansea all day in Aunt Megs car. On the way home she suggested we stop for a drink. We walked in the pub and from the greeting it was obvious she knew the Landlady well. We got the drinks and sat on bar stools at the bar while Meg chatted intimately to the Landlady, obviously a close friend. While we sat there the pub's big Alsatian dog came around the bar to us, jumping up and making a huge fuss of both of us, but mainly Aunt Meg, who he obviously knew well. From the Landlady's conversation I learned that evidently he boarded with Meg whenever the couple... Continue»
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Holiday fun

We both love our holidays in warmer climates, and we had been to the Caribbean several times. Barbados was where we got married, many years ago, and this was our 6th time back there. We had looked forward to this holiday for months, away from work and everyday life.
The flight over was smooth and good, although I didn't get much sl**p, the wife had a few hours, and landing made us both excited to be back in the sunny Caribbean once more.

After a couple of days relaxing in the sun and drinking banks beer and a few super strong rum and cokes, we had talked about the possibility of moving to ... Continue»
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Earning "Daddy's" warm cream, insid

Dirty Old Man: Been hoping to see you around.

Julie Monroe: I come around from time to time...

Dirty Old Man: Been craving a certain gothy slut.

Julie Monroe: Strange, I spent all last night and most of today thinking about a Ron Jeremy kinda dirty old man's grabby hands and stiff dick.

Dirty Old Man runs a hand across his thick belly.* That so?

Julie Monroe: Nmmhmm...

Julie Monroe moves in close and rubs her hands over his big belly, loudly rubbing as she does.
... Continue»
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Back in the Saddle

It was two-thirty in the afternoon when John Birch's bleary eyes watched
the brown Cadillac pull into his driveway and park where his wife Kathy use
to park her car. Hers was no longer there, nor would it ever be again.
What was left of it was sitting in old man Sprietzer's wrecking yard where
it had been for the last seven and a half months. Kathy had been
broadsided by a semi on her way home from work one evening killing her
instantly. Her parents had flown in from upper Manhattan for the closed
casket funeral but his own mother wasn't able to make it due to a bad case
of th... Continue»
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The Week I Went Commando Was Brilliant.

Every woman and girl, thinks about her inner curves, especially one that is always feeling down there for a little self entertainment, from ages 12 to 70.

I was mid teens when I decided to 'Go Commando', the idea excited me, somehow, the thought of removing that protective layer of cotton, made me groan with sexual titillation, and the very reason for wearing panties, to soak up my girly juices from my vag, had just that effect, I walked around in a semi-state of sexual arousal.

Call it self awareness or experimentation into me, I wanted to find out many things on many layers, and as tee... Continue»
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Following on from the signing of the contract ...

I lay on the table, my erection had disappeared and my limp cock still smeared with maids lipstick lay on my thigh. The restraints were so tight that i was already noticing that my feet and hands were without feeling and i could imagine them biting into my flesh much as they had done with maids when she was strapped onto this same table moments before. I waited looking around me and taking in more of the surroundings, i noticed just how many fixing points were around the room, there were O rings and O bolts screwed or fixed into the walls and ceiling wherever i looked and i could only begin to... Continue»
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Donna Hooks Up

This is a spin off from “Curious Daughter”. Here is a link to the original story:

Donna woke up before her alarm range and at first she wondered why but then she heard the steady thumping of two people fucking. She smiled as she thought of Gary fucking their daughter.

She listened as she heard the muffled moans of someone having an orgasm and concluded that it was Amber as the tempo of the fuck was steady. Donna's fingers found her wet pussy and she gent... Continue»
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In the hood

The hobo had been hanging around the junction most of
the day. Dubbed 'Squeek' by his friends he had been
living off the streets most of his adult life, earning a
buck where he could. Handing out newspapers and washing
windscreens for tips wasn't bad work but it was getting
late into the afternoon. He was getting hungry and
needed a meal and a bottle badly. Maybe even a dollar
suck from one of the crack whores on his block.

Rattling his change bag Squeek grinned to himself. Yeah.
Another hour of this shit and he would head over to the
soup kitchen on the corner of Brooksd... Continue»
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The Mother and The Boy Scouts

When I accepted an invitation to accompany the local boy
scout troop on their annual week-long camping trip, I
thought it would be a chance to reconnect with my
c***dhood, which was filled with many camping outings
and outdoor activities. I am a 47 year old mom, whose
c***dren have outgrown organizations like the Scouts.
While I have been generally happy in my marriage, I felt
somewhat bored as my husband engaged in his own
activities, such as golf and fishing with his buddies.
This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to do
something fun on my own.

When we arrive... Continue»
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Testing My Wife with a Stud

My wife Debbie and I have been married for 4 years and I
see the way she looks at other guys all the time. She
seems to go for black guys who are good looking and look
like they could be athletes.

Anyway Debbie asked me what I thought about her going
out of town for a series of sales meetings. I had to
agree that and I said you can't do that over the phone
and she said she had to present how their new cleaning
system works in person.

I wasn't happy about it and said so, but she said she
would get an extra $250 a day and for every day she was
on the road she would get ... Continue»
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Slut mom

I was going to stay at friend Todd's house for the
weekend but my friend was sick so his mom said we'd have
make it some other weekend.

When I called home it went to voice mail, so I just let
a message that I was coming home and that Todd's mom was
driving me.

When I got home I used my key to open the door thinking
mom and Rick must have gone to the movie they were
talking about before I left. With dad out of town
working, mom was going a little nuts from boredom. I
mean, not nuts, but she was always hugging us and
kissing us a lot more than normal and I even saw her ... Continue»
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Do Not believe your Eyes

Do Not Believe your Eyes. Not all Plane Jane's are Plane

The high school I attended only had about 200 students.
In our first year, there were three of us named Charlie.
One, everyone called Car, because he was the only
freshman to have his own car. They dubbed me Lee for
some reason, and the third, we all called DS for dip
shit, but someone told him it meant Distinguished
Student, and he believed it, so we never told him any

All through high school, I held a B average. Not a
brain, nor a dummy either. I had very good relations
with the boys ... Continue»
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Best mother ever

MOM!! I need you again.

Here we go again. He needs me for something at least
every hour. I hope this is over soon, because this is
getting really old, really fast, thought Gina. So she
wiped her hands on her apron, removed the apron and
trekked up the stairs to her son's bedroom. As she got
closer, she could feel the tension building. She had a
pretty good idea what to expect and she wasn't

As she stepped into her 13 year old son's bedroom, the
first thing she noticed was his 10 inch cock standing
straight up and looking like a soldier at attention. The
... Continue»
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