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my wish

Ok this will sound kinda fucked up here goes. I have always had this warped fantasy of being r*aped one of these nights after work. In my head.....I'm just locking up and walking to my car, its dark back there so nobody could see anything. Keep in mind I don't want them to beat me up just fuck I'm at the car when two black men approach me. I can tell what's on their mind as I try to struggle they drag me back into the grass behind the building. The one behind me is holding my arms I'm laying with my back to his crotch and I can tell what's up because I feel his hard dick on my ba... Continue»
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Anatomy Lessons - Part Two

Anatomy Lessons - Part Two

By billy69boy

My heart skipped a beat for several reasons, but I didn't spend any time contemplating them. I was more interested in my early morning guest floating around in my pool. I wondered how long she'd been there.

"Hello, Kendra, and a good morning to you," I responded, trying not to sound too excited.

"I hope you don't mind me being here so early. Actually, I came over as soon as mom left for work." She explained, answering my question before I asked.

"No, no dear, as I said yesterday, you are welcome here anytime."

"You left so abruptl... Continue»
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surburban mom cums fuckpig

I don't want to give my name.

I am a forty-four year-old suburban mom. I work in the city at a good job. I have been married for eighteen years. I have two c***dren, aged fifteen and s*******n. I love my husband and my f****y. I am a devoted mom and very active in our upscale community in Connecticut.

I am also owned by a stranger I met on the internet.

He is a thirty-three year-old stock broker who blackmailed me in to sexual slavery. He has a stable of ten slaves all of whom were captured using the same scam.

This happened over two years ago.

My owner does not know I am writ... Continue»
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The Naiads of Thessaly Springs

This is the story of Wendell Connors, a recently divorced man of middle age and very active imagination, who has taken residence in an apartment community, where he finds both solace and excitement in his poolside home. With the help and encouragement he receives from his cheery and charming young neighbors, he finds new life, and a second chance at love.

This is a work of fiction. All rights are reserved.

. . . . .


The Naiads of Greek mythology were nymphs found in or near bodies ... Continue»
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"A Night to Remember"

It had been some time since I had a hard cock in my anus, it was all by choice, I decided to go straight and see what the world was offering.

I had met some friends and was very sociably accepted, my friends had girlfriends and so did I, not anyone particular. Was always at the best parties and get together s and having a ball. Until this one time that I went too far.

How it exactly started I have no ideal, just a bunch of guys messing around at a swimming hole was all I could remember. Wine and drink was flowing freely and so was those little roll your own smokes.

High, yes I wa... Continue»
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Cockold Wife I

It was a sunny Saturday in January, the snow had stopped and it was in the upper 30's. Anna had showered and put on her Under Armour cold weather running clothes. The long sleeve top with no bra crushed her small boobs but her long hard nipples pushed against the fabric trying to get out. The running pants were also skin tight and without any panties you could see the outline of her honey nest complete with kitty lips. She walked by the kitchen where I was reading the paper and said let's go. She grabbed her knee lenght coat and l grabbed the keys and we were off.

In the front seat of the T... Continue»
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“I want to suck your dick”

Eileen was hired as the office manager only two weeks before I was hired as an analyst. She also doubled as the secretary for whoever happened to be our office’s director at any given time. She was married to a wealthy real estate developer, and she was just working there so she’d have something to do since her youngest daughter went off to college. Over time, she also assumed the role of head rumor monger, frequently spreading rumors about who in the office I was screwing, none of which were true. She was in her 50s while I was in my 30s, one of the few young men in an office full of retired ... Continue»
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2 MILF Teachers Part 2

When Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Meyers and I had our three sum, things definitely changed. Kate Brown and June Meyers now became my personal sex slaves. I was fucking them at least 3 times a week each and together at least twice. One thing I really enjoy is watching women together. And I was watching these two teachers eating each other and fucking with strap on dildos. They even brought up the subject of fucking me in the ass with the dildos. I nixed that idea quick. Spring break was approaching fast and I knew that my parents were going away for a few days. So I could spend a lot of time with my te... Continue»
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penari bispak

Sialnya, hari itu pasar agak sepi, dan sesudah dua jam saya baru dapat Rp5000 sesudah menari di pangkalan ojek. Saya nggak bisa konsentrasi, kepala penuh dengan pikiran, gimana caranya supaya nanti kalau pulang sudah punya cukup uang untuk bayar kontrakan. Belum utang-utang lainnya. Menjelang siang, saya sedang jalan di barisan toko-toko besar di samping Pasar.

Dan di depan toko beras paling besar di Pasar, saya melihat Juragan sedang menghitung segepok uang. Beliau baru saja terima uang banyak, rupanya ada orang yang habis mborong. Saya waktu itu cuma kenal beliau sebagai ‘Juragan’. Beliau... Continue»
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I just started cuming-off.At the small corner store the old guy who owned it sold these small girlie mags.The front cover would be ripped in half.I guess that was the only way that he could sell them as cheap as he did.In those days all you could get were books showing girls tits.Maybe that's why I love tits so much.I spent the first couple of years after I started cuming-off jerking off to pictures of girls tits.I was happy though as long as I had my magazines to look at.I'd find a secluded spot outside some place,usually in the woods or any other place that I thought that I wouldn't ge... Continue»
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My name is Penny, a nylon loving transvestite and this is my story of a first time kinky encounter out of my home. I have always envied other TVs who seem to lead the kinky life and love looking at their pictures and reading their stories. It was time to venture out myself I am almost 53 years old so nothing ventured nothing gained. I should think for all of my life I've had a great interest in retro lingerie and nylons with memories of high heels clicking around the home. That feminine whisper of sheer nylons and silky petticoats rubbing against tight skirts and dresses always stayed with me.... Continue»
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Agent Sheva: The 7 Month Trial to Promotion

Note: The entire series is completely fictional; characters are of my own creation. As well as there may be minor v******e but only for this chapter. The first chapter is basically details for the plot. If you wish to avoid that then read chapter 2.
New Mexico, 12:45 AM
“Fox Trot, this is Bravo Team. We are ready to fire. I repeat we are ready to fire, over.”
“Bravo this is Fox Trot, please wait for our single, over.”
Deep in the dark and cold night of New Mexico, two FBI Special Weapons and Tactics Team were 6 kliks (3.8 miles) away from making the biggest bust in narcotics and... Continue»
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Agent Sheva: The 7 Month Trial to Promotion Ch.2

Chapter 2
Dr. Li’s Office, 1:45 PM
“I can’t believe I am doing this.”
Those were the words that Sheva (S H EH - v a h) Khan repeated to herself as she waiting inside of a doctor’s office. For the past couple of weeks Sheva has reached some of the highest and lowest points in her life. Her highest being that she just made the biggest bust in her career as well as gaining the promotion she always wanted, and her lowest being that the only way she can gain the full promotion is by surviving out in some god forsaken place with no clothes and harmed with her wits for 7 months.
Even her best fr... Continue»
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Virgin orgasms during first Gyno exam

> > Setting:
> > 1950, Iowa, A Women's Only College
> >
> > Today's my first day as the general practitioner physician for a small exclusive women's college in Iowa. I think the quiet, rural town with its mid-western values is going to be a big adjustment for me after living in NYC. My first patient of the day is an 18 year old female in for her annual exam. An attractive, but not beautiful, girl with ample hips and bosom walks in shyly and sits down. She has alluring green eyes and plump pink lips and a full face. I can tell she is shy and lacks confidence in her femininity by the w... Continue»
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Harry looked on in awe as his godfather duelled with his deranged cousin. Bellatrix shot a red spell but Sirius ducked under it. He laughed at her: “Come on, you can do better than that!”

Bellatrix looked on, enraged, and decided on a different tactic. With her left hand she reached up and ripped open her corset. Sirius stopped moving as two milky white breasts were revealed, crested by dark areolae and with large nipples pointing angrily towards him. His smile was replaced by a look of lust, and he never noticed her second red spell hit him squarely in the chest. Without losing the smile... Continue»
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First Taste

About six months ago I decided to spice up my marriage by renting an X-rated video. At a local adult book store a tall black man approached me and asked if he could help with my selection. He introduced himself as Steven and said he was the owner of the store. The tape he recommended featured interracial sex. It was definitely hot! My wife Jessie, a beautiful blue-eyed blonde, had never seen a porno film before. But she loved it, especially the black studs in the movie and their well-hung cocks. That night our sex was unimaginably exciting.

The next day, to my surprise, Jessie returned the... Continue»
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A MILF Taught Me To Pleasure A Woman

35 years ago at the age of 18 I learned a very important lesson at the hands of a neighbor woman who today we would call a MILF. She used to layout in her side yard, secluded from all eyes by her house and her neighbors house on either side and bushes in front and a fence behind. She would go out there and remove all of her clothes and lay out nude nearly every day of the summer and sometimes she would even masturbate out there.

How do I know? A few years earlier I had been up a tree getting a ball of some kind down when I ... Continue»
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How I Lost My First Wife

Jessica and I met in college, fell into bed and then fell into love. I was only the 2nd man she had ever had sex with. We married because her parents wanted us to, and finally got our degrees. She actually finished before I did and began working full time as I finished my final classes to become a teacher. She went through 3 different jobs before she found the one that seemed to suit her and stuck with it. She was a junior executive with a national retail outlet and was making really good money for that time and her age. Dallas was a great place to live when you were young and had some money. ... Continue»
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First-time with older white landlord

It was my senior year of college. I was excited about FINALLY getting done with school and getting on with my life. Nothing could go wrong. Until this. Then everything was RIGHT.

First off let me tell you a little about myself. I am a masculine straight black guy. About 6 ft. And, lets say pretty chubby. Kinda shy as well.

One day I get a letter from the school saying I owe money. I'm in shock. How could this be? I get to the financial aid office and find out it's true. How am I going to pay for my apartment thi... Continue»
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when I was 18 part 3

If you have been following my stories you know that I worked at an Investment Firm just after I turned 18 and Graduated from high school. The man I worked for was 59 year old Mike. Sex with Mike started when I was 18,(which I explained in "when I was 18 part 1 & 2") It was in early August of 1982 when we started our affair. I had been having great sex Mike and others which all of the encounters had been set up by Mike Mike had gotten me on the pill 8 months earlier Since being on it I went from 110 lbs to 125lbs but it seemed like most of the weight I gained was in my boobs ! I went from a 36B... Continue»
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