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She Just Wanted A Big Cock

I was working in a nightclub when I was around 20 or so. I had long hair and loved to party. I was part of the music side of the business, and I met lots of well-known musicians and worked with them to put on shows in the club. It was lots of fun, and it was the age of sex, d**gs and rock & roll.

A VERY voluptuous blonde started as a waitress, then quickly moved up to bartender. She caught my eye like most of the hotties. It was not my style to hit on women, since back then it was the free love era, and getting laid was just going to happen if you were simply nice to lots of hot girl... Continue»
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My pussy problem... who else has this problem? Or

Well, sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me. I got a hot girl with skinny waist and big ass. Been together for a while... She does everything I want and can dream.. Sex every night... She sucks my cock really good... Her pussy is hot with a nice inner bend that makes me cum really good... Great pussy lips. Shaves everything! Within the last year her tits got a little bigger which is a plus! I get nice handful of tits while I bang her. When we fuck, she always wants more... Always wants me to fuck her harder... I fuck her ass when ever I want and she likes it... In fact, if I g... Continue»
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Lady Millie

With a good portion of pride mixed with nerves, Brandon stepped into his brand new Peugeot 208, which he got since yesterday as a present from his parents for his 21st Birthday. With his hands shaking a little, he pressed the start button and the engine sprung into action. Carefully he drove off and decided he was going to just go round the block and maybe through the main shopping street of the village, hoping someone he knew would see him. The initial nerves slowly subsided and Brandon felt confident, enjoying his new wheels. He turned right into the shopping street and slowly drove through ... Continue»
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Chance Meeting

I had heard of this park just outside of Atlantic City. It appeared to be little used, and I was a bit skeptical that I would find anything really interesting about the place. There was a gate that kept any automobile traffic out. But there was a small side path that gave access to someone walking. It led down a couple hundred yards of winding sand road that eventually brought me out to a wide clearing along the bay. At one end of that clearing was a picnic table where a heavy old man, wearing only white shorts, was sitting. He apparently was eating his lunch and reading. It crossed my mind at... Continue»
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Fahima Ch.01

RRepost of my story from literotica please enjoy

Some Useful words to know before you read the story:

Hijab- A head covering worn in public by some Muslim women. Essentially a scarf.

Burqa- A outer garment worn by some Muslim women that covers their whole body when in public.

Kuffar- Arabic for "Non-believer".


Fahima Begum sat in front of her bedside mirror unable to concentrate as she struggled to fix her hijab properly. Lately her mind had been plagued by doubts and sinful thoughts that no married Pakistani woman should have, and yet there they were. Fahima... Continue»
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Part 3 Saturday
At nine exactly I invited them both to join me for breakfast. Both Tom and Sarah were both dressed in white dressing gowns as I had instructed and appeared surprisingly calm and composed. Tom and I ate a full English breakfast whilst Sarah just nibbled at some toast. Over the coffee I told Sarah I had decided to give her a "strapping" and to make things a bit more interesting I produced a pack of cards and told her she would have to choose three cards, Tom and I would pick just one each. I shuffled the pack then spread the pack face down on ... Continue»
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trip with coworker

It's was a rare occasion that I have to make a work trip but I was asked and knew who I would be going with. Leah was a thick milf. She used to be a real hot,sexy fox in the twenty and thirties but had let herself gain some weight in marriage. Her ass was still nice and thick.
I took an overnight bag just in case even though it was just a day trip....but you never know with weather or vehicle problems. I told her the previous day of my plan and he decided to do the same as we had experienced some rough weather lately.
All was well on our trip as we talked . I loved hearing her say things t... Continue»
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first time masturbating to shemale porn

so i have been jerking off to internet porn for a long time always the usual stuff straight porn . one day i was looking at this site and it had mixed pics , i happened to see this pretty woman that got me turned on so i clicked on the pic and started jerking off looking at this pretty woman never did she show a dick so didn't think it was shemale porn till another day i see her on another site and so i clicked to jerk off at her pics but this time when i clicked on the 3 pic she was laying there with her dick out . it shocked me and i quickly stopped jerking off and looked twice to see if i w... Continue»
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Hottest weekend ever - Complete version.

There was this big concert in Copenhagen this weekend, so I went to this AMAZING sex club, because I thought it would be busy.
Normally there always come a lot of young, horny and d***k guys when there are big events nearby.

Well, there weren’t many people at the club, like there normally is, but around midnight, this super cute young, semi d***k guy and his friend comes in.
We end up talking and before I know it he buy's me a drink.
We go to the smoking area/room of the club, sit on a couch and talk some more.

Not sure what triggers it, but when we are about to leave the smoking area... Continue»
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When my ex fiance fucked two big black cocks

This story is about the time my fiance at the time Karmyn fucked two 18 year olds and made me watch. Me and karmyn were at karmyn's little b*****rs high shool grad. We ended up at a graduation after party. There were two 18 year olds that were checking out karmyn all day and night. She decided to approach the two young studs. After a bit of chit chat, karmyn was able to pick them up and bring them back to our place. both teens dropped their pants and had huge cocks. i then showed mine and came to realize i was no comparison to the boys lol. " See boys my man has baby dick" karmyn told them. A... Continue»
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Knocked UP!

We just moved in our new house in Connecticut. My husband and I loved it, 5 acres with a pool and sauna. The house was in the middle of the land and the houses were spaced so there was privacy. Our dream. My high school friend Kathy was just down the road, Kathy was a bit of a slut in her youth. Kathy and I were together all the time, shopping, etc. We were both trying to get pregnant her husband’s sperm count was low and my hubby’s job requires that he travel…. a lot. Sucks big time, but it pays for the expenses. One summer evening I called Kathy, told her that hubby was on the road again,... Continue»
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JUNGLE FEVER: The Poacher Wars

Story by Latisha

My name is John, and I'm a man from Auckland, New Zealand that has a passion for nature. Specifically the protection of endangered a****ls. I was on a plane trip to Tanzania in order to join up with some anti poacher solidarity workers.

I was one of ten people on a tiny unreliable taxi plane; however I was fascinated by the sites I saw flying in. A beautiful bright falling sun making the land look orange and lit up even when there were no signs... Continue»
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The tale of a desperate Latina and a desperate White Man

Story by Maria

My name is Trevor, and I'm a 40 year old business man who feels as if all is lost. A depressed business person, shocking...I know...

Anyways I currently live in Charlotte North Carolina, the banking hub of the south. I work as a manager at a pretty big bank, so I make quite a decent amount of money, but I've been depressed since my wife divorced me and took my two little ones off to Was... Continue»
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Anything You Wish Cockold

I am a single divorced male 53years old and after almost two month's of no sex decided it was time to get laid. I didn't realize how easy it would be, and also how many guys are out there desperate to watch their wife being fucked by another guy.

This was one such story. I decided to go out for a drink last Friday and instead of going to my local went to a bar in a town close by, after about an hour I was returning from the toilet when I bumped into a woman heading into the ladies, I apologized and she smiled saying it was ok her fault she should have been looking where she was going. 

... Continue»
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LESBIAN SLUT A Story of Three School Friends

Dear friends, i’m priya, a common village girl who was born and brought up in a remote part of kerala. I’m from a very good f****y. I decided to share my experiences’ by adding a bit of fantasy in it. I will tell about myself. I’m a fair sandal coloured girl with a well maintained shape and good round ass with a good pair of melons.


My story starts from my teenage. I joined in a new school. It was a girls sch
... Continue»
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Asian sucks 2 of her b*****r's friends

Story by Chen

It was Friday night and I was on the way to my friend Mike's house with my buddy Patrick. We all share a couple of college courses and we had nothing to do tonight so we decided that we might as well go over and play some video games. He lived with his parents, but they were out of town so we could bring some drinks and have a decent night for gaming. Patrick and I are both white, and Mike is Asian, so he nicknamed himself "Asian Mike" amongst our gro... Continue»
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The visit

You were nervous, you had been chatting to Mark on-line for months but this was the first meeting in person. you walked up the driveway to the house, your heart beating hard in your chest as you got closer. the train ticket and instructions had arrived 3 days ago and you had nearly called it off several times, but had plucked up the courage to take this trip.

"the door will be open" said the letter, and it was. "there will be further instructions in the first room on the right".

you step into the house and shut the door behind you, opening the door to your right you find a small cloa... Continue»
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Der Busfahrer mit dem Riesenschwengel

Setting the Stage

David wohnte mit seinen Eltern in einer ‚kleinen’ Großstadt irgendwo in Süddeutschland in einer soliden Mittelklassegegend. Sein Vater war Busfahrer beim städtischen Nahverkehr während seine Mutter als Oberschwester in der hiesigen Uniklinik tätig war. Er selbst war noch auf dem Gymnasium und der Abiturstress machte sich zusehends bemerkbar aber er war ein guter, leistungsstarker Schüler. Leider litt sein geliebter Judosport unter dem zunehmenden Zeitmangel. Seine beiden älteren Geschwister waren bereits aus dem Haus und studierten in anderen Städten.

So weit so ... Continue»
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In the Sauna with Leslie Mann & Tea Leoni

As far as Celebrity Tennis Tournaments go, it doesn't get much better in terms of both star power and actual talent, than the Andre Agassi Tennis Classic in Los Angeles. Andre seems to have the personality that draws the best celebrities from all over the country. The majority of the players are women as this year they have 24 competing in the double competition, while there were only ten men playing. Chelsea Handler and Sandra Bullock were the two-time defending champs, and had to be considered the favorites again this year. One team to look out for was Tea Leoni and Leslie Mann. Tea, wh... Continue»
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Thirteen Inches

My name is Brenda Shynes and I’ve been married to my husband for about three years. We’ve known each other seven years and we’ve never had a single argument. It seems like the relationship that people say doesn’t exist but, we have no issues. With us being so highly attracted to each other, I assume that makes it easier, as well as both of us being kind and easy going. I have no problem satisfying him in every perverted way he’s ever thought of, and vice versa. I swear I love him with all my heart and I would never trade him for anything, but one day last year I made a mistake. I was caught of... Continue»
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