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My Weekend Part I

Here I was all alone for the weekend. My parents were out of town for a business trip. I had the whole house to myself. I picked up some porno and was going to spend much of the weekend just satisfying myself. Friday after school when I got home I popped in some porno as I undressed in the living room. My cock already starting to rise to the occasion. I gave it a few strokes. I settled onto the couch and proceeded to watch the action on the Big Screen as I stroked my cock. After a few minutes. I could feel that I was ready to blow my first load. As I was watching the lesbian scene and one gorg... Continue»
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Broken in at the Glory Hole

"Please write a gloryhole story about a innocent girl trapped.”

My first attempt at writing from the female perspective.

Enjoy :D

I was walking home from work, it was such a hot day. It was Friday and I decided to stop by at the bar and treat myself to a cocktail. A tequila sunrise, the cool refreshing taste and alcoholic kick just what I needed. I’d waited all day for it, my only solace in my depressingly sad and boring life. Just then I noticed a man wearing a suit looking at me with a huge grin. We made eye contact and held a gaze for a second, he had beautiful dark eyes and was s... Continue»
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My name is Brad and I am an ANAL Slut and CUM PIG for COCK! It seems the filthier it is, the better I like it! I have had my ass gang banged and

filled, had enema's that I was f***ed to drink, sucked cock in alley ways behind bars and licked cum from rest room floors! All because my

MASTERS command I obey and be their FUCK PIG 24/7.
This story is about how they took control of me and turned me into their filthy whoring cum pig slave!

I had these two neighbors that lived down the street. At the time, I was a Senior in high school and I did odd jobs around the neighborhood,

... Continue»
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kate Saturday afternoon

I left everythingas it was and ran down to Kate's work, she asked me to go to Sally's work, she worked in M and s and collect some clothing she wanted to go out that night
I met sally who gave me a carrier bag we had a little chat, i wished her happy birthday for tomorrow, then went back to Kate, when I arrived she was washing someones hair, when she finished, she looked in the bag and said great really excited,i want you to take these back and put them in the fridge passing me another two carrier bags with four bottles of wine in each, she told me she wouldbe going out with sally but would b... Continue»
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Ana, the black guy and his boat

Ana, the black guy and his boat

It was our first evening in that nice resort at Jamaica.
The people were so welcoming, we sat at the bar drinking some rum and talking to some black guys, who seemed to be obsessed by Ana’s body.
She was not helping herself wearing only a very small green bikini, which looked awesome on her.

One of these guys, Joseph, asked if he could take Ana to see his boat, which was brand new. I had taken too much rum and said it was up to her, as I wanted to stay at the bar. Ana wanted to go and I do not blame her, Joseph was a handsome black man and I knew Ana... Continue»
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Dubai, such an intoxicating country, a place of total contradiction; extreme poverty yet hyper wealth, state control yet continuous examples of the state beyond control. Its a series of experiences that can be totally confusing to ones senses, leaving a person wholly disorientated by what one gets exposed to. It's hardly a place that one would expect to encounter an erotic experience that would prove to be possibly the most erotic of moments for a woman as accomplished as Louise. Yet this is the place where it all happened, spontaneous and invigorating to the extreme, both Louise and her husba... Continue»
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Checking Out New Experiences

It was a Friday morning when all the cogs and wheels appeared to be falling into place after nearly two years of talking about fulfilling this fantasy. Louise walked around her local supermarket assembling a collection of groceries, some staple, others for a special dinner with her partner. Tonight wouldn't be a triumphant demonstration of her culinary skills, but more a case of a simple and healthy dinner which would allow them the better part of the evening for relaxing and seduction, potentially involving something more erotic such as bondage, sex toys, or perhaps some online interaction wi... Continue»
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Laura's no limit..

Enjoy it :)

Fed up of Beth and all her lazy bullshit, Laura had muttered something about going to the shop and hurried out of the house. She didn't know quite where she was going to go until she got there, but she wasn't at all surprised to find herself at the Hyperbowl alley. It's not that she was an avid bowling fan, she didn't even like it that much - it made her fingers hurt - but there was a guy who worked there. Kristian. With a "K".

Spiky hair, earrings, tattoos, he was hot, but he ... Continue»
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Wifes Slutty adventure before marriage while away

Before she met me my wife was in California for some classes she found out that her crush from High School was working in the same town. She quickly got in touch with him through an old friend and met up. She had sex with him multiple times during the week she stayed out there and did things she never thought she would do. This was her first time swallowing cum, being fucked in the ass, and a MFM threesome over the course of just a few days. She found a few pictures left over from the set that he took of her. She said unfortunately he has the copies of them actually engaged in the some acts  ... Continue»
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End of innosence

Last summer my wifes cousin came for holidays to our city.

Eighteen years old, brunette, green eyes, short with small boobs and perfect round ass. She was all the time wearing hot shorts. My imagination started to run. I would love to fuck her but it was too risky.
One night we were sitting at the sofa and we were laughing and telling jokes so i started to tickle her! We fall down and as i was tickling her i was touching her boobs and her ass. She didn't say a thing and i with her knee was rubbing my hard dick. i don't know if she did in on purpose or not for that i didn't make another mo... Continue»
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I was 18 high and d***k when i stumbled onto a tranny hooker neighborhood and i stupidly picked up a sexy girl not realizing she had a huge 9in uncut cock and was almost twice my age!! I'm 18 thin great body lots of girlfriends and this night changed it all!!!!!

i went back to her place and we got naked and started smoking and parting and listning to house music and thats when i realized that i wasn't the top in this situation!!i was gonna bottom !!!! she dressed me up and shaved my ass and legs and head, put a wig and fishnets and a skirt that was really 2 short and black t... Continue»
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Timeless Part 1/2

It was late Friday night and Mark was just reviewing the notes from his last client’s estate planning meeting when his computer alerted him of a new call, than seeing the identifier, one he hadn’t seen in almost ten years Mark quickly pressed the accept key. It was Tina calling.
“Mark, I know your firm has been handling my f****y’s legal affairs for the last eighty years but I need your assurance that in the event that I should die that the usual client lawyer confidentiality rules will still be honored.”
Mark suddenly realized the seriousness of their conversation and while concerned abou... Continue»
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Timeless 2/2

Alone on the bridge of her interstellar yacht, aptly named “Lost Girl”, Tina relaxed as the light years slid silently past the windows.
Tina’s filed flight plan listed her intended destination as the pleasure planet of Risa. A journey of 90 light years that should have taken her ship just over 25 days at its stated warp 8.6 cruising speed, a trip that if she hadn’t changed course on day 2, would have ended almost 8 days ago. Instead she was approaching her actual destination, a worthless uninhabited star system located 216 light years from Earth, a journey that would still take her ship anoth... Continue»
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Danielle Bound

For Daniella all was darkness. The sl**p mask he had slipped over her eyes encased her in velvet black. Every other sense was heightened. She heard the soft whirr of the fan and the rustle of his clothing, as perhaps he crossed his legs or shifted in his seat. She smelled the honeysuckle through the open window and the sharp tang of cologne whenever he drew close. She felt the prickling of cooling sweat on her exposed skin every time the fanned air brushed her. And she felt the tautness of the knotted bonds around her wrists and ankles. Hell, she almost felt his eyes on her. They were patrolli... Continue»
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I touched my Hymen for the last time.

It was freezing as I stood waiting for the bus to arrive. I was cowering in the corner as the wind blew its icy blast up my legs and around the exposed flesh of my upper thighs, my heavy woollen stockings protecting the rest of my legs, and my buttocks and crotch also suffering the same indignity as my panties were nothing more than a thong like triangle.

As snow began to fall a car drew up alongside the shelter, providing some relief from the wind, and the passenger side window came down.

'Like a bit of business love', he called out, and I came towards the car and poked my head inside, ... Continue»
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Women I have had the pleasure of pleasuring Part:1

After years of stroking my dick as a teenager, I finally was set to loose my virginity at 19. I chatted with a local lady, who I never met in person before, on Yahoo. She was about 10 years older than me and she agreed to service my virgin cock.

I met up with her at a local park. She was decent looking with long brown hair, big breasts and a little extra padding making her quite the nice bbw. I recall greeting her and we quickly moved things along. We got in the back seat of my car and began kissing. Everything about her felt so soft: her lips, her tits, and her hands as she groped me thro... Continue»
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My wife KIm a Prostitute?

My wife Kim and I have a great relationship and we have kept things fresh and exciting during our marriage. We have done many exciting, adventurous things particularly in the area of sex. This story starts innocently enough.
We often sail nude and if we ever dock on the French side of St Martin we remain nude. Kim often hops onto the dock and secures the mooring lines. On one particular day she did so with a fishing charter next to us. The boat was inhabited by about a dozen d***k fishermen who became quite boisterous when they spotted naked Kim completing her tasks. They were cheering ... Continue»
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My first Master

It started with answering a CL add posted under Men looking for Men “Dom looking for Sub Slave”. I replied to the add and after a few back and forth e mails I was told to be at his place at 3 pm the next day. Arriving at his house my anxiety level was high as this was to be my first time at age 56 as a submissive slave for my new Master uncertain of what to expect. After introductions standing in the foyer, Master closed the front door then ordered me to strip. Master was pleased of my completely shaved body then instructed me to put my tongue on his neck telling me not to remove it as he star... Continue»
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First Time With A Guy And First Time As A Gurl

worked summers in a factory by my house when I was in college. Nice, clean summer job. Charlie, the Chief Engineer was my boss. He played Div. 2 college football and still was in great shape. Thick arms and legs, big hands, broad shoulders. He was going a little bald, but otherwise...anyway. I wasn't into guys, so I didn't notice those little 'things'...signals, whatever. I had a somewhat steady girlfriend, but she went abroad that summer.
Being 19 I was, it seemed, always thinking about sex. Loved jacking off to the 'Men's Magazine; I found in the guys locker room. I especially found the Fre... Continue»
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Tranny orgy

You can live with someone and never really know them.
I was running a car wash in West Palm beach and every day I would take lunch at a cafe down the Blvd. The food was good, and cheap and I had the hots for Debbie, this built to the hilt redhead chick working there. She wasn't any great beauty but she had a body to die for. 36 DD tits. big hips and thick legs. Just my type. After a couple weeks I got the nerve to invite her to TGI Fridays for some drinks.
After a few, she started talking about her past. She was on parole from Ohio for cocaine trafficking. I found that interesting because a ... Continue»
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