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Punishing A Little

This is a fantasy I had about my 'little'.

I came home late one evening. As soon as I entered the door my little crawled to the door wearing just her panties to greet me. Exactly as she had been instructed to do. As soon as I got in the door she crawled onto my lap, teasingly pushed her breasts against me and gave me a soft kiss. I wrapped my arms around her warm body and smelt her hair, holding her tightly.

“Daddy must have missed me”. My little said.
“Daddy missed you a lots”. I replied lovingly.
Sitting up and looking at me with her bright and playful eyes “Did daddy bring me ho... Continue»
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Sancta Sara #3: Ashtyn

Sancta Sara is a Sanctuary in the hills of Upper Sexonia. The nunnery is supervised by sexy Sasha.
Sasha is Superior Mother to the few nuns and novices. Blonde beauty babysitter is the first novice.
Ashtyn is awesomely attractive, a slender sensual tiny tit tasty teen, as I can tell from her photo.
Ashtyn arrives together with her love and superior sexy Sasha whom she hopes to marry in the nunnery.

Ashtyn is shy at the start when we talk a few times in the net before we finally meet at the nunnery.
Ashtyn is still a virgin for men, although sexy Sasha recently has taken her f... Continue»
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Jenny 1

Jenny part 1
The first date

Jenny pushed her back against the freshly closed door and fell until she sat on the floor her head in her hands as she weeped her heart broken and head filled with rage. Her precious girl Sarah been taken away like she was every weekend by her dad Jenny’s adulterous ex-husband her first clenched angry that he was still part of their lives.

Jenny stayed curled up in a ball of sorrow and hurt until she heard the bleating of her phone and with a heart filled with sadness and teary eyes burning read

“I hope we are still on for tonight, I w... Continue»
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Losing Virginity with Best Friend's Girlfrien

This is the story of how I lost my virginity when I was 16. I am an average looking guy, I stand at 6ft and although not fat I'm not muscular either. For those wondering I also have a 5 and half inch penis, not the biggest but it gets me through the day. This is a true story (names changed) and it takes place over many weeks so it is quite a long story.

My girlfriend and I had been dating for around 8 months. Just like most teens we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We had done practically everything, except sex. Every time we planned to do the deed one of our parents ended up checkin... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #2

iCarly/Victorious: Blame It On Me #2 – Graduation 2

Jade West was getting extremely annoyed. While this was not really front page news, for her, it was certainly a pretty big deal. Freddie had promised to call before he went to bed, and it was 11pm now, which was a full hour past his normal bedtime. She parlayed the idea, trying to explain to her neuroses that he was at a graduation party and he might be a bit too far gone to call or something. God knows, she was guilty of swallowing a bottle at a shindig.

Speaking of, she thought, as she paced in her kitchen staring at her... Continue»
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Partying with Victoria Justice

Partying with Victoria Justice

Disclaimer: The following story is a complete work of fiction. If Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande just happen to do things like this in their personal lives… total coincidence.

The tapings were finished. The third season of ‘Victorious’ was now fully recorded. It was a long week as the final four episodes were filmed. After a long week, leaving little time for the cast and crew to rest, Victoria Justice breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“Finally!” she yelled out before running off to her dressing room.

She darted inside, directly into the sh... Continue»
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Sancta Sara #2: Natalia

Sancta Sara is a Sanctuary in the hills of Upper Sexonia. The nunnery is supervised by sexy Sasha.
Sasha is Superior Mother to the few nuns and novices. First nun is her yummy younger subby s1ster.
Sexy Sasha and nice naughty Natalia grew up as tall tasty teens in Russia in very sexy s1sterhood.
Sasha invented from ancient sacral secrets their redhot ritual to honour mighty Mother BL00DY Mary.

Sasha I met in the internet. Soon she finds out she knows my habitat and habits in old Amsterdam.
Sasha tells me her younger s1ster has lived for a few years very close to a place I we... Continue»
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American Nurse Arrested in North Korea

The church ministry was always looking for help,, people willing to give time and money to travel to thirld world countrys to help feed the hungry , distribute food and clothing.. Since joining the church Chris has always wanted to travel and use her skills as a nurse to promote wellness abroad..

Chris was a mature woman approaching 60,, still in good shape,,She was supple with ample breasts and thick buttocks and legs..Her pubic hair was thick and full, untrimmed..

While she traveled through out North Korea she was unaware she was being followed by the secret police. They filmed her w... Continue»
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Crescent City Secrets - Chapters 9&10

This is a reposting of my erotic fiction novel, Crescent City Secrets. I have written 3 non-fiction books about my own personal sexual adventures, but I feel like New Orleans is a city full of sex and sensuality and I wanted to tell some stories that didn't have to do with me. I'll be posting the entire book here to Xhamster. I hope you like it. If you want to read more of my work, look for details on my profile. XO - Kate

Crescent City Secrets
Kate Rousseau

Chapter 9

The Blue Moon Cafe was packed t... Continue»
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Opps....the end, or is it?

Recap, I met Jen on a phone app. It started out as friends, but the sex couldn't be denied. Jen a Asian Latin woman, small size but nice round curvy body. We started fucking in her place, and it we went out in different places, right up to my apartment door. Nearly getting caught by my wife, but caught by Sarah the next door neighbor, leading into this story.

It took time for Jen, Sarah and I together. Jen met me at my door, and we went to Sarah's Door. As we waited for Sarah, Jen had her hand down my pants, playing with my cock. Her hands were massaging it nice and hard. Once the door open... Continue»
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A perfect stranger in my bathroom

A perfect stranger in my bathroom

I came home early from office that afternoon, really very exhausted from a long day dealing with dumb people at my desk. Worst of all, the day had been so warm and I needed a shower very badly.
I passed by the bathroom and heard the shower running. I opened the bathroom door and took off all my clothes, intending to surprise Victor there in the shower. It looked a little bit strange to me he would be at home so early, but I presumed he had the same idea of leaving his office due to the warm afternoon.

The bathroom was a little bit dark and I did no... Continue»
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Granny was gagging for some cock

After my sexploits with my mother in law, I thought I was having plenty of sex. One day when my wife was at work, I popped round to mother in laws to see her. When I got there I was abit let down as her mother was there, my wife's granny.
'would you be able to take Granny Caroline shopping for me?' karen asked
'Yes I will do that for you' I told karen.
'you are such a good boy' granny caroline said to me.
Granny caroline is in her late 70s and lives on her own. She is a petite lady, like karen altho obviously not as pert as karen, altho ive never looked at granny caroline like I do karen.... Continue»
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Park service (true adventure) day 1

Last fall I shared 3 "adventures" with a couple and some singles we meet through chance
The couple were expecting a c***d and all moved to other locations for the winter.
My wife and I were hoping the "Mike and Deb" might return to the area this year.

This is where this true adventure picks up. I have permission from all to post this as long as the location is left to the imagination.

In very early March we go a phone call from Deb, seems that she and the f****y were returning to the area. Mike had received a promotion and he is now 2nd in charge in the entire park. They wanted to g... Continue»
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Performance for me

I like the idea of coming home to you, my Baby Doll and you are wearing a half bra that is ribbed to hold your big titties up and support them and your nipples are standing out beckoning for attention. You have on a garter belt made of soft leather and it has many hooks for your stockings. No panties to cover your shaved pussy. Your makeup is heavy on eye liner and your lashes are very long. The heels you wear that you know I like are very high and you take little short steps in them and you sway your hips as you do so. You know I Love watching you walk in them as you gyrate like a movie star,... Continue»
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Beginning Of My Sex Life With My b*****r part 1

Hey everyone this is Deepika. I was one of those traditional Indian girls who are even shy to look at boys a year back. But it is quite strange how things have changed in a matter of a year. I suddenly took interest in porn and was learning each and every thing I could about sex, thanks to internet. It’s all because of my friends, I joined college recently and had to make friends and fortunately I got a really amazing group of girls so funny and never hesitant to talk about sex and stuff. After a month or so after getting to know each other well the dark side of everyone started to creep out, ... Continue»
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Softness and hardness
A man bumps against a woman in a hotel lobby. During the collision the elbow mound against the chest thereof. They are both surprised. The man turns to her and say,
"Ma'am, if your heart is as soft as your breast, I know you will forgive me."
To which she replied:
"If your cock is as hard as your elbow, I'm in room 221."

Influantes Stats
A businessman boarded a train and finds himself sitting next to a beautiful woman. He notices that she is reading a book about sexual statistics. He asked about this, and she will answer:
"This is a very interesting book. So th... Continue»
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What happened?

It was in 1964 or 65 (I was 10 or 11) on vacation we always took 3 or 4 weeks in summer for them. Dad would close his office have another professional friend on call for clients. It was just dad with us k**s, heading to places unknown, actually it seemed our vacations were dictated by dad’s appetite. Seafood was a coastal visit, steak or pork was south or west to cattle and livestock ranches or farms. You get the picture how are vacations got planned! Also you will find no mention of mom, she had left us some years ago. I don’t remember where on vacation we were, do not remember whether we w... Continue»
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This is the story of my girlfriend and I so far.

This is the story of my girlfriend and I so far.

My girlfriend never used to be a slut, until I turned her into one. I told her my fantasies, of her sucking and fucking another man, and coming home full of cum (or even better in front of me). And those are just my mild ones, I would love for her to be fucked a a gang of guys, at least a dozen. I know she would love it.

At first she was reluctant, and thought I was a pervert for wanting to share her.But I was persistent and with the help of toys and porn I turned her around. I bought her several vibes, a huge thick dildo, some restraints... Continue»
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Fooled into Bed with s****r

There was very little traffic on the roads that Sunday morning, which was okay by me. I, my s****r and her friend Melissa were on our way into the city proper.

They often invited me to their outings, though perhaps the fact that I had a car was partly responsible for that. I really did enjoy their company though. Melissa was a fun, not to mention attractive, girl and my s****r and I had always gotten along well.

"Aren't we there yet?" Melissa called out from the backseat.

"What are you, a k**?" said my s****r, looking back at her with a teasing smile.

"Just saying your b*****r co... Continue»
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I am wet

I am sitting here high off my ass and I decided I would love to write some stories of my sexual experiences with you all. I know it will make me sound slutty but really I am just a girl who loves sex, I find it beautiful when two bodies become one for moments or hours. I love experimenting and finding out my likes and dislikes sexually. Oddly I am wet thinking about going back in time and remembering all the first experiences I have had, hopefully you get turned on too.

If I could I would go back and redo how I lost my virginity, Who it was with and where it took pla... Continue»
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