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Mutual Discovery and Daddy is the witness

Chapter One

"Jay!!" Came the shout up the stairs.
"Yeah," I replied.
"Nina's here" Mum shouted back at me.
I rushed down the stairs, nearly slipping on the marble steps as I dashed down to see my new best female friend.
She stood just inside the front door, blinking in the relative darkness, her designer sunglasses in her hand.
"I'm not too early am I Jay? Mum was on her way to the mall and dropped me off, saved getting a cab."
I threw my arms around her neck and gave her a hug, then stood back as we air kissed, "mwaaah, mwaaah."
"Course not, mum's just on her way out. Anyway, the po... Continue»
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Mrs Henderson's problem 3. Loving it

The car took Harriet to the end of the road off her property and swung a sharp left. From here she was lost, having never ventured off her place in the 11 months they had lived there.
Later the driver swung a sharp left then a wide sweeping right and travelled for a few more miles before coming to the front of a huge ranch style mansion.
She was greatly impressed.
As the car came to a stop the front door was opened and out stepped an immaculately dressed servant to open the car door for her.
She was then ushered into the house and guided into a reception room where Jim and Andrea Jackson ... Continue»
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Vickers and Nylon Tarts

Si my boyfriend had been looking forward to this Saturday night, it was Mike's stag do and this meant it was going to be something with a twist. Well with Mike it always is and this instance it was a joint stag and hen. These 2 were so in love and we all had the same group of friends so made sense.
The only thing holding Si back was the theme. As usual every stag & hen needs a theme and this was Vickers and Tarts. Yep the girls as Vickers and the boys as Tarts. Si had been trying to ignore the fact this was coming and not prepared at all, but I was, I was going to have some fun. I ordered ev... Continue»
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School Reunion

We have all had invites to reunions and all wondered whether to go or not. The first thing we normally think of is have we done something with our lives that we can show off about, could we impress our friends, we don’t want to look the failure. Let’s face it if life was shit we wouldn’t go. Well in this instance I could not wait. I was one of those girls that were always picked on for being overweight and quite. Well not anymore, I had turned that ugly duckling into a swan. Sandra is now a 26 year old hottie; yes I don’t mind saying it, a hottie. I dieted, worked out and now have long slender... Continue»
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Midnight Diner

Hi there my name is Casey and I am a typical student, I work hard during the day studying and hard at night at an American diner in the local leisure park. I don't mind the job, but it is definitely a sexist job, I am expected to wear bright red patent red high heels and a short red mini skirt that just covers my butt, the typical white shirt tied up across my chest showing off my flat stomach and shoulder length hair perfectly straightened with a little diner paper hat. Basically like a little tart, its so degrading waltzing around all the guys staring at your tits or arse always thinking the... Continue»
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Janet's Obsession

Janet's Obsession

Chapter I

As the intercom buzzer to her modest little apartment buzzed, Janet's heart raced. Rushing over she picked up the mouthpiece as the small black and white surveillance screen flickered to life, reflecting back to her a courier holding a padded parcel and a clipboard.


“Hi, package for a Miss Janet Finch”, the courier mouthed into the intercom.

“Come in, up to level 1, I'll be out in a sec”, she quickly said while replacing the mouthpiece, pressing the electronic security button for a couple of seconds then ran to her bedroom to put on a silken kn... Continue»
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My suprise.from my neighbor.

One afternoon I was bored and horny. I was home all alone. I grabbed my wife's dildo. It was about 9 inches and thick. I lubed it and my ass. I was just about to sit on it when my doorbell rang. I put on some shorts and went to the door. It was my sexy young neighbor. He was bored and wanted to see what I was up to. I invited him in. As soon as the door closed I granted his arm and pulled him closed. I kissed his neck.and undid his belt and his shorts dropped. I started rubbing his semi hard cock. He asked how I knew what he came over for. I said I didn't care. I went back to kissing his neck ... Continue»
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Polka Dot Passion

Her apartment smelled of fabric softener, Om Nagchampa incense, and sweet cannabis. The balcony doors were all open and the heat of his anxiousness steadily seeped out into the tropical January night chill. She was wearing less than usual, this was the first time he had ever seen her shapely long legs. His eyes traced their way from her bare feet to her toned calves, lingering for a moment on her silky thighs, then up to her short fuzzy white and teal polka dot pajama shorts. He realized he was staring and flinched to bend over and remove his shoes at the door where he stood… desperately hopin... Continue»
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Todd Knowles, Camp Counselor II

Mo followed Mr. Knowles to a dimly lit room. 'Whats going on' she asked. 'Dont worry Mo, i told you i got you. Now what i want you to do is sit right down here.' Mr. Knowles said reassuringly. 'Sit where, Todd?' 'For now Monique, It's Mr. Knowles. And i want you to sit here.' Todd said pointing at his lap as he sat in the brown leather recliner. 'Oh? You want me to sit here on your lap?' Mo said teasingly.

'Yeah bring that fat ass over here and get comfy.' Todd requested. Mo seductively walked towards Todd and slowly sat in his lap with her back to him. Todd began to run his han... Continue»
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The Gay Way

Scott and I have been friends for years, so I was kind of sad to see him moving out of the area. My wife always joke that Steve must be gay, because he is so hot but never seems to have a long term relationship with a woman. I always tell her, Scott just loves to play the field.
Anyway, Scott asked if I could help him get arranged in his new home in Texas once the moving truck delivered his items. I told him as long as my wife (the boss) agreed to it. My wife agreed, so I got a flight to Texas once Scott had all his stuff. I was thinking, oh my I get to act like a bachelor for a few day... Continue»
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TOT Part 9 My first suck

Ok time to move on a little here. We continued to go to the Caravan site most weekends over the next few months, I continued to perv in the Shower block, the closest I ever got to Barry was touching him up while he slept when I slept over at his van one night, I think he realised what was going on, he pushed my hand away and went on the defensive cupping his balls to deny me access, that was the only night we shared a sl**pover, it was never mentioned and the opportunity to get any further never presented itself, I became quite close to the twins but never got anywhere with them either, then t... Continue»
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TOT Part 10 wanting more cock

It was just after 10am when I woke the next morning, my first thought was Greg then my morning hardon, then Greg then a piss, I decided the piss was more urgent and went to the bathroom without having to worry about covering up, It was the school holidays, I was alone the house was empty apart from me and the dog, Mum, Dad, John and Jamie were all at work, I pointed my solid cock towards the pan pushing it firmly down so that it could not spring up and give me an eye full of piss, I imagined it was Greg’s hand pushing my cock, then as the piss drained he began stroking my willing cock, I could... Continue»
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TOT Part 11. Lusting over Greg and Gary

Mum got me up at 8.20 am as they were all going to work, I had to be awake and out my bed for the delivery of John’s new bed, I was warned not to leave the house or fall back asl**p until it came, I had also been ordered to get all my stuff out my room and into Jamie’s room, I never realised how much stuff I had, I spent almost all morning walking from one room to the other, I piled everything on top of John’s bed as all his stuff was still in the room, he would not be shifting it until later that night. I set up my PC in my new room deleted all my porn and history then pass worded the PC to s... Continue»
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Becoming Emily - Part XII

Usually soaking in a hot bath relieves any soreness in my little pussy but this time I still felt the effects between my thighs. This was due partially to the sheer size of Mr. Ross’ cock and the intensity with which he fucked me but also because I couldn’t help but think about the tale I made up for him about how I lost my virginity. As I imagined it in my mind I almost seemed to believe it as fact. So much so that my fantasy became more like reality. Memories of my first sexual experiences. Memories Mr. Crawford and how after he fucked me he swore that it could never happen again but it did.... Continue»
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Sticky Situation Pt. 3

…..Thomas continued to stare at me wide-eyed in disbelief. He reached out for the letters and and began scanning over them. He placed his hand on his head and began apologizing to me. “Im so sorry k**, I had no idea, I’ve always wanted to get to know you and be a part of your life, but not this way.” It’s okay Thomas……I mean dad, I’ve learned this is mom’s fault, you tried, but she wouldn’t let you. Are you sure son? Thomas asked. I feel so bad for whoring you out like that, treating you like a little slut. My son deserves better. No, I liked being the truck stops slut daddy, it made me feel s... Continue»
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Always A Problem

For all of my life, it's been a problem. In the days of The Old West, when someone would seen a bulge in a man's trousers, it typically meant that he was packing heat. Just my luck that I was born a hundred years to late, because if there is an attractive woman around, I've got a bulge in my pants.

I was shopping for some lunch on day in a grocery store near my office when I happened to spot a rather curvy redhead a few rows ahead of me. As I make my way over to her section, I notice that she's in the dairy section, which is quite ironic, given her build. Once close to her, I politely s... Continue»
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Mom's Friend

Ella was mom's best friend. I found out by mistake just how close they were. Ella took me to the mall with her one day and after we shopped for a while she told me she wanted to buy me some sexy underwear. We went into the store and she picked out some really revealing undies and I was surprised when she went with me to try them on. She got me naked and then put on the panties and a sexy bra. She ran her hand over my ass and then across my tits and told me "That looks amazing on you. You have a great ass and a nice set of tits." She then put three more outfits on me and rubbed and touched me a... Continue»
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Youngsville Part 1: Moving

Life in the city had never been great. I had always been a little bit of an outcast in school. I never made it into the social life there and most of the k**s avoided me. I had good grades and was usually the best in my class in all subjects. Could that have been the case? Jealousy? I was smart and a bit of a know it all.

My name is Eric and I'm a jack of all trades. I spend most of my spare time tinkering with things in my life. I have also worked as a craftsman in my uncle's workshop and garage, but I also have interests in science. I know how machines tick. Although I don’t know how peo... Continue»
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The first time I played with a girl was with my best friend Carol. I had just got my first bra and I had to show it to her. I pulled up my shirt and she began to look me over then put her hand inside my bra and feel my tits. Then she pulled up her shirt and asked if I wanted to touch her tits. We began rubbing each others tits and feeling our nipples get hard. It did not take long till we had our shirts off and was sucking each other like babies nursing. Every time she sucked my nipple I got a deep feeling in my stomach and I then put my hand down her pants and felt her pussy. She liked that s... Continue»
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A True(ish) Tale

Once upon a time there was a woman named Caitlin. She was an intelligent, sweet, funny and sexy woman, but she was lonely. And, to be blunt, horny.

So the fair Caitlin put a personal ad on the Internet. The site is not important although it was not a “matched” or “harmonious” one. The ad read as follows:

“Funny, smart, cute, loving, playful, passionate, blond haired, gray/blue eyed (but they change color), chick. I am a smart ass. I am optimistic, independent, honest. I am a neat freak with "slob" tendencies. I am adventurous (in all things...wink, wink, nudge, nudge) with couch potato... Continue»
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