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Buck, the New Yorker & Band Camp - 2

Continuing the story of my band camp with Susan.

Over the next two days, the trip was basically the same as Day 1: Susan busy most the time, with quick sex visits when she could fit them in. It was exciting, but also frustrating, because everything had to occur quickly due to her boys. I spent the days exercising, hiking and hanging by the pool, ogling the MILFS, but really just looking Marilyn and getting hornier and hornier.

Each day Marilyn would stop by and tease me by calling me the 'troublemaker' or the 'bad boy' - and each day she flirted a little more with me.

Mid-week, ... Continue»
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A love of boss

A love of boss ... 1 of 31 ...
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Author: Bilitis
A love of boss ... 1 31 ... Bilitis
Chapters 1-3
In the real Christine, who has been my model; to Evelyn who both helped me in my difficult times, Natacha At my tender without which life would be so different. To all those and all those who try to overcome the difficulty of loving 'differently', despite the prejudices and who do not give face still many obstacles on our path.
A new chief of staff The news was finally dropped: the Minister had to thank his chief of staff. In our stage, that of the hostesses,... Continue»
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Sunday with the neighbours (another true story)

I had always had a thing for the woman next door. Her name was Sandy and she had the best body a man could want, a true MILF. She worked as an accounts assistant for some small business locally, she was always immaculately dressed with make up and hair to match, a true looker. She was around 40 at the time, same age as my wife Suzy, I was just 30, a toy boy to the red head temptress Suzy. We were very friendly with the neighbours, Sandy’s husband Ted was a great guy, loved a drink and the finer things in life all to as much excess as he could get away with. Sandy would always peg him back when... Continue»
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Around this same time I met a very pretty Mexican girl named Rose. We started dating and were having at an actual relationship. She was what the Mexicans called a "Fresa", which is Spanish for strawberry. It was used as slang to describe the females of the Mexican aristocracy. She came from a wealthy f****y and was in L.A. with the delusion that just because she was beautiful she should also be famous.

She was trying her hand at acting and/or modeling. She had a very nice condominium in West Hollywood and would take me out for dinner at fancy places I would have otherwise been run out of. ... Continue»
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Cable guy story , my first time with an older woma

first off let me begin by saying this story is true and i'm going to make it as detailed as possible.

I've been a cable guy for a year now, they tell us not to sl**p with customers but fuck that shit, sometimes it's your only option.

this story occurred my second week on my own, my office sent me on a 7 room install which was highly abnormal for a new guy to be sent on, the job was a nightmare but i got it done, i was there for 15 hours.

Now about my customer, lets call her Alice. Alice was in her 40's as far as i could gather, but she sure as hell didn't look a day over 30, She... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls 4/1 - Elisabeth

Part 1

Coach Jorgenson sent Elizabeth to Headmaster Michael and now she stood before him, a pretty
little thing, not like a girl who would be in such trouble. Another "scholarship" girl, Elizabeth
was bright and streetwise, but hadn't been doing well academically. This was her last chance at
college. Her mother had passed away over ten years before, her father attempted to raise her,
but had his difficulties with her. He was in the military, a General, where soldiers followed his
orders without question. With Elizabeth, it had always been the opposite. He had been brought
up with the ... Continue»
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I’m Gonna Be First in Line Today

While it was a long time ago I still remember waiting every day for the ending school bell to ring while in high school. Why? Because that’s when I would rush like hell to the “dead zone” behind the gymnasium to get a chance to pay to either get blown by or actually fuck little petite Vicki. A simple BJ (she sucked and spit most of the time) cost only $10. And if you were bold enough to fuck her it only set you back $25. I was a little apprehensive about fucking her, especially when you aren’t always the first guy in line. Nothing worse than sloppy seconds or thirds, etc.

The last week of s... Continue»
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Hottest story ever written for me!

You are on the bed with just your panties on. I took off your socks and mine as well. ;) I'm wearing my grey boxer briefs, with my large bulge very pronounced. I am running my hands up and down your thighs, squeezing them along the way. You are wiggling your closed legs together, I can tell you've had a long shift at work and need a full release....I move on side your body as you lie on the bed. Leaning down kissing along your torso, up to your breasts. My breath grazes across your nipples as they perk up even more. I kiss up to your mouth, one of my hands holding your hands up over y... Continue»
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Anal Adventures at Glendale High

Anal Adventures at Glendale High
Written by TrueRoyalty

Chapter 1
I was always attracted to her. The way her wavy brown hair shined, the way her eyes glimmered. And the way her tank top would expose her smooth breasts. She has a great body and a small tight ass that I always found cute whenever she bended over.

Today is Friday and I planned on surprising her by visiting her at her locker. I walked down the halls of Glendale High walking by everyone who passed. Even my friends who had stopped to say hello. I ignored them and walked straight down the halls. Straight to locker 158. When I... Continue»
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Financial Domination--HS Crush Part 1

[It should be noted that everyone in the story is 18+]

When we moved 1/3 of the way into my senior year, I was crushed. New state, new city, new school and all my friends so far away now. Not that I had a ton of friends, but I felt so very lonely going to a new school like this, everyone already had their friends, I was an outsider. There was only one person, Jaime, who seemed to warm up to me almost from my first day. I had her in several classes, and I thought she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She was so sexy, perfect body, really naturally gorgeous without really tryin... Continue»
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How to score another fuck buddy

Sometimes one has to play it cool to score big. Jen was a co-worker that I enjoyed casual sex with. She was a cute brunette with a shaved pussy and a really nice pert C-cup rack. We worked together in a part time job. We were flirting one night and at one point I made a comment about giving her what she needs. She came over and grabbed my cock. She looked up at me and said, OK. After work we fucked in the back seat of her car. I made sure that she was well pleased before I allowed myself to cum all over her beautiful chest.

We kept this up for a few months. One day I was working with Jen a... Continue»
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Frat party-from dancing;to grinding to more...

I went to party at my fraternity last weekend. I've graduated for years now, but one of my buddies at the frat convinced me to come out and have a few drinks.

When I got there, the party was at full capacity. Every hallway was packed with d***ken college students. There were so many hot 19 year old chicks wearing micro skirts and low-cut tops, just begging to be fucked.

I had a few too many beers and ended up making a fool of myself on the dance floor. With my liquid courage, I got in the middle of a group of girls dancing and was busting out all of my best moves. In reality, I proba... Continue»
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TWD Fantasy ( Part 2 )

"I have an idea" says Maggie. "I'll be right back." Maggie leaves you two alone. You look over to Beth. She is looking at you and you can't quite read her look.
"I'm really sorry Beth. I never meant to do that. I never wanted to hurt you." You say. Beth looks at you.
"Why with them?" She asks.
"I went to go check on them and Lizzie and Mika were fooling around and.... I just... I don't know..." You try to explain.
"I saw what they were doing and I just couldn't help myself. Then a walker attacked me and the girls came into the barn and saw me kill the walker with my pants around my ank... Continue»
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Lovely Looking Leah Lesbian Love #2

Lovely Leah and juicy Lucy practise ballet together - bare at the barre in Leah's bedroom
Slender sexy sweet tender tasty teens together - Leah licks Lucy's juicy slit for first time
Soon Lucy longs to stay longer at Leah, hoping to get more sexual practise at her foxy friend
Leah looks for advise from her dearest - he's abroad now, so she can only consult him from far

She talks to her elder sibling only on the phone once a week - back then no internet for chats yet
Sweet Pete likes the idea of Leah to invite Lucy over - for a long weekend, like at Easter holiday
She doesn't tel... Continue»
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lou xxx

Margaret had long kept quiet about a desire to participate in a threesome with a man and another woman. She was no lesbian, not even really bisexual. But she did like looking at pretty girls, and she thought the site of another, naked pretty girl making love to the same man as her would be highly erotic. And, if she were honets with herself, she found the idea of a few accidental brushes of soft, silky female flesh tantalizing.

She was an attractive woman of 26, about 5'7" with very long blonde hair, soft white skin, soft pink lips, big blue eyes, and a volumptuous figure which had full yet... Continue»
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My Mom is one hot Milf! Well that what I’ve been told by my friends at school you see when my mom picks me up from school all my friends gather around my car hoping to get a look at her tits and her really sexy legs mom always wears short skirts and low cut tops and sometimes stocking as you can catch a glimpse as she gets out of the car,
It’s no wonder they all want to look I’m sure she know she’s teasing them she never tries to hide the fact that she showing herself to us young lads,

I think it’s so nice to have a mom that is so sexy everyone wants to be ... Continue»
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My beautiful daughter

This particular chapter of Haley was not written entirely by me. I found a story on the internet called “A Boy Story, which has since been changed to Deflowering Arthur.” Without a doubt, it was a good story. However, the author had the young girl’s Father hooking her up to as he put it deflower all the young boys she could find.

I didn’t care for that. I tweaked it a little bit so she would only have sex with the one boy. I tweaked it more and more until I ended up with a beginning and an end. I wanted it to be a little more subtle and innocent the way the story developed.

I originally ... Continue»
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TWD Fantasy ( Part 1 )

Your all alone and sacred in the woods. It's been days since you got separated from your group. Your hungry, scared and and being followed by 3 walkers. As you try to run you trip over a fallen tree, you look up and a walker is almost on top of you. You close your eyes and wait for the bite the will turn you into on of them. Just as you have given up hope a gunshot rings out in the quiet forest and the walkers head explodes covering you in zombie filth. You turn to see who save you and there she is. One of the hottest girls you have ever seen. Two more shots ring out and the other walkers drop... Continue»
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JoJo Get Out!

by shawnomega ©

Hopeless, utterly hopeless is the way I felt staring at the televison. Untill I saw her I hadn’t really been paying attention to the T.V. She was beautiful about 5’4″ long brown hair 110lbs. Nices breasts, and when she spoke she had that cute new york accent. Of course the biggest problem I was having is that I want this girl she’s got a slamming body, but she was only 14 years old so here’s where my story begains

I thought it wasn’t posiable for the hot summer day to get anymore boring. I hadn’t had a girlfriend in quite sometime now, and of course my friends being my f... Continue»
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This story is based on the fantasies of ahrnycpl4u at xham. Printed with her permission.

Remember, we left off from Part 1 with…
Deb twisted her head and smiled so sexily and whispered to me, “Ryan, please Ryan. Get them ALL to fuck me tonight.”
I audibly gulped, which she heard and it caused her to giggle.

'I had to give myself time to think. Did she really know what she was asking?’

First, her dress, I pulled it over her head, cast it away and held her tight against my chest. She didn’t flinch at this complete... Continue»
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