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Judith's Black Lover

I hope this letter, apart from being a turn-on, acts
as a warning. Judith and I have been married for
three years now, but the incident I'm about to
describe took place ten months ago.

Judith had been on about trying out another man, and
in the end she talked me into agreeing that she could
with someone, as long as he was a total stranger, that
I was allowed to watch and that he wore a condom -
just as I had to. Judith told me that she wanted a
black man - to find out if all those stories she had
read in Fiesta were true. However, nothing came of it
until about thre... Continue»
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watching your wife have sex with another man is not all
it's cracked up to be.

My wife and I have been married to each other for
almost 5 years now, I am 35 and she is 30. My wife was
a virgin when we got married so she had never been with
another person before. We had actually met at my
b*****rs wedding, she was a bridesmaid, and I was my
b*****r's best man.

I guess my fantasizing about watching her have sex with
another man started when we met and I read story after
story in the Penthouse Forum about men who loved to
watch their wives have sex with other men. They ... Continue»
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Slut Wife Does My Friend

My wife Anna is 5'7" tall with long black hair and deep
brown eyes and has awesome long legs, and a playboy
bunny ass. Her breasts are small and firm, but her
nipples are incredibly long and sexy when she's turned
on. We've always been pretty open towards sex and have
shared our fantasies with each other often during our

My number one fantasy has always been to see her
pleasure and be pleasured by another man. Recently she
has been fantasizing about being taken by a man while I
am f***ed to watch. After much thought, I decided that
the timing was right to mak... Continue»
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So My Wife Wants Black Dick

My name is Nicholas Atman, and I'm a computer network
engineer for a very prestigious company in the
Southeast (It's not important in which state or
anything). My wife, Sarah, has been very loving for the
duration of our twenty-year marriage, but lately,
something has changed with her.

We met in our senior year of High School, and fell in
love so desperately that nothing could keep us apart. I
refused to marry her until I could support us both, but
together we worked hard and eventually we tied the
knot. A few years later, we were blessed by a little
bundle of joy we nam... Continue»
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It just happened

Well it finally happened, and not at all like I ever
imagined or fantasized it would happen. What, you ask am I
talking about diary?

Until yesterday, I had never cheated on my husband of 21
years. For that matter, he is the only man I have ever had
sex with in my life, since I was 16 and a virgin when we
first met. That all ended yesterday and I still can't
believe it. Oh sure I've had the usual fantasies where I
meet a handsome stranger while my husband and k**s are out
of town. He takes me out on the town and romances me then
takes me back to his luxury hotel suite and m... Continue»
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cuckold camping

My wife Julie is a beautiful and sexy blonde and I
love her dearly. She is very quiet and well
mannered. That is precisely why the things I learned
about her dark side surprised me. For example,
little did I know, when we married two years ago,
that she had this fantasy of being shared by a group
of rowdy men. I learned of her secret yearning
because of a summer camping trip.

Julie and I love to go camping. We have this little
tent trailer that we keep packed with all our gear so
we can leave on a moments notice. My wife especially
enjoys finding these peaceful secl... Continue»
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I'm a little old to be banished to summer camp," I said to
Spike. Spike was my best friend, had been since I was eight. "I mean,
I'm fifteen." I was sitting on a branch in an old apple tree, the last
one in the orchard. I had my back propped against the tree trunk. She
was lying on the branch below me.

Spike said, "Wish my folks would send me to camp, Kip." Her
real name was Danica, but I never called her that, just like she never
called me Clifford.

"Yeah," I said. "Right."

"No, really. First of all, you're gonna be doing canoeing and
shit. That's like free training."
... Continue»
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Old Flame

This is a true account of how my wife and I began our
current 'Open marriage' lifestyle. We realize that an
open marriage is not right for everyone but it has
worked out great of us. Although I have only been with
three other women. Two of those were at a swing party
we attended. Peggy has had over fifteen different
lovers. She is currently involved with two other men
and sees them both almost every week. Sometimes for
only an afternoon quickie while other times spending
the entire night with her lover. Anyway this is how we

Peggy and I have been happily married f... Continue»
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Motel 6

I was practically trembling with lust when she called back.
"HI Honey, shall I tell you what they're doing to me now?"

"Oh yes, PLEEEASE tell me baby" I said. "Well, I'm laying back.
ummmmm yes, Laying back on the... oh I LIKE that Stephen....laying back
on the bed honey. These guy's are pretty creative. (Ahh). They have
another bottle of chilled (giggles) Mums here and they're pouring it
in my belly button and licking it out... (giggles again) and Dave has
my miniskirt up and he's getting ready to pour some OHHH THAT"S COLD!
on my intimate treasures here honey and... Continue»
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Cleaning Day

Cleaning Day by Dogcrusher

Paula knelt obeydiently at the door. Today was cleaning day, and she knew Master would inspect everything.

She went over everything in her head. The laundry was done. Ironing. Folding. Everything put away, Just as Master demanded.

Floors swept. Dusting. Furniture straightened. Curtains. Lights. Master wants things just so. Bathrooms. Toilets. Bathtub. Sinks shining. Master will be proud.

Paula took a shower. She applied her makeup slowly, bringing out her most sexy look. She perfumed her body from head to toe. Everything was perfect. She was... Continue»
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A Special Little Girl ( I did not write this )

"Your hair is getting so long now." The Mommy says as she smooths
Erin's wavy blond hair down. "I think we should take you to get it cut."

"No Mommy, I like it long."

"Before much longer it will start getting into your mouth when you eat.
It might get annoying. "

Erin thought a moment. His head down, hesitantly, not wanting to upset
The Mommy he says: "But, I like the way it feels when it's long."

"How does it feel, Erin?"

"It makes me feel pretty like you are Mommy."

The Mommy's heart warmed over. She likes it when her son says she's
pretty. I... Continue»
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my arab wife jesmina with my boss alfred

my arab wife jesmina cheating on me,with my boss alfred

Hai I am Baher from saudi arabia, living in los angeles iam 31 year old arab muslim guy ,its my real story, working in IT company, my wife is from saudi arabia she is 27 year old her name is jesmina bin, she is beautfull hijab wearing arab muslim girl,we married 3 year before in saudi,she not working ,she is finished college,her father run flower shop in LA ,that’s why we come in LA looking job, we have one k** 2 year old boy, i working in IT company in LA , I join that company 1 year before nice job good salary and nice atmosphere , m... Continue»
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A young girl at work

Id worked at this supermarket for a number of years and people came and went as staff do in supermarkets, anyhoo I noticed one day a load of new starters wandering round with the personnel people doing an induction there was one girl in particular that stood out she had light brown hair a cute cupid face (kinda like Julia Stiles from the bourne movies only a bit chubbier) about 5"5" ish huge boobs (honestly this girl would never drown) a real curvy body and an ass to die for, so you can see why she stood out from the crowd.
I was having my lunch in the canteen and in she walked I was unusua... Continue»
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The Handy Man - An Adult Story

I pulled into the small driveway. I looked around. The Royals lived in a nice neighborhood. I got a call from them last night before I went to bed. Mrs. Royal best friend - Mrs. Diane Smallwood. Gave her my number. I just got done remodeling the Smallwoods house. I did some small repairs around there old house. I fixed up the spare bedroom. I remodeled another room into a new baby room. Mrs. Smallwood is expecting any day now. I originally was called to put on a small wooden back deck in the back of there house They loved my low rates and expert service. That was close to 9 months ago and 5 re... Continue»
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"Knock! Knock!" - An Adult Story

“Knock! Knock!” “Craig you got that?” I yelled from the couch. “Buck! I’m upstairs dude. Can you get the door?” said Craig. I shook my head as I got off the black leather couch in the living room. I could hear someone knocking on the door leading to the garage. We had moved in about two weeks ago. Craig was a good roommate. We split all the bills down the middle. He works as a manager for an upscale shoe store. I work from home. I help people with IT problems. I also set up new web sites for clients.

We live in a good neighborhood. Were the last town house on the street. We ... Continue»
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June 21 - Part 1 of 3 - An Adult Story

I had about an hour and half drive to the beach. I left my house around 10:00am. I brought along my big cooler. It was stocked full of beer, wine and mixed drinks. I brought a fruit tray and some cheese to eat at the beach. I was wearing a black, short sleeve shirt. Some knee length white swim shorts. I was wearing some black leather sandals, and a pair of shades. It was suppose to get up to over a hundred today. I worked for about 14 days straight without a day off. I was looking forward to not working the next 4 days. I also brought along a small gym bag, with a change of clothe... Continue»
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At The Local Bar

I immediately knew when you got there. I felt a tingle down my spine. I turned from the bar to take a look around. There you were, just coming in. looked so good. I felt the tingle spread just thinking about your hands on me. You caught my eye as you walked toward me. Just as I started to lose myself in the heat I could see (and feel) in them, I noticed the appreciative looks you get from the women you pass and smiled to myself. Mine...all mine...6'4", barrel of a man, who I can turn to jelly with my hands and mouth.

You were turning me to jelly with that look. I watched you walk... Continue»
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Cindy McDowell's first Black Cock

My first black experience took place on one of my husband's birthdays. We had already planned to visit one of the swinger clubs in the area (he was hoping we’d meet another couple and he’d get some strange for his birthday) I on the other hand had different ideas then he did. I wanted something profoundly different and I had heard many stories from several sources. So, I decided tonight would be different in an extreme manner. I had already decided days before we went out, that I would be with a black man. I was really nervous about it at first, but after having a few drinks at the club I s... Continue»
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Cottaging Recollection.

This happened a few years back but the memory of it makes me bone up every time.

From being a permanently boned-up schoolboy any chance to have a crafty wank & I'd take it.Whether it was at the back of the class rubbing away at my knob in my tight black school trousers feeling my piss-slit ooze pre-slime through the material,or at the back of the schoolbus or in a secluded spot if I walked home,public lavs,even in the sacristry at church when I was an alter boy...anywhere.Back then one of my favourite places for a quick ham-shank,(wank),was in the changing room,(locker room),at school.FUCK,... Continue»
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Swallowing his load Part 1

My old friend Mike decides after a few months of flying under the radar, to randomly text my phone. I read the text and he writes, "Yo!! What's good? I out and about and need a co-pilot to take a ride out my friends house. It's about a 1 and a half hour drive to it, are you busy??" In my mind I'm thinking of all the kinky stuff I've done with him and his girlfriends over the years. I'm remembering being his cumslut, never wasting it always eating every bit of his load, even if he decided to blast my face in cum, I'd always smear the cum down into my mouth, show it to him, and then swallow it. ... Continue»
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