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I was young, and a bit naive, but very curious about sex. Also, I felt I was not loved, basically. No one would teach, or show me things! Teddy, one of my paper route subscribers' dog was always friendly with me! He'd follow me, while I was on my bike, delivering papers. I was always afraid he'd get hit by a car or something. Sometimes he would jump up and lick my face! He was a happy dog! Sometimes, I noticed, he was a bit TOO happy!

When he first nudged his nooze into my crotch, I told him no, but I was aroused by it! He would do it often, when I got off my bike and I would ... Continue»
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The Castle... Part 1

Jackie Roberts was in high spirits… it was her daughter’s wedding day and everything had worked out perfectly thus far. The weather had been kind to them… and the service was beautiful. She looked out of the small bedroom window onto the small quadrangle of the mid twelfth century castle where the final photographs were being taken of her stunning daughter and equally striking new son-in-law. The small group of wedding guests was assembled in the grand hall on the other side of the stone fortress, sipping drinks waiting for the seemingly endless photographs to be taken and the wedding dinner t... Continue»
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The Castle...Part 2

Jackie, although hungry ate very little at breakfast. She wished she had refused the request to come down to the dining room naked but the truth was she liked being treated as a slut… property of a black man. But now in a room full of f****y and friends the embarrassment was beyond imagination. She walked slowly to the man she was under the control of when he pointed to the vacant chair next to his.

The naked woman’s mind was full of questions, but again her state of arousal overrode the discomfort. Everyone in the room must know that she spent the night with her new son-in-law and if they... Continue»
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Elevator Lust

I was in a rush as usual as I walked into Starbucks. It was a cold, blustery morning as I made my way in to find the place packed to the hilt. I had to wait in line what seemed like forever just for a cup of coffee. When I finally got my coffee there was no place to sit.

I wandered around looking for a spot when I looked into the most beautiful brown eyes I'd seen in a long time. The woman looked familiar as I stared trying to place her. She had long chestnut brown hair, a beautiful sort of angelic face, and from what I could tell a really nice body. She looked up at me and smiled asking,
... Continue»
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Massaging a man I got horny

'You can undress in here', I gestured with my hand, pointing to the small cubical, sufficiently sized for a man to strip nude and await my services.

My name is Amber, and yes, before you comment on it, I know it's a very online feminine sex name, and it'd for that reason, why I call myself it.

My service is mainly for girls, as I am a qualified sports doctor, a sports masseuses, and now adding intimate waxing, to my listing of extracting money from willing people.

I am in my mid 20's and unattached, an athlete in my own rights, a qualified downhill skier, and gymnast, so I practice wh... Continue»
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The Debt

The ropes were tight, the gag secure, he could move his head a bit but that was about it as he struggled in the chair. It was fun watching the blonde, surf-bum, failure of a man strain and try to threaten him through his tight gag. His red swim trunks rode up his leg and his white t-shirt stretched across his chest.

"Unemployed, in debt, and leeching off a hot little thing like Charlotte. You owe twenty G’s and believe me we collect one way or the other. This is going to be a little show of what can happen." Marcus punched his victim in the jaw, then grabbed his hair to look him in his inf... Continue»
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Busting my virginity ( my first anal fuck!!)

I've always had a bi sexual side! It was in my teenage years that I developed my first taste of appreciating the same sex!! I was always straight acting and never ever revealed my hidden 'secret' that I do like guys too!! What kick started the whole ball rolling was my frequent visits to my then best friend and we would go out together and do everything mates do! I'd often stay over at his for the night and it just happened one night that we were talking about sex and before we knew it we were both fondling each other! The experience took my breath away! To cut the long story short,after a few... Continue»
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parkservice Sunday June

I had better finish June as we are going to spend a week in July (starting soon) and I do not want to fall behind.

First let me say, we do work in the park, sometimes very hard work (no pun here) and we do not include the times we work there and never see each other nor have any sexual contacts, some week ends are truly all work and no play.

Sunday of our 3 day weekend in June.

I woke up in the dark to hear grunting and moaning. It seems that Clay had returned and my wife was in the Doggy position with Clay pounding into her. I must have slept through a lot of this because it was ver... Continue»
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My Niece and me in threesome

I was thrilled to have Samantha come to visit me. I had really missed her since I moved away three years ago as a result of relocation due to my job. I loved to go shopping with her or to just chat. We were more friends than Aunt and Niece.

When I met her at the airport I was shocked that she was now a young woman.

"Aunt Connie!" She screamed as she ran to me

"It is so good to see you Samantha! Oh my but you are all grown up now! I have missed you so much!" I said as I hugged her

On the drive to my place she told me all about the happenings back home. The most delicious tidbit was ... Continue»
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Lesley part24

"Thought you were on earlies this morning? come you get such a long shagging the boss or something? Hahaha" lesley jokingly asked Sylvia when she bumped into her at nearly one in the afternoon.

"Humph...not funny....anyway...I know who's shagging the boss" she replied with disdain.

"What's wound you up ya daft mare?"

"Guess...he's nearly thirty stone, bald, bearded, and has the charm of a Rottweiler.....and me tits are sore"

"McPeevie?.... Oh fuck...what's happened?"

"Missing notes....ring a bell?... other things....I had Continue»
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45 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt1

My name is Christine Slack, I live in a big west country town and I am married to Jack , yes I can hear you sniggering, Jack Slack! We have been married for 3 years and his name is very appropriate as believe it or not he has not been able to raise much more than a laugh in the last two years poor lamb.
He`s a year or two older than me at 37, we live together in a fairly posh area of suburbia, he is manager of a security company, me, I am a very respectable housewife, at least on the surface. Stand 5ft 6” tall, have a 36C-30-32 figure, hate to be totally naked, have a high sex drive,... Continue»
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mum, me and my best friend

My best friend, T, and I were coming up to our house to watch a video, as I drove into the drive way I saw dad slam the door and mutter “I’m going to the club” as he screeched off in his car. When T and I entered the house mum was tearful and we didn’t know what to do. I motioned for T to sit down and mum asked him if he wanted a drink, he said he did.

As I loaded the video up mum came in with some drinks, I asked her if she was alright and she said she was and then she went upstairs. Twenty minutes later she re-appeared wearing her housecoat, she asked if we’d like more drinks and T said h... Continue»
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Luststute Sabine – benutzt als Hündin

Luststute Sabine – benutzt als Hündin
(c)Krystan Knight

Die Männer standen im Dunkeln, als sie den Raum betrat. Schwarze Strapse, Korsett und High Heels waren ihre Tracht. Das rote Hundehalsband war zum Teil durch ihr lockiges Haar verdeckt, welches offen über ihre Schultern fiel.
Sabine war kein Schulmädchen mehr, sondern eine reife Frau. Trotzdem glich ihr Blick in diesem Moment dem eines scheuen Rehs. Sie wusste nicht, was man von ihr erwartete. Wie eine Hündin wurde sie an einer Leine vorgeführt.
In der Mitte des Raums waren zwei Matratzen aufeinandergestapelt. Ein Scheinwerfer leuch... Continue»
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Tess Brown a 37yrs business woman is seated at a table of men both partners and clients. She is in our town to represent her company. The look on her face tells it all a look of doom. Over the last two days she had talked herself blue but it wasn't looking good. As she got up to go to the restroom Kat my wife heads that way too. In side Kat says It may not be my business but you look like it's not going to well for you. Tess look that Kat and said it ant! Mine if I help a little? But how or why would you help me? Well honey lets just say women need to stick together now first come h... Continue»
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Neighbors Hear Moaning as Girlfriend Gets a New To

I was in the midst of a separation from my first wife and had been seeing a FWB from work for a few months now. I was her supervisor when we first started fucking and I have to tell you, that added so much excitement to the relationship. We had sex all the time, we even fucked a few times at work. She was amazing, so responsive, so dirty, and I loved the way she would talk sweet and dirty. She was a smaller BBW with curves in all the right places. She was built for sex, five foot six, 40F breasts that were magnificent and dense for their size, a big tight ass, barely a tummy even after two k**... Continue»
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I typed:
She was about your height, 5’ 4, and it was her brown skin that first caught my eye. She looked like she was maybe Filipino. Around 40 I guessed, but it was hard for me to tell. Not that mattered though, because her body was …snatched. She always wore these spandex tights because I guess she worked out a lot. Mmmm…she looked like she would be fun. One day I came to the gym to play racquetball and I didn’t see her at the office. I didn’t think anything of it and went to the court. On my way I saw her working out , doing bent over rows and damn… her body wasn’t just tight, it was scu... Continue»
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(Femdom story) Wendell and how he got that way by

These stories are favourites of mine and would like to share.

Wendell would never forget the time he met Diana. Just eighteen years old, but street-wise and self-assured as a Mafia kingpin, she was sitting at a small table by the dressing room, leaning back in her chair with her legs kicked open wide. She was laughing with another dancer about something and smoking a cigarette. He’d always remember her white knee-high leather boots and white boy-cut panties and white lace bra; how tight her stomach was and how strong her thighs looked; her hair - shoulder-length blonde with bang... Continue»
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The Night Mare

Originally posted @storiesonline, this tale is part of a longer series exploring a teenage boys coming-of-age during the 1970s. Each 'apparition' represents an aspect of his psyche, some of which are yet to emerge, in a Jungian nightmare that delves deep into his tormented soul...

The devilish apparition loomed over Jimmy with fiery eyes burning his soul to cinders:

"Feed on my flesh."

A deep voice, redolent with attar and unspeakable lust, rumbled through his mind.

This can't be happening, he thought, frantically scrabbling away from the b**stial figure. It followed ... Continue»
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Dream of Me

Me and my live-in gf have been together 8 yrs, I love her but she's selfish and usually a cunt unless she wants something ..or..she's sl**ping.
Today was hot outside, so hot my window air conditioners were lagging behind, leaving the house a little warm. This prompted my gf to take of her pants and bra off as she lounged on the living room couch for a cat nap. she sl**ps heavy.. a college girl by day, a waitress at nite..she usually sl**ps hard and today was no exception. It had been an hour of lightly snoring when I noticed she finally fell into a deep sl**p - zero noise, zero movement and... Continue»
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She showed me how a bj feels

Hi, my name is John. My story is about the summer my
s****r Melissa and I shared when I was fifteen. She was
seven-teen at the time. My story begins about three
weeks into our summer break.

I had just broken up with my girlfriend Mia. We had
been dating all year and I thought it would last
forever. She said she needed to spend time with others
and wanted to date other people that summer. None of
her reasons were very good. Well, we separated. I was
devastated. I didn't understand what had gone wrong.
For about a week, I ran through every-thing in my mind
to try and figu... Continue»
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