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Girl Friend and I Become Step... #2

Girlfriend and I Become Step… #2

As Nestlé started sucking and licking my dick clean, mom leaned over and started licking and sucking on Nestlé pussy, trying to suck out my cum from her pussy, that I had just pumped into her.

I could tell that while Nestlé was licking and sucking on my dick, she was using one hand to stroke Larry’s dick, and Larry was playing with one of her tits with one hand, and one hand was playing with one of mom’s tits, so I played with Alice’s other tit with one hand, and my other hand I started fingering Alice’s pussy, to find that she was really wet from all th... Continue»
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Bukkake party

The past couple of Mark’s parties have been wild… the beach then out with two chics in the middle of a patch of woods. Not too shabby. I was actually still on cloud nine over the two chics that when my secretary knocked on my door, I hadn’t noticed, that is until she knocked a second time and opened the door.

“What on Earth are you doing in here Dave? Off in LaLa land again? I just got a call from Mark Sanders, says its vital you meet him for a conference this evening. Do you know who that is? I looked his name up in the rolodex and didn’t see it and it’s not on your schedule.”

She... Continue»
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a BIG perfomance

Stephen still couldn't believe his eyes. She was right there, his favorite musician. And the best part, she was literally larger than life. He could actually feel the tremors in the stage from her footsteps as she danced to the music. The thousand dollar ticket seemed like a bargain to experience something so epic.

This was his first time at a micro concert, but he vowed to himself that it would not be his last. He pushed his way through the crowd of screaming fans, to the very front row. The only thing separating him from his idol was a thick velvet rope, and a sign with an ominous warnin... Continue»
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Episodes From My Nudist Life 02: Alone On The Beac

Episodes From My Nudist Experience 02

Alone at the beach

Though this story can be read as a stand alone, it is better to read chapter 01 first, so you can get the whole background.
This episode happened in the early 80's, before we knew about AIDS. PLEASE, always have protected sex, and do not forget to enjoy yourselves.

I called Ann to see whether she was able and willing to join me for a day at the beach, and got a happy, positive answer. I quickly packed some water and some food for the day, an old sheet to spread on the soft sand, a towel, a hat and a bottle of sunscreen. I didn... Continue»
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A new beginning ..2

She was wearing only a smile!

I had to see more of Charlotte's beautiful body so, as she held open the bed sheet, I reached over and clicked on the bedside lamp. The glow of the bulb highlighted the shine of her long red hair d****d across her pillow, her green eyes sparkled and as I took a long moment for my gaze to travel down I saw the curve of her breasts each topped with a firm nipple surrounded by areolas about two inches in diameter, her stomach was smooth and almost flat and a light covering of red curls led down between her thighs.

'You won't be needing those' Charlotte said nod... Continue»
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The Coach

This true story is about my first time. My f****y took a trip to the Caribbean, we were going to stay for a couple of weeks with another f****y. I was at the pool right by the beach with my sun glasses on checking out all the tail running around. I would watch a girl or woman and my mind would imagine what it would be like to fuck her. This man came over and sat by me, he had on sun glasses too. He sat really close to me and started talking to me. He started to point out all the women around the pool and hot they were. He was doing the same thing I was doing, but he was telling me about it. ... Continue»
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The Perfect Wife

The Perfect Wife

by A. Tellurian (aka sluglicker)

I still haven’t figured out why Lisa married me. Unquestionably, she loves me, but it wasn’t always so. In the beginning, she showed almost no interest in me, but I persisted. Even though she rejected all of my sexual advances, I had this gut feeling that somehow, if I could find the key, I could unlock the lust I saw smoldering within her. She has expressive, bright blue eyes and an easy smile, and although she has no female friends, men find her irresistible.

So, for almost a year, we were just friends, and as far as I knew, s... Continue»
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Exiting second time

After the first time had already passed, I decided to take some time as my ass still hurt a few days after my encounter. The guy I used to talk still had not sent me any message a 2 weeks after the events of the previous story so I decided to do something. After the pain went away I noticed I coul very easily play with my ass and I would not hurt at all! I went to the point that I could fist myself and it would rarely hurt.I played putting things in my ass and it felt awesome. I decided I was 100% bi and wanted to try something new, so I began crossdressing more seriously. I went to swimming l... Continue»
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My first story, waking up during the night.

I was awakened by a loud clap of thunder. I sl**pily looked at the alarm clock on my beside table, it read 3:47. I turned and gazed at my sl**ping husband. He looked so peaceful. I smiled, feeling the love I have for him swell inside me.
 The moonlight shown through our window blinds, casting a glow on Kevin' partially covered nude body. He looked so sexy laying there and I became aroused. I wanted him so badly but I didn’t want to wake him. I gently eased the sheet away from his body until his beautiful cock was exposed. I gazed at him and ran my hand over my breast through my nightie which ... Continue»
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My wife tells everyone that I'm a cuckold

Quick background info for those who haven't read any of my other stories.
I'm submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my then girlfriend now wife, Sue, which led her to becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and later led her to cuckolding me.
Now that the background info is out of the way, we can start with the story.
Also keep in mind I try to add as much detail as I can as well as dialogue so my stories tend to have a slow build up so I recommend u pace urself!


First ... Continue»
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True wife Swap Story Part 1

This is a true story. I just wanted to share it with a community that would appteciate. I am also not the best author but wanted to start sharing some of my sexual experiences. If you like what you read please let me know. I hope this stpry makes you cum as much as i did when i was partaking in the events. I changed the names of participants for privacy. This took place in June of 2008

On a phone conversation one day my dear friend Matt had been chatting about different women we thought were hot. Mostly celebritys. At the time this took place we were both married and i am now   currently di... Continue»
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My night out on my own!

One night while i was resting at home i decided to try to call a few girls up to go for a night out on the town. I was very disappointed when i discovered that all my friends (meaning the 3 that i tried) where all out with their boyfriends. So i said "fuck it Im going out anyways". So i got all dolled up in my make-up and a tight white one piece dress, it was above the knee but not too short. As i checked myself out in the mirror i decided that i would maybe go commando (which i never do but my girlfriends told me i need to loosen up and have some fun) so the panties came off.

i started a l... Continue»
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for the wife

I guess I should start off describing my wife Margaret. She just turned 45 and is a very sexy lady. She had red hair (all over) and blue eyes on her pretty, slightly freckled face. She's gained some weight over the years but to me has become sexier since giving birth to our two k**s. She has magnificent breasts 40DD with huge, pink nipples and the way they hang, lets just say gravity has been kinder then to most. Her belly is slighlty rounded and her sexy hips flair out. Her ass is a bit wider but still well shaped and very sexy. She also loves anal sex (it helps that I'm only 5" fully erect) ... Continue»
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One saturday Night...

With a White Milf.

What an experience this was and I hope to play with her again. Maybe I will post some pictures of her but she was very resistant so I didn't bring a camera or use my phone during this meet.

How we met

We met on an interracial dating site a few months ago showing a mutual interest but at first I was a bit skeptical because she is 20 years older than me. The photos she had up were obviously PC so but I thought she looked good and seemed cool. She was obviously looking for play but wasn't sure if I wanted to be with an older women yet(biggest age gap for me h... Continue»
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My First Gay Experience.

I had never considered myself to be bi or gay but when I was 18 I had my first experience with an older man.

My f****y and I use to vacation in New Hampshire and we would always stay at the same cottage. A short walk away was a general store that sold the usual items that you would expect to find. I went there daily for various things. The owner who was around 40 with a slim build joked that he should give me a job since I was there all the time. I replied that I would help him out any time he needed it.

One day he asked if I could help him that evening unload a delivery that he was pic... Continue»
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The Biograph Cinema

I visited the Biograph Cinema in Victoria London in the 70’s as a fairly naïve teenager, who ended up m*****ed. Shame the place closed, I was enjoying being fiddled with by dirty old men.

The Biograph was clearly the haunt of the Dirty Mac Brigade, and all of those sorts of men my Mother had told me to watch out for. Aged 18 I’d never even kissed a girl let alone had someone else make me cum. So, I was drawn back to the place. Like any teenager I wanked at least daily, but the previous episodes had become my favourite wanking material and I just had to go back for more.

A week after m... Continue»
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GROUND f***e

Charlie and Alan had arrived early at the home they were going to make over and they were getting pretty tired of waiting for Tommy to turn up.

Alan showed Charlie the plan for the garden and decided that they could get their parts done while they waited and when Tommy eventually arrived they could then do the bits they needed him to do like the decking and the new fancy concrete path.

Charlie got her shovel out, and started digging the border, while Alan put in the new fence panels. Alan loved to watch Charlie digging away as she famously never wore a bra, and he was treated to a goo... Continue»
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It would all start one morning waking up next to you. Seeing you laying there naked, your pert nipples glistening in the morning sunlight. I immediately get a morning erection. You awaken slowly - seeming to almost not even notice my hard cock, you whisper, "would you like to cum today?" Immediately, I begin to dribble small pearls of precum. This makes you grin - only to smile and say, "I said today, not right now!". With that, you slap my cock hard and say "Go make me some breakfast, now! And there is no need to get dressed". I immediately jump out of bed, with my dick already start... Continue»
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Wifes Surprise Gift. Part 2 (FANTASY THAT WILL BEC

My wife stood in shock but with a cheeky smirk on her face and a wicked look in her eye.
She couldn't understand what was going on so I explained to her that I had posted an ad on the Internet for a male submissive to help me train my wife to be a slut.
She giggled nervously looked scared but excited at the same time.

I also explained to her that he was there to do ANYTHING that she wanted sexually without the need of gratification. But said it would be a shame to let him go without at least making him cum.

I could see that she was already thinking dirty thoughts. So I moved behind her... Continue»
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Under The Lamppost Light, Just The Other Night

They tied me to the lamppost at the end of the car park. Hands bound at hip level to make me push my hips outwards for easy access. I'd woken up only an hour earlier, where they stood over me, masked and hooded. Told me in gruff angry voices to get dressed. I slipped into my fishnet stockings, my sparkling black heels, my lacy black bodice... They stood menacingly watching me as I fastened my suspenders, adjusted my black butterfly design frilly knickers and shimmied into a slinky zebra print dress. They made me wear make-up and do my hair but were angry when I took too long. How scary it was,... Continue»
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