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nephew loves my tits

Hi there! My name is Beth. This story is about how opened Pandora’s Box, and man, did I love what was inside. I’ll start by telling you alittle bit about myself, I’m rather tall for a woman, close to 5’10” but I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not small, by any means, actually I’m quite heavy. Clothes can be quite expensive for me, as I have to buy plus sizes, the upside to this, is my breasts are actually quite huge by today’s standards, 46DDD to be exact. I don’t really care for them, but the seem to attract some attention from the more open-minded guys I see. I divorced my husband a couple ye... Continue»
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Consent P3

This story picks up where Consent 2 ends so you might enjoy this more please read it and Consent first.

Shortly after Karen left, I showered and collapsed on the bed. I guess Karen was right, I was really exhausted from the past two nights. I slept like a piece of lead, but finally woke very refreshed, ready for whatever Sunday would bring. Just before noon Karen called with my instructions. Celeste is expecting me a 3:30, get her hot but do not have sex. Karen would arrive at 4 and she expected to see us both fully clothed. I take a very thorough shower, must be clean for the ladies!
So a... Continue»
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f****y Ties

Jack, Betty, Melanie, Dirk, and Daphne, the Hoyt’s: a loving f****y. Jack and Betty had k**s very young, at 18 to be exact. They were young, stupid and very horny. That sex drive carried from them to their k**s. Melanie was 17. She was a junior and she was always one of the most popular girls in school. She was 5’10” 115 pounds. She had blonde hair down to the middle of her back and a nice pair of 38 c tits. She loved teasing all the boys at school by showing a lot of cleavage but of course she would never go anywhere with any of them. Dirk was an average 16-year-old k**. He played hockey in t... Continue»
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Toms sperm test

Elizabeth Blay was was anxious, because her 18 years old son, Tom, had pain in his bladder.
Fearing that it was an urinary tract infection, she wanted to take him to a doctor.
She was also worried for another problem. His son had a hospital- phobia. Even that medicine
smell in the hospitals was enough to make him very uncomfortable and uneasy. Having all those
thoughts in her mind, Elizabeth called the hospital to get an appointment for his son.

A day later she took Tom to the hospital to see Doctor Susan Heyes.
After completing the inspections and required tests Dr. Heyes said;... Continue»
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Middle eastern wife 1st time in glory hole

We are a middle eastern couple. I am 45 years old and she is 37 years old. We have a very good life style, our sex life is also so good as we both are liberal .
When it comes to sex between both of us. We tried role play with so many fantasies, we tried toys and dildos, specially I wanted her to feel a massive cock size without involving any one. our dildo is 8 inch long and 2.5 inch wide.
We are typical middle eastern couple. She is shy apart when we are together in sexual intimacy.
After saving lots of money we finally decided to go on vacation to the western countries for the 1st time.... Continue»
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MFF Threesome - First Time

I love being a cruise social director because it enables me to travel all over the world and meet a wide variety of interesting new people.  This week we are heading to the Greek Islands surrounded by crystal blue waters and pristine white sands.  Greece is so much fun to visit because they are so open sexually as is evident by their phallic symbols peppered throughout their tourist shops.

My best friend Jessica, who is 10 years younger, and I like to tour the ports together so we can try the local cuisine, explore the sights and meet interesting new people.  We decide to take a private sno... Continue»
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Bobby's Slut Male Multiple Orgasms

It was the beginning of May and the days were getting much warmer so I would sit out on the porch after I put the k**s to bed. A guy, that lived with his parents, next door, started sitting and talking to me. I felt so lonely and it really felt good to speak to someone.

His name was Bobby. He was 22, not terribly good looking and was about 5" 8". But he was nice. This went on for about a week, He would always come right to the porch and sit next me and just talk, mostly about me, for a couple of hours. 

One night I took his hand and led him into the house.

We sat on the couch and ... Continue»
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Kevin and Sarah Male Multiple Orgasms

I have just about thirty minutes before Kevin is due. I decide to start getting ready. I wonder if Kevin will think I'm pretty. I'll try to look my best for him. I put on some cologne and light make up. Now I need to decide what to wear. I have some laying on the bed. I pick up a semi sheer white shorty. It comes to just below my ass. It should get his attention. I don't want to look like a hooker. I get out a condom and lube putting it on the nightstand. 

I'm all ready go watching TV till he comes. I notice that my nipples are up and my pussy is a little moist. I think to myself, I hope h... Continue»
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true story of life with my wife (shared) PT 5

well after all that happened the last few days i was confused marta never brought up anything about what she had seen or done with mike..i had talked to mike to see what she had been telling him he said that she had made him promise to not say anything to me about anything that they had done,He did tell me that after the first time she showed her boobs on cam that she had said to him that it really turned her on to know that so many men were watching her naked breast and loving them she had thought they were to saggy and no one would like them,He said that he thought she had perfect breast whi... Continue»
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Hijabi slut fucking and praying

It was the start of another week at work. I work at a small IT solutions company just outside New York. It was Monday and it seemed like it would be a long week.

My name is Fariya and my f****y moved from India before I was born. My f****y are strict muslims and all the women in my f****y wear the full islamic dress. I wear a niqab, hijab and abaya or jilbab. I have been called a niqabi or hijabi. I have been wearing this since turning 15. I am not the best looking of girls and boys never took much interest in me even before I completely covered up.

I am now 24 and I have never been wit... Continue»
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A Surprise visit

I was home from college, my folks had went out to some function, I was left home alone and made a few calls to old friends and decided to shower and turn in early. As soon as I entered the shower the phone rang, since I was already wet I decided to let it go to voice mail.

Once I left the shower and dried off I went to my old room and laid on the bed, I remembered the phone call and tried to listen to the message, my folks had changed their password so I could not get into the voice mail. As I laid there watching the television I hear the door bell.

Aggravated I marched to the door a... Continue»
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ALL IN (part 2) - Adventures of Seamus and Annie

ALL IN (part 2)

When we got back to the edge of the small town, the cowboy was just standing next to the road with his thumb out. I drove past him to turn around. Annie was looking past me through the driver side window and smiled broadly. A quick spin in a wide spot and we were pulling up beside the cowboy. "Where ya goin'?", I tried to make my voice sound overly friendly. Annie piped up across my shoulder, "Doesn't matter. We'll take you. Hop in." She was beaming.

The young cowboy smiled, picked up ... Continue»
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Me, Jezebel, & Alicia(Story 2) Part 1

So if you followed my last story on how I met my girlfriend Jezebel. You'd know who Jezebel & Alicia are. If not I guarantee you read my first story "My First Time In School(Based On A True Story)".
Link to it:

But anyway's it was about 3 months after High School Graduation. Me and Jezebel were together. It was an amazing feeling, the tension we've built after a decade plus was released after that fucking in the Principle's office. We fell in love deeply we only had sex twice after graduation. 3 times in total. We lea
... Continue»
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Addicted to Cum

I'm addicted to cum, the taste, the texture, the smell, the stickiness, everything. And I have my wife to thank for that.

She'd read somewhere about guys eating their own cum from the pussies of women they'd just fucked and what a powerful aphrodisiac it was for the women. Not so much the men because if you are a man you know that for all good intentions in perhaps wanting to eat your own joy juice, the post-orgasm blues just prevents you from doing it.

Well, Beth, my wife, would have none of that. She was an experimenter, when she read something interesting she always wanted to try it. ... Continue»
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Addicted to Cum Part 2

Beth and I had indulged my cum addiction for awhile now, an addiction that included not only me eating my own sperm from her freshly fucked cunt or snowballing my load with her after she'd sucked me dry in her unbelievably hot mouth, but drinking it directly from the source –other men. We'd had our share of bi experiences with other guys that included me blowing them and eating their joy juice from my lovely wife's pussy, ass, mouth, you name it.

I'm addicted to cum. But I guess you know that already. My beautiful blonde 45-year-old wife with a toned, athletic body makes it easy to be thus.... Continue»
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I have lived a very quiet and sheltered life, married mid 20s to the only man I have known.
Had two c***dren, two boys, the last one of which has only just left and gone to collage.
In all these years no one has so much as touched me, until just a few weeks ago.
My husband is friends with a neighbour and most Saturdays they go to the local club and play Dominoes.
My husband’s friend has a couple of sons too who throughout our time living here have been mean and bullies, none more so than to our two sons from about the age of 10 onwards and only seem to stop after our first then second son... Continue»
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The business end of a Business Trip

Em was a girl at work who was rather reserved. She was blonde and about 25 and not very experienced in sex, but had a body that I could tell was very sexy. I would normally not care about this, except she and I had to take a business trip together. She was in the room next to me – invited me over one evening and after we had a few drinks, she started telling me about her stupid ex. She even started in telling me how he wanted to have sex, and when he did, never got her to climax. That seemed pretty personal stuff, but it started getting me excited to hear about it, especially since her blouse ... Continue»
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ALL IN pt. 1 (revised) Adventures of Seamus and An

ALL IN Part 1
For more than two months now my girlfriend and I have lived in our camper-van exploring the country with our dog Bridger.

Annie is overweight, but solid. Her face is very cute and her smile is infectious. Even at 36 she has the unfettered optimism of a c***d. Her plain brown hair is cut in a bob with a large curl that perpetually wraps itself around her left cheek. Very cute. Her eyes a... Continue»
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From txt to real quit fast

It's an old story but nice.

After a work related dinner we had monthly after a meeting on the way back I suddenly got a text. The sender wished me a good night and sl**p well. The number was up till then unknown to me. But I knew I'd had to be the receptionist from the office. We could always have a nice chat about all kind of things when I wasn't working outside the office. She was a bit more then then years older then me. I thought to myself lets send back a sl**p well text to. I have to add there was always a kind off click that made talking easy, also her verly big breasts called out fo... Continue»
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He never warned me.....

So I have had several encounters with men. Most have been great, but one thing all had in common was that all of them we no bigger than 6 inches. Not that it ever posed a problem. When it came to taking it in my butt, 6 was just fine. And I enjoyed it.

I started craving a bigger dick. Mine is big. I love touching it but wanted to touch someone other than mine. Off to craigslist I went to find what I wanted. It didn't take long to hookup with a guy with the goods I needed. He was a bit older but in good shape. I invited him over. When he arrived we wasted little time. A quick hey how are ... Continue»
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