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Classroom quickie - Frenchie series

The classroom felt horribly hot and stuffy for a day of June, and she had her full breasts right in his face.
Well, not exactly. But close enough.

Pierre Gosselin, genius student in his younger days and now youngest philosophy teacher to a class of forty prestigious khâgne students, was finding it hard to keep them from raising their arm even when they didn't have an answer. As hard as the buddy in his pants that was very interested in that pair of breasts ready for the taking.
As infatuated with his philosophy class as he was, for the past five hours, his attention had been going back ... Continue»
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Cuckold Teen

He got in touch with me and asked me to help him with a fantasy that he had. I replied back and explained that I was straight, but asked him to explain the fantasy, I mean why would a 19 year old lad contact a 40 year old straight guy?
The next message explains it, he is in a relationship with a young pretty 19 year old girl, but he has this fantasy of being cuckolded.
He explained that he wanted me to take his girlfriend, tie her down, punish her physically, or hurt her emotionally by teasing her about how pathetic he was.
Make her desperate, then reward her with pleasure, pleasure he coul... Continue»
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My webcam pet.

Chapter 1

We met online through a porn website. Not in person since we lived half a world away from each other but we became connected through the web. She was a very attractive, sexy and naughty younger woman while I'm about twice her age with a love of beautiful, uninhibited women. We chatted initially every few days about what we each enjoyed sexually and what brought us to this website. Once comfortable with each other I decided to see if she would be interested in being my online pet, play toy, slut, slave, all for my viewing pleasure. She wasn't sure at first what I meant so I instruc... Continue»
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Peeping milf

Last week on my day off I decided that I would get up early and go for a jog then head to the swimming pool for a few lengths. I must have been swimming for about 45 miaswhen i looked up and noticens when I decided I had had enough so I grabbed a quick shower and headed back to the communal changing room as I sat down on the bench of my cubical I noticed that there was a tiny spy hole just at the front on my cubical wall. When I looked up and noticed the hole I heard somebody move in the next changing room and I could see light through the hole someone was spying on me.
I had heard stories fo... Continue»
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Birthday Present

My birthday came round only three or four weeks after I'd started seeing Ray. We'd slept together a few times but at best that had been ok, nothing special. I didn't think things were going to go on much longer, he just didn't stimulate me enough. Perhaps sensing that I wasn't all that interested he promised me something 'really special' for my birthday. I told him I didn't want him spending a fortune. He smiled and kissed me gently. "It's not expensive," he said, "it's going to be a special present, something personal. A special experience."

Very late on the night in question we g... Continue»
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The American dream

The gang were at the bar, having a big night. Fortunately a buddy dragged a couple of gorgeous ladies to our table and proceeded to chat , a bigger girl of Hawaiian decent, beautiful tattoos and an amazing rac. Immaculate dark hair framed her face contains the brightest smile, all the boys were consumed with her breasts. Her friend was almost the polar opposite. A petite yet Shapley blonde that could only be described as a quentisential California girl with long flowing locks and striking blue eyes that screamed "trouble within". We talked for a while as the drinks continued to flow, suddenly... Continue»
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Even now, some years later, when I have got my life, my new life,
together, when I am able to think fairly rationally on the first
terrible discovery of my change, and the train of its effects, it is
still impossible for me to fully describe the intensity of my
bewilderment and shock during these first days.

I gradually awoke, as if from a deep sl**p, to a bone-deep ache over
all of my body. My eyes were stuck shut, my throat was scratchy and
dry. I was lying on my back, one leg hooked under the other, my hand
lying on my crotch when it began to sink into my mind that something
was ... Continue»
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The day my life changed part 2

I sat there driving in a daze, confused and excited at the same time, not really knowing what to think about what just happened. I look over at Abigail, the grin on her face, wondering what must be going through her mind. We race home and get out of the car, walk up to the door and go inside. There was still about 4 hours before anybody was home. As I shut the door behind me, Abigail quickly pushed me up against the door and began kissing me. My mind kept telling me how wrong this was but the sex we just had was so good, I wanted her again. I slid my hands up under her cum stained yellow dress... Continue»
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a weekend visit 2

(Must read part 1 first, so you don't get lost)

As Dawn stood there in the doorway, her hand down her pants, I could feel myself getting harder, the excitement of her watching as I plowed her youngest nice, turned me on more and more by the second.
I couldn't bare it anymore, I let out a moan so long and loud,( I'm not sure if it was how loud I got or how hard I started pumping ) but Michelle had woken up, startled by her gasp, Dawn ducked behind the door, and I jumped back, falling off the end of the bed. Michelle crawled down looking on the floor at me, "what just happened, did you just ... Continue»
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Jenny, Mum and Dad.

Jenny, Mum and Dad.
Part One.
Jenny could not resist her mother’s invitation to come and spend some time with her parents for the summer break. They had just finished installing a new swimming pool and spa in their backyard and the landscaping should be finished by the time she arrives.

She works and lives interstate and recently got divorced from a marriage of just three years. She wanted nothing more in life than to be with the one she loved even though she was only twenty two at the time. She was a loving and loyal wife for the first two years of her marriage until she found out he was... Continue»
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Police Stop

Jane was late, ‘Dammit’ she thought, flinging the car around a corner “I’m going to miss this speaker and he was meant to be really good”.

The speaker in question was a Paratroop veteran from the raid on Pegasus Bridge in WW2 and he was doing a series of talks.
‘Whoah’ said Jane’s date, ‘you aren’t dodging flak.’

‘That would be easier’ came quickly back as Jane accelerated around a slow moving people carrier and into the dual carriageway. With the speedo reading 85, she settled down more comfortably and adjusted her belt across her summer dress.

‘It’s scratching my boobs’ she grinned... Continue»
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Office fun became reality

I've always had this "office" fantasy -- where I'd get to have some good 'ole man-to-man fun at the office. So I posted an ad that basically said that I was looking for some oral and wank fun ... and looking to do it at my office after everyone had gone home for the day but before security done their evening rounds to lock up.

I was surprised at the number of people that emailed me back -- lots of horny guys out there .. LOL.
One of them really grabbed my attention for some reason and we ended up writing back and forth a bit on email and each time there would be a message from him in my i... Continue»
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Spelling Team Adventures

Spelling Team Adventures

Sarah’s story: I remember when I turned twelve. That was the year I learned to slide my little pussy up and down a man-cock. I learned lots of other lovely exciting things that year too. Here’s the way it happened…

Back then, well just a few years ago really, I was very shy and my parents told me that I had to choose an afterschool activity. They hoped that the right kind of activity would help me overcome my shyness and lessen my social anxiety.

I noticed a sign-up notice for my middle school spelling team. Since I was pretty good in spelling already, I ... Continue»
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The Sleeepover - Chapter 15

The Sleeepover - Chapter 15

by samslam

Dad is excited that I asked him to help me around my house and we agree to get an early morning start on Saturday. We spend the day repairing cabinet doors, hanging a ceiling fan, and fixing minor plumbing problems. The ceiling fan takes longer than we thought it would because he ins!sts we add a separate wall switch for the fan. My dad knows how to do all this stuff and I try to pay attention so I can learn too but my mind is distracted wondering how mom and Lauren are getting along.

I find out later that night, after dinner at mom... Continue»
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‘Bread, Milk, Ham, Butter, Cheese’, ‘God the list goes on’ thought Jane.
‘Salad stuff ?’
‘Oh yeh and a cucumber’ she said chuckling, ‘maybe two’.

She smiled inwardly, ‘well I might need some fun’, especially as the rabbit had broken earlier in the week and there was a little nagging feeling that needed attention.
‘Must look for a replacement when I’ve time’

She looked out of the window, it wasn’t the best of days, overcast, a hint of rain and a northerly breeze.
‘Mmm better put some tights on, might be a bit chilly.’
Trudging upstairs she rummaged through her underwear drawer fo... Continue»
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Pantyhose for friends

I arrive at your house and you invite me in. You introduce me to your wife Jill. She greets me with a kiss on the cheek. Just this gentle kiss is enough to stir my cock. We go through to the lounge where Jill sits down on the sofa and pats the space next to her and invites me to sit. I do so and you pour some drinks. We sit and chat while we drink and you comment that you can see that I have dressed as we agreed. I look and see that you are looking at my ankles where my trousers have ridden up as I crossed my legs. I haven't put on any socks and it is obvious from the silky sheen that I am wea... Continue»
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Summer Fun

Summer Fun:

I remember back when I was younger, growing up it was me and my little step brothr David living back at home with our parents where we enjoyed acting out endless role play games of all sorts together...

For instance, I remember this one summer, when I was to turn twelfe, we were playing in the back yard as usual, while mom was busy with chores inside the house. Dad was almost always at his job, so it was up to just me and my brothrr David to entertain one another during the long summer break.

My step brothrr David was only a year and a couple of months younger than me so ... Continue»
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In high school Cindy was the most popular girl in our graduation class, Captin of the cheerleaders, and with an air of self-confidence that carried her through almost anything. she was smart, pretty, fun to be around, a personality that invited people to love her.Including me.But...I was shy around girls, I could never master the art of small talk and chatting that was the key to the kingdom.

Cindy.had short brown hair, cut in the popular style of the day, sparkling blue eyes, a ready laugh,full youthful lips nd a dimple on her left cheek. Looong legs, a cheerleader's body, slim, athletic, ... Continue»
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He Asked Me to Fuck his Wife

Part 1: The proposition

My department held had a party just before Christmas. Partners were invited but I went alone as was unattached at the time.

For the meal I sat with a colleague, Doug, and his wife Jeanette who were both about my age, perhaps a little older. I had always got on well with Doug but this was the first time I had met Jeanette. I was immediately attracted to her and I must say, judging by her glances and friendly smiles, I think it was mutual. She was a nicely shaped brunette with absolutel... Continue»
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Sissy White and the 7 Soldiers

The royal wedding of Catherine White and Lord Grimmson was a spectacular
event that happened after the death of the former king and the husband of
Catherine White. Arthur White the crowned king approved his mother's
wedding and Lord Grimmson was made the general in the army.

Lord Grimmson won many battles along with king Arthur White. Arthur White
soon decided to marry and consumate the marriage for the heir to his
throne. He marries the beautiful Princess Bella. The wedding was brilliant
and the couple were happily married.

Lord Grimmson was a strong man, his ambition was to be ca... Continue»
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