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How i met my sexy thick mature neighbour part 1

How i met my sexy mature neighbour (not finished)
Life was good growing up in the suburbs, friendly neighbours that would wave if we crossed paths but not much more than that. I had just had my 18th birthday and it was the last summer at home before i started collage when new neighbours moved in to the house next door, i had seen movers carry in all their furnitures a couple of days in advance but figured it was just another f****y wanting to raise their k**s in a safer environment.
A hot summer day and I was on my way home when i walked passed the house next door and saw the bushes moving a... Continue»
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Trying a Moroccan dick

Trying a Moroccan dick

It had been a busy day at the office.
Helena was absent, because she had had to take care of her mother, who was staying at the hospital for a few days…

However, my slutty friend called me in the afternoon, when I was driving home and asked me if I was in the mood to go out with her that night. Of course I was…

It was Friday and Victor was at home, but I knew he wanted to stay there and it would be nice for him to be alone for a while. I called him to tell my plan and he agreed…

After dinner I straddled my loving husband on the sofa and begged him to fuck me... Continue»
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Pantyhose cuckold

I am lying on the bed wearing my sheer to the waist tan pantyhose and stroking my cock through the nylon when suddenly the door is thrown open and my wife is standing there looking at me. " I knew you were up to something when I went out" she says. " Well it's going to cost you, get off the bed and sit in the chair" I do as she says and sit in the chair with my cock shrinking. " Stay there and just watch until I tell you you can move"
" You can come in now" she says and you walk through the door. I begin to say something but she stops me and tells me to shut up and sit and watch. You walk up... Continue»
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Slut for fun: Part one

Slut for fun: Part one

I was gently awakened from my deep slumber as James’ lips softly brushed my cheeks. Turning my face to his, with my eyes adjusting to the daylight. He smiled kindly and whispered.
“Breakfast is served. I’ll see you at seven tonight and stick to the rules!”
He turned on his heels and strolled out of the bedroom, down the stairs and out the front door on his way to work.
Stick to the rules! What did he mean by that? I raised my naked body up the bed, adjusting the pillows and leant over to get the cup of steaming hot coffee and warm croissant he had placed on a tray ... Continue»
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My local glory hole

I went to the Newport glory hole last week around lunchtime. I was hoping for some juicy cocks from the lunch crowd. I had never been there during the day and when I got there, there was no one in the store except for one guy I saw as he headed to the movie section. Never saw his face. I got change and went to the booths in the back. I was thinking that just maybe some cocks would show up. I got situated in the booth and had just started a movie when sure enough the door closed in the next booth. The guy didn’t feed the machine so I figured his was just checking. Soon he started to rub... Continue»
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flashing my cock

I love to show women my dick. That's all there is to
it. Show me a woman, and I'll find a way to get her
to glance at my cock. I love it. It turns me on.
Especially if I'm hard, and they smile, or lick their
lips. I love the looks on their faces when they see my
cock, and then look away they pretend disapproval. And
when, after just a few seconds, they look back, and
squirm, I know that the disapproval is only for
propriety sake.

This story is about one of my many experiences at show
off my dick. This is about one of my most enjoyable
expeditions into exhibitionism.... Continue»
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My First - A True Story

Note - This story is 100% true, with one exception: For the purpose of publishing here, I describe myself as being 18 at the time. In real life, that was not the case. PM for additional details, if interested.

When I was 18, I had my first sexual experience. I already knew, from endless teenage masturbation, I was attracted to women. However, as I watched more and more porn, I sometimes found myself fantasisizing about being on the receiving end of those cocks. I wondered what it was like, since the girls in the videos seemed to love it so much when a hard cock thrust in and out of their mo... Continue»
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Ganneki mithas

Ramu apni masti me chala ja raha tha tabhi apne khet ki khatiya par
bethe huye Hariya kaka ne use aawaj di
Hariya- are Ramu betwa kaha chale ja rahe ho, aajkal to tumne mere pas
aana hi band kar diya,
Ramu- are kaka, thahro abhi aa raha hu,
Dophar ke 2 baj rahe the, Ramu apne ganno ke kheto ki aur chala ja raha
tha lekin uske khet se thodi pahle hi Hariya kaka ka khet tha jaha Hariya
kaka ne bahut sari hari sabjiya laga rakhi thi aur din rat vah un sabjiyo ki
rakhwali ke liye vahi pada rahta tha, Hariya kaka ke khet se thoda aage hi
Ramu ka ganno ka khet tha vahi Ramu ne apne sone ke ... Continue»
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The address on the package said 1313 Mockingbird Lane I thought to myself that's funny because it was the same address as the Munster's in that TV sitcom back in the sixties that show was so funny I laugh at the reruns even now...So the addressee is named Miss Patricia Yang so I pretty much know that shes Asian...and single...the package is from Victoria's Secret and I wonder what sexy type of clothing she purchased I begin to imagine her in all types of naughty lingerie as I drive to her house...being a UPS driver has it's perks for sure you get to see many different people all races shapes a... Continue»
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Ever wish you had X-Ray Glasses?

This happened back in 1962. My Mom's favorite cousin came to visit my Grandparents then came to stay with Mom and me for a couple of months. She quickly turned into my favorite "Aunt" though she was actually my second cousin.

Suzanne was ten years, ten weeks and ten days younger than my Mom. She had her hair done up in a perm which was not popular at the time, but looked really good on her.

When I first met her I was polite and all, but then she had me come with her out to her car to help bring in things from her car. She lots of boxes full of things and pointed out two boxes that I ... Continue»
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The Funeral

I guess this story is about my second time to have sex. My high school girlfriend was my first. We had dated for over a year before I finally got to actually have sex. Then it was awkward to say the least. We did not have a rubber, I had to pull out, we really did not know what we were doing. We had done it five times and none of those times went real smooth or were real enjoyable. Then one of my girlfriends relatives died. Not like anyone she knew real well. But she had to go to the funeral and it was the next city over about an hour away from us. She wanted me to come along so she would no... Continue»
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First Time with gay couple

I was chatting on a few website and wasn't really having much luck with meeting up with different people so I thought I'd try and app on my phone to see if that would make any difference. The reason why I was doing all this was because I had been single for quite some time and I was naturally extremely horny. Also I was craving to try cock again as it had been a while a I get strong cravings when I am mega horny.
Anyway after filling out all the info on this app I couldn't believe that just under an hour a couple had messaged me saying that they like my profile and wanted to meet in a public ... Continue»
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my first gay gloryhole

was very curious about seeing my first porn movie and the life behind the other side of the bookstore. When I walked in the front door I could smell the disinfectant odor that permeated the building, a smell that told me I was in the right place.

The arcade area was dark and there were several men just hanging out in the hallways. At the time I found that strange and it made me nervous. Finally I found a booth and opened the door I was hit by the smell…cigarettes, sweat, cum, piss, disinfectant, latex, leather, lube and the fear that somehow you shouldn't be here.

Ignoring the smell I w... Continue»
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New history

When I married my husband, he already had a daughter, he had custody, it never became girlfriend, she considered that it was because of me that his father divorced. Now that she is an adult, she has occasionally live in our house.

One day I came home early in the afternoon, entering, no noise in the house, I go to the kitchen and passing in the hallway, I see Marie's room ajar, j hears a noise, the TV was on with a porn movie, a girl was doing love with two black.
I look through the crack in the door, she was lying on her bed, naked, with all those little pointed breasts.
she was spirited... Continue»
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Ex gf Kendra sends vid of her sucking and fucking

So, I have not been able to fly out to see my 19 yo ex Kendra and get together with her and Isaac...and have been really down about it. So, I spoke to her and she said that she'd make me feel better. Sure enough, the next day I got a video of what she'd done last night.

It started out kinda shaky, Isaac wasn't too experienced filming his gf getting fucked and sucking other cocks. Kendra was on the edge of the bed laying down and had just grabbed two goddamn BIG cocks and said "this is for you babe, wish you were here!" She was lying on her belly and the two dudes were standing right at ... Continue»
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A New Waitress in Town

Moving to a new community is always difficult, especially when you're alone, with no friends or relatives to turn to. The advantage though is that you can be anyone you want.

My name is Robin and I recently graduated from a Boston University, where my f****y has lived since coming to the US from Ireland. I was only two years old when we came here and have no recollection of Ireland at all. I was very settled in Boston, a good school, swimming competitively on the school team, an excellent job as a waiter at an upscale restaurant, girls, you name it. Things were about to ... Continue»
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Massage with Indian AUNTY

Hi ,this story is about how I managed to massage a beautiful aunt in her bed room when her husband is out of station.

Me and my neighbor aunty lives in an society where so many apartments are there and coming to the story one day I saw an aunty near the opposite apartment where she is waiting for her husband and my apartment is opposite to her apartment and I said Hi to her and she replied with hello and this continued for some days and one day she rang the door bell and asked for an help in which she was asking some problem in internet and asked to verify. so I verified and sorted the pro... Continue»
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White van man

So I got laid off from work last month. The people at head office have decided that the depot where I worked, is not making enough money and they are closing us down and making about 20 people redundant. Thanks a lot....

I'm lucky. After two weeks out of work I find a job as a delivery driver for a local manufacturing company. It's not very glamorous, but it pays the bills, and I am now white van man... I go to work each morning, make us the orders to be delivered that day, load up my sprinter van, then I'm off delivering to customers.

On Thursday afternoon I am on my way back after my l... Continue»
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Who the hell was that?!?

"UUUHHHH!!" I groaned out loud as he entered me. We were in a small alley just off the sidewalk. We were going for a quickie. With no panties on he needed only lift my leather skirt up. I usually stay quiet when we do this. Fucking outside in public is so hot, but we have to be quick and somewhat quiet. The fear of getting caught brings arousal to a different height. However, getting caught can be more than awkward at times. The sudden stretch of my lips caught me off guard. I felt the dull ache of my cervix getting touched. "OW, fuck!" I was wet, but the immediate presence of an e... Continue»
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Janine’s first time cuckolding me.

One night, after a few drinks, my girlfriend Janine and I started to discuss our fantasies. I had some very unusual fantasies that flowed through my head from time to time, and the alcohol made me much more vocal about them. So that night, I told her about my cuckolding fantasies. I had never told anyone about them, and I had especially never told her about the number of times that I had thought about her with another guy over the past two years.

She was a little shocked at first, but a slight smile at the corner of her lips told me that she liked the idea. She was definitely intrigued.
... Continue»
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