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A White (Small Time) Model We Used To Fuck

this half-spanish, half-dutch, full-on slut is a semi well known model and a small time actress from where i'm from. lets just call her alex. before alex sort of hit it big with her print ads and ramp modelling, my friends and i could easily fuck her like a cheap whore back in our college days. we called her our town bike because everyone gets to ride that pussy. she would easily change boyfriends, going through at least 3 in just a month, and would spread those long legs of hers for... Continue»
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Girlfriend on Loan Part Four

Girlfriend on Loan
Part Four
The Dessert


Cumming inside someone else’s girlfriend has that extra little sense of naughtiness that makes it feel that little more dirty so it’s even better than normal and she certainly isn’t complaining, her hot body sprawled out on the bed, I can see her ribcage rise and fall like a pair of bellows as I gently pull by shaft from her hot wet embrace. “Oh no! Stay!" Such a tight fit that I feel it twang as my head pops out... Continue»
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Would It Help to Say I'm Sorry?

iCarly - Would It Help to Say I'm Sorry?

(What if Carly didn't realize how angry Shelby was at her during the fight? No "time-out" and she didn't duck the next punch and kick. Now Carly is badly hurt; in the hospital and fighting for her life. People will change. Some will really surprise you.)

"Ouch! That HURT! Watch it Shelby!"

Carly stuffed her mouthpiece back in and went back to wind milling her hands in front of her in the best approximation of a fighter that she could adopt. Not catching the look of determination and anger in Shelby's eyes she moved back in tow... Continue»
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Girlfriend on Loan Part Two The Appetizer

Girlfriend on Loan
Part Two
The Appetizer

I decide to have another look at her pictures, my gosh she is beautiful, there is no way I can refuse, what’s more she is an anal virgin. Perhaps if I ask them nicely enough they will let me do the honour of taking her anal virginity, why else would he mention it? Besides being on extended leave and having such an undeniable invitation I have both the time and the inclination to make this a reality and go through with this. After all it seems only polite that I make love to his girlfriend they might get offended and she might feel unattractive... Continue»
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Horny Jewl

I met Jewl online, exchanged some pics and had some mutual mastebation sessions. Her tits and pussy drove me crazy.

I lived in the States and jewl lived in the UK. No worries, sometimes I have business there.

It so happened I had a chance to go to London to a conference, had a room at the Marriott next to the Eye and across the bridge from the conference center. So, I contacted her.

We made arrangements to meet the last night of the conference. I met her at a little pub, damn, my cock got hard when I saw her. We talked, danced and before long I had her taking off her panties and han... Continue»
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The adventures of Holly Whore Part 2 scene 3: The

The week was almost up and Matt’s birthday was drawing ever closer. I had taken Katie’s orders and not showered or changed my pants for the week I felt absolutely disgusting and was trying my best to hide it. I was beginning to think that Katie was winding me up but then the text arrived.
Katie: Meet me at Matt’s tonight 8pm, bring nothing and just walk in don’t knock, kk? xx
Me: Ok x

I went over to Matt’s feeling really nervous though I had no idea why. I approached his front door and hesitated whether to go in before I could make up my mind I had already opened the door. I did not... Continue»
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The Amusment Park - Part 3 (My response)

I quickly seize the moment. I run one hand through your long dirty blonde hair and pull it into a ball. While doing so the tip of my cock is pressed up against your lips. Just feeling your soft and slightly wet lips just touching my bare cock makes my cock throb. It literally has its own pulse and before I can even think of your sucking me off, your tongue is gently and slowly running circles around my tip.

Your tongue slowly going around the head of my penis feels incredible. And I cant help but pull on your hair more from the pleasure. Before I know it my cock is in your mouth. In ... Continue»
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Car sex I had with a Friend

This true story dates back to last summer, and takes place outdoors, well over a car hood to be exact.

I had been chatting to this lovely guy called Dave, we had been chatting on a different site and arranged for him to come over from where he lived to where i live in NY. Well I had been getting my self ready most of the evening showering, shaving my self totally smooth including my pussy, made a real effort to look hot with my makup and clothes. The usual things, stockings garters, 1/4 cup bra with matching thong, and high heels, a loose fitting top and a short sexy miniskirt. As the ti... Continue»
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Dinner with Brooke

Brooke texted me on my way home from work, “I’m making dinner, come down when you get home.” I replied back, “Sure, I’ll stop and get some beer.” “No bother,” she said, “I already grabbed some. Just you is all we need.” This was always nice to hear, and it was always nice to see Brooke. I felt so comfortable with her especially since the many last encounters. But I never think any more than what it is. Just dinner.
When I got home, I went upstairs, dropped my bag and headed down the front stairs to her apartment. Her door was cracked open a bit so I knocked, saying hello and opened the door.... Continue»
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Lesley part 10

Rob and Lesley walked through the precinct, out a side entrance, leading on into the rear end of the multi-storey car park. Over the road from there were a few bars, two restaurants and an Ann Summers shop.

Rob led Lesley by the lovers....into the shop. There were directional signs up pointing to different areas according to the requirements of the customer.
"Well Lesley....Let's get you some underwear....yours are now not fit for purpose, and if we are going to get you regular cock we need your underwear modernised. Those knickers you had on this morning were awful. I got ... Continue»
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Local Rumours ……..Continued

It had been a couple of weeks since Amy and I had discovered the rumours going around our small town were true. There was a woman from our small town appearing on the web site, doing cam shows. Apparently though no one else had figured out who it was. Amy was always clever and realised she could get a one day free pass on the site by entering a false credit card number, she had spotted an ad for one of the cam models, and recognised our town through the window behind the model. The two of us had watched the video of the show and discovered it was our mother.
That weekend had be... Continue»
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whoops it happend again.

Well what can I say, after being a fuck toy for my two best friend I decided to try out normal life, my gay and cross-dressing day's to be burned and buried in the past, and a new me to arise from the ashes like a phoenix, all my panties , bra's, and other girl clothes were taken to the incinerator in my home and destroyed, in my head I was straight as a dye, hehe. no more did I sl**p in nothing but silk panties, no more did I wank off thinking of getting my bum used, I met a nice young lady (Tina) who loved me and my fake/false life was going great, then one d***ken night with Tina fast asl*... Continue»
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Aunt Show´s Me

Aunt shows me how
By Greyhalm©

I grew up without a dad who died in the Second World War so when I entered puberty at the end of the 1950´s I had no one to really talk to. At school in the showers we all compared our puberty progress and nature had blessed me with a really large or better said thick penis. At 15 it measured 18cm before arousal however when aroused it did not grow so much as my friend’s cocks did´, but it grew amazingly thick. I could not get my hand right around its girth to masturbate it. I was given nicknames like ´Donkey´, ´Snaky´ or Horse. Of course the girls found out ... Continue»
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First, a little something about me. My name is Cassandra James. I stand five feet, six inches tall, and have auburn hair and chocolate eyes. It should be said that I am 22 years old and I am the oldest of three c***dren. I have a b*****r eighteen months younger than I am and his name is Chandler. We also have a younger s****r who is almost 19 and graduated High School last year. Her name is Charity.

Yes, all three of us k**s have the first name beginning with the letter C. We also have the genes of our parents. Chandler is well hung like dad, and us two girls ar... Continue»
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Crushing the Last of his Ego

He stared at the clock in kitchen watching the second hand revolve and thinking about the importance of every second. Mistress was sl**ping soundly while david prepared Her breakfast: strawberries, a cheese and mushroom omelet, freshly squeezed orange juice, toast, and coffee. She had trained him to put the food on the table exactly ten minutes after her alarm went off, and the timing could be tricky. Start cooking too early and the hot items would get cold, but start too late and Mistress would have to wait for Her breakfast. Serving a cold breakfast warranted an automatic 30 strokes of... Continue»
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Wife's s****r Shocked At What We Did 2

So, Penny and Harry have come over to hear about our little week-end adventure. We want to loosen them up a bit first so we have a few round of drinks before getting to the details. To kind of ease them into things I ask Harry if there had ever been an occasion where he had seen my wife in any stage of undress. I already knew the answer of course, I just wanted to see if he would admit to it. Actually, if he had any decent memory at all he should be aware that I do know of one occasion for sure as this happened recently, within a year or two. Judy and I had spent the night with them and usuall... Continue»
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Helping our Father when Mother left our home

I stood silent and naked, admiring myself, in my full length mirror. I was looking for tell-tail changes, any signs of what had just happened.

My breasts were still small, too small for my personal liking, and my nipples were off a soft cherry red hue, rubbery to rigid, and sensitive, I felt they might just remain in their aroused state, it felt nice to touch them.

My stomach ached, did that mean I was pregnant, he went bare-backing into me, neither of us could stop this juggernaut of an urge, feeling him probe between my labia, was a no return point, I wanted it as much as he did and co... Continue»
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Hate Fuck

I told myself that I wouldn't. I promised myself that I was done with
her. This bitch-this lying, manipulative, emotional, seductive cunt-had
ruined my life. I was done with her. My life had been okay before her.
Meeting her had shattered my illusions of happiness and brought me to a
place lower and darker than I ever thought possible. She had ruined my
love life, my friendships, my connection to my f****y, and my career. But
she was irresistible.

Alexis wasn't beautiful. No one would ever mistake Alexis for a model.
Alexis wasn't my type. Everyone who knew me and... Continue»
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Just a normal day really where I had to pop round the in laws as father in law wanted a hand moving some stuff. I went round and karen was wearing a nice summer dress that showed off just enough cleavage to get me going, and she knew it.
I had helped father in law and karen had been stood watching us, giving me a cheeky smile whenever I looked at her. she knew I would want her badly, and soon my cock got hard which I had to try and hide incase my father in law noticed.
karen noticed my predicament and smiled as she looked at the bulge in my trousers and mouthed to me
'I want your cock'.
w... Continue»
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Кака да те отрака

Не съм си и мислел, че е възможно да загубя девствеността си на 18 години и то с Жена с главно “Ж”, но тъкмо това се случи, и то когато най-малко го очаквах. По това време бях в езиковата гимназия и гонех момичетата там, макар че не бях стигнал доникъде – всяка от тях беше готова, кажи речи, на всичко друго (опипване, френска любов и т.н.), но не и на секс. На рождения ден на един от приятелите ми аз замъкнах и тогавашното си гадже, Росица(тя беше една година по-голяма от мен и минаваше за много отворена). Когато всички се бяхме омаяли достатъчно, я заведох в една от стаите, но тя се възпротив... Continue»
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