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Knowing what she is wearing

The car club I'm in is made up of pre nineteen sixty model cars and trucks. The fifties is the most popular era. One day while at a local cruise in a man about thirty came up and asked if I owned this fifty Mercury? I said yes its mine why? He said he was a freelance photographer and wanted to shoot it. He said he had a couple of models that dress up fifty style and pose with the cars. We set of a time and place to do a shoot.

Usually while I'm at the club events my wife goes over to one of her friends house as has sex with him. I'm always gone all day to these things so she has time to rel... Continue»
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Afterschool Hours 01 - Intro to characters

It is the eleventh grade and most of my classmates are around 17 years old. Of course it is still one year before they turned 18, the legal age when they could start doing whatever they want. But in this High School in Albany, NY, nobody cares for the rules; sometimes not even the adults that do know what happens care. Hell, they were our age once before. The thing is, while most of the other guys are able to do what they want under the noses of their oblivious parents or behind the backs of clueless teachers I could not - I have stricter parents who laid down the rules clearly - sort of blame... Continue»
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Park Fuck

Ok you told me you wanted me to wear a mini dress for my Park date, so I arranged to meet my brand new BBC fella. I told him I was on this site and would post the story of us.
Mick my hubby was the driver for the day, so we called for Moby at his place on the way to the date. I met him on a swing site and we had swapped pics and chatted there for a bit.
Mobe is a 6 footer, big lad and sexy young late 20's-very virile and was always hard when we spoke...mmm. He said he had a few older Ladies who called him round when they needed a good service, so that was suiting me.
I asked him if he was ... Continue»
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Jenny and I-4

Janice was a bit tentative at first, but I let her set the pace since she was paying for it. I wish I could say that it was my great technique that moved us along fairly rapidly, but, in all honesty, I must admit that Janice proved to be very horny when she warmed up a bit.

Janice took her own blouse off simply because I was trying not to push her too hard, but it took less than 10 minutes for us both to be naked from the waist up and locked in a lovers' embrace. Neither one of us needed instruction in French kissing, so we took that route very early on in the date. We kissed for a few minu... Continue»
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Jenny and I-3

I had plenty of time to rest and eat some lunch before Jenny showed up from work. She was a little bit tired, so we sat on the sofa in the f****y room to talk for a few minutes while she rested. For no reason other than just making conversation, I told her what had happened at Mrs. Jackson's house that morning. With practically anybody else, I would have been better off keeping my mouth shut about Mrs. Jackson and the fucking episode.

However, Jenny and I had always shared our secrets. I guess I had conveniently forgotten that Jenny had not told me about her fucking sessions before we start... Continue»
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Jenny and I-2

Jenny flopped back into the position she had been in for our previous fuck, and I moved between her legs. She raised her knees and spread them as far as she could. That gave me a direct shot at her cunt, and I had no trouble finding the right place to put my cock this time.

Ever mindful of the hints that I had received from the previous time, I rubbed my cock head up and down in her pussy slit to make sure that it was wet with her lubricating oil. Jenny was dripping liquid from her cunt hole, so there was no question about having enough lube for me to penetrate her.

She must have really ... Continue»
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Joining Boyfriend's Bowling Team

My older gay lover of several years Don (age 59) always liked his Tuesday night bowling. There was an opening on the team and Don asked me to fill it. There was just one thing, the team is made up of all older gay guys from my work and they had a deal. I knew they had all shared each other’s company at one time or another so it was nothing for they highest scoring bowler of the night to get a blowjob from the lowest scoring bowler. Don said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got a 195 average so the chances of you having to give head to anybody are slim and none”.

Now, I have fucked around a lot on Don o... Continue»
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Fiona looks at James

It was another hot summer day. I was dispatched to the orchard to pick lemons for the dessert but as I approached I noticed James, my wife's nephew removing his pants and underpants. I hid behind the sprawling and heavily laden fig tree to avoid embarrassment.
I continued to watch as James lay on his back in the sun and proceeded to masturbate using what appeared to be women's panties as an aid. I have a view looking at him from the feet up. As James was furiously involved in rubbing his cock he failed to hear the orchard gate click. I looked around and saw my wife Fiona approaching. I franti... Continue»
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Tyrone's Crossdressing White Pussyboy

Submissive whiteboi becomes a sissy faggot pussyboy for his nigger master.

It was to be a night of romance. My Nigger lover, Tyrone, grunted
as he pulled his glistening cock from my aching, cum filled asscunt. He
had just shot a massive load of man slop into my steamy, gripping
entrails. Our lovemaking had been a brutal affair, as it always is, which is just the way I like it. I am a subjugated fuck slave, nothing but a sissy faggot sperm receptacle for my dominant nigger lover.

Tyrone is the envy of every guy in our neighborhood. He was an
All-American linebacker in high school in A... Continue»
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I fucked your wife on Craigslist

Did you know that you’re wife is on Craigslist? So you think you know what a cum craving slut she is and the lengths she’ll go to get filled with a hot load in every hole, but I imagine she would surprise you if you saw how she was with me…

She tried to keep her ad decent and down to earth, but she was just too fuckin horny that day I guess. Anyway, it sounded like it was worth a shot and it had only been posted for 12 minutes so I replied basically telling her I wanted to help fill her up with my thick throbbing member, and I could almost hear the gasp from here when she opened the pic I... Continue»
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Silver Haired Devil

I looked down and there was my 48 year old MILF/GILF girlfriend Kate with my cock embedded halfway down her throat. With her short hair I could see everything that she was doing to my cock. Watching her sucking my cock always turned me on, especially when I was getting a blowjob from my lovely Kate. I had met Kate three weeks ago at our bowling league. She was a lovely brunette in her mid-forties who was neglected by her sports-addicted husband. I’m sixty-four, but two years ago I let my hair go completely white. I soon learned women in their late forties and early fifties just loved this loo... Continue»
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Slut wife, just dont tell her husband.

Im bored so i thought id write a short story about a slut wife.

Sarah is a slut. Theres no other way of saying it, shes a cock hungry slut. Everybody knows about her slutty ways except her husband.

Theres only 2 things that sarah works hard at, 1: getting fucked and 2: making sure her husband has no idea.

She was a slut from the first time she got fucked in school. She and her boyfriend skipped a class and had sex for the first time in a toilet. From that moment on sarah was addicted to cock. If it meant boyfriends leaving her she didnt care, she just had to have cocks fucking he... Continue»
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Linda's Web of Seduction #3

I remember working that day with a smile never far from my lips. The sounds and smells of and tastes from our sex the night before and then again that morning were swimming in my mind and I really didn't get much done at work. When quitting time came I was exhausted, though, and went straight home.

Soon after eating dinner my phone rang. It was Linda. She was disappointed that I hadn't come back to her place and teasingly promised to "suck [my] dick" if I hurried over. As great as that would have been, because look, she could really suck a dick, I had a ton of work to do the next day and ex... Continue»
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Sometimes Mom’s Need A Good Fuck!

Donna pulled the car up in front of the high school to drop Amber off. She could not help but check out all the hot young boys. She smiled as she remembered her afternoon fuck with the boy from the grocery store but that had been almost two weeks before and she was ready for some more cock. Amber seemed to notice her mom checking out all the young guys and smiled at her.

“So what do you think mom? Any nice guys you want to fuck here?” Amber said with a giggle

Life at the Adams house had changed quite a bit since she walked i... Continue»
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Vegas MFM

What an amazing night! From the perspective that I was truly responding to your Craigslist Ad with the expectation of:

A.) No response
B.) a "Fuck Off" response, or at best
C.) A meet for drinks as suggested and nothing more.

Imagine my surprise and delight with how it developed!

When I stepped into the bar area and glanced around... looking to see just who I was supposedly meeting, I Immediately set eyes on you two. Al, well dressed, good looking guy. And then... I rested my gaze upon D... Gorgeous. Sexy. Flirtatious. Was that them?? Wow.... I hoped so... I walked around the bar as... Continue»
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The Kitchen

My thought processes were completely shot. I had ran late for work this morning, I could not find a decent parking place, and once there, I realized I’d left the very important project, that had taken up so much of my time, on the desk in my study. The one lone bright spot from the past few days was the incredible and unexpected blowjob I had received in the early hours of the morning. As I drove home, I could still feel the warmth of your mouth waking me up as it gently glided up and down on my partially hard dick. But as I drove, I came to the conclusion that it was the slurping noises you w... Continue»
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Tranny orgy - continued

Debbie, my red haired, large titted, big hipped, cock sucking, golden bushed girlfriend now knew I loved to suck shemale dick and having them fuck me in the ass. Sex between the two us became more intense and we were often joined by the gurls across the hallway. Life was good and shortly Tanya and Bonnie informed us they were having a party that would include Shemales, sissy me and cross dressers. It was to be an orgy!
On the night of the occasion, we were the first ones there. I wore a speedo and tank top and Deb was in a pair of crotchless panties, a very short halter top that barely cover... Continue»
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Wedding day whore part 3

Please read parts 1 and 2 first for this story to make sense. Feel free to leave me comments and suggestions on what should happen next.

As soon as the pictures had sent to mark, lisa stood up and went to the bathroom to get herself cleaned up. As she stood at the sink looking in the mirror at the naked woman in front of her with cum dripping down her face and clinging to her eye lids she started to cry, how had she let it go this far? why did she ever fuck those strippers? how could her friends have been so mean to have filmed it and shown it to mark?. all these questions didnt stop her ... Continue»
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Birds Of A Feather

Victorious: Birds Of A Feather

[If you're a raven then she's a macaw, all loud noises and bright colours. But everyone likes a parrot better than a crow.]

Something about Tori just ruffles your feathers. If you're a raven then she's a macaw, all loud noises and bright colours. But everyone likes a parrot better than a crow; at least you can teach Tori tricks. If you could only teach her how to play dead. You grin at the thought, watching her lazily as you sit back in class, slumped down in your chair, Beck's arm around you. Sikowitz gesticulates wildly, coconut milk spillin... Continue»
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This story relates to these photos

Back in 1999 I split from a GF but who I later got back with 9 months later. During that period I took my friendship with one woman to the next level and she became my fuck buddy. I also met another woman and that also led to sex.

Mandy would come to where I worked and would sit in the garden for some peace at lunch time. One day we got chatting and it turned out she lived and worked locally and whilst the weather was good enough then she wanted to sit outside. Mandy was a few years older than me a... Continue»
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