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Out running

I knew it was a dumb idea at the time, but I thought I could get out there and complete my run before the weather closed in... but I was wrong!

I still had about 5km to go including a long up hill slog to my house and it was pissing down. Not just a little bit of rain, but hammering big drops that absolutely soaked me in less than a minute.

I resigned myself to being wet and cold for the 20 minutes or so that it would take to get home and just put my head down and allowed my feet to splosh in the puddles along the road. The rain was making such a racket that that I didn't even hear the... Continue»
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A Gangbang fantasy

John smiled as he watched his wife bend over the pool table. He smiled not only because he knew his wife would probably miss the shot, but also because he had a great view of his wife's luscious buttocks as they peeked out from underneath her summer dress. His beautiful wife of 5 years, 27 years old, delicate and pretty, was a rank novice at pool but a seasoned professional at turning him on. The billiards clicked as she took her shot, the ball missing the hole by a good three inches. Her pouting face turned to his, and he grinned. It occurred to him that she had probably never even been to a ... Continue»
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Egyptian Fantasy

Nagwa was a good Muslim wife. She always kept herself covered as she went into public. She respected her husband and cared for her c***dren.

Nagwa enjoyed things the way they were but her husband Ahmed seemed to be restless lately. It has started when he was assigned to work with the American who was doing some kind if study here in Egypt. In some ways his changed personality was a pleasant change for Nagwa as he seemed much more passionate in his love making.

That was one aspect of her life that she did enjoy. Even on her... Continue»
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One litle fantasy..

I may want to

You wake up after we've had five wonderful days with love, you feel that your arms are strapped and also your legs ... you spot me, I kiss you sincerely nice naughty as I know turns you while you I feel easily spread your purring cat elegant cheek with two fingers and where the third play along your crack up over your clit ... You begin soon on the cradle, groan with vriden to me ... I bite you in the nipple my tongue playing of enjoyment with it now that it is so sore and are you finished it is tough NOW ❕. Two penetrates into you, very few moments after WOW came you heard ..... Continue»
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Going to the Gym

“I’m headed to the gym, baby,” the six-foot-three-inch two-hundred-sixty-pound Black man said to his wife of seven years.
“Ok,” she replied barely looking up at her beefy, brown-skinned husband. “I’ll be at the hairdresser by the time you get back.”
“Alright. See you later,” Darius Woodham smiled.

The former Division One linebacker started his black metallic 2012 Ford Expedition and backed out of the driveway. At the end of the street, he stopped at the intersection and pulled out his phone. He sent a message to the person he was heading to see.

Three months prior, Darius was watching ... Continue»
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Jake & Lisa – A Cougar’s Fantasy

This story continues some of the characters from Hardintown. You can enjoy this story alone but at the end there are links to other connected appearances of Lisa and Jake.

Life continued to change rapidly for Lisa and her f****y. Her husband and Sara were going away for lover’s weekend. Lisa was looking forward to going back to the glory hole where she would have sex with all kinds of men. Just the thought of what would happen later that night made her pussy cream!

Lisa walked out to get the mail when she looke... Continue»
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A Hot Start to Winter Break

We hadn't been together in nearly four months. Kim and I attended different school in different states and we only been able to see each others on holidays. After flying home for winter break I left to pick up Kim from school which was a 2 hour drive. The entire drive I just kept thinking about getting her home and into bed. I had been faithful to her for the whole time we were apart but I was horny as hell.
When I finally picked her up we decided to head home before it got dark and the weather turned bad. She was wearing a white sweater with a pastel pattern that hid her gorgeous huge 40DD t... Continue»
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Making a House a Home

It had been a long weekend of moving furniture but we were finally moved into our first house that we owned. Kim and I were both exhausted but after we got the k**s to bed we cuddled in our new, although sparsely decorated bedroom. We talked for a bit about our plans for the house and how grown up we felt as new home owners. We both felt that excitement that those milestone experiences evoke.
Even though we were tired we were both still wide awake and decide it would be bad luck if we didn't make love our fist night in our new house. I lay next to Kim, face to face and began to kiss her lips ... Continue»
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Vegas Voyeur

I had been a week since my wife Jill had walked in on my jerking off to porn. That led to a huge fight and her allegations that I didn’t love her and so on. We had barely spoken the rest of the week and tomorrow I was leaving for Vegas for a business trip. We usually have great sex the night before I leave, helps to keep me satisfied until I get home. That night we had sex but Jill just lay there while I fucked her missionary. She didn’t even get up to clean herself up after I dumped my load into her.
The next morning I woke early to catch my ride to the airport. The trip to Vegas was u... Continue»
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Shy wife blindfolded and shared

This is a true story of how a husband can share his wife without her knowing and you'll have to decide if I've broken her trust or I'm leading her and myself to a better life.

We're Dave and Michele and we are both 34 and live in the UK, we've been married for just over 14 years now and my wife came from a strict catholic f****y. We didn't have sex before we married so I had to be content with the odd fumble and heavy petting with my wife-to-be calling a halt to it when I got carried away.

We were both 20 when we got married and sex was a totally new experience for my young wife as ... Continue»
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Pat, Edward and me make three (Almost)

This happened about a week or so after the weight room.
I went over to Pat's house to hang out.  He was not doing much just little stuff around the house.  We started to watch TV and shortly after he asked if I wanted to watch his new porno that he just got in the mail.  Well of course I did, so he put the movie in.  I was not sure of the name but it started right in to the sex first was two girls going at it.  Lots of licking and fingers it was great.  He was sitting on the couch I was sitting in the chair by the couch and we were both just watching the movie.  About 3 min in the doorbell ra... Continue»
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A Secret Surprise

A Secret Surprise
My wife and I have been married for over 20 years. Our sex life had become rather mundane and static. She and I would make out a bit, I would play with her clit until she was wet and then we would fuck, usually missionary. We don’t use condoms or other birth control because we’ve had k**s and are getting older.
I have suggested things to liven up our love making like watching some porn or maybe a toy but she never seemed interested. In retrospect what I did, I did out of frustration and resentment more than passion. However, the results were astounding.
I was bored one... Continue»
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Summer Caribbean trip

Last summer my wife and I decided to take a week
vacation to a small Caribbean Island. We were taking
her younger s****r as a High school graduation gift.
As background, I am a 28-year-old Stock Broker, my
wife is a gorgeous 24-year-old Marketing researcher,
and her 17-year-old s****r was getting ready to go
to a small Eastern College.

Both my wife, Ann and her s****r Dawn are blondes
with great athletic bodies. They are very close
despite the age difference, and I honestly had never
looked at Dawn as anything more than a k** s****r

Anyway from Florida we to... Continue»
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Wife's fantasy of limited sex play gets out o

My wife Beth confided in me one of her favourite
fantasies. To be held down and ravished, preferably by
a big black man. She emphasised that it was only a
fantasy as she wouldn't want to have intercourse with
anyone other than myself under any circumstances.

'Maybe you would like to act out something along those

'If it was acting it wouldn't work,' she replied.

I went on to suggest. 'Why not have a real scenario
where you would be really f***ed but it would be
prearranged that the limits were feeling and sucking
your breasts and maybe finger fucking you.'
... Continue»
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True: Midnight at the adult arcade: Offer from a

Always been a sucker for suckers. Show me a willing mouth and my dick is hard right now. Don't matter to me--- male, female, queer, fairy, dyke, whatever. Like them fresh-faced, smooth, fem, and eager. If you like dick in your mouth, I got a good seven-and-a-half for ya. Long as you swallow.

And I can tell you, it's a helluva lot easier to get a queer to spread his mouth than it is to get a woman to spread her legs-----generally speaking of course----and hell, I love the feel of a warm & wet & moving mouth. So much more fucking action than pussy.

I've had my share of girls who sucked d... Continue»
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Husbands revenge part1

I'll warn you right off that this is not an exciting
story. Instead I offer you a real story and hope that
in some way, that fact will make it a better story than
one I invented.

The first thing most of you will say is that I did it
to myself. Here I was, a guy with very little (almost
no) sexual experience marrying a woman with, shall we
say, a history. I thought that life would be sex, sex,
sex... but of course it wasn't.

After a few years, my mother gave up asking when she
would get grandc***dren and sex became a monthly
occurrence like paying the mortgage or washi... Continue»
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Wendy the cheating cougar housewife

Let me begin my story by telling you a little about myself. I am a white married woman in my early 50’s, fit and athletic, about 5’6 135 with still firm 36c breasts, medium length auburn hair, and green eyes. I am a former college guidance counselor, a tennis player and avid jogger, a lady in the streets and a vixen between the sheets. My husband and I have been married for 30 years and quite frankly, our sex life has become stale, boring, almost non existent. We fuck maybe twice a month and quite frankly, he really just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Through the years of being a guidance couns... Continue»
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Husbands revenge part2

After reading my last confession, you may think I would
take advantage of my wife whenever she decided to
combine her pills and vodka. The thrill of taking
advantage of the situation lay in what I could make her
do to another man – a man she would never be with
otherwise. You may it's fucked up, but I guess after
the first time I realized how great the power felt in
whoring out my wife (for free no less).

The second time I took advantage of her, Sharon had had
a bad day at work so the vodka came out soon after
dinner. I tried to find out what was wrong but this
only serv... Continue»
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Amie dose it for hubby part2

She looked towards me and gasps, "Honey, he is deeper in my cunt than you will ever be and I want his semen shot deep into my womb. I have never fucked such a man!"

He was now pounding her harder and faster than I have ever seen and finally his ass cheeks tighten and the shaft of his bare black cock is now streaked with his white gooey love juice as he blasts it deep within her. It was then I noticed the unmistakable smell of sex filling the room. With a few last thrusts he collapses onto her and they kissed deeply in a quivering mass of black and white sweaty flesh. She is laying undernea... Continue»
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I don't like cricket oh no I love it

Although I am Indian man, unlike other normal Indians,
I have no interest in the game of cricket. Just so
slow, so unadventurous and boring - that what I thought
cricket was. All my Indian friends on the other hand
are just crazy about the game. The thing is that it is
a communal thing - watching cricket. So the other day,
there was this one day international match between West
Indies and India and it was decided that all of them
would come to my house to watch it on cable TV.

My wife Ruchi, unlike me, is also a big cricket fan and
when I told her this news, she was ove... Continue»
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