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Daddy's Party Girl

I'd sunk so low since that time that Daddy had bred me. He'd soon persuaded me into darker, more decadent forms of filth.

When we got out of the car he led me by the collar to the club. There was a small neon sign above the door, flickering and flashing in pink. It was called pistols. Muffled techno was coming from upstairs. He hammered on the door three times, and a slot was swished back. Brooding eyes appeared and then the slot was slid back into place with a clang. Bolts were unlocked slowly and methodically, and the door squeaked open. A stark white face with piercing eyes glared at me... Continue»
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From one thing to another

From one thing to another

My girl and I had a rather vanilla sex life which was okay for a while. But one night we decided to do a little role playing. Normally I was the dominate partner, She rarely ever initiated sex, that was something I would usually do. But that night was special. Cindy was the most beautiful woman I had ever known. She is short, only a couple of inches over five feet tall with long, curly red hair and pale, freckled skin. That particular evening she came to bed wearing a little teddy that could not contain her large, double D tits and it accentuated her narrow waist a... Continue»
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what teachers get upto!

Parents evening at my local Primary school is boring but educational and lets me find out how my sibling is doing. This particular evening my wife couldnt make it as she was working late so it was just me, I dropped my sibling off at a friends and I walked to school.
There was a few parents still around but i was the last one , No messing about with times. I know what time i have to be there and just wait for the last parent to leave.
Waited 20 minutes and had to go to the mens room. I was gone about 15 minutes to the other side of school. I finished and hurried out over the playground and ... Continue»
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Nikia's Curse

I first met Nikia at my local grocery store. It was a cloudy day, with thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon. I had just pulled into a parking space, when I noticed a woman standing on the opposite side of her vehicle, trying to do something to the door. There had been a lot of suspicious activity in the area as of late, including numerous break ins, to vehicles, in broad daylight. I thought for sure I was witnessing a crime in progress. I sat there for a few moments with the engine idling, deciding what to do. I could call the cops… I could just ignore it… but neither of those options seem... Continue»
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stuck up wife with part 2

Andrea,my young wife,is a teacher,slightly stuck up,she does not talk to strangers unless she has to,tall and slender with medium size firm breast,vegan diet and dally yoga keep her very fit.After many refusals she finally agreed to wear black stockings for my birhday.At the restaurant I drop my fork twice to bend under the table to get a glimpse of her thighs but legs are together,I asked for a short skirt but she did put on a just above the knees one,when I get up she look at me with commiseration shaking her head The young waiter is luckier than me,I note how he gets the best angle to look ... Continue»
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A masochist flasher gets lucky Part 1

A masochist flasher gets lucky Part 1

I am a flasher. I love being naked, wanking and spunking in front of women and young girls. I often go to parks and forests, strip naked and walk around wanking until come across women then I stand and come in front of them. I love all their reactions, some are shocked, cry out and run away, others laugh and watch, others get angry and insult me but they also stay to watch. I have often been attacked by women that I flash to, punched, kicked and slapped as they insult me which satisfies the masochist side of my sexuality, I love pain and especially hum... Continue»
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Autograph 3

"Ladies, when you draw, use all you senses." Ms. Purdy was giving her art students a lecture. I was standing at the front of the class, naked as usual. Ms. Purdy was beside me. The evening was hot, the room stuffy and humid. "Don't just look at your subject, observe your subject. The smallest details are as important as the obvious ones. Notice the shade of his skin, the lock of hair that falls out of place, the glint in his eyes, even the beads of perspiration rolling down his cheek."

Ms. Purdy caressed my cheek with her index finger. A bead of sweat rolled on to the tip of her finger. Sh... Continue»
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Dinner time with Becky Part 1

My first sexual experience began when I had just started school. My s****r Becky was 3 years older then me. She had long, dark, curly hair and a slender body. Since as long ago as I could remember, she would play "House" with me. I was always her baby and she would dress me up, pretend to change my diaper, feed me and things like that. One day she decided to take even more of a motherly roll.
Playing like usual, Becky told me "take off all of your clothes Timmy so that I can change you again". I was getting too old for this now and it was becoming more and more frequent, but, I didn't ... Continue»
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Autograph 2

During my job as a nude male model for an art class at the local college, I realized I loved being naked in front of women. After each class, I would race home and jack off. As I stroked my cock, I would think off the many eyes that had devoured my naked body during the two hours I posed nude. I'm sure some women, judging by the way they had looked at me, would go home, think of me, and masturbate, or fuck their boyfriend or husband with me in mind. The idea that they were getting off while visualizing me in their imagination drove me wild. It wouldn't take long before I'd shoot a large load o... Continue»
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Autograph 1

I was tired of the same old thing. Pose like this, pose like that, hold that pose for five minutes, now move like this. These were my instructions for two hours a day, five days a week. My mind was numb from the boredom and the twenty bucks an hour I was getting wasn't much compensation. Being a nude model for a college art class was no fun at all. When I first started this job I thought I'd have sexy coeds coming on to me in droves. Afterall, I had a ripped body and was well hung. After my first week I realized all I was to these people was a slab of meat to be studied. I was a nobody. No one... Continue»
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Cum Diaries: Escapade in Venice Part 1

Few places are so mystical they almost give me the creeps. This place is one of them. I outright refuse to do any hard stuff when she asks me, a gentle high or tipsiness is all I could afford in these windy humid streets. There is a reason why locals vacate in the tourist months and it’s not only to do with the tourists. Those in the service industry just bite their upper lip, just like Sorena. She’s biting her upper lip looking at me from across the lobby and I look at her through t... Continue»
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Anal Play

Our sex life was much better than I thought it would be and Josh and I had great mind blowing sex often. One thing I did not get from Josh was the anal sex I craved. (I like it at least three times a week.) I had brought it up before but Josh was a typical guy from a semi-religious home and felt that anal sex was going too far. I figured I would work on him slowly.

I began by touching his ass while giving him head. This went all right and after two weeks I was fingering his asshole and sucking him off until he blew his load deep in my throat. This became an activity I did every time I gave ... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction

Synopsis: My wife's girl form another marriage is home before going to grad school. I happen to see her getting out of the shower unexpectedly..... For the rest..... Read on....

Adult c***dren of your spouse from another marriage are not really yours… so it isn’t really i****t, is it??
Tara is Jane’s daughter…. And that girl… well read the story….

The flat tire on the car was an unexpected stroke of good luck. I called my boss who told me that since I had already hit my quota for both the week and month, I could just take the d... Continue»
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Chris and Kim pt 01

So this is the first part of a story, hopefully it is readable! It starts off slow but everything starts small ;)


"Hey man, I havn't heard from you in a while" Kim said as he answered his phone, adding with a laugh with, "I was wondering if you got hit by a car!"

"After my week, I really wish I had been. Some days, man some days. So what have you been up to? He replied.

They talked for a half hour catching up on the last few months before it became pretty clear from his tone of voice, that something was wrong with Chris.

"What's wrong?" a tinge of concern co... Continue»
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The Exam.

A Colon Exam and a ‘Quickie’ can be a good thing.

A friend asked me if I’d ever had to go to the hospital after a meeting with one of my friends. I did, a few times, but not because of what he did. I did have to be treated, on occasion, for an irritated bowel; irritated colon is the better term.

This usually happened when I lived with a guy for a while or was dating someone who wanted sex numerous times in a week. The condition actually began when I was in my teens, it was treated then but, no one questioned ‘why’ it happened. When I was living with my one boyfriend it was an ongoing pr... Continue»
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Teacher's Punishment

As the new assistant dean of the Business department, I was determined to increase the caliber of our offerings to that of a four year university's. I planned to start by auditing some of the courses of the more experienced teachers to see what techniques they may be able to share with the rest of them. From the instructor evals, I see that Prof Randy PSR is very popular. I think I'll start with him first to see what the secret to his success is.

Evening classes are typically filled with older students trying for their degrees while working full time. It's always interesting to see the... Continue»
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The Sultan's New Concubine

While cruising on the ship to Morocco, I fall asl**p on the lounge chair by the pool. The sun warms my white skin and melts my stress away as I drift off. All of a sudden, the captain announces over the intercom. "We are under attack from the Sultan of Morocco! Everyone hide in your cabin! He is looking for women to add to his harem." I jump up and run to the spa area to hide.
> To my surprise, the Sultan enters the spa room, and eyes the women being pampered. Seeing me standing tall and looking him over, he barks an order to his 2 male guards to prepare me for the royal blessing. ... Continue»
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Public Sex in an Elevator

Going Down? ... an elevator love story

We'd just had a wonderful dinner at an intimate restaurant. Feeling sated and frisky, we walked arm in arm to the parking garage several blocks away. The meal had been deliciously sensuous since we ate with our hands. Feeding each other succulent fruits and fragrant meats; our fingers slowly pulling out of our partner's mouths as they ate with voracious appetites.

With Spring in full swing, the air was incensed with flowers and fresh-cut grass. Pausing in a dark alcove, we kiss with abandon; experiencing the foreign flavors of our dinner. S... Continue»
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Femdom Politics

Mistletoe at the Office

I am really not looking forward to going to this year's office party. Since I'm the director of HR, everyone always tip toes around me like I'm kryptonite. To make it bearable, I think I'll use an egg vibrator under my dress. That should keep things interesting during the party. Maybe there will be someone disposable there for me to play with. As I walk into the office, I'm bombarded with garish Christmas decorations spattered about the room. I decide to kick the vibrator dial up a notch. Thank God there's a bar at this thing to lubricate myself up with to t... Continue»
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Contractor's BBW Lover

One of the reasons I enjoy remodeling my house is that I love watching blue collar men at work. They are so masculine, capable and talented. Today I have a construction laborer coming over to work on demo'ing my bathroom. so I can remodel it. I hope he likes to play with plus sized women. I'm in the mood to play with a boy toy. I'm enjoying being a cougar as I grow older. I like sharing my sexual experience and knowledge with younger men.

My dog starts barking and I look out my picture window to see a big, red 4x4 truck pulling up. A white man with well defined muscles and a ruggedly... Continue»
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