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Initiation by loyalsock

"Come with me, Kiki," and be quick about it." "Yes, ma'am," the shy eighteen year old Japanese girl replied softly. Melinda Clanton opened the door of her chauffeur driven Lincoln and waited impatiently for the young Asian to climb inside. Once on their way Melinda scolded, "You seem to be preoccupied, dear, let's not make it a habit." "I'm sorry, ma'am," Kiki replied, "I guess I'm just a little nervous, that's all." "Howard, stop the car!!!" she snapped to her driver. Once stopped Melinda turned to face Kiki and offered with cold fury, "If you don't want to be part of my life get out right no... Continue»
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Braces in a hotel part 1

So i was on vacation in Florida and there was this sweet concierge named Heather. She had a thin tiny body and cute small tushy. She was a cute brunet with a ponytail and looked about 19-22. She had a lovely smile and most importantly had braces. Just so there is no confusion, braces are HOT.

I was a little horny one night and my girlfriend was fast asl**p so i went down to flirt with Heather. I came up with some dumb excuse for her to help me, making sure she had to bend over to get in the bottom drawer.

"Do you need anything else?" she said with a smile that really got me going.

... Continue»
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i walk in the door

I walk in the door 

Will tonight be the night, will I allow him to have his way , with me with us . To give into my passion ,my lust for him for us for me.  Will I give into my lustful desires the desires  of  my heart  & my wants . . He loves me in heels &, my thong.. And that's it .. He knows I live in their house ..but I want him to know I want him oh how I crave him .. How when I touch myself it's only him I think of .. His hands all over me f***eful yet so safe .. I'd hand my body to him knowing he'd take total control ... Making me crazy enough to let go and possibly break the pipes... Continue»
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I had spent the morning doing some modelling for Leticia, an artist friend of mine. I’d been her model a few times already, which was something I enjoyed, as she was a really interesting person, and sexy with it. She’d offered to pay me but I really didn’t want to accept money, so somehow it was agreed that I could have sex with her as payment in kind. I’m pleased to say that she didn’t seem averse to the idea at all.
The end of the session had arrived and she suggested I came into the house to inspect her latest work. I was still naked as she led me into the house and into a room with a ... Continue»
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Fucked In My Office By My Car Lover Eric

About three weeks after my encounter with Eric in my car, he shows up unexpectedly at my place of business after hours. After unlocking the door and letting him in, he followed me to my office where we could sit down to talk about a business proposal he had in mind. I offered Eric a seat as I sat behind my desk. He began talking about his idea and I tried to listen in earnest but his voice washed over me and before I knew it, I was imagining his lips in various places on my body. ... Continue»
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The Last Night With The Love of My Life

This story is completely true and owned by me.

We had been discussing if for a few days. My long distance girlfriend, who captured my heart from 700 miles away, and the girl that I was truly in love with, had fallen in love again with the man she loved first. She would come and see me every few months for about four or five days. This time she had stayed six and said it was going to be the last time she came to see me.

I didn’t want to believe everything she said was true. I knew in the bottom of my heart, but refused to even look at... Continue»
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Wife Takes a Ride With my Friend

My friend, my wife and I all belonged to the same organization, and it required that we visit the organizations local office from time to time. I had to work most all week, and the office hours were during the week only, so my wife would ride up there it took about a half hour to drive to the office. My buddy Dave liked going to the office too, and he started taking my wife there with him about every other Thursday, as he was off from work on Thursdays. Well this went on for a while, and Dave was always a little flirty with my wife, and I didn’t mind, and neither did my wife. I had gone campin... Continue»
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My wife and her ex black boyfriend

Different from a lot of men, who write on the web about their cuckold fantasies, I had not had any choice about this situation at first, due it was happening in a natural way, without any kind of proposal. Moreover, before I met my wife, I was so structured and conventional that I wouldn’t have believed the situation I was going to live.
All began so many years ago, when my wife and I were 23 years old. My wife Susana is an incredible beautiful Caucasian tall woman, with curled long brown hair, pretty face and a great combination of soft female aesthetic with the gymnast’s physic.

I was w... Continue»
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Maybe Online Hookups DO Workout?! - Part 1

About 5 years ago, I met an older woman on Ashley Madison and we hit it off. After talking for about an hour or so, we agreed to meet each other for lunch and see where things go. I took the rest of the morning off from work and headed out to meet my new "date" for lunch. Once I arrived at the restaurant, I got out of the car and started making my way to the front door. Just as I was opening the front door, I heard a very distinctive "Hey STUUUUUUUUUUD!" being hollered from across the parking lot! Much to my surprise and embarrassment, It was none other than my "date" for the afternoon, B... Continue»
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Catching a Small One

I had thought about glory holes and cock sucking a lot. I loved sucking cock in my younger days but hadn't had any cock since I had married many years ago. Since the wife was getting less and less interested in sex, I guess I was getting more and more interested in porn and experimenting.
I loved the glory holes in the adult book stores but couldn’t risk word getting back to the wife that someone saw me going in one.

I couldn't go off and meet some guy because I work with my wife. Too hard to get away. So I resigned myself to reading about dick and dreaming.

That changed when I started... Continue»
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A hooker for my husband

I was enjoying a lazy relaxing morning, doing not very much at all. I’d showered, but not much more. I was sitting drinking a freshly made coffee, reading the Financial Times. I heard the door, and then my husband walked in. He looked serious.
“You’re home early, I wasn’t expecting you until at least seven! Coffee?” I asked.
“Please,” Hubby replied.
I poured him a coffee, strong. Black. I placed it in front of him, lightly kissed him on the cheek. Then re-tying my silk wrap, the only thing I had on, I sat back down. I waited, he’d tell me what was up, when he was ready.
“I’m on my way to... Continue»
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My Friend Saw My Wife’s Naked Pictures on my

I was going on a fishing/ camping trip with a bunch of buddies, and my buddy Dave and I were riding, and tenting together. We had both taken the day (Friday) off from work so that we could leave early, and make the long trek to the campsite, and start getting things set up. We made it to the camp, and we were riding around getting water and firewood, and etc. I pulled out my Blackberry to show Dave one of the videos I had on there of a girl walking into a laundromat and pulling up her dress to reveal her naked pussy and boobs, and turn slowly around in a circle, then walk out pulling her dress... Continue»
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Lets play a game.

“Jake where are you? This isn’t funny.”

I’d walked into his house to be met by the pitch black, suddenly, I felt two hands grip across my eyes.

“Jake for God’s sake stop it!” I heard an impish giggle coming from him as his hands slid down from my eyes to round my waist, I spun around to face him, my eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness as I saw his cheeky smile shining through even in this low light.

“What are you doing?” I questioned him.

“I thought we could play a little game Ashley” his eyes were lit up like a little boy, filled with excitement.

“Huh?” I asked with genuine c... Continue»
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Mother in Law 2

It was New Year and my wife and I traveled out to the Mother-in-Law's to see in the New Year. Just before the bells went I was asked to be the first foot as I am tall,dark and well two out of three isn't bad!

As the bells went and the ships sounded their horns, I knocked. My Mother-in-Law answered, going for the usual peck on the lips and hug it came as a surprise that she briefly parted her lips and I reciprocated. I felt her having a quick feel of my package, instantly giving me a semi! I responded with a quick grab of her fat arse.

The night continued quite uneventful apart from a few... Continue»
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A Sad Ending

This story is written from the son’s point of view.

I was 18 when my life changed forever. My dad ran off with his young secretary and my mom was devastated. I had the invite to move to Las Vegas with him, but I saw how low my mom was and decided to stay (this could have possibly been the worst decision of my life). Things seemed to get better for the both of us; my mom was dating again and having fun. I had a new girlfriend that I could have fun with whenever I pleased. Life seemed to be great. Then it happened I found out that my mom was getting remarried. I was happy at first, which was... Continue»
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Mum's Friend

My mother recently passed away at the ripe old age of 84. A few days after the funeral I went around to the house to clear some of the contents and pack some things away. I was just about to leave when the door bell rung. I packed the last few bits away and went down stairs to see who it was. On opening the door I was surprised to see Maggie my late mothers friend leaning against the wall outside, "I saw your car, can I come in and sit down for a bit" she said, "of course" I said "I'll make us a cuppa".

Maggie was slightly younger than my late mother, I couldn't be sure but my guess was lat... Continue»
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The first night out

They walked back to Steve and Susie’s place from the pub. Jim and Carla walked behind everyone in an air of nervous anticipation. Jim quipped, “She’s got a nice arse.”

Carla retorted, “Advantages of being 22. And stop rubbing your crotch in public.”

“Well, I can’t help I’ve been staring at your tits all night.”

As they enter the house Susie asks, “Anyone want a drink?”

Jim and Carla look at each other and after a moment’s hesitation Jim bleats out, “No, let’s just get down to it.”

Another moment of confusion then Steve says, “Bedroom.”

Steve and Susie rush off showing a ... Continue»
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dressup sissy introduced to cock

When i was a teenager i lived next door to a guy named Gary. we were friends for years but drifted apart as he was 3 or 4 years older than me, so when he discovered girls i didnt see him for a while. However, one summer he and his then girlfriend had a fight, so being at a loose end he would invite me over to watch movies and play video games.
one day we were watching a movie, when Gary suggested watching some of his dads pornos. i eagerly said yes. so for a few days we would watch porno from about 10 am till 4 pm when his mom came home. his dad seemed to have hundreds of movies. one movie w... Continue»
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First Time Sucked

I told in my previous story "First Time Groped" that I started to visit toilets hoping to have further gropes by men under the partition walls. So I kept going from toilets to toilets but with little success, except in the first one where I got my first grope. The toilet was always full both at the urinals and in the cubicles. Most times I had to wait on a cubicle becoming vacant and I stood there with many men also waiting. I can't say what age I was but you can subtract twentyfour from forty. While standing waiting I began to observe that men had their hands in their pockets fondling their o... Continue»
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c***d's Play

We sat in deck chairs and watched our c***dren play. My s*******n year old girl was chasing her cousins with a garden hose trying to soak my s****r’s two k**s, Jodie had them cornered and was spraying them mercilessly. Wade and Lexis my nephew and niece were my older s****r’s twins. Jodie and I were on vacation for a few days visiting to celebrate the twins eighteenth birthday two days before, Jodie was two months shy of eighteen but we feted her birthday with her cousins'. The big party was history but I was planning on two more nights at my s****r’s place before I took my daughter home. My b... Continue»
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