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Mrs K Pt1

Do you find that in this sometimes painful sometimes wonderful world of ours that life's pleasures are best enjoyed when they come unexpectedly? I do. That's how it was with me and Mrs Kellerman. Unexpected, and fine, very, very fine.

I met Mrs K when I was staying at my aunt's house one summer. At the time immediately before I met her, I was in a kind of down-hearted frame of mind. Shortly after I met her I was flying high on my own personal cloud. Now, I have a precise, precious memory of this beautiful, curvaceous woman of, I'd guess around her mid-fifties (it is rude to ask I've been to... Continue»
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Big titty hijabi Indian / paki / Muslim at Costa,

So a few weeks ago I was at my local Costa coffee just doing some work I had to finish on my day off work, as I looked up from my laptop my mouth sprung open as the barista brought my latte to my table, she wasn’t the girl who served me she must have just started her shift, she was wearing a bright pink hijab, which attracted me even more to her, her costa shirt was tight and I could see she had big tits, she wasn’t petite she was about a size 10-12 and short around 5 feet, she didn’t have much make up on but she had a cute face, I couldn’t take my eyes of her tits they was so big and I wasn’t... Continue»
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My teacher

Growing up I was never a fast learner. My grades were nothing to sing about, but I did pass each year, but if not by the skin of my teeth. When I made it to middle school, it wasn't much better, in face some clown put the alphabet in math. Guess someone thought it was funny.
My first semester was a nightmare, I couldn't make heads or tails of it. The teacher asked what the problem was, I told him I just don't understand it and math is my worse subject. Half way through the semester he called me to his desk and asked if a tutor would help, I said I hope it would but my mother couldn't affor... Continue»
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LaWhore in Lahore

Shazia awoke by the sound of banging iron gates, she opened her eyes staring at the lizard above her mattress, the small beam of sunlight shining through a letterbox sized window, Shazia had to adjust her eyes to where she at. The gate banging became louder as finally a brighter light came into her cell as the door opened. The police officer, with his thick moustache and grimy grin standing over her whipping he ass with his cane whilst instructing her assertively to get up.
Shazia jumped off the mattress in shock and fear, she looked down at herself and her new prison attire which was simply ... Continue»
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My First Doll Sex

Long story short, I got my hands on a pair of little bratz dolls. I had seen the doll cumming vids here on xhamster already, and certainly didn't dislike them. I also like how many doll lovers you can find on here.

I'm not talking about blow up dolls, or simulated faces with mouths, not that kind of thing. Nothing wrong with it, huge turn on... and if you look at my list of faves you will still see dolls like that as well as devices that don't look like anything human but that provide friction in some way shape or form to be applied to the shaft of the needy man's penis.

I love to cal... Continue»
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When he wants me

I'm a pretty assertive girl. But, like most people, I have another side.

And I let him take me, when he wants me. I let him take me how he likes to. Even though sometimes it hurts. Even though sometimes is scares me a little bit. I'm such a rational and careful person. I have my life in such good control. I think that's why sometimes I like to surrender control. Let me tell you about last time, to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. You can take your dick out if you like. You can stroke it and picture him doing this to me if you want to- because it's all true.

The cursor blinke... Continue»
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My first time ever!

The first time my f****y went on a vacation and left me alone I decided to walk to McDonald's to get my dinner. It was getting dark and starting to rain, I was about to be stuck in a bad storm when this red camaro pulled next to me. This voice told me to jump inside before it started raining harder.

When I got in this older (50's-60's) black man asked me why I was out so late in the rain. I told him my parents were on vacation and I was going to McDonald's to eat, Robert, the older black man told me that he'd drop me off or I could party with him at his condo.

We were talking and sitt... Continue»
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Marc and Moni part 4

It's not over yet Lamont tells hubby and I. I said you are mine for the week this only day 4. I listen to him as I am sucking his cock as to what he has in store for me. Hubby just listening and nodding knowing he has no choice at seeing his wife being used by Lamont and whoever he tells to.
Today we are going to the theatre . Going to a movie hubby says. Something like that Lamont laughs as he cums in my mouth for the 3rd time today. He tells me to get ready and shower, his girlfriend Michelle is bringing me some clothes to wear to go out. I do as he says as he gives Marc his instruct... Continue»
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Deceived Newlyweds

Looking at the wedding invitation in his hands from his frat b*****r, Tyrone Milton let his thoughts drift back to the end of his junior year in college. The invitation came from Brad Wilton, the frat b*****r who had beaten him out of the coveted office of president of the fraternity for their senior year of college. He began to fume as he tossed the invitation off to the side of his desk. "That fucker! I owe him one!" he muttered loudly.

The fraternity that Tyrone and Brad Wilson had joined, in their freshman year, was one of the best in the college. The frat was noted to accept only thos... Continue»
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Danielle is a SLUT (Day One)

It was a humid August evening, rain was in the forecast after a week of high temperatures. She walked briskly through the moonlight lit park, checking her high value watch as she went. Despite the beads of sweat forming on her brow she pulled her fur-lined jacket tighter around her toned body. 2:15am, if she wasn't careful she'd be late and it would delay the rest of her schedule. Adrenaline coursed through her entire body and a smile spread across her face as she approached the bench that was her destination.

She looked around, checking up and down the paths for any nearby people before s... Continue»
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Taking the boy to the country

5:00 showed up earlier than I wanted. I got up, made coffee and toast, thinking we'd eat on the road. I went to get the boys up. I walked into Roberts room, turning the light on I see Robert had turned over and Danny was laying up against him. Pulling the sheets back I see Danny must of fucked Robert during the night, and now he has Roberts dick in his hand. I come over and sit on the bed, I run my hand over Dannys back and down to his butt. Kneading his cheeks, Danny moaned, and moved a leg giving me access to his hole. Fighting temptations, I just rub his butt and reach over and rub Roberts ... Continue»
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Weightloss Clinic

Four years ago, without my knowledge, my wife and daughter were introduced to the life of black breeding. My wife at the time was 34 years old, our daughter had just turned 18, and I was 37.

This is how it all began and how I remember it. My daughter got caught up with the idea that she was overweight and wanted to do something drastic to lose the weight. She and my wife are almost identical in size and shape so I can tell you their measurements, 38 b-28-38 at 5?9? and 130 lbs. I thought they were just fine.

Well, Sam (short for Samantha) my wife, and Anna talked it over for a week and... Continue»
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Guildlines for HotWives

OK, you have heard about "hot wives," married white women who take black lovers, generally hunky young studs. It sounds sexy but a little scary, too. You have lots of questions and uncertainties and many of you have written to my b*****r, Homer Vargas for advice. Well, he has asked me to respond because this is something better handled between us girls. With two grown daughters who have given me six biracial grandc***dren, three biracial c***dren ages 3, 2, and 1, by as many black men, and another bun in the oven, I've "been there done that."

Probably your first question is "Why should I b... Continue»
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A sissy story

From the time I was very young, I've known I was "different". I was fascinated with women's and girls' clothing and shoes. Like all little sissy-boys, I loved girlish "dress-ups". But I didn't have to sneak my mother's adult-size clothing, because I had a s****r who was my same size -- my fraternal twin. And she didn't even mind when I tried on her things! I'm Christopher, by the way, and my s****r's name is
Andrea. I usually went by "Chris"... but when she and I were alone, and I was being girlish (which was often), I got a special thrill out of being called "Christine".

Looking back on ... Continue»
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He was sitting on the floor cross legged completely absorbed with something on TV, not paying attention to anything else. I was feeling antsy, bored, restless and I couldn’t find anything to keep me entertained and my cousin’s focus on the TV irked me for some reason. He was wearing a Steelers ball cap, partially out of habit and partially to keep his unkempt black hair out of his eyes. He wore a pair of faded jeans so old the knees were white where the material had worn thin and a ratty dark blue Calvin and Hobbs T-shirt. For some reason the nonchalant dress co... Continue»
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Excerpts from Frida's teen Diary. Page21

As a girl, like most girls, our diaries contain some aspects of our experiences, of growing up, and developing into a woman, secrets we take to our graves, unless our intimate writings of the time, are discovered, read, and relived in the minds of the living, of the time my pen touched the scented paper, of my diary.

That's why good diaries are a treasure trove, and full of teenage sex, at a time when it was supposed to be i*****l.

I want to recall an incident on page 21, when I was sixteen, and at training college for, 'Catering and Hotel Management'.

Summer saw me stationed away f... Continue»
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Caught by daughter inlaw 2

Sorry it has taken so long to get back but life happens and things are put on hold !

In story one I was caught smelling my daughter inlaws panties! She videoed me jacking off into them,
licking my cum from her fingers and then threatened to show every one if I didn't do as she said.
This fills in from were I left off driving to her house.

I cant belive whats happened in the last month. I went from a normel guy looking at sexy girls asses and tits to being
a cum eating, toy ,slave to my daughter inlaw ! It was a mistake and I m paying for it now. It wo... Continue»
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Jessica and the strong man

This story carries on with some of Jessica's naughty adventures as she delves deeper and deeper into becoming a cross dressing sissy slut. You can read the previous two part story of her first meet on my profile.

After that first meet with "John" at the hotel, Jessica was doing all she could to meet people and get more experience sucking and fucking cocks. She'd managed to get a few meets, nothing special but it all counted on the learning curve. Then, one night while sitting online and chatting in one of her usual chat rooms, a private message popped up from someone called "musclefck". Nev... Continue»
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Love & Romance with my Owner aunty

Dear All,

I am starting the story about “Love & Romance with my Owner aunty”. Hope you all like this story and support me to make it a big success.
It was 8 years ago, I got a job in a good company. I was looking for a house. I tried many houses but couldn’t get a nice house. Finally I reached a house. It seems to be a good house. I just rang the bell. The door opened and a boy came outside and asked “what do you need?”.
I told I saw the board outside “To-let” so I came to ask about the house. He went inside and was shouting that someone has come at door. I was standing quietly outside. ... Continue»
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Lesbian Lover Whips Me For Cheating

I turned sideways and looked at my back in the mirror, there were a two red whip marks on my back from where my girlfriend Angela had whipped me the night before. The rest of the eight lashes I received last night were on my ass. I just hoped they healed before my husband came back from his business trip. I knew he was getting suspicious of the red marks that were appearing on my back and ass but I told him it was a rash. I could tell he was beginning to doubt me and suspected Angela had something to do with it. If he only knew that Angela had introduced me to sadomasochism and I loved it.
... Continue»
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