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Sucking Each Other's Cock - Chapter 5, pt 2

Continuation of my “Sucking Each Other’s Cock” stories. Please go to my profile to read earlier chapters. If you like them please rate and comment. Thanks!!

...the rest of chapter 5

Jason went to get us a couple of beers and I got up and went to the desk drawer to get my “surprise”, a home made toy. I had discovered over the years since I first started masturbating that sometimes I liked a little anal stimulation when I was really horny. It started with me spitting on my middle finger of my left hand and putting my hand under my ass. I would rub my puckered little asshole while ... Continue»
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By Amanda Wrighter


9:13 AM


Veronica Alvarez was thirty two years old, a mother, and a writer for the online news blog, The Unappreciated Truth. Sadly, she had nothing to write about. For the most part, it had been a practically uneventful week in the media and the world. Her editor had called to nag her three times already since Monday and here it was nearing Thursday and she’d yet to turn in a single headline for the fledgling, independent new site.
“He’s gonna can me,” she muttered to herself as she stood u... Continue»
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Sex on a Cruise Ship

Many cruise lines allow passengers to buy bottles of liquor on the day before debarkation and take them to your cabin. Since we were in a celebratory mood I bought a liter of Bourbon and later picked up some canned Coke from one of the bars. In our cabin we drank enough to be high and still carried a mixed drink each to a more secluded part of the ship that we found earlier. This area provided good sun, a hot tub and fewer fellow passengers. There were two families there from England who were friends and traveling together. We finished our drinks and I ordered more from the bar as we were havi... Continue»
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Lilprincess's slutty story

The tale of this sexy insatiable cumslut starts on a night that she had no idea would end in her filled and covered in cum.

On the night in question she attended an evening out with her hubby NuNu who had taken her to the cinema followed by a nice meal at their favourite restaurant. She had expected to be heading home after they had eaten, so found herself a little confused when they arrived outside a local hotel after leaving the restaurant but became curious to see what else NuNu had planned for her.
They check-in and make their way to the penthouse suit, to her excitement they... Continue»
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Losing my Virginity

It started during summer before my junior year of high school. I was (not) only 16, innocent. Internet social media started to get really big, blogging and anonymous questioning. So there's this site, Tumblr where you can blog and people can ask you questions. I didn't have many followers, mostly friends and random people I knew of at school. One night a hot black guy that had just graduated asked me something. ME. I was so young and he seemed to be so mature that something lured me towards him. He gave me his number and I could not believe it. We texted for a while then one late night, he sai... Continue»
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Gay and His Biker Bowling Buddy

I ‘m kind of a gay twink in his early twenties who works at a small construction company in town that has its own bowling team. Don, a local biker who operated a bulldozer for us found out I had a 180 average and asked me to join the team. Well, on the first night bowling Don who was much older than me had the body of a six foot tall body builder made me so horny I could scream. I had to have that man and have him now!!! Don sensed the same thing and after our three games we hit the bar. I made no pretense that I was gay and was available for his enjoyment if he wanted me.

As it turned ... Continue»
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F(a)mily camping trip - Part 2

F(a)mily camping trip - Part 2
Sub Title…Naughty f(a)mily fun! – Part 2

--------- Chapter 3

Early Saturday morning
The Shower Building…

Mary lay…wondering how it had all happened for a while…sensations flowing wildly through her body…she felt a love for him now, more powerful and deeper than for any lover she ever had…

She lay, listening to her sons breathing as he sl(e)pt. Her pussy was full of her son’s cum and it felt good as it seeped out, running along the crack of her ass...she felt of her pussy, touching it tenderly, she licked her fingers clean…smi... Continue»
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Mrs. Smith {Part III}


I knew id never be able to sl**p knowing my kitchen window wouldn't lock so I went to the garage and got a hammer and some nails and nailed it shut. I then thought I should print out a copy of that filthy pic on my computer in case I had to get the police involved. But when I went to my computer, the email was gone. I knew I hadn't deleted it so I didn't know what happened. I knew Ponte was a wiz with computers so I decided in the morning id call his mom and have her ask him to come over. Although in the back of my mind I still had doubts, I thought no way was the erection in tho... Continue»
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He Is Away, Pinay Do Play

Here is an email which I recently received from my lovely, intelligent, and sexy Filipina girl friend. We have been sharing our love and our sexual lives and sexuality for several years. Long ago we made an agreement. Since I travel a lot and since she enjoys her sex life, she has had some other lovers when I am gone; I encourage to fuck another guy if she wants. She always (?) tells me about her sexy times and shares pictures of her and her other lovers. A couple times she even called so I could listen to them. And once she was on her webcam as she unzipped his pants and sucked his cock... Continue»
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Meeting Myra for the first time – Part 1 of

Meeting Myra for the first time – Part 1 of 2

I have been Chatting with a Married couple with a teenage daughter and I met them last year…here is some of what we did together over the week I spent with them. I have changed their names…to protect the NOT so Innocent…

It is late at night…the house is quite….and Myra stirred in her sl**p…

Uncle Mark stood at the side of her bed, wearing just underwear that were tented by his hard throbbing cock. It was past 2’oclock in the morning; the dim moon light from the window was just barely enough to let him see Myra. He could see he... Continue»
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Meeting Myra for the first time – Part 2 of

Meeting Myra for the first time – Part 2 of 2

I have been Chatting with a Married couple with a teenage daughter and I met them last year…here is some of what we did together over the week I spent with them. I have changed their names…to protect the NOT so Innocent…

A few hours later…that same morning…Myra is leaving the bathroom after her shower. Her mother, Cindy is waiting outside the door for her…

“We need to talk about a few things, Sweetie…lets go to my bedroom so we can talk.” Cindy said, as she led her young teenage daughter to her room, once in the room they sa... Continue»
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F(a)mily camping trip - Part 1

F(a)mily camping trip - Part 1
Sub Title…Naughty f(a)mily fun! – Part 1

--------- Chapter 1

Mid Friday morning…

“Wait up, Aunt Mary,” Natalie called. Mary stopped and turned to back to look at her young teenage niece. They were walking the nature trails near their camp site.

“I gotta pee,” Nat said, stepping off the trail.

They were almost back to their camp site; they had spent the last few hours hiking around the cliff overlook of the fjord. They had set up camp earlier that morning and, at Steve’s insistence, had taken to the hiking trails soon after.

S... Continue»
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my math teacher fucking my twink ass day 2

so this is the day after my first session with my math teacher.

I'm sitting in the back room and he calls from the front that it's closing time so everyone leaves and I just sit there, waiting for him to come back and see me sitting there. He walks back and is surprised I'm still here and says, "Oh, I thought everyone had left. What are you still doing here?"

"I just thought that we could pick up where we left off yesterday?? Maybe we could try a different..... equation to plug your solution into."

He gets a huge smile on his face and says he doesnt have any condoms or anything. I lea... Continue»
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Mama T's big tits on a hot night swim

A mature African woman, taking a dip at night, when a skinny white dude walks by…. You will just have to read the story to see what happens!!


The air conditioner was broken and the rain that fell just before sun down only served to make the air feel like you should cut it with a knife before trying to breath it!. So I went to the refrigerator, grabbed a couple of beers and decided to take a walk until I got tired enough to fall asl**p.

So it was tha... Continue»
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Choir Director Pt 2

The Choir Director Pt 2

It's been two weeks since the first time Joshua fucked me senseless and we have gotten together at least four days a week . Joshua said that his b*****r will be here on Friday and when I heard that my pussy got so wet you might have thought that I was in the shower . I wanted both of them to fill my holes as often as possible . When I told Joshua he laughed and said girl we are going to fuck you so much you may not be able to walk, Rashawn would love to fuck your sweet ass while I **** your cunt . Are you sure that you really want this? Oh fuck yeah I loved it wh... Continue»
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Jr. Prom 5

My Jr. Prom-5


Bob pulled up his pants and we went into the living room to play video
games on the big screen. We rolled around on the floor, sat cross legged,
played video games and talked like we always did.

After about 15 minutes, Bob was putting up a tent in his pants. I continued
to play video games and thought about what a turn on it was to know I was
making him hard. I smiled and could feel my pussy getting wet.

After about 30 minutes, Bob was having trouble getting comfortable. I
giggled, got up and got us some sodas. I wiggled my ass for him... Continue»
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chhoti behan ki chudai

hi, mera naam Sandy hai. mai 30saal ka hun. mai aap logoko meri sachhi kahani batana chahta hun. ye kahani aaj se 13 saal pahale ki hai. us samay mai 17saal ka tha. meri s****r mujse 6saal choti hai aaj vo 24 saal ki hai. 13 saal pahale vo 11 saal ki thi. meri bahan kaa naam Harsha hai.

mujhe us time se hi porn film dekhne kaa bahot shouk tha. us time computer nahi tha ,lekin cable pe roj raat ko porn film dikhate the. mai roj dekhta tha. roj moot marta tha. ek raat jab mai film dekh rahatha. mai ne apni s*s ki taraf dekha. vo so rahi thi usne petikot pahana tha. peti kot uske kamarse uppe... Continue»
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I finally fucked Jessica after 10 years

My name is Steve I'm a 28 year old good looking, well hung Greek-American expat currently living in California, visiting Greece almost every summer. For more than 10 years I have been mutually addicted to this girl Jessica from Astoria, New York. She is a neighbor of mine in a summer resort beach area near Corinth. Along with her f****y and four s****rs, like me she comes here for vacation every mid-July. I wanted to fuck this slut from a very young age. As far as I can remember she was the reason I got my first hard erection. All these years she thought of me as something unworthy. A normal e... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part4

I woke up the next day and wandered down stairs where my k**s were eating breakfast and my wife, who had three strangers and me fuck her ass last night, was busy happily unpacking more boxes.
After a coffee i stepped outside and decided to check out my new shed at the bottom of the garden.
For an hour or so i unpacked my tools and checked out the few items that the previous owners had left and then i heard voices coming from over the fence.
Stepping over to the fence i thought i would introduce my self to our neighbours at the bottom of the garden and maybe find some normal people in this s... Continue»
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Mothers Underwear

I discovered the delights of my Mum's underwear when I was about 12. What happened was dad used to leave for work at about 7am, so I would go join my Mum in her bed and have a cup of tea with her before getting up.

Mum was 45 and in good shape for her age, 5,04 tall with a 36B bust and narrow waist with big hips, she worked in an office so always wore a skirt which was either a pleated type or a straight pencil type skirt. Not tight at all as Mum was very prim & proper. This would be with a blouse on top or a tight sweater. Her bras always made her breasts quite pointy.

Anyway back to ... Continue»
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