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First male experience part 1

It pitch black...I can't see anything...this older guy has his hand on my leg, slowly moving it up my leg ...getting closer and closer to my hard cock. I had never been in this kind of situation before....I was high as could be, with my body rushes going on like never before. I was mostly afraid....even though my cock was enjoying the anticipated touch....I had only fooled around a bit with my younger s****r at this point....certainly nothing ever with a guy.....being high and scared....I just froze and hoped the other guys would show up, or this guy would just stop and say he was k**ding or s... Continue»
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The Secret Watcher: Part 1 Her Story

Another year, another boring-ass convention. But there were new places to eat and old friends to see. Even old friends to avoid. AND it was time again to sit through another safety lecture, that or quit the profession. HOW was I going to survive!


I was staying at the Hilton for 2 reasons : the rewards program and I am a lazy-ass. At least the lecture was in the hotel tomorrow morning. It was getting late and was dark by the time I got to my room . I push past the d***k, but cute sales reps who cannot seem to open their door, to get to my room. Great! we are fu... Continue»
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How I Found My Frist BBC

Well I guess I will start by telling u about my self. My name is Tony I am 6'2 270(just a beer gut) 6"c and I like to dress Up like a Slut. I have lots of Tattoos the reason I use to shave my body, and no one knows I do this in my day to day. It all started when I took my frist Cruise. I was going on a week long one with 3 sea days.

On the fist Day it happened I was In the spa just got done with My Message and went into the steam room. I was in there for about 10 mins. when the door opened. That is when he walked in Tall Black And sexy w****d in a towel un like me in shorts and thong... Continue»
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Crossdresser Dominated Part 2

Sorry to everyone that this took so long to finish but i really wanted to try and make it a good setup for future stories. I already have the next part in mind so hopefully that will cut down on the time. Hope everyone enjoys. <3<3<3

Chapter 2: Day One with Jake

“Hello?” Bill said answering his phone
“Hi Bill, it's me.” I said hoping he would recognize my voice sounding more girly then it was.
“I was wondering how long it would be before you caved in and call me. So you ready to be a part time sissy bitch?
“Yes, I was born ready.” I replied
“That’s what i like to... Continue»
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Four guys for me in the ladies room

Four guys for me in the ladies room

After completeing my exercises in the gym, I went to the ladies room and took a nice warm shower. Wrapped on a long towel, I sat down on a bench and looked for my panties inside my bag.

Suddenly I was surrounded by four huge guys; all of them Young and muscled; all wearing a towel at their waists.

“Guys, I think you are in the ladies room” I said; my voice shaking a little.

"What's your name?" One of them asked. I answered telling my name.

"Well, Ana, my name is Tommy. My friends and I watched you taking a shower. You got such a sexy beautif... Continue»
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Taken and liked it...

I was in the locker room at school, just got out of the shower when I heard footsteps...i stopped cold and listen....not a sound. My heart was racing, pounding so hard I could swear it echoed through out the locker room. I took a breath and a step...again the sound of footsteps.
Fear gripped me as I hurried to my I bent over to grab my shorts...the locker door slammed shut...I fell back over the dressing feet went up as i fell, the towel that was wrapped around my waist rose exposing my gentiles...
Struggling to see who or what slammed my locker, I saw one of the p... Continue»
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Pussy Delivery

My husband had lost his job and we were needing money real bad. I had a full time job but took this job at a pizza place to bring in a little more. It was a help. I worked the front counter and it was not hard but it was long hours for not alot of money. Then one night one of the guys walked off the job. We were really busy but managed to get most of everything done. I had helped to deliver several orders and we had one more so I took it as it was on my way home. I stopped by the hotel and went to the room. It was two younger guys, well younger than me as I am in my mid forties. I think they... Continue»
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Faculty Affair

"I really should not be doing this!" I said to myself as walked down the hallway toward to gym.

My nerves were on edge but I also could feel the lust already burning in my bl**d. My conscience told me what I was about to do was wrong and a betrayal of my marital vows but the worst feeling was the self-doubt that was at the heart of my inner fears.

“What if he is not interested?” I asked myself.

Just then I turned the corner and almost collided with the Principal, Mrs. Warren.

"Hi there Kate. You are here late. Is ther... Continue»
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Friends with benefits

Hi guys am not new on this site but I just discovered today that the story page is way more functional than I thought. I personally have a lot to share and I will gladly post them here for fun. My stories are personal life experiences no twists, no turns 100% true events. In few cases, i may change names of characters to protects the identities of my friends. This article may contain unfamiliar slangs and sentences that are only peculiar to my society but am pretty a huge part will make so much sense to you. At least fucking is a global word. lol

Many of you would agree with me that sometim... Continue»
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The Nurse

It was Sunday night and I was returning from another long trip from Europe. This business trip left me jet lagged and tired. In addition, I had come down with something. My schedule left me way too busy to stop and see a doctor like I should have. I just knew that I could gut out whatever was ailing me. I was positive the orange juice and vodka screwdriver that I had on the plane would get rid of the cold sweat and chills that I had on the eight hour flight home. The persistent cough and wheezing in my chest was something I was sure that I could ignore. Stuffed in economy with my head ready to... Continue»
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Whore Street

bylittle Sebastian

It was just too many nights, that I had not been fucked, so I decided for the best way of hunting for cocks, another night as a hooker.

First the outfit. Tight pink half shirt that zipped in the front, padded leather bra with "B" cups, black leather mini skirt and thigh high black fishnet stockings. I packaged my manhood in the tightest jock strap that I could squeeze into. Then came the bright red lipstick and make up.

I must say I think that I looked like the hottest whore I had ever seen. Looking at myself that way made me incredibly horny.

It was now time t... Continue»
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My Friends House Part 3

I heard the car door slam. I panicked and hid under her bed. I heard the front door open.

At this point I was shaking as hell.

‘Oh my god, what was it I was doing here? It’s fucking crazy! I’m here in my friend’s house in his mother's clothes, covered in cum, hiding under his mom bed...and his mom is coming in the house right now!’

I almost wanted to cry right there!

I heard her going around in the house. She came in her room; I did not pip a sound. I looked to the side; she had some red high heels on with white pantyhose. Oh my, she hasn't taken off her uniform! I had the same clo... Continue»
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My Friends House part 2

The next morning, after I slept like a baby, after that great wank, I stood up from the bed and saw my friend was not there. I called on him, but no one responded. I went to the kitchen where I saw this note on the table.

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve already left for work. So when you leave, please lock the door after you.
And hide the key - you know where.

I saw the key on the table. And thought to myself, ‘Hmm...I'm alone in the whole house right now!’

His mom was a stewardess on a plane, so I knew she would not come home for at least 2 days again. Wow, this is great! ... Continue»
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My Friends House Part 1

Well this story starts a long time ago. Can't remember what age I was, but I think it was around 18.

This one time I slept over with a friend of mine. We watched a movie, played games, etc. Then his mom knocked on the door and told us it was time for bed, because my friend had to get up for work.

I saw his mom stand in black nylons with short cowboy jeans on. I kept staring at her feet, and my cock started to get aroused. She was a tall lady and had pretty big feet for a woman, but still they looked so nice. I saw my friend looking at me, and I stared down the floor, hoping he did not se... Continue»
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First time sex in a moving vehicle.

I was surfing the net as usual, answering E-mail and yes checking out pictures and videos. I came across one e-mail from a guy that was interested in me fucking his girlfriend. He sent me a video and some pictures of his woman and she was smoking hot!! They talked about her being with another manbut never followed through. One day while they were surfing the net they came across my profile and some pictures I posted. She got interested again as did he. We set up a meeting in a local cafe and had some coffee and conversation. We hit it off really well and she began to rub my leg with her foot. ... Continue»
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She Stole My Wife Ch. 03 (Turnabout)

Turnabout is fair play.

Kim came home , still dressed in workout clothes and sweaty from a long session. When she realized Andrea was gone and would be out for sometime, she stepped into my room.

"So, you fucked Karen, didn't you?"

"Yes I did."

"I didn't think you had it in you."

"You were wrong."

"Andy tells me you always had a high sex drive, how did you manage without? A little internet porn? Spend all night in here alone jerking off? Feel like less of a man, losing your woman?"

I didn't respond. She didn't deserve it.

"Enjoy your little peephole?"

So she ... Continue»
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It's All About You... #2

You go two weeks without the urgency, the need. At the same time, your pussy still feels the licking and the pounding, and one morning you awaken with your nightgown on the floor, your middle finger inside your pussy up to the second knuckle, drifting in and out of you, slippery with more juices than you thought you would have this soon.

In the shower, you set the shower to a stinging spray on your nipples, as you drive your blue friend in and out of your cunt, taking only a few thrusts to reach orgasm. It’s not exactly what or who you want, but good enough, and you keep your moans quiet ... Continue»
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The Ritual

Wearing the traditional terrycloth robe, Jon overheard a snicker as the Helper cleaned up the bathroom after his shower. Today was a special day at the Great Manor House. The man had gone through this ancient ritual annually, to satisfy the Order's original charter. He wondered who had been selected to perform the ritual, but again, it did not really matter, as the result would be the same. Perhaps it would be a foreign Member, who he had not met. That was unlikely, as his travels had been wide and he knew all the Members who might be chosen.

Outside the Great House, he heard a commotion ne... Continue»
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Adventures of a Sex Addict

I have always been intrigued by anything to do with sex. When I was 5 or 6 years of age I would find myself looking in the Sears catalog at the women's bras and panties section. I don't know why but it was just so interesting to me. Then, when I was 8 I hit the mother load. My parents had a collection of adult cartoons as well as playboys and other type nudie magazines.

I remember reading them and staring at all the pictures of both women & men. Some of the cartoons had pictures of humans with a****ls. That too was very exciting to me. I never really had an orgasm when I would look at these... Continue»
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How do you get his own mother for f ....:

Ideal: You live with her and she is single !!

If not, let you come up with something to live for a few days with her. Some problems in your apartment, craftsmen etc.
Then check whether she sl**ps with ajar or door slightly opened. This make almost all women like that. Door open? Perfect. Then at night with HALF stiff cock in the next room light on, make some noise and position it so the mother definitely sees everything. The next night is the door still? Great!! Again the whole with a hard bar. Then light and hear what Mom then be making. Groped... Continue»
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