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Cuckold's Chat with a bull!

Are you the husband of Lene? I have seen your wife for many years if you are and have wanted to visit your country in particular to have her for a week or so.

Yes, I am!

An amazing woman whom I would love to pleasure on your behalf

Sounds good! You should do!

Yes, when I get over there I will most definitely have you two visit me for a weekend or week of fun and debauchery.

For you and my wife it will be horny fucking, for me a horny disgrace.

You might enjoy cleaning her used holes or entertaining us by fucking a bottle.

I will love to entertai... Continue»
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when my cuz when to pick up the oz of cocaine

I was buying a oz of cocaine my cuz would not let me or his wife go with him I was sas that he didn't want his wife to drive but he said it was ok so I gave him the cash to buy it and he took off with his mate I sat down a packed a pipe of wet meth and blazed up then renee walk in and asked me about jake I said he asked if I would let him sux me off I told him yer he could so I sat back in the chair and he started to sux me off while puffing on a pipe then I blew and he licked me clean and I asked if he done steven he sid yes and that's how he was staying on the floor in the lounge room then r... Continue»
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Summer in USA 5th part (Public Sex 10th part)

Vacation in USA was really nice. I spent almost 45 days enjoying in beautiful nature and nice company of my host - Mr. Bailey. After camping experience ( I was traveling with Mr. Bailey all over USA. Still it was time to go back home, so I came home in August.

Tourist season in Croatia was at the peak and again I got plenty of offers over net. Soon I get in touch with interesting and kinky man. He was in early 30s, fit and full of energy and hot ideas. After two weeks of regular hot fun over net he proposed to me quite exciting idea. Of... Continue»
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Caught Out Part 1

As I sit here day by day I watched the world go by. Social media makes and breaks relationships. Partners phones tablets laptops old all kinds of secrets. I've never been one to pry or read personal messages of a phone. But for some reason curiosity got the better of me.
My partner Mrs B woke up like every morning. Big Bed hair , curvaceous body, lovely legs bit of a belly and a pretty face. As she got up kissed my head and headed to the bathroom.Her phone buzzed. Message from whoever. She came in the bedroom pick up her phone. She gave out a silly little giggle and a long good sounding ummm... Continue»
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His version and mine

Before my wife and I were married we lived together. Well I was drinking and being a ass and she got fed up with it and moved out. Well I realized how bad I fucked up and got straightened out right away. Well she was going to make me suffer. It was almost 2 weeks later and she wasn't talking to me yet. Some friends talked me into going out with them but I said I was done with drinking and would only have soda. Well we went to a couple of places that I thought she may be at but no luck. There was one place left a meat market but once we went in there she was. I was really surprised she was ... Continue»
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Madges Visit

The last week has been a roller coaster of emotions for the wife. I’ve needed to take care of her needs some physical some physiological and in return she has once again become my cock slut.

The arse fucking over the breakfast bar lifted her spirits and she started to get her act in order. Starting with the constant stream of people fixing waxing and generally buffing her, first fixing the chipped and lost nails returning them to former glory long and red and they look great around my cock working the shaft, cupping my ball sack, with my spunk over them or in and out of her cunt covered in ... Continue»
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Joanna "JoJo" Levesque. “OHHHHH YE

DDR was a normal guy, without any money, until one day, his LUCK changed and won a stay at a hotel, where he met Hilary Duff, and got to score with her. As time passed, he got luckier and luckier, boning Hilary on many more occasions, winning the lotto, and scoring a job as a top secret celebrity man whore. In the “LUCK” ten part series, he fucked Hilary Duff, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Lindsay Lohan, LaLaine, Fefe Dobson, Shakira, Haylie Duff, Christina Millian, & Beyonce Knowles. After a confrontation with a part human, part artificial intelligence person named 9, he now po... Continue»
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When Helen was tired they all slept in the motel room til the next morning. Helen awoke early and slowly pulled back the covers on Gordon and exposed his cock. Her cunt-smell was still on his cock and she could taste his cum as she started to suck his fat but soft cock and as she sucked he began to get hard in her mouth.
As he woke she motioned to him to be quiet as she sucked his fat cock so that they didn't wake her hubby beside them. She wanted to fuck Gordon without her hubby knowing.
They carefully got off the bed and got onto the single bed beside the double.
Helen lay down on her ba... Continue»
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SummLawns Chapter 3

Chapter 3

One morning, when it was getting too hot to work, he stopped and wandered round the garden. Suddenly to his horror he saw the young girl. Charles had no idea who she was or what she was doing here. But one horrible truth was sure.

Charles usually laid his jacket near the large oak tree. There stood the girl taking his wallet from the pocket.

“Hey, what the hell's going on there!” Charles shouted.

The girl saw him straight away, and clutching the wallet ran off into the garden. The boy quickly chased after her, and trapped her in the heart of th... Continue»
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A New Slave

A new slave

CHAPTER 1 – Daniel gets k**napped

I have never considered myself as straight or gay, I just don't know. I
guess I just go with the norm, you know, it's expected of you to be with
the opposite sex.

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Daniel. I'm about five foot
six inches, eighteen and very skinny and always have been. I have fairly
short brown hair and some people say slightly feminine looks. I'm extremely
shy around just about everyone and don't have many friends. I'm fanatical
about star wars, dungeon and dragons and Marvel comics. Yep, you guessed
... Continue»
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unexpected fun

After a long day at work I often enjoy going to a local bar and having a few drinks. It's a quiet and dimly lit bar that is a little off the beaten track. I can almost always find an isolated booth in a corner and just relax. This night, however, was an exception. The bar wasn't packed, but all the booths were occupied by at least one other person, and there were no empty stools at the bar. A waitress approached me and told me that she could seat me at a booth with only one other person if that was OK with me. She then pointed to the back of the bar where a woman was sitting all alone. I wasn'... Continue»
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The Adventures of Peter and Louise A memory from

After my marriage ended I separated, and found myself now free to explore my bi side. To most people and friends, I gave the impression that I was dead straight! well kind of, I had gone into public toilets and wanked while reading the naughty stories that would be written on the walls in those days, I would also toss off at some of the gay stories and letters published in Forum.

My breakup had not been easy and my ex said to me “ be honest with any girl in the future and tell them that you are bisexual.” I understand that now and it was advice I followed and pleased I did.
So I w... Continue»
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Aunt helped in Defloration...

How Aunt helped Popping my Cherry........

She held me in her arms and kissed me delicately. She e****ted us to the Stage at the center of the hall. Neena was holding my hand while Aunty was kissing me on my mouth . Aunty was young and beautiful and had large boobs. While she held me, our boobs were crushing against each other...I could feel her tongue was trying to f***e it's entry in my mouth. Her tongue felt nice playing with my tongue.....
The invited guests sitting all around, were clapping. She slowly lowered me on the thick mattress o... Continue»
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Of all the places Tom had seen so far, Bangkok was his favorite. Despite
the overwhelming heat of the Thai climate, strolling through the back
streets of Sukhumvit Road seemed to energise him. The smell of the spicy
street food, the noise of the cars and tuktuks that seemed to be
permanently stuck in traffic, the view at a colorful urban jungle, where
trendy bars, shabby tailors and high end hotels had fought for the best
available locations and had settled down in a way that wouldn't have made
sense anywhere else in the world. It was this chaos that he was taking
in. This was what... Continue»
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I got a raise and so did my boss


I’d been away on business for a week and I knew Donna would either be gagging for it or would have satisfied herself with someone whilst I was away. I rang her as the taxi neared our house and I could tell she was gagging for it. Tim, my boss, was with me and I told Donna that he’d be calling in for a chat about the trip.

As we walked in through the door Tim and I made our way to the conservatory as Donna made some drinks, she was wearing a black skirt and a white blouse, the usual no bra, had me all worked up as soon as I saw her, as she knew it would. I left Tim a... Continue»
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Calebs Education


He was straight! Jesus, he was straight and had never done anything queer
in his whole 21 years. He was as stud, known around campus as a big man,
jock, girl fucker. And he had fucked lots and lots of girls. They loved his
big fat, leaky dick. They texted each other about his fuckmeat, and he'd
seen some of them. He was good looking too. With his short buzz hair cut
and his slender but muscular smooth young body, he looked a bit like Joseph
Gordon-Levit. He'd fucked his first girl when he was fifteen and not
stopped since. And he was a nice guy. A really friendly, popu... Continue»
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The Horny McCormicks

The Horny McCormicks

Paradise McCormick walks into the house she shares with her husband, tosses her purse on the entry table, and slams the door. Her slick body drenched by rain water stands in silhouette under the glare of the overhead chandelier. All legs with an hourglass shape sitting on top of them and water droplets slipping down every inch like the sand trickling out each minute detail. Her beautiful features are reddened by the cold touch of the wet covering her with a slight blue ting circling the rose pedal of her lips. Her glaring dark green eyes stare off down the hall towards ... Continue»
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Biggest Black Meat Ever

“Shit” I said when his big black dick pushed slowly in my dark hole. My ass was up and my face in the carpet, his left hand was pushing my back down while his right hand held on to my hip. I closed my eyes as I felt his inches dig deeper in my ass. “Remember to breath” I said to myself as I grip the carpet, this was the first time him and me were fucking and he did say I wouldn’t be able to handle it… Now I see why. This guy had to have at least 14 inches of black meat, and I do mean black. When he started to pull out to the tip, I swear I probably took only three inches before he pushed back ... Continue»
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The Morning after..

As I open my eyes my head instantly aching from the sun beating down on my face

ending long night of partying with my friends Shan and Lala. I look around my hotel


The sheets laying on the floor, the tv on mute, and the drap3s spread wide open and

my clothes missing from my body.. then I realize the shower running in the bathroom

..quickly trying to get up I collapse back onto the bed my knees weak and numb and

the insides of my pussy feeling painfully sore..i hold onto the blanket and find a

purple dildo sitting on the bed..

Using all my strength I stand... Continue»
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Motel Fuckslut

When Helen was tired they all slept in the motel room til the next morning. Helen awoke early and slowly pulled back the covers on Gordon and exposed his cock. Her cunt-smell was still on his cock and she could taste his cum as she started to suck his fat but soft cock and as she sucked he began to get hard in her mouth.
As he woke she motioned to him to be quiet as she sucked his fat cock so that they didn't wake her hubby beside them. She wanted to fuck Gordon without her hubby knowing.
They carefully got off the bed and got onto the single bed beside the double.
Helen lay down on her ba... Continue»
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