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I was asked to volunteer for an undercover assignment and I jumped at the
chance. It involved an operation designed to break up a major porn
operation that was feeding stills and videos to several very successful web sites.
So far, the agency had been unable to find anything i*****l about the group'
s operations. There was no chance of infiltrating anyone into the
production side because it was too tightly controlled.
The only way in would be to insert an agent posing as a bondage model.
That's where I came in. My name is Amanda Adams and although I was almost
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The Bet Gay

I had an experience when I was nineteen and in college that I’ll never forget. My college was not a “commuter college”. Most of us lived on or near campus and there weren’t any restrictions on overnight guests so hooking up with coeds was my favorite pastime. I had more than my share of luck my first semester because word quickly got out that I sported a solid 10 inches. It’s funny how women will talk about things like that and how best friends will stab each other in the back just to get to a cock like mine. 

Halfway through my freshman year, however, everything changed when I met Liz. She... Continue»
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I knew I was gay from an early age, sl**p overs at my friends, always ended up with us jerking off as we layed next to each other in his bed, then jerking each other off, and finally ending up with experimenting with oral pleasures, yea I was gay .
BY Jr High I found excitement in women's underwear , seeing my sistours and my moms bras and panties in the laundry aroused me and I would end up jerking off into them knowing they were going to be washed , this led to me trying them on when at home alone.
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I slide into bed beside you and run my hand over your gorgeous knicker-clad arse. As I feel your flesh beneath the smooth material, my cock stiffens. We kiss and I slide my hand briefly inside your knickers to grab your buttock, squeezing it tightly with a firm grip. I let my hand roam a little, my fingers sliding gently along the crack of your arse and down towards the wet warmth of your cunt.

I remove my hand from beneath your knickers and take two fingers deep into my mouth, soaking them with saliva. Still kissing, I push you gently onto your back and slide my hand down the front of your... Continue»
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A play thing...

You have been instructed to turn up at a bar in appropriate attire, obviously you choose a short flighty skirt, a sexy top your highest heels and long hold up stockings (because you were told to). You enter the bar and order a drink and sit on a bar stool sipping your drink and waiting. Your eyes scan the bar wondering who is the person you are meeting and you soon discover when you feel a hand slip onto your thigh and a voice in your ear.
"Good evening Polly, don't turn around." are the words you hear in your ear. His hand slips further up your thigh and finds your smooth pubic mound, a fin... Continue»
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Sarah and the Silver Master 2
Well you having read part 1 I suppose I had best start by describing my consulting rooms, they are situated in the lovely Alkam valley, just between Folkestone and Dover in the lovely county of Kent.
For our overseas friends Kent is a farming county of rolling hills, its green and pleasant and for most part on earth covered chalk ground.
My home and workplace is a red brick and peg tile farmhouse, set in an old chalk pit, once numerous in the area. There is little traffic on the lane connecting it to civilisation and its name is after its builder Geor... Continue»
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Park life (not by me)

There is a park near to where I live and sometimes, especially on hot, sunny days, I like to get into my bikini and go and lie in it. Sometimes I do this with friends but often its alone as well. My husband doesn't like this because he's a jealous man who doesn't want to share me. I, on the other hand, like to flirt and enjoy the attentions of other men. So when I go to the park by myself I'll often make up some excuse or white lie that gets me a couple of hours alone time in my bikini.

At the beginning of August I got such an occasion. It was a scorching hot day and I woke up longing for t... Continue»
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Watching A Mom and Her Danny boy.

Watching A Mom and Her Danny boy.

***This is a work of fiction that is taboo****

If you are not REALLY into Taboo, then please do us both a favor and skip this. This story is based loosely on a role play that I shared with another person on here not too long ago. I cannot emphasize enough that this is FICTION and that I am writing it because they wanted to know how my mind would work the specific elements they gave me into a story.


I hoped that I had not just wasted $60. Abbey had seen me in the adult store looking at a magazine on f****... Continue»
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Kim Brown, My Office MILF Fantasy Secrectary!!!

Kim Brown, My Office MILF Fantasy Secrectary!!!

Chatting with a delightful MILF named Kim Brown the other day had me hard physically and mentally my mind was racing!!! Following our conversation, all I could think about was how badly I wanted to do…. The following!


I was stiff before I even entered the office. Every day at the end of my shift I had to stop by Kim’s office and drop off the production numbers. Kim is a short, recently divorced MILF that of late has taken to wearing a little deeper plunging necklines, a little more seductive smile and best of all, shorter... Continue»
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Genie's Wish

Genie had been serving his master
Aladdin for some time now.
Sure he thought of Aladdin as a friend,
but as a genie he was never
able to make his own fantasies come true.
Always having to grant wishes
to make other people happy.
Aladdin said he would be setting him free
and once he did, Genie was going to make
his own come true.

It took a long time, Genie had to go through
all kinds of bullshit because of Jafar wanting
more power. But finally Aladdin made his last wish
and set him free.
Now that he was free he whispered in Jasmine’s ear,
which caused Jasmine to look a... Continue»
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they both came so fast

So here is the story about my first and recent DP.

If you have read any of my earlier writings, you may know that years ago I hated anal, essentially my first husband had an absurd forearm thick cock. And he was a brute who used his cock as a weapon when he thought i misbehaved.

Osei has a very long slender cock and he is very gentle. That makes all the difference. I enjoy Osei, well, except for the stain of p*o on his cock afterwards. OK, enough of those details.......

Kristen and I were together waiting for either one or two of the boys. We were just nibbling. Both men came ... Continue»
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Open House

It is getting near end of day and the open house is almost closing. You really wanted to see this house though as it fits all your needs. You speed over to the neighborhood and pull into the driveway as a man you guess is the realtor is locking the door. You run up and beg me to give you at least 15 more minutes as you really want to see the house. I sigh and act like I am checking my schedule book, but really I am eyeing the skirt you have on and what might lie underneath.
"Ok, 15 minutes. Give me one moment" I say as I go to my car and grab a small bag from the back. I head to the door and... Continue»
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It was in the semi-darkness of the town library that the two closeted lesbians came together in a bearhug and a long and wet French kiss which had their saliva dripping on their chest. Both women knew there was no going back, no changing your mind, and that, after this kiss, the next step was sex. The women had a lot to say, either about the recent conversations, their attempts at getting together, their shyness, and mainly their lust for each other. But that was neither the time nor place for explanations and reminiscences.
Because of the darkness, they fumbled wi... Continue»
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Meeting by coincident by Betty

The Phone rang and Betty was in the otherside of the line. Hi she said how are ya. I am fine tghen I answered. I just wanna talk to you and see how you are doin said Betty, It was a long time since last she said. I agreed that it was some time we since met and that moment were strictly buisness. Well trhat moment was nice and sexy but it was hard. and also some people watchand tell next moment we need do.
We talked almost an hour about what we been doin to each and laughed and also talkin about other stuff.
We also tried to make an arrangement just meet up on Town for a drink or meal and no ... Continue»
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Watching the Neighbor 5

After Linda asked me to stop down on Friday evening, I assumed she wanted me to babysit again. BOY was I wrong! When I arrived at her door, I was invited in, and she asked me to sit down, I listened for her k**s, but there was no sounds, She offered me a drink, (something she had NEVER done before), I said I was good.
She sat down across from me, and asked point blank, "What, did you do with my step daughter?" I immediately reddened, and stammered "N n nothing, Why?" "Well, she mentioned, that she had thought that she had been cleaned up, after her date, a couple weeks ago, and that she didn... Continue»
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My Bisexual, Wet Hairy Honeys

My wife, Nicci, is a larger woman, probably a size 20 with long dark hair. Nicci has large breasts, but the thing I like most about her body is that she doesn’t shave or trim her body hair. I’m really hairy myself and have always been attracted to hairy people, when we initially got together I was pleased when she offered to not trim or shave. Hence, she has beautiful black hair under her arms, both of the nipples on her huge tits have black hairs around them and she has a full, dark hairy bush between her legs with her pubes running all the way underneath, around her asshole and up to the top... Continue»
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More fun with my boy toy Bud

Since that first night with Jason, or Bud as he liked to be called, we had shared a few more times together. We both worked nights, so I would rush home from work and anxiously await a phone call from him. This one particular night, a Wednesday, had marked almost ten days since we’d been together. Both of our schedules had been a little hectic, and although we’d usually gotten together on the weekends, he had some f****y function that was mandatory, and I was busy with my own f****y. Needless to say, we were both looking for some relief by the time Wednesday rolled around that week. I had... Continue»
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babysitter P.t 3: the finale

After the exquisite night with Francine and Mary, I was floating on cloud nine for days, full of little secret smiles and occasional wide grins that had mom and dad totally puzzled, but they were glad that I was so happy, and fortunately didn’t ask too many questions.

But when I went back to school on the Monday, it was a different matter, my best friend Meredith took one look at the sparkle in my eyes and demanded to know who the new boyfriend was. Of course I denied there was a boy and tried to change the subject, but Meredith kept honing in on it and just wouldn’t let go. Eventually I bl... Continue»
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Helping out a friend ?

I was in the pub the other night, drinking with my best mate, and I happened to notice that he seemed a bit down, so I asked him if anything was wrong ? As he had had a fair bit to drink, he eventually opened up to me.

It seems that his very attractive wife; “Jane” was not getting enough sex from him. She was a lot younger, and it appears that he had been leaving her wanting. So I very tactfully suggested that maybe the best course of action might be that she take on a lover, but someone they both knew, liked and trusted, to help save their marriage. I pointed out that it would at lea... Continue»
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Aaron's fantasy cum true.

My name is Aaron, I've always had a fascination for bondage and restraint for as long as I can remember.
Last Friday night, I eventually got around to doing something about it, after a friend of mine suggested that we attend a Bondage & Restraint club that night in the city. Now as he said that he would drive us there, how could I refuse ?

We duly turned up just as the doors opened at this very seedy little place that was dimly lit. I must admit that I experienced a mixture of excitement and apprehension as we entered.

The rules state that you strip off completely before entering ... Continue»
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