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aggressive stripper at a rundown ghetto gentleman&

For work, I had to fly to a city in the northeast. A pretty rundown city. I had to be there for 2 weeks to assist one of our clients (a factory) who had bought some of the machines that the co. I work for sells/services.

Anyway, it was a shithole of a city. I was getting pretty honry, though. I hadn't had a girlfriend for a while, and I always get horny when I am out of town -- seeing all the chicks and stuff at hotels. Especially in the pool areas of hotels -- seeing tourist women in their bikinis (sometimes thongs). lol

Anyway, I found an adult video/porn place to get some DVD's ... Continue»
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The Goth Persuasion

"Hey, we're leaving Facebook for a little while. John needs to clear his head and I figured I might do the same!"

That was the message in my inbox that morning right along with Debbie's phone number. Out of habit I typed it into my phone and then sent her a message to let her know it was me. Oh and shall I add to this little opening nugget of information that we spent the night before talking about sex and the fact that she wasn't getting it anymore?

Debbie was a 30 year old brunette shorty, skin as white as cream and with the body of a pixie, if you can imagine that. She was a goth - ta... Continue»
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Bisexual Theatre Slut

My wife, Toni and I were out drinking one night in San Diego. At
the time we were both in our early 30s. Toni was 5'6" 200lbs, long blnde
hair, 44DD tits, and kept her pussy shaved bald. We staggered out of one bar
and headed up the street to another when we past an adult theater.

Toni grabbed my arm and said, "Come on, lets go in. I want you to
fuck me in there."

I was happy to go along, so I paid the man and we entered the dark
theater. I held her hand as we stayed in the back of the theater to allow
our eyes to adjust to the darkness. On the screen, a large breasted blonde
wa... Continue»
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Lori - Part 2

I woke up at 3 AM and got up to go to the bathroom. On the way back to bed I stopped and looked at the attic door. The events of yesterday flashed through my mind and I immediately had the urge to go up there and look around. I silently walked up to the attic door and opened it.. I didn't hear anything, so I started walking up the stairs. I heard Lori's voice coming from her bedroom and I stopped. My curiosity wouldn't let me be- I had to see if Ryan was with her. I wasn't physically attracted to him or my s****r.. But the thought of them having sex interested me.
I slowly walked up to he... Continue»
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Taking Sugar Lips For The First Time Parts 6 and 7

A chilling experience for my Sugar Lips as she lays tied to our bed.

Part 6

I leave your body, leave you in your bondage and in the afterglow of your last orgasm, you look so fucking beautiful laying there all spread out in your cuffs, tied with ropes to the corners of our bed. Your legs covered in your silky stockings and your pussy dripping wet from your last orgasm. Your juices are still dripping from your pussy over the jeweled anal plug in your ass.

I return after five minutes with and ice bucket and 6 blue dinner candles. I picked the color of the candles because they match y... Continue»
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All in the f****y

I sit here in front of my 27 inch I mac with a cock so hard< I surprised I have any bl**d left thats not boiling between my legs, to write this story. The movie Im watching is All in the f****y. I was hopping to see meathead Mike, fat polish cock in hand, face fucking Edith with his eyes glued on his wife Gloria as she sucks on Archie Bunkers surprisingly large cock. But instead I have a Father who is my age plowing his daughters best friends sweet little 18 year old ass. That's not f****y. I except to see a 18 year old boy fuck his hot 40 year old mother while licking his twin s****rs hot sna... Continue»
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3 A Dairy conversion Part 4

3 A Dairy conversion Part 4

At breakfast the next day the Menu appeared, it was hand written and the instructions read;
At 9 am Sam is to be in the dungeon naked; he will then place on the chair the box of pegs, a candle and some weights, he will select them and if they are too light he will be punished, he will select a selection of whips for my use, and then Sam is to secure peter in the pillory naked. He is then to handcuff him-self to the pillory post as well. There will be no safe word today and release will be at 4 pm there will be no refreshment or toilet breaks and Sentence will... Continue»
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3 A Dairy conversion Part 3

3 A Dairy conversion Part 3
After her work on the awaited day Ann collected Sam from the station, a wind from Siberia was blowing and snow was about swirling n the air in heavy flakes as they made their way down onto the remote marsh. They were glad to hear the familiar rattle of the cattle grid at the gate; it had been a slow journey.
They appeared at the doorway all stamping feet and shaking coats. I had been very worried at the weathers bad turn and had been on tender-hooks till they appeared. They were quickly wrapped around my finest casserole, and dumplings and we were soon sat... Continue»
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Another f****y affair chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Baby we must keep this a secret alright?”

“Yea sure mom no problem because I want more lots more of you”

“And I want you too baby lots more”

Ruth thought of a park and ride that was on the way home and decided to pull over to finish what they had just started back in the dressing room and movies she still had not had her fill. It was dark and only a couple cars remained.

She climbed in the back seat quickly took off her dress and bra and laid down with her legs open

“get back here and eat your Momma”.

Her teen son fumbled getting is pants and shirt off a... Continue»
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How she went....

I don't know if this exactly how it happened, but it is close to the real deal.
My wife and I had marital problems. We had been together for 5 years and married for 3. I was 9 years senior to her. When I met Julie, I was ready to settle and change my life style. I had travelled all over the world in the food industry, now I wanted to have a home and in the future a f****y. I think Julie was attracted to me because of my life experiences and how I had lived my life. She was only a few months out of college when we met.
We took it kind of slow, she was a very sensitive young woman with some i... Continue»
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Tied down

I was over one day and had a surprise for you.
I told you to lay down on the bed. I pulled out some rope and cuffs for your hands and feet. You had promised me to comply what I had in mind but still tried to protest. I threatened to leave if you did not comply. You quickly got on the bed and let me tie you down. The straps went under the bed and soon you were on your tummy with arms and legs spread apart.
We had never done anything like this and you were getting excited already. I stood at the end of the bed and watched you struggle a little when I ran my hands up your legs. I could see how... Continue»
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Little problem turned into a big problem

First I felt that I had a small problem and then it change to a big problem.
I had recently hit puberty, I was a late bloomer and already 15 years old with a very boyish penis. It was so small that I was the joke of all my schoolmates.
I felt sick to my stomach when I had to change after gym class. The other guys were so mean and hurtful.
It got better when I hit puberty and my penis grew. Soon I had the normal sized penis, but the nickname Tiny had already been attached to me.
I never got any dates due to my disadvantage. Girls giggled and said no thank you! I felt that it was so unfair... Continue»
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Craigslist Experience Part 2

So this is the later in the same day of my first story.

After sucking a man off in his car and swallowing his load(reference the first story), I was extremely horny. I was locked up in a cock cage. I'm not sure if I mentioned that detail in the first story.

So here I was, horny, craving a dick, and unable to jerk off. So what is someone to do in that instance? Search craigslist for more cock of course. So I found an ad that was titled "Looking to host a hungry bottom" I responded. The pic included showed a nice dick and said he was holding a 5 day load. He asked for age and stats and the... Continue»
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My Japanese Freinds and I

I told a story in my Blogs about my Japanese neighbors and how they had asked me to look after their k**s while they were away, I have known them for a long time and the k**s were all teenagers now. My Blog told the first story of how their daughter was scared of the lightning and thunder one night and raced into my room in the dark and jumped into bed and under the blankets shivering in fright she grabbed me and held herself close as she could against me` I tried to push her away yelling that I sl**p naked she shouldn't be in bed with me but she didn't care she was so scared. Please hold me... Continue»
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Third Domination

This is inspired by a real life experience, meeting my mistress. She asked me to write about our meeting and so I did.

Third Domination

The evening is getting darker and the first drops of rain hit the car windows as I arrive and park my car in front of the house. I glance at the clock, it is still seven minutes to the agreed time. Turning off the ignition, silence suddenly seems overwhelming and as the car lights turn automatically off after a minute, I am left sitting in the darkness, waiting.
The wait is almost over. It has been a few months since my last visit here, and af... Continue»
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"Four Can Play This Game" (inter.; bf/wm

"I can't believe this shit", Keisha says to herself as she drives the long and busy highway. "I've been with his ass since we were in high school and he decides to fuck around with his boss? It's all good, I got something for her white ass."

Just a couple of hours ago, Keisha had had a final meeting with the private investigator whom she hired after feeling a little suspicious about her husband's infidelity. She and Stanley had been married for only 3 years. They married young, she 19 and he 20, when they found out that she was pregnant. Stanley got a job in a nearby Circle K store to supp... Continue»
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total slut

So I had a business trip coming up in a week. So I decided to try and line up some fun. After searching craigslist I found a well hung dom so I sent him a message and told him I would be in town in about a week. We chatted during that week and I told him I was married but I love to feel a hard cock in my mouth. He would send me pictures of his hard cock teasing me making me want him even more I would send him pictures of me sucking my wifes dildo and he told me he was going to feed me his load and make me his bitch. Which I loved so the day came for me to leave for my trip I kissed the wife go... Continue»
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The Return of Nikki

I was 35 years old, divorced from a bad marriage, and now married to my job. I needed to make double the money just to make up for that one big mistake. I bet a lot of you have been there.
Tonight I had a smile on my face. The deal I had just closed meant I was well on my way to regaining my financial stability. I was half way across the country in Chicago and headed down to the hotel bar to have a quick bite to eat and a celebratory drink. Sex was the farthest thing from my mind unless I was planning to make love to my right hand.
I settled in watching a Blackhawks game on the TV and sippin... Continue»
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A man need to eat humble pie from time to time

I was starting to get anxious now cos something wasn't right, I could feel it as the sense started to seep into my being like damp in the wall of a cold wet night all chilly, like something gone off.

It had been a pretty good night all in all. We'd gone out to that new, classy restaurant on the high street. The food was fantastic, the service flawless, the ambience just perfect and the company, well it would have been out of this world if she hadn't insisted on dragging that gay bloke she called her old friend along. It was our first anniversary since we first began seeing each other but h... Continue»
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Naughty Nurse Kathy by loyalsock

I had a friend that spent some time in the hospital recently and while visiting him I got to meet a wonderful and sexy person. Her name was Kathy; she was black and a part of the cleaning department. I wouldn't say that she was a janitor; she was more of a lower lever nurse that cleaned the rooms when there was a patient present. She knew quite a bit about nursing, I assumed that she didn't have enough schooling to just be a nurse so she cleaned to make some money to put herself through nursing school.

Kathy caught my eye several times in the hallways of the hospital. She was very pretty, ... Continue»
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