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My First Night of Being a Sissy Cumdump

Well I first started dressing when I was about 14. One thing that I always noticed is that putting on slutty clothes makes me an absolute whore for cock and cum. Throughout High School I dressed in my alone time but never acted on my slutty urges from fear of being caught by my parents. When I moved to college that all changed though. As soon as I got settled into my private dorm room, I thought it would be nice to spend the evening dressed like a little slut. I decided to wear my schoolgirl outfit that night. So I took a nice hot shower and shaved myself smooth from the neck down. I went back... Continue»
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A new Friend

I had met a guy on xhamster who lived nearby and we chatted for a couple of days. He confided that he was really looking for a J.O. buddy and I was interested. We finally met at a bar for a few drinks and hit it off even though I am older than he is. Alcohol was working and during some sexy talk, he quickly slid his hand to my crotch. I was already hard and this was getting hotter by the minute! I got a chance to reach for his crotch and he suggested we go elsewhere. As we were leaving, he made a stop at the Men's room while I waited. Then I decided to use it myself. He was standing at... Continue»
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My friends niece Nicole

I had seen my friends niece Nicole a few times and she was a young,sexy girl. She always dressed sexy and seemed like she enjoyed the way men and women looked at her.At eighteen she was tall and slender with a lovely body.Long black hair hanging down to her shoulders outlining her beautiful high cheeked boned face Small perky breasts that she always showed off with little open neck tops. Long well shaped legs with a perfect little round ass. The shorts she always wore showed a camel toe and just a peek of the cheeks of her fine little ass.

My friend Bobby called me up last week and told me ... Continue»
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Gal-Company Part-II

Anjana at this was excited enough not to let go this opportunity of going ahead with the encounter…..she later told me, that it was a point of no return for her…..she awfully turned on and wet.

Having made love to so many females from across the globe, I had sensed it. “Now go slow” I told myself….take your time…..she’s all yours!

I pulled out a pint bottle of beer from the fridge and we shared the bottle as we sipped the chilled beer on the settee. I drew her towards my body with only my underwear on. The bulge was a little subdued by now as she spoke about her cousin who had peeped and... Continue»
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A Trip To The Dentist

At The Dentist’s Office

My new wife and I had been living in this mid-west town for over 11 years. This was my second marriage and my wife’s second also. My name is George, and my wife’s name is Vonna. Recently, about 6 months ago, our “up in years” dentist retired. We had been seeing him since we moved here. His son, a dentist also, had taken over the business. We had seen him in the office a few times helping out his dad. He was around 35 years old and a very nice looking man. My wife had said, a few times before, how she thought he was a real ladies man. I ... Continue»
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My History Teachers Ass

Ms. Shay had been my World History teacher in my Junior year of high school. She wasn’t your typical teacher, she had decided to start her career right out of college, so she was still very young. Although she never vocally expressed her age, it was quite obvious she was under twenty-five years old.

She was definitely one of the types that did not act her age, either. This made her class very interesting at times. There were days where she just didn’t feel like doing anything and insisted we all watched movies. She made gallant attempts at education, but in the end, she ended up teaching u... Continue»
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My First Time

I can’t really say when it started. I just know that I have been fascinated by the sight of cum shooting out of cock for as long as I can remember.
My first attempts at masturbation were pleasurable enough. In the dark, under the covers. I first time I ejaculated in the daylight I was hooked. I could not get enough of that feeling and the sight of that cum!! I jacked off everywhere- home, school, woods behind my house, everywhere. I soon discovered the various magazines that my Dad had “hidden” in his room. Naked women where great to look at and jack off to.
As I was able to talk that firs... Continue»
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I arrived at the hotel room where we agreed to meet..the door was open so I entered. As I entered the living room area i saw you bent over the table, pointing your arse at me, wearing a short skirt that barely covered your delicious arse cheeks, stockings, and heels too.

I approached you, all the time focusing on your visible thong, neither of us saying a word. As I stood behind you I placed each hand on your waist and then ran my finger along the exposed gusset that was sheilding you beautiful pussy. I could feel the material was moist as my finger moved from your pussy up along your crack... Continue»
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Neighbours Naughty Secret

Whilst out in the garden the postman called and delivered the usual utility bills . I went in and threw them on the table to be opened later . I returned to my front garden to dig out those pesky weeds that had been annoying me for so long. "Excuse me" a voice called. I turned round and it was the postman waving a large jiffy bag at me. I had not ordered anything I mused . " I have tried delivering it across the road but no-one is home, If you can take it for me it will save me having to take it back to the depo, I can write a card out for them to let them know you have it " , I agreed and to... Continue»
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Craigslist ad. Part II

Looks like I tend to leave stories incomplete, so figured I’d better finish up a couple. This one goes back a few weeks while I was working alone at an empty office. On this occasion I placed a quick Craigslist ad seeking cock. The idea was to meet guys across the street at specified times, and bring them over for some quick head. I sucked off a nice young cock at 10am, and had a couple visitors at noon that left me hoping the office suite shower was working…..

Sam and the other guy had me on my knees outside on the loading dock and had shot their loads on my face. I rememb... Continue»
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Crushed Developed

There's nothing sexual much on this short story. Since this incident involved with my f*ther few weeks ago.


I gotten extremely sick and weak from all these medications my doctor prescribed me that all I could do is lay in bed. What happened was I fell down the stairs at home while carrying my laundry and I fell and roll really bad I was taken to the hospital with some major broken ankle and fingers and neck. It was and enough I was knocked out u*********s and was asl**p for 2 days straight. I was sent home a few hours later after th... Continue»
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The best nightshift ever

It all started as a really bad day to have to go to work. Raining all day long and getting colder as the day went on. By the time I had to leave for work, the rain started to change to sleet. I arrived at work to start my shift and the roads are freezing over. After about an hour or so there was ice covering everything. I could see the road and there was no traffic at all. Bored and watching the ice build up I noticed lights coming down the road. It was a little blue car driving slowly by the entrance where I work. Another twenty minutes go by and I see someone walking and sliding their way do... Continue»
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The Neighbor

I had taken off for the weekend and when I returned my roommate, Matt, was excited to tell me what had happened while I was gone. Matt told me Dana across the street had gotten laid off from her 11pm to 7 am factory job. Her husband, Joe still had his 11 to 7 job each night. Matt proceeded to tell me Dana in her boredom after her husband left for work, called him and came over. And in a short while they were fucking. Matt looked at me and said "she's going to be fucking both of us". I responded with a sarcastic "right Matt". Matt said he told her that since I worked the 3 pm to 11pm shi... Continue»
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Vicky's new job, part one.

"I guess this is the place", vickykinkade thought to herself as she pulled into a parking spot in a nearly empty lot. The building is nothing more than a simple steel building, a warehouse of sorts. Since the job posting is for an advertising agency, Vicky expected a much more inviting looking entrance. There aren't any windows, just a solid steel door, and a large steel garage door. Both of them are closed. Nevertheless, Vicky needs a job that pays well, and fast. Her landlord gave her a week to catch up on her late payments on her rent, and the last thing she wants to do i... Continue»
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*Note: Story inspired by the character Sqweegel

The room was filled with darkness. Only the sudden flashes of lightning from the storm outside lit the interior through the window for a fraction of the second every once in a while. The only sound that could be heard was from the rain hitting the glass hard and the roaring thunder booming after the flashes. It was like a raging war outside yet inside the small bedroom it was calm and almost close to complete silence. There was nothing that could disturb her slumber.
The clothes thrown around the floor and drawers gave the once tidy room a... Continue»
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Sophies birthday present to her hubby

This is one that Sophie wrote about a little birthday surprise for her hubby (not me unfortunately... but I'm working on that!)

They were having drinks for her husband's birthday. Just your usual
"tuesday night" - or so she thought... The wine and conversation was
flowing and eventually everyone left - except Nicky. Her, her husband and
Nicky were all fairly toasted and having a good time. They started talking
about porn sites on the computer and she showed Nicky some porn that she
had written. Nicky said it was fucking hot and making her really horny...
she got an idea for ... Continue»
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Samantha's cock

I can’t really say when it started. I just know that I have been fascinated by the sight of cum shooting out of cock for as long as I can remember.
My first attempts at masturbation were pleasurable enough. In the dark, under the covers. I first time I ejaculated in the daylight I was hooked. I could not get enough of that feeling and the sight of that cum!! I jacked off everywhere- home, school, woods behind my house, everywhere. I soon discovered the various magazines that my Dad had “hidden” in his room. Naked women where great to look at and jack off to.
As I was able to talk that firs... Continue»
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A threesome for Sophie

He took her hand as if to shake it but instead lifted it firmly but gently to his lips, planting a soft sensuous kiss on it whilst his playful blue eyes never once left hers.

“The pleasure is all mine Madam”, he said, “however, should you permit me, I would love to provide you with much, much more…”

“You are such a tease!” She laughed, but loved the feeling of his soft lips on her hand, his strong fingers now lightly caressing the inside of her wrist... His friend laughed and grinned at her as he said “See I told you he was a charmer! So... What do you say Sophie? Would you allow us both... Continue»
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A teen boy learns about sex

The following is my recollections of the loss of my virginity. Some of the circumstances are very clear while others are less so. I will do my best to recall the circumstances. I'll tell you one thing for sure. It was one fantastic summer. When I was a k** I had asthma and when the ragweed came out it really zapped me. Finally, my parents learned of the pollen free area in upper New York state and I used to go up there for the summer and stay until after the first week of school in the fall. That way I missed most of the problem.

When I was 15 they did some traveling and so I went up earl... Continue»
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Destination unknown

It's five years from today. Five years of wonderful training and control from you. You made me lose a lot of weight and trained me well. I've been waiting for a green card hoping I can follow you to the US very soon. Finally I got one and I quit my job, so everything I own except for some few things and I get my one way ticket to the USA.

After three years of our relationship you met this guy home again. You've been like fire and ice but there was this incredible attraction between each other and at the first night you ended up in your place having hard and rough sex all night long. You tri... Continue»
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