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It turned out that he was out later than he thought, and he was quite d***k. Ashley left Holly by midnight, and turned on her bedroom light at 1am, signaling that she was free to see her new lover.

Two thirty rolled around, and she was climbing the walls with arousal. At two forty five, she gave up. She changed into her pajamas (which she sometimes wore) and got ready for bed. Looks like she would have to masturbate!

Her pajamas are difficult to describe. They were one piece, and covered her entire body except above her shoulders, below her wrists, and below her ankl... Continue»
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young sluts want big cock

Out lof this all happen the other night hanging out at the house with some friends. I have a buddy who likes to push the limits when it comes to "legal pussy" he is always with teen and 18 yearold girls, sometimes even younger . The other night hanging out with this buddy , his gf had a few of her younger friends with her. Two girls named ashley and sara, ashley 15 "fifteen" and sara 14 "forten". Both beautiful petite blondes with long sexy legs and so damn sexy it was hard to remember or even care they're so young. But with restraint I did my best to not look every time one walked passed or... Continue»
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Kaley Cuoco And Melissa Rauch

Melissa was going to get married the next day , And she wanted to celebrate with her girlfriends. They went to a club, partied, And gossiped about how handsome and nice her fiancé was.
As the evening went on, Melissa and Kaley were the only ones still up for fun while her other friends had long since gone home. 6 Black men had been eyeing the hot, young blondes all night.
"Damn! Those bitches be fine as hell, b*o!" one said to the group
"I'd bang tha... Continue»
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Waterpolo Fun

Vicki and Sammi set their sights on Mike and Aaron, two of the hottest boys on the high school water polo team. When Vicki's parents have to leave town, the k**s let their inhibitions run wild.


Mike and Aaron had been best friends since second grade. For the past two years they had played on the same water polo team and now, that they were in high school, they had both tried out for the high school team and had made it.

Vicki and Sammi were also best friends and served as managers for the boy's water polo team. "That's how you get to meet hot guys," Vicki had told Sammi. Both gi... Continue»
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When she got to her room, Ashley pulled her cum-stained shirt off, becoming naked except for the kerchief in her hair and a brown colored sports-bra. She took the kerchief out of her hair and her long hair fell down around her shoulders. Unbeknownst to her, Keenum was stripping behind her.

“Take off your bra and let’s lie in bed naked, and watch TV.” He said, mischievously as he turned on the television in her room. Still a conservative woman, she felt very uncomfortable being naked with this man in a non-sexual environment. She hesitated.

“C’mon!” he encouraged. “Let... Continue»
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The next day, it took all her willpower to not rush over to Keenum’s house at one o’clock, but Ashley managed. It was Thursday now - just eight days after her first “date” with him. It was hard to believe that her first sexual experience with him was a mere eight days ago – they have fucked so many times since!

Today was her first day of her part time job. In a few days, Monday to be exact, she would commence school. She would be quite busy at that point, but she knew that she could make time for that big cock of his!

Her shift started at four, and she left a little ea... Continue»
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Black Mamba -

Most of the following is true. I'll leave it to the reader to judge what is
fact and what is fantasy. Until six months ago I was known as John Evers.
Blonde, five foot seven, slightly built and heterosexual, I had just gone
through divorce after a stormy six year marriage. Not into the bar scene and
at loose ends for things to do in my spare time, I decided to redecorate the
house the way I wanted it. The first order of business was to completely
repaint the interior which I proceeded to do. After prepping and painting
every night for two weeks, I was ready for a break from the tedium ... Continue»
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Adventure's of HOT Anita - PART 1

To find an apartment for rent for two young girls was difficult. I had lost count of number of houses that I and my friend Clarra had visited over the past days.

Clarra was my closest friend since college. She was into sports and gymed regularly. She had a lean athletic body with perfect breasts and a cute round ass. Everyone would stare at her cute ass when she walked. When she was in the college gymnastics team the number of spectators increased just to get a closer look at her boobs bouncing and her ass swaying. Her cameltoe pussy would show clearly when she wore her tight track pants.... Continue»
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Su (Myanmar/Burma) - 19 Years Old

Here's another one.

Her name is Su. I'll make a gallery for her too.
Before I got into Psychology I was an Engineering student.
Su was in one of my Engineering classes.

When I first saw her I thought I had no chance with her.
But I wanted to fuck the living shit out of her ass.

The class me and her shared was a long one, and there were always breaks in between.
During these breaks Su was alone because her English was so terrible.
I approa... Continue»
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*** Nigerian Nightmare *** - Part 2

Last on, first off - just my fucking luck. The bedroom
door opened and the overhead light came on, which blinded
me for a few seconds. I had no idea how long I had been
left on the stack. My whole body ached as Kola and Samson
released me from my bonds and carried me out of the room.

The two men were extremely strong, and carried me along
the hallway with considerable ease. Their powerful hands
held me in a vice-like grip, which underlined the fact
that either man could knock me into the middle of next
week with very little effort.

The living-room was filled with naked men: thr... Continue»
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*** Nigerian Nightmare *** - Part 3

Baba and Daniel half-drowned me when they dumped me in a
bath of cold water and began cleaning me up with a hand
broom and scrubbing brush.

They f***ed my head under the water several times, and
when I came up for air, they targeted my face with hot
water from the shower head.

'I really like this one, Dan,' said Baba. 'He's so-o-o
weak and willing, and so-o-o pretty and bony.'

I was clearly no match for their great strength, and they
knew it, so I just flounced about in the bath as they took
full advantage of my 'weak and willing' body.

'The doctor is gonna like him, too,' s... Continue»
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The Barber 2

My dick was hard almost as soon as I heard the words.

“Daddy! Raven has a problem with her new bikini. Can you come help us?”

I was beginning to believe my 13-year-old daughter, Alexis, had contrived the whole 'bikini bottom smaller than her pubic hair' debacle that had lead first to me shaving her pussy, then taking her virginity the day before. Now, she and her 14-year-old friend Raven had returned from the mall where, apparently, Raven had purchased a new bikini with, I'm sure, a similar problem.

“Daddy!” Alexis called. “Are you coming?”

Not yet, I th... Continue»
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The Barber 3

“Come back to bed, girls,” I said as Alexis and Raven hung up the phone.

“Yes, daddy,” the girls said, bounding to their feet and bouncing down the hall.

We climbed into my big, king-sized bed and snuggled up, me in the middle. Alexis was wearing a white tank top and panties, Raven a matching set in green. The both looked so sensual as they wrapped themselves around me, one on either side.

“It's still early, girls,” I said, glancing a the bedside clock. “What do you want to do for the rest of the day?”

“Can Raven spend the weekend, daddy?” Alexis asked. “T... Continue»
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the Barber 4

I pulled into the driveway, my mind still reeling over the encounter with Ashley at the adult book store. I looked over on the passenger seat floorboard, seeing the bag I knew was full of the dildos, vibrators and various sex toys I'd bought.

“It really happened,” I said to myself, shaking my head as I grabbed the bag, locked up the car and headed for my apartment.

A unlocked the door, noting the two bicycles chained to the railing. One was Alexis' and the other I recognized as Raven's. I wondered what the girls were up to.

Locking the door behind me, I went looki... Continue»
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First time to the gyno

My name is Sarah, I just turned 15 and this is my story about the first time I went to a gynecologist instead of my pediatrician. I'm 5'4 about 105lbs, I have green eyes and short reddish brown hair. My breasts are a small b cup and I'm still a virgin.
I went to the new doctor's office around noon with my mom. This time, she stayed in the waiting room as I walked back with the nurse. She took my height and weight and led me back to a smaller room and told me I could wait there for the doctor.
When Dr. Billings walked in I immediately noticed his brilliant blue eyes. He was handsome but in ... Continue»
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Friday night and I have to Babysit

So the jest of the basics here is that I'm pretty much ready to go out for the night when the neighbour comes over and needs me to babysit. You know, it's been over ten years since I babysat someone's k**s. Not that I didn't mind too much, but it had been weeks since I'd had some good sex. I wanted to go out with my friends and hopefully find some guy to take care of my needs. But this seemed to be an emergency so I said yes. "I don't think I'll be home till tomorrow, so that's okay right?"

"Send him over, tell him to just come in, I have to make some phone calls" Ok Deb said, I'll ... Continue»
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The Barber 1


I heard the anguish in Alexis' voice as she yelled from her bedroom. Not one for drama, I knew immediately something must be wrong.

“What is it, Lex?” I yelled back.

“Come here, please,” she cried. “This is horrible.”

Worried now, I made my way down the hall toward her bedroom. Knocking on the door, I heard her say, “Come in.”

I pushed the door open and stepped gingerly into the room. Alexis stood in the center of the room, wearing the new, light-blue bikini I'd let her talk me into buying her at the mall earlier in the day. At 13, she... Continue»
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Blind Dating Mom

I was addicted to webcam porn and messaging and I had been messaging this older woman called Carmel and we had been exchanging messages of what we wanted to do to each other. I had sent a webcam broadcast of me jacking off and she sent me one of her bringing her self off. What a gorgeous pussy she had – shaven and wet. We sent quite a few of these videos of each other. After a while we agreed to meet in an obscure car park for a bit of fun. I suggested we wear red roses and meet at about 8pm.

The night came to meet and I was waiting in the car park when I saw mom walking towards my car. I ... Continue»
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My Cuckold Evening - Fun and humiliating.

The following is a true account of one of many wife-sharing adventures that we have had over the years.

A short history: I have been sharing my wife for over ten years. Her chief playmate is a co-worker of mine. Since we cannot play at the home of either party, we get together every few weeks at our workplace after closing. I do not recommend this, but our hormones got the best of us and here we are.

The following is one of my favourite jerk-off memories. It seemed like a typical (cuckold) evening but looking back I see just how humiliating is was and how humiliating it would seem to ot... Continue»
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My Wife Makes a New Friend

Sela and I had a very interesting evening a while back that I thought I would share with you.

We had chatted with a new prospective playmate for my wife through an adult site and then progressed to a face to face meeting. He was a young looking 33 (we were mid-to-late 30s), handsome, polite and supposedly well hung with an 8" tool. The few meets that we have had generally do not go farther than the new guy giving my wife a kiss goodbye or a quick feel. As Jack was nervous he was fine with this.

Jack's ad had stated that he was new to this and had only had a tryst with one other couple.... Continue»
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