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[CUCKOLD] My cuckold proposal

I writhed in pain. My wrists, bound tightly to the bedposts, were lashed tighter than ever before. Certainly tighter than needed. My hips and thighs ached in pain as my body flexed and twisted away from the bed, but my ankles kept me firmly in place.

And my cock. Rigid like never before. No longer throbbing in ecstasy. Aching in pain. Balls full of two months of not cumming. Clogged. Unreleased. My orgasm begging to come out, and aching after 30 minutes of her "playing" with me. Teasing me. Bringing me to the edge once, then twice, then thirteen more times. Not releasing me. R... Continue»
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Neighborly fun part 2

As me and my boyfriend lie in bed i was horny as hell and trying to get him to fuck me or atleast let me go down on him he keeps saying 'later, not now, or my favorite stop being a slut' so i got up and went downstairs to get a water i see ernies lights still on so i slip out the padio door and walk over to his place. Im in just a pair of black lace panties and im standing on his doorstep its a little chilly i ring his doorbell he answers after bout 5 minutes i walk in and lead him to his bedroom which is right across from ours i turn on his light and open the curtains. I figured if my boyfrie... Continue»
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Obediant Neighbor

I got home a little late and was checking my messages on the computer, when one really set me back.
Where the hell have you been, I was horny all afternoon and you weren't here to fuck me. My husband will be home soon, and he just can't give me the satisfaction I need. No matter what time you read this get over here and make me cum. He'll be here, but don't let that stop you. After catching us with Milan last week, he knows you and I fuck the afternoons away. And I NEED a real orgasm so fucking bad, I just don't care.

I showered, put on some good smell and thought about how I should handle... Continue»
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The Right Place at the Right Time

So amazing and true that I just had to sign up and write about it.

Its such a joy to have a beautiful hot young wife. The first few years of dating and marriage I was a bit of a jealous husband because guys were always checking out my wife. She never flirted back or showed them any attention but it always seemed to piss me off. I knew my wife was sexy as fuck but it still seemed to piss me off. Only recently my jealousy issue has seemed to disappear. I know why other men look at my wife. I look at her the same way especially during sex. Other than being a wonderful mother and housewife, she... Continue»
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Anita goes Black

Anita goes Black

My husband Victor and I lived many years in Atlanta, a place where a white woman can find a black man to fulfill her wildest fantasies.
I never told Victor about my hidden wishes, but started to investigate some places in the net where well hung black men offered their “services”.

One day, after coming home from work, I checked my email to find one reply from a guy - a black guy.

"I read your advice. I'm a black male, well hung, looking for a white woman. If you're interested, reply." The first thought in my mind was not sending a reply to him, but I didn't delete ... Continue»
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Interactive Doll

I was already hard; staring at a screen with the legend; "I'll be broadcasting very soon." That was not what though what had raised me, that was the nom de guerre in the banner at the top of the screen and the picture which had ensnared me here from the "Popular rooms" page. Which was of a face I readily admit I'd already lost my heart to completely.
M'Lady and I had been chatting for a long while, sometimes of the mundane, sometimes witticism or irrelevance, we had though wandered on occasion along less trodden paths too; dark, moist, sensuous and lascivious paths. M'Lady needed re... Continue»
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Difference between Sex and Making Love

In high school, my best friend was Eddy. He lived several houses down on the same block. We had some of the same classes and both of us were on the football, baseball and track teams.

In my senior year, my girlfriend Trudy broke up with me and I was pretty bummed out at the time. Eddy asked over to go swimming as the weather was warming up and they had a heated pool anyway. I grabbed my trunks and trotted over to his house. His mom let me in and said that Eddy was out back at the pool already.

I noticed that she was wearing a very sexy bikini as she went to the kitchen to finish whatev... Continue»
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Twisted Sister Vl ( Plans take shape)

Jen is at her computer with Kerri and I at her side watching after a couple of hours she has printed about twelve photos. Most every thing but Robin is blurred. You can not tell who we are except for Robin or where it took place. She has two short videos too with the blurring. Two full length videos with no blurring one is hers the other is mine.
Kerri asked when she is going to present them? Jen's reply is we need her back over her for more footage first. Kerri not happy with this asks why? Jen says I want more footage. I ask when? Not sure is Jens answer.
Well it is past 10pm Kim will be h... Continue»
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Going Fishing

I was supposed to meet a buddy of mine to go fishing on Saturday morning. I arrived at his at 6:00 am as planned. Upon arrival I noticed that his truck was not there. I knocked on the door, his wife Mary let me in. I asked where Jim was and she said he had gotten an emergency call from work but should be back by 10:00 if all went well. She offered me a cup of coffee and said I could wait for him if I liked. Since my wife was going to shopping I decided I might as well wait.
Mary said she was going to take a shower and would be back soon so I grabbed a chair turning on the TV to watch the weat... Continue»
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My first gay experience.

I had invited my mate over for a couple of hours playing some video games, but we had played a lot longer then anticipated, so he ended up needing to stay the night, because at the time I was in a shared house he had to share the same single bed with me.

I had always been curious about what it would be like to be with a guy, to suck a cock and gets fucked, so out of the blue I asked him 'what would you do if I touched your cock?' I could tell this excited him as I instantly felt the covers lift up from his hard erection, so I grabbed it and began to tug, this made me very hard to so he also... Continue»
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indian mother made as slut by son

Disclaimer: The following narration is a true description of events which took place a few years ago. Names of characters and places have been changed for concealing the identity of the individuals in question.

Hello everyone my name is Anirudh Nayar and this is not my story, but it is a story which no one can tell better and it is a story that needs to be told. This story revolves around an incident which took place way back in 2008 and I had just turned 18 that year and was in my 12th grade. I lived in Borivali in Mumbai with my parents and a younger b*****r who is 8 years younger to me. ... Continue»
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cleaning the pool.

the wife and i were on holiday and the lady we hired the villa off said that it will be all cleaned out ready for us the only thing to do is clean the pool,the man who was doing it got hid dates mixed up. that's ok we will just visit the beach until its done..

we arrived in Miami for our dream holiday and it was great to get away from the hustle and bustle of work,we got to the villa and it was stunning even the pool looked great but we decided to wait like the lady said it would be done soon. the 1st night we decided to just stay in the villa and relax and plan our days out and where to go... Continue»
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At the Beach (Voyeur, IR, Anal, Exhib)

"Hey dude, you wanna go to the beach today?" Balthazar Brown, better known as Beebee, asked on the phone.

It was a hot day and I was just sitting on my own, stark naked, wanking to a DVD Beebee gave me the other day. It was from his special selection with some hot, young teen action in HD quality. Beautiful, lithe, nimble boys and girls without a pubic hair in sight. I wondered how they had found so many young people for one movie. But then again, money is very persuasive. Probably more so for young people.

"Yeah, OK," I said without missing a stroke or any detail on the telly where one ... Continue»
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My date with the boss's daughter part 1

Part 1

It happened 15 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

At the time I was s*****n years old. I had just my drivers license, and had a job that paid great money. My boss, Mr. Smith, was a very wealthy man. When I started work for him, he bought me a brand new 1999 F-250 Pick up truck. I was also allowed to spend time with his daughter, also s*****n. (Of course, after a lot of kissing the boss's ass.)

One day while me and Lissa was talking, I asked, "Do want to go on a date with me one night?"

I was surprised when she said, "Okay. Friday night okay with you? Daddy a... Continue»
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part two of part two

When the slave had finished watching the second dvd, the Dom came around to her front. She was allowed to sit on an three legged maids milking stool, which had been deliberately roughened up so the seat was very rough on her backside and she felt several slivers of wood break the surface of her bum cheeks. The Dom stood in front of her, wearing a leather g string which is held in place by two braces which went over his shoulder. He addressed her as his slave, which is exactly what she was. He told her the purpose of showing her the two dvds which she had just watched, and this brought fear ... Continue»
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He had his 18th Birthday and wanted more than just

He was now on the prowl to satisfy his curiosity about sex. His biggest quest was to investigate and act on his bi-curious urges. This young man I have known since he was born. I was someone in which this teenager would go to for advice and trusted me to ask about anything without judgement or ridicule.
This is what i am guessing lead to an unexpected encounter. He was over this day to mow my yard. Of course this was the perfect day for it. The sun was blazing hot. He wore a pair of cutoff shorts and no shirt,with a pair of old tennis shoes. As he rode around on my mower i could see the swea... Continue»
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In the Lightning, In the Rain

Lum and Ataru were walking home in the rain one cloudy afternoon. She clung lovingly, and tenaciously, to his arm underneath their umbrella as she was known to do. The poor weather had already sent most people into their homes and Lum and Ataru hadn’t seen anyone else for quite a while at this point. Lum started to giggle as she felt the static in the air, which was quickly followed by a bright flash and boom of thunder. Lum laughed in delight at the strike of thunder, but her companion, Ataru, jerked in surprise.

“What is the matter Darling?” Lum asked rubbing her head into his chest, “Doe... Continue»
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Hi my name is William and I’m 16 years of age I live with my mom,
I prefer to be called Billy instead of William so that’s me,

We live in a nice part of town and have a nice house my Mom works and so does my dad, as an only c***d I get to be on my own a lot and so you could say I’m a bit of a loner at times,

I do not have a girlfriend but I do have some mates that I sometimes go around with and we do a lot of sports together at school so do not have much time for girls,

It all started when I got home from school one day and I noticed... Continue»
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Kim Kardashian's Ultimate Footjob Experience

Kim Kardashian's Ultimate Footjob Experience Part 2: Featuring Kourtney Kardashian

Part 4

- Kimberly and Kourtney Kardashian, the famous Hollywood s****rs, strut out to their in-ground pool/jaccuzzi like two visions of pure Armenian beauty, shaped like hourglasses. Kourtney has on a priceless ivory silk bikini, while Kim wears a flashier red top that shows off her massive, natural jugs nicely with a leopard thong wedged up deep in between her enormous, rippling asscheeks. We both have our butts arched out as... Continue»
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Grandad of Love!

My name is Eric and for over thirty years I was happily married to my lovely wife Betty, then last year she passed away leaving me a widower.
So I had to get use to being by myself and after several weeks I had pretty much got use of taking care of myself with out my wife.
Then one day I need a pair of new trousers, my last pair had lasted me a good few years but finally the zip broke and so I headed to the shops for the first time since my youth to by a pair of trousers.
The first thing I realised is they don't make clothes shops like they use to, there was no friendly gentleman to advise ... Continue»
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