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Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

True story

If you have read our earlier posts, you will know that nearly 6 years ago my dad, Liam, had done a nude painting of Babs, which she gave to me for my birthday. You will also know that Babs and my dad have had sex before also on more than one occasion. My dad and I look very much alike so it wasn’t difficult to see why Babs fancied him so.

Last year, Bab’s mom Helen was visiting at the same time my dad was and the two of them hit off and got married. Helen is also fairly open and she and I have had sex and the four of us have had group sex before.

I only share that becaus... Continue»
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Swinger's Club: Beyond Debauchery Part I

For well over two decades my wife and I have belonged to an exclusive swinger's club on the Upper East Side. Working on Wall Street during that time had exposed me to some very rich and powerful people. One such gentleman in his early fifties had met my wife and I at a swanky party one night when I was just starting out at the firm at the tender age of twenty-two. I was a handsome young man back then and my wife and former college sweetheart was gorgeous. He took an instant liking to both of us, especially my young wife, and after many drinks suggested that we visit the "club" as he put it the... Continue»
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A little tied up


Donna and I were on holiday in Spain when over dinner she said “I want you to tie me up go away for a while then sneak back and fuck me”, as we had twin beds in our hotel I thought ‘why not’. The following day we’d been around the pool and as we headed up to our room she said “Now”, we’d had a shower as she laid on the bed looking sexy.

I tied her wrists loosely but firm to the bed poles, then her ankles to the bottom of the bed, she was laid there in her birthday suit, her thighs wide open, then I slipped her bedtime mask over her eyes. I said “I’m going for a cig ... Continue»
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She's Lonely on Fridays

I can't come over tonight, I have stuff I need to..

*message cannot be sent*

"Yeah, I can come over."

You guess it, social networking strikes again!

So, this tanned, bbw called Molly has gotten awfully lonely. She dropped me some messages, we exchanged numbers, she gave me her address of a familiar street I know. It's the last house on the left, can't miss it. I walk in and her relatives leave for a night out. We sit down, have some wine, we're both single, both adults.. Then the conversation stopped, she said she was going upstairs and I was worried we only ... Continue»
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iStartLife, chapter 2

iCarly - iStartLife, chapter 2

Carly Shay just finished her third class for the day and like every Monday; she waited outside on her favourite bench to have lunch with her best friend Sam Puckett. It was usually the first time they got to see each other on Monday since Carly had an early class and Sam's first class wasn't until 9.

She was late as usual, but Sam eventually made her way to Carly's favourite bench. She sat down and look across the table at Carly.

"What's the matter Sam? Why aren't you pulling out a steak or some barbecue chicken out of your backpack?" Carly... Continue»
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Christian Girl Ellie

It was a cold winter, my friends were all in university as I was too poor to continue my music course. I had recently met Ellie who was a sweet 18 year old, Christian, curly haired, brunette with blue eyes. She had something about her, though we were nothing alike, it all started at a friend's house when she basically dry-humped me when no one else was around, then it went further on route to her house..

Me: "You sure you're ready Elle?"

Her: "I want you in my room so baad.. *she guided my hand to her jeans and slipped it down her knickers*"

Me: "Wow, you're so wet! .. Have y... Continue»
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My Dear B****r II: The Present

DISCLAIMER: This story is solely a work of fiction. Any similarities between people living or dead is purely coincidental. No a****ls were harmed in the writing of this story.

Knowing my b****r's predilections, and wanting to 'spice up' our sex life, I decided that it might be a good idea to introduce other playmates into our 'games'. I began to make suggestive hints toward this goal.
One day, on my birthday, b****r came home a tad late, nearly four hours. I was already in a sexy, playful outfit, in anticipation of b****r's arrival. {It was a see-through bra, thigh-high stockings, and... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly the Hot Sex-Slave

[The raunchy and highly anticipated sequel to Jilnar's last erotic escapade: “Jilnar Jardaly and the Pirates!]

The tires screeched loudly as the plain white van sped around the corner. It was a bumpy, windy, unsealed road which caused its precious cargo to jostle and bounce about against the walls. Twelve beautiful and exotic young women, of every race and color, six sitting on a hard bench on either side of the van. A beautiful bevy of exotic young women to suit all tastes, white, black, Asian and one beautiful and sensual, dark-eyed Arabian beauty, who had the additional value of being a... Continue»
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My wifes swinging nitemare

My wife Vickie who was 25 at the time and a natural hottie 38in titties natural and long legs with her hair in a short style with bangs and I took her pics one hot day in the nude on the deck and sent them to a sex newspaper that a lot of pervs got and I placed her ad.We got so many offers to swing and meet but the one that I like best was one who wanted to make Vickie a slave.He has a set of orders for Vickie and he even wanted her to sign a contract of servitude in becoming his property just like a slave in the 19th century. Vickie reluctantly agreed to play this sex game with a stranger . ... Continue»
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s isster in law changing then sex. true with fanta

I was fishing one night at camp and my s s****r In law had just gone to bed in the camp. Everyone was d***k a d my wife was home. I was going behind the camp to take a piss and as I was pissing I look over and thelove my cis my in law going thru her bag of clothes. She is wearing a white tank top and jean shorts.. her boyfriend was sl**ping in a cha. and we where the only ones awake.I looked thru the window and feel a rush as I rub my cock and look at her ass. My wife had told me before I went over that her sisste r was mad because she was journey and her boyfriend would not fuck her .s... Continue»
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The biggest cock !

Some years ago one of the many jobs I had was as a milkman, not your usual deliveries as it was a countryside milk round, delivering to villages and hamlets out in the country. A great job in the summer as I was on my own and the countryside was great, not so much in the winter though.
The last delivery that I had to make was to an elderly man named Tom who lived alone in a little cottage. He was a nice guy and as it was the last delivery he used to invite me in for a cup of tea and we’d sit there chatting for half an hour. Now and again I’d arrive at his door and as usual knock on the back ... Continue»
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Jo's pantyhose. Another pantyhose fantasy.

A few days after Jo had caught me wanking in my pantyhose in my office I was at an informal meeting which included Jo. We were sat around the room in twos and threes bouncing around a few ideas, sometimes moving around and asking others what they thought. Jack had just got up and moved over to speak to Bill when Jo sat down in his place opposite me. We sat and discussed business but I couldn't help notice as we talked that she was wearing my favourite tan hose again, especially when she crossed and uncrossed her legs seemingly casually but opening them wide enough for me to see just a hint of ... Continue»
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At Disneyland

My wife, Linda talked me into taking the f****y to Disneyland. Three little k**s that does not want to stand in line all day. What a joy! My mother-in-law, Sherry offered to come along to help and that was the only way I agreed to go. We could now take care of one c***d each.

My wife is 10 years younger than me and very pretty, charming, and a beautiful person. She was now in her late 20s and looked like she never had any k**s. We had a great life together and our sexlife had not stopped because we had k**s. My wife loves sex. We often make love, but we also fuck a lot. She has opened my e... Continue»
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A shemales revenge

I had been heartbroken for weeks ever since Paul and I had ended our relationship. We had been dating for about six months and it was the best six months of my life. We did everything together and there was nothing I couldn't tell paul. But even with such comfort in our relationship there was one secret I had been keeping from Paul that I knew eventually had to come out so on our usual "date night" one week I finally decided it was time to tell Paul the truth about me. He was nervous of course as I told him over the phone that there was something I needed to tell him and that I had been ke... Continue»
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Taking Sugar Lips For The First Time Parts 3, 4 an

The second upload of my story to my pet, my slave Vanessa. She blessed me by letting me be her Master, I love her so. Please enjoy parts 3, 4 and 5 which is our first experience in our Master/slave relationship.

Love you Sugar Lips!

Part 3

I want you to feel something inside of you the whole time I have you under control, something that when you move you can feel it inside of you, something when you cum your muscles will contract around it and try to suck it deeper inside of you increasing the pleasure of your orgasms.

I whisper in your ear that I am going to insert an anal plu... Continue»
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Good Girl’s First Black Cock

My name is Nicole and I am 22 years old and I just moved into my very first place of my own!
I have always been a good girl. My mom and dad had raised me up to be kind and I always did the right thing. I was always modest and in my dating life I always dated only the most respectable of the guys from the private schools and colleges that I went to. I had one serious boyfriend in college that finally resulted in me having sex but it was only a couple of times and frankly I wondered why everyone made such a big thing about it.
Whi... Continue»
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I am not the author of this story....i just fixed the grammar and spelling mistakes etc!!

My name is Loretta and my husband and I own a large Kennel and boarding establishment in San Fernando Valley. We raise Great Danes, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Irish Wolfhound and Anatolian Shepherds. These are special dogs for guarding and hunting. We have 65 dogs at the moment. We do a little cross breeding for ourselves just to see how they turn out. Six of those 65 are cross breeds. Two are half Great Dane & Anatolian Shepard, two are half Mastiff & Rottweiler and two are half Great Dane & Akita. In add... Continue»
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Online Affair

Let me give a little information about myself. I didn't regard myself as anything special. I was originally terrified of girls but after some time working out in the gym and practising putting myself into uncomfortable situations, I was starting to be noticed by females all over campus. I'm what some people would describe as rugged. I was 5ft 11 with thick ash blonde hair. My eyes were noted to change between steel grey, lush green and a bright blue. Whilst I wasn't 'ripped' I had worked myself into a comfortable shape and, with the help of my broad shoulders and well defined arms, I looked go... Continue»
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"I Should Have Known It Was a Sat Up...."

Bare with me as I tell you this...
Miranda, is her name, she was new to the neighbor hood by two years. We all had watched her grow and blossom into such a lovely young voluptuous young lady. No she wasn't fat or heavy, but she was very well built, She stood 5'7" tall, and about 165lbs, eyes and a smile, with perfect natural teeth, that would melt a mans heart.

We knew each other and ofttimes intermingled with each other in the neighborhood, by that I mean she lives on my block and when there was a party on the block she would ask me to either walk her to the party or walk her home.

... Continue»
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Rural Boys

As late spring began to settle in, life was good. At age 38 I had
finally managed to get all my ducks sufficiently lined up to a point where
I was able to earn a better than decent living in my chosen field of
publishing by working from my home, primarily proof reading and editing
newly authored works that were pending publication and release by my
employer. I had always been an avid reader so this gig fit me to a tee, and
the added bonus of not having to run the daily grind of reporting to an
office building somewhere was the proverbial frosting on the cake. I truly
loved the indepen... Continue»
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