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Fucking mature slag in caravan

Hi I'm Kyle

I'm 21 from Manchester

This really happened to me a couple of weeks back and I thought I'd share it with you all hope you enjoy .

Right , about a month ago I split up with my girlfriend Lucy , we had a massive fight I ended up smashing up the apartment and I got arrested for it ,
We had been together for over a year and lived together but seen as it was her flat I had to move back home with my Mu.m which her boyfriend wasn't too happy about seen as though we hated each other .

My head was all over the place ,I'd just split up with Lucy , arguing all the time at... Continue»
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The woman shuddered and almost dropped her drink when she heard the door slam. It was her third cocktail. She usually didn't drink this much, but she had wanted the liquid courage to face the man whom she had fallen into debt to. But now she regretted how much she had consumed, as evidenced by the long disappeared ice cubes. Still, she felt obliged to be here, to hear him out, as she had had no luck finding gainful employment and wasn't able to pay him back.
"Sorry it took so long, i couldn't find the right bag, and then Nas had to talk my ear off about the ball i missed last night. do you n... Continue»
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White Farmers in The South Africa (Visit)

Mondli used to visit Kajsa 3 or 4 times in a week and everyone knew for what reason he is there. Actually Mondli told it to his closest friends the next day after they did it first time. Ayize also realized this weird relationship between his teenager son and Kajsa. He asked Mondli what they are doing and Mondli told him that she believes in stupid things that if she let him know white people, he won't have misjudges about whites anymore but he only fucks her till his balls get dry and stupid woman can not even walk after he fucks her. Ayize laughed and he decided to pay a visit to Kajsa. One ... Continue»
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Obedience Training 2

Mistress, I am here. I fell asl**p early and dreamed that I was between your legs all night. You tied my arms to the headboard of my bed and tied my ankles to the footboard. You then tied my tits with rope. There was only candle light to illuminate the bedroom. You opened the window to let the cool night air in the room. The cool air aroused my nipples making them erect. You blindfolded me and put a gag ball in my mouth. I lay there spread eagle – yours. You could see my clitoris sticking out of my hairy cunt. “I came to torture and make love to you.” You said.

You got the candles, ice ... Continue»
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Recently divorced, 38M w/ 2 roommates, 22F and 28F

So, I was recently divorced because my wife get into d**g use, and somehow jumped from 420 to heroin. We had 10 years of faithful marriage, great sex, and no k**s. Blah blah blah all of a sudden I'm single again, having been out of the game for a good long time now.
So I went to meet some friends for dinner but I got there early, so I went to the downstairs bar and had a beer to wait for them. Somehow the depression has lifted and I'm in a good mood for a change, and I start chatting up the bartender. She was medium build, with great curves, pale skin, and nice round breasts that were pushed ... Continue»
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How I met my wife

Although twenty five years ago ,this image is still implanted in my head.we met in college as she and I had the same class and I was in know how you look and can tell she is the one ,simply pure. She hasn't changed much since college,still 5'6" still around 125lb and oh those hazel eyes and small tits with pretty large soft nipples. Now One day she invites meto this party but I have to work so I agree to meet her there about 1am. So I finally arrive and it's a pretty wild party and I grab a beer and start looking for the girl who invited me. After almost a hour I'm about to give up an... Continue»
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Stephanies New Car! (repost)

Stephanie gets a new car!

It has been 2 weeks since I popped Stepanie's cherry.I was sl**ping late As I was up all night and couldnt sl**p.Stephanie called me at 11.I picked up the phone."Hey Robbie it's Stephy My grandfather just bought me a new car for my birthday and I want you to be the first to take a ride with me"She says."That's cool But I need a few more hours sl**p so come over at 3pm"I replied."Too late I am outside Your Building Mom gave me your address.I am coming up now.Will your mom Mind if I come up?"Stephy replies.She hung... Continue»
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Sloppy Seconds

This is a true story that happened about 4 months ago. My wife and I have had an understanding for a couple of years now and only act out our fantasies when we are away from home. Recently both my wife and I went on holiday together. We love going to a different country with especially where it's hot and sunny and nobody knows us. My wife only packs the sluttiest outfits. The plan this holiday was to relax, get a tan, get d***k and have fun.

We went clubbing on the first night and the usual happened after 4 or 5 drinks. My wife becomes horny as hell. So I'm at the bar buying our drinks. I ... Continue»
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a bent cop

My mates an I were out sitting in a field smoking weed and drinking beer when we saw a police car pull up on the road, as soon as we saw it we legged it and the two police men chased us we all ran different ways, it was dark out and I couldn't see any of them all I could see was two torches in the dark, I ran in to the woods and hid in some bushes I hid there for a few minutes, I saw one of the policemen run right past where I was, he didn't see me he just carried on so I just sat there and waited for a while I put my phone on silent in case one of them txt me, I was sitting there in the bu... Continue»
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I ain´t a whore...they get paid for sex...

...I´m just a Dirty slut, and I like it that way :-)

Excuse my Spelling by the way.

This summer I spend a lot of time at a Swedish nude beach. And there was a lot of sex I can tell you. This time I had one of my fuckbuddies, John, with me. John is a big guy with lots of muscles so he could protect me at the beach, when I wanted to be dogged. Another great thing with John is his cock - 25 cm rock hard, and thick as hell. I can´t tell you how many time he had made my ass ake even now when Im really used to anal.

Our goal was set from the start but we wanted to take it step by step. We f... Continue»
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Fucking My Lover Behind His Wife's Back

My work often requires me to travel throughout the US.
Recently I had to travel to Florida on business as I
have on several occasions to meet with customers.
Incidentally I have friends who have lived in the
state for several years and have invited me to their
place, but up till now I have never taken them up on
the invite. My husband and I have known Tim and Carina
for some time but we've known Tim longer as he used to
be part of a couple that we used to "party "with in
the past. However they broke up and Tim moved back

We stayed in touch largely because we enjoy... Continue»
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Mother-Son Lust Fulfilled

She has been living alone with her young son since his
father ran off 2 years ago with his secretary. It was
hard at first, but now life was good as she had forged a
successful consultancy business working from home. In
fact things were a better now in most ways as her son was
a delight. He was a very intelligent and compassionate
boy who usually topped his class at school, excelled at
sport and was liked by everyone for his laughing
personality, kindness and generosity.

The only thing she lacked was good sex. There had been a
couple of brief one-night stands since her hu... Continue»
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Mike's Mom's Friend

Dear Ben,

I hope you don't mind if I write to you. I really enjoyed
our little "contest" the other day. As I said, I admire
your self-control - so rare in so young a man. I had fun
putting it to the test!

The reason I'm writing is to ask you a favor. I was
telling an old friend about our experience. Her name is
Bonnie, and we've known each other a long time. In fact,
we were roommates in college almost twenty years ago.

Bonnie has a problem. She married a fine man - actually,
Jerry was her boyfriend back in college, so they've been
married nearly 20 years, and she ne... Continue»
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Mom's Nervous Disorder

My mom, Gina, was perfect except for one thing. She had
been diagnosed as being afflicted with the Einsteinium
nervosa disorder, a common defect usually found in
widows and single mothers. Little was known about the
disorder and treatment had been based on empirical,
non-scientific knowledge.

My name is Bobby and I was surprised one day when my
mom told me that she had an appointment with her
doctor, and that he had told her to bring along her son
with her to the appointment. Naturally I readily agreed
because I had seen all the suffering my mom was going
thru after my ... Continue»
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Listening To My Wife

I knew she would call. I didn't know when, but she
promised she would, and so far she had lived up to all
of her promises, so trust was not an issue. I had been
waiting for what seemed to be forever. A long forever
when your wife is on a date or picking up another guy
just to fuck. This is a trial "date/pickup" run for
us. Being my fantasy she said she might try and see if
she could do it. She wasn't sure. So we just decided
to try it this way, no "on site" hopes or expectations
from me, just my wife out testing the waters.

I was nervously and anxiously hanging out at home.
Awaiti... Continue»
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Meeting Internet Daddy - PART 4

I am SO angry with Carter! He still haven't fucked me. My whole body is screaming for him! And my ass is still sore for all the spanking yesterday. I had stayed in my room all day just being grumpy. I was laying in bed with my laptop watching porn when I heard music coming from down stairs. I went down the stairs and saw candles, flowers, the fire burning and romantic music. I rolled my eyes and was on my way back up stairs when I heard Carters's voice. "And where do you think you're going?" I turned and he was standing with two glasses of white wine in his hands.
I walked over and took one ... Continue»
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Deb's Rest Stop Gangbang

On our recent trip back from New York, we were getting
horny thinking about some time alone just the two of us
in the motel room we had booked. We had been crammed
together with a bunch of relatives while staying
upstate and were looking forward to some loud hot sex.

"It will be nice to be able to let loose and make some
noise." Deb said

"Yeah. I was getting tired of having to cover your
mouth so your moans wouldn't be heard by everyone else
I the house," I said laughingly.

"I'm Really horny! I don't think I can wait another 2
hours till we get to the hotel." She said ... Continue»
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secrets p3

Chapter Three

10:00 am. New years day, and I was more excited than a
6 year old on Christmas morning opening up presents
from under the tree!

I walked down the sidewalk looking at my empty
driveway, "Good Mark's car was gone" I thought to
myself. My eyes strained to see through the garage's
service door window on the way to the front entrance,
confirming the stall was also empty.

Not bothering to look and see if mom left a note on the
refrigerator's door informing me when she'll be back. I
felt too charged and my body couldn't contain itself. I
ran up the stairs to... Continue»
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secrets p2

Yah! That's right; my cavernous pussy left gooey
wreckage on Tommy's leather desk chair!

I was intrigued to watch my watery spew flow down a
path of creases that were imprinted on the top cover of
the cushion. With the help from my long red fingertips
pushing It, the juice eventually pooled in the soft
depressions were my son's tender, naked buttocks
contact the soothing leather.

The dissimilarity in color of my special mixture and
Tommy's black chair was extremely arousing to see and I
really wanted the little Neanderthal's to realize that
his brazen mother marked her... Continue»
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Hello, my name is Heidi. I'm going to tell you how I've
become a cum loving slut for my 15 year old son Tommy.

During my son's early teen years I noticed while
cleaning his wash, Tommy's bed sheets and pajamas
bottoms were constantly being soiled. I figured since
he was eating cookies with milk in bed as of late, he
was just spilling some of the contents from the glass.

Upon closer examination of the fresh stains I realized
the blemish was sticky and somewhat clear.

I skated by index finger through the moist fluid
rubbing it between my finger and thumb feeling the
coo... Continue»
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