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My own whore house

It's dark and raining the wing blowing hard. I been sitting in my car watching Ben's house for 2 hour's. See ben owes me 45,ooo dollars and to do is payday! Ben has a wife and 3 daughter's. 20,18,17 and there all about to get woken up and have a really rough life because dad want to duck me!

The power been out for a hour , I sneak into the house and 1 by 1 gag and tie up each one a fast and as quit as possible. When ever one was gaged and tied I brought them all to the master bed room . Right in front of ever one a beat the fuck out of ben . I asked them do u think I am fucking playing... Continue»
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Mary's Eyes are Open

Mary Grives is a 38yrs. mother of two great wife church going woman. She has a body of a normal lady about 34C tits and waist I guess at maybe 30 but a grade AA ass. She works as a waitress in a local dive when her daughters aren't being driven to school are volleyball games. Her hubby is 39yrs. a hard working banker in the next town he works late and plays hard so she fends for the girls and herself most of the time.

It's about 6pm the middle of the supper rush at the dive and Mary has six of her eight tables full orders in and out in short she is working her ass off but Jose and T... Continue»
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No Doubt about mom

My third year at the Engineering College was over, and my 4 friends with whom I shared a flat neat our college in Pune had packed their bags and left for their homes

I was still under the shock given by my girl friend Namratha, she had announced that her f****y had finalized her marriage plans and she is getting engaged during the vacation to some Kiran Sharma who belongs to some big business f****y. We had been very close, and I was hoping that we will eventually marry. But there was another reason, a far bigger reason, because of which I had not gone home for the last 1 year.

I wanted ... Continue»
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Cross Dressing for Ann Again

About a week after my first amazing session with Ann, the neighbour from downstairs who blackmailed me into modelling her lingerie, I was again accosted by her on the stairs.

“Hi,” she said, coming out of her front door as I was passing. “I’m glad I bumped into you” (I knew she was lying in wait behind the door watching out through the spyhole) “are you doing anything on Wednesday night?”

I said I wasn’t and she said that as John and Ian (her husband and son) were going to Aberdeen to watch the football I should come and visit with her. “They won’t be back until midnight so you can show ... Continue»
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Fourth of July

I thought I would share one of the most memorable sexual experiences from my youth. I was fresh out of high school for this one.

Several times every summer I would visit my grandparents for a day or so. This particular summer I had spent more time than usual with my cousin after we had fun in the woods over a f****y thanksgiving. It was the week of the fourth of July and we were at a local campground for some community festivities. After hours of building the sexual tension we were at the beach to jump in the lake for a cool off. After a while everyone from our families had gone off to do ... Continue»
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Slim Jack proves Himself In Me

I had worked at the plant for a few months and had proven myself as a good bottom by servicing every Top and versatile gay and bi man there as well as proving my manliness as a good stud by screwing and nutting in every versatile and bottom. I never would be queer of the year because I couldnt lick an asshole or suck a dick clean after it pulled out of one without getting infected but I was adept at everything from eating smegma and drinking piss out of a man's cock to licking working mens' sweaty smelly mens' feet.
One day we got a new hire named Slim Jack. He was one of the few really mascu... Continue»
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I had no idea what I was going to do, here I was standing in the middle of my bedroom, a pair of my mother’s panties in my hand, ones she had obviously left for me to find unless I’d starting going on pantie raids through her washing in my sl**p. Not to mention the fact she had not only found my porn video, she had obviously watched it, watched and then rewound the tape to a certain point, my fantasy point if truth be told, the “s*n” cumming on his mother’s face and in her mouth as she laps it up, clearly relishing the taste. Oh well I thought, I suppose I’m not going to live to see my F**rt**... Continue»
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My Real Life Stories

This is a story about my first time with a much older woman. First let me give you back ground on me as this is my first story. I caught my uncle when I was about 6 watching porn since then I always loved naked woman every shape and size no matter what age. As I was ending my High School years I always wanted to sl**p with older woman like a friends mom etc, even though I dated the same girl for three years. After HS just after I turned 19 I ran into this lady that use to visit a friend of mines mother. After a few weeks they would tell me she thinks im cute and all but don't want attachment c... Continue»
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Hot Summer Nights

I stood in the kitchen drinking the cool glass of water. It was hot, very hot. Every window in the house was open but there was no breeze to move the hot air. As I walked back to my bed something caught my eye in my parents room. Their door was wide open with the hope a breeze may come thru and cool things. Both of my parents were on the bed naked. A dim light from a lamp gave just enough light to allow for me to see the treasure that lay before me. There on the bed, covers all thrown off on the floor, lay my mother face down. Her ass on display,but that is not what caught my eye. Mom had he... Continue»
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My wife and neighbour

My wife and her friend had been out to a works party and I’d been babysitting the neighbours k**s. They returned home as pissed as newts, in fact my wife was so bad the cab driver had to carry her in. Her friend Doreen managed to stagger to the door and open it. She staggered to an armchair and slumped into it. The cab driver came next with my wife in his arms obviously not expecting me to be there as I noticed he had his hand on her tit as he carried her. As soon as he saw me he took it off and asked where he should put her. I pointed to the settee. He laid her down and got a good view of her... Continue»
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What's in a Name? - My First Love.

My profile name isn't my own. I use the name DavieA in memory of a friend I had at school whose full name was David Adams. He was called Davie A because there was a David Brown and a David Campbell in the same class – they were of course called Davie B and Davie C.

Davie was the first man that I had a proper sexual relationship with. At school after PE or games one could see naked boys with and without erections and sometimes a little mutual fondling, stroking and kissing went on but mostly it was all just larking about.

Davie’s f****y had a small farm a few miles outside town. Mainly... Continue»
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Taking her every way and more

So she's sitting beside me on me on my couch. This was my plan, but I only ever imagined it would have happened so soon. Cassie's skin is perspiring slightly, her legs spread only slightly but enough for me to see her purple g-string. More importantly, enough for me to smell her rich cunt. I say rich because it stinks. Earlier in the evening, when she finally admitted I had succeeded in seducing her, she told me that she had been depressed and hadn't bothered to shower all week. I told her I was just still just as happy to know she was coming home with me. We left the convention centre party i... Continue»
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Movin in Pt2

Waking up, I smelled the familiar scent of my wife’s perfume as I became aware of my surroundings and, more pressingly, her hair, splayed across the pillows before me. She had her back turned to me, and the sheets had pulled themselves back to reveal her marvellous figure. She’d never agree that it was, no matter how many times I told her, but she seemed to have accepted, and embraced, the fact that I’d never get tired of her.

I moved up behind her, and wrapped an arm around her waist, smelled the sweetness that seemed to be her natural odour, and kissed her neck. With a soft murmur, she s... Continue»
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When i used to babysit

The houses were all quiet, bathed in the moonlight. I shut the curtain and paced back across the living room. It was already past two o'clock. I was bored, there was nothing on televisions, all the stations had signed off over an hour ago. My eyes were to tired to continue reading. This was going to be a longer night than I had bargained for. I laid back down on the sofa, just to rest for a little bit.

I knew I would be out late when I agreed to baby-sit for Holly. She had recently divorced her husband, and now was back into the singles scene. I knew she was a wild woman. The way she ran ar... Continue»
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Jennifer A, sucked my sausage, and warmed another.

You're working in a hotel, there is a call from the kitchen, 'Meal trolley for room 910'.

'910', you think, 'that's the top floor', and your spirits lift a little, 'maybe there is a good tip in it for me', and as you climb to the top in the elevator, you take note of the number of plates, what's on them, then suddenly there is a 'ping', you're there, outside the suite door, and you knock, gingerly, somewhat reservedly, and it opens.

'Oh my God' flashes through your head, Jennifer Aniston,she is even more beautiful in life.
She smiles that famous smile, perfect teeth, and how she smells,... Continue»
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Annalee is All Grown Up

Annalee had been my neighbour forever. Since the area we lived in was a bit out-of-the-way there had been feel other young families around. Annalee would always try to tag along with her older b*****r Chris and me when we went out. We would do our best to try to lose her or ignore her but we would always get in trouble.

I left for college after high school and spent two years away from home. It was summer and I decided to forgo summer classes and let my brain heal from the past five terms. After driving for five hours I made it back to the house I grew up in. As I pull into the dr... Continue»
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The Beginning Of A Friendship

David was lost in thought as he walked home on his way back from college. Professor Jacob had given him an "F" in chemistry practical's again. David knew that the results of his experiment were accurate. But he couldn’t do anything about it. Professor Jacob has been intent on giving David a hard time ever since he caught David kissing his daughter. That bastard, David thought, how can he keep doing this? One more time and I am taking this to the principal!

"Hey Mike, did you learn to count to potato yet?"

David was inside the compound of his condo when he overheard the husky voice asking... Continue»
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American Defloration

I can still remember that hot day when I missed my classes in college. My parents were out visiting my grannies in another town, so I could do whatever I wanted. It was really hot, like in Africa, I guess.

I suddenly heard knocking on my door. I didn’t want to open it. I was too lazy to get up from the couch they knocked again. Ok, I’m coming and I grumbled, going to the door. I was almost naked.

I wasn’t ashamed of my friends, if the one knocking was one of them and if it was somebody I didn’t know, then hell, I didn’t give a fuck. I saw a girl.
Can I help you? I asked her and I’m Kati... Continue»
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The strapon experiment.

(Contains F/M + Strapon!)

The night was a night just like any other, a warm bed, snuggled up amongst the pillows, and that tingling that accompanied my fingers. I had been watching more and more videos as of late, and found myself yearning to try something that I hadn't done before. It seemed appealing, the men enjoyed it, the women did to, and it seemed just so...Fun. It took me nearly two weeks to build up the courage to go out and do everything I needed to do beforehand. I purchased a harness, a moderate sized dildo, lube, and a couple other toys to try to mask what I was doing.

Jenn... Continue»
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This is a real story which took place six months ago. I had a good friend named Ankit. Ankit was 15 years old and used to stay with his f****y near my house at a distant of 5 mins. His f****y members included his younger s****r Sakshi, mother Raksha and father Suresh. I and Ankit were very close. I used to stay most of the time at his place only. His mom and dad also treated me very well. I was like one of their f****y members. Ankits mom always told to help him in his studies.

I helped him in every possible way and hence the f****y treated him as one of them. Gradually I started having lun... Continue»
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