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Roadside Assistance - part 1


D E Collier

I Pulled over in the rain, to see if the girl standing next to her broken down car, needed help.

Checked out her car, and couldn't help checking out the beautiful owner and would be motorist beside it looking flustered. I gave the ailing auto my best imitation of a once over and offered my grim conclusion, "I think you are going to need a tow" and called a tow truck.

She was a damsel in a dress, and I had helped solve her distress.

She stood 5 foot 4 inches, small perky breasts clinging to her American Apparel T Shirt, through some divine lacy creation doin... Continue»
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First Interacial Sex

This was in New Orleans, whilst on a week long conference. I had been travelling for over two weeks by the end of the conference, and feeling in need of some sexy fun. For some months my husband and I had debated various sexy escapades we could enjoy in the future, and the inevitable cliché of interracial fun was pretty high on the list. He had no desire meet a couple or invite a female to join us, so we agreed that at some point it would (maybe) be a black male joining us. This incident rather shortcut that plan.

On the last night of the conference I had seen enough of colleagues for an... Continue»
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The Stoner

Teri Long smiled at her friends, "Hey, see ya' tonight!", grabbed
her book bag, and headed down the hall. School was out for the
weekend, and she wanted to get home to finish her homework so she
could have the weekend for herself.
Teri slipped through the door at the end of the hall and headed along
the faint path crossing the back green to the woods beyond. The path
led through the woods, and eventually to the housing project beyond
where her f****y lived. Her pleated mid-thigh skirt swirled around
her legs as she walked, her button down sweater a fine match for it.
Her long bl... Continue»
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Slut Dee Part 1

I first met Dee in 2002 at the side of the M90 not far from where I stayed. It was a typical working day for me in that I had risen early went to work in Edinburgh and at 2pm I was heading back over the Forth Road Bridge when my car went boom. It had just been for a service and MOT 4 days previously and this looked critical. Blue smoke from the rear of the car oil all over the windscreen engine bay and on the carriagway. The car limped in to the layby just in to the Fife side of the bridge. I switched the engine off and phoned for the recovery firm I had through my insurance and cursed my luck... Continue»
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Grandpa Teaches Young Granddaughter - 2

Scott roused about 6:00am after only a couple hours of sl**p. His thirteen year old granddaughter was still cuddled up to him and it felt so good and he hated to leave the bed, but his old bladder gave him no choice.

After relieving himself, he looked outside and saw that it was snowing. He made his way to the livingroom and turned on the morning news and watched the school closings scroll across the bottom of the screen. Eventually, he saw that the county schools were closed. He turned off the TV and climbed back into bed with Amanda.

Without wanting to wake her, he nestled up behind ... Continue»
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Let's Do a Dope Deal

I woke late the next morning. I'm usually up at the crack of dawn. It
must be the Jamaican stuff I'm smoking. It's real dynamite. Maybe the best
shit I've ever smoked. I'll have to do a taste test when I get back to the
states. I spent a little time at breakfast trying to figure out how to at
least get some seeds back to the "land of the big BX." I figured getting some
stuff past customs was a little too risky especially since I look like a
throwback to the '60's with my pony tail. I mulled over some ideas as I
headed back to the beach again.

As usual th... Continue»
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Perri in the park

the only light was faint moonlight filtering through the trees, and the dimness of the radio spilling out from the open car door, but i could see perri squatted above the grass, her short skirt hiked all the way up so that her big juicy ass hung out, her pussy so swollen and throbbing it looks as though it might burst at any second.

she pulled the long, fat cock out of her mouth and brought two fingers up to her lips. there she gathered up some spit onto her tongue and stuck the fingers in her mouth, making sure they got wet and dripping. she then re-positioned her head to take the huge ... Continue»
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Old friends - New ideas

When I was younger and was either having sex with a gal or simply jerking off at home I would shoot a load that was impressive. One time I laid on my bed and jerked off and when it was time to cum I held in for a bit and then let it go. I swear it 3' or 4' in the air before landing on my belly and chest. But that was when I was young. I'm now in my early 60's and things are definitely changing. I no longer shoot like I did as a k**. Now when I cum it either comes out really slow or not at all. Then 5 minutes later as I'm walking around it starts to dribble down my leg. I've been to the doctor... Continue»
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My Ex Slut

First off I think it's safe to say that my ex is the type of girl that is horny all the time. She loved going down on me any chance she got, and of course I didn't say no. When we weren't together, she'd masturbate and let me listen. Of course that would turn me on, so we'd end up having phone sex. We'd of course talk dirty. I'd ask her things like, "do you like it? do you want me to fuck you? where do you want me to fuck you?" She wouldn't tell me directly but she'd reply, "you know where... where you eat me." Now up to that point, we only had anal and oral sex. That was enough for me, but sh... Continue»
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Farsans flickvän

Jag heter Jocke och är 18 år. Mina föräldrar är skilda och jag bor med min pappa i en stad i jämtland.
För ett år sedan så träffade min pappa en tjej som heter Louise. Hon är 37 år och ser ganska normal ut men är väldigt söt. Hon har halvlångt brunt hår. Hennes bröst är normalstora och hon är smal.
Nu är det så att hon flyttade in hos pappa och mig i somras. Detta medförde att jag helt plötsligt fick någonting att titta på och fantisera om. Pappa och Louise lyckades ha sex när jag inte var hemma så jag kom aldrig på dom att göra "det". Inte heller lyckades jag få en smygtitt på Louisa när ho... Continue»
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It had been a long trip two thousand three hundred and forty nine miles to be exact from New Jersey to Arizona and my ass was sore and my Harley needed gas and a good wipe down! It had seemed like a fun idea at the time I had to take some time for myself clear my head... and I had always wanted to see Arizona and being single the only one to convince to go was me and I had really needed to get away it had been a long year lots of bad shit happened lost some friends to the road and to the gun so the Road Devil's were running a little light these days we needed to recruit some fresh bl**d but ... Continue»
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The Makings of a True Bitch

The transformation began subtly enough. She wanted me to walk her to the bedroom on a leash affixed to a crystal studded collar around her neck. There she'd suck on my cock while I held the handle of the leash before fucking her from behind, still grasping the leash and tugging on it every so often at her request in conjunction with my hard thrusts. She told me she could only cum when I fucked her doggystyle. Anna, my petite 19yr old girlfriend, always seemed to have a submissive streak. But as our relationship progressed, it became blatantly evident that she wanted more than a lover -- she al... Continue»
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Bad girl Ellie gets shagged at a party by 5 lads

Here is a dirty story about me getting fucked at my s****rs’ mates’ birthday party.

So we got there and I was wearing this sexy black dress that barely covered my tits and arse (Emma was in a nice dress too). Anyway the house was packed I’d say 75 % of people there were lads all chavs. This Tracy girl knew what she was doing for her birthday. I tried to dance but I am not very good and I didn’t like the weird mix of dubstep and rap.

After I knocked back a vodka martini there was a fight as people were getting very d***k. This lad called Jayden started arguing about some shit with anot... Continue»
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The Facts of Life part 1

My name is Ron, and my twin b*****r's name is Sam. We're in our
mid-twenties now and each have had loving partners for the past four years.
All four of us are professional men and we live compatibly together in a
large house in a suburb of Austin, Texas. To say that we have a very
satisfying and exciting sexual life would be an understatement. And we owe
it all to our father. It was not that we ever had sexual relations with
our dad to any great extent; he simply did his best to instill in us an
appreciation for the beauty, the naturalness and the pleasure that humans
were meant to... Continue»
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Dubai Nightmare No 1

Synopsis: A petite, gorgeous 19-year-old blonde American gets lured into working for an e****ting agency in Dubai. Once there, she is quickly sold into slavery and f***ed to pleasure her owner in the most terrible of ways.

Chapter 1: An Offer Too Good to Refuse

“So,” Malia Jackson said, leaning forward and smiling at the young blonde across from her. “Have you thought about what Kyle told you? About the Dubai gig?”
“I have, I don’t—I’m still not sure Malia,” Samantha Brunner replied. “I mean, he made it sound so easy and stuff. And, like, the pay. That can’t be right. $5,000 a d... Continue»
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Taking a Monster

Taking a cock the size of this one was like being split open. I've taken hundreds of cocks in my ass and thousands of loads. But this was the biggest cock I had ever taken and if the rumors were true, this would be the biggest load, too.

I'd been whoring around for a while and word had spread that there was a college aged k** that charged very little to fuck him raw. Many members of the gay community on campus, both open and still hidden, had come to me to get their rocks off. Most were repeat customers. And a few of them that I really liked I didn't even charge. Just let me know when they ... Continue»
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You call me up after your spin class and beg me to rub and stretch your legs out.
I get to your place after the gym and freshly showered. I knock.... my phones buzzing. A text from you telling me to come in and you're on the bed ready for your rub down. I open and step inside.

I walk through your place and see you laying face down, naked on your bed. With some oil laying next to you. I dab a little on my hands and begin rubbing your legs, starting at your calves I kneed your left leg, pulling and pushing your muscles with hands. Working my way up to the back of your thigh, I give your a... Continue»
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The Rendezvous

The dimly lit room was difficult to see in when I opened the door. Thin streams of light filtered in through the windows from in between heavy d****s. The evening light was soft and had a warm glow to it. I could barely make out your silhouette on the bed under the sheets. The soft rise and fall of the sheets meant you were sl**ping. I could also hear your heavy breathing.
I close the door softly behind me, so as not to wake you, and start taking off my clothes. The anticipation already heightening my senses and making me semi hard. I take of my shirt and drop it on the floor. Next I pull my ... Continue»
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Early Sexual Experience part 3 *(True Story)*

Hey guys this is part 3 of my early Sexual Experience of when I was Tw☆!ve (11+1). This is my story and it really did happen to me. I hope you enjoy.

Days went by after being busted by the 8th

grader Max. Matt and myself were nervous to go

to school because we thought that he was going

to tell on us. For a whole and a half Matt and

I didn't even think about playing with each

others cocks, we were to busy thinking hiw

much trouble we were going to be in. After

awhile Max finally decided to come up to Matt

and I during lunch. He told us that we would

be ... Continue»
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Bar Meetup

We decide to meet up at a bar for our next little encounter, meet up for some drinks and fuck each other silly after.
I get to the bar and see you sitting down at a table, you've already got a drink.
I swing by the bar and pick one up before sitting down next to you.
"Hi" I say before sitting down next to you. Giving a nice kiss.

I feel your hand reach down my leg and up to my cock that's quickly growing.
"Mhmm all I can think about is that cock in my mouth."

"Yes me too, I want it all the way in your mouth this time, no holding back" I say

I see you lick your lips at the thou... Continue»
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