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The Husband

Kate was young and beautiful. She was in an abuse marriage that she sometimes was confused about. She was dirt poor when she first met Ron and he swept her off her feet. He bought her clothes and jewels. He was a lot older and very rich. He married her when she was young and the sex was good but rough at first then it got to be brutal. He loved to degrade her calling her names and abusing her body. He was generous with money and gifts but she did pay for it. He had complete control of her. Last night when one of his friends was over he put his hand under her top and began to play with her tits... Continue»
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Anal play 1

Alex had been having a rough day at work. He was feeling like he lost the upper hand in the conference meeting with his clients. All he wanted was to relax at home and share a bottle of wine with Donna. When he walked in the door donna greeted him lovingly with a kiss and a sympathetic hug, saying she would make him dinner. She busied herself with cooking and he decided to go upstairs to pull out his laptop. Loading one of his favorite videos, he got into a pair of sweatpants. Just as he sat down on the bed the computer screen was showing images of two women. One, a brunette with a strap ... Continue»
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It happened with the Grannie

Well, it became sort of a habit. A habit in that way, that, when it was a fine sommerweather the f****y, my wife the k**s and I went to the countryside at Grannies. It happened on Weekends especially when I had an additional day off, besides the regular visits on f****ymeetings like birthdays or other important events. So when it was time for a trip to Grannies we stuffed our neccesary things into the car and everybody got into it as well and off we went. Grannie was in her seventies and living alone because she was for more than 20 years a widow. She was living in an old countryhouse with ... Continue»
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An Amusement Park for Adults

*Why isn't "Fantasy" a category on xhamster? I would go there all the time!*

“An amusement park for adults.” That’s what the add in the newspaper said… I was soon 40 and didn’t care to much for roller-coaster rides and candy as I did. But the paper said “-for adults.” What could that possibly mean? Roller-coasters, candy and lots of alcohol and strippers?
The park had been open for a week. I had checked their website, asked people if they’d heard of it, I had even stood outside just to see how it looks like. It just looked like a big arena. There were no windows or anything so I had no cl... Continue»
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The guy next door

I told my girlfriend I loved her and gave her kiss goodbye at the door. I see this guy looking at us. He looked angry. I rolled my eyes and closed the door. I've been with my girlfriend for over 4 years. I haven't even seen a cock/dick in over 4 years. I had a bad break up and I was done with men.

I went outside to walk my dog and who did I see again? The angry guy he must of just moved next door lately. Never seen him before. Weeks went by and I would walk my dog same routine he would be outside everyday watching me kiss my girlfriend and walk my dog. I'm slightly shy, but he w... Continue»
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birthday suprise

My now x husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday a few years back I said you have aked me to have a threesome with camille but what would you think if I asked you to bring josh over to have a threesome knowing that my pussy got soaking wet at the thought of it and he said I think itss fkng hot as hell I wanna do it now! He replied. He came into the bedroom with a smile on his face. What? I asked he said he cldnt reach josh but wess was coming which was fine I had thought often since my friend camille told me he was the best dick she ever had about fucking him to find out! I got up and ... Continue»
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The first time I saw you

I remember that day.
I was working for the college, finishing out the last years of my degree and picking up work at the gym. It was boring as all hell, checking the sign in sheet, orienting the new students, cleaning up after the students. It was a special type of hell, but hell, it payed. Not near enough, but it payed.

It was another boring afternoon, and i noticed you coming in for your workout. You had never been in before, but that isn't why i noticed you. you were attractive, but for a second i couldn't tell if you were a boy or a girl. Short, boy cut hair, originally brown, but col... Continue»
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My bestfriends wife

My best friend Steve,invited all the boys round for a forth of July party.Just the seven of us,drinking beer outside by the pool.It was a hot day,and the drink was flowing.Every year we have a little party for the guys,and the wives get together next door and do there own thing.were there,as we always are every year,talking shit,about cars and women,as we always do.Eventually,the subject came back to Nancy,Steves wife.We all want to fuck her,its no secret,even Steve jokes about it.She is way hotter than all of our wives put together.
Out of the blue Steve,completly wasted says"she wants t... Continue»
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take that cock daddy #2

So I'm licking the goo out of her snatch and she tells me she wants me to fuck her bisexual. Cousin. I said I will do it but you are fucking him too! She agreed we set a plan in motion to seduce the young man and she said fuck just tell him we want to fuck! As suspected he arrived. Promptly and came inside he was a tall 20 year old with longer brown hair and brown skin he came in and I met him at the door he jumped on my back and I piggy backed him into the bedroom and dropped him on. The bed. I grabbed his shoes and pulled them off sarah was unbuttoning. His pants. And I pulled them off he h... Continue»
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Proud to have large cock

Happy about response from my previous stories.Here a new one for all my likers.Feel free to comment .Your suggestion are as valuable as virgin pussies.
God! What a sight. I was sitting on the edge of the Clarke’s king size bed, my legs were spread wide and my semi hard cock was lying across Mrs. Clarke’s face, as she sucked my balls.

"I've gotten used to this cock, Peter. I'm going to miss it."

She laughed when I croaked out a simple, "Yeah!"

Her head bobbed lower and she ran her tongue through my ass... Continue»
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bros freinds

I was only eighteen years old and in retrospect, a bit naive when this story took place. I still remember every detail, as if it was yesterday, and it makes me smile. In fact, it is one of my fondest memories, and now that I am older and married, I look back on it with no regrets.

Two of my b*****r's thirty year old friends came looking for him at our house. He was not home but they politely asked if they could come in and wait for him to return. I graciously opened the door and stepped aside. They asked me if I knew when he would come back but, I really had no idea.

They as... Continue»
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Missy's Revenge

Missy grew up in a very poor f****y, and lived most of her young years in the projects. Her f****y's small apartment complex was in one of the worst parts of town.

Missy's mother had left when she was only five years old and she barely remembered her. Her father drank every meal, and spent all of his money on alcohol. Missy and her s****r had to wear hand me down clothing, and were often un-bathed and unruly.

She rarely had time to play with the other c***dren who were mostly black. Once in a great while she would take a risk and steal some change from her fathers laundry, so she... Continue»
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A True account of my first Bus Touching

As stories go, this one is short, but it is true and in this truth you might see that flashing, touching, and cumming on girls can be be, and is, something that is liked.

As age related experiences go, we can but hint at our exposures by use of chosen words like, sweet, innocent, pubescent, and so on, and on this incident, I was all three, perhaps that was what it made for him, a man in his fifties, such a powerful shoot (the f***e with which his semen hit me), an exhilarating experience, for me, well I still masturbate to the memory of him doing it, and yes we did meet again.

Dark grey ... Continue»
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Black characters; dont like it dont read my shit & keep it moving...

Tasha had her learners permit for 2 months now, and her parents couldnt keep her from behind the wheel for practice. Every chance she was in a car she begged to drive. 'Come on practice makes perfect...' she begged. After a while Tasha felt her skills were good enough, and whatever she couldnt do she'd pick up along the way. Tasha decided to take her dad's car for a ride. She picked up her girlfriends Traci & Loni for a ride around town.

Traci said to stop by her boyfriend's house for a min, so Tasha did. Traci went up... Continue»
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The Lake

Rob knew his friend Jake often came down to the lake woods in the warmer weather for nude dip in the water, among other things. Once certain that he was alone, Jake said, he would strip down completely and enjoy a swim, then masturbate naked in the open air while he dried off on the rock. “No one’s ever there.” he told his buddy.

"And it keeps me from going crazy in this world", Jake smiled, "Especially when I don’t have a lover to help out with those fundamental release kinds of things. You should try it some time."

Rob was pretty sure Jake was mostly straight, though he knew his friend... Continue»
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Gay Fantasies At Work

All I had to do was make it three more hours. My boss stands in front of us chanting "blah, blah, blah" at me and about twenty other co-workers, pointing a metal rod at some graph that makes absolutely no sense to me right now. This will be the third day I've had no sl**p. I'm dizzy, starving, bored and beginning to hallucinate. The white walls begin to warp and twist into humanesque faces. My boss' height begins altering slightly. The boardroom seats start becoming carnivorous, noshing slowly on my butt cheeks. I giggle aloud for no reason, and it takes me a few moments to realize that my bos... Continue»
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The first time ( a meeting )

This is a true - ish story, but the names have been changed to protect the individuals.

His wife didn't understand him, she was too vanilla and he hated it. He wanted more passion, more excitement and he knew he was never going to get that at home. John had found something to keep himself, or his hands occupied too. I'm not sure, maybe he wanted to feel more wanted.
The sex site he had found had great video's on it, plenty of choice, and a world away from anything he had ever experienced ever.
John and Sara had mutual friends and had started dating, and as one by one their friends go... Continue»
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Sharing my sister part 4

The first 3 parts are here

Part four Sharon gets shared
I had been sl**ping with Sharon for just over 3 months by now, the Saturday mornings were a regular fixture as she came to my room after both parents had left for work. Occasionally if we had time after school (Sharon had now left school after finishing her exams) we might fuck in the living room or her bedroom.

At he end of the road where I lived was a scho... Continue»
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suck that cock bitch

My x wife and I had been wanting to explore our sexual boundries after our encounter with her friend camille! I said I tell you what, since camille was here last week I will call wess and we can both fuck your pussy tonite you know what I want daddy? I said what baby? she said well you know you are his idol and he will do anything you ask him to rt?I said I guess she said I want you to fuck his mouth and then fuck his ass while he fucks me,I said put on ur school girl skirt and top and get ready for us! She said I'm gonna turn on the cameras in here yes I said do that I told her when he gets h... Continue»
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MISS. WRESTLING (Erotic Fiction)

Disclaimer: This is an erotic fiction story I found online about Tammy Lynn Sytch. I am not sad to say the one who wrote this story. This story was written by Wonder Mike. Sole credit goes to him for the writing of this story. I read it and afterwards I knew it just had to be shared with all of you. Enjoy...and thank you Wonder Mike for such an erotic tale of hot Tammy fiction.

By Wonder Mike
Rob Black was determined to move X P W from an Indy federation
to a ... Continue»
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