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Offered her breast from me to fuck

I was born and brought up in hyderabad. I used to live in a small apartment with my parents. I did not have many friends in the apartment. As there were none about my age group expect bhavani and sunitha who were living in the neighbouring apartments. Bhavani is 3½ years elder to me and sunitha is 2 years elder to me. Bhavani was chubby, very fair and very tall. She was 5’11 and taller than me. My guess was she must have had measurements of 38d-28-36. On the co
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Unsatified wife

I was 21 when I was married to a 39 year old man. My parents f***ed me to marry this man because we where 6 s****rs and we belonged to middle class f****y. My height is 5 2″ and my figure is 35 28 34. My husband name is Yasir. He is a rich man with cars and a big bungalow, servants. Since my wedding night I understood that he will never be able to satisfy me as it took him only 15 minutes for the whole session. But our life moved on. I tried my level best to get satisfied with my husband. But after a year my husband completely
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My 2nd wife made my dreams come true

Hello people,

I have been living in heaven since I got married to nina 3 months ago. We are both 32. We were both married before, she became a widow a year ago and I got divorced 3 months ago. Trough both marriages we don’t have any k**s. We have had several sex partners since our marriage. Nina is the one who introduced me to this site and we would like to share our experience with all the readers. The only thing that I’m making up is the names, everything
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Seduced Mom with the Help of Stranger – Part

Dear ISS readers. This is Kumaresh from Chennai and I would like to share my true experience with you all. I lost my father when I am studying 10th standard and we were suffered very much financially but somehow managed with the help of my grandparents and my mom unable go for any job since she is very innocent and not have much exposure to outside world. This makes life very difficult and I managed to join college after my 12th standard where my lust for my mom started.
My mom name is Padma and her age was 39 at that time. She was medium in height and skinny with no sign of boobs but has ve... Continue»
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Mrs. Brown gets satisfied

Mrs. Brown, the lady who lived next door to me for several years was an attractive woman in her early 40s. She lived alone and spent much of her time outdoors working around her house tending to her flower beds and the yard. She often hired me to mow her lawn and do other odd jobs to help her out. I never really paid close attention to her until I was mid puberty when my hormones were on fire, and I began to study her more closely and I found myself easily aroused in her presence. About a year passes and I'm ready to graduate high school in about a month and I've grown several inches taller, a... Continue»
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Husbands plan

My name is Mona Mohsin. I am a doctor but know i am a housewife. I have a 7 year old girl. My husband name is Mohsin. He is also a doctor and quite curious about his career. I maintained my figure quite well and was well satisfied with my husband. Our life was going quite good till this day. It was a planned incident with me. I will tell u in the end how i came to know about this plan. It all started like it was a usual evening and i was waiting for my husband to come. He came home and was looking quite depressed. I asked him
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Exploration in the Bushes

Dana was sitting at her desk staring into the glaring screen of her computer. She attempted to work, but as she did her eyelids kept drooping and her head began to loll down to her chest. Abruptly her head shot up as if she'd been pinched. She blinked her eyes several times and rubbed them with her fists. She yawned as she stretched her arms out to their full length.

Dana felt so tired. She was falling asl**p at work and that was bad, especially when she looked at her computer screen and saw she had written multiple lines of R's all the way across the screen. She knew why she was so tired; ... Continue»
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Cousin Rocks My World on Nude Day

My cousin, Diane, called to ask if she could stay with my wife and I. She had to attend a convention and thought she'd kill two birds with one stone, visit us, while saving money on a hotel bill. Just as she didn't tell me she was attending a Nude Day Swingers' Convention, until later, I didn't tell her that I was no longer with my wife, until she arrived.

Now between you, me, and the lamppost, when I found out that my sexy cousin was attending a Nude Day Swingers' Convention, that bit of shocking information rekindled all kinds of i****tuous thoughts. I've always had a mad crush on my cou... Continue»
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The Plumber's Daughter - Must Read

September, 2010


I was nineteen when we married. My ex-husband, the Jerk, was twenty-five. I was madly in love with him, can you believe it? He was a third year Medical Student and I was an Art major. He was drop dead gorgeous handsome and could charm the Devil to let him out of hell.

I dropped out of college and worked as a waitress to help support us. I threw away my scholarships to help put him through Medical School. Mom and Dad were livid, but they helped us out with our rent. Thank God for my father. Dad is a big, strong, no nonsense type of man, unafraid to get his hand... Continue»
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Saturday. Time for kickoff. Inauguration night for the big sex quest. Our regular bar, the Double Eagle, was packed and I didn’t have to work until Monday morning. I planned on getting a double to start this little competition with a bang. One before midnight. One after midnight.

Our town was indeed a hick town, but it was party bar central for a large geographic area. We had nine decent pickup bars to choose from. Country, rock and roll, dance, metal, a cougar bar, everything in between, and most of them were jumping from Thursday to Saturday.

My first pick was Lisa. I... Continue»
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Caught in the Storm

I was given a day off from work one random Thursday and decided to go for a morning jog. It was a beautiful, late spring day outside and I hadn't gone for a run in a while. The sun was shining brightly but there was still a slight coolness in the air. There was a nice jogging trail through the woods near the edge of the suburbs where I lived, not too far from my apartment at the time. The trail was flat and wide enough for jogging and wound through beautiful, quiet woods and around a quiet, lazy stream.

I decided to drive to a parking lot near the start of the trail, overlooking a shady fis... Continue»
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The Sex Rehab Diaries: Rachel

"Hi, I'm Rachel, and yeah... I guess you can call me a sex addict," I giggled as I looked at the expectant faces surrounding me.

I thought about that statement for a minute. Of course, I'd never called myself a sex addict out loud, but the idea of it sounded almost kind of sexy. Of course I knew I was supposed to be all serious standing there in the classroom at The Belleview Retreat for Sexual Health. But really, how can you find the seriousness of group therapy at all?

They were a miscellaneous collection of odd personalities from different walks of life sharing intimate and intense de... Continue»
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punk white boy be careful what you wish for!

thanks to a good friend of mine Cindy for helping again with another great story!

I had fantasies of her getting fucked by a black man. I mean she looked like she should be getting plowed by the biggest, blackest dick out there. At 5'5" and 135 pounds, ten of those pounds are filling her 38D tits out! Her pussy is as tight as can be, even for my 7" cock! Since there are no babies, her pussy is only stretched out by me and her play toys.

About 2 years ago, I got her a new dildo. Blacker than the Ace of Spad... Continue»
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Jessie's California Adventure

The girl showed up with a big smile on her face. Having just turned 18 she had decided to visit her California buddy.
Although we hadn’t met in person, we had talked many times through Facebook and email. Sharing similar tastes in music, we’d gotten to know each other through our favorites.
Her parents were divorced and each remarried, but she remained distant to her father. She enjoyed an older man paying attention to her and asking about her day – telling her she was pretty – someone she could tell secrets to.
“Hi. I’m Jess,” she said, standing on tip toe to kiss my cheek, her lips lightl... Continue»
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I Was A Boy....Questions.

"He laid over me like that for a moment, looking at me and pondering something. I hoped he would want me to come back. I wanted him to want me. I felt his cock stirring between my thighs, pressing against my balls . He was such a tease and knew exactly how to push me, guide me, bring to that point where I would do anything, anything to please him. It scared me."

He looked at me for a bit and kissed my forehead. He smiled and said, "You're very special......I knew that when I saw you laying asl**p on the picnic table.....but I never expected you would be so.........," and he stopped in mid... Continue»
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Training a Slut Wife Chapter 4

It has been a while since I posted. I have been fucking Pam, the preachers wife, their pregnant daughter who just had my baby, the slutty garage sale slut and the preacher. All are my private bitches. My wife had been on and off again, feeling guilty, but still going back and fucking her young BBC. He is still and has been secretly sending me video and pics of her doing him. So, it is time to up the activities, so that in the near future I will confront my wife Charlotte and make her the controlled cum slut sex slave that my other "bitches" are already.

If you have not read the previous ... Continue»
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The thing between my legs!!!!

The Thing Between My Legs !!!!

It was nothing like what he'd expected. No skulls on the walls, no dried bats, no shrunken heads. Not even any of those glass vials with smoke bubbling out of them, which is what he'd looked forward to seeing. It was just a little room that looked like a grocery store, with faded green linoleum tiles on the floor and a ceiling fan that groaned as it turned. Needs oil, he thought. Ceiling fan'll burn itself up without oil. Heating and cooling was his business, and right now he was sweating under the collar and there were wet rings beneath his arms. I've come ... Continue»
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In 2003 I was room mates with my cousin. Living in Tampa, FL everyone embraces the 'party' lifestyle so when I would get off work and come home it was common to open the front door to the 2BR/2B and see naked or scantily clad women roaming around the house partaking of drinks, d**gs or both. It was during this period that I met Veronica a.k.a. 'Ronnie'. She is pictured in my pictures.

I remember getting home about 9pm or so the first time I met Ronnie. My b*****r gave me a ride home and we went into the house preparing ourselves for what ever may be waiting ... Continue»
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Aunt got nailed by Raja

Aunt got nailed by Raja.

Pari and I made plan to have Raja fuck my aunt who came from UK to site seeing.
To catch up you can read our post it will get you update on our stories.

After the breakfast I was in my room and aunt was also in my room. Pari went down stair
I asked aunt if she can go down and bring my phone up for me. Pari took my phone.
Aunt said no problem I will go and bring your phone back to you.
As aunt left my room I got up and stood by the room door. I could not hear aunt talking.
After couple of minutes I heard aunt speaking louder. I moved out of room and stood by... Continue»
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Bottomless woman vs male bonding

Something short but on the wild side; for male bonding's sake.

Last summer, a buddy and I were coming back home after fishing, still feeling the heat of the sun on our skin and the effect of the few beers we had "to cool us off". We were driving on the back road when we saw a pecular shape move a little on the right side of the road. As we drove closer to it, we saw that it was a woman (in her late 20s), struggling to get up; when she finally did, after a lot of difficulty; she was half naked and holding a big bottle of booz in her right hand - she was d***k, and bottomless!

At first, we... Continue»
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