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The british Lord Part 2

Sara loved it when the Lord decided he wanted her bound while he fucked her s****r. Sara hurriedly until Mathilda, almost pushing her out of the way, lying back against the ladder, her legs spreading willingly. She loved the feel of the metal cuff around her wrists, keeping her tightly bound to the wooden bar over her head. She almost came when the Lord put the whip on her stomach, part of it sliding down between her legs before it came to rest. It was so exciting, seeing the whip, but not knowing where and when he would use it on her.
Mathilda found her naked body on one knee, pushed up agai... Continue»
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The demise of a once happy marriage.

This is a tribute story to a good friend and neighbour. He gave me the outline and I've designed the character assassination. This is part one of three.

Sylvia and Bob.

Sixteen years ago a very happy couple married in cancum Mexico. It was a simple civil ceremony witnessed by six invited guests. The marriage was consummated on the beach after darkness fell. They had a wonderful holiday and there big day had been perfect.

The couple had both been married before and both marriages failed, probably due to getting married too young or the pressures surrounding life in general. Maybe bo... Continue»
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Stacia by loyalsock

It was a chilly night in November, the football team sucked a big one but Mike just went to hang out with his friends, and watch Stacia cheer in front of the stands. She was beautiful. They had known each other for as long as they both could remember. High School had been harsh on both of them. Stacia had just got out of a long term relationship and Mike had just had a few short-timers.

Stacia was still a virgin, an extremely sexy one. She was about 5’6” tall and probably about 105 lbs, and just barely 18. She had beautiful blonde hair just past her shoulders, and the smoothest, sexiest t... Continue»
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Trophy Wife by loyalsock

When I look back on what happened last month, I definitely blame myself to a large extent. I’ve been married to my gorgeous and sexy wife for 12 years. My wife Lea has an incredible body – the kind that all men dream about getting to screw at least once in their lifetime. She has long legs leading up to a great shapely ass, the most amazing tits that I’ve ever seen and to top it all off, her face is beautiful with stunning eyes and sexy lips. Lea and I met during my junior year in college and after many attempts, she finally accepted an offer to go on a date with me. The rest as they say is hi... Continue»
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The Wonderful Mistake

For years I have been fantasising about my own mother. From sexual thoughts in bed to masturbating over pictures of her to masturbating with her panties. My mother is by no means a super model nor is she ugly. She has got 36G breasts and she wears size 14 panties and I know this from looking at her bras and panties. Usually woman with that size of breasts would be rather on the plump or fat side but my mom isn’t. She has a fairly slim tummy and beautiful curvy hips and a gorgeous round ass. To me she is amazing for a 45 year old woman.

I was 18 years old and my dad had died about 2 years ag... Continue»
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the gym guy

as i prepared to go over my lovers house to worship his BBC, my cock bulged in my pants and exploded... just the thought of his beautiful 11 inch cock down my throat was more than i could bare.... it was winter,cold and close to x-mas.... i arrived at his house,at around 8pm... when he answered his door,he had on a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt....i was kind of disappointed... i was hoping he'd answer the door naked so i could immediately go to town on his huge member... he told me he had a surprise for me.... wondering what he was talking about,tho i knew it was sumn sexual,i just co... Continue»
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Starbucks Sadie

I was driving to my girlfriend's, realizing that I was making better time than I anticipated. She wasn't supposed to be off work at Starbucks until 2:30, but it was only 2:10. I decided I'd swing by and say "hi".

I could tell by the parking that it was busy inside, and when I walked in, my suspicions were confirmed. I joined the line for the register, pondering what I was going to grab.

While waiting, I watched her as she worked. Seeing her move about without realizing I was there felt like a new experience. Almost voyeuristic.

"Hi, honey," she said with a beaming smile.

"Hey,... Continue»
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Very risky turns to very nasty .. (HARDCORE, FUCKB

Some ex's just can't get enough ;)

So I woke up after a very weird and long lucid dream, I dreamt about my ex (Shannon) then I look down the first thing I see is my throbbing boner .. I go to use the internet, then suddenly I get a text *ping* It was like a sign from the consciousnesses we're all a part of!

Her - "Hey, it's me :3 .. I'm in bed with *boyfriend* I really wish I was in bed with chu' tho':'("

"That a fact? :P"

Her - "You have no idea, seriously .. :P"

".. Skype me."

Her - "He's right next to me!"

"I know.. ;)"

Her - "I'm not sure, what if he w... Continue»
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Wanna Bet? 2: Higher Stakes

This time, it was mostly my cousin Lara’s fault. She knew what she was getting into, and she knew what she was getting my s****r Faith into. That I enjoyed it along the way is beside the point. If not for her, all our lives would have turned out very differently.

It started with a bet, of course. There have been three bets, or series of bets, really, that have changed my life, and my relationship with my s****r. This is the story of the second.

My s****r and I had been betting against each other since we were k**s. A bet was almost a sacred thing in our house. If one of us b... Continue»
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Silver heat

Sailing Away
Robert Reams©

It all began at my eighteenth birthday party. My parents just would not believe that I was through with all that juvenile 'birthday' stuff, so I had to endure one more embarrassing round of phony smiles and worthless gifts from all my parents' f****y and friends. I am, I have learned since, a fairly attractive guy. Short, about 5'7" and slim but not too skinny, blond, with sparkling blue eyes and a captivating smile that makes me look even younger than I am.

My situation was somewhat unique. I had been going to college for over two years on a special p... Continue»
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PantyTheif part 2

My confidence was fully restored after the break up from my first love Anne. My collection of stolen panties was about 40 having discarded some through weakness. In my mind, if they were soiled by me they were tainted. Sometimes after having a drink I would be having a wank and would wrap a pair of pants round my erection and end up cuming into them. They were thrown. I had a thought years later that it might have been fun to have tried to get these cum stained pants back into the original owners drawers, but that might just have been a tad dangerous.

I met a girl called Lynne when I was ... Continue»
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Making Me

Making Me
Robert Reams©

Les, my closest friend now that Mike has been killed in Iraq, sits quietly on the couch listening intently as I tell him my life story as a way to cement our blossoming. I tell him about growing up in an alcoholic f****y. About the stupid, life wrenching four years I have spent walloping pots and pans in the Air f***e, about my opposition to the war and how I have grown into it. About my buddy, John Cormier, who let me drive his 65 Mustang, but re-upped and died in the Nam when a mortar tore through the mess tent and landing in his soup pot!

At last I ... Continue»
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Ass on the Line

My attempt at a dialogue only story lol.

"So have you been fucked with a strapon before?"
"Yeah, twice."
"How big?"
"Dunno…eight inches maybe nine."
"A decent size, probably pounded you good since she didn't have to f***e it in."
"Yeah something like that."
"Soo….you want to try something this size?"
"The fuck?"
"I know, don't let the knobs scare you, it's soft latex…feel it"
"It's heavy though"
"Yeah, but you chatted up your ability to take anything….so?"
"Yeah I guess."
"Are you bitchin up?"
"No no…I'll try it I guess."
"Okay, have you been bound before?"
"No, it was hotel ... Continue»
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Amherst - Part 1

I switched jobs after saying good bye to Flamenco Beach. While my new job had some field work as part of my responsibilities, it was bureaucratic in essence. Fortunately, traveling was heavily involved.
Two years forward, I had been assigned to work at Buffalo, New York, and was staying at a motel in the Town of Amherst. After three months, I had already been to most of the sites of interest in the city area and the Niagara region. I had already photographed about every angle of the Niagara Falls from both, the US and Canadian side.
It was a Sunday, but it was raining copiously, so ins... Continue»
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A Mother and Son's Love Turns A Corner #4

As mom and I walked toward the other lingerie store, "How about you meeting me at the bathrooms by the main entrance, say in about an hour in a half from now, and that way I can buy something just for you to see, when it is just you and I around, if what we do this next week, doesn't work out with your dad?"

"Okay sounds like a plan to me. I do have something in mind to do."

When we got to the lingerie store, mom and I stopped and gave each other a little bit of a French kiss, then she went into the store as I then walked on down to the electronics and computer store, that was about four... Continue»
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Angela Gets Gangbanged by loyalsock

Let me relate to you what happened to myself and my lovely wife Angela a few years ago. I will start by describing us; we are both in our mid-thirties and enjoy an active sex life. Angela is 5’3″, 110 lb. 34c-23-35, has shoulder length curly blond hair striking blue eyes and a face reminiscent of Anna Kournakova. Having never had c***dren her body is smooth and tight, like a 20 year old and is frequently mistaken for being much younger, her I.D. is frequently checked when we go to a out drinking.

Our adventure started when she related an incident that happen to her just before I met her w... Continue»
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Head Cheerleaders Anal Cherry by loyalsock

The year was 1994. I was 18 years old and about to graduate high school. The prom was only a week away and I did not have a date. I was an average looking guy. I was 5’10, 190 lbs, short dark hair, and dark eyes with a decent build. I guess my best quality was tucked away in my pants. My dick was nearly ten inches long and very thick. Having had a girlfriend in private school for three years, whom I had just broken up with, word had not really spread throughout school about my goods.

Through out my senior year I was in love with the Jeanine. She was the captain of the cheerleaders, the St... Continue»
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A Handyman's Adventure by loyalsock

You're working at home one morning, the house all quiet. Your work phone rings. It is a woman, asking if you can come and check out a sticky door, and just a little plumbing problem with a dripping faucet. You know you have nothing better to do, so you tell her you'll meet her in an hour...... you're wondering, is this for real? Her voice was sounded very nice, warm, like you might know her --- could it be? Nah - no way....
You already have your truck packed, so you go to the address she has given you. It turns out to be a very secluded, private, and beautiful home -- the type that never has ... Continue»
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A guy visits his aunt and gets to meet her friend,

’m 20 and my biggest problem is that I’m absolutely not interested in girls my age and younger. I love mature babes, you know really old ones. I like when they’re 60 years old and senior, I just love when they have really big asses. I’m ready for anything just to fuck an elderly lady’s sexy ass. It’s all due to the story that happened soon after I turned 18. That summer I was fucking Mrs. Lopez who was 69. That’s how it happened.
I visited my aunt Judy. She was old too and she often asked me to help her round the house. That day I was home alone and didn’t really know what else to do but to g... Continue»
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His Sissy Bitch!

He treats me just like the woman he's made me into, like the second wife I've become for him. I do all the dirty things his real wife won't do. I dress however he likes, wear what ever turns him on, do things she would never do for him. The only time I wear male clothing is at the office and he never talks to me there other than in a business-like manner. Our secret is just that...a dirty little secret.

Right now, I'm doing just that, being his dirty little secret. I'm, as always, dressed completely for him. When he arrived he found me in a tight short red dress, barely covered my rear end.... Continue»
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