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The green Sofa by CodeRouge Redcode


translated from French by Cleland

- " I've got a hard-on look...I've got a hard-on I'm hard as a tiger, as an ogre, as a donkey...I'm so hard my glans hurts...It's all purple for God's sake...Look at it !! You're so naughty Red...I mean those photos...What the hell ?!?

- It's sweetened condensed milk...It's not what you think it is...

- Well nevertheless you're the queen of special effects...I've got a hard-on and in one hour I'm supposed to be at work...And you know how long it takes for me to come damned it we're in deep shit ! I can't afford to spe... Continue»
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backpage hookers are they racist

A lot of backpage hookers don't date blacks and some don't date Mexicans. But they mostly don't date blacks. Theres a lot of ads that say no black men no blacks under 35 or 40. No African Americans. I called one bitch and she said my ad clearly says no African Americans so why did u call me. I said because I never been too Africa im black American lol. Needless to say that didn't help as she hung up on me. Hoe was fine as frog hair to. That's another problem with those ads the finer the hoe is the more problems u have with them. Hoes price might be high as hell. Hoe don't wanna take pix or vid... Continue»
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Meeting Amanda for the first time 5

Tommy and Amanda laid in bed for almost half an hour before they decided to get up. Tommy couldn’t believe how he was starting to feel about this girl, who was pretty much a woman now. He kept telling himself he needs to end this, but the thought of not being able to be with her scared him. He couldn’t believe he was thinking like this.

“What the hell am I doing? I think I’ve totally lost my mind worrying about something like that. Hell this never should have happened in the first place.” He thought to himself.

But just then Amanda looked him in the eyes and gave him such a deep a... Continue»
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Coaching Assistant

Jenny Dobbins felt the ends of her long blond hair brush across her perfectly shaped 13 year old ass as she rinsed out the shampoo she had so liberally applied. As she tilted her head back into the shower spray she u*********sly thrust forward her almost fully formed breasts with their inch and a half wide dark pink areolae and pencil eraser nipples.

She thought back to Friday night's football game when she had promised senior Tom Holmes that she would let him have her cheerleader panties if they won. He added that if they won by a two touchdown margin he would get to take them off. For ... Continue»
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A world apart

She accepted the proposal of her friend to get into harder things
- You're early , I have the appropriate attire for you…
He looked at what he meant and soon realized : a pair of black boots knee heels and corset that showed off her pussy
-I'm not sure I get into this-replied with some hesitation
- If you fuck with me I assure you that you'll love…
- Trust you ...
- The last time you fucked me so I introduced a small change
- What do you mean ?
- Meet your playmate Diana
Diana is taller than Sara
-Finally someone to practice , come, where we will take you
Diana was dressed in a red ... Continue»
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A Weekend Trip

I wrote this for one of my Muses as a Valentines day Gift. At the time I had some down time while I was in Afghanistan. The main character in it is her, the looks, the style and the moves are her...everything else is fiction...enjoy

A Weekend Trip
You are driving down the road headed out of town for a weekend get away. Your mind is in two places at once, you have a knack for that. Thinking about the past and some of your mistakes and thinking about the immediate future on how you will forget about your past! You smile a little devious smile as you t... Continue»
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The Boat Yard

Where i live on the coast we have a abundance of boat yards and jetty's and these are situated along foot paths that people walk along and exercise their dogs, this happened to me just before my seventieth birthday and remember it like it was yesterday.

One of our neighbours was a gentleman in his sixty,s and was at some stage a master boat-builder in the dockyard and had retired a couple boat to take cruises with his wife and foster daughter who was 21 at the time, however a few months into his retirement his wife suddenly passed away leaving him very upset and angry, but after a short wh... Continue»
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Bukkake Box of Infinite Glory

It was weird. I used to hate those women who were always checking themselves in the mirror; inspecting their hair; reviewing their make-up; examining their curves and cleavage. Get the fuck over yourself, I'd think. But on the day after we got back from vacation I found myself doing the exactly same thing. Well, not exactly the same thing. I was worse.

I had opened the closet door where Rick had mounted a full length mirror so that it faced the big mirror by the sink. Then I'd stripped down to my birthday suit and stood between them, studying my bod from front and back.

Holy shit I l... Continue»
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My name is Sue and I want to tell you a ture story. I'm a married women in my forties and I love my husdand fucking me. I love watching spunk pump out of his cock and rubbing it into my pussy. About 12 months ago a young couple, Tim and May moved in down the road from us and both of them seamed nice. Tim was nice looking and cycled to work everyday so he was quite fit. Tim and husband had been talking and Tim invited us round for drinks the following friday night. It got to Wednesday and as I was driving home from work, I started thinking how much I was looking forward to the weekend. I par... Continue»
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Fantasy Fulfilled - Part 2

For various reasons it was nine months before my second visit to Matt. I booked a lunchtime appointment over a week in advance and was in turmoil the whole time. What was wrong with me? I'd done the hard part nine months earlier so couldn't understand my nerves. Maybe it was what else I wanted to do this time.....
I'd decided to try and knock two more items off my fantasy list - being handcuffed and being filmed. Matt's profile stated he liked, amongst lots of other things, both "being filmed" and "role play" and in an e-mail conversation, following our initial meeting, he'd seemed intrigu... Continue»
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Ayshea doing her best to help with the Bills

Aysheais the perfect babe she has the whole package the beautiful looks , the curves in all the right places , Big boobs , massive ass and lovely short freak with sexy feet. Recently her and her husband been finding it difficult to keep up with all the expenses and living costs in London her husband worked as a security guard and she was a housewife living at home all day she wanted to help out but she did her best to apply for jobs unfortunately she had no luck then she came across a banner on the internet it said make money as a e****t £500 for a hour Ayshea looked at the site and registered... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 11

Desert Heat – Part 11
Sunday morning I awoke to a set of lips on my cock and a breast in my face. Ginger and Pepper look so much alike except for their hair color that I couldn’t tell which breast was begging to be suckled and I wasn’t going to take the time to find out. I raised my lips and carefully placed them around the nipple staring back at me. Trying my best to suck like an infant feeding on a mother’s breast I carefully pulled the nipple in with rhythmic sucking motions.
Whose ever breast it was began to slowly move around in response to my sucking. Then I gently placed my teet... Continue»
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Ex-girlfriend, Sarah the slut

Well, Chris, Sarah’s new boyfriend, did Sarah ever tell you about what happened just before she left her hometown, when she was 19? She told me, and I’m sure you would love to hear yet again just what a horny slut she is.

One time on holiday, Sarah and I were out having an evening meal. We’d had a couple of bottles of wine and Sarah started on vodka and tonic. Whenever she started on those, the truth always came out. I asked her how old she was when she left Nottingham, her home town in the UK, and why she’d never been back. This is what she told me:

‘Oh I could never go back ther... Continue»
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Sissy’s discovers (Part 2)

This the second part of an original fictional story of love found at home.



The noises from cooking and dishes clanking echo through the house as Sissy walks into the kitchen. Her mom is at the counter empting a pan of eggs into a bowl. Mom is talking to Brad about the chores today before they go to the lake for a week. The week long lake trip is a f****y tradition. The cabin has been in the f****y for years handed down from Dad’s side of the f****y.

“Good morning sunshine.” Mom says to Sissy.

“Ummm hey mom”... Continue»
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the days of my youth 5th and final

eddy longfellow
By now I was beginning to feel well knackered, we all realised that opportunities of the house completely to ourselves was to be a rarity, and that we had best use the gift wisely, we also knew we were becoming tired big-time.
The dog was our answer he had energy to spare, had missed out last night and had the will.[for those not in to b********y look away now!]
So Judy slid to the floor, and began to suck on her favourite cock, we sat jealously watching, as the huge thing slowly enlarged like a tortoise head from its shell, we both knew we could not compare Pet... Continue»
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Ayshea the sexy asian girl

Ayshea is a nice girl she wears a Black Hijab on her head a muslim girl who wears eye lashes extension , powdered in thick make up and bright pink lipstick she had a petit figure however he breast are overwhelming when she wears any asian clothing her breast clearly stand out and when she turned around you could spot her ass from mile away it had nicely round shaped and she had a nice thickness .Every time i saw her walking down ilford she would sometimes be with her friends i always wanted to chat to her and ask her for sex however always somebody would be there one day i saw she was walking... Continue»
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Geisha House

Joey walked ahead of me, through the dark corridor of an old brick building. The smell of piss, puke and sweat was very persuasive. We passed a stocky thick set oriental at the metal doors to a shady corridor, but since then we have passed only one d***k passed out on the floor, his own vomit covering his lap and chest. Dirt was thrown about the hallway randomly, yet a well worn path was made down the middle.

I followed my business partner as he turned several corners, obviously knowing where he is going. After about two minutes of this I can hear a faint musical sound from far off down... Continue»
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Ex Co-worker's wife (True Story)

One day while I was over visting former co-worker and his wife, we were catching up on old times talking about our former employer and all the people with whom we used to work.It was a very hot summer night and the three of us were just sitting around their in the ground pool sipping ice tea and enjoying good laughs relating stories about some of the thing people did in the office. When my co-worker started talking about the time the sales manager who's office was down the hall from us forgot to lock his door and got caught fucking his secretary on his desk by cleaning crew, my former co-worke... Continue»
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How I was seduced by Older Women - Part II

It kind of broke my heart to see Shawn leave last night. I went to bed feeling very satisfied, and to be honest, my pussy quivered most of the evening; I even woke up once in the middle of the night replaying the events and had no choice but to finger myself to orgasm two more times before falling back to sl**p. I couldn’t wait for the paper the next day. I wanted a second helping of my paperboy. I waited anxiously in my living room for 3:15 to finally arrive. I had picked out a sexy sheer purple nightie had not worn in over a year, and a matching purple thong. My erect nipples were perfectly ... Continue»
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My New Neighbor's Pool and New Pool

I couldn’t stop staring at the woman unloading the boxes from the small moving trailer next door. Ever since my girlfriend moved away from our quiet little cul-de-sac, it was just me and my husband living at the secluded end of town. We had moved to the neighborhood together, and had been quite happy as best friends for the past five years, and now it was just me and Bill stuck her all alone. Don’t get me wrong, we had a beautiful house with a beautiful yard, and all the privacy one could hope for. But now, here we were with a new neighbor that would share our secret back yard, and I knew abso... Continue»
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