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Sweet Sensations..

Lie back on the bed, close your eyes and just feel....

We’re in the bedroom, on the bed naked. My finger tips press into your chest lightly, pushing you down onto the pillows.. from there they trail up to your collar bone and up your neck.. I lean onto the pillows beside you, my bare breasts almost touching your arm... I can feel the heat off of your body, and you can feel the heat off mine. You are aware im beside you, but all you can feel is the tip of my two fingers as they trail around your ear and up your forehead along your hairline..

You shiver and goose bump as I sl... Continue»
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The Fam...CH 1

Key Players;

Father - Dave

Mother - Brenda

Male sibling- Stevie

Female sibling - Alicia

Neighbor mother - Lakeysha "candy"

Neighbor twins - Keke & Tricia

"Fuck daddy...that was fucking hot" Stevie said while scooping up his f@+=€r's cum from the side of his face with his finger. Stevie was kneeling by the side of the bed with Dave's quickly deflating 9 inch black cock only inches from his face. Stevie is a young tw€|>e year old b•y that has recently been diagnosed with gender identity disorder. He is the youngest product of an interracial marriage between Da... Continue»
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Granny and Her Friend Kate Visit Denver Part II

Hi I am Alice, I met young Ron a while ago on a bus trip to Oklahoma City. Even though I am sixty-six I have been getting fucked regularly by this fourty-three year old stud. Two weeks ago I visited Ron him in Denver and I engaged in a threesome with his friend Ken. Ron took my ass while I milked Ken’s cock until he was spent. At the end of the weekend I asked Ron if I could bring a friend next time. I explained to him I was unable to handle two young studs for a whole weekend. I knew Ron was hoping for a foursome so he eagerly agreed.
So I asked my friend Kate to come to Denver to meet “Ken... Continue»
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my first time black bisexual encounter

during my navy days, i had always been curious about same sex encounters , probably from several random pickups when i used to hitch hike back to base in a somewhat d***ken stupor. i dont know what it was but somehow i would catch a ride from guy looking for a hookup.

the first time had me a little nervous but after i got over the initial surprise of him playing with my cock, i found myself returning the favor by giving him head. i lost myself bobbing up and down on his hardon in the front seat. i could feel him get harder in my mouth until he blew his load down my throat. and even though ... Continue»
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fucking backpage hookers

Recently there have been raids off backpage nationwide with some groups trying to get backpage shut down but all they doing is making it more popular. After all its all over the world you can go backpage and find hookers in every country in the world. Look at my gallerys and stroll down to backpage hookers, most of those pictures came from backpage local city. Ive been with a few of them and all the hoes in my gallery tittle hoes I fucked, they are on my site and There must be over 2000 pictures ive added in just a few months in the backpage hookers gallery. That... Continue»
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Busty Amazon Hitchhiker

Busty Amazon Hitchhiker by rmdexter
“Oh my God, look at that woman; she’s incredible,” I thought to myself as I approached the figure standing next to the freeway on-ramp, her right arm extended, thumb pointing up.
I’d just finished four days of sales in this city, meeting with more corporate reps than I cared to remember. Business had been good, with some existing contracts extended, plus a couple of new ones I was glad to land. I was only 27-years old and had started out on this business venture of mine about three years ago, and yeah, things were coming along even better than I’d hope... Continue»
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A Very Brief and Intense One-Time Encounter With a

I was getting out of my car at my apartment when a neighbor drove up. I waived hello when I saw a young woman getting out of his car with another guy. I must have looked pretty funny as my jaw dropped. She was maybe 22 years old I would guess (I was about 25 and in great shape, tan and always horny), thin, but not scrawny. She was wearing platform sandals with legs to die for, topped by a tiny pair of shorts with a low cut waist and the bottoms of her ass cheeks clearly visible in the rear. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and she was wearing a sleeveless top that was tied off s... Continue»
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Part Two Fucking a Swingers Wife

Part Two
Fucking a Swingers Wife

Suzy lead me through to the Bedroom. This Hotel suite was huge. Two bedrooms, one huge lounge, two bathrooms and a small kitchen. It must be costing a fortune and here I was fucking his wife all over in it.
The bedroom had a huge four-poster bed with ceiling to floor mirrors on one whole wall. I climbed on the bed and Suzy once again straddled. I turned her onto her back and knelt between her legs.
Her shaved pussy glistened as I nudged my cock between the pussylips. She opened her legs wide and held her ankles.
My cock slid all the way inside her stil... Continue»
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First Time in a man's arse

It had been some time since Paul and I met for the first time. We had both been nervous and at the same time excited when we actually got to touch, hold and suck other's cock. We had texted often, exploring our sexual preferences, each time taking it a little further. When he said that his wife wanted to see him suck me in front of her, my cock went hard instantly - I knew I wanted him too.

The day came, Paul and Jane came round to mine and we made some small talk over a glass of wine. Paul went for a shower, leaving Jane and myself to talk further. We didn't: she looked at me undid her blo... Continue»
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Sarah the ex-girlfriend exhibitionst

Well, Chris, Sarah’s new boyfriend, did she ever tell you how she lost her virginity? She told me. Okay she’d been drinking all afternoon when we were on holiday, but has she told you? Here’s what she told me:

“I can’t believe I’m telling you this. It’s so naughty. I was such a bad girl back then. Okay, I’ve never told anyone, but I’ve got to tell someone.

It was two weeks after my 16th birthday. Lisa, my best friend, and I were out in town, back when I lived in Nottingham, just out and about. Then a car stopped next to us and Lisa knew the driver. There were two other boys in t... Continue»
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The Spring

Such a lovely morning, would be a shame to waste it in doors. Putting on your jogging outfit, you head out for a nice morning run in the woods. The air is cool, but the sun is warm, you're looking forward to a nice quite few hours. Just you and the wild.

The winding dirt path quickly leads you away from civilization. You always love to run here. It's a long path, away from everyone, with a quite little natural spring when you can take a break. You can already imagine dipping your toes in the clear water, to lay back listen to the sounds of nature, and hearing the water flow down the small s... Continue»
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If you go down to the Woods today you`re in for a

This is a true story that happened recently- Summer 2013

This summer I had been looking online for places where one could go nude sunbathing near or around the city where I live. Luckily there was plenty of advice online and I soon found a destination which ticked all my boxes. I had never done this before but the thought of lying naked in the sun aroused me in an unusual way.

I`m in my forties and am a part time Crossdresser, possibly more of a Transvestite as I`m told I look quite good dressed as a woman. I like to keep in shape and am quite thin. I love to suck cock, be... Continue»
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Caravan fuck fest with my auntie Karen

I'm Kyle 19 m Uk

This is how a weekend visit to my aunties Caravan in Wales ended up a being the best sexual experience of my life .....


Not too long ago I split up with my girlfriend and my head was all over the place .
My mum told me I should go down to Wales with her for the weekend down to My aunties caravan just to take my mind of things and see my Auntie Karen and the k**s who I've not saw for near enough a year .

That Friday we drove down and met up with them , the weather was roasting and the caravan park was packed out , most people sat outside having BBQs and... Continue»
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Fucking a Swingers wife

I was walking through the Covent Garden area of London when the vibration of my phone alerted me to an incoming text message.
It was from Suzy. Suzy was the wife of Jim, a former colleague of mine and they were both in London that weekend.
I’d earlier put a status on Facebook enquiring if they wanted to meet for a drink.
The rumours were that Jim and Suzy were swingers. They ‘d just returned from a long Holiday in the sun and were spending the weekend in London before heading back to Scotland on the Monday.
The text read, “We’re in the Bucking Gate, Zanders Bar. It’s not very busy but th... Continue»
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Sinner to the worst girl ever

If somebody told me that in the last 5 days I would have slept with my married friend Bob in my car and follow that up with an unreal romp with my very own b*****r, I would think that they were crazy but it all happened within a span of 5 days. What made matters worse was that even after such taboo things happening, both Bob and my b*****r had expectations of sl**ping with me again. What was even worse than that was I was actually interested in possibly being with either one or both of them again. My mind kept telling me how wrong it would be to sl**p with a married man again. My min... Continue»
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Josie and I

Teasing Josie

It was about two days after I posted Josie’s story for her on SSP that the front door bell rang. It was 8.30pm on Thursday and because my husband Peter was working out of town (again) I was thinking of going to bed early. I checked out the caller and to my surprise it was Josie.

“Hi Bev” she announced as I opened the door. “Busy?”

“No, no, I was just kicking back, listening to some music” I lied.

She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug. “I just wanted to thank you for posting my story.” I leaned over (Josie is only 4’ 11” tall) to reciprocate the hug.
... Continue»
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Wife fucks young coed for booty duty

Dammit I love my wife.

Her name is Meredith and everybody calls her Merry. She's perfect. She works a full-time job as a management consultant. She cooks, cleans, does the laundry and the grocery shopping. She files our taxes and she walks my dog. She's a slim, dark haired twenty-seven year-old hottie that pounces on me for sex at least twice a week. Plus, she's smarter than me and she can deepthroat like a pro.

I don't deserve her. I'm not sure anyone does.

The sick part? I was still only 99% happy. So why the 1% hold-out? I'll be blunt: she wouldn't let me put it in her ass.

I kn... Continue»
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Bus ride with a muslim girl

This story is about an incident in Sri Lanka which has a very small Muslim population, giving me only a few chances.But I was able to satisfy the burning in my balls because of the ease with which I was able to acquire Sinhalese women and girls.They are the easisest meat I have ever come across, just a rub on thier shoulders and they would fall for your skin and you could be banging a fat wife or tearing open a virgin - which was a surprise for me as I thought it was taboo but it doesnt seem so in Sri Lanka.

Anyway coming back to my original story, I was travelling from the south of the co... Continue»
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Meeting Amanda For The First Time

Tommy just moved to North Carolina to start his new job. He‘d just moved into an apartment that a woman in a gas station, had told him was available. It was just the amount of room he wanted. What he liked most about the apartment complex was that it had a swimming pool also. That was something he was most pleased about.

Tommy is 20 yrs old, 135 lbs, 5' 11", brown hair, blue eyes and kinda between slender and muscular. He has been working out some for about two months and was hoping to have the body that would make the female coworkers want to talk about. The one ... Continue»
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Meeting Amanda For The First Time 2

Tommy had just finished shooting the load of his 20 yr life, when he heard the doorbell ring. Quickly he pulled on some shorts and a shirt and went downstairs to answer the door. When he opened the door he found Sarah standing there out of breath.

"I am sorry for bothering you but I just got a call from work. I have to leave out on a plane in about 2 hrs for California. I know we don’t know each other very well but I was wondering, and hoping, that you would be able to let Amanda stay over here till I get back. I will have to be gone a couple days and can come get her as soon as I r... Continue»
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