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My Aunt Lisa

It was a snowy February afternoon in 1990; I was in
7th grade. When I got home my aunt and mom were
talking. My aunt Lisa was crying. I said "hi" and
quickly went to my room. I later found out that my
uncle had taken off with his secretary. I played
dumb, but I knew what it meant. My aunt and cousin
would come over often and talk with my mom as things
progressed. I had to keep my cousin occupied which
was a pain, but I knew I had my duty to keep things
as normal as possible.

As time went on my uncle didn't seem to care about
anything anymore. We didn't see him after Marc... Continue»
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A New Beginning

Lindsey groaned in frustration. It had been so long
since she had felt a real hard cock inside her pussy.
Damn! What was the matter with him, she thought as
she looked at his shamed face. He hadn't even been
able to cum himself. For years, she had overlooked
his reluctance to initiate sex and invariably when
she did start it, it was unfulfilling and strained.

Her husband, Steve, refused to go to the doctor. No
doctor- no prescription. No prescription- no viagara,
or anything else. Well, she was fed up with his limp
dick! His trying to please her with his tongue was no
l... Continue»
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A Country Girl's Dildo

Not only country boys know how to survive even though
the song that tells of their prowess would leave that
impression. We country girls have ways of seeing to
our needs also, and can do that quite well thank you.

One of our country girl needs is to keep down the
level of sexual stress to a point where we can
function otherwise. Of course, there are lots of ways
to do that and we usually find them and that's what
this little story is about, how I found mine.

I suppose I was like most girls in discovering the
exquisite pleasures my clitty could provide. My
fingers and th... Continue»
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A Christmas Present

I work the evening shift, so I do not see much that goes
on in our neighborhood. Last Wednesday, when I got home
from work, Sally, my wife, said, "We have to go see how
the neighbors have decorated for Christmas."

I changed my clothes and we started walking the
neighborhood. Some had lights on timers, and they had
shut down for the night, but on the next block, our
friends Jenny and Tom still had their lights on, and
they were standing on their front porch.

Sally and I looked at the lights and went up to the
porch to talk to them for a minute or two. Tom hugged
Sally, a... Continue»
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Fucked by daddy's friend

This story was a fantasy of mine from when I was about 11yrs and still think of it happening now even tho the guy in question, is in his mid 60's

I'd be at home from school alone as my parents were at work. This is when I would go through my mums sexy underwear draw. I picked out a black suspender belt, matching bra and see through panties and some black seamed stockings. Luckily I was young enough to have a hair free body and was the same dress and shoe size as my mum. So I picked out a dress theat finished half way up my thighs but covering my stocking tops and a gorgeous pair of black 4"... Continue»
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Responsible Master

What makes someone a responsible "Master" (Dominant, Daddy) who inspires a "slave" (submissive, girl), drives a slave toward excellence, holds a slave accountable, and instills a sense of respect and trust?

Here are some things, as an "s" type, I feel makes a responsible "Master":
Self-control. A good Master has to become a master of self-discipline and self-control first! If you don't have control of yourself how will you ever control someone else?
Follow through. Although time consuming, you must be disciplined enough to be where you need to be, when you need to be there, whether you... Continue»
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The Chain Trick

• A length of chrome-plated ¼” proof or stainless steel coil chain
• Rubbing alcohol
• Dish soap
• Lube
Caution: If you use chrome-plated chain, be sure it is chrome-plated and not galvanized and is new; do not use old chain. Do not use nickel-plated or anything other than chrome-plated or non-plated stainless steel. Run your fingers over each link and look for welds that are not smooth. Reject any length with flaws. Rinse off the residue of the manufacturers oil with dish soap. Sterilize with alcohol but rinse it off before it comes into contact with her delic... Continue»
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Inpirational Teacher... years later.

She was a retired school teacher and while her husband still went to work every day, she found new challenges to get off on...

At 56, Marilyn didn't want her pussy to go out of service. Sure, she was a few pounds overweight and carried it on her stomach pouch, but she was vibrant and her 44D tits were full of live when she was fucked hard. She missed watching them sway while her husband pounded her... he hardly even fucked her now. She couldn't remember the last time he got enough momentum going to make anything swing, he came way too quickly.

"I'll take what I can Get"... said the ad w... Continue»
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First time in a theater

Before the Internet porn was something you had to leave home to get. So I hadn't really seen any until I went to an adult theater shortly after I turned eighteen. When I first entered the theater and saw what was happening on the screen I was hooked.

I made of habit of going at least once a week. (Probably would have gone more often if the movies changed.) Didn't want to be around the other guys so I always looked for an isolated seat. And I didn't just whip it out and jerk because I was afraid of the police.

Eventually I found a place next to the left wall where two of the seats in the ... Continue»
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The First Time

(This was taken from a story I began in text messages on a smart phone. I have included it here as it was written)


Maybe just a light finger ran down your neck?

I let my left hand move up the base of your neck, my fingers sliding into your silky hair, while my right hand is sliding down your back with just the slightest touch on your smooth skin.

As my whole left hand is moving through your hair, you give a slight shudder and in that moment I lock my hand with a fistful of hair and pull hard snapping your head back. You cry out as my right hand now at your lower back thrusts... Continue»
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Our Night 2

I await your ever loving touch, the moment when our breaths become steam in the cool night's air, the moment your fingertips command my body to tremble and surrender to your presence. My mind wonders back to that night we shared in the barn. A blind person could have seen the passion radiating from our sweaty beings.

We've yet to relive that intense moment. Even though I can feel every thrust again, as I close my eyes, I anticipate the next time we will come together. Our anniversary is here. I was hoping you'd surprise me with another toy.

It's only an instant before I'm not dreaming ... Continue»
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Our Night 1

I sit at home waiting for you to get off work. I have candles lit and food is in the kitchen. The aroma of vanilla fills the house. I'm sitting at the table playing with my long hair when you walk through the doors completely exhausted form work. I jump up and greet you with a hug and kiss. I'm so glad you're home. We sit down at the table and wind down over salad and spaghetti. I have dessert ready. Brownies are nice and warm on dessert plates waiting in the oven. I feed you a few bites of brownie while inviting you to, first, the bathroom where I have a hot bubble bath drawn in the Jacuzzi t... Continue»
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Die Silvesternacht war der letzte Abend, den ich bei meinem Bruder verbringen sollte. Entsprechend war der Plan, noch einmal ordentlich feiern zu gehen, bevor wir uns für einige Zeit nicht sehen würden. Ich hatte mir extra für den Abend noch ein neues Kleid gekauft, Weihnachtsgeld sei dank, dessen schwarzer Stoff hauteng saß und um den Hals mit einem Träger gebunden wurde. Die Schultern lagen frei und auch der Ausschnitt, den es präsentierte, war nicht zu verachten, zumal ich mich dafür entschieden hatte, auf einen BH zu verzichten. Ich möchte von mir behaupten, dass ich durchaus Rythmusgefühl... Continue»
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Taxi Driver (Made up Story)

I am a taxi driver. One day last month I was about to finish my shift when a guy walked into the cab office and asked for a cab for a fairly long journey. The man was dressed like he was going to a ball with a spotless dress shirt and black bow tie and he looked hot, middle aged with as much grey as black in his hair. He had lovely blue eyes and evidence on his chin that he would get nice sexy stubble if left unshaven. He was average height and had a soft, as it turned out, Canadian accent. I was a bit tired but I said I would take the fare. My mate who ran the firm knew I was gay cos we fucke... Continue»
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AMANDA'S Wreck Beach Bonanza

Wreck Beach in Vancouver, B.C. was the beginning of
a distinct chapter in my life as a young sensual
a****l. This day began as a sizzling vacation period
of time in the month of June on our infamous nude
beach just after my 19th birthday. The walk to the
naked open-mindedness among all those freethinking
individuals was exciting to me that afternoon as I
descended the thousand steps.

Arriving at the bottom of the trail, I found
myself walking along the beautiful beach through a
mass of sun worshipers, at once I began to shed my
tight T-shirt that hid my ample breasts from the ligh... Continue»
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My wife and the Neighbor

About a year or so ago, we were living in a apartment building. The neighbors were nice, the one across from us had c***dren. Linda my wife, she sometimes just have a shirt and pant or shorts on with no bra or panties on. She would only wear them when we go out, but around the apartment she didn’t. Linda had 36 C breast, so she had some nice tits. Linda put on her shorts and a shirt that button up, and of course had no bra nor panties on. She went to the mail box that was across the parking lot. Linda didn’t notice that her top 3 shirt buttons came undone, so that was showing some cleavage.... Continue»
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Subslut for Blacks Ch. 02

I looked at the time, 10pm. He would be here soon. As I had that thought, the phone rang. Call display told me it was HIM.

“Hi, Master,” I answered.

“Hey, bitch, you ready?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Come out, I’m driving up your street,” and he hung up!

I grabbed my purse and keys and locked the door behind me. I went down the stairs and came out the building just as his minivan drove up and stopped waiting for me. I walked towards him and saw that James was sitting in the front with him. I smiled as I remembered my first encounter with him just a few weeks ago. My pussy got an electric ... Continue»
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Slut parties with a gang

Slut parties with a gang:

I remember quite vividly the time I met up with a guy that Liz and I had threesome with. I bumped into him whilst on a works night out and ended up in one of his friend’s flats with that same guy; two of his friends and the taxi driver….They gangbanged me in every hole like the filthy slut I am….I had been out acting my usual flirty slutty self... The crowd I was with were starting to disperse, I’d cockteased a few of the guys in the crowd earlier and had a few French kisses while the guys sneakily rubbed my tits and pussy through my clothing…though I did let one o... Continue»
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My cuckold marriage (part 4)

... continued:

As Sally kept up her cuckolding of me soon after her birth I was left in the evenings with my 2 "daughters" to raise, the older girl thought it odd how mummy had so many friends.
After about a year, Sally starting giving me less and less of any sex, let alone wank offs after her dates. It became obvious that the situation we had agreed was changing!
Sally said there was one man she would like to have dates with at home, I was a bit reluctant but agreed, she told me that it was this man that persuaded her not to give me sex anymore and she has also stopped seeing other men.
... Continue»
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My first strapon experience

I was a 20 year old college student who had broken up with my girlfriend of a couple years. We started talking and I had decided it was time to finally come clean bout my love for fetish. I told her I have had a dream that she was wearing a strapon and was fucking me and we both loved it. As time went on she got really into it and I told her my love for feet and my own cum. A week later and she was sending me pictures of herself wearing the strapon and playing with all the new toys she bought.

We haven't seen each other for about a month, so we made plans for us both to come home that w... Continue»
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