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My latest cruise excapade, Nov 2015 Part 1

Just got home from another cruise and I want to tell you about two things that happened. During the cruise we dined at a table with three other couples. Seated next to me was the wife of a couple from a small town in upstate New York. The couple, in their early 30's, were very nice and the lady and I became quick friends. We also, unknowingly picked two of the same tours. One was a rainforest tour. The other, a party catamaran, snorkel and beach tour. While on the party tour, my new friend, lets call her "M", (which is the first letter in her name), and I were alone in the water. She says, wh... Continue»
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Gender bent – Dolled up party girl

Gender bent – Dolled up party girl

“Welcome everyone, Thank you for coming out. I know you see a ton of new faces and a bunch of old ones but this is a fun party were we come to enjoy ourselves” The man said. He was a heavy set guy. Naked as per the rules for all men that attended that party, which was a few. “Ok now the rules. New sluts and drink girls are off limits unless they give you the green light, other than that if they are fucking they are open for play.” He chuckled out. “But first let me introduce some of the new girls.” He started calling out girls by their names, stating how ... Continue»
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Saturday Morning Solution


The Keyhole Adventures continue…
A couple weeks had passed since Mom and I almost did the deed. It was hard to concentrate on school work wondering if and when we would explore one another next. I thought and thought and realized Mom was thinking she may have “missed out” on some things marrying young at the height of the Great Depression and me coming along after the big war. Dad was also 10 years older than Mom and might have been losing interest in sex and the very same time my interest was at its peak. I... Continue»
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Gender bent – The ultimatum

Gender bent – The ultimatum

I Stared at my phones screen as I watched a video on me getting fucked not even 24 hours ago. I was angry. How could they do this? Why? I needed answers and fast. What if someone would recognize me? I would be ruined. I paused the video and look at who posted it. The user was called “The Feminizer” and private account meant I couldn’t even look at his pictures or his bio. All I could do is leave a message which I did. “Dave. Dude what the hell. This is Nick the one getting fucked by you. PLEASE TAKE THIS OFF NOW” And pressed the button to send. I then reported t... Continue»
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Gender bent - Somebody's Bitch

Gender bent – somebody’s bitch

I woke up to the humming from Kandi as I popped open one eye and canvased the room. I let out a load “Ughhh” and turned over. I noticed my butt hurt while Kandi came over to me wearing a lace bra and panties and smiled “Looks like the sluts awake” she then giggled as her cock was out just standing in the wind. “What happened last night?” as I removed the bobby pins that kept my wig in place. “Well we got really, really, and I mean Really wild last night with me and Dave.” Suddenly it hit me. Memories flood my head of the steamy night we had. I remember waking ... Continue»
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Feeling Randy

I was home alone one week, while my fiancé was away at work, I was sitting around on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, wishing I had something real to play with. I had been on my phone looking at porn on XHam, when I came across a few sexy pictures of cocks. I have enjoyed a cock in the past, and was very turned on by the thought of another. As the minutes passed, I was so Horney, and decided to check out what I might find on Craig's list. I punched in the personals, and decided to see if there was anyone near me, who would like to get together for a man to man mutual blow job fest. I... Continue»
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The Future

It's the thirty first century and I'm a cop who just completed an assignment. Me and my parner busted some d**g kingpin importing d**gs from another planet making a killing. The d**g was similar to cocaine but only stronger and the both of us came and closed up shop permanently. Afterwards I went straight home and took a long warm shower. I stood there and let the water come crashing down my body feeling all the tension float away after a long day of catching the bad guys and kicking ass. In the kitchen my girlfriend was making dinner and I could smell it all the way in here. When it came to w... Continue»
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Watching Tne Detectives

Watching The Detectives

Nikkie Silk

1 Philippa

For the umpteenth time I needed to move to get my circulation going
again. I tried to stretch my legs but it's not easy in the front seat of
my small car. Fuck, I thought as I snagged my tights against something
beneath the steering wheel. If that was another pair ruined I would
scream. I was parked facing a nondescript semi-detached house in a drab
suburb of South London. It felt like I had been here for days when it
had been just four hours as I checked my watch yet again.

I hate night time surveillance jobs; they are often ... Continue»
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A better Cuckold Contract

Cuckold Contract

This contract forms a binding agreement between the two parties named below in respect to their cuckold marriage:

Hotwife _________________ & Cuckold ____________________

agree to comply with the following agreement.

This agreement creates a 3 month trial period whereby the hotwife will become a black only cock slut, and the husband will become a chastity cuckold. This means that the hotwife will not have sexual relations with little white dick (her husband) and is obligated to worship and satisfy big black cocks only. Furthermore, the cuckold is to remain in... Continue»
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Sex is a grave sin, yet forgiven on repentance.

God has made human kind weak. He is a hot and a most favourite lure with the Satan. Sex is made a most alluring pleasure and delight for men. Women easily fall a prey in sexuality by both Satan and misled men. Women f***ed in prostitution against their will are forgiven by the heavens. Islam is declared in Qur'an as the last best religion acceptable with God. Such a claim needs wide attention and to be verified. There are checks and balances on sex and its containment. It is obscene and is not committed like mating of dogs. Its decency is preserved by whole mankind.

Girls are made shy. Wom... Continue»
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Monica's Plot

My girlfriend wanted to know a kinky fantasy of mine.....this is the text message gone story I sent her.
This is my first time ever posting something like this, I hope someone enjoys!

We're going away for the weekend and the main point is to have uninterrupted sex, and be as
naked and kinky as possible, within our limits anyway. We want some erotic time alone and
have all kinds of ideas. There's a place to nude sunbathe and sex there is never really frowned

Before we arrive you decide that you're going to push the limits this trip, and you have the
craziest thing in mind. You ... Continue»
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Fucked in Hanoi

A story of sexual pleasure.
After their usual Tet f****y holiday, Andrew took the k**s off for a few days of beach holiday, leaving Thuy to linger in Hanoi “sans enfants” to catch up with her friends. In a few days they all met up again in Saigon for the long flight back home. Since moving to Australia a few years ago Thuy had wanted to spend a bit more time in her home town and spend time with friend without worrying about how long or what she was doing.

Mai rang and asked if Thuy would like to meet for a coffee and maybe some shopping later. They had ... Continue»
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Exhibitionist wife - A very private show.

Mrs O introduced me to webcam sex, I'd never heard of it but she told me she used to do it all the time before i met her. There was one bloke she used to cam with named Chris and he was always her favorite, so much so that she arranged to meet him for drinks, fully expecting it to end up in a night of sex but he never tried it on. She thought it was strange but thought no more of it until he contacted her to cam again which she was happy to do. She put on a couple of shows for him and he asked if she wanted to meet up again so she went only for him not to make any moves again but this time she... Continue»
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when me and s*s had to stay at my nannas for a mon

mum had to go away for work and got nan to look after us we had to share a room with nan she was only 49 years old cause she had mum when she was 12 years old and one day i heard nanna talking to her mate on the phone saying that she was looking after us and that we had to share a bed between the three of us and we had tea then watched tv for four hours then i realised we had to have a bath so she ran the bath and she was getting undress and i asked her how do boobs get bigger i told her she will have nice ones went she is older but i asked about now i said u will have to get a bra and insort ... Continue»
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Fucking a submissive MILF with her husband.

It’s about 12:45 on Friday. We had emailed back and forth since monday discussing details of this encounter. I responded to a craigslist ad posted by a husband and wife looking for a random hung young guy to fuck the wife with the hubby. I sent them a couple pictures of my body and my dick, and they replied telling me that they’d send me an address and a time to meet on Friday by Thursday night. They wanted to keep it anonymous so no face pics were ever exchanged. Sure enough the husband emailed me on thursday night with the address of the hotel that they would be staying in. He said to email ... Continue»
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All I Wanted To Do Was Go To sl**p!

I was so fucking tired. I had gotten off a plane at JFK at 7:30 am that morning after working on the plane all night, spent hours with clients in meetings, fucked the girl whose tuition I pay at Columbia to use when I'm horny in NYC, and just made the flight back to London. All I expected, all I wanted, was to go to sl**p and dream about how my Columbia girl, Elana, and I ravished each other for two hours before I had to leave. She had finished herself off by straddling my tongue---I could still taste her---I purposely didn't shower because I love her scent so much.

Easing into the rear ... Continue»
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First Meet

RE: First meet.

Finally the evening had come around, dragging on for two long weeks, I had been chatting to a couple online, for the last few months, for the story, lets name them Lesley and Darren.
We were chatting about Fantasies and likes, when Darren told me of their favorite pastime of playing cuckold games.

Not too sure about the full extent of the roles, but Darren quickly explained the terminology and what it entailed, with the order of how things happen, and why, which was interesting, and hot.

I got to chat to Lesley as time and confidence built, and as time ... Continue»
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Dr S gets blackmailed ch1

FW: Doctor S gets blackmailed
Kev Greenfield
jestair bing <>;Sat 21/11/2015 02:14

I am Dr S, I am a doctor, working in a hospital in India.
I come from a well to do f****y, where I had everything I could ever want, with regards to my upbringing.
Working hard at school, going on to qualify as a doctor.
Im an attractive 26year old woman. I am 5'5" tall, 110lbs, slim, with long black hair half way down my back.
I an athletic figure, with firm 32b breasts, and a cute ass.
I have been working hard in my hospital. I am a respected high ranking doctor.
With... Continue»
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My Mum, the model - part three.

Part 3

The morning flashed by, a pure lingerie shoot, I lost count of the different bra and panties I’d worn. Mark was on hand, clipping and un clipping my bra, pulling my knickers down on occasions, buckling shoes, un buckling shoes. It was glamorous. I loved it. I loved it, but I couldn’t but help think of the afternoon to come.
“Sorry love,” I said to Mark, “those are a bit wet.”
“You need to stop thinking about this afternoons shoot, and concentrate on this mornings,” Mark said.

Linda handed me the pair of purple knickers she had just taken off, there was a wet patch in the gusset.... Continue»
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My Indonesian House-Maid

This is my first of my sexual memoirs. I chose my first sexual memoir to be about me losing my virginity to my Indonesian House-Maid. The story takes places in Kuwait in 2007.

Marrissa, an indonesian house-maid that used to work for my f****y was always the naughtiest of the housemaids, as she was more forward and wasn't afraid to ask questions or speak her mind. She looked pale with the typical indonesian woman nose feature and cheeks. Her cheeks were high up and made her smile look better. She had shoulder length black hair and looked around 30s. ( found out later she was 38 or 42, I forg... Continue»
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