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Transit Authority !

It was 7 am as I was waiting for my subway train to arrived at my stop,
I was standing beside the new Transit Inspector name Liam as I heard
him say to some one on his walkie Talkie that the train going to be delayed
for about 15 mins, I said " OH Fuck " out loud as he gave me a dirty look.

I then apologized to him before we started to have a good chat, He told
me he has just move over from Ireland about 6 month's ago and he is staying
with his younger s****r for now. I told him that I work for the Fire Department
as a dispatcher for well over 10 years, And I have my own condo 2 bloc... Continue»
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Catching Suzanne on her webcam with Steve

I got off about an hour early from work and arrived home. When I came in the house I didn’t see Suzanne anywhere and on the way to the bedroom I started to hear moaning. The bedroom door was partially closed, but I got a good shot of our bed. Suzanne was totally naked with her laptop between her spread legs. I could see her new black friend Steve on the screen stroking his cock. Upon coming closer I could see that Suzanne had her black dildo shoved in her pussy. Suzanne said, “Yes, I wish this was your big black cock in my pussy. I’d let you fuck me all day and I’d do this.” She pulled out the... Continue»
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changing room part 1

out shopping one day, my wife (Becky), whilst browsing through the lingerie, noticed a young lady glimpsing over the items she was choosing. Beautifully pale skin, short fiery red hair and glasses. It hadn t gone unnoticed, just how attractive she was, tho nothing more than a friendly smile was exchanged between the two as she headed off to the fitting rooms.

Inside and drawing the curtain behind her ,she noticed the young lady in question entering the cubicle opposite, again she thought nothing of it and began to undress. Slipping into a white lacy g-string, she reached across for the mat... Continue»
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Girlfriend Pegs Me [Part 2]

I am naked and free. Except for my hands, cuffed in furry pink cuffs. My dick has been uncaged. I'm nude, on my knees in front of two GORGEOUS, curvy, half naked women. Life is good.

Except for that painful, huge, rubber cock shoved all the way up my ass into my throat!

The warmth of Sara's body on my back is calming. I can feel her love radiating through my exposed skin. Her powerful thighs are lightly sweaty, and glued to the backs of my thighs. Perhaps its my legs that are sweaty, I cant tell. Her smell is sweet and sultry, the perfume has just enough zing to get your attentio... Continue»
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Rough blowhob with black milf

So it was about 11 o'clock at night I was sat down my local industrial estate in my car, smoking a joint. Somewhere it was quiet were I could relax. When I heard someone approaching my car I could hear it was a woman straight away from the sound of her heels. She tapped on my window and asked me what I was doing? She then asked me if I had any money for a taxi home as it was a 3 mile walk. I told her that I didn't have any cash on me, she looked at me and said well can you give me a lift i can pay you if you want ;) I questioned as to why she doesn't just get a taxi she told me I wouldn't be p... Continue»
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Black Busty cougar fucks White boy (with comic)

\\The Black Mature I met at a LA night Club --fucked my brains out//


I met this black Lady at a club

We swapped no.s

She called and we met for lunch a few days later.

We got flirty.

She asked if I like Black woman --sexually, am I attracted?

I responded shyly..."umm, yes m'aam , because she's about 10 yrs my senior."

She took me back to her place that evening.

She did all the work,

Laid me out.

Rubbed her wet pussy on my cock to get it standing up.

Her pussy milk leaked out on my genitals and smothered my dick in go... Continue»
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Isabella and Evelynn

Isabella and Evelynn

By billy69boy

I was in my room taking a break from studying, surfing the net. I was kind of tense, preparing for my upcoming finals. I needed a quick rub off, so I looked for a porn video that would help me get there. The weather was hotter than normal, and I only wore a t-shirt and thong. It was quiet in the house, considering it was Saturday night. Our parents were away for the weekend, and weren't due back until late Sunday night. The only other sound came from my younger sibling's TV in her room.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Is... Continue»
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Confessions of Ass Eaters - The Mother's Stor

My name is Mitty Linden. I am 49, single, white and an ass addict.
Don't judge me too quickly. Listen to my story and tell me if I had any other choice.
Like so many women here, I am a mother of a 21 year old, beautiful boy.
I still remember when Justin was born. He was so beautiful that one look at him, and I forgot everything else.
I forgot that I was single and hand no one to care for me or my c***d. I forgot that I was broke and had no money to care for him.
I even forgot that my "boyfriend" was a married man who had several other girlfriends beside his wife.
Clayton was 10 years... Continue»
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Playing Pick-A-Dick

My husband Mark frequently invites his buddies over to the house for either poker or to watch the big game on our 50" TV. On those occasions, I dress up in something sheer and revealing and serve the guys their drinks and snacks. My favourite outfit is a French maid uniform which has a sheer, white lace top through which you can clearly see my tits and big, dark nipples, a very short skirt that just barely covers my pussy, and black scanty-hose which are open at the pussy and ass.

As I walk around serving the guys, they constantly feel me up, and before the evening is over, I eventually end... Continue»
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It Is-written Episode 05

Jake looked at the trees through Achmed's living room window as he gathered the courage to say what he came to there to say. It was a warm August afternoon outside. "Achmed," he said in a hesitant tone.

"What is it babe?" Achmed asked.

"What's going to happen between us when I go back to DC at the end of the summer?"

"I suppose we'll stay in touch," Achmed answered.

"Will we still be lovers, or just friends?"

Achmed paused. "Which would you prefer?"

"I'm grateful that you introduced me to sex, but I want to be free to meet new partners, especially female partners," Jak... Continue»
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After the game..

Kenith paused for a moment drying off after his shower to make sure he heard what he had thought he heard. Fumbling scratches of a key card at his hotel door of a stranger late in the evening. He sighed as he grabbed his basketball shorts, hopped into them as he looked through the peep hole. All he could see was beads, black and purple..
He sighed and opened the door and the stranger pushed against the door at the same time knocking him in the forehead with the door. She screamed surprised that someone was on the other side of the door as well as hurt by her using her shoulder to open the do... Continue»
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We’d all had a long but enjoyable day on the beach. It would be difficult not to take pleasure in the amenities that the isolated hotel offered. It was based on the southern tip of the Island and, for its heavy price, ensured privacy, great food and five star services. “We” was my wife and I and my step-s****r-in-law. We are all in our fifties and, thankfully, the Gods had been kind to us and kept our figures reasonably trim and our minds alert.
Shy, my wife, was trim and boasted a well shaped pair of breasts and a very pert bum that even the occasional waiter glanced at. Cee, my step-s****r-... Continue»
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Sunday Sex

It all started a Sunday morning. I had been horny this past week and havent really been able to find a proper friend with benefits till I got a email Sunday morning. A local guy was looking for a cuddle buddy and had invited me over for the afternoon and evening. We talked a bit in the morning and set a time of 2pm to meet.

He is an a****l lover, 3 cats and a very energetic personable pup. He was about 5'10 British, in great shape quite fit, body covered with an eclectic array of tattoos and piercings, hair done up in dreads, a medium blonde color and piercing blue eyes. He was about 6 yea... Continue»
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The morning after

I awoke to the soft rumble of thunder. The window was open and I could hear it raining outside. It did not surprise me, since it had been forecast, but had hoped it would not rain. I looked at the clock and saw it read 6:30 AM. It was about my normal time to wake up so again, not a surprise. I looked at my girlfriend, Ann, lying beside me. She looked so beautiful sl**ping there. We had made love for the first time the night before, and it had been amazing. I wanted to touch her, caress her beautiful body, but I didn’t because I wanted to let her sl**p.

I got up quietly and without g... Continue»
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that afternoon

My girlfriend, Ann, and I had spent the morning making love and we were now lying on my bed. I was beginning to get hungry. We hadn’t eaten any breakfast today. I looked at the clock and it was almost 11AM. No wonder I was getting hungry. I asked Ann, “Would you like me to cook you some lunch?” She replied, “What’s on the menu?”

This simple question seemed to stump me because I couldn’t remember what I had in the house to eat. Then it came to me and I replied, “Well, I have some chicken breasts I grilled Thursday evening. I could make us grilled chicken panini, with coleslaw and fr... Continue»
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Slut Wife For A Night

I know I am not a super model. I am a homey nerdy looking 40 year old with "b" cup boobs and light brown hair with brown eyes. I am on the skinny side, 110 pounds and 5.5 feet tall. I wear dark rim glasses. Guys have never chased me nor lined up at my door. I have only slept with two guys in my whole life and have been married for about 25 years. I have two great k**s and belong to the PTA at their school. Don't get me wrong, I love sex and will do anything to please my man, I am shy around men and just plain looking.
So my story is about a business trip for training I had to go on with ... Continue»
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Scholar and Shield Maiden: Ch 2_Give Me All of It

If you haven’t already, I would suggest reading the first chapter in this story series.

“Where to now?”

I looked up over my shoulder, “Pre7ty tough haul. About a mile… and the tunnel widens.”

“Thank the gods it’s only a mile.” She jammed past me and started shuffling ahead.

“No, wait!”

I leaped forward just as she yelped and barely managed to latch onto her out-flung hand.

Holding onto her for dear life I yelled, “Fucking idiot! It’s a mile down!”

It was too late. Mile down, must have been seventy degree angle, her we... Continue»
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Christal Persuasion: Ch 3_Where are the Clowns?

If you haven’t already, I would suggest reading Chapters 1 and 2 of Christal Perusasion.

I didn’t do it right away, had to swap shifts at the ER, claim a fami1y emergency to get time off. Then it’d taken another few days trolling the places “prick filet” had recommended. But we did discover the older man’s home base.

During the hunt, Alex had told me more about Petra. Her life had been even harder than Alex’s growing up on the streets. Yet even after so many years of abuse and har... Continue»
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Flight Attendant

The airlines had gotten Miles and Veronica on an evening flight and
told me I could go standby the next morning or take a red eye out
late tonight. I opted for the redeye-maybe I would actually get some
rest from my exhausting few days of sexual adventures. We three were
so spent from the night before that all we could do was pack our bags
and make our way to the airport. I saw Miles and Veronica to their
gate and we hugged and exchanged information, promising to get
together in Berlin.

As they were boarding, I noticed Veronica talking to a couple flight
attendants. She and... Continue»
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Fantasy #1

I arrive at the house to do some work as promised the week before on the back garden for some f****y friends as the husband has a bad back from an accident and the damn thing is getting over grown.

I have always had a thing for Mags - about 50 I would guess with a large pair of breasts that always keep me occupied when we go round to visit, and always gets my vote when I see her in her skirt and tights/stockings (wasn't really sure what they were until that day)

It was hot and sunny when I arrived at John and mags for a days gardening and was greeted by Mags at the front door in all her ... Continue»
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