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Caring for Dad

I have always dreamed of my wife fucking someone else but what happened last week was more than I could have imagined.
My wife Teresa is 42 but has kept herself in very good shape. She is 5’6 120lbs and is 36C and shaves her pussy bald. We have a great sex life and she even let me share her once. But she said she would rather not do it again.
She and her father haven’t spoken in 20 years because he is a hard headed jerk. 2 years ago his 3rd wife died (not Teresa’s mom). Teresa and I went to the funeral (3 hours away) and Tom (her Dad) seemed to want to re establish his relationship w... Continue»
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Fucking My Daughters Chubby Friend

I have had anything but an easy life lately not that I'm complaining but its been one hit after another. A couple months ago my wife came to me and told me that she had an affair with a guy at work and that she really wanted to be with him. We ended up divorcing and selling the house so I moved into an apartment with my daughter Missy who is sevventeen years old. My ex wife made it clear she wanted to wipe Missy and I our from her life and since the day she left neither Missy or I have heard from her. Missy took it hard a first but quickly got over and focused on high school and her first job.... Continue»
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Slut in the electric chair!

The slut is ready to go tonight, dressed only in a light overcoat & heels. Her collar & leash are standard equipment! No outfit is necessary this time as the slut will be prepped for her solo act & take center stage. We arrive at Morgies early evening, the slut unaware of any plans & eager to please. I enter & the slut follows attached to a longer & thicker leash tonight. I have my customary bag of tricks for the night. We enter one of the first rooms with couples, threesomes & anything goes. I pull down heavily do the slut to her knees. My coçk in her mouth instantly. I take in some v... Continue»
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It's For Your Own Good - My Crazy Commuter Th

"After this I'm finished." he said and he folded her laundry.
She didn't bother to look up from her laptop. "Fine, do the dishes then and I'll see you tomorrow."
"No, after this I'm done with you, I'm leaving."
She still didn't look up from her laptop and continued clicking away on the keyboard. "Sure, finish the dishes and we'll talk tomorrow."
He threw down the skirt he was about to fold. "You're not hearing me. I'm not going to do any of this anymore. I found someone and I'm moving…we're moving. So, after this laundry I'll let myself out and you can find someone else to do your dishes. ... Continue»
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Katies Awakening

Katie was awakened by a sound in the night coming from her mother’s room. She heard a thumping sound and then she heard groaning as if someone was in pain. She got up out of bed and walked down the hall as quietly as she could. When she got to her mother’s door she heard better. She heard her mom make sounds like she was crying but they weren’t exactly the same. Then she heard her mom’s boyfriend Tom moaning like he was in pain. Katie then heard them both cry out at the same time “Ahhh!” then she could hear them kissing and then laughing. Why would they laugh if they were hurting each other s... Continue»
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Neighbor And I Daughter Swapping

When my wife left me a few years ago without really giving me a reason why it devastated me. All I got was the "Its not you, its me" speech and as much as I was not in the mood for anything after she left I still had to be strong for Dana our s*******n year old daughter. My ex made it clear she wanted nothing to do with either of us and it seemed like Dana took it better then I did. Dana and I started doing everything together spending as much time together as possible. Dana would always say how we didn't need anyone else just each other. I was reminded of my ex every morning when I looked at ... Continue»
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Step Son And I Sharing His Mom

When I met my girlfriend and soon to be April at work it was defiantly love at first sight. April had many things in common and just hit it off and it didn't hurt that later I found out she is a total MILF. April has a tiny petite body, blonde hair, blue eyes and has a nice pair of tits and an amazing ass. We started dating and after about six months she asked me if I wanted to move in with her and of course I agreed. April had a son from her first marriage named Corey who I found out quickly was a very quiet kept to himself guy. Corey is about five foot six and thin with short brown hair. Cor... Continue»
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A sexy weekend at home

Susie stirred as the first rays of sunshine began to filter through her bedroom curtains. She stretched, her arms high above her head and her legs out straight, the sun playing across her naked breasts as they thrust upwards. With a sigh, she relaxed back onto the bed before rolling onto her side. She laid still, her head propped up on her hand as she gazed at Mike, her eyes roaming slowly over his naked body.

Until the previous night, it had been weeks since Susie had seen Mike -- or Ian. Weeks since she had seen her Dad and her b*****r. Her lovers.

She rolled onto her back, her hands b... Continue»
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My First Experiance

My name is Jay. I am 24 years old at that time. I'm from Surat, India. I had many experiences since I attained my adolescence which you must have gone through my stories posted here. I hope, you have enjoyed them all. One of the sexiest among them, which I was thinking to share since a long time, is here. It’s in 5 parts to conclude my experience in detail.

This happened to me when I was 23. I was staying in my Mom's s****r's (Aunty) house in the city attending interviews. My uncle is a Sales Representative. He will be out of town for at least 25 days a month. My aunty was 31 years old that... Continue»
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A sexy weekend in London

Ian glanced across at Susie, his daughter, as she sat next to him on the train as it pulled away from the station on its way to London. She quickly smiled back at him as they settled down for the journey, conscious that they were not alone – although the rest of the seats around them were empty, sat opposite her was Mike, her younger b*****r.

They were on there way up to London to spend some time at a job fair. Although Susie was still at University, the fair was important in considering her future, and she valued her Dad's advice on these things. It also gave them the opportunity to spend ... Continue»
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May's Taboo Chapters 5 and 6

May’s Taboo
Chapter Five

When I awoke the next morning the first thing I realized was that I was horny as hell and then I remembered the dream I had during the night. I had dreamed of sucking Mark’s cock and allowing him the chance to cover my face in his hot cum. My fingers were already working my heated pussy and my mouth was hanging open just like it was in my dream. We were out back enjoying the pool when Mark ran and jumped off the d... Continue»
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A sexy weekend in Rome

Ian smiled at the waitress gratefully as he took a drink from the tray she was holding as she passed. For just a moment, he was left alone in the huge function room at the hotel where he was staying in Rome. It was the third and final day of a series of meetings he had been attending in an attempt to engineer the takeover of an Italian company by his own employers. The meetings had been successful, so this function was turning into a bit of a celebration.

But Ian wasn't enjoying it a bit. All he really wanted was to be a lone with Susie.

Alone with his gorgeous young daughter.

His lov... Continue»
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Angel gets Help

Angel Prez is my wife's newest cunt lapping bitch. Angel is 32yrs a body that would give a 80yrs man a hard-on. she was in a dress shop buying a new dress for a party for her husband' new job. Kat my wife seen her go in and up to her old tricks acted like a sales cleck and soon had Angel naked in the try-on room, Angel never had a chance and soon was eating her first pussy. Kat keep her well fucked over the next two months they were together three days a week. Kat and her 11" strap-on pounded Angel to orgasm after orgasm. they would go out to eat then our house to fuck or the lake house... Continue»
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A sexy weekend in Paris

Ian glanced across at Susie. He looked at her in profile, her beautiful young face partially hidden by her mass of shoulder length, auburn coloured hair. Aware of his look, Susie turned her head slowly towards him. Her small, white, even teeth glistened as she flashed him a delicious smile, a smile that made his heart thump and his cock jerk.

For a moment, he was distracted by the French countryside flashing by behind her head as the Eurostar train they were on rushed towards Paris. Looking at her again he smiled back, his eyes dropping briefly from her face to her breasts. In the few seco... Continue»
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A sexy weekend in Spain

Ian was really looking forward to this weekend away with Susie, his daughter. As they sat side by side on the plane heading for Spain, he closed his eyes and thought back to how it had all come about.

Susie was just nineteen, and liked to think that she was independent. She was just coming to the end of her first year at University. For the last couple of years, Susie had chosen not to go away on the annual f****y holiday with her younger b*****r and her parents. The previous summer, the rest of the f****y had gone to Spain, and had spent the day in Barcelona, a city Susie had always wanted... Continue»
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The start

Sally was school teacher who had led a fairly uneventful life sexually. She was happily married but sexually she was not fulfilled and needed to experiment and know more about her own sexuality.

She had many fantasies and knew that she needed to fulfil them one by one, this was of course without her husband knowing.

She was now 49 years old, she was well built in that she was a size 16/18, 5’8” tall but she knew she was attractive and was constantly having men coming on to her. Her own husband had told her that she had come to bed eyes.

She had been working part time in the pub for a ... Continue»
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My perfect woman

Chapter 1 – Vicki
I’m writing this story in hopes that I could find again a woman like the one in this story. This is a true story, I’ve changed the names for obvious reasons and some of the experiences have been slightly enhanced, but the story is about 95% true. I met Vicki through an online dating service. Vicki had just turned 40, she was 5’-0” tall, slender, very blond and very fair skin. She had just moved from Hawaii to Nevada to be near to her son Sam.
Our first date was so instant that we made love with-in hours. My first memory of making love to Vicki was going down on sweet puss... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 3 Chapter 6

Main Narrative

It was late afternoon before Princess Venetia returned to her Throne Room. By then Xena had been suspended for eight hours. Twice an Overseer, appointed for the purpose, had noted she had fainted. Xena had been lowered, revived and raised again. She was near to fainting again when Venetia entered. It did not seam possible to Xena that the muscles in her arms, legs and back could stand the terrible strain even moments longer. She realised she was defeated (for the moment anyway) and that she would have to submit (temporarily) to this monstrous woman who (somehow) had managed t... Continue»
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Niagara (continued Chapters 53-60)

Chapter 53.

Katie-Girl spent, on-the-spot. Her screams pierced the early morning grace of the cataracts.


Again. His finger tips.


"Oh, God! Oh, God! God! God! God! Please!!! Henri!!!!!!"

Papa granted mercy and did not go a third time. He reached, but, pulled back at the last instant.

"Assez...pour maintenant."

"Qui, papa. Please. I need it so bad. Papa, please, I do." Her tone weighted heavily with pleadings.

"Prochainement, mademoiselle."

"Merci, Henri, I belong only to ... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter XVI

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XVI

“Bi Follies 2”, with Denise Shore (based on a Bill Ward art), Tyshaun and Bob (based on a Broderick art)

Denise Shore:
Bob (top) and Tyshaun (bottom):

“Glad you came! I was almost going to freak out today!”, Denise Shore said after the opened her door and saw two men with plumbing apparel and tools in front of her.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Shore. Me and Tyshaun are here to help. Where is the problem?”

“It’s upstairs, in the bathroom gentle... Continue»
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