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First Time to Suck a Cock

It took me a few months, after having my own cock sucked for the first time, to have the courage to take another man's cock into my mouth. I had fantasised about it every time I wanked off since my cock was first sucked. During wanking I was convinced that I was going to do it next time I visited toilets. By now I had found toilets in the city which were underground, frequented by cock-sucking men, and each cubicle had a glory-hole in each of the wooden partitions. There was always a queue of men there especially on Saturday afternoons, which seemed to be the favourite time to go and get sucke... Continue»
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No escape from cock...

When I was younger I had a little adventure with certain someone called Jack (not actual name). I was pretty straight at that point or so I thought I was. We shared a shower and all of a sudden we started to play with each other's dicks. Then there we were, all inexperienced and all trying to penetrate each other without success. and that's how the curiosity started.

I had a girlfriend by the time a friend came up to my house and sparkled that curiosity again. He was kinda chubby, not good looking or anything special, however he once in a while used to talk about his sexual adventures, some... Continue»
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True Story - I Fucked a BBW & I loved it

A True Story :

Only the names have changed to protect her.

I thought I would write this story after the person no longer works for me.

They have moved to another state.

I own a small company that installs and maintains computers for the hospitality industry. I have maybe about 30 employees from computer tech to sales. Almost 98 percent of my employees are men. The only woman in the company actually hire all my employees. She is a great judge of talent and character. So far every year I have thrown a Christmas party the day before Christmas. We usually throw the party at a down town... Continue»
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Husband got more than he bargained for

I had only been out of college for a few years. I invested some money from my parents and started a small company. I had a small construction business that painted lines in parking lots and on different road ways through out the state. I had two small crews with about a dozen employees. I had just bought a small trailer as my office. It had a small waiting area in the front of the trailer with a small reception desk. There was a small bathroom. I constructed a nice size office for myself. It had a small black leather couch on one side of the office. Some small potted trees and plants around th... Continue»
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Tied up - a Night of Climaxxx

Story has been tweaked or helped by a Friend

To Bring a more Female Edge

Instead of the Wham bam thank you Mam approach by Me

I come over and you answer the door with just a black silk robe on. You smile as I come in and take off my coat. I put my shoes by the door. I follow you to your living room,watching that amazing ass move under your robe. I can tell your not wearing anything just like I asked when we spoke on the phone.

You pause as we get into the living room. There are two chairs facing each other in the middle of the room. I take off your robe and place it on the the back... Continue»
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My b*****r Bought a Polaroid Camera for my Birthda

My b*****r bought a Polaroid camera for my birthday, and he did it because he knew that I would not be able to resist taking pictures of my girlfriend with it, and he was right!! I started taking naked pictures of my girlfriend right away. I took pics of her stripping, on the bed spread wide, totally naked capturing every intimate detail. I started taking pictures of my cock in her mouth, and her pussy. That is when I ran into a kind of dilemma. It was difficult to hold the camera in the optimal position and take pictures of us having sex. I needed a photographer. My b*****r and I lived in a b... Continue»
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Ex girls mom (black bbw) I finally get the chance.

My ex's mom, 53 year old black bbw. About 5'3" with big luscious thighs and that fat bbw ass that makes any man drool and stiffen up in his briefs. I had noticed once before even beyond the casual flirt that she sneakishly had pushed that big ass into me as I reached around her to grab my beer from the counter at a cookout we were having. Oh you just don't know, I murmured to myself.

Flash ahead for times sake, I had run into her months after the break up with her daughter in a grocery store. We casually spoke and exchanged some small talk. I joked with her about how well she cooked and wh... Continue»
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Oh Carol

I had met Carole through an ex partner and we had only seen each other at the school, when we were collecting the k**s. It was after we split up that Carole and I became good friends and really hit it off. I had helped her to move flat and decorate the new one. We did loads of things together but, somehow, I had never seen her as more than just a friend. Although she was a gorgeous, petite brunette a couple of years older than me, she was really just like one of the lads, so to speak. That was, however about to change. We had been good friends for around a couple of years and one day we were ... Continue»
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Girl Scout Cookie Delivery - Thin Mints

It was shorty after 10am when I heard the door bell. I rolled out of bed and put on some tan cargo shorts. I could not find a shirt. "Coming!! Be right there." I said. I was bare foot as I looked out the privacy hole in the front door. Who was outside my front door. I was not expecting anybody today. I saw a girl with a big white shirt tucked into her tight blue jean skirt. She had brown hair and a small green sash was hung over her shoulder. She had a small green beret on her head. I could see she was looking around checking my Christmas ornaments on my house.

I turned the knob to my front... Continue»
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The Towel Girl's Punishment by Lubrican

Set in an imaginary country, this is the story of a young girl who is punished for theft by being sent to the community baths to be a towel girl. She soon learns she has to provide something other than just towels.

Loni was in trouble and she knew it. Her rebellious nature had finally gotten her in real trouble. She'd taken a necklace out of old Wauna's hut while Wauna was out gathering fruit and she'd gotten caught with it. Now she was being called in front of the village wise men for punishment. Loni stared at the entrance of the cave where the wise men sat each day to s... Continue»
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My Little s****r and Flashing a Maid - by Bigsofte

I have always loved flashing my cock and seeing the reactions to my actions. I've driven up to girls on the street and flashed them as well as let my cock hang out of my shorts when my wife had one of her girl friends over for a visit. I always got good reactions from flashing them and sometimes I'd even cum while they watched.

Well, a few years ago I was on a trip from NY to Florida with my k** s****r (she was 35 at the time). We decided not to drive straight through so we stopped at a motel. They had only one room left and it only had one bed but we took it as we were both very tir... Continue»
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Introducing Granny To Anal Sex

Introducing Granny to Anal Sex
I sat by Dawn’s luxurious backyard pool overlooking the city of Tucson. I looked down at my 66 year old granny lover Dawn as she emerged from the pool, she was dressed in a black two piece bikini swimsuit which highlighted her small breasts and supple thin body and long grey hair. I laid back on a chaise lounge as Dawn approached me and went down on her hands and knees and crawled to my awaiting cock. It was only three weeks ago that I had taught Dawn the fine art of fellatio, plenty of practice and a lot of videos had made her quite a talented cocksucker. Dawn... Continue»
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Wife was her lover's whore while on vacation.

The story that I am about to relate is absolutely true as told to me by my wife over a several day period. First let me say that Donna and I have a very open relationship, or at least I she has satisfied my wildest desires by allowing her to enjoy her beautiful body in every imaginable way.
It took many years of coxing and convincing but eventually she even started having sex with other men. Her fear was that I wouldn't love her afterward but she soon realized I loved her on an even deeper level each time she allowed other men to pleasure her and them to enjoy her amazing sexual appetite.
T... Continue»
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The Anniversary Week - Tuesday

The following story is an original work of fiction.

I awoke feeling refreshed and excited. Of course part of my energy was from my early bedtime the evening before. Sierra and I had gone to bed right after our dinner and bath time together, which couldn't have been much later than 9:30. But mostly it was because my mind was abuzz with all of the possible scenarios Sierra might have planned out for us to engage in throughout the week. With her in charge, they could be anything... Well, almost anything. We did have a budget to think about so we couldn't do anything too crazy. C... Continue»
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young wife ---edited version

(This is an edited version of a story entitled, "young wife"
written by someone else in which a husband is blackmailed into
leaving his d***ken wife passed out on a beach where a group of young
boys can have their way with her, as he films the action with a hidden camera)

After we got home, I put my wife in her bed, and without
even undressing her went to get the camera out of the
car. I closed the door to the bedroom so my wife
couldn't accidentally walk in on me. Then I got the tape
out of the video camera and put it in the VCR. I rewound
the tape and pressed play. I saw my ... Continue»
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Stop Sign by loyalsock

Mike knew the instant he did it he was in trouble! “Dammit,” he cursed out loud, “stupidstop sign!” The spinning blue light on the police squad car told him instantly that he had just committed his third moving violation in the past twelve months! “Christ alive,” he thought, “I’m gonna lose my fucking license again!!!!” He waited until the officer was next to his door before rolling down his window. Trying the “I don’t have a clue approach”, he offered, “Something wrong, officer?” The female police woman ignoring his obvious con job, said, “Sir, you just ran that stop sign and you didn’t even ... Continue»
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Exerpt from yet to be titled book....comments welc

After a grueling 12 day, 4 country tour, your Daddy is finally coming home to you. To make it worse for you, my plane had that new upgrade with the Wi-Fi, so the whole time back I'm chatting with you. Putting dirty ideas in your head between the breaks I take to take a nap here and there. You get excited when I tell you we just landed in Hawaii to refuel, telling you we have to come here together. I don't care if I have to get you d***k to get you on the plane, or to stuff you in a box and make you ride with the cargo, we're coming here together. I tell you I'm taking a nap, catch you when I w... Continue»
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The Bath by loyalsock

Marcia Ingram glanced out the window from her living room and then checked her watch for the tenth time in the last five minutes, "Where is he," she said softly, "he's fifteen minutes late!?!" She continued paging through her magazine and was startled when the doorbell chimed indicating someone was at the front door, she jumped up and quickly covered the twenty some feet, opened the door, and invited the blonde haired young man into her parlor!!! "Good afternoon, Peter," she said graciously, "and how are you today!?!" "Just fine, ma'am," he replied softly, "and you?!?" "Uh, good, very good," s... Continue»
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Co-worker's wife part 1

A few years ago, a new guy, Steven, started working at my company. He worked in a different department and was a junior member but we had frequent interaction and became work “friends.” We would occasionally have to attend conferences or travel for work and over a short period of time, I got to know him pretty well. Steve was a good worker and a nice guy. He was somewhat of a newlywed, married about 2 years, no k**s. Steve and his wife Jordan were both early 20’s and I was mid 30’s and married with three k**s. I had met his wife Jordan a few times and she was a girl next door type cutie.... Continue»
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When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 6

"I can not get mad at you Sarua. I love you to much to ever be mad at you."

We then gave each other a quick kiss like a peck on the lips then mom sat upright looking me straight in the face, "Do you remember back, about four months after that jerk, as you call him, and I, got married, when he and I had that first fight?"

"Yes, I remember."

"Well, since that night, I would wait till him and you were asl**p, more him than you. I would then slip out into your room and lay down with you, and when I felt your boner next to me, I then started giving you blow jobs and masterbate myself to or... Continue»
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