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129 Miles

I wondered what I was doing. Seriously, I had sworn that after that stupid bitch last year had pushed me around, I was finished with women who weren’t submissive. Yet here I am, driving for hours to see some whore who wouldn’t even let me touch her. I was masturbating to Miss February and realizing that this whore was not quite as young, not quite as hot, but I was still succumbing to her. What the fuck? Yet I’m sick of vapid attractive women who waste my time. Sure, I love the feeling of their pussies on my cock, but before…and after…my god, they’re idiots.

So. This fucking whore. Why am I... Continue»
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1st Time Dom

"I could be your whore." Those five words couldn't have shocked me more if they had been electricity. I know it took me a good ten seconds to regain my composure. The women sitting across from me is beyond the shadow of a doubt the most prim and proper hardnosed, lady I have ever know, there is no way I just heard her say that.

But before I go any farther, I should go back to the beginning, or at least the beginning of that night.

I was recruited by my s****r to house sit for the weekend while she was out of town. We live on opposite sides of the city and not that she lives in a bad part... Continue»
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Killer Thighs

I have always been a tough girl. Just this year, I turned 18, and already I'm the top athlete in my school. For as long as I can remember, I have always craved attention, but it wasn't until I joined the volleyball team that things took a sexual turn. Our team (and indeed, all women's volleyball teams) must wear an outfit that shows off our lower body. Lots of boys would come to our games to see us play. "School spirit", they said. Yeah, right. I couldn't so much as take a step without ten guys eyeing me. Over time, I became turned on by all the attention I was getting from boys. The idea that... Continue»
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Sexual Humiliation by old men

Sexual Humiliation by old men

I am a white teenage girl called Sally, and my very best friend of a similar age is a black girl called Tanya. Together we decided to raise funds for the new village hall by going from house to house asking for donations to raise as much money as possible.

Setting out on one hot summers evening wearing only denim shorts, tea shirts and flip flops, we visited as many properties as we could. It had just started to get dark, and there was just one more place that we wanted to visit, as we were sure of a warm welcome;...... how right we were!

We were on ... Continue»
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My Safe Fantasy About You

It’s been a long day.

One of those ones where you work all day and feel like you got nothing accomplished but you know you did because you had a lot to do. And people are so taxing that it takes all the patience and energy you possess to maintain your composure and not blow them up.

So I get home, go to the gym, shower and have a glass of red wine to help unwind but what I really need is to fuck viciously and without remorse or regard and let go of the tension.

I have another glass of wine and get ready for bed with a comfortable warm feeling and am finally able to unkink some of ... Continue»
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I Want to Fuck You in the Rain

As I write this, it’s raining outside.

Most of the time I hate the rain. In Guam, the rain was sticky and warm. In Korea, it was cold and bit through your clothes. But in the desert Southwestern US, when it rains, it cleans the air. Leaves the air with that fresh and purified smell. I want you to visit here when it is raining, maybe even live here so you can really appreciate it when it does.

I am looking at the raindrops hitting the pool …Mmmm … what I would do to you if you were here while it is raining … my imagination is going wild now. I’d fuck you on the patio or make you lick my p... Continue»
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straight girl gets fucked by lesbians

I was so ecstatic when I finally made the cheer team. The captain, Natalie, called me personally to congratulate me and invite me to the first cheer party of the season. Natalie was the only girl on the team I knew, so I was excited to meet some of the other girls.

The party was on a Friday night at Natalie's house. When I showed up, Nat greeted me with a huge hug and showed me around her house since I was the first one there. It was amazing. I'd never visited her house before because her dad was always working at home and hated being interrupted. It was awesome finally seeing it all. There... Continue»
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first time beach sex

The occasional rest on the ocean with little friend Margot remembered for a long time! After the beach take a shower, drank a little wine and we lay down on the only big bed in our room. We both lay on our backs and talked, touching nipples and lips touching lips to each other. Margo liked to tease me, and I hesitated to go on. When the burning desire to cum in any way has become absolutely unbearable .( And in what way ?- sitting comfortably in the bathroom and taking her to "float" your favorite sex toy.) We were not lesbians-girlfriends. I could not ask her to fondle my Clit or something li... Continue»
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did u miss this clit.......WHORE!!!!!

Beth was horny. Really fucking horny. She had been gone doing her study abroad for a few months and now it was summer time and she and her girlfriend Anna, with whom she had a very open relationship, had decided to go halfsies on an apartment to try it out. Only Beth tended to work morning and afternoon shifts and Anna worked at night, so they hadn't actually been around at the same time to have sex since Beth got back two weeks ago. And Beth didn't really take kindly to 6 and half months without getting laid. However, they both had this weekend off and both of them knew what they would be doi... Continue»
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Fervid Enrapture

The pale man was naked and smooth, He knelt on the bed and stretched his back into an arch proffering his buttocks as high in the air as he could, pushing his shaven relaxed anus out. That hole opening and shutting like a wink.
The tanned man above grew excited and placing his fingers on his ribs began to flick his own nipple with his thumbnail. The deliriously warm feeling went straight to his loins and his ball sac twitched repeatedly, his enlarging penis grew thick and strong, blue veins standing out proud and full bl**ded around the girth. Full engorged glans coloured purple and thick, t... Continue»
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Shower Dream

My wife bought some new fancy shampoo. It came in a pump bottle and is some expensive stuff. I really don’t care. Shampoo is shampoo.

However when I got in the shower to use it today, the pump shoots straight out into my hand a thick, white blob. MMmmm With the exception of the slight peppermint smell, It reminds me of cumm being pumped out of a hard dick.

I thought about being in your shower when you come in. As you let the warm water hit you on the back, your cock is facing me. I kneel and start playing with your dick until you are rock hard. I pump your shaft and play with your heavy... Continue»
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Fun at the Taylors


Beth and me arrived at home, Toni was waiting and even had couple glasses of wine ready for us she had poured me a much larger one than usual.

“Wow Toni gasped that is really quite an outfit”?

“Don't you like it Toni”? Beth asked as she twirled around?

“Yes darling I do but it is very revealing isn't it dad”?

“Yes that's what I thought too I replied with another sip of wine”.

Toni said “you have to admit honey she does look very sexy and beautiful”.

“Yes I suppose so I said”.

Beth smiled and kept twirling for... Continue»
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Picking Up A Stranger

It all started innocently enough, my beautiful wife Melissa wanted to go out for drinks after a long, hard week of working. We called a babysitter to watch our twins so we could go out and relax and enjoy an evening alone.

My wife took her normal, relaxing shower and prepared herself for a nice evening out. We did not really have any set plans so I asked her again what she would like to do. My wife said she would like to go have a few drinks and then maybe some dinner. So we decided to try a new place that we have not been to before called the Mumlu Bar. There we could have a few drinks, d... Continue»
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Judy sl**ps With My Friend Gil. #2

Judy and I had been back from our honeymoon for five months when an old friend from high school contacted me. I had not heard from Gil for at least ten years. I will describe Gil to you. He is six foot two, about two hundred pounds, with a great build. He had a full beard, and looked very Italian.

I really did enjoy seeing my wife with another man, as long as I had set it up. I had to have total control or it didn't happen. Either the guy or my wife could not know it was a set up. I wanted one of them to... Continue»
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Stealing Zoe

With a slight groan the lock in the window parted,and swung open silently. I lifted myself through and dropped down low letting the silence wash over me. I looked around the room letting my eyes adjust to the darkness before moving into the house. I was after anything small and concealable, I didn't want to be stopped by the cops walking down the road with a television in my arms. Kind of awkward to explain that away at two am in the morning.

I made for the stairs and went up, the best stuff was to be found in bedrooms, jewellery,watches all easy to take and sell. As I got to the top o... Continue»
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a foot perv 7

Over the next few weeks Ann and Kate kept their word and gave me footjobs anytime I wanted. I was really liking getting footjobs once or twice a day but we were in the last few weeks of summer vacation and frre time to play would be limited. This comming week would be tough too as Kate and Ann were going camping with some friends and that meant no footjobs for me.
The first few days were hard,I'd jerkoff a couple times during the day,then mom would get home from work and I'd rub her feet for her then go up to my room and jerkoff again.

It was now Friday,mom had called and said she was go... Continue»
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First Time Cumming Inside A Guy

So i'd been playing with this local guy a few times now, things were going pretty good, he was older, but attractive, we hit it off pretty good. It was convenient, he was on my way to work so I'd stop in early, climb in bed, get off and get on. I've never been much into top's or bottom's, I like a good blow job, like to give a blow job, we both leave happy, although I'm a basic rookie at any anal sex, so I never really worried about that. I encounter at hand was the fourth or fifth time we'd hooked up. Each hook up involved he usual, I'd blow him, nice dick by the way, a little longer than min... Continue»
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Delightful torturous

Walking slowly through his mansion’s private museum of medieval instruments of torture Jennifer stopped next to an authentic wheel rack that had once graced the dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition and smiled, “Have I ever told you that of all the diabolically cruel instruments of torture in your vast collection I love being on this wheel rack the best. I love the way the rack gradually stretches my body taut until every muscle in my body burning with exquisite masochistic pleasure, the rack’s tension leaving my body helplessly vulnerable to whatever dark amusements you desire to inflict upon m... Continue»
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Eva was a single mother. She loved her son. She loved nursing him and he has always slept naked with her in her bed. As he nursed she would put his hand on her other tit and he would always play with the nipple. She loved the way his sucking made her pussy tingle and she would get wet. Because she loved this feeling she never quit nursing him. She home schooled him so he could nurse morning noon and night. She never bothered to dress and he stayed naked too. As he nursed her she would finger her cunt and make herself cum. As he got older he would look up sex on the computer and play with his o... Continue»
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Here is a story that was the greatest exciting experience for my wife and me. Here as it happened: I was tired when she left so I decided to take a shower to relax and lay down for a nap; – I thought that she would be gone for a couple of hours visiting friends. A shower always relaxes me. Before I took the shower I thought that I would shave my pubic hair as I always doJ. My wife loves the look of my big shaved balls and a cock, just a thin skin all around. This really turns her on, and I have to say that I love the feeling also. I find that my large penis looks even bigger after doing that. ... Continue»
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