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Random Shopping Mall Hook Up

What happens when a random teen kisses a random older man as he walks through a mall? What happens when he walks back to his car? Going to the mall will never be the same for you after you read this story!!


It was Thursday evening and I needed to get a fancy picture frame and have it engraved for my nephew’s high school graduation so I walked into the mall and went straight to the kiosk where the story directory was displayed and found the quickest path from where I was to where I needed to go. I then turned around and nearly bumped into this tall young gir... Continue»
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Neighborhood sex orgy - Elise confronts Tim

The first two parts of this story were well received and told the story of something akin to a BD blind date that was suddenly ended when the women discovered they were related to the men! Part 3 told of the Father and daughter who had some issues to work through. This story tells how the older woman and her step-son worked out their situation.

If you are interested in exploring this taboo subject, settle in and enjoy!!!


Elise pulled on her sports bra and her pink and black running top. She had already put on the matching shorts and pulled her hair back in... Continue»
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A night of suprises for teen slut sandy

James was bored out of his was another saturday stuck indoors looking through facebook,wanking over all the young teen sluts from his area who's profiles weren't on private. He used to feel ashamed doing it,him being in his mid fifties masturbating over girls who were in there teens, but that was along time ago. James and his wife hadn't had sex for years and this was the only way he got his rocks off nowadays.' At least the bitch isn't here this weekend' he thought as he pumped his hard cock looking at some sluts in there bikinis on a recent holiday in magaluf. He flicked through som... Continue»
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Swing-ers Experiences

Being cooped up all week in an apartment wasn't Rachel's idea of the perfect life. She and Andrew just moved in from a small suburb in the Toronto area, to the big T.O. itself. Andrew was a computer analyst for a big firm, as for Rachel, she was still looking for a job.
During their short stay, the couple met Jean and Stewart through Andrew's company Christmas party.

They developed a good friendship and were almost unseperable from the get go. All 4 of them were in their late 20's and as expected basically loved the same things as friends should do...
Lately however, Rachel was getting... Continue»
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Nate and his tranny neighbour: Part 3

Nate and his transsexual neighbour part three, as always hope you freaks enjoy and let me know what you think ; )

Nate woke up thinking about his last two encounters with his hot big-dicked neighbour. Having never had much experience with woman to having the hottest sex he could hope for was a dream come true. However as he slowly stroked his hard morning wood he realised he had yet to fuck Jez, her gorgeous tight ass in lycra was a vision to behold. Wanting nothing more to feel her pretty asshole clench onto his teen cock as she begged for more. Quickly he decided to try and seduce her to... Continue»
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Julie bent over her desk for Sarah

Sarah: You never let me bend you over a desk anymore

Julie: I’m bottomless.

Sarah: *Slides her hands around your hips and squeezes your butt*

Julie: *Giggles and squirms, rubbing you with her legs as your hands grip her bare ass*

Sarah: *Massages your backside slowly, her cheek rubbing against your thigh as she lightly kisses at the other*

Julie: *Brushes her fingers through your hair with one hand and lifts her shirt up with her other, letting you see up under it*

Sarah: Mm *Lifting herself up a little as she purrs, still grasping tight at your bare bottom, tilting up her he... Continue»
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A Mother and Son's Love Turns A Corner #2

Saturday morning I woke up with the usual morning wood, so before getting out of bed I started jerking off, thinking about what my mother and I did last night while watching the movie that we watched, after we had changed into our night clothes, even thou I do not sl**p with anything on at all.

I was the first one to get to the kitchen so I popped the popcorn then got us some soft drinks to drink with the popcorn, then put it on a tray that mom had, just for taking drinks and snacks to another room of the house when two or more, was having snacks and drinks.

As usual my mother had on a s... Continue»
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Summer Job Pt 4

As she said thos words my eyes moves towards the bed. There my eyes met another vision; completely naked lay her mom, she was an almost perfect image of her daughter, her breasts were larger and her stomach not as flat but in front of me was body as similar in every way to that I had seen in the bathroom.
'I , I so r get what's going on?? ' was all I could mange. I didnt know where to look, to take in the new site before me or feast my eyes on the teenage temptress beside me. My thoughts were still a mess as her mom spoke,
'Isn't it obvious?? I want you to fuck me, you've had Beth and she's... Continue»
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daddy uses me with ppl

you already are my little whore slut princess.......your my best a favorite little cum slut.......
we been out all night and the bar is coming to a close, we,re asked backed to a house party, we agree. we get a taxi and pull up outside, you get out first dressed in a light black dress, a pair of black stockings and black high have no under wear on and the dress just barely covers you cheeks...we walk through the door and as you look around you turn to me and ask, are you sure about this....glancing around i see the house is full of people doing all sorts.....just go on slut..go ... Continue»
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wife's side of the story

My husband has written about some of my extramarital sex. He only knows what little he has seen and some that I've told him. He left his laptop on this site so I figured I'd post on his page and let him discover it. He doesn't know everything I do , just what I tell him. He works Monday through Friday and is away from the house from six am till six pm those days. I'm a stay at home wife and I have eight full hours a day to do what ever or who ever I please. That's the time our son is away at school. I try and have at least one encounter each day. Most of the time its with just one guy but havi... Continue»
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my daddys princess

i walk in after a day at work......walking into the sitting room your lying on the sofa with your four fingers fucking your pussy......what the fuck are you doing yildiz..........i,m sorry master....i just wanted to be wet for when you got back from work.....ok my little princess get over here on your knees slide off the sofa and crawl over on you hands and knees kneeling in front of me you rub my cock on the outside of my bottoms......yildiz, i can do that myself you dirty tart....sorry lower my bottoms and take my cock in your hand, massaging it and as it g... Continue»
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Foreplay with real s****r

This is a real life story happened with my s****r.

I have being fantasizing her since c***dhood & wanted to kiss her passionately so much that I finally took the courage to ask her & made her to do so.

My s*s has beau soft lips & average breast size, which I just love so much to suck. She is married but I could have given anything to be her husband.

We both were visiting our relative in a small town & have been put to stay in one room. At night my s****r wanted me to go out of the room so that she could change into nightwear. I took this opportunity & hold her hands & looked straight ... Continue»
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Becca, Our New Housekeeper

Sorry we haven’t posted lately but we’ve been very busy. Babs and I both got promotions where we work and have been busy learning our new jobs. I suggested to Babs that we get someone to come in and clean the house for her and she jumped at the chance and said she would make the arrangements.

A couple days later I came home to find a very cute looking young lady vacuuming the livingroom. She introduced herself to me as Becca and told me that she was very grateful for the job as house keeper. I shook her hand and noticed how her hazel eyes seemed to shine and turn green as we talked. I excu... Continue»
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The Day I Became A Cum Slut

I grew upon on a small Midwest farm and went to Catholic schools when I was growing up. I was the oldest c***d, so I acted as the surrogate mother at home. It was my responsibility to watch all of my younger siblings. I even considered becoming a Nun. So much so in fact, that I took the train to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in my junior year to visit a convent. I soon decided that wasn’t for me and I came back home. Was I glad to move out and be on my own after high school. I attended a business school and then left for the big city to live.

I got a room at the YWCA and made friends with lots of gi... Continue»
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Unexpected First Anal (M2M)

I was in Boston for business and went to a local adult bookstore to score some action. Unfortunately, there were only a few people there. I decided to look around at the movies that were available to see if something would be good to take back to the hotel room. I started in the straight videos but soon moved to the bi-vids. After looking at a few movies and deciding against them, I heard a voice say “you know the real thing is better than the movies”. I looked up a little embarrassed to see this huge guy standing next to me. He was in his mid-40s and had to be about 6-4 tall and w... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 18

3748 - 1.89

The Way Home

Cindi laid back in the lush leather seats relaxing as the car drove down the country road towards home. It was a warm night actually warmer than at camp. As soon as civilization started to appear Cindi’s blindfold was put back on and again she was in total darkness.

It wasn’t a minute later that she felt George’s hands rubbing her body. Actually it felt good with his soft fingers roaming all over her with special attention to her bosoms, which at this point were still sore but they still reacted. Nothing was said she knew from past experience that... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 17

3562 - 1.78

Chapter 17
Weeks End

Again Cindi enjoyed a good night’s sl**p, which she felt would probably be the last for some time. Darren awoke at about 8:30am Cindi was already out of bed and in the shower where Darren joined her. He gently took her into his arms and embraced her while his manhood stirred to life. He wanted to take the very last opportunity to make unrestricted love to this diva. Cindi responded immediately also wanting to end the week on a very positive sexual note. She knew sex in the future would not likely be this way again. It was simple sex just having Darre... Continue»
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Body Corporate Chp 15

1679 - .84

Chapter 15

New Master

It was shortly after midnight when Cindi felt someone at her back playing with the ropes.

As she opened her eyes and looked she saw one of the guest dressed only in his shorts trying to untie the bindings. Before she could say anything the man told her he was the winner of the games and she was his for the next day and he wanted to start now. Well it was after midnight so she was technically his, as the Master said the winner had her for twenty–four hours. Obviously he wanted every minute of it. Cindi wondered when he was declared the victor, as s... Continue»
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Body Corporate 14

2738 - 1.39

Chapter 14
Sea Trials

Uncomfortable as she was Cindi still fell asl**p being completely exhausted by the day’s events. sl**p ended when her master came down and released her from the ropes. As it turned out she was awaken so she could go back to sl**p only in the Master’s bed, for a few more hours. Cindi was told to report to the dock at 1:00pm. She was to have her makeup on and be prepared for photos and other activities. The photos seemed like no problem but the other activities gave her some concerns.

Cindi slept for a few more hours in the comfortable bed before waki... Continue»
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Body Corporate 13

3139 - 1.66

Chapter 13

As she lay there in silence she heard someone coming down the stairs, and when she could see, she saw that it was her master with lotion in his hand. He hadn’t gone to bed after all. He said nothing just spread the white cream all over her sunburned skin. What was this, an act of kindness? Could it be he really cares after all? She didn’t ask, but rather just enjoyed the moment. He left as he came in, complete silence, not a word was spoken.

Morning didn’t come early enough for Cindi with the pains in her legs and arms. Although with the sunbur... Continue»
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