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Wife, s****r, Husband Make a Threesome

Peter came home after a long day at work when his wife Sara told him she had something she wanted to talk him about after dinner. This usually meant that she had spent way to much money, and they were going to be short for the month or she had dented the car. After dinner he found her in the living room looking sexy as hell so he knew it was something big. He sat down next to her looking into her baby blue eyes saying,

"Alright...what is it?"

"It's not what you think Peter. My s****r Marci is going through some really tough times. I mentioned to you in the past that she was going through... Continue»
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Sarah And I Fucking A Guy From The Bar (True)

This will be the first story on my new page so I thought what better way to start then to share a story about Sarah and I with a guy we met at the bar. Enjoy

It was Sarah and I's day off and we didn't feel like wasting it so we decided to head down to the bar we usually attend to have a couple drinks and maybe make some new friends. We got dressed and headed out arriving at the bar where we sat at our usual table greeting all of the people we knew that were there as well. Sarah and I had a couple drinks with a some of the people we knew when Sarah pointed out a guy that was sitting at the b... Continue»
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Today, I rang mother in law to let her know I would be going round to cut the lawn,
'oh good' karen exclaimed
'Jilly is here, and we are sat in the garden'.
I put the phone down and went and walked the short distance to karen's house. I went thro the gate leading round to the back of the house, and was greeted by the lovely sight of both karen and Jilly sat on the reclining chairs busy giggling and chatting.
Jilly looked up and saw me
'Nice to see you and glad you came to cut the lawn while im here.' Jilly said as she leant towards me and pecked me on the cheek.
I looked across at karen... Continue»
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Public Transport Slut 2

I woke up in the middle of the night staring at the crotch of a random guy about a feet away. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that I was on the lower berth of an overnight train. The crotch I was staring at belonged to a guy, probably in his fifties, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, who had got on at the previous station. He sat down on the berth right opposite to mine.

I was trying to get back to sl**p and everyone else was fast asl**p. I had almost dozed off when I was startled by something. This guy had put his leg up onto my berth. And the sight to which I woke up to was awesome... Continue»
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A story wrote by my friend gutak72 with input by TANG

You are rushed into my examination room on a trolley, you are pale and weak. My two nurses have to help you to the table as you are barely able to stand by yourself, each of them hold an arm around your slutslim waist and hands on your filthbuttocks, groping them as you are gently slumped down on the couch! I take up a thick hospital journal and read out loud:
"Tang, aka The Cumwhore SpunkStrumpet, suffering from a severe case of Spunkemia and Fuckcess. If her fuckholes aren't filled with cockmeat and shagcum on a da... Continue»
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A story wrote by my friend gutak72 with input by TANG

Something is shoved into your mouth to stop you from screaming and a dark hood is brought down over your head, many strong hands take hold of you and you are bundled into a vehicle that takes off at speed, you are lying down on what feels like a cold metallic floor! The vehicle stops after some time and you have no idea where or how far away you are! The unknown men drag you out of the vehicle and you can hear birds chirping, dry twigs are breaking underfoot and there's a scent of woodlands!

You are pushed down o... Continue»
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Tempting mother-in-law

I come from a small town in Ohio. I’m 28 6’3’’ 220lbs but not fat by any means. My wife who I have been with for over 5 years is 24 has an amazing body 5’6’’ always tan 34 D breasts and an amazing ass. Her mother (Deb) has just as an amazing body as she does. She just turned 50, she’s about 5’5’’ toned body always tan, 34 C breasts and her ass isn’t as nice but still amazing to look at. I was attracted to Deb from the first time I met her, but she was my girlfriend’s mother so I always shook it off but she was defiantly amazing eye candy to have around. Deb had a pool at her house and also a... Continue»
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Don't Tell Anyone

My husband always said I should loosen up a little. That I am too uptight and kind of a prude. I thought about this as we prepared to go to this large party. A bunch of people that I do not know. I put on the tight little black dress, my husband said I looked great. Then I showed him that I was not wearing a bra or panties, and that I had even trimmed my bush to a nice landing strip, something he had always wanted me to do. He said that was great and that I should flash some guys and have some fun.
The party was huge and was at this huge mansion. I was getting a lot of attention from men... Continue»
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Indonesian Maid & Bangladeshi Man (Part 1)

This is a true story. Happen many years ago, 1998 if I'm not wrong and I was serving My National Service in the Army back then. This is what happen.....

One of the day when I was serving My NS, I reported sick and had to see my MO. My camp was located at Mandai and my NS stint was 8-5pm (Mon- Sat). My MO was located at Choa Chu Kang. I was confident that I will gat a Medical Certificate, to rest at home. So, thinking I had a lot of time to spare, I ventured to look for pussy to fuck at Bukit Panjang.

I went to Fajar Road. There were a few of housing flats with only 1 stairwell for the ... Continue»
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Playing Truant - 2

It seems very strange to mr now but with all the scent of sex pungent upon the air, the men and Mary all stopped for a cup of tea! I sat watching them as I wiped my mouth with a tissue, Dave moved to my side giving my boobs a squeeze, " You ready for some fun now then baby? " I simply nodded as I looked at Mary who was slowly wanking her husband's recovering cock , " Did you like his cock inside you? Bet that you've never had a bigger one?" Mary asked me, a sense of pride in her voice. "Oh believe you me Mary she's had bigger up her tight cunt, haven't you my schoolie bitch?" Laughed Dav... Continue»
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Playing Truant - 1

Going back a number of years to my last year at Secondary school, my 'boyfriend' told me that, " Tomorrow you will be playing truant! Just get up as normal put on your black lingerie and stockings, then pop your normal school ubiform over them and I will pick you up at the bus stop at 8.20am. I said OK to him, as if I had any choice in the matter.
I was up at 7am and after showering put on my best black bra and knickers along with my black suspender belt and black red topped stockings.I said bye to my mum and headed to the bus stop. A few minutes later Dave pomped his horn and I moved t
... Continue»
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Jimmy's Body Shop

He was Cap's boss, so how could Cap say no? Then again, why would he? Think about it. Jimmy promised to give him full time work in the auto body shop rather than the part time Cap had been 'trying' to live on. Plus another fifty cents an hour, then after a year free medical. Fuck! Was that a deal or what? And what did he have to do? Get this... this is the kicker. All Cap had to do was fuck the boss's wife. And believe this... she was a drop-dead gorgeous, class 'A' piece of ass.

"Hey Cap," Jimmy had said one day wiping grease from his hands with a dirty rag. "You're going to love it,... Continue»
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Mommy Drinks Alot

Jeff thought it was cool right from the jump. And he was right.

He couldn’t remember exactly when it had started but it had been a long, long time ago; his mother touching him, that is. For some reason lost to the past she had often been in his room holding him, rubbing his back, helping him to get to sl**p. Maybe he had been sick or had nightmares or was just afraid of the dark… but she was there.

When the other stuff had started was just as vague to Jeff. She was certainly getting him hard long before he went to Mary Wilson Jr. High school. He remembered her in his old bedroom bef... Continue»
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Lara was 28 and it had been four years since her life was changed forever. She had just finished her master's degree at the young age of 24 when the most dramatic thing happened to her. Even four years later, the event was still in her everyday thinking.

Lara was brought up very protected and in a f****y that loved her dearly. She was a very beautiful young woman who was lucky enough to possess a body that left a permanent impression in every man's head. She was sexy by all standards and two years ago married Steve who she had dated for about three years. Lara was not very experi... Continue»
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Domestic Discipline part 1

Been with my wife for f******n years now. Although some may disagree, I find her beautiful.
True she is getting a bit of a belly, but she has a round mouth, wet pussy and a tight ass, all of which I can use at will. She has accepted the fact that I am the head of the household and with a little of the right type of training she would be a very good submissive. It’s a work in progress. She has accepted the fact that I believe in domestic discipline.
We have rules in our house, some written, others not. She knows the rules and knows what is in store for her when they are broken. Usually... Continue»
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The Dance

It was a short, wet two blocks to Sam’s house and he walked quickly because it had started sprinkling again. It had been raining earlier and now puddles on the street, shimmering mirrors of black and silver from the street lights, flashed and disappeared then appeared again in new shimmering puddles along his way. Trees sporadically dripping in the light breeze offered undependable protection from the drizzle and just added to Sam’s foul mood. Hands shoved deep into his pockets and his head drawn into the collar of his light jacket made it appear he had become a kind of weird turtle as he... Continue»
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Fucking my Aunt

Back in my early teens I had an experience involving my Aunt Mary which I shall never forget. She is only four years older than I am and was not unattractive. Not that you tend to look at your Aunts that way even if they are so close to your age; not to begin with anyway.

My Mum and Dad both worked full time and from a very young age I lived with my Nan and Granddad during the week and spent weekends at home. This arrangement continued well after my b*****r was born because they didn’t want to interrupt my schooling. Uncle Harry, Aunt Annie and Aunt Mary all lived with us.

For a short ... Continue»
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Going to the Ballgame

I was at the game with my Uncle Eric when the bat flew out of Dale’s hands and came straight at me. Everything was in slow motion after that. The crowd grew eerily silent. I froze in my seat. My uncle threw his hands in front of me and almost caught the damned thing. It hit me anyway. While everyone wanted to know if I was okay, Uncle Eric held the bat high like a trophy. My uncle was a big k** like that.

Time really stopped for me when I saw that Dale was walking toward the grandstand. Walking toward ME! The game paused as my favorite player approached. Even if I’d really been... Continue»
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The Morning After

This is about the morning after New Years Eve.

The next day when I wake up, I think that the night before was a dream due to too much wine and loneliness as I wake up alone in bed. But then I look around and see your jeans on the floor. I smile and groan as I feel a slight soreness in my pussy. I pull on a top and panties and pad through to the living room to see you standing in the kitchenette in a t-shirt and boxers. I grin like the cat that got the cream and come to stand behind you. I breathe in your aftershave and purr. You are such a sweetie you are making me breakfast. I kiss your s... Continue»
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Fucking Mommy&Daddy

AUTHORS NOTE: i will absolutely appreciate any dick/tit/pussy/asshole pics/stories. preferably if theyre actually of yourselves. Dont be afraid to message me! :) and i will write a story for any hot ideas you may have.

AUTHORS NOTE: My name is Mariah, 22 yrs old and a lover of all things sexual ;) if you like this story and feel like you want someone to listen to your filthy fantasies, then im your gal : D


My na... Continue»
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