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A Wife's Surprise

It all started on an uneventful weekend. I had been pestering my wife for months to really surprise me with something wild and out of character. So much so that I had resorted to looking at porn again, something I only do when she hasn't been naughty with me.

I was watching TV on the couch when I felt my wife's hand cover my eyes, blocking my view of the Saturday night television shows. Her warm breath was sliding by my ear as she told me in a whisper it’s time for my surprise. I pulled away and turned to see her wearing a beige trench coat, knee-high off white socks and brown leather, high... Continue»
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The Most Humiliating Weekend of My Life

I live in a pretty big house in a quiet upper class neighborhood outside of Boston with my wife Beth. We have been married for almost three years now and while I hold a corporate position with a Fortune 100 company, Beth is still just a housewife. I don't mind really because she keeps the house and all of my clothes spotless, she's a great cook and we plan to have k**s soon. She never complains about anything and is great in bed too.

Combine all of that with her pretty face and smoking body and I'd have to say Beth is my ideal woman. So life is great, that is life was great, until two we... Continue»
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Project Pussy Drama Part 2(True Story)

If you read the first part you should know where we left off.

"Diamond, you in there". Me and Mariah paused for a bit and looked at each other. She looked nervous. I never seen her look like that before. She was always so cocky and nonchalant. She seemed shook, something I never thought I would see in her. But it was so attractive and cute. It's like I seen this lioness before and all of a sudden I see this scared lil kitty. But I knew how she felt because I was on the same situation and I'm nervous too. I had to say something fast though, so I just said " yea, I'm in here." Then my cousin ... Continue»
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For Daddy...

As Daddy enters the room, I sit there on my knees with my hands in my lap. Looking down at the floor trying not to look at Daddy until he acknowledges me. I respect him too much to say anything until he speaks to me so I sit quietly biting my tongue and waiting. Daddy is loving taking his time to acknowledge me because he knows the moment he walks in the room, my excitement starts to build and it is a struggle for me to keep my place where I am kneeling.
Daddy still not saying a word, slowly unzips his zipper. That is the only acknowledgement that I need I know what Daddy wants and needs. My... Continue»
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My Wife Made Me Her Cocksucker

Even before we were married, my wife Sarah controlled our sexual life pretty strictly. When she discovered I was a virgin when I proposed to her, she told me she wanted me to stay that way until after the wedding. She was not a virgin by any means, I learned. But she did stay faithful to me and didn't look for sex elsewhere, I learned. I was just happy someone as beautiful and gorgeous as Sarah wanted to be with me.

Jake, her best friend from c***dhood, who was gay, black, and huge, told me that she used to be a slut, but he always hung out with her, and she hadn't been with anyone that ... Continue»
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Teacher II

For the first time I felt his hand on my dick, his firm but soft hands felt good. I arched my back pushing my hips forward giving him full access to me. Mr. Roberts said " You're so hard, do you like me touching you" My breathing was quick, and My head was spinning. Yes sir I finally said. He closed his fingers and thumb around the tip and slid down sending waves of excitement through me. He stroked me a few times then he cleared his desk and told me to hop up. I hopped on the desk in front of him and spread my legs. He leaned over and licked the head which was electrifying, then moved down ti... Continue»
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Andrew’s Angel

Andrew always grew up feeling more then just a little different from the rest of the boys. He never felt sexually attracted to girl’s bodies but instead felt attraction for their clothes. He knew he was straight because he never liked guys so he just assumed he was straight.

This began his seventh grade year and followed him into his senior year of high school. He started off by reading sissy literotica and watching sissy hypnosis. He then began experimenting by trying on his s****r’s clothes that she had left behind when she went to college. It then progressed to putting tampon... Continue»
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I'd visited the park regularly after the night on the picnic table, it was still something I thought about and even jerked off to at times, being use by to hard cocks and my first time being fucked, remembering how good it felt,that cock exploding in my ass,pumping it's hot cum into me. Now it was what I wanted, every encounter I now had, ended with me letting myself be fucked,a few times buy more than one ,sometimes one was not enough,I liked cumming hands free and did what I had to to get satisfaction but it was getting harder.
... Continue»
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Amazing Gracie (Pt 3)

Amazing Gracie Pt. 3
(The GILF down the hall)

The following happened one night about a week or ten days after Gracie and I first met.

I showed up at Gracie’s door and knocked gently. Gracie opened the door dressed, not in slinky lingerie, but in appropriate outdoor summer wear. She had on a loose fitting blouse / shirt hanging outside (not tucked in) a pair of khaki color shorts. She was barefoot and had a glass of wine in her hand. I had showed up hoping for a night of hot nasty sex, but her dress and appearance had me wondering if she was sending me a signal that tonight was going to... Continue»
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As a schoolboy remember my first time going to public toilet with my schoolmate Pancho
He was gay but I was bi loved all kinds of sex
Pancho had taken photos of his s*s in skimpy panty's and lacy bra and promised to show
them to me in the toilets
When we arrived we went in and he brought me into a cubicle
The ladies toilet was beside it and there were peep holes at the back of the bowl
and said if I peeped through the hole I might be lucky to watch a girl or women undressed
and on the toilet
Pancho took out the photos of his s*s
"OK Don here is the ... Continue»
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Good Times at Hy Vee:p

So, me and my lover had a Taco Tuesday & Margaritas date earlier, before it was rudely interrupted by a douchebag. So we hurried back to my place to have a quickie, which turned into a lengthy (it had been a week since I gave her head and I was still hungry for taco;) ) so we had a good session, missionary to doggy to legs up and back to doggy for my big finish. I had done laundry the day before, but had neglected to place sex towels by the I told her to drain the mess onto my hot watching our sex drip out!:p
Well she had to go and run some errands and deal with so... Continue»
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My wife the e****t

My Wife “The e****t Call Girl”.

My wife and I had been together for 2 years, we had met on a blind date arranged between two mutual friends and we hit it off from the word go, she was 18 years younger than myself I was 39 at the time.
We did everything a normal couple does and had a blast of a time, she got pregnant after a holiday on a Greek Island and of course 9 months later we had a lovely Baby Boy. It was after the birth of my son when she sort of changed a little in different ways.
Sex became even more frequent than before and it was pretty frequent before, sex in unusual plac... Continue»
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Country Hotel

I parked my car quite near the entrance, grabbed my overnight bag from the boot and made my way to the reception. A delightful young blonde named Charlotte (it was on her name badge) greeted me with a very posh voice and efficiently checked me in.

“Your room is on the top floor, Sir, overlooking the lake. Would you like to dine with us this evening?”

“Yes, about seven thirty please, just for myself.”

“That’s all booked for you, Sir. Enjoy your stay,” said the sexy Charlotte.

I picked up my bag and made my way up the staircase to my room. I quickly put my clothes away, hanging up th... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 19


“You are being consigned to the Stables, Belle.” It was Madame Vesta who spoke ... and Belle shuddered at the hideous impact of the words.
This was the fate most dreaded by all the slave-girls of Quireme. But it was never escaped by those who were fit and strong, tall and well-built. As Belle was. Very much so. She had an almost irrepressible urge to fling herself at Madame Vesta’s booted feet and beg and plead for escape. But, not only was she aware that it would be quite useless, but it was sure to earn her a thrashing. Once, long ago now it seemed, she had pleaded similarly ... Continue»
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Melinda Chapter 22

"Lie down on the bed. On your back." There was always a hard edge to Violetta's voice but tonight, though there was no mistaking her authority, it was softer, with less disdain.
Melinda and Esmeralda obeyed immediately. The week since the 'bullfight' had been surprising. They had been brought back into the palace, restored to their bedroom and allowed to fall back into what, for them, had been a normal routine. The trainers had collected them and taken them to the gym and they had resumed afternoons of reading. They had not been called to the Master or Violetta.
Until now. The white-clad men... Continue»
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Husband organised, wife convinced and had an amazi

I wasn't feeling over confident but, as what I was about to do was for my husband, I did my best to conceal my doubts and apprehension. I mean, it's not every day that you are about to be fucked by a stranger while your husband watches. Well, it's not for me. I was definitely nervous.

The time had arrived and, as requested, I had dressed in high heels, silky hold up stockings and a small g-string with tie sides. Otherwise I was naked except for a dash of my favourite perfume.

I was waiting in one of our spare bedrooms until my 'date' arrived. I had no idea who he was other than my husban... Continue»
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Amazing Gracie 3

Amazing Gracie Pt. 3
(The GILF down the hall)

The following happened one night about a week or ten days after Gracie and I first met.

I showed up at Gracie’s door and knocked gently. Gracie opened the door dressed, not in slinky lingerie, but in appropriate outdoor summer wear. She had on a loose fitting blouse / shirt hanging outside (not tucked in) a pair of khaki color shorts. She was barefoot and had a glass of wine in her hand. I had showed up hoping for a night of hot nasty sex, but her dress and appearance had me wondering if she was sending me a signal that tonight was going ... Continue»
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She Can Make Any Man Go Crazy

I live in a 2 story apartment. The heroine of the story lives in the 1st floor and I live in the ground floor. She is a working lady in her late 30s, married with no k**s.

When they 1st moved in I didn’t notice her properly. But the perfume she used was so strong and intoxicating enough to seduce any man. That’s how she caught my attention at 1st.

A week later I saw her and she was one of the most sexiest ladies I had seen. Clad in saree most of the times,
... Continue»
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Her Boyfriend Left Her Alone Suddenly

Hi, this is the first time I am submitting a story, so please ignore any mistakes.

So, this happened around 3-4 months back. I had to give an exam and the test center was very far away from my house. I thought that since my friend lives near by, I will drop by at his place. Since he was my best friend, I didn’t think that I needed to call him.

I reached there and he was shocked to see me. I said that I had to give an exam the next day. He reluctantly let me e
... Continue»
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Nudist Retreat Humiliation (NFNM, Femdom, Handjob,

I had just turned 21 and I was enjoying the sun at a nudist retreat that catered to adults, partially to work on my tan, but mostly to try to overcome my shyness at being nude.

As I became familiar with my surroundings, I noticed that the retreat was pretty busy with a higher ratio of women to men; just then my thoughts were interrupted as a hand slapped my bare ass.

I whirled around and was shocked to see Sharon, a sexy cougar that had been my neighbor next to my c***dhood home. Sharon was a petite-yet busty 5'4” African-American woman with wide sexy blue eyes that seemed to smile at... Continue»
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