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My wife - the early years.

I have been meaning to write this for a while, but being way layed with bronchitis now seemed the ideal time.

Irene and I had known each other since school and she was always a wild c***d, but I sort of knew she was my wild c***d. She had a bit of a reputation and when I started going out with her I found it to be well justified. She was definitely not a virgin, she loved cock and sucked it enthusiastically. I found out later that she was adopted and putting two and two together, had lost her cherry to her adoptive father when she was about twelve. I, of course was similarly corrupt so we m... Continue»
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Valentine's Day for a Kitten's Master (p

Journal of a kitten's master

Today I woke up to the taps of my slave girl kitten tapping on my leg begging me to play with her. With nothing but kitten ears a collar and a tail butt plug I knew what she was up to. Had my leather paddle in her mouth that she was offering to me to spank her with. I asked if she was naughty and wanted a spanking. She looked up at me while on all fours with her cute butt sticking up and wagging. Her eyes were were very big this morning as she was trying to get my attention. I took the paddle out of her mouth and she began licking my arm and holding my arm with ... Continue»
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Secret Black Lover

I met Robert thru a mutual friend Carol.
At her parties Robert and me usually would find each other and have a good time.
We talked about everything. He knew about my husband working for a months away from the house from Carol.

Robert came straight out asking me if I needed company. I knew what he was asking.
We started out meeting at coffee shops and then to small diners. Then I suggested he stop by my house.

So eventually he did stop by the house when my husband was working. He normally goes to work at 7 am.
Robert would call me and I would say OK he is at work. Noth... Continue»
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e****ting Addiction

After my husband left me for a 22 year old I was lost and confused as to why! We are both in our mid to late twenties, me 26 and him 29, we’d had a lot of fun together since we hooked up eight years earlier and we were married for the last five. We were planning to start a f****y. I was scared that I would lose my petite figure and my firm 34D’s would begin to sag after giving birth to our first c***d but I didn’t care because I loved this man dearly.
It was a bitter break up he couldn’t even be honest with me about why he didn’t want to be with me. It became apparent though when he took h... Continue»
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Friends Hot Wife Burrowed. 4

You will need to read the earlier parts to understand the relationships in this story, although there are only three characters. The earlier parts seem to have been well received, so I hope that you enjoy this continuation of the story.

If you are too lazy to go searching for Parts 1-3 and seem determined to read on straight away, I can tell you that 30 year old Martin was shattered by the death of his beloved – but nymphomaniac – wife in a car accident. He mopes around day by day, not going to work and wanking himself every night trying to match the sexual levels he enjoyed with his wife.... Continue»
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This contract forms a binding agreement between the the wife, the cuckold, & the black bull named below in respect to their CUCKOLD MARRIAGE:
THE WIFE_____________________________
BLACK BULL_____________________________
CUCKOLD HUSBAND ______________________
Without abstention all parties have, by means of preparing the CUCKOLD MARRIAGE CONTRACT agree & solemnly swear to comply with the following set of agreements.
(1.1) The wife will have the right to have sexual relations with any black man she may choose to do so with.
(1.2) The number of black men ... Continue»
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City Folk

I have not been in town long. I moved out here from the Great Plains... Kansas... A very backwater place where the biggest thing that ever happens is a beer keg and cow-pie bingo. If you don't know what that is, you are better off not knowing. Any way, I moved here to the big city, and out of the great Midwest... Into sunny California. After being here for a while, I got my job at a collections agency, and made a few friends there. It's hard to make friends in a collections agency, I'll tell you, but I managed to make friends with this cute little temp named Sherry. She had been there only abo... Continue»
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Sissyslave Gunnarsub turned into a slut

My name of the game is this kind of non-consentual sex. The driving factor
behind the urgent wish to being f***ed to do things which I never would be
prepared to do under normal circumstances is humiliation. Already the thought
that I might be f***ed to do something most humiliating against my own will,
with no possibility to resist due to chains or other complete dependency at the
mercy of the MISTRESS, turns me on.

My MISTRESS should by nature be cruel, wicked, sadistic, evil, merciless, and by
no means fair. Just to give some examples, She should

keep me permanently na... Continue»
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kate sunday night , monday morning

We spoke to mum and dad they said the earliest they would be back would be the following Sundayand to get some more money from Nan's
When we finished talking Kate picked up the hand cuffs, put them on Christine
I need to pee first I said
Put them on now I obeyed
Sally got up off the floor and almost fell over ,
Get on the sofa and open your legs
I sat down and opened my legs as instructed
Kate lifted my skirt up exposing my knickers my cock rock hard
You are so pathetic, just a little cock sucking sissy
The torrent of abuse shocked me!
Your just a worthless piece of dirt
My penis... Continue»
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First Time out at a club...

The date had finally arrived... The date we where both dreading, and both getting really exited about. We were of to Club Utopia!,

We set off at 7.30pm to arrive for about 8.30, we had spent quite a while making sure we looked totally sexy for each other, and whoever else might want to notice...

I was wearing my black trousers, with the G-string underneath and the white see-through shirt. I had a pair of tight boxers with me in case we felt overdressed while wandering around. I was glad to be wearing the G-string, my cock was pressing insistently against them, begging to be let out... bu... Continue»
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Penetrative Activity

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, just a few nights ago, I woke up with a stiff cock in my cunt . I'd been out partying, and my first thought was that some guy had roofied my drink, taken me home, and was having his way with me. Which I don't mind: if a chick's gonna be out drinking, it's her responsibility to keep and eye on her drinks. I hadn't, so I accepted the hot, in-and-out thrusting by wrapping my arms around his shoulders and back, while raising my legs and drawing them back, so he could invade my supine body even deeper.

I breathed in his intoxicating male scent, and enjoyed h... Continue»
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Feel Your Skin

Dr. Amanda Ledgard stood in the lab with her notepad and pen.

She was a brilliant doctor who was highly respected in the medical and scientific community.

She observed the patient, a naked male, who was her test subject for the afternoon. A small cylindrical device was placed over his fully erect penis. Buttons were pushed and within moments he began to moan. A few more moments passed and he withered in pain & pleasure. It wasn't long before his knees buckled and he nearly collapsed. His orgasm was hard and he looked like he was in agony, but once he recovered, it was clear that he more... Continue»
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first time anal for me

Five month have passed since A and I went together on out little retreat. The winter had ended and it was spring time.
I was busy again with my exams and in order to lower the stress I would jerk off thinking about A and those two guys. Since than, everytime would meet we ended up fucking and I really started to accept what she really was and to love her for that.
We decided to go to the sea side after I'd be done with my exams. Everything was planned out but a week before we left she told me her parent decided to tag along and that pretty much bummed me. I was hoping for hot crazy sex on th... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy

Black Man's White Pussyboy

Story from the perspective of a white pussyboy who gets fucked and dominated by a couple of nigger bucks. He also meets another pussyboy but ends up getting fucked by everyone. Good dialog.

I let Jay into the apartment. He was looking for a one bedroom,
furnished place and had called about my ad in the newspaper. I hoped to
rent this place quickly, then I would be full and could devote my time to
some maintenance and repairs rather than showing places. I looked at the
rental application he had filled out just a minute earlier. From the date
listed as his b... Continue»
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Chastity Belt Roulette

Chastity Belt Roulette

Chapter 1

In a small town in New Jersey a small group of husbands and wives meets each weekend for a very special evening. The purpose of the evening is for the husbands to provide total, complete and absolute service to the wives in any manner they see fit, while the husbands compete for a chance at Chastity Belt Roulette. You see, each husband is locked into a very secure and nonremovable chastity belt, which can only be unlocked with the proper key. Only two keys exist in the world; One c... Continue»
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She had been home from her travels for a couple of weeks and I was lying on her bed. Absent-mindedly turning the pages of my magazine, she walked in, reached in one of her draws and retrieved a tube of lubricant. My heart pounded as she applied generous amounts to both of her hands, page 41 of the health section instantly forgotten. She smiled that wicked smile she sometimes has, slow, curving, dangerous and deliberate.

Honey, I have some stories to tell you of some naughty things that I got up to while I was away, but don’t you think you would be more comfortable if you took all o... Continue»
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Hotel of Humiliation.

Hotel of Humiliation.

My name is Ken. I used to be an executive for a financial company. Now I work behind a bar in a remote part of Scotland. My old life changed one day. It was one of the strangest things that ever happened to me. I was staying in a hotel at the time. It wasn’t that the room was dirty or the food terrible, it was…something else. I was in London on business, meeting clients on behalf of the company I worked for. I was to give a presentation in the functions room of the hotel. Well it had been a really long day, after the evening meal I went straight back to my room on th... Continue»
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Perfect Programmer

Perfect Programmer

I used to think programming was the neatest thing in the world. From the
day I first saw a computer, in sixth grade at school, I knew I wanted to be a
programmer. My dad got me a portable in 10th grade, and I took every computer
course offered in high school - a total of four - and majored in it in college.
I got a job with a small consulting firm right out of college, and I loved my

Then, I got an offer from Uni-Tec that I couldn't refuse. Four times my
salary, with relocation costs, a subsidized luxury apartment, and a company
car. No one... Continue»
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Green Morning

December 2013 - Ireland

Naturally, I slept through what could have been the night of my life. Even if she was still with me in the morning.

The she in question happened to be film and TV siren Eva Green - familiar to some of you from "Casino Royale" "The Dreamers" "Camelot" "Dark Shadofws" and the upcoming "300" sequel and Showtime horror series "Penny Dreadful" I probably should have led off with that.

While I'm at it, I can also add that she's been here in Ireland, filming that aforementioned Showtime show for the last three months. I've seen her and talked to her off and on for t... Continue»
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Thank You from Jessica Simpson

As a free lance writer, I pick up jobs wherever I can, and one of the things I most like to do is write for television shows. The money is good, and it tends to be fun, and there are some great side benefits sometimes. A few days ago, in collaboration with my sometimes writing partner, Duane, I worked on a variety show. I like working with Duane. As an African American man in his early forties, he often sees things from a different angle than I do, and I like having him join me in some of those side benefits. .

The featured guest that evening was Jessica Simpson, and we wrote a comedy segm... Continue»
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