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Day with My Mother In Law

It all started one morning when we had spent the weekend at my Mother In Law's apartment. I woke up to my wife getting dressed for work as usual. I stared at her as she walked around the room practically naked. All that was covering her was her purple panties.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" She asked as she was combing her hair in front of the mirror.

I replied, "Because you have an amazing body and I enjoy looking at it."

She giggled and then turned to me and started to strut over to the bed. I stared at her hips swung from side to side and she inched closer and closer. She ... Continue»
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My first time

We both have been talkingn dirty to eachother for quite sometime, blowjobs where pretty much daily, in her room with her parents home. We both planned for this day to loose our virginity, her parents worked during the day so it was pretty perfect.

She had Taken a condom from her step fathers dresser to use for that day, it was suppose to be the best day / best first time ever. Well it didn't really turn out to be the "best day of loosing virginity" to me. We both where virgins.

After doing all sorts of sexual things she said "you wanna do it?" Of course I said yes. I was scared, more b... Continue»
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Mark fucks his s****r-in-law next to his wife

Mark is sat at his computer looking at porn and wanking himself off before his wife gets home.

Tina has sent him an email thanking him for yesterday and telling him that she can't wait until he visits her again today and fills her cunt with his cock and semen.

The email finishes with 'See you at 7pm ... but here's a little something in case you can't wait either ...' A video clip is attached.

And that clip, is what Mark is wanking himself off to. His face is getting sweaty and his hand is sliding up and down his erect cock at a quick speed.

He doesn't have time to take it slow. Le... Continue»
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uncle screwed tradition

One day I was hanging out with my cousin in his home, who is 1 year older than me. My uncle came home from work, so I was happy to see me. Me and my cousin were cooking dinner my aunt was out of town. After dinner uncle went to his room, a couple of minutes later called the two in, pulled some money from his wallet and asked my cousin to go for a few beers, he was looking at me and smiling, he whispered in my ears "Here comes your birthday" (my birthday was 2 months earlier) and left.

I had no idea what he was talking about. Therefore, and uncle started talking he was talking studies things... Continue»
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The Birthday Voyeur, Part 1

This is my first try and erotic writing, any constructive criticism is welcome.

Meghan and I had been dating for almost two years and were very sexually active. She lived at home with her m*th*r and her younger s****r. She was a big girl, with long brown hair and a nice set of double D’s. Often times late at night we would get frisky in the living room while watching television. On a couple of these occasions we would hear noises and notice movement as if someone were watching us. These would be followed by noises in her m*th*r’s room. At first she was creeped out by the thought but after a... Continue»
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The Sleeepover – Chapter 6

The Sleeepover – Chapter 6

by samslam

"How did it go?" Alex asks when we walk in with my stuff.

"He agreed!" Lauren says, looking at Kristina who is grinning ear to ear.

"There are a few more boxes in the car," I announce. "I have to save my strength so you girls better get them," I laugh. The girls take the boxes into my bedroom and then gather in the living room anxious for the fun to begin.

"I found these in one of the boxes," Alex says, holding up a box of condoms. "I figured we'd need them."

"Before we do anything," Lauren takes charge as usual. "Brandon w... Continue»
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First Date

I had met Dana (not her real name of course since this event is just in my mind) for lunch one day and she is so cute and sexy. Our discussion was easy and fluid and could have gone on all afternoon but I did not want her to get in trouble for getting back to work late. I walked her to her truck we talked a bit and finally she turned her head up to me so that I could kiss her. MM light to start but that didn't last long since I was getting excited and gently moved my tongue to her lips and then into her mouth. Again that could have gone on all afternoon as far as I was concerned. We contin... Continue»
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sauna sauna

I had been driving round Cheshire looking for the sauna for a good hour before I got my bearings, but here I was driving into the car park on my first visit to a sauna.
I had picked Saturday as it was a no towel naked event. The attendant flirted outrageously as he found at 45 that I was a sauna virgin!!!

My cock was twitching as I saw two middle age guys stroll past me, oh yes im going to enjoy this

After a few minutes later I was in the changing room and I had shed my clothes, and hopefully a few inhibitions.

The establishment is well known in the north west ,and its quite a b... Continue»
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Chavvy teens first climax

In a local supermarket is a McDonalds, as I’d just done a bit of shopping I fancied a burger, as I queued up I noticed a youngish girl count some coins in her hand. As I placed my order she said “I’ll give you a blowjob if you buy me a burger I haven’t eaten since yesterday”, she looked ordinary but I thought ‘why not’, I gave her £10 and said “Get what you want”.

When she got her order she came and sat opposite me, “Thanks” she said. Then she told me about herself, she was 17, on the dole, her mother was an alcoholic so she spent all their money on booze, hence why she hadn’t eaten. She wa... Continue»
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Alice and Her Amazing Secret

Alice and Her Amazing Secret

Joe: This is my story.

Last week I moved to a new community. I met my new neighbor, Alice, one bright morning. After talking for a bit in my driveway, I discovered she was a single mom (a war widow) with three k**s. Alice looked far too young to have three k**s but she just scoffed when I said that. She told me she had a set of fraternal twins, a boy and girl, and a younger daughter. The twins were named Patricia and Patrick and the youngest was named Victoria but called “Muppet” by everyone.

Alice had a secret… it took me several months to discover... Continue»
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How to initiate butt-sex into your relationship

Why should consenting couples be so anxious about butt-sex that it prevents them from trying a little exploration? By consenting I mean two -way enjoyment that isn't coerced or manipulated.

Yes, it can be dangerous if not approached with due caution, and it certainly has the possibility of being messy too, but the stigma attached to butt-sex more than those issues is why a lot of couples don't even try it. A lot of couples may have had a rushed/painful attempt at butt-sex and don't ever revisit that back door at all.

My advice to those that are curious is to start experimenting gingerl... Continue»
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Breaking Up (Online or Not)

1. Do it in person. If this is an online relationship, it may not be possible. That doesn't give you an excuse to send a Dear John/Jane e-mail. Get as close to in-person as you can, given the limitations of space and time. Call on the phone if you must, go over if you can. But NEVER break up with an answering machine, an e-mail account, or a public forum. You and your ex both deserve better: if this relationship ever meant anything to you, it needs closure. If it didn't, you have no right to take that out on them by treating them callously; it's not your ex's fault that you don't love them any... Continue»
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Bondage Research

Since I have all this time on my hands, I have begun a research paper. I am testing self-bondage versus cooperative bondage. The research will be a useful insight into what type of restraint and masturbation incurs the most intense orgasm.

I have tried the different clips available to my nipples. I find the clover clamps to my liking the most. The pressure applied is consistent and they do stay firmly attached if you are doing other things at the same time. I found the most enjoyable stimulation was to keep the chain taut in an upward position, for me to accomplish this myself. I went to th... Continue»
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A primer for Bi Married guys thinking about gettin

So, since you clicked here, it's entirely likely you're one of the many married guys on Lit who are on the horns of a dilemma: You're straight, but you're really curious about the idea of sucking a big hard cock.

Maybe you get turned on by the "pals go camping and get sweaty in the tent" stories. Perhaps the steamy tales about manly blowjobs in the health club showers get you off. Maybe you spank your monkey while thinking about being f***ed to suck some hulking dude's veiny tool in a dark back alley. Whatever floats your boat, you've become a little bit fixated with the idea of having sex ... Continue»
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Be a Man, Submit

This is for all of you macho he-men out there who are living a lie. You know who you are; god knows I was one also. You bluster about doing your so-called manly things when deep down what you'd prefer would be worshiping your wife. You know who you are but you're afraid to admit it.

Does it make you hard to think about being on your knees painting your wife's toenails while she enjoys a glass of chardonnay as she looks through Cosmo. Come on you know it does, you just don't want to lose all that control you have in the household. There's your first problem, you only think you're in control ... Continue»
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Be A Better Boyfriend

So, you want to be a good boyfriend. Kudos. Good for you. Looks like you're in the right place. There are a couple quick disclaimers before we get started however.

1. The author has no experience with another other type of relationship besides M/F exclusive, therefore this article will speak to the reader with the assumption that his is a male seeking, or engaged in a one on one relationship with a woman. However, this article may or may not be applicable to other types, therefore use your own judgment if the above description does not fit your relationship.

2. The author does not sugges... Continue»
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Are They Cheating?

So what do I do first?

You first have to ask yourself why you are suspicious in the first place. Are you normally a trusting and open person, or do you tend to be suspicious about others, and especially your partners? If you find that you are the suspicious type, maybe your alarm was tripped for no reason and a little quality time together will set things right again. If not, then there is likely some event or issue that got your attention. Do you know what it is?

You may not. It's been my experience that a lot of people don't know, they just have this vague and creeping feeling th... Continue»
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Anatomy of a Hand Job

I actually got the idea for this piece after having seen several porn videos depicting women giving men 'hand-jobs'. It dawned on me when watching them, that there was very little going on except for the old 'up and down' stroke technique. And I couldn't help but wonder, "Where the hell's all the creativity and fun in that?"

Maybe I'm not speaking for ALL guys here, but I have to think there's more than a few here who will agree with me. Sure...'arriving' is nice, but getting there is half the fun.

So, I decided to spend a few moments from a personal perspective in hopes that those who a... Continue»
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Anal With a Woman: A Guide for Men

It not hard or mysterious, but the first time can be a bit daunting. I remember going through the forums and 'how to' when I was trying to cross this bridge, and now, ten years later, I thought I'd offer some hard won advice to other men.

Now, you could be in one of two positions; one, you have a partner who's willing to give it a go and are looking for the nuts and bolts of how to do it right. If that's you, you lucky devil, skip straight to the second section on getting it in there. Or two, you haven't quite got the 'ok'. If that's you, read on about popping the question.

The propositi... Continue»
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Anal Toys for Men

When I was growing up I always had a steady girlfriend and our sex life was pretty normal. There was the occasional anal sex but basically it was missionary position, her on top, doggie, and oral (me giving and me receiving). I would say that our sex life was pretty normal. After we broke up, sex with the next girlfriend/s was basically the same as the first one.

Then I met this one gal that was very open- minded. Her experience in sex was just like mine but she has a vivid imagination. She had fantasies and was expressed them openly. One of her fantasies was to fuck a guy. Me being so naï... Continue»
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