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Ana dominated by a black neighbor

Ana dominated by a black neighbor
On a warm Thursday, Ana told me she was very horny and willing to be fucked by one of our old neighbors, Jerome, a huge black man we had met for years. She confessed me that she used to spy on him every time he was in his back yard; she told me she got wet when he was around, showing his huge muscled torso naked.
I knocked at his door and asked him if wanted to fuck my sweet wife. He seemed a little bit surprised but then he answered, of course yes, he would love to fuck Ana as she deserved. He clarified that she was to be fucked as he wanted and would be do... Continue»
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Her Game

Tom was sitting in the chair as she stood infront of him. She was so gorgeous and sexy. She was swaying and her hips were moving as she danced for him. She had on the wet t-shirt that had wine poured over it showing the shape of her huge tits. He was getting hard just looking at her. Then she turned showing how the skimpy thong went between her ass cheeks up her crack. She had the great round bubble butt so sexy and inviting. She knew just how much she turned him on. She could see the outline of his thick long cock through the tight white briefs. He was like a hung stallion and twice as horny... Continue»
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Mark and Teresa

Mark and Teresa

And indeed, she did play coy for awhile. She did not openly admit to her husband that she was as hooked on the erotic tales as he was. Nor did she fill him in on the fact that she was making herself cum 2-3 times everyday as she read them to the point of making her pussy sore!

The fact of the matter was, she had almost read all that he had, and found herself looking forward to him bringing home any new books or magazines that contained any erotic stories.

It finally came out one night when they were both laying in bed reading. Teresa was reading one of her fairly j... Continue»
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Daddy's Little Sissy Cock Sleeve.

I stirred as I felt my bed suddenly shift with the weight of someone crawling up from the end and between my legs. I’d slept so peacefully, as I do every night when my Daddy Dom locks my wrists and ankles to the corners of my bed in leather lined steel resrraints, face down, with my little sissy pussy filled with his cock. He fucks me to sl**p, and keeps me covered like a security blanket till I’m soundly dozing, then he slides out of me and fastens the translucent pink plastic panties around my waist. He doesn’t bother with diapers… he used to, but he says he likes the way it looks when his c... Continue»
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iSummer, chapter 10

iCarly - iSummer, chapter 10

Freddie and Sam both woke up about an hour later around 10am. Sam woke up because her phone was going crazy and Freddie woke up because Sam fell on top of him trying to get to her phone while she was still half asl*ep.

"What's going on?" He sl*epily asked as he rubbed his eyes.

Sam groaned. "I have like a million text messages from both Carly and Mel." She said as she scrolled through her message directory.


"They both want to talk to me."

"I wonder what happened."

"I have no idea but Carly says she is at the gym and Melanie... Continue»
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Sharing the wife for the first time...She let him

The wife and I had been talking dirty during sex for years about her getting fucked by another guy, it always made us extra wild in bed too. She had been hanging out with an old friend of mine on the weekends which got us thinking. We both trusted him I could tell he thought she was hot and we knew he was D free. We stated our plan she was friends with his s****r and would often catch a ride to her house with him. I had her start being flirty and wear tighter than normal clothes whenever he was picking her up. It was about 3 weekends later the she rode over with him and I got a text message fr... Continue»
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Lingerie Shop

Fresh out of college I moved to Houston Texas in 1990, searching for a different opportunity.
At the time I had a boyfriend and we settled on the west side. It didn't take long for us to see there were many XXX rated bookstores with booths and lots of adult entertainment ,strip clubs, lingerie shops, and some neighborhoods that catered to it specifically.
We ventured out a few times together and felt the sexual energy that Houston provided, much different than the small town I came from. Sometimes we would go out, get buzzed, 420 and wander in the areas enjoying the sexuality of Ho... Continue»
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Adventures of Princess Swarna

Chapter 1.

Princess Swarna of kingdom Woodland, is rumored to be the most beautiful woman in all of the known kingdoms. As the princess has come of age, few years back, her parents have been trying to find a good match for her, but princess is apprehensive of settling down. Suitors from all the kingdoms visit Woodland, in hope that princess will choose any one of them, but all the prices fail to woo the princess into marrying them. This has been a cause of worry for the mother, the queen.

Swarna has been well trained in, dancing, singing as well as state administration, she is a ... Continue»
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Watching My Son Getting Fucked By His Friend

This is another fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

A couple years ago when my husband left leaving my son Josh and I it was hard for both of us but after awhile I could see it was really affecting Josh in ways I never thought of. He was always the shy type and kinda kept to himself in his room but would always help be out around the house if I asked. He got most of his looks from his dad like his short brown hair and sky blue eyes and I always thought to myself "He's gonna break hearts someday". After his dad left Josh completely seemed to cut himself off from everyone ne... Continue»
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Pool table fuck

Years ago I enjoyed a longish affair with a woman ten years older than me. We lived far apart so only got together maybe 3-4 times a year, if we were lucky. And, of course, when we did get together we spent a lot of time fucking. This woman was not conventionally beautiful, but she loved sex and was always ready to spread her legs or get down on her knees for me. She loved to suck cock and was always eager to have me cum in mouth. She was also the first woman I ever fucked in the ass. But that's another story for another time.

Today's tale is about a time we were at a convention together. W... Continue»
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Wedding day whore part 2

Hi guys, if you haven’t read part 1 its kind of a must to enable you to understand this story.
Thanks to everyone who commented on part 1 and who gave me suggestions for part 2. Special mentions go to xhamster users :

1 user even wanted me to use their pic for you to look at as you read part 2. So here is lorenz2race for you guys.

Please comment on this story and te... Continue»
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Lucky Night - Part 1

Lucky Night

I can’t forget that night. Even now when I write about that night, my penis starts to swell angrily…

It was a rainy night. I was driving from work to home, totally stressed out after a long day. As it is my wife was at her parents place in another city, gone to write her post graduate exams, which added to the frustration of going to my own house and living alone for few weeks.

It was all the more stressful to drive in the pothole filled roads overflowing with rainwater. Few miles before my house, my car’s
headlights showed a man trying to fiddle with his car’s engine.... Continue»
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Lucky Night - Part 2

Part 2

I watched TV for a few minutes and slept in the couch. Being used to sl**ping in AC room, I was tossing and turning in the living room under the ceiling fan. I had removed my tees and was in my pajamas. Thinking about my wife, and angry at her absence, I must have dozed off.

I became aware of a presence near me and woke up with a start. I found Alisha staring at me and I could see her face was flushed.

On seeing me wake up, she turned to go.

“Alisha, any problem?”

With her eyes darting around she said “hmmm… no.. I just came to get some water from the refrigerator”

... Continue»
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Lucky Night - Part 3

Part 3

She kissed its head and slowly swallowed it inside her mouth. I could see her eyes twinkling mischievously at me. She made a suction with her mouth and her tongue lashed my penis. I could feel it swelling and growing. She moved her hands to my thighs and her nails raked my inner thighs. She sucked my penis slowly bringing it back to life. Her magic seemed to work and I felt it starting to throb.

My penis was bathed in her saliva and she drew it deeper into her mouth, working her magic. I made her adjust her position so that her cunt was on my face. My tongue darted out and caress... Continue»
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Only the beginning!

I call & inform you I'll be home around 6pm! You will be shaved smooth, collared & leashed with a nice set of stilettos! As soon as I enter you will greet me on your knees, unzip my pants & pull my cock out into your mouth! You answer with sir yes sir to anything I ask! Failure to do so will result in 3 open handed slaps to each cheek that will certainly leave a handprint on the first one! Each time I strike your ass you will thank me & promise not to forget to say sir yes sir.
As you are sucking my cock & I have your hair by the roots thickly in my hands holding your head to permit me to fu... Continue»
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The Kitty In Wisconsin

Hey guys and gals, thanks for coming to at least take a peek at my story. This is my first time writing my erotica online but I felt it was about time I did. So, to begin my life as an online erotica writer, I will start by sharing with you the story of my first time in which oddly, was when I was 15. Enjoy! And please leave a nice comment if you enjoyed the story and if you think I left out some elements please let me know. *Note: The names in here are not accurate, they are made up ones to help protect the security of this woman*

Thursday, July 24, 20??
The Cooper Residence
8:00pm at Ni... Continue»
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The massage.

Just fantasy for now, if anyone wants to help though....

"Good morning Miss, I'm Daniel, you booked me for a massage"
"Hi, come in, where would you like to set up?"
"I'm sorry I'm very unprofessional today. I've come straight from the airport so I haven't got my massage table, would the bed be ok?"
Well that explains the shorts and tshirt I guess.
"Um yeah sure, follow me"
We go upstairs and I grab some towels laying them out on the bed. He takes 1 from me folding it into a strip. Handing it back to me he says "I'll wait outside while you undress, lay on your front, head at the bot... Continue»
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1st time double penetration

Time for my yearly check up with Dr. Woods. I love my doctor, I have been seeing him for several years. There has never been anything sexual with us, but I have caught him staring at me at times. Any woman would know how that is when a man looks at them a certain way. I also know any woman would love to be his patient! He is 6 foot 2, brown eyes, and silky wavy brown hair that you would love to just run your fingers through! Muscular with 6-pack abs. I’ve heard many women talk about him, but none I knew conquered him yet.
This appointment was going to be different; I was making my husband go ... Continue»
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An American woman in Malta

Jackie loved Malta, a small island in the Med. The sun, the friendly people, the sea and its history made her come back frequently. She had some Maltese friends but this time she wanted to spend some time alone going around the historical places.
Although not young anymore she had a lovely body, nice round breasts, a curvy figure and a lovely spankable ass. She liked to have her pussy shaved and smooth. She loved the feeling her sexy lingerie with her smooth pussy. It made her wet quite often.
She arrived in Malta early evening, went to the hotel and settled her stuff and off she went to eat... Continue»
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Tammy Visits

My mom's best friend, without a doubt, was Tammy – not to be confused
with my younger cousin Tammy. Tammy was born a few months earlier than
my mom (she was born in February whereas my mom came along later in June)
and they has known each other since they were little girls. I guess it
was sort of like what I have with my own best friend – Beth, only for a
lot longer.

As I got older, it was interesting for me to learn that Tammy actually
dated my dad long before my mom did. He even had sex with Tammy,
something Tammy told my mom at the time as best friends would. My mom
... Continue»
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