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Rough anal Fantasy

Part 1 - My Lover and I
My fantasy begins on a dark summers night in a small house on Horny Avenue, not a mansion but home and a comfortable place for my lover and I. Working from home most the day meant I had plenty of time to myself if you know what I mean, my mind would often wonder in the day about the things I would like to do to She given half the chance. This usually meant I would wank a couple of times in the day thinking about all the things I would like to do to her, she was a bit sexually shy about herself (I have no idea why as she turns me on like mad, I get the horn for her ju... Continue»
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Debbie,Kevin & Jason

As Debbie lowered herself onto Kevin’s cock she groaned loudly, her mind cast back to 2 days earlier when she had been riding a bigger and much thicker cock, Kevin held her hips as Debbie started to grind on his deep rooted dick, her mind now consumed with the cock she had been riding and sucking was really turning her on, she had met up with a few mates from work and had gone for a few drinks, getting chatted up by Jason she was unable to resist his cheek and ended up getting nailed into his huge bed all day, the sex was amazing she had never orgasmed so much in her life, her concentration wa... Continue»
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An Exhibitionist wife - Park play

The sun was out and Mrs O suggested a trip to the countryside to catch a bit of sunshine. I wasn't really expecting anything other than a quiet day out as we got into the car and started out but looking at her sitting next to me i was secretly hoping for a bit more.

We drove to a large country park that housed a stately home and settled down outside. Mrs O lay back on her towel and started to soak up the sun wearing a very short skirt and and a small vest top that she'd pulled up above her stomach with no bra underneath.
About twenty minutes after we'd settled down an older guy came and s... Continue»
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New Beginning

All summer, Lisa had dreaded the thought of this week. Her only c***d was leaving for college and she faced endless days and nights virtually alone. Lisa's husband, when he was even home, either paid her no attention or was forcing himself upon her in whatever room they happened to be in with the smell of alcohol permeating the air.

Only her eighteen year old son, Michael, seemed to care and now he was packing up for freshman year at school. Michael was not blind to what was happening at home. He saw the pain his mother tried to hide from him and he had sympathy for her, despite not having ... Continue»
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Roommate Surprise

Donna, Amanda and I have been good friends since we were k**s in grade school. We grew next door to each other, Donna on one side and Amanda on the other, and played together after school through our whole grade school years. I caught a lot of flak from some of my other friends, teasing that I was going to get girl cooties if I hung around them, but that didn't stop me. We had fun together and the difference in gender at that age really didn't bother me that much, both of them were pretty tomboyish and we had plenty of fun climbing trees and building snow forts and the like.

As we grew up a... Continue»
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Northern Light

Saturday: Constellations

Brad awoke in the middle of the dark forest alone, cold and hungry. Through gaps in the trees overhead, spattered across the black canvas, the Milky Way Galaxy brightly split the night sky in half. He'd never seen a sky this dark before in his life. He was miles from civilization and the nearest light source. Darkness and solitude like this simply did not exist in the world he knew.

He checked his watch. It was still nearly an hour before dawn. He was so anxious to get going he couldn't sl**p. He turned on his cell phone to check if his mom had messaged him bac... Continue»
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f****y Voyeurism

Summertime aproaching, school's over and it's time for me to find a job in order to raise enough money to go on a road trip with my friends.
I'v always been a little bit lazy and bad at manual works so i'v had the best idea that my teenage mind could develop to overcome those little problems: math and english tutoring lessons!
Easy for me to find the worst students of my school and presuade one of them to be concerned about his bad grades and the horrible future awaiting for the ones that not even graduate at high my little summer job got started.
The first week was pretty frust... Continue»
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The lift

I had been on the road for just five minutes when a truck pulled up,I opened the cab door and was surprised to find a young woman behind the wheel. I climbed in and said my name was Jed and thanks for the lift, she told me her name was Mary and asked how far I was going and that she was delivering to Coventry. I told her I was making my way to Newark and that I was sorry it wasn't further, she laughed at that and the ice was broker making the following talk easy and pleasant.
I found out she had been driving for six years and the rig was her own bought and paid for,I thought she was taking... Continue»
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Cat Burglar - the Finale

...the finale of our little story...

It takes all his self-control to drag his throbbing cock from the sinking pleasure of her clutching flesh. Seven agonizing inches as her muscles contract, sliding and gushing over his fiery member. Her thighs are gleaming, slick with desire, and he thinks of how it would feel to douse his blazing lust in her wetness...but not yet. There are lessons to be taught.

She snatches at his thick retreating shaft, and without thinking he slaps her hand smartly. She withdraws, wounded and confused. His enormous erection glows purple and red, the skin so tight ... Continue»
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A Quick Transformation

I must be transformed into a raging feminine bimbo. I must feel my body begin to change and transform with the overflow of estrogen being f***ed deep inside me. "What is happening to me?" My nipples begin to darken and extend, I feel my newly budding breasts begin to spasm and swell outward into heavy melon sized lumps. "Oh no!" My hips wiggle and inflate until my jeans begin to rip and tearaway from my rapidly degrading man body. My butt bubbles up and out so it becomes hard to walk or even sit. "Oh my god! Oh sh*t! I'm becoming a girl!" I stare through dirty blonde strands of thic... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 13

„Yes, what is it, Kemal?“
The Turk bowed low before the supreme power of Quireme. He had asked for an audience of Princess Karina, hoping she would grant an extension of the period of ‘Pony Service’ for his two Top Honor charges, Black Beauty and Saucy Lady. Since the Princess enjoyed driving this team, he had high hopes.
However, his hopes were soon dashed.
„I’m afraid not, Kemal,“ replied the Princess when he had made this request. „Those two are required back in the Harem.“
Kemal bowed his head in acceptance. There was no question of arguing with Princess Karina. She had s... Continue»
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Melinda Chapter 16

The pattern quickly settled into a routine. Their rider would arrive by the time the sun had risen above the courtyard wall. By that time they were expected to be showered and have eaten the food a small wizened old woman deposited at the front of the arch from a handcart she wheeled around the whole circumference of the 'stables'.
The rider would take them off down the valley, making them run, just as he had on the first day, behind the horse, though not usually with the whip around their manacles. Somewhere in the vast gardens, they would be allocated a job, gardening, cleaning, painting an... Continue»
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Busty teen Brittany'so Beginning (1)

This story is for my Long time Master XxBirdxX. I'll be using the kinda talk we exchange all the time on our PMs. So if it's not your cup of tea, Oh well cuz this for my Master.

"Ok Coach. I'm finally done with the extra makeup practice" I pant. My huge fat teen jugs going up and down in my tight sports bra as I regain my breath.
"ok good. I need to have a quick word with you in my office if you don't mind". Your looking me up and down taking in my huge 34E cup milk jugs in. Tapering down to my tiny Lil waist flaring out to my wide birthing hips knowing my big phat booty is just on the ot... Continue»
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I was a glory hole virgin...

This is a true story of when I was living in a small town in the mid west for a couple of years. I had a part time job at a video store and and it was usually quiet. The owners of the store would put in orders for new movies and they had a large adult section that they would keep a good selection of films. One day they were doing an order and they mentioned a local adult bookstore that had glory holes in the video booths. I was only 20 at the time so I had not had much time in the adult store world so I asked what was a glory hole. They gave me a brief background on it and my cock jumped to at... Continue»
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My first bi experience...

Years ago, just after I was legal...but not really "Experienced" in the ways of the world, I was a horny 18 year old.I lived near a large city that had it's 'seedy side"...i.e. adult book stores, strip clubs etc. One Monday night I decided to head to one of the Book stores to visit the "mini movie booths" they advertised (Obviously, this was before the internet, when you had to Go somewhere for porn"!) Since it was a Monday, there was only 1 car in the parking lot (although there were many at the bar across the busy road out front. When I went in, the clerk acknowledged me with a head nod and ... Continue»
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Wendy is given the perfect solution for her sexual

Wendy is English and comes from Edwalton in Nottingham and is 41 years old. She’s been married to Richard for 22 years They met at college and they have just the one boy who is now 21 and living away with his girlfriend in the USA.
Her husband Richard (known as Dicko to his pals) is the same age but has, of late, become a real lad going out drinking and her sex-life with him has been virtually non-existent for quite a while except for d***ken fumbles when he gets home from the club. To say the least, she is sexually frustrated but she always resisted the urge to have an affair as she knows wh... Continue»
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I Have a Dream...

This is Julie...

In college I'm studying Philosophy and Religious Studies. But for as long as I can remember I've always been fascinated by United States history and politics too. So it wasn't so surprising that the other day, as I was lounging nude on my garden chair, I began pondering about how we can have a better country and world.

The inspiring words of Robert F. Kennedy came to me:

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

And of course the epic speech of Martin Luther King was not far behind... Continue»
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Brittany, Arcade, and three horny nerds

Hi everyone. So my name is Brittany. I'm 5'4". I consider myself curvy with big 34E cup tits and a nice tight bubble butt. I'm a very shy nerdy girl with only a few guy friends I associate with. I dress very moderate so not to show off my curves although I'm as horny as the guys on this site. This is purely a fictional story. I'm just getting back into writing so don't bash me too hard please. FYI I love you guys writing stories about me too. So if you do. Post them or message me them. Huge turn on. Thanks

We had all just graduated high school and we were all going our separate ways. I only... Continue»
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Chris and Kim pt 02


When Kim got up it was already late, but his head was pounding, and as much as he wanted to get back to sl**p, he had to deal with that first. Throwing on a silk robe he headed out to the kitchen to get some juice. It wasn't until he got to the kitchen that he remembered that Chris had passed out on the couch the night before. He quickly belted up his robe to hide his nudity.

"Hey is that you? I'm dead, don't mind me" Chris croaked from the living room.

Giggling and pouring a glass of juice for Chris as well, Kim headed in to the other room.

"Wow someone is fancy... Continue»
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After show

It's been awhile since I posted a story keeping busy as it were.

It was quite an evening I did two stage shows across the city from each other both were great everyone involved had fun including the audience, it was after 1 am and I was heading out for my hotel room, I was met at the club door by a rather nice looking tall red head she had to have been 6'1" wearing those 3" spike heels or mules tan bare long legs dressed in a royal blue mini dress that barely covered her ass or her breast.

Not that I was complaining, she had a sultry voice said hello and asked if we could talk, I motione... Continue»
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