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The Rambler part 1

"Jeez, Dad. What an ugly car."

My son laughed as he held a picture up, arms length from his face as if it could actually damage his eyes.

"You didn't really drive around in that, did you?"

I stretched my hand out and waved it, silently demanding he turn over the offending picture and Tom put it in my hand just as my wife leaned over and laughed.

"That was your father's first car," she cackled.

"Man is it ugly. What was it?" Tom asked as I jerked the picture from his hand.

"A Rambler," his Mom said.

Miffed, I corrected my wife, "A 1959 Rambler American Continental."

That... Continue»
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Watching My Wife With My Hung Boss

My name is Trevor, I am twenty seven years old and have been married to my amazing wife Katie for a little over four years now. Katie is twenty six, a sweetheart and absolutely stunning. She has a petite body, blonde hair, green eyes, amazing tits and a tight ass. When we first started dating I couldn't believe that I could land someone like her and I will admit dating her wasn't easy at first because of the constant flow of guys that hit on her sometimes even with me with her. We couldn't even walk threw the store or the mall without guys leering at her. I know Katie loved it though and she d... Continue»
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Making A Cheating Wife Squirt

A couple of years ago I was out with a few friends at a local bar. It was a very upscale establishment located in an area of town filled with private golf courses and large homes. This of course brought in a cliental that offered very good scenery while enjoying a couple beers. On this saturday night it seemed like every booth was packed full of gorgeous housewives out with their friends and beautiful couples out for the night without their k**s. Me and my two friends that joined me that night looked very out of place in this bar. This was not your typical college bar atmosphere and the p... Continue»
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Ai Kawaii as sweet slave

At the end of last issue I left my readers with a thrilling cliffhanger and very difficult choice
Ai Kawaii is deeply sedated in bed and tied up with ankles to wrists at both bed posts: all open!

On offer for me are two tight holy holes of her: her hymen intact, her sphinxter never penetrated
On offer for me are also her small bums both firm tight - a bottom begging for some sexy spanking

In her sedated state I make her come from my licks and kisses at her slit and clit both swollen now
In her first ever squirting she wets my face while I shoot my load of love in her throat, deep
... Continue»
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me and the geeks

It was the beginning of 3rd year in college, Evan and I have been together since first year. Now we are moving in together, well sort of, we are moving into a rental with his two buddies Jason and Steve. Evan and his friends are computer geeks. They love their online games and computers and coding. Me, well I am Amanda, your typical college student. I am 5’3” 165 lbs, I know a little chunky but I still feel sexy. I have long brown hair, c cup breasts and fairly big nipples.
Evan and I have a great sex life. We are both very open, we love to roleplay. He loves hearing about all the guys I have... Continue»
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The Dentist

I was off to go to the local new Dental Clinic for my first check up since I am move here.
The nice receptionist gave me a Medical information form for me to fill out before I meet
Dr. Thomas, I have waited a good 10 mins before the receptionist came and brought me
into room 3. The Dental assistance came in and give me a slight check up before she went
and took some X-Ray pictures.

Dr Thomas came into finally meet now as he shook my hand and greeted me with a nice
smile on his face, He had very short dark black hair stood around 6 feet tall with a great solid
build. He then begin my c... Continue»
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College life Spring semester 2


At 7:15 am on a Tuesday here the second week of January, my phone alarm was
going off in my ear. I rolled out of bed and saw Kris didn't move a
muscle. I showered as usual to prepare for my first day of classes for the
spring semester here at college. Heading out to my classes, Scott walked
with me.

"Sucks balls to have an eighter," Scott stated.

"You're telling me."

"Well, I can get this shit over and have the rest of the day free to do

"That's what I was thinking."

"Have you heard from Hayden, by the way?"

"Scott, I haven't. Would ... Continue»
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The Good Neighbor

Summer! For someone still in school this is a magical time!
You get to sl**p in and stay up as late as you like. You can go with your friends or stay home. Mom and Dad would be at work all day so I could look forward to surfing the net watching some porn and jacking off to my heart’s content. Yes, summer vacation was going to be the best!
Then reality hit.
“Jason, get down here!” I heard my mom yell
Damn it what the hell does she want now? I strolled down the stairs waiting to hear what my mom wanted from me on my first day of summer.
“Jason, you are not going to sit around here all day. ... Continue»
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my s****r caught me


Let me start off by describing my s****r to you. About 5'4-5 and mostly legs. Big tits, and a great round ass. I've wanted to fuck her for a pretty long time. One time she had a loose shirt on, and she bent over to pick up something. When she did, I got an eye full of hard nipple. I nearly came right then and there. I ran to the bathroom and came everywhere, but yeah now to the story!

My s****r had just gone through a bad divorce and was looking for a job. I was babysitting my little nephew Daniel. Brittany (my s****r) had a late night intervi... Continue»
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My first bisexual experience

It all happened one afternoon a few years back when
My then girlfriend, the drummer in my old band and I
We're hanging out having some drinks at home and watching
Some old gig videos.
We were sitting on the lounge getting a little tipsy when
My girlfriend started getting horny and playful.
She started to kiss me and whisper in my ear "I wonder if your drummer
Would like to watch me suck your cock and get his sucked aswell" with that
She started to undo my jeans and say to my drummer
" I'm just going to suck my boyfriends cock now, you can watch if you want and
Ill do you too" my drum... Continue»
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BJ for the bouncer

Last Friday D?? and I went to The --- club again. It's mostly black. No sooner did we walk in the door and we were swarmed. It felt like it was open season on the white bitches. We must have danced with every guy in the place. You know me, I always show off the "girls". Well after a while the guys got so worked up they would grab them. Then one guy literally reached in my top to play with them. I gave a fake laugh and turned away and cover them up again. As the evening progressed they became bolder. My gf and I talked at one point and both realized if we didn't act a little restrained we would... Continue»
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Fat Ass Ass Ass Ass!

If you haven't please listen to Nicky Minaj' and Big Sean's Dance (A$$)" before reading this one.

I sat on a chair in a garish living room with golden curtains, red walls, red and green wool run, and 2 LAZboys. There was a small center table that had been moved into a corner to keep the center of the room free and open. The only "art" on the walls was a life sized painting of a naked woman breast feeding a small man or a boy in her bed.
There was a bottle of whiskey and few tablets on the side table. I had taken a shot of whiskey but didn't touch t... Continue»
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My mother inlaw introduces me to leather 2

Continued from part 1.....

As I looked at my mother inlaw (Sarah) her leather clad body still straddling my cock... my mind was in overdrive.. I couldn't believe what has just happened.. Have I really just had the most erotic filthy sex with my gf's mother and blew my load inside her 48 year old pussy.

As I composed myself and realised that I wasn't dreaming.. it really has just happened.
At this point although I was still in heaven and was as horny as ever the guilt started to set in and I was thinking about jess and what it would do to her if she was ever to find out that her bf of ... Continue»
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Hotel Bondage Session

He was waiting for her in the uncomfortable chair in the dark hotel room. The one lamp he lit when he came in cast shadows across the room. The door was propped open with the bar, so he wouldn’t have to get up to open the door. He specifically requested a second floor room, with as few occupied rooms around them as possible. The traffic noise from the highway was loud coming through the crack of the door.
He looked at his phone for the third time in a minute. Two more minutes until she was supposed to be there. No new email. No new notifications. Nothing to do but wait. He got to the ho... Continue»
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Became my neighbours toy PART 7

It's been a while since I wrote an update, but not a lot has happened just some note less blowjobs and fucks. A (my male neighbour) has mostly been the one using me, not that I mind, while J (male neighbours wife) has been busy at work. P (my partner) cause me naked and hard holding a pair of her panties I was about to get into, I told her I was just horny and was going to cum onto them, she ended up wearing them while I fucked her and came over them. The fun/exciting thing that happened ill go into detail below.

It started with a poker night at A's house with one of his friends from work, ... Continue»
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Carol: My Sexual Mentor Part III "Totally Av

Rudy’s was one of the neighborhood campus bars, one popular with the Greek crowd. Sprinkled with sawdust on the floors, the bar attracted a steady clientele in the late afternoons and evenings but usually was scarcely populated at lunchtime despite the fact that they offered a great, reasonably priced burger. Carol lead me to the booth furthest from the front door., so there was nobody near us. We decamped there, ordered burgers and beers, made some small talk, got our beers and then discussed the council’s band suggestions. Some were great bands we simply could not afford. Others were somewha... Continue»
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online meeting

I had been thinking about sex with men for a while but didn't quite know how to go about it, i wasn't sure about going to a gay bar and picking up some random guy, so I joined a local gay-bi dating site and had a look around, after a few days I got some messages from a few local guys, most of them were a lot older but 4 or 5 were age appropriate so I messaged back, i was talking to them for a few days and then we swapped pictures I liked what I saw and so did they by the looks of it, 3 of them were really close by and so I started talking to them a bit more, they were also talking to each ot... Continue»
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i night i spent with my mum part 3

Here's part 3 of I night I spent with my mum.
Thank you to everyone who liked my story and red it im very happy you enjoyed it.

Its been a couple of months since me and Leanne became lovers, I have finished college and have found a job so I can help pay for our bills I have even moved in to Leanne room now where we shear our bed, nobody knows about us apart from my auntie Lou she's coming round a lot more since she found out about me and my mum, we all joke around flirting with each other but nothing more then that.

I thought we could all go away for the weekend just for a l... Continue»
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Sex with my sexy long hair aunt......

Hi i am ravi raja....u can get my intro from my profile..
“It was during the summer days ....... As usually i go to my cousin aunt house since my summer vacation........
oh i forgot real intro of my aunt......
She is vry pretty...
her figure is.. 38-34-40
As i entered her house she was looking same like i had seen her last summer......
Only the thing had changed that last year her hair was short but this time her hair were too long till her knee........ I was fond of girls with long hair so i was shocked to see her in long hair braided........... At that time only i decided that this tim... Continue»
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Meeting my wife for the first time

When Matthew began dating Laura, he knew she was the kind of woman that would not be satisfied with just one cock in her life. They had met in the Navy through his buddy, Steve, whom she was dating. A couple of weeks later, she and Steve took a weekend trip up the coast to San Francisco to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While the two of them were up in San Francisco, Matthew fantasized what he’d be doing if he was there with Laura.
Several weeks later, Matthew was at a monthly party that one of his buddies held at his house off base. It was a swingers’ party, but select singles were invited... Continue»
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