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Living in Cockington part 17

It was Saturday and my little boys birthday party was in full swing, it had been a busy morning of excitement and relatives arriving and by lunch time there was a full BBQ and party games and everyone was in a great party mood.
Then the doorbell went and I headed to the front door to answer it, and opening the door I was greeted by the lovely vision of a tall slim blonde in a tight t-shirt and jeans.
"Hi Peter" she smiled
"Zoe hello!" I replied in surprise to see my lovely tanned cousin stood there.
It had been a couple of years since I had seen her but she looked just as stunning as she a... Continue»
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Submisse the weekend whore

Submisse the weekend whore
It was a four day weekend where I was going to get gangbanged in a MMMf that was arranged by my husband, but he failed to realize that the guys he found were actually in a gang. When I got there, I found out that I had walked into to this gang house, but they were cool, very relaxed etc., so I went along with it and did three guys. Afterwards, we talked and I agreed to stay and party for the weekend, to play some more. I was shown around the place a bit and then to a room, where I took a shower and I laid down for some rest. It was already like 1 AM, but I was tire... Continue»
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Submisse makes a Porno

Die or live to do a porno


Great my friend Becky is working again and I'm trying to complete a report yet she decides to bring them back to our place and fuck them against the same wall that is against my desk.

"Yes, fuck me harder, god your cock is huge."

Her pathetic encouragements don't seem to help much. Her client fucks her for the next 20 minutes and my iPod just isn't loud enough. After a while I hear the front door open and swing shut, looking out the window I can see a 30 year old man getting into an old sedan and drive off. He wasn... Continue»
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Submisse the whore and wife

Pat –The whore and The wife
Another partly true story about my wife

It didn't take Pat long to get with the program. I was pretty sure she would when I married her but still, it's nice to see the actual proof.

I'm watching her as I write this. I thought it would be fun to give you a play-by-play, something you can read and maybe imagine yourself as a participant. We'll probably be getting to a town near you sometime, drop me a line and let's see if we can make that fantasy real.

The other reason I like the idea of writing this is that I can have her read it back to me after we're fin... Continue»
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Submisse the Weekend Whore

Pat the Weekend Whore

My husband/pimp has rented me out for the weekend, to himself. I am to be his whore for the weekend, starting Friday at noon until Sunday at noon. He has instructed me that I will do things I have only fantasized about, and that I will be nastier and sluttier than I have ever been. My pussy is dripping just thinking about it. He knows how nasty I love to be.
Friday morning, I start getting ready for my weekend job. After a nice long shower, and shave, I put on my sluttiest makeup. I then put on my whore clothes, black corset and hose, red leather skirt, sheer red blou... Continue»
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Anita tries a new BBC

Ana tries a new BBC

My sweet wife Ana had been telling me that she needed a big Black cock. A new one, she said. She was getting bored about her actual black lovers. She wanted know a perfect stranger to fuck her brains out…
So, one Saturday night we went on a night out with some friends. Everything was going well but the suddenly people started to go home. After the last couple decided to leave, Ana wanted to stay out and move onto another nightclub. I said it was OK.
Ana was looking particularly stunning on that night. She was wearing a tight fitting red lacy dress that only just cover... Continue»
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Renee Becomes Daddy's Slut

"Welcome to Hardintown!" Daddy said as we pulled up to our new house

"It looks like a nice place! I hope I can make some new friends but Daddy I know we both needed a change so this will be good." I said as we got out

I watched as the movers unloaded our stuff and put in the house. I could not help but be a little sad. You see my mom was killed by a driver who was too busy texting to notice her riding her bicycle. Now it is just my dad and me and we decided to move to a new town and make a new beginning.

The mover's had j... Continue»
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Confessions of a cross dressing slut

Following up on my previous post.
Just to recap......

I had just had my first experience of sex as a cross dresser. My first kiss, first time my ass had been tongued, first time of sucking cock and first time fuck.
I had the taste for cock now, taste for cum. I loved it!!

I was now in the taxi home with all sorts running through my great last night was, how much i turned him on, how much i was turned on, what to do well as knowing this flirting taxi driver would love to fuck my ass.
We exchanged small talk and he flirted a little, passing compliment after com... Continue»
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Pantyhose thief (new)

It was early on a saturday, I really had to do some laundry so I got downstairs in the basement to do the dirty deeds. Whey I got down I noticed that one of my neighbours had forgotten a few items, as the sneaky and horny bastard I sometimes is, I just had to check through the forgotten clothes. Behold, it was one of my female neighbours laundry. Could cleary see atleast 2 pair of black pantyhose there. I felt the rush in my head as I picked up a pair and felt them in my hands, they hardly looked used, I wonder if she left them on purpose, unwashed and free for my picking?

I held them betwe... Continue»
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Double crossed by my wife , and happy

My wife is a pretty blonde five foot four ninty five pound spitfire. The entire time we dated she always wore either tight shorts or short skirts. All my buddy's used to joke about how she was a tease. I never had a thought of her cheating on me. When we where alone she was always very passant, her pussy would get soaking wet very quickly.

After we married I begain to show her my more kinky side a little at a time. I bought her corsets , garter belts and stockings and even a pair of thigh high black high billed boots. At first she would laugh at the gifts and tell me there is no way she wou... Continue»
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Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen is a huge TV star and while many consider her to be an extremely beautiful woman, she didn’t feel that way at the moment. She was jealous as hell of her three female costars. Sarah and Ariel were young and gorgeous but it was that bitch Sofia that bugged her the most. Every time they had an event with the entire cast, Sofia stole the limelight from her and she hated it. She could understand why the men flocked around her TV daughters but why did they pay so much attention to Sofia? Even after all these years she still had a hard time understanding a word she said and those fak... Continue»
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Dove Cameron, Guest of Honor

Dove Cameron was the newest Disney starlet. Her new show just recently started playing on the Disney Channel. One day after shooting, Bridgit Mendler stopped by Dove’s dressing room and invited her to a party they were having in her honor. Bridgit told her it was customary for all the Disney stars to throw a party for their newest addition. She explained that Hillary Duff and Ally Michalka started the tradition years ago and threw their first party for Miley Cyrus. Dove happily accepted.

The party was being held at a private club in the Hollywood hills. It was a little after 8pm whe... Continue»
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My wife and I purchased our first house. It was a very small two story
house with two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, a living room, dining
room and kitchen on the main floor and a front porch. We still did our
laundry at a nearby laundromat. We had so little grass that I used an
old unpowered push mower. It suited the two of us.

After a few years, I was offered a job in another city. The housing
market was quite depressed at the time. We were able to purchase a
larger house in the new city, but we didn't have a chance of selling our
starter home. We were only paying $180 per m... Continue»
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Best sex ever

Not mine but great story

My husband and I have been married for 16 years and have two k**s, ages 9 and 4. So it is a very rare treat that we get to go out on a date. But we try to make time and one weekend we got a babysitter and decided to go out to a comedy club. A little about myself, I am 5 ft 6inches tall, 118 lbs, and 34B size breasts. #6 years old and damn good looking if I say so myself. Hubby is 5 ft 10 195 lbs. Very handsome. So anyways, I decided to wear a nice short dress, mid thigh and hubby wore a dress shirt and jeans. As we got into the car I showed him that I had on remote ... Continue»
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Just as well I'd had a wank in Sandy before I went for a walk. She's a
dirty bitch and loves cock and she knows what my real likes are.

"Have you" I said?

"Yeah just got it yesterday," she smiled.

"Cool," I said, "so, does it feel alright, is it a nice bra?"

"Yeah," she said as if I was stupid, "and its a starter."

"So you're a woman now then," I said, "that's nice."

"Dunno," she said looking down.

"Well you must be," I said, "when you get bosoms you're a woman aren't

"S'pose, yeah," she said looking up and smiling, "but they're ... Continue»
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I had decided it was time, finally, to try the experiences I had dreamed
of my whole life. I had been a secret crossdresser since I was a c***d,
and had hidden this side of me from my wife and c***dren. The last few
years of my marriage had been empty, staying together mainly for the
k**s and a kind of inertia. But now, they had grown up, married and
left the area. I knew I would only see them infrequently. With their
departure, my wife and I quickly came to the realization that we were
better suited to live apart, and the divorce had been quick and
am... Continue»
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Fantasy (Mature Woman) Part Three

I let you subside before coming up for air, the heat and your juices have soaked my face and the cool air is welcoming as I escape the blankets..

No sooner have I emerged than a mouth fastens on to mine.... no.. no.. NO... this isn't the deal!.... No emotions... Just physical.. OK!

I push you away and lie back, hoping you understand, not wishing to upset. As if in answer a hand closes round my erection, experience showing as it starts moving, pumping the loose flesh firmly but not too tightly... moving just far enough to tease my ballsac at one end of the stroke, then stretch my glans ... Continue»
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Fran Avatar

Damn, that hurts! And it stinks too! No escaping either of it. The pain
and the smell don't seem to be affecting my cock though, my meat is
rock hard. So's my master's, buried deep within me. He's enjoying this.
Probably more than I am - and I'm about on cloud nine! With every touch
of that electrolysis wand I keep going further onto that cloud. My
reaction and the fact that it's him who's holding that damn thing is
what's keeping him hard inside me even with his moving around for any
friction. Just the thought of it all. The thought o... Continue»
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My Story

My Strange story

Sylvia Wechsel

Prologue - Unemployed

I'm staring for the n-th time at the computer monitor. The browser is
open in the "Work with us" page of Biogen Technologies, a private company
which describes itself as working in "cutting edge genetic therapy

There are a few offers of job positions and most are technical
(biologist, biochemist or bioengineer places). I positively do not
qualify for these, but at the bottom of the page there is a phrase: "we
are a equal-opportunity gender company." It is clearly directed to the
te... Continue»
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The pungent flower [Complete]


Bashir leads a uneventful solitary life that is changed when he gets a new subordinate. The subordinate himself is painfully dull and annoyingly dimwitted. But things get interesting when responsibility of a distant relative of his (a widow) is thrust upon his sorry soul. Bashir uses this opportunity to take advantage of their vulnerable situation and surprisingly the widow is equally keen on being taken advantage of. Their chemistry evolves as they discover their kinky nature.


“Thinking I was asl**p, she bent forward and tried to smell my penis. Her eyes cl... Continue»
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