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Not an i****t Story!

Orrin here. After our s****r Steph's (nobody ever called her Stevie, I swear!) untimely death, my younger br0ther Jason and I have been scoping out 0ther w0men to fuck. We've had some successes, but there's one bitch we've gotten to know recently who is very dismissive of our efforts to bang her. She's an uppity Cath0lic woman with blond hair, big tits, gorgeous legs, and (sadly) an attitude to match!

Anyway, after trying and failing several times to nail this wh0re, Jason and I decided to give the assignment to Rusty, an old friend who'd been with our f****y for many years.

We sent him ... Continue»
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the Anklet, the wife, and the flight delay........

We were enjoying our rare evening out and stopped in for a cocktail at a swank little lounge in our hotel. It was nice to be dressed up and able to cut loose with some drinks without worrying about the usual elements of daily life. "So, here we are," Jim said.

"The fabled hotel lounge," Lisa replied coyly.

Jim clarified, "I mean, in another city, just the two of us, relaxing. It's nice."

Lisa took it in for a moment and sighed with relief, "yes."

"But it is funny to be in a real hotel bar after all those nights of pillow talk imagining different scenarios," Jim added.

"Well,... Continue»
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f***ed Bi

Recently I was out of town on a business trip and sitting in my hotel room viewing porn on my laptop. I decided it was time for a break, so I put on my clothes and headed downstairs to the lounge. I sat at the bar and noticed these 2 late 30's women at a table laughing, obviously d***k and talking loud. They were ok looking as one was skinny and fairly flat chested and the other was somewhat overweight with big tits falling out of her top. I had just finished my first drink and my second was set down when the ladies invited me to their table. We started talking and I found out their names were... Continue»
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Seduction And Hardcore Fuck With Neighbour In Bang

Basically I am from Karnataka , I pursued my studies here in bengaluru. After my studies i got placed in a IT company in pune & after four long years i shifted me to bangalore branch office & i love to live in bengaluru. I always use to curse my project manager when he use to reject my transfer to bengaluru , but finally i am back in bangalore. Since i knew bangalore well it was no tough job for me to find a house/flat, since i have good network with my relatives and my friends here in bangalore. With the help of one of my relati... Continue»
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Cousin b*****r And s****r Erotic Seduction And Inc

I am working in Pune but basically belong to Aurangabad. I am 6 ft tall with above average looks and a good dick (never measured it). I am married to my wife Natasha 3 years back now we have a son as well. But this story is not about her. It starts with my teenage and ends last month. Or I hope it will continue forever.

Let’s move to 10 years back, when I was 20. My f****y consisted of four members me, dad, mom and my younger s****r Amrita. She is 2 yrs younger to me; she now looks like madhuri dixit of of HAHK. My sex fanta
... Continue»
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Watching through the glory hole

Watching through the glory hole

I had been on shopping that afternoon with my loving girlfriend Helena, but she had left me alone, because she needed to go back home early.

I was in my own way home, when I felt I needed to pee desperately. Two blocks away I found a gas station, but the ladies room was out of order.
Then I turned around a corner and saw the men’s room.

I slipped the door open and looked inside, no one was there. One stall on the right side was free so I slipped in to it; pulled down my panties, sat down and finally relaxed, feeling the river of warm pee flow free fr... Continue»
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Dollfie Love (Suggested by Bucket_)

My very first fantasy story. Thanks to Bucket_ for the suggestion and letting me use his sex doll Debbie as a character. ;3

This story is based off of 100% fantasy and is in no way representative of real events. The themes and content of this story may not be suitable for everyone's tastes. Read at your own discretion.


It was a normal Friday afternoon for me. I had finished my college classes for the day as well as my weekly grocery shopping, and I was driving back to my apartment. I am cur... Continue»
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Bi male turns out to be the entertainment for lesb

My friend Di called and asked me to call in sick to work. So, since I have always had a thing for her and she's so much fun, I say probably. Why? She's a fun lady who I went to high school with, I'm about 50, she's going on 30. Somehow. She'd been married a couple of times and had sworn off men. Since I'm bi she considers me inoffensive. Di tells me it's the birthday of her friend and it'll be fun.
Di is always fun. I always relax and laugh around her. So , of course I agreed.
I rode a bicycle over as it was only about 12 miles. I brought a bottle of grey goose, her favorite. After putting... Continue»
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i follow the hottest woman i have ever seen onto the train. her hip to waist ratio perfect, her low cut jeans hugging her bubbly ass cheeks as every step she takes in her high heels makes her fertile cheeks jiggle and shift around her tight crack. her light brown skin smooth and moist, with her cardigan exposing her slim smooth mid rift, and holding up her perky tits, with their buttons holding it solid. her light brown long hair flows down the side of her back and right shoulder as she holds it with her right hand stroking it. her jeans hug her thighs and front with a metal button holding eve... Continue»
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My Tenants under the bed Smelly worn Tights Pantyh

I thought you'd like to here about a bit of luck I had the other day.

I moved in with my ladyfriend as we had bought a house together, so I decided to let my flat out to rent , a nice young couple came to view it and the young lady was very pretty, and was very long legged sporting jean shorts and nice shiny opaque tights and trainers a good look as far as I'm concerned on young ladies she introduced herself as katy.

To be honest I had trouble keeping my eyes off her legs they were gorgeous and so very long, so much so she must have had trouble finding tights long enough in the body to ... Continue»
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My Tenant Goes Out And Leaves Me With Her Undies.

Hi i did something today that i must say i`m a bit ashamed of doing and this is totally true, last time i felt like this was when i stole a pair of my mum`s tights to wear many years before, but i know it doesn`t matter how guilty i feel i`ll still wear katies tights and wank and cum on them, just a shame they were clean and didn`t smell of her lovely young pussy.

The tenant who`s renting my flat Katie who`s in her early 20`s asked me to pop round as there was some of my mail to pick up from when i lived there, she`d been there 3 months and she is the ideal tenant, very polite, very pretty ... Continue»
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Lacey's Adventures -1

Lacey had always been cautious when playing online as her sissy self, and had only ever met a handful of men. Sucking a few cocks over the years, and her cherry was popped, but none of it was very remarkable. She wanted more, as strong fantasies grew over the last few years, years without any cock to service. She was about ready to burst. After spending time away from it all, she signed back up to a few websites where she knew she could have some fun, and began again. After a couple weeks of chatting with some dominant men in her area, she decided there was one who might be trustworthy enough,... Continue»
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Ana alone in a Brazilian beach

Ana alone in a Brazilian beach

That summer Victor and I had decided to spend some days in Brazil; later we could continue our trip to Buenos Aires, to visit some old friends and relatives…

On the fourth day there, Victor told me he was feeling sick, maybe he had eaten too much during dinner the night before…
But he told me he would have some rest at our hotel room and I could enjoy that last afternoon at the beach. I offered to stay there with him, but my loving husband insisted he would feel better if he was alone, knowing I was enjoying the sun…

I put on a tiny thong I had purchase... Continue»
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Just fucked my VP of HR story and pics

SEPT 27 2016 Just busted a huge nut up in my 52yo VP of HR. I've always just wanted to see how that pussy was. A gallery with some pics of her are on my page please view them. Here's what happened.

We are in Chicago the next 4 days interviewing candidates for the Chicago office. She and I ended up at lunch to discuss a few interviews and share our notes. Halfway through lunch she gets a text or email on her phone and is clearly pissed after reading it. I see her whole demeanor has changed and ask whats wrong. At first she says she doesn't want to talk about it then tells me that her h... Continue»
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The Controller Part 2

"What the fuck are you two doing?" Oh shit, "Mom I can explain". Yes folks I had just been caught with my nineteen year old s****r Lauren in bed straight after she had just swallowed my cum and was licking up the last after taste. Now if you have read the first Chapter you will know that I was blessed with a freak of nature in that I could feel a persons aura or thoughts, following an accident.

However right now I was in the shit because my Mom (Julie) had just caught us and I had no idea in that frantic moment what to do. I am younger than Lauren at just sixteen which is the age of cons... Continue»
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Morning coffee

I go to a coffee shop almost every day. I’ve been going there for almost 5 years. Tami works there. After seeing her almost every day we have become pretty good friends. One day I went to get my normal coffee and when I went up to the counter she made the comment “What can I do to you today?” I really didn’t catch it and just ordered my regular coffee. The next day the day thing happened and I realized what she had said. My reply was I could name several things that she could do to me. Tami then said I get off at noon if you want to meet me at the Devil’s Lake state park.
When I got t... Continue»
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Sucking my PC engineers cock

My husband has written a few of our naughty adventures on his profile, but he hasn't been on here in ages. So thought I would have a go and tell you what I did last week :)

Our office isn't a busy place, we only have four girls and one guy works there, and my desktop pc has been really slow and backing up everything on a night. So we had to get a pc engineer to come and service it, and remove stuff that we didn't need in the hope it would help.
We use the same company we have always used, and the guys are really helpful.
The pc engineer they sent to us was a new guy, never seen him before... Continue»
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Mature ladies Trinidad & Tobago trip

Mature wife and her best friend (Elaine) went for a 10 day trip to Trinidad & Tobago, mainly Tobago though. They thought about relaxing, sun, sand, drinks on the beach to totally de-stress! First couple of days they did that, felt fantastic. On day 3 they met Anil, a tall young very black man (he joked that his relatives must have been from darkest Africa), he was fun to be around. Ladies enjoyed his energy, they travelled together to catch different sites and have some good laughs.

Both ladies couldn't help but notice he seemed to appreciate their curvy, mature, big breasted figures. Elai... Continue»
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Uncle Jays Cabin

Many people ask me if I get hot writing these stories. My answer: "Fuck Yeah I get hot writing these!!" That's one reason it takes me months to follow up previous tails...errr ummm, tales. I certainly DO love this site and am happy to be able to contribute to it's content, upkeep and maintenance. So should you......Please donate to this free and lovely website so we can keep the cum flowin'........Thank you.

********************** "Uncle Jays Cabin" *************************

Uncle Jays giant, veined boner twitched inside me. I cooed girlishly as he hel... Continue»
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Brand New World of Prostate Play

I come home from work and see that the package I ordered has arrived. It is in an nice case that could easily be slipped on a bookcase and look normal.

I open the box and examine my new prostate device. The Aneros Vice.

I put the batteries in the vibe and experiment with the nine different settings. The device itself is made of silicon and feels very nice.

It looks large at first glance. However, I am very intrigued. I take a hot shower and prepare myself. I lay a towel on the bed and lube up the device with a layer of Vaseline and a thin layer of coconut oil. I lube myself and begin ... Continue»
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