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My ex-wife, Bev & I had a Sunday morning routine. Upon waking up, I would rub her ass and say, "Ten minutes".

I would zip downstairs to the bathroom there. Brush my teeth and shower.

Meanwhile in the bathroom off our bedroom, Bev would douche, brush her teeth and shower.

Ten minutesd later, I would get back into bed. When she joined me, we commenced to sixty-nine.

I had always enjoyed getting blow jobs and didn't think they should stop when I got married. From what Bev had said she had never sucked another guy's cock and no guy had ever eaten her pussy before me.

We were a ... Continue»
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Episode 61: Alia and Naked Attraction

Alia and her best friend Tee sat very close at the far end of the school canteen, where they could ogle the attractive girls queuing for lunch without attracting too much attention. Where the queue snaked past the large south-facing windows the sunlight poured in straight through the thin summer dresses, clearly showing which girls were going commando.

Tee was cute, black and pure lesbian – Alia loved her permanent big grin, stunning high breasts with the most gorgeous nearly-flat nipples, smooth skin and succulent cunt. Two of Alia’s fingers were resting inside Tee after bringing her to a... Continue»
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My sexy wife at the XXX bookstore

We went out to dinner at a fondue place that my Sexy slutwife loves to go to and she had a few glasses of wine with dinner. She was feeling pretty horny all day and the wine was helping her to get even more aroused. After dinner we went to a strip club and ran into Michael a black guy we had met there some time back.
We were sitting at one of the female strip stages and she played with his cock for a long time under the bar and he was playing with her tits. She had on one of her really loose low cut shirts so he was able to tweak her nipples and expose her tits quite easily to everyone around... Continue»
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The Subway

The Subway

©Shyblueeyes1968 2016

(Interracial, gangbang, FMMMM, oral, anal, voyeur, reluctant, birthday surprise)

Summary – it’s a warm summers evening, the sun as just dipped below the horizon, and in the twilight, a woman stands at the top of some concrete steps that lead down to a subway. Sara is a woman with dark desires that leads her into dangerous places in search of fulfilment.

Sara paused at the top of the concrete steps, which led down to the subway. She glanced around and shivered, her skin had goose bumps despite it being a warm summer’s night. But ... Continue»
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my wife is a slut but i dont care

Is my girl to much of a slut?!live_your_dream48
is it a good or a bad when the woman u build up a life with is a real sexfreak?

Well on one side its great to have plenty of sex all the time and that she always horny and that her pussy is as wet as a waterslide.
Can a girl be to sluty in your guys opinions?

Even tho Its a strange feeling that probaly alot of your friends banged her.
On one side it really turns me on her slutty ways, and it doenst matter to me, even tho she would fuck like 500 dicks a year.

Well we are together almost 3years now . She is 28, has kinda a cute (... Continue»
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BreakMe - Part 2 ...

- This new one, you'll do her on Saturday, at five... here. Full week! – Marisa closed the planner and turned off the PC; in the meanwhile, I dished out the tuna and olive spaghetti I had just cooked, perfectly al dente.
- What do you mean, "new"? – I asked her, as we sat down at the table.
- New, as in, she's new... I don't know her: that's all. – a sarcastic smile appeared on her lips as she helped herself to a delicate Soave, chosen carefully to match with the summer meal.
- Uhm... you're hiding something... – I said, half joking and preoccupied.
- Ok! This "new one" is a certain Mess... Continue»
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No Holes Barred

Paul was surprised when the woman who had contacted him, regarding rental of his warehouse space, turned out to be a pretty 19 year old blonde girl. He was even more surprised to find out she had the requisite funds, a substantial amount for such a young lady, to facilitate such a deal. But sure enough, the teenager had the cash, the transaction went ahead and the warehouse was the property of the young blonde for the next 24 hours.

Whilst the deal was in the process of negotiation, men across the city of Los Angeles stumbled upon a classified ad in phone boxes in seedy areas of town, t... Continue»
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My Little Girl is Impregnated?

My Little Girl is Responsible
My Little Girl is a Pervert
My Little Girl is Impregnated? = Week 3

Synopsis: My 18 yr. old daughter, Mistress Lisa caught me having sex. In exchange for her silence, I was to serve as her slave on seven Thursdays while her mom was at work. This is the story of week 2.


On Friday morning, Lisa came into the kitchen as I was eating my breakfast and her Mom was fixing a salad for lunch. Lisa lay across my shoulders and I could feel her nipples rubbing into my back as she leaned forward and bit my ear! I damn near ... Continue»
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s*s and I finally hook up

Sorry I have taken so long in writing my stories, but, life has been hectic and busy. I hope I can continue to write about my life, so you can enjoy it almost as much as I have. So, on to the next chapter. I last left you with the story of Thanksgiving. Well, sadly to say, not much else developed with Kayla. From what I understand, as told thru f****y circles, she fell for a guy and is currently all about him. Oh well, life goes on.

Now Kelly on the other hand, thru a lot of phone calls and text messages, I got the impression that she was quite the closet cockslut. All prim and proper "I-a... Continue»
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Dark Chocolate

"Chloe? I'm leaving for work."

Chloe opened her eyes and turned over, pulling the duvet up to her chin as she saw her mum standing in her open bedroom doorway.

"Please don't spend the whole day lying in your bed sweetheart," her mum said with a scowl on her face. "I know it's the holidays, but you should really try and get some kind of job to earn some money for college."

"Yeh yeh mum," Chloe huffed.

"I'm being serious Chloe. The first week of the holidays are already nearly over and you need to organise something quickly."

"Ok, ok." Chloe rolled her eyes. "I'll try." She'd just... Continue»
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Married Pussy Boy

A few weeks ago, I attended a training conference in Hilton Head, S.C. The company I work for has multiple locations throughout the southeast and paid all the expenses to the four day program. They were willing to pay at least half of the accommodations or all of it if we were willing to share a room with another company employee. All other expenses, including meals, were paid for as well as a small daily expense account for entertainment.

I'm 28 and my wife and I just purchased our first home a couple of years ago and as you can imagine, we are on a really tight budget. I gladly opted for ... Continue»
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The Revelation of Lisa

This is a fictional story I wrote about 3 years ago during my time with my ex (Steve the dom)

I was inspired by a girl called Lisa whom he ‘owned’ before he met me. She & I were alike in many ways & as with me, Steve set her free to explore herself after he had moulded her into the slut she ended up being.

We never met & I believe she now lives in the west country.

Her name was Lisa, she was 22, 5’3” tall with collar length blonde hair. She was very young and girlie looking but this suited her delicate frame.

She weighed about 7 stone and was, some might say ‘waify’? But she was h... Continue»
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Birthday creamypie

This year my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her I wanted to eat her pussy while it was nasty and full of some guys cream. I knocked off a little early on Friday because my birthday was Saturday. When I got home I was greeted by my sexy wife , she was wearing a little black dress and her legs where covered in black nylon. She had on a pair of black spike hills and her thirty four B cup tits where f***ed into perfect round globes by a black Lacey pushup bra. I asked her if I where going to get what I had asked for as my birthday wish? She said yes, she told me that her pu... Continue»
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The Anal Olympics - getting used at a sex party PA

I was a student at the time and needed the money!

So to get a bit more disposable income I decided to hire myself out to sex parties (I'm not going to go into details about how to do this because although I had a lot of fun I've heard some horror stories - not sexually bad, just super awkward and embarrassing).

This basically involved getting an agent (pimp, I guess!) who would then send me details about various parties going on around my area. They were usually put on by the rich and elite of society who just wanted a fuck-toy for the evening. It was late on a Friday and I had been stoo... Continue»
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Revenge Is So Sweet. #4

Revenge Is So Sweet. #4

I want to catch everyone up. I had just watched my wife have sexual relations with her black minister on a movie camera I had installed in our home and I watched the whole scene.

The following is what my next move will be. My wife was supposed to go down to her friend Ellen's apartment who lived fifty miles away from our city. She was going to stay until I got back from LA. I had my friend Mike put a GPS on her car. Now, it was time to check my computer and see how far she had gone. When I ran the tracking on her, sure enough she was fifty miles away, which wa... Continue»
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I'm Sorry, Lindsay

Disclaimer: This is my second story here, but for some reason, the first has never appeared... All photos belong to Lindsay Lohan or their rightful owners. And so we begin...

She wasn't like that you know.

She wasn't so... for lack of a better word, wild.

When I first saw her, I thought, this chick looks so innocent.

Am I to be blamed? That's a question I would think to myself now at times.

Do I regret it? No. She was of a legal age when we fir... Continue»
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112. Dora`s bill

112. Dora`s bill (a revamp)
Let me introduce myself, the names Lenny, 6ft of unkept, red headed, slim, tired, unemployed, sex mad 30 year old , whose wife is the delectable Dora, a 5ft 10, 36D 24 37, a 25 year old blonde who has just returned to me after some days of intense adventure.
It all started at the library, as I said a month ago, I was keeping a low profile from the good lady having squandered her holiday fund on a certainty that obviously with hindsight was not... and the library seemed to be the best place it being warm and the last place on earth the wife would look for... Continue»
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Indian Wife & Internet Friend

Rima was worried. What had started off an a harmless ploy to pass time was now acquiring concrete shape. Due to the busy schedule of her husband, she had found plenty of time on her hands. Literotica had provided a welcome release. Its daily quota of stories dealing with various topics and wonderfully erotic situations in which the main characters found themselves fascinated her tremendously. The stories of one particular author interested her tremendously. He was an Indian based in Chandigarh. Though his stories dealt with sex in non consensual situations, she found his style of writing to be... Continue»
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6 dicas para ela atingir o ORGASMO

No auge da paixão na cama, ela curva as costas e solta um gemido gritando que ecoa pelo quarto inteiro. As mãos dela estão apertando suas costas, mas o que você consegue sentir somente são as apertadas e súbitas contrações musculares dela, enquanto ela se perde em meio ao prazer.
Logo após, ela sussurra no seu ouvido “Wow, isso foi incrível…”.
Mesmo que isso pareça mais um sonho do que a realidade neste momento, existem alguns “botões mágicos” que você pode apertar para fazer sua parceira atingir o orgasmo. Se você quer ser esse cara, e que sabe que todas as amigas dela têm conhecimento dest... Continue»
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Meena My Landlord’s Daugther’s Friend

This is story how me and my landlord’s daughter’s friend meena for intimate with each other.

Leaving hostels to live in a rented room giving an excuse that studies are disturbed in hostel atmosphere can sound silly. Though true enough, but living in town is damn expensive. Well, all my regrets vanished when I came to the place I rented. It was a fine room on 1st floor of a bungalow.

Just a room with a vast terrace, plus the house itself is at one end of the town. May be that is why I could get the room on rent, in this ol
... Continue»
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