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Used Again and Again...

Bruce, Charlie and Daniel had gotten them selves into some serious trouble, they had been led out of our high school in hand cuffs and off to jail. A few other want to be thugs tried to take their place, even getting me to allow them to have sexual intercourse with them.

When school let out for the summer my tryst with them ended, when school let back in I was left pretty much alone. Every now and then some one would crack a joke about me being a fuck boy, but I ignored them mostly. Sometimes I would go to the other side of town and find a sex partner to satisfy my desire.

One day tho... Continue»
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The first time.

I had just dropped my husband off at the airport. He was going away to visit his mother, I had to work, well that's what I told my husband. I watched his one thirty flight leave for Sydney. Hooray yes he's gone I said to myself as I watched the plane go out of view. Dressed in tight black leather jeans, a loose top that covered my 48dd inch size tits, yes they're massive, and by far my best asset. I got into the jeep and removed my loose top and put on a red satin blouse and only did three of the six buttons up. I drove to the shopping centre and headed straight from lay buy. I picked up the l... Continue»
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"Just Treat Me Like A Lady" My First TS

I had just moved to San Antonio for a new job. I only knew a few people from work and asked them where I should go for some night life. They told me to go downtown and gave me the names of a few bars. I was 27 at the time, athletic, a little over 6'0" and about 175." I have a good body and dress casually. I went to the first bar on the list they had told me to check out. I walked in wearing faded bluejeans and a tight gray t-shirt. The bar was about half full of men and women and everyone seemed laid back and cool. I sat in the corner booth and ordered a beer. A few drinks in I noticed a stunn... Continue»
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caught by my s****r and her friend

Ah another Saturday morning, mum and dad are at work my older s****r is at her friend Kate's so I have the house to myself. First a nice long shower then wearing only a towel I settle onto the couch to watch some porn I have borrowed from my dad's stash, what else would you expect a sixteen year old boy to do? The movie is getting going and I open the towel to release my now raging hard on. The movie is really getting going and so am I, so much so that I hadn't noticed that my s****r Susan and her friend Kate had returned home unexpectedly until they were in the room. "Alan!" she shrieks, jolt... Continue»
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Blowjob Car Fun- Continued

My body was on fire with a heat I couldn’t explain as anything else but pure wanton lust. At that point in time I became the most sexually unselfish, most wanted, and most eager slut. My one purpose at that point in time alone was to not physically get myself off but to do all that I could to drive my fuck friend over the edge and make him explode like a volcano. I wanted him to spew his scorching hot lava down my throat.

I slid my mouth off the rubber covered pole, kissed his balls and yanked off the barrier between our flesh to flesh contact. I didn’t care about anything but pleasing ... Continue»
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Farmstay With Mother And Two Daughters

Farmstay With Mother and Two Daughters

The work task set for me involved four weeks in a regional town north of the city. Away from home for so long I felt private accommodation a better option than the usual motels or hotels. I selected and booked a farmstay providing breakfast and dinner, about twenty kilometers out of town. My arrival confirmed the wisdom of my selection. The house was about half a kilometre from the road, a large modern place with verandahs on all sides. Jean, the owner, greeted me with friendliness and courtesy. My room was to be in the bedroom wing, which I was to sh... Continue»
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Slut t's latest report - she was told to lube

Here's her report

I walked over onto his back deck took my shorts off pulled my tits out and knocked he opened the door grabbed my hair and pulled me inside, he reached down and slid 2 fingers into my wet pussy as he sucked on my nipples I started moaning and tried to reach for his cock he grabbed my hand and pushed it back by my side and told me to leave it there unless he told me otherwise he then walked into the other room came back with a bandana and rope he threw it on the table and pushed me to my knees and started fucking my mouth as he held my hair. He pulled me up and tied the ba... Continue»
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Teasing goes both ways

After discovering the fun of glory holes at the local xxx video arcade and how much I liked getting mouthfuls of anonymous male cum to swallow, I ended up meeting a great guy that became a regular fuck buddy. Almost every time I visited him, it wouldn't take long before our cloths were on the floor and we were all over each other.

This day he pulled my pants down to my ankles as we were standing next to the couch and he began massaging my ass cheeks while we kissed. I was getting hard and he soon turned me around so that I faced the couch which was now directly in front of me. While kissi... Continue»
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More of the Story S and the fat b

So that first time with S was great. Like I said I've been around and i have to say S's pu**y was easily in the top ten. I couldn't get enough of that sweet wet slot of hers. It was damn near a crime how I use to treat her. A crime with respect for her wishes. Let me explain. One time I'm minding my business listening to my music of course, cleaning the back steps when S walks pass me up the steps. She's wearing a little jean skirt, cute blouse and calf high leather boots. She tried to walk cautiously pass when I grabbed her wrist.
She muttered something of ... Continue»
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My trip the Texas to see my black master Tyson

As in the previous story I meet Tyson at the apartment the I shared with my husband Tim. Tyson was the second man I had ever had sex with and the 1st black male. I was his and he could use me anyway he deemed fit. As stated in my pervious story Tyson moved to Texas and I really missed him. My husband knowing now that I was a BBC cum slut knew I missed him.

One day out the blue I got a call form Tyson telling me I needed to get on a plane and get to Texas ASAP. He had something lined up and he needed me. I told Tim and I didn't even ask for permission I packed my bags and booked a ticket ... Continue»
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First Time Being Booty Called

It was New Year's Eve in 2005. I was living in Anchorage, Alaska at the time and was going through a dry spell. I had recently broken up with a girlfriend I had been with for a year. In the time I had broken up with her, I had been using random dating sites to meet women. Most of the time they ended up being a lot bigger than their photos led me to believe. Needless to say I ended up becoming friends with a few of these girls but never did anything more with them. One of these girls was named Jamie. She was a chubby girl but very cute. To be honest, if she had been 20-30 pounds lighter... Continue»
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Best Friends Grandma Norma

'Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck! was all I could hear as Norma thrusted her big ass back and forth, back and forth at a feverous rate. My eight and half inch dick was deep in side her womb and she was going to snap the damn thing off as she rode me like a cow girl. I knew she was getting ready for another climax so I grabbed her huge boob with both hands and I starred in on the thumb size nipple before I stuck it into my sex starved mouth. I started sucking away like a mad man. She cried out 'Oh Fuck Timmy! ughaa, Fuck! Norma grabbed the pillow on either side of my head and smashed her 48 Double H boobs i... Continue»
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New Bed

I am 63 yo and in not to bad shape. I hadn't had much sex for a few months as my wife wasn't in the mood and for the past week had been down at my sons place in the city. I had just bought a new bed and about three weeks after buying it, the mattress had sunk down excessively so I called the store and they said they would send someone out to check it up. A few days later the sales woman we had bought it from turned up at the door. She was quite short with long blonde hair, about 40, and quite large breasts which I had admired when I bought the bed. She had a good figure but being short with la... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter XVII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XVII

“The One Where Everybody Swings”, featuring Rebecca (based on a Giovanna Casotto art), Virginia (from ‘The Pearls of Love’, Georges Levis), Bernie (from a art from Joseph) and Robert (based on a André Provot art)

Bernie (the guy in the left:

Virginia and Robert were married for a few ... Continue»
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Work Place Passion

Before I post this story, if it looks familiar it's because this is a re-post from when I was here I'm back. I will be posting some older stories as well as new ones....

Keith was on his way home from the local community college when he stopped in the local mini mart to get a coke and some chips. He'd heard there was new ownership so he decided to check it out. As he walked in the bell chimed as he walked over to the freezer section. There was a hot looking woman working, placing merchandise on the shelves. She was wearing shorts and a tight top that really accented her sexy ... Continue»
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Swallowing his load Part 2

I ask him to ease his car seat back and tilt up the steering wheel so I can get to work on getting the cum I so eagerly wished to taste. He adjusted everything so I had ample room to suck cock comfortably for quite some time. I moved down and since we were in his work van, I didn't have to deal with a center console and could just kneel down. I took his throbbing thick cock into my mouth making a loud sucking sound each time I popped it out of my mouth. He grunted and smiled, and says, "Hope you don't mind sucking the whole trip there and back, I want to try to see if I can beat my old record... Continue»
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Depuis 2 semaines, Stef, un jeune étudiant musclé très sportif de 20 ans s’installe toujours à côté de moi au vestiaire. Sans doute parce qu’il ait partie de la « bande au jockstrap » ! On est 5 ou 6 à porter ce sous-vêtement très pratique pour les sportifs et prisés des gays. J’adore voir son Q rond bien musclé dedans ! Il fait 1m75 60kg cheveux noir courts, yeux bleu (oua !), torse et abdo musclés et un peu poilus.
On discute souvent sous la douche l’un à côté de l’autre, j’en profite pour mater son sexe épais, déjà ferme au repos, et c’est l’un des rares à être entièrement rasé. Pers... Continue»
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Chat/RP Log: Dennis' Wife is mine for 24hrs (

Included Kinks/Fetishes
Wife Swapping, Submission, ****, BBW, Hardcore, Rough Sex, Nipple Torture, Humiliation, Interracial, Body Writing, Pussy Eating, Deepthroat, Creampie, Cum Filled Panties, Sloppy Seconds, High Heels, Sexy Legs, Porn Chat, Role Play


I've started opening to chat and a user on Freeones invited people to add him on YIM to chat about his super sexy, thick wife. She's fairly pale and has big, slightly drooping tits that are at least Double D's maybe even E's. He requested that I don't share the pics.
... Continue»
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Job done

I hurried out of the building, my cock hard and dripping copious amounts of precum, staining the front of my slacks. I awkwardly attempted to cover myself with my briefcase as my mind raced. "Did that really just happen? Did one of the most powerful industrial giants just use me as his cumslut?"

I hailed a taxi and offered a generous tip to get me to my hotel as quickly as possibly. Ten minutes later and $30 poorer, I was safely enclosed in my suite at the Hyatt. I immediately removed my pants and lay down on the bed. My erection hadn't subsided at all. I stroked myself through the material... Continue»
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I had my "secrets" we all have them. I guess on the one hand we are terrified we will be discovered but on the other, there is that little part of us that wants to be discovered. At least that's the way it was for me. Meeting Ms. Anders changed all that. Somehow, from that first meeting, she could see all the way through me. She could see that dark secret that I always thought was safely hidden away.

I should start at the beginning and maybe this will all make a little more sense. My names Robert but I have always been called Bobby. I just turned 22 and have been working for an insurance co... Continue»
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