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London holiday

Years ago we were in England on holiday, we stayed outside London but got the tube in a morning to go sightseeing it was easier than taking our hire car. Unfortunately as people know it can get crowded in the rush hour and we certainly weren't ready for the push and shove. It wasn't too bad for me but Anne seemed to attract the gropers who daily rubbed their hands over her body 'accidentally' touching her breasts or bum and on two occasions sliding fingers under skirt to touch panties at the front. One day we got separated by about fifteen feet and she got two guys one in front and one behind ... Continue»
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The last Cheer

Sarah awoke to a nightmare.

She'd been late to cheerleading practice, parking her car she'd been hurrying across the stadium's dark parking lot when suddenly someone grabbed her from behind. Sarah tried to scream but her assailant covered her mouth with a thick damp rag. Darkness claimed Sarah long before she realized the rag was soaked in c*********.

Yesterday Sarah's worst fear was that she'd loose her spot on the squad if the coach noticed that she was late for a second practice this week. Belatedly Sarah realized there were things far more terrifying then loosing her cheerleading j... Continue»
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What did I do wrong?

What did I do wrong, thought Meghan? She was bound on her back in the playground. Her arms were tied over her head and each of her legs were tied to a swing, high up, forcing them up and spread wide. Her r****t stood over her.
It was only an hour ago that Meghan was parking her car in the apartment complex garage. Meghan is 21, brown hair with a very, very, very nice set of breasts. As she exited her car and was about to lock her door, she was grabbed from behind. She felt a gun pointed at her head.
“If you give me any trouble or yell, I will pull the trigger and splash your brains all over ... Continue»
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the friendly skies

the friendly skies
by laragene

red eye flight, coast to coast, summer night. the plane was practically empty, 3 seats to myself, "yay! maybe i'll get some sl**p" i thought. as always when i fly, i wore a light dress and a pair of light sandals, comfortable and airy, my long legs bare and free, my feet bare, the next best thing to being naked. as i boarded and walked through the aisle to my seat i noticed i was the only female on board, i counted 5 guys, they all stared and smiled at me as i moved to find my seat towards the back, even the flight attendant, male... hmm.
"looks like we got... Continue»
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Brandy (Chapter 9)

It wasn’t like anything Brandy thought it would be. Every girl dreams about losing her innocence in a romantic setting, everything perfect, a gentle lover that would guide her, something to remember forever. 
Brandy was nervous, babysitting for Cindy and Michael tonight, sure that it would be happening soon. Their sex had been leading up to the moment when Michael would take her virginity, Brandy ready to give it up to him. She dressed in a short skirt that would entice him with her long legs, a thong leaving little in the way of Michael taking her. A cashmere sweater hugged her breas... Continue»
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I confronted Janice after she got off the phone with her grandmother. "Why did you fill her in on all the stuff going on around here? Your grandmother is really prim and proper. I don't want any trouble from her or your grandfather"

Janice's grandfather had his own energy firm once. He was constantly on the road, mostly overseas. We seldom saw him, even for holidays and I can count on one hand the number of birthdays he's attended. Our interaction with him was primarily thru her grandmother, Margaret. She has always doted on Janice and they have remained a close, often telling each other ... Continue»
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Theater Surprise

This is a story involving hardcore sex with a Daddy fantasy. If that turns you off, then stop reading and move on. :)

Terry was feeling a little restless. It was an odd feeling because he could sit most of the day without being bored at all. To say he enjoyed retirement was an understatement. On this day, though, boredom had taken hold. He decided to get out of the house, got in his car and just drove around town. He spotted the local theater and thought maybe a movie might be enjoyable. Having parked, he stood outside the theater ticket area and studied the movie listings. All of the mo... Continue»
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Being the Mall Santa has some AWESOME perks!!

A few years ago, I grew a beard and was disappointed when it came in fairly white. I decided to make the most of it and grew it out and got a seasonal second job playing Santa at a nearby shopping mall. The other night, I got an unexpected perk that I hope to continue enjoying for the rest of this holiday season!!!


Working as a second job as a Mall Santa can really suck. k**s screaming, crying, pooping and pulling on your beard for four hours straight may seem like a dream to someone, but I think I earn every doll... Continue»
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Mr. Johnson

I remember always being entranced by sexy girls in my early teens, so much
so that I started crossdressing when I was very young. When my single mom was
away from home I would wear her panties and bra stuffed with socks and
hose, high heels and full make-up and loved the feelings it brought out in
me. I felt so damn sexy! In no time at all I was pretty good at it and by
the time I was in middle school I was dressing like a slutty babe and looked pretty hot
if I say so myself. I always dressed in private and masturbated a lot
fantasizing I was sucking cock or getting laid, both of which... Continue»
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Just What She Needed

Just What She Needed

She watched the slow rise and fall of the sheet, admiring the slender curve of the sl**ping woman’s back. The tanned skin contrasted with the crumpled white sheet, short, dark hair tasseled messily on the thick pillow. The line of Chinese symbols started at the nape of the woman’s neck, disappearing beneath the sheet half way down the muscled back. Bec knew the line continued right to just above the gentle v-shape made by the woman’s toned butt cheeks. That butt. The memory sent a tingle of desire through Bec’s naked body. She felt the familiar tug of need ebb within ... Continue»
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Work turned into play

I was hesitant at first to write about this, but none of you know me nor where I work. As you can read in my profile I am a massage ther****t. Last month I had a request for a massage at a clients home. I had provided therapy to this client once before so was comfortable going into her home to perform it.
She's a pretty well to do house wife, mid 40's but in exceptional shape. She has long black hair, green eyes with very few wrinkles. She's fit with nice curvy hips and ample boobs as we all know grow as we get older! I'm giving you all her physical details now because I'm sure you know... Continue»
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If your gonna do me right..! you want to do me you say..well you need to do me right..lets start with a little kissing..light easy..them a little deeper..mmmmm swirling mmm wet mmmm now down to my neck..ears mmmm. Gently slide off my blouse and caress my pink nipples..round and round slowly down to my belly button..mmm round and slide off my my love mound..its getting wet for you babe..mmm..Harry natural pussy ...lightly caress aound my mound and slowly feel mu wet cunt ..mmm getting wet..can you feel me mmm..take your hand and slowly slide in your middle finger..easy..slowly..fe... Continue»
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Taking My MIL's Ass...For The First Time!

The warm night was finally winding down at my in-law's house. We were visiting for a few days. My father-in-law stayed out at his "buddies" drinking and said he wouldn't be home tonight. We all knew his "buddies" was really code name for his cute little girlfriend. And so did his wife. My mother-in-law, Cindy, knew all about his exploits and had long given up on caring. She is nice woman, 5 ft 7, around 160 lbs. Shoulder length blondish gray hair with big tits. I suspected she had long given up on sex.

But her curves were well rounded, almost like a sculpture. Cindy's skin was beautifu... Continue»
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the journey that turned mommy on

My son came over to my house, dressed gorgeously, high heels, short skirt, a neat purple cardigan and her hair was silky smooth reaching just below her neck.

"Hey mom" She said in her cute as ever voice.
"Oh Hey sweetie, how are you darling" I approached and kissed her on her smooth cheeks then a long one on the lips.

"I know right, am great, running an office for finance help, am basically the manager" she said with the biggest smile on her face.

"OH MY...I knew I raised a good son, well done you" I Held her shoulders with tears almost forming up.
"Tell me now, how did you get the ... Continue»
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Letter to Santa, This year I want to be naughty.

Dear Santa,
This year I was an awfully good girl. I be honest, I've been so good that I bored even myself. No woman in her twenties should be as well behaved as I've been. I know that you normally bring good girls presents to reward them for their behaviour but I was hoping this year you could look into what the naughty girls have been doing and bring me presents to help me become like them.
I've started doing my research into what I would need to do to become more naughty. I've been watching lots of naughty videos on the internet and from these I have a basic list of what I think I wo... Continue»
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Going to the pool hall with micky

It was a Thursday, Karolina had a couple of days off work & I finished at lunch time. So we decided to go out for lunch, i could see from the effort Karolina had put into her appearance, she wasn't planning being home to early.

She had a figure hugging short black dress, every inch of her beautiful body seemed on show, black stocking's stood in her, what she calls ( her slutty shoe's ). Her long dark curled hair, fell over her naked shoulders, christ, i had a hard on before we went out.

We had lunch, with two bottles of wine, then sat at the bar for an hour, drinking vodka with diff... Continue»
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This BBW changed my Life ! True Story !

Written by tongueman53 and every part of this story is true.

This happened to me about 91/2 years ago, and it is something that has changed my entire life. I had become addicted to Porn Sites and Chat Rooms. I was sitting at home on a Friday night surfing the net and was logged onto Yahoo Messenger. I went into several chat rooms, and was looking in several states nearby for ladies to chat with. First a little about me. I am from Penna, and at the time was 59 years old. I am married to a wonderful woman and have 2 daughters and one son. They are all grown up and away from home. My wi... Continue»
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My first true sex and feet story

Sex something I love to do, but feet ladies feet are my weak spot. Melissa knew that the best truly able to use her feet with sex and the means to gain sex from me basically just used her feet to control me. This story I'm going to share is about sex also about the reason why i love feet so much with women. Melissa curvy big boobed very much a woman to take care of herself. Also a woman who new what you wanted when it came to sex. We met one August day while she was visiting from Jersey. I walked up to her standing on the porch noticing her black flip flop first before I just walked up her fa... Continue»
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b*****rs Part 3 - very very perverted!

Read part 1 here.
and Part 2 is here -

I do not accept invites unless you have left a comment on the story

Andy's stirring woke her up. It was dark outside. They must have slept for at least a couple of hours.
She looked at his back as he swung his legs down and sat up on the bed.
She reached over and caressed his naked back gently, letting her hand drift down to his smooth, creamy butt.
Andy looked over his shoulder.
"Do I have to?" he asked
She d... Continue»
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My Mom

I pushed forward slowly. Then pulled back a little hoping not to wake her. Her breathing, her smell, the feel of her pussy around my cock pushed me to the point of no return. Should I pull out? No, I pushed deeper as my cock started to pump my seed deep into her womb. When I had drained my balls I pulled my cock from her wonderful cunt, carefully. Some of my juice trickled down her ass crack. I went and got a warm wash cloth and cleaned her cunt, trying to hide what I had just done. She was still sl**ping.
Let me go back to the start of how I got to this point. My mom had always been a be... Continue»
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