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32 and Lusting for Sex, with a naked Boy

I felt I had lost everything, my career and my marriage, and the more I thought about I cursed myself and hated everyone and everything around me.

My husband left early the next morning. He had chosen to sl**p in the spare room after the court case that had led to a blazing row, later that night.

I had decided as I lay in the darkness of the bedroom I would take my time and pack everything I wanted and just leave before he returned home in the evening.

I would drive South and cross into Germany, where I had worked as an au-pair during my gap year, I would be a stranger, get a menial j... Continue»
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Ocean Part - Part 4

I was ready to get some fun myself so I stood up in front of the sofa and began to untie my long board trunks slowly. Eagerly, Travis jolted and sat up on the sofa with his face leveled with my crotch. He removed my hands and quickly finished untying my trunks. As they fell on the floor, they revealed my half-hard, average-size dick.
Without hesitation, he grabbed my thighs, opened his mouth and began sucking on my erection. Less than a minute of fucking his face, my cock was glistening and totally solid. I was ready to ease his urge.
When Travis saw how hard I was, he detached his li... Continue»
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Highschool Adventure - Chapter 1

--- This is purely fantasy. I do not condone doing anything with anyone u******e. Once again, this is fantasy ---

Notes: This is an ongoing story. Expect many more chapters overtime. I have a lot more characters I want to introduce and to expand the story. This is my first story, so hopefully I improve over time. Feel free to comment, etc


It’s the start of a new school year. Everyone is starting to file back into the place where they wis... Continue»
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Margie's Panties

Good friends of mine, a married couple, were going out of town on vacation and asked me to keep an eye on their house. Dave, and wife Margie, would be gone for 10 days and needed me to also take care of their dog Sandy, an Irish setter. I would have the keys to get in to their house, make sure everything was ok, and feed and let dog out to play.

On the last day, when they were due back later in the night, I went over to check on things and let Sandy out. I arrived at their house, through the kitchen and let Sandy out the back door. Then it dawned on me that for the entire 10 days I did not ... Continue»
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My Perfect Transsexual Bitch

My Perfect Trans Bitch

I met the proto-bitch in a nice little kratom bar I occasionally patronized
when I wanted to unwind. Clean, Old West style bar, dimly lit but not dark.
Christopher (later Chris or Chrissy) was sipping some green variety so
I ordered her a better, more expensive red vein Thai with pollen.
(I found out much later that she was paying the owner for food and kratom
with sex. (She had to wrestle with me until I listened to her good advice
to not rush back there and end up in prison.)
I never really got high from kratom, just relaxe
... Continue»
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Black cab

It was the evening of my office Christmas party and my wife Trish who works for the same company had her own office party. I went up to her department as our party was closing down. There wasn’t many people left at their party either. I couldn’t see Trish at first and went looking for her. I found her in a side office asl**p on a couch. She was sprawled out with one leg on the floor. This caused her wraparound skirt to fall open to her waist, showing her stocking tops, suspenders and her black frilly wide legged knickers. Her knickers leg was pulled to one side and her cunt was on show for a... Continue»
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MILF Next Door

I am a geek, always have been, always will be. I am not good with girls or very good looking. I am short and chubby. So I have been picked on a lot by bullies. My neighbor is one of the bullies that beat my ass on a regular basis. He was a jock, as was his whole f****y. He would nice to me every so often, but get him around some guys and he turns into a dick. He had a dick b*****r too. And a couple of hot s****rs, they were stuck up most of the time. His dad was a dick too. The mom on the other hand, was not too bad. She was not very friendly towards me, but not mean.
Her name was Loni a... Continue»
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In the following, I want to share to you all, the XHamster community, an amazing (s)experience I had, not too long time ago, with a female friend of mine. She is short, pretty skinny and she has brown long hair and small tits. Although she isn`t the most beautiful girl in the world, she has a cute face and very beautiful, black eyes. Much more than that, she has a lot of good taste when it comes to clothing, so she dresses vey well. All these, combined with the fact that she is very arrogant and proud, makes her (at least by my standards) a sexy woman, although annoying, in which I would like ... Continue»
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co workers soles

Recently I was on a business trip that would last up to 3 weeks. Usually my wife is able to come with me to take care of my sexual needs on this trip being a perv I still need my balls drained multiple times a week or even a day. This particular time my wife wasn't able to come since some of her f****y members were in town. So I could either wait it out while I was gone or just beat off each morning until I came back. I made the decision that I would wait it out then come back and just have a big load for her.

When I got to the hotel with my co workers we got checked in and at this point I ... Continue»
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Trip to the mall

So here I was again on a trip the the local mall. My wife the finest shopper of them all was in need of some new makeup, so the good guy i am decided to open my wallet and take her. (NOW before we go any further, I am a closet shemale and now even crossdresser fan for years) So upon arriving at the mall weake our usual rounds and eventually stop at her favorite chain makeup store, yes I've been there before. Today though as my wife was doing her thing with a female sales person, I noticed a very interesting young lad working. Now there is always what considered the "gay guy" working in these ... Continue»
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Cheating On Vacation

I have never been out of the country this was my first time. I went with my lesbian girlfriend we've been together for a few years now. Truth is I have cheated on her a couple of times. With Men. Got pregnant twice. The problem is I hate for a man to pull out and at that point he can't because.... well let me tell you what happen last month when we went to Jamaica.

I admit I have a big ass and big tits but a small waist and i'm not that tall but average.

My girlfriend is used to guys looking at me she gets upset sometimes because the guys get a little nasty sometimes. I don't m... Continue»
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Glory Hole Conspiracy 2

This is part 2 of 3 here is link to the first if you missed it:

Sara and Beth waited in car as they watched their moms disappear down the alley. Sara was suddenly very nervous as she started to think about having anonymous sex at the glory hole. She looked at Beth and wondered if her friend was having the same feeling.

Sara knew she would enjoy it! She loved having sex! Her daddy had fucked her every day since he had taken her virginity. Her mom and dad and her all had ... Continue»
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When The World Changed

If you have read my profile, you know about me. If you haven't, don't be lazy. Read it! But if you can't be bothered, the snapshot is married a long time, 50s, great woman, no so great sex.

f****y life puts so much pressure on you as a couple that sometimes you drift apart while you are just trying to keep the f****y together. Ironic huh? This is a story about what I did in 1999. It was a turning point in how I understand my own sexuality.

In August 1999 my wife and I bought our first PC. This was a time of dial up Internet and clunky digital cameras. The cover for buying the PC was wor... Continue»
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Sins of the Farher

My Mom passed away when I was young and my Father and I lived alone. He used to lounge around the house in his white boxer shorts and t-shirt, his "skivvies" as he called them. His boxers had no closures and when he walked around the house I would catch glimpses of his cock and tufts of hair through the opening. When he laid on the couch and watched TV, sometimes the opening would gape and I could see more of his thick cock, other times his boxers would ride up and I could see half his dick hanging out of the leg. I always watched TV with him and sat across from him so I could catch gl... Continue»
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Becky's Marine part 1

The world was swimming around me. The f***e of the blast had blurred my vision and I could hear bells ringing. As I climbed out of the wrecked humvee, all I could see was smoke and dust. I heard the screaming of my fellow Marines and was about to begin searching for the source of the noise when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I swivelled around in the bar stool and saw Carl chuckling at me, his face turning into a slight frown as he saw the look in my eyes.

"You okay?" He asked in a hushed tone which was barely heard over the music.

"Yeah, I'm good." Though I didn't believe myself

"F... Continue»
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Putting a Cuck in the place he needs to be in...

One thing you can say about a good quality cuck is the lack of balls!!! Yes my hubby is that alright!
Ok I guess you should know his vital sizes...
About as thick as a thumb
No often erect
No ball sack to speak of

Fires only water-OK he at least orgasms-useful when he has a chance to see me with a tasty BBC!
What made me so horny for the world of BBC? Well I never grew up with black guys about, just little white guys like my hubby and they
lied to us ladies in out country saying they were big boys--pathetic, now he must pay!!!

You know our cunts can take any size of man and ... Continue»
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Dwarf Life Model Returns

It had been well over a month and a half since i first modelled. After my first class i was asked back to model again.
i was so happy to be asked yet also nervous at the same time.
The first class was ideal size and venue to try for the first time so was more than happy to go back again.

This time i knew it was going to be different, i had seen the venue and done one class already so didn't need to get over those inital nerves.
I had again spent a month thinking it over, probably far to much, "did i really want to do it again","of course you'll do it was amazing", "what if someone recog... Continue»
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My husband had a business trip to Ghana ( Accra ) and asked me to go with him...We had  a nice hotel suite in the best hotel of Accra, it was really a pleasure.

On the 3rd evening we where there, i realized after dinner that i had left my glasses by the so i went to look, but could not see i asked at reception, and they told me to go into a store located on the other side of the swinmming-pool.

It was 11pm, and i went to this place and opened the door : an unexpected sight was before me : 3 young blacks boys ( they were 18,19, and 22 years old ) were there all mnaked, in ful
... Continue»
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Two mature white ladies bbc weekend adventure2!

My white wife is, 42DD-35-41, all natural, curvy, large clearly visible pussy lips, long blonde hair, blue eyed gorgeous mature woman. Her best friend is Elaine, she's white, roughly 38DD-32-38, all natural, curvy, brown eyed beautiful brunette. Both ladies have a full bush, breasts (my wife's breast veins show through, catches most guys attention) hang down with nipples facing straight down. Wife and I have been visiting an adult nude campsite for years. My wife likes to hook up with a man (black preferably) about every 6 months or so, her friend Elaine has never been with a black man, few me... Continue»
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I was in my Ford F150 driving West down Main Street yesterday and traffic was stalled in both directions. Every 2 or 3 minutes we would get to advance about 10 feet. After 20 minutes of this, it was getting darn frustrating. I noticed then that the car beside me going East was a new Mustang convertible and the top was down. Since I was at a higher level in my truck, I could see fully into the car. The male driver was about my age, slim, balding, clean shaven - good looking guy. He was wearing summer shorts and I could see a fairly hefty bulge between his legs. I rolled down the window and aske... Continue»
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