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My Transgender BFF

One of my best friends Sarah is a transgender. When we first met I had no idea, no one did. She has always looked very feminine, I sometimes think that she looks better than me. She had some classes with me so we started to talk and we became friends quickly and started hanging almost every afternoon. Eventually she stayed the night at my place.
Things were normal until it got late and we were both in my room laying down. She was going to sl**p on the ground but instead she was laying in bed with me because we were chatting. We were both facing each other and my bed was small so we were v... Continue»
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For all the big dicked dominating alpha daddies...

i can imagine running into you at some filthy truck stop as i passed your see your hungry eyes staring me up and down, your head filled with uncontrolled lust,. id watch your cock grow in your pants, throbbing, as you imagined all the things you could do to my light 140lb frame. Seeing your hard bulge would make me nervous, but i wouldn't be able to look away. you'd catch me staring wide eyed at your hard cock, and now you know you want me, and you are going to have.

"where you going, boy?" you ask while you hungrily rub yourself, standing in front of me, fucking me with your eye... Continue»
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gone fishing

The phone rang, and my mom answered it. After a couple of minutes she said Mr. Donald called and he's on his way. Mom checked my backpack to make sure I had enough socks and under wear. There was a knock at the door, and I ran to see who it was. I opened it,it was Mr. Donald. He told me to put my things in the truck he wants to talk to my mother.
After a few minutes they came out still talking. She came up to me, eyes a little red told me to listen to Mr. Donald and do what he said. I will mom I told her. She hugged me and kissed my cheek. We backed out the drive and hit the freeway. It was... Continue»
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The Dream

Shannon is standing there at my computer trying to "ping" my computer, whatever the hell that is, she turns a lock of golden blonde hair in her fingers as she always does. Shannon's habit of doing this makes me want to pin her hands down to the desk as I enter her from behind. Sitting in my chair I can see the bottom of her ass peeking out at me from the short dress she has on today. Is she taunting me? Does she want me to fuck her right here? What if her husband walks in? What if my wife finds out?

I can hear my wife's voice calling my name already. With a shake, I'm awoken by my wife.
... Continue»
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The girlfriend and I were on or way to a bbq at my friends. We drove in awkward silence because before we left our apartment, we tried to have sex but I could just not keep it up. This was not the first time and it was starting to put a strain on our relationship. I don’t know why we can’t just talk about this, she said. It’s probably all those fuckin pills you take for sl**p. Maybe we should see a doctor. Maybe we can get you Viagra or something. Can we please just drop it? I asked, feeling very embarrassed and frustrated. I probably should have listened to her. Maybe I should have let myself... Continue»
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Ashley's first time pt. 1?

It all started on a sunny monday afternoon. I was 19 bored and laying in my room which was cluttered with my girlfriend at the
times clothes, she was so sexy, blonde hair which flowed down her soft 18 year old shoulders didnt weight but 110lbs standing 5 foot 4
inches off the ground. She also had great taste in style but hardly ever wanted to have sex leaving me constantly horny. She had made me mad that day and we got in a fight which led to her leaving me alone in the house for the entire day. i first went over to my laptop and started browsing through a few tube sites try... Continue»
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Finally enjoying his cock and cum!


"Fuck....FUCK! That's good." I saw him thrust, hard, into my wife. She took his >7" with little difficulty, and groaned back at him around my shaft in her mouth.

We'd met the guy on AdultFriendFinder about three months previous. He'd originally said he was part of a couple, but in chatting we found out that either 1. he'd lied or 2. he'd gotten out of the relationship.

Outward appearances, he was early 20's, a hair under 6' tall. He was heavier, I couldn't tell you his weight, but he was at least a few inches over my 36" waist. From the neck down, he was completely shaved. Hi... Continue»
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arcade sisy


Dwayne started hanging out with us when I was 18. He was older than us - 28 - but he came across as someone our age. Because he was older a lot of us guys sort of hero- worshipped him - me included. So naturally I was flattered when he began to spend a lot of attention on me in particular.

The guys I hung out with were a little wary of Dwayne, because he was black and had been in jail. But Dwayne told me that those guys were hating on him because he was black. He called them "playa haters". "That's why I like you," he said. "You keep it real, b*o."

A lot of guys w... Continue»
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Wife Takes a Lover

First off my husband Hakan and I had been married for about five years. We had great sex life and just enjoyed being with each other. I am a police officer in our home town PD.

Hakan started asking if I would enjoy being with another man while he watched. Hakan kept after me for months and started talking about me being with his best friend and my Sargent Hasan. Now Hasan was Hakan’s best friend from high school. He would talk about him all the time during are play times and I have to admit it did make me think about him while he would do this and Hakan could tell I loved it when he did be... Continue»
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kate tuesday

I woke up and got dressed and made a cup of tea , my bum was so painful, I looked in the mirror, I was horrified
the stinging and redness had gone but I had a scab about a inch long where the cane had cut in to my buttocks the rest of my bum was black and blue, the bruises was so tender to touch, even sitting down was so sore

Kate called down for a cup of tea, I took it up for her and complained I had swimming at school and how was I going to get changed.

She remained quite calm and in a soft voice , she told me to show her my bum
I pulled my trousers down
Omg she said her voice had a... Continue»
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Neighbor in Need 2

I have over 100 stories posted on here all original with me. The first of this series was probably accepted his best as any I have ever written. So I hope you enjoy this one as well!

As I pulled into Lynn’s garage my heart was already pounding in anticipation of what the evening held for me! I could still taste her strawberry flavored lips and when I closed my eyes her firm full mature breasts swaying and leaping filled my mind and imagination. God that woman had me as hard as stone just remembering how wet she was!

Turning off the engine to my truck, I spit my gum i... Continue»
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Little Panties for a Little Cock

Little Panties for a Little Cock

It was Saturday morning and I decided to get my laundry done before going out for lunch. I took my stuff down stairs to the basement laundry room, loaded a washer and started the cycle. I was about to go back up to my place when I noticed a basket of laundry on the table. I went over and found a mix of girls and guys stuff, I guessed they belonged to the young couple in the apartment opposite mine.

I glanced around and since I was alone I could not resist reaching out and touching a skimpy pair of pink bikini panties, I love pink and thes... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 6

Cockatoo Part 6

Alex grabbed my hands, ‘Please, James, it's the only way we could think
of to get you over there as quickly as possible without Jandaeng being
aware. You could be back here in two days and then fly to Bangkok as
Jandaeng expects you to next week. Please?’

Areeya came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. ‘James, I am
so worried about my father. I would be very, very grateful if you could
do this for me.’ Areeya squeezed my shoulders, and my imagination went
into overdrive thinking about what that gratitude would be like.

‘There must be another way, su... Continue»
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Best friends mother wants it

My friend Dave mother is a naughty naughty lady.
I been going over the there house for 10yrs now we used to love to watch wrestling. at the time i was just 16 so at that age we still like to copy wrestling moves on each other. He was a only c***d so him and his mum are close. I can remember one night i stayed over, we stayed up late watching Tv and playing computer games, The next day we both sat down to watch the sunday wrestling. After it all finished his mom came into the living in a sort of wrestling costume. Tight leggings and a leotard over the top saying I'm the champ who whats to ch... Continue»
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She Stole My Wife - Chapter 1 (Betrayed)

She brings another woman home, and leaves him out.

She came to bed late that night. I remember her walking in the room, her body silhouetted against the light from the hall way. I could tell she was wearing her special robe, the red silk one with the royal blue collar and lining that made her body glow like the embers of a fire. She turned to close the door, and her backlit silhouette changed form as it began to bask in the subtle moonlight that spilled in from the large glass door that led from our room to the little deck outside. As she turned into the light, she revealed her bosom... Continue»
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Just for me

It was a frosty but calm Thursday evening in December; I was standing on an empty street in Exeter waiting for the bus. I'd had a good and active day, and I was in a calm and satisfied mood, not thinking about much (which is unusual for me). The trees lining the high street twinkled with the lights that made the night feel like Christmas. I was humming a charismas song that must have been playing in one of the many shops I had been in whilst I maxed out my credit card.

There was no bus around so I decided to walk up towards my home it wasn’t far but after contending with the late night shop... Continue»
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Christmas Present Not From Santa

Kate, the new receptionist, at one of my clients was remarkable for someone so young. She was a "find", not only did she know computers and Office software, she could actually carry on an intelligent conversation with visitors.

The client was a non-profit a****l rescue, specializing in reptiles. They had a small aquarium room that held many rescued species recovering before returning to the wild. Everything from lizards to turtles were being nursed back to health by their staff of biologists.

Kate's job was to answer the phone, greet visitors, type letters and be a gatekeeper for the st... Continue»
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Christmas Wish

The leather of the couch was cool against my skin—not cold, as it would normally feel in late December. Of course, the fact that a gorgeous girl had her lips wrapped around my cock, applying suction I had never felt from the twelve other mouths that had given me blowjobs over my years, had a little something to do with my body temperature.

Amanda had come over to visit upon my invitation. The words had come out of my mouth as an innocent request, just a pleasant holiday visit filled with good tidings. But there were ulterior motives in my mind. And Amanda knew it. Our actions at work over ... Continue»
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Call to the Office

I had just turned 18 and it was my last year in prep school. I had started later than most boys my age so I was just a bit older.

It was a very private exclusive boarding school, only boys which was a real pain. They didn't allow and nudie magazines or pornography. It was there though and we had to keep it well hidden for fear of expulsion. We all masturbated so fuck mags were a necessity. I had some great ones from Europe that I managed to sneak away from my father who traveled to Europe. I know he and mom looked at them and got all hot and then would fuck like mad. Anyway he had so many h... Continue»
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Chance Meeting In The Woods

As I am by nature a pretty sporty guy, trying out various things in my life for the sheer thrill of it, at 25 I had taken up mountain biking rough forest areas and camping out i*****lly for a night to sl**p under the stars, come what may in weather and chance encounters. For a weekend getaway, I had planned a particularly rough terrain of forest and hills, so when weekend came, I packed my gear onto my bike and set off, enjoying my freedom.

Late in the afternoon I found a bench near a seemingly abandoned track that wound its way up and around steep hills, giving me a great workout, and I de... Continue»
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