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Surprise revealed........

The time had come to begin getting ready. I had my first batch en femme..... using mistress' slipper bath I drew a long bubbly bath and quickly stripping slid into the bubbles. The hot water caressing my cock and breasts was wonderful. I particularly took time washing my breasts and cock. It was lovely. I gave my self a through douche and started to lay out my clothes.
A black basque with matching thing. Back seamed fully fashioned stocking and high black strappy stiletto heels. A black silk Chinese style dress with a large red dragon and a tara slit to the waist. I choose long dangly diament... Continue»
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Threesome with Wife and s****r

I am very open with my older s****r Vandana who is married to businessmen Arjun. They have two k**s and they are studying in school. Arjun is most of the times traveling and Vandana often spends some time with my wife Deepti. My s****r loves her Bhabi (b*****r's wife) and so does my wife love her Nanad (husband's s****r) I am Abhishek, married to Deepti for two years.

Deepti is hot in bed and we fuck like a****ls. Many nights my s****r has complained when she stays at my house that I and my wife make loud noises at night. I blush at her words" Asal mein Deepti bahut shor machati hai jab mai... Continue»
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Willie the Dog

Hi, my name is Willie, I’m a dog. I’m a medium size terrier, black and white. My owner, ’Lady’, I call her, feeds me, pets me, scratches behind my ears, buys me toys, Frisbees, and plays with me. I’m full grown now, but when I was a puppy, lady let me sl**p in her bed with her.

At night is when I really have fun, I’m a male, un-fixed. It started one day when ‘Lady’, and I were taking a nap on the couch. I was having a dream, and my long pink dick came out, as I dreamed I was fucking some female beauty. My one hind leg started jumping and woke up lady. She smiled as I woke up and she started... Continue»
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Samantha's Release. (A story about public mas

It was a cool November night, and the life of a quiet town was at its slowest when the clock struck midnight. The atmosphere was damp and cozy. The street lights dazzled and danced on the wet black-top. The stillness interrupted occasionally by the clawing of dead leaves. It was on this evening that the lust for late night comforts took Samantha.
Samantha was 22 year old hard working lass with a focus that drove fourth her ascension in the professional realm. She had wonderful brown almond shaped eyes that burned dimly with a friendly ember that could melt anyone. She was a brunette, and h... Continue»
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Lil s*s's Friend Gina Discovers My Big Dick

This is a continuation of the tale of Ed who has a big cock. The first tale was "Lil s*s Discovers My Big Dick!"

Britney was looking forward to spending the day with her b*****r Ed who was home from college on mid-term break. Today would be really special since mom and dad would be gone. You see Ed was not just her b*****r but also the best fuck she had ever had in her life!

It all started last summer when she had walked in on him jacking off. What she discovere... Continue»
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I uploaded my first self porn pics here...

This story is true, see my "Me in some of my swimsuits plus cum" gallery. You should view it, it will illustrate the first part of this story. This is my first attempt at writing from a first person perspective, hope you enjoy!

Here I am, my spandex clad images on the internet for other people to enjoy... I feel exalted. I had spent over an hour doing my own half-assed porno shoot and then more time editing it to keep my anonymity. There I was... posted on xhamster, and had a couple of views already. I am hard just from editing my own pics, and seeing them online, I want to finish th... Continue»
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St Marys St Pt 2

After that initial meeting in his flat in St Marys St all I could think about was that big cock of his and my mind was full of fantasies about him and me and my wife. While she was heavily pregnant at least she was wanking me off occasionally while I played with her enlarged tits dreaming about THAT cock in her and me. It was almost 2 months before we met again, on nights as before he approached me and said "I want your cock now" I was already hard as he spoke. I arranged to be at his flat 30 mins later. As he opened the door he was naked and rock hard and he pulled me in hard against the wall... Continue»
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Too young, too dumb.

Years ago I was hanging with some high school friends on a week end. We were only lads. We spent most of our time cruising around on our bicycles in a gang of six or so, looking for cool places to hang out, searching for girls, swimming at the beach and just looking for normal hol some fun. On this particular day, we bumped into a girl who we all new from school. Her name was Lesa and she was a real beauty! Lesa was a dark girl who had a Polinesian Islander look. At school in the locker rooms, the boys would always grope her and cop a feel. Sometimes Lesa would retaliate with a grope of her ow... Continue»
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My Grandson Brian Part 1

My name is Kathy. I’m a 63 year old widower. I have a 12 year old grandson named Brian who I have been raising since his parents died a few month's ago. I’m a slim woman; five foot seven inches, very long, dark grey hair that comes down to my waist and dark brown eyes. Tennis and running has kept me in pretty good shape. I’ve been told I look like an older Eva Mendez but I think they’re just being polite.

My grandson Brian took more after his dad…my son. God rest his soul.
He has coal black hair and stands no more than 5’0”. He’s a little shy but has a very good sense of humor. Brian’s f... Continue»
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Life Change for Mom and I pt.2

It took about five minutes to reach the edge of town to the open highway, that would take us thirty minutes to reach the next town south of us, and on the drive, I had mom turn and put her feet up on the seat by the passanger door with her knees bent and open as I pulled up beside a big truck, then I slowed to the same speed as the truck was going and reached down and started fingering mom's pussy, where the truck driver was able to look over down at us and see the action, going on beside him.

In a short time of fingering and rubbing mom's pussy and clit, "OH, fuck me master, I'm cumming." ... Continue»
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DONNA - Breaking in a virgin 32 years younger

Nathan was 22 years old he’d been transferred to our store from another 7 miles away. He and I were always having a laugh and joking around. On our break he came and sat next to me, as our conversation flowed I found out he was a virgin. He’d never been out with a girl let alone touched one but he did say how desperate he was to lose his virginity. That got me thinking.

A couple of weeks later the manager asked me if I wanted an extra couple of hours overtime, I asked what it entailed and he told me it was sorting out in the store room, he said it smiling as he and I and Richard had had a t... Continue»
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Stressful day for her.

You have just come home from work. Stressed and aching. You grab the tv remote slump yourself on the sofa and turn on the tv. You being to day dream of a break from work and a spar day. All of a sudden you hear a knock at the door. You manage to drag yourself to the front door. You are greeted by an attractive man you subconsciously look him up and down he interrupts you mid way and say. "Good evening miss I hope I didn't  disturb you". You look into his eyes and reply "not at all" with a seductive smile on your face. He hands you a business card and say "I've just moved to the local area and ... Continue»
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my insatiable cravings for cock part 4

i was lead to the back room where there was a table in the middle. there were chairs all around the table which i assume was for the audience. this was an event where the audience had to pay to be there. i also noticed that there were several video cameras around to film the whole event. knowing that there were potentially hundreds of people goihng to see this really got me excited. i was given more coke to keep me in the mood before we started in on the fun. i was layed down on the table and my legs and hands bound to the legs making me totally immobile. a rolling table was wheeled next to th... Continue»
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Mommy and sissy

I really had been expecting to be shopping most of the
morning, but I got to the mall and miracle of miracles,
not only did I find a place to park close in, the mall
wasn't at all as crowded as I had expected. I got in
and picked up the few things I needed, and headed home.
One of the things I had to get was a couple of new
bras. It just seemed that the elastic in the ones I had
were wearing out. I sort of calked it up to their being
more cheaply made, every thing was any more it seemed,
being made in China or wherever.

I pulled into the drive and I didn't open the gara... Continue»
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The Black Dress

Sylvia had bought a really nice black dress to wear for a very fancy party that she had no choice but to attend. Sylvia wanted to try the dress on again, and make sure she had just the right lingerie to go with it. After paying a great deal for the dress Sylvia realized her only black bra looked pretty tacky under the dress, and it felt uncomfortably tight as well.

Rather than take a chance at feeling uncomfortable and self conscious all evening she returned to the mall to buy a bra that fit properly. Sylvia picked out a couple of bras, and took them into the dressing room to try them on. ... Continue»
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Totally spent Part I

I laid there, breath more labored than if I had ran a 10K. My cock was raw and slowly shrinking back to normal.

She laid there with my cum dripping off of her breast. Can I lick the last couple of drops off of you she asks?

I do not think there is anything else coming out I laugh. She laughs, and curls up in my arms. That was insane she said. I nodded in total agreement. We both laid there exhausted, but almost silly in our post sex haze.

This was how it started. 10hrs before it was a different story all together.

We were both at a dorm party my floor was hosting. She... Continue»
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Sadie loved being painted. She had the body the artists loved. Today she was with Sam and she was standing naked as he looked over her nude form. She had big firm tits and a nice round ass and a flat stomach. He also was naked except fr the brief speedo he wore which hugged his nice thick cock. He decided to do a jungle theme on her body. After he was done he would take pictures and send them in to a company for further jobs. He needed to cover her whole body with a basic flavored cream lickable paint so all the colors he added would show. He started at her neck and his hands rubbed the paint ... Continue»
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Horse hung nigger slave pt 2

The Captains jaw went slack and hung open, staring wide-eyed at the blonde slut that he was once proud to have called his wife.

Leasa bobbed and sucked, and bobbed and sucked. Sambo’s precum and her own spittle covered her cock shucking hand as she choked away on the fat, juicy, slab of black meat.

Finally, the inevitable happened.

“Augghhhh...!!!” Sambo grunted loudly as he sprayed a thick volley of jism down Leasa’s slender throat. She gagged and choked, then maintained her control and swallowed deeply.

Immediately, another volley of thick African seed was spewing from the rotun... Continue»
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Horse hung nigger slave

It was before the war spread south to Georgia. It was a time when Atlanta was still beautiful and the home of many of the Confederacy’s finest gentlemen. It was then that Leasa Edwards, daughter of Colonel Everett Clyborn Edwards, was the most sought after beauty south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Heiress to one of the largest plantations in Georgia—‘Tara’—Leasa Edwards was both wealthy and lovely. This stately, young woman caught the eye of all and any fine, young, southern gentleman in her vicinity. Who could resist her slender, 5’7” frame swaying through a southern breeze? And who could not ... Continue»
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Me and you from my old account

It was a Wednesday afternoon and it was 92 degrees and humid. I skipped work because I wasn't ready for the weekend to end. You did the same. I walked into the back yard youre by the pool .... looking sexy as always ... tanned and fit mmmm just perfect :). after i give you a massage , you ask me if I whant some wathermellon , and you invite me inside...

I'm sitting on the couch, watching you as you cut up some watermelon in the kitchen, half in awe and half wanting to eat you alive. You are so sexy with that swim suit on mmmmm no All I think about at work all d... Continue»
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