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France summer of 1944

This is a small story that kind of came to me in my dreams, and when I woke up I felt like I had to write it down. So here it is with few adds. What a strange dream you might think...well not really, it combines two great interests I have, history and sex xD And please note that English is not my native language, so if I have done any mistakes on grammar or spelling, dont blame me ;)


The war was on its fourth year, but it was now said to be nearing its end. Once Beatrice had heard there were needs for nurses on the west front before the great ... Continue»
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Me and Ex experienced this. Need new dogging partn

It's a Saturday and we have planned for a nice dinner for ages. It gets close to 5 o'clock and you start with a warm relaxing bath then get dressed but wearing your long flowing dress gives you a naughty idea to leave your knickers at home. At 8 we leave for the restaurant it's dark but warm air so a nice evening we head off through the lanes as its a star covered sky. As we near half way the car starts to slow then stop we pull into a side layby realising its empty of fuel, the petrol station is ten minutes so I walk to get us on our eyes quickly. Bored you get out the car and go for a short ... Continue»
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the doctor

I have often wondered about my sexual fascination with my parents, aside from the obvious appeal of something taboo and forbidden. As I was growing up I was happily delighted to start growing breasts and pussy hair at a very young age, I was already a full c cup at the age of 14. I am currently 18 and you could portray me as a voluptuous 36dd pear shaped rosy nipples - 30 waist - 40 inch hips, 5 foot 4 with full curly auburn red hair, with an hourglass figure.

Following the agreement my mother and I made, I would be allowed to fuck my boyfriend only under the condition that I go through wee... Continue»
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A visit to my anal slut Ex-Girlfriend with friend

I received a call from a close friend that he was bummed out from a messy break up he had with a girl he had been with for years. I told him I'd swing by and we could hang out and he could bend my ear for a bit about his problem. I got there and he talked for nearly an hour about his girl, I tried to seem like I was interested, but secretly I was becoming bored. He was saying that he was used to fucking almost every night, and now it had been almost 3 weeks and he had only jacked off to porn. I mention my EX, Renee... I tell him all about how I took her to two different gangbang parties each w... Continue»
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Mutual fun

I had been hoping to try some MM mutual masturbation for ages. I last wanked a guy off when I was at school and that was a long time ago, believe me!!

I've had the usual array of time wasters make contact and I had began to think that nobody was interested until I was contacted by a guy who lived locally called Steve. He is about my age and said that he wanted to watch porn and wank and he was available most days.

I got him to pop round to my place and after exchanging pleasantries and having a glass or two of wine to lower the inhibitions, I showed him my extensive porn DVD selection a... Continue»
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How Hockey predisposed me to be a Cross Dresser

I had a thought the other day, my hockey equipment has a number of striking similarities to lingerie!

To set the stage, I am a cross dresser. Like most of us, I love everything about ladies undergarments. I like seeing lingerie in stores, on models, on women, on men and of course on me! I love the feel when I am dressed up. I love the taboo of wearing them. I love the thrill of being "underdressed", that is wearing lots of lingerie under your manly clothes, when I go to work. I especially love the incredible horniness and lack of all boundaries when I am dressed. But alas, I can only... Continue»
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Partying with Molly

Molly and I met at work when I was in college. She and I got along well, and it wasn’t long before we were hanging out outside of work. We had fun together, generally by drinking and getting high, and there always seemed to be a sexual undercurrent in our friendship. We were not fucking or anything, we just both enjoyed sex and had little problem with discussing it with each other. She was cute too; a short girl with short hair, a perky little rack and an amazing ass. That ass of hers would constantly fill my head with naughty thoughts about everything I wanted to do to it. Unfortunately nothi... Continue»
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Evelyn and her husband

Some years ago, I had a relationship with an older woman who I had met by chance through work. She was married but said that she needed an extra marital relationship because her husband was unable to get an erection except in particular circumstances which she would not describe. Although she was about 15 years older than me, she was really sexy and was into just about anything that I wanted to do. She was particularly good at blow jobs and she also liked to masturbate in front of me as a sort of performance - these sessions would always end up with both of us bringing ourselves off and then a... Continue»
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Wife Crious About Bi Husband

My wife has always been very curious and turned on by the fact that as a teenager I had a long period where a friend and I enjoyed sucking each other's cocks. We have often talked about it and she knows how much I still love seeing a nice cock on a porn film. She sometimes tells me how nice it would have been to watch me and my friend and if we are having a fuck she gets very dirty about wanting to see me suck a cock.

One evening we had watched a TV programme which featured two bi guys and so the subject came up again. She asked me if I ever fancied doing it again. I told her that if she wa... Continue»
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My wife's first threesome seduced (True)

For years now I have been watching cuckold videos on XHamster and found myself turned on watching cuckold videos. I then had desires to watch my own wife with another man. The thought of this happening was erotic beyond belief.

So below is what happened to me around 2 months ago, I have been considering sharing this with others on XHamster so here is the blow by blow detail how my wife was seduced and fucked by another guy. I have to warn you I have never written a story , blog or an account before so please forgive me if it doesnt read right.

This is a true version and exactly how it ... Continue»
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wife with new play buddy

We talked a few day prior about a guy she's known for a few years that comes to the club she works at and is always nice and friendly and he was a big guy but well kept and I said let me meet him and we would see how it goes.
We decided to meet Byron on a sun and would watch the nfl playoff games as we got to know each other I'm off work from surgery but two hours before meeting one of my coworkers called and needed my help with something at work so I told Anita I should be back way before Byron gets there so no need to cancel or postpone him coming over..
I ended up being a lot later than I... Continue»
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Lilly's Audition

“I can’t believe you’re going to do this!” Juliette Bancroft said.
“Neither can I,” Lilly Xo replied, nervous.
“Can I ask you a question? Why?”
“Why?” Lilly didn’t want to say the first thing that came to her head, that she wanted to do this audition because she wanted to do the audition. That would make her sound like a slut. Instead, she said: “I need to get into a good college, and I don’t have a trust fund like you and your b*****r. You know my folks can’t send me anywhere but Community College. I want more than that, and the Miller Pharmaceutical Work Study is how I can get it.”
“If m... Continue»
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Payback Can Be A Bitch (short story)

There was this hot little bitch named Missy that I used to go to high school with that thought she was such hot shit. She wouldn't give any guy that didn't drive a BMW the time of day, even though she lived in a trailer park herself. We all used to fantasize about her and there were a lot of us that used to jack off to just the thought of her magnificent tits.

Well, the years go by and we all get on with our lives and pursue our own careers. I just happen to have gotten very lucky and made my fortune early in the computer industry (online porn, to be specific).

The time came around for o... Continue»
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I have been talking to Jennifer through emails, instant messages, and on the phone for the last several months and it was now time for us to finally meet in person. We had discovered each other in a chat room quite some time ago during a discussion about a woman's natural tendancy to be submissive to a man, and somehow we ended up going to a private room to further our own discussion on the subject. She was currently in a marriage with a man that she felt no physical, emotional, or intellectual attraction to, and was really just looking for someone to make an online connection with. She was no... Continue»
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Anal Discovery

Looking back I guess I was very sexually reserved as a young person. But by 18 I was beginning to feel more relaxed about have sexual desires and fantasies.

I didn't start masturbating until I was 19 but it soon became a very regular thing. I would often think about touching myself during the day and I thought I was terribly sexually liberated because I knew I was going to act on it that night.

I thought people would be astonished to know that I touched myself sexually. I now know that I was doing nothing out of the ordinary, but at the time I thought I was a real wild one.

I was stil... Continue»
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Night on the 9th

I love hotels. Not for their comfort or cuisine but their ability to lower people's inhibitions. There's something about a hotel room that's intensely magical; step inside and you become just one of hundreds of strangers in the building, thrown together by circumstance. Families or couples on holiday, business people on stopovers, honeymooners and busloads of tourists make up small-knit groups of strangers that mill about in the lobby and gradually disperse to their personal, rented spaces for the night. And there's plenty of opportunity to enjoy the relative anonymity that affords. Moreso, it... Continue»
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My First Gay Gangbang Part 1: Prologue


I met him online on a gay hook up website I liked to use when I was 18. It was a Friday morning. He sent me a message with the subject line "Open Immediatly." This intrigued me so I obeyed the command and opened the message. The message itself was almost as curt as the subject saying only "Will you give your body and mind to me for a night?" I felt a twitch in my cock and clicked on his profile. It was empty with no picture. I normally ignore messages from empty profiles like his but there was something about his message that I couldn't deny. I clicked reply and simply sent back "Y... Continue»
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It was at the tail end of 2013 that I had my first experience with a mature lady. From then on, I've never looked back.

I'm a 24 year old male from Scotland and I've recently been meeting like minded matures for passionate, no strings attached sex. It all started when I attended my friends birthday party in November. I was chatting to his mum and auntie about careers and holidays for a long while having a few beers and vodkas. The auntie left, and it was at this point the game changed. His mum automatically placed her hand on my trousers and started to slowly rub my bulge. Her face drew cl... Continue»
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Hole in the Wall Gang


I was excited. I was driving home from university and was looking forward to surprising my folks. They'd no idea I was coming and they certainly had no idea I had good news that I couldn't wait to share. You see, I'd been accepted into law school.

As the older of two c***dren by a year and a half, my parents raised me to succeed on my own terms. I'd chosen my undergraduate classes by myself and for graduate school, I'd chosen law. It was the profession I'd dreamed of since I was a little girl when I watched TV lawyers put away bad guys.

My parents thought it wa... Continue»
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My dogging story I read to her

It's a Saturday and we have planned for a nice dinner for ages. It gets close to 5 o'clock and you start with a warm relaxing bath then get dressed but wearing your long flowing dress gives you a naughty idea to leave your knickers at home. At 8 we leave for the restaurant it's dark but warm air so a nice evening we head off through the lanes as its a star covered sky. As we near half way the car starts to slow then stop we pull into a side layby realising its empty of fuel, the petrol station is ten minutes so I walk to get us on our eyes quickly. Bored you get out the car and go for a short ... Continue»
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