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Sex Studio Secrets #14: Simone-1

Simone seduced to come on camera for the very first time as a start of many more first times for her

Simone is my muse whom I have known all the time already as a baby to a blonde sexy shy tasty teen
I remember she enjoyed to sit at my lap, hug me for being funny and giving her hidden compliments
Memories, making me long for her to be back at my lap and let me teach her some sexy love lessons
Only till the time her titties started to grow she showed no borders for fine grinding her bottom
Next she got suddenly sexually shy so I let go - followed from far her career at second
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She talks dirty to me

Once in my bedroom, I didn't waste time. I pulled Chelsea by her short
blonde hair toward me and thrust my tongue in her mouth, moved her
around, my hands hard and heavy on her torso. Pressed against me, she
felt good in my arms.

I stripped her down naked with the only exception of her black heels as
I remained in my office clothes, for now. I was already throbbing and
hard, and wanted to fuck.

I pushed her back on the bed easily; kneed her legs apart and pressed my
cock up against her, bare cunt, through my slacks; kissed her, hard,
felt her body under me.

I pulled back... Continue»
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When Celeste met Frank

One night, this woman I used to hook up with on occasion told me this story, one of her favorite sexual experiences. I filled in some details, but the gist is exactly how she told me.

When she was almost 18, Celeste was a high school senior, and was hanging out with her friends, including a few that were a year older and were already in college. Celeste was a thin girl with light-brown hair. She had a nice figure and was popular and outgoing. More than a few guys had explicit crushes on her as she looked like the girl next door, but also gave off kind of a sexual aura. Celeste and her frien... Continue»
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My First ThreeSome

The couple are acquaintances of mine. I have met them on a number of occasions in a social setting but I know neither of them very well. And so, I was surprised when they invited me around for a drink one evening. But they are nice people and fun to be with and so I go. I arrived at their flat straight from work wearing an A-line skirt and shirt. He opens the door in what appears to be his gym gear; she is also casual, in jeans and a hoodie. They invite me in and as he goes to pour me a drink, she invites me to sit. I choose a spot on their sofa and they recline in two matching grey armchairs.... Continue»
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College life spring semester 30



After lab with Scott and Michael and a full of classes, the three of us
headed back to our dorm with great anticipation of tonight's softball game.
It was easy to see Scott was doing his best to put the incident behind with
a bruised cheek and a few scratches on his arm. I said goodbye and hoped
the door with most of the crew crowded in my room.

"Go grab Scott," Kris said to me.

I yelled at him just before he opened his door. He walked back and we
entered the room. Jess was waiting on Scott and approached him with
tearful eyes. He threw his arms around S... Continue»
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vaction with a friend

Finally I get to go, My friend Donna and I are going to her uncles time share in Mexico. It is in a big gated community on the Pacific. It was nothing special but for two 21 year old girls we were on top of the world. Our condo was small, more like a two room hotel, one bed, one bath, small sitting area and a kitchen. It was perfect for us. Within minutes we were in our tiny bikini’s and heading to the pool. Donna is wilder then I am, she is a freckly red head, has huge boobs DD, she is a bit thicker not fat just has bigger thighs and a bit of a stomach. Nothing that would stop her from wearin... Continue»
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H and Ruth. The second time.

A few months had past and we still talked about that night. It fuelled lots of sex sessions and I felt I'd missed out. H used to tease me that I shouldn't even think about other women as she was a sex goddess. Near H,s birthday she and Ruth decided to have a spa day and would be home by 8 and expected wine and nibbled i was to be their bitch.
They arrived home quite giddy with shopping bags. I gave them a glass of wine each and they went upstairs to show me what they'd bought. I was told to give them 15 mins and bring up a chair from the dining room. I did as I was told and went into the bedr... Continue»
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Maxine Bell, "Big Max" is her CB handle. 12 years long haul company driver, turned independent owner/operator. She ate diesel smoke. A term given describing people who had f****y roots in truck driving. Her father, Charlie Bell was a legend. He delivered regardless of weather conditions and always on time. The legend died in Hurricane Katrina. Maxine at this time had already been hired as an "over night" driver making short haul "bump and runs". She immediately stepped up to hit the big road.

Maxine is a BBw with a "tear drop" body. Her full mane of fire red hair, green eyes, a quick and... Continue»
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Morning dominance

Anne was my first real girlfriend, I've had girlfriends before but never anything serious or more than a summer love, I still lived at home with my parents and in the weekends Anne would sl**p over. Those always were fun weekends with explorative fidgeting under the covers and because we were going steady for a while the exploration went a bit further every time, it didn't have the awkwardness of a one time fling. Anne had dark hair, shoulder length, a cute face with ditto smile and brown eyes, she was slim but not skimpy, there was some meat on her bones, a good C-cup with delicious nipples a... Continue»
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sex d**gs and a threesome

Hi, I am a white male in decent shape with a decent body and nice sized package. I have never told anyone about this little threesome i had and thought this would be the place to share it. This was 4 or 5 years ago and i was going through a divorce then and working on the road most of the time. I am a surveyor and i travel all over usa surveying for several large construction outfits.
I was in Texas when this happened staying at a pretty decent motel chain and they had an indoor pool and hot tub which i thought would feel good after working all day. I was partying quite a bit back then... Continue»
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Mary Mary...

I have always found it strange the way things happen sometimes. Things seem to happen when you least expect them too. For me one these strange events happened when I was in my mid teens and in the throws of puberty. I was ready and willing to nail my first girl. Maybe I was trying too hard I don't know. I would sneak into my parents closet when they were at work and look at my dad's dirty porn mags. I would study the pictures and read some of the articles, the stories that were sent in by regular people. I felt that I had a pretty good grasp on women and sex and was ready to fuck.
My mom ... Continue»
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My wife "H" and her friend Ruth.

This is a true story from around 2004.

My wife's best friend at the time was called Ruth. She like H had long blonde hair and they where roughly the same height and build. H, my wife has much bigger tits but apart from that they could have been s****rs.

Before she met me my wife had played the field and has told me all about her old partners who at certain times worked together. She loved the attention and was once fucked by two men while another four looked on wanking. I always get exited and this leads to great sex.

She always was bi curious and really wanted to have sex with anothe... Continue»
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Black Amazon with Strap-on

There is nothing quite as sexy as a beautiful Black woman wearing a strap-on dildo. The first time I saw one in a porn video, I was immensely turned on. Of course, it's not something I was supposed to admit. I'm a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Montreal, Province of Quebec. Even in Canada, the Black male's image is one of machismo, raw sexuality and danger. And most of us try to live up to it regardless of how we feel inside. My name is Armand Joseph. This is my tale of getting by in the city of Montreal while seeking to fulfill my sexual desires.

Yeah... Continue»
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BIG s****r

My s****r Nikki is four years older than I am, and more than a little
attractive. That's something I noticed early on, maybe when I was
around ten. I know that seems awfully young to notice such a thing,
but that's the way guys are. Even though at that age they may not know
exactly why such things are interesting (and they certainly want
nothing to do with girls their own age) they're still interested in
girls who are old enough to be developed. Especially when they're
developed in the chest area. That described Nikki all right -
developed, especially in the chest area. She was an am... Continue»
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Adventures of a hotwife part 1

What kind of husband wants their wife to fuck someone else? I’m sure he just wants to find some young hot slut himself. Ugh! I wish we could just fuck with out him fantasizing I just came home from being with someone else! I should just do it, find someone fuck their brains out and tell him all about it; I bet he wouldn’t like it if it actually happened! All these thoughts and much more were racing through my head as I rode the stationary bike at the gym. As I started cooling and slowing down on the bike I mindlessly scrolled through my phone and seen a notification from a forbidden crush. My... Continue»
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Ex Jailbait

You, Nicole, are jogging around the track, sweating lightly. You are aware of the football team ogling you as your large (36DD) breasts bounce as you run and your short shorts soak through. Your long hair swings in a pony tail as you run. Your tight figure attracts more than just the young men's attention. With your stunning brown eyes and dark hair, you are a f***e to be reckoned with as a senior at this school. You have fucked a few members of the team, enjoying the feel of their dicks in your mouth and pussy, but you had turned eighteen last week. You are no longer "jailbait," and you have ... Continue»
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Taking her screen s*ster

A couple of weeks Brooke had been given an anal fucking for the first time; her on screen
s****r Helen Flanagan came to see me. I wanted to see whether she would mind the new storyline I had planned to make the show more pleasing for the male fans.I was planning on making Helen into a Lesbian slut with her on screen friend Maria Conner (Samia Smith)

She knocked, and came in when ordered to. She was wearing a black dress, cut above the knee, and low cut revealing some fine cleavage. I looked her up and down, and noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. I called her a slut, and she smiled and lift... Continue»
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Jiti came for fuck by AJ

Jiti and I started doing lesbian sex

In the last story maid brought Jiti to my home so we can play.
We started getting together once a week if not more.
We were like s****rs. s****rly love was in the house when she
come to our home.

One day when we has finished having sex with each other we sat and talked.

Jiti asked me how you will feel if I do sex with your husband.

I said to Jiti I have no problem for sharing my hubby with you
We are like s****rs. s****rs always share.

We set the date for Jiti to come to our home. Jiti said just 3 of us I do not want maid
Here. Jiti sa... Continue»
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A slight departure from Mandy.

As I said, I was preparing for a US trip for about 5 days before this last encounter with Mandy. Well something happened on the plane coming home which I would like to share as it is sort of related.
As is obvious by now, I have been writing about my adventures with Mandy. Well I wrote quite a lot of it during my US trip. So it was an overnight flight back from the US, I was sitting in the window seat of a row of three with a couple next to me. I am not sure of the ages, but I’d guess 40 something, but it doesn’t really matter. They both fell asl**p, or so I thought, but as I never can, I o... Continue»
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The Neighbours Daughter Part 3

Part 3
Mandy’s parents came home the day after the events in their bedroom, so things were a bit quiet, however Mandy was still occupying the majority of my mind, even when I was fucking my wife I was imagining it was Mandy’s hairy young cunt that my cock was sliding in and out of. My wife has nice large breasts so it was easy to imagine they were Mandy’s when I was grabbing two large handfuls.
As for Mandy’s mum, well I saw her a few times out walking the dog and it was impossible not to picture her shaving pussy clad in sexy skimpy lacy panties. I must confess I did use that vision a few t... Continue»
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