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A Day at the Races

A Day at the Races

Dedicated to candaulism_rules and his hot wife!

In this scenario, I am presenting a trophy at the racecourse (actually, sometimes I do this) and am charmed when you send up your wife to collect the winning trophy for the race. From the side, you can see I’m being a little too enthusiastic in my compliments of her style and attire, but you graciously invite me to join you afterwards in the bar where you’ve gone to celebrate with your training connections. At the bar we socialise together and a little more flirting goes on, but it’s good-natur... Continue»
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When I was growing up my mother had a work friend called Anita. She was an attractive thirty something redhead who I formed an immediate crush on, shortly after we met her marriage broke up and she became a regular visitor to our house.

One particular night she mentioned that she needed a washing machine plumbed in but could not afford to pay a plumber to do the job, without thinking I said that was an easy job, and if she wanted I could pop round the next day and do it for her. she readily agreed and we made the arrangements for the following afternoon.

I duly arrived at her house as a... Continue»
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elizabeth hurley-3

elizabeth hurley celeb hotel by perry47

Jack Quinn pulled out another tape. The tape, as usual, opened
up on a hotel room. The difference this time was he recognized the
man in the room. it was Hugh Grant. He stripped down to just his
shorts, he was talking to someone in the bathroom but Jack couldn’t

pick up exactly what he was saying.

The bathroom door opened and in walked Elizabeth Hurley, wearing
a slinky negligee that did little to hind her long legs and full
breasts. Her long black hair fell around her shoulders. "Well you

Hugh turned and headed for the ... Continue»
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elizabeth hurley-2

liz’s biggest part by perry47

The watcher had stood in the dark under the tree for nearly two hours when he finally glimpsed his prey. There she was , the dark haired English Actress/Model, Elizabeth Hurley. Even from this distance she was breathtakingly beautiful , her dark hair cascading over the shoulders of the flimsy nightgown she wore as she stretched up to draw the curtains in her bedroom. The watcher just smiled , knowing he had a while to wait until she was asl**p.

Hours later he moved through the grounds of the mansion, the state of the art alarm system having been successfully... Continue»
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elizabeth hurley

driving miss hurley by perry47

When I reached the age of 21, I decided to leave the small town where I grew up and move to Los Angeles. With no real skills to speak of and no connections, I was lucky to get a job driving a delivery truck. Two years of this convinced me I needed to make a change. The only change in my skills was the capability to drive to and from anywhere in the Los Angeles area without getting lost. It was therefore a natural fit for me to acquire a livery license and in time find employment with a limousine company. Little did I know at the time what a tremendous differen... Continue»
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Naughty in france

I used to work over in the South of France were the weather in the summer was beautiful. Three of the lads I worked with used to rent a villa which had a swimming pool in the garden and its own personal grounds surrounded by a low wall, a road and pathway running by the villa one side and a simular neighbouring villa to which a couple also from the UK rented in there mid 20's lived.

One weekend my two room mates had decided to go home for the weekend, leaving me to the villa and pool for the weekend all to myself. During the Saturday afternoon the weather was amazing, me been outside in my ... Continue»
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Mrs. Brooks

1. This almost true story happened long ago before a lot of you were even born. I was in high school, and I was one of the slow k**s and always had been. I don't know what it was, if I was just stupid or not applying myself or what. From an early age I wanted to work for the highway department and that's what I ended up doing when school was over. Everyone called me and still calls me highway.

2. I guess because I was one of the slow k**s I never got into girls much at all. I mean I thought they were pretty and smelled good but I never got horny or kissed or ran around trying to fuck the... Continue»
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sablelicious by perry47

On the May 15th edition of Smackdown, Sable came out on the stage and
stripped down to a TINY black thong bikini to promote her Bikini Challenge
with Torrie Wilson at the Judgment Day Pay-Per-View. After the show, the WWE
photographers wanted to do a quick photo shoot with Sable to get some new
shots of her in that bikini to put in a future edition of RAW Magazine. Even
though Sable had a much better attitude this time around, she was dealing
with the same camera and lighting crew as her first go-around with the
company. They remembered the old, bitchy... Continue»
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Backstage with Hannah Montana

Backstage with Hannah Montana

I am 18 years old and am really into celebrities. My new target was Hannah Montana, or Miley Cyrus if you prefer. It all started when my 15-year-old s!ster started to watch her every day on TV. I would come home from school and there she was just flaunting her precious 15-year-old body in tight jeans if she was doing her show, or a short skirt and tight top if she was on tour.

Anyway, I started having fantasies about Hannah, or Miley, every night as I masturbated. I would look up her pictures online and jackoff to them. I really wanted to do h... Continue»
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The f****y – Sissy’s Babysitters Part-

The f****y – Sissy’s Babysitters Part-2
Sarah had left, I heard the front door close and her car drive off.....I couldn’t believe what was happening. Sarah and me had done some things, had fun with others, but she had dressed and prepared me not for ‘our’ leave and let her parents use me, they obviously knew about ‘our’ was James & Helen the couple that I sat with, talked to before marrying their daughter...was it something they always knew, or something they had even always planned.

“Well Brianna, you are a pretty gurl aren’t you...”, Helen’s (my mother in law), s... Continue»
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My Wife’s Teenage Cousin Part 2

“How do you want to play this? Is it going to be a threesome with you too?” I asked Kutwijf.

“No, just you and Jing, and you must promise to take it easy and not cum inside her, she is not on the pill so you must use a condom”

“Fair enough; have you told her or made a plan with her?”

“That’s the interesting part, you need to seduce her as if you were picking up a girl and not paying for it like you normally do” she said without a hint of hatred. “Maybe take her to dinner, give her some wine, that sort of thing.”

“No, fuck that, but I tell you what I will do: On Friday, you go out w... Continue»
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Seven Wishes

Seven Wishes

As usual, this is a story containing graphic sexual content. If you are not
legally allowed to view such a story, don't download it, read it, touch it,
lick it, eat it, burn it, use it for toilet paper, or even stand near it.

Permission is hereby given to archive this story on any site so long as this
disclaimer is attached, no fee is charged, and I am credited as the author
(I've actually gotten hate mail for having claimed to write my own stories,
because other people have made the same claim and some idiot believed them.)

If you do read it, sen... Continue»
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Being A Slut

Being A Slut

It was 2024, and viral nano-technology had become the
treatment of choice for many serious diseases. It had
only been slightly more than a decade since the
breakthrough that caused it to go from a crackpot
theory to a widespread reality.

Of course, there were still drawbacks. If we'd been
able to perfect true nano-technology, such as sci-fi
writers had been describing for decades, we probably
wouldn't have had a problem with the one-time use
limitation of the viral variety we had. But
miniaturization techniques still hadn't progressed far
enough to build... Continue»
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Sissy Boybreeder Whore

Sissy Boybreeder Whore

Mistress likes Her sissy boys. The sweeter, the more submissive, the more obedient, …. the better. She thinks boys have been bad and need to atone. Atone by being girls, Women, Her women. And the first thing Her women must learn is submission. You have no choice. You must obey.

Many women subdue their men through conflict. Not all relationship abuse, physical or otherwise, favors the men. The problem with just beating men down it that it takes time. It doesn’t scale if you are in a hurry to have a lot of slaves. But there is no doubt that a hand-busted bronco ha... Continue»
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Sissy Emma is turned

Sissy Emma is turned

I had been a crossdresser all my life but completely in the closet and hidden from all my friends and f****y. To ease my tensions, I often chatted with people on line, at first with females and other crossdressers but as I got braver with men as well. I loved to chat with them and their strong demeanour made me feel even more feminine.
I had been chatting with John for a couple of weeks, about my fantasies. And let me get this straight, that's all they were fantasies. I mean I talked of having implants, of being tattooed, hair permanently removed etc but did I r... Continue»
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The Sleeepover - Chapter 11

The Sleeepover - Chapter 11

by samslam

I feel like I'm dreaming as I watch Kristina wrap one hand around my cock and raise up on her knees. I'm lying flat on my back on Lauren's bed and Kristina is kneeling between my legs. Locking eyes with me, she lifts my cock and slowly licks the underside of it from the base to the tip. Her eyes are sparkling with mischief as she teases me mercilessly.

"Oh fuck!" I moan. "That feels so fucking good, Kristina!" The compliment educes an absolutely radiant smile from her and she repeats the lick several more times.

Lauren and I we... Continue»
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Retirement Delights

Retirement Delights

I sold my business and decided to move to a warmer climate; I decided on Mexico. I always had a fantasy that I wanted to explore and I thought that somewhere in Mexico might be the perfect place. I rented a large hacienda near the coast, with great views and a number of small villages nearby. The property was large and my new home isolated.

I knew some rudimentary Spanish so I had only minor difficulty putting an ad in the local paper for a housekeeper. I began interviewing but with little success because I had very strict requirements.

Finally a likely housek... Continue»
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Aunt Gave Me A New Life

My Aunt Gave Me A New Life

I am not sure how I ended up wearing her dress or becoming
her bridesmaid, but I did. I am eighteen and I was visiting my
Aunt Nancy in Florida. I had gone down for her wedding and to
house sit while she was on her honeymoon. My parents were only
coming for the wedding. I arrived a week early and made myself
right at home. My Aunt is only a few years older than myself
and quite attractive. She is a successful businesswoman, a
vice-president in a retail store chain. I have often fantasized
what it would be like to make love to her. I als... Continue»
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b*****r's Hmong gf

The other day my b*****r and I was chopping down a tree in his backyard to clear out some space for his new drive way. He and I aren't very close because he's only a step b*****r from my step mom's side. When I pulled up to his driveway, he was getting the chainsaw ready. He realized that the chainsaw was too small for his big ass tree so he told me he was going to change it from Menards. Now his house is in Maplewood so he goes to the Menards on 36 which is fucking busy. He told me he had a few cold beers inside so if I wanted to I could go get some. As he drove off I went inside and grabbed ... Continue»
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Wife tell me what she did (Part 2) She fulfils my

My wife any I have a very good sex life, but she knows that I get incredibly turned on at the thought of watching her with another man, or just hearing about her getting fucked by another guy. Especially a hung black guy, I just love the thought of her pussy getting ruined by a much bigger cock than mine. I know that she has had sex with at least one black man, as she told me all about it after, as even showed me pictures of his huge cock next to her face. She didn't take any pics of it penetrating her, which is a shame.

So eventually, I persuaded her to do something with me in the ro... Continue»
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