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Cock Tease Taken at Party

Cock Tease taken at party

My wife and I had been married 4 years when the following incident happened. We have been married for 30 plus years now. At the time Sue was a lovely sexy woman, a lovely wife and a mother of one c***d. She was 5 ft 7 inches tall, roughly 130-140 lbs, 36C breasts and a redhead. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.
I was attending a technical school and getting ready to graduate. A fellow student, Tom, was having a party at his apartment. Tom shared the two bedroom apartment with his girl friend (at the time, they later got married) Anne. So the pa... Continue»
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My early troubles: Part 3

I had to stay seated for the rest of the class while I finished my work or Mrs. Stevens would make me stay for detention. I had to pee badly just minutes before school was over, after another hour of doing my work. So I paused to let out my pee inside of my dry diaper and I looked down to focus on my pants making sure I didn't leak. I pushed slightly and soon my pee started flooding the diaper as I tried to remain calm in my seat. I let out a really long stream of my warm pee and just as I was finishing, I felt a little bit leak out from the side of the diaper. My pee leaked onto my inner thig... Continue»
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My romantic dream...

My romantic dream...

I wake between two beautiful women, one is holding me as I hold the other.

My butch wife and I are woken by our femme housewife waking early to cook us both breakfast and help us prepare for our days. My butch wife and I sit at the breakfast table talking about the day we have planned ahead of us, our femme wife cooks us eggs benedict in the meanwhile.

The sound of the espresso machine completing percolation grabs the femme wife's attention, within a minute a two; my butch wife and I are taking our femme wife's breasts out of her nightgown to add freshly squeezed... Continue»
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My early troubles: My diary Chapter 1

My diary, Chapter one: 
It's my favorite time of the year again, it's my birthday so I'll be getting plenty of gifts and we'll have a party at my mom's big house. I invited all of my friends from school so it'll be lots of fun, plus that cute boy Josh will be there too. I was turning 7 but I still had to wear pull ups diapers to bed because I had a "bed wetting" problem meaning I peed my bed at night without knowing it. I hope the party is gonna be just as fun as last year...

...Tonight's party was great I'm so glad my mom gave me this diary so I could write all of the cool things I do. To... Continue»
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4 Hands Massage with Sunny and Rose

If you haven't read my first two stories about my first Asian Massage Parlor visit with Lucy or my second AMP and prostate experience with Sunny, please do.

My prostate massage experience with Sunny had been on my mind all week. I called the massage parlor where she works and made an appointment with her for later that afternoon. When I arrived, Sunny greeted me and walked me back to the room. As we were walking, I noticed a girl coming out of the back room. Sunny, as I described before, was attractive but thicker than my normal type. The girl walking out was petite with a tight body and p... Continue»
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Fun with a cross dresser

I had a really good experience with a cross dresser yesterday. A mutual friend had recommended him after enjoying his services so I got in touch and he immediately responded by inviting me to go and meet him. It was most enjoyable. I have never been with a CD before but he seemed okay. He is late 50s and very slim. It was really quite strange. He came to the door in a dressing gown and invited me into the lounge where he explained how he had got involved in all of this by dressing up in his wife's underwear when she was out. He said that this was a real turn on for him but eventually he got so... Continue»
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Sexy Tiffany:)

My name is Tiffany and I recently got engaged to my boyfriend, Bruce. Although Bruce’s mother lived nearby, and I had done several things with her before, I had never met Bruce’s father (who was divorced from his mother) before he proposed, so a week after I accepted his proposal, he arranged for me to spend the weekend with him at his father’s home.

Bruce’s father, Jerry, lived in this huge, sprawling house, which was more like a mansion. Jerry was immediately friendly and made me feel very comfortable from the moment that I met him.

Jerry opened a bottle of wine to celebrate and the th... Continue»
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Sara hitching a ride

Hitching a Ride in My Bikini

By SaraOz and billy69boy

My name is Sara, and this is based on a true story of a ride I got home from the beach. I was planning to take the bus home after taking a shower in the changing room. I had put my bag on the seat but it fell off and when I opened the shower curtain, my shorts and top were in the water on the floor. I had no choice but to put my bikini back on, as at least it was dry. I missed the bus, so I started walking up the road to go to a bus stop a few streets over to get another bus that would take me home.


My name is Bla... Continue»
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S****r Love

s****r Love – Strap-on Fantasy

By billy69boy

Emma found herself smiling as she drove to the airport to pick up her little s****r Amy. The two girls were very close, despite the disparity in their ages. They really missed each other, and now they were going to spend the entire summer together.

Emma was proud of herself. At 20, she landed a good job, and she could afford her own place in the city. She was finally on her own; free to call her own shots. Funny thing, though, she was only away from her f****y for a few months, and she had bouts of homesickness that she kept to herself. Now... Continue»
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A Successful Advertisement (for casual hot sex)

A Successful Advertisement (for casual hot sex)

I’d been through the mill of life by the time I was thirty-five, married too young, fortunately no k**s, a divorce, and living at home again while I financially recovered. Then in my early thirties I reinvented myself, commenced regular exercise, lost weight, became trim and terrific, got myself a new job as a travelling rep for a pharmaceutical company, and dyed my hair, blonde of course. Everything about my life was positive and happy except, being constantly on the move, I had difficulty forming a long-term relationship with anyone. I trie... Continue»
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The New summer job part 14

Daniel's three friends sat recovering from the fuckfest as Daniel's mind
raced with what he'd just done. He knew life with his friends would never
be the same and despite his shame and trepidation about the event, he still
couldn't keep his eyes off their cocks, the three cocks he'd just
sucked. He still tasted the cum that had trailed down his throat into his
gut; he instinctively licked his lips. He realized somewhere deep inside he
wanted more.

No one spoke as they left the sauna, dressed and left the club. Daniel
didn't stay to say good-bye, he stayed scarce and waited for ... Continue»
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It is not my writing.
I found on other site and wanted to share with the xhamster members!
Linda and I married when she was 18, right out of high school, I was 21.? We dated for three years before that.? She was a high school basketball star,? 5'8? tall, great figure,? 36D boobs.? I used to like to watch those things bounce while she ran up and down the court,? other guys did as well.? But since I am a bigger guy, 6'2?,? no one ever said anything around me.? Well after the marriage, things were great.? My work allowed us to live nicely,? she found a job as an administrative assist... Continue»
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sotf bondage nite

I come home from work and ur no where to be seen I call for u and got no answer, I shouted up stairs for u and heard a moan coming form the room and walked in there you were on the bed, I asked you were u ok and u told me that you were horny and needed too get off, I asked was dinner made and you told me we were having a takeaway for dinner,i said ok then since we were havening dinner you forgot something and you asked what, what was it remember we are having visitors tonite and you said oh shit I will get dinner done now I told you no its okay , but since you forgot about it, I,m going too pu... Continue»
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Coed Camping Day 2

Saturday morning came early and everyone got up, grabbed a quick breakfast, packed up camp and looked at today’s map. They discussed the direction to take and during the discussion, one of the guys asked Tessa about last night and what she had in store for them tonight. She just looked him, rolled her eyes and continued talking about the hike.

We set off and again I allowed the students to set the course. I figured if they strayed too far off course that I would say something, otherwise, this was their adventure and training. During the day, there was some talk about what happened last nig... Continue»
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The Hooker's Tale

The Hooker's Tale
Recounted during her holy pilgrimage with her sinful s****rn and their devoted slaves, along the Street of Shame, to the sacred shrine of the Dress Shop and the Champagne Bar.
(with apologies to Geoffrey Chaucer)

What is it about all the dirty fuckers who pick up hookers like me in the street.
There is certainly none of this shite about virginity and fidelity. Except for a deluded
few, they all want dirty girls. They want high-risk sex with dirty sluts who will give
them a dose as like as not. They want to stick their dirty dicks in a filthy hole that
still... Continue»
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My summer internship... and my daddy boss

Hey guys i know its been a while, but I've really been busy with school stuff and i got a 2 month internship , that actually turned out to be pretty damn interesting .

So 2 months ago i started working at this place ( won't reveal where or what was it about for safety and personal reasons) , i had a zillion bosses since i was the intern would pretty much do what everybody else wouldn't do , paperwork mostly, but still would get a glimpse on what was my interest and learned a lot. The general manager , was he big boss in my department, he was the boss of my bosses, his name is TOM, a muscula... Continue»
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Public Pizza Shop

This didn't happen yesterday!!
I was in charge of a small delivery pizza place, mostly delivery and to go but we had 5 patio type tables inside. So it was basically Rachel, S.ckme.ff(the delivery guy he plays no role in story really) and I that worked most of the time. It was a small plaza a blockbuster(that dates story) hardware store and a few others. We were friendly neighbors, workers in the plaza would come and relax while we worked. As it goes Rachel and I become close as is usually not there. So we begin having s.x all the time while we are working, but yet still making pizzas an... Continue»
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First Date

My urges to be with a man had been growing every day, so I decided to start an online dating account, to see if any guys were interested in me. In a matter of hours, I received hundreds of messages from interested men. One in particular stood out to me. He was 6'5" and muscular and a former marine. He sent me flirty e-mails and I flirted back and sent him a few pictures. After about the 10th email he told me that he had re-read my profile and he didn't realize that I was transgender. He told me he had never been with a t-girl but that I was so sexy that he didn't even care, he needed to take m... Continue»
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Defining Moments

You hear birds singing and people walking around a fountain in a park. Near by is a bench where a old black man sits down to rest and feed the birds while enjoying the day. He is blind but with a heart like his there is no need for eyes. He feels not just his world but others going through problems. Some good and some bad. In a way he is free to see the happiness through his heart. When babies are born he knows and even the blooming of trees and flowers. But as the day goes on he feels the weight of another sit beside him. The old mans name is charlie and he senses that the person beside him i... Continue»
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When Tim was just a teen his dad taught him that a woman was his own free pussy. He told him "Be sure you control that woman. She knows to fuck when you want and where you want and how you want. Choose a big titted bitch and brag to your friends how good the sex is. The men in our f****y are well hung and we need to use these cocks to keep our women in control. Keep them naked with their legs spread wide for us. Get big tits and a wet cunt and you will be very happy forever. I had to train your mom. If she ever tried to say know I would turn her over my knee and whip her ass till she was black... Continue»
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