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Annem ve ben ensest / me and not my mother i****t

şimdi size 7 sene önce kız kardeşim ile başlayan sonra kızkardeşim sıdıkanın sayesinde annem ile ilişkimin nasıl başladığını anlatacağım. Ama öncelikle kısa bir özet geçeyim. Sıdıka 16 yaşındaydı ben 21 ve annem ayten de 38 yaşındaydı. Babam öldükten 6 ay sonra annem köye gitmişti biz de sıdıka ile sevişmeye başlamıştık sonra sıdıkanın sayesinde annemi de aramıza aldık. Şimdi size annem ile olan ilişkimi anlatacağım. Annem de sıdıka gibi tesettürlüdür ama okadar narindir ki o giydiği pardesünün altında poposu çok güzel ve simetrik duru... Continue»
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Cock worship at the gym

At the gym
I’d just finished my workout and was getting undressed to shower, sitting in my usual spot in a remote corner of the locker room. As I sat taking off my shoes, I was aware of the warmth and the musky-sweaty aroma of someone standing nearby.

Looking up, I saw him standing a few feet away, naked, and sporting an erection that stood up nearly vertically against his toned belly.

“There you are,” he murmered, a slight threat implied in his tone of voice. “You’ve been ogling me on the gym floor for the last tw... Continue»
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Big Boob Hunting - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

It was close to 3am when the alarm clock went off. I had rented a cabin just off the highway across the state. I was able to leave work a day ahead of my hunting buddies. They were suppose to get here the following day. I was going to scout out some good places to hunt. There was a lake not to far from the cabin. Its suppose to have allot of Ducks this time fo the year. I spend most of the time drinking and cracking jokes, then hunting anything. Sometimes I forget to load my gun. It's more like just getting away for the week. I was just dumped by my ex... Continue»
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My Fake Mom - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

It was going to be another long summer living with my parents. I could not find a job after graduation. I wanted to move out. But I need to make some money. Both my parents worked. They were gone before I got up most days. They did not come home until after 6pm because of traffic. We live in a nice big development. There are a few house up for sale. The one next door just sold last week. I heard a moving van yesterday but I played video games all day online.

I had a long distance relationship for 3 months. But over time we just lost touch. She s... Continue»
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The Dental Assistant - Oral Rinse - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

just got my new insurance card in the mail. I called my dentist who I had gone to for years. She did not take my new insurance card. She recommended a guy across town. He had just open a new office. I would be one of his very first patients. I called him and made a appointment for a cleaning. I got the last appointment for the day. His office was going to stay open until 6:30pm for me. I had to work late.

I slept good the night before. I was a little nervous about going to the dentist. But I took a long shower. Shave some body hairs. I put on s... Continue»
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His Wife finds out - Now she my Whore - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I am 24 and live near the ocean and love my single life. I never want to get married because the women in my neighborhood are to good to give up. I'm still in pretty good shape. I still have my athletic frame from high school. I am 6ft 4in and work on cars for a living. I fuck many lonely women in my shop as I work on there cars. Sometimes I trade sex for repair work. My friend Dave came by the other day. He is married. He just had a baby about a month ago with his wife. You think he was all settle down but he still helps me fuck some ladies who want m... Continue»
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Wash n Blow - BBBBTS

Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

I had just got a new SUV about a month ago. I had not driven it more than 200 miles before it need to be cleaned. I was driving along Curtis Ave when I spotted a sign on my right for a car wash. A local high school cheer leading team was washing cars for $10.00. I checked my watch. I had some time before I needed to get back to the office. I put on my turn signal and pulled in.

I smiled as about 4 cheerleaders started to wash my SUV. I rolled down the window and gave them $20.00. About ten minutes later they all smiled as the SUV was finished. I got ... Continue»
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Howwee And His Mother


Mom caught me masturbating for the first time when I was twelve. "IT" was a terrible sin. She was going to have my dad give me the big talk but he never did and I continued to play with myself. Of course I got caught again, and at some point didn't care if she caught me anymore. I found myself wanting her to see me because it was her that I thought about most of the time when I was playing with my dick. Think Karen Fisher after she put on some weight. Full bodied.

Mom and dad didn't party often (she was a teacher and had an image to be concerned about) but when they did ... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #5

iCarly/Victorious: Schneider’s Island #5 - Thud

Warning - while there is no sex in this story, please don't hate me for that, there is a scene with a nude Jade West in it]

"Are you Madame Clara?" Amy asked as a peculiar mousey looking woman made her way into the inn's foyer. She was younger than Amy had expected, but one look at her eyes, and her age showed tremendously, and her body language showed that she was instantly uncomfortable but seemed to be fighting through it.

"Yes…" she said with a sweet smile, looking at Amy and then to Savanna. Normally Savanna was rude t... Continue»
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If You Go Down To The Woods Today

If You Go Down To The Woods Today.
(You could be in for a big surprise)

Simone was a very beautiful, sexy figured, totally convincing, submissive, twenty one year old red headed male to female transvestite living in Prague in the Czech Republic. She stood 178cm, or five foot nine inches tall in her bare feet. She wasn’t vain, she didn’t consider herself to be sexy or beautiful at all but anyone who met her became captivated by her sheer feminism. Very few passed her in the street, men and women alike, without taking a second glance and thinking, “Oh I wish”.

It was a Thur... Continue»
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Simone At The Seaside.

Simone, or Simi as she liked to be called, was a beautiful, slim and very sexy looking red headed girl. She was lay in the sun on a lovely sandy beach. She was relaxed as she lay on her towel and enjoyed the sun on her young fresh skinned body. Anyone who looked, and quite a few men did, would see a girl, probably in her mid twenties, her skin white and smooth, her legs perfect, her tummy flat, her face beautiful, her mouth kissable and she was red headed. Anyone who looked closer and longer would see her in a bikini which was black and contained red printed red ros... Continue»
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Jane – S.L.U.T.

As John enters her home Jane is dressed like a whore, her skirt very short, almost to her stocking tops, her face and hair as beautiful and made up as only such a girl who is confident in her mission can get away with, sensual yet seductive, private yet open, knowing very well that her visitor would struggle to decide whether to cast his eyes on her glowing face or perfect nylon clad thighs.

Before introductions were barely satisfactorily over, and without asking permission or caring if she minded, John kissed Jane's mouth tenderly but still hungrily whilst... Continue»
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Friends meet to explore thier kinky desires. Part

Part 3 – The Hotel Gardens

Your panties sit on the table in front of us, in normal circumstances you would have grabbed them, to hide them from anyone seeing, but here and now and with what you now knew and what you had recognised as seeing after being given an explanation, the panties were left laid on the table between us. Your hesitation was not about not being aroused, or willingness to feel a collar fastened signifying your submissive role....these things aroused you greatly, but how far would things go?
Recognising your hesitation and the reason for it.

“Suzie...I know this is a b... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 5

Clearly the largest cock was Marcus’, followed by Jack, Frank, and Ray. My cock was right in the middle of the pack and I could sense that all of us were getting very excited watching the girls going down on Angela and scoping out each others bodies and cocks in the room.

Pete started rubbing his cock, and slowly pulled it out and started stroking it. All eyes moved from the video camera to his nice brown cock, with a cut pink tip starting to grow larger and harder with each stroke. Pete was nicely shaven and was clearly ready to get the party started.

“Nice cock Pete,” complimented John... Continue»
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coraplar (alıntı)

7 kere boşaldım
O zamanlar Ankara Çankaya`da oturuyorduk. Eşimden boşanalı 2 sene oluyordu, 38 yaşında oğluyla oturan yalnız bir kadındım.. Emir, yaşamın bana sunduğu tek armağandı sanki.. onsuz düşünemiyor , konuşamıyor, hiçbirşey yapamıyordum. Onu herşeyden herkesden çok seviyordum. Arkadaş toplantılarında Emir`den başka birşey yoktu dilimde. Bu onları sıkıyordu biraz belki ama umurumda değildi. Biricik oğlumu canımdan çok seviyordum.
O sıralarda lisede resim öğretmeniydim. İşimi seviyordum, hemen hemen oğlum yaşında çocuklarla haşir neşir olmak, oğlumu tanımama da yardımcı oluyordu. Bunu... Continue»
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Me just being horny

It's a HOT STEAMY afternoon and I'm laying on a sandy beach next to the river. You are fishing just down the bank from me. I lift my head to see you stark naked and stroking your cock. I'm not sure why all of a sudden your jerking your cock. I watch you thru my sunglasses. My tits grow hard as you stroke yourself slowly.
I can't help to resist but to untie the strings on my bikini bottoms to reveal my nicely shaved pussy. My bikini top has been off for the sun to bronze them nicely. I lightly touch my clit, spread my pussy lips to touch my hard little nub.
I begin to moan as I qui... Continue»
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Wishing I were a Female.

After my first experience of a man fucking me, who was dressed in female undies, stockings, high-heel shoes, I wanked and wanked myself at night fantasising about being dressed simailar myself and having men fuck me. It took some months for me to pluck up the courage to venture down that path. During this time of uncertainty, I had two or three sessions with men dressed in lovely sexy female undies, who let me fuck them in the same park toilets. The feeling of their stockinged legs rubbing against mine as I fucked them, was delicious to say the least. Also the feel of the silky nylon slips the... Continue»
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gefickt vom freund und seinem onkel


wir waren 18 und schon immer gute freunde. felix und ich haben uns zum ersten mal schwule pornehefte besorgt und sie sofort in seinem zimmer konsumiert.
die geilen jungs und kerle habens in allen stellungen gemacht.kleine kurzgeschichten haben die bilder kommentiert.
es kam, sie es kommen mußte, unsere jungsschwänze spannten in unseren hosen und wie von selbst zogen wir uns gegenseitig aus.
felix nahm sofort meinen harten schwanz in die hand und fing an zu wichsen bis der erste tropfen vorsaft zum vorschein kam. ich ermutigte ihn, den tropfen abzulecken. offenbar sc... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly and the Pirates

A warm, gentle breeze blew across Jilnar Jardaly's sexy bikini-clad body, caressing her completely hairless skin, which was as smooth as silk and as gold as honey. She loved nothing more than chartering a private yacht on the beautiful Pacific Ocean, nor did two of her closest girlfriends who had come to enjoy the Caribbean getaway with her. It was just the three girls together, along with the yacht's owner and captain, a local girl named Elly, who was every bit as hot and gorgeous as Jilnar and her two beautiful fellow television media celebrity girlfriends, Basinah and Fahada.

They were a... Continue»
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The new move has REALLY paid off

Ok so here it is. I have recently moved to the outskirts of a Northern City and into a nice quiet Mid-estate semi-detached, ones with the Bay Windows and the Trees on the road. The good / bad side to this is the fact that our neighbours can see into my house / can be seen. I suppose you think this is a problem? For me it did originally. Until just a few weeks ago.

Now that winter has gone and the weather is starting to warm up once more, I get to see more of the neighbours. Opposite me on the other side of the Road is an old middle aged couple who are very prim and proper. I swear he... Continue»
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