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My Friends House Part 7

I took the soaked clothes off and threw them into the basket. I then washed the pantyhose she gave me and hanged them to dry. I saw a pink razor and some shaving cream and decided to shave my body. I only used a normal razor and never such a pink girly one. I creamed my legs, then took the pink razor and started shaving my legs. It felt so good using that razor! I really felt like a little girl!
His mom came into the bathroom again and saw me shaving my legs with her razor. I got pretty embarrassed. She then turned around and came back with the camera in her hand.
“Good girl, Jennifer! I see... Continue»
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My Boyfriend’s Dad & I

I lost my virginity when I was 18 to my first boyfriend. Most of my friends had already lost theirs and I wanted to see what the big deal was. But I never really felt attractive. At 5’6″ with an athletic build, long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and curvy hips, I just usually felt sort of awkward. I was a bit of a late bloomer in the tit department. I was practically flat chested most of my life and then all of the sudden they started coming in. Trust me, going from an A cup to a large C was a huge confidence booster. Boys sta... Continue»
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Zoya Sex Life’s Best BDSM Torture

I’m Zoya living in India Mumbai. Age 22 now.Working with airways as cabin crew. Can’t tell you all details. I think it’s enough. As far as looks are matter u can say I am mirror cracking material. Bit tall to any other Indian girls. I reach to 5-7 now. With perfect curves at right places. Don’t be so curious ill tell you my vital stats. Its 35c- 28-35. With some gr8 erected nipples. I’m kind of girl who has enjoyed a lot in life.
You know what I mean by it. It’s like I have been fucking around since I was in my teenage. And
... Continue»
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my new friend

After I shot my load he said I should go home and come back tomorrow. I said ok and stood up. My legs were like a new born calfs, they wobbled as I headed home. I went in stripped and took my shower. For the first time, when I got out the shower I wasn't hard. I laid in bed thinking about what just happened. Thinking I can't believe I not only let an other guy see my dick, I let him touch it. I climbed under the sheets and went to sl**p. The next morning I woke up from a very eventful dream. My dick stiff and wet. I dressed and went to school. All day I kept thinking about yesterday. After a n... Continue»
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Virgin bride seduced

Andrea,is a slightly stuck up teacher,she does not talk to strangers unless she has to,tall and slender with medium size firm breast,vegan diet and dally yoga keep her very fit.She is going to be my wife.After years of refusal she finally agreed to marry me,i can't wait to have sex with her,she is a virgin, at 24 she never had a boyfriend or anybody touching more then her arm,simply repulsing any physical contact.This was driving me mad with frustration but also with an immense desire for her sumptuous legs and those tits that i was never allowed to fondle but above all was her prudence to exc... Continue»
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The Husband, The Wife, and The BBC Bully.

I am over the age of 21 and I still have a bully; his name is Reggie and he has been bullying me since High School. He never bullied me with strength, but rather physiological. In high school he would always walk around in the locker room with his huge black penis sticking out. It was so big that he would walk around with a gold chain around his penis. This thing has to be around 13 inches and is as fat as a can of Red Bull.

Reggie would walk around and tease all the non black boys with his penis size. He once approached me with just underwear on as I bent down to tie my shoes. He proceede... Continue»
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Sam was sitting naked in his chair looking at the beautiful naked Mia standing in front of him. Sam was sixty and he was rich and in great shape a fantastic lover with a huge cock and a high sex drive. Mia was twenty with a body that would stop any man. Nice big firm tits with great round nipples and a thick ass. She also loved sex and knew just how Sam liked to fuck and everything else. She has been with him over a year and the sex just gets better. Sam met her in the mall when they both were sitting on a bench. She had been shopping and he was just there to pass time. They chatted for a whil... Continue»
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Wednesday Afternoon by Stephanie Sarg

Marion anxiously waited for the doorbell to ring, as she checked her watch for the third time in the last ten minutes. “Where was she,” Marion thought to herself, “I wish for once she’d be on time!!!” Ten seconds later the apartment air was split by the loud resonance of the bell and Marion quickly buzzed her friend in. She opened the door listened for the footsteps coming up the carpeted stairs, but oddly, she swore there was more than just Evelyn’s steps she was hearing! A second or two later she was proven right, as her Evelyn and a young lady of perhaps twenty or so turned up the ... Continue»
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at Roberts house

As Robert tickled around my crotch, he made sure not to touch my dick or balls. His fingers touching lightly up one side, across, and down the other. My heart was pounding now, and I could only take short breaths I was shaking so back. My little dick was so hard, it hurt. I reached up to try rubbing the pain away, but Robert pushed them to my sides." That's my job". He said. I looked up at him and nodded. He then licked his thumb and wrapped his fingers around my dick, then ran his thumb over the head, which made it start t throb and twitch. My head started to spin, and my breathing sped up. ... Continue»
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Serving a black bbw - part 1

My new life

I had always browsed the online dating sites, the adult dating sites... rarely reaching out. I had a pretty vanilla life, always with white women, the kind that fuck and suck...but not really ....enthusiastically? I watched porn off and on, wondering if I would ever meet a woman that was so sexual, so powerful, so raw.

I got home from work Friday evening, turned on the TV and had a quick bite to eat...the plan was to meet some friends for drinks later. I heard my phone beep, assuming it was my friends with a plan change I checked. It was a notification from Collarspace...... Continue»
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Steph Submits! (A true experience)

I first met Stephanie when she came to my martial arts class. The flame haired vixen with the hot body and big boobs drew the attention of every guy there and she knew it. Of course, I made sure to add her to my Facebook so that I could jerk off to her pics, something I have done countless times. Over time, we got chatting and we became friends. I will tell you now, very little of her personality made me want to actually be mates with her. She was a real bimbo; shallow, self-centred and desperate for attention. I did so purely on the off-chance I might get a shag. Now you might not think that ... Continue»
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Sally Company Slut - Part 6

Hi my name is Rob and this is the sixth account of my wife Sally. You may wish to read these however to recap she is 24, lovely long brown hair, pretty face and clear blue eyes. Her body is amazing and there is a picture of her on the writers profile page Andyfrancis1. Large firm breasts, slim waste, flat tummy and a very nice tidy pussy.

So far Sally has changed from being a shy retiring woman to a liberated sexpot, to be honest. With my full support she is fucking Private Wealth clients at the Bank where she works. Her boss Mr Stapleton is effectively her pimp and pays her bo... Continue»
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Making a Baby by Stephanie Sarg

Apolonia opened the oven door to check the roasting chicken, and the aroma of the cooking bird wafted across the room, filling it with sweet pungent aroma. “Another twenty minutes and it’ll be ready,” she said to herself, while giving the sweet potatoes a quick stir. Her husband Hank would be home any minute now, and as was her custom, she always had a hearty meal waiting for him on the table. Even after five years of marriage, Apolonia still got a thrill when her husband entered a room, and she often wondered how many wives could say that!?! Being a good Catholic girl of strict Italian pa... Continue»
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Meeting the bull cuckold

With Sophie's true nature of the relationship between her and her 27 year old Romainian lover Andrei now out in the open i thought it was time that i met the man i would be sharing my partner with. (*see previous stories) When Sophie next met with him at work she talked to him about meeting me and reassured him that i was totally fine with the situation and that it actually turned me on. He thought i was very weird and couldn't understand my behaviour but agreed nonetheless. She had told me that he had laughed and mocked me in private with her and that he thought i was "a gay", so i knew he di... Continue»
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My morocco of cum weekend

I had been talking to this man in morocco for a long time he kept saying he wanted to marry me . as I do like to dress as a woman he loved my pictures telling me to take more eventually, he told me that he loves me and he wants to marry me he would arrange everything in his country when I told him I will be there in march for a holiday he said he would arrange everything then we discussed my wedding dress and accessories stocking suspenders he said everything in white so as the time go quite close he told me his plans for the big day not like England he told me about his friends ... Continue»
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Adventure with new guy

I met a new guy on a webpage similar to this one, we had already like a week communicating by messages only and sharing our ideas and thoughts; we tried in different occasions to meet but always something happened that made us changed plans until this last Wednesday we agreed on meeting at 9:00 a.m. and I took a long trip from my home to the place, I was on time so this new guy said to wait there and that he will meet me in a few there.
When he arrived I noticed he was looking thinner then in the picture he sent me, I thought he was going to be taller but anyway he was looking like a ... Continue»
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Seeing Wife with First BBC

When she started kissing, and licking and sucking on the head of Raymond's dick I could tell it was getting him turned on like crazy ... and the same for me. In fact I almost forgot that I wanted to get some pics with Dawn sucking on him. She was slobbering all over his dick and once there was good amount on his shaft she wrapped both her hands(and it took both) around him and started stroking about 1/2 to 2/3 of the length while she kept sucking on the head. I could tell that they were both getting turned on like crazy!!! I mean it was easy to tell with Raymond ... but i had a great view ... Continue»
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Seeing Wife with First BBC

11 July 2016

Seeing Wife with first BBC

We'd discussed what it would be like for Dawn to have her first big black cock several times before it actually happened. As I knew several black men from both work and the gym I had asked her to let me know if/when she wanted to give it a try. Also in case it was with someone from the gym I asked if she had to pick did she prefer long, thick or both! She gave me a playful punch to the shoulder and told me that I already knew the answer ... both of course!!!!
Well due to our work schedules it had been almost two weeks since we'd had sex... Continue»
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Anal sex with my best friend's husband

'What makes a good sex story in your mind Emma'?

I thought for a moment, but I already knew my answer, 'Telling the truth, that's what men want to hear', I replied, as I looked him straight in the eye.

Frank is my best friend Amber's husband, and he was sitting across from me, drinking. Instinct told me he was sizing me up for a fuck, wanting to put his cock into me and had a blast, behind Amber's back, few men can resist a freebie, and I guessed that was why my husband brought him back from the pub.

I phoned Amber and told her he was here, and suggested she grab a taxi and come over,... Continue»
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Cruise Fun Part II

Passed out on the bed. High heels still on. Satin dress clinging to her curves like a race car on a track. Completely oblivious, just the way I like her.

My wife had consumed a lot of rum punch, so much so that I had to almost carry her, giggling, back to our cabin. As soon as I laid her on the bed, she was out cold. Time for a visitor.

Drew, her teen admirer, had gotten a look at her sl**ping the night before, and it was his idea to feed her rum all night. I wasn’t objecting to his plan, after all, I had enjoyed showing her off and I wanted to see what other mischief Drew and I could ge... Continue»
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