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Becoming a Rubberdoll Part I

This story is a work of fiction. I have always fantasized about becoming a woman and in real life that is what I am working on right now. I have also fantasized about being a rubberdoll. That might happen in real life for me as well, but my story will be fun!

My name is Cody Jackson. I am a recent college graduate who got two degrees in Biology and Psychology with an emphasis in genetics. In college I did an independent study on Alzheimer's and I discovered a way to alter or reduce the decay of the brain. My research was well received and I got a fantastic job opportunity straight out of co... Continue»
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Becoming a Rubberdoll Part II

I wake up in a cloudy haze after I have been knocked out for God knows how long. The room I am in is very small with a bed, table, chair, and a toilet. The motif of this prison is just like everywhere else at Femco: black and pink. I start to get up and after I pull the latex sheets off of me I realize a horrible discovery. All of my clothes have been removed and my cock is placed in a tiny chastity cage. I try to take it off but I get a horrifying shock that knocks the wind out of me.

"I'm sorry sweetie but that teeny cage is not going to come off for a long time." Amanda's voice was comin... Continue»
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Summer Edge Session

It has been a few months since I have been able to have a good old fashiioned wanking session. A whole day to play with my greased and shaved cock, to stop , start again and buld up a big load of jizzz in my nut sac. Welle today was the day.
It has been warm so I got up out of bed, came down stairs naked and enjoyed the pleasure of walking around naked, Slowly I made coffe and slowly i started to play with my cock, didnt want to get going too fast so it was nice to spread itout between breakfast jobs in the kitchen. When I plan a session i make sure there is plenty of hand lotion around so I ... Continue»
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d***ken dinner party (the return leg)

So after the first d***ken dinner party session with Tanya and Martin, and Martins email afterwards saying never to be mentioned again I definitely thought it was a one off. However I had seen a Tanya a few times after that at work reunions for just our team, she always looked good and after a few drinks I would get horny and would think how I wanted to fuck her slowly making her cum I wanted to taste her pussy again.

I tried it on a few times but she wasn't interested saying it was too risky with Martin and Denise and if they found it. I was willing to take the risk as we were both discr... Continue»
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My Best Friend

Mike is close friend of mine we meet when his f****y moved across the street from me at the age of 9. One thing special about Mike is his the size of his cock, when we were young I would often joke about his long dick, calling him pony dick, Johnny Holmes Jr. making fun of is size.

Well into our early 20’s Mike was getting pretty popular picking up women at the disco clubs, I mean a lot of women and for me it was like hanging out with a rock start. He fucked around for many years with countless women. He once had an older lady in Arizona that he would fly out to have sex with. The old lad... Continue»
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I'll send You a Postcard from Africa.

"Honey, we should go out tonight! We never do anything," my beautiful wife Gina said to me. We never go out, and always stay home. She is finally able to convince me to step out to a club on this Saturday night.

A few things about my loviely wife. Her name is Gina; She is a beautiful tall Bolivian blonde; she has the prettiest face you will ever see, and has a body that would make any man want to bow down to her. She keeps in shape all the time, and even though she is not old (early 30's), she looks a lot younger because of how active she stays.

To say that I love her would be an under... Continue»
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from England Friday night

Well--I received this from my wife about a week after the first one.

Oh dear:
I may have made a mistake letting Gail lead me down this path.

I went to work on Monday and Gail was as cold as ice. In fact she did not even acknowledge my presence.

Then I got a text at lunch time.
We are both off tomorrow --news to me-- lets go back to ***** club tonight.

I realized we had to keep it cool here.

I agreed---please forgive me.

We went in earlier and planned to stay all night.
I only wore a skirt, t-top and shoes, making undress & dress easier.

Damn I was simply horny and... Continue»
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Guy time

I was just about twenty years old when I wanted to give another go with guys. I had no girlfriend and found myself questioning my sexuality since I was obsessed with gay porn. I had been experimenting with anal beads, dildos, and sounding. I lived in a two bedroom apartment and my roommate was gone for the summer. We didn't have AC so I usually was naked inside my apartment.

I jerked off several times a day to gay videos and porn. I created several gay profiles and posted hundreds of pictures and videos of myself using my toys. Before long, it consumed my day interacting with several unkno... Continue»
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d***ken dinner party

Me and the wife (but was my serious girlfriend when this tale occurred) had our good friends over for dinner (we didn't have k**s then and they left theirs at home). We had been friends for about 5 years at that point (we all met at work) and liked going out expensive bars and restaurants over London getting d***k and having a good time, typical early thirties city workers). The other couples wife (lets call her Tanya) used to work for me. We got along but as mates and there was never any flirting or anything in the office.

Anyhow she left the company eventually but me, my wife (lets cal... Continue»
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LORNA and GRACE (a Lesbian Tale) - PART 4

LORNA and GRACE (A Lesbian Tale) – PART 4
Grace followed Helen into the Hotel Belleville and they both walked by the man at the reception desk without a problem. Helen also owned the Hotel Belleville. They walked up the wide but worn stairs to room 24.
“Remember. Don’t make a fuss about who she is”, reminded Helen
Helen knocked and pushed the door when she heard the “Come in” from inside. That hotel used to be fairly posh when there were many trains that crisscrossed at Belleville, but other large towns were built nearby and that’s where people now preferred to stay. The room seemed larger... Continue»
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mila II

Besoknya jam 10 .50 pagi , pintu kantornya di ketuk . Dan Milla masuk menemui pak Solihin . “ Ah Milla , sayang kamu tepat waktu , “ kata pak Solihin, sambil melihat jam tangannya .

Lalu pak Solihin , duduk di sofa . Milla masih berdiri , terpaku . Dia menunggu dan menebak kira kira apa perintah gurunya .

“ Milla , kamu boleh pilih , mau aku entot , apa kulum ******Ku sampai aku keluar..” kata gurunya . Milla diam dan menjawab pelan “ saya kulum punya bapak saja..” .

“ Ok , tapi kamu buka rok kamu yah , saya mau lihat celana dalam kamu..” kata pak Solihin lagi . Milla membuka roknya... Continue»
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Pregnant from my Step-Son (True Story) Part 3

Part 2 ended in bed trying to sl**p.

As we had a long journey behind us, we could easily catch up some sl**p for many hours.

My step-son had a commitment on 10am and so we could sl**p at least till 9am. What I really like is that he is done within 10 minutes with his morning routine so it doesn't block the bathroom.

I woke up at 9.10am and as he was in the bathroom I went to the kitchen to just wash my face. As he would be our for some hours, I thought I could catch up on some housework and then could complete my morning routine with a bath with plenty of time instead of just taking a... Continue»
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It was 4 AM and Sam was waiting for his daughter to get home. It was way past her curfew. He finally heard a car pull up and then the front door quietly opened. He waited till she closed the door before he grabbed her. He yelled "Where the hell have you been?" She looked at him and did not answer. He dragged her to her room and sat on the bed and bent her over his lap and began to spank her ass. Then he pulled down her pants and really spanked her bare ass. She fought trying to get away but he held her there. As she struggled he noticed her pussy was wet and he then realized she had been fucki... Continue»
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Memories of Kissing You


your hands held high above your head
anchoring you
crushing you against the large blue door
hiding from the street lights
kissing you like there's no tomorrow
tongues tango, breaths quicken
knee pressed 'tween your thighs feeling your heat
feeling you grind against me
arousal heightened by the possibility
of getting caught

you tease with a slow reveal that I'm not allowed to touch
but my eyes soak you in
videotape mentally for futur personal enjoyment
the sweet curves of your body
th... Continue»
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I knew I was gay at an early age, around 14, I guess, just young teens playing jerk off games,but I really found them exciting,more so than my friends, going through Dads Playboy stash it was not the centerfold I was looking at when with the guys. Then high school gym class,I looked forward to it twice a week,not for the sports but for the showers, seeing all those hard young smooth bodies,soaping up,cocks hanging and tight butts under the soapy running water,it was so hard not to stare,let alone stop from getting a real hard and firm cock.
... Continue»
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visit to mexico

Terry Nichols stepped out of the airplane, onto the uncovered tarmac and
into the hot air of small Mexican airport. Terry is 34-year old teacher
from a small mid-western town in the United States traveling to Mexico to
perform some research for her doctorate in Aztec culture. She was taking a
year long sabbatical from her junior professor position at a university so
she could visit the ancient city and study the culture first hand.

Terry had never been out of the country before now, in fact, she had never
been out of her home state. She was a single c***d raised on a farm by he... Continue»
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The beginning of my Homosexuality and my love to t

The beginning of my Homosexuality and my love to the penis – Part (3) of Chapter (1)

I am getting growing starting my secondary school and becam to be adult my whole cum is white now, and my asshole is need more cocks, I need pleasure every day some times 2 or 3 times a day, one day in cinema watching movie to very attractive and white soft skin female actor, she is the only female I’d ever dream to fuck her, during the play I get erected, so I start rubbing my dick from out of my pants, there was a youth sitting next to me, I started to rub my leg with his, he didn’t make any since then I ... Continue»
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93 John & Julie A regrettable incident

93 John & Julie A regrettable incident
I work with a bunch of lovely folk, male and female. It`s a job that can be mundane, or can be traumatic, and most months we take ourselves out for an evening of drinks and a meal to unwind.
In my section there`s a younger man named Paul, who keeps us laughing with his comments and antics, and since he`s been working here he had flirted with most of us women, nothing serious we thought just youthful high spirits, but it did wonders for our egos, and kept the serious side of the job at bay.
Anyway my hubby John and I have shall we say an arr... Continue»
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Wife’s Revenge for Husband Writing Black Sex

This is the story about how writing stories got me into trouble, big trouble. For years I had been writing stories about interracial sex, you know the ones I am talking about, with shy white wives winding up becoming sluts for black studs. The sort of men who are every white man's nightmare, big cock, muscles, and worse yet your woman can't get enough of them.

Anyhow it takes time to write these things, so one day my wife wanted me to go out to her girlfriend's house with her. I ditched by lying to her and saying I had work to do. As soon as she was gone I turned on the computer and started... Continue»
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I have Crossed the Line!

In Vegas I had a revenge night against by boyfriend with 2 black men. I was scared, confused and then completely and utterly taken. I came home with remorse over what I did.

Then one night a friend of a friend and I met at a club. We really hit it off. I decided to give him my number and to meet the following week . I never told my girlfriend because I didn't want anyone to know about me being with a black man.

We met, danced and had a great night at a local club on long island. I never looked at him as a black guy, just a guy. About 2am we decided to call it a night and that's when I ... Continue»
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