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Summer BBQ

A few weeks had passed since my first acquirement and i found myself in mist of summer heat wave, I continued to masturbate regularly using Diane's knickers and wondering what other delights she had in her draws and what she looked like naked and the size of her tits as they were a mystery too me. As I never got to see them due to the very loose fitting clothing she wore while i watched her work in her backyard making it very presentable in her homemade daisy duke style demin shorts. I spent many hour gazing at her building up a hot sweat making those improvements to her garden while i wrappin... Continue»
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Repost : Heavy Slepper

Before I get into my story, let me tell you a little
about myself. I am 16 and in high school . I am just an
average guy. I am 6'1" and weigh 175 lbs. stripped. I am no
jock nor am I a brain. Just an average guy, like so many
other guys. I am not any better looking than most but not
unattractive either. Much to my own amazement there are a
couple of girls in school who think I am special. Not the
girls I wish, but beggars can't be choosers.
I live with my mother, a divorcee and my little s****r.
We have a nice house on the edge of a small town. My mom and
I get along very ... Continue»
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Summer Fun with Friend's Mom

I was down from university for the summer, and like most students, I needed money. From all the experience I had picked up doing our garden at home for my mum, I had managed to get various gardening jobs from friends to keep me busy through the break. The main plus to the job was it was good money, and being a twenty-year-old athletic guy, it helped me stay active in the summer heat.

One 'client' shall I say, was a friend of my mum, who lived across the road from where I grew up. We moved house six years ago, but still stayed in touch. I had been working on her garden for several weeks now... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #21: Anne-1

Anne is as attractive as naive, so she easily falls for the tasty trap I set to make her obey me
Nice naughty sexy suprise seems to happen to her, visiting our exclusive erotic shop for females
Not exactly as she expected wanting to buy some sex-tools, she is seduced and held captive there
Erotic fantasies she had about pretty Petra, even being a bit submissive in her dirtiest dreams!

Anne is an attractive slender sexy tender tasty teen blonde beauty her long hair has a reddish hue
Nice day in early Spring she goes shopping for sex-toys in old Amsterdam, where no-one knows her!... Continue»
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Анна Семенович

Я обладаю магической силой. Я могу вызывать разных девушек из воздуха и заставлять их сексуально меня хотеть, правда всего лишь на полтора часа. Неплохо для 15-летнего!
В этот раз я решил вызвать звезду фигурного катания, певицу и актрису, обладательницу одного из самых крупных бюстов в российском шоу-бизнесе Анну Семенович. Она появилась мгновенно. Аня была одета в черное платье с глубоким декольте. Я не стал терять времени и вынул ее груди из платья и лифчика. Ее соски уже торчали, обведенные коричневым ореолом. Я мял груди, теребил их, тряс в разные стороны, крутил соски и оттягивал их.

... Continue»
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Ugly chubby wheelchair woman.

One day, I used a way to pickup one time sex girl. The way is complicate to explain, maybe unique way in Japan used mainly before internet.

I came to know a woman, one year elder than me, 26 years old. Her name is Miho. In the way, we used telephone, so we talked on phone at first. While talking with her, I noticed that she talked stammeringly. Later I came to know that she had some congenital problem, and also she used a wheelchair.

She wanted to keep on talking on telephone, because almost all the guys ran away when they saw her. But I tried to let her accept meeting, the... Continue»
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onward with Sam.......

For those who have kept abreast of th e tale so far....well done.
I have spoken to Sam since then and this is what has transpired!

A friend I knew, and also known to Sam, had contacted her with the idea of Sam performing for a 'select' crowd of guys......if this had been a normal sort of Gangbang I'm sure she would have had no problem at all.....after all she has taken a multitude of cock before, so no change there!...however this seemed a little different from the norm!

Sam had been offered £1000 to perform an act which I understand is somewhat perceived as unnatural.....I'm sure you... Continue»
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The Horny Pregnant Wife & The Plumber

Holly woke up and she knew it was going to be a long day….again!
She was in her eighth month of her pregnancy and getting bigger ever day! She needed to pee so often that it was crazy but the worst thing was she wanted to fuck all the time. Holly had always enjoyed sex but the last few months were the wrst. On the hand her husband Ron seemed to have no desire to fuck her. This left her to finger her pussy or use a vibrator.
She went in the bathroom to use the toilet and after she tried to flush it there was a problem. She called Ron and he told her he would send a plumber. Holly went to... Continue»
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So hard so big hoooffff

Hello my friends. I realised u liked my diary. ((Please excuse my writing mistakes and English))
I went trough of a lot of memories, good and bad, nice and ugly ,
but most of the memories of that time is about how to make someone's happy.
After my fathers start to see me as a girl ,who can satisfy him in lots of different ways.
Slowly slowly I get use to it . To how be a good girl for him and how to quickly in different places specially in public places make a cover up story or cover my naked body for good.
I loved my father and my female part. Drawer full of panties and bra shelf f... Continue»
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Joe was sixty years old and he loved fucking the young street whores behind a bush in the park. He had the young blonde's shirt undone sucking on her nipples and her panties were around her ankles as he three fingered her cunt. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and put her hand on it and she began stroking him as he then put three fingers in her ass and fucked both holes. Joe had a seven inch cock that was thicker than a pop can and he loved ass fucking. Shoving his thick meat in a young tight ass and watching it stretch was his favorite past time. He was finger fucking both her h... Continue»
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My Very First Time......with an old man!

The thoughts all started when I would stroke my cock and wish that I could suck it. That eventually turned into the desire of sucking any cock.
Of course, growing up in the day and age that I did, doing such a thing was VERY taboo and not something I had ever considered.

Eventually I started dabbling with the Gay Male phone lines and what not, never actually following through on anything, but stroking my cock while talking to guys about it.

Once I caught up with the computer age, porn was so much more readily available and I ran into personals sites and chat rooms dealing with gay and b... Continue»
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Surprising Mom & Dad

On Saturday I was near my parent’s cabin which they had retired to. I thought I would give them a surprise.

I parked in the drive way and walked up to the kitchen door. I opened the door and was shocked to see mom bent over with the refrigerator door open and my dad behind her fucking his big cock in and out if her!

I could hear them both moaning happily as I heard my Dad's pelvis slap against my mom's ass. I was even more shocked by just how sexy they looked fucking!

Dad must of heard me and he turned around letting his ... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #8

iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #8 – Nate

"I wish Tori loved me like I love her."

Nate Shepherd woke up with a really bad hangover. He had no idea how many beers he had at Jade's party and he was ashamed to admit that he had a couple more when he got him. He hadn't even managed to take his clothes off before passing out. Tori was on his mind, which was normal, but this time, he was stuck on the idea that she would never feel the same way that he did. Despite feeling awful, he found himself gripping the sheets next to him and imagining it was the fit and warm body ... Continue»
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the milking wheel

The Milking Wheel
The Technician.

Non-Consent, Femdom, Milking, Electro, Slavery

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
In future Womyn have all power & lustful thought is a crime.

In a future time, a young lawyer is accused of a "man crime."
Specifically, he is accused of violating The Protection of Womyn Act
by thinking of a Womyn in the office in a "lustful and i*****l"

The punishment for such a crime is the pain and humiliation of a
public milking and possibly the complete removal of his manhood,
leaving him a eunuch.

I don't normally give ... Continue»
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Tommy's mom.

When I was younger I had a friend called Tommy Wells and one summer during college he invited me stay at his place which was just a short walk to the beach.
Imagining a whole summer of beach parties with groups of girls I had only just met I agreed and the next day we drove back his.
When we arrived it wasn't how I imagined it, instead of a big house right on the beach front, it was just a normal house a few streets away from the beach, but hey it was closer than my home was to the beach so I let it slide and followed him inside.
We wandered in the front door and was greeted by a tall slim ... Continue»
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Spanked by Captain carl

My Uncle Carl is Captain of a research ship, near 80 meters long and a crew of about forty including a couple of girls. Uncle Carl was going to be in port for repairs so he called me to come down to spend some time with him on the vessel and maybe go to sea for a while. I hadn't seen Uncle Carl for a few years and have fond memories of when I used to visit him even though I would invariably end up over his knee for doing something naughty and get my bare bottom smacked. He was a no nonsense man and I always knew that he would spank me immediately no matter where we were or who was watchin... Continue»
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OUr experiment with discipline

Darcy (my wife) and I were left a little startled after we fire our german housekeeper. We were a little worried about how far she had pushed us but we also discovered we kind of liked being disciplined. We decided we would keep our minds open and see if another opportunity arose that we were comfortable with.
We live in an affluent community in California. Most of our neighbors are young and in the tech sector. There are parties every weekend, sometimes multiple parties. We quickly learned that the women don’t wear panties at parties or fancy dinners. I’ve seen just about every pussy in the... Continue»
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Watching Mom Get Fucked Before Joining

My name is Ryan and I am 18 years old. My life was as normal as any others I guess with my mom and dad living in a nice house with lots of nice things, that was until my mom and dad got into a huge fight. I remember them yelling at each other and then my mom coming up to my room telling me to pack a bag because we were staying somewhere else tonight. I didn't question or argue just packed a bag and left with her as my dad sat on the couch with an angry look on his face. I sat quietly until we arrived at a hotel and stopped at the front desk before making our way to our room. It was a typical h... Continue»
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Next young sexual experiance.

After my 1st masturbation school experiance, see story, i instantly started to enjoy masturbation and these new wonderfull feelings i was discovering with my young body.

I couldn't wait till a was alone in my room, either pretending to be doing homework late in the evenings and playing with my young cock.

While these new experiences were happening, little did i know, that it was going to become more intresting.

One k** that lived down the road, which i spent time with over the weekends, we would become very close friends!

Tony attended another junior school, he was about a year old... Continue»
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Stud student

Hi I’m Samuel a university student from Uganda in the first year of studying law, I came to this country because my country, does not have a great education system, arriving in England I set about getting lodgings close to my study area, applying for a room with a white f****y I went and viewed the room, Sandra was married with 4 c***dren Sam a fireman, Pat a postman, Carol a manageress at the large clothes store in town and Frances who lived in Australia, yer I know postman Pat and fireman Sam before anyone points it out. Sandra was married to Jake who had his own construction business; their... Continue»
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