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Step Daughters First Anal Experience

I have been fucking my step-daughter Angie for about two months now. He mother, Carol knows it and it is fine with her as long as I have time for her. Now to tell you the truth I have grown to prefer Angie over her much older mother. After all, Angie is a very hot sexually charged twenty two year old. The best way I can begin to describe her is to mention her fabulous tits. Her breasts were huge in comparison to her slim 110 pound frame. Angie knew it and was always flashing her set of 34C’s by wearing low-cut or tight outfits that accented her cleavage. This combined with her thin body, perfe... Continue»
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My husband gives me the treat I've wanted. Pa

My husband gives me the treat I wanted Part 2:

My name is Rachel, my husband Bob and I live in a small two bedroom house with our three year old dog named Jack...
As for me, I have huge tits being a "big" girl and all as well as
the prettiest of blue eyes. Bob has enjoyed many hot sexual experiences with me over the passed five years we've been married, but lately we've been spicing things up a bit...
Bob isn't as "big" as me, or at least not by waist size, but he is a bit taller and he's quite handsome much to my taste. We bought our dog Jack from the farm a few miles north o... Continue»
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"Nightime Action" Part 2

Part 2:
The morning after I met Greg, I woke up alone in my apartment hoping that somehow he would be there lying next to me on my bed. I knew that I had to see him again, so I went out to that club we met in later on that night. I made sure I had on my extra short mini skirt and a tight top which pronounced my nearly perfect, plump breasts being held up by my sexy looking, silky bra. From behind, it was easy to get a peak at my thong which allowed a seemingly unrestricted view of my bare ass from underneath my skirt while I walked, each cheek wiggling up and down. My ass was just barely cove... Continue»
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Erotic Summer With My Three Aunties

Hi all. Well I am raj from Bangalore. Age just 23. This incident happened after finals exam. Thanks for the iss to share my true experience with three aunties. Well let me tell you my experience now. My father has three s****rs who are my aunties Smitha. Nandini and Rani (names changed). Let me tell their sexy structure so that you all can image how sexy they are. Smitha is younger s****r and cute and has 32-25-36. Looks sexy her husband working in mnc and Nandini’s and her hubby working in Dubai size is 34-28-36 and Rani (widow) is most elder s****r with the size of 36-30-38. I was little ang... Continue»
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Conference Bonus - Part 1

It was the late nineties and I was attending a work conference in Nashville as the sole rep from my company. During the first two days of the conference I struck up an acquaintance with Bob. On the second day he indicated his wife had come along on the trip and he invited me to join them for dinner that evening. I gladly accepted as dining alone wasn’t very exciting and Bob appeared to be a good guy and conversationalist.

We met at the hotel restaurant at six. Bob and his wife Lydia were waiting when I arrived. I was in my late thirties at the time and they both appeared to be in their... Continue»
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Teacher's pet

Teacher's Pet

It's late spring, an exciting time of year for you as a teacher because you know your summer break is fast approaching. Your usually morning dred of getting up and going to work is starting to ease with each passing morning lately. This particular morning your feeling especially frisky, maybe even a little mischievous and decide to take full advantage of one of your last remaining days to torment the poor adolescent boys in your class that have been drooling over you all school year. You know you... Continue»
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Episode 49: Jenny, BJ and Rob

The gorgeous black teenage girl sat up in bed; the crisp white cotton sheets completely failing to hide her tender young pointed breasts: “Hi Rob, I’m BJ.I want to suck that cock as soon as you take it out of my mother”.

Rob bounded across Jenny’s bed, yanking the sheet away, planting a kiss on the top of each thigh. The dog-tags swung forward, bumping against BJ's prominent mound inside her tight white panties. BJ held onto Rob’s head as he licked her to their first tingling orgasm.

I should probably explain how Jenny’s daughter came to be nearly naked in her bed that... Continue»
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Early morning fun in a well know chain store....

This is a true story that happened to me a few days ago. Let me tell you a little about me first. I am a tall, curvy woman. I used to weigh over 550#, now am under 300#. I don't consider myself a bbw anymore. I think I look good in the right clothes and my husband says that I dress sexy when I want to. I am 43 now and my husband and I have been swingers over 30 years now. He has given me permission if I want to to go out and have fun with other men. I do, but very rarely. He used to be really into seeing me with another woman now it is the "cuckold phase". He loves to watch me with o... Continue»
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Taking Sugar Lips For The First Time - Parts 1&

Taking Sugar Lips For The First Time

For Vanessa - My Sugar Lips

Part 1

We have known each other for a long time over the internet, we would visit for hours everyday, and we learned so much about each other. We grew very fond of each other and decided to get together. I flew you in to visit me for a couple of weeks. We just finished having a light dinner as I was brining you to your home for the next two weeks. I opened up your car door and gave you my hand to let you out of the car, grabbed your luggage and walk you to the door to the house. It is what happens when I open the do... Continue»
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Dress up with my s****r priya part 1

This all happened when my s****r was 18 and I was four years younger. I was starting to have sexual feelings for girls and couldn't resist staring when a girl with a nice body walked by. My dick would just harden at the sight of a girl’s cleavage or the outline of a girl’s ass in tight shorts or pants. So being horny as hell I would just watch porn as soon as I got home every day as nobody except my s****r would be home to disturb me.

My s****r was quite hot but I didn't think of her in a sexual way at all back then and she didn’t care what I was doing in my room until mom and dad got home... Continue»
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Home For The Holidays

The light brown hair slid down off of Sondra's back, a little more with every thrust. Her white blouse contrasted with the hair but it was so nice to see as it slid off of her back and shoulders exposing more of her white blouse. Now it just hung on the right side of her head like some kind of weird colored rope. Her blouse was slowly sliding down to her shoulders exposing her white skin. It was a very beautiful white and every once in a while a round brown mole like an island in the middle of the great pacific ocean. Her back spread out before me curved down to towards the mattress as she tri... Continue»
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Rescued by a BBC

Jana was having a shitty night. First, she got lost and couldn't find her way back to the freeway. It was snowing very hard, so she missed several signs. She had no idea where she was. She had been travelling down a dark road for over an hour.

The visibility was so bad that she slid off the road into a tree and into a ditch. The car was a major disaster.

She had packed light for the trip, so she didn't really have much for warm clothes. Damn it! she thought to herself for being so careless.

It was getting very, very cold. The windshield was knocked out and wet snow was ... Continue»
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Sex club, part two

We managed to find our clothes and get dressed, fondling and caressing a little in the process. There was some momentary confusion when we got to our trucks, but Nikki decided she would ride with me as I followed Ben. She slid over beside me on the bench seat like we were dating in high school. Her hand on the inside of my thigh, my hand on the inside of hers, “Ben’s always liked men too, but was too scared to try anything in Oklahoma,” she said.

“He was terrified at that club, I had to talk him into at least fucking me in public there. He always calms down after he cums. I was so happy to... Continue»
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My Cheating Mother

My mother is a thick Latina women with a big round bottom and a pretty face with a set of dimples that can make any man melt when she smiles at them. My mother is in her late 40's and still has that spicy Latin sex appeal like a ravishing pornstar in her early 20's...

One day back in 1998, on a day when I ditched school and left for home during my junior year of high school. as soon as I got home my clarity was interrupted from a shallow whimper coming from my mother's room window, I ignored it even though I thought it was strange, but I continued on to my room window, I walked around to ... Continue»
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Who would have thought

We sat there naked on the couch trawling through the porn. The conversation was light and fiull of innuendo . We both had semi-erections and enjoyed the young lovelies appearing on the screen but then up came a young guy with a nice stiff cock and slim, tanned body.

I could feel the bl**d start to surge in my cock. Oh no, don't do this I thought and tried to fight the erection. Then Roy chose another of the same guy, from behind this time, his balls hanging nicely, his hole begging to be poked. My cock stiffened as I thought about my tongue on his arse. No, no!.

And then another, from th... Continue»
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Taking my Anal temperature, with Daddies Cock

I was a girl of menstrual age, in the bloom of my youth, with barely a hair on my pubis, a tantalizingly thin fleshy line, curving between my thighs and ending at my buttocks, my back-door, as daddy explained, 'Not one that could be unlocked with a key, my sweet darling', he whispered into my nervous ear, as he smeared his cock with oil, and my anus with butter, 'No daddy', I replied, resigned to my duty, holding my pert cheeks open, and burying my head and teeth into my pillow.

I was the oldest daughter of three girls, both my s****rs equipped, like myself, to pleasure that part of men, of... Continue»
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The Hot Nurse

I had been in the hospital just over a month now. Up until this point I drifted between conscious and semi-conscious. I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Then she spoke, so sweet, so kind. We carried on a bit, I had a bad habit of tormenting my nurses once I started coming around. As I thought about her later that night my cock grew hard. Even though I had a catheter in I stroked my cock a bit. Before long I had sticky pre-cum oozing out around the catheter tube. Not knowing what the consequences might be I decided against cumming with it in. I licked pre-cum ... Continue»
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My Dear B****r

DISCLAIMER: This story is solely a work of fiction. Any similarities between people living or dead is purely coincidental. No a****ls were harmed in the writing of this story.

When I was a young c***d, I was teased a lot. I was a boy, but I looked more like a girl, and even acted quite feminine. The older girls would use me as a dress-up doll, and the older boys would beat me. My b****r, though, would often come to my rescue, even if it meant that he took a worse beating than I did. I loved my b****r very much.
While we were young, my b****r and I would often share a bath or bed, innoc... Continue»
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Sex club, part one

There’s a sex club I’ve been a member of for some time, I became well known as the guy who often brought the kinkiest sluts. I was visiting solo this time, just enjoying some of the public sex acts. Walking across one room, I saw a young couple pressed against the wall, the girl had her legs wrapped around her man as he fucked her. I stopped to watch and began stroking my cock, turned on by the little whimpers and moans of the girl, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

They both had fit bodies, his ass looking good as he pumped her pussy, their bodies hot and sweaty. After making out passionately fo... Continue»
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Watching Cassie – Part 3

Watching Cassie – Part 3

--------- Chapter 5
Thursday, early morning to that evening…
Waking up with Cassie in her bed…

Tori came awake quickly…

The small hand caressing her firm, aching tit startled her for a moment, then she remembered. Just a little over 24 hours ago she had found her adolescent daughter having sex with another young girl. Then she had discovered that she had latent sapphic lesbian desires, even more shocking, it was for her own daughter. Should she maybe, consider herself bisexual now after 11 years of marriage? Turning to face Cassie, she smiled at the soft... Continue»
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