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We are, by my standards, a pretty average couple. We are in our late forties, both very attractive and successful, and have both been career driven throughout our lives. We have raised three beautiful c***dren, the youngest of which left home three years ago. My husband is a wonderful, kind man that I met shortly after I graduated and started my career.

I was attracted to him because of his stunning good looks and his quick wit, which both still shine from him brightly. He has been the most wonderful husband and father I could have ever hoped for. He has always been supportive of my decisio... Continue»
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My first bi experience after boot camp

I had just graduated from boot, and was headed to my A School.
But first I took some leave to go back home, and hang out with some friends and my f****y.

My buddy Hoss picked me up from the airport, and since my folks were at work, and weren't expecting me, Hoss took me back to his apartment for a couple drinks.

We get there, and to my surprise his high school sweetheart Annie was there, 3 months pregnant.
Annie was a lil pixie of a girl, long dark hair, tight fit body except the tiny babybump she was growing. Very cute, she reminds most people of Shannon Elizabeth.

She brings so... Continue»
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To much time apart

This is my first time writing something like this so please go easy on me.....

My husband and i have a sex life alot of people might call boring. We have been together nearly 10 years and 2 wonderful c***dren so whatever people think what we have works for us. Because of his work and me busing k**s around to various actives we got into a routine of Wednesday and Saturday night being our intimate time. Our encounters are basic by most peoples standards, typically a little bit of foreplay then i would get on top and ride him till we finished. Over the many years i learned how read his bod... Continue»
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Blackballed 3

My time with Chas ended sooner than I wished. We had maybe 6 or 7 weeks to enjoy each other. He came by the store one day to let us know that the following week would be his last day as our rep. He had gotten a promotion which unfortunately required him to relocate to a distant city. He brought his replacement to introduce us to. He may replace Chas as a rep but as there would be nothing beyond that. While I was happy for him I was sad for us. As much as I would miss his cock I would miss him personally as well. During our short time together I has sucked his cock several times but never a com... Continue»
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Trade Show Affair (Part2) Boat Adventure

Four months went by, my life was back to normal after returning from the trade show. The routine was same old work, home life, sex life, Ted called in from time to time all business we flirted over the phone nothing too crazy for fear of being recorded and or caught. One day Ted asked me to text him my cell phone number, I told him I don't think that's a good idea, he was persistent saying it's good your phone is locked I won't text after 5 pm not going to make trouble for you. against my better judgement I texted him my number. Another couple months went by. Ted & I Sexted whenever we had tim... Continue»
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Pat’s Electric Pony Ride

I was almost bucked off last night. I rode the electric pony until I do not remember getting off—figuratively and literally.

Our friend Bob is very good with his hands. He can build and make some very imaginative toys and special furniture. He is one of the single Masters in our group. Last night we debuted his latest creation—a wooden pony with an electric mane.

I have ridden a wooden pony many times before. The say familiarity breeds contempt. When it comes to the pony, familiarity breeds dread, memories of unrelenting pain and secret anticipation, that swell in the pit of my sto... Continue»
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The Palestinian Girl in Kuwait

I was in Kuwait in the early 1990's and had to liaise with some local hospitals and the NGO I was working for. I had to borrow a US military 3 ton ambulance to get into the city as we had no vehicles of our own. It was a German UNIMOG as this was the early days of the humvee and the Americans weren't giving those out freely.

I went into a small local hospital in Kuwait one day for work and there at the reception desk was this young, tiny Palestinian girl wearing these nicely snug-fitting scrubs LPN working the reception desk.

Being North American I looked directly into her eyes when tal... Continue»
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Submissive Sissy Jenny's First Cock

Submissive sissy Jennifer's first cock

There is a shy knock on your door. You open it, wondering who it can be. A stranger hands you the end of a dog chain, you can see that it leads to a red strap round his neck.
"I'm Jennifer, Sir" he whispers, softly & huskily. It becomes clear now - you remember the conversation on the web a few days ago. Not saying a word, you pull the stranger into your room with the lead, shutting & locking the door behind him. You slip the end of the dog chain over a coat hook behind the door. "STRIP" you command.

Jennifer slips off her coat - it was a co... Continue»
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Never Too Old

I am now seventy years old. I have not had sex in almost five years. That is how long my husband had been sick before he died. Now I am on my own. My granddaughter, who is close to thirty with her own f****y had got one of her friends to come stay with me and help me go through a bunch of my husband's stuff. Her friend had just finished college and needed a few dollars and place to live. Dustin showed up, a good looking black guy very smart and tall about six six or seven and arms like tree trunks. This guy is huge! Any way he got settled in and all is well.
After the first week we got a... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 22

I sat watching the TV with Veronica, it was mid week and things had been quiet, then Milly my teenage daughter and her friend wandered in.
They had been out with friends most of the evening and now it was getting late had returned looking for favour.
"Daddy" said Milly making my cock twitch in a way it shouldn't.
"Could you give Gina a lift home, its late and she lives in the next village"
I sat for a moment thinking about it.
"Please!" begged my hot blonde daughter.
"Just do it" said my wife giving me a nudge.
So I agreed and after Gina had said good bye to my daughter we strolled out ... Continue»
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haron's Boy's-Going Home

Sharon's Boys- Going Home

It had been Big Jake's idea for Sharon to return to her hometown after 20 years. The annual founders day celebration was nearing and he had planned to send her and the boys. Sharon had only remained in contact with few from her past, but Lucy Bogg's was always held close. It had started weeks ago when Sharon got an email from Lucy. She had told Jake about it and after urging from the boys, plans were set in motion.

The morning started as usual. At 7am, Jake felt the bed move. He didn't open his eyes, he knew it... Continue»
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my s****r Ginny

"I'm just letting you know," said Joey. "I don't know what you can do about it, but that's what Peter told me."

Vic nodded and the two boys parted. He thought about everything that his friend Joey had said that afternoon.

Vic's 14-year-old s****r Ginny just became a high school freshman about a month earlier. According to Joey's b*****r Peter, almost all of the guys on the varsity team had gotten a look at her and they were all more than impressed by her. They were almost unanimous in their feelings about her. In short, they were all wild about her. If a beauty contest were held in ... Continue»
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My wife fucked in the sauna by a stranger

My wife and i visit, on a regular basis, the sauna. I just love it when men and woman have the opportunity to see my sexy wife completely naked. When she takes of her bathrobe to take a shower, a couple of men are trying to be unvisable. Their eyes are staring at her great tits and sexy ass. When she stretches her arms upwards her feet are lifting, as if she was wearing high heels, I’m getting horney…
I'm fantasizing that she would be grabbed and fucked in the sauna. To be ohnest, she’s not that kind of woman that would allow anyone to touch her. My mind's playing tricks on me.

We visite... Continue»
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Lake Trip

Best Friends Mom
Trip to the lake

Ok you all know the story of how I started to have sex with my best friend’s mom while I was in high school. Well this is another installment of that story line.

It was summer and hot as always we have talked about going to the lake and camping out for some time now but just haven’t had the chance, meaning time and money. See I was working my ass off in the garage now as well as training for the next season of football and soccer so my time was in short demand as for my best friend he was off working with his dad all the time so we didn’t see each oth... Continue»
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Mile high club

he was already in his seat when he saw me coming down the aisle carrying a small bag and clutching my boarding pass. I could see him thinking "Oh let her be sitting next to me" as I approached and he couldn't believe his luck when he saw me move to him. I lifted my carry-on bag into the overhead locker reaching up and revealing my full breasts almost which were hardly concealed by my flimsy, summer clothing, the fresh in the aircraft air had hit me though and my nipples felt as if they were unmistakably evident as they reacted to the colder air. I could see his cock twitch involuntarily in his... Continue»
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sexy time with fiance

I just got done having some really satisfying sex. I had been horny all day, and playing with my butt here and there. But we were watching TV before bed, not really planning on having sex. However, the show we were watching had a lot of sex in it (Ascension on Syfy, everyone has sex with multiple partners), and my partner got really turned on by it. Even though it was late, she really wanted to play.
I started by standing behind her and kissing her neck, caressing her and scratching her back. She took her yoga pants off, then her shirt, and finally her panties. Once they had fallen to the I s... Continue»
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It was my first summer after high school, I spent most of my time on line going from porn site to porn site,i was an outsider at school so not many friends,the ones i had well we were al nerds,none of us had girl friends. Myself i didn't care i was more into boys, my favorite class was gym, watching everyone in the locker room,walking around in jocks,going in and out of the showers,it was hard hiding not to show I was excited. All those smooth bodies,firm bottoms and hanging cocks with barely any hair,watching them soap up and rinse under the running showers, I would think about b... Continue»
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First Kiss 4 – Fillow #1

B.t.V.S. - First Kiss 4 – Fillow #1

"Look, Red, all I was saying is B needs to chill out, okay? I ain't no leader," Faith grumbled as she paced back and forth in Buffy's room. Willow was sitting on the bed, watching.

"Buffy's been going crazy with everything, Faith. No one wants to listen to her anymore, because we're not getting anything done and we keep losing Potentials. We need to make some headway if we're going to have any chance of beating the First. You can help us with that. Buffy just keeps telling everyone what to do."

"That's kinda what bein' a leader is. She's, like, the ... Continue»
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Wank sessions

I dont know if every young lad experiences this but when i was in high school me and a bunch of friends used to stay over at a friends house rent porn and have wank marathons we use to cover ourselves with blankets or pillows, as i was best friends with the lad that let everyone go to his house to wank there were times when it used to be me and him alone we used to have so many amazing wanks together but still covered up. I was really interested to see if he had a bigger dick than me so i used to not cover myself as time went on he never used to cover himself but as we were sat on a couch we w... Continue»
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An Unexpected Encounter

Being at university and studying hard, it gives little time for sexual adventures. So last Saturday night I went for a walk through the city in which I am staying. It was raining lightly and after about two hours of exploring I decided to go into a bar for a drink and some relaxation.
The bar was packed, so I ordered a drink and stood there as I consumed it. I had another and another, and before long I needed to go for a pee. I looked around for the men's toilets, but couldn't see them. I asked the bar man where they were and he pointed to a door and said they are down the stairs.
So I left ... Continue»
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