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The Lonely Wife Chapter 3 & $

Chapter 3
That night I arrived home just as my husband and daughter got there. My daughter is xx years old and has her Dad’s red hair and my blue eyes. She is just starting to show her real figure but still looks kind of like a tom boy.
“So did you have a good day today Jenny?” I asked of my daughter
“It was ok. What’s for dinner?” she asked
“I thought we order pizza.” I said
“That sounds good Mom!”
“I could use a shower first. How about you order Jack?”
“OK” my husband said
I went upstairs and thought how sexy it was to stand there and talk with my husband while I could feel my teen l... Continue»
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Weird Science

Weird Science
what would have happened if Weird Science had
been R-Rated and Gary hadn't been such a wuss.

We had fucked with f***es we couldn't dream of
comprehending... And now it was too late. As we watch
the door defy the law of physics and begin to bulge
inward, all Wyatt and I could do was crawl underneath
his computer desk and cower there until the end...
Finally the door exploded into Wyatt's bedroom loudly.
Then all got quiet. Seconds ticked by. The end didn't
come after all.

We uncovered our heads and looked up. Through what
remained of the door that ... Continue»
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Debt paid off

It had been a typical June wedding wonderful in every way. It had been held outdoors under blue skies and bright sunshine at the country club where my new in-laws were members. With the ceremony just completed, I stood next to my beautiful bride, Holly. We were receiving our guests as they made their way inside the clubhouse. A single dark cloud, thick and angry rolled overhead. Things were about to take an atypical twist.

Andre was Holly's former boss. It was obvious that he didn't like me. He was used to getting what he wanted and he wanted Holly. In fact, he had offered her a raise not t... Continue»
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Another Party Game

Archive name: game.txt (MMF, wife-sharing, exh, voy)
Authors name: JetLag (
Story title : Party Game

-= This work is copyrighted to the author © 2000. =-
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any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
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commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

Party Game
By Jet Lag (

A few weeks ago, my wife Krista and I ... Continue»
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Wife plays a party game

I had recently started working as a financial analyst in the Bombay branch of a small but prestigious wealth management firm. Their clientele was very exclusive, staff size small at just under 50, and they usually hired only one person a year, so I was pretty pleased to get selected from what had been at least a hundred other applicants like me from other reputed companies. The pay was phenomenal, the work challenging and my colleagues were all brilliant people, highly qualified and accomplished.

A month after I started work there, my wife and I got invited for a company party that was goin... Continue»
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Polly Used at the Bar

Used Wife


Wife is used and gangbanged for the first time by a
group of workmen in a bar. When hubby realizes what is
happening, he is turned on. (M+/F, wife, gb, cuck,


The bar was packed out, well it was Saturday night. My
wife Polly, a stunning petite redhead of 18 summers,
and I pushed our way through the crowd. We had popped
in for a drink before going to see a show. As we where
passing a booth full of construction workers a guy
tapped my arm and said. 'If you need a seat you can
squeeze in here.'

He stood up to let us in.

I said to... Continue»
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I fucked my friends mom


let me describe my friends mom to you
5'11, good sized tits, big ass and long legs. Now the other girl in this story. 5'8-9, massive tits, massive ass, pretty much the perfect milf BBW. I've wanted to fuck both of them for a very long time, and now with this writing outlet I can write all of my fantasies down for other people to enjoy!

One weekend I was spending the night at a friends house. I drove over to his house to find that he had to mow the yard before we could do anything. I was sitting in his room on my phone, when his mom walked in.... Continue»
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Domaine of Infern'O (1) translate by Master-H

My name is Amanda, and I will tell you here the story that I did for an

erotic magazine.

Infern'O 's Domaine .

After lengthy negotiations, finally come here leaving for Infern'O's Area

a BDSM institute on a Mediterranean island whose location is kept secret.

With my photographer we boarded a small Italian airport. After an hour's

journey, we landed on an island in the Mediterranean landscape. We are

greeted by a very attractive and athétique man of about forty year old.

Stand before us various buildings like old warehouses, our guide tells us

that th... Continue»
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Rachel Fucking the Experienced Lesbian

Rachel Fucking the Experienced Lesbian

One day, I had to take the train to San Jose for a big meeting for work. Being the big meeting I was relived, when I got back on the train to go back to San Francisco where I live. On the train I sat across of a lady who was clearly not wearing any underwear under her skirt. Even I who never wear underwear had a pair of panties on today since I was wearing a skirt. The lady across of my introduced herself as Julia. I told her, my name was Rachel. On the train ride we started talking I told her that I work for a high-tech company who is a major leader i... Continue»
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Gini likes Gin and cock

Again: English isn't my mother tongue. Be nice, honest but constructive :)

James was standing underneath the light cone of a street light, leaning against the pole and rolling up a joint with a lot of routine. He was a small slender guy with skinny arms and legs and although he wore glasses, his face was pretty which made him look much younger than the 28 years he was old. His frame underlined this youthful impression; James was very sporty, but not muscular.
As Mike turned up in his roaring truck, some dust swirled up. James didn’t bother and kept on rolling the joint, licked the paper ... Continue»
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Quickie with the boss's daughter

Hey, this is the first story I post on here. English isn't my mother tongue, so please don't concentrate too much on spelling/grammar mistakes (hints on what to improve are very welcome though). Constructive criticism appreciated, maybe try to post at least one thing you liked when commenting :) Thanks!

Morrison was a real dick. He seemed to have fun cutting coffee breaks, pushing in some extra shifts or loudly barking at his workers for the tiniest reasons in front of everyone else, just to humiliate them. Of course he did that only to the guys, who he knew for sure wouldn’t shout bac... Continue»
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My girlfriends see through swimsuit.

This past summer I was doing and internet search for some sexy clothing for my girlfriend to wear in public. I stumbled across a site called Brigitwear, They specialize in sexy see through swimwear. I bought her a neon yellow one piece that is almost see through when dry but is fully see through when wet. It has a deep V mesh front that shows off her cleavage. I bought it one size to small and the mesh front plunges so low that it almost shows off the top of her pussy slit! It also shows off some side boob and quite a bit of her sexy round butt cheeks!

She enjoys wearing it out in the yard ... Continue»
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My Husbands first time (1). This is a true story

Hello and thank you for stopping by.

I am Gabriel and my mission is to explore and try to understand my own sexuality and the sexuality of others, and have fun while doing that.

My very first memory of anything remotely sexual or that gave me some weird but pleasurable feeling was while actually playing on the kitchen floor with my toy cars. Of course....
[image]... Continue»
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Dee is being used for pleasure

I watched her bent over the truck bed, his hard young cock ruttIng away into her... My balls felt like they would explode. I had watched Dee grow up, doing business dealings with her father, she had grown into quite a fuckable tart... zero straight lines on a 4'11 frame, impossibly huge tits and the most gorgeous mane of hair to her waist...
I wanted to have my dick in her so badly. I decided to film this encounter in hopes of blackmailing her into letting me take that young fucks place. I saw him double over her and heard the loud grunt... That fuck just shot his load up her curvaceous li... Continue»
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unavailable Woman

She is forbidden fruit to me, I want her, I yearn for her fingertips to play along my stomach as she cuddles into me, but she is off limits for some stupid thing called "friendship" trust me we can be friends while she cums in my mouth. My brain fights against my body everytime were alone. I personally don't think it would be as bad as my scenarios play out. she teases me, undressing in front of me, asking me to touch her soft skin. The other big problem is she doesn't know I am a lesbian! that I am a pussy loving finger fucking cum swallowing dyke. We work together so I am reluctant to releas... Continue»
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Heathyr Hoffman ghost hunters lesbian love story

After being chosen as the winner of the SyFy channel reality show "ghost hunters academy" in 2009 and given a permanent role as a co-host on ghost hunters and then later ghost hunters international, Heathyr Hoffman couldn't possibly be happier with her life as a reality television celebrity.

Being on “Ghost Hunters International” was a blast. Heathyr Hoffman couldn’t imagine a better career than globe-trotting while looking for paranormal activity wherever it might occur. This enhanced a life-long love of history as well as her personal fascination with ghosts and other things that go bump ... Continue»
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The Marathon - Night 4

All day on day 4 she kept quizzing me about the night’s challenge, but I revealed nothing until about 4pm.

“Honey tonight we’re going to test your pickup skills”


“I rented us a room at the Omni Convention Center. Your mission is to pick up at least 4 guys at the bar and bring them back to the room?”

“All at once?” she asked.

I replied, “Either/or, but it has to be at least 4”

We packed for the night, she brought a couple of nice pieces of lingerie and a sexy low cut dress. I packed my camera, a couple of pairs of cuffs, my favorite collar, and not much else.

We ar... Continue»
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F amily matters 2

I had been dancing for about 20 years now. Shit, I was the feature act here at the hottest club around. But I have never been as nervous as I was on this night. As I sat in the dressing room my mind kept thinking back on how I had started in this business. My girls were just a few months old and I had been out of high school for about a year. My life had taken quite a turn since I had gone from being accepted to MIT where I was going to study electrical engineering to working three jobs just to pay the bills. The work wasn't bad but the hours were long and Jackie needed more help with the twin... Continue»
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Midnight Blue Part 2

After arriving in Kingscote and showered after our fun the four of us jumped in the dingy and headed ashore. I the hotel Anne got a few looks a sexy lady with her obvious husband and two much, much younger guys who were making a big fuss of her. I imagine there were a few jealous women in the room and I know there were a few admiring looks from the guys during the evening we didn't stay on shore too long just enough for dinner and a couple of drinks by 9 o'clock we were back on board.
In the main cabin I put on some music and closed the curtains, Anne and the guys got cozy with each other on... Continue»
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my Favorite

Rohit having first time sex with Neha

Hello people, I want to share a recent experience I had a few months ago when I met my girlfriend Neha. Hope you like it. I am 26 and work in an engineering company. Most part of my life I had little interaction with women. My virginity was a thing I soon wanted to let go and wanted some one to make love. I was too shy/ scared to go to a prostitute. Hence I was looking for a girl that I can be in a relationship with.

It was a sunny day in the November of Delhi. Me and my friend were coming back from Rajouri Garden after watching a movie, due t... Continue»
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