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Back to business with a 22 year old.

For over 2 years after Jen died I didn’t date at all. My step s****r, Vicky kept trying to encourage me to get back “on the horse”, but I just didn’t want to. I sold my home, and moved to London, investing some of my considerable inheritance from Jen in properties. I also concentrated on my career, changing organisations, and gaining a big pay rise, better prospects and the opportunity to travel the world, although I soon found out that such business travel is pretty crap – I visited lots of airports, business area’s and hotels, but got to see very little of the countries I visited. However, i... Continue»
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Retraining Husband Phase Two Pegging, Cock

Over the next week Tim's training continued each night getting his medicine
Nancy walked over to the table and picked up a vial of medicine. She walked back over to Tim and sat on the edge of the bed, 
"You see this?"
As she jiggled the vial of medicine in her hands, 
"This is a little something to lower your testosterone level, and relax your muscles so that you will become a little more submissive and accept what is coming.

"She reached over to the nightstand and pulled out the chastity device and showed it to him.

"Do you know what this is?"

"Ummmm....No! What the hell is that... Continue»
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Making it Big at the Gig

After a long week at work, Friday night had finally arrived. The band I play for, the M.E. Groves Band, was booked to play the weekend at Benny's, a popular watering hole and "meet market" a few blocks from my home.

We got our gear in and set up. Nick, our sound man, ran through his checks and pronounced us good to go. Davy, the bassist and my b*****r, picked up his Fender Jazz and ran through a few scales, listening to the monitors and adjusting his settings. I strapped on my Telecaster and joined him, and before long Liam, the lead guitarist was there with his Paul Reed Smith, while... Continue»
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Retraining Husband Pegging

Tim and Nancy had been married for over ten years. Tim was a construction worker and Nancy was a nurse. For the first few years of marriage everything was great, but as time went on Tim became more and more unhappy in their relationship, and started becoming aggressive towards Nancy. On a few occasions Tim, in a fit of rage hit Nancy! Tim was a "mans man" kind of guy who believed that males were superior to women and that a woman's place was to serve a man! Tim's behavior seemed to come out of nowhere, because he had never exhibited this kind of behavior before, but Nancy suspected that he has... Continue»
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Oh Mary!

Oh, Mary!

The title of this story says it all really and I guess it started about 6 months after we had married. I hadn't known Mary for all that long but we are both in our early 30s and I guess we just clicked and a couple of months after we met we got engaged.
Mary isn't what you would call a stunner but she just oozes sex appeal. Some people just have that I guess and certainly her large breasts probably helped. There are pictures of Mary on the authors profile and you will see she is a pretty and ample blonde with a lovely smile

I had heard a few snippets from her friends that le... Continue»
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Strange night at the club II

After cuming I fixed my clothes and made my way to the front of the club. I made the excuse of needing to change my shirt and said my goodbyes. I thanked Mike for inviting me, and told him I'd see him tomorrow. I was just stepping out of the shower when there was a knock at the door. I put on a robe and opened it, there was Mike Jr standing. I let him in and offered him a drink, and told him to take a seat. While I was mixing the drinks he came up behind me and hugged me. He laid his head on my shoulder and slipped a hand into the robe and rubbed my chest. I told him not to start something he ... Continue»
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RoadToGlory: Friend’s Korean Wife Part 2

Later that night we arrived at Sunny’s place and David was waiting for us in the lounge. We all gathered around in silence as the room fills with David’s emotions. After a long silence David finally spoken, he had asked Sunny why she cheated on him while holding back his anger. Sunny responded by telling her husband how he left her unattended. David replied in Koreans and the two began to argue. After a while I stepped in to give my side of the apology. David didn’t want any of it that night and told me to leave. As I left the house I told Sunny that if she ever need anything, I’m only a phone... Continue»
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My wife's cruel way

I can't explain why I talked my wife into the cuckold lifestyle but I did. Like most women she thought at first it was a trap but after seeing how excited I got while talking about it she was convinced I wasn't k**ding. It started out with her meeting her guy friends after work and coming home wearing panties wet with a mixture of her and his love making. It took a while before she started having me clean her with my mouth after she had been out. I hinted very carefully how I'd like this to progress and she took the hints but worked it out in her own way.

The way she dressed also changed ... Continue»
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Mother's and Son's making headline News.

Glancing through this morning's newspaper, I was not surprised, yet again, to see how women are responding to their new found voice, on all matters sexual.

Usually it's all about nudity, or infidelity, and of course school teachers, entertaining boys by not wearing her knickers and giving them a peek of her wet cunt(men get hard, we just get wet), or taking them to hotels, or her home for a complete strip-down and a good shag.

But this morning a couple of reports struck a chord with my own experiences, which I will share with you, and only because I am wet, the female equivalent o... Continue»
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Fat Contoller

As I approached my late twenties my enthusiasm to look for work began to dwindle, you see I worked on building sites driving everything from bull dozers to 30 ton tippers, I was constantly getting laid off whenever the job had finished but it was never a problem, until the mid-nineties when in Britain we were suffering from a serious recession so I took a driving job for a haulage company and because of my reliability I soon became recommended to other firms wanting goods delivered.
Now I was never openly gay but I had straight guys drooling over my arse when I had tight jeans on which I kno... Continue»
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Mama Lina - Hot Latin MilF

So umm... this is the first time I'm posting a story about myself. I was sexually active from a young age as a lot of sexual things happened and was done to me when I was a k**. I was pretty shy, and I'm still kinda shy now but not as shy as I use to be. Although I was shy, I guess because I was sexually active since I was a k**, I was umm... I guess you could say sexually incline. When I think back about some of my encounters, I don't know if it was because I was attracting that sort of thing of something, but I ended up having a lot of sexual encounters with women older than me. Sometim... Continue»
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Becky's First 3-Way

Becky is a beautiful long legged lady with long dark hair, fantastic legs, great ass and very perky 36B breasts. We have enjoyed a great sex life for years. Becky is a true exhibitionist. She has always enjoys wearing sexy revealing outfits and flashing truck drivers or guys in stores, restaurants and bars when we are out of town shopping. Becky’s favorite activity was going to adult theaters and having fun. She would normally wear a blouse tied at the waist, a mini skirt with thigh-highs, stilettos and nothing else.

We were in southern Colorado shopping one weekend when she said she would... Continue»
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2 Couple 2 Creampies

Daddy and I had been so caught up with regular day to day life we just were so stressed and were in need of some freaky freaky alone time. Mommy needed some good black dick and daddy was horny for some black pussy...

I decided to set up a Craigslist ad. I wanted to see which freaky sexy couple would respond to an evening of drinks, foreplay, and some erotic sex.

A lot of different couples replied, but daddy and I chose Marcus, a strong, broad shouldered, dark Chocolate man and Shanice, a petite, caramel skinned, mixed (Asian and Black) sexy dark haired woman.

A few minutes befor... Continue»
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Round 1

After grabbing some drinks with you, I'd take you back to my place and undress you with my teeth. Placing you on my bed, I run my tongue up and down each leg while feeling your ass I listen to you softly moan, your pussy becomes wetter and wetter. I climb on top of you letting you slide my pants off. You grab my large hard cock, the precum oozes out lubricating my thick shaft. I suck on your bottom lip, running my hand through your hair, then moving inside your mouth I suck on your tongue.

I move to the end of the bed, grab your waist and raise you up, planting my face between your legs,... Continue»
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The Cop

I hadn’t realized I was speeding until I saw red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror. Fuck, I thought to myself, I don’t need this right now. I need to get home to my bathtub and that book I just started reading. I pulled over, grabbed my registration from my glove compartment, rolled down my window and waited.
“Miss, do you realize how fast you were going?”
I turned my head to answer and was greeted by the most gorgeous police officer I had ever seen in my life. Although it was dark, I could see that his eyes were blue. Piercing blue. His hair was dark and slightly wavy, ... Continue»
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Wife before she met me.

My wife certainly wasn’t a virgin when I met her as I was 23 and she was 24. She told me about how many men she had had previously, though she conceded that she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 20. She also at a later date started to tell me about her experiences which was always a big turn on for me. As many of you may have experienced, I felt a mixture of jealousy, envy, and sexual stimulation. It was always a massive turn on to hear her recount her experiences and had me emptying my balls with gusto into her wet cunt with a shattering orgasm in next to no time. Which brings me to the... Continue»
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### CB-4391 ###

Hot Fun Wife
by Bob Wallace


What do you do with a horny housewife?

A frequent question today. All over the nation, many young married women are expressing dissatisfaction with their sex lives.

Why? Do their husbands spend too much time on the job? Are women hornier now? Men less so?

Or is it simply that women feel free for the first time to express their sexual needs? The Pill and Women’s Lib two factors making women sexually independent. In contrast, some researchers suspect that American men are becoming more sexually cautious as their women beco... Continue»
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### DN-328 ###

Wife Gone Wild
By Marvin Cox


"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." So wrote American poet and essayist Henry David Thoreau in the Nineteenth Century. This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today, considering the pressures and frequent monotony of modern society.

The majority of today's men and women live in an overcrowded, competitive, noisy world. Most are put into slots and walk on a treadmill-going to boring jobs, living in carbon-copy houses, socializing with the same people. Their de... Continue»
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Wendy, seducer of youth

Wendy, seducer of youth
First a brief description of the lady, she is a white American, five feet six tall, auburn hair, brown sparkling eyes, she weighs an attractive 129lb`s has 34c tits a slim 29inch waist and a delectably smack able 36inch arse, though the odd spank is all that she allows as anal turns her completely off, however she keeps her Jack and Danny waxed and trimmed,
Her hubby is Trevor and he works away a fair bit, and though a good man at home and in bed, he`s never quite been enough for our girl, who has always been a bit sex mad. They have a lovely house, and behind it ... Continue»
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A Nightmare Turned Into A Dream

Mom stood over me speaking my name and nudging my shoulder. "Jack. Jack. Wake up honey." I opened my eyes and jerked a little. I was startled by her at first. "You were having a nightmare. You were screaming out loud. Are you okay?"
"Huh?" I was still in a state of confusion.
"Take a deep breath and relax. Everything is alright. Relax."
It took a few minutes for me to become fully conscience. Then I realized that my blanket was off and I was laying there completely naked with a huge hard on. Mom saw it and I began to turn red. Mom was now sitting on the side of the bed.
"... Continue»
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