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Forth of July surprise anal MMF again

We finally got some much needed play time after a 4th of July cookout (and a little during). We were at a big cookout at our friends house and the wifeys BF showed up for it too. We all had fun socializing and having dinner while we secretly eyed each other knowing what we were all really thinking about. Her BF and me would slip away to smoke and start talking about our fuck sessions while people weren't close it got me so horny and ready to watch and fuck my wifes tight ass. I found my wife after to tell her how bad he was wanting her ass. "You two could run to the store for a few" she asked ... Continue»
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Whiskey and Cum

I was really getting to like Carol she liked rodeos, stock car racing and really enjoyed a Brad Paisley concert I took her to. Soon it was date number four and both of us knew that if she did not put out tonight this relationship was over. We pulled up to my new log cabin, and I could see by the look on Carol’s face and that that she was probably thinking” there is no way I’m not fucking this good looking rich guy tonight”. I felt the same way; there was no way I didn’t want to fuck my skinny western honey tonight. We sat in the living room and I got a beer. Carol shook her head in disgus... Continue»
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BIM cumslut and the lesbian bra fitter

Closing time was drawing near. I was working part-time at a bar. Everything was restocked and clean. In walks Di , a friend from high school. I was about 50, I think she was about 30. She had given up on men, after a couple of divorces. The last time I'd seen her I'd hooked her up with a buxom lady. I knew that she was into being fisted, so I told Di.
My guess was that this wasn't her first stop tonight. She went to the end of the bar furthest from the door as I made her a g& t. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and a tight hug squeezing her 36d boobies into me. Aahhhh.
She proceede to tel... Continue»
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My Sissy Fantasies

This is a fantasy

Chapter one: Entering sissyhood

This is a story about my first few experiences as a bottom sissy slut. I am now 21, my name is Alyssa and a dedicated slut for my daddy. I'm 5"9, very slender & smooth, feminine and i have long blonde hair. Ever since i was in my early teens i had been interested in trying to take a mans penis in my ass. At some point i decided to try playing with my butthole. I loved it right away. I would take a bath, get nice and clean and finger my then very tight hole. Over the next 5 or 6 years i frequently would finger or toy my ass in secret. By t... Continue»
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My Western Lady

My Western Lady

Many of us have been fortunate to meet that crazy “quirky” woman who made us laugh and was sexy in a funny way. I was fifty-seven and taking some college courses part-time when I met forty something Rachel. I knew when I first saw her with her granny glasses, long western style skirts, high laced boots, cotton blouses that Rachel was unique. She even funny striped stockings just like old west hookers wore in the 1890’s. I just had to sit next to this women. By the look she gave me she wanted the same. I sat down and joking commented “Hi! I’m Ken, you don’t mind if us eld... Continue»
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Another afternoon at Helena's home

Another afternoon at Helena’s home

My sweet Ana had gone for a complete week visiting some friends in San Francisco; so, I was home alone to enjoy a good time with my loneliness.

On Friday midday I was cooking a light meal, when Ana’s girlfriend Helena called me.

“You still own me a second visit to my home, you little bastard…” She said.

I had had a very good afternoon at her home some time ago; when I fucked Helena and her friend Camila. Then I though both bitches were waiting for me again there for a new wild sex session… But I was very wrong…

My slutty Helena opened the door.... Continue»
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Meeting Master D...

Samantha meets Master D
The date was fixed.
The room was booked – neither of the willing parties could accommodate, a not unusual event in the world these two inhabited from time to time.
The morning of their meet had now arrived.
Samantha rose early bathed and thought of the working day ahead, there was much to do and time to be set aside to pack for the evening with Master-D.
By mid afternoon all was ready – four outfit changes, varying lingerie, spare stockings and heels and boots to suit each outfit as advised and selected in advance by Master D during the her email exchanges with him... Continue»
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Fucking a stranger in the back seat

Fucking a stranger in the back seat

When living in L.A., we had met some nice good neighbors and friends there.
One of them was a real nice person. He was an older man called Tom. He was a very kind man and he worked as a private contractor.

One Friday evening, as we were sharing a cold beer at the veranda, Victor told him that we were going to spend the week end at a nice cottage some friends had invited us. When Tom heard about the place, he told Victor he had got a contract to work in a near house. So; he asked if we minded if he could come with us.
Of course Victor agreed; Tom woul... Continue»
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raised as a daughter II

Rebecca told me to go to my room and undressed and wait for her. I ran upstairs and pulled everything off. I looked in the mirror, starting back at me was a cute girl from the waist up. Skinny body, small but firm breasts, and a pretty face. Below is a small somewhat useless penis, no more than three inches and thin with a tiny bulge of skin, and shapely legs. I turned to the side and seen a firm round ass. Not small and not big, just a beautiful round ass. I tucked away the useless appendage and smiled.
Rebecca came in and said to lay on the bed with my ass up. I climbed on it, on my knees ... Continue»
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Two find comfort - for M

He raised his left hand from his handlebars and waved at the woman sitting in the garden. He grimaced slightly as he passed, dearly hoping he wouldn’t lose his balance. Charles had moved into his current suburb about a year ago, and would always see the same woman gardening at the same time every day. Weather permitting. Her name was Lucy, and she was married to a man named Tommy.

Over the past few months Charles had gotten into the habit of waving and smiling. Every so often he would walk past and they would briefly share a few words. Charles was in his early thirties. He had been married... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 12

As Jason and I were watching TV he told me that his aunt had decided at the last minute to come and visit and that she was bringing along her stepson Mark. I think they are suppose to be coming tomorrow afternoon he said. He’s cool and he’s going to be a senior this year just like us.

Of course both me and Jason were thinking the same thing. I wonder if Mark is into any of the stuff that Jason and I have been doing. Should we invite him over here Jason asked. Yea I said let’s plan to come over here Friday afternoon. We can tell our parents we’re going to the movies and the mall after, that ... Continue»
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Helping a coworker

this starts at work in the post office years ago. I have worked there and with this women for over 25 years her name we'll say is D. She was Married I was a widower losing my wife five years earlier. D was always very friendly and touchy feely but she was a little depressed for a long while and after asking what was wrong at least a dozen time she finally told me one day in the parking lot. She said her husband was totally ignoring her after their daughter left for college and they work different shifts she was lonely. I told her if she wanted she could call me anytime if she wanted to talk a... Continue»
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Carl comes Back

Shirley has been wanting to see Carl again after her night of fun with him and Wally. I told her it was cool with me if see saw him again. So she called him and set up a diner date with him. She left home that evening and came home late that night.

I was in bed looking at tv when she came in the room. She walked over to the side of the bed and gave me a kiss, she took my hand and put it under her dress between her legs into her cunt. It was sloppy wet. She smiled at me and said that she was full of cum, and that she wanted me to add my cum to it.

Shirley told me to strip off my tee and... Continue»
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LORNA AND GRACE. (a Lesbian tale)- PART 2

After their night together, the two lovers calmed down a bit and were especially careful not to be singled out or noticed. Grace’s aunt and uncle came back from the funeral and all was well except for the fact that Grace couldn’t have Lorna over anymore. The rule in Lorna’s rooming house was that a lady could have a visitor, only one, who had to have left by 10PM. No men were allowed except if they were a father or a b*****r (and they had to prove it). Although it didn’t allow for the two women to spend the night together, at least it was a room where they could make ... Continue»
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The Journalist, Part 1

At the beginning of my career I worked on beauty pages and I learned about make-up. When I was shifted to fashion I learned to dress. Then it was the sports pages and I learned to surf, bungee jumped and joined a woman's soccer team. Rick, the editor, joked the Police Department would be unable to cope with the increased workload if he put me on the crime pages. When he moved me to homemaking I suspected the joke might also be an excuse and began looking for a new employer.

Every journalist wants to do investigative writing --- the Woodward and Bernstein Syndrome. That was my downfall at th... Continue»
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The Gardener

This is a true account of my experiences from about 2003-2007

When I moved to the Caribbean for work the job came with a house. Half way through my contract I needed to move into a new home and this house came with a gardener who came to the house a couple of mornings each week, usually just before sunrise so he could get a few hours in before it got too hot.

At this time I was living with my girlfriend ( and we found that the house was great as it was very isolated and we could be naked most of the time at home. This surprised m... Continue»
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Doing Oreo In Ivory Coast

This is the story of what happened in Cote D’Ivoire….

As you kknow my husband travels an awful lot and I often accompany him… this time it was a trip to Cote D’ivoire in western Africa… we landed in Abidjan after going through Dubai and had a steamy sex session with my Husband in Sheraton Dubai.. it was very very hot in Abidjan… and I fortunately packed only light clothes… my husband was supposed to meet some government officials in Yamoussoukro, where all government office are located… I decided to stay in Abidjan which is more vibrant…

There was a circus in town and I decided to go aft... Continue»
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A Country Teenager going to the Beach (ME)

The past (2) Stories all True and were of my teenaged times in the small Village that I lived at In England, this one revolves around my taking a Bus ride of some 30 minutes and 8 miles in distance going to the town of Clacton-on-Sea...and to the beach.

It was during my summer holidays and it was hot in that July too ? unlike a lot of summers when it used to rain almost every other day and going anywhere was never a really great experience in my teenaged years.

So here I am walking along on the Sea Front Wall that stretches all the way along from Clacton to the next Town of Frinto... Continue»
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A Friendly Blowjob

A Friendly Blowjob
I banged on the door. "Yo, Chris! Are you in there? Stop jerkin' off! I need to borrow your printer!" I waited patiently for a few seconds. No response. I raised my hand to knock again when the door swung in, revealing Chris's exasperated face, his brown eyes glaring at me. I held up my flash drive. "I just need to print out my essay, is that okay?"

He sighed. "Sure, come on. Make it quick."

"What kind of a greeting is that?" I asked, as he shut the door behind me. "Is that any way to say hello to your beautiful neighbor?"

"Like you're one to talk, Lisa. You nearly... Continue»
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When I was a senior in college I changed my major to Theatre. Not the brightest choice , but i was an ARTIST or so I said

Jackie was a freshman, a beauty queen from a small town, Polson, Montana. She had a checkered past, sex in the band room with her English teacher He was fired and she was labeled the school slut. College was a new start for her.

We auditioned for a play, and amazingly,were both cast. I was Big Daddy, she was Maggie. When the cast list was posted everybody was just named on a page, but the read-through started the building of a team, a ast, a real show. After the re... Continue»
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