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Jane – S.L.U.T.

As John enters her home Jane is dressed like a whore, her skirt very short, almost to her stocking tops, her face and hair as beautiful and made up as only such a girl who is confident in her mission can get away with, sensual yet seductive, private yet open, knowing very well that her visitor would struggle to decide whether to cast his eyes on her glowing face or perfect nylon clad thighs.

Before introductions were barely satisfactorily over, and without asking permission or caring if she minded, John kissed Jane's mouth tenderly but still hungrily whilst... Continue»
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coraplar (alıntı)

7 kere boşaldım
O zamanlar Ankara Çankaya`da oturuyorduk. Eşimden boşanalı 2 sene oluyordu, 38 yaşında oğluyla oturan yalnız bir kadındım.. Emir, yaşamın bana sunduğu tek armağandı sanki.. onsuz düşünemiyor , konuşamıyor, hiçbirşey yapamıyordum. Onu herşeyden herkesden çok seviyordum. Arkadaş toplantılarında Emir`den başka birşey yoktu dilimde. Bu onları sıkıyordu biraz belki ama umurumda değildi. Biricik oğlumu canımdan çok seviyordum.
O sıralarda lisede resim öğretmeniydim. İşimi seviyordum, hemen hemen oğlum yaşında çocuklarla haşir neşir olmak, oğlumu tanımama da yardımcı oluyordu. Bunu... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 5

Clearly the largest cock was Marcus’, followed by Jack, Frank, and Ray. My cock was right in the middle of the pack and I could sense that all of us were getting very excited watching the girls going down on Angela and scoping out each others bodies and cocks in the room.

Pete started rubbing his cock, and slowly pulled it out and started stroking it. All eyes moved from the video camera to his nice brown cock, with a cut pink tip starting to grow larger and harder with each stroke. Pete was nicely shaven and was clearly ready to get the party started.

“Nice cock Pete,” complimented John... Continue»
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Me just being horny

It's a HOT STEAMY afternoon and I'm laying on a sandy beach next to the river. You are fishing just down the bank from me. I lift my head to see you stark naked and stroking your cock. I'm not sure why all of a sudden your jerking your cock. I watch you thru my sunglasses. My tits grow hard as you stroke yourself slowly.
I can't help to resist but to untie the strings on my bikini bottoms to reveal my nicely shaved pussy. My bikini top has been off for the sun to bronze them nicely. I lightly touch my clit, spread my pussy lips to touch my hard little nub.
I begin to moan as I qui... Continue»
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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly and the Pirates

A warm, gentle breeze blew across Jilnar Jardaly's sexy bikini-clad body, caressing her completely hairless skin, which was as smooth as silk and as gold as honey. She loved nothing more than chartering a private yacht on the beautiful Pacific Ocean, nor did two of her closest girlfriends who had come to enjoy the Caribbean getaway with her. It was just the three girls together, along with the yacht's owner and captain, a local girl named Elly, who was every bit as hot and gorgeous as Jilnar and her two beautiful fellow television media celebrity girlfriends, Basinah and Fahada.

They were a... Continue»
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gefickt vom freund und seinem onkel


wir waren 18 und schon immer gute freunde. felix und ich haben uns zum ersten mal schwule pornehefte besorgt und sie sofort in seinem zimmer konsumiert.
die geilen jungs und kerle habens in allen stellungen gemacht.kleine kurzgeschichten haben die bilder kommentiert.
es kam, sie es kommen mußte, unsere jungsschwänze spannten in unseren hosen und wie von selbst zogen wir uns gegenseitig aus.
felix nahm sofort meinen harten schwanz in die hand und fing an zu wichsen bis der erste tropfen vorsaft zum vorschein kam. ich ermutigte ihn, den tropfen abzulecken. offenbar sc... Continue»
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Wishing I were a Female.

After my first experience of a man fucking me, who was dressed in female undies, stockings, high-heel shoes, I wanked and wanked myself at night fantasising about being dressed simailar myself and having men fuck me. It took some months for me to pluck up the courage to venture down that path. During this time of uncertainty, I had two or three sessions with men dressed in lovely sexy female undies, who let me fuck them in the same park toilets. The feeling of their stockinged legs rubbing against mine as I fucked them, was delicious to say the least. Also the feel of the silky nylon slips the... Continue»
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Underworld: Gretchen

While no stranger to the obscenely agonizing delights found within the Underworld’s dungeon torture chambers Gretchen still felt a sudden sense of unimaginable terror coursing through her as she materialized within one of the Underworld’s countless dungeon torture chambers. Despite having died thousands of time within the Underworld’s bl**d soaked torture chambers this was the first night Gretchen faced death by impalement.

Entering the torture chamber Vlad smiled at the obvious look of terror already visible within Gretchen’s eyes as she stared in horror at the ominously torturous impalem... Continue»
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Me and my wife

One of mine and my wife’s favorite things to do to get in the mood and enjoy a good night of lovemaking is to sit in our hot tub and thentransition into a full body massage. Let me clarify, I love to massage my wife. It’s her favorite and most relaxing thing in the world, and it’s great foreplay too. Over our 3 years of marriage, I have found that it pleases her greatly, and it gets us both hot in the process. It’s the buildup that is enjoyable and always ends with some hot sex usually right there on the table or the floor in front of the fireplace.

Our evening starts with us climbing in th... Continue»
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The new move has REALLY paid off

Ok so here it is. I have recently moved to the outskirts of a Northern City and into a nice quiet Mid-estate semi-detached, ones with the Bay Windows and the Trees on the road. The good / bad side to this is the fact that our neighbours can see into my house / can be seen. I suppose you think this is a problem? For me it did originally. Until just a few weeks ago.

Now that winter has gone and the weather is starting to warm up once more, I get to see more of the neighbours. Opposite me on the other side of the Road is an old middle aged couple who are very prim and proper. I swear he... Continue»
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With my office collegue

Hi, my name is Babul working in an IT firm in pune. My colleague Sarika, she got promoted and was working on the same project with me. Sarika, she was a good looking female, not very hot, just simple beautiful girl.

We have been working on the project for about a year, we use to only have office discussions and nothing more. For giving project details we were called to our Mumbai head office. It was a weeks discussion with our seniors.

We started to Mumbai in my car. while on our way i got to know more about her. She was married and having a daughter. We reached Mumbai at 3.00 pm and che... Continue»
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En ese sector hay un bar de solo travestis pues bien hay estava yo tomando fumando y desestresandome loss que atienden el bar son una pareja y son muy elegantes al atender a los clientes y laas travestis que entran alo bar son y seleccionadas y despues de la medianoche cierran las puertas y alos que quedan adentro los atienden a puerta cerrada lo genial es que ya nadie mas entra y quedan adentro verdadera mente los que son el unico personal que entra son travestis.

caminava por el bar cuando los que atendian me dijeron : hay una travesti que te ha visto y te quiere conocer ven que te la vam... Continue»
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Fernando llego a casa por amistad entre nuestras familias, principalmente la de su padre,( viudo este), quien debia ausentarse por cuestiones laborales y economicas por el termino de un año aproximadamente....mis padres aceptaron con agrado el encargarse de la crianza de fer por el tiempo que fuera necesario.. para entonces ambos teniamos 14 años con algunos meses de diferencia..

la casa no contaba con habitacion extra por lo que fernando compartiria dormitorio conmigo, en principio me senti invadido de mi "lugar" y m*****o por el hecho de que no podria desarrollar tranquilo mi fetichismo y... Continue»
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My aunt

When I was a teen I moved out of my parent's home because if issues with my father. No......not anything sexual, let me say it this way, if I had stayed, I would probably still be in jail. My father was abusive and I couldn't take it any more and left. His b*****r, my uncle let me move in with him and my aunt. It was a sweet deal, I paid no rent and all I had to do was help out with yard work and some minor repairs he was always doing so he paid me a small weekly stipend ($6/hr.....good money back then when the minimum wage was $3.35/hr) and let me drink whatever I wanted as long as I sta... Continue»
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s*s and I

For a little bit of back ground I will say that dad left, when I was six years old and s*s was four years old, which mom then had to go to work to suport the three of us, s*s, mom, and myself.

With the job that mom was able to get, we wasn't able to keep the house we were living in when mom and dad divorced, so we had to move out to a house that a friend of ours had, as long as we kept and eye on things around the place, which put us out in the country about three miles out from town. What I mean by keep and eye on things is, to keep people from just coming in and taking what isn't theirs, ... Continue»
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The Life of a True Male Slave

There is a picture in this vast collection which is in two halves. On the left a slim female in fantasy outfit with a whip. It is labelled "My idea of a Domination Fantasy" On the right is a picture of a slim female in ordinary clothes on a sofa relaxing while in the background is a male hard at work in the house. This one is labelled "Her idea of a Domination Fantasy - and my reality."

I laughed because it is so true. If you want the first, go to a professional; you are not being dominated, you are in charge, just paying for a service.

If you want the second . . . Well, would any many... Continue»
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The Walls - Part 1

“help me! Please Somebody!” A woman's voice screamed not that far off in the distance. I was walking down a dirt path in the redwoods near my house when I heard her screaming. I ran toward the voice. The further I ran, the quieter her screams became. I stopped, and looked at my surroundings. Trees, grass, and dirt. The trees gave off a shaded light, nearly blocking the sun overhead. I waited a few seconds before running toward where I last heard her. The screams were gone.

Ducking beneath some tree branches, I stopped in an open field and yelled “Where are you?!” hoping to get a ... Continue»
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BBW Wife Gone Wild Part III

I am sorry it has been so long since my last story but a lot has happened since the last time I wrote. Those of you who read the last story recall the night she had a gang bang with some college boys. Well it turns out it was a lot more wild then we thought. A few weeks after that we found out that she was pregnant. However we did not know who the father was. We weren't sure if it was me or one of the college guys. After nine months she gave birth to a red red headed girl. Obviously was one of those boys from the gang bang. So shortly after giving birth we had her tubes tied and ... Continue»
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Jessica Bond - "Auf Wiedersehen, Pffet"


"Ahhh nothing beats getting paid well for a job done well..."
The heavy framed deadly curvaceous ASSassin known as Scorpio, aka Agent 78,
sighed as she sat down on her sofa.

The big deadly gorgeous assassin placed a laptop,
which looked tiny compared to her big bulky thighs, onto her lap.
She was hiding out in a small discreet B&B in the countryside of Croatia.
It was very early in the morning, still dark outside,
and she was tired having just killed off 2 powerful foes.
Before she could rest up, though, she had just one last thing to do.
Steal Bond's money.
... Continue»
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Gloryhole slut in training

As some of you read in my other story i am a young guy that wants to expand his number of cocks he has had. I dont know exactly how to do it and i search around the internet and gloryholes caught my attention. I just think they are the sexiest thing ever! like taking load after load whats more hot than that? I knew i wouldnt be able to just go in there and go full board (even though i sucked a few cocks) but not many. I doubted i would be able to swallow all that cum even though i knew i most likely could so i started training. I did it by saving up big loads over a few days and flipping my le... Continue»
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