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Surprise threeway

My wife and I were enjoying a nice day off. She got a call from her best friend, Lisa, who was having a real crisis. In the midst of a nasty divorce she had an affair which went bad. Her life was unraveling, she needed a shoulder to cry on. My wife and I had plans of wild daytime sex but her friend came first.

She came over and I made myself scarce doing odd jobs around the house. Occasionally I would walk through the living room and they would get quiet, then one of them would crack up and they would go into hysterical laughter. I also noticed that there was now an empty bottle of wine an... Continue»
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My Mother Made Me a 69 Year Old Panty Lover

Ever wondered how a 69-year old retired photographer who likes to show off in panties came to be that way? Why do I have an irresistible desire to masturbate with men while in panties?

I blame it ALL on my mother.

I clearly recall the afternoon when I got home early from school and lay on my bed to play with myself. I was twelve and had discovered P...boy magazine and how my cock would get hard looking at naked women. I didn’t notice when my mother came into the room but when she said softly “I wondered when you’d discover that smut.” I froze. I quickly pulled a sheet over my withe... Continue»
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meeting an older man

I am a very horny guy always looking for opportunities for fun and interesting encounters with all kinds of people. i love females they are so sexy and beautiful with gorgeous bodies that turn me on so very much.
but recently i found another side to me which i have enjoyed experimenting with. I am a young looking 40s guy with a good body muscly smooth and well endowed. any way i have joined sex dating sites before and had some memorable times from them. but this time my high sex drive and thrill seeking lead me to look at gay mens profiles. well didn't realise that this got me just as hard a... Continue»
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My cousin's cottage

I had just gotten divorced after a 10 year relationship and 4 years of fighting and bitchin’. I was ready to fucking move on and horny as a goat. I would have fucked anything in sight.

My cousin, we had been best friends for all of our 50 some years, invited me to her cottage “you can have it all for yourself for a couple of weeks” she told me on the phone. Located on a small island in Canada, by a fast running river, this is exactly what I needed.

I got there on a Friday night and she was there with her f****y, friends and our mutual families. Fireside chats, great dinner with a littl... Continue»
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Moni and Marc's best freind

My hubby Marc decided to be a writer
Mostly true but fictionalized a bit.

My name is Marc. I am a professional working at a large
construction firm in the Canada. I had remained unmarried
into my mid twenties partly because I didn't want to give up
the variety of different women that I bedded and partly
because I couldn't find a women that I was willing to
wake up next to for the rest of my life.

I met Moni at a party about two years ago, and was
immediately captivated by her looks as well as her
personality. We started dating and fell in love. Soon
after, we got... Continue»
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Wife takes the first step?? - would welcome commen

Hi All

Bit of a context first... We are a happily married mid 30s couple, been together since we were 18. Got the house and k**s to show for it, lol. For a number of years we've fantasised about others, particularly the wife sucking off another guy in front of me or being fucked while I watch. We've always treated this as nothing more than pillow talk or merely fantasy but over the last year or so it's developed a bit as the fantasies have been more graphic and the discussions more frequent. It used to be my wife saying "I want to be used by a group" or "fucked hard while you watch" etc etc... Continue»
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Mother and I wanted sex with the same old man.

When you get to the age where men start to notice you, many feeling can be both confusing and appealing. It's all to do with the physiological and psychological changes occurring simultaneously, never mind everything that had happened four years, back when mum and dad separated, I started my puberty close to my twelfth year, and breasts shortly afterwards.

Mum and I had moved home to another town, close to where her s****r, my aunt Anita, stayed. We had taken a top floor apartment, two bedrooms and an open-plan living room with adjoining kitchen.

The apartments was six in total, where mo... Continue»
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My s****r in Law Cums Around

My s****r in Law Finally Cums Around

I have long been infatuated with my s****r-in-law Barbara. She and I are the same age and even before I married her s****r I was attracted to her beautiful body and personality. Through the years I could not help lusting for her and fantasizing about having sex with her though I knew it was not possible. She was the forbidden fruit that haunted my dreams. We have always got along well and had some great conversations over the years. It did not help that she seemed to get more beautiful over the years as she became a workout and fitness fanatic. Dar... Continue»
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Aunties Panties..........

I've always had this serious thing for women's' underwear. Even as far back as grammar school I loved to sit on the ground in the school yard to watch the girls jump rope and show off their frilly little panties, just for me.

I was always so jealous of my s****rs! They got such pretty, pink ruffled undies to wear while I was stuck with boring white BVD's. It was so unfair, I thought!

I loved the exciting feel of their lace and silky nylon dainties, so cool and silky and smooth to the touch. By age 12 I was trying on my s****rs' underwear. It made me tingle all over to mince in front of t... Continue»
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The Billiards Room

The billiards room of The Water Poet is, using the British system, on the first floor of the building. There are only two doors in the room and one of those is a janitorial closet; the only entrance in or out is the one through which I push you after we've ascended the old wooden staircase, my hand in the small of your back guiding you the entire time.

It is an old room, one of the few not to have had a significant makeover when the pub was refurbished a few years past. The wallpaper has been updated, a not altogether unsuccessful attempt to eradicate a century of cigarette smoke ingraine... Continue»
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Never again

Well, I havent been around in last two weeks, I was busy at many levels. As you know, I hooked up with an older lady back in december, and it was thrilling, while it lasted. We had sex five days in a row, and after that, she just stopped answering my calls. I figured, that she satisfyed her libido, and decided to go back to her usual self - to be a shy, 47 year old single mother.

After that, I went into a crisis. I was bothering my ex around and after new years eve, but she still firmly stands on her ground - no reconciliation. So, once more, I decided to hire an e****t.

Well, that was a... Continue»
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The Ruining of Patricia

Her name was Patricia don't call her Patty or she would rip you a new one! I knew it wasn't her real name because she had come over from Hong Kong China I'm sure it must have started out as some impossible to say Chinese name or one that she felt didn't quite fit her new life here I'm just speculating as her real reason is known only to herself and I respect her privacy and have never asked her about it...Her father was some kind of political figure over there and he seemed to be one over here too they lived in a fancy house on the edge of town.
I thought she was really cute and tried to ask ... Continue»
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Date with Young Katie

Fun with crossdresser Katie

So here I am browsing online ads to see who is out there that may be interested in meeting up for some safe adult fun. Lo and behold I’d come across this ad online that I’ve saw before of this young 27-year-old cross-dresser. Other times I was unable to meet with this young thing because of my work schedule so I never answer that ad. I said to myself here goes. I to put a few more pictures in the e-mail, cock, body shots and see if I get a response. I received a response from this young hot, sexy cross-dresser. Wanting to know whether not I was real and serious... Continue»
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Wife's picnic table surprise...Part I

Wife's picnic table surprise...Part I

My mate Jimmy's mad about my Wife's ass, won't shut up about her 'cute little bubble bottom' and begs me to give him a peek at her candy sweet cheeks but there's no way I'm showing off my Wife's bare arse to that dirty leering leech...

I don't mind admitting, I like a bit of bottom too and my Wife's juicy peach, is a bottom connoisseur's wet dream but I'll tell you something that might surprise you, Jimmy is a handsome man and his lovely Wife Susan is a real stunner, absolutely gorgeous, a glamorous piece of high class totty, voluptuous too but her c... Continue»
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Wife's picnic table surprise...Part II

Wife's picnic table surprise...Part II

I instantly regretted it, what have I done, I thought miserably, imagine agreeing to show off my Wife's bottom in just a pair of panties so my mate can get a good stroke at his cock whenever he thinks about the time he feasted his eyes on her beautiful bouncy bubble bottom. I quickly laid out some ground rules, 'Just a quick peek and Emily must never, ever know', 'agreed' said Jimmy with obvious delight and relish.

By the way I had absolutely no clue how I was going to fulfil this pact with the devil, Jimmy's birdbrain idea of peeking through our be... Continue»
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A Day I'll Never Forget

Checking myself in the mirror one last time before leaving, his orders were quite specific. Nails painted, color of my choice, dress, thigh highs, no panties, heels, freshly shaven. All is in order, as I glance the mirror I am certain he will be pleased. I want nothing more than to make Sir happy.
I arrive at the apartment, with only minutes to spare, but this is excellent timing as I have always been told to not arrive early or late. I get out of the car, as I’m walking to the door I can feel the moistness growing between my legs. Before I enter I am to text and let him know I have arrived, ... Continue»
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مناطق النشوة عن الست

اهم المناطق الحساسة في جسم المراة والتي تثير شهوتها
أمـــــاكن الإثـــــــارة الجنســــية :
خلف الرقبــه
وراء الركب
الأفخاذ الداخلية

. الشفاه
( الشفــــــايف ) : الشفايف مركز البدايــــــــة للتأثير الجنسي من خلال التقبيل واللعق والمص فالقبلــــة مفتاح يتدرج فتحـــــه الي أن يصل اعلى إثارة جنسية بواسطة الشفايف واللسان والأسنان وخاصــــة عملية المص للشفاه العلويـــة والسفليــــة والقبلة رمز العاطفـــة المطلقــــة.

قبلها قبلاً خفيفة متسارعة ومن ثم الطويلة العميقة ، التقط الشفتين كاملتين في فمك ومصهما وحر... Continue»
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Master John’s Gay Boy Pet Slaves:7

As the three big, young, naked, burly black pet-slaves, chained from the ceiling by hand-straps on chains above their heads and dildo-shaped ass-hooks lodged in their assholes, watched the sprawled out naked aroused young, strawberry-blonde pet-whore Jimmy get his ass fucked by “Tiny Tim,” Master Johns’ adjustable fuck machine, they all became sexually excited.

Master John watched the action masturbating naked from the comfort of his lounge chair, in the living room of his secluded ranch home on a wide-screen T.V., which provided 4-camera split-screen view with sound from his basement lair... Continue»
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Holiday Spa

We didn't always go out looking for sexual partners sometimes it just happened on one occasion we were on holiday in New Zealand staying in a hotel in Rotarua. We had been out sightseeing and got caught in a downpour getting soaked to the skin, it had also been cold. Returning to the hotel we decided that a spa would be just the thing to warm us up, so we went to our suite got changed into the complimentary robes and headed to the spa/sauna room on the top floor. Of course we had to wear swimmers as it was a public area, Anne wearing a brief bikini and myself a pair of speedos, we were hoping ... Continue»
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my mom my lover

Dad had past away. I'm still in collage. Not a whole lot to say other than I always thought Mom was pretty. She dressed like Mrs. Cleaver. Dress, Stockings and High Heels. This is early 1970's
We were always close,you know hugs kisses avery day. After Dad passed about 6 months we got even closer.
We started hanging out tighter and more often even going out for dinner, dancing, just being close.
Mom always looked very nice an attractive Lady.
One evening she said, why don't we go to the club you like to visit and I thought that would be great. She always pretended to like the music that I l... Continue»
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