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Hot Milf Nextdoor

The hot little minx next door has a penchant for much younger men. I have personally witnessed her fucking the pool boy, the pizza delivery guy, the cable man and just last weekend the lawn boy. She is a redheaded vixen about 5 ft 5 with DD breasts. Her nipples are teardrop in shape and dark brown, contrasting her pink flesh. To say that they are magnificent would be an understatement. She might weigh in at 130lbs. In her thirties she is married to a man much older than her. Older than me in fact and I just turned 50 this last month. He is a successful businessman who likes to golf every weeke... Continue»
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update on mother-in-law

ok well since my last story i have been fucking my mother in law but nothing worth writing about till yesterday. yesterday i went to her house to "fix" her kitchen table (which is broke from me fucking her on it) and we started kissing and fooling around when she said she had a surprise for me then her friend from next door came in she is 55 about 5'2" and like 200 all ass mmmmm she came over and said happy early fathersday and bent over and put my cock in her mouth as my mother in law took her friends pants off. i was in disbelief as this old fat lady sucked my cock and my... Continue»
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Breeding Little Momma: Chapter 4

Breeding Little Momma:
Chapter 4:
(FF/M,1st bbc,voy,cock)

After BBC Louie, had given Little Momma a slight dose of what a huge black cock can do to woman’s pussy, Little Momma had in fact
been absolutely terrified to even fuck around on me at all !
Now sure we had our "threesomes" with both, other men, and
women alike, But that fucking around behind my back stopped
cold! I think it was more the fear of "Bull" Louie coming back and
absolutely destroying that pussy for good!!
The friendship between he and I continued ... Continue»
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Best Mate's Cock

If it's iilegal to read such adult content where you live,move away from this page,and poor you for living in a country which forbids such activity!
If you're u******e,and you're sneaking a quick look at this site,NAUGHTY,NAUGHTY YOU!Check your parents aren't monitoring your internet usage,lol!

All others,this is a true story.It was all consensual and I had an absolute blast!
Enjoy alone with your cock,or with an equaly sleazy partner/friend.Happy spunking!

Marky and me had known each other since he'd come to live in my street when he was six,I... Continue»
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Another Married Lady!

Well do you really want to know about the Married Ladies that I have fucked?

I told you about how I lost my virginity well the Lady that broke me in turned up with a friend about a month after she had fucked me they where having a girls week away and she had told her how we had met and how she had broke me in. Then she asked me if I would fuck her friend for her as she had only ever fucked her husband before, she lost her virginity on
her wedding night and had never had another cock fuck her!
She was about 45 years old, with long black hair, large tits and a lovely pair of long legs, s... Continue»
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I first met Hiro in the laundry room of our apartment building. He was a Japanese boy of eighteen who lived on the third floor with his mother. He not shy about his sexuality and flirted aggressively the first time we met.
He wore these cut off shorts that when he sat in any particular position his cock was plainly visible, usually in some state of erection. He had the most beautiful face---strikingly feline in appearence. What I found sort of amusing was the fact his mother still didn't know he was gay, even though he has had several boydriends.
I was getting pretty horny and we w... Continue»
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I love going to the park with friends. My girlfriends and I always hit the parks in the summer. I dress what others would say is alittle under dressed. Low cut top...yes and my breast as u would guess are a natural 36dd. And I have a nice ass round big hips. I go to watch the GUYS play basketball. But at night.....mmmm. I go by myself to the park. I sit in my car. I could see the guys and girls in their cars making out. Very sexy. I always go home to my girlfriend horny. Yes i'm in a lesbian relationship. But I have a yearning for a fat cock from time to time.
I told this guy at my jo... Continue»
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I love going to the park with friends. My girlfriends and I always hit the parks in the summer. I dress what others would say is alittle under dressed. Low cut top...yes and my breast as u would guess are a natural 36dd. And I have a nice ass round big hips. I go to watch the GUYS play basketball. But at night.....mmmm. I go by myself to the park. I sit in my car. I could see the guys and girls in their cars making out. Very sexy. I always go home to my girlfriend horny. Yes i'm in a lesbian relationship. But I have a yearning for a fat cock from time to time.
I told this guy at my jo... Continue»
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wild night part 3

He pulled his pants and shirt off and straddled the now naked black guy. His cock was a good seven or 8 inches long and his balls were the biggest I had ever seen. He slid his cock in the black guys ass then ordered me to lick his balls while he fucked.

The bars had just closed and the theater was getting busy with guys who hadn't scored coming in to get their nut off. A crowd was gathering around us now as someone pulled my shirt off over my head an threw it into the pile of clothes in the corner. As I licked Big Balls shaved balls my nose was pressing against his ass which was... Continue»
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My First Married Lady.

This is a true story of how I got into having affairs with Married Ladies. Well it was a long time ago now, back in 1980.
I was at the Local Hotel that had f****y nights over the Summer and I was at the weekly Disco we use to sneak in with the people on Holiday. When this man came and asked me to Dance with his wife.
I had always been a very good dancer, bit of a show off and I agreed to dance with her if he showed me which lady.
She was about 35, I was 16, dressed in Skirt and blouse, 5 foot 4 tall with very long Black hair, large breasts and gorgeous legs, a very pretty face with brigh... Continue»
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my friends horny boyfriend......

It wasnt the first time that lilly had invited me over to her place for a girly dinner. but that day i was in exceptionally bad mood so i reluctantly accepted as i had to cancel a date.
When i reached her house she wasnt home so i opened the door with the spare key she had shown only to me and settled myself on the couch and started surfing channels.
it wasnt long before the bell rang and i saw her boyfriend standing at the door. So i brought him in and went back to whr i was sitting. It seems she had invited both of us to dinner. But that was a wrong move as he had already made a pass at me... Continue»
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Young Slut

I was round a friend house with some of our friends drinking and splashing around in the pool having a laugh I was 18 at the time .We had run out of drinks and had to go to shops to get some more, my friends went I decided to stay behind and sunbathe by the pool.
I was sunning my self when I heard a noise in the pool thinking friends were back I looked up and saw Jane younger s****r who was 13 in the pool she waved and said hi.
She got out of the pool and walked over to her towel thats when i saw her bikini was very tiny much more revealing than her older s****r , it was semi ... Continue»
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the young s****r of my friend.

a night,coming at my friends house to drink couples beers.i was already a bit d***k.he said to me i will prepare going to wait for you in the living room.his little young s****r was sl**ping on the caught.while she is sl**ping her skirt go up.i could see very well her g-string.i was taking pictures and videos of her.i was rubbing my big cock on her little ass.after a while she wake up.she said to me:my b*****r is in the shower.yes but i do you know that .your wasnt sl**ping or what.not to you think i didnt feel your big cock on my i put my cock in her mouth.unbelieveble f... Continue»
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Losing My Virginity

This is a story about me losing my virginity. A man's take (or at least my take) on a momentous occasion. I'm sure it is different for a woman, but I was filled with apprehension my first time....scared and thrilled at the same time. Although it was 44 years ago, it's remarkably clear in my mind. It's not just girls...guys never forget their first, either. This account is exactly as I remember it, without any revisions or embellishments.

I remember the Summer of '66 as if it were yesterday. You see, that's the year I officially lost my virginity.
I g... Continue»
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Fun With Cousin - Day Two

Last night was amazing. I finally had my dreams come true. And I think my cousin felt the same way. We were still naked sl**ping in bed.

We both got up kissed and recalled what happened from the day before. We both started getting hard and decided to make out while rubbing each others cocks. Then after some time we got up to get eat breakfast. We had nothing on expect some boxers and our cocks sticking out.

We didn't expect anyone to come over. But we made a plan that if someone was to ring the bell then we would quickly run up stairs. then we would put on some emergency clothes and... Continue»
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This is a pure creative Imaginery story... Unfortunetly it dosnt fit in to the catergys except maby first time???

It all started one stormy evening, lightning howling mingled with thunder crashing like a cocanophy from hell. Walking in the driving rain Jane wonderd why the hell she decided to walk to the cinema instead of catching the bus that descision led to 1 of the best experinces of her young life.

At 25 she had just risen to the top in the emotionly and hormonuly charged atmosphere of Stock Trading, of course being blond didnt help matters much but what did was two fold. One the cu... Continue»
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first time with cock

I was about 14 when i had my cock adventure my friend Keiran. We both hadn't really started puberty but when both able to cum. It happen after school when we were walking back home (he lived near me). i needed a piss so i just went down a privet lane and Kieran said he needed a piss as well so i let him come along but when i started peeing and just after i had finished he was looking and all of a suddenly he grabbed my cock and started to rub it up and down untill my cock started to get really hard. I this bulge in this pants and i didn't know what to do so i just went for it and sli... Continue»
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story of when I met a man and his wife

This is a story of when I met a man and his wife who loved using a

Let me introduce you to my friends, John and his wife Sandy. I had met
John when I was doing some painting for another friend. He was doing some
repair work. Seeing him made my cock and my mind stir. He stood about 6'
2" weighed about 210 and had a nice bulge in his tight jeans. We began
talking and became friends quick. As most guys our talks got around to
talking sex and women. I walked around most of the time with a hardon.

One day it was just him and me working for a few hours. W... Continue»
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As with many couples my wife and I have secrets. Secrets amassed over the
years that we just don't share with each other, but we know they are there
waiting to be told. After going to a counselor we agreed to share those
secrets when we felt like doing so and signed an agreement not to get
angry, have a "safe word" or to just act on any positive feelings about
whatever we have shared.

We both have been very "open" sexually over the years and talked about many
things to try and some of those things we did; however some things didn't
get shared if the ot... Continue»
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The story continues (See part 1 and 2)

Suki stood in front of me wet from where they had hose her down like an a****l, cleaning her dirty cum and piss covered body. Her nipples were hard with water dripping off of them and she looked hot wearing only here stilletto heels and slut collar.

"The bitch is clean and ready to go." one of them said. "We shoot the bitch up with junk to." said another one. That explained why Suki had a glazed look in her eyes when she came in, and her whole attitude had changed.

"Your little asain bitch girlfriend gonna be whorin to... Continue»
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