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The Day I Got The Slipper!

I was ten years old and in the last year of primary school. We were making puppet heads using plasticine and I had just been warned by Mister G about rolling the clay on my desk.
I wasn't... I thought. I didn't understand what he meant, but I was about to!
‘Out to the front, Big Nose!’
'What? Did he mean me?'
He did.
My testicles tingled as they involuntarily constricted with the fear.
I strode out to the front trying to conceal my apprehension as best I could. I felt the eyes of the rest of the mixed class upon me.
Mister G picked up the slipper in his r... Continue»
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The Worm

A few years ago I used to subscribe intermittently to a fetish magazine called Axis. I expect a few people will have heard of it or even been members. It was, I think, a non-commercial enterprise. Sadly, due to the ill health of the founders, it folded a couple of years ago... but not before I’d had some ‘fun’ through it!
The first encounter I had through it was with Mistress V, a lifestyle Domme – I shall devote a web log to that in due course.
But, it’s The Worm I want to tell you about today.
I can’t remember the actual content of the ad I placed but I... Continue»
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Lynn Humilated And Then Tamed By The Hairbrush!

About eight or nine years ago Lynn and I were on the beach. It was a fairly secluded spot - we were the only ones there – and the time was about half five on a sunny August day.
I was ready to go home but Lynn fancied a swim first - she wanted to make the most of what was left of the weekend.
‘I'll nip off now and start preparing tea... by the time you get back it'll be on the table.’ I suggested.
‘Fine.’ she responded.
She stood up and slipped off her shorts - she was already topless. I studied her superb naked body as she waded out into the surf. T... Continue»
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A Kiss Of The Slipper!

I received a phone call yesterday - it was from Susan. Susan is the wife of The Miscreant.
‘Hi Susan, nice to hear from you, how's things?’
‘Hi Jules, I take it you are okay... but this isn't a social call. I know that you correct females on a regular basis but I was wondering if you could correct my husband again. Just recently he's slipped into bad habits: he's become lazy, slovenly and started flirting with other women. I work long and hard to keep the home together and he's just... beginning to take the piss!’
‘He's basically a... Continue»
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Vanilla Sky Day!

Tuesday 5th February 2002:
I am in the changing rooms of The Heights leisure centre in Sandown. I have swum a mile then spent about thirty minutes luxuriating in the sauna, Jacuzzi and steam room. I'm glowing and feel really relaxed. I have also taken the week off work to wind down.
I take my mobile out of my back pack and switch it on. There is a pause before the message alert sounds.
Pop round for a cuppa when you're ready x
It's from Glacier Heart. Glacier Heart is the ex wife of one of my colleagues, Walken. They have been divorced for about five years after she ran off ... Continue»
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Not The Usual CP Tale!

Justin threw himself into bed - he felt elated. He'd just walked Linda home. Linda was blond, pretty and from Liverpool. He adored her accent, her scent... everything about her. His mate was wrong, well wrong: she wasn't spiteful. He was just jealous.
He'd snogged her - she'd tasted as sweet as she looked - in one of the shelters along the seafront. He'd fumbled around and played with her pert nipples. She in turn had put her hand over his cords to feel his erection.
He hadn't been this happy since before his father had died. He wanted to masturbate but felt it ... Continue»
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Summoned By Miss Adams For The Cane

I had just avoided a slippering from the green track-suited, stocky and powerfully built, sandy complexioned, Mister Butcher the P.E. teacher, when the internal phone buzzed...
October 1973: I was just sixteen years of age.
My name: Jules Black.
‘Butch’, as he was more commonly known, marched over and with barely concealed irritation, picked up the receiver.
‘Sports hall, Mister Butcher speaking... yes, he is... right you are!’
The sports master turned and then barked at me in his strong Yorkshire accent: ‘Black! Get yourself down the Headmaster’s offic... Continue»
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Nude Linda Made To Bend And Then Slippered

My name is Frances and I’m recently retired. My lover and long time partner, Mary, tragically passed away last year – I miss her so much.
I have found with grief that you don’t just mourn for the person you have lost, you kind of mourn for the whole world – it’s so difficult to encapsulate an emotion in words.
Nearly three decades ago I was witness to an incident that changed something inside of me – irrevocably: Friday, 14th March 1980… my birthday: thirty three.
I was a secretary at a high school on the South Coast and it was coming up to five o&... Continue»
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A Taste Of Bamboo For Maria!

I was transfixed, cornered by a pair off accurately aimed emerald coloured laser beams.
Well, that’s how I recall it when I first caught her gazing at me.
It was a Friday, late June, 1980. There I was at Bogart’s Disco: hot, smoky, crowded and very loud – what on earth drew me to places like this?
Pulling women… that’s what. Mind you, back then I was pretty successful – I fancied myself a wolf!
She was leaning provocatively, in a relaxed manner, against a pillar and supping casually from a glass.
I meandered over, checking my reflection briefly in the ... Continue»
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Lynn Gets The Cane

She holds herself erect, perhaps defiant. I have summoned her.
Her curly chestnut hair tumbles onto her shoulders and frames a round face. Her eyes are large and blue, her nose small and turned up; her nostrils perhaps a little too flared. Her mouth appears tight, compressed, when closed and thin pink lips trace round it.
She is no taller than five four and of slim frame – I know she is s*******n.
She is wearing a sleeveless starched white shirt and her top two buttons are undone.
I glimpse and savour the white flesh of her neck – the V of her upper chest. She is bra-less and h... Continue»
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Caned Hard By Leanne

‘You wouldn't be able to take a real caning… you're all talk!’ Leanne, my wife snorts derisively.
We are in the lounge of my late Mother's house and it is rather warm… I have a feeling that it is about to get somewhat warmer for me in the near future.
I am three years older than Leanne, she is just twenty nine, but there is no doubt as to who is the senior partner in our relationship.
‘You think I'm a wimp don't you… okay…if I CAN'T take four hard strokes of the cane I'll give you forty quid… a tenner f... Continue»
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Claudia Gets A Really Hard Whack!

She was s*******n; I was nineteen. I had led her to the top bedroom of my Grandmother's house – the Victorian four bed roomed property I lived in along with my mother – because it was not necessary for anyone to hear what I was about to do.
Claudia was half Italian but wholly pretty with large dark brown eyes, doll like features and full curly raven hair that cascaded to the mid point of her back.
I had ordered her to strip and now she was totally naked in front of me - trembling slightly.
Her skin deeply tanned apart from the intimate areas covered by the bikini. Her tits ... Continue»
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I Shag, Dump And Slap The Minging Slut!

I’m just on the way round to see the Minger… it’ll be for the last time because once I’ve shagged her gross little body I’m going to dump her… naturally she doesn’t know that. In fact I’ve really been quite nice to her recently… well nice by my standards… built up her hopes that we will be ‘an item’, perhaps get married one day.
Me… married? That’s a facking laugh… show me a ‘happily’ married man and I’ll show you a facking loser… and I’ll tell you why he’s a fa... Continue»
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I Treated The Slut Like Shit... And She Took It!

She's a minger and she knows it: forty with a wonky eye, overweight and with an abundance of moles on her arms… and a large one on her stomach. Her personal hygiene leaves a little to be desired too but… she has big tits and nipples though.
She absolutely adores me…
The thing is I just don't give a damn about her: she is just a sexual object to me like the majority of my women… and I have had loads, facking loads.
On the plus side, she is a tad kinky – it's the only thing the ugly bitch has going for her.
It's Wednesday and my day off &... Continue»
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Rockin' w/ the Band

The new band singer knew just how to put her new band mate at ease.
She looked up at him and began to pull on her pussy hairs, and slowly
pull apart her vulva.

"Here I am!" she sang. "Rock me like a hurricane!"
(Time now for something different, This story is the first
of a new series that has has nothing to do with Trangender,
bisexual,chubby chasing, Larry/Lori, Ready Jane at Wild Crescent)

He was a man of few words. Most of the time his bass guitar
and body language did all his talking for him. Right n... Continue»
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Master's Cumslut Takes Anal

Master is pleased that His slut has been blogging and posting comments but He thinks that perhaps the post have been a little too tame. Master says that from what he sees alot of the people on xhamster are freaky perverts and if this blog is to gain a readership it's going to have to be dirtier. So here goes. Blog posting day 5 on xhamster, wherein the slut does anal.

When the relationship first moved from normal lovers to Master and sub, the whole topic was thoroughly discussed and the rules agreed to. From henceforth there would be no "him" and "her", rather only ... Continue»
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A Queens Sunrise

I lay there trembling into the night as I reached up and pushed my hair to one side and felt the back of my neck where the axe would fall and chop off my head. My mind was reeling as I thought of the executioners heavy sharp blade glimmering in the sunlight as I lay my head in the formed space on the chopping block.

What would my last thought be. What would be my last vision. The priest had came and went and I implored him to speak to the king to please spare my life. I lay on the straw covered floor of the tower, cursing the man I called my king and husband. I held myself and cried knowin... Continue»
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One night in Vegas pt. 2

So my cousin and I walked down to the adult superstore to see if we could find someone to join us in our night of fun. The first thing we saw was alot of people. I didn't know there were that many people who were as horny as us. I guese that's why they call it sin city. We looked at the videos for awhile then we paid our 5 dollars to go into the video arcade. It was dark and you could smell the cum and pussy juice in the air. I saw a girl in one booth sucking on a cock through a glory hole while her man fucked her in the ass. further towards the back I saw a guy sucking a cock while ... Continue»
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The Encounter with an on-line friend

The Encounter Part 01
true story by VL

I started talking with Kim about 5 months ago. Every so often I go in search of new people to chat with, usually I make a few dozen contacts but only one or two turn out to be really interesting. Kim proved to be one of those. We had great cyber-sex and talked about lots of crazy ideas for role play situations. We also talked about normal stuff too. Eventually we exchanged phone numbers and photos. Then fate stepped in and I got an assignment that would take me to her town for a few days.

We arranged a meeting, after a very passionate con... Continue»
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Our trip to California

I had to go to California last summer and Jeannie wanted to go with me to visit her s****r whom she’d not seen in almost two years. Her s****r was completely different than she was. Jeannie is a little short, with big breasts and brownish blonde hair and an infectious smile. While her s****r Heather is a tall leggy blonde with dark skin and smaller breasts. When we got there we picked up a rental car and drove to her s****r’s house.

My wife rang the doorbell several times and we both knocked but there was no answer. Her s****r had a typical California house with a pool and... Continue»
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