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Stranger on Stranger...

First let me say this...stranger with stranger sex is dangerous for two reason, first, there are some real nuts out there that gets their kicks from hurting or harming you. Secondly you never know what type of STD you may or may not end up with so I don't recommend this for anyone.

Some time ago I was in a local park that has many walking paths that lead through heavily dense bush. Daylight or twilight, you can find guys going at it. Doing the day I like to walk through and observe, twilight and early night I like to participate.

My normal dress is short pants(thin underwear), socks... Continue»
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BBW Fucked By Dads Friends

My name is Melissa and I am eighteen years old. I live with my dad in a trailer park in a small rural farm town. My dad and I have been living alone since my mom left four years ago and my dad hasn't been the same since. He started drinking all the time and is usually hanging out with his friends at our place playing poker and listening to oldies music. Usually when his friends are over and there drinking I will say hello to them but usually I stay in my room because it gives me a headache listening to them hooting, hollering and talking about girls they've "Banged". My dads friends are always... Continue»
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Michelle's Big Surprise Part 3

Michelle's surprise 3

This next part takes place the following night.Here is what happened in my next dream.
It's a week later and My s****r Vanessa came to town to see me as it is Her birthday this weekend.We are watching a movie when the phone rings."Hello Claudia it is great to hear from you how are you"I asked."I am very good and very horny are you alone My friend Jasmine and Maxine are very horny as well.Are you up for some hot action baby"Claudia replies."Yes it would be a nice suprise for my s****r Vanessa you all can fuck her as well come on over.It will be a 41st birthday she won'... Continue»
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Evil stepmom - Evil Steps****r.

So my father left the house heading for Hong Kong, it was a couple of days after he had watched me fucking his wife, my stepmother, and after a lot of arguing and shouting he decided he needed to go away for a while, so he left and now I was alone with Melinda.
Well it didn't take too long before we were back to normal, it was just a couple of days later when I came home and Melinda was sunbathing topless by the pool.
Her perky white boobs and their rock hard nipples were just sitting there gleaming in the sunshine and almost immediately I had a rock hard cock and few seconds later Melinda w... Continue»
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Letter to my GF

I’m addicted to eating shit from men and womens arses. I have been eating shit for over 50 years and love it. I eat my own shit nearly every day and although I enjoy it, nothing is better than someone especially women kneeling over my face and taking a dump straight in my mouth.

I‘ve been eating shit for over 50 years ago since I was about 10 years old and shortly afterwards I ate shit from anybodies arse who would shit in my mouth, of course I would drink piss from a cunt or cock to flush the shit down my toilet throat. My preference is to eat shit from a woman but shit has the same wonder... Continue»
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Bus story by Cezar73

Bus story
i can recognize you in the dark...

slutty smell....

still on the bus....

i hope you remain alone here....

i was wandering what to do to you....

it is late ...

other passengers are going out of bus...

: another stop...

other 2 in bus...
you know iam watching you....

: i move and go close to your seat...

: the bus is emptynow....

just the driver....

: me and you...

the driver gives a look with mirror....

more interested in you than me.....

our eyes are talking....

driver is a smart guy...

not so young ..

put my hand in the pocket ... Continue»
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A hot summer with... 4

I woke up early in the morning in a bit of a haze sensing someone near me and then remembered going to sl**p with my cock buried in my mom’s ass and realized it was my mom next to me. I put my arm around her; she immediately took my hand moving it up to her tits and squeezed my hand. I followed her lead and fondled her tits while she wiggled her ass against my crotch. I was still sl**py and dozed back off with I’m sure, a big smile on my face and a somewhat aroused cock. I must have dozed for a couple more hours, for when I woke, my mom was just coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. S... Continue»
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naughty vicky

you get a video in the post, when your alone with the house to yourself , play the video

it starts with me lying on a big double bed I`m wearing a all in one red fisnet body stocking I`ve got thick red lipstick on.

Two naked men appear from behind the camera and join me on the bed. One starts to play with my tiny cock while the other offers his into my mouth, my full red lips wrapping around his cock taking it deep into my mouth. The other one is slowly fucking my arse with his lubed up fingers two at first but soon he`s got four up me, I`m writhing around on the bed now sucking hard... Continue»
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A hot summer with... 3

Here I am eating my dinner sitting across from my mom. So what is so unusually about that you might ask? Well, my mom is sitting there with nothing on except her thong panties. She is a beautiful woman with wonderful big tits that I can’t keep my eyes off and when I’m close to her now, can’t keep my hands off. It hard to imagine that it was but a few days ago that if I ever got just a glimpse of her cleavage or upper thighs, I would go into my room and jack off. Now I’m actually sitting across from her while she is essentially nude. She is just delightful, sitting there talking about what has ... Continue»
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my wife seducing my banker

Hi I am stive white man from brooklyn new york its is my real story , my wife is from mexican her name salma , we are marred 2 year before, we are meet at my friend marriage , we share contact and meet again love each other. I am running business in broklyn , 1 year before some improvement in my shope and I took money from some financers, persa he is a jew , but business not going good the credit was increased I cant pay such money because its more than imageble.he send some guys in my shope and destroy somethin.. I don’t know what to do . I talk to my friend and my parents they didn’t help me... Continue»
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Lucy, my daughter's best friend.

So the music blaring from my daughter’s room tells me that she is in as I enter the house. As I put down my keys I can hear that she is playing that new Aussie group 5 seconds of summer, again! I’d tell her to turn it down but I know that whilst she will oblige after some persuasion that within 10 minutes we’ll be back to where we are now, so I decide to leave it. Anyway at some point in the next 15-20 minutes one of her mates is bound to phone her for a really important chat about someone’s latest tweet or what one of their college friends has put on facebook or some other inane social media ... Continue»
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My First Meeting With Denise

My First Meeting With Denise

A story by Chris Straight
@all rights reserved

I was hiking in the hills just on the edge of the city. I had a favorite trail. It was quiet and peaceful. Lots of green shade and plenty of pine needles on the trail. When I came to a familiar fork in the trail, I decided not to take my usual path and instead I took the other trail, which was hardly visible. It dipped down for a while, and then curved around a bit. Then, without warning, I came upon a man and woman arguing. He was dressed in army camouflage—boots, pants, shirt, hat, the whole thing. She was... Continue»
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Fucking A Friend At Her Wedding (True)

This is the true story of a sexually experience I had with a girl I met at work and ended up fucking her at her wedding. Enjoy.

I first met Katie while I was working retail and as soon as I laid eyes on her I was hooked. She had an amazing body but what lured her to me more then anything was big tits. I eventually built up the urge to talk to Katie and we quickly became friends. She was nineteen at the time and grew up on a farm before moving to go to school and wo... Continue»
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A hot summer with... 2

I played ball with my buddies for about 4 hours, I had a hard time concentrating on what I was doing as visions of my mom and aunt being naked and me fucking them kept running through my mind. At about 2 pm we all decided that we'd had enough ball playing and so went our separate ways. I headed straight home, looking forward to hopefully more intimate sessions with my mom and maybe my aunt if she was still there. As I turned the corner near our house, my cock tingled as I saw my aunt's car still in our driveway. I parked my car and went in through the front door. I could hear my mom humming in... Continue»
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Linda's cousin

After I had been going out with Linda for about a couple of months, she introduced me to Alan, her cousin who lived in the next village. He was a year older than me and I had known about him at school. Linda had told me that he liked playing with men as well as girls. He did not try anything on with me but when I bumped into him one day, he asked me if I would like a bit of fun which could lead to a threesome with an older man. I agreed so we arranged to meet on the recreation ground that evening.

I knew that the toilets at the rear of the pavilion had holes in the walls and that it was pos... Continue»
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A hot summer with... 1

Here I am spending my summer after my first year of college running a web site for my mother and aunt. It is of course an adult site with many many hits a day. I just finished editing a video clip of my aunt being gang banged by 12 black men. It was so intense that it took me over two hours to edit it because I stopped numerous times to jack off. This sexual experience all started the day after I got home from college, the scenario goes like this:

Once I got out of high school, my dad and mom divorced. She told me that they had decided to split five years ago, but waited until I was 18 befo... Continue»
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The Voyeur

The Voyeur

Back in the late 1980s I worked overseas in an arab country. I can’t say which one. Anyway. I was there as part of a team that consisted of about a dozen people. For 6 months and we lived in a property owned by our employers and they employed several local men to run the house. This included a cook and a general handy man. They had been employed by the company for over 15 years but one of our team (a woman) who had stayed there before warned the women that the handy man was a little creepy and in the past had tried to walk into bedrooms when women were changing and things like t... Continue»
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Bathhouse Fun III

An xhamster friend stated that he assumed I had a plan for each visit I make to the bathhouse/spa. I said I do. When I visit, I go with an idea of what I am going to do for that visit. I go with the intent of maximizing my pleasure as well as my potential partner’s.
Last Saturday, I got pleasantly derailed. I was planning on doing some nude sun bathing and posing in some very suggestive positions to garner some hot advances. After I cleaned up and showered, I was on my way to the patio when a young black fellow gave me an eye catching look. Not being one to miss an opportunity, I angle... Continue»
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T-or-D with Alex and stranger Karen in/on public t

Once off the bus Alex and I walked to the train plat form. Two others were there as well a man who looked to be homeless and some lady busy playing with her phone. Alex chooses dare, so I dared him to masturbate until the train arrived. Alex whipped his cock out and began to play with himself. It turned me on to watch him break out his shell and be so daring. I think he enjoyed it just as much cause he had a raging boner, the bum was watching creepily, I told Alex he laughed. The next train was scheduled to be here in 7 min. another women came onto the platform Alex got scared but c... Continue»
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A Mothers Realisation pt 2

So, as I left off from my first telling....I settled down onto the sofa wearing that same kimono robe I had worn during my cam chat, and took a large glug of my wine. I noticed that Steven had placed a cushion across his lap, and was looking a little flushed in the face....I remembered he had admitted to spying on me during our cam session, and realised that he must have been doing just that not moments ago as I took my bath. My heart was pumping harder in my chest at the thought, and I drained my glass, trying not to allow those ideas into my head. As I leant over to refill my glass, I notice... Continue»
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