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Bath time

the steaming bath is now brimming over soapy bubbles pouring onto the floor.. I take position at the back of the bath step in smarting at the heat..... you slide backward to nuzzle into my chest... water sloshes onto the floor

more hot water you demand...

I'll just let some out...first

on with the taps let me stand up to reach over you oops excuse me...

how is that...

is that long enough? hot enough? deep enough for you? ....

let me slide back in behind you.... lean back into me aaaah

of course there is.... but first i am busy rubbing you ,... moving from your ... Continue»
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something for a friend

this is a story I wrote last time I was on hamster, hopefully a few will recognise it:

I meet Chris in the pub, weve met once before at a works do, but he is best mates with Dave who is married to Claire. Claire and Dave have organised the night and invited us to theirs for what they describe as fun, and for us to assist them with Claire's ultimate fantasy.

Having a quick drink each before its time to leave to the house, I ask Chris if he is still comfortable with sharing his best friends wife, to which he replies of course, ive fancied her ever since she married Dave, infact, he winks ... Continue»
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Jamie's Descent Part 1

Jamie's Descent

Nikkie Silk

Chapter 1

What did we do before social media? How did we manage to get through
the day without that endless stream of dirty jokes, funny photographs,
gossip and links to dodgy websites that now fill our lives? Yeah,
yeah, I can hear you grumble. Get on with it, I can hear you say. Well,
dear reader, it was one of those links that started me down the road
to... oh, you'll find out soon enough. I was 18 and I had just come
down to London from my hometown in Norfolk after leaving school.

A friend of my father's had offered me a job in an off... Continue»
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My First Time

My First Time
Although I played sports (Basketball, and Swimming) and was tall well built and athletic, I always seemed to be an outsider. My father a big wheel attorney was a tall well built Nordic guy. He traveled a lot especially to Southern California, being in demand in the entertainment industry. Mom was a Black woman, a professor at U of W often involved in projects especially in Alaska and Northwestern Canada. Growing up in Washington State in those times left me confused and without a culture, I was neither white nor black and there is no mulatto culture. Of course within the f****y... Continue»
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Ana, the red light and the traffic cop

Ana, the red light and the traffic cop
Everything was going wrong for me that Friday afternoon. I was really late for an appointment with my loving Victor and so I was in a rush, driving my own car like crazy on L.A. heavy traffic.
I was going as fast as I could in the middle of crowded streets. I approached a light about to change, stepped on the accelerator, swerved around a car which was trying to stop and shot wildly through the intersection just as the yellow light turned red.

Then I saw the flashing light and heard a siren from a police car.
Oh, no, I did not have time for this, I... Continue»
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My first shemale experience

so i've read plenty of stories on this website and thought I would share my own with you from 2011

For years I had fantasised about being with a ladyboy, but didn't know how to go about it as I didn't want to pay for an e****t.
I found a ladyboy dating website and created an account, it cost $30 for the month but was still cheaper than paying for an e****t and slightly more classy.
After about a week of sending messages to compatible matches, I finally got a response from an Asian TS who was visiting from Malaysia. She said she liked my photos and wanted to meet with me that weekend, so w... Continue»
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The Talk

My wife is the most beautiful woman ever! She is hotter & more attractive than you're wife. No, she really is! At times I feel like I am unworthy of her but I would like to think most men are. We are just enjoying ourselves in the park as we walk along. After walking for about half an hour we get a bit tired and sit on a bench and start to make out. Everything drives me crazy about her; her sweet Bolivian lips, her hair, especially when parts of it is on my face when we french, her long legs, and her exotic gorgeous eyes. At one point after frenching each other down I kiss her lips and softly ... Continue»
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Future Prison

A pervert controlled

In the year 2050, the world has changed. Women are now in control, men have been reduced to second class citizens, we are all slaves and must obey women totally. We have a dress code, we must keep our bodies’ shaven and smooth from the neck to the ankles we are only allowed to dress in very short mini-skirts, no top and no underwear.
Women have the right to order any man they cross in the street to lift up his skirt and wank in front of them as they sneer and insult him. The man must cum in his hand then swallow his own spunk or rub i... Continue»
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My Grandma and her Twin s****r Part 2

My Lovely Granny May
I had such a great time with Nanna I decided to accept their invite to stay the weekend. Just as well Aunty May Nanna’s s****r was hanging out for what her s****r got from me.
They cooked me a fantastic dinner that night we had a good talk about f****y and such then I said I was tired and Aunty May said. “Well Johnno we cant have that I want you real fresh in the morning, you are going to have a busy morning. A gleam came over her face as she smiled at me, “You know what I mean darling don’t you?”
“Yes I do Aunty, I promised you will have the same as Nanna so what tim... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 3

Chapter 3
The Date
The next morning, a leisurely Saturday at 9:00 AM Adrian was seated in the Café Metropolitan in the business district. Most of the early breakfast tourists had already finished and were off to their tours and explorations for the day. He sat outside alone at a table in the middle of the café enjoying the morning sun and a coffee as he read the morning newspaper. He looked up and saw a smiling cute blonde boy wearing an orange/yellowish beret over his curly blonde hair which came down to just below his ears. The cute boy wore a stylish white form fitting chemise and very t... Continue»
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Hidden Cam

I have a hidden camera in my bedroom, so I can watch my wife masturbate when she gets horny. So one day, I was at work on my way home, I called Linda to make sure she was ready, we were going to a movie. She said she was ready and waiting for me. While she was waiting, she was in the bedroom she took off her panties and lifted up her skirt. She started to rub her pussy, after a few minutes of rubbing, she opens her night stand and pulls out her 7 inch dildo. At that point in time when I bought her those dildo’s they only had 7 and up. See my cock is only 6 inches but I still make her cum. She ... Continue»
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ClassMate Fantasy part 3

As I open the door into the bedroom, a little bit of jizz oozes out and makes contact with my leg. I pay no attention to it and start turning the shower on. I leave the bathroom as I let the water start to heat up as I leave the room to go lay out some clothes for after. I pull out some boxers and a shirt to wear around my place until I need to get ready. I get back to find that I turned the heat on way too hot and now my glasses get blasted with steam when I enter the bathroom. I turn on some cold water immediately and try to simmer down the steamy shower. I look down at my crotch area ... Continue»
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My New Neighbors ( Cahpa 5) She's Back!


I went back to work on Monday walking a little funny from the hot hard sex over the weekend, but I didn’t mind at all. I went to the office and sat at my desk and as usual turned on my computer and checked my e-mail. There was a message from Cindy that said I was to meet with her at today a five-thirty to discuss some changes she was thinking about, and that she wanted my input. Wow, I thought was this the same women I had met last week? I showed up at Cindy’s office at five-thirty and her secretary had already left for the day so I knocked on the ... Continue»
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My New Neighbors (Chap 2) My new Boss


The next morning came too early; my alarm clock rang at seven o’clock. I got up and went into the bathroom to take my shower and get ready for work. As I stood under the warm stream of water my mind raced back to last night. It wasn’t a dream as I had hoped, and I remembered how amazing it made me feel as the hot water sprayed against my nipples arousing me as I thought about the hot sex. I came to my senses because I had to get to work and put this out of my mind.

The day at work was a normal one for me. I taught my classes in first y... Continue»
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My New Neighbors (Chap 3) My First Lesson


It was Friday and the rest of the week had gone by without anything else happening. At the end of the day my assistant knocked on my door and brought me an envelope with only my first name on it. I asked her where it came from.

“A young man brought it in” she said.

I read the note. It instructed me to drive to the mall by nine o’clock and park my car at the rear entrance of the Sears store and wait. It also said that I was to wear a skirt and blazer with no shirt or bra under it. The more I read the madder I became, but I didn’t k... Continue»
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My New Neighbors (chap 4) Check Out Time


After I dressed, I went to my car and pulled it around to the front of the motel to turn my key into the office. I went into the office but I didn’t see anyone. It was after one o’clock in the morning so I thought maybe the night clerk had dozed off in the back. I called out “Excuse me, I need to turn in my room key” I heard a voice from the back room say “Could you please bring it back here, I’m trying to finish my dinner.”

I just wanted to get out of this place and go home, so I walked to the back to give him the key. As I walked a... Continue»
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Cumslut BIM at ABS

Had a day off, decided I was too horny for laundry. Drove to adult theater and bookstore. Went in about 1:30 pm. Took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to darkness. This was an old regular theater where they used to show those weird movies where people wore clothes. Fortunately it had porn as it's daily fare. I sat in the back row. One seat had been removed so it seemed a great place to suck cocks and eat cum. I was starting to enjoy the porn when a guy in a suit walked over. He pulled out his tool. He moved over by me and gently turned my head towards his dick. T... Continue»
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19 year old Nigger fucks her first Big White CocK

I'm married to an attractive White woman I'm a horny bastard I fuck her til she cums her asshole quivers everytime she can only take so much of me so I do tend to look elsewhere. I live in a predominantly black neighborhood. I'm an attractive middle aged man blonde hair and blue eyes the black chicks hit on me often. I am selective about which ones I choose to fuck I have my Pride. This one I could not resist. I fucked the black preachers daughter she was 19. A fine piece of ass a perfect 10. She was about 5'9" had big firm tits small waste and a huge ass. After fucking her ruining her hair we... Continue»
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New Neighbors (Chap 1) The beginning


I was driving down my street on the way home from work and I noticed a moving van parked in front of the vacant house next door. I was glad to see that someone was finally moving in. I pulled my car into the garage and closed the door. And as I usually did after getting home I feed my dogs, and then prepared myself something to eat and I sat in front of the TV and ate dinner. After dinner I walked my dogs around the block. I was enjoying my walk and wanted to go around again, but it was close to dark, so I decided to go back to the house. Wh... Continue»
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If you are a Dom Black Man Or White Biker Type REA

I am calling out to all Dom Masculine Black Men and Dom Masculine White bikers ( white men with long beards who wear a lot if not all black leather and ride harley's , I would really enjoy being owned by a Dom Masculine Black Man who owns and wears a lot of black leather clothing , gloves and boots. In addition to being a Leather Master the more experience he has training slaves like me the better for me. Black Men do have pretty big cocks so I will have high hopes for my Black Sir , Daddy or Master of him having a big fuckng black cock Im talking I would be very happy to be trained with a 10... Continue»
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