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my swimming lesson

It was on 8th standard summer holidays that my parents decided to take me to a one month summer swimming camp. They had separate section for boys and girls taught by two different trainers at different timing. We paid for the classes and I even started going for the evening boys classes for one week. Then it happened. I fell sick, making it unable for me to go for the remaining classes. By the time I became well and got fully recovered, the swimming class was over. Nevertheless my parents wanted me to go and check if something could be done about the remaining classes.

I went and checke... Continue»
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best experience ever!

This is a very true story that happened when i was 20yrs old and till now 15 years later make me realy harder than other encounters in my life.
I was home from university summer vacations while my girlfriend took a summer job in the university she studied. Her best friend was anna(fake name) where her boyfriend was in the army by that time. Since the four of us where very good friends and we were always going out together, all the time before we left for studying or during vacations, it came as normal to me and anna to go out some nights this summer just as friends.
By the way anna was as ... Continue»
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The initiation of Claudia (1)

The initiation of Claudia (1) It is now three days since I met Claudia a beautiful brunette woman 32 years with generous shapes and heavy breasts that I like in a bar in the city where she was having a drink at the bar.  I invited him to take a last drink at home and we made love immediately. Excited we gave this three times in the night.  Tonight I gave him an appointment with me. I concocted a good little Asian meal.  She arrived, splendid in a small quite short black skirt and slinky with a white blouse neckline glimpse largely leaving her beautiful breasts.  Halfway through the meal, I ask... Continue»
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My love.

Well, seeing as you can't be at home with me I'll come to you. When everyone goes out I'll lock us in your office. Seeing as you so subtly hinted you'd like me to strip for you. I could probably sit on your desk, slowly taking off all of my clothes. I'd have your favourite red underwear on and surprise you with new stockings. After that if you haven't already started touching me, I'll start until your big hard dick wants more.

Well I'm going to guess that you want to watch me so I sit on the edge of your desk right in front of your chair. I tell you to come closer, spread my legs and balanc... Continue»
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Oct.28th...shaved in the hospital.

I recently fell off of a bar stool in my kitchen on a hardwood floor and idiot me broke my hip just before Halloween.
However,the reason for this story is that while in the hospital for 2 weeks going though surgery and physical therapy it seemed that my shaved cock and balls grabbed the attention of quite a few people there. I mean it COULDN'T have been the first time that nurses and my anesthesiologist and surgeon have seen this before but it started when a female nurse was helping me into the shower. She was trying to maintain her respect of my privacy by keeping me as covered as possible ... Continue»
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Only In My Dreams

At 40 years old I am still pretty active and in quite good shape. Retired
military and still loving to keep the body strong. I attend the local college
and working night's security, for a well established adult club. This muggy,
full moon night, I came home and to my surprise, found my wife's, closest
girlfriend. She lived a bit away but works the local club/bar that was near our
home. She always uses the house to change and get a quick bite to eat before and
after work. I guess tonight was no different. All the same... ... Continue»
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Sex With My Wife and Teens

Chapter 1 My Wife and I on Sex Spree

My wife Phil works part time in a big council estate with single mothers.
Phil is bi sexual and loved consoling the horny single mums.

One day I came home and went upstairs to go into our bedroom
But when i got there Phil had hung a pair of her red pantys on the knob of bedroom door
I smiled it meant she was "breaking in a new mum" while green pantys meant I could go in and join the fucking party
She always kept a pair of green pantys under a pillow on the bed
If she waved them it would be my signal to go into the bedroom and catch them fucking
... Continue»
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A father and his daughter part 7

Chapter 7

The road trip was fun we went to Amish country, shopped and watched how they make furniture. We tasted all kinds of different wines and cheeses. We even let the girls sip some wine. My mind was on the women, every turn I made one of there tits, ass or legs was taunting me. Each one took turns hugging or kissing on me, further teasing me.

We got quite a few looks from strangers, Two black women, a white teen and black teen all accompanying a 39 year old white guy and each one showing a lot of PDA.

Finally ... Continue»
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The start of an epic semester

This did not really happen

So at campus I’m just always in my books never really worrying about anything but mid-year my Auditing lecture changed unsure why but it was needed we were failing like it was a requirement.

That’s when everything changed my new lecture was something amazing she came in just greeted and the class was dead I think it was more because of how she looked then she just being there. I was facing my friend when she came in I heard her voice and just turned around that’s when I saw her. Long slender legs wearing stockings, a really tight top was all I noticed making t... Continue»
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My Sex Fun with My Landlady and Others

Chapter 1

My first job I stayed in a guesthouse in Brighton
Diane the landlady was a big tits blonde 40 yrs old and I was 18
Diane wore very short mini dresses with stockings and suspender belt
I was just starting the fucking scene and had mainly fucked young schoolgirls
I found myself watching Diane all the time and when she bent over I got a clear view of her lacy see through pantys. She had a bushy cunt and a lovely tight arse. My cock hardened every time I saw her
An older guy about 50 used to leer at her and tell me he would love to fuck her.
Their was a young girl at work Amy wh... Continue»
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Facetime Accident With Mother In Law

Facetime Accident With Mother In Law

It was the usual time me and my girlfriend would facetiming but I felt a little risky this time so I was already naked. I gave her number a ring and had the camera straight at my junk trying to throw a little surprise there for her. I was swaying it back and forth and I still didn't get a reply. All I heard was.. “Uhm... Hello...” Next thing I noticed it was my girlfriends mom. I said oh shit and struggled trying to hang up while she said “No no... don't hang up. You've already done too much mister.” Sounding pretty mad. We now were facetiming as you sho... Continue»
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That Afternoon


Greg James could not believe what he was doing. Nor how this had come to happen. Circumstances and situation, he conveniently told himself. Of course, this explanation excluded the fact that it was ultimately his choice. Nor did it allow him any comfort in the truth that he was enjoying the wickedly delightful experience. Very much.
Greg was not an evilly minded man. Until that afternoon, he did not consider himself to be wicked either. Yet, something had changed in him. His mind had abandoned logic and morality. His a****l instincts had taken him over. The physical need bec... Continue»
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I dare you Not to get Hard, reading this Story

This is coming from a woman, it is a true account of a part of my life that really happened, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I would love to say in my defence that I was going through a stressful part in my life, but somehow that plea does appear weak, so I have to be honest with you readers, I am a pervert, and only this can excite me, let me start at the beginning, and tell you like it happened, and you will be my judge, and perhaps say something in the comments section, even call me and we can talk over coffee, I will make myself available if you are near me.

... Continue»
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My first time

I was a 20yr old virgin the first time I had physical sexual contact with another person - besides the light petting a (male) cousin and I got into when I was 15, and the french kissing sessions I had numerous times with my best friend's s****r. For the first time, someone was gonna touch my cock in a sexual manner and I was going to explore them too.

For a couple of years, I had "played" around on the local phone chat lines that you sometimes still see on late night tv. These were free to call, totally free for women, and limited to men.
It was also around this time that I had discove... Continue»
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The Fantasy

The wife has a fantasy she confessed to me a while back. Every time I think about it I get hard. I finally decided one day to make it come true for her.

It took some doing but I finally got it all together. I told her we were going out on date night. Little did she know I had packed a goody bag in the trunk and that she was in for a ride.

I told her I wanted to surprise her with where we were going, so I made her wear a blindfold. She hesitatingly put it on. We drove to the place where the "surprise" was waiting and I stopped the car. We were at a small unused warehouse that I... Continue»
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I got off early

I got off work around one in the morning and hit the closest gas station on the way home. I had some green at lunch with the boss so I was hungry and thirsty... chocolate milk I thought. I went to the cooler and of course some guy was partly blocking the door. Dave was black, looked a little older than me, shorter but pretty stocky about 230lbs. Big beard, big hairy arms, big hairy muscles, big hairy ass, big and hairy all around and a bit of a gut, but mostly muscular. I gave him about two seconds to decide before I reached past him, excuse, myself and opened the door grabbing the biggest jug... Continue»
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An After School Encounter...

It was a late fall day as I left school mixing in with the gaggle of students you would see at any inner city high school. Terrance, a student from my history class caught up with me '...Hey David wait up...' I turned to see Terrance coming through the crowd and wondered what is it he wanted.

Terrance caught up with me and explained '...Ms. Wilson, our history teacher, said I should try and get with you and ask you to help me with my history assignments...' I looked at Terrance rather quizzically as he continued. '...Ms. Wilson says that you have an uncanny way to deal with your history a... Continue»
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Julie’s mischievous desires – Part 4

Julie’s mischievous desires – Part 4

This story involves (i)ncest…if that offends you, Do Not read this story!

--------- Chapter 9
The feelings of arousal are building as Linda, Mark, and Julie play…

Linda could feel her body trembling; her daughter’s mouth felt so good on her tit, at n*ne years old her little girl wasn’t suckling for nourishment, she was suckling with passion. Memories flooded her mind of the last few times Linda had breast fed Julie, she let her daughter nurse until she was f*ve years old. Linda had been reluctant to stop tr... Continue»
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restroom voyeur

While driving south for thanksgiving, I stopped in a frewway restroom and was using the urinal.
I had to pee bad and was paying attention to my relief. as it subsided, I was caught by motion to my left. The sink was positioned so that the mirror was aimed at whomever was using that first urinal. I saw a young man staring at the urinal and realized I was semi hard and he was obviously enjoying the show. I remembered being young and decided to show a little harder. I turned slightly and stroked it a few times and was hard quickly. I was feeling real good after a few strokes and decided to quick... Continue»
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Still at this quite a rundown hostel facility with a nice garden.
BUT the best thing is that MANY FOREIGNERS stay there on top of local seamen waiting for their call of duty abroad.

The last time i was there, I opted for the top bunk and it gave me a lot of unforgettable adventure.

------ one time i hang my clothes around the bunks railings but left a one foot section open. i noticed that time that a few bunks away from me, also on the top bunk, was a local seaman. it was morning and i got up first and when i saw him waking up, i got out my cock and started jacking off. i saw him react... Continue»
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