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Anna's Abduction Part 1

please be kind this is my first time down this road with this kind of story, Anna

I sat on my haunches in the corner of damp sparsely furnished room. I glanced at the bed and felt a ripple of fear go up my spine as I hugged myself and rocked slowly as I quietly sobbed. My buttocks still stung from the spanking and I felt hot red welts on my poor butt cheeks.

I whimpered quietly to myself as I felt my captors sperm leaking out of my butt hole. My hot wet little pink pussy lips were encrusted with dried sperm evidence of my repeated r****g. My pussy was a red swollen gash. Open and still... Continue»
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Meeting with MistressAngelLuv part 1

My meeting with Mistres Angel was just what I was hoping it would be.

That wonderful Monday began with me showering at home, putting on my dark purple "modified" leggings and loading up the rest of the toys in the car. When I say "modified" I mean the crotch has been cut out of them to allow easier access to my cock and ass. I wore the purple ones because, 1) Mistress ordered me to, and 2) Mistress loves purple. The jeans I put on over my leggings had some interestingly placed holes in them; one of them being in my left ass cheek where all you could see was about a 3/4 inch diameter sp... Continue»
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Mom Seduced Son When He Came Home And Went To Take

This a real incident happened to me in last year. I am Naresh ( name changed ) I live in banglore with my parents. My mom name is vasundhara ( name changed ) she is around 40. When I was c***d my mom used to bath me regularlty but this habit was gone when I became adult.

One day I went for hair dress when I came come no one was there only me and mom where there. After entering home I started going towards bath room suddenly mom called my name and told that you w
... Continue»
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Early Mornings

The movie – one of those all-nighter ordeals- was over. It was four o’clock in the morning and I was still wide awake. I knew I didn’t want to go home. I had spent the entire last movie in the back row, my fingers slipped secretively down the front of my pants, loving the feel of my wet pussy as I made myself cum over and over in quick succession. I wasn’t quite satisfied though. Not yet. I set my sights on the street that led to his house. I decided to pay him an early morning visit.
When I knocked on the door, my heart was pounding in my throat and I could feel the juices from my excited ... Continue»
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Public Sex

You're sitting in a MacDonald's, your head cupped in your hand as you refresh your hotmail page for the thousandth time. I stopped responding and you feel your heart sink. What on earth is she doing??

You look at your watch, it's almost time for you to go. You wanted to get your raging urges written down in an email before you left, but I'm not responding, so you figure this is as good time as any to get back on the road. You sigh and close your laptop with a snap, standing up. You turn around and nearly walk right into someone. You mutter your apologies as you stand back and take a look. ... Continue»
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What Kind of Club Is This?

When you are widowed and not yet ready for the old folks home, a man eventually returns to the dating scene. I had just turned 40 and I wondered if this would be a traumatic experience, it being over 20 years since I was a batchelor. So over a period of meeting women of different ages and backgrounds, I found that I was more at ease with women a few years older than myself. My main means of meeting these females consisisted of going to a couple of country and western clubs. After a few months of going to this one particular club, I met a gal who had similar likes to mine. This gal, I'll call h... Continue»
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Three some in the van

My friend Mitch rang me up on a Saturday night, explaining that he had got back with his ex girlfriend Lucy , as you may be aware, I've mentioned Lucy in one of my previous stories. A quick recap- Mitch is about 5ft11 and well built , being my best friend and gym partner we do a lot together. Lucy was a size 6/8 really toned ass and size EE fake boobs.

Anyway as I was saying , Mitch rang me and told me the situation he was in, he wanted to give Lucy an amazing night, and she wanted to be treated like a slut. I had just the idea, I told Mitch to take her out in his van, go for a meal and a f... Continue»
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Three's a crowd

I was attending a party, at a pub in a town near where I live.
Yes, I was dressed up; a black and white frilly skirt that hung to just above mid-thigh, denim knee high boots and a tiny tube top.
I was here because someone at work mentioned this place, not recommended you understand, no; he was complaining about it. He spent about twenty minutes telling us on our lunch hour that every thursday night it was tranny night. His precious pub turned "gay" every thursday.
Okay, so he's an arsehole, we all know, but he doesn't know that I'm a crossdressing, cock-craving, fuck puppet. If he did, i'm ... Continue»
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Mr. Texas

There was a knock on my door early that morning.
I glanced up from my bed and moved my fingers away from my glistening, begging pussy, waiting for another knock. Maybe they had the wrong address. The knock came again and I rose to my feet, letting my t-shirt d**** down and partially cover my nakedness. I went to the door and opened it a crack.
“Is this Ms. Em’s residence?” a voice asked. I saw a blue eye peer in at me. The accent was soft and sweet. Something from the south.
“Yes,” I answered again. I could feel the juices from my pussy dripping down my legs. I wanted to finish ... Continue»
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A Good Houseboy

The sun was just starting to set when Jonathan along with his two good friends Pedro and Deshawn, all three of the young men laughing at one the many goofy things to come out of Deshawn’s mouth, had just walked back into the three bedroom apartment they all shared. After they shut the door behind them they all walked into the living room and made themselves comfortable on the couch before a silly fight broke out over control of the TV remote, followed by a heated debate on what to watch. The three men lounged about talking and watching TV when the guys heard the sounds of keys at the door and ... Continue»
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Midnight Visitor

It was late and we were in bed for the night. I was spooning her with my throbbing cock pressed against the crack of her really hairy ass. Suddenly the bedroom door opens. There's enough light to see that it's the old white guy that lives in our neighborhood. He asks what I'm doing in his bed and starts to take off his clothes. I'm so shocked I can't say anything. He reeks of alcohol so I know he's d***k off his ass. I realize I must have left the door unlocked, and in his d***ken state he must have mistakenly walked into our house. Miraculously my girl is still unconcious, actually, she'd smo... Continue»
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All about him

First time sharing a story like this.... be kind :)

All about him...

First time writing publishing publically, it was written for someone and he overly enjoyed , if

you get my meaning. So I thought I would see what others thought.

There is a knock at the door, I run to the bedroom to get my robe, as I am cuddled on the couch

in a tank top and shorts enjoying the quiet time with the girls are in bed.

I open the door and you are standing there, I move aside and let you in.

Right away wrapping my arms around your neck kissing you lips and neck. Pushing you coa... Continue»
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samantha satine - slut's grand day out

A sissy slut’s grand day out…

The date had been in her sissy diary for some time – they had agreed the time and place a few weeks earlier.

The arrangements had been made - slut to arrive as early as possible and leave as late as possible - her date wanting to get as much pleasure as possible from their day together.

She rose early on the day.

Bathed in her luxurious bath foam.

Shaved her long slim sexy legs.

Lying back and allowing the perfume to permeate her pores she thought of the day ahead.

They had agreed on three looks or outfit sets for her to take and wear... Continue»
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Mummy's boy.

Richie had always been close to me since his father died. At 16 he was very mature for his age, and he reminded me a lot of his dad. Just pegging his shorts on the washing line sometimes made me horny. This particular day I couldn't take it any more, so I went into my bedroom and lay down on the bed. My sex toys were in the bedside drawer, so I took some lube and an enormous vibrating black dildo out, and began to lube up the toy. I held my lips apart with my left hand and slowly began to insert the huge cock into my already wet cunt. Gently I started to fuck my pussy with the dildo, my pace g... Continue»
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she could not get pregnant she said, was free to d

She bought the house down the st. and hired me for some projects. I was 23 at the time and side work was my fun money. She was a much older woman but had an amazing body. She always looked nice and very clean. Her home was museum clean, so I expected she looked great nude.

I was not disappointed when she came in the bedroom. She wore a bad jacket of while silk with a loose cleavage line. They looked big and full right then. She had offered me sex and just that. Told her wealthy husband was not attentive at home, just with the girl he paid for sex. She and he finally divorced after she hire... Continue»
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Yoga Trainer

One morning my wife was reading newspaper, she pointed an ad of yoga and dance teaching, my wife requested me she want to learn dance,
i said ok, she called on the given number in ad, and fix a meeting at home with trainer at 4 pm. my wife anna have big ass and strong legs that any man can lust for her easily. she have average boobs, lovely face with half curly hairs, she was in perfect frame that any man can do anything to fuck her.

at 4 pm door bell ring, my wife opened the door, and there was a tall handsome man was standing with strong body. he introduced himself as the yoga trainer.... Continue»
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Yoga Trainer Part 2

next day was sunday it was afternoon, i was sitting in hall, anna were so happy since last day, she was wearing a very exposing transparent white gown, barely covering her naked ass, she didnt wear any bra or panty inside it, i was horny seeing my wife in that dress. i came near her and hugged her from behind and pressed her nipples, anna pushed me back. and said "honey please i am not in mood". then the door bell ring, i opened the door, it was mark, he said hello, he was wearing shorts till knee and a tshirt, as anna saw it was mark, she run to door and jumped on mark, mark hold her in his b... Continue»
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Condom Compromise

Condom Compromise.
John Kavanagh

My wife and I had been swinging with other couples, groups and selected singles for some time and very much enjoying the experience. Being nudists our main criteria was to have all naked and just let it all happen as we all felt comfortable. Bernice, my wife is lightly bi as am I, though her preference was for cock and lots of it in all holes so we often entertained an extra guy at our “gatherings” to keep the women happy and the only thing that I liked more than watching a guy fuck her, enjoying the contrast in skin tones (she is b... Continue»
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Fraisethorpe Nudist Beach Experience

Fraisethorpe Nudist Beach Experience.

MMM, true, bbk, oral, sloppy seconds, group, outdoors.

John Kavanagh is happy to share this account with you and is happy for you to
pass it on to any friends who might appreciate the events described, all as
they occurred and if you are on the beach would be happy to meet with you to
replicate the pleasures experienced. Please however note that the area where
overt sexual activity occurs, both bi and hetero, is distinct from the main
naturist beach and any open sexual display on the main beach is both a real
... Continue»
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Mystic Night PART FOUR

Maximus woke up in the middle of the day, with both fairies in his arms. They were all spooning, with Minea in the middle, him behind her, and Eneia in her arms. He slowly got up, and as he was standing next to his bed, his eyes were caressing two stunning, sl**ping girls. The sun was high, shining through thin white d****s, throwing shadowy glow on the girls. He was admiring their bodies, soft skin, inviting full breasts, and exquisite legs, which ended in firm tushies. Excitement started to grow within his body. At the same time, he felt an overwhelming protectiveness for the girls. He knew ... Continue»
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