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The Cum Slut Wife

Steve and Connie Johnson appeared to be the perfect couple. Steve was a successful business man who ran a large company. Connie was the heart of every charity and social function for their small community. The both were considered likeable but also very proper.

Appearances as they say can be and often are misleading. The couple had been growing apart for several years. Steve had secretly become a porn addict. As for Connie she had an even deeper and darker secret.

Steve at first did not notice but his wife suddenly began to ... Continue»
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Mom Needs a Fuck!

I was sitting in the living room when my mom walked in from her bedroom. Immediately I noticed that mom was dressed up. At first she looked like a respectable outfit but I noticed the skirt was much shorter than she normally wore. Her top was partially open and I could see her cleavage clearly. The stiletto heels screamed that she was a tramp! I could see the top of her stockings!

"Where are going dressed like that?" I asked

"I have been invited to a little social get together down at the Red Piano. I thought I would get out... Continue»
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I decided to approach Julie my wife about the sex sessions she had been having with her employee who is also our neighbour. I had been recording them for the last few weeks. I didn't know how to approach her so one night when we got into bed naked as we did when we wanted to fuck, I hit the play button on the remote and up came the first video I took of my wife and neighbour.
Julie didn't say anything all the way through the movie but had reached over and was stroking my cock, like she wanted to be part of the action she was watching.
When the movie finished she climbed over on top of me gui... Continue»
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The neighbor who had watched. Part 1

I grew up in a neighborhood of track houses. The houses were identical. The master bedrooms were over the garage and the k*ds rooms were on the ground floor at the other end of the house. On hot summer nights I would sleap with the window and dra*pes open. As with most teen boys I masturbated a lot while lying in bed. One night, sometime ago, I had noticed our next door neighbor, Mr. Hood, standing at the window of his master bedroom. He was partially hidden by the dra*pes. It looked like he was watching me masturbate. I really did not care. I was enjoying my hand too much to care and con... Continue»
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Playtime Stories Ch 5 - Best Leather Sales Lady Ev


Shopping is not one of my favorite things to do. I still want to get there, find the items, buy them, and leave for home or wherever and use the items. However, I am female enough that I always want to have instant gratification and see how the item really looks on me.
A couple of years ago I had just begun to buy good quality “stuff” for my little whore-adventures. I was always awkward doing this because it is kind of embarrassing to buy erotic women’s clothing as a guy when it is plainly obvious that it’s your size. I also noticed that sales people are usually aware of my tr... Continue»
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The sweet Bluebird's spiked whip

Noenoe was slapping me. From right, from left. Then from right, from left again. After each couple of slaps i kissed her punishing hands.
I was kneeling on sharp gravel, naked, with my wrists tied together behind my back. My cheeks and lips started swelling. My knees were hurting badly. So were my tied wrists. And my mouth, too, colliding continually with my teeth. And so was my tongue, which i was biting sharp in my effort not to wail with pain.
"Well, filthy bitch", Noenoe said after a very hard couple of slaps, 'do you deserve it? Say."
"Yes, deeply respected Miss", I answered without... Continue»
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Met 2 s****rs with a secret

Synopsis: First of all, I want to apologize. I konw it's been a really long time since I posted anything. I just haven't had much time to write. However, I think you'll find this story worth the wait.

This story is about a young man who heads off to college in New Zealand and meets two beautiful s****rs. Before long, a relationship develops between our hero and one of the s****rs. Of course, if you've read any of my stories, you know there's more to this girl than meets the eye . . .

* * *

I want to get one thing out of the way before I start my story: I'm not gay. It's not a denial t... Continue»
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Senator's "Daughter"

Some things about life are much better and easier when your father's a rich and successful senator, you don't really need to work for one thing, you have all the time and money you could ever want to indulge in whatever fun you want, others are less good, like being an only c***d in a household where your parents were never around. I was nineteen when the events of this story happened. My father, Senator Mark Feldman, had just been re-elected and was very busy all the time, some times spending days away from home when he had important business to attend to in the city. My mother, Madeleine Fel... Continue»
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First Voyeur Experience By Accident

It was Saturday and I had come home to an empty house. I was f******n and worked at a pizza place doing prep work part time. I looked on television and as usual nothing good on. I got bored so I wandered around the house wondering what to do. I had no idea where Mom was. I ended up in her bedroom. I snooped around looking for anything interesting. Under her mattress I found a book about sex. On the cover was a Naked woman and a young boy. The title was "A Mother's Secret". Wow! I opened and read a few pages. Thoughts of Mom fucking me raced through my brain. Did she really want me... Continue»
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Horse Cock Girl 6

A few days after going to the club with Lucy and Scarlet, Amy was on her lunch break at work, thinking deeply. A lot of things that had happened or been said that night had stuck in her head and it had been bugging her since. Everything she was thinking about was to do with her relationship with Lucy and Scarlet.

She'd been thinking about something since even before the club: marriage. She loved Lucy and believed that Lucy lover her too. She was, however, wondering if, were she to ask Lucy to marry her, Scarlet might get jealous. Amy didn't want that, because both she and Lucy loved Scarl... Continue»
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Surpise Bi Birthday party!

My 50th birthday was right around the corner and my wife told me that she would like to do something special for me. She said dinner reservations at my favorite restaurant in Chicago and spend the night in nice hotel downtown. Sure, my kind of weekend - no big party just weekend away with my wife and good food.

The dinner was awesome and we went to a little club for a few drinks before retreating to the hotel for the night. We were both feeling pretty good from the drinks and in the elevator i was trying to get my hand up her skirt. Before we got off the elevator she put a blindfold o... Continue»
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my Japanese-Filipina OC Minami Kousaka

Around November of last year, a friend of mine had a birthday, so we all headed down to Fullerton for a spot of clubbing on Friday night. This particular friend of mine was pretty well known around the clubbing scene, so there were many people from different places whom I have not met before. During this outing, I met a Japanese girl by the name of Minami, who was a quantitative analyst at another bank. She was 24 years old (although she looked more towards 19), and was a graduate from University of Tokyo. She wore a light yellow tube dress with black heels and her dress was more than halfway ... Continue»
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Embarrassed Wife

“I have never seen her this mad,” I thought to myself, as I stood there, stark naked, the heels of my feet touching, my feet forming a V, big toes against the base board of this stretch of wall in our living room, my nose pressed against the wall, my arms straight down at my sides, fingers of my hands relaxed. My reverie continued, “And usually, she has me in that corner over by the front door, so this is quite different. Not much change in scenery though…”
Then my thought processes took me back to the events that led to me being here.
Mary and I had gone to the supermarket, and were che... Continue»
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Dan was in the Philippines on business - he had just come back from a long day working with the outsourcing contractor his firm had engaged with. Walking into the hotel he noticed a number of people milling about all dressed up - and they seemed to all be dressed in Cosplay outfits. Dan secretly had a bit of a Cosplay fetish - especially for sexy woman in Cosplay outfits that were maybe just a little bit too revealing.

Following the crowd he arrived at the convention center in the Hotel he was staying at. Outside was a sign - "Private - 2014 Cos Convention". "Damn" he thought, "Just my luck... Continue»
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At a big festival in a dark tent I had a wonderful time with a couple of teen girls. Let me tell you all about it.

I was at a big summer rock festival hanging round the edge of one of those big tent-stages waiting to spot a target going into the crowd - its basically rammed constantly in this tent and if you wait then follow a girl in, you dont piss as many people off letting a girl do all the barging and plus you end up rammed behind her :)

This fest was packed with teen girls so i didnt have to wait long.. in fact i had to hold back from two opportunities, waiting for a really good one... Continue»
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Dog Sitting Boner

I work at a large bank in the accounting department and we had a new employee join us and she looked really nervous so I tried to befriend her and help her adjust and fit in with everyone. I took her around and introduced her to all my friends at work and had her join our hen fest at lunch to listen to everyone’s gossip and news. She seemed nice and had just moved to our city but she was kind of vague as to why she left home just saying that she needed to move from her parents because of personal reasons and this was the only job that paid enough for her to be on her own she could find. While ... Continue»
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Salt Lake Licks (Half True)

The skiing sucked, the season being almost over. The condo is full of people, where to go? Time to shop.

“How about this one?”…I hold up a crop top and tiny leather skirt for him to see. He nods with approval and I move on to the dressing room. It’s cute, it’s tight, and black leather looks really sexy and I like it even though I’m looking for something a little more bad girl…my body turned, looking at my back side in the mirror I see a face peek through the curtain. “Can I see?” an excited little voice…”of course you can sweetie.”

We both give a quick peek outside and he steps in th... Continue»
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Fiery Heat Ch 5

“T.T. we’re in here.” Tristan’s mother shouted from the dining room immediately he entered the house.

Great! He had hoped lunch would be over by now so he could quietly sneak into his

room to relax in bed. Now he had to face the ‘mob’ as he affectionately called his f****y,

“Hi Doll” Adriana beamed when she saw Tristan, “you look…different.” She observed.

“How different?” Tristan asked with a frown, pulling out a chair to sit at the table.

“I can’t put my finger on it but…there’s something about you.” Adriana said looking closely at her b*****r.

“Well shut up then if you don... Continue»
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St. Lucia (True Story)

The music is good, the weather is warm and I have a few tropical drinks fueling me as I move with him on the dance floor. It’s vacation and with no one watching but my boyfriend I don’t mind dancing with these other guys, especially since my boyfriend likes it. And when another girl joins in and is cute I start imaging how much my boyfriend will like that too.

So it starts as a group and then she and I get closer and closer and find ourselves dancing alone. She’s cute and pretty, and is a lot of fun. We take a break to get a drink and I can see him watching us from the other side... I s... Continue»
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While You Were Out (True Story)

Sunglasses, check. Suncreen, check. Running shoes, check. Camera, check.

I’m ready for my run and I’m also ready for my newest surprise for him. He’s out of town and it gets my mind going, I want to give him a little surprise for when he gets back and rather than taking my usual pictures I thought I’d go a little beyond.

I’d do a series of pictures, a while-you-were-out set of pictures with me naked in different places. I figure I can easily get a naked running picture, I mean no one is ever around out here, and I’m sure I can swing a few sneaky pictures in at the grocery store, a... Continue»
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