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the Weekend 2

The meal over washing up followed then he announced “it was time,” the butterflies immediately returned, as he led her outside and bade her to stand on the veranda.
In front of the building was a square of wooden strips very much after the shape of a door frame, he had her lay spread-eagled inside the frame and he spent the next few moments securing her
He went indoors returning with the paint brush which he firstly used to dry paint her nipples, her sex and finally her rosebud. It tickled and she said so, enjoying the sensation as he administered to her with the soft brush,
Ne... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #3

iCarly/Victorious: Schneider’s Island #3 - Skirtch

[Warning - there is no sex in this story, so please don't hate me for that]

Freddie made sure he got up early the next morning, and was really torn as he looked down at his sl*eping lover, who was wearing one of his old plaid shirts, her mouth agape, deep in dreamland. He desperately wanted to get back into bed with her, but right now, he really needed to get away and take care of some pressing matters.

The former tech producer threw on some shorts and a t-shirt, the perfect outfit for jogging, and headed down the stairs... Continue»
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Submissive S!sters #1: Louise-1

Louise is a shy slender black-haired beauty in her early twenties with firm tiny tits as a young teen
Louise is desperate to break her block, finish her MA thesis before the end of Summer as time runs out
Louise is accepting my final offer of help and my condition of complete obedience to her new Professor
Louise is to learn a lot from him, not only in academic skills, but also as a submissive sexy servant

Louise is a lovely looking long time sweet sexy fine friend with a writer's block before her MA thesis
Louise is glad for the substantial help I offer her, but still she ca... Continue»
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Wife Reluctant To Be Naked etc. part 2

For the next two, three weeks my wife couldn't stop apologizing for what she allowed the postman to do to her that afternoon. I kept insisting that it was ok, that I was not mad or upset and she need not give in, (about wanting to go to a nudist resort), just because of that. While I would dearly love for us to go to one of those resorts for a week-end, I didn't want her to agree due to any guilt feelings on her part. I told her that, should we go, it needs to be because she really wanted to go. So, in actuality, both the postman ordeal and any nudist resort talk had been set aside for the tim... Continue»
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Patriarch Paradise #2: Anna & Béb&eacut

Private patriarch Paradise: encouraging eldest dear daughter tasty teen virgin Anna offers her flower
Private negotiations to pay six sari's at a rate, as I partly pay Eve's nice niece 'in natura' for it
Philosopher Peter Poet has a hot time in India, initiating five foxy sexy s!sters top-down from Anna
Profound profane wisdom with wanton women and great girls are the highlights of my tasty trip there!

Anna has a tasty tight teen sexy sphincter which I try to penetrate with the tip of my long tongue
Anna's awesome bottom is fit for fine firm spanking - in between I caress her... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #1: Alessandra chastity test

Alessandra looks like a teen with her tiny tits and slim figure with a boyish tight bottom
Alessandra is in practise a lesbian but no-one believes her here as she is fan of Chastity
Alessandra loves to look at that ugly sex slut as she is being banged by big brown bananas
Alessandra is afraid of anal sex but loves to come watching Chastity's back-door big bangs

Alessandra will be on our cameras all weekend while I abuse her with pretty Petra, my great granddod
Alessandra will be our willing victim ready to come back any time we want as we have her foxy footage
Alessandra will wear
... Continue»
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Mans Fantasy by loyalsock

I have been thinking much about Dianne lately. You see, she is a very beautiful single woman, very open sexually, and very caring for others (it is difficult for a man, and some women, to resist such a combination). I met her several months ago -- of all places -- in the waiting room of my dentist, where she shared with me her business (which is of no relevance to this story). My wife, Kristin, and I decided a few weeks later to join her business venture, and because of this association we have since developed a very close friendship with Dianne.
Kristin apparently has also of late been thi... Continue»
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Over Developed by loyalsock

Mary Pekin sat in the back row of the high school class room almost unable to look any of the other women in the face. This was so embarrassing! She had lost complete control over her sex drive because of her over developed clitoris! She had been to six doctors and each and every one of them gave her the same diagnosis: Hyper Clitoral Dysfunction. Good grief, she had never even heard of it until her own organ ballooned up until it actually looked like a little penis! There were at least twelve other women present, and Mary wondered if they were stuck in the same leaky boat as she was. Her last... Continue»
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Black history

I didn't start out being fixated on, or even especially attracted to, black men. Events, and my experiences with both black and white men, combined to steer me into my personal black history. I think knowing a little of my background will help you understand my story.

As my story begins I'm a 33 year old product of a small southern town. It's an old neighborhood of small houses. I'm pale, about 5'9", with long legs and large breasts, I'm well read, intelligent, and a very good Mom. My ancestors not so long ago owned slaves but I never learned prejudice. I had minimal opportunity to intera... Continue»
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Dominated by loyalsock

Amy Jo stepped into the empty elevator, pushed the button for the s*******nth floor, and waited for the car to begin its ascent. Just as the doors were beginning to close a hand shot between the doors and a thirtyish blonde slipped on board, pressed the button for her floor and turned to face Amy Jo, giving the twenty three year old a quick once over. The blonde was dressed in a dark blue woman's business suit, accompanied by tasteful black pumps and a white silk blouse. She would have been considered pretty, except for the fact that she had a hard edge about her, that being her blonde hair wa... Continue»
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Football Star

My husband and I have tried to do everything to give our son an advantage over other k**s his age. Anything we could do from the moment that he was born that might give him a step up and put him ahead we did. So it was no surprise that when my son, Bill, showed interest in sports that my husband, Clyde, did everything to make his son was successful. And he was good. He became the star quarterback for the middle school team.
When Bill hit his middle teen years and puberty, he started asking questions about sex. My husband was his best friend and they talked about everything. Then one nigh... Continue»
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Hotwife, Bull and Cuck walk into a bar

Last Friday we had a date scheduled. We were going out to dinner to meet Jay and we had a room booked at a nice hotel. Mandy and I checked in early. We relaxed for a while, sipping a glass of wine before Mandy headed off to take a bath and start getting ready. Just as Mandy settled into the tub, Jay sent her a text. I didn't read the text, I just took her phone to her. She read the text and looked at me with a grin on her face.

"It looks like I'm not the only one that needs to shave her legs." She said to me.

I had an idea of what she was talking about. Whenever we meet Jay, Mandy... Continue»
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Fucking too much pt 2

I hope you read my true story about fucking too much. It starts with a fine ass blonde from Florida with big dd tits. She a high end hoe which means she only dates out of 5 star hotels and cost a lot of money. Anyway I had been fucking to much and couldn't stay hard. I went to see her and a friend 2 days later same thing happened. So I decided to wait for a few weeks until she came back off vacation in 2 weeks. Did I stop hell no this addiction is to strong. My cock got right after its lil break down lol. I don't no what was wrong wit dude acting all crazy not getting hard lol. She didn't come... Continue»
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Crossdresser First Sissgasm at the Adult Bookstore

I was never really sure about my sexual orientation. So this weekend I dress up as a woman to visit an adult bookstore in order to lose my homosexual virginity and become a submissive gay slut. My own penis is locked in a chastity device as a gang of black men uses my body for their pleasure and make me understand what I really am …

I was determined. This weekend it would happen. I would loose my gay virginity and complete manhood. The hard way. Tonight would change everything.

Until now I've never had sex with a man and I didn't consider myself as homosexual either. But I was always ... Continue»
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Neighbors My first 3 way

Jen and I have been married 5 years now, we met in college. She’s a marketing major, I develop computer programs for a gaming company. Life is good, we live in a high scale neighborhood that is gated. We’re both 27. Jen keeps in top shape as well as I do, we both work out at the country club. Every house in this neighborhood has a pool in the back yard at a minimum. We have great neighbors and they’re all about 28-40 years old. There are lots of parties and the wives all look hot.
Our next door neighbors, Frank and Cindy are both about 30, Cindy is really hot. She has great tits, about 5’6” a... Continue»
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A casual meeting

Trying to think what day it was, it was early February, and a full moon. It just happened to be a full fairly clear night and quite warm and calm for the time of year, so I decided that I’d go for a drive up onto Dartmoor and take some moonscape photographs. I must admit that it had been a three or four weeks since I’d had any ‘fun’ with anyone, so I was in rather a horny mood as well, maybe it was the full moon !
I got up onto the moors and drove around for a while until I found a small car park on the side of a hill with a great view over a valley that would make for some good photos. I gr... Continue»
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Mutual Masturbation: Part Two. "Would You Lik

First Mutual Masturbation: Part Two. "Would You Like to Touch it?"

For the better part of the following few days thoughts of that night were running through my head.  I definitely had mixed feelings, but every time the picture of us in that tent in my backyard I became highly aroused. I still liked girls, but something about what we did was different and exciting.

 About a week after our first mutual masturbation session my friend and myself were hanging out enjoying the second week of summer break.   We hadn't had an opportunity to continue our newly discovered hobby and were starting ... Continue»
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And So it Began

After dating my wife for three years, we got married seven long years ago. I was 43 and she was 38. It was her third marriage and the first one for me. Her daughter who was 19 had just moved out of the house within the past year.

We'd had a good sex life while dating and that continued in the first couple of years of marriage. My dark secret was that I had always had a cuckold fantasy. My first serious girlfriend in high school had cheated on me, two of my girlfriends in college did the same (one with my roommate). A live-in girlfriend had cheated on me on several occasions. All of that tu... Continue»
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BBW Office Fantasy...

You are at work and as you sit at your desk you find yourself constantly stealing glances at a woman named Rita. You have been fantasizing about her for some time now and you immediately get hard whenever she walks by you. She is everything you lust for in a woman; tall with a gorgeous face... She is also happens to be a very shapely plus size woman. You watch as Rita walks over to a file cabinet that is just a few feet in front of you and your cock instantly comes alive. Rita's body defines the word voluptuous with her tall five foot nine pleasantly plump frame, creamy white skin and an a... Continue»
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Ms. Right Gets Ahead

By all means, exit now if you do not enjoy reading about very large
Ms. Right Gets Ahead

Joe was born in Buffalo, N. Y. and never left the state until he was 27 years
old. After college, Joe worked as a sales clerk in a shoe store and saved his
money until he was 25 years old. Then he opened a clothing store for big and
tall women in a small upstate N.Y. town. He combined his savings with a loan
from a relative to open his store. He did quite wel
... Continue»
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