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Chapter 20 Chrissie hears wedding bells

Chapter 20

Chrissie hears wedding bells

It's been six months after I first started working in the brothel with
Kate and mommy and I've made friends with most of the girls who work
there and, more importantly, they are starting to think of me as a she
instead of a he. I think getting castrated was the best thing for me. It
boosted my confidence in my appearance and took away all vestiges of my
manhood. I do have a little penis but I don't think it detracts from my
appearance at all. It is easily hidden in clothes as it lies flat when
pressed against tight knickers. It's just a bare... Continue»
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Sluty raunchy SIL part 2

So it's the second day of my naughty sluty in laws being in town. Last night was a wild drinking tease adventure. If you read my first story you know what I'm talking about. We didn't do much bc of how d***k all the women got the night before. Mil was totally unaware that we dance and she felt my hard cock against her big ass, how see toon off her thongs for me and played with her pretty pussy in the rear view mirror as my wife was passed out d***k. As I stoked my cock as j drove and she watched. We just hung around the house was lazy all day. My MIL just asked a few ? About the night when we ... Continue»
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My Real First Time

Everyone has a first time; this is the story of mine. It is a true story presented as closely as I remember it. Yes, there may be some who think this is too wordy and I understand that. But this is how I write.

It was 1986 and I was 28 years old, stood about 5 foot 10 and weighed about 160 pounds. An encounter with a man had simply never happened, but I also had a very rich fantasy life and sometimes imagined a man was playing with my cock when I jacked off. The thing that made a real change was a 3 week journey through Germany the summer of 1985. I visited the Sex Shops in several c... Continue»
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Chapter 16 Chrissie & Kate

Chapter 16
Chrissie & Kate

It was the end of our first day of the working week and mommy and I
sneaked into one of the empty rooms, locked the door and climbed on the
bed. She lewdly spread her legs allowing me to lick her pussy clean,
savouring the scent of her juices and the remnants of the many men who
had been inside her. She let me tease her clit briefly but was too
sensitive to let me carry her to a climax. After I was finished I wiped
my lips with my hand and looked down at my mother's beautiful body.

"I'm leaking like crazy, as usual," I said with an embarrassed laugh.
... Continue»
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Chapter 17 Chrissie sees Magic Mike again

Chapter 17
Chrissie sees Magic Mike again

It's difficult making polite conversation with a guy whose wife is quite
obviously getting drilled by someone else in the room directly above but
I've got firsthand experience being cuckolded and it's happened right
before my eyes a few times. Furthermore, the Australian I was sharing a
sofa with had married my mother and any man who did that with his eyes
wide open would know how unlikely it would be that she would remain
faithful. Nevertheless, I did have some sympathy for him. He had, after
all, been in a plane for over 20 hours and tho... Continue»
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Chapter 18 Chrissie looks forward to getting debal

Chapter 18
Chrissie looks forward to getting deballed

Kate and I watched the video of Magic Mike in bed later that night or to
be more accurate, Kate watched the video on her laptop while I licked her
well used pussy. I could sense that she was having a hormonal rush at the
same time my careful attention brought her to an orgasm.

It is strange having a relationship with a woman I'll never be able to
have sex with, particularly when sex is her livelihood. I know Kate has
been a hooker for ten years and simple mathematics tells me that she's
had sex with thousands of real men duri... Continue»
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s****r Pippa

When I was born, my s****r Pippa (her real name was (Philippa) was eight years old. Our mother divorced when
I was two, and she had to work two jobs to make ends meet. Every day Pippa had to come back from school
directly and "take over" from the baby sitter. She virtually became my second mother, when mom was at
work. Pippa fed and bathed me and changed my diapers.

Years later, as adults, she admitted, that although it was a bit of a chore sometimes, she loved having her
own "baby" to play with, while all her friends had to make do with dolls.

As we grew up, she continued to ... Continue»
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Mutual masturbation

Today I had thought of cooking some rice and making a shrimp and rice dish for dinner. This was easy to make, and often left enough for another meal or two, I had mentioned this to a lady co worker, while we were shredding some documents, and she asked if there were enough for two, if she brought the wine, I replied yes.
So, back to the hotel, a shower, towel off, then on with the pajamas. Into the kitchenette; these long stay hotels had small kitchen areas with limited appliances, but they did work; I started some water to boil, 2 pots, one for rice the other for the shrimp. I would h... Continue»
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Dogging and Neighboury love (continuing story of a

Back home we decided to add dogging to our portfolio of activities and after the success of the first trip we got bolder and decided to keep to locations closer to home. We kept it spontaneous, one warm clear night we turned up and saw one of her neighbours cars, it was an easy spot not many powder blue s-type jags about and saw that both front windows were down and cocks were being sucked and pulled from both sides. The passenger side we could make out it was the wife but couldn’t make out the driver’s side. It was decided I would find out who it was on the driver’s side servicing guys as qui... Continue»
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bhabhi ki chudai usi k ghr pe

mai rahul apni first sex story likhne ja raha hu agar koi lady or bhabi satisfy hona chahti hai to plz mail kre at to mai ab story pe ata hu hmari ghar k sath vale gali me ik bhabi rhti thi wo sub kuj chod k apne maiyke aa gyi thi kionki unka hubby nashe bechne ka kam krta tha or wo usse lad k yaha aa gyi thi mai apko unke bare me btana bhul gia ki wo 2 bchoo ki maa thi pr dkhne pr lgti nhi thi muje measurement to nhi pta but unko dekhte hi mera khada ho jata tha kia kamal kii thi mai roj unki gali se jata tha prr kbhi dhyan nhi deta tha pr ek din maine dkha k wo meri ta... Continue»
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Stepdaughter Catches Me Nude 8

As we enter our neighbor's back yard I am a bit surprised that Sharon is willing to go along with this. Then maybe I shouldn't be. I've noticed a few other times, over the years, when my stepdaughter could be a little daring. Once, at a wedding reception for a friend, we were all sitting outside having a few drinks. That day Sharon had worn a pretty little country dress, a loose fitting, slip over type, not really short at all but as she sat in the chair she did have it pulled up past her knees. I didn't know it at the time, (but probably should have suspected it), that Sharon was not wea... Continue»
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Chapter 10 Chrissie licks mommy clean again and ag

Chapter 10
Chrissie licks mommy clean again and again

My mother called out to me as she entered Helen's apartment through the
front door, which I was not allowed to use. I was consigned to the
service entrance at the back of the apartment, as most servants were in
Victorian England. In the 21st century it was rare to have a maid in
London, let alone an indentured sissy maid that, not only waited on her
mistress hand and foot, but worked during the daytime as a t-girl
prostitute for the sole financial benefit of his owner. It was a fate I
was led into over three years ago when my w... Continue»
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Chapter 13 Chrissie gets spunked

Chapter 13
Chrissie gets spunked

As mommy and I walked down the street, arm in arm, on a sunny August
Saturday afternoon in London I felt happier than I had been in years. I
was 30 years old, had a pair of tits to rival my mother and we were both
dressed to kill; in above the knee skirts, heels and silk blouses.
Underneath we had matching bras and panties and natural coloured hold
ups. We caught the glances of virtually every alpha male on the streets.

Mommy is 55 and looks a decade younger and is every young man's fantasy
of a hot mature woman. I look more like her younger s****r... Continue»
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Chapter 14 Chrissie Gets Some Payback

Chapter 14
Chrissie Gets Some Payback

It was late Saturday afternoon when we finally arrived home. Mommy was in
a wicked state of sexual bliss brought on by the humiliating session she
had f***ed me to go through with a professional mistress. Her beautiful
face was flushed with desire. Mommy had grown to love putting me through
degrading experience after experience but this time she had gone way over
the edge. I had been f***ed to service over two dozen faceless men in a
filthy glory hole in a sex shop off a narrow alley in Soho, spending more
than two hours on my knees under the ... Continue»
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Chapter 7 Chrissie Recovers

Chapter 7
Chrissie Recovers

I couldn't really move off the sofa for the next few days as the recovery
from the breast implant surgery required me to sl**p in a sitting
position so mommy laid a sheet on the sofa and propped pillows behind me
and for the next four days I just wore a satin dressing gown and kept my
movement to a minimum. My new breasts ached and I was too scared to even
look at them. Mother was used to me taking care of her every whim so,
when the tables were turned, she tried to be the best 'Nurse Nancy' she
could but her wonderfully wicked nature wouldn't allow her... Continue»
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Chapter 8 Chrissie Learns to Serve

Chapter 8
Chrissie Learns to Serve

The weekend was a blur as the overdose of hormones rushed through my
body. The nurse in the clinic I visit every week obviously had a big envy
thing going on with Helen, my doctor and the woman I have devoted myself
to. Instead of my normal dose of oestrogen she took advantage of Helen's
absence and hiked up the treatment considerably, threatening to report
her to the medical board if I ever revealed what she had done to me. I
had no choice but to accept my fate and go through even more hot flashes
than I had ever experienced. I mostly stayed in ... Continue»
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Chapter 9 Chrissie gets her fix

Chapter 9
Chrissie gets her fix

I woke up drenched with sweat as a rush of hormones heated my body to
what felt like a boiling point. The sun was up and I could sense it was
relatively early. I checked my phone for the time and saw it was 7:00 am.
I lay in bed for a few minutes thinking of the events that happened
yesterday: my first day as a t-girl prostitute at Derek's brothel in
Mayfair and the package of my new maid's outfits that I picked up from
John Lewis and the new rules that had been laid down by my new owner,
Helen. Just a few days ago I had just been a cuckolded husban... Continue»
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Chapter 4 Hot Flashes and Hotter Oral Love

Chapter 4
Hot Flashes and Hotter Oral Love

I must have had a tremendous hormonal rush because I had blacked out for
a few minutes and came to my senses only when Helen repeatedly called my
name. I opened my eyes and tried to remember why I was on the floor in
front of the couch. I had soaked my blouse through with perspiration and
my forehead and hair were wet with sweat. My body did still feel about
ten degrees above normal but it was a pleasant, sensual warmth, like a
furnace of hormones was cooking just beneath my chest and pumping their
feminine endorphins through my body. The... Continue»
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Chapter 5 Derek Enjoys Chrissie to the Fullest

Chapter 5
Derek Enjoys Chrissie to the Fullest

I gathered up my clothes and shoes and silently went in search of the
bathroom to freshen up, as I was ordered to do by my wife's best friend
and my doctor, Helen. I couldn't quite believe I had just given head to
Derek, who I had only met less than an hour ago and who I suspected was
less than a reputable figure although I had to acknowledge he had a cock
worthy of worship. It was the first time I had done that in my life and I
found the experience both humiliating and deeply erotic. Truth to be
told, the humiliation factor weighed l... Continue»
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Chapter 6 Mommy Returns

Chapter 6
Mommy Returns

So much had happened in the last few days. My wife's best friend had
confided in me that my wife of five years, Heidi, was three months
pregnant with her lover's baby and was planning on serving me with
divorce papers when she returns from holiday next week. That same woman,
who just happened to be my doctor and was the person who had administered
my three year course of oestrogen treatment, had now declared her
interest in me, not so much as a prospective spouse but as a benevolent
owner who was soon to reap the coming rewards from my upcoming career. In
... Continue»
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