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Slut meant for sharing

Slut meant for sharing:

My iPhone began to buzz, making my handbag shudder gently. Lifting the phone out of the bag I could see that Brian was calling.
Holding the phone up to my mouth, I swiped the screen and accepted the call.
"Hi Brian and what do I owe this pleasure?" I drawled.
"Can I pop round, there is a few things I want to discuss!" Brian blurted.
"Things you want to discuss or me you want to fuck?" I teased.
"Am I that transparent?" Brian giggled.
"Come round now honey and I'll wear something sexy for you and you can fuck me! Anything you fancy in particular? Stockings, boot... Continue»
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My Changing Life- The Diary V

Bobby left and I stripped the bed, trying to get the house cleaned before the girls got home. It was a really wonderful weekend with Bobby, bu I was kind of glad that he left early. I am missing my girls! I'm sure they will be full of questions, and I have a few for them. So many things going through my mind.

I grabbed a quick shower, well as quick as I can, then dressed. I decided to wear the Capri pants that Glenda picked out for me and a t shirt type top. I brushed my hair back, Thank goodness I still have lots of hair. I checked myself in the mirror. Damn, I look pretty good. My shape h... Continue»
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girl friends

"Hey Carly, how are you doing?" Tasha asked Carly over the phone.

"I'm doing all right. I am pretty bored right now." Bethany responded.

"I had a hard day at work today. I am taking a bath to help me loosen up." Tasha said. Tasha worked at a local pizza joint in Foot City. So did Carly. They had worked there for a year. They also went to school together. They were pretty close friends. "Hey, would you like to bathe with me?" Tasha asked Carly.

After a brief pause, Carly's answer came. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......... That would be weird. But doing weird things makes life interesting. And I ... Continue»
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A Camping Trip

Linda and I went out to go camping one nice summer. We packed our sl**ping bags, tent, food, little portal T.V. and clothes with swimming wear. We went to the national park to camp, the people with tents had an area near the pond, the pond was pretty clean. There was a portal potty near by, knowing me, I’ll just pee in the woods. We were in the wooded area, where only people with tents can go, if you had a camper you had to park in a non wooded area. So the woods was almost private, you could see another person about 20 feet away, but it was far way. We got to our camp site, I put the tent up... Continue»
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Black Wife Gets Fucked

The Brown f****y was at the local community health center for the annual free checkups for African Americans. Jamal the man of the f****y was a bus driver 29. He had medium brown skin, stood average height, and although he was not fat in recent years he had put on a beer gut. Ruby his wife was a real head turner. Standing five feet nine inches and weighing under 130 pounds she was an ebony goddess. She had jet black skin, with legs that don’t stop, and a pair of luscious D-cups you wouldn’t expect on a lady with such a lean toned body.
Jamal had gotten Ruby knocked up when she was eightee... Continue»
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sissy Meets her New Daddy Ch. 1

So I took the plunge and put out an ad on Craig’s List. I was travelling in a city about 120 miles from home and figured this was far enough to not be found and close enough to go back if I had success meeting a fuck buddy that could be longer term. I got myself all primped and wore a tight print dress, matching bra panty set subtle yet slutty makeup and my fave long blonde wig.

The ad attracted immediate attention and I was sure to mention I was a sissy who wanted to be treated like a girl. I was NOT into topping a guy…no. So I finally chose this guy Rich, who happened to be black, becaus... Continue»
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k**napped by an Alien Chapter 5

Susi woke with a start, a bad dream still in her head. She was naked on some sort of bed; it was more like it was enveloping her body. She was not hot or cold, the temperature in the room just at the precise point. Her hand moved down between her legs, her fingers running over her bald pussy, pushing between her slit, already wet. The dream she had was very sexual, but also very painful, yet her pussy still managed to be highly aroused. She pushed a finger into her pussy, surprised at how tight it was. She could tighten on it, feeling her pussy gripping the slender finger in a vise like grip. ... Continue»
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Sniffing a Teen's Butt

It was actually quite awhile since I had an opportunity to sniff some strange girls bum. It seemed the chances were few and far between, and when opportunity did present itself, I either wasn't alone or there were people around. Of course I wasn't really trying either, I was just keeping my eyes open for a chance encounter. I was almost caught off guard when the chance came around. I was in a deli that was very popular. They have great sandwhiches and hot food and at noon you can end up waiting a long time to get served, but it's well worth it so people still go. I just got there and took a nu... Continue»
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Sissies Make the World Go Round

"Hank," yelled Rhonda King. Her husband did not answer. "Hank," she screamed once more.

"Huh," the fifty-something dark-skinned man replied as he looked away from the 60-inch TV tuned into ESPN.
"I'm heading out to the salon. I'm picking up groceries after. Do you need anything special?"
"No, I'm good," answered the general practice attorney.
"What about some chocolate almond ice cream," inquired the fifth grade English and

Spelling teacher.
"That'll be good."
"Okay," she noted it on her list. "Would you like some tacos tonight or salmon?"
"I can go either way."
"Okay. Bye."

R... Continue»
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The blonde I couldn't catch

I see this hot blonde come past me on the trail. She is running at a pace that I can't manage but I admire her ass as she goes off into the distance. It is another "oh well it would be nice to catch her". After a few minutes I come around the trail bend and she is sitting in tears at the edge of the path. Apparently she has twisted her ankle rather badly. Of course I ask if there is anything I could do.
So she explains about the twisted ankle and that she isn't sure that she can walk on it like that. We are not far from my car where I have an ace bandage, so I get her to clasp me around my ne... Continue»
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Amber The Teen Tranny Part 2

Friday couldn't come fast enough! Amber and I had made plans to go for dinner and drinks and for her to spend the night at my place. I picked her up and could hardly contain myself when she got into the car. She wore pink nylons, short black dress that rode up when she got into my car, pink garter belt, pink silk thongs and high heels. She leaned over for a kiss and we ended up in a grope session right outside her place. She finally pulled away and said we should go before someone from her f****y saw us. She had mentioned me to them but not my age. As I pulled onto the main street Amber ... Continue»
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Pleasure Girl mom

I sighed happily as I logged out of the chat room, it had been a wonderful night and I felt a warm glow as I thought about the last couple of hours spent with my cyber-lover. It had been six months ago that my son had introduced me to the internet and the wonder of chat rooms, his comment at the time that if I wouldn't go out then I could surf instead had made us both laugh. And it had been fun, I'd 'talked' to people of all sorts from all over the world without leaving the sanctuary of my home and then, only a short month ago, I'd met 'Lover Boy', that being his handle. It was as though we'd ... Continue»
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A bad trip to London

Recently a friend and I went on a trip to London, we were there for a week and were having a really good time, but a couple of days in she told me that she there was some guy who kept perving on her, and that whenever she was alone he would walk up close to her and ask her what her room number was.

Well a couple of days before we would be heading back there was a banging on my hotel room door pretty late and when I opened it was her looking very upset and distraught. She told me that before going to bed (we were staying in different rooms) that she went downstairs and outside to have a smok... Continue»
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Black Widow submits to S.H.I.E.L.D

A lone personal assistant walked hurriedly through the entrance hall at Stark Industries, her heels clacking in the silent space. The massive corporation was empty this late into the night and the throng of visitors and staff that normally clogged the reception area were now long gone.

The young redhead climbed the central open stairway, ascending quickly. Once she had reached the highest level she turned left, continuing along a dimly lit corridor. Every office was dark, each door closed. Moving brusquely the girl headed for t... Continue»
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My First Black pussy

In the heat of the afternoon, I watched the players on their last lap round the soccer field. It was my first coaching job looking after a Under-19 Girls High School and I loved every moment of it.

I waited for the last player to come in before dismissing the team, "Great work. I'll see you Friday."

I dragged two big bags across the ground—one filled with equipment and the other with soccer balls—towards the clubhouse. As usual, some of the mothers had stepped out of their cars to watch the session. I acknowledged their presence with a smile and waved them off.

Ala Watts jogged over a... Continue»
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How to train a sissy

Firstly, congratulations. If you are training a sissy then you have convinced your subject not only to relinquish his masculinity but to accept your dominance over him. These are both difficult things for a man to accept and it's a long process before he fully accepts them. Training your new sissy, is therefore, a long process. Here are some ways to help the process to run as smoothly as possible:

1) Name&Pronouns
This is the simplest change and is best made early on. First, choose a female name for your sissy. Refer to your sissy by this name, "his" original name should only be use... Continue»
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We were doing some work behind the scenes at the store, the lads were doing the unloading as us girls were doing the checking. I looked around me and I’d fucked everyone there at one time or another, Richard, Steve, Cindy, Heather and the driver, Donald. After we’d been working an hour or so Richard announced we could take a break.

I walked outside for some air and I saw Donald eating a sandwich, we had a brief chat and I was asking him what’s in his cab, he offered to show me, as he opened the door he helped me in then got in at the driver’s side, he was showing me everything and then poin... Continue»
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Hijabi bengali gets it hard

This is a true story told by Fatima to me…… names have been changed to keep identity of people hidden. I do apologise for my English and grammar in advance.

Rayna and Boshir were married for over 5 years, on the outside every thing seemed blissful, everyone thought how much of a model marriage they had and were the envy of their tightknit Bengali community. They both were in there 20’s and had their own business running a saree shop with trade that was booming.

On one unfaithful morning everything was about to be out in the open, the deceit and infidelity was to be finally exposed. Bashi... Continue»
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Susanna Francessca on James Whale Show

This is a true story sent to me by a friend. There's lots of pictures and videos of Susanna here on my channel and also all over the internet. She's worth a look at !!!!

"There used to be a television programme in the UK called ‘The James Whale Show’. It was a  mixture of interviews with famous people and a bit of nudity as well. I remember seeing Susanna on there a few times, but in pretty minor roles, always looking sexy but mainly dressed. However, one week she was on a lot more.
There used to be a topless girl dressed as a mermaid on most weeks and James Whale would always stand near ... Continue»
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How I fucked my three aunts-Part 1

This story happened during the wedding of my uncle who lived near my house. It would be full a week of entertainment as it was an Indian wedding style. Coming back to the story it happened during the night when the sangeet was being held. My three aunts Reshma,Devina and Arouna aunts were sitting together. They were all looking really sexy with their sarees. Let me describe my three aunts. Let's start by aunt Reshma she has medium seize of boobs, a very sexy ass and she is very fair in short she was very sexy. Aunt Devina was the eldest among them she also had medium seize of boobs but had a b... Continue»
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