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Step-s****r's Spring Break Visit

Step-s****r's Spring Break Visit

Earlier this year my step s****r came to stay with the f****y for spring break. Consisted of my mom and step-dad. They were pretty nice to not kick me out while I stayed in state to attend college. My step s****r on the other hand decided to go to SDSU. I mean that's not too far away considering we were just a city away. I'm pretty sure Stacy, my step-s****r just wanted to get away from the memories. Unfortunately her boyfriend who she was deeply in love with passed away. It was very short and unexpected. Til this day she posts on social media pictures of t... Continue»
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Blackmailed by the sweet shop owner.

I just wanted to tell you about an experience that happened to me when I worked at a sweet shop when I was young.

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about me.

My name is Iona, I am in my teens, have shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, and wear secretarial type glasses. Dressing to tease is something I just love to do. In fact the less I can get away with wearing, the better. I go in for tiny thin revealing crop tops, the type where you can make out the points of my twin peaks; skimpy tight dresses are also a favourite of mine. If I think I can get away with it; I wea... Continue»
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Sauna Surprise

First off, I'm not really an aspiring author. But I do like to read and I have read several interesting stories lately that got me thinking about sharing some of my adventurous moments in life. Generally I am fairly conservative when I am near home, but since I travel a lot for work, I sometimes take advantage of the fact that I likely won't run into people I know in case I do something crazy. An example of this behavior is going to topless and nude beaches when I travel abroad. If my mother knew I did these things she would have a stroke.

I do have a spontaneous streak in me where I am wil... Continue»
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Diamond Valentine

Well, here we go, Mark thought as he heard the bathroom door open.

Tessa slowly made her way to the bed on feet sore from a long day at work. She gave her long blonde hair a shake, dislodging a few strands that were caught under the thin straps of her top. Five years married, the sight of her in pajamas still made his heart race. When he smiled at her, she responded with a weary grin of her own.

"Thanks for doing the dishes tonight," she said as she sat down on the bed.

He climbed in next to her and responded, "You're welcome."

The couple leaned in to share a kiss, and then Mark sc... Continue»
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Zack & Julie

It wasn’t fair. My mother had all the luck. Newly divorced from “daddy number 4” she married someone fifteen years younger than her. My new step-father was only nine years older than me, and was very hot. My father had died when I was just a little girl and I had gone through a bunch of daddy’s. But I didn’t want to fuck any of the other daddy’s, as much as I wanted to fuck Zack.
He was twenty-seven had bright blue eyes, black hair and looked like he stepped from the cover of GQ.
“Jules, get a move on your going to be late.” He yelled into my bedroom one morning. I was in the shower a... Continue»
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Love at The 83rd Academy Awards

So After The 83rd Academy award I decided to hang with Jennifer Lawrence she wasn’t doing anything and we decided to go a fancy restaurant in the L.A. area.

There was a lot of sparkling light and the sound of clinking glasses in the dimly lit room. The murmur of many voices in conversation, sometimes rising into laughter, sometimes diminishing into a cozy half-silence. A lot of polished wood and expensive paintings. Some very well dressed and well trained waiters and waitresses, and Jennifer's Blue eyes staring intently into mine. Oh yes, and a menu of savory entrees, and a wine list, both... Continue»
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So what is The Pimped Out Mistress name all about?

This whole thing started years ago...many years, thirty or so.... At a young age i was buying penthouse magazines and fascinated by the beautiful women and the men with the cocks id never seen in person. Id ride down to the local convenience strore and buy my penthouse and run home with it and lock myself in my room while looking at pictures and rubbing my young pussy til i squirted on the floor. Id go back later and read the forums of sexual escapades and be swept away in my head imagining myself in these scenerios. I hid my magazines because i wasnt old enough to buy them but had managed... Continue»
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The Dating Game - Part 1 - The Inner Game

Hey, y'all, what's up?... :)
I promised y'all something, and a promise is a promise, so...welcome to the first (and most important) part of my "program" of the dating game, meaning how you can date and have as many women as you want, as well as any woman you want. Also, a deal is a deal so, although I'll share to you information worth 1 billion dollars, I'll do it for you totally free. ;)

Now, let's get it started...

Have you ever wondered why women react differently while getting approached by different men? I mean, why she says "no" to a guy that`s așking for her contact details or fo... Continue»
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Energizer Bunny 2

This is kind of a diary of what happened over five days with a much younger guy…

There are some random thoughts in here, these were notes to a friend. He knew that the Vietnamese guy I call ‘The Energizer Bunny’ was coming back for a visit. If you read the first story you know that on his first stay (a month ago) he was a 25 year old virgin.
He’d never even had a blow job before. He does have a lot of sexual energy and a lot of energy in general! He showed-up last Friday night, we got comfortable with each other all over again and then, went to a room I use in the hostel and got in bed.
... Continue»
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Black Cock Party Gay

I am going to skip ahead during the same time frame that I stayed with Bob and share with you the wild evening I had at a party that Bob and I attended. Bob had been an athlete and even though he was now in his late twenties, somehow he had friends that were current athletes. He was pretty popular and was invited to a lot of parties. This particular party was huge and there were tons of people. The house was full of guys of all races and many hot girls as well. The music was pumping while everyone was dancing in the living room, hallway, and the kitchen. People were smoking and drinking and ev... Continue»
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Pick Up 1

In this world where everyday is a new experience I've found someone true, a familiar face, loving soul a gentle heart. A person who hasn't forsaken me and has shown me the utmost love and care. Well what do you with a girl like this. So special so unique. What I did was to show her the best night I can doing all I can to make her remember me.
As I drove up to her humble home I felt like a prince waiting for the princess. She has shown me so much love now it's my turn. As she came through the door a gentle smile arose on my face. She was dressed in the most appealing pink dress which revealed... Continue»
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The Dating Game - introduction

Hey, y'all, what's up?... :)
First of all, since this is the introduction of some incredible stuff I want to share to you...let me introduce myself:
- I'm 31 yo;
- I live in Europe;
- I'm really into my job;
- I love sports;
- I lllllove women. :)

I was thinking this days...which would be the secret of happiness for a man? That 1 billion dollars question, whose answer would REALLY make a guy happy?...

Would that be...
how can I be rich?
how can I get a nice car?
how can I eat without getting fat? - this just might be the 1 billion dollars question for a woman...:)) but, altho... Continue»
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Scary!!!! my friend's mom has a dick!!!!

It happened last Sunday when I visited my new neighborhood Jack's house... They have arrived in the city a week ago from that day... Jack and his Mom(Aunt May). As we came to know aunty may was a single mother. She was a woman of 40-45 years with heavy tits and pale white skin. She looks like a perfect milf. Me and Jack has just completed our school so we were planning for some camping, hiking and mountain climbing. When I visited his house last Sunday then I came to know that Jack slipped from the stairs last night which cost him a fracture in his right leg. That was really surprising for us... Continue»
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Chance Encounter

Sometimes the totally unexpected is the best. After the storm on 9/2/16.
The weather cleared pretty much last night and it was cool. Hubby finally told me to put on shorts and a button up shirt and get in the van. I was all pretty and in nothing but what he ordered. We cruised around for a while and I decided to undo my top and feel the AC on my breasts. It was pretty private till we went cruising through the mall parking lot and were noticed by some guys. They looked kind of harmless so he cruised up to them on my side and he let them look inside at my tits by the lights in the parking lot.... Continue»
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A quick tune up, continued

this is continued from another story. i dont know how to put links sorry. Please let me know what you think and if you want me to do more. Right now Im planning on doing at least one more but if people like it may add a few more.

I was a few minutes from the airport when mike called and said he landed. As i pulled up to the airport he was walking out with his bags. He was always so formal when he traveled, he wore a full suite and tie. He was so attractive but for completely different reasons than Ernie. Ernie was a mans man so muscular and tough. Mike was so formal and gent... Continue»
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WIFE Helps her Husband to enjoy Cum and Suck Cock

I am married to a wonderful man and we have a great sex life. . I learned early in our marriage that my husband is both kinky and submissive. I loved being dominant in bed and making him do all kinds of kinky adventures. I never realized just how submissive and kinky Michael really was until this month.

Over the years of marriage, we loved experimenting with sex. We are both very open- minded and have tried many different kinks. We have evolved sexually to the point where Michael wears women's panties regularly, and is very submissive to me.
Michael loves oral sex, both giving and receiv... Continue»
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Diary of dirty fantasies VII

Speaking hypothetically, let's assume that you are 30 year old guy, working in some IT company and you are living alone for about 8 years, since you moved out from your parents apartment. You think of yourself as a nice guy, giving his best in his area of expertise and leading a normal and calm life. In one word, you are pretty much boring. Yes, you are. And you miss your college days when you use to wake up in some strange place with Johns and Janes Does laying all around you on the floor covered with bottles and clothes and trash and other stuff that you are scared to think of. Yes, those w... Continue»
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Femdom cuckold pussy boy

Owning my own business is a blessing because with my current lifestyle I'd never be able to hold down a normal job. Let me explain.

For example last Tuesday evening I came home to find my wife had her friend Rhonda over for a visit. Rhonda is a veterinarian and she also cuckolds her husband. So she and my wife get together to compare notes on new ways to make their cuckold husbands miserable. They where setting on the deck overlooking our pool and I had changed out of my work cloths into a pair of shorts and started cleaning the pool. I had been at it just over an hour when my wife called ... Continue»
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Wrong night club

It was a sad rainy day. My aunt died and we went to the funeral to see her off. Everyone there was dressed in our native Celtic dress. All the men and older boys had Kilts on and the women had pleated skirts. After the funeral we were told to go to a club where drink and food were waiting. My mother didn't want to go so she went back home. Not wanting to turn down free drinks I went with one of my uncles. We didn't get the name of the club, just directions and told we couldn't miss it.
We decided to stay in our clothes and drove to the neighborhood where it was, we pulled into the parking lo... Continue»
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milf and the renaissance festival boy

My wife loves costuming and going to the renaissance festival was an opportunity to dress up. She still has a gorgeous body and wearing the costumes of the period gave her an excuse to put the girls on display. She looked so sexy in her outfit with a push up laced bra. I was her servant man and followed closely behind her acting the part and always looking down. We went to the puppet show and stood in back overlooking the crowd. opposite us along the far wall was a young man who appeared to be 18-ish and he was staring at my wife's tits. He was rubbing his crotch and trying to place it in a co... Continue»
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