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Minister's Wife Pays for her earlier fun

If you want to know the background read s****r in law and the minister's wife.

Angela was worried that someone would blab about the weekend orgy, mainly because she had no idea what went on. The following day she had such a head ache and that was not something she was used to.

Angela had asked Jane what went on during the weekend but Jane told her “Nothing happened. It was you and me and it was a very civilised time we had watching boxed sets.

One day when Angela was shopping in the local super market when “hunk” she did not recognise sidled up to her and said “We should meet in p... Continue»
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Jenny and the Johnsons

Jenny and the Johnsons

It is fair to say that the tale of Jenny and the Johnsons is a little unusual. It comprises of many different incidents, some of which are brief and others more protracted; most - it will please readers to learn - are filled with wild sexual escapade, which, on occasion, border the realm of the bizarre.

Before delving into these events, I will give some background regarding our main character, Jenny Harrington, beginning with a description of her physical appearance.

Jenny had a slender, naturally petite frame. The subtle curves that constituted her brea... Continue»
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Wife goes black

We had been married for twenty years, I was 49 and sheryl my wife was 39, she was a beautiful girl big blue eyes, light brown hair, a cute little snub nose and a cupid mouth. We had an idyllic marriage we were great friends and still had a red hot sex life, we laughed a lot and enjoyed our k**s growing up.
So a perfect life you might think but I had a burning desire to see Sheryl screwed by someone else we talked about it every time we fucked, both of us cumming when we talked abt it, but we both agreed it was only a fantasy afterwards.
Our oldest son was 18 and played a lot of football, he... Continue»
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For most, the first sexual experience stays in the memory forever for obvious reasons. For some, these memories are cherished, for many, however, they have often turned out to be bungled sessions of clumsy groping and premature ejaculation, just to be treated as learning experiences from which to improve in the future.
I am now in my mid-sixties, have been married and divorced more than once, and have been fortunate enough to have had more than my fair share of women, some wonderful, others less so. I have experienced great pleasure, and hope that I have supplied it as well... Continue»
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Bi Buddies Having Fun Part 2

Sure enough around seven on Thursday night my pm icon appears. My heart starts racing a little. It reads... hey Dave how’s it going? we still up for tomorrow night? I quickly typed back... fuck yea! Reply... whoa cowboy LOL! Then a second one a few seconds later... so what’s your address? Now I had been thinking about this and wrote back... John I have a couple of fucking nosy ass neighbors and I know sure as shit if they see my wife’s car not here and a car they have never seen before parked in our driveway one of those fuckers will tell my wife. I hate to ask but do you know the parking lot ... Continue»
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Several times I tried Anal sex

He licked me, playing with my nipples, teasing and stimulating me. He controlled my pleasure in determining the pace and intensity. Heading excited me more and my pussy clenched and dripped with desire. "Show me," he said, "let me see You wet." I pushed to his feet , and he looked at me. I felt exposed and a little embarrassed, but wanted to follow his example. He reached out and took my hands. - No. "Show me," he repeated, putting his hands on my pussy. "Show me how wet you are". He looked me in the face as he said it, but looked at his hands as he led them between my legs and let them go. I ... Continue»
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one day. alexa asked her boyfriend matt if he would like to spank her. he kind of looked at her with this strange look on his see alexa was really into things like spanking. the harder the better. the rougher the better. for as long as she could remember she was into it and she really loved matt and wanted to be put over his knee and spanked by him!

he stared at her for a little to long and it was beginning to feel awkward so alexa was going to brush it off as half joking half serious. she looked down at the floor sadly and then looked back up at him and was about to speak when... Continue»
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ALL IN {part 3} - Adventures of Seamus and Annie

ALL IN {part3}
Adventures of Seamus and Annie

As I pulled in to the parking lot of one of the only two flea-bag hotels in town - some dusty part of the Texas pan-handle - I could see Billy squirming nervously.

"Uh, so...", he said as if he was not sure what to say next, "Um.... I suppose you can just let me out here by the road and I'll get the next ride."

Annie turned quickly, "You're still going north aren't you?"

"Uh, yeah. I suppose I am."

"Well, so... Continue»
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A Work Party- Ch. 4- People Start to Notice...

A Work Party- Ch. 4

Ron spent the day with me, at my house, well, mine and Tony’s, as I cleaned up and made the house presentable for the party. Rom didn’t even balk when I gave him some chores to do, like dusting and vacuuming, and taking the trash out.

I spent the day wearing my short baby-pink satin robe, and nothing else, just padding around, doing what was necessary, including scouring the kitchen and bathrooms. Ron would leer at me and admire my jiggling boobs, and the fact that I kept having to re-tighten my robe’s sash, to keep it from opening fully to him. As much as I loved ... Continue»
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Feed Me

I am basically a docile man. Simple and very ordinary. I never have asked much of my wife; we have lived a simple life. I haven't asked for much, though in my most deeply held desires I have wished that I could be a man who could ask for and receive carnal pleasures that I could only imagine. Things I have read about, and seen on video, and dreamed about.

My wife would ask me about the simplest things and my answer would always be "whatever you want is fine, I don't mind..." etc. but I do want these things, I do desire them.

She would ask me about dinner, about plans about travel, cloth... Continue»
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Mr Big

I was playing some basketball down at the gym the other day with a bunch of my buddies. We had a great game, strenuous, but fun. Afterword, instead of hitting the showers, Cody and I just stayed in our gym trunks and t-shirts and I went out for a couple of beers. Cody's a great guy. A 31 year old divorced stock broker, 6'4" tall and chiseled out of granite. We'd been work out buddies on occasion and the one time I'd actually seen him with his shirt off, I thought he looked like a fuckin' marine, very lean muscular build.

Anyways, we punched a couple of brews, had a few laughs and I took him... Continue»
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dinner party....

My friend Sue wanted to throw a dinner party with a difference. All the guests were sexually liberated or had expressed an interest in broadening their horizons and some knew each other through friends, clubs and from a few selected swinging websites.
Invitations were sent; cream cards with black embossed ink and they simply stated, 'Dress for dinner, no underwear allowed, hands must stay above the table, must not react or alert the other dinner guests to anything that you experience over the course of dinner.'
8 guests duly arrived, ladies in cocktail dresses, gentlemen in tuxedos, a... Continue»
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My wife, Jan and I go away for one week a year and camp at a large event with friends. Glamping, is glamor camping. It is extravagance and excess to the extreme. We have a large tent, and a queen sized bed and other furniture. Imagine a Renaissance faire atmosphere and furnishings and it would be about right. The people we camp with are all foodies and we all take turns trying to out do the others when it comes to food and libations. There are several couples and several singles in our group of friends and we have a great time. Most of the people are in their 40's with a few of us close in ag... Continue»
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Dick Pic Do I measure UP!

For some reason penis size has never really occurred to me, not mine, not anyone's. But as my picture became displayed I became known as the guy with the huge penis. The absurd part about this was that I was thirty eight at the time. I had just ended a ten year relationship and been sexually active for more than 20 years and never once did it occur to me that I am not average. Even when partners would comment on my penis I assumed they were only trying to get me more excited and turned on.

Although we met many years ago we were really only vicarious friends whose social circles only o... Continue»
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My wife and I often spend the winter in the south where it’s sunny and warm. We were to return home at the end of March. However, my wife caught a flu and we decided we would stay until the end of April when she‘d be strong enough to travel.
Mid-mornings when she is napping, I walk to the coffee shop about a block away. It’s never very busy and I usually get to chat with the Lee’s. They are an attractive young married oriental couple who work there. She waits tables and he is a cook.
If you read my "Vic and Vicky" story, where I took photos of a young couple in their bedroom, I have been w... Continue»
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After, I got married a period of 20 years passed during which I never jerked off. Our married sex life was enjoyable and the need never seemed to arise. However, that all changed one day when we were staying at a motel on a trip to the Rockies. I wasn’t in a very good mood one morning after I had had to listen to the neighbors fucking half the night. My wife was too tired from a long day on the road so she took a sedative and missed hearing all the action next door. So I was tired and horny the next morning. She got up and went for a swim. Our motel room was on the ground floor. I was laying i... Continue»
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Gang Banged granny at the CHURCH

I have to admit it, I'm a long time slut and have done things that I am ashamed of but who really gives a shit!..LOL
Since I was in grade school, I have loved boys and I worshiped cock, balls and especially loads of cum! Of course in grade school, you don't get

much cum but I would let boys play with my pussy and I would let them put their little cocks in my mouth. I did it whenever possible and all the

boys knew that all they had to do was ask and I would pull my panties down and lay back with my legs apart.

Of course, I grew up, but I never lost my desire to be a slut and in h
... Continue»
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Granny's ASS was the PARTY HOLE

Those of you who know me and are members of my site KNOW what a SLUT I am and that I always get fucked bareback! I love feeling those hard slippery cocks penetrate me and then the feeling when the guy shoots his hot cum in me, makes me cum every time!

One of my girlfriends, Amandaa, took me to a party where she and I were the only two girls going. There must have been 50 men there and we both knew that we were going to be fucked all night long! I love gang bangs anyway and the more cocks the better for me! We arrived to the man's house who was throwing this thing and after a few drinks
... Continue»
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My Widowed Daughter and Myself

My name is Diwakaran, a 53 year old widower, living near Cochin, in the state of Kerala, in India. I was leading a decent middle class life, until my wife expired last year. This is my real life story. Though I am totally ashamed of myself and my actions,]I have only written this, to make other widowers like me, aware of the dangers of loneliness and also the dangers of staying alone with their daughters, during such times of loneliness in life ………..

My wife and I have only one daughter. Her name is Arunima_H (Anuradha). Sin
... Continue»
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Blonde Jill's black adventures the beginning

In 1989 I was 18 years old, just out of high school waiting to attend college in the fall. I was 18, a slightly overweight drama club nerd who was loud and outgoing. I had a lot of friends but I didn't date much. I grew up in a rich suburb of Philadelphia, a very conservative community that was largely white and Catholic. It was the week after graduation, a lot of parties, a lot of partying in the woods where the teenagers would go. I didn't party much until the last part of my senior year after breaking up with my boyfriend of two years. He was one of only two partners until that year. I star... Continue»
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