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Teen boy eyes mature.
I was a slightly immature s*******n year old, it seemed every spare moment I had my thoughts turned to sex and masturbation, as most guys my age I would turn to the internet to eye some totty as I knocked one off. For some reason I was attracted to mature curvy women, don’t get me wrong they had to be good looking and not fat with nice tits and legs and a bit of meat on their bones, I don’t like skinny women.
One afternoon after college locked in my room I was doing my usual search for milf pics on a well known site and came across some nice pics of a busty milf, the... Continue»
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How I Lost My Virginity On A Camping Trip To My Mo

I am an s*******n year old girl and the first guy I ever slept with was my mom's boyfriend and his friend. My parents are divorced and I lived with my dad at the time, but my mom still had visitation rights, so I would see her on the first weekend of every month. I didn't really like it there since she was always drinking , smoking or d**gging but she would let me drink too so that made it ok.

Her boyfriend who was ten years younger than her at 33 was really into the great outdoors type of stuff and he had a weekend planned with his friend to go on a mountain hike and then camp for the long... Continue»
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Learning All About It

Aunt Meg, my mother's younger s****r was married to Jack. She was in her mid-thirties and Jack was in his early forties. They were always fun to be with as both had great senses of humor. Jack had made lots of money in real estate development. They had a lovely home in the hill above San Bernardino California. I loved to go there because they had a very nice pool and hot tub and a well-equipped exercise room all with a great view of the mountains and the city below.
It was the summer after I graduated from high school and looking forward to college in the fall. Meg and Jack had be... Continue»
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Twister Steps****r XVlll (party, PARTY, P A R T Y)

We are going to move forward to Thursday since nothing much went on.

I got home from practice at 5:30 pm with no game we were let out early to start our 3 day weekend. I walked in through the kitchen door, Jen and Kerri were making home made pizza. Jen can do as well as any of those pizza places better than some. She was making a meat lovers and one with the works. She was also planning to have some tomorrow too she was getting them ready to cook tomorrow.

After leaving the kitchen before heading up to my room I looked in the game room and saw Kathy and Lisa watching TV and playing with ... Continue»
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Couple I met on X Hamster

I found a delightful Black Couple on Hamster and after several messages and phone conversations we decided to meet up for a little adult fun. I dressed in a Black leather corset and matching stockings, no panties, and a pair of 6" spiked heels. I wore this under my coat and drove to their home. I was a bit nervous but rang the bell and Mandy answered the door. She was a lovely looking lady and was dressed in a pink garter belt, black stockings and heels. Over this she had a sheer black robe. Once inside her husband, Marcus entered the room. He was 6"3" tall about 230 lbs and quite muscul... Continue»
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A used sissy

“This one right here” Bob said. “This little sissy is perfect!” Bob and his two friends had spent the last few weeks scouring Craigslist personal ads for a small transvestite that they could take advantage of. “I’ll email the cunt with a pic of my nine inch cock – see if she bites!” Bob said. Sure enough a day later, the TV named Debi contacted Bob with pictures of “her” own. Bob shared the pics with his friends. “Look!” Bob said, “The cunt could pass easily, and the sissy even has little sissy boobs! Oh, this is gonna be fun! ” They all agreed that Debi was to be the one.
Debi had said in... Continue»
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Riverbank Tranny Fucktoy

Hello to all of you that read my first true story about outdoor sex. This is another account of a meeting I had in the middle of a city near a river.

It was late one summers evening when I met up with this sexy young Portugese stud I had been messaging on a gay dogging site.

I had been chatting to Fillipe for a couple of hours, and we were both getting hornier and hornier with each new message that we sent. It was me that asked if he would like to meet that night, and he of course said yes. There are a few cruising areas near around the closest city to me and we arranged to meet at one... Continue»
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Tuesday evening

It was Tuesday evening at the hostel and she was working a late shift with a sl**pover. At 9pm she had supervision with David. She had been working at the hostel for a while so her and David knew each other. In the supervision David asked her about how things were at home. She wasn’t enjoying being at home, that’s why she had taken the job. Because her and David were friends the conversation came around to sex and basically although she loved her husband she wasn’t getting enough sex.

Later that night after 11pm when she finished her shift she went upstairs to have a bath, it was okay bec... Continue»
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Insatiable i****tuous mothers


Jill Hastings and Laura Kelly were sunbathing in Jill's backyard. Both single mothers, who were knockouts in their bikinis, were discussing their dilemma.

"What are we going to do Jill to get things back under control?"

"I don't know Laura. We certainly opened up a can of worms."

"Big worms at that," Laura replied with a mock chuckle and then said, "Seriously, we can't go on like this."

"I know. You know your son brought two friends over the last time and they screwed my brains out. I have never cum so much in my life or ever had that much semen pumped into my body. The... Continue»
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Sex in the dressing romm Part 3

She leaned forward and bit his shoulder to hold back a scream as just the bulbous head finally squeezed inside her. At least the hard part was over—or so she thought.

Simon slowly began to lower her onto his cock, stretching her well beyond anything she was equipped to handle. Tears flooded her eyes, and a silent scream caught in her chest as the first two inches nearly tore her in half. There was nothing left to do but suffer. She wrapped her arms around his neck, held fast with her legs, and waited for him to use her.

He stayed there for a moment to adjust her weight and the angle, and... Continue»
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Sex in the dressing room Part 2

The room went white when he slowly ran the entirety of his tongue from the source of her abundant juices all the way to her engorged clit. He did this again and again, slowly, never lingering in any one place, never quite satisfying her, but firing every nerve ending his tongue came in contact with. He paused to get his middle finger wet with saliva.


She closed her eyes and let herself go.

And that's when she felt him wriggle his fingertip into her asshole.

What the fuck?


She pulled a fistful of his hair hard and tried to break free, but he slammed her back ag... Continue»
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Sex in the dressing room Part 1

"Let's go in here," Valerie said, towing Simon by his hand into one of the mall's many clothing stores.

"You're the boss, boss," he said in his cocky baritone.

As far as first dates went, Valerie thought theirs was going well. This was her first time ever meeting a guy through a dating site, and she had half expected him to show up fat and thirty years older than in his profile picture. Alas, he was every bit the tall, scruffy, tattooed twenty-eight-year-old she'd agreed to meet. He was nothing like other guys she had dated; she was only nineteen, and she had never dated anyone more than... Continue»
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Isabel, my friend's mom, too many lost chance

I know their are a bunch of stories on here, a lot don't seem real, this one is, i'm a 20 something y.o. in LA, I can assure you, this is all true, some names might be changed, maybe not, but the content is real

When I was 18 I met my friend Jay, who liked to do music and stay in his room all day,(important info), he stayed at his mom's house,(Isabel, single Mom),with his older s*s Nina & younger s*s behind some apartments, in the parking lots his uncle used to own. I would always hang out at his house and lust over his older s****r Nina, whom I would tend to flirt with. She was 27 or 26 ... Continue»
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Who is she #1

Here we go.
I met a girl long ago she was engaged to another man, i had an intimate moments with her on a school trip I was a senior, we didnt go to the same school.
She called told me she was pregnant and I basically told her it wasnt mines and good luck. She was dismissed. Call me a jerk but she was engaged ( why was she calling me) her privates wasnt even tight for her to claim she was pure.
Years passed I tried calling to check on her, she married and moved. Good for her.

NY holiday season its busy, the lights are bright, ppl are shopping, ppl are working, the smell of tar, roasted... Continue»
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b day party

Elaine's Birthday Party
We are new in town and don't know very many people so I invite some co-workers to my wife's birthday party, bring your wives and families!

Everything is going swimmingly and the party is great, Elaine and I, with Kevin, and Doug, two guys I work with. I thought they where married, but they showed up by themselves.

It's about midnight Friday, we have finished 2 cases of brew and are feeling good!

I notice Elaine has gone missing, I call, "Elaine"?

About 10 seconds later she comes walking out of the hallway wearing a very short robe and stocking... Continue»
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d***k And Horny.. The Night She Came Calling

Those that have read my other stories know that I do not have a very good relationship with my stepson or his girlfriend for that matter even though last year I had sex with her a couple of times.

After she moved out and back with her mother we did'nt see her for almost 6 months, Craig would dissapear over to her place every weekend which made me some what happy as I did not really want to see either of them.

Then one day out of the blue she just walked in the door and barely let out a hello before going into his room and shutting the door.. like old times, turns out she had bought hers... Continue»
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What’s For Dinner?

What’s For Dinner? (December2004)

No healthy person, it appears, can fail to make some addition that might be called perverse to the normal sexual aim; and the universality of this finding is in itself enough to show how inappropriate it is to use the word perversion as a term of reproach.
Sigmund Freud

It was nearing dinnertime and Master would be coming home shortly. She ran to get ready, quickly showered while making sure not a drop of soap touched between her legs -- it was his wish to have her display the signs of her sluttiness … but also, she suspected, he loved... Continue»
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Of Masters and slaves

Of Masters and slaves

I am given two days to rest after my punishment -- this time I really angered my Master … and the punishment was fitting the crime; I still winced every time I was sitting down -- and to think about everything that happened before I see my Master again. The regret is still there … and the shame. The throbbing pain of my Master’s silence. The aching need of his presence.

Master lies naked on his back on the air mattress as I kneel next to him. Is he sl**ping? The window is open, the warm air carrying the sound of the surf beating on the ... Continue»
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New Friends

"I always have my girl on her knees for a while before her whipping" said the new tenant.

I looked at him in a different way. He was new in our building, and nothing about his appearance gave a hint of a "wrinkle" so interesting. We met while buying riding crops at a shop nearby... I a silver-handled item with a short and snappy stroke...he a longer driving whip.

"Do you ride?", he asked.

"No, never actually. . ." a little amusement glittering in my eyes... "what about you?"
"Well...not horses, anyway", an expression of what I thought might be a smile with just a hint of a leer on hi... Continue»
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Jill's Lesson

It all started about two years ago. I am a 23 year old
married housewife. My husband Jeff and I have been
married for three years now. Jeff works away and is
only home on weekends if that. That leaves me with a
lot of time without my husband and I was going insane.
We had just bought a new house and money was tight so I
stayed home all week and stared at the walls.

I would get these credit cards in the mail all the
time. All I had to do was sign them and I could use
them. I threw them away until one day I just needed to
get this new outfit I had seen at Fredrick's. I had ... Continue»
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