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Ride of the Egg

Neil and Dizzy get a weekend away.

Drop the k**s off at gran parents and set off to a country Hotel in Pebbles. Dizzy dressed in a sexy little Black dress has done some shopping for this trip away and has

Kept a few surprises from Neil.

Teasing starts as soon as on the Stonehaven road south. Dizzy shows a bit more Leg and says she is very wet and horny all ready.

well as we drive Neil slowly massages Dizzys Pussy until around Laurancekirk when dizzy pulls Out Buzz the Magic Egg.

As you can see Buzz had been Inserted and you can just see the little black string from Di... Continue»
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A Special Night

It was a normal night, or so it seemed to Sam. He was working the swing shift, and was coming home to Amanda, who had been entertaining their friend Deanna. It had been a long day, and he was ready to sit down with t a drink to unwind and catch up on the games from the day.
When he got home, Amanda and Deanna were sitting on the couch, giggling like they had been telling stories about him before he got there. Well, he didn't really notice too much, just went up stairs to change out of the work clothes into some comfortable shorts, since it was still warm out. He came down the stairs and Ama... Continue»
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Fucking Pinky

I was in India and had started dating this really hot babe, Mainyion. She had a fantastic body and I’d been getting a good feel of everything and boy was she hot, I only had to stroke her pussy and she got wet giving plenty of lubrication when I started fingering her. Her b*****r, Moksh also fancied her like mad but had never done anything about it and asked me if I’d help him to at least get a look at her tits and pussy and maybe even a feel. I told him to be ready for us when we got to their place as their mum and dad were away for the weekend and with any luck we’d both get a fuck.
When w... Continue»
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Sniff my Panty/Pantyhosed Crotch

Here's another story from my archives, updated slightly, friends...

Because my lover has such a big cock I can't refuse him anything, least of all his arousing fetish for sniffing my ass and crotch while I wear my shiny black full bottomed skintight panties under gleaming sheer to waist high gloss pantyhose!

It all started when I needed a wardrobe putting up in my new flat and my s****r recommended her boyfriend, Kev, to come round to do the job.
On this day when Kev came around to put the wardrobe together in my bedroom I decided to leave work early to relax after I got a lot of app... Continue»
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Nude by Nature

Nude by Nature

This ain't nothing for you ignorants! No story for any ordinary person who is not willing, nor able to see things from another angle than theirs. I as a convinced nudist wanna talk about what I think of showing myself naked on the internet.

What it feels like to be literally bare to you and whoever else. And why, for God's sake, this way of exposition is the very right thing for me. After more than ten years of self-destructive doubts about my nature. Quirky? Maybe. Vane? Why not? Exhibitionist? By all means! And proud and self-conscious anyway!

Lucky me, I do it! I ... Continue»
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i woke up feeling horny

woke up feeling horny as fuck. You know what it's like. If you're a guy you wake up with a stiffie. Well I woke up all wet and sticky. I was feeling so horny, no way would one shag satisfy me. I was gagging for it. Didn't even bother to have a wash. Opened my front door, this was half eight in the morning. It's easy to get cock on my estate. I don't have to place an ad; I can get cock anytime I want. Just thought it'd be fun, that's all, see what I got.Anyway, Mr Dean from Sefton Street, he was on his way to work, about to catch the number 42 bus. I shouted to him across the road, asked him if... Continue»
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Соседка по даче Ирина Андреевна

-Костик, ты мне не поможешь?

Симпатичный белокурый паренек, лет 18-ти, оглянулся, и поспешил к стоящей невдалеке от него рослой женщине, с ведром яблок. До нее было метров двадцать. Костик быстрым шагом прошёл мимо старых тряпок, вечно висящих на частоколе забора.

Женщина, позвавшая его, была его соседкой по улице Ириной Андреевной, которую, по привычке, звал тетей Ирой. Она вытирала тыльной стороной ладони пот со лба, другой рукой подергивая халат за пуговицу, остужая крупные груди, висящие в разные стороны.

Лифчик она не носила.

-Жарко сегодня!- произнесла женщина как бы опра... Continue»
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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 7

Chapter One

It’s been several months since my graduation from my Master’s Institution. Where they train men and women how to become better submissives and slaves. Upon graduating, my Master offered me his collar and I’ve become his house slave. I used to cut his hair in my salon and I instantly felt an attraction. The rest is history. Now I live in his penthouse suite in the luxurious Wilkerson Hotel. It takes up two whole floors. I live there with my Master and his wife and submissive Chloe and sometimes their big black bull slave Max. We are one happy and contented pod.

Things ha... Continue»
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little asian boy in prison


Hello, everyone. My name is Ling. I am an owned Asian boi-wife belonging to a dominant White master.

I was locked up in a prison when I was a 18 year old virgin Asian boy. Through two years of rigorous training and discipline at the hands of several other prisoners, I became a complete sex slave. I was stripped off of my humanity, my identity and I was never allowed to be called a boy again. They had all my body hair laser removed, put me on female hormones to develop breasts, and had my dick permanently locked in a cage and I am never allowed to touch it. They referred my dick ... Continue»
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Wife Gang Bang

This past Saturday Jim invited some guys over to have fun with me

Sunday Jim had four of the guys over and Kim came over also. Jim had invited Kim so while I was busy having sex with the guys he could have fun with Kim. Jim had invited Rob, Mike, Tony, and Pete over and they all arrived almost at the same time. I was out back wearing a skimpy one piece bikini type thing.

Kim arrived a little later and Jim greeted her as soon as she came grabbing her kissing her and running his hands all over her. Kim said to Jim that she wanted to spend the afternoon with him in bed. The guys were outbac... Continue»
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When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 8

Sarua sat down next to me on the couch with Martha on the other side of me as we finished catching our breath while I put my arms around the two women putting each of my hands on a tit of the two as they wrapped a hand around my dick and leaned into me reasting their heads on my shoulders.

"Wow, watching you two fuck like that, got me so turned on, which I can not believe, that watching you have sex like that with another woman, could do to me."

"I'll be able to do you in a minute or two, so that your not so turned on maybe."

"Sammy, I will all ways be turned on by you, like I have al... Continue»
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Her Wiggle

Patricia had just finished her shower. Ever the tease, she walked nude into our bedroom, smiled at me, turned her back to me, and walked with a exaggeratedly feminine wiggle towards the bed. I stepped up behind her and put my arms around her hips, sliding them down along the valleys between her legs and her torso. Her skin was soft and absolutely smooth.

She stepped back a bit, pressing herself against me. “Did you want something, dear?” She turned again to face me, giving me one of her teasing, sexy smiles. Then she slid a hand down my bare abdomen and under the waistband of my paj... Continue»
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Secretarial Duties 2 - Party with the Boss

“Mr. Krushank, you wanted to see me in your office?” Patricia smiled as she said it, knowing that it was she giving the order.

“Er, yes, Patricia. You don't mind me taking you away from the party, do you?” Krushank covered his surprise nicely. He stepped away for the group of employees with whom he had been talking, taking his drink with him.

“No, Mr. Krushank. I'm sure the party will survive without us for a bit.” Patricia smiled demurely at her willing accomplice.

Patricia led the way to Krushank's office, then deferred for Krushank to open the door for her. She stepped in, ... Continue»
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Hardware Store Milf

I'm in my mid 20's and it has always been a fantasy/fetish of mine to fuck a hot sexy milf. There's nothing sexier than a woman in her 40s who's got big fake tits and an amazing ass and just loves showing them off. Fucking a hot milf is something that I'd never gotten to do until yesterday. I went to the local hardware store to pick up a few things, it's a small store with only about 12 aisles. As I'm down one of the aisles in the back of the store I hear a worker and a lady coming my way talking about a product. As they turn the corner to come down my aisle I get almost an instant hard on, p... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #25: Lauren-1:

Lovely Lauren looks lovely: a slender sensual sexy sweet beautiful blond baby curious to cross borders
Lovely Lauren longs for her first ever spanking of her bare bum by an erotic expert in the tasty treat
Lovely Lauren looks lovely: I invite her for a free visit to my sex studio and an intimate inspection
Lovely Lauren longs to learn pleasures I promise her in my invitation to try my sweet sexy seduction!

Lovely Lauren learns first how to properly present herself to me for intimate inspection as a start
Lovely Lauren learns fast from pretty Petra, my great granddod, presenti... Continue»
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Hockey Buddy and His Wife - Part 7

I had not seen Pete or Katie in over a month because one or the other of us had been out of town or not well. I was looking forward to going to their house after the game. We were in the shower after the game and I was looking at Pete's little dick in the shower. “Are we on tonight?” I asked. “Absolutely.” Pete replied. I was starting to get semi-hard thinking about what might be ahead so I finished quickly and headed out from the hockey rink.

I arrived at Pete and Katie's house before Pete. Katie handed me a gin and tonic with a light kiss on the mouth. Her hair was damp and she was in a ... Continue»
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My very own sex slave

Warning if you don’t like story just move on to the next Thank You!

I have to be honest with myself and admit this. I am a good person with a good heart I truly am!. I know this will sound messed up but If I had a home in the suburbs or country with a basement or extra room/space. I would make a plan and if the opportunity came I would lure a female into my home and keep her as my sex slave. Her sole purpose from the day I have her in my possession will be purely for my sexual pleasure. She will be fed and kept alive only so I can have sex with her. My depression and social issues have l... Continue»
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Weapons of Math Instruction #3

Professor Peter erotically entertains juicy Jenny, young mom of his pupil and new love sweet Sarah
Professor Peter and jolly Jenny are interrupted by the early arrival of sexy Sarah, who gets furious
Professor Peter has to solve a problem ... as he loves both of his closest nicely naughty neighbours
Professor Peter gets a great guess as a man of math: why not use my ruler to restore some discipline?

Professor Peter proposes sexy Sara "Sit at my left leg love! Let us three talk to solve the situation"
Professor Peter carefully caresses the tasty teen to calm her down, come bac... Continue»
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Paying for the takeaway.

On a drizzly Thursday evening I arrived at my local Chinese takeaway and ordered my usual, after about 15 minutes I was still waiting so I politely asked what was going on.
Mrs Lee then stuck her head out from the kitchen.
"What's the matter?" she asked.
"I was wondering where my order was?" I replied.
"Its coming, its coming" she replied.
"You just wait"
"I have been" I replied.
"What's the problem?"
"My husband is away, its just me cooking, so you wait" she replied.
After a few more minutes Mrs Lee finally appeared with my takeaway.
It was then I realised I didn't have my wallet o... Continue»
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Our first time at a nude beach

Well we did it! We just returned from our vacation in the Caribbean where we dared to do the unthinkable. After some debate months ago we decided to book a couple of days of our vacation at an adults only resort that had a nude beach. Both my wife and I were a little nervous about what was to come but figured we'd see what came of it.

In the weeks leading up to the trip we discussed a game plan of exactly what and how we would do this. We were scheduled to arrive mid afternoon while their was plenty of daylight and beach time still available. We decided that perhaps we should have help thin... Continue»
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