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A Weekend of Pleasure and Pain – Part 3

You pull up in front of my hotel, and reach over to remove the gag and untie my hands and ankles. You tell me again how well i did, and after a lingering kiss, i am walking through the lobby to the elevator. It seems to take forever to arrive as i play over the night’s events in my mind’s eye, finding myself getting hot once again. i remember once saying that this could get addictive; now i’d say there’s no question it is. i finally get to my room, kick off my shoes – holy god do my feet hurt after so long in those heels – and immediately pop the Tylenol/Advil combo that i’d put ou... Continue»
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A Weekend of Pleasure and Pain – Part 2

You struggle to walk down the few steep steps in your heels and go slowly in the poor lighting. I can't think about anything else but your naked ass, the smell of my cum dripping out of your holes, and my insatiable desire to slap it hard. I refrain though, because I know you're entering sensory overload mode again and that's exactly where I want you. I know your heart is racing as I walk you toward the cargo centre’s control booth.

It's a fair size, a little over 2 meters tall and about 3 meter across and 3 meters long though you have to weave between the 3 seats and the ben... Continue»
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A Weekend of Pleasure and Pain – Part 1

We meet up on a Friday evening evening, at a bar to chat and have a drink. For the first time You are in “uniform”; Your high-end suit, tailored shirt, your designer’s an incredibly sexy picture, but it does make me wonder what we are going to be doing. The evening moves on, we have a 2nd round, and You still haven’t said anything about Your plans. i am so hot just being near You, and the liquor isn’t helping me keep my cool. Tonight it’s even more difficult: seeing You dressed for business is as close to your ‘normal’ side as i’ve seen and especially after all the fanta... Continue»
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Night of the Living Latex

"Young women, do not go outside after sunset, there is a creature who means you harm on the prowl." That was the general rule for one small village. Such advice was ignored one night, by a 23 year old Maria, who recently returned home to visit the village she grew up in.
The creature in question was a symbiote, made of living latex. The symbiote noticed Maria passing it on her way back to her house. She stopped at a tree, looking at her phone for directions, when she noticed her mistake, it was too late:
The symbiote dripped itself onto Maria from the tree above. It bonded with the skin of h... Continue»
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Caught in the Act!!

It was a hot august afternoon, I was very bored in parents old house. So I decided to explore an old hiding place from my younger years that I hid old porn mags in to jerk off at night to. I knew the place was empty besides me, so I decided to take a look. I opened the door to the old basement room I used to sl**p in long ago, I walked down and made my way over to my little cubbyhole to see if my things were left untouched by anyone. I reach up into a corner tile of the drop ceiling and lo and behold my old porn stash was still there, dusty but intact. I pulled the box down and began looking o... Continue»
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date night

I am ready before you of course.

I watch you get dressed. After you squeeze your tits into that tight little dress, I zip up the zipper in the back. Your hair is done and you are putting on the finishing touches on your makeup.

As you do that, I go into the kitchen and fix you a drink, dropping a couple of pills into the bottom and giving it a good stir. I take it into the bathroom and pass it to you. “Drink up”, I say, “The club is open and it is time to get going.”

You unsuspectingly finish your drink and we walk out the door together. You look fantastic, all dolled up. I a
... Continue»
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Helping widow mom date again

My Dad died just a few months ago, and I had to interrupt my college degree to try to help my mother pass through this experience.

I loved my dad very much and so did my mom. She was 51 at the time, but aged well besides being already a little to old to be considered a knock out to most men. She his a small woman, petite body, with relatively wide hips and medium breasts. She always used her hair short and blonde, although everyone could see it was colored hair.

I've never had fantasies with my mother, although the fact that i used to jerk fantasying about mature women could be a sign t... Continue»
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Fucking my friends fat bbw s****r

This is a true story. The only thing I've changed are the names.

My friend jake and I were in our junior year of college and it was the weekend so we were looking for some parties to hit up. My friend jake likes the conventional type of girls; small and skinny.

I however, prefer my women big and round with curves and nice fat assess and huge boobs. I love girls that jiggle in all the right places. There's just so much more to love and explore on a big girl. All that softness feels so amazing when both your naked bodies are pushing up against each other. The one thing that I fin... Continue»
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Donation Clothing Masturbation

So locally there are a handful of charities which take clothing donations curbside. What they do is they send out mail flyers in neon colors stating the date that truck will come by and pick up bags and boxes of all sorts of used goods to sell for charity.

A lot of people will put out their donation goods the day before, so it'll sit curbside overnight, because most people work during the day.

Let me tell you about my neighbor. She's definitely older, but she takes really good care of herself. She's skinny and fit, with perky breasts and a tight ass; bearing c***dren hasn't wrecked her... Continue»
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Hostel Panties

So earlier this year I went on a trip to a certain country in Northern Europe. I stayed in a hostel dormitory. For the first few days, my dormitory was pretty full, but most of the times, the other guests in my room stuck around for only a day, and then were gone.

Halfway through the week, I was alone in the dormitory with this pretty straw-blonde German girl, probably, by my guess, in her early twenties. She was average in figure, I suppose, had a nice booty and pair. I was away most of the day doing my own thing. When I returned back in the evening, nobody was around. The only thing left... Continue»
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by transcon

He'd submitted his short story to her. No request for a picture. No request for the compulsory autograph. He'd not sullied his correspondence with such vulgar request. Just the manuscript he'd labored on in a plain manila envelope. He'd expected no response. The sending of "Goddess" was his reward. It took all he had to drop the envelope in the Post Office mail chute. He'd held the heavy steel louver open for the longest time, the precious cargo resting in bin's bottom. A rush of heated air stymied him as the automatic doors opened to the PO lobby and a horde of str... Continue»
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Wendy52, young cock slut

Hi, my name’s Wendy and I have to tell you I’ve been a bit of a dirty girl. My husband was away, again! I had woken up feeling horny and really a rabbit doesn’t quite “do it” for me. I love feeling a hard cock thrusting into me and being able to grab onto the owner with both hands. So I just got dressed and went to work. I’d spent the day looking at the young men in the office and my pussy was getting wetter. I’m amazed I didn’t have a wet patch from my seat I was so wet. But work isn’t the best place to find cock outside of your marriage, it may well get you into trouble. So after work I was... Continue»
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Cheating Done Right

My friend and her boyfriend were staying in my flat while her parents had their house remodelled. I’d given them my bedroom and I had the couch.

I got in at 8am exhausted from work, normally they were having breakfast right now but nothing. I went to my bedroom door and knocked, no answer, I opened the door to find the bed made so I got out of my work clothes, put them in the laundry basket, had a shower and changed into my joggers. I came out of my room, sat on the couch and turned the tv on “Morning tv is shit” I said to myself. I laid down, closed my eyes and hoped to drift off to sl**p.... Continue»
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my neighbour big titties wife

hi again,this is the last prt of story.HOw i have said in last stories i have a nice neighbour whit big tits that is fucking whit my mom.I have come fro college for the weekend.My mom has kiss me on face and i have start to tell her how is at college.At night i have go to Carmen house to salute and to see her nice tits.I have knock on her doree and she has open the door.She was in her bathrobe.She grab me and she give me a hot kiss.She told me that she has miss me very very much and she miss for my big cock.I have slap her ass and i have tald that i want to fuck her assmbut she has told me tha... Continue»
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My Husband’s Fantasy Makes Me Excited

Hi friends I am Sindhu from Bangalore. I am a regular reader in iss because of my husband makes me a habit of it. Here describes about us I am 28 yrs old fair and good structure 36-30-36 and my hubby 30yrs old good looking handsome guy. We have been married since 2 yrs.

We both are very happy in our marriage life especially on bed we both are very excited and we use to watch bf regularly. Mostly we use to watch group sex blue films while watching we tried to do
... Continue»
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i want to have sex again

it's been a while since i had sex for the last time and it's weird how much it becomes more and more a desire to have sex with a woman again, even so i please myself frequently.

i miss to touch the warm skin of a woman i love, to caress and kiss her naked body, to give her a full body massage and slowly start to become sexual with her. like massaging her boobs, turning into playing with her erect nipples, slightly twisting, licking and sucking them until they become all sensitive.
and when she starts to moan and to touch me, we start to make out and i slip my hand between her legs, startin... Continue»
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Flirty chemist assistant

About five years ago I suffered enomously with insomnia, on my fifth day or night without sl**p I decided to go for a drive, I ended up about 40 miles away from my hometown, it was 9:30 in the morning and I parked up in a village and looked round, finding a chemist I went in and asked the assistant if she had anything that would help me sl**p.

She was a petite blonde haired girl around 20 years old and when I asked she was very flirty. She said she'd give me something to help relax me, and I flirted back the same. After I'd purchased some Nightol tablets she said "I've something better than... Continue»
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King-Queen Competition

my name is James, 25 yr old, 6’0 height and average body. After completed my bachelors from Australia, I was back to my dad’s business in India. After working for about 6 months, I knew this business is not for me. I deserve to do something better than this. A ‘not well prepared’ CAT was given, just to get an admission in a decent MBA institute. And then I landed up in this society. This society had 4 MBA institutes specializing in telecom management, internation... Continue»
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A Night Out with s****r

My little s****r decided it was time for her and I to take hubby on a date. There was a folk-style acoustic band playing nearby that we knew hubby was sure to like so we decided to take him there.

s*s had moved in with us at the beginning of the summer, renting out her place and enjoying the all the attentions, sexual and otherwise, that hubby lavished on her. I love having her around and watching her taking care of hubby (not to mention the help with other household chores). So hubby has been a busy man, what with keeping me, my s****r and some of our other females friends happy this s... Continue»
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Call Boy To My Hot Aunty

I am Sumanth Name Changed nick name raj with my first true experience. I’m regular reader of professionally I am a call boy in Mysore now but your eagerly wants to know how I become a call boy? So this is my true story for you. My earlier stories are and my house owner’s sexy daughter, fucking Guajarati house wife, call boy at your service. You can mail me your comment

My dick size is 8”long 4 inches wide stamina 2 hours good looking average body and I was in Pune that time living with my friend’s flat. His flat located in
... Continue»
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