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Stories of Lizzy Chapter 2

Oh god, who on earth could it be? Lizzy thought to herself. What a bad timing to call upon.
She sat up on her bed, listening again, making sure that there was an absolute need to attend to the door. There it went again, knock knock.

Reluctantly, she stood up with her bikini bottom falling into a heap around her ankles, she bent over and curled them back upwards. It was rather uncomfortable, to put on that cold piece of cloth against her warm body, the water from the pool mixing up with her own juices that had trickled down her inner thigh, causing it to dry up. She was almost certain that... Continue»
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The i****trious house of lannisters( GOT)

This is not my story. I found this on the internet.Thought u guys might like it

For generations the Stark’s f****y motto had stood as a constant reminder to the rest of the kingdom that somewhere beyond the edge of those warm long summers waited the bitter sting of winter. Fitting then that they kept themselves in Winterfell the coldest place this side of the wall.

As the keep's farmers and smiths kept up their work, seemingly oblivious to the cold, a cloaked figure moved unnoticed by the townspeople and moved discretely but shivering through the marketplace. The figure, unlike those sur... Continue»
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The Taxi

It had been a long trip, several layovers in strange airports and one delay. All I wanted was to get to the hotel, spend an hour in the gym, then grab a bite and a couple of beers before I hit the sack. I had been on the road for two weeks already, this was my last stop before heading home for a much needed rest. I made my way wearily to the baggage carousel, and waited for my bag to come down the chute.

As I stood there, I noticed a pretty gal across the way struggling with her luggage; a clasp had opened during handling, some of her clothes had spilled out onto the roundabout and she ... Continue»
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Total humiliation

The most humiliating, yet exciting scene happened to me this past week.
Those of you who know mw know that I am a lez and have never, never experienced a guy... only girls/women.
Last weekend, Miss C had me remove my clothes and then totally secured me on my back in Her playroom.
I was left alone for awhile and then heard Her return. I thought that I heard someone in the room but was not sure.
Miss C then straddled me in a kind of 69 and had me lick Her cunt until She was close to coming.
She then called out "okay, NOW!"
I was not sure what she meant and then a saw the legs of a very exc... Continue»
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The Interview

"I really need this job," I said. "I want to make sure you see me up
close - and totally naked - so that you don't make the wrong decision.
I know how great I look on film - and in person. I don't want to lose
this job because you think I'm too virginal. I really want to convince
you otherwise. I can be a real slut if the assignment calls for it. I'm
more than willing to do my part. If I can get the right photographer,
the right photo editor ... I can be such a slut on film the readers
will cream just looking at me. I love being a slut in pictures. And my
body is great."

I t... Continue»
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Part 1 - 3

A Femina Island's Tale

Ray Archer watched Miri Spencer walk away. Her long blond hair pulled back into a pony-tail that hung down to the small of her back. As she opened the door of her beachouse she briefly turned to him & smiling with those green eyes told him to behave & be ready to give her a nice long back rub when she returned.
Miri wiggled her shapely tushy at him before leaving. Ray heard the door close & waited to hear the sound of her pulling away in her Jaguar.
His eyes had been riveted on her rear in those tight white short shorts & once again he had to r... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 9

Things were back to normal in the morning.

By the time Caroline woke up, Jonathon was already dressing to go to
the office--and to the charms of his secretary--and Caroline did not
get a morning fuck or suck. As always, she was randy and feeling
frustrated. She stayed in bed after Jonathon left, but although she
rubbed her cunt for awhile, she couldn't really concentrate on the job.
She kept thinking about the elk hound.

After awhile she got up and dressed.

Screwing up her nerve, she went to call on Helen Ramsey.

The redhead did not seem particularly surprised by the unex... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #9

iCarly/Victorious: Schneider’s Island #9 – Snap

[Warning - there is no sex in this story, please don't hate me for that, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless]

The inn was as crowded as ever as staff, just as much as guests, were pouring out from the inn, all eager to get off the island. There had been a mass exodus suggested for all inhabitants of the formerly sl*epy island town from the sheriff, who was erring on the side of caution, in trying to get people out even if there was a suspect in custody. Naturally there was some disagreement with a few of the townsfolk, but fo... Continue»
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My first Cock

The first time I saw and touched a cock I was very young. My self and my next door neighbour built tents out of sheets and we played in there for hours. Even young I was curious about cocks. We used to show me yours and I will show you mine. we were both so tiny back then but I still remember seeing a cock go hard for the first time. I loved the feel of his cock and the taste of it as well.

Several years later and I turned 17 and went to a party at a posh friends house. His house was massive and had a huge barn type thing in the grounds. The party was banging and it was packed. The girls w... Continue»
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The Window

A true story (written in third person)

Kate was luck enough to have a dressing room. This is located upstairs and the small room overlooks the path that's passes to the front of their house. It is a well used room and this morning was a normal weekend morning, with Kate to be found showered and prancing around slowly getting herself ready. This is often done with only a towel around her waist....she likes the freedom and it always gives Kyle a sexy view.

Kate was just finishing straightening her hair and as she stood up she took a moment to glance at herself in the mirror. Her boobs look... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 8

Darleen had been embarrassed about fucking a dog at first, and had
admitted it only reluctantly, and only then because Caroline was
denying her a suck until she confessed.

But once Darleen had revealed the truth, she seemed to want to talk
about it. And it had made Caroline horny as well, she realized. Far
from thinking that Darleen had behaved shamefully or disgustingly,
Caroline had been inspired to give her some great tongue and had
gobbled up plenty of second-hand dog cum, too.

After she got her rocks off on Caroline's nimble tongue, Darleen
stretched out along the couc... Continue»
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My first daddy

My first 'daddy' I met at age s*******n, through a sex line. By then, I'd spend hours and hours on the phone, actually searching for a nice girl my age to talk to... and have sex with. Never happened. What did happen was, I started calling gay sex lines. But by then I'd already fully developed my anal 'tendencies'.

From age fifteen or so, at the times I found myself home alone, I'd often go to my room, take off all my clothes and disappear into kind of a sex fantasy. This involved a black judo belt which I would turn into sort of a jock-strap. Wearing it, I'd often parade around my room, t... Continue»
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Open Marriage

This is nota filthy story, but is just setting the scene for the filth that took place during our married life together. So, if not interested you can bow out right now and read no further.
I was just 20 years old when I met the girl who would later become my wife. I had been in this company working for about two years, when she joined as a secretary to one of the managers. My job was lowly compared to hers and I would never have believed that she would entertain me for that reason. She is five years older than me and her name is Sally. She had lovely shiny black shoulder length hair, ... Continue»
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My wife and me Fucked by four men

It started quite innocently enough. Me and my wife met a friend Dave for drinks.
My wife is a sexy beautiful BBW and oozes sexiness.
On drink lead to another, (and another). and my wife was openly flirting with Dave ( I knew that she fancied him)
The pub was closing, so my mate asked if we would like to go to his hotel room, for more drinks. We were far enough gone by now and it seemed like a good idea.
We arrived at his room in the hotel and he poured our drinks, put on some music and started to dance with my wife. It didn't take long before the effects of the drink and the sexual electri... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 7

It's really silly of me to feel this way, Caroline told herself. After
all, it's not as if I was in love with Darleen. What we do together is
just physical, just, fooling around. Why should I care if she's fooling
around with some other woman? It isn't as if my husband were having an
affair with that redheaded bitch. Well, maybe my pride is hurt, a
little. I thought that Darleen loved doing it with me--not loved me,
just loved doing it, there's a difference there. But maybe she likes to
do it with Helen Ramsey more than with me. I wonder what Helen does to
her that I don't? I d... Continue»
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Tiffany's New Boss Chapter 1

Tiffany Taylor had grown up in a rough estate named Butterton, crime was rife in Butterton and there were gangs of youths on each street corner. Just about everybody who had grown up on the estate had turned to crime, d**gs or had ended up in prison. Throughout her c***dhood Tiffany hated living in Butterton and couldn’t wait to escape from the estate were she just never felt like she fitted in.

Tiffany was the eldest of two s****rs, her s****r Sarah was three years Tiffany’s junior. The mother had died when Tiffany was only five years old so their father, Michael had to bring the two daugh... Continue»
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Travelling on the bus

I enjoyed travelling on the commuter bus, which ran from the city centre to the University. In the morning it was always crowded, mainly with students. I came to know many of them by sight and they generally seemed to have regular habits making it easy to arrange to intercept them. The bus was a large single-decker with a number of seats at the front but at the rear of the bus there was a large open area without seats for standing passengers to maximize carrying capacity. The exit doors for alighting from the bus were in this area. I had spent several mornings sitting quietly on the bus, inspe... Continue»
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(Gay) Deciding To Cheat - The Intro

First story I've ever written... be nice ;)

After a year of being with my partner, things had come to an all time boring low.
The sex was still ok, but I worked long night hours and he was always doing morning
shifts as a baker. We were in that ever-obvious couples rutt. He was 25, I was 22.

One night, after sucking on his 7 inch uncut cock for a mere 3 minutes before he blasted
a load of cum down my throat and declared he was ready for bed, I'd decided I had had
enough. I was comfortable in this relationship, but I couldn't keep up this... Continue»
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A MILF - BLACK MAIL - f***e - FUN !!!

Two intruder's cause mayhem in a young woman's life
A stylish house in North Hudson Avenue, Hancock Park, South Hollywood, late May, 2012. Gina Cohen’s Saturday morning started out like most other Saturday mornings did...the ordinary things of daily life, cleaning her ground floor apartment, washing bed linen, vacuuming floors, putting stuff away from the night before; the usual stuff people do at weekends. She had her I-Pad on speaker, in the background, playing tracks from classic Doors album, ‘LA Woman.’ The music put Gina in an optimistic mood and she hummed along to the magical refrain o... Continue»
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Coffee Shop

Something I've been working on and off for a good while now. Hope you enjoy, please leave feedback x

I took a sip of my hot coffee as I gazed out of the window on to the quiet streets of Primrose Hill. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was taking some time out after a busy week at work; just me, myself and the world enclosed in the pages that lay open in front of me.

Just as I settled and turned the page, the door to the small, intimate café flew open and banged shut, stunning the few people that I was sat amongst into silence. The figure stood there breathless; head compl... Continue»
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