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Studio Slut

“Oh yeah baby, just like that. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Make me cum.” Olivia Holt heard herself and couldn’t believe what she was saying. She just met this guy an hour ago and here she was, upstairs at a party letting him fuck her. The gorgeous 17 year old blonde had never done anything like this before but she was really into it. The guy, who had to be in his twenty’s, was slamming his 8 inch cock into her tight coochie and was about to get her off. She’d had orgasms before but never during sex, not that she was that experienced, after all, she’d only had two boyfriends and this was t... Continue»
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Episode 56 - Mated

This story is loosely based upon the new TV series ‘Hunted’, in which a team of nasty police attempt to track down individual nice people on the run.
The nice people tend to stand out like a sore thumb – cold, unfed, dirty, dishevelled, carrying a huge rucksack and followed everywhere by a TV crew.
The nasty police have all the advantages of a nice warm office, constant hot coffee, access to CCTV cameras, tracking cash machine withdrawals, mobile phone usage, intelligence databases, loads of hi-tech gadgets and covert operations. Nothing much happens when the nice people are caught – they ... Continue»
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Slut for my husband part one

Slut for my Husband

I walked out of the shower absolutely naked, to find my husband sitting on the bed, watching as I paraded around the bedroom. My skin was shiny from a lavish coating of coconut oil glistening on my naked form. Hubby looked directly at my freshly shaved pussy, something I had refused to do for him but now it was shaved and smooth as his eyes burned into my newly depilated mound. I walked over to my underwear drawer, feeling my hairless pussylips smoothly rubbing together as my stride and wiggle added to the effect and began to select sexy lingerie items.
Hubby coughed as... Continue»
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My bbw sexy wife bi curiousness

Well I am Michelle's husband Rob my wife is so bi curiousness she start pouring juices from her sweet pussy.well I work out of town alot for my job and I gave my wife all rights to cheat only if its a woman. Her pictures are in my profile if you like to see all her sexiness. Ok now with the story her and her friend work out together every wife would go to Jen house to workout.well they always work out in Jen master bedroom .they got through with there work out and Jen says I got to jump in the shower so make yourself at home.well the master bathroom was wide open with the bedroom.wh... Continue»
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Fuck-Boy Experience in His Words

My husband and I met a young man through Xhamster the other day. We have turned him into our little house slave on weekends now. This is his story in his own words…

I walked up to the door of the house with my heart pounding nervously. I didn't know what to expect. I was as excited as I was scared. I still didn't have to go through with it. But the truth was I was too horny to back out. I was about to ring the doorbell when the door opened, startling me. Before me stood a woman in her fifties.

She was gorgeous!!!!!! She might have been older but she was still hot! She was built like a Br... Continue»
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Zoe part two

Mrs Issacs appeared suddenly to take control of the group.
“And how do you choose the men for this study?”
“By choose, I assume you mean, do we vet the applicants who come through our doors?” The Professor studiously cleaned his glasses with a lens cleaner, before putting them back on.
“Yes, I mean are they particularly gifted in the size of their…?”
Stacey beamed her brightest smile at the woman. “I think she means do the applicants all have large cocks professor.”
“Ah, well, it’s interesting you should mention that Mrs Issacs because we have already, I think it is fair to say, establish... Continue»
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Best feeling ever - Banged her, finally!

I allow the hard-on while staring at the screen, just imagining circling my tongue in her pussy.

Let me describe myself first before getting to her.
Age <30. Virgin brown guy, with an accent. Short yet sweet. Smile on my face - all the time. Love the place of work. Even better is the place because would love to bang many ladies here.

But this one is just beyond description. She is very tall - about 6 feet. about 35 years young. She's married to a hulky guy. She also had a baby recently. Blonde hair, beautiful pearl ear rings. Picturesque face, beeming smile and a tight ass. Oh, she dr... Continue»
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“I want you to come over.”

I want you to walk straight into my bedroom, where I’ll be waiting for you, close the door behind you, and not say a word.
I want you to kiss me. On my mouth, my neck, my earlobes. I want to feel your tongue dancing all over my skin.
I want you to reach straight under my shirt and touch my breasts.
I want to feel your cool hands all over my chest before you pinch my nipples which you’ve made so hard.
I want you to roll my erect nipples between your fingers, and then give one last pinch, just a little too hard.
I want you to grab my hair and f***e a strong and urgent ... Continue»
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I hadn’t been away with my mum and dad for ages, not since years before I graduated, but after an unfortunate break up a few months ago and virtually no social life, they thought a couple of weeks in the sun would do me good. It was, I have to admit, nice to be away even if the pace of daily life was slow.

They got friendly with a few people at the hotel and one older couple in particular. The man was a bit of an old letch but flattery is good.

But then he started touching me, at first a stroke here or a squeeze on the shoulder there, and even an arm round the shoulder. I didn’t stop h... Continue»
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The Blonde Wife-True Story

This started when I saw an ad on an adult site, Married woman wanting to meet discreet Gentleman. I don't remember the details of the ad, but I answered with photos, and she responded. After several messages over a couple of weeks, we were comfortable and we agreed to meet.

If you have read my blogs and stories, you know that I travel quite frequently all over the US. I had reservations at an Embassy Suites in her town, and we were to meet in the bar in the late afternoon. I set in the lobby to wait for her, and sure enough she did arrive.

She was short at about 5'2", very attra... Continue»
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Thr Cleaning Lady -1

As John Clarke came into the room, Mrs Greenwood his 50 year old cleaning lady was more than ready. Over the past 4 weeks she had started to recognise her Employer's little mannerisms. She knew his needs so well.

She was a nice lady and didn't want Mr Clarke to do anything that he didn't want to do. He was after all a Senior Teacher and had taught several of her c***dren in the local High School. He deserved respect.

She was quite prepared to carry on dusting the lounge but she could see the way he was looking at her. A little pathetic really. She didn't want to take advantage of h
... Continue»
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late night sissy turns into live in

Short story my first one! I ran to the store to get some smokes and a few beers and found a new friend.I saw what I thought was a girl riding a scooter stop so I said hello then I realized it was a very sexy dressed guy.He says hello and goes inside I wait for him to exit. He comes out and I just smile and make small talk.I see he is very feminine and that gets me hot.We talk for a bit then he asked me if he can have a beer I said sure,we drink a beer and I then ask if he would like to come over he says sure.
We get to my place he gets in my van and says lets just sit and drink a few beers,he... Continue»
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Tight foreskin in the massage parlour

Tight foreskin in a massage parlor

Having read some of the stories in this section I thought you may be interested in a story I have to tell.
If the gentleman concerned recognizes himself, I send my best regards!

In 1985 I worked for a time in a massage parlor in east London. We had a few regulars; one sweet guy I remember came once a month or so for a year. He was from out of London, a single man probably mid 20s. He was quite plump and had ginger hair, His name was Ben. He was always dressed smartly and, after his first time, always asked for me.
The thing... Continue»
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Spring Break With Mommy

Stacy's tits were bouncing violently. Her father's cock was smashing her pussy as he rushed to finish and cum. It was early morning, still dark out, just before sunrise. Stacy hadn't had time to even wipe the sl**p from her eyes before her dad had spit on his cock and slid it into her waiting snatch. He had walked in, kissed her awake, then led her by the hand and leaned her over her bathroom sink and began pounding her harder and harder. It was the last pussy he was going to get for the next two weeks. He had brutally fucked his wife Sarah the night before while Stacy was at a friends ... Continue»
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An open sesame t sex wonderland

We're two old and most intimate friends. My name is Rehan. My friend's name is Saleem. I got a job as a Resident Manager in a posh Men's private Club. Saleem became Residnt General Manager of a five star Hotel. We had vowed to marry beautiful girls, preferably s****rs. It wasn't difficult to find our choice.. We wanted to make our wives also as intimate with us as we we two friends are. My wife is two years older and her name is Umbreen. Saleem's wife is Najma. Both are beautiful. Saleem had reserved two adjacent rooms in his hotel for wedding night. Saleem's was a complimentary to him and he... Continue»
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Several years ago, at dusk, I am driving home from a conference. Traffic is light and I am bored and I start to fantasize about a naked hunk I saw, very briefly, in the locker room yesterday. He was gorgeous with an uncut cock and a toned body.
Next time in the locker room I am going to get on my knees and reach out and pull down his zipper. I'll undo his pants and pull them down to his ankles. I'll check out his package, fondle his bulge with my finger tips, first with my left hand and then my right. I slip my fingers inside the leg of his briefs, briefly touching his hairless balls lying ... Continue»
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Happy Trails

As we walk along the trail I can't help but admire your amazing ass, the way you walk is simply beautiful each stride effortless and sexy.

All I can think about is how great it would feel to give that sexy ass a little slap. Caress it softly filling both hands until they are full and squeezing both cheeks.

We continue on our path I sneak a peek at that great ass of yours every so often,  we get around to the cave area that you want to show me. I'm pretty excited to see it and enjoy the time with you.

We walk down to the cave and I watch you crawl through the little opening a dirty tho... Continue»
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Anita shows me a video

Anita shows me a video

That Friday morning I had a terrific headache and a bad cold; so, I called my office and told my secretary I would stay in bed until I would feel better.
Anita woke up, brought me a nice breakfast up to our bed and then started playing with my cock as I enjoyed a hot coffee and orange juice.
She sucked me until I got real hard... and horny, despite my rectal temperature…

Ana looked at me smiling: “Seems to be your friend is in a good mood for me”
But I was really very tired, I felt weak, my entire body was very hot and with nausea.
She smiled again, performe... Continue»
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Friend's Wife

There are a couple of things you never expect to hear your friend say, "Would you be willing to fuck me wife" is probably at the top of the list. But that's exactly what my friend Brian asked me as we were walking down a fairway playing golf last week. My wife and I were back home for Thanksgiving and I was spending some much needed time away from the f****y when Brian dropped that bomb-shell on me. Brian and I have known each other for about 10 years, and the only contact I have ever had with his wife is when she answers their phone or a few minutes inside of their house when I was picking hi... Continue»
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Cordelia Chase moaned as she slowly closed her mouth, took a long suck and then swallowed. You could avoid eating the vile prison food and barter half decent meals if you had the right connections, but you couldn't get good low cal milkshake or any other type of meal like that for all the bitch ass in Gehanna.

"That's it? Nothing on the new prisoners?" Lilah pushed.

"We tried. They're new, we'll have something soon." Harmony said quickly.

"You better." Lilah said coldly. Snitches were good on paper, but only if they could deliver a steady stream of useful information. Cordelia and Har... Continue»
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