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Excessive Sex Drive Male Multiple Orgasms

I have this insane sex drive, and I've always known it. Being 20 years old, lean, tan, and toned, with sandy blond hair and I'll admit a gorgeous face (I've been told), I've always had plenty of opportunities to exercise it. But some days, I even surprise myself with what I wind up doing and how many times I can cum. This was one of super fun days of sex where everything just happened to go my way.

I woke up to a blow job in progress to start with. Julie had spent the night, and we'd had sex twice and fell asl**p around 1 am. As I awoke from my haze, it was in sheer pleasure that I realized... Continue»
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103 gran takes us to visit the duke

103 gran takes us to visit the duke
Life trotted on as it does for pauper or king, in our case for me it meant, a night of vanilla lust with alternately aunt May, or granny Rose, then perhaps a day or two resting followed by another with one of them. Most youngsters of my age would have given gold to be in my place, but I found it after a while a bit tiring. Don`t get me wrong no way would I have changed it but, like all things regularity breeds tedium.
I need not have worried, my gran bounced into the kitchen one afternoon all excited and announced that she had been contacted by the d... Continue»
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The dating game - introduction

Hey, y'all, what's up?... :)
First of all, since this is the introduction of some incredible stuff I want to share to you....let me introduce myself:
- I'm 31 yo;
- I live in Europe;
- I'm really into my job;
- I love sports;
- I lllllove women. :) ;)
I was thinking this days...which would be the secret of happiness for a man? That 1 bilion dollars question, whose answer would REALLY make a guy happy?...
Would that be...
how can I be rich?
how can I get a nice car?
how can I eat without getting fat? - this just might be the 1 bilion dollars question for a woman...:)) but, although... Continue»
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A Surprise visit continued

When Daniel was satisfied he stood and dressed, looking back as he opened my bed room door, Daniel said "...remember you are my Bitch. I expect you to service me every day you are home. So, I'll see you tomorrow..." I heard Daniel open the front door and I curled up in a ball crying as his seed continued to leak out of my butt and dry on my lips.

I was sl**p when my folks got home, the crack between my buttocks was caked with Daniel's dried male spunk. My butt hole ached, yet longed for the feel of Daniel's cock to invade it again. I slowly left my bed and found that I was wobbly on my f... Continue»
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Wendy Takes a Shot of Vanilla Part two

Wendy Takes a Shot of Vanilla Part two
The phone rang. It was 3 AM on Thursday. The boy awoke and fumbled around for it. It was someplace under his hoodie by his desk. He found it and answered it, half rolling away from his sl**ping roommate in his bunk so as not to wake him.
"Mmnnn Hello?"
"Hello Vic! How is my nice hunk of Vanilla dick?" It was Wendy. She was horny, excited, and on the phone.
"I'm good," he said trying to keep his voice down, "what are you doing? It’s a little after three,"
"I am thinking about you; about your cock, and about being fucked by you. I'm thinking... Continue»
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Sexy Sara

I met Sara on a dating site - she was a little older than me, and at first, I thought she was very modest. Boy, was I wrong.

I met her at a local bar, and we had some dinner and drinks. The conversation was great, and an older patron kept telling me how lucky I was to be sitting with such a sexy woman.

Eventually the conversation turned to sex, and we headed out.

On the drive home, she talked about how she shaves her pussy, and lifted her dress to reveal she was wearing no panties. I started to finger her as I tried to drive (manual transmission lol). I had to stop fingering her wet p... Continue»
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Me my sist and her husband whent to Croatia for holidays. When we got to the resort we went straight to the beach and for the first time we were sunbathing without any tops...
Already in the plane I have seen him looking at my tities an ass when I was going to the toilet.
So now her husband could not stop looking at my titites when they were fully exposed.

My s*s Anna is older and more chubby than me so I think Robert appreciated the difference.
I went for a swim. First it was just me in the water and after 20 min he came to cool himself down.
I swimmed on my back with my legs spread so... Continue»
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The Story the Date!

So...I had just had an orgasm like I had never experienced on my own before and Tom was now sitting on the bench in front of me, his hard cock pointing up and oozing pre-cum steadily. I also had at least 2 people watching every move I made through the gloryhole... My heart was pounding as I leaned in to work on this cock in front of lips parted as I grabbed the base of his cock and my tongue instinctively flicked the twitching cockhead in front of me taking the precum off easily in one quick swipe. It was sweet and sticky and I ter that I just lost myself in making Tom enjoy this. In t... Continue»
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Job as a Speedo Waiter

I saw an add online for "Exhibitionist Waiter for Private Party". It was coming up to Xmas and I really needed the money. I was feeling pretty happy about my 20yo body these days - was training for some long distance swimming and spending a lot of time in the pool. With all that training I was starting to tan up nice and I had lost about 10kgs.

Let me quickly explain a bit about myself - I'm 20yo and mid way through my college degree, I'm 6"1', dark hair with some blonde through it and reasonably tanned. I've had a little bit of guy/guy experience but not much - although it always gets me h... Continue»
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nurse ke chudlam besh kore

Sedin baire theke firtei shunlam amake naki Aratat phone korechilo, ki naki joruri dorkar. Ami vablam ki bapar kalkei to dekha holo, azke abar ki joruri dorkar. Ami phone korlam. O bollo ze or borovai naki accident koreche, serokom serious kichu na, kintu pa venge geche. Ekhon Dhanmondir akta clinic e ache. Or baba ma geche desher baire berate, ar oke zete hobe boro bonke niye indiate, ki daktar dekhabe. Azkei sondhay flight. Ekhon or vai porche fande, dekhashona korar keu nai. ?dost, tui zodi kindly shudhu duto rat aktu okhane thakis tahole khub valo hoy. Ami zoto taratari pari bonke okhane k... Continue»
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A true course of events from Sat 13th Aug 2016...

Earlier last week one of my husbands friends had asked me to suck his cock on Saturday night...having had a good few sessions with him and his wife over the years I was up for a threesome or foursome but, I remembered last time I was going to cane him and he had made excuses as to why I shouldn't.

I phoned his wife and she was up for a dirty night and she agreed with me that he always gets his own way and she would find it a huge turn on to watch him be caned!

Saturday nights comes and we have a few drinks etc and those two went up to the spare room, she cuffed him face down on the bed, ... Continue»
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T & t - Part (2)

My favorite belt. Wide, made of heavy black leather with a smooth finish. So perfect for wailing on a little pain slut's ass and tits. You slide it out from the belt loops of my pants and crawling on all fours, bring it over to me clenched between your teeth like a well trained service a****l. You know so well how this belt stings and burns and pleases because many times you've begged me to beat you with it. Little t's breathing has grown heavy, her cunt still dripping, the anticipation building. I give her a couple light taps at first just to let her know I'm starting, then I wind up and come... Continue»
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Jamie's Descent Part 8

Chapter 8

I stared open mouthed at Lexi.

‘What do you mean we’re going to be auctioned?’ I hissed at him.

‘People bid for us and we get bought for the night. I can't believe your
Mistress didn't tell you.’

I shook my head and Lexi reached out his hand to hold mine.

The man on the stage began to speak again.

‘My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. We will now begin the auction. Please
remember our rules, if you make a successful bid, you will be entitled
to take your prize to one of our rooms for the night. The prize will
perform whatever services you require during this peri... Continue»
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ALL IN {part 4} - Adventures of Seamus and Annie

ALL IN {part 4}
Adventures of Seamus and Annie

I slowly dried myself off as I walked out of the bathroom. Billy conspicuously ignored me.

"Did you hear her cum just now?", I asked in as friendly and matter-of-fact voice as I could muster. He looked at me.

"Yeah.... um... I heard"

"Did you like the way she sucked you off in the van?"

He glanced around the room and stuttered, "Ummm, ughhh..."

I decided to have a little fun with him a... Continue»
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I always have a debate within myself when I see a guy with his fly open. Should I tell him or not. You never know what their reaction will be.

If the guy looks mean or is unkempt or dressed like a bum, I will not say anything.

If a guy looks friendly, I usually take my chances and tell him.

Their normal reaction is one of embarrassment and usually they say, "Oops," or "Thanks," and turn away and pull up their zipper as discretely as possible.

One error in judgement on my part, left me vowing to never tell another guy.

It was in Wal*Mart, a very busy place and this guy got a... Continue»
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HOT Sex With Salesman

I was busy cleaning the house. It was raining heavily and was quite dark at half past 5 in the evening. The little murky light showing up in the sky from what’s left of the day added to the romantic effect of the whole setting. Together, the sound of the rain and the beautiful old song playing in the radio reminded me of my husband.

I stopped cleaning the hall for a moment, walked over to the window and gazed out. Two more days were to go before my husband returned. He had gone on a business trip for a week and 5 days had al
... Continue»
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Geetha’s Tailor : An Exotic Fun

Hi, this is geetha sharing with you an experience at the tailor’s. Once yashwant had an invitation to attend an important congregation of commercial photographers. He wanted me to look at my absolute best on that evening which was a week away. Now, I look tempting for a 28 yr old. I am 5 ft 7”, 36c 30 38 and fair. He wanted me to dress up for the occasion. So, I reached my friend deepa for suggestions. She mentioned about the shailesh tailors. She said that the place was *popular* among women and strongly advised me to try it. ... Continue»
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Whites Can't Compete

What can I is great! I've got the hottest girl in school and every guy wants to be me. As the quarterback of the football team, I've got this school wrapped around my finger. I can pretty much get anything I want here at school. Oh...and did I forget to mention that I've got a big fat cock. I can't tell you how many of these girls have taken a ride on my 9 inch dick. I've got a reputation around school as being a big dicked alpha stud. Everything was going great in my life...until one fateful day.

I was sitting in class one day when our teacher introduced a new student to the sch... Continue»
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My Young Girlfriend’s First Time Cuckolding – With

Chapter One – Intro: How it Started

As far as I understand, many people differ on the meaning of cuckold, as with any fetish, everyone has different expectations and turn-ons which makes every case different. My fetish consist on watching my significant other (in this case my girlfriend) fucking black men in front of me. I don´t care for the humiliation and all I want is to see her getting fucked. Or at least, those are the video I searched for before experiencing the real thing.

My girlfriend and I are in love, we are both in our early 20´s, white and have been dating for ... Continue»
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The Waitress ( part 2 )

As the week’s followed me and the Waitress became close. A lust driven steamy affair began to take shape in the work place. It was a busy Saturday afternoon the Restaurant was flowing nicely. I was over staffed on purpose. As soon as she came walking up those stairs she'd give me the all familiar wink.. She was young and very attractive even in her tight black uniform you could see her curves and hour glass figure oozing out of those tight black leggings and black v neck t-shirt. She had small tits but they were firm and ripe. A flat stomach and a booty you could bury your face in for days o... Continue»
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