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Two Plugged Asses (FMF, bi-female)

Matt and I had always enjoyed ass play. Fingering, eating, fucking, you name it. We both loved playing with each other's asses and now that we had a girlfriend to share, we were very excited to have another tight little asshole to play with.

Amanda was 18, and although she wasn't a virgin, she hadn't had any ass play until she entered into a polyamorous triad with Matt and I. We started her out slowly, licking and fingering her ass and letting her lick and finger mine (who would have known she loved to eat ass so much) but after a month or so, Matt decided it was time that we start taking ... Continue»
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my s****r in low 2

"Don't say anything Mitch, not now. I want you to call me next week in my office, and we'll have lunch."

I had to ask. "Nikki, did Cassie put you up to this?"

She smiled and walked over to the bed, kissing me soundly. "No, you amazing man, she didn't."

I could have sworn just as she closed the bedroom door after walking out, she whispered, "Sara did..."

I laid in bed for a bit musing over the best sex I had had in two years. I had some extraordinarily quick, but satisfying, sex with my s****r in law, Nikki. If you've ever seen pictures of Candice Cardinelle, that's about right, but... Continue»
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my s****r in low

"I'm so sorry"

"She was so wonderful" and so on and so on.

I had heard so many variations I was sick of hearing them. I know she was wonderful and amazing, and a good wife, and a good mother.

That didn't bring my wife back from the grave, now did it friends any neighbors? No, it didn't. I was standing in a cemetary in North Philly, miserable, feeling alone, and confused as to how I was going to bring up my two k**s by myself.

"Come on back, Mitch" my father in law had said to me as he was passing me. When I didn't move, he put a hand on my shoulder and moved me enough that I didn't... Continue»
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Naughty Neighbor Continued

I slid my tongue slowly up a and around her pussy, making sure to get her beautiful clit ultimate desire. I placed kisses passionately on her pussy. She grabed the back of my neck and moaned,i placed my hands on her pussy and went deeper, she put her leg around my back and pressed hard with her foot as I worked my tongue and fingers , orchestrating her into a much deserved orgasm. Mary continued to moan in exstacy as she gripped the my back with her long toes. Her pussy was dripping, I rose up and griped her firm ass hard I rubbed my cock up her leg , and onto her thigh. I she grabbed it and ... Continue»
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Like Mother, Like Daughter

A faint squeak. A muffled scream. The subdued sound of laughter and
giggling. The sounds in the background as the Ferris Wheel seat climbed to
the apex. The scene below was lit by colored light bulbs and neon light.
The mid-way of Pines Park was filled with people walking from ride to ride
under the night sky. A loud thump shook the ride as you look down. Time
has stopped, silence filled the air, the people are gone. Another loud

Her eyes flicker. She awakens to a darkened room. Her room. The
f******n year old was wide awake. She tries to make sense of w... Continue»
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Josh is smiling to himself, just leaning against the wall and appreciating the familiar full feeling. A nightly occurrence, or at least every night they had a show. They're on in a couple minutes. Dan is standing next to him, drumming absently on the wall.

"Ready?" Dan remarks, and Josh nods.

"As always," he says. Josh nudges up against the wall, feeling that nice press, and he sighs. Dan notices. He grins. He slides over closer, turning to face him, and backstage is busy so nobody sees Dan's hand reach around Josh's back to his ass, feeling for that little PVC rectangle, the base of the... Continue»
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Turned her on so much the first time

After arranging my girlfriend a stranger to fuck (see other story) she was so turned on by it she asked for more. After returning form work one day I come home to find Faye up stairs in the bedroom completely naked with the undeniable "I just got fucked" hairdo. We had talked about having her fuck other guys but we had made an agreement that she was to only do it while I was present, for both personal pleasure and safety reasons. She explained to me that she meet this guy and he was so cute and all that and it just happened, she kept saying over and over "I'm so sorry I don't know what come ov... Continue»
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Listening to the wife fucking

I had been asking my wife Mandy for years to have some swinging fun, ideally letting another man join so that I could watch her being pleasured and pleasuring him. I had always found it such a turn on to think of her being fucked by someone else, not just the sex but to watch him kissing her as he sank his cock into her, to see her sliding her sexy mouth up and down his cock and to see him spunking all over her . The desire grew stronger and stronger to the point where anything connected to it was a turn on, even the idea of another man seeing her naked got me worked up, we went on holida... Continue»
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Blindfolded Wife shared with friends

I’ve had a fantasy to have several men fuck my wife without her knowing it ever happened. I don’t mean something like d**gging her, or anything like that either. In my fantasy, I would blind fold her and tier her arms behind her back and slide my dick into her mouth. After a set time, some friends would sneak in and every time we would switch positions, it would be a different dick. We would all cum in the same spot at one time, and before I untied her, they would sneak back out. Seeing my wife’s 5 foot 4, 110 pound sexy ass little body with her nice perky low C tits and her dirty blond hair w... Continue»
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Cuckold hubby and father

Greg had pestered his wife to let a big black cock ravage her while he watched. Ellen Davis watched the screen on her computer, the young girl squealed in pure ecstasy as the thick long black cock slid into her receptive cunt. The black man began to pound her mercilessly as she squealed even louder, his thumb was in her ass hole as he fucked her giving her double the pleasure, Ellen opened her eyes wide as he pulled out of her cunt and put it in her ass bit by bit until the whole shaft was inside. Ellen's hand slid down to her wet pussy and rubbed her clit, could she do it, her husband Greg ... Continue»
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A White husband’s plan

My wife was currently 35 and we had been married for a little over 18 years. She was a virgin when we started dating in our junior year of high school and one thing led to another and after only having sex with her a couple of times, she found out that she was pregnant. She was almost 17 at the time. We both dropped out of school and got married and with some help from my parents were able to get an apartment and set up housekeeping as husband and wife, albeit being so young and not really knowing all that much.

My grandfather owned a general store and was kind enough to hire me. Eight ... Continue»
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kate sunday evening

Sally and I sat in the garden trying to make polite conversation,i think we was both a bit embarrassed
Kate came back she had put a skirt on,
What was you talking about ? Kate asked
Nothing really sally replied,
We had another drink, the conversation got onto me again and how good I was,
And Kate bought up the walk I did in her clothes and told sally I had enjoyed it
Sally asked if I wanted to be a girl?
No I said I like being a guy and took another sip of wine
So why do you like dressing up then,
I don't know! It turns me on I guess.
What items of girls clothing do you like most,... Continue»
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Awakenings (first time, bi-male)

The crowd at the outdoor concert was wild. The bands were fantastic and the air contained the scent of marijuana and orchids. The orchid scent came from the long, flowing hair of the three girls in front of me.

My friends had drifted into the ocean of people and had missed out on the sight of these lovely girls gyrating to the music. Their long hair had danced in unison and their butts swayed sensually.

The last band had finished their encore and the volume changed from ear splitting to tolerable. I followed the girls towards one of the exits, hoping I would spot my friends on the way ou... Continue»
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Victoria's Russian Ordeal

When Victoria Justice woke up, she found herself handcuffed and blindfolded. Her ankles were also bound and she had something in her mouth that prevented her from speaking. The last thing she remembered was doing a photo-shoot for a magazine. She had finished for the day and went out to get in her car when everything went blank. She started to move and then heard voices, men’s voices, but they weren’t speaking English. It sounded like Russian. She also realized that she was in a plane. She was sitting on the floor and it was cold. As she struggled against the handcuffs, she heard one o... Continue»
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It was Christmas and he gave me something for life

We had arrived a little worse for wear, and finished up standing in the doorway of my communal entrance, my pants down at my ankles, and my skirt raised, when my old age pensioner neighbour walked into the building, and caught us engaging in sex.

It was December 19th, and I was so pissed I never even clocked him as he walked past us humping like a pair of bunny rabbits, up against his wall.
I had been drinking since I had entered the office, and the whole day was turned over to boozing, groping and having our genitalia photocopied and passed around the office and personal emailing listing.... Continue»
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A Day Trip for Cocksucking

The following is a true story.

There’s no other way to put this politely: Elizabeth was a cocksucker.

She sucked boyfriends, friends, men at clubs, men at parties, her personal trainer and even, one time, an acquaintance of her dad’s. Rich, spoiled, bright, and wild, she had long red hair and a naturally buxom figure that made heads turn and dicks spring to attention.

Her mouth, though, was her best feature. Wide and deep, with naturally wet puffy lips and a long tongue, it seemed as though was sculpted by the hand of the creator to give men pleasure. And give men pleasure she ... Continue»
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Mandy, part two

I suckled at Mandy’s tit until she guided my mouth to her other tit and reached down to grab my cock, stroking gently. “You can bite it a little too,” she said. I nibbled gently, and she moaned a little more. She grabbed my face, pulling me up for a long kiss with tongues teasing again. “You can bite harder, it’s OK,” she said. I moved back to her tits, alternately biting and sucking her nipples, with her guiding me from one tit to the other and back again. Her breathing was getting heavy and she said “wait, we need to move this to the bedroom.”

My feet got tangled up because my jeans and u... Continue»
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One wild night with an ex in college

This happened back while I was in college. I'm writing it now because I saw my ex and remembered all the great sex we had.

I met my ex (we'll call her J) at a party on campus, I was late due to baseball practice. J was already d***k and dancing as soon as she saw me she immediately stop an jumped into my arms and kissed my savagely. J was 5'3 dominican with a lilith frame A cup breast but a nice firm round ass. "Come with me" she said and lead me out of the window onto the roof of the dorm. We went to the far end away from the window. "Tonight's going to be the night we finally fuck" she pu... Continue»
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To your wife's own surprise

Your wife Anna was looking forward to her trip away with her friends. She was fully packed and after managing get all her clothes into the one suitcase Anna needed to grab a shower before the taxi arrived. You catch her as she is shaving her legs telling her that she looks amazing, you always enjoy her freshly shaved pushy. Anna glides the razor across her glistening pussy saying there might just be time before the taxi arrives. You are getting wet as you enter the shower and kneel between you wife's legs, she moans as your tongue flicks at her clip before sliding easily between her soaking la... Continue»
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Erotic story of BINITA. 01

Chapter 01: A Thakur Challenges Her Womanhood

The marriage preparations were abruptly stopped. As usual, there was no provocation for it beyond a sharp exchange of words, and egos were bruised on all sides. The boy's father, Thakur Hari Singh, flew into a rage when his plans for the young couple's future were challenged by the girl in front of her father and other f****y elders.

But what really set the stage for what happened next was the way in which the disagreement became a war of words. In the typical swaggering style of a feudal lord, the Thakur had pronounced that he would wait for... Continue»
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