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A visit to Sir

A Visit to Sir

I arrive at Sir’s house at the appointed time and ring the doorbell. As usual, after a brief pause, he opens the door, sees that it is me , turns around and walks back into the living room leaving me to close the door and follow him.

When I enter the living room he is seated in his favourite chair and I stand in front of him, awaiting my instructions.

He orders me to remove my shoes and socks and when I have done so he gets up, blindfolds me and orders me to put my hands on my head and spread my legs. He then runs his hands over my body, roughly groping my cr... Continue»
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Quick fuck at work.

I worked a double shift one day, and looked forward to a nice shower, and possible fuck. I finished up my job, checked with the cook and locked up the kitchen. As everyone checked out, my phone ranged with a text. My ride was going to be late, about a hour late. Great I thought, stuck at work at night time with not many people here. Worse off, my cock was getting hard from the idea of a hot shower with a hot woman at home. Grabbing a book, and started to read. After my third cup of water, the door to the staff room open. Couple clicks and then a small red, blue hair nurse came around the corne... Continue»
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A Day In The Life of Polly (Morning)

A fantasy with some true elements.

7.30-8.30 am
I wake up, have breakfast and slip into my skintight blue Lycra unitard and go for a jog. If it's cold I wear a short jacket over the top but short enough so anyone can see my shimmery encased butt. On most days I'll time my run so I bump into the friendly old man walking his dog getting a newspaper. I'll smile, flirt a little and chat to him for a few minutes outside the newsagents. Often I'll occasionally touching my toes and jog on the spot so he sees my curvy buttocks wiggling inside my skintight lycra. (God knows he needs a thrill.) Once... Continue»
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A three way behind the pines

There's a beach nearby where I live which is famous for it's dunes and pine forest where people can fool around. Even if now it's not as easy and hot a it used to be...

I was on holidays so I decides to have a try and look for some fun behind the bushes. But I was to early so there was not many interesting people there. i decided to go to the shore and lay on the sand for a few minutes just to see who was there. I took everything off, yes it's a nudist beach. And like ten minutes later I saw a guy walking towards his bf, just a few meters from where I was lying. They were they kind of sexy ... Continue»
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Mommy Help's

He lay in his bed, thinking of the beautiful girl on the TV, wishing so bad that he could stroke himself. It was hell not being able to move. Two broken arms, two broken legs and your back in three pieces made it just a bit hard to do anything.

"Damn it!" Jake growled as his cock grew and grew. "I need a hot cunt wrapped around that poor thing!" he said wondering why none of his friends from college ever came by.

It wasn't his fault the car wrecked that night and killed two of his closest friends. He was in the back seat fucking the shit out of Tracie Campbell. They were going at it bi... Continue»
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3 Evil s****rs-Part 4
3 Evil s****rs-Part 4

If you like it, dont like it, just feel like commenting or anything in between, feel free. Feedback is always nice. Plox-n-Thank you :D
What was I doing?

In the middle of the night I decided to get up and walk out of the house after I discovered that both of my s****rs were using me for sex. Technically I already knew that Ashley was using me for sex but she lied to me again in order to get more sex out of me. I just couldn’t figure out what compelled those heartless bitches to not only want me, but to treat there own b*****r like a piec... Continue»
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Filming My Wife And Her Girlfriend By The Pool

Filming My Wife And Her Girlfriend By The Pool Part 1
I was in my hotel room on a business trip and I turned on my laptop and stared at the screen. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, there was my brown haired, beautiful petite wife Angie sitting on the edge of our pool. She was topless and might have been totally naked. The look on her face revealed that she was in the beginning throws of an orgasm as she fondled her small breasts. A women’s head was between her legs and it was obvious that her lesbian lover was sucking her fine pussy. Then it struck me, the women pleasing my wife was her... Continue»
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How I Became Me

Being brought up in a household with an absent father, I spent many hours playing with my two elder s****rs, Macy and July. I don’t recall ever playing with toy guns, I never played soldiers and I never had an Action Man. But I do remember playing with my s****rs’s dolls. We spent many hours making clothes for the dolls and dressing them up and playing with them. And that was my c***dhood.

As we got older my Macy and July grew out of playing with dolls and started playing dress up with our mother’s clothes. When they were all dressed up and practising with their make-up, I wanted to carry o... Continue»
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Watching...Emmy - Part 2

Watching…Emmy - Part 2

Sub Title…
Young girls wet the bed too – Part 2

This is a new version…Edited from the original.

--------- Chapter 2

Jenny lay awake next to her sl**ping daughter, she was so tired, but she was also still aroused, and her young teen daughter sl**ping next didn’t alleviate her heightened state, but she intensified it…she laid thinking about what they had just experienced together.

Jenny had always had an intense interest in fucking…

When she was a young teenage schoolgirl, her parents had to move a few times because of the eroti... Continue»
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Brandy 2 (Chapter 2)

Table Bound
Michael took another rope, lacing it around her waist, low down on her hips. He pulled it to the other end of the table, not wanting her body having the ability to curl up and get away from what he planned to do to her. This way she would be spread out, her legs open, her sex revealed. First, he had to dispose of her clothes.
Brandy felt her body pulled in both directions by the rope around her waist and her legs over her head. Her pussy was drowning in her excitement. Michael looked through the kitchen drawers, finding a pair of shears. The shirt split open as the shears tore th... Continue»
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wife is a parking lot cock sucker

Recently split up with wife. She moved out and went home the next state over. We met this weekend to exchange vehicles and other belongings. She started to kiss me and use her mouth the way she does when she wants to get her way. Sucking on my lips n nibbling on my earlobes. I was rock hard and haven't shot a wad in 10 days or more. She felt my cock through my pants and said she wanted it in her. She went over to my car and slides the front bucket seats up all the way. I have privacy screens in back window and side rear windows its an audi. She told me to get in the back and pull my cock out f... Continue»
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Once up on a time my slave maria hristova radoslav

I love when my slaves are obedient and feel just being an object. My whore maria sometimes laugh and smiles when I begin to play with her body. Then I slap her face until she stops and understands that she is only my sextoy. Usually she understands quite quickly and acts accordingly to my requirements, eyes down and offered to my lust.

But a week ago, she was so happy having me using her back from a business trip, that she couldn't stop laughing while fucking. I had to slap her face so violoently before she became obedient that she had finally a beautiful black eye on the left. She was rea... Continue»
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Cousin Julie's Sex Lessons Part 2

After the first part of cousin Julie’s sex lesson was over, we took a break, had another drink and Babs began explaining how to please a man by knowing various positions. She explained that some men like to keep changing position during sex and that the more positions she knew the better it please the guy. I have to admit that some of the positions Babs described I had never heard of nor had I ever tried but they sounded like a lot of fun so I really paid close attention.

Then Julie asked if we could try some of the different positions and of course I was all for it. For the next hour, Bab... Continue»
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Confessions of a lonely mother II (Crazy night)

My son Andrew has grown up since our trip nothing has happen he now has a girlfriend and I respect that although I have to confess that I always remember that special night with him and I wish we could repeat it for now there is nothing but good memories, out life has been normal as I told you my father passed away when I was 19, now I am 32 Andrew is 18, and we still live with my mother, since my father left my mother has been all alone, one night a pretty hot one Andrew told me that his girlfriend was going to stay with us at night since she study with him, when she sl**pover at our house sh... Continue»
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shopping with her.

Me and you are walking around the grocery store. You had asked me to come along and I was just sitting around, so I figured why not. We are walking through the fresh produce section when you ask me to go over to the fruit and get you a bag of apples while you are looking through the veggies. I smile and nod, saying sure and walking away to go fetch them as you watch my ass in my pants as I go, unable to help yourself for a few seconds before going back about your business until I return with the apples. As we make our way out of the fresh produce section you stop and push your cart off to the ... Continue»
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Kenpachi Zaracki's Training

Nelliel was probably wishing she'd signed up to be tutored in the sword-arts by just about any other teacher in the world right now! This Kenpachi man... Something wasn't right about him... Well, maybe it should be more like there wasn't anything right about him! Worst of all was his height... Their teacher towered over the class at 202cm, making her one of the tallest men she'd ever seen, but he wasn't just tall, the man was looked strong, too!

Surely an instructor of students who still might as well be c***dren like them would be conducted with a taciturn and dignified approach, but all t... Continue»
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I have you just right , bound real tight with that devils glare in your eye here and now as you try to smile through your gag ...

you and I as one have been fiending for this master and slave...

I pull your hair back to get your stare as I proceed to slowly thrust my rugged digits in your pussy, i can start to feel your sweet sin drip down my fingers , then moan so softly , you can barely hear through her ball gag ...


On your bare ass as your bound and double over with my one hand finger fucking your pussy and the other giving you the hard bare handed spank... Continue»
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Every Other Story Here Is About i****t, So What�

I got another whiny letter from my daughter yesterday. She's in college, and still doesn't seem to understand how young men on campus use their God-given right to fuck hot girls like her.

And make no mistake: Heather is hot" Long, wavy auburn hair, cascading down over alabaster skin, perfect 34-C tits, a flat stomach, and a nicely-trimmed cunt that BEGS for male attention!

Obviously, I didn't raise her right, because the following is the text of her selfish, complaining, bitchy letter to me:

Dear Daddy,
I'm getting fucked against my will every night! The boys here at college are a
... Continue»
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The Weekend

The Weekend

We had meet the couple at a party. We had gotten on so well with them that we had invited them to our house the next weekend. She was tall, blonde, and very sexy. Red swollen lips that pouted as she spoke. Her long blonde hair, cascaded down to her shoulders. Her full ripe breasts, pushed out as the tried to escape the confines of her dress. Her tiny waist, hour glass shape figure, curved in and out at her hips. And her long sleek legs gleamed as they provocatively flashed from under her dress. She was a vision of beauty. So like you my love, as I glanced back t... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #25: Nadia-1:

Nadia and I are fine friends, we write each others a lot. She shares her hot fancies and fantasies.
Nadia is enormously excited when she rings twice at the door of my exclusive sex shop for females.
Pretty Petra invites her in. "Hi, you must be nice Nadia! I'm Petra granddod of Professor Peter Poet"
Pretty Petra tells Nadia she will dress her properly before she'll meet Peter upstairs in the studio.

Nadia has to undress completely. Petra chooses a black leather corset which presents protruding boobs.
Nadia has to stand still while Petra patiently paints a silky sexy see-throu... Continue»
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