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Lesbian mother in law, (5) taken from behind

Part 5 of a series. The order is at the end of this story.
I had been sl**ping with my partners mother for a few months and I was loving sex with both. Adam had a big cock, and his mam Eve could lick me to orgasm better than any man I had ever slept with. And she also had a good collection of toys when either of us wanted penetration.I had recently found out that Eve had started sl**ping with her ex husband Joe. She said he could give her something I couldn't. I bet that something was between his legs.
Eve and I had been taking part in a local production of a play, and we had become the star... Continue»
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My i****tuous Relationship Journey With My Mom

I am Rajesh from south Tamil Nadu, 22 and currently doing my final year in engineering. My mom’s name is Madhu, 43. She is a normal lady, fair brown and medium height. My dad works in gulf and he comes home once in a year. Hope this led to all my desires with mom.

When I was nearing 17, I had my first erection and sex was the topic of discussion among my friends. I started masturbating and watched porn. I am not familiar with internet but watch movies in cds, those were famous that time. Also i used to read stories those boo
... Continue»
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Behind open doors

So, there we were, the wife and i heading off to Savannah for a long overdue week away. We would be celebrating our 35th year of marriage in the middle of the week. This one had a little less importance it seemed to both of us, maybe she was getting tired of me, or me of her. Either way we needed to just get away

Now here we are, first day into our week and we decide not to drive all the way after all, she is getting cranky from riding, my old 60 year old bones hurt from sitting so we stop in a motel in Augusta Ga, get a room for the night. We wandered out to the pool after our usual ""ge... Continue»
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I Wish....

I was on my knees before him.My fingers traced his penis over his jeans.I undid them in front and pulled them over his hips and his thighs.My eyes were glued on this package under his briefs. Slowly I pulled his underpants down and smiled.Before me was a super sexy penis and two big balls.
I wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft.Kennon moaned as I stroked his sexy penis.I opened my hungry mouth and snaked my tongue out to touch it.Kennon moaned louder as I circled the tip of his erection with my tongue.His hands were on the back of my heard and I opened my mouth wide.Four inches of his ... Continue»
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Road trips with k**s in the car is frustrating

Like every time we are in the car for long distances my mind begins to wonder. It all starts when I look over at you and see the seat belt separating your beautiful breasts, my eyes begin to drink in every curve of your body. I see your cleavage, and I feel my cock begin to stir.
I reach over and place my hand on your leg, slowly rubbing my thumb on the seam of your shorts, hooking my thumb under them to slowly raise your shorts just so I can look at your thigh.

As a slowly rub my hand on your upper thigh you can feel that I'm working my way up moving the leg of your shorts up. You look a... Continue»
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Misstress Kim part 1

Hi all my name paul and i decided to post this story that happened to me and still is now. i am 20 years old living in Dublin Ireland and recently i lost my job as a I T consultant and have found it hard to get a new job i have been designing web sites for people to make ends meet but its not enough to keep my own place in the iner city so iv been left with one option witch is to move back home witch is something i really didnt want to do but ou got to do what you got to do as im not in a relationship iv no were else to go. now that iv run low on cash iv still enough to eat and suvive but not ... Continue»
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WELL, what happened was that I like a huge number of others like to watch porn, logically the follow on from that is to watch it for real and that can mean cuckold if you’re a married man like me.
Now cuckold to some means having a large black screwing the good lady. Now I am not racist, you sir could be black brown yellow red or white and it don’t bother me a jot; to screw my misses you just need a dick and a sense of humour cos though I wish to watch, I don’t expect to be treated like I am some sort of week or wobbly Nancy boy, I don’t cross dress, o... Continue»
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Slut Next Door

I had never imagined that my first time would go the way that it did. I guess I thought it would be with a girl my age, it would be the first time for both of us. We would muddle thru it, awkward. I spent alot of time with the k** who lived next door to me. He was five or six years younger than I but he was the only k** nearby, and he had some really cool video games. They were the only black f****y in our town. The father was the football/baseball/every other sport coach. He was never home. The mom was good looking. Long hair, late thirties, nice set of tits, pretty eyes and smile. She was ... Continue»
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Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy

We had just finished chatting . I had to take a shower after work. All hot, dirty and sweaty. I was a bit disappointed that I had to shower alone but sometimes, that’s life. As I got undressed, I thought about you, Joy, and how nice it would be to share the shower. As I opened the door to the shower, I heard the water running and the steam was leaking out. How is this possible?
Imagine my surprise when I saw you standing there under the stream in your glorious nudity. You saw me with my mouth open with astonishment and beckoned me to come in. So I did. You guided me under the h... Continue»
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Bridge of Sighs

I'd known Louise for over 30 years.
She was probably my oldest and dearest friend, and was in many ways the 'first girl I loved'; of course I'd fancied many girls before but there was something on a spiritual level between us, and that made my feelings for Lou different.

However, we were only ever good friends, never lovers, except for one occasion when the lines got blurred and we fooled around, enjoying the sexuality of the moment. But that was at a time when my life was beginning to spiral out of control and pretty soon we'd drifted apart as d**gs took control of me.

It was seve... Continue»
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How I turned office newbie into sissy (Part 2) Tru

As soon as I got home after dropping T off I got set to work, booked a semi-local hotel, set my alarm and got an early night. Woke up at 7am with the hardest morning glory I've had in a long time. Was tempted to have a wank but thought I'd save my cum for my sissy. Sent T a picture of my cock and he replied "Can't wait Sir, I'm so excited but nervous". I didn't reply. So I went out early to buy some supplies, went to the local adultstore to buy an enema kit, lube, lace thong and small butt plug. Sent him another pic of the contents of my bag to another similar reply from him..

Anyway, check... Continue»
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Addicted to My Ex-Wife Ch. 02

Ex-wife, her divorce lawyer and a promise.

"You remember Francine?" my ex-wife Denise asked as she ushered her divorce lawyer past me and into my house. What an unpleasant surprise!

"How could I forget?" I asked in reply. Francine smirked and I grit my teeth.

She was a tall thin brunette that might have been pretty if everything about her didn't scream 'uptight bitch'. She had her hair in a bun of all things and always wore conservative suits. He glasses weren't overly attractive, but added to her businesslike persona.

"We finally settled my divorce from Bob an hour ago," my... Continue»
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Exhibitionist Wife - Teasing an old guy

During the hot spell a week or so back we decided to go out for lunch. There was a pub a couple of miles away that we'd seen from the road that people had told us was worth a visit so we decided to give it a go
We sat outside at a table underneath a large umbrella and ordered some food and a couple of drinks. After we had eaten Mrs O said she fancied staying on for a couple more glasses of red wine so i told her to go for it. As the afternoon wore on the garden started to empty out until there were only a couple of people at the far end and an elderly couple sitting directly opposite us, the ... Continue»
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I Know Where He Lives.

A good mate of mine works in the building trade. This summer, his company were renovating a number of old flats in a tenement building, gutting the insides, putting in replacement windows through a contractor and sandblasting the stone exteriors.
As a lawyer, I've done some legal work for him in the past, and I agreed to go round and cast an eye over some paperwork for him - as usual charging him only "mates' rates" for my services - late last month. His office is out of town, and we agreed it would be simpler for me to go round to the vacant top-floor property at the weekend and look at the ... Continue»
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A Hot d***ken Night

Jay and I were back in the states in Seattle Washington giving our friends and f****y a surprise visit. Jay, All the AOM boys and I were at this sports bar in his hometown. Jay was never a big drinker so he quickly got a buzz after 2 drinks. But however his buddies encouraged him to drink more, which then made Jay’s Face become slightly pink in the cheeks and made him a lot more louder.
“Guys, Guys wanna hear somethin’?” he asked with a goofy smile.
“What’s that?” asked one of his friends.
“If Alcohol makes you an alcoholic what does Fanta ma... Continue»
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Effect of alcohol on My Slut Wife Tina

Effect of alcohol on My Slut Wife Tina

My wife was a shy person and she seldom engages in any form of socialization, we've been married for 4 years and she developed some sexy curves and she was gifted with large c tits with large brown nipples. We have known each other since high school and my group of friends are so close to her Dick, Bert, Ted and Jerry were like b*****rs to her and there is a few more also. They have sl**p over at our place several times so my trust in them was very high even though I know since high school they all had a crush on her one time or other. Jerry is the... Continue»
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Jessica meets Master M and Mistress V (Part 2)

Before reading you should read part one here: (if you haven't already)

Now we can resume:

As Jessica ate Mistress V's wet, cum-filled pussy Master M was looking on enjoying the show and watching his wife moan in pleasure. Once Jessica had cleaned up all of M's cum, she continued to eat out V's dripping cunt, until she once again felt Mistress V's hand tap her on the shoulder: "Sweetie, I want you to stop, but only because I need to feel you inside me, lets put on a good view for Master ok?"

With this, V encouraged J... Continue»
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picking up a stranger

one night i was driving down a quite highway. i was wearing my pink panties and some tight black leggings and a black shirt. i saw this guy walking and i felt bad so i slow down and asked him if he needed a ride, he said he was going about 15 miles down the road and had plan on walking there. i said to him get in the car i'll drive you there it is to late out to be walking. he got in and he was older black man wearing a pair of jeans a white t-shirt. he gave said keep driving down the road and i'll tell you where to turn. we had stopped at a red light and i notice him scratching his crotch and... Continue»
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First time...

I am excitingly waiting for you to arrive, the day has finally come. I have barely slept and I been fixing myself up, tried to make myself extra sexy and attractive. Nervous and bit shy, hope that I won't disappoint you.
Wearing a nice dress and underneath I wear a corset and matching panties with stay ups. I have my hair up and more natural make-up.

Time seems to go by slowly and finally I see you arrive at the “Arrivals”, I can't contain myself and hide my smile and I feel how I start to blush.
Can't stop all the thoughts about how we told each other how we would want to pounce on ea... Continue»
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Diana was lying on her bed panting softly as she stimulated her clitoris with her fingers while gripping her breast. The 22 year could feel her two fingers become soaked with her own wetness, she was becoming close to her breaking point. Her brown skin was slightly sticking to the sheets from the sweat. She then placed her other hand below to maximize the sensation, after one last moan she sighed with slight satisfaction. Her hands could only do so much and not owning any sex toys only made her more frustrated. She wanted the real thing more than anything else; a real man with a dick tha... Continue»
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