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Interracial teenage gangbang

My names Sara and this is the story of how i had my first gangbang experience wit three white guys and one black guy. I was a freshman in high school. There was this one senior his name as mike, he always used to flirt with me, my best friend Carrie who was 16 was dating his younger b*****r Chris so we all spent a lot of time over his house, his parents were never home so we always drank and partied over there. Mike and his friends always brought beer for the parties, it was mainly mikes friends who were all juniors and seniors.

One night Mike was having a birthday party there and we were ... Continue»
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Bye Bye Virginity

My name is Melissa and this is my first experience of sex. I am a petite white female with light olive skin tone and small breasts but a nice round butt. I never could forget this day and neither will my friend Stephanie.

Mother yells to me and says "Stephanie is on the phone, pick it up in your room!". "Ok, I got you can hang up now" I told her. "Hello Stephanie what's up girl?" I asked, "nothing much just wonder if you want to come over and hang out for a bit, I am bored and don't have anything to do until much later today" Stephanie told me. "Great, I will be over in a bit I ... Continue»
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Hubby said he’d like to watch me suck another man as he was shagging me, I wasn’t over happy about this but thought about it for some time. I thought that if I did it it would end up with the other guy fucking me and I wasn’t sure that was what I wanted, well not in front of my husband at the same time, it wasn’t fair especially if he was bigger.

After a good few weeks thinking about it I was beginning to get quite turned on to the idea, I’ve always liked sex and especially oral, giving and receiving. I told him only if the right situation came up and he agreed. I a... Continue»
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His Primal Urge

Gerald woke with a start. His mind full of dark dreams. A throbbing erection reminding him of the potent source and he cast a sly glance at his sl**ping wife, disregarding the brief impulse to satisfy the urge on her. Tonight, he needed something much harder than she could ever give him. Satisfied she wouldn't wake he slid from the bed, made his way into the bathroom and carefully switched on a light over the mirror.
'Disgusting', he thought, 'you're a middle-aged man, respectable! Go back to bed before it's too late!'
He knew he couldn't do that, his hard-on was too persistent to allow... Continue»
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best Massage ever

This is a true story of how I got introduced to the world of private message and happy ladies. About two years ago, I used to stay in the South Delhi locality of Vasant Kunj. I was working with a call center which meant that mostly I was on night shifts. Used to be picked up by call center cab at around 9 pm and dropped back in the morning. Life was good. And, then I started going to the neighborhood gym, and boy my life became better!

Let me introduce you to Aarti, my neighbor. She must have been in her mid-30s (got to know later 38, she didn’t look it at all!). If you know Vasant Kunj has... Continue»
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Подарок на новый год от мамы

Целых 2 месяца я ждал этого момента. Родители уезжали к бабушке в соседний город на Новый год и я оставался в квартире один. С моей девушкой, Кристиной, все было обсуждено тысячу раз. Она придет ко мне встречать Новый год и останется на целых два дня. Конечно, она оговорилась, что просто беспокоится за меня и хочет покормить меня эти 2 дня, тип никакого секса до свадьбы.
Но я уже закупил гандонов и даже подготовил родительскую кровать к жесткой ебле. Бле, мне уже 18, пора стать мужчиной так сказать. Ммм, мысль о том как я буду ее жарить весь день держала мой член в напряжении. Родители давно ... Continue»
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me and my p e e teacher

I regularly went to college and I also used to go to tuitions … I used to go to maths tuition and the teachers name was maria …. She was a christian and the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen and I was one of her favorite students …. She took tuitions in one rented room …. The timings differed and some times I even went to her house to clear some doubts and she lived with her mother who was really old …. We called her ms maria ,she was 27 years old and was divorced….and her height was 5ft 6 and she was fair like a rabbit and she had silky hair …. During classes many students used to comment be... Continue»
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Paying off a beggar


(This story is entirely fictitious)
I was 18. The story is set in India.
Just like every other day, i had gone to a public park for a jog. Since it was india, the park had many homeless people. while jogging, I noticed a hot girl in rags, who seemed to be almost as old as me. She was searching for food in the dumpsters when I noticed her, and the wildest of fantasies popped up in my head.... would she let me bang her for money...?
I crossed her and continued my jog with the fantasy in my mind. After completing a round of the park, i returned to that spot, motivated to try and pull... Continue»
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Like every morning, with sun or rain, hot or cold, I was at the train station always at the same hour. In the morning's rush hour no matter how many people can fit in a train after some weeks you start to recognized everyone. That morning, one of the last of the summer, I was still sl**py so, when the train came I let the crowd drove me inside until I was against the wall of the wagon so I stopped. At the next train stop came in one of the most intriguing girl that I could see at that hour. She looked like a secretary or a personal assistant in her always well fitted dresses and the expensive ... Continue»
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Song was the wife of a North Korean diplomat. She was lucky - being part of the elite meant a nice apartment in Pyongyang, but it also meant a lonely life, confined to the cold, gray city. Her husband worked overseas - usually in Switzerland and so she rarely got to see him. From gossip she knew he kept mistresses over there - but she figured that as long as she had access to his power and he was doing this overseas, she could live with the compromise.

One cold, wet afternoon Song was looking for an old dress in the storage cupboard. She noticed 2 boxes she hadn't seen before. Taking them o... Continue»
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A shiny unexpected encounter

So I'm staying in Singapore for business - at the Marina Bay Sands. It's a hot afternoon so a good time for a swim in the pool on the roof. Since I'm by myself, I'm trying very hard to not stare at all the sexy girls in their swimsuits - having a bit of a fetish for them I'm trying very hard...

Then I see you walk in to the pool area. You catch my eye as you are wearing a sexy 1 piece shiny black swimsuit, high leg cut and some sexy heels. I freeze for a second, trying hard not stare. Then I think, well, no way I've got a chance with her so I go back to swimming.

A few minutes later I'm ... Continue»
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Is it really wrong?

Milo had been living in the Allentown Apartment complex for six months when things took an interesting turn.

As three o'clock rolled around he had just finished up the breakfast dishes when there was a knock at the door.

"Oh Milo thank God you're home!" his across the hall neighbor said out of breath.

"What's wrong Joyce?" milo asked.

"I'm in a bit of a bind, i just got called into work but i don't have anyone to watch Amber!" She said

"You want to know if I can watch her?" Milo said

"Please Milo, I'm disparate." she said.

Milo sighed and nodded yes. Joyce smiled and turn... Continue»
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My Grandsons

When my son Jim told me he needed to drop off my grandc***dren for a few hours, I was delighted. Not because I haven't seen them in a long time but because I wanted to see how much they've grown.

"Look you left the k**s here this morning and said you would come back and take them this afternoon. Now your telling me next week, What's wrong?" I was puzzled and worry for Jim but I don't think it came off as a concerned mother.

Jim walks out of the dinning room and into the foyer. Following behind him is his mother.

"Mom, I have to go. Kate needs me," Jim told me. "I'll be back in time to... Continue»
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This is my second part of my hot dream of HEAVAN123 as my hot sexy horny super tall mother

in this chapter i find out shes more than just my mother ,with the big surprize that waits under her long skirts

Chapter 2

Mothers secret:

It had been several days since the bathroom encounter and i could not get my mothers sexy image to leave my mind my big horny cock would not go down even when i would beat it off and cum it stayed hard , i would sneak around to catch glimpses of her and stroke my cock ,just the fackt that she was so fucking tall and how her gigantic breasts seemed to de... Continue»
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Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned


"Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been one month since my last confession."

Father Mulroney recognized Tommy Reynolds' voice clearly and smiled to himself with the expectant sweetness of this innocent boys' latest confession. Would it be looking at a girl across the quad again? Perhaps he felt guilty for eating too many sweets before bedtime. The Father chuckled lightly and waited for the naïve eighteen year old to speak.

"F... Father?" Tommy said slowly. "I'm in desperate need of confession Father?"

"You sound troubled my son, would you prefer to speak in the... Continue»
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Harry loved sex and could not get enough. He had a huge cock that was always hard and ready for a wet pussy. He also loved tits and pussy as much as he loved fucking. Then he met Sara a homeless girl. She was beautiful and sexy and had a great body. She had big full tits and a sexy bubble ass. The best thing about Sara was she loved being with Harry and let him fuck her as much as he wanted.

She was sitting in the den and Harry walked in and sat in his chair and told her to strip naked. As she took her clothes off he watched her sexy body come into view. He told her to turn so he could see... Continue»
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Fisting her incredable Pussy.

After reading numerous blogs and stories I realized what an incredible pussy my ex wife has. We began fisting quite by accident. After 10 years of marriage I was trying to find new things to keep things fresh. I loved performing oral sex on her so that was normally my first move when we would get started. She always liked me eating her wet pussy and especially with a finger slid up her butt. She also was a squirter so sometimes I would go straight to 2 fingers turned up working over her G spot with my palm popping her clit to bring her to orgasm. This particular night was right ... Continue»
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The Cam Girl

Elisa was amazingly dirty, she was doing things with a light sabre that would make the most hard core pornographer blush, never mind make the Star Wars producers swallow hard. She was also very, very focused on what she was doing, nice to see someone so dedicated to doing a good job and yes it was her job, she had been performing on the site now for around 6 months and, at least up to now, was making a pretty good living out of it.

In many ways it was a perfect occupation, she could work from home, she had no personal contacts with her clients and could shut things down on line whenever she... Continue»
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How it all started......

Here is how this all started. Many years ago we had a party at our place, after midnight people started to leave. By 1:00 am it was my husband and two of his friends. I was more then buzzed and fell asl**p on the couch as we were watching TV.

The next thing I knew I partially opened my eyes (half awake, groggy and d***k), my blouse was all the way unbuttoned, and my husbands two friends were standing over me masturbating. I was shocked and didn't know how to react.I glanced over at my husband and he was asl**p on the other couch.

I didn't want to start trouble, my husband would have be... Continue»
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Little Miss Calculation

Little Miss Calculation
Can one plus one sometimes equal three?

Part 1

“I’ll see you later, El.” Hayden Beck raked his fingers through his long, unkempt hair. He had cultured a lazy, bad boy mash-up and Elaine hated herself a little for thinking it cute. To Natalie and Rebecca, he nodded. “Ladies…”

“Bye.” Elaine Little watched the span of his shoulders all the way to the door. That’s when she heard their snickers. “What?”

“So how long have you two been hooking up?” It was Rebecca asking, looking from the closing doors to Elaine.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She ris... Continue»
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