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My First White Cock

By Pakistani Shy Housewife [user][/user]

Bablee was standing below shower as water poured over her naked body. She made sure that all her body was wet with water before turning off the water tap. Her hair was completely soaked and was spread across her back. She picked up the soap and started soaping her body. As she touched her breasts while soaping them, suddenly a strange feeling passed through her body. She opened her eyes and looked in the full length mirror in front of her. All her breasts were covered with soap bubbles and soap. She slowly took b... Continue»
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My First Older Woman

About 10 years ago I was out at a pub for a workmates going away party, not really my scene but the workmate was a good bloke and I really needed some times away from my girlfriend, who I’d being seeing a for 2 about and a half years. But to be honest, it felt like the last few months were just out of routine. Things were on the downturn and weren’t getting any better. It was well and truly beyond its use by date, but I guess both of us were too afraid to move on.
Anyway, back to the story.

I showed up to the pub slightly late due to previous engagements and quickly went and found my colle... Continue»
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58. Dawn `s rugby passion

58. Dawn `s rugby passion.
[a true story]
Dawns surprise trip to Paris for the rugby.
Arrived home from a working trip, tired as usual but well satisfied with the deals I had negotiated, it was Friday and I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend.
I was met at the door by my beloved hubby, he kissed me told me to “shower and change, the master wants us both for a whole weekend and says to be ready in an hour!”
He then said “he had already packed, picked my clothes and that he hoped I had some energy as he knew it was going to be a hard weekend for me.”
I should expl... Continue»
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59 Sunday afternoon, masters telly local football

59 Sunday afternoon, masters telly local football.
Another true story

Master ordered her arrival at his place at 1 pm on Sunday, but the best laid plans go astray and the time caught her out, she was talking to the scribe and another friend here on x hamster and forgot the time.
Panicking now Andy her cuck hubby flung her collar round her neck and threw her, her car keys as she rushed to leave.
She knew she was well late so pushing her luck she exceeded the speed a bit as the big motor flew the few miles to Rays home, she had not been this late before and knew he would punish her.... Continue»
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Mom/son Jamaica vacation

We lazed around cuddling and then did some sightseeing and shopping. When we got back to the room we got in the Jacuzzi. Mom was laying with her back on my chest and I was fondling her breasts. I got hard and started rubbing my cock all over her back. I started the dirty talk.

Mom flushed red and said, "I do like sex."

We got out of the tub and I dried mom off. We went to the bedroom. I got mom's favorite dildo, a large black rubber cock with big balls and her vibrator. I lubed the dildo by sucking it in my mouth. I put it in her wet cunt.

Mom turned on the vibrator and started runni... Continue»
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Abigail part 1

Abigail was gorgeous. Everything I ever looked for in a woman. She was a young college student, around 19-20 years old. She had long tan legs, the absolute perfect figure, long, curly blonde hair and the prettiest baby blue eyes. Only problem Abigail had was that she was married, as was I too. Abigail and John lived next door to us. John was your typical douchebag husband, my wife would notice the different girls he would sneak in and out of their house and Abigail Finally had enough. I realize that I am not perfect, however my wife has strayed away from me in the past, but it is what it is. ... Continue»
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my first tranny..................

[iim donnie, i had just dropped my girlfriend of at shipyard to work graveyard shift. i wanted to have a drink in bar, not a beer in a parking lot. as i drove toward the bridge i saw a cocktail sign, u know a cocktail glass. so i made my way to that street and pulled up in front of "the black rose".
i went in and sat at the bar and ordered shot of jack and a bud. ik looked around and thought i died and went to heaven. all i saw was tits and leg and pretty women. i was enjoying the view and cocktails when i noticed this gal walk in. she was gorgeous, big tits great legs and as she sa... Continue»
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Teacher, Teacher Ch. 04

Ione seemed a bit perturbed, or maybe just exhausted, while we were driving to the bar. She was being exceptionally quiet for her and a little agitated. I wasn't sure if it was because of the anal sex we'd just had in the shower or if she was somehow feeling inadequate because of the tireless snake between my legs.

I looked over at her while she was driving still somewhat in awe that I could not only attract but satisfy a girl as sweet and beautiful as her. She had borrowed a white silk pullover top from her mother's closet and it clung to her body like a second skin. The hard nipples on he... Continue»
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caught by daughter inlaw


This was just a one time thing, it was a mistake it ever happened,
I m not like that! I keep telling my self that but I m going
to see her tonight ! She now owns my ass and enjoys using me as her toy/pet
slave. Call it what ever you want I will do as she says or my
life will end when she shows the pic / vids of me ..

It all started when I went over for a Forth of July party.
It was a warm day and the beer was cold. Every one had fun and when it was
dark we went to watch the fire works. Things were good and I was feeling
little pain! Had drank enough t... Continue»
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Mom of 4 is f*rced to become entertainment Part 2

A couple of weeks had gone by since Renee’s a*****ion. She was more cautious about what ways she walked to her car and even had Bob the security guard walk her to her car at night, all to avoid the situation of being used as a sex toy again.
It was four pm on a warm Friday afternoon. Class had let out and it was still light out, so Renee felt safe enough to walk to her car with another student. She was excited about the weekend. Renee’s hubby was out of town on business and the k**s were at a sl**p over at one of their friend’s houses so she was planning on going out that evening with ... Continue»
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A lovely goodbye

Standing outside her door he felt nervously excited, but was constantly trying to keep his excitement in check.

“All she wants is a chat and a hand to fix a few things around the house, not to have you jump her bones, as much as you would really love to do it” he told himself as he knocked on the door.

Almost immediately the door flew open and her wonderful smiling face appeared in front of him, her arms reaching out to hug him.

He embraced her with his strong arms, feeing her large breasts squeeze against his chest almost caused him to sigh in contentment. She has such great tits ... Continue»
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My Mother in law

My mother in law Marie moved in with my wife and I a few months ago. She is in her 70's and still a nice looking woman. Short gray hair, big saggy tits, incredible nipples and nice legs for an older woman. We always got along well, but I wasn't sure about her moving in as our k**s are grown and I like my privacy. She wore house dresses with no bra so her tits and hard nipples were always on display. One day she was sl**ping on the couch, my wife was at work so I went to my office and started watching some porn. I had my cock out and was stroking away, the volume was up on a girl playing with h... Continue»
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First time with Megan II

When the curtain was pulled back Megan was standing there with a shit eating grin on her face, She slid the window open and said what are you doing here? I said I got your note and wanted to see you, she smiled her radiant smile and said hold on I'll come to you I pulled the screen out of the window and placed against the house took Megans hand and helped her out the window, Now my neighborhood at that time was a sl**py neighborhood and it's pretty quiet at 11:00 P.M so we didnt have any problems slipping away. When we got out of earshot of the house I told her I was amazed at what she said in... Continue»
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Still Paying The Price

Once a month, Selena Gomez spent the night at her parent’s home. It wasn’t her idea, but she did it because she had too. Her Mother always spent one weekend a month visiting with her s****r upstate leaving Selena alone with her stepfather Brian. Earlier that day, Brian informed her that some of his friends were coming over. She had no idea what he had instore for her but she knew they weren’t coming over to play poker.

Selena arrived a little after 8pm and Mandy was already gone. When she walked in, Brian was waiting for her. “Get your slutty ass over here bitch and suck my cock befor... Continue»
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The day my life changed part 1

It was my turn to pick up my s**ter in law from school that day. She was a senior but she didn't have a car yet. I'm sitting there waiting for her and I see her walking out the door, her long tanned legs, cowboy boots and a short yellow sun dress. With her long curly blonde hair swaying in the wind, she got in my car and I could immediately tell something was wrong. As we started on our drive, I asked Abigail what was going on. She told me she had gotten caught skipping class and that they had called home and left a message but nobody was there. She knew she was going to get into trouble and t... Continue»
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After the show: Made to fuck

A continuation of “Made to Fuck” found here:

The crowd had urged us on, and my erection simply wouldn’t go away. Jess had subsided, but in a few minutes she’d started wriggling again. I wonder what they’d given her. My cum had been leaking out around my cock, and down my legs, over my balls. Her budding breasts were tight against my chest. I tried to tell myself no, but I wanted her again. And so I began pumping my little girl’s cunt again, her legs urging me on, moaning wantonly in my ear. I was enjoying every moment of it, so... Continue»
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Helping Out in a Time of Need, Part 2

Fast forward six months from Part One of this story.
Turned out that Barbara's suspicions were right and her husband, Steve, was having an affair. It turned out to be a young bimbo in his office and, although he was not a particularly handsome man, he made good money and she saw him as a good catch. Steve was infatuated with the young woman's attention and told Barbara he wanted a divorce.
Barbara was devastated. She was a stunningly beautiful woman when she was younger and still very attractive. Men were always hitting on her and Steve was an adoring, slightly jealous husband for years. S... Continue»
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Helping Out in a Time of Need, Part 1

I've written before about Pam, my sexy friend with benefits. Pam has huge natural breasts with super-sensitive nipples and is incredible in bed. Pure extasy is receiving a blow job from Pam. It's hard to explain, but she is just very, very talented when it comes to sex. Perhaps this is due, in a large part, to the nature of our relationship. It is quite simply, all about sex and pleasuring each other. No romantic hassles or typical relationship obstacles. Just pure pleasure. Sure, we get along together just fine and I enjoy going out for drinks with Pam. But almost all of our encounters lead t... Continue»
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A Working Mother Ballbusting Her Son

Three people are gathered in the large office. The office belongs to the young Nathalie Wood who is seated behind her big oak desk. The 23 year old woman is the daughter of the founder of the large company were she is currently managing the sales department - a department with 30 employees, all women. She is a short and stocky girl with long blonde hair on her large round head. She has a slight under bite and is wearing too much make up. Few would call her beautiful, but many would agree that she is cute. She is wearing a short blue skirt together with a tight light blue top that is filled by ... Continue»
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Mother and Son Ballbusting Vacation

Adam and his mother, Sarah, were taking a summer vacation across the county visiting f****y and friends. They were going to drive to save money and enjoy the scenery as they drove around. They left the day after Adam last day at school. They knew that they would take the drive easy and only spend about six to eight hours a day driving.

After the first days drive they got to the hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel was sold out of two bed rooms and only had single bed rooms available. So they had to take the single bed room. While they were bringing their luggage i... Continue»
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