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Spelling Team Adventures

Spelling Team Adventures

Sarah’s story: I remember when I turned twelve. That was the year I learned to slide my little pussy up and down a man-cock. I learned lots of other lovely exciting things that year too. Here’s the way it happened…

Back then, well just a few years ago really, I was very shy and my parents told me that I had to choose an afterschool activity. They hoped that the right kind of activity would help me overcome my shyness and lessen my social anxiety.

I noticed a sign-up notice for my middle school spelling team. Since I was pretty good in spelling already, I ... Continue»
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The Sleeepover - Chapter 15

The Sleeepover - Chapter 15

by samslam

Dad is excited that I asked him to help me around my house and we agree to get an early morning start on Saturday. We spend the day repairing cabinet doors, hanging a ceiling fan, and fixing minor plumbing problems. The ceiling fan takes longer than we thought it would because he ins!sts we add a separate wall switch for the fan. My dad knows how to do all this stuff and I try to pay attention so I can learn too but my mind is distracted wondering how mom and Lauren are getting along.

I find out later that night, after dinner at mom... Continue»
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‘Bread, Milk, Ham, Butter, Cheese’, ‘God the list goes on’ thought Jane.
‘Salad stuff ?’
‘Oh yeh and a cucumber’ she said chuckling, ‘maybe two’.

She smiled inwardly, ‘well I might need some fun’, especially as the rabbit had broken earlier in the week and there was a little nagging feeling that needed attention.
‘Must look for a replacement when I’ve time’

She looked out of the window, it wasn’t the best of days, overcast, a hint of rain and a northerly breeze.
‘Mmm better put some tights on, might be a bit chilly.’
Trudging upstairs she rummaged through her underwear drawer fo... Continue»
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My first blow bang

So I used to dance at a club called Spankys, it is a really trashy strip club but it was really my only option after being fired from my other job. My manager was a fat black dude in his forties, and he interviewed all the new girls. For my audition I had to wear a bikini and dance to show my ability and skill level. I danced, twerked and shook my ass for him and basically told him I really need this job. He told me that he already had enough dancers, he was in need of "performers." After he said that he just took out his cock and started rubbing it. I was up on the stage and just stood there ... Continue»
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Pantyhose for friends

I arrive at your house and you invite me in. You introduce me to your wife Jill. She greets me with a kiss on the cheek. Just this gentle kiss is enough to stir my cock. We go through to the lounge where Jill sits down on the sofa and pats the space next to her and invites me to sit. I do so and you pour some drinks. We sit and chat while we drink and you comment that you can see that I have dressed as we agreed. I look and see that you are looking at my ankles where my trousers have ridden up as I crossed my legs. I haven't put on any socks and it is obvious from the silky sheen that I am wea... Continue»
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Summer Fun

Summer Fun:

I remember back when I was younger, growing up it was me and my little step brothr David living back at home with our parents where we enjoyed acting out endless role play games of all sorts together...

For instance, I remember this one summer, when I was to turn twelfe, we were playing in the back yard as usual, while mom was busy with chores inside the house. Dad was almost always at his job, so it was up to just me and my brothrr David to entertain one another during the long summer break.

My step brothrr David was only a year and a couple of months younger than me so ... Continue»
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In high school Cindy was the most popular girl in our graduation class, Captin of the cheerleaders, and with an air of self-confidence that carried her through almost anything. she was smart, pretty, fun to be around, a personality that invited people to love her.Including me.But...I was shy around girls, I could never master the art of small talk and chatting that was the key to the kingdom.

Cindy.had short brown hair, cut in the popular style of the day, sparkling blue eyes, a ready laugh,full youthful lips nd a dimple on her left cheek. Looong legs, a cheerleader's body, slim, athletic, ... Continue»
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He Asked Me to Fuck his Wife

Part 1: The proposition

My department held had a party just before Christmas. Partners were invited but I went alone as was unattached at the time.

For the meal I sat with a colleague, Doug, and his wife Jeanette who were both about my age, perhaps a little older. I had always got on well with Doug but this was the first time I had met Jeanette. I was immediately attracted to her and I must say, judging by her glances and friendly smiles, I think it was mutual. She was a nicely shaped brunette with absolutel... Continue»
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Sissy White and the 7 Soldiers

The royal wedding of Catherine White and Lord Grimmson was a spectacular
event that happened after the death of the former king and the husband of
Catherine White. Arthur White the crowned king approved his mother's
wedding and Lord Grimmson was made the general in the army.

Lord Grimmson won many battles along with king Arthur White. Arthur White
soon decided to marry and consumate the marriage for the heir to his
throne. He marries the beautiful Princess Bella. The wedding was brilliant
and the couple were happily married.

Lord Grimmson was a strong man, his ambition was to be ca... Continue»
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Breaking the little sissy in!

I had been chatting with this husband and wife for a few months online, and it was finally time to meet. I had decided to meet the husband first since his wife told he was a submissive little slut, but had never really been with a dominate man.

I knew it would be fun to break him in and humiliate him first, then fuck both of them together later. His wife and I had arranged the meeting and I was to take a couple pictures of him to send to her.

She was working late that night and he knew to expect me some time after 8:00 pm. Before she had left for work she was to make him put on a pair... Continue»
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Hot time in my pants

i put my hand down inside my pants and softly
held my erect throbbing penis
the tip was wet with pre cum
as i stroked it in my pants i thought of you
how to kiss your lips so sweet
as i rubbrd my hot wet penis
it felt sooo good
i wanted to to touch it
to hold it'to rub it
and feel it
as i stroked it in my pants
i was rubbing it
in my pants and outside of my pants
as it became very wet
touching the soft head i imagined you kiissing it
licking it softly
and holding it to your lips
as i thought of kissing your sweet wet hot muffin
and taking the clit into my mouth and sucking... Continue»
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Mother, Father and Uncle Ken

Even at a very young age I knew the man my father and mother referred to as Uncle Ken was not really my Uncle. He was a very nice man, however, and when he came visiting, invariably when my father was out to work, he would always bring me sweets. He would hand them over and my mother would then say, ‘Now off you go out to play’. I always did as I was told and off I would go, not thinking why my mother was so keen to get rid of me.

The day I’m going to talk about was very different to the usual ‘Ken’ days because my father was home this time. Ken duly handed over a pocketful of sweets an... Continue»
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Gym spotting

It was a hot day in August. One of those days when you can't figure out what to do, but stay indoors. I decided a good workout at the gym would be a good pick me up. Little did I know, that would be exactly what would cum to be.
When I got there only a few individuals were working out, so I figured I would be left alone to get my workout in and go home and shower. I changed into my usual workout clothes. I have to laugh because I am somewhat of an anomaly in what I wear. I usually wear a tank top and bike shorts, which I find sexy feeling, but leave everyone wondering which way my gate s... Continue»
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Anticipating Our Rendevous

Oh my dear sweet Baby!

I can hardly wait to spend some time with you, my hands softly caressing you as we kiss passionately. Our tongues dancing in harmony. Slowly I undress you kissing each sexy inch of your skin as it is exposed. You feel my hard cock throb in the confines of my jeans as I am pressed against your thigh. You start to reach for it but I take your hands and guide them away. I walk you back to the wall pressing against you as my hands continue undressing you. Soon your big beautiful breasts are the object of my oral fixation. Your sensitive nipples respond to my lips, tongue ... Continue»
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A portable bed room (RV)

OK this will be the third time that I have actually seen Dana. We first me on line on AFF so we both kind of new that this might happen (OK my dream her selection).
Our first meeting was just a look see since she arrange to have lunch near by and suggested that I could have lunch there also. It went great with them sitting in a table next to me. We could have talked but like k**s we texted each other with me getting fresh and suggesting that I was imagining see her nipple through her blouse since I was sitting to the side of her.
Long story short we got to have a lunch date. That went gre... Continue»
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Husband to castrated sissy

"Oh my god!"

My wife looked up over the muscular shoulder of the huge black guy nailing her on our bed. Her long tanned legs wrapped around v-shaped torso. "Hi honey. What are you doing home early?"

"Kelli what the fuck's going on here?!"

At that, the black guy turned and shot me a nasty glance. "What's it look like we doing, genius? I'm dicking your old lady. Now get out of here fuckshit I ain't finished."

"Better go downstairs dear," Kelli said, smiling. "I'll be down later to explain."

Of course I was shocked, but what else could I do? I went downstairs poured myself a drink... Continue»
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Never knew my wife was Multi-orgasmick, she did�

[video][/video]Well, the title kinda explaines it.
We have been together for almost 25 yrs now. Wow, And we still have sex. and we both enjoy it.

My wife was a virgin when we started going out and she was really hot too! Short 5'3", Nice tits 34b, huge nipples, long brown hair,
fine shaped ass and good looking.
She was very shy too but soon grew into a flirt but as we stayed together and still are, she has opened up sexually into the wife of my

We both know that I wasn't ever into bbw's but as the years have gone by she has gained a lot o... Continue»
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Gymnast Josie and the Chair

Gymnast Josie and the Chair

Time: Near the end of summer…
Josie crawled into bed and drifted into a gentle sl**p. Her sweet pussy and asshole were softly throbbing from her latest session with Coach. She knew she would awaken tomorrow, yet again, with a special stickiness between her thighs… a heavenly mix of Coach’s and her juices. Coach was so much FUN! And she was so very HAPPY! Her sweet mouth smiled as she entered her amazing dreams… of her and her beautiful Coach.

Time: The start of summer…
Josie awoke already excited. Today she would start training with her new gymnastic... Continue»
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changing my husband Chris to Chrissy by removing h

That night while driving home was so intense. With every mile closer to home, my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. The thought of Troy’s dominance over my white sissy husband was to much for my body to bare. I must have had a dozen orgasms at the thought of Troy pushing my husbands head lower and lower on to the base of Troy’s Black Cock.

As I pulled into our driveway and put the car in park, Troy pulls up next to me and to my surprise, well I shouldn’t have been surprised I guess. Chris is still latched on to Troy’s Black beauty. Troy lowers the passenger side window as I lowered ... Continue»
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Helen, part one

My girlfriend’s mom was on her knees expertly worshipping my cock with her tongue and mouth. It was the day after my 18th birthday and I was leaning against the trunk of my 67 Chevy Camaro with my jeans around my ankles. Helen wasn’t even 40 yet, but had a full head of prematurely silver hair, almost the same shade as the finish on my Camaro. The sun shone brightly and I was loving the view as I looked down. Helen had on a loose blouse that her full tits were threatening to spill out of, I could the swelling of her still firm breasts.

“Ggaph my tiths,” she said with my cock still in her mou... Continue»
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