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Nadia's street walk part 3

nadia's Ill Advised Street Walk Part 3:
*** This story (as well as Parts 1 and 2 posted previously) is a work of fantasy fiction told within the confines of current events, written by nadia877 at the instruction of Maximos9. It is NOT meant to be interpreted as true, or as something that should ever occur in reality, but in one’s mind, it can exist quite beautifully. ***
As i woke up i could hear Max on the phone, “Yeah Jimmy, based on how she performed last night we are gonna go with plan B, leave the note on the door at Celebrity Soul Food and get yourself in a position to watch
... Continue»
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Group session

Caleb had no idea that sex with older women could be as good as it was. Younger women might have a better body, but Mary had sucked his dick and fucked him as hard as he had ever been fucked. It was nice knowing that there was nothing expected of you after you shot your load.
She had called him the next day and scheduled another sitting. She had asked if it was ok if a couple other people were there and he told her that would be fine. He knew that not all older women were as attractive as Mary, but he was willing to approach the afternoon with an open mind. After all, he felt pretty confident... Continue»
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Mercy, Percy!

Percy Blatter was nervous as he entered Dr. Norry's office. After all, he'd never been to a psychiatrist before.

Dr Linda Morry was seated in a big, leather chair, but not behind her desk. Her dark brown hair was pinched into a bun, her face was a little long, but pretty nonetheless, and her soft blue eyes were stunning. She was wearing what Percy could only describe as inappropriate clothing for her job: Blue blouse, cut low, revealing more of her ample cleavage than a professional clinician should show. But that was nothing compared to her excuse for a skirt! Obviously, this chick had bee... Continue»
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TANIA the Walmart Worker from checkout Aisle #7.

(Tania is a false name - so as not to identify her)

Tania works the register at my local Walmart. She isn’t especially pretty and has a slight speech impediment since Espanol is her first language. I always talked to her and greeted her – asking about her f****y - trying to get info out of her – find out about her background. Though she wasn’t “knockout pretty”, there were things about her I was instantly attracted to. She had good skin, long hair and an hourglass body. She didn’t have big boobs, but they were nice and round. She had nice wide hips and a thin waist.

Tania didn’t ... Continue»
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Discovering My Son Is Hung, Catching Him With His

My name is Trish and I am forty years old. I live with my son Brady who is six teen and my daughter Lucy who is seven teen. A couple years back my husband left without much reason why and its been just me and my k**s ever since. I try to be involved in their lives even more now since its just me but I still work a decent amount of hours to pay for everything we have. I have tried dating again and even though its never been an issue for me to get guys I just decided I wasn't ready yet. I have always had good looks, blonde hair, green eyes and a very nice body so guys naturally just flocked to m... Continue»
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Laura and Jim

Laura and Jim are a married couple in their late 30's. Jim works as a clerk at the local home improvement store. His wife Laura was going back to the local community college to get her paralegal degree. Jim has a foot, nylon, and leg fetish and loves it when Laura dresses up in the bedroom wearing sexy nylons and high heels. He'll spend hours worshipping her feet and legs and sometimes he gets so excited, he'll cum on legs and stockinged feet before having a chance to cum in her pussy.

Finally, when Laura graduated, she got a good job at a prestigious law firm downtown. Much to Jim's delig... Continue»
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My First Fist

I'm bi sexual, and very, very hedonistic. I love to eat pussy and suck cock too. On some sites my screen name is "Tireless Tongue." I also love to fuck both men and women, although I like to fuck women more. I'm on the submissive side with men, and the DOM side with women. But, nothing is "etched in stone." These are just tendencies and preferences. I think I can get into most anything if there is a connection, or as they say, "chemistry." with my partner. Way back when, my girlfriend at the time, convinced a friend of ours who was Gay, and open about being into fisting, to do me. I was open t... Continue»
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The Christmas Bonus

As the year winds down and deadlines get closer I spend many evenings working late and more times than not the last person in the office and find I am very productive in those quiet hours.
It was Thanksgiving weekend and we always have the company Christmas party on the Tuesday before and give our employees some extra time to travel and enjoy the holiday. The party as always was a good time and all seem to enjoy an evening of elegance; everyone dresses in black tie and evening dresses which makes the night a classy affair.
I needed to finish off a few items back at the office so they could b... Continue»
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Brown EYE Thursdays

Andie and I used to play around nearly every
Thursday afternoon for most of a year. On Thursdays,
her mother took her k** s****r to soccer practice after
school, and we had the house to ourselves.
After the first few times, we seldom fucked in the
conventional way. Andie worried too much about getting
pregnant and neither of us much liked the feel of
wearing a rubber. Sometimes I would slide my cock into
her naked and withdraw just before cumming. But after
an "accident" -- in which we both cooperated fully --
and a tense period of three weeks before her period
cam... Continue»
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Triple Treat

In my middle years, I met and married a Mexican
girl -- woman, I should say, as Maria Elena was in her
mid-30s, three years younger than I. She was tall,
full-bodied, dark-eyed and olive-skinned.
The night we met, we wound up in bed. I was
somewhat desperate, between girlfriends for several
months, and she was very pretty in a haughty,
high-cheeked sort of way. I threw myself at her feet,
literally, to get her to dance with me. Later, talking
with Maria Elena and her girlfriend over drinks at a
nearby bar, I was impressed with Maria Elena's good
sen... Continue»
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First Time In

"No, Larry, we can't!" Sharon said, pushing me off
her. "I'm just can't do it."
"Jesus Christ!" I said. "This is driving me crazy.
Baby, I love you, but I can't keep doing this. My
balls are going to explode!"
We were on the sofa in the rec room downstairs at
my house, after school. My folks were at work and
wouldn't be home for another couple of hours. Sharon
put her head on my shoulder, snuggling up to me again.
"I'm sorry, honey," she said. "I know, I know,
"Yeah," I said, "you don't want to get pregnant.
You don't want to start having sex, because... Continue»
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Cousin Swap

When Alec suggested that we swap partners, Eve - the girl I had just
fucked - reached over the seat and swatted the back of his head. Jody, his date
and Eve's cousin, shrieked in outrage and called him several bad names. He and I
both laughed and pretended that it was a joke.
When the storm had died down, Alec said, "No, seriously, why don't we?"
which set off another one. Somewhere in the middle of it, while she was still
ragging on Alec, I noticed Jody look at me. Our eyes met in a brief, blank glance
that showed nothing but meant everything. She was pretending to be o... Continue»
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A Car, 1 Woman, 2 Hours, and 3 Young Men.

I drove there alone that day, I cant say why really, but it was a day full of promise and a day away from the riggers of work, stress of constant demanding, and a loveless marriage.

The sky was clearing with promise, the clouds parting to reveal the blueness one comes to expect on a Summers morning, and I put my foot down on the accelerator and sped through the glorious Scottish scenery, the warmth of the sun accentuated with the hot air coming from the vents of the heating.

In reality, it was still cool outside, under 10C, but sitting behind the wheel and feeling the power of the engine... Continue»
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The entertainment room ...

I looked around me and and i realised that the cellar did in fact consist of more than one room, each leading on from the one before it. I turned to the maid and asked how many rooms there were. Six in the cellar,was the reply, but of course there are many more rooms throughout Masters house plus the large gardens which contained i was told several outbuildings that i would if accepted find out about in due course. I asked if i was allowed to go and look at the the other rooms in the cellar and was told that that would not be possible without the Masters permission. I looked at Jane and asked ... Continue»
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The Prize

“Tonight, I thought I'd spice things up from our usual poker game.” Duncan announced to his friends. “We will play poker not for money, but for the opportunity of the lucky winner to spend the night with my beautiful wife, Cheryl!” As he said her name Duncan pulled back the curtain concealing his wife.

Everyone's gazed focused on her. Cheryl was standing in one corner of the room. Her wrists were bound and tied to a rope through a hook in the ceiling. She had to stand almost tippy-toed to relieve the pressure on her wrists and shoulders. She was wearing a light cotton top and matching skir... Continue»
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Stand In Granny Landlady

When I was 20 years old I had a job as a barman in a local village pub called The Mill. It was run by Jim and Jayne and I had been working there for 18 months and had become a trusted member of staff. It was only a small pub so at busy times Jim, Jayne and I managed admirably but as the space behind the bar was limited we had to work as a team to avoid bumping into each other. Jayne was in her late 40’s and I had a secret crush on her……..Jayne and I became very close but that is another story!
Jim and Jayne were going away for a winter break and an elderly couple, Don and Vera were coming... Continue»
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Julie,me and the Major.The full story.

I first met Major Colin in a country pub near the village we live in. We just used to chat about current things going on etc. He was always very complimentary to Julie and it was very obvious that he would love to have a go with her!He would tell her she looked beautiful in her summer dresses and that she always looked the best dressed in the pub etc.I pop into the pub on my way home from work some nights as it is a better pint than our local,even though it is a few miles out of the way. One particular evening I was driving past and decided to have a quick pint before I had my tea. Colin was i... Continue»
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true story and a surprise

While sitting in a well known layby watching people walking up and down I was getting aroused by the idea of a stranger wanking me off., my cock was growing in size and was starting to bulge so I moved it so it was to the side so a long package was clearly visible to passers by I staryed to stroke my erection when this guy caught sight of what I was doing being in a transit I was quit high and easy for him to see, he approached me and I now feel really horny my window was down and he lent on the sill and started to talk to me while I was stroking my helmet through my trousers watching me as ... Continue»
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First masturbation

This is a true story. Reading another contributor to your excellent site, I was reminded of my first experience, when I discovered the joy of masturbation with more than a little help from my mum.

I am a twin, and my b*****r and I were always together. We were always put into the bath together when we were very young and mum used to wash us and dry us off before kissing us and putting us to bed. I can remember soon after my tenth birthday that I started to enjoy playing with my penis. I would relish the opportunity to wave it around and I enjoyed the feeling I got from giving it a rub and s... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #12: Jona-1

Jona is fine and funny to talk to luckily, as her looks are almost ideal by my private sex standards

Jolly Jona is my freshest friend and immediately she welcomes my idea to be my muse for sexy shoots
Jona lists several sexy situations and tasty themes to show off her unusual cute beauties on camera

On paper she looks like ideal and perfect by my private sexy standards: tastily tall and sexily slim
Oh boy, blue eyes she has and short brunette hair - I love to have access for my kisses to her neck!

Nice how Jona offers a wide choice to her future photographers from glamor
... Continue»
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