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My step-s****r and I had a strange relationship, growing up.

Well, not strange, per se, but definitely on the "taboo" side of things,
according to religio-societal structuring.

Siblings, whether by bl**d or their parents' marriage, should never
engage in any form of sexual relationships with one another. Never. It's
wrong. It's sinful.

Yeah, right. Like we should all just blindly abide by the decree of
some decrepit old men wearing cassocks.

Oh, but it's sinful. It's perverted. You'll go to hell!

This coming from men who have allegedly sworn off any f... Continue»
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Spontaneous new girlfriend for my fiancee and I ..

We met years before. I was a substitute teacher, she was a junior in high school. 5 years later, we see each other at a party. Now I'm only 10 years older than her or so, but sure enough, our eyes met. We did the awkward 'where do I know your from' and when it clicked, she asked if we could go outside and talk...

We kissed before the next word in the back hall, upstairs from the party. She said her boyfriend said that she needed to get better at blowjobs... I said my girlfriend said I should get more head because it isn't her favorite. My jeans were undone and open and she went to work. Th... Continue»
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Amy and Claire

Here is a true story about my fabulous BBW lover Claire. I didn't know it when we first met, but later on found out that she was bisexual. This didn't bother me at all, actually it turned me on.. a lot. One day when we were chatting, she asked me if I would every like to watch her with another woman. Well I was shocked and very horny at the prospect, "yes ok, that would be fun" I said, but she new that really I was gagging to watch! She said that she had a friend who was a lesbian, who she had been shagging for months, who's fantasy was to be watched and filmed by a man. She said, that as the ... Continue»
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With mom

Few days later, when I fingered mom a little bit, we were alone at home.

Dad was in job and mom was cooking a meal. She had t-shirt and tight trousers. Her ass was fantastic, even when she bend over, I could see her cameltoe.

I was sitting at the table and looking to her lovely shapes.
My cock was getting hard and I wanted to do another step in our weird relationship with my mom.

I started to talk about that night. When she come d***k and I helped her to bed. Asked her if she remember everything.

'Don't know what about you talking.' she said. But she knew.

'Well, I will help yo... Continue»
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Sam And Rosa And Others

On my last work trip to the country I was fortunate enough to be able to have my wife Lisa accompany me. It was a rare pleasure indeed. We always enjoy each other’s company, but these days it’s not often we get some time together by ourselves. While I had to go to work each day I had the luxury of starting at a reasonable hour, and getting back with Lisa relatively early in the afternoon. We were like two k**s in a lolly shop. Lisa was able to go shopping during the day without worrying about c***dren and housework. We were able to return our sex lives back to our pre-c***dren days. We could ... Continue»
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Filthy Gorgeous Kate!

++ This is a true story, but names have been changed ++

The first time I used an adult dating site, I got chatting to a woman named Kate. I am a fan of a more voluptuous lady, so it was a BBW dating site, and Kate, in my mind, was the perfect BBW. a size 18 but with most of it on the bum and boobs, nice toned chubby thighs and a gorgeous smile. We chatted online for a few hours and then she had to go, so we shared mobile numbers and we texted a couple of times later that evening.

The next day Kate sent a text asking if I wanted to call her to arrange a meeting. I wasted no time in calli... Continue»
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Opening Pandora's Box - Chapter One

Would you love me if I told you?


I carry secrets.
A life-journey's tale that has only till now, never been spoken of.


There is a serial killer on the loose.

He has targeted ladies of the night. Dumping the bodies in plain sight, mutilated, for all to see.
No one has been able to catch him.
Six woman have been found till now. The police speculate that there is more than one killer.

My phone wakes me from my slumber.
It's Casandra. She is asking for a tip off. I would never do that, for it will taint my reputation.
Casandra is a very young girl, pretty and inn... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-2

Jennifer is a petite blonde beauty and still a virgin celebrating her 18th birthday at our sex studio
Extremely excited by her first two orgasms with Petra she longs for more of those lovely love lessons
Next lesson takes a completely unexpected course as Petra invites her to bend over her lap for third!
Nicely she calms her down by some caresses at her ass before Petra suddenly starts to slap her bottom
You never were spanked before, isn't it dear Jennifer? Wait and feel how hot you can get off on it!

Jennifer tries not to scream but her butt hurts after the first dozen s
... Continue»
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Fifty shades of blue

Some years ago I had a girlfriend who lived in a different town, getting to it was impossible because there were no trains or buses, you must take a car or a motorbike. It was a sunny Friday afternoon when I got there and spend some time with my GF (that I will call Mary from now on). She wanted to ride my bike so we went to a river a few km far, when we were returning to to town, I noticed my bike had some troubles in speeding up, so, worried about it, I looked for a mechanic. "It's an easy repair but you have to wait until tomorrow because now it's too late to work on it" he said.
Mary and ... Continue»
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loving pantie sniffer

When I was younger I used to go thru my older s****rs clothes hamper an pull out a pair of her worn panties , the fresher the better . I think she knew I was jerking off to her soiled panties because I would shoot a hot load in them an leave them so she would see them covered in my cum . One day she went to take a shower an left a fresh pair she just wore on a hot summer day after playing tennis .As soon as that door closed I went in a sat on her bed an pulled out my hard cock as I picked them up noticing a brown pubic hair in the middle of the crotch as they felt really wet from her juices , ... Continue»
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A Very Hot Hotel Meet by Mariel.

This is not a story where you just start at the beginning, because somehow it does not have a beginning, it just happened, and it just seemed to get heavier and more lurid as the week went on.

My name is Mariel, I am married to a man, whom I found out last week is a 'Swinger', and as I speak, I am in an elevator in a down-town hotel, heading to the room of a man I have never met, supposedly for breakfast.

'Am I going to have to fuck this guy'?

I was a smidgen angry, and bit more excited, but dared not show emotion, but once my knickers were off, well all bets were off, as I was wettin... Continue»
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He Cant So I Did

So Carol was my neighbor who lived across the hallway in our apartment block with her long time boyfriend who she said was boring so she was fucking me. She even had a implant in her for me so she wouldn't get pregnant as I fucked her without a condom and she never let her man fuck her ass as it was mine. She was a BBW huge tits, big ass and big pussy and she could fuck for sure and would let me use her anyway I wanted whenever I wanted. This particular night I had been out with some friends and Carol had been out with her man, I was sitting there smoking and watching a movie when she called m... Continue»
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Dumping Another Load In Carol

So I had a neighbor called Carol, she was BBW woman, big ass, massive tits and a big wet pussy, she was also ok looking, not the best looking girl but not that bad. Boy did she know how to fuck though she loved to be used and was my own personal cum dump. She lived with her long time boyfriend who was as she put it was boring and she loved to come round to fuck and even had an implant to prevent her becoming pregnant so I could cum in her whenever I wanted. Over the time we fucked around together Ii used her in many ways and she loved it anytime I wanted to put a load in her. This particular ... Continue»
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Bareback Student

So I had gone to a gas station to fill up and went to pay the young girl who was working the register, she was a great looking skinny girl with small tits and wearing tight blue jeans and a tshirt that said princess on it. She had blonde hair that was tied up and she was all smiley. Now I am English so when I asked for smokes and gas she looked at me funny. She asked if I always talked that way and I replied um yea I am English and like a burst she started out omg no way get out of here no way that's crazy. To me she was one of those girls you see in a movie who was all like omg and like was h... Continue»
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Plump and Plumer

So I was out one night drinking with some friends when I was invited to a house party, I figured hell yea I would go seeing as at the time I was only twenty and there was supposed to be a load of girls my age. Well that turned out to be total crap as when I got to this amazing house party it was a cock fest, all men and maybe a few girls all of which were with there boyfriends. It was a really lame ass party the type where they didnt want you to be d***k and they all shared a bowl of chips. I figured I would just leave but my friends wanted to stay as they were talking crap and seemed to be ha... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-1

Jennifer writes a letter to the two owners of an exclusive erotic shop for females only
Exchange of letters follows, which we will quote below this paragraph in extenso for you
Nice turn of erotic events is bound to happen to her, hosted by Professor Peter and Petra
New to all possibilities of pleasure and pleasing, yummy Jenny looks like to learn a lot
Young great girls are my favourite appetizers for a warm weekend for three in my studio!

Dear Sir Peter and Petra, I hope you two can help me!
Let me introduce myself, I am Jennifer and almost eighteen
I am completely inexp
... Continue»
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Making Love To Her Friend Continued

So I was laying on the sofa with my wife's friend Stacy, my wife was helping her s****r move and staying the night at her house. I had gone to Stacy's house and we were pretending we were married and being together for one day and night, we had already had sex twice and I had fingered her on the sofa as we watched a movie. We had fallen asl**p together and we were woken by my phone going off, it was my wife so I had to answer. She told me she was helping s****r and it was going ok, asked what I was doing I said laying n sofa watching a movie and she started bitching about her s****r and her s*... Continue»
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In The Storm...

This happened just a few days ago...Here in Georgia we had some bad weather to come through. I drive a route in north Georgia and the worst part of the storm hit north of the capital city. I received a cell message on my phone that I was to call a certain number if I was near a certain location.

(Do understand I am trying to hide any information that may give me away to my employer or others that may wish to do me harm.)

My company's owner had text me to call him, his daughter had run off the road and was in good condition but it would take authorities near four hours to come to her a... Continue»
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Making Love To Her Friend

So my wife had a friend who was a little crazy, well she was more free spirited and was crazy in the sense she was different. My wife had helped her out with a test she had taken for he a while back and whilst doing her test her friend called Stacy and I had quickly fucked, it wasn't planed, it was a secret and we had kept in contact after through text. When we met the day we fucked on the hallway stairs my wife was doing her test online and there were two c***dren watching tv, I found out that she was actually watching her s****rs k**s at the time so they weren't hers. Now my wife and her wer... Continue»
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sex lesson

When you’re young, and dumb, you reckon that you know everything there is to know about sex and how to make love, wrong!

I was just like that. It went in, it wobble about a bit, I cum and that was about it.

So no wonder then that girlfriends didn’t last too long.

Then it all changed with a nurse girlfriend. For a while it was the same ol, same ol. and one day she sat me down and gave me this huge medial book. in it she had marked out the section on the female genital. “I want you to go home and read this section, start to finish and when you have we’ll have a chat” To say I was... Continue»
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