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Our two day getaway

My wife Amber and I just got back from our two day vacation in Toronto. We don't get out together a lot because of work and other reasons so we decided that we finally needed a getaway. What a getaway it turned out to be too. I'll start by saying that Amber and I have been together for 10 years and married for over 3 years now. Amber is 29 years old, 5'9", blond hair that comes down past her shoulders to her mid back, sexy green eyes and big pouty lips that make me hard just looking at them. She is absolutely gorgeous in every way. Her tits are a nice 36D, all natural, and she has a nice bald ... Continue»
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A Chance Encounter

I was out for dinner at a very nice hotel, in my home town (Chattanooga, TN), where they also have a small musical group providing dancing, dinner & music. I was seated at a small table for two, along a center half wall, with about a dozen other two-top tables. Most were occupied by couples having the same dining experience as I was having.
At the table next to me was a white couple, nicely dressed, having dinner. He was seated next to me and his wife was facing me. She was wearing a low cut evening dress, high heels and had her hair pulled back into a pony tail. She looked great and I told h... Continue»
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Joe's first blow job

Naked tied up and X spread on the bed with his wrists and ankles tightly clamped to the steel frame with four sets of handcuffs, Joe’s erection was growing harder and harder. The still fully clothed hooker was using her gentle hands to caress his naked body all over as he got more and more aroused. He was shaking as the sexual tension grew inside him and his experienced tormentor knew exactly what she was doing to her virgin client. At least it was his first time with a hooker even if he had been married for 20 years.
Joe thought he was going to burst as the hooker slowly moved between his sp... Continue»
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this is true

Part one

About 5 years ago I was find I have type2 diabetes things for my wife & me was going right for us in the bed.
So we would buying toys for us to use & I got myself male strap-on so she could feel something inside her pussy, for me thinking there note wrong with our sex life.
I would use magic wand then use dildo going in & out her pussy & play games with her fuck her with strap-on, this went on for few weeks.
Then one night she said the strap-on hurt her too much to use it many more she said I did try to use it with you my husband but hurts like hell inside my pussy.
I said that... Continue»
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After Church ass fuck leads to more fun

So this story is one of those you happen to come up on, and well who walk way from this one.
So I recent been checking out some churches. I have visited many different versions of them, each being interesting. The latest one caught me off guard and left me with a feeling to come back.
It was a Sunday morning, around 10, and I was pulling up to a church that moved around a lot. It is one of those places that changes location because they don't have a building yet. So the set up was at a church that was not running anymore. It was small chapel next to a school building. Anyways, I walked up ... Continue»
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lust and desire

i have been with someone that i love and respect alot and we are together since i dont even remember ,
someone that i see my self with under the same a futur husband, father ,life partner
but after years passing by i discovered that we dont have that sexual chemistry that i was looking
for .
maybe cz i am fucked up mentally ,maybe cz i have my own fetishes that my partner dont like..
such as being a dominant tho i can go both ways dominant and a submissive .

i met a guy over social
media he's cute,handsome,smart and young my age also
he had something in him that intimid... Continue»
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Love train tunnel

She wished Phillip paid a little more attention. After all, they had been married long enough for him to remember a simple thing like her birthday. None of her staff had remembered either, although if she were honest that was mostly by design. She had carefully cultured a professional distance in her role as manageress. Friendly, with an open door but very private nonetheless.

"Oh well, brush off your tarnished tiara, Princess. Communicate your needs a little better in future." Phillip would have been profoundly busy with his own worries, perhaps when she got home they could find a late re... Continue»
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My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry

The next morning after an early breakfast my wife and i set out for Jeanie's house, on the way i asked her what she would be doing for the day and she said that she had some stuff that she needed to buy and that i would be more use helping Jeanie out than moaning about shopping as i usually did. I nodded and said what is Jeanie like as i would be spending several hours in the company of a woman that i had only met for a very short time. She thought for a while before answering me and said that Jeanie was a lovely woman but a woman who didn't tolerate fools, that she had a sense of humour, but ... Continue»
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Mari's Treat (1)

Note : English is not my native language but I did my best. Apart from that, keep in mind that it's just the first part ;)

Part I : Mises en bouche

Mari had spent the end of the day reading on the beach, not too far from the resort she was staying at. It was time to go, she had scheduled a massage before dinner. Since her boyfriend had to live her alone for a few days, why wouldn’t she relax and take time for herself? The weather was really nice, and on her way back she enjoyed the French Riviera sunset while a gentle breeze was making her sarong caress her silky legs. As she was ... Continue»
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Fooled into Bed with My s****r

There was very little traffic on the roads that Sunday morning, which
was okay by me. I, my s****r and her friend Melissa were on our way into
the city proper.

They often invited me to their outings, though perhaps the fact that I
had a car was partly responsible for that. I really did enjoy their
company though. Melissa was a fun, not to mention attractive, girl and my
s****r and I had always gotten along well.

"Aren't we there yet?" Melissa called out from the backseat.

"What are you, a k**?" said my s****r, looking back at her with a
teasing smile.

"Jus... Continue»
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s****r in law with 18 year olds Part 8

Janice thought about what Jane had said and decided to let Jac put her hand on his cock but once again she wan't sure how to go about it, so she Txted Jane to ask how to do it. Jane told Janice that she should assert herself and take charge: "Janice you should surprise Jac so he knows you are a woman who knows her own mind and is not afraid to take charge.. You do that by puting you hand down the front of his trousers. He will be wearing underpants ofcourse so you will still be touching him through material.

Just in case Janice acted quickly Jane txted Jac to tell him what to expect. Jac im... Continue»
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s****r in law with 18 year olds Part 9

Janice told Jane after church choir practice "I need to talk to you somewhere that we will not be over heard." "No problem come to my home next Saturday afternoon at 2pm. Ramsey will be away golfing."

At the appointed time Janice arrived at Jane's door and was invited in immediately. "Would you like tea or coffee?" "Coffee please." "Come into the kitchen while I make it, we can talk there. At least we can start the talk there. This sounds very serious."

"Jane, it might not be to you but it is to me." "Ok go on." "Well I followed your suggestion on my last date with Jac. While he was feel... Continue»
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Sucking the salesman

Hi I remember when we had to sell my mamas house as she had passed away. I was to meet a sales man at the house for valuation and my b*****r had arranged it all. When the guy turned up he was nicely dressed in a grey suit shirt & tie. After our introductions he asked me fine could use the toilet before he started. I said no problem and showed him the door tote toilet. He left the door slightly ajar and proceeded to take his cock out of his fly hole although he wasn't too big he was certainly adequate. He made no attempt to cover himself whilst he urinated and I could quite clearly see hi... Continue»
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First meeting

After meeting me off the train you kiss me on the cheek for the first time and it’s a lovely affection kiss as you look my in the eyes and smile You ask if I want to go for a drink first or just go and eat as its 8pm. So I say to you yes eating first would be fine You reply first what have you in mind for the rest of evening

I didn’t know what to say as first time we met so I just smiled
You take me to the perfect restaurant where the wine and food was excellent you made sure my wine glass was never empty and I had the feeling you wanted me a little d***k as always puts people at their e... Continue»
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Vicky was sitting at her computer dressed in underwear she'd stolen from Anna's wash basket. A black bra and some of her worn panties, and hold ups. Before she'd pulled on Anna's panties she'd smelled and licked then while she teased her clity dick. Then she put on some of Anna's lipstick that she'd also stolen form her.

Vicky was so excited, her clity dick was pressing straining against Anna's panties leaking pre cum mingling with Anna's dried pussy juice.Vicky wondered what Anna had been doing when she was wearing these panties, was she sucking a big hard cock, dancing in some disco... Continue»
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s****r in Law with 18 year olds Part 7

The Tuesday following the group event with Jane. I met Jac in the street and he tld me he would like to meet with Jane again and could I arrange it?

I called Jane on her mobile and she was quite happy to meet Jac but it would have to be Saturday afternoon when Ramsey was playing golf. Jane also said that I should be present too - That pleased me The thought of seeing Jane with an 18 year old guy.

The following Saturday, I got a cal from Jane welling me that the meeting with Jac was on and I was to tell Jac to ride his motorbike round the back. On Saturday Jane dropped Ramsey to the golf ... Continue»
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My Virginity Lost To My Aunt

Let me introduce myself.I am Shibli studying in +2.
From earlier days itself I was staying in my grandpa’s home when ever I got vacations.Because I love that place.

My grandpa has two wife one my grandma and other.Its happened with his 2nd wife’s daughter(my aunt).
The story happened during my vacation at her house.My aunt’s husband left her 6 months after marriage.She was 27 when it happened.I used admire at her boobs and cleavage. She never noticed me.I used to masturbate thing of her.She was very open to me.And she never felt shyness toward me.She even used change her paijams in front ... Continue»
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Friends desire

...........You tell me to go upstairs and lie on my back on the bed, arms and legs spread. You come into the room, tie me to the bed posts and kneel over me, forcing your cock in my mouth for a few minutes. Then you move away and i watch as you light a candle. You leave it lit on the dresser and turn towards me with a plastic bag in your hand. You put it loosely over my head and face and then as you gently stroke my body with one hand, you place your other hand round my throat and start to gently squeeze. You increase the pressure until i'm thrashing against my binds and my gasps for breath ca... Continue»
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Experiment Of Sex

It happened few years back. We were friends for a very long time, even before her marriage. We were very open with each other.

She knew about my gf & our sexual adventures too. We used to talk over phone about the sex stories of me and my gf. After she got married, she told me each and every detail of her first night.
I wanted to have sex with her all along, but didn’t want to ruin the friendship so I never expressed my desire.

After few months of her marriage, one fine day she called up and said its been a long time since we met. She invited me to her flat as her husband was out for th... Continue»
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nurul jilbabers

Namaku Arif, aku bekerja di sebuah kantor BUMN. Aku sudah menikah selama 3 tahun dengan istriku. Walau kami belum dikaruniai anak, kami sangat bahagia karena istriku adalah orang yang pandai sekali menyenagkan suami. Sepertinya tidak ada habisnya sensasi, gaya, dan teknik yang istriku peragakan setiap kami bergumul di ranjang. Aku 7 tahun lebih tua dari istriku yang kini berusia 28 tahun. Beberapa waktu lalu, rumah kami semakin berwarna ketika adik bungsu istriku yang kuliah kedokteran di salah satu perguruan tinggi negeri tengah menjalankan Koass di salah satu Rumah Sakit negeri yang kebetula... Continue»
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