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Boy Dominates Sexy Mom 4

I spent the whole rest of the day frustrated after my retarded father walked in the house and ruined things. Mom was spread out on the floor in front of me and about to make herself cum with her vibrator, but had to run off before my dad caught us both jerking off in the living room. I was so close to seeing her have an orgasm it was almost painful to think about.

That night, just as I was about to turn off the light next to my bed and rub one out, there was a light knock at the door. My mom came in and closed the door softly behind her. She was wearing her big terry-cloth robe and pajamas... Continue»
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Enjoying my girlfriends, mums company a bit too mu

This is going back a few years now, it was with my ex. Her mum was incredible! Mid 40's curvy figure, fake tits & absolute filth. She'd always ask me to look at her pc when something was wrong with it, when I came across some pictures & videos of her & an ex partner. I left it there to come back to next time she was out...

One night, my other half was staying away for a xmas works do. Her mum had asked me to come round & watch her youngest. But when I got there, my missus s****r told me she was staying at her friends house. I spoke to her mum & she said well, seeing as your there, you may a... Continue»
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blackmailed wife part 2

She spring up and look at me irritated and disgusted but before she can put voice her thoughts i calmly say''Only absolute and unconditional obedience will keep this photo form your parent and friends''she sits down,eyes fixing the floor,her confidence and strength are gone,unable to come to terms with what she is facing.A very loud silence is filling the room.After ten seconds with a harsh voice i say''Do it''she start to quickly undo the shirts buttons so i add''Slowly slut''... she lift the bra uncovering her tits but i shout''I told you to LOWER the bra and i roughly pull it down under the... Continue»
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blackmailed wife part 4

Walking by the local highschool my eyes focus on a group of 3 girls,they look incredibly hot,how the teachers allow them to wear such short skirts is mystery to me,then again if i was a teacher i would not say anything neither,never mind.Suddenly one of them scream at a men a few meters away''What the fuck are you looking at. You fucking pervert!!!''She embarrass him a lot and he almost run away as they all laugh.I cant stop thinking at that cockteasing bitch,so arrogant but also tremendously sexy.After half hour i decide to get a new slave,a schoolgirl.Now i need to found out how.Within ten ... Continue»
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blackmailed wife part 5

Saturday morning i ask Chelsea what will she do after highschool,she answer law,she is already studying for her first year exams.I tell her that the daughter of a friend is been charged for stealing a mobile phone from a shop,caught by the security guard and i wonder if she has a way out of trouble,Chelsea says that a good lawyer maybe could sort it out,depending on evidences.I say''What do you mean?''She explain that the defense could put the word of the girl against the one of the guard for a never ending case,as long as there is nothing to prove she stole it she got a good chance.If there i... Continue»
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A Beautiful Woman is the Best

My entire outlook on sex has turned around in the past
year, and I must admit that it has been a turn for the
better. I am a thirty-five-year-old business woman who
has been divorced for five years and I am trying to get
my daughter through college. I have tried to keep myself
in relatively good shape so that I'll remain attractive
to the opposite sex.

About six months ago I was out on a date with an old
friend of mine. My daughter, Suzanne, was at home with
two of her friends from the local college, and she
didn't expect me home until much later.

I had no sooner arri... Continue»
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A Benign Something

I was sitting on the couch waiting for my daughter,
Rachel, to finish getting ready. We were going to a gay
and lesbian festival in the park – a fundraiser and
luncheon - at the request of Rachel's new girlfriend
Kate. So, as a show of support for my daughter, I said
I'd come along.

Almost two years prior to this, when Rachel was a
freshman in college, she came home one day from school
and, over dinner, broke the news that she was a
lesbian. Or so she said. The only reason I had my
lingering doubts was because of the way she acted about
it, as if it wasn't a big deal. G... Continue»
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Mother and I having Sex with two boys

Mother was a strange creature of habit, and I have had to wait almost twenty years to write anything about her, mostly to make sure I got my facts right, but also, the mood and the words that would go into making her somehow acceptable, in light of what she is, and more so, what she instilled in me, her daughter, and my quirkiness when that little three lettered word, sex, is mentioned or enacted.

My earliest memory was on a Winters night, when all hell was loose outside our house, and inside, the fire blazed and the candles burned, as I sat quietly and watched her bathe my b*****r, on the ... Continue»
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Dressed up as a Soldier...

A few years ago I was invited to a friend's fancy-dress birthday party, and we had to dress up as someone from "The Village People". With the type of guy I was and the physique I had at the time I couldn't see myself as anything but a sailor. My friend, whose birthday it was, wasn't so sure about the idea, and suggested I should go as a soldier instead, because apparently there was a soldier in at least one of their music videos.

Alright, so I went out to an army surplus store and got the whole outfit together: trousers, shirt, beret, dog-tags, etc. Some green smudges on my face and a toy ... Continue»
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A Birthday Surprise

Polly and I have had a good marriage for four years now,
although lately she's been hinting about starting a
f****y. Oh, I want one as well, but I think we must be
sure we can afford one. I'm making a decent salary at
this stage, but we just bought a house and I'm not sure
we can afford for her to quit her job while we have a
baby added to the equation yet.

We don't have any f****y nearby that might be of any
help. I'm not sure what help I expected. I grasped at
straws. My folks are divorced. My Mom, believe it or
not, married some guy in Denmark. My Dad bagged
everythin... Continue»
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A Boater's Paradise

As an adult, for the first few years, I (Jim) lived by
myself and developed the habit of not wearing clothing
in the house, nor outside if I could do it without
causing an uproar by the neighbors. I had a privacy
fence around the back yard, and only those in the
apartment buildings across the street could see into my

I was about 30 when I met my wife (Karen). She almost
always dressed like she stepped out of the 1900's. Dark
colors, long skirts and blouses that you could hide a
truck under. But she had a great personality. When you
could see her figure, it was pre... Continue»
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First time with Dawn

I met the first real love of my life when I was at school. Dawn had long dark brown hair, she was tall, slender and very good looking, a real catch for a young lad.

After a short while of the usual hormone filled passionate kissing and heavy petting sessions we decided on a night that we were going to have full blown sex. My parents were going out and the house was to be empty. A good 3 or 4 hours on our own was just the job. I loaded up with condoms and awaited the said night coming round.

Almost immediately my parents left the house we were on my bed, pulling at each others clothing un... Continue»
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Curabitur sodales ligula in libero. Sed dignissim lacinia nunc. Curabitur tortor. Pellentesque nibh. Aene... Continue»
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My Elite sex e****t work experience

I always got a lot of questions from people I know about my previous job… When I answered, they just asked more questions. On that basis, I decided to write the story about that in the format of interview, despite of fact that I had never been interviewed by any magazine.

How and when did you first got into the sex industry?

When I returned to Canada after my graduating from Princeton University, finding a job was very difficult, even for a good university graduate with the Master’s degree in Psychology. I've been getting rejections, usually with the words that I'm too good for the job, ... Continue»
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Surprise Surprise III continued...

I was stood in my living room with two of my best mates, all three of us completely naked with two hot milfs knelt in front of us, their faces covered in cum. We had all cum twice within no more than 15 minutes of the sluts arriving but we were all still rock hard and ready for more. It was very difficult to be anything but hard after what we'd just enjoyed. The best thing was that the sluts were also clearly ready for more. They giggled as they looked up at us stood in front of them, three lads half their age who just wanted to fuck them for as long as possible and without any restrictions on... Continue»
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In Your Room (Part 2) - Mom is out of town

A few days after the incident in your room, your mom has to travel to Dallas for work. I'm sitting in the living room, watching the game, having a couple of beers. After the game is over, I flip through the channels and I come across some soft-core on Cinemax. It's about teens...of course. I've got a bit of a buzz going, so I let myself think about you, asl**p in your room, and how I watched you last Saturday night. How I stroked my cock while I looked at you, how I nearly came all over you.

I shouldn't risk getting caught doing that again. I can't even imagine what your mom would say or do... Continue»
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Surprise Surprise III continued again

I was pounding away at Nicole's pussy as hard as I could and she was screaming the house down. One mate remained upstairs, the other was taking a breather on the other sofa after just finishing in Christine and Christine was beginning to make her way over. She sat next to Nicole on the sofa, spread her legs and rubbed at her pussy as three loads of cum trickled from here gaping arsehole.

"You lucky bitch" Christine said to Nicole "im desperate for more cock"

Nicole reached over to Christine's pussy as I continued to fuck her and rubbed it with her. Occasionally she would delve her finger... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction 3

A "Step" in the Right Dirction 3

Jane picked me up at work on Friday and we drove to a really nice restaurant where we ate oysters for an appetizer and steak and lobster for dinner! Before the main course came, she excused herself and walked to the restroom. She looked VERY nice and there were more eyes than just mine watching her as she walked by in the black dress with the deep plunging front and back that made it clear that she could not ... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction 4

A "Step" in the Right Dirction 4

I do not know who was more stunned: Myself or Tara. She pulled back into the corner of the day bed as Jane faced the wall and Tara’s boyfriend Thomas lined himself up behind my wife’s naked ass. “I told you that you might need to be tied up! It is for your own protection!” Jane said as she looked back over her shoulder at me. Glancing over at her dau8hter she added, “And you, my dear sweet slut, picked a winner!! I have never been fucked like your young stud does it! I hope you don’t mind, s... Continue»
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my first time in a adult booth

hi i am white and cubby but i look good at least that is what the guys told me and i like to wear panties and tight leggings.
I was visiting my local adult store buying a new video. in the back of the store there is a dark area with booths in it and i have never been in that area before and figure i give it a try. i didn't know what to expect when i went back there so i bought some tokens and went in the back. as i walk back there i could see the booths and they had curtains put up some closed with people in them and some opens and there were some guys walking around. i found myself an empty... Continue»
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