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Me and my c***dhood friends Carly

This happened about 10 years ago when I was 11/12. My mam used to take me to her friends house every weekend so they could talk and drink. This weekend was exactly the same. We arrived at 6pm and were greeted like normal.
My mams friend had a daughter called Carly the same age, who I went to school with so I knew her pretty well. We usually just messed about like k**s do and annoy our parents and today was no different, other than my b*****r wasn't here this time (I can't remember why). We played hide and seek and ate our food then it came round the time we usually left to go home 9pm.

My... Continue»
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latina friend calls while im stroking to her pics

I have many pics of my beautiful latina friend, Rosa that I have taken while we have neeb out together. Ive never had the chance ti fuck her but I do know who has as she has told me the stories. We worked together for some time and it was always nice to hear things she would say. Once she told me how her guy came in her mouth as she was sucking his cock. She had fucked other guys before, even having a one night stand.She was telling me she could make him cum while giving head...he would blow his load on her 34 B cup titties and then stay hard and fuck her till he came again in her pussy. At th... Continue»
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New Control

I'm no stranger to the concept of chastity and orgasm denial / control; but recent events have really opened my eyes to it and I now feel I can speak about my experiences with it now having been subjected to it for an extended time. Unlike my previous experiences with being controlled through chastity, this time I feel well and truly broken -in a totally submissive way. I had believed that my time with it before was all there was to it as previous lovers and Owners had locked me up from time to time in an effort to establish more control over me. Now my current situation has me at a whole new ... Continue»
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My Wifes Friend

My wife and I have a very good sex life and we would never consider swinging or anything like that however......She has this very close girlfriend who has been single for some time my wifes name is Lucy and her friends name is Sally. Now Sally had not only been single but had not had any cock for a very long time, Lucy shocked me one day by suggesting that I help Sally out by fucking her. Once I regained the ability to speak I agreed as long as she was there and participated, so it was agreed.

Sally came around a couple of nights later and we sat around the table chatting, neither of the gi... Continue»
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I pressed my legs together. I felt hot and nervous. The texture of my seat on my most private parts let me think of all the people that might have sat here before, all the germs i was now exposed to, no safety layer of cloth between the much used surface of this cheap airlines narrow passenger accommodation that was called a seat. For me it also could have been an electric chair, it gave me no comfort.
He had given me strict rules. No panties, short skirt, no bra. On a five hours flight. To where he would wait for me. I did all he requested so far. I wanted to be a good girl. But now my nervo... Continue»
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My first times on a nudebeach


When I was in my twenties, I went backpacking in Australia. I was quite a shy guy and wasn't very experienced with girls. My looks were average, not too bad looking, but also not an extreme hunk. At that time I was slim, with dark hair and big, blue eyes, just like now by the way (more than 10 years later).
To my luck I travelled in the right direction and had great weather everywhere. Together with other backpackers I visited a lot of beaches and pretty soon I had a good tan going.
One time I was at a quiet place north of Sydney, not man... Continue»
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Glory Hole

Glory in the Shadows

She focuses on the infamous hole positioned waist high on the graffiti strewn wall. The dank, closet-sized room is dimly lit by the forty-watt bulb hanging by a wire. Lewd porn is flickering on a video monitor and the stale air is laden with cheap perfume from a recent visitor, possibly a T-girl. Another odor, quite organic and pungent, wafts from viscous dollops of liquid clinging to the wall beneath the Glory Hole.
Unzipping her tight skirt, she feels the stare of the welcomed stranger peering with a single eye through the hole. His lust and close proximity t... Continue»
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Helens Night In

It is Wednesday evening in November, about 6.15pm. Helen is walking back from the bus stop to her small flat on the outskirts of Bristol. She is a slim, (but not skinny) attractive 34 year old, well dressed as she is just returning from work in the centre of the city, where she is head of IT for a firm of accountants (the rest of the IT department consists of one spotty youth, Steve, who is just about capable of cleaning a mouse). She is tense with anticipation, as this is the first evening she has had at home alone since her period finished on Friday. At the weekend she visited her parents, ... Continue»
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We’d all had a long but enjoyable day on the beach. It would be difficult not to take pleasure in the amenities that the isolated hotel offered. It was based on the southern tip of the Island and, for its heavy price, ensured privacy, great food and five star services. “We” was my wife and I and my step-s****r-in-law. We are all in our fifties and, thankfully, the Gods had been kind to us and kept our figures reasonably trim and our minds alert.
Shy, my wife, was trim and boasted a well shaped pair of breasts and a very pert bum that even the occasional waiter glanced at. Cee, my step-s****... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves#1: Introduction

Ai Aisha and Alex are three tasty sweet sexy slaves I train and educate at me

Three tasty sexy slaves I train simutaneously - but each one very differently
Each of the three needs her personal erotic education, lusty liberation by me

Let me first introduce them three to you - each in a different little chapter
Let me first give you their names: Ai, Aisha and Alex, different in character

Ai is shy and very conservative, Aisha seems happy she smiles all of the time
Alex I know the best but she is still a riddle to me, as to herself long time

All are slender built, only
... Continue»
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Church Basement

I was driving through a small town in Oregon early one
summer morning on my way to Portland. I had been out of
work for a week and I was getting real low on cash and
the fuel gauge was close to empty. I checked out a gas
station that was still closed but it became obvious
that it had burglar alarms as I cruised past the pumps.
I was getting desperate but I wasn’t going to take the
risk of going to jail over a few dollars and a tank
full of gas.

I gunned the engine and cursed my luck as I turned onto
the road leading out of town. Just as I was almost to
the city limits ... Continue»
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My Friend and Mom

could go back to the way they were before. Every time I
look at her I can't help thinking about what she's done.
She doesn't know that I know. I wish things could go
back to the way they were, but I also wish that I had a

3 Months ago...

"Dude let me borrow that porn where that chick gets
doubled in her cunt."

"Sure, it's in the closet" Jason said only half paying
attention as he fought is way through the level of
Zombies that attacked him on the TV.

I rummaged through his closet looking for his porn box.
"Hmm what are these?" I said holding a pair of burgundy... Continue»
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Filthy Warehouse Sex

He took her panties off the door handle as he left. I would have too. They were sexy and reeked of my wife's pussy. I hadn't realized he had her bra also. I couldn't see it. She came out several minutes after he had split. She was taking small steps. Her clothes were on. Her hair was somewhat tussled, but not out of place. She sat in the minivan for a minute. She lit a cigarette. She usually only smokes when she drinks,but I don't think she had had a drink yet. She tossed the smoke and split. Now to retrieve the evidence.

Weeks earlier I had mentioned a fantasy that came to me. It was grea... Continue»
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Finally Fucked My Mom

So for anyone who follows my page knows of my extreme attraction to my hot milf mother (which most of you have seen and can go see in my galleries). Well the this past Sunday I moved away to college, and Saturday was my going away party. The party was cancelled due to me having too much packing for the trip and f****y obligations. Of those obligations was to go see my mom who me and her have not been getting a long too well. About 2 months ago she went on my facebook and found that I had sent a guy friend some of her pictures and did not take that too well.

I went over to her house Saturda... Continue»
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The girl likes to be wet...

I was out shopping with a few friends from school and I paused to look at something through the window of a store. I felt the sudden urge to pee as I stared at a cute dress on the other side of the glass. I released all of my pee right where I stood, feeling the warmth of my urine flow as I peed in my well hidden, girly, pink Goodnites diaper. My skirt was long enough to hide my diaper and it remained a secret of mine since I never told any of them I was wearing them. As I stopped peeing myself I told my friends I had to go to the ladies room and I walked over to the nearest one. I walked into... Continue»
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Carol:My Mentor Part VII: Sue's Tongue Ring

Sue Ann Warner was the next fuckdate Carol had arranged for me. A senior like myself, Sue is a foxy brunette with long, curly, brown hair that falls over her shoulders and breasts. She has heavy brown eyebrows and hazel eyes that burn right through you when she is sexually aroused or angry. Sue is 5’ 8” and has very nice 32-D tits. Like Carol, Sue has slender hips, long, shapely legs and an ass to die for. But Sue’s most notable, physical feature is a white tongue ring that she wears with apparent pride and makes a point of displaying to every new guy she meets. Sue is hot and knows it, and ca... Continue»
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A Betrayal of Lust

starring Victoria Justice & Madison Reed

Dear Diary:

What a roller coaster the last few weeks have been. I had been working on another project, and getting ready to go on a trip so I had felt like my world was all coming together then all the sudden it came crashing down around me. It all started around Saturday night when word had started to spread that numerous celebrity stolen camera iCloud accounts would be posted for everyone to see. Needless to say what was once a happy time in my life has turn into an utter hell?

Finding out that not only was my iC... Continue»
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My Husband’s Birthday Present

I called my husband Ray on his cell phone rings and told him to come to a hotel that is 30 minutes away. I gave him the room number and told him I have a present for him. I had left the curtain slightly open as I was getting ready for him to arrive. My dress is laid out neatly on the bed along with stockings and a pair of high heels. He knocked and his eyes almost popped out when I answered the door completely naked. I have spent the afternoon doing my hair and make-up. I had a manicure and pedicure with a sexy red polish. I took a step back into the room and posed for him. I was waiting for h... Continue»
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A nice couple

I am with a couple and I think we are in a regular MWM threesome. I am making out with her and she is very vocal and is moaning and groaning as her hubby and I are finding every possible sensitive area she has on her body and massaging it, kissing it, licking it, or rubbing it. She is crawling all over because she can't sit still. So we are a mass moving all over the room finding new ways to please her. I get so involved with her that I am oblivious to him even being in the room with us. I am on my back and she has gotten on top of me, kissing me and I feel a warm wet wonderful feeling on my c... Continue»
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University day's

After getting the marks I needed for university, the next job was to find a place that was close, spending a few days at the Uni I looked in the local paper it had to be quiet but also easy to get to all the areas students hung out usually the local chippy and the pub, finding a advert for a student I phoned the number in the paper, a lady called Mrs Jones (Ella) was renting a room she was married to Barry a bit of a dick but for what I would be getting I would put up with him, she also had 2 k**s a boy John (17) and a girl Carla (19), looking at the room it had all I needed and far enough awa... Continue»
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