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the girl

I had played with myself all day. I had used my vibrator and played with my nipples but I needed a real pussy to lick and nice set of tits to suck. I got in my car and drove to 2nd avenue where the street girls hung out. I knew what I was looking for, a young girl with nice big tits. Then I saw here standing there in a low cut tight top with nice big tits. I pulled my car to her and asked if she wanted to go for a ride. She jumped in and I drove to a vacant lot. I asked her how much for her to get naked. She told me $50 to start with. I handed her $100 and told her to strip.

As she sat the... Continue»
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Breaking in a New Slut

At the end of my freshman year, I was elated because I knew that my time in that horrible little college in the middle of nowhere was at an end. I had been accepted to another college and, while still small, the college was in the middle of a large city.
Of course, there was a downside. Jaime and I had grown very close that year and he would not be coming with me. My nights exploring the pleasures of man-man love made the time in that shithole more bearable and I had fallen pretty hard for him as he had for me. Jaime had transferred to a large university in his home state and, despite our pla... Continue»
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Bicycle Mechanicbysatyr_132003©
Saturday afternoon is a lazy day for me, but a day at the mall for my daughter, Cindy and her mom. Cindy is 18 and my wife is now 39. They are both the loves of my life. Cindy, a long legged blonde, is in her senior year at high school and is planning to go to a prestigious college up north in the fall. That is the reason why she and her mom were at the mall. Cindy was getting a clothing overhaul. She had nice clothes but my wife wanted her to be ready for school and a Saturday while school was still in session seemed like the best time to blow into the mall an... Continue»
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Anna's Problem

My daughter in law, Anna, called and asked if I could please come to visit her at home on my day off. She made it clear her husband would be gone and the k**s at school, so we could be alone. And yes, it was important: she had some personal things she hoped she could talk about with me.

Very curious and interested, I knocked on her door bright and early. Anna opened the door, and I was pleased and somewhat surprised to see she was dressed (barely) in the attractive (and very short) house robe she routinely wore when I'd stayed with the f****y for a while. It was short, tied only with a ... Continue»
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Good morning...

A little morning fun in the shower...

Something awakened me and I began to stir. Our bedroom window was open and the cool, fall breeze that drifted inside slid along my naked body, making me shiver. I reached for our thick, white covers first, pulling them snugly up around me. Then I reached for the warm naked body next to me...only to find a cold mattress.

My eyes opened and I looked around the dark, empty room, searching for my missing lover. It was then I heard the sound of running water and a soft smile tugged at the corners of my full lips.

I pushed the heavy covers off m... Continue»
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Good Morning Neighbor

How we got here i don't know. One minute I'm sl**ping the next I'm at our picture window in the living room and you're fucking the life out of my cunt, hard and good!  As you fuck me from behind you grab my tits, plowing into my tight cunt, tweaking my nipples and slamming in deep over and over. The friction is mind blowing.  I hold onto the window we are in front of as the sunlight streams in all over my naked body.
          It's a week day and it's about 10:30 am and everyone is either at school or work. Only a few people are left in our neighborhood us and our next door neighbor ... Continue»
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Tied to my gates, he was placed there to amuse the Dommes coming to the slave auction.

Read on further below

As HE travelled to meet her he shook with anticipation.
The last 4 weeks had been a whirlwind .He reserved, strong, and a lover had been changed into Madam Bella’s slut. Any email from her or I’m, he was attentive some of the punishments she had him inflict upon himself still left welts and as for denying him orgasm.
These thoughts a mess in his head he sat on the tube surrounded by people .were their worlds as complex? Did they sit on a spanked bottom so sore from yesterday’s p... Continue»
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Bound For My Daddybylovecraft68©

So Keri, did you and Mark ever hook up?"

I looked over at Laurie, and tried to focus on her words. I was pretty sure I understood what she was saying, but couldn't quite get answer out. Instead, I shrugged and giggled at her. I'd been doing a lot of giggling tonight as had Laurie and Krissy. Giggling would be a normal occurrence anytime eighteen and nineteen year old girls had a sl**p over, but tonight there was a lot more than usual. The fact that the bottle of southern comfort Laurie had brought along was almost gone probably had something to do wit... Continue»
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Gangbang Fantasy Comes True

I have finally lived out one of my greatest fantasies. My name is Kathy and I'm a late 40's housewife and part time swinger. My husband Dave and I have done some swinging and we love the adventurous lifestyle. I've had a fantasy of enjoying and being enjoyed by a group of men. We've considered running an ad on a swingers website for a group to fulfill my fantasy. I do some online chatting from time to time and that is always good to make me nice and horny. I very rarely cam with the guys I chat with but usually end up giving myself a wonderful orgasm.
One day when I was chatting I was ... Continue»
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Although I couldn’t stop from thinking about my daughter having sex, the rest of the day was rather uneventful. We ate dinner together then decided to watch a movie. She let me pick while she went up to her room to change. I settled on something that we both would enjoy and waited. She walked into the living room wearing a long t-shirt that came to about mid-thigh. I could tell that she hadn’t bothered with a bra and when she bent to pick up the remote a got the tiniest of hint at her panties. From what I gathered they were lace and they were purple. Thankfully I guess that I had masturbated e... Continue»
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First Meeting

I know the first time we meet will probably be you in your drivers seat. Me in your passenger seat. Neither of us wanting to even look at eachother because we both can't believe the conversations we have been having. But knowing me, I wont be able to sit and imagine what your lips feel like. I will have to lean over and kiss your neck to let you know I am wanting you. This followed by you welcoming my tongue into your mouth. We start to touch eachother. Starting by rubbing eachothers faces and hair making sure that this is really starting to happen. I mean we have talked about it, but now its ... Continue»
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Hotel fun

Crawling up from the bottom of the bed. All you are wearing is your boxers. You see the blanket lifting up slowly as I make my way up. I stretch my arms straight up and rub up your chest. Then my tits rub your cock through your boxers as I slowly and gently stratch your chest with my nails. I kiss your cock through your boxers as I start to remove them. Once your shaft is exposed, it's already sticking straight up. I toss your boxers to the floor. I take your cock in my mouth. rub my hands back up on your chest. I move my head up and down. Making sure your shaft goes straight down my throat st... Continue»
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e mail

This morning I wake to find I have been cuffed and a chain passed under the bed to my wrist the other side simple but i am spread acrossed the bed arms wide apart and unable to reach any part of me.
Mrs C has done this and she has been biting my nipples in turn almost to draw bl**d for over a hour,one hand occasionally checks my erection pumping it hard then releasing.
She leaves I am hard hot and very sore,Madam Bella enters she whispers close to my ear yoday slut I am going to show you how the lightest of touches the smallest of strokes can over a period of time drive you into a frenzy, It... Continue»
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Son-in-law's Summer of Love and SexbySusanJillParker©
This is a Summer Lovin' contest story. Please vote.

Wife abandons husband and baby for a wild life on the French Riviera.


Glad for the experience, it had been a long, hot, emotionally charged and sexually frustrating summer spent with my mother-in-law. Surviving the heat, a record number of 90 plus degree consecutive days, no longer feeling sorry for myself, I was looking forward to the cooler temperatures of fall to clear my head for a fresh start. It all started a year ago last summer when my wife, Samantha, left me and our b... Continue»
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Special Encounter

Special Encounter, an erotic story as told by photo model Julie Starr.

Julie: Okay, so this wasn't my first bi-sexual encounter, (remind me to tell you about that one some other time though, hehe) but this one was surprisingly exceptional for a variety of reasons, as you will see.

I am a happily bi-sexual girl and thoroughly enjoy the best of both worlds. This story was an experience that was one of those wonderful adventures you remember for a long long time. It has already brought a smile to my face and dampness between my legs in recalling the special encounter you will soon be readin... Continue»
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I worked away most weeks and by the time I got home on a Friday night my balls where fit to burst. I admit to the occasional wank when I was away, but the relief was only short lived.

I got home early one Friday, and decided to have a shower and a shave before my girlfriend got home. I was just wiping my face after I had finished shaving when the door open and in walked Angela dressed only in a basque. She was quite a large lady with big titties and rather magnificent bottom. I looked round and immediately my cock started to twitch.

She said that now I had shaved my face perhaps I would... Continue»
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My first black guy...

So within the past year I have become oddly interested in black guys. I guess the biggest thing to me is the exotic look of them. Something inside of me made me search for a strong black male.

This past weekend my husband went on a fishing trip to Massachusetts with his friends and the girls and I went to the club Saturday night. We were drinking, dancing and having a freaking blast! It was about one in the morning on the dance floor I was pretty d***k but could still hold my own when a really cute black guy came up behind me and starting grinding me. At this point I started thinking of my... Continue»
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The Truckstop

The Truckstop, Intro

A few years ago my wife and I were talking about our sexual fantasies and she mentioned that she wanted us to have sex in public. I'm crazy about my wife and would do anything for her, so the fact that exhibitionism had never excited me didn't matter - I made up my mind right then and there to do everything I could do to help her fulfill her fantasy. I asked her to tell me more about what she wanted and she explained that she didn't actually want to be caught or watched, but liked the thrill of the chance of being discovered.

We started slowly, we made love in a tent... Continue»
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Sharing the wife

For the first week after having slipping Sarah the roofie and showing her off, naked
on webcam and to truckers on the highway, I walked around in a
constant state of sexual arousal. Mostly I thought about what might have
happened if I had only had the nerve to park on the truck side of the rest area
after showing her off to the long line of semi drivers on the highway. Several
evenings I seriously considered a repeat performance, giving her another roofie,
loading her in the car and heading to the rest area for the fucking she so
deserved and needed. But there were still a couple o... Continue»
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The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it.

Love is grand; divorce is a hundred grand

Mahatma Gandhi was what wives wish their husbands were: thin, tan and moral.

In Brighton she was Brenda
She was Patsy up in Perth,
In Cambridge she was Candida,
The sweetest girl on earth.
In Stafford she was Stella,
The pick of the bunch
But down on his expenses
She was Petrol, Oil and Lunch

It is impossible to love and be wise.

Love your enemies in case your friends turn out to be a bunch of bastards

Love your enemies in case your friends ... Continue»
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